Life as a (horny) Teenage "Lesbian" - Episode 4 "London or Bust"

Written by: CJ Ames (



*Blackout Commentary* In this episode I wanted to move even further ahead in mine and Jen's relationship and show you what happened a few months after the events that took place in the last episode. This is the end for us.

* ~ ! ~ Me and Evie? ~ ! ~ *

She so deserved that spear, I thought to myself as I stood over a fallen Evie as she cried and held her ribs. Little did I know that in that one moment of defending my girlfriend that it would lead to changes in my life that I just could not imagine. The rage I had felt in the moment after I saw Evie smack Jen subsided considerably when she showed back up later on that night. Still crying with her ribs and begging Shawna to help her. The damage was evident as I watched her try breathing and crying when she could barely do that. The bruises across her stomach and ribs were dark and brown and I swore in that moment that I'd never hit someone that hard again. I was trying to hurt her and all I did was make myself feel like crap.

The story goes that Shawna and Evie hooked up one night at a festival in London. She was trouble from the very beginning or so I was lead to believe by Shawna. It all really started with some pics of Evie that were on my computer, by way of Shawna. Well according to Shawna, Evie was mad at me about those. So she hacked my computer and found some shots I had taken for Jen and only for Jen (nude). Long story short these got sent to a few people on my yahell! buddy list. Including my best friend online, Melissa. Shawna, my trusted sidekick for many of my pre-Jen sexual adventures, blamed Evie and so it was set in stone. Evie was the bad guy and Shawna stayed with her to 'protect her'.

After that Evie felt very unwelcome in mine and Jen's apartment, so Shawna mostly stayed in London for the first 6 months or so of their relationship. Of course as couples do, Evie and Shawna parted ways and finally Shawna came home and moved into the basement of mine and Jen's new house (this being a few months later). Seemingly happy and moving on with her life. She even dated my sister (Lindsey) for a short while, until Lins left town with her mom. Shawna I think had real feelings for Lindsey and to just be dumped that way made it hard to move on. She did, back into Evie's arms and this time things seemed good for a few weeks. But then the weird shit started again, my yahell! account password was hacked, my computer was broken into, some of my stories got deleted. Then the more serious crap started happening, like my cell phone got stolen. Of course Shawna blamed everything on Evie and she was no doubt responsible for some, maybe most of it. But I soon got the idea, for some reason, that Shawna wanted me pitted against Evie. I have no idea why either.

That in a nutshell is what happened. So safe to say Evie and I hated each other, and by association Jen hated her too. So Shawna shows up one night with Evie to just 'hang out' she said. Well things were tense as they always are with Evie around, so me and Shawna disappeared into the kitchen and just started to talk like friends. She finally opened up about all the things Evie had been doing to her and how she's so unhappy. I try and convince her to stop dealing with her and come home. But Shawna is, and always was, pig headed. So me being me, I kissed her and hugged her when I hear Evie start screaming and before I knew it her and Jen got into a screaming match.

"YOU'RE A STUPID WHORE" Evie screamed as Jen pushed her away and Evie landed a solid smack to my girlfriends cheek. I went into a blind rage and charged from the edge of the living room and dove over the coffee table and speared Evie's ass to the floor. I at first loved the site of her finally getting what she deserved but that soon faded as I realized what kinda damage I had done. She cried and held her ribs and coughed and I swear I thought I broke her ribs or something worse. Shawna never even offered to help her up, which now that I think about it was pretty mean in of itself. Anyway, enough about that. Let's skip ahead to the real start of the story.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

The next morning I rose late, I think it was almost 11 O'clock and I noticed Jen was gone from the bed. Yawning and stretching, I came into the living room, Shawna and Jen neither one anywhere to be found and saw Evie laying on the couch seemingly having a hard time breathing. You know in moments like these, hate seems to vanish and regret seems to set in when you see someone in need of help. I took a deep breath and tried to say in a calm voice, "You need some help?"

"UHNNN no, I caused enough trouble already, I can do it myself" She said as I resisted the urge to just walk away. I saw tears come to her eyes as she coughed and clutched her ribs. I went back into the bedroom and took two of the pain pills Jen has for headaches and came back into the living room. Seeing her struggle to even set-up.

"Come on, I'll help" I said as I took her hands and pulled her up. She lost her balance and fell against me as I caught her and hugged her and helped her balance herself. "You OK?"

"No" She said as she got her balance back and tried to pull away. "My ribs are killing me and I can't...I'm just such a screw up."

"Here take these" I said as I picked up the ice water on the coffee table and made sure she swallowed it. "They help."

"Thank you" She said as I set the glass back down and took her hand and led her to the bathroom. "Why are you being nice to me?"

"Because I did this to you" I said as I touched her stomach gently, "And I'm sorry."

"For what?" She asked.

"For hitting you" I said.

"But I deserved that" She said and not believing I heard her say that. But she did in an honest voice.

"OK, yeh you had some of it coming" I said as she spread her arms out and let me unwrap the ace bandage as I pulled the icey hot out of the cabinet and opened it up. "But I tried to hurt you and you have no idea how sorry I am."

"Don't worry about it" She said and smiled. Hard to believe again. "It's better today. Now I only blackout every five minutes."

"Blackout?" I asked as she laughed.

"Kidding, lame joke?" She said as I just had to smile. It was a lame joke.

"This will help relax the muscles" I said, referring to the Icey/Hot, "Let me?"

"You just wanna rub on me" She said with a smirk and we both laughed.

"Well, maybe a little" I said with a teasing grin. "If you'd stop being such so evil we could finally get somewhere."

