Life as a (horny) Teenage "Lesbian" - Episode 2 "Friends with...Benefits"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"Is the camera on?" I asked as Shawna grinned and smiled as she rejoined me and Jessica on the bed and got behind me as I was already in a 69 with Jessica and moaning from her tongue work on my pussy. Shawna lubing her cock up as she covered it in spit and then slid easily into my asshole as we both moaned out loud. Jessica doing the 'ridge runner' on me as my pussy spasmed and Shawna started spanking her thighs at my tanned ass cheeks. "MMMMMMMMM so good at butt fucking Shawn, MMMMMMM you make that feel so good."

"OHHHHHH Carrie, baby I'm so lucky getting to butt fuck you twice in one night" Shawna moaned to me as she pumped into my asshole as deep as she could get as Jessica licked my pussy so soft and slow. This being the second double sandwich for Shawna in less than two hours. Only now we were on her bed and she was drilling my butt fuck hole with a passion as her thighs slapped at my ass cheeks. This lasted for another few moments before Shawna sunk in as far as she could get in my asshole and then pulled out as she scooted off the bed and took my hand and guided me off and to my feet. We got directly in front of the camera as Shawna kissed me and asked, "You suck my butt fucking cock now for me baby?"

"MMMMMMMM yes I will" I moaned as I slid down to my knees and as the camera recorded it I started to suck Shawna's cock, bobbing my head up and down. Her moans of pleasure filled my ears as I slid my hands up her sweat stained thighs and felt them jerk a bit in pleasure every few moments. The strap-on working Shawna's clit superbly as it always did. She slid her hand into my hair and scooped it out of my face and dropped her other hand to her side so the camera could catch it all. Shawna moaning to me, "MMMMMMMM love getting my cock sucked after I butt fuck a girl."

"MMMMMMM love sucking your cock after you butt fuck me" I moaned as Shawna guided me back to my feet and stroked her hands up and down my sweat stained body as we kissed softly for a long moment before I dropped back to my knees and started sucking her again. Her ass clinching as the sensations again flowed into her body. I bobbed my head a few more times and slowed as she pulled me off and helped me back to my feet as we both crawled back onto the bed. Me getting back over Jessica as she started to again lick my pussy and Shawna sliding back up my asshole a moment after that. The moaning in the room got louder as both of them worked on me and Shawna lowered over my back and started pounding. "MMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMM Shawn making my pussy feel like heaven sweet baby."

"MMMMMMMMM I wanna make it feel so good you fall in love with me butt fucking your tight little asshole" Shawna moaned as I smiled and moaned out loud and felt Jessica sucking my clit and making my pussy spasm harder than I could ever remember. Shawna's naked body dripping sweat down to me as she now watched my face as it showed my pleasure and she felt her own pussy spasming so wonderfully as she moaned to me, "MMMMMMMMM yeh Carrie you're getting so close huh my sweet baby?"


"...MMMMMMMMMM OH OH OH, yeh yeh, here it comes baby girl, here it comes, ohhhhhhh yeh there it is huh Carrie? Does pure heaven feel good?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM sooooo wonderful" I moaned as the orgasm blossomed in my body and made me shake in orgasm for longer than I could ever remember. "MMMMMMMM oh yeah my asshole loves your cock Shawn."

"MMMMMMMM I'm getting that idea too baby with all the butt fucking I've done tonight" Shawna moaned as she pulled out of my asshole. Me shaking visibly as I kissed her and laid back down in front of her and let Jessica get on top me of me once again and into a 69. I licked her pussy like mad as Shawna slid deep in her asshole and butt fucked her for the second time.

"MMMMMMMM oh god I'm so done" Shawna moaned a few moments after she had completed Jessica's butt fucking. "MMMMMMM two sandwiches in one night is amazing."

"I say we go for three" I said as I got back to my knees and Jessica and I kissed softly. Jessica moaning to me, "MMMMMMMM yeh lets make her fuck us till she's wore out."

"I already am" Shawna said as me and Jessica started kissing up and down her body and to her lips as I whispered in her ear, "You love my asshole right?"

"MMMMMMM I love it sooo much but I'm tired" Shawna said.

"I'm not asking, your gonna butt fuck me and Jessica again right now" I demanded as Jessica smacked Shawna's ass. "Did you hear me?"


"Yesss baby butt fucking, now let's go" Jessica said as she kissed her. "Not another word, you got your marching orders soldier now you gotta take one for the team."

"Oh god I dunno if I can do this" Shawna said as Jessica laid back and I, for the third time on the night, got on top of her in a 69. Shawna offered no more complaints as she slid deep in my asshole a moment later and leaned over my back and started pounding my asshole. Jessica sucking my clit and all I could do was moan like I was being hurt. I placed my hands over Shawna's and laced our fingers together as my pussy began to spasm. Me moaning to Shawna, "MMMMMMMM baby you are so good at that, do you know that?"

"MMMMMMMMM baby girl yesss I do" Shawna moaned back to me as she slapped her thighs at my ass cheeks. "I'm sooo glad we're getting this all on video."

"MMMMMMMMM god yesss, god yesss" I moaned as I dropped my head and watched Jessica lick my tanned smooth pussy with a passion as I moaned to her, "MMMMMMMM she's taking one for the team so good Jess."

"MMMMMMMMM I know baby" Jessica moaned before stuffing her tongue inside me and starting to fuck my pussy.

