Life as a (horny) Teenage "Lesbian" - Episode 3 "The Night the Lights Came on For Me"

Written by: CJ Ames (



*Blackout Commentary* Well here we go with what happened to me and Jen, this episode covers roughly three years of time and details the way we originally hooked up, grew to love each other and almost broke up. It basically follows the events in the last episode which featured me and Jen playing around in my bedroom. It does not though (due to space limitations) detail ALL of the events during those years. Sacrificed is basically the sexual adventures we had, although one is included (with horny boy Richie). Never fear though I will detail many of those in later episodes. But for now this pivotal episode sets up the next three. Enjoy.

* ~ ! ~ Me and Jen ~ ! ~ *

How in the hell could I not see this shit coming? That's what I asked myself as Jen stormed out of the bedroom and out of the house. She was seriously pissed at me this time and it wasn't something that I had done in one big fuck-up, my usual style. It was something that had been building over the three years or so since we had been seriously dating. We've always been pretty open about our relationship as far as inviting other people in for a night or maybe more sometimes (always as a couple and never once without each other). Jen was always into it big time until recently, her feelings began to sour on it and now I'm convinced she's thinking about leaving me. Not sure she ever actually would unless I hit her, which I've never EVER done, but she might consider it.

One of our main problems isn't an attraction to each other, cause, well she's a serious hottie, me and my 'net' friend Melissa call her, 'hottie body', if that tells you anything. Girl is gorgeous from head to toe with everything physical I could ever ask for in a girl. Flat tanned stomach, reddish brown hair, an ass I'd kill to just touch once, perfect breasts and a heart stopping smile that makes me wanna do anything she wants. But on top of all of that is my favorite things about her. Her tender spirit which has been crushed to many times in her life, and her heart, which has been broken too many times too. She sees the good in people no matter what and always forgives me, no matter how stupid I am. But in my defense, as I said, I've never hit her, and I always walk away before I get too angry and it becomes about getting revenge instead of just a disagreement. What does a serious hottie with a huge heart like that see in me? To be honest, I have no idea.

This is how the story of us getting together goes, well the not-so-long version of it anyways.

Shawna, my best friend and occasional lover (you should already know her misters), had a friend with a car and her name turned out to be Jennifer (Ally's straight friend). Jen to her friends, well, she came over to my house one night looking for Shawna (just a few days after the wrestling in episode two). At that time we always had a bunch of girls hanging out, even with my parents around (they were at work on this night). So, Jessica (the other girl from that sandwich and Shawna's personal whore) told her we were upstairs and poor Jen, straight Jen, walks in on me and Shawna in mid-fuck, in my bedroom. How she didn't hear my moaning from down the hall, I have no idea, hell Jessica could hear it downstairs she later said. Well, after that Jen always knocked.

Soon she was coming over to the house with Shawna every night and I took every chance I could to flirt. Stuff like poking her in the ribs and making her wrestle with me, or smacking her butt and making her chase me, which she always did. Slowly she really did get to like me, and we spent a few minutes one night in my room when she finally started to flirt back, I had just sat down by her on the bed and playfully kissed her cheek and saw her smile.

"What did you do that for?" She asked.

"No reason, you're just cute" I said as she smiled.

"Yeh, yeh so you say Carrie Jessie Ames" She said as I slid closer and noticed her not offering to move. "Shawna's told me you're a player."

"I hate that big mouth of hers" I said as Jen giggled. "I do, she tells people crap all the time that ain't true. Truth be told I've never had a real girlfriend."


"Honest" I said as I bumped her shoulder and she laughed. "Ask Jessica if you're so curious, she can tell the truth unlike Shawna."

"Shawna doesn't lie that much" Jen said.

"I don't neither" I said. "I'm also pretty harmless, so I hope you don't get freaked out."


Well after that she still wouldn't flirt back a lot, but she would push me and blush, a classic Jen move. Now that WE had become friends, she would come over some nights and just hang with me, some nights we'd go rollin'. One of those memorable 'rollin' nights we ended up at the park and ran into Shawna's horny ass cousin Brittney and her 'friend' Chloe. They were pretending to play Basketball (much more flirting) and so before I know I was dragged into a game with Brit, Chloe and three other girls that I barely knew while Jen watched from the sidelines. We got skunked like a mother. It was so bad that Jen was making fun of us after the second game, saying things like, "CARRIE SHOOT FOR THE ROUND HOLE!", "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT GAME YOU'RE PLAYING?" and my favorite, "YOU'RE PLAYING LIKE A PUSSY!"

That got my attention, we had just lost again (badly), so I took the opportunity to walk over and greet my adoring fan. She was grinning like the cat that ate the bird and covered up as I stepped in front of her, thinking I was gonna tickle her or something I think. Instead I simply dropped to my knees and came eye to eye with her. Asking, "You think you're funny?"

"Uh huh, don't you think so you too?" She asked in a mocking voice (another classic Jen move).

"Nooo!" I growled as she laughed. "So what do you suggest Miss I can't play?"

"Maybe if you didn't have so much down there you'd be able to hit a decent jumped from more than 10 feet" She said. "I bet it has lots of hair!"

"It doesn't have any hair on it at all" I fired back in a low voice as I crawled up to her and touched my forehead to hers. She grinned.

"None?" She whispered back.

"None" I replied, "It's sooo smooth."

"UMMMMMM..." She stammered and swallowed hard and it was my turn to grin.

"Bet that got your attention huh?"

"Oh yeah"

"So now what do you think?"

"Nice visual" She said as I laughed at her awe struck reaction. She blushed deep and pushed me away as I fell on the grass laughing at her. She covered her face and blushed and kept peaking out at me every few moments. "Shut up it's not that funny."