"And where exactly do you wanna go Carrie?" She asked and jumping slightly as I slid my hand across her stomach and smeared on the icey/hot. "Damn that shit burns."

"Then it's workin, just chill for a few minutes" I said as I covered her stomach in it slowly. "This and those pain killers should help."

"Shawna would never do this" She commented after a few moments of silence.

"Do you blame her?" I asked.

"No, I mean she's never interested in doing stuff like this" She said, "From the beginning it was like that. I'm not just saying that to get on your good side or something, it's true. I swear."

"Seriously and honestly?" I asked and looking into her eyes I could see what I thought was an honest look.

"She only wants to be with me for the sex" Evie said softly as she looked down and I finished. "Anymore it's not even good."

"I sooo don't wanna hear about your sex life" I said as she shrugged and smiled. "Feel better?"

"Yeh someone was nice to me for a change" She said. "Doesn't happen often."

"Here's some advice, be nice and don't try and play games" I said, "If you try they will."

"OK, I'm trying and I'm asking you for a chance" She said as I took the ace bandage and rewrapped her ribs. "I thought about you all night."

"Why?" I asked and found myself actually interested in her answer.

"Shawna and I had it out, again" She said, "And I just wanted to think about someone cool."

"I think you're hitting on me" I said with a warning smile.

"Believe me if you didn't have a girlfriend, I would" She said and I wondered if she was serious.

"You are evil" I said as she smiled. "Flirting with the girl who hurt you."

"The girl who hurt me is hurt me hot" She said as she flicked my hair in my face. "Jen just doesn't know how lucky she is."

"OK, I'm all for flirting, but this is weird" I said.

"So start flirting back and it won't be" She said. "I know you think I'm hot."

"And how do you know that?"

"I've seen those pictures Shawna took of me on your computer and I know you've showed a few people" She said as I blushed and knew I was busted dead to rights. "Busted."

"Bite me Evil" I said as she laughed and said, "Bite me too Clumsylocks."

"You are so lucky I don't kick your ass for that" I said as she smiled as I walked off.

"I think it's cute" She said as I stopped. "Don't know why you get so mad about it."

"Cause I've always hated it" I said.

"Carrie, you are clumsy, I heard how you helped destroy your dad's new dishwasher" She said. "And I'm evil when you cross me. Facts of life. The names sorta fit."

"Dad was soooo fuckin mad" I said as we started to laugh. Referring to the story of how I was drafted into helping my penny pinching father move his newly bought dishwater (how Mom ever got him to buy that lord only knows) up their front steps. Well let's just say me and a dolly are not exactly made for each other. Long story short, CRASH. "Better be glad he got the insurance."

"I bet next time he'll hire real movers" She said as we laughed.

"Are you smokin dope Carrie?" Shawna asked as she walked in and saw us laughing. "You realize that's Evie."

"Yeh I was hitting on her" Evie said and I swear I loved the look of jealousy in Shawna's eyes and just had to play along as I pulled Evie's arms around me carefully. "See?"

"Funny, sluts" Shawna said as she grabbed her car keys and stormed off as we broke up laughing.

"She sooo hates me now" Evie said with a laugh.

"She's always been a cunt" I said, "That was not your doing...surprisingly."

"Hey!" She said as I laughed. "OK, I admit it, if you start shit with me then I can get medieval on your ass."

"Yeh like with me and those movies that me and Jen trusted to you two?" I asked (porn of me and Jen, Shawna taping us).

"Carrie that was not my idea" Evie said nervously. "OK, I had problems with you, but that was Shawna's idea. Not mine. Honest."

"I get that" I said as she took a deep breath and held her ribs.

"I'm gonna lay back down and try to get comfortable" She said as I touched her hand. "They feel almost normal again. Maybe I can sneak in about two or three hours before all hell breaks lose again."

"Crash on my bed for a while" I said as she smiled. "Seriously, it's OK, peace offering?"

"Keep being nice to me and I'm gonna be forced to fall madly in love with you" She said as she left the room and that gave me the weirdest feeling. I had a smile on my face for the longest time that day. Had no idea why at the time either. It just felt nice to help someone.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

Two days later (late night). So after that one moment by the bedroom, Evie had been making a huge attempt to be my friend. While Shawna and Jen seemed to be in total agreement about their instant dislike of the new friendship that was developing. Not like we were doing anything unusual, just hanging out. I invited her to go to Wally World with me and we had a blast cracking on people for a while.

"Look at that skank" Evie said into my ear as we walked past the DVD's and spotted a rather plumb woman wearing a shirt and shorts that'd be tight on my ass. "Damn baby got back and back and a little more back."

"You're mean" I said as I tried not to laugh.

"Check out the queer bo manager" She said as Ron, the manager strolled by like a fairy. "If he's straight then I'd love to see someone gayer than him."

"Richard Simmons?" I asked as we both fell against each other laughing. Settling a few moments later on a bench in between the grocery and store.

"Check out that shaved ape" I said into her ear as some huge dude walked by with seemingly not a hair on his body.

"OK I'm all for smooth skin" She said as I followed her eyes to a "certain area", "But that is weird."

"Smoothie?" I asked as she smiled confidently.

"Baby's butt" She said, "Makes you hot huh?"

"You don't even know" I said as I blushed.

"Then tell me" She said as she moved my hand to her thigh just to the right of her "certain area" and laughed when I jerked it away. "Afraid you might like it?"

"I have a girlfriend you skank" I said with a teasing smile as she laughed. "OK, skank was the wrong word, but still."

