Life as a (horny) Teenage "Lesbian" - Episode 5 "Highwaytown"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"What's got you so happy?" I asked with a smirk as I watched Evie dance around her bedroom, seemingly floating on thin air. It made my heart beat faster as I watched her. I had never seen her like this with Shawna, not once.

"You, me, this night, the world is just sooo...FUCKIN PERFECT" She said as I smiled and felt free for the first time in forever. She stopped and gave me a devilish grin as she said, "Want me to show you how evil I can be Carrie?"

"MMMMMMM baby" I said as I sat down on the bed sipping on a soda, wearing a pair of pajama's I had borrowed. She came over and took my soda as if it were her own and took a drank and handed it back. "Come over here and make me scream."

"Do you want me too?" She asked as she stopped in front of me and gave me a smoldering look as she looked down at me and played with my hair.

"I'll bet you could" I said as she nodded her head and for some reason I just wanted to do this, I raised her shirt a little above her belly button and leaned forward and kissed her stomach as she squirmed a little. But offered no resistance.

"So is that how it feels when you're gentle?" She asked as I stood and smiled.

"Yeh it is" I said, "I told you, I wanna see pleasure in your eyes."

"Nooo, you said you loved seeing pleasure in your girls eyes" She said as she bit her lip nervously. "Are you trying to tell me something?"

"I dunno" I said as she smiled and hugged me warmly.

"It's OK, I don't know either" She said as we touched foreheads. "You're here with me, that must say something."

"Yeh it says you started a mud fight" I said as she laughed. "And I needed a bath."

"Carrie's complexion got all brown huh?" She asked as she backed away and I marched after her as she ran into the kitchen and circled around the center isle. With me on her tail she dove back onto the bed and turned over as I dove too and landed top of her. Making her turn over and pinning her down I saw that amazing smile as she said, "Just take me right here, rape me good."

"What?" I asked as I released her hands and sat up, now across her stomach. "Why did you say that for?"

"I was playing"

"No, I don't think so, I wanna know why you'd say that for" I said as she looked away. "You were really raped...right?"

"Yeh" She said as the smile left her face. "Wanna see the police report?"

"OK" I said as I rolled off and she disappeared into the closet and pulled down a box of papers and pulled one out and handed it to me.

"I wasn't lying to you" She said as she sat down in the chair across from me.

"Ohmigod" I said as I put the paper down and saw her eyes tearing up. Moving over to the chair I dropped to my knees in front of her and touched her hand and felt her tense up. "I believed you, remember, I was on your side?"

"It's OK no one else believes me either" She said.

"Now wait just a damn minute" I said as I stood and pulled her out of the chair and into my arms and as she gave me a frightened look. Flinching as I touched her cheek and relaxing as I caressed it softly. "I believed you and I am sorry."

"That feels good" She said as I leaned in and kissed her softly. "What about that?"

"Yeh I like that too" She said softly.

"Tell me please?" I asked gently. "Why did you say that?"

"Shawna liked to hear me say it" She said and I just knew my stupid whore of a best friend was behind that. "I didn't mind after a while."

"Yeh, well you don't have to say it anymore" I said softly as she smiled. "OK?"

"I hate her" Evie said as tears started streaming down her face as she clutched onto my shirt. "I hate her, please just spend the night with me?"

"I'm yours" I said simply as I gently lifted her head to get her to look at me. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't care about you."

"We can go to do some stuff tomorrow?" She asked with a hopeful smile.

"Anything you want" I said as she hugged me and I wanted desperately in that moment to do something to take away all the pain but I knew sometimes the easiest thing is the right thing. And in this case it was just to hold her and let her cry or poke her in the ribs and get her back into a wrestling match. B was my favorite as she squealed and looked up at me in shock. And then went running and dove onto the bed as I smiled and followed after her. Getting her pinned down this time on her stomach as she fought to get lose.

"OK, OK, you win just hurt me you big bully" She giggled as I released her hands and laid down beside of her. "You just give up huh?"

"I got what I want" I said as smiled and said, "Let me show you something, you remember those pictures you got?"

"Yeh" I said as she turned on to her back and pulled her legs up to her chest and then higher until her knees now rested on the mattress by her head. Her butt and her head pointing in the same direction, get it now? "Ummmmmm wow."

"I'm very flexible Carrie" She said as pulled me by the hand and got me on my knees above her head and said, "Imagine what you could do to me in this position."

"I am" I said as she giggled and rolled backwards towards me in a tumble and sat up as she pressed her back to my chest and I put my arms around her. "Damn girl you are gonna kill me."

"If you're good to me, you can do anything you want" She said as she leaned back against me. "Any ideas?"

"Oh wow, my brain is numb now" I said as she laughed. "That last position was interesting."

"We can try that" She said, "Any particular thing you wanna do like that?"

"Yeh, lay down and sleep" I said with a giggle as she rolled her eyes. "I get it that you'll be good to me in that way OK?"

"Be good to you in every other way too" She said, "You're my first chance at really falling in love Carrie."

"It's a nice place to be" I said as I sat back down and laid back against the pillows as she looked back at me. "Come lay with me if you want."

"Yeh" She said as she crawled up the bed laid down beside me, her head now on my shoulder. "Looking forward to having you all to myself tomorrow. You will stay right?"

"I got no other place on this earth I'd rather be" I said as she kissed my cheek and yawned.

"I so wanna get some sleep but I don't want this night to end" She said with a dreamy expression.

"I promise on my heart I'll be here in the morning" I said as I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips and felt her pull me on top of her, me now across her flat stomach, as we parted and she hugged me. I thought, in that moment, she just wanted to feel safe and be close to me and I could do that. I wasn't Shawna. "How about I hold you tonight?"

