Life as a (horny) Teenage "Lesbian" - Episode 1 "It Happened One Night at a Party"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"I'm a lesbian with air quotes, that means I love pussy but I'm not against sucking cock from time to time" - Carrie Ames

Welcome to my world, a crazy ass place were my mom supports me being into girls, most of my friends are horny as all get up and the best part...most of them are bi or lez. Not mention the fact that almost any of them are willing to jump into the middle of a threesome with me or my current girlfriend at almost anytime. That's all apart of my life as a horny teenage "lesbian".

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

I've been home-schooled by my mother since I was a sophomore in High School (me and school were not a good mix), so my social circle had been severely limited for some time. My only regular 'friend' at the point that this story begins was a girl named Cathy Ridgeport. A snobbish, I'm better than you, fake nice type that drives me crazy, but we did have some fun times when I could get her to relax and loosen up. I figure though that she let me be her friend so she could feel good about herself. Honestly we didn't have anything in common and the only reason she hung out with me was I could easily get beer and or drugs anytime day or night (a story I won't be expanding up on now or anytime soon).

One of the reasons I brought up Cathy was to get me to the starting point of this story. See me and her used to go to the new Wally World out on the highway every Saturday to hang out. When she had a couple of wine coolers and loosened up a bit, we'd crack on people at the front entrance. But for this story it all begins when Cathy went out of town on some 'Drama Club' tour and I was left to fend for myself, so to speak. That's when I made a discovery about myself that would change my life forever. The fact that I liked girls that is. I knew from looking at magazines and watching movies and TV that I was slightly interested in them but the thing that confirmed it was my usual Saturday trip to Wally World (sans Cathy). Without someone to talk to, it's mostly a big boring place and after I looked at the CD's for like the 20th time I decided to call my mother to come and get me.

"Yes I'll be in the Cd's or the computer stuff back in the electronics" I said after getting her on the phone and finding out she was only a few stores down at the Fashion Bug. "OK see ya in a few."

That's when I spotted her, yes her. A heart attack cute, drop dead gorgeous girl with long dark brown hair and a set of legs only an athlete could have. Meaning sculpted and very firm. She was wearing a pair of daisy dukes, a t.A.T.u. t-shirt (tied just below her boobs) and a simple pair of white tennis shoes. I literally could not take my eyes off her, she had this rich dark tan that you only get from sunbathing a lot. My eyes roamed her body endlessly as I searched through the Cd's and then it hit me. This girl was turning me on.

I guess I've known for some time now that guys weren't my thing but until now neither were girls. But this was changing my mind completely. My heart nearly stopped when she looked over and caught me staring, but I didn't jerk my head away, like I usually do. I smiled casually and to my utter amazement she smiled back. Figuring it was an opening, so I opened my mouth to say something and was cut off by a loud male voice from behind me.

"ALLY" He screamed, "You ready?"

"Not yet Bobby" She said picking up a CD and looking at it's back cover.

"OK holla when you are" He said walking off to my relieve.

"You shopping or just wandering around?" She asked and I turned, hoping and praying she wasn't talking to someone else, and as I saw her smiling face I knew she wasn't. She was talking to me.

"Wandering, bored out of my mind" I said as she joined me on my side of the aisle and looked behind me for some odd reason. I glanced back to see who she was looking for and when I looked back she was nose to nose with me with a huge ear to ear grin.

"Forgive me for rushing this...but you were checking me out right?" She asked in almost a whisper, laying an arm across my shoulder casually.

"Ye...yeh..yeh" I said in a stammer as she giggled and smiled even brighter at me and replied, "I was checking you out too."

For the record I was wearing, a white t-shirt, jean shorts, thong and tennis shoes (with socks). Not overly sexy if you ask me, but hey it got her attention.

"Thongs are very sexy" She said leaning closer and as the breath left my body she kissed me softly. A mind numbing, forget everyone is around, magical beyond believe first kiss. I can remember very clearly that my lips or me as a whole showed no resistance to this mesmerizing first kiss as my lips touched hers softly for a second. My right hand rose to find the bare skin just above her daisy dukes. It sent chills down my spine when I got to touch her bare skin. Her lips moved once against mine in a second I will never forget before she pulled away and I opened my eyes to see her grinning. "You are so hot."

"So am I" I stammered as she laughed and looked at me with a smile and said, "I agree, but what about me?"

"God I'm so retarded...that kiss made my mind go numb" I babbled, "I mean you are sooo hot. I never did anything like that before in my life..."

"You don't say?" She said as I blushed a millions colors and she laughed, "I'd have guessed you were a real lesbian. I mean considering the way you fucked me with your eyes."

"I did not..." I said before realizing she was teasing me and blushing again. "...but I'm not complaining."

"Good cause..." She started to say before a loud voice could be heard from behind her. This time not the male voice from earlier but a female voice.

"You coming to our party tonight girly?" This Girl asked as she peaked over the Cd shelf and smiled at us. If this Ally girl was hot (and she was), this girl was a mega, HOLLA hot. My lips dropped open as I starred at her with a goofy expression and hoped she was talking to me.

"Yeh prolly" Ally said as my eyes shot to her. "Shawna's right?"

"Dat be the pe-lace" This girl said as she grinned. "Shawna Lynn and Jess want you there, I wonder why?"

"Jen, will you shut up" Ally said as she blushed and Jen giggled, "you know that's just a rumor."

"Yeh right, and the moaning was from the movie on the TV?" Jen asked as she stuck her tongue out.