"Been called worse" She said as a little old lady floated by, seriously bitch looked like the witch in the 'Wizard of Oz' movie.

"Wonder how much she'd charge to haunt a house?" Evie asked as we both about fell into each other laughing.

"Not sure, she looks like a pro" I said with a giggle, "I do know when she fell out of the ugly tree she hit every branch on the way down."

"And then the tree fell on her" Evie said as we again laughed.

"Look out, this bitch is a mouthy one so expect some smart ass remarks" I said upon seeing one of my old 'friends'.

"New squeeze?" Tasha asked with a smirk as Evie put her arms around me and smiled knowingly and said, "Yep."

"You're with her?" Tasha asked. "Couldn't find a good man huh?"

"No, she wanted someone who could satisfy her" I said and loving the look on my 'friends' face.

"And you sure do" Evie said in a sultry voice that made me wanna scream in lust. "So good it's hard to take."

"UH, ewwww, gross" Tasha said as her big ass walked off.

"You should try it..." I said to Tasha as Evie laughed and I went on in a lower voice, "...wouldn't be so anal."

"I'd kiss if you ask me to, you know to make her squirm?" She said with a smile. "Not to cause trouble with you and Jen."

"I know" I said as we then got lost in conversation again.

We really had fun and I know for a fact that it made Shawna and Jen jealous as all hell. Not a clue why. So with my best friend and girlfriend in a bitch fit about me and Evie just being friends. Evie decided it was better to stick by me than fend for herself against Jen and Shawna, so she sat by me on the porch as I worked on a story on my laptop. She read parts of it when I asked if she wanted to. Weird, but Jen's never took much of an interest in my writing, not that that bothers me really, it don't, but having someone take an interest in reading a story you wrote is nice. Evie actually was honest about her feedback, trying to get me to change some parts and expand on others. Trust me that's something every writer would love. I worked up till late, and she hung out with me the whole time and asked to read it when I was finished. It was a love story with a small sex scene at the end. And yeh she really liked it.

Weird thing is, Jen never once came out to check on me or see if I wanted anything, very unlike her. Shawna made a couple of brief appearances but it was only to make a smartass remark or two, just to get under her girlfriend's skin. I never really saw Shawna's ugly side before but I thought I was seeing it now. And I hated it. Evie was making an honest attempt to make amends for her past and try and be my friend and what was Shawna doing? Instead of trying to sooth some of the troubled waters, she was making it worse with every stupid and even pointless comment. Some being just plain mean. Little did I know what was coming next.

"I'm getting tired of her shit" Evie said as Shawna laughed after another of her stupid comments and walked back inside. "I think I'm gonna go home."

"No don't go, it's late and you don't need to be upset and driving" I said as I touched her hand and saw her smile. "Just hang out for tonight and if it don't get better by morning I just might go with you."

"Right Carrie, I'm sure I'm gonna get that lucky" She said with a smile.

"Who knows" I said as I offered her my hands and she grimaced as I pulled her up and put my hand on her stomach to balance her. "You're ribs OK?"

"Better now" She said with a knowing smile as I jerked my hand away and she laughed. "Tease."

"Evil" I said as she blushed and gave me the sexiest smile I'd ever seen.

"You should give me one night to show you how I evil I can be" She said as she traced her finger down my cheek.

"Yeh, Evil looks good from here" I said as she shot me a knowing smile and said, "You know the only thing that looks better than Evil?"


"You" She said.

"So the feeling is mutual?" I asked as she moved my hand back to her stomach.

"Oh yeah it is" She said, "I always thought you were hotter than Shawna. But, you know, you and Jen?"

"Which means even if this was something it can't happen" I said but found my hand moving across her stomach slowly.

"But we could torture each other a little" She said as she looked down at my hand and smiled. "You're doing it already."

"This?" I asked as she smiled and I moved my hand higher on her stomach and gently over her ribs. Her shirt being the only thing that stood between me and 'real trouble'.

"Yeh if feels good when someone is gentle" She said as she moved my hand back to her stomach and apparently telling me she liked that best. "I like that."

"I'm always gentle" I said as we moved a little closer and I knew what was happening but for the life of me I didn't wanna stop. "Feels good to me when I give someone pleasure."

"Feels good for you?" She asked as I smiled.

"Yeh, I like seeing pleasure in my girls eyes" I said softly as she touched my cheek ever so gently.

"Is that good?" She asked as I purred like a kitten as she laughed for a moment and caressed my cheek.

"You're good at torture" I said as her eyes locked on mine.

"Not that hard" She said softly, "If I was your girl would you wanna see pleasure in my eyes?"

"Every chance I got" I said as my hand circled around to her back and pulled her our bodies together. "You wouldn't even have to ask for it. You don't get that much huh?"

"Not unless I wanna do it her way" Evie said with a hurt look. "For once I wanna be with someone who will let me do something I wanna do."

"I would" I said. "You could be in charge for a while."

"It might just feel really good" She said as she leaned closer and our lips remained about an about inch apart. "I'll bet I could make you feel so good you'd...scream."

"Seriously?" I asked as I leaned back and looked down at her "certain area" as she followed my eyes and grinned, "Smoothie?"

"Carrie, I think I found your magic button" She said.

"Didn't answer the question" I replied as she boldly moved my hand under her shirt as I stroked the smooth skin on her stomach and as she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Feel how smooth that is? Exactly the same as my...certain area."

"Oh shit" I said as I pulled my hand away and she looked at me with a huge satisfied grin.