"Yeh like Shawna?" She asked, "Hold me for ten minutes until I fall asleep and then get up and run off to do something else?"

"Picky ain't we?" I asked as she laughed.

"Yes I am" She said as we both laughed and I rolled off behind her and pulled her into my arms as I kissed her neck.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

I woke the next morning and was, well, surprised at what I saw. I was on my back and Evie's head was laying on my shoulder with one of her legs over one of mine and her hand on my stomach, holding on to my shirt. I smiled as I rolled over towards her and gently caressed her cheek as she stirred for a moment and opened her eyes slowly and gave me the weirdest look and said something that for some reason made me laugh for the rest of the day every time I thought about it. "What are you grinning at?"

"The prettiest girl in the room" I said and knowing I was melting away the grumpiness. "Dat be you."

"I'm grumpy in the mornings" She said as she grinned sheepishly and scooted closer, pressing her stomach to mine and wrapping her arm over my body. "But maybe I won't be much anymore with you waking me up like that."

"Nice?" I asked as she grinned and leaned forward and kissed me. "I can't believe I can kiss you and you let me."

"It's nice waking up to someone who wants to be with me" I said softly. "What do you wanna do today?"

"Lay here and talk to you" She said with a sweet smile. "I don't wanna take a chance on you meeting someone else you like more."

"I spent the night in your bed right?" I asked as she grinned and nodded, "If I was going back to Jen I wouldn't have done that. I don't roll that way."

"I kinda knew that, that's why I held on to your shirt" She said, "Once you spent one night with me I figured I could convince you to stay."

"Good plan" I said as she smiled brightly. "I told you, I meant that kiss in the kitchen. And I held you a couple of nights ago when we danced because I wanted too and it felt like I was finding someone I'd been searching my whole life for."

"You felt that too?" She asked with the sweetest most honest smile I've ever seen.

"Mmmm-hmmm" I said as she smiled and rolled onto her back to my surprise and started bouncing around excitedly as she said, "Me too, Carrie, me too."

"I'M SO FUCKIN HAPPY" She screamed as she practically bounced out of bed and seemed to be on cloud nine. I just laid there and watched her for the longest time with the biggest smile on my face. She disappeared into the bathroom for a long time and I was about to drift back to sleep when she came back out, a nervous smile now on her face and asked, "Can I ask you a favor?"

"Of course" I said as she got back on the bed and onto on top of me.

"I'm going to therapy, is that weird?"

"No, not at all" I said as I almost absentmindedly caressed her cheek. "If it's what you need it's OK."

"I do, and you know...maybe...." She said in a nervous hesitant voice.

"Want me to go with you?"

"Yessss, please?" She asked as I nodded and she seemed to relax and laid her head on my shoulder.

"Thank you" She said softly. "You're already better to me than Shawna ever was."

"Then what do you wanna do?" I said as I ran my fingers through her hair.


"You like playing softball?" I asked.

"I totally and royally blow at it, but Jeff and me go hit about once a week" She said, "Jeff's a good friend, he lives downstairs."

"Someone I need to be jealous of?" I asked with a teasing grin as I leaned up and kissed her lips. "Cause if he tries to make a move on you..."

"I know you'll spear him" She said with laugh. "Trust me I know how that feels."

"I swear on my heart Evie I'll never hit you again for any reason" I said as she smiled. "But if anyone fucks with you, they just might get it."  

"MMMMMMMM violence makes Evie hot" She said in the sexiest growl I'd ever heard. "Carrie would like Evie when she's hot."

"I doubt it I don't really like girls" I said as Evie rolled her eyes and groaned.

"Fine Carrie whatever you say" Evie said as she turned her back to me and showed me her hot little ass and motioned with her ass for me to rub it through her shorts, which I did. "MMMMMMMMM Evie like."

"So does Carrie" I said in reply as she turned back around and slid back across my thighs and kissed me. "You know you don't have to do that if you really don't like it."

"Ohhh but I do" Evie said in a soft moan as she kissed me. "And when we get there you can do that anytime you want."

"Door bell" I said as it sounded and she slid off my thighs and took my hand and pulled me too my feet and dragged me along. The door bell signaling the arrival of her aforementioned friend, Jeff, who turned out to be a really sweet guy, but kinda nerdy. He had a bag full of bags and bats over his shoulder and said he was on his way to do some errands and would meet us at the park as soon as we got done in therapy. So two hours later...

"Why are you so mad?" Evie asked as we now stood outside of the Kentucky River Counseling Center. Me pacing back and forth and so mad I could spit nails about the things I had heard about my now FORMER best friend, Shawna Lynn. Don't get me wrong I knew Shawna was twisted but some of the shit she had made Evie do was just cruel. All of this going on inside my skull as Evie sat on the bench sipping a soda and seemingly calm. "CARRIE!"

"What?" I barked back.

"Fucking Chill" She said. "It's not that big of a deal."

"She made you do those things and...her ass is mine..." I said and turned to head towards my truck in a march as Evie groaned and ran after me. Catching me just as I got to the front and hugging me from behind. "Evie, stop...Evie..."

"Noooo please? I don't wanna see her no more" Evie pleaded. "Please stay with me. I need you."

"Come on just let me..."

"Nooo, you remember how you felt when you did that to me?" She asked softly as she held me tighter. That horrible feeling coming back and I knew then that she had some kind of power over me that was gonna be hard to shake. My rage was zapped and now all I wanted to do was apologize and see her smile. I weakly muttered a "yes".