"Yes...and this is my new friend" Ally said as she looked to me and even I could see she was trying to change the subject. But I hadda admit I wanted to hear more about this moaning.

"Hey" Jen said grinning as she glanced at me as her cell started ringing and then said to Ally before answering it, "bring your friend if you want, but be sure you are there, I hate when Shawna gets to hitting on me. I'm ringing...I gotta run."

"Bye" I said as she smiled briefly at me and then rushed off.

"She's straight as the day is long so stop drooling" Ally said as I pretended she was crazy for even suggesting the thought that I was checking this Jen girl out. "By the way, what's your name?"

"CJ" I said as she smiled and asked, "and what does this CJ stand for?"

"Carrie Jessie" I said with an embarrassed laugh. "My mother is brutally weird, she thought it sounded nice together."

"It does" Ally said with a grin, "especially when it's coming out of those lips."

"A-are you hitting on me?" I asked in hopeful fashion.

"Yep" She said as she reached in her pocket and fished out a white card and handed it to me.

"What's this?" I asked as she smiled and answered, "My 411. My name, number, email addy, you know my info."

"Thanks" I said as we both turned to see the Bobby guy from earlier re-appear at the front of the Electronics and announce he was ready. She flashed me an apologetic grin and turned to leave before I somehow found the courage to make my move. "Wait..."


"Are you going to this party tonight?" I asked, "the one that Jen girl talked about."

"Of course, I'm at every one of Shawna's parties" She said as Bobby waited impatiently. "You should come, it'll be a blast."

"I can't, I don't..." I started before she turned the card in my hand over and pointed at it.

"It starts about 8 or 9" She grinned as I looked one more time at Bobby and noticed him giving me a "hurry the fuck up" look.

"Are you girls done gossiping about the school's queen lesbo slut?" Bobby snapped as Ally slapped his arm but laughed. "Let's go, I have places to be and people to be seen with."

"So do I" Ally retorted and looking back at me, "Like her..."

"Damn straight" I said as a rush of courage surged through my body and I put my hand on Ally's shoulder and leaned in and kissed her on the lips. We both smiled, somewhat in shock, as we parted and she pointed to the other side of the card and mouthed "call me." Which I intended to do, trust me. I saw Ally look over my shoulder and then walk away rather abruptly and I knew something was up.

"Honey?" I heard from a very familiar voice behind me say and I could have fainted.

"Hi Mommy" I said as I turned around and saw this shit-eating grin on her face. "Ya find any good deals?"

"Since when do you like girls?" She asked. That's my mom folks, straight to the point, no need to stop at an intersection to gather your thoughts. Most say I'm just like her, I don't see it.

"I'm not, don't be crazy" I said turning to walk away when I heard "THE MOTHER" voice.

"CARRIE JESSIE AMES....don't you dare lie to me" She boomed as I stopped in my tracks.

"OK, OK" I said putting my up hands and trying to calm her down, "I been kinda, maybe having these feelings for a long time. Guys don't interest me, so all that sexual tension has to go somewhere."

"True" She said, that was also a trait from my mother, she almost always admitted when you made a good point. "Have you acted on those feelings yet..beyond kissing?"

"MOTHER...." I said in a screaming embarrass laiden whisper, blushing as I begged her to drop it.

"Well?" She asked.

"NO" I snapped as she smiled and tried to put her arm over my shoulder and I pushed it away and growled at her. She just laughed and by the time we got to the parking lot she seemed to have accepted I wasn't "normal" and that was the one thing I always loved about her. She's very excepting. "This is a very good thing you know."

"It is?" I asked as we reached the car, "How so?"

"Well I won't have to lay awake at night worried sick about my horny teenage daughter getting preggy if you like girls" She said as my jaw dropped and we both started to laugh.

"Well since you're so interested in my sex life all of a sudden..." I said with a dramatic pause for effect as she pulled the car out of the parking lot, "...tonight I'm gonna get laid."

"Well good for you" She said with a teasing laugh. "I hope that you like hair in your mouth."

"Huh?" I asked as she rolled her eyes, "girls have hair down there did know that?"

"Yes mother" I snapped and just then pictured what she was referring to. "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW."

"What EWWWWWWW?" She asked me, "that's part of the experience, I mean you gotta take the good with the bad."

"Fuck that not me" I said in a state of the Union type announcement. "Any girls that wanna be with me, better shave that biotch first."

"Well I know my daughter's gonna be a virgin forever" She laughed as I smacked her arm.

"Mom this ain't the 70's where you and your girlfriends walked around bragging about how big you could grow your bush" I said as she looked at me in shock as I laughed. "It's da double 00's woman, now girls keep it nice and smooth. At least I do."

"Now it's my turn to say EWWWWWWW" She commented.

"Can we act like we never had this whole conversation?" I asked as she nodded her head and we both fell silent.

I called Ally later and the hottie offered me a ride to the party. So I waited for Mom and Dad, who as usual left for work about 8:00 o'clock that night. As soon as the coast was clear I slipped into my leopard skin thong, matching bra, white t-shirt, blue jeans and leather bomber jacket (OK so I wasn't going for the sexy look) and headed out the door soon after wards. Ally met me at the curve and commented on how she liked her girls dressed like boys. I liked the fact that she was already teasing me, to me it meant she must like me.