"Torture" She said with a devious smile as I had to agree and suddenly got very nervous.

"Yeh" I said as I forced myself to step away and she did the same. Both suddenly realizing something had changed in our relationship. She seemed uncomfortable suddenly as she ran her fingers through her hair and looked to the door nervously, making sure no one had seen what just happened. I was relieved to see Shawna loafing back out onto the porch and giving us both a weird look as Evie said to me, "I'm gonna something...later, Carrie."

"You hot for her or something?" Shawna asked as Evie disappeared into the house.

"Course not, that's your girl, not mine. Jen's all I need you know that" I said as I shook my head and smiled at the flirting. Shawna seemed unconvinced as she went back inside, no doubt to try and extract some information from her now shaken girlfriend. Honestly it was just flirting, maybe hardcore flirting, but still it was rather innocent. No kissing or groping or even touching beyond my hand on her stomach and hers on my cheek. OK, so it was hardcore, barely exceptable flirting. Little did I know that things were only a few minutes away from coming apart at the fuckin seams and all this would soon mean a lot more than Evie or I could have ever imagined.

"Hey baby" I said as I stuck my head in the bedroom and caught Jen seemingly deep in thought and not paying anyone attention. Looking up she looked worried, among other emotions. "You OK?"

"Fine" She said as she looked at me and put on a smile.

"Come dance with me?" I asked as she smiled even brighter and got up to join me as I went over to the stereo and pushed play on the CD player and waited for her in the middle of the living room. Evie was sitting on the couch and watched as the song came on and I pulled Jen into my arms. Why did this feel awkward? I was gonna ask Evie to give us some privacy when Jen kissed me and I knew something was on her mind as she wrapped me in her arms and held on for a few long moments as Shawna came into the living room from downstairs. She gave me the weirdest look, like she was jealous. Talk about a moment by now completely ruined. The song ended and Jen stepped away without so much as hardly looking at me and noticed that Shawna was there for the first time.

"Your favorite song Carrie" Shawna said as "True To His Word" by 'Boy Howdy' began playing. "Can I ask Jen to dance?"

"I don't control her" I said and I saw Jen smile and walk over to Shawna and I dunno what the hell it was, but it gave me oddest feeling. Why would Jen except an invite to dance with my best friend during MY favorite song. But she did and neither one bothered to look at me again. I glanced at Evie, sitting on the couch and saw her looking at least a little hurt as she watched her girlfriend dance with Jen. Still not sure what made me do this, but seeing those two dancing and Evie's face, I found myself moving across the room and in front of the couch. "You wanna dance with me Evil?"

"Funny" She said as I reached down and took her hand and said, "I'm not being funny. If you want too."

"I'd love to" She said as I pulled her to her feet as she laughed. Me having to catch her in my arms to keep her from falling over as we both laughed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer and before I knew it we were cheek to cheek. All the giggling stopped and it was a nice moment as the quiet hung in the room and only the music played. I never looked at Jen and Shawna once for some reason. Evie pulled back a little and we touched foreheads and she smiled like she was happy I had asked her to dance. She was a good dancer too, it was like we were suddenly so in tune with each other. My eyes locked on hers and hers on mine for a long moment. I felt her hand gently touch my cheek and trail down as she smiled shyly and I knew something was changing in me. I knew all the signs and I know if the song hadn't ended when it did, we would have kissed, regardless of who was in the room.

"Their so trying to make us jealous" Evie said in a whisper as I had to agree at that moment.

"So what if they are?" I asked. "You think me asking you had anything to do with that?"


"Nope" I said, "I wanted to dance with the prettiest girl in the room, OK?"

"Me?" She asked with a huge smile and I honestly have no idea where that came from. But seeing her smile was worth what little awkwardness it might cause later on, I figured.

"You" I said as she smiled and bit her lip nervously.

"I don't get the chance to dance much, I hope I was OK" She said softly.

"I couldn't tell" I said as she smiled as the song ended and we parted. Knowing then that we had been watched.

"Have fun?" Shawna asked.

"Yes we did" Evie said as I saw Jen giving me a seriously dirty look. "She asked me."

"You like dancing with MY girlfriend?" Shawna asked.

"Yeh I did" I said, "You were dancing with Jen."

"Why the fuck don't you ever dance with me?" Shawna asked.

"Because you never asked baby" I said as Evie laughed and we exchanged goofy grins. No smile could be found on Jen or Shawna's face though. I knew then something was up, but I had no idea what it could be.

"Not you clumsylocks, my bitch girlfriend" Shawna spat and I knew she was intentionally trying to get a rise out of me and ruin the nice moment.

"Doesn't have the same effect anymore" I said with a shrug as I sat down on the couch by Evie. I just had to try and push Shawna's buttons a little in that moment as I reached over and touched Evie's chin and drew her eyes to me as I said, barely able to stop from laughing, "Ain't that right Evil?"

"Damn straight Clumsylocks" She said as we both broke out laughing.

"And have you forgotten who your girlfriend is?" Shawna asked as the smile left Evie's face as she looked back at Shawna.

"No, but you ain't making no effort to be with me lately" She said, "I just excepted an offer to dance with Carrie, I'm trying to make amends for some of my fuck ups, I thought you wanted us to be friends. So now she's giving me a chance, I think."

"Chill" I said, "It was only a dance..."