"Good" She said. "I don't want you to feel that way anymore."

"I don't think me going to therapy with you is such a good idea anymore" I said as she rested her chin on my shoulder and nodded simply. "I'll just wait outside on you, OK?"

"Wimp" She said, prompting me to growl and her giggling. "Shawna is unimportant."

"I guess" I said barely above a whisper. "This whole thing is just moving sooo fast."

"It doesn't have to" Evie said. "You can go back to Jen and work out your problems and..."

"No, she broke my heart last night" I said as Evie listened. "I know it was over you but no one says that kind of stuff. You didn't ask to be done that way and you didn't deserve that."

"MMMMMM HMMMMMM" She said simply and listened intently as I went on. Her arms going around my neck and mine slipping around her waist and pulling her into my arms.

"And you deserve better than my whoring best friend" I said, my anger being zapped when she kissed me gently. "I swear if I had known she was that bad to you...I would..."

"Wouldn't have believed it" Evie said gently. "She had you snowed."

"Not anymore" I said as Evie smiled. "For the first time in forever I am thinking clearly and looking straight ahead."

"And best thing, you can lay down and sleep without fear of someone coming in and stealing your shit" Evie commented.

"Very true" I said as she smiled. A light rain beginning to trickle down as we both looked up and groaned. No softball on that day. We walked back the few feet to the building and ducked back inside as a harder rain began to fall. Evie wrapped her arms around me and kissing my cheek as she smiled and seemed so happy in that moment before I kissed her. What a nice moment. Ended too soon by the ringing of my stupid ass cell phone. I groaned as I fished it out of my pocket and (never bothering to check the caller i.d.) stuck it to my ear. "Speak!"

"Where the hell are you?" Jen snapped into the phone as my stomach dropped out. The beautiful peaceful smile leaving Evie's face as she realized the entire situation had no doubt just changed. Believe me I didn't wanna talk to Jen, all I wanted to do was fell good. But I knew I had too.

"London" I forced myself to say. Evie wrapping me tighter in her arms.

"What the hell are you doing in London?" Jen asked. "Oh wait let me guess, down there looking for some skank?"

"Don't call her that" I said.


"We both know you're talking about Evie" I said. "And what the fuck happened to you? You've never been that cruel to anyone in your life not even that goof Leon."

"Are you still stuck on that?" She asked. Then obviously trying to change the subject. "Whatever, when are you coming home?"

"You don't gotta go" Evie whispered to me. "I'll beg you to stay, I need you and you don't know how hard that is for me to admit."

"You're with her?" Jen asked in a icey tone that I recognized from the previous night. "You fucked that whore didn't you? ANSWER ME CARRIE!"

"I ain't done nothing with her" I flatly. "She was the only one who came to check on me last night after you broke my heart."

"Break your heart?" Jen asked. "How do you think I felt? You took her side over mine."

"You crossed the line so far you can't go back" I said. "You don't have to crush someone like that cause you hate them."

"She deserved it, all the shit she's done to us..."

"She made some mistakes, so did we" I said, cutting her off. "But no one deserves what she got and you, you fucking bitch, you got mad as hell when I tried to make peace once and for all between me, you, Shawna and Evie. So fine you want Evie out of your life?"

"Yes and I want you home..."

"Go to hell Jennifer, we are through" I said, I heard the disbelieving gasp as those last words left my mouth. A loud crash of thunder sounding like a warning shot from the heavens that I was doing something wrong or something right. Not sure. Evie giving me a shocked, wide eyed look as I shrugged as if to say "I'm making it up as I go along". "Don't call me again, you can keep my shit and the house I'm done with this."

"You are on drugs..." She said in a rage. "FUCK YOU CARRIE, FUCK YOU FAG."

"Go to hell Jen" Evie said into the phone as the other end of the line went silent. "I took her your girl away, so who do you think wins?"

"You will pay for this" Jen said in a sinister voice.

"You drive, bring your whoring ass down here and I'll fight you for her" Evie said as she took the phone. "You wanna hurt me? Bring it on, cause if Carrie wants me she can have me and you'll have a god damn war on your hands when you come to Highwaytown to get in my face."

"Fuck both of you!" Jen said as the other end of the phone went dead. Evie screaming in a rage as she kicked the door open to the outside and ran into the rain and smashed my phone on the ground. Shattering it in a million pieces. Screaming again as everything that had happened in her life seemed to be spilling out in her emotions now as she cried in gasping sobs. I ran the few feet to meet her. Trying to hug her I was met with a push that sent me tumnbling to the grass.

"YOU WANT HER? GO HOME!" She screamed as I looked up at her. "She treats you like shit anyway. You like that?"

"I just said it was over and I chose you" I said as the rain drenched both of us. "What the hell did I do wrong?"

"YOU MAKE ME HAPPY!" She screamed. "I can't take it! It hurts to bad to love someone and have them turn out to be another Shawna."

"I'm not Shawna" I said as she looked at me.

"I'm sorry for pushing you down" She said with a pleading 'please forgive me look' in her eyes.

"I'm not Shawna" I repeated as I stepped closer slowly. "Ok?"

"I'm sorry..." She cried. "For everything...I screwed up everything."

"No you didn't" I said as I touched her face. She hugged me for a long moment.

"I fell in love with you" She said as she pulled away and walked off and forcing me to follow after her.

"Wait!" I said as I ran ahead and got in front of her. "What did you say?"

"These past few days" She said as rain dripped down her face. "I fell so in love with you."

"You think I don't feel the same?"