"MMMMMMMMM Carrie your asshole feels so good on my cock" Shawna moaned as she pushed me towards my orgasm with every word and stroke. My thighs began to quiver around Jessica's face. I moaned back to Shawna, "It feels good on that big cock to butt fuck me huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM so good you wouldn't believe" Shawna moaned as I smiled and began squealing as she started pounding harder, apparently getting her second wind and really pumping hard into my asshole and smacking her thighs at my ass cheeks. Jessica holding me perfectly still as Shawna dripped sweat from every inch of her body as she drilled me. Giving it every thing she had left as I screamed and shook and started my third orgasm on Jessica's wonderful tongue as she now did the 'ridge runner' on me. MMMMMMMM what a wonderful beyond words moment.

"Oh god three times each" Shawna moaned a few minutes later as Jessica and I lay on either side of her now on the pillows as we finally rested. "MMMMMM this must be heaven."

"MMMMMMMM pure heaven with Carrie's honey cum in my mouth" Jessica said as she kissed me with Shawna watching.

"Honey cum? MMMMMM yours is sweeter than that" I said as I kissed her back.

That first night sandwiched between Shawna and Jessica was a mind blowing way to lose your virginity (and yes Shawna got Jessica for a third time too). Both are amazing lovers too. OHMIGOD the sensations are so friggin'' intense it makes my mind go blank just thinking about how good it was.

MMMMMMMMM was a wonderful night.

The camera I mentioned sometime ago (Shawna's high end camcorder) had successfully captured all the very lewd acts we had performed. And that wasn't the last time that we'd do that. But that seriously is a tale for another time. Back to the story...

Coming downstairs at five o'clock in the morning and seeing the first floor of Shawna's house trashed was a shock but what I saw outside on the porch was an even bigger shock, Ally was passed out in the rose bushes and looked to have been sleeping in a pool of her own puke for sometime. Shawna spun me around and kissed me softly as we smiled at each other and I kissed her again. Her friend Kelly from down the road was heading to work early and gave me a ride home.

For the next several days I was hyper 24/7 and probably masturbated 500 times to relieve some of the "pressure". But fact of the matter is now I had a sex drive and as I would soon learn I had a big one. Couple that with my no soreness DNA and I could cum five or six times when I was in hyper mode without getting exhausted. Something that my two NEW horny friends Shawna and Jessica would test out when we met again the following weekend at her parents place in the valley. We literally fucked like porn sluts all weekend.

Jessica and Me became instant fuck toys for our every ready 'boy' (Shawna) who as it turns out just loved to play the role of a guy in role play. Which Jessica and Shawna talked me into doing on the aforementioned weekend. Beginning with me and Jessica on the bed making out naked when Shawn (her boy name) walked in on us and made us do bad things to 'him'. Of course this culminating in the first of numerous double butt fuckings Shawna got to give out that weekend. Cum covered three days it was. (note: I have plenty more stories about Shawna, Jessica and me in later episodes)

It was also during this weekend that I realized what I had with Jessica and Shawna was just lust. That's an odd fact that I bet will perplex you, it's just that I knew from moment one that Jessica was not girlfriend material and after that second weekend I knew Shawna was in the same category. Not sure how but I did. Shawna just came off as too screwed up for me. While Jessica (when not horny) was a serious preppy. So no chance of romance with any of us I assumed and it turned out to be a really good assumption.

Speaking of romance though, my friend Ally 'PukeAllOverHerself' still looked like a possible mate even after she basically shit herself at the party. But she pissed away any opportunity she had with me the second time we hung out (or so it seemed) and the bitch invited me over to watch a movie and ended up disappearing upstairs with some guys and getting really fucked. I know I watched.

"Hang out for a little while and let me show Richie and Rocky my CD's, K care bear?" Ally asked and kissed me as she walked off up the stairs with the horny hunks following her.

"The name is Carrie, you whore" I spat in anger as I got up to leave a few moments later once I was convinced she wasn't coming back. I had just twisted the knob on the door when I heard the moaning from upstairs. Creeping up the steps (I'm nosey as fuck, OK?) I noticed it got louder. I peaked inside her bedroom and got a major show. Ally was taking on both guys at the same time, all three naked as fuck and moaning like they were loving it.

"Ohhh fuck yessss" Ally moaned as Richie pumped her asshole and Rocky pumped her pussy. "My asshole feels so good with your throbbin cock deep inside baby."

I'd never really been turned on before by guys but this was really changing my mind about what was sexy and what wasn't. Richie was a serious hunk and so was his friend Rocky and both dudes were hung like a mother fucker. Ally was also gorgeous with her dark rich tan and heart shaped ass....MMMMMMM girl was hot. I pictured myself under her licking that sweet pussy as Richie butt fucked her. I moved back into the hallway and listened to Ally moaning as I slipped a hand down my pants and started to masturbate in the hallway. Me cumming just as she did and leaving us both weak in the knees I would later find out. I tasted my own spunk and pretended it was hers.

I peaked back inside and got another great visual as Ally was now on her knees on the floor and sucking Richie's butt fucking cock like a hoover, her head bobbing up and down as he moaned. Already having cum inside Ally's asshole I would later find out. He groaned and clutched his fingers into her hair as he cum again in her mouth. What a site. I knew right then that I wanted to fuck Ally and if she could talk me into it, Richie too.