"Hey whore, what are you doing here?" Came the voice as the laughing ended and I followed Jen as she jumped to her feet and stepped back a few feet when a large girl came towards her. "Huh?"

"I'm here with my friend now shut up and go away" Jen said as I moved in front of her. She seemed surprised and was begging me with her eyes not to leave her alone. I turned to face this girl and asked, "You got a problem?"

"You her bodyguard?"

"I'm her friend" I said simply. "Now the only way they gonna be some is if you start some."

"Fuck you dyke" She spat and lunged towards me a bit. Jen pulling me back into her arms as this tub of lard laughed and walked off.

"Why did you grab me for?" I asked Jen as she held me tight around the waist.

"Because I like you...and don't want you getting hurt" She said and going on before I could reply, "Can we just go? Please."

"OK" I said. Dazed and a bit confused by her 'like you' comment and wondering exactly what it meant. It would be a while before I found out.

So for the next few weeks, Shawna somehow got the message that I wanted to be alone with Jen (not a clue how she figured it out without flash cards and a DVD tutorial) and gave us a little room, thank god. During those next few weeks things sorta went at a frustratingly slow pace. Jen made no farther mentions of liking me and although we kept wrestling on occasion nothing really came out of it.

Most nights I would use the computer (talking to Melissa, and my other friends Heather and Shion) while Jen would lay reading a magazine on my bed for hours and when I would look up she'd be asleep, this happened several times. After a night on the hard floor I remember telling her, "That's the last time I sleep on the floor cause of you. Next time you're gonna share."

"It's your bed Carrie, wake me up and run me off or crawl in with me" She said simply. "I trust you."

Well the next time, she got a sleeping buddy. I crawled in beside her and she purposely, I think, slid back into me and made me hold her. I did, all night. I remember the next morning vividly too. She woke a while before me and told me later she laid in my arms and watched me sleep till I woke up.

"Morning" She said as I woke and saw her smiling at me and still in my arms under the covers.

"Told you I was gonna crawl in with you" I said with a sleepy smile.

"Not complaining" She said with a confident smile.

"Sleep good?" I asked.

"It was great, so peaceful" She said.

"And I was an OK sleeping buddy?" I asked and saw her blush.

"Yeh, your hands stayed in places that won't get you slapped" She said as I laughed.

"You know if Shawna walks in and sees us, she's gonna think we slept together?" I asked as she laughed and said, "That girl has sex on the brain. We could be in parka's and she'd say that."

"She'd be so jealous too" I said as Jen looked at me to see if I was serious and blushed when she realized I was and she asked pointedly, "Why is that?"

"Because I got you before she could" I said and was surprised when she laughed. "So do I have a chance to really get you before she does, HMMMMM?"

"You'd have a better shot than she would" She said with a seriously challenging smile.

"WOOHOO" I screamed as she laughed and started wrestling to get away as I tickled her.

Not too long after, I had another night with Jen all to myself and this time she actually started flirting back with me big time. Pushing me, poking me in the side and just being annoying every time I tried to use the computer. Making me chase her away a number of times and then acting like it was me and not her. Finally I thought I'd get her good when I said, "If you want my attention so bad, just ask."

"OK, can I have your attention?" She replied with a smirk.

"Why don't you stop playing games and just tell me you like it" I said as I stalked her into the corner below my bed and cornered her. "Huh?"

"I don't like you, lesbo" She giggled as I poked her in the stomach.

"You got a crush on this lesbo huh?"

"Wouldn't you love that?" She asked. I was feeling pretty bold after that and just touched her cheek and said, "No, truth be told, I got a crush on you."

"Worse things have happened to me" She said as I smiled. "A lot worse."

"Mean people suck" I said and sitting down on the end of my bed. Me walking away was me not wanting the moment to turn awkward and weird. Those worse things she speaks of are pretty bad and still make me mad as hell. Shawna told me, every guy she ever dated has 'shit on her', cheated on her or in one case hit her. "Shawna clued me into about a lot of things."

"About me?" Jen asked from the corner as I simply nodded. "She only did it cause she knew I was crushing on you."

"So you say Carrie" She said with a bright smile.

"It's true" I commented. "You know I'd be different than anyone else you been with."

"Yeh no crotch rocket" She said as I lost it and fell back on the bed laughing. "'s true."

"I could have one if you wanted me too" I said as I now lay on the bed and tried to get my laughing under control.

"Strap-on, I know, you're obsessed" Jen said. "Shawna told me lots of things about you too."

"Oh boy" I said as Jen laughed and sat down on the other side of the bed.

"And yes you would be different but how much different?"

"I don't hit" I said simply.

"You've smacked my butt before" She said with a finger point.

"That's different" I said. "That's playing and I didn't leave my hand prints all over you in the form of bruises."

"Yeh I've had enough of that" She commented. "I want someone who can be gentle."

"Me, me, me, me ooohhhh, ohhhhh, me me me me, please pick me" I said and throwing my hand in the air as if signaling for attention in class. She started laughing out loud and offered no reply. I think I won a few browny points with that one.

A few nights after my 'Crush on you' comment, she invited me to go riding and we ended up alone up on Jenkins mountain, god what a great night. I got to know her that night, and she told me everything I asked, honestly. I knew then I was in love with her, for better or worse. But, knowing she was still vulnerable, I took it step by step and somehow I got her to wrestle with me. Both of us ended up in the lake, soaked to the bone and laughing our asses off.

"You got me wet so you can gawk at me in a wet t-shirt" She said and I knew she was kidding but I still wanted her to know I wouldn't do that.

"I'm not like every other person you've hung out with" I said as I wrapped a towel around her. "I love looking at you, but I like being with you more than anything."