"You are so amazing and gentle and sweet and just everything good that I want" She rambled. "I wanna be the one you think about while your cooking dinner. I wanna be the one you point to when you're hanging out with your friends and say that's my girl. I wanna be her. I wanna be the one you watch movies with all night long. I wanna be the one you dance with to True to His Word."

"We did that" I said as she half smiled. Both of us dripping wet by now. "And all that other stuff comes in time. You want that? Huh?"


"Me too" I said as she smiled brightly. "I choose you."

"For real?" She asked as she swept her hair out of her eyes and saw me smile and nod my head. Her almost knocking me down a moment later with a hug. Followed by a kiss that was sooo perfect. She kissed me like she was trying to convince me to love her. I slipped her my tongue and kissed her back with the same spirit. We each ended up with a cold as a reward for that little adventure...

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

So the next two months I hid out with Evie in London, got a new cell phone and recovered from my cold (that didn't last two months FYI). My parents made an attempt to force me to come home by threatening to fire me from the store and hire another manager, I called their bluff and they backed down for the moment. As it turned out, Melanie, (my co-worker) was gonna fill in anyway. No doubt Jen and Shawna's lies put them up to it. Epic fail.

Evie meanwhile continued her therapy, her mood swings came less often I noticed. Her therapist called it "leveling off", which basically means after a particularly traumatic period you come down from the pressure and adjust to life as normal again. Or something like that. He assured us that it's a good sign she won't meds to help her cope. Crazy thing is she now wakes up most mornings with me (4 am or so) and get this she's not nearly as grumpy. Epic score.

"You want gravy on your biscuits?" Evie asked from the doorway to her bedroom as I sat with my laptop typing on a story.

"Yeh sure, what's a good name for a little girl? A Baby!" I asked in my usual rambling/writing style.

"Marley?" She asked as I grinned. "My sister has a kid named that."

"You so smart" I said as she smiled.

"Of course I am!" She giggled and a few moments later bringing me a plate of food. Sitting it down and kissing me before I took a bite (another new tradition). This seriously brings up a thought that I've been having for the last several weeks, is this the girl that Shawna was so bad too? This is Evil as me and Jen called her for so many months. This girl who just brought me my breakfast and is 100% different than I would have ever expected her to be.

Don't get me wrong, she has her pissy moods (not as often now) and has her moments when she's mad at the world. But in the overall scheme of things I gotta wonder what Shawna was seeing when she was dating this girl. My hillbilly minded best friend honestly had to be snorting something the whole time to not uncover what I have in just a few short months.

Speaking of my EX best friend, she wasn't totally removed from the practice of harassing Evie in the most hurtful way possible. She just waited till she knew that I wasn't coming back to try and exact her revenge on her EX girlfriend. I honestly think she was trying to drive Evie to suicide and I don't wanna even think about what I would do if that happened because what I did in response to this attack was bad enough and almost got me arrested.

It all started one day about a week after the breakfast incident above. I went out shopping with Evie's Dad (a really cool guy) and we had a blast and hit nearly every store in Highwaytown. He bought shit that I knew he'd never use, nor would Evie and I, but he wanted it and had loads of money. So I came home with three bags stuffed full. But coming in the front door I knew something was wrong as I spotted the phone off the hook and Evie sitting on the kitchen floor crying her eyes out.

"What's wrong?" I asked as she jumped up and almost knocked me down with a hug and held on as she sobbed. "Evie, baby, tell me what's wrong, someone hurt you? Please tell me, I'm here for you..."

"Shawna" She growled in my face. "She called like five times and just..."

"Evie, calm down, baby calm down" I said as I cupped my hands around the back of her neck and got her to look at me.

"The rape" She said simply. "Laughing about it. Among other things."

"She was kidding you..."

"She said I deserved it" Evie said with a fire of anger burning in her swollen eyes. "Said she'd watch him do it again when he got out."

"Bitch is dead" I said as Evie laughed. "I'm serious, we're going home and I'm gonna kill her or make her wish she was dead."

"You're parents are having you're family over for the day" Evie said. "Probably not a good idea."

"Perfect timing, by the time we get there they'll be baking in the sun they'll be so fuckin stoned" I said as I grabbed my car keys and pulled Evie along by the hand as she laughed and bounced along behind me. Hugging me from behind as we got to the car. "What's this for?"

"You don't have to go" She said as she rested her chin on my shoulder, "Just you wanting to defend me is enough."

"Get in" I told her, "You have no idea how mad I am right now."

"I don't want you to get in trouble" She said as I turned in her arms and kissed her. "MMMMMMM lets go back inside and you take that passion out on me with your strap-on, you can stick it anywhere."

"No one treats you like that anymore" I said as I kissed her again. Avoiding her 'suggestion' for now. The drive back to my hometown was filled with silence as my anger grew to the point of visions of me running Shawna over in the car looking good. We reached my Dad's place on the North side of town and wouldn't you just know it but my trouble making Ex and her best girlfriend EVER (Shawna!) where in the front yard playing on the slip and slide as the rest of my family watched. I turned the car off as Evie raced to stop me and met me at the front of the car. Shawna froze when she saw me and I've seen that look in Shawna's eyes before.

"Calm down baby please don't do this" Evie begged as my Dad came to the fence, beer in hand of course, as I glared at Shawna.

"What's got you so hot fired mad Carrie?" He asked, "And who said you could bring her?"

"Fuck you old man" I spat as Evie laughed and let me slip around her as I pushed my dad out of the way and made my way into the yard.

"YOU THINK RAPE IS FUNNY YOU WHORE!" I screamed at Shawna as she looked around for an exit. "ANSWER ME!"