I headed back downstairs and waited on the couch until slut and her male whores got done. She came down and they left, her now wearing just a baseball jersey and that tan. She plopped down beside me and kissed my cheek, "Hey Care bear."

"My name is Carrie you whore" I spat. "Why the hell did you want me here if you were gonna fuck them?"

"Whore? Uh yeah, but I prefer slut" She said as she kissed me and I tasted some gooey flavor still in her mouth and slid her my tongue as we shared it in a slow cum swapping french kiss. "MMMMMMM good?"

"MMMMMMM" I said as she grinned, "Richie's cum and to answer your question I was hoping you'd join in. But I guess you're not interested?"

"Join in?" I asked as she grinned and nodded. "What an idea."

"Oh yeah next time, I'm thinking me, you and Richie" She said as she kissed me again and slid across my lap and purposely put my hands on her bare ass cheeks (she was nude under the jersey). I squeezed her tanned ass cheeks in my fingers as she moaned into my mouth. "What do you think?"

"I wanna fuck you right now myself" I growled as she grinned and kissed me again. "MMMMMMMMM."

"The strap-on is in my room baby" She cooed with her forehead touching mine. "I wanna be your first butt fucking."

"MMMMMMM oh wow!"

"Go!" She said as I slid off the couch and zoomed up the stairs and found the strap-on exactly where she said it was as she fed me directions from the bottom of the steps. I stripped out of my clothes like she wanted and slipped into the strap-on before walking slowly back down the steps, naked and so horny I could barely stand. She grinned, now sans her jersey, as I reached the bottom of the steps she kissed me and I knew after only a few moments that now I was in control. She smiled innocently as I kissed her again and guided her to her knees and moaned as she slid my newly attached cock into her mouth and started to suck me. That feels so much better than you probably think.

"MMMMMMMM so good, come on" I moaned as I pulled her off and got her back to her feet and guided her to the couch and with her back to me we both got on our knees and she leaned forward onto her elbows. I lined my cock up with her asshole with trembling hands and moaned as it slid inside her asshole so easily. I watched my cock as it pumped her asshole, her moaning ringing in my ears as my thighs began to spank at her ass cheeks and the wonderful sensations began to filter out into my body as well. It went in and out so easy and the sensations just kept getting stronger as I leaned over her back and pounded her for a few more moments and brought her off in the most intense orgasm of her life. "Ohmigod that was so sweet!"

So Ally wasn't so bad. LOL.

Now for the bad news about Ally, her parents didn't know she liked girls nor did they know she was a slut. So when they were home I wasn't welcome and she pretty much acted like I didn't exist. Which made me consider cutting her off, but girl had a way of getting me horny in a matter of seconds. Which she did several times. But soon after the scene above her parents arrived home for an extended stay and she disappeared from my life (for the time being). And factor that in with Shawna and Jessica living some 15 or 20 miles away in the Valley (down near Jackson) I had virtually no real friends around at this moment in time.

So I turned to the internet to occupy my numerous hours of free time. For the next two or three weeks I stayed in Yahell's chat rooms and met a large number of hotties and basically fucked everything I could get my 'fake cock' into. Heather, Shion and Melissa were the three most prominent of my net friends and they got to know me pretty well through my blatherings in chat. So every night it became my routine to spend hours and hours online, not knowing that Shawna was also on yahell most of the time but didn't know my I.D. and neither of us had remembered to ask. Smart girls ain't we?

"Mom I'm updating my profile on yahoo to include more nude pics" I said as she stuck her head in the door of my bedroom one night a few days after my obsession with Yahoo began.

"Well be sure to put one of your butt on there, it's always been cute" Mom (Carolyn) said with a smirk as I laughed. "Anyway someone is here to see you."


"Very pretty girl name Shawna and another named Jennifer" Mom said. "That Shawna girl is a looker."

"My Mom the lesbo?" I asked as she blushed and gave me a dirty look. "Send them up?"

"We'll do Care Bear!" Mom said as I scrambled to clean up the mess that was my bedroom. Being that I hardly ever had visitors my room got cleaned about as often. I tossed the dirty thongs and bra's in the hamper and flung a sheet over my bed and cleared my reading material off the nightstand and froze when I heard a knocking sound on the door. I squeaked, "Come in!"

"Hey!" Shawna said. "Surprise!"

"Hey!" I said in real excitement as I spotted Jennifer standing nervously behind Shawna and realized she was Ally's friend from the Wally World. "Jen from Wally World, you're Ally's friend right?"

"Jen, and yeh, and ohmigod you're the girl she picked up" Jen said as we laughed. "She took you to the party that night. I saw you two coming in and holding hands over your heads."

"That was us" I said.

"Small fucking world ain't it" Shawna commented as me and Jen laughed.

"So you two are friends huh?" I asked and motioned for them to sit down on the bed which they did.

"Yep, she's my favorite straight girl" Shawna commented as she pushed Jen, who blushed and pushed her back. "Or so she says."

"Shut up Shawna Lynn" Jen said with a finger point. "Sooo mean to me!"

"Always will be too" Shawna said as she tackled her onto my bed and startled wrestling with her. I laughed as Jen somehow took control and rolled Shawna onto her knees and pinned her head down and motioned for me to slap her ass. I did with a thud. Shawna jumped away and rubbed her ass. "OWWWWW damn biotches."

"Nice one" I said as I offered Jen a high five and she smacked her hand against mine.

"See when the next time I come to visit you is" Shawna said.