"Do you always flirt?" She asked as I laughed.

"It's not flirting" I said honestly, "A few nights ago when I said I had a crush on you, that wasn't flirting either. See, I don't have another girl in my eyes or anything, I'm here cause I like you."

"No one else at all?" She asked as she stood by the edge of the lake.

"Shawna" I said as she laughed. "You know how serious we are."

"Yeh, like Bert and Ernie" She said with a smirk.

"I like you and only you, if that freaks you out, I'm sorry" I said as she turned her back and pulled my arms around her.

"I'm not freaked out" She said as I hugged her. "Now if you tried to grope me..."

"What about if I kissed you?" I asked as she stopped mid-laugh and turned around in my arms, "Seriously? Would I get slapped?"

"I'm not sure" She said as she bit her lip and in that moment, I wanted to try it so bad. But I first leaned in and kissed her cheek softly, she kinda giggled and smiled at me, but didn't resist and didn't push me away.

"You are so beautiful" I said softly as she smiled and blushed.

"OK, Carrie, you win" She said as she leaned towards me and I instantly froze for her as she stopped and then I kissed her. So soft and magical. It was there, under the stars, God it still makes me wanna jump for joy thinking about that. It was a simple kiss and so sweet and romantic, nothing has ever replaced it.

The next few days she acted nervous around me, but still hung around all the time and I thought I might have made a mistake. I think it was a Saturday, four or five days later, when Shawna had a date and Jen goes down to make sure she's gone and comes back into my room and looks at me for a long moment as I played online, and I remember it like it was yesterday, she asked, "What is your problem?"

"Look, Jen, if you're mad at me about what happened up at the lake, I'm sorry, I thought you liked it" I said and at that moment I was terrified I was gonna lose her.

"Then what the hell is stopping you from kissing me again?" She asked as I smiled. "I'm not a good kisser?"

"You didn't exactly...give me any wanted to do it again" I stammered in my defense, "I mean I know this is new, but you could kiss me."

"I'm scared, this is new" She said, "But you made me feel like you wanted me and only me that night."

"I did?" I asked as she stepped in front of me and said, "If you like me then proof it."

"I do" I said, "I just honestly didn't know if you wanted me to kiss you again."

"OK, I did, I mean I do" She said as she covered her face as she blushed and I hugged her and kissed the back of her hands.

"Seriously, do you like me?" I asked as she smiled and said nothing, she just kissed me softly and smiled. "I guess not."

She giggled and let me kiss her this time, this time with no reservations. MMMMMMM damn that girl has soft lips and I so got lost in her at the moment. To be clear on this so you don't think I was suddenly moving too quick, but she slipped me the tongue first, not to long after that and pulled me into her arms as mine went around her neck. We kissed for like 10 minutes I bet before I heard a clearing of the throat and we jumped apart. My mother watching with a knowing smile.

"Finally got your girl huh?" Mom asked as I nearly fainted.

"You have to ask her that" I said and I wanted to scream for joy as Jen hugged me and laid her head on my shoulder and told my mom, "I like your daughter, I hope that's OK."

"At least you can't knock her up" Mom said as she walked away and left us stunned and laughing.

Long story short, I did 'got' my girl. Through hell and high water, I have stuck by her side and she by mine. I made her love me and loved her like she had always wanted. Getting her to finally realize that love could be a great thing and that I wasn't like all those other guys who only wanted her for her body. Speaking of EX's, hers, Leon (what a retarded name) was the EX of Jen's that got me so mad I physically attacked him and nearly got arrested for it. It all started (and ended) when Jen and I went to get the last of her stuff from her parents house to move into what became our new apartment. Her parents (her father actually) thought inviting Leon would get Jen to change her mind. He were soooo wrong.

"Jen baby what you thinking going dyke on me?" Leon asked as I listened a while later and they stood just outside of the kitchen door at the side of the porch. Jen's mother Karen sneaking up behind me and listening for a moment before I realized she was there and giving me a 'shhhhh' with a finger over her mouth as she watched with what I saw was a concerned look. "You know I'm the one who made you happy."

"Was I happy before or after you hit me?" Jen asked sarcasticly.

"Yeh like you didn't hit me back?" Leon asked and as much as admitting that he had hit her. My blood began to boil. I looked to Karen with a 'how you like him now' look. Her look of anger spoke volumes.

"I hit like a girl and I only did it to get you off me" Jen said. "I wouldn't go back out with you if you were the only man on earth."

"You said that before baby" Leon said as he tried to kiss her and Jen pushed him away. His big dorky clumsy ass stumbling back and falling over the garden hose on the grass. Jen laughed. I did too until I saw what he did next. He jumped back up and pushed her down and dared her to get back in his face as he towered over her. How freaking stupid do you gotta be to do something like that in the yard of your girlfriends parents house with them home? 'Leon The Stupid' as we would say for a long time after this.

"OWWWWWWW" Jen cried as Leon towered over her and I snapped as I flung open the patio door and charged down the steps as Leon looked back at me for a moment and with no thought to my home safety I launched myself off the third step and speared his ass to the grass. Driving my shoulder into his rib cage and sending him back to the ground. I scrambled back to my feet and was ready for him to get up but he didn't. He cried...HE CRIED. In sobs as he laid on the grass.

"YOU DON'T HIT MY GIRL YOU PUSSY" I screamed in his face before kicking dirt on him. Jen grabbed my hand and pulled me away. I would seriously have killed him over her at that moment. And yes he called the cops on me and I would have went to jail if it hadn't been for Jen's mother basically lying on his retarded ass. Her Mom and Dad softened their approach to me after that and basically adopted a live and let live policy which was fine with me.