"I don't know what you're talking about" Shawna said calmly as I marched towards her. Evie simply got back in the car and began to cry as my loafing Uncle Shelby stepped in my path.

"Now calm it down Carrie..."

"If you don't move I'll rip what hair you got left out you Yosemite Sam clone" I said as I looked him right in the eye. "I'll kick your balls from here to Wolfe County."

"Hey I tried James" Shelby said to my Dad as he walked away and I confronted Shawna.

"Tell me you're sorry and maybe I won't hurt you" I said with my hands clenched into fists at my side. "Tell her you're sorry or I'll seriously hurt you."

"What the fuck are you talking about..."

"YOU CALLED EVIE IN LONDON AND SAID YOU WERE GLAD SHE WAS RAPED" I screamed right in her face. "You don't do that to people Shawn, god what happened to you? You are not the girl I loved."

"Carrie calm down" Jen said as she boldly stepped in between us. "I've been with Shawna all day she didn't do that, whatever it is you're talking about."

"OK, fine then you apologize to her for what you said the night we broke up" I said to Jen and then to Shawna, "Go on. I'll leave if you do."

"CARRIE LEAVE NOW" My Mom Carolyn screamed from the porch.

"I don't have anything to apologize for" Jen said as she walked off. Shawna smiling smugly as if to say 'I win'.

"Me either" Shawna said. "You've been brainwashed by the evil town whore of London Carrie."

"I said leave now" Mom said as she moved into my field of vision.

"PLEASE CARRIE LET'S GO" Evie screamed.

"GET BACK IN THE CAR WHORE" Shawna screamed at Evie.


"RAPE VICTIM" Shawna fired back as a deathly silence hung over the place. Evie started to cry again as Mom backed me down. I turned to leave as much as I hated too. What changed everything was seeing Shawna's reflection in the trucks windshield. Grinning and laughing, her and Jen. I snapped. I turned and as Mom tried to block me I charged. Knocking her down in the process and took square aim at my former best friend. The next few moments seemed to last an hour. I had lowered my head just as Jen and Shawna saw me.

"OHMIGOD! SHAWNA LOOK OUT" Jen screamed as she moved just in time as I speared Shawna with every muscle in my body straining. OHMIGOD it was like an orgasmic release on impact. My shoulder drove into her rib cage and both of us plummeted to the ground like a couple of football players. My head slammed the grass pretty good and knocked me senseless. "OH GOD SHE'S HURT."

The next thing I remember is Evie and to my own shock my Dad helping me to my feet and dragging me away from the carnage as Mom, Jen and Shelby checked on Shawna. Her cries made my heart skip a beat but I don't know, it had to be done. Evie pushed me into the car and before another word could be said we drove off and headed out of town. Me regaining my senses slowly as we drove. The road though was not one I recognized.

"Where the hell are we going?"

"Buckhorn" Evie said. "My Dad owns a cabin down there, so if your family wants you they gonna have to come and find us."

"Good plan" I giggled as she smiled smugly.

Two hours later...

"Did he have to buy a cabin without a road that leads to it?" I asked as Evie and me hiked the final quarter mile to her Dad's cabin.

"Think about it this way..." She said as she pointed to it off in the distance. "...if the cops come looking for you they have to make this trek too."

"I  doubt they will" I said. "My family's fueds are notoriously violent and no one ever calls the cops on each other."

"Good" She said as we reached the cabin. "I think we should still spend the night."

"Does it have a phone?"

"Cell phone!" Evie said.


"No us Southerners don't like that there new fangled stuff" Evie said in her best hick voice. I laughed as she grinned victoriously.

The cabin turned out to be a big two floor old style built out of real logs from the woods in back of the place. Outdoor bathroom and shower (attached to the house though). A full kitchen with some updated appliances and a dish washer. "Hell this place is nicer than your place" I remarked as Evie laughed and offered no objection. The place also had satellite TV (cable wasn't available) and satellite DSL. Her Dad had definitely put the money into the place. My favorite room (aside from the living room) was the loft bedroom which featured a breath taking view of the Eastern Kentucky mountains. I enjoyed waking up to that for the next few days.

The stay at 'Camp Evie's Dad's Place' as we called it was marked by several things that let me get to know her a bit better. Stuff that had not emerged before this that is. The first one came on day one as Evie came out of the bathroom naked and...stayed that way, the whole day. I remembering asking her what was up and her reply, "I'm very comfortable with nudity, and Shawna said you were too!"

I was that was for sure. When dating Jen I'd spend most of our off days in the buff and eventually Jen got into it as well. It's just something that once you do it you realize what you're missing. Jen and I had even visited a teen nudist camp (we were 18 at the time) in neighboring Virginia (That's a story I'll tell in a later episode). So safe to say that the whole Evie naked thing was not a big deal.

"Hey!" I said the first night at the cabin. Evie standing by the stove and making a sandwich.


"Is it fair that I have to look at you like that all day long and not wanna do something more?" I asked as she grinned and purposely turned and showed me her ass and wiggled it. "Not fair!"

"Then come do something about it" She said as I slid off the bed and she put her hands up to protect herself as I came over and stopped in front of her. I kissed her softly as she grinned and took her hand in mine and laced our fingers together. She blushed and smiled as I lead her back to the bed without so much as a single word being exchanged between us. She stopped at the foot of the bed as I sat down and stroked my hands up and down her smooth skin as she played with my hair and smiled down at me. I leaned forward and kissed her stomach softly in one place and then another and another. She shivered and sighed as I rose slowly and kissed my way all the way up her flat sexy stomach and to between her breasts and up her neck and finally to her lips as we kissed. "MMMMMMMM!"