"I'm sorry!" I said as I moved in front of her and she gave me a puppy dog expression that spoke volumes. I smiled as I leaned down and kissed her pooched lips. "MMMMMM Shawna good kisser!"

"MMMMMM Carrie is too" Shawna said as we kissed for a long few moment with Jen watching the whole time.

"AHEM" Jen said as we parted reluctantly and she looked at us with a smirk, "Just friends Shawna?"

"Friends with...benefits" Shawna said as I purposely sat down across her thighs and stroked my fingers through her long blond hair (I love her hair!) and kissed her again. "Why Jen? You jealous?"

"Straight girl" She said as she pointed at herself, then to me and Shawna and said, "Lesbo's."

"She doesn't want you anyway baby, she wants me" I said as Jen shook her head but smiled. "Want me to come over there and kiss you like that? You're hot!"

"Thanks" Jen said as she blushed and bit her lip nervously.

"What time is it baby?" Shawna asked me as I showed her my watch and she grinned and kissed me. Standing as I slid off her thighs and stood. "Can I borrow your ride Jen? I needa pick up Jessica."

"Sure, but you get caught and you're ass is fucked" Jen said with a serious look. I covered my mouth as did Shawna and tried not to laugh. "I'm serious."

"I know, Jen, we cool, it's an inside joke with me and Carrie" Shawna said. Kissing me again as I smiled before she left.

"Didn't even bother asking if you wanted to go with her" I commented as Jen gave me a worried look.

"You want me to leave?"

"No way" I said as I sat down by her. Extending my hand as she smiled, "Carrie Jessie Ames."

"Jennifer Elaine Bradley" She said as she shook my hand and we giggled. "Jen to my friends. Nice to meet you Carrie."

"Now how about that kiss Hottie body?" I asked as she blushed a deep red and giggled as she pushed me away.

"Shawna part two" Jen said. "I'm straight, how many times I have to say that?"

"Hey really? So am I" I said as she laughed. "I'm like so straight they designed I-75 after me."

"I'm sure Shawna Lynn believes that" Jen said mockingly, "How many times she kiss you already? Girlfriends?"

"Nope, she's cool and really hot but not girlfriend material" I said as Jen looked at me strangely.

"Why not?"

"She's just not" I said. "I just don't get those kinda of feelings when I'm around her."

"Does she know that?"

"I'm assuming but if you think I should tell her I will" I said.

"She's not stupid so I'm assuming she knows" Jen replied. "Just don't lead her on?"

"Wouldn't think of it" I said.

"Honey!" Mom said as she tapped on my door and poked her head when I asked what she needed. "Oh, I thought Shawna and her friend had left. I'm sorry."

"She's hanging out for a while, Shawna had an errand to run"

"Well your father and I are leaving for work" Mom said in a hushed whisper.

"Why are you whispering?" I asked as Jen laughed and covered her mouth. Mom giving me a 'that's not funny' look at she dipped out of the room.

"You're sooo mean to her" Jen giggled. "She's gonna ground you."

"Not even, Mom's cool, she wants me to live my life,"

"So she knows you're gay?"

"Not gay but I do like girls"

"So bi?"

"OK, bye, where ya going?" I asked as she seemed confused and then caught on and grinned and blushed.

"Not funny"

"I thought it was" I replied as she shook her head. My Yahell IM screen popping up with a message from Heather reading, "Fuck my ass now you whore!"

"What does that say?" Jen asked as she stood and looked closer as I slid into my computer chair and attempted to close it before she could. "Fuck my...ohmigod!"

"Yeh she's kinda blunt" I said as I logged off of Yahell! "Sorry!"

"I shouldn't have been nosey" Jen said. "What you get when you do that!"

"Just so you don't think I'm some kinda pervert" I said. "Slut on yahell was referring to cyber. Cyber sex?"

"Ohh ok" She said. "Never done it, don't even have a computer but I heard of it, Shawna does it."

"Oh really now?" I asked as she blushed and knew she'd let the cat out of the bag on that one. "And you are gonna tell me about it."

"Oh no I'm not" She said as I now stood by her and made her squeal as I poked her tickle spot. "Don't do that!"

"Make me stop" I said as I came after her and she backed away and fumbled with the doorknob as I pinned her against the back of the door and got in a few seconds of tickling before she escaped and managed to escape (again!) even after I had her pinned in the corner at the foot of my bed. She scrambled across the bed and darted for the door as I slipped and fell on some of my dirty clothes. I got back to my feet and went flying down the hall and zoomed right past her as she had stopped at the top of the steps. She laughed as I crashed into my parents bedroom door but squealed as I changed course and came after her again. Thundering down the steps around the couch in the living room and into the kitchen. Each of us now on either side of the center isle. "Now you're trapped."

"Oh yeah I'm scared, you're clumsy" She said and laughed as I started around the side of the counter when the damn phone rang. I groaned as I picked it up and said, "Hello?"

"My parents are out of town for two weeks and I need you so bad" Ally moaned into the phone. "You coming baby?"


"This is Ally dumbass, you coming over? I'll come and pick you up" She said. "On my way ok?"

"Nooo, my parents are at work and I have company" I said as Jen listened from the other end of the island.

"Who Shawna? She won't mind" Ally said impatiently.

"It's not Shawna and I gotta go" I said.

"Well fuck you whore" Ally spat. "See who gives you some the next time you need it!"