Shortly before this happened Jen got her own place in a suburb off the main square and I of course started staying with her. Both 17 at the time. Which didn't sit well with my parents who made it known that they did not approve of my moving in with Jen at such an young age. But after I cleaned my room out and did move in with Jen they gave me a cold shoulder for months. Typical of my brick headed family.

Even if my parents were mad at me, life was so good, and would get better when they got over their "I didn't get my way" period and announced they were moving across town and giving me and Jen their old house. Along with that came dad's decision to buy a video rental business in the Wally World complex and let me and Shawna run the place (me as manager). It turned out to be a stellar decision as the place took off like gangbusters and gave me and Shawna Lynn a playground to hit on hot bi girls and just basically goof off. While on the home front Jen and I tore out my parents old bedroom and installed an outdoor spa/hot tub in place of it. We totally fucked in it the first night. MMMMMMM so good.

Then enter Evie (someone who you will get to know much better in the next episode) as Shawna's troublemaking new girlfriend. They hooked up at a carnival down in London (Highwaytown) and that's where all of the trouble started. Soon Shawna was practically living a double life, during the week she spent all of her time goofing with me and on the weekend fucking that 'whore in London' (as me and Jen called her). Eventually this lead to Shawna quitting her job and moving to London full time to be with her new girlfriend, that really hurt. But it was life and I moved on and concentrated even more heavily on Jen and our adventures. Sexual adventures I mean.

My old friend Richie, who was now a truck driver, stopped by on his way to some place out west. Jen had heard the stories of what Ally and I had done with him and with her not having had any cock since we'd been together she was almost begging for it. So we made plans for Richie that we knew he'd love.

He arrived around 6 or so and we ate dinner and settled into the living room to catch up. Jen created some lame excuse to drag me out of the room up the stairs to our bedroom and kissed me passionately. Then asking, "You think he's hot?"

"He's OK" I commented as she kissed me and we both giggled.

"I wanna fuck him" She admitted as I grinned. "He's got a big dick too, right?."

"Why you want some of it?" I asked and trying to get her hormones going. "And what do you want him to do with that big dick?"

"Sandwich?" She asked before kissing me passionately. "He could butt fuck us both. He would love that."

"MMMMMMMMM I bet he would" I said as she grinned. "He did with me and Ally."

"I bet he did, can we? I'm serious" She said. "You picked the last girl we shared."

"He's not a girl though"

"You are not gay Carrie Jessie Ames" She said with a smile. "You know you wanna try that cock again."

"Only with you there to get me hot" I said as she smiled and kissed me again.

So it was set and Richie was in for a very good time. Me and Jen broke the news to him as soon as we came out of the bathroom (he wasn't exactly shocked) and he happily agreed on one condition, we both took turns sucking his cock. You know for some reason that really appealed to me and before I knew it I was holding Jen's hair in a make-shift ponytail as she bobbed her head up and down on his fuck stick. I watched with wide-eyed interest as he moaned like no one I had ever heard but he still managed to help me get naked (such a nice guy!). Then helping Jen do the same thing before I took my turn on his cock. MMMMMMM nice experience with all the throbbing and moaning going on I have to admit.

20 minutes later we were in the bedroom and me and Jen had gotten into the perfect butt fucking position, a 69. Me on top.

"OH yeah tight little assholes need some lovin too" Richie moaned as I smiled back at him and made sure he knew I completely agreed as he slid inside. Moaning even louder as I squeezed my thighs once more around Jen's head as the girl licked faster and faster up and down my slit and over my clit every time now. The hand holding Richie's cock steady reached my ass cheeks as Richie slid in a little more with each stroke. Dropping the hand from his cock, he let it fall to his side and reached his other up to my shoulder. Richie pumped a few more times inside my asshole faster and faster and moaned as he began pumping more of his hard fuck stick in and out of my asshole, going faster and faster. Jen wrapped her arms around my waist and licked across my clit again, before beginning to suck it softly. I moaned loudly as Richie bottomed out and stopped and grinded on it for a moment and asked, "OH yeah it's all the way in, you like it in your sweet little asshole like that huh?"

"MMMMMMMMMM god yeh" I moaned as Richie pulled out all the way out till my ultra tight little asshole ring caught his cock head and he went plunging back in fast and listening to my moaning get louder. Repeating this time after time as his shots to my asshole got a little harder with every pass and he built a nice rhythm. Jen slathered her tongue all over my clit and then sucked it for long moments, each time making me jerk from the intense pleasure it brought. Lacing her fingers in the middle of my back as she slipped her tongue back inside my ultra tight pussy and began pumping it in and out. Richie was sawing in and out of my asshole faster and faster. His moaning growing louder as his hand on my shoulder dug into the muscles as the other hung at his side still. Jen's pumping tongue rubbed on the underside of my clitty, making me shake almost every time. "I never felt anything this good in my life."

"MMMMMMMM it feels so good on my butt fuckin cock" Richie moaned as he leaned forward and got over my back in the sandwich position. Hands now on the bed by my shoulders and watching every stroke and before looking back up and watching me moan for him. Going back and forth between the views every few seconds now. "MMMMMMMM god Carrie you're so tight, I love butt fuckin your asshole like this!"

I could only moan in reply as Richie started pounding his butt fuckin cock home inside my ass. The ripples running from my ass cheeks down in to my back as Richie's thighs peppered my ass cheeks and a loud smacking sound could be heard. Jen pumped her tongue harder and harder from below. Feeling my body sway forward and moan louder and louder as my pussy walls closed around Jen's tongue and began sucking at it's tip. Spasming insanely hard as I neared my reward for this wonderful workout.