"Feel good?"

"I'm falling so fast for you!"

"In love?"

"Yeh! Don't tell me you didn't know that."

"Me too" I said and although it hadn't been said before I had been feeling that way since the day we first kissed in the kitchen.

"MMMMMMMM best news in the history of ever" She cooed as she kissed me and I began to slowly move backwards up the bed as she followed me and got over me in the missionary position at the top. She looked at me in confusion for a moment as I gently stroked my hands up and down her nude body. I asked, "What?"

"You're gonna really let me be on top?" She asked as I grinned and she smiled as she lowered her pussy against mine and slowly started grinding...MMMMMMM.

We made love like that for the next couple of hours and she was on top as much as she wanted to be. Just such an unbelievable moment in my life. For her too I think.

We slept pretty good that night and rose early the next morning with Evie already in the mood for loving. Her breaking the news that Shawna had left one of her strap-ons at the cabin and before I knew what was happening she broke it out and laid it across my stomach and informed me that I was gonna use it on her whether I liked it or not. I kissed her and squeezed her ass cheeks in my hands as she giggled and nodded her head as if to answer my unspoken question.  

"You want me on my hands and knees?" She asked as I got an 'evil' idea as I glanced towards the porch which was just outside a pair of big double glass doors.

"Nooooooo" Evie said with a finger point. I simply kissed her and said, "Yesss, the sun is coming up and I wanna greet the day in a proper way?"

"By butt fucking me out there?" She asked as I nodded and slipped off the bed and took her hand and pulled her along as she resisted for a minute and then whined that I was being mean to her. I stepped onto the deck in nothing but a tan and dragged her out too. "We are not going to do this outside Carrie!"

"You got to be in control last night now it's my turn" I said as I slipped into the strap-on and she watched with a pissed off expression but didn't go back inside I noticed. I stroked the newly attached cock a few times as I looked back at her and said, "Get over here!"

"GRRRRRRR" She growled as she came over to join me. "You're serious?"

"MMMMMMM yes I am sweet baby" I said as I kissed her and she fed me her tongue a bit before she moaned when I squeezed her ass cheeks in my hands. "Now get down there and suck my cock!"

"You're lucky I like being submissive!"

Me kissing her once more and pointing down as Evie nodded her head in agreement and dropped down to her knees in front of me. With her mouth now opened eagerly, as I stroked my cock a few more times before sliding into her mouth. Evie moaned on the cock as she started to suck, I dropped a hand down to my side so I'd have a perfect view. Evie moaned as I slipped one of my hands back into her hair and cleared it from her eyes and watched her head bob up and down as she sucked harder on my cock. Sliding her hands up the outside of my thighs now, she bobbed her head harder and took all of the cock in her mouth once and again. Pulling away finally as she looked up at me and said, "MMMMMMMMMMM I think I'm ready for my butt fucking now."

"MMMMMMMMMMM yes you are sweet baby" I moaned as Evie rose and we kissed for a long moment. She looked back as I had her turn and guided her to lean forward onto the railing of the porch, Evie raising one leg onto the bench to the side as she looked back at me and watched as I stroked my cock fast up and down now. I quickly lined my cock up with her asshole and placed one hand on Evie's lower back just above her ass cheeks and holding the cock steady with the other hand. Evie looking back and tensing up a bit as I slid the head of my cock inside the girls asshole. I moaned out loud with her as I worked the cock head in and out over and over, sending shivers of pure pleasure up Evie's back. Again dropping the hand holding the cock steady to my side and placing it behind my thigh as I now began to stroke deeper and deeper in Evie's tight little butt fuck hole and making her moan louder. "MMMMMMMMMMM sexy baby is so sweet to butt fuck. MMMMMMM god that feels so good."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod I missed that sooo much, it's the most wonderful feeling in the world" Evie moaned as she held onto the rails for support and looked back at me and watched every stroke of my cock into her ass as it got ever deeper. Evie's asshole ring folding in and out each time my cock pumped in and out as I sunk all the way inside and pressed my thighs to hers for a moment. "MMMMMMMMM f-fuck that's my favorite feeling in the world."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM and I'm gonna give you that feeling as much as you can handle it baby" I moaned as I pulled my cock all the way out till it caught on Evie's asshole ring and slide back inside, smacking my thighs off of her plump little ass cheeks as I started pumping in and out faster. Evie grunted a little as she moaned intensely, her face showing the mind numbing pleasure that was washing over her body as she continued to watch every stroke of mine into her asshole. I moved the hand on her lower back a little higher now as she moaned herself and felt her pussy spasm lightly as I stroked deeply into her asshole each time. "MMMMMMMMMM getting butt fucked in the sunshine feels good huh Evie?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM yes yes, ohmigod yesssss" Evie moaned as she stroked her fingers through her long hair and swept it to the other side of her head and moaned louder as her pussy spasmed harder now. The smacking of my thighs against her ass cheeks made them jiggle each time. Her body shaking gently as she grunted again and moaned even louder. Evie's mouth hanging open as her body was now covered in a thin film of sweat as she held onto the railing. I slowed and carefully sunk all the way inside as Evie settled down a bit. Then reaching forward with both hands and taking hold of the railing and sliding the cock as deep in Evie's asshole as I could get it. Before taking a firm grip on the rail and starting to pound a bit harder into her asshole. Smacking my thighs off of her ass cheeks loudly now and taking shorter strokes as I slammed into the girl time after time in a pounding rhythm. "MMMMMMMMM that's the kind of butt fucking I love so much."