"You never fuckin danced with me" Shawna said as her anger rose. A few moments later it spun out of control. Evie actually tried to calm the situation by getting up and hugging Shawna and apologizing for us dancing. Jen watched with what I could clearly see was jealousy unchecked. Shawna pushed Evie off and to the floor and I was froze in place as Shawna unleashed her wrath on her girlfriend. Evie looked at her with tears of pain in her eyes and started screaming back. I covered my eyes and knowing this was the end for them. There was simply too much blood in the water for them to cross over to each other again. That's when Shawna started throwing Melissa's name in as an extra jab just to make it hurt more. I realize both were trying to hurt each other, but that's low even by my standards. "No wonder I've considered running off and being with her."

"I AM SICK AND FUCKIN TIRED OF HEARING THAT BITCHES NAME" Evie screamed and this is when things got ugly. My girlfriend, yes Jen, sweet little Jennifer, had to insert herself into the conversation.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL HER A BITCH YOU CORNER WORKING WHORE" Jen screamed as I immediately came over and tried to pull her away. But she refused as Evie looked shocked as both Shawna and Jen started screaming at her.

"SHE'S RIGHT YOU DO ACT THAT WAY" Shawna screamed and I almost wanted Evie to defend herself.


"It's always been this way" Shawna said.

"I've never cheated on you, not once" Evie said as tears streamed down her face.


"Nooooo, she was supposedly raped" Shawna said as my bottom lip dropped and Evie just slumped back to the floor and cried. Like she had no one in this world that would defend her.

"CAN'T RAPE A WILLING WHORE" Jen screamed as Shawna and her continued the attack. There was more heartless and cruel moments over the next few moments and I refuse to repeat them. So, shall we just move onto my rage filled interruption? OK.

"SHUT UP" I screamed in a rage as all the screaming stopped when I violently slammed my fist in the entertainment center. I did the only thing I knew to do in that moment, try and stop it, anyway I could. I glared at both my girlfriend and best friend as I knelt and pulled Evie back to her feet.

"You were raped?" I asked as she nodded and I knew she was serious. I don't know how exactly but somewhere in those tears lay a girl who had been wounded deeply by that.

"It was horrible" She said and desperately wanting someone to believe her and be on her side and I couldn't turn my back on her at that point. "It's why I stopped dating guys mostly."

"Yeh right" Shawna said as I turned on her.

"HOW IN HELL COULD YOU THROW THAT UP IN SOMEONE'S FACE?" I screamed as Evie grabbed me around the shoulders, why I have no idea, but she did. I was two seconds away from spearing Shawna in that moment I was so fuckin mad. "ONE MORE WORD AND I'LL SOOO SPEAR YOUR ASS."

"Why in hell are you defending that skank for?" Jen asked as I glared at her.

"Cause you two are just being fuckin cruel" I said as tears came down my face. "You two can have each other, make some more heartless jokes. I'm so gone."

"Where are you going?" Evie asked and no doubt thinking I was about to abandon her.

"Anywhere you wanna go" I said as she smiled.

"Screw this shit, you stay here with that Evil little bitch, I'm the one who's leaving" Jen said as I turned my back to her as her and Shawna stormed out. I was glad they left, just so the whole situation would be over.

"You better not be lying to me about that" I said as Evie hugged me.

"I can show you the police report" She said, "I can, he's still in jail for that and some other shit."

"I am so sorry" I said as I hugged her. "That is not even fair to have that thrown up in your face."

"I'm used to it" She said.

"I would never do that to you" I said as she smiled.

"I can see that" She said as she wiped away her tears and laid back down on the couch a few minutes later. I sat down at the computer and tried to process everything that had happened. I was still literally shaking in rage as I relived what Jen and Shawna had done and I knew for sure I didn't wanna see those bitches again tonight. All I wanted to do was spend some quiet time thinking and even if Evie was here, well I had to admit, that I liked having her around suddenly. I turned away from Evie who seemed to be crying on the couch and started to myself. The pain in my heart at that moment couldn't have been harder to take. I think my heart was broke in that moment when I watched Jen, my sweet Jennifer, unleash a venom so nasty that I could never forgive her. I cried quietly into my hands for a few minutes, hoping Evie didn't notice.

"Hey!" She said getting my attention as I quickly wiped away the tears and tried to act normal as I looked back. "I'm sorry about earlier on the porch? The flirting, that was out of line."

"Evie not everything you do is all your fault" I said as she smiled and I knew she'd been crying. "I was flirting too you know?"

"I kinda noticed that" She giggled as she raised her shirt above her belly button and rubbed her stomach and raised her eyebrows as I blushed and could have crawled under a rock at that time.

"Stop that" I said as she laughed and held her ribs. "OWWWWWW that hurts so good."

"You deserve that for teasing me" I said as I stood and clicked the power on the boom box and found my favorite song come back on. I heard her grunt as she apparently got up and for some reason I wanted to pretend like I was doing something. Looking through the CD's laying on top of the entertainment center was the primary object of my divided attention. I felt her hand gently touch my shoulder.

"I like this song" She said as I looked back. "Will you dance with me?"

"Might as well, you're the only person that seems to want too" I said as I flicked her hair into her face, "Short stuff."

"I'm as tall as you are pint size" She said as she giggled and return the favor by flicking my hair into my eyes. She was right and I'd never noticed it, but now standing there in that moment, our eyes were on exactly the same level. She stood on her tip toes to see if she could be taller then me and fell forward as she hugged me, her lips brushing my cheek as she did. Not sure why but this didn't feel so weird as I wrapped her in my arms to balance her as we both laughed and our bodies pressed together. "I can't even stand on my tip toes right."

"You don't screw everything up" I said as she looked at me. "You don't, I wanted to dance again."