"Jen doing it good to your little pussy Carrie?" Richie asked as he hammered harder and harder at my butt fuck hole.

"MMMMMMMMMMM yeh she's licking me so good" I moaned, "I'mma cum in her mouth so hard."

"MMMMMMMM you sure will and so hard too, let her suck all your yummy cum out, I promise it'll feel so good" Richie moaned as he watched every stroke of his cock in and out of my ripple filled asshole as he pounded harder and harder and felt his cum rising fast now. Driving my pussy into Jen's mouth below me. Jen held on tighter as she began twisting her lips on my clit as I squealed out loud in a show of pure pleasure and tried my best to jerk away it felt so good. She twisted her lips again and again relentlessly, hearing my increasingly louder cries of pleasure and feeling me shake when I started to cum. OHMIGOD that was insane it felt so good to cum like that. I moaned as Richie pounded harder one last time and Jen twisted her lips. Jen capped her mouth over my smooth pussy and sucked hard as she tasted the first drops of my sweet cum and Richie pounded hard still as I finally reached my peak and squirted a huge gooey load into Jen's mouth, followed by a long oozing and bubbling mess on my pussy as Jen quickly licked all of it off. I finally went limp on top of Jen as my orgasm faded. Richie slowed as he pulled out.

"MMMMMMMMM yeh let me suck that butt fuck all the cum out" I moaned and he held his goo covered cock in his hand as he slipped off the bed and moved carefully up beside me and offered me his butt fuck stick and moaned, "There you go baby, suck it like you want my cum now."

He stepped a little closer and rubbed his cock on my lips and I smiled up at him as I took it in my hand and pumped it up and down as he dropped his arms to his side and let me take his cock in my mouth. My head started bobbing as his cock head slipped into my mouth and his moaning returned with a force, it was a hard forceful grunt as his cock throbbed in my mouth and I stroked most of his cock fast up and down and to my surprise he managed another sentence. "OH GOD SWEET BABY YOU DO WANT MY BUTT FUCK CUM HUH?"

"Yess more than anything right now" I said as I stopped for a moment and dropped my hand from his cock. "You really want me to suck all that yummy stuff out for you?"

"OH GOD YESSS PLEASE BABY" He moaned as I leaned forward and now rested on both of my elbows as I took his cock back in my mouth and started sucking aggressively up and down and right on the tip as he moaned louder and then grunted one last time and began squirting the yummy goo into my mouth. It splattered across my tongue and down my throat as I felt Jen lick my pussy again and again and I squirmed as I moaned and let his cock slip from my mouth for a split second and felt a huge load splatter my lips, and run down my chin onto my titties. It was so messy I loved it. Richie finally got it back in my mouth for more as he squirted out another large yummy load and then a smaller one as I squeezed my lips expertly around his head and tried to suck every last drop out. I sucked him dry before he pulled out and looked down at me as I smiled up at him and I felt Jen slide out from under me and set up. I showed him the mouth full of cum that I still had and swirled it around my mouth as I watched him smile. "MMMMMM yeh, is it sweet baby?"

"MMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM" I said as I swirled it around again and again and felt Jen lick my chest to get the rest off and slowly drag her tongue up to my throat and then across my chin and pressed our lips together and proceeded to french kiss me hard on the mouth and get some of the cum as we shared for a long moment. Jen smiled at me as we broke and both swallowed our yummy treat before she said, "MMMMMMM that does taste good Richie. Gonna have to let you cum in my mouth after you butt fuck me."

He did too. Many times too.

Richie was one of those guys that loved butt fucking with a passion. Especially when the girls looked like me and Jen. He not only loved it but he was really good at it too. So good that he came over every time he was in town from then on (he was a long haul trucker at this time). He was always hard, no matter how many times you made him cum, we couldn't keep him down for long if at all. And believe me we tried a number of times to wear his cock out. But all it took was a little bit of cock sucking to bring it back to rock hard. Eventually it got to be a butt fucking marathon when he dropped by. Every position we could think of, taking turns was the order of the day, and we did liberally. Usually my asshole getting sore was the end and that didn't happen quickly.

MMMMMMMM, believe me I've got more tales about Richie in later episodes...but for now, that brings us up to the day this story unfolds and mine and Jen's "problem"...

"You could screw up a three car parade Carrie" Shawna said as I stood on the front porch with her and we both watched my girlfriend of three years, Jen, storm off as she headed to work. "You're gonna lose her cause she thinks this is going the way all of her other relationships have gone."

"Guys shitting on her?" I asked.

"I was there, I saw it" Shawna said, "You need to focus on Jen and not that little slut in the living room."

"I don't love Riley" I said, referring to mine and Jen's housegeust for the past month. The girl who came to stay with us when her Dad (one of my fathers business partners) landed a job overseas and would be on location in Brazil for the next month. So Riley came to stay with us. Before this she had been solely into guys so over the next couple of weeks both Jen and I had spent several nights 'breaking her in' so to speak. But as the month went on Jen soured on the arrangement and now basically wanted nothing to do with Riley and by proxy me either. "It's sex, Shawna you know that."

"And she apparently doesn't" Shawna said as she pointed to Jen's car as it pulled away from the curb and she drove off.

"You're right" I said as I kissed Shawna's lips and grinned and asked, "Wanna borrow Riley for a few days?"

"HMMMMMMM" She said as I grinned and pulled her by the hand inside.

"Pack your bags Riley" I said as she stopped in front of me and gave me a confused look. "You're going to stay with Shawna in London."

"Who says?" Riley asked.

"I do" Shawna said with a sweet smile, one she'd used on me a few times before me and Jen hooked up. "You'll love London, it's better than this hell hole back water town and you're Dad said you could stay a few nights with me."

