Life as a (horny) Teenage "Lesbian" - Episode 6 "Man 'O' War"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"MMMMMMMM so fuckin good to me" Evie moaned as we now lay in the big bed in the loft at 'Camp Evie's Dad's Place'. Me just having given her pussy a good workout with my tongue stud. She was still shaking as she lay in my arms covered in a thin film of sweat. "MMMMMM Carrie you're getting better with that tongue stud every time."

"MMMMMM am I now?" I asked as I kissed her shoulder and she giggled.

"Fuck yeah" Evie cooed, "The way you made me beg for it every breath and not giving it to me till the very end was inspired."

"You can thank my whoring friend Melissa for that" I said as she grinned. "She gave me the idea and then let me do it to her in cyber a few days ago."

"So you're back to cyber huh?"

"It was a slow morning and you didn't feel good and...well yeah!"

"Next time I get to watch" Evie said as I happily agreed. "I saved the log of it. You can read it anytime you want."

"I'm gonna go get my laptop and do that now" She said as she rolled over and I stopped her as I slid over her. "What? Let me up!"

"You're not doing anything on the computer right now cause the sun is coming up" I said as I kissed her cheek. "And we need to greet the new day in style."

"Let me guess, you want my ass?" She asked as I nodded with a horny smile.

"Is that all you ever think about?"

"I've heard no complaints out of you" I said as she laughed and offered no denial. "You should be used to it, hell you dated Shawna for how long?"

"Those are two very different things" She said as I slid down on my stomach beside her as she stroked her hand through my blondish brown hair (now featuring some VERY purty blue streaks).


"For the longest time with Shawna, near the end, I didn't enjoy it" She said as I closed my eyes and nodded my head.

"She forced you?"

"Either I give it up like that or no sex" She said as I slid up and kissed her as she smiled.

"I don't make you feel like that, do I?" I asked as she kissed me softly and caressed my cheek.

"Nope, not even close" She said as I smiled. "It's so different."

"Better?" I asked.

"I crave it now" She said as I grinned devilishly. "Yeah I know you love hearing that!"

"MMMMMM yes I do" I moaned as I got over her flat stomach and leaned down onto my elbows and kissed her. "Because if it feels good for you I wanna do it."

"My tight little ass is your favorite hole huh?" She asked as I kissed her and we massaged tongues against one another for a long moment.

"Yes it is!"

"It feels so good I just can't stand it" She said as she kissed me for an even longer moment. "It drives me crazy knowing you love it that much."

"MMMMMMM well then we'll have to find some new ways to do it" I commented as she grinned.

"What new ways?" She asked. "We've pretty much done the most erotic thing you can do. Outside?"

"What about a threesome?" I asked as she shrugged. "Not something you'd like?"

"Did a few too many with Shawna" She commented. "I wanna do one but not with some random slut."

"Then maybe we'll get lucky enough to find someone we both like" I said as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Yeah?"

"MMMMMM HMMMMMM I like that plan" She said. "Oh damn, I know someone."

"Bozo the clown?" I asked as she groaned and laughed despite the stupidity of the reply.

"Noooo, my friend Liz" She said as she moved her hands to my tits and massaged them, rolling my hard little nipples in her fingers as I gently shivered in pleasure. "So hot, and she likes girls too."

"And why..." I said as I stopped to kiss her softly as she tweaked my nipples and made me moan into her mouth. "...haven't I heard about her before?"

"She's in the army" Evie said as I smiled and loved the simplicity of that answer. "Serving in Iraq in old George W. the war criminals orgasmic wet dream."

"Oh great idea there" I said as Evie rolled my titties over and over in her hands now. "So this is what a five year plan?"

"Noooo" Evie said as she kissed me. "Her hitch is over in a few weeks. She wrote me an email this morning and asked if she could stay with me for a while. She doesn't know about me and Shawna breaking up and you me and hooking up."

"I say no she can't stay with us" I said as Evie rolled her eyes. "What I'm serious?"

"She doesn't have any other place to go" Evie said as I smiled. "Stop being stupid?"

"She sleeps on the couch!"

"I was thinking she could sleep on one side of you and I could sleep on the other" Evie said as she kissed me and rolled me over onto my back as she now got over me in the missionary position and grinned down at me. "Huh Carrie?"

"I get both of you?" I asked as my hands stroked up and down her bare back slowly. The feel of her smooth skin under my fingers is such a wonderful treat.