"With the prettiest girl in the room?" She asked with a beautiful smile.

"Yeh with you" I said as she touched her forehead to mine and we danced like that for the next hour. Not one word, just her looking into my eyes and me holding her. I knew Jen was gone and no doubt hurt over what happened, but that night, in Evie's eyes everything just seemed not so important anymore. I wanted to dance with the prettiest girl in the room and wanted her to feel what it was like for someone to really be gentle and caring.

"Thanks for dancing with me" She said finally. The CD had just clicked off as she hugged me and to my surprise it came back on and started over with my favorite song again. I wrapped her tighter in my arms and felt her arms wrap tighter around my neck and I knew she didn't want this dance to end. I didn't either and for the next hour we didn't. We danced like two girls who had finally found who'd they looked for their whole life. I knew then I was in deep trouble with this girl and god help felt good.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

The next day... late afternoon

I knew by now that my heart was broken and healed at the same time. Talk about a state of total confusion. Jen hadn't talked to me for more than a few words all day, Shawna was over at my Mom and Dad's (thank god). While Evie seemed to be as happy as I'd ever seen her, it made me smile seeing her so happy. She had invited me to watch a movie with her but I begged off as she shrugged and let me disappear into the kitchen. I just didn't wanna be around my girlfriend or Evie for a while, so heading to the kitchen to get a soda, I jumped up on the counter and took a seat, hoping to hide out in reality. Munching on grapes and just do some thinking.

Of course my mind drifted to last night and I thought I (even 24 hours later) that I had never ever in my life seen something so cruel as what Jen and Shawna had done and I knew that this time it wasn't Evie's fault, any of it, at least for that one moment. I saw Jen leave for work without so much as a glance towards me. She slammed the door hard and was gone a minute later. At this point I wanted something to fix this, to fix what had damaged us and in walked the one person who had started this whole mess. Smiling like nothing had happened, I wasn't sure how to feel at the time. One part of me wanted to kill her and the other wanted to kiss her. HUH? Well I did. Fortunately for her she said something that melted my anger.

"Hey clumsylocks" She said with a smirk as I laughed and she stopped by the fridge and grinned at me. "Thanks for making me feel better last night."

"I'm not gonna let them throw that up in your face anymore" I said as she blushed and seemed to be touched by what I said. "Not in my house and while I'm here."

"Ohhhh grapes, feed me, feed me" She said as she noticed what I was eating and opened her mouth as I playfully tossed one at her mouth and it bounced off and feel to the floor and she frowned. "You suck at throwing grapes."

"Well stop making me throw then" I said as she bounced over in front of me and opened her mouth and I stuffed one in her mouth as she giggled. "MMMMMM baby."

"You OK after last night?" I asked as I put another one on her tongue and watched her make a show out of eating it as she made eyes at me. Both of us laughing.

"Like I said you made me feel better" She said and then in a sultry voice with a gleam in her eye going on. "Still a little weak in the knees."

"Oh god, you are evil" I said as she laughed and I know she loved seeing me blush.

"Maybe I'll stay for a few days and hang out with you" She said with a hopeful expression.

"I'm not complaining about your company" I said as she grinned and took one more grape and spun and seemed like she was genuinely happy for a change.

"You seem to be the only person who can stand me" She said with a shrug.

"So, Shawna's a bitch and Jen's being...I have no idea" I said as she put her hands on my thighs and took my soda and held my gaze as she took a drink and sat it back down. I was just about to say something when she smiled at me and said, "And what am I?"

"A really sweet person who I like" I said as she touched my face and caressed my cheek. I know I wasn't supposed to like it but it felt good, god knows Jen and I hadn't been like this for a month or longer now. I didn't even resist as she leaned her stomach against the counter and came within an inch or so of my lips with her own. "Just got a bad rep and I see that now."

"I'm really not that bad" She said softly. "I'd so be good to you if you were mine."


"Yeh, I'd love you so honest" She said with a smile as she pressed her lips to mine. I knew full what I was doing as my lips moved against hers willingly. What a kiss too. My hands moved to her cheeks as my tongue found hers for an instant as our lips came to a stop as the kiss lingered for a long moment before she jumped away in shock. A feeling which I can say I shared in that most bizarre of moments.

"What was that?" She asked as she backed up and bumped into the fridge with her hands over her face. "I am so sorry, I just ruined any chance I had of being your friend."

"I dunno, you kissed me and it felt good" I said as she smiled. "I have no idea."

"You don't hate me?" She asked.

"Not at all" I said as she slowly came back over and again leaned against the counter as I touched her face gently. "It was a nice kiss."

"Yeh it was nice" She said and without another word as she smiled I kissed her this time. This time it was no mistake, I kissed her because I wanted to. It felt good and my heart was racing like mad as her lips moved against mine and I licked her upper lip and found her tongue against mine as her hands clutched on to the bare skin of my thighs and I moved my hands into her long hair. My tongue working against hers in a wonderful rhythm that felt so good after all the crap of the last week or so. We again slowed and let the kiss linger for a long moment as she pulled away we both smiled. "Oh wow, girl you can kiss."

"So can you" I said as we touched foreheads and smiled and both laughed as we hugged.

"I'm gonna head back home" She said as she pulled away. "This is just gonna cause more trouble."

"Yeh that's a good idea" I said as she turned and then stopped and asked me softly. "This is stupid but...did you mean it when you kissed me back?"

"Yeh I did" I said and feeling my whole world was literally shaking under me.

"WOW" She said with a sweet smile.