"I dunno..." Riley started to say before I cut her off and said, "You're going whether you like it or not. Cause of your shit, it's causing trouble tween me and my girl. And no don't start that crying shit, cause it's my fault not yours, but I gotta make up for some lost time with Jen and you are not gonna get in the way."

"Fine" She said as she stormed off into the guest room downstairs and began to stuff her clothes into her overnight bag.

"Don't start your kinky shit with this one dumbass" I said in a whisper to Shawna, "You got a girl that's just starting to like feeling good again, and if she thinks girls can make her feel good she's gonna go for it."

"You know me"

"Yeh and if she calls me crying about you trying to make her take it in the butt" I said as I pushed Shawna, "We are seriously gonna fuckin fight, now try me."

"Calm down" Shawna said as she pulled me into the living room and away from Riley's ears.

"I'm serious" I said, "No stupid shit, be gentle with her. I know Evie can, but with you, god help her."

"You saying I can't be gentle?" She asked.

"Yes, I am brick head" I said as she laughed, "And if she calls me crying, that spear you got through the table a couple of years ago is gonna feel nice compared to what I'll do to you."

"Ok, you are serious" Shawna said, holding her hands up. "Hands off unless she wants too?"

"You let her choose what to do" I said as Shawna gave me a 'that's not fair' look, "As a matter of fact if you take her ass I'm gonna kick yours. Cause she's not ready for that and you know it."

"Anything else I can't do?" She asked.

"Yes, no movies, getting her in the mood and no god damn suggestions from you" I said, "I'm asking you for once to not screw this up by thinking with your little head. Well in your case it'd be a strap-on but still. She's close to really liking girls and I never once suggested we do anything. And you better not either."

"What is it with you and Riley?"

"I was a lot like her" I said, "And ok, you and Jessica broke me in seriously, but I remember a few nights after that when it was just me and you."

"Yeh, on your bear skin rug?" She asked with a smile.

"Yeh, I love that memory" I said, "You made feel so good that night and after that I never questioned whether I liked girls anymore."

"That was hot" Shawna said, "I so thought I was in love with you after that."

"You did not" I said as she laughed. "You have never had any feelings for me other than lust, whore."

"MMMMMM baby talk my language" She said as I smacked her hand away and we both laughed.

"Can we go?" Riley asked from the door with her bag in her hand.

"Not yet" I said as we joined her and I hugged her and then looking her in the eyes. "You know I got a big mouth and hurt people's feelings sometimes?"

"Yeh like now" Riley replied.

"Ok, truth is, this thing with me and Jen is not your fault" I said, "None of it. I screwed up by wanting you to feel better. Now she thinks I want you more than her."

"You do" Shawna said as I flipped her off and she laughed.

"I have walked over hell and half of Texas for that girl and tonight I am gonna make amends for every fuck up I've ever made" I said as Riley smiled and said, "If it was my fault I'm sorry."

"It wasn't, Jen and I both adore you" I said and then pointing at Shawna and saying to Riley, "This one isn't like me, she doesn't know what slow means. So if you wanna do something with her and Evie, it's up to you, not to her."

"I know that" Riley said as if I were treating her like a kid.

"No, just listen" I said, "With me and Jen you made the decision to let us show you, you had fun cause it wasn't some fuckin wacked out kinky shit. It was all three girls enjoying each other. There's nothing in this world wrong with that, my problem with Jen is she thinks I want sex with other people more than her. This has been coming on for a while and this is where I stop being a cunt and focus on my girl."

"I had so much fun" Riley said, "You guys took it so slow and god you make it feel sooo good."

"That's the way it should feel" I said, "Not some horny ass loser trying to stick his 3 inch pecker in you for five seconds and then squirting when you start liking it."

"Don't remind me" She said, "I am sick of guys."

"I know" I said as I hugged her. "I just hope you'll give girls a chance."

"You think I should?" She asked.

"Yes we do" Shawna said as she put her arm around Riley and said, "You'll love London, it's nice down there and no one will even suggest you do anything with anyone unless you want to. I've been neutered by Carrie Goldberg here."

"Maybe I'll want too" Riley said as Shawna playfully kissed her cheek. "Me and Evie have a totally open relationship, so...seriously, whatever you want."

"Do you know any girls who you could..."

"Oh yeah" Shawna said, "I could so get you laid...I mean get you a date?"

"You remember what I said about that" I warned Shawna with a point and a demanding stare. "You are too..."

"She gets it Carrie" Riley said, "I'm 15 not 5 and if I wanna do something with her I can, right?"

"If you want too" I said looking at her. "Not her horny ass suggesting shit. And you do not have to take anything in your butt. Cause I know she's gonna ask and then beg and then she'll get her slut girlfriend to help her."

"You so are not doing that to me" Riley said as she looked at Shawna, "Carrie and Jen have already explained to me about that and I'm not ready for that."

"I think you're right about that" I said and then looking to Shawna I said, "You wanna test our friendship to the breaking point, she calls me crying I swear to god i'll hurt you Shawna Lynn. Don't fuck with me on this."

"Message recieved, memo stored, email saved" Shawna said as I had to laugh at her way of always easing a tense situation with a good joke.

I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched Shawna leave with Riley and made plans for how to make it up to Jen. I knew she liked roses and looking at the clock, knew she had a break coming up in a few hours so I showered and changed into some clean clothes and headed out. It's only a few blocks to her work, so I walked, figuring it would give me time to think. I stopped about a block away and talked to a friend of mine, who gave me a rose and assured me it'd get me farther than simple words. Dude was right. I saw her standing outside as I walked up and she gave me a cold look. You have no idea how bad I hate that look.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

"Riley's gone" I said as she softened her approach a little. "I sent her to London with Shawna."