Shawna's house was on the other side of town (down in the valley) and it's a big place on it's own piece of land, set back from the main road about a thousand feet. The place was really bumping by the time we got there. We came through a side door and Ally grabbed two ice cold banana daiquiri's and headed into the crowd. It felt weird holding hands above the crowd with Ally as I followed her lead, but for some reason I got the feeling that a lot of people were envious of my newfound friendship and that was cool. We stopped somewhere in the middle of the bumping dance floor and with some 50 or a hundred people watching we started to make out. I mean really make out, like tongue on tongue, lip sucking at lips kissing. Her arms around my neck and mine around her waist. I totally got lost in the moment and forgot everyone else who was there in the moment.

"BREAK IT UP!" A loud voice screamed over the thumping and I jumped away from Ally and saw this girl who looked vaguely familiar standing to the right of me and Ally with a devious smile on her face. Though for a second I thought I was in some serious trouble, maybe Ally was someones girl I thought. Ally grinned like a cat that just caught a bird and said to the girl who broke us up, "This is my new toy, Carrie."

"Toy?" I asked as the music suddenly died down. Ally smiled and kissed me again and said, "Trust me Carrie it's fun. It's not a bad thing at all."

"I'm Shawna" The Girl said as I shook her hand and watched as Ally turned a moment later and ran off after some guy without so much as a glance to me. "Looks like you lost your date."

"Looks like..." I stammered as Shawna took my hand and asked, "How bout you come and party with me and my friend Jess?"

"I dunno...Ally might come back and won't be able to find me" I reasoned.

"No big worries, she knows where to find me" Shawna said as she turned and I willingly followed her up the steps as a bizarre chorus of whistles, and ooohhhs and aaahhhhs rang out as the music cranked back up. I wondered what that was about as Shawna led me up another flight of stairs to a long hallway and at the end we disappeared into what I would learn was her private bedroom.

"Nice place" I commented as I glanced around and she handed me a cold banana daiquiri to replace the one I had. I was just beginning to notice this Shawna girl was really hot when her friend came out of the bathroom. "Hey!"

"Hey to you" She said with a New Yorkish accent. What was kinda weird was that she was wearing a bathrobe. A thought that would become much more important as the moments ticked away inside that room. "And just who are you?"

"That is....Carrie...Ally's friend" Shawna said in a deliberate tone that for some reason made me think dirty thoughts. "She said she wanted to party with us."

"Wait no I didn't..." I said as Jessica gave me this look that made my heart skip a beat.

"HMMMMMMMMMM really?" Jessica asked in a sultry sexy, almost moaning kinda way as she took the two steps between us and stood now directly in my field of vision. "Look I think you are so hot, so if I do anything or say something improper to make you uncomfortable you tell me OK?"

"Oooooookkkkkkkkk" I said as she raised the bottle in my hand to my lips and encouraged me to drink. I did, gulp after gulp until most of it was gone as she gently pushed the bottle of the bottle ever higher. Soon it was all gone and I looked at the empty bottle and felt a light buzz wash over me. Looking around then I noticed Shawna was missing. "Where did Shawna go?"

"She'll be back" Jessica said with a sweet smile, "Besides I wanna ask you something."


"Can I kiss you?" She asked with a rather innocent expression, I smiled at the thought of such a hot girl wanting to kiss me and nodded my head as she kissed my lips softly. Then something wonderful happened, I felt a soft pair of lips kiss the back of my neck and her tongue swirling around on my skin. Jessica smiled innocently at me as I looked to see it was Shawna who kissed my neck. I opened my mouth to say something but felt my body being turned around, and quickly met by her lips in a gentle kiss that soon evolved into a french. I wrapped my arms around Shawna's neck as Jessica cleared the hair off the back of my neck and started kissing across it as I traded tongues with Shawna and was fast getting lost in the sensations. I moaned into my new friends mouth as my other new friend made my body begin to tingle as she kissed my neck softly.

"How bout we get a little more comfortable?" Shawna asked as she pulled back for a second and I felt Jessica slipping my bomber jacket off and Shawna's hands shooting directly to my flat toned stomach and around to my sides as she pulled me to her and I grinned and we started to kiss again, softly. My jacket got laid aside for the time being. A long moment passed as Jessica wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me from behind as she watched as we broke and I felt her hands on the top of my blue jeans and I tensed up as I felt the button on top come undone and the look of shock on Jessica's face made me laugh. Like it was some big shock that she had done that or something, I turned my head towards her to protest and was cut off as she kissed me softly on the lips over my shoulder. Shawna kissed my neck again and I moaned in pure pleasure, not realizing that she was now kissing her way down my body slowly. I began trading tongues with Jessica passionately over my shoulder, one of my hands slipping into her hair and hers unzipping my pants slowly but surely. I jumped when I felt Shawna's lips on my bare stomach and I broke with Jessica to see Shawna grinning devilishly from her knees. "God you are so hot."

"MMMM HMMMMMMMM" Jessica cooed in that sultry and ohhhhh so sexy voice as she seemed to agree completely. "I think by now you get what we mean by party right?"

"UMMMMM oh yeah" I said looking back at Jessica as I played with her hair. "But I may not be very good at this...I've never done it before."

"Don't worry about it Carrie, we'll teach you everything you need to know" Shawna said as she untied my ball shoes and slipped one shoe off and then the other as I watched and soon returned to kissing with Jessica for a long moment. I was snapped back to reality when I felt my pants being pulled down and I knew then that this wasn't gonna be just a make out session. Shawna looked up at me with those amazing eyes and she was so calm it washed away most of my fears as she skinned my pants down my thighs and my leopard skin thong came into view. "OHMIGOD, that is soooo sexy."

"Thank you" I said with a huge ego boosting grin as my jeans got slipped off my feet.