That kiss, well two kisses really, changed my life forever and I wasn't sure at the time as to how it had. God they were so soft and sweet and it felt like nothing Jen and I had done in weeks or maybe months (with exception of one night...last episode?). Watching her take her car keys off the peg board in the kitchen, I wanted to let her go and never think about this again. But something drew me out to her car as she looked back with a sweet gentle smile. Who knew I could develop feelings so quickly for someone I had hated as recently as just a few days ago. But I had and I honestly can say it was more than a simple crush.

"Yeh?" She asked as I met her by the driver's side door.

"Call me when you get home" I said as I handed her a piece of paper with my number on it. "It's getting late and I'll worry about you."

"Right" She said.

"Hey, I'm serious" I said as she looked up now in the driver's seat. I pushed the door closed and went on, "I will worry if you don't call me."

"Then if you gonna be a pest, I'll call, clumsylocks" She said as I pushed her and we both laughed.

"I'm starting to like you, don't blow it, Evil" I said.

"I think it's beyond a simple like" She said as she started her car and I blushed as I backed away and watched her pull out. I was about to walk back in the house when I heard her voice. "Tell Shawna I said it's over, I'm moving on."

"Gotcha" I said.

"And just so you know..." She said with a nervous smile. "...I meant that kiss too."

That comment wasn't exactly shocking, but it made my heart race as I motioned one more time with my hand for her to call me as she drove off. I sat down on the porch and talked a minute with a neighbor as she drifted by on her nightly walk. What was I gonna do? God I was so confused as I put my head into my hands and just cried for the longest time. No longer caring what anyone thought. I got up sometime later as darkness fell and laid down on the couch and found myself already missing Evie and dreading Jen's arrival home. God, how could things get so screwed up in just a few days? I mean, OK, me and Jen have been having some minor problems but nothing like this. Then my mind drifted to the previous night and the whole "rape" fight and I just started crying again. Not believing the person who said those cruel and heartless things was my Jennifer, the girl who I had loved honestly for three years now. And I couldn't even figure out what made me and Evie dancing such a huge deal. Or where Jen's wrath came from. OK, we've hated Evie because Shawna blamed the girl for everything except global warming (some of it true, some of it not), but to go at someone like that in a way that you just know is devastating is so fuckin heartless.

"YOU CAN GO TO HELL BITCH" I screamed as my tears turned to anger over it. "God I just wished you'd dump me so I could be free."

"You talking to the TV again?" Jen asked as I looked up and saw her looking at me. Apparently just having come in from work.

"Yeh, the TV" I said as I got up and walked into the kitchen as she sat down on the couch. I got the usual out of the freezer, an ice cold Pepsi as I handed it to her and sat down by her. Feeling her move away an inch or two and wondering what was going on. "Evie's gone OK? She went home."

"That why you're crying?" She asked pointedly.

"Her leaving has nothing to do with why I'm crying" I said, "It has a lot more to do with you and Shawna."

"Oh god she told you" Jen said as her eyes filled with fear and anger. A look I wasn't used to seeing in her eyes.

"Told me what?" I asked and knew something was horribly wrong now. "And don't you dare tell me to drop it."

"Shawna and I slept together!" Jen said.

"When?" I asked as I swallowed hard and heard an ominous crack of thunder sound in the night sky. Not hearing any response I demanded an answer as I pounded my fist on the table and screamed, "WHEN?"

"Last night when you broke my heart by taking that lying whore's side over mine" She spat. I never realized it until that moment, but I no doubt did do that and I wished on my life that I could have changed that. But after all that had happened, it just didn't seem like it was my problem anymore. "Fuck you."

"You screw around on me with my best friend and it's my fault?" I asked as tears rolled down my face. "How about you breaking my heart?"

"So now we're even" She said coldly. Blood in the water.

"Nooo, not over this" I said as she looked at me in confusion. "If you had come to me and told me that honestly, I mean it's Shawna, we both love her. So I could deal with that. If you promised not to do it again, OK, you owe me one."

"OK, I do" She said as she touched my hand and I pulled it away.

"But you broke my heart last night" I said. "After all you been through with guys and being practically raped yourself how could you say those things to someone, anyone, I never thought you could be so friggin heartless. You know..."

"I hate her" Jen growled. "She's trying to take you away from me."

"She didn't do anything till today" I said, "We kissed...well she kissed me and I kissed her back."

"Oh god" Jen said as her eyes burned with anger as I went on. "And I was gonna tell you when you got home and ask for your forgiveness."

"She destroyed our relationship and you can't even see that" Jen spat as she cried.

"Noooo" I said calmly. "I thought if we were friends it would help her and Shawna and you couldn't handle it and neither could my retarded ass best friend."

"You took her side over me, you're fuckin parents even said it was wrong of you" Jen said.

"SHE WAS RAPED" I screamed as I got to my feet and smashed my fists in to the table in a rage. "You don't throw that in someones face. It hurts me bad enough when you talk about the guys who hurt you. How do you think she feels? HUH?"

"I don't fuckin care" Jen said as she cried. "She deserved it. Good for nothing trouble making WHORE. SHE FUCKIN DESERVED IT."

"We are sooo over" I said as I backed away and took my keys off the peg board and walked outside in a complete daze. Starting the truck I pulled out and got the hell out of there as fast as I could before she could stop me. I wanted to be free, away from this place and now I was at least for a few minutes. My heart hurt as tears streamed down my face. Stopping at the edge of town on the main highway to hopefully get my emotions under control. The rain began to fall in buckets as lightning crashed and thunder cracked. My cell started ringing just as I had stopped crying. I picked up and was ready to toss it out the window when I recognized the number. "Yeh?"