"Fuck you too whore" I spat back. "You only want me when your parents are away. I'm not your whore."

"No you're Shawna's whore" Ally said in a bitter tone.

"This is true, goodbye Ally" I said as I hung up.

"That was my friend Ally?" Jen asked as I turned back to her. "I heard her say something about Shawna!"

"She was trying to hurt me not Shawna" I said.

"Girls a troublemaker, you're better off without her" Jen said.

"But she's your friend?"

"Ally's only friend is Ally herself" Jen said. "Girl has gotten me into more trouble than it's worth. I think you made the right decision."

"So you're saying you want me all to yourself?" I asked as Jen laughed and surprised when she shrugged her shoulders and offered no denial. We sat down at the kitchen counter and just began chatting as we waited for Shawna to get back. We talked about almost everything too.

"So thanks for putting up with me" Jen said two hours or so later as me, her and Shawna stood outside of my house on the front walk.

"Come by anytime" I said as she smiled and nodded.

"What about me?" Shawna asked as I grinned and pulled her by the jacket to me and whispered into her ear, "If you can borrow Jen's ride come back over for a while?"

"Hell yeah" Shawna said and then kissing me before she got in.

"I can't have a hug?" I asked Jen as she blushed and hugged me before she left. Pulling away from the curb a few moments later and disappearing down the street. I was just about to walk back into the house when I heard a horn blow and turned to look and saw of all people in this world, Ally, getting out of some guys truck. That some guy turned out to be Richie. The fine looking but a bit older guy who had fucked Ally a few weeks before this particular night. "What are you doing?"

"I'm sorry and I brought you a present" She said as she pointed to Richie. "Boy has such a good hard cock."

"I don't know, my parents are at work..." I said before Ally kissed me softly on the lips. "MMMMMMM god you're hot."

"MMMMMM so are you" She said as she took mine and Richie's hands and lead us inside.

A few minutes later...

Richie moaned as he stroked his cock. Me and Ally simply nodded in agreement as we both dropped to our knees before I slid Richie's cock into my mouth and started to suck again. My head bobbing up and down as he moaned and jerked in delight. I focused on his cock head and sucked him harder as he moaned louder. Me pulling off with a popping sound just before Ally took his cock in her mouth and started doing the thing that I had just done. A few moments later having successfully sucked it to it's hardest point, we moved to the bed. Ally laying down as I got above her head on my knees and Richie got behind me. "God this is gonna be a night to remember."

"MMMMMMMMMM it sure is" Ally moaned from below as she watched with a horny smile. Sliding her hands up my smooth tanned thighs and gently guiding me forward and over her into a 69. She softly began to lick my pussy and so perfectly at that. Richie stroking his cock fast as he moved closer and lined his cock up with my asshole and moaned to me, "MMMMMMMM gonna really love butt fuckin two girls so young."

"MMMMMMMMM my asshole has never had a real cock in it before" I moaned as Ally spread my ass cheeks and I tensed up a little in anticipation of what was about to happen. Richie lined his cock up and rubbed the head against it as I moaned and he said, "MMMMMMMMM I'm about to fix that problem right now."

"MMMMMMM ohmigod I love butt fucking" I moaned as I looked back just as Richie's cock pressed against my asshole, Ally licked my clit again and doing something that made me squirm and moan loudly as she did it yet again. She was circling her tongue all the way around my clit (ala Jessica) and then letting my clit slip between the ridge in her tongue and drag it up and down. I moaned so hard as she increased the pleasure that I only felt Richie's cock slipping into my ass when my asshole ring closed around the cock head. It felt so wonderful as he pumped it in and out with just an inch or so and made me moan like I was being hurt. "MMMMMMM god throbbing so hard already...f-fuck Richie!"

"MMMMMMMM so tight damn girl but it's going in so easy" Richie moaned as he stroked deeper causing me to moan louder. "MMMMMMMMM that's it Carrie, that feels good huh baby?"

"MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod f-fuck soooo good" I moaned as I looked back as Richie slid his hands up to my shoulders and I saw the look of pleasure on his face, he could feel his cock deep in my ass and he was loving it. I was too, the throbbing was mind numbing as I closed my eyes I felt him draw out and pump back inside once more, just as Ally slid her tongue inside my pussy and started licking softly. I clutched my fingers into Ally's thighs as Richie got deeper in my ass with each moaning causing stroke. "MMMMMMMMM sooooo good, you just don't know, it's so good."

"MMMMMMMMM and your gonna find out that you made a really good decision Carrie, you know that?" Richie moaned to me as he got all the way inside my ass and his thighs pressed against my cheeks and I moaned louder than I ever have before. Never in my life had I been anywhere near this filled up. Little did I know but it was only gonna get better as Richie leaned forward over my back and placed his hands on the mattress by my shoulders. You just don't know how hot it was to be literally sandwiched between those two in that moment. I moaned in reply, "MMMMM I did huh?"

"MMMMMMM yes you did cause I'm really good at butt fucking young girls" He moaned to me as he pulled out and stroked back inside all the way and smacked his thighs off of my ass cheeks. The dirty talk was the icing on the cake at that moment as I moaned loudly on top of Ally's face as she fucked her tongue deep inside me and licked my inner pussy walls like a pro. Her fingers digging into my ass cheeks now as she held them open for Richie. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM god this so hot I'm gonna cum so good" Richie moaned as he now picked up the pace on my butt fucking and the pleasure got harder to take as my moaning got louder and louder. Richie's thighs began spanking at my ass cheeks harder and harder now and Ally pulled her tongue out of my pussy and began doing the 'ridge runner' on my clit again as I squirmed on top of her. "MMMMMMMMM I think Carrie likes being butt fucked by my cock huh girl?"