"MMMMMMMM sweet baby you're so lucky too cause I love butt fucking like this with a passion" I moaned and sending Evie's pussy into spasms of pleasure even harder than before as did mine in that moment as Evie's body began to shake from the shots she was taking. Evie grunting and moaning hard as she laid her head on her arms now and whimpered as she drew close to her orgasm. I moved one hand to her soft flat stomach and holding her as I delivered a few last butt fucking shots as I stiffened up and clenched my ass tightly and drove the cock as deep as it would go. "MMMMMMMM bet you didn't think I could make your asshole feel this good huh?"

"MMMMMMM I knew you were good at butt fucking but OHMIGOD baby I'm in love with this already" Evie moaned as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful pure heaven orgasm. I moaned myself as my orgasm took me by storm and I felt pure heaven along with Evie for a few long moments as our moans of pleasure filled the air. I slumped forward and holding onto the railing as I came down and pumped a few more times into Evie's asshole. Evie moaned as she settled down and looked back as me as I carefully pulled out of her asshole. She grinned and knew all too well what I was gonna ask, "You wanna suck my butt fucking cock now baby?"

"MMMMMMMM yes god yess I love that" Evie moaned as I backed up a step or two and she turned and dropped down to her knees and opened her mouth invitingly as I slide the cock inside her welcoming mouth and let the girl start to suck it once more. I put a hand on the back of her head gently and guided her as Evie moaned on my cock and took it deep in her mouth after a few moments and sucked hard. I scooped her hair into a ponytail and kept it out of her eyes as I moaned, "MMMMMMMMM suck it baby girl, suck my butt fucking cock really good."

"MMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMM" Evie moaned as she bobbed her head with a mission as she sucked me harder and got the strap to work my clit good now. Evie holding on now to my lower thighs as she bobbed her head up and down the whole length of the cock over and over again as I moaned and loved every moment of it. I reluctantly stopped her after another moment as she smiled up at me and I took hold of the girls arm and guided her back to her feet and kissed her softly. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM was that good coming out your little asshole baby?"

"MMMMMMMM so sweet and gooey, you're gonna get that done after every time you butt fuck me" Evie moaned as I kissed her again and guided her to turn her back and lift her leg back onto the bench as I slid back inside her asshole deeply. I clinched my ass and got it deeper before I pulled out again and she turned back to me and kissed my lips softly before she got back on her knees and took my cock back in her mouth. Sucking me harder this time as her head bobbed up and down and took it all in her mouth. She deep throated me as my thighs quivered and my ass clinched as the sensations got stronger. She kept doing it over and over after that as my clit was being worked to perfection and I shook gently with the pleasure it was producing. "MMMMMMMM oh god Evie, baby you're sucking so good I can barely take it."

"MMMMMMMMM I know, now you're really ready to butt fuck me again huh?" She asked with an innocent smile that almost made me cum. I guided her back to her feet without another word as she turned her back and I guided her to again lean against the rails. Then stroking my hand down the back of Evie's sweaty thigh and having the girl once again lift her leg up onto the bench. Stroking my cock fast as I moved back in behind her as Evie watched over her shoulder. Both moaning as I lined my cock up with her asshole and slid deep inside for the second time. I took a firm hold on Evie's shoulder with one hand and dropping the other to my side as I began pumping in and out fast and smacking my thighs at Evie's ass cheeks each time. "MMMMMMMMMM such a sweet butt fuck hole my baby it feels so fucking good on my cock."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM I love it more up my asshole than in my pussy, it makes my pussy spasm so good like this" Evie moaned as she shook from the shots I was now delivering to her asshole. Her pussy spasming harder with every stroke deep inside and making me moan with her and go faster in and out and felt my own pussy spasming again. My darkly tanned ass clenching every time I slid deep inside of her asshole. Evie now whimpering from the pleasure as she watched every single stroke. "MMMMMMMMM oh yeah, MMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah so good sooooooo good to me."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM so good to me too, MMMMMMMMM butt fucking in the sunshine feels soooo good" I moaned as my thighs spanked louder at Evie's ass cheeks and now making them jiggle. Evie now resting her head on her arms as she hugged the rail in front of her and her pussy spasmed harder still. Both Evie and my body now dripping with sweat, my shoulder length hair stuck to my back a bit as I continued to pump in and out and in and out of her asshole. Evie moaning now with an urgency as I got a bit deeper inside and drove her dangerously close to a mind numbing orgasm. "MMMMMMMM yessss baby, does it feel good to butt fuck in the sunshine? I wanna hear you say it before you cum baby. Come on Evie say it for me."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD YESSSSSSS" Evie moaned in a whimper as I delivered a few last hard shots to her butt fuck hole. Her ass cheeks jiggling and the smacking sound of my thighs slapping against them getting louder as I stiffened up and pumped a bit faster as my pussy spasmed harder and harder with every wonderful shot to her asshole. "MMMMMM I sooo love butt fucking in the sunshine Carrie. I wanted do this a lot more. MMMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMMM yeh that's what I wanted to hear baby girl, gonna butt fuck my baby back to pure heaven for that" I moaned and did just that a moment later as Evie began to squeal with her orgasm storming her body over and over. I matched her moan for moan as I began to cum and we both felt a pure heaven peak for a long, long few moments. Me laying my head back and closing my eyes and moaning and feeling the breeze on my naked body as I peaked and it just felt sooooooo good I couldn't stand it much longer. We slowly came down as I finally slowed in Evie's asshole. Sliding in and out slowly now as we continued to moan, "MMMMMMMMM sweet little butt fuck hole loves my cock huh Evie?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM god yesss, never been done that way" Evie moaned just as I once again slid as deep inside as I could get and made Evie shake in pleasure. "And as someone we know loved to say...a pussy is made for licking and a butt is made for fucking!"