"I'm home" Evie said as I had to smile. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing I'm just out driving" I said as my voice shook.

"Right and I'm wearing clothes right now, something happened, tell me?" She asked.

"Me and Jen had a fight and I'm pretty sure it's over, I'm gonna go and camp out at Jenkins lake tonight" I said. "Is it OK if I call you tomorrow?"

"Yeh, I'll see in a few, I mean, see ya" She said as she hung up. The rain was pouring so hard it was hard to see as I made the hour or so drive out to Jenkins lake. It's so peaceful and serene up here at night, me and Jen used to come up here and stay all weekend. That's been a while though. I pulled up and turned my truck off and made sure I had a dry towel under the seat as I slipped out of my clothes. Down to my bra and thong. I opened the door and felt this warm cleansing rain wash over me as I got out and closed the door. I was soaked in a matter of seconds and not caring I went and dove into the water and swam. Laying on my back and floating as the storm raged in the sky. I felt peace and freedom for the first time and it felt like nothing I had ever experienced. I no longer had to worry about Jen or Shawna. I knew then it was over with her. Swimming back to shore I dried off and slipped out of the soaked undies as the rain finally stopped. I slipped into my clothes again and stood there in bare feet by the lake and just breathed in the fresh mountain air for the longest time. Just as a smile was crossing my face for the first time, I heard a car coming up the gravel road and groaned as I just knew it was Jen, or her dad or maybe even Shawna. I was tempted to just get back in my truck and drive off. The truck stopped as the one person emerged that I did wanna see. Talk about, right person right time. "Evie?"

"Are you OK?" She asked as I met her by the front of the car. "Seriously."

"I'm better now" I said as I touched her stomach and she smiled.

"I know you think I'm nuts for driving 80 miles to see you in the middle of this" She said as she pointed to the streaks of lightning and crashing thunder. "I was worried sick."

"I don't think you're crazy at all" I said as she looked down at my hand on her stomach and giggled as I pulled her by the belt loop into a hug. "You're the only person who came to check on me."

"I can't fix anything" She said as our eyes met, weird how we're the same exact height I remember thinking. "I don't have answers."

"You answered everyone of my questions earlier with that kiss" I said as I tucked her hair behind her ear and caressed her cheek as she smiled. "I can have feelings for someone else."

"I can too" She said as she leaned in and kissed me. It was a simple kiss too, but so sweet and perfect, my heart raced. "I hope, you were...talking about me?"

"Yeh I was" I said as we both smiled. "You are so beautiful."

"You two Clumsylocks" She said as we both giggled.

"You just had to ruin the moment huh?" I asked.

"We've got all the time in the world" She said as she bent over and to my shock picked up a clump of mud, "Tonight I just wanna be with you...and have fun."

"I wanna be with you too" I said as she smiled and then I saw her eyes widen into that devilish way that only she can do as she smeared the mud on my shirt.

"You...bitch" I said in shock as she laughed and I turned and ran as she splattered me again with another clump. I finally reached the shore of the lake and found some myself and fired back. A few shots back and forth and we were both giggling and laughing as we smeared each others hair full of it and got it into every thread of clothes each of us wore. She finally succeeded in wrestling me to the ground and pinning me down as she got over me. Both of us covered in mud by now. It was so much fun. "That's it, you're giving me a bath."

"Gladly" She said with a grin. "Wanna come home with me?"

"You want me to?" I asked as she smiled.

"Yeh, I was hoping you'd be open to a new start" She said.

"After tonight, I am" I said as I slipped my hands free and spun her over into the mud as she willingly let me take control. "You are so gonna put out tonight."

"MMMMMMMM baby take me now" She said in a moan as she boldly kissed my cheek. "Show me what it's like to be forced by a hot girl."

"I wouldn't do that...ever" I said as I released her hands.

"But it could be fun if we played a game" She said as she playfully raised my shirt and smeared some mud on my flat stomach and her eyes opening as she felt my abs. "Damn Carrie, six pack?"

"Maybe" I said as I grabbed her hands and she squealed in laughter as I pinned them above her head again. "I'm gonna take what I've wanted for days now."

"NOOOOOO" She screamed in laughter, "SHE'S GONNA MAKE ME LIKE GIRLS."

"No one can hear you" I said as she smiled. "You are so all mine."

"I trust you though, you wouldn't hurt me" She said as I relaxed and let her hands go as she brought them to my face and smeared my cheeks with mud and started to laugh out loud. "What happened? Carrie's complexion got all murky."

"That's it" I said as I held her in place as I tickled her unmercilessly. She finally rolled over and covered up and kept squealing as I poked her still. "Had enough?"

"Yeh, please?" She said as she rolled back over and said, "You made me pee my pants already."

"Ohmigod" I said as I fell to the ground laughing and I figured she would take advantage of it, hoping she would, but no. She finally got up and extended her hand and helped me up.

"How about we head for London?" She asked as she laced our fingers together. "A warm bath and a good night's sleep?"

"Maybe a little Evie on the side?" I asked as I hugged her from behind and watched her smile as brightly as I ever seen her. "Or a lot from now on?"

"How about we talk about all of this in the morning?" She asked. "I'm happy for a change."

"Right now..." I said as I laid my chin on her shoulder and smiled, "...I am too, thanks to you."

"MMMMMMM baby" She said as we both laughed. A few moments later, we headed for London (her truck pulling mine) and both into a new chapter of our lives. London or Bust, indeed.