"For me?" She asked as I bit my lip and shrugged.

"Here, I know it's not much" I said as I handed the rose I had been hiding inside my jacket. I saw her eyes forgive me with that move as she hugged me and God I could have held her forever in that moment. "You don't know how much I love you."

"Yes, I do" She said softly as I stopped her from kissing me and said, "Let me finish ok?"

"Ok" She said with a worried look on her face but knowing how I think, as she sniffed the rose, that I was gonna say something she would like.

"You are the most important thing in my life" I said as she smiled. "I am tired of hurting you over and over again cause I keep suggesting shit and you act on your hormones and do it with me."

"Willingly" She said with a smile.

"From now on I want it to be me and you and only me and you" I said as she smiled. "You are my girl and you are the only girl I want."

"Duh" She said as we both laughed and this time she did kiss me. Still takes my breath away.

"I'm not like that all those losers who did everything but love you" I said as I had her turn and hugged her from behind, laying my chin on her shoulder (my favorite way to hold her), "I am totally completely in love with you."

"I know that" She said honestly. "but sometimes..."

"I make it seem like sex is more important than you?" I asked as she nodded her head.

"Not anymore, my baby" I said as I kissed her neck. "This is the night the lights came on for me."

"You're serious" She said softly and I could feel her mood lighten and her smile could have lit up a room.

"Damn straight" I said, "No more crap, just me and you, I never could get enough of it anyway."

"Wanna use the rest of my break know?" She asked as she turned and kissed me with a hint of lust in her eyes, "You know I can't resist you."

"Never could...straight girl" I said as she laughed and said, "I'm not straight anymore."

"And no, I don't wanna have you in some broom closet or something" I said softly, "Tonight, we are gonna go up to Jenkins lake and no one on this earth, except you, is gonna stop me from making love to you. Not sex, making love to you the way I've wanted to for a long time."

"MMMMMMM, now that's a memory I'm lookin forward to making with you my baby" She said with raised eyebrows and I know she was already sooo in the mood, just by the way she kissed me. A little bit of tongue and soft lips on soft lips, just hot enough to make my brain melt into goo. Like always. "Now don't go home and rub one off, cause I want you..."

"Trust me...I'm gonna be hard to handle tonight" I said as I touched her face softly and said, "I love you so much, you have my heart and my soul. I hope you know that."

"I do know that, now more than ever" She said, "Now go before I get fired for leaving work early."

"Yes, Ma'am" I said as we kissed one last time, "You forgive me?"

"I do" She said, "You always try so hard to make me feel better."

"Hoping you noticed that" I said.

"You have my heart and soul too" She said as she hugged me and I held her as long as she would let me. No kissing or anything, just me and this girl I absolutely adore and cherish, looking into each other's eyes for a few long moments. Talking with her hearts. God what a moment. Love can feel so good when you let it. I was more in love with her then than ever.

Anyway, that night, I borrowed my dad's pickup and met Jen at work, she didn't complain one bit either. Just greeted me with a soft kiss and a loving smile. The lake was again magical, a sky full of stars and as the 'David Kersh' song says, just a 'Sliver of the Moon' was hanging in the sky. God, it was romantic and no else around for miles. We blew the air mattess up and climbed into the back and I held her in my arms for what seemed like hours. We talked for a while, about why we loved each other (me because she has a big heart and her because I gotta a new tongue ring, hehehe).

"You know I love you for more than sex" She said pointedly but with a smile that told me she was trying to be playful.

"Yeh, but I am good at that right?" I asked as she blushed.

"Have I ever complained about that?" She asked, "And oh yeah, open up, you're not working me over tonight with that spiky stud of yours."

"Nope not tonight my baby" I said as I kissed her cheek and showed her. "Tonight I wanna feel you as a part of me, I can't get that when I'm using that stud."

"What happened to you?" She asked, "It's like something clicked and now you're on a mission to prove to me you love me."

"I am, and you can thank Shawna for helping this along" I said as she rolled her eyes. "I realized you're the most important thing in this world to me, again, and that I been fucking off too long and it was time to focus on you and only you from now on."

"You don't have to keep talking like that, you're sooo getting laid tonight" She said as she gave me a knowing, eye brow raised, smile.

"But it's not about that" I said, "It's about me loving me and you knowing I do. So if we sit here all night long and just talk, I honestly don't care."

The biggest smile spread across my face in that moment as she slipped from my arms and turned around and sat across my thighs and kissed me softly, we kissed softly for the longest time after that and for the first time in a long time we just enjoyed being a couple. The whole bullshit with Riley was forgotten as I got lost in her kiss and we soon couldn't turn it off any longer and the passion overtook us, willingly I might add. She skinned her shirt first and then helped me out of mine as we kissed again and slowly removed each other's clothes one piece at a time. We both love to take our time and strip each other one piece at a time, god that is sexy. Finally, we both lay kissing, now nude and I could see just by her look that she was on the verge, desperately needing my touch. And believe me, I am not one to turn her down.

I rolled on top, just like she loves me to do, and now between her thighs and I pressed my bare sex to hers and we slowly began grinding. I lowered my body on to hers and wrested on my elbows as my hands covered hers and we laced fingers. The immediate nature of the pleasure that now began streaming into both our bodies made us both shake with it's intensity. I truly believe the sensations are stronger when there's no covering 'down there' and for both of us it's that the way and our love making is taken to that level.