"Hey's a thong" Jessica said as she backed away a couple of inches and looked at my butt. That's when I noticed Shawna was no longer wearing the clothes from earlier but was now wearing a robe that perfectly matched Jessica's. I opened my mouth to say something in reference to it, but it slipped my mind as a set of hands slipped to my butt and squeezed my cheeks. I then felt myself being turned as Shawna got her first look. "God, I hope you're a freak."

"Why?" I asked with a giggle as Jessica kissed me hard on the lips and Shawna rubbed at my cheeks and soon rose from her knees and joined us as she whispered in my ear, "Cause if you're a freak, we can make every inch of your body tingle in pleasure."

"Every?" I asked as she started slipping my shirt slowly up my stomach.

"Every single inch" She said with a light moan in her voice as Jessica joined Shawna in the pursuit of my shirt. I moaned myself now as both of them pawed my body and made it come alive in ways I never thought possible. I willingly raised my arms as they slipped it off and this time I pulled Jessica's lips to mine with reckless abandon and kissed her lips passionately as Shawna tossed my shirt aside and took my hand and Jessica's and guided us towards the bed. My lips left Jessica's only once as she laid back on the bed and I crawled on top of her and pulled her back to me and we traded tongues like mad. Shawna joined us and laid on her side watching us with a smile as I looked up and she kissed me sweetly on the lips and asked, "You sure you wanna do this?"

"Does this answer your question?" I asked as I reached around and unsnapped my bra and pulled it off and tossed it at her as she giggled. Jessica pulled me down to her and before I knew what was happening she was rolling my tits in her hands and then as I looked down in shock she started to suck on one of my nipples. It literally made my toes curl up in pleasure inside my socks. Shawna moved closer and stroked my hair and kissed me and that made the sensations even stronger. I moaned into her mouth as we traded tongues gently and Jessica switched nipples.

"You ever seen a girl naked before?" Shawna asked me as she pulled away and smiled.

"Not in real life..." I started to say before Jessica pulled my head down and I got a look at what was inside her robe as it now lay open completely. She was nude from head to toe and OHMIGOD she was fuckin HOTT as hell. My jaw dropped as I starred in awe at this amazing site below me and felt my pussy begin to think for me. Both of them giggled as Shawna rose and got on her knees and stripped off her robe and revealed she was wearing a matching costume, her birthday suit. My eyes shot to her body now as my brain began smoking with lust as she laid her robe aside. She stood and took my hand and pulled me off of Jessica and on to my feet in front of her. Kissing my gently as we rolled tongues for a moment and I felt Jessica pulling my thong down slowly, I didn't resist one bit as it reached my thighs and then my feet and soon off my body completely. We broke and I followed Shawna's eyes as she looked down at my pussy, apparently for the first time and her mouth dropped open. "What? Oh yeah that. I know I look like a little girl."

"Why?" Jessica asked as she came around to the front of me and looked too. Both had the same look on their faces. I covered it with my hand in embarrassment and swore in my head I'd never shave again before Shawna and Jessica snapped out of their coma's and grabbed my hand and pulled it away. "No no...god that's the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

"Really?" I asked as I looked down at hers and she had a light covering of downy fur as did Shawna. She grinned and asked "Can I touch it?"

"OK" I said as I spread my legs and trembled as Jessica's hand touched my bald slit for the first time.

"OHMIGOD MMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM" She cooed in that voice that sent chills through my entire body as her middle finger found the groove in my slit and she stroked it up and down. I couldn't help but moan like it was the best thing I had ever felt, cause it was. She smiled up at me and then to Shawna who watched intently, "God Shawn it's soooo smooth. Here feel."

"Go ahead" I said in a much more confident voice as Shawna's hand replaced Jessica's and I moaned again as she too found my groove and stroked it. "MMMMMMMM F-fuck..."

"MMMMMMMMM Jesus that is smooth and sooooooo fuckin sexy" Shawna cooed as Jessica moved to my side and took my hand and pulled me towards her. She laid back on the pillows at the top and had me turn my back to her and sit down between her legs. I scooted back till my ass was against her pussy and she wrapped her arms around me and had me lay back on her. Shawna watched and then got on her stomach and crawled up between my thighs with a smile on her face. "So I'm the lucky one?"

"What do you say Jess? Should I let her?" I asked playfully and I couldn't believe how much more it turned me on to say that. I truly had never felt sexier than in that moment. Jessica stroked her hands up to my titties and cupped them and squeezed them as she cooed and said in the way only she can, "MMMMMMM HMMMMM I sure do baby."

"You're the lucky one Shawna" I said as I moved her hair out of her eyes and watched her every move. She smiled as she got on her stomach and leaned forward and teased my pussy as she brought her tongue dangerously close and licked all the way up without every touching me. It drove me insane with lust as she did it again and again, finally on the last pass she made a small bit of contact and it made me shake gently all over. But the next moment was the one I'll remember forever, she planted the tip of her tongue at the entrance to my asshole and pressed at it and licked around the hole once and I almost cried from the sensation. But before I could recover or comprehend what had just happened she stroked her tongue firmly up my bald cunny slit and made me jerk in pleasure. Jessica's hands moved to just above my pussy and she held me firmly as Shawna repeated this again and again and again. Until it became a wonderful all consuming rhythm. "MMMMMMM god that feels soooooo good."