"MMMMMMMMM I never felt anything this good before, so good throbbing in my asshole like that MMMMMM" I moaned as my pussy began to spasm so hard I thought I was cumming for like 10 seconds but as Richie kept pounding my ass harder and Ally swirled my clit more aggressively each time I moaned as it got harder to take. "MMMMMMM oh god gonna cum so hard."

"MMMMMMMM me too Carrie, ohmigod baby" Richie moaned as he pounded his cock a few home more times as Ally licked my clit and then began to suck as I started cumming so hard. My fuckin pussy spasming wildly for a long few moments and it made me shake all over. But just as I was about to squirt in Ally's mouth Richie did that in my asshole. Squirting his white hot cum deep inside me and OHMIGOD that was the most wonderful feeling ever and it made me squirt my cum hard into Ally's waiting mouth over and over. "MMMMMMMMM oh yeah baby you liked that huh?"

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah so good and ohmigod when you squirted it felt so wonderful" I moaned as he stroked DEEP once more and made me squeal before pulling out and letting me suck it. Which I did and eagerly too as Ally continued to lick my pussy softly and Richie stood at the end of the bed and moaned. I could feel his hot gooey cum in my ass and it felt so warm and wonderful that I sucked him harder and harder right on the head. Richie leaned down and squeezed my tanned ass cheeks one at a time as I began stroking his cock and sucking harder as my thighs continued to quiver with Ally's gentle licking.

I finally moved off of Ally as I slid off the bed and to the floor so I could give Richie a proper cock sucking. He moaned as I settled in on my knees and took his cock back into my mouth and started sucking him hard right on the head. He slid his hands into my hair and encouraged me to suck it harder and I did. Stroking it with one hand and gently squeezing his balls with my other hand and sucking the fuck out of his cock head. After a few long moments of this he couldn't take it anymore and moaned out loud as he squirted into my mouth, several times. Yummy gooey cum that tasted like candy.

Ally and I kissed as I got back on the bed a few moments later, trading Richie's cum back and forth as he watched with a horny smile. Ally had me turn and follow her up the bed before she kissed me again and pushed me playfully down on to my back. A few moments later she got on top of me in another 69. I laid there on the soft bed for a long moment and recovered as Richie moved above my head and behind Ally. Ally settled in and lowered her pussy to my mouth as she hung her head low and watched me as I looked up and realized what was happening. I smiled at her as she returned it and I licked up her smooth pussy from top to bottom and placed my hands on her stomach and slipping them to her waist. Ally's thighs quivering as I licked over and over her pussy lips. I love doing that.

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah another tight young butt fuck hole for my cock" Richie moaned as he lined his cock up with Ally's little asshole and slid inside. It was so erotic to look up and see that. Ally moaned as her little hole got filled as I licked her honey dripping pussy from top to bottom and back again. My tongue went deep as I let it dip inside her pussy time and again as Richie's cock got ever deeper. Ally moaning as she squeezed her thighs around my head. I moaned as Ally lowered her head and started to return the favor as she softly licked at my pussy again. Letting her tongue dip inside softly and making me squirm and beg for more. "MMMMMMM so tight god I love butt fuckin you Ally."

"MMMMMMM I knew you do Richie, baby you're so good at it" Ally moaned before her tongue began hitting my clit as she returned to licking my pussy. My ass clinching as the pleasure began to surge through my body, Richie's cum oozing out of my asshole a bit which made it feel even more wonderful. I returned the favor to Ally and couldn't take my eyes off Richie's cock as I lowered my head and started to suck on Ally's clit softly. Richie slid all the way inside her asshole for the first time and pressed his thighs to Ally's ass cheeks. Ally moaned as Richie did her the same way he had done me and leaned forward over the girls back and placed his hands by my thighs. Then pulling out till his cock caught on Ally's asshole ring and plunged back inside. Drawing a long sustained and very vocal response from Ally as I returned my tongue to the girls pussy and started to fuck in and out in time to Richie's stroking. "MMMMMMMMM I love that feeling so much."

"MMMMMMMMMM so tight Ally, feels so good on my cock to butt fuck you" Richie moaned as he began smacking his thighs off of Ally's ass cheeks and slowly built a good rhythm and started to pound the girls back door. Ally's moaning seemed to get louder with every passing thrust and the sound of Richie's thighs slapping against Ally's ass cheeks was so erotic. I squirmed as Ally licked over and over on my clit and wrapped my arms around her tighter to hold her in place. Ally moaned as I fucked her pussy faster and faster in time to Richie's stroking now as the pounding butt fucking came harder it appeared from my view. The thigh slapping ass cheek sound sure did as well I noticed. "MMMMMMM Richie it feels too good like that, Carrie's making my pussy feel so good now."