"MMMMMMMM yesss god yess I so agree" I moaned as I kissed her shoulder and she moaned again for me as I placed both my hands on her stomach below her tits and started pumping again. "MMMMMMMMM a butt is made for fucking, MMMMMMM for butt fucking."

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

The sun was just going down on our fourth day at the cabin and with Evie laying in my arms as we lay in the hammock on the porch I really began to appreciate the peaceful way of life it must be to live up here full time. No cars or bitching and moaning (except Evie's LOL) to drive you up the fucking wall with anger. It was just so laid back and...well...peaceful. The only sounds you heard at night were the crickets chirping.

Anyway, it had gotten a bit chilly so we had to get dressed for the first since we made love and now we were laying covered in a blanket with Evie in my arms and just watching the stars and chatting quietly with each other. "You like it up here don't you?"

"I do, I always loved going up to Jenkins Lake with Jen and Shawna but this is even better" I said as she smiled but that soon turned to a look of worry as she rolled over and kissed me. "What's wrong?"

"I called and checked on Shawna" She said. Me feeling a huge bolt of confusion. "I was worried about her despite what she did."

"Why are you telling me for?"

"Being honest" She said. "When I was dating Shawna we lied so much to each other that neither knew when the other was telling the truth. So better or worse I'm gonna be honest with you."

"I will too" I said as she half-grinned. "Shawna?"

"Two bruised ribs and she's sorry for what she said" Evie said. "She actually apologized to me and she has never done that before."

"See I told you I had to knock some sense into her" I said as Evie laughed. "She is the most pig headed person I ever met in my life."

"Yep" Evie said as we both giggled. "Why aren't you that way?"

"Compared to her I'm not" I said as Evie kissed my cheek and smiled. "So when you think we should head home?"

"We can go now if you want" She said honestly. "I kinda miss my cat!"

"You don't have one"

"Then buy me one" She said with a devious grin. "Remedy that Carrie!"

"You can get a cat if you want one I don't mind" I said as she smiled brightly and then kissed me. "Made you that happy?"

"Yeh cause you're treating me like I'm your girlfriend" She said with a giddy smile on her face. "That's just so cool."

"Well you are till I find someone hotter" I said as she laughed.

"Fuck you Carrie Ames" She said as she pulled me out of the hammock and to my feet following her. "You been with me for what three months now? You don't let anyone hurt me and you've already chosen me over your family. Soooo..."

"All true and I'd do it again" I said as she kissed me and started winding her hands in the air as to say 'get on with it'. "What?"

"Ask me to be your damn girlfriend" She said as if it were only a formality. She was right, it was. "Well?"

"Evie Larue will you be my girlfriend?" I asked as she simply kissed me and hugged me. No verbal reply was needed as I hugged her back and we stayed there in that spot for the next few minutes just holding onto each other. She was now the most important thing in my matter how much some people hated that thought, she was.

"I'm looking forward to picking out my cat" Evie said a couple of hours later as we made the long drive from the Buckhorn cabin home to London. Me smiling and shrugging. Evie smiling smugly and a moment later screaming as out of nowhere a large box appeared in our path on the road. I slammed on the breaks in the truck and skidded onto the side of the road. "OHMIGOD, what the hell was that?"

"I dunno it looked like a box" I said and both of us being a little shaken. We got out and looked both ways and saw the highway was deserted. Evie stopping as she started to move the box out of the highway and listening. "What is it?"

"There's a cat inside" Evie said in amazement. She picked the box up and moved it onto the side of the road and we found out someone had taped the top shut. Evie ripped the tape off and we heard another cry and a third one. Looking inside it was shocking, it was a Momma cat and her three babies. Healthy looking cats too it appeared. "Someone put them in here and wanted us to kill them! OHMIGOD, how the hell can anyone be that cruel?"

"I have no idea" I said as I knelt by the box and smiled as one of the kittens wrapped himself around my hand and playfully biting at my fingers as the Momma meowed and rubbed on Evie's hands as she petted her. All four just happy to be alive. "So I guess you got your cat huh?"

"Four of them, can we keep them, please?" She asked with a pleading look in her eyes.

"It's your apartment, not mine" I said.

"No it's not, it's as much mine as yours by now" Evie said as I smiled and kissed her. She smiled as she lifted the Momma out of the box and petted her as I did the same to the kitten who had attached himself to me already. "Name tag says her name is Cecilia and she's a Maine Coon Cat."

"Why would the retarded hillbilly leave the tag on if they wanted her dead?" I asked as I looked at it and saw the tag even had a seal for some kind of breeders thing. Maybe a pure breed I thought at the moment. "You so beautiful, you wanna come home with me?"

"MEOWWWWW" Came Cecili's reply as Evie and I both laughed. Putting her back in the box along with her babies we loaded into the truck and again headed for London, with a new addition to our family.

Cecilia took right up with Evie (and me too) as did her kittens. Naming the mean one who bit my fingers Mister Frazzles, and the other two Stinky (she pooped in Evie's hand) and the last one Grey bug (he has the most beautiful gray streaks in his fur). For the next few days we went about finding the neccessary equipment and accessories for our furry new tentants. Such as a Litter box, toys and finally a new Cat tree that got placed at the foot of the bed for the little runts to play on (they loved it!). While Cecilia become Evie's constant companion, Mr. Frazzles figured out he could sit in my lap when I was using my laptop and he quickly adopted me as his favorite early morning sleeping place. It doesn't take much to get attached let me tell you.