"MMMMMMM I know baby, let her do it some more" Jessica moaned to me as she held me in her arms and I clutched at the sheets on the bed and squirmed in pleasure. My moaning got louder and louder with each passing lick of Shawna's tongue up my pussy slit and now she was doing something even more wonderful as she parted my lips just slightly and started licking my clit on every pass. I felt my body tingle gently now. I moaned with a passion as I let both of them know how good it felt and how I wanted to cum in that moment. I laid my head back on Jessica's shoulder and moaned lewdly for her and she raised her head a bit and pressed her lips to mine and stifled my moans as we started to passionately trade tongues in a french as my hand clutched into her hair and my pussy began to do something I had never known it could do. It began what I call spasming, the moment in time where it makes your whole body feel this intense pleasure and it seemingly goes on forever. I kissed Jessica as hard as I could in those few wonderful moments as they washed over me and my body felt nothing but pure pleasure. Finally it relented and I slumped to the mattress below me and started to shake again as Shawna did something so wonderful it felt like cumming a second time, she capped her mouth over my smooth slit and sucked gently, making me squirt my cum in her mouth. Jessica and I kissed softly as I settled down and finally parted as she grinned at me. My whole body was covered in a thin film of sweat and my breathing was ragid as I calmed down and squirmed a little from Shawna's licking up of the rest of my cum. Shawna rose up and pressed her lips to mine and let me taste that honey sweet flavor on her lips and tongue, that being my own cum.

"That was a first" Shawna said as we parted and I looked at her confused.

"You never did that?"

"No never been with a girl who's shaved" She said with a smile. "I think I'm hooked now."

"Well why not shave yourself?"

"Wanna do it for me?" Shawna asked.

"Hell yeah" I said as all three of us laughed.

"No time like the present" I said as Shawna slipped off the bed and took my hand as me and Jessica followed her into the bathroom.

"Girl you have a serious talent for shaving pussy" Jessica said kissing my neck as I finished with Shawna and gently washed her off. Shawna looked down and the look of awe on her face was funny. I think she turned herself on at that moment cause it sure as hell made me hot. She ran a finger up and down her newly bald slit and jumped from the sensation of it as she smiled and looked at me. "WOW, mmmmmmmmm that feels so different."

"MMMMHMMMMMM god Shawn that makes me so hot" Jessica said as she placed her hand on Shawna's inner thigh and inspected it closely. Shawna's hand now rested on her other thigh as I took hold of it and guided it back to her baby smooth slit and encouraged her to rub it up and down. She squirmed and moaned as she felt the sensations surge through her body. Jessica slipped her around the back of my neck and did the same to Shawna as she guided our lips together.

"You like the new look huh?" Shawna asked as we both softly moaned a reply and I rose up to kiss her lips softly, being guided by Jessica. Our lips softly caressed the others as Jessica then took my hand and placed it on top of Shawna's as she went up and down her slit slowly. Shawna broke our initial kiss as she moved her hand away and I smiled as I rubbed the baby smooth skin up and down and applied a gentle pressure to the center of her slit and made Shawna moan.

"That looks so hot on you" I said in what I wanted to be my sexiest voice as my hand continued up and down her pussy and I watched her moan for me.

"Wanna take it for a test drive?" Shawna asked in a moan as I blushed and replied, "I'd love too."

"You never licked a pussy before have you?" Jessica asked as I nodded my head no and she smiled and said, "MMMMMMM fuck this is gonna be fun."

"Teach me what I need to know?" I asked as Jessica leaned in and kissed my lips softly and traded tongues with me for a couple of seconds, before pulling away and nodding her head yes. I looked up at Shawna as she sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs as far as she could for me and watched as I lowered my head to her pussy. Jessica collected my mousy brown locks in a ponytail behind my head as I got lower on the floor and positioned my tongue at Shawna's entrance. Thinking I wanted to maybe tease her the way she had done to me, but my brain had other plans. Before I knew it I leaned forward and placed my tongue at the bottom of her slit and licked straight up in a swift line and repeated it. The ultra smooth skin gliding effortlessly under my tongue as I stroked it right over Shawna's clitty every time now and heard her moan above me. Jessica took one of my hands that now lay in my lap and placed it on Shawna's stomach and I realized that I could feel her breathing quicken, and later that that is a sign of her oncoming orgasm.

"MMMMMMMM good job Carrie, up and down like a good girl" Jessica cooed to me as I did it over and over and hoped I was doing it right. "OK slow down now, push your tongue in right her real gentle."

I looked up as I heard Jessica's words and saw the spot she was marking with her hands and I did just that. Sliding my tongue in Shawna as she moaned above me. Listening closely for Jessica's next instruction, "OK press your lips real tight to her pussy lips and move your tongue in and out."

I did as she said as I began thrusting my tongue in and out of Shawna's tight pussy, tasting her sweet tangy juice as my tongue slid inside a little more and that made me all the hornier. I looked up at Shawna and she was looking down at me with a pleasure soaked smile as she held on to the edge of the tub for dear life and squirmed a little as my thrusting continued unchecked. More of her sweet tangy juice leaked out as I pumped my tongue with more purpose now and heard Shawna moan out loud for me and god that turned me on. I slipped my hand down to my pussy and started to work it before Jessica stopped me and said simply, "Concentrate on her."

Jessica once again stopped me and without saying a word she spread Shawna's pussy at the top just slightly to fully expose her clitty. I knew what was next as I instantly licked over it as she kept it exposed for me and then licked over it again roughly as Shawna cried out and I could feel her thighs jerk a little and my hand on her stomach moved as her breathing quickened with each passing lick of her most sensitive area. Jessica then pressed my head a little farther as my lips closed around it and for a moment I was confused, but soon enough instinct took over and I started to suck Shawna's clit as she laid her head back and moaned. Her breath coming in pants now as her stomach heaved and I sucked harder and harder in longer deeper breaths as I squeezed my lips around the little nubbin and I heard her give a loud sustained moan as her body shook gently and I knew she was coming. I sucked her clitty till she began to settle down and then slid my tongue down to her slit and jabbed it inside as her cum literally filled my mouth. A warm and sweet reward I thought to myself as I pumped my tongue in and out and Shawna moaned as her cum soaked my lips and chin.