"MMMMMMMM I wanna feel all of you my baby" Jen moaned in a tone that only I could hear as I kissed her softly and our tongues began working as hard as our bodies were to give us both pleasure. I rocked my hips up and down a little faster as the sensations got more and more intense, Jen moaning into my mouth as I did to hers. My whole body felt the pleasure and I knew just from the way she kissed me if I was on my game, and tonight I was throwing a no-hitter. Squeezing her fingers into mine, time after time as her she rolled her hips now up into me and we broke apart and both moaned for the other as our eyes met. "MMMMMMMM God, Carrie, I love you so much, making me feel good."

"MMMMMM, I know you do my baby, you mean everything in this world to me, come on roll your hips harder against me" I moaned as I rocked up and down with a little force and I saw her eyes roll back in her head and her head slowly arch back as the pleasure began to consume her, I licked her neck gently and softly and squeezed my fingers into hers as she let out a loud cleansing moan. My lips found her neck as I kissed the soft tender skin with a light touch, just the way I know she adores. Rolling her hips harder up to me made the pleasure all the more intense as she did exactly as I had asked, and moaned intensely for a second as she brought her head forward and pressed our cheeks together, moaning into my ear, begging me without words for more pleasure. Our fingers laced with the others, as I rocked and she rolled, literally, our bodies shook with the pleasure now surging through our bodies as the sweat formed on our skin. "MMMMMMM, yeh, come on my girl, let me feel how much you love me."

"Carrie...oh feels so good to me" She moaned as I smiled and knew I was giving it to her in just the right way as she pulled at my hands and moaned out loud as she pressed her lips back to mine and we both jerked a time or two as the sensations threatened to explode into a wonderful orgasm, any moment. She always kisses me with more passion in those few incredible seconds in the final build to her reward and then her lips will slow against mine. Experiencing the most wonderful sesations anyone could ask for as they surge through her body. I'm much the same way as we simply moaned into the other's mouth and massaged tongues and lips softly as the most intense of the pleasure finally subsided slowly and we relaxed.

"My baby, you're amazing" She said as she relaxed on the pillows, her body spent, covered in sweat as the after glow took over both of us.

"You too my girl, thank you for loving me that much" I said as we giggled and as I kissed her softly and a few moments later I released her hands and rolled off to the side. She rolled onto her side and back into me as I pressed my body against her back and wrapped her in my arms. Both knowing after that we needed a nap, Jen pulled the blanket over us and as the crickets chirped in the background, she fell asleep in my arms. Content that I was now her girl again, not that I ever stopped being, but you get the picture.

That was a magical night.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

I rose the next morning early (daybreak!) and with Jen still sleeping in the back of the truck I slipped out of my clothes and dropped them on the passengers seat of the truck and took a dip in the lake and washed off. Returning just as she was stirring. I opened the passengers side door and was about to slip back into my clothes when I spotted something laying in the floor bag. My bag with my strap-on in it. HMMMMMM.

"Morning my love" Jen said as she leaned over the side of the truck and her mouth dropped open when she saw what I doing. Slipping into my strap-on. "MMMMM baby you got plans for me?"

"Well of course" I said as I kissed her.

"Well come on back here before someones sees you" Jen said as she took my hand. I stopped her and shook my head no that that wasn't gonna happen as I instead pulled her along out of the back of the truck. "What the hell Carrie, you wanna do me in the cab of the truck? Kinda cramped."

"Nope" I said as she took my hand as I pulled her along to the front and she gave me a look that told me her thoughts about my hormones.

"You are not gonna fuck me where everyone can watch Carrie Ames" Jen said with a finger point. I kissed her softly in reply.

"No one can see" I said and kissing her again as I began to lift her shirt up her stomach when she stopped me. "What? The only way we get seen is if someone drives up. Not likely."

"Carrie no please?" She asked as I again raised her shirt and this time she groaned and let me have my way as her own hormones took over. I lifted it over her head and tossed it aside and she then skinned her panties down her thighs and I helped her step out of them. I stroked my cock as I rose back to my feet, both of us now only wearing tennis shoes and a tan. Jen looked around one last time as she dropped to her knees in the grass and started to suck the cock that would soon be butt fucking her. I moaned and clinched my ass tightly as I guided her head with a hand on the back of it as she deep throated my cock over and over. I pulled her off and guided her back to her feet and to turn her back to me and to lift her leg and place her foot on the front bumper. I moved behind her and lined my cock up with her pussy and slid inside as she moaned in surprise. "MMMMMMM oh yeah make my pussy spasm my baby!"

"MMMMMM yeah just a little" I moaned as I stroked deep inside her pussy a few times before pulling out.

"MMMMMMM baby nooo" She whined as I now lined my cock up with her asshole and made her squeal when I slid inside her asshole. "OHMIGOD!"

"MMMMMMMMMM yeah sweet little butt fucking hole" I moaned as I began to pump in and out and Jen started to moan like always and grind back to me a bit as I held her by the waist just above her hips and started smacking my thighs off her ass cheeks. She moaned louder as I pumped faster and moaned as my own pussy was already beginning to spasm lightly. The thrill of getting caught and doing this in the sunshine was overwhelming in those moments as I squeezed my fingers into her smooth skin and did it harder. "MMMMMM you baby is it feeling good up your asshole?"

"MMMMM fuck yeah it sure is" Jen moaned as I slapped my thighs at her ass cheeks harder and moved my hands to her shoulders and butt fucked her with more force as I began to stiffen up as my pussy and hers spasmed harder and harder. The sunshine of the early morning bathing us both as my tanned little ass began clinched with the sensations flowing through my body. "MMMMMMMMM I love butt fucking in the sunshine baby."

"MMMMMMM and I love butt fucking you in the sunshine" I moaned just as she started shaking and her pussy spasmed out of control. Me soon joining her in orgasm as we both moaned out loud and felt a pure heaven peak that was as always mind blowing. What a way to begin the day.