"MMMMMMMMM baby I'm gonna shoot my butt fuck cum deep in your asshole" Richie moaned as Ally squeezed her thighs around my head once more and started cumming in the most wonderful way anyone can. She tensed up and shook gently as her pussy spasmed in orgasm and then jerked as Richie did exactly what he said he was gonna do and shot his load deep inside her. Her cum squirting into my mouth as his cum oozed out of her asshole a bit before he pulled out. God Ally's moans made my ears ring it was so loud. What a fucking night.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

When Ally's parents are away their kitty will play and this little pussy loves playing. Believe me I know this first hand as she came by and got me every day after school for the next few days after the big threesome with Richie. We fucked like bunnies over those days too, the moaning was non-stop and so was the pleasure. I sometimes didn't get back home until 10 or 11 and many of those nights Ally would sleep over and we'd fuck the next morning before she left for school. But as always happens in life, time flies when you're having fun and right as I was starting to develope feelings for her...her parents returned and so did the brick wall that stood between us. She was once again gone from my life. That really sucked.

"Come on Carrie come rollin with us" Shawna whined as we sat in my room a couple of days later. "You're Mom said she wanted me to drag you out of the house and I'm going too."

"Look I know you like her but if she doesn't have enough courage to stand up to her parents for you then you don't need her" Jen said and making some good sense. "Come on you can ride shot gun!"

"Fuck that!" Shawna said and pushing Jen into me as we both tumbled to the bed and she laughed. "Get her Carrie."

"So can I get it?" I asked as Jen laughed and blushed as she stood again.

"If you help me kick Shawna's ass I might consider it" Jen said as I jumped up and chased after Shawna as she went tearing down the hall in a mad dash and thundering down the steps to the main floor with me and Jen in hot pursuit. Shawna making a quick exit at the front door as we followed her. Shawna stopping by the passengers side door and fumbling with the handle as she tried to get it open and giving us just enough time to catch her. Jen grabbing one arm and me grabbing the other. "Ah Ha."

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna get it huh?" Shawna asked.

"In the back" Jen said as Shawna shrugged as Jen walked off. But I'm not that forgiving, so I smacked Shawna's ass with a thud as she screamed and turned to look at me in shock. "OWWWWWWW I bet that hurt."

"IT DID! FUCK!" Shawna screamed as she bounced around now behind the car rubbing her ass. "Damn Carrie made me hot!"

"Violence turns you on huh?" I asked as Jen watched and Shawna came back over to where I was standing by the passengers door and cupped her hands around the back of my neck and touched her forehead to mine as I grinned and she kissed me. Girl is a really good kisser too! "I guess so! Wanna go upstairs?"

"EWWWWWWWW knock it off lesbo's" Jen said as she got in the car and Shawna and I laughed at her reaction. "Come on!"

"She likes you" Shawna said in a whisper, "Flirt with her."

"Huh?" I asked as she pointed to Jen and mouthed, "Straight girl is digging your bacon."

"Yeh right" I said as Shawna shrugged and climbed into the back seat and for the rest of the night she offered no further comments on Jen's feelings for me. Nor did I get a chance to think about it much as we pulled away from the curb and Shawna mentioned she needed to stop by someone's house on Baker avenue. So we headed downtown and then turned up on Baker avenue and stopped at the very end as Shawna popped out and ran into a run down house that looked like it was about due for another burning. "This place is a shit hole."

"Yeh it's pretty bad" Jen said. "You know, Ally lives right down there."

"Yeh I know, been there a few times" I said and barely had time to say that before the screaming began. Ally, to my shock, came out of the front door in a march and got to her car before what I'm assuming was her Dad (Lonesey) followed her out and the two began to verbally pick each other apart. I got out and knowing I shouldn't but still walking towards the house and the two fueding Combs.

"I wish for once in my life that you could just except me for who I am" Ally said as I got to within ear shot. Her father looking back at me as I came onto the lawn and saw the tears that now stained Ally's face. "Carrie?"

"What's going on, you ok?" I asked as she pushed her father away and ran to meet me in the middle of the yard.

"This is a stupid family fight and you should go, now Carrie" She said as I nodded and turned to walk off when I heard the voice of her father.

"That the little slut you been sleeping with?" Lonesey said. I froze and knew that he now knew Ally was not only gay but sexually active. "What's your name young lady?"

"Dad shut up, just go Carrie" Ally said as I stopped and turned as her mother came out of the house.

"My name is Carrie and I am no slut and neither is Ally" I said with a anger in my voice. "You need to stop passing judgement on people you bigot."

"You don't come on to my land and call me a bigot when you're living an immoral lifestyle" Lonesey spat at me as I glared at him. Ally crying and wanting someone to hold her. So I did and she hugged me back and cried in my arms for a long moment.

"Thank you for coming for whatever reason you did" She whispered in my ear.

"This is the one who made her that way" Lonesey said to his fat ugly wife (that would be Ally's mother Cheryl). "Her name is the one that was scrawled all over Allison's notebook."

"You wrote my name all over your notebook?" I asked as Ally grinned and shrugged. I knew then she really liked me but didn't know how to handle it. She simply kissed me. "Damn!"

"I'm crazy about you" She said as her mothers rage came out and she marched across the yard and grabbed Ally by the hair and jerked her head violently back and away from me as a steady stream of filth came out of her mouth. "OWWWWWWW you're hurtin my neck god stop..."

"Cheryl let her go" Lonesey said in a less than convincing voice. Ally whimpered as she was dragged to the front of the car.

"OWWWWWWWW Mom stop my arm is going numb" Ally cried and I knew then something had to be done.

"LET HER GO YOU FUCKIN SUICIDAL BITCH" I said as I marched across the yard.