"Oh my god that feels too good" Shawna moaned when she was finally able to speak again, "I never cummed that hard before."

"I think our little friend Carrie here likes licking pussy" Jessica said as I raised my head and smiled at her.

"MMMMMM HMMMMMMMM" I said as we kissed and traded Shawna's yummy girl cum back and forth in a french. "Are you next?"

"Yes I am baby" Jessica said as I smiled and kissed her again. "But first we gotta clear the runway right?"

"Ask Shawna if you should"

"OHMIGOD it feels so much better when it's smooth like that" Shawna said as she slipped to the floor and handed me the razor and the shaving cream as Jessica got into position on the side of the tub. And spread her legs wide as I began. Watching the light downy fur fall away slowly as I stripped her pussy lips of it's covering as Jessica watched in awe of what was happening. Just as I had done with Shawna, after her pussy was smooth as a baby's butt I had her turn and shaved the small patch of skin between her pussy and asshole and then up to her asshole and around that. Getting it all smooth as she cooed and really seemed to enjoy it totally. I turned the shower head on and washed her off completely moments later and having her turn so I could wash the rest of it off. Shawna watched and her and Jessica marveled at the results as the last of the hair washed away. Jessica was first to test it for smoothness and jumped, much like Shawna had done at the heightened sensations. She moaned as she closed her legs around her hand and a look of surprise came across her face as she looked down at me.

"Told you it felt good baby" I said as I spread her legs again and gently and slowly removed her hand and inspected her now bare runway and licked my lips as she smiled down at me. I couldn't wait any longer and as Shawna took hold of my hair I leaned forward and placed my tongue on the baby smooth slit of hers and licked straight up the center as Jessica moaned and squirmed. I licked her slit a few times up and down and tasted that honey sweet flavor that began oozing out of her pussy lips as she stroked her thighs up and down and moaned wildly. Shawna squeezed her fingers into my hair and seemingly guided my tongue to the right spot on Jessica's pussy and I easily slipped it between her lips and started to fuck it in and out the way Jessica had showed me. Her pussy was even tighter than Shawna's I believe, as it sucked hard at my tongue as I pumped it in and out of the hole. I placed my hand on Jessica's stomach and was surprised to feel her stomach heaving in and out and I knew she had an orgasm coming on quickly. Couple that with her increasingly louder moaning and squirming as I pumped my tongue I knew she had to be close. Pulling away for a moment I gently spread her pussy lips and attached my lips to her clit and sucked hard at the tip as Jessica laid her head back and cried out her pleasure and with one more clit sucking deep breath, I brought her off in a shudderingly real orgasm. A little shaking and intense moaning followed as Jessica reached her peak and began to settle down. Her cum came oozing and bubbling out as I licked it all off and shoved my tongue back inside and drained her sweet pussy dry of the yummy girl cum dripping out of her. I smiled with one last lick of her pussy and looking up to her I asked, "So was I right?"

"God fuck have no idea how good that felt" Jessica said with a smile as she kissed me. "You sure are a quick learner baby."

"Yeh slut here thinks she's a teacher" Shawna said as I laughed and looked to Jessica who flipped Shawna the bird and slipped to the floor beside of us as she said, "Fuck you dyke, I know more about pussy licking then you'll ever know. I swear you like shoving your big cock up girls asses more than you do licking them."

"You have a cock?" I asked Shawna as Jessica covered her mouth and laughed. I looked to Shawna as my mind ran wild with the possibilities of what Jessica had just said. She must have meant Shawna liked to use a strap-on with girls I thought silently to myself, cause she sure didn't have any cock that I could see. The comment that really got me was the "...shoving your big cock up girls asses..." line. Suddenly all of the fantasies I've had in the past came flooding back into my mind and I realized that that really turned me on again, maybe more than before as I snapped back to reality I heard Shawna snap at Jessica and say, "Big mouth."

"Carrie it's a strap-on I use sometimes on dumb ass here and some girls that like that but...." Shawna stammered as she tried to explain it away so I wouldn't panic, I assumed.

"Wait, wait.." I said as she went quiet. "You do it to the butt?"

"UMMMMM....yeah" She said as she looked straight at me and tried to judge my reaction.

"Does it feel good?" I asked as she smiled.

"Feels like heaven when she's doing it" Jessica said in a sexy tone of voice, "she's way to good with that thing."

"And with Jess between your legs, you'll be screaming" Shawna said as she kissed me.

"You do the same time?" I asked as both smiled and sensed my intense interest.

"MMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM feels sooooooooo fuckin good" Jessica said as she gave me a lingering sizzling kiss as she stroked my bald cunny slit gently and made me moan into her mouth, "God I can't wait to lick this."

"OHHHHHHHH f-fuck I want it so bad now" I said as she stroked it faster up and down my slit and I moaned a little louder.