"MMMMMM HMMMMMM" Evie said as she kissed me again. "I also know something about her that will make you really happy."

"Her little ass is tight and loves cock?" I asked as Evie grinned and a thrill surged through me. "MMMMMMMM me thinks you and her in a 69?"

"Me thinks me you and her out on the deck early in the morning with you taking turns butt fucking us" Evie said as I grinned and slid my hands down to her ass cheeks and squeezing them in my hands as she moaned for me.

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah my cock is gonna love that" I moaned as Evie reached to the right and opened the bag that contained my strap-on and pulled it out and showed it to me. "You want me to use it now huh?"

"MMMMMM oh yeah, just lay there and let me handle this" She said as I did indeed lay there as she slipped off my body and then slipped the harness on me and fastened the straps on either side and took hold of the cock as she stroked it a few times. "MMMMMMMMMM Carrie got big wonderful cock."

"MMMMMMMM then suck my big wonderful cock baby" I moaned as Evie smiled and lowered her head to my cock and began to suck it and took it deep in her mouth as I moaned and slid my fingers into her hair to clear it from her eyes. The harness working my clit already as Evie's head began to bob up and down slowly but surely as more of my cock slid deep in her mouth. My ass clinched a few times as I held her hair now in a make-shift ponytail on the back of her head as it bobbed up and down. "MMMMMMM baby that's so fucking good."

"MMMMMMM I know I love sucking it for you" Evie said as she rose and crawled up to kiss me softly. Crossing her leg over my stomach and scooting backwards a bit and rising up into the catchers position as I got the idea of what she wanted and took hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy as she lowered herself into the infamous 'catcher's position' as I held my cock steady and laid my head back on the pillows. I held the cock in place with one hand and placed my other behind her head. Evie let the tip slide into her pussy and placed both of her hands on my flat tanned stomach for balance as I in turn placed my other arm behind my head. Relaxing and watching Evie start to bounce gently on it as the cock began sinking into her pussy. "MMMMMM Carrie does it feel good up my pussy baby?"

"MMMMMMMMM baby it sure does" I moaned, as did Evie, as the cock stroked her pussy walls for the first time and made it spasm. Evie's beautiful body bouncing up and down as she fucked more and more of the cock into her pussy with every passing bounce. Her face showing the pleasure of the moment as she let the last of the cock sink into her pussy and mashed her ass cheeks against my thighs for the first time. I moved my hands from behind my head down to Evie's body and squeezing her titties softly as she rose all the way to the top of the cock and impaled herself on it as she moaned and opened her mouth in surprise at the sensations. Then doing it again and again faster and harder as her moaning got louder.

"MMMMMMMMM so good on my cock sweet baby girl" I moaned and loving the sight of Evie's pretty face now masked in pleasure as I moved my hands to her waist and started bouncing her more aggressively as she squealed in pleasure. "MMMMMMMMMM soooo good, bouncing your titties for me MMMMMMM that's so good."

"MMMMMMMM oh fuck it feels so good up my pussy Carrie" Evie moaned as she did exactly as I requested and arched her back and started bouncing her titties up and down as I squeezed my fingers into her flesh and bounced harder and harder on my cock. Shaking my entire body each time she landed on my thighs and a loud smacking sound could be heard as her ass cheeks slapped at my thighs over and over. Evie moaning out loud as she rose all the way to the very top of the cock so it almost came out of her sweet pussy and dropped back down as a loud smacking sound could be heard each time she repeated this. "Bounce them titties, oh yeah bouncing titties I love that."

"My pussy is feeling so good right now" Evie moaned as I bounced her up as high as she could go and guiding her back down onto my thighs as her firm little titties bounced up and down like I wanted. I moaned out loud and tensed up and shook harder from below, saying in a moan, "MMMMMMMMM slow down baby, whoa, slow down!"

"MMMMMMMMMM so good, I love it" Evie moaned as I sat up and kissed her softly as she came to a stop and now sat across my thighs. Wrapping my arms around her and guiding her to lift up as my cock slipped out of her pussy and I took hold of it and guided it back a bit to her asshole and saw her eyes go wide with surprise when I slid inside and clinched my ass to get it deep. She hugged me and moaned as I grunted and got all the way inside. Evie's bottom lip trembling as the pleasure surged through her body. "MMMMMMM yeah you got it in