"You stay out of this" Cheryl said calmly as she threw her daughter to the ground roughly. I stopped as I saw Ally laying there helpless and crying with no one on her side. "I'll notify your parents of what you're up to with my homosexual faggot daughter."

"Tell my parents then bitch you want the phone number?" I asked and then pointed as I said. "You hurt her again and you're gonna wish you'd never met me lard ass."

"Oh so a little fifteen year old girl is gonna hurt me? A full grown woman?" Cheryl asked as Ally got back to her feet and found herself back in her psychotic mothers clutches as Cheryl grabbed onto that same arm and said to me, "Look little girl I'll break this arm if I want too and there's nothing you can do about it cause this little whore is my daughter and I brought her into this world."

"OOOOOWWWWWWWWWW" Ally screamed in panic as her mother squeezed on her wrist and bent it back.


"Go home now you little trouble maker" Lonesey demanded as he stepped in front of me. I snapped and kicked him right dead in the balls and then charged like fuckin Bill Goldberg. Full speed and lowering my shoulder just as Cheryl looked up in horror and screamed as I speared her fat ass with every muscle in my body straining. She crashed to the ground (taking Ally with her) and I swear the earth rumbled when the moose fell. I landed perfectly and harmlessly on the grass and jumped up. I scrambled to Ally's side as she looked up at me and let me help her up.

"You ok?" I asked as she smiled and held her arm against her body. "Your arm ok?"

"Yeh I think so, can I go with you please?" She asked with pleading in her eyes.

"You sure can" I said as I kissed her.

"I'll have you arrested" Cheryl said as she sat up and saw Shawna and Jen arrive with the car and get out. "OH GOD LONESY IT'S A FAGGOT GANG."

"You call the cops or say anything to anyone and we'll be back" I said as I took Ally's hand and we made our exit, to whimpering as Lonesy lay in the yard holding his nuts.

"What the hell happened?" Shawna asked as we passed by her and got into the car along with her and Jen. "Just drive, ok?"

"OK" Jen said as she pulled away from the curb.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

The things I get myself into in the defense of a friend, I thought to myself as I lay in bed a few hours later with Ally beside me and resting comfortably. The night had started out as simply two friends of mine wanting me to stop feeling so bad about me and Ally and the night ended with Ally in my bed. We didn't do anything though (which surprised me) as she just wanted to sleep for a while.

The peace though was short lived as My Mom (Carolyn) and Dad (James) woke up the next morning with a determined look on their faces and dragged me and Ally into the living room and made us explain what exactly happened. I relayed everything that happened in a matter-of-fact style (ala Jack webb) and ended with how I speared Ally's fat ass Mom to the ground. Ally laughed out loud and Mom and Dad stood there shocked. But then came the shocking news...

Ally was being sent to Military school...

Ally offered no objections what so ever as she simply nodded and listened as my Dad explained how he'd agreed to pick up her stuff from her parents house and drop her at the airport in Lexington. Her fucking parents didn't even wanna see her according to dad, but they did want her away from me. Which if you think about it is not all to suprising considering what I did to them.

So two days later me and Dad rose early and he headed for the Combs place and collected Ally's stuff and a hour later wiith me riding along we headed for Bluegrass airport in Lexington. Ally barely spoke on the 120 mile trip as she simply stared out the window at the rolling hills, horses and blue grass in the counties between Perry and Fayette. I touched her hand and smiled as she laced her fingers with mine and smiled before she laid her head on my shoulder but still never offered a single word.

We arrived about 4 o'clock and Dad collected one of the luggage carts and loaded it down with Ally's stuff and with me and her following he wheeled it into the waiting area and we sat down as he went to check on the tickets. That's my Dad folks, he takes care of the woman in his life when the chips are down and this was a great example of that.

"Be back in a minute" Dad said as he walked off.

"I wish you didn't have to go" I finally said as Ally looked over at me. Hoping she felt the same way, she had been holding my hand I noticed for the past hour almost non-stop, even as we walked in a few minutes before.

"I don't, this is best Carrie" She said as she smiled at me and did the sweetest thing in that moment. She raised our hands and kissed the back of mine. "Thank you for being my friend."

"Not fair" I said simply. "We just hit our stride and now you're leaving."

"Stride?" She asked. "You trying to say you like me Hillbilly?"

"Bite me Hoosier" I said as she laughed. Referring to her being born in Indiana.

"I'm gonna miss you like crazy" She said as she pulled me to her and kissed me softly. "I was really starting to fall for you."

"Me too" I admitted honestly.

"But we could never be together with my psyscho parents making trouble" Ally said. "So I'm looking forward to being free from their crap for a while."

"Flight 214..." The announcer said as Ally rose and pulled me up too and into her arms.

"That's my flight" She said as she leaned in and kissed me softly. "Don't forget me?"

"Never" I said as we shared one last warm hug and just like that she was gone from my life.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

"I'm gonna lay down for a while" I said two hours or so later when we came through the door of the house. I was all ready for a good cry alone in my bedroom. Thinking I could hopefully slip off to sleep and just forget about this whole mess for a few hours. I went thundering up the stairs and ran to my room, not knowing my dippy mother had stripped the sheets off my bed (it was laundry day). So with no sheets on the bed that made it very slippery when I flung myself onto it and (of course)...slid off the back side of it and crashed to the floor. "OOOWWWWWWWW DAMN IT THAT HURT!"

This is my life folks. When things go bad, they fall apart at the friggin seams.