"MMMMMMMM yes my baby needs another pussy licking huh?" Jessica asked as she kissed my cheek and I sensed Shawna move cause suddenly my hand went from holding on to her thigh to the carpet below us she had been sitting on. But just then Jessica found my clit and rubbed it softly with her finger tip and made me squirm and jerk in pure pleasure as she continued kissing my cheek and neck and soon had me turn my face to hers and we started to french hard. The pleasure was taking over my body again and I didn't wanna control it, I simply gave in and let it. Jessica really started to work my clit as I moaned and squirmed in her arms and I broke our kiss as I was humping her hand so hard and then I felt Shawna slide back down on to the carpeted floor behind me and Jessica. Jessica stopped as I opened my eyes and she kissed me as I felt Shawna's hands on my bare waist, stroking up and down. "Is now too soon?"

"For what?" I asked as Jessica giggled and said, "Sandwich."

"Yeh I got my strap-on see" Shawna said as I looked back and saw a huge looking rubber cock hanging from her waist. It was one that's got a clear strap. If I didn't look close I'd have thought she had grown a cock. "It looks big I know but I promise it will feel good."

I didn't offer an immediate response as I stared at the 7 inches of fuck stick, Jessica sensed my interest and crawled a foot or so in front of me and laid back on the carpet at my knees. I was about to ask what she was doing when it dawned on me, 69. I was so horny at that point I'd prolly have attacked a mountain goat for pleasure and having a scorchingly hot, horny and very willing girl at my knees asking for a 69 was too much to handle. I quickly spread my legs and slid forward and watched as I carefully lowered my bald pussy to her mouth. A long sustained moan escaped my lips as Jessica's tongue found my slit and stroked it up and down. I trembled and shook in pure pleasure, nothing had ever felt this good before I thought to myself as Jessica's tongue circled my clit and she licked in a way that made me squeal with pleasure and roll my eyes back in my head. OHMIGOD she was making me shake with just her tongue, just imagine how good it would feel with Shawna in my ass I thought.

She did that little tongue twist on my clit again and I squealed again and again as she repeated it. I couldn't take much more of this as I was already fighting back my orgasm as she repeated it once more. That's when I felt Shawna's hands sliding up my back and her gently pushing me forward as Jessica finally eased off on my clit and let me calm down. I did as Shawna wanted willingly and came to rest on my elbows with my mouth only an inch or so above Jessica's pussy. But as I thought about going for that, I felt her spread my ass cheeks and I tensed up a little in anticipation of what was gonna happen. I looked back and saw Shawna was stroking her newly attached cock and covering it in her own spit as she guided it to my asshole. Just as Shawna pressed against my hole, Jessica licked my clit again in that special way and made me squirm and moan loudly as she did it yet again. She was circling her tongue all the way around it and then let my clit slip between the ridge in her tongue and drag it up and down ('ridge runner'). I moaned so hard as she increased the pleasure that I only felt Shawna's cock slipping into my ass when my asshole ring closed around the cock head. It felt so huge I screamed as she pumped it in and out just an inch or so. The pain that is supposed to be associated with this kinda sex apparently wasn't apart of my DNA, cause it felt good from the very first moment it slid deep in my ass. I looked back as Shawna slid her hands up to my shoulders and saw the look of pleasure on her face, it was almost like she could feel her cock in my ass and she was loving it. I closed my eyes as I felt her draw out and pump back inside once more, just as Jessica slid her tongue inside my pussy and started licking softly inside. I clutched my fingers into the carpet and involuntarily began humping back to Shawna as her fuck stick got deeper in my ass.

"Oh no be still sweet baby, let Jess lick that sweet pussy good while I give you a butt fucking" Shawna moaned to me as she got all the way inside my ass and her thighs pressed against my cheeks and I moaned louder than I ever have before. Never in my life had I been anywhere near this turned on. Her talking to me was the icing on the cake at that moment as I fought to stay on top of Jessica's face as she fucked her tongue deep inside me and licked my inner pussy walls like a pro. Her fingers digging into my ass cheeks as she held them open for Shawna and Shawna's fingers digging into my shoulders to hold me in place. Shawna had now picked up the pace on my butt fucking as the pleasure got harder to take and my moaning got louder and louder. Shawna's thighs began spanking my ass cheeks as the butt fucking came harder and harder now and Jessica pulled her tongue out of my pussy and began to do that wonderful trick on my clit again as I screamed. My pussy began to spasm and I swear I thought I was cumming for like 10 seconds but as Shawna kept pounding my ass harder and Jessica swirled my clit more aggressively each time I screamed louder and it got harder and harder. My moaning squeals of pleasure, mixed with Shawna's moaning and the slapping of her thighs on my ass cheeks rang through my head as I fought my hardest to keep from cumming as I laid my head back and grinded my pussy on Jessica's face and Shawna pumped one last time I let go and went surging into pure heaven. It was the most wonderful moment of my life, every pore in my body was filled with this intense mind numbing pleasure that never seemed to want to end and god help me I didn't want it to. Feeling finally returned to my body as I came down and felt Jessica cap her lips over my pussy as I grunted hard and felt Shawna slam into me again and make my girl cum go surging into Jessica's mouth in a hard squirt that was soon followed by another. Jessica sucked at my pussy as I did this and with Shawna still pumping my asshole it made my pussy spasm wildly again. OHMIGOD that feels good. My body dripped with sweat as did Shawna's as she stroked one or two last times in me and slowed. I simply collapsed on top of Jessica in a pile as Shawna pulled out of me. My whole body tingling from the pleasure and shaking all over it felt so good. My head was spinning as I heard Shawna say, "MMMMMM god girl that was heaven huh?"

"My God that's not even the word for it" I moaned as I lifted one leg to raise myself off of Jessica when she stopped me and I felt her hold me against her and roll over, now putting her on top of me in another 69. I laid there on the soft carpet for a long moment and recovered as Shawna moved to above my head and behind Jessica. Jessica settled in and lowered her pussy to my mouth as she hung her head low and watched me as I looked up and realized what was happening. I smiled at her as she returned it and I licked up her yummy pussy from top to bottom and placed my hands on her stomach and slipping them to her waist as Shawna lined her butt fuck stick up with Jessica's little asshole and slid inside. It was so damn erotic to look up and see that huge ass cock sliding in and out of Jessica's little hole as I licked her now leaking pussy. From top to bottom and back again my tongue went as I let it dip inside her pussy time and again as Shawna's cock got ever deeper. I couldn't take my eyes off it as I lowered my head and started to suck on her clit softly and Shawna got all the way inside her asshole for the first time and pressed her thighs to Jessica's ass cheeks. Suddenly I moved my hands up Jessica's back and slid them to her ass cheeks as Shawna pulled out till her cock caught on Jessica's asshole ring and as I spread Jessica's ass cheeks she plunged back inside. Drawing a long sustained and very vocal response from Jessica as I returned my tongue to the girls pussy and started to fuck in and out in time to Shawna's stroking. "Is that good Shawna?"

"MMMMMM god fuck yesssss Carrie spread them for me so I can give her a good butt fucking" Shawna moaned to me as she pulled out again and plunged back inside hard. Smacking her thighs off of Jessica's now spread wide ass cheeks and slowly building a good rhythm as her hands went to Jessica's shoulders and she started to pound her friends back door. Jessica's moaning seem to get louder with every passing thrust and the sound of Shawna's thighs slapping against Jessica's ass cheeks was so erotic. "OHHHHH OHHHHH god yesss baby you like my butt fuck stick pumping your asshole full?"

"OHMIGOD THIS FEELS SOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD" Jessica moaned as I fucked her pussy faster and faster in time to Shawna's stroking and squeezed my fingers into her ass cheeks and held them for grip. That's when Shawna disappeared over Jessica's back and I saw moments later her hands come down on either side of Jessica's shoulders and the pounding butt fucking came harder it appeared from my view. The thigh slapping ass cheek sound sure did as well I noticed. "OHHHHHHHHHHH god Shawna it feels too good to good like that, Carrie's making my pussy feel so good now."

"MMMMMMMHMMMMMM I know how good she makes it feel now get down there and lick her pussy for me" Shawna moaned as she swept Jessica's hair to the other side of her head and to my shock Jessica lowered down and started to lick my pussy. Her tongue going down my slit and then dipping inside as I started to moan into her pussy and she squealed into mine and Shawna gave her harder and harder shots all the time it appeared. Jessica was once again working her magic on my clit and it felt so good I hadda lay my head down for a moment and moan intensely before going back to pumping my tongue up into her slit. My hands slipped down to the back of her lower thighs as Shawna pounded harder in her little asshole and Jessica was circling my clit and then sucking it in long deep breaths as she moaned and screamed from all the pleasure she was getting. My mind reeled from the effects of Jessica's clit sucking and how fast it was pushing me towards an orgasm. I finally gave up on pumping my tongue in Jessica's pussy and decided to do something a little more simple, I attached my lips to her clit and sucked on it hard. Shawna was sawing her butt fucking cock now in and out with a passion as she filled Jessica's butt fuck hole up to the brink and I couldn't take my eyes off the fucking cock as it disappeared inside her time and again. I felt Jessica try and squirm off my face as she brought me to the brink of orgasm and the result was a slight movement that made my lips twist one way on her clit and I remember her screaming out in pure pleasure as she grinded her pussy on my lips and I did it again to see if it had the same effect and that was all she could take. Her pussy did the same as mine as it spasmed out of control and I had the most wonderful orgasm in that moment as did Jessica, only hers was much harder. I was kinda surprised when her cum came rocketing out in a hard gush and splattered all over my face as I moved from her clit to her pussy lips and shoved my tongue back inside and tried to suck out her yummy cum. I trembled as I settled down and she did the same to me and seconds later we both went weak on the floor. Shawna slowed and eased in and out of Jessica's butt fuck hole a few more times as she milked out all of her cum for me and Jessica cried her pleasure as she lay on top of me still. "OHHHHHHHHHHH GOD SWEET BABY YESSS, did you like watching me butt fuck her Carrie?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM oh my god yessss that was so hot" I moaned to Shawna as she stroked a little in Jessica's ass and made her moan loudly again.

"MMMMMM yesss I thought so, you want me to teach you to butt fuck" She asked as she finally pulled out of Jessica's ass and the girl rolled off me and lay now on the floor as I set up and turned to face Shawna.

"I would really love that" I said as Shawna kissed me softly on the lips and said, "MMMMMM Carrie's such a good girl, you wanna suck my butt fuckin cock now and see how good Jessica tastes?"

"MMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMM" I said as Shawna rose to her feet and guided her cock to my mouth and slid it in as I started to suck and bob my head. Stopping only to lick my lips before returning to her fuck stick as she scooped my hair into a ponytail and moaned for me.

"OHHHHHHHH fuck yesss Carrie suck my big hard butt fuck stick" Shawna moaned to me as she smiled down at me and watched me take almost all of it in my mouth. "MMMMM fuck that taste good huh?"

"YEH it does baby" I moaned as she pulled the cock out of my mouth and spanked it on my tongue.

"Did that butt fucking cock feel good in your little asshole?" She asked as I sucked the head for a moment.

"Fuck did it ever, I loved how you sawed it in and out" I moaned as she smiled. God what a night that was...and it wasn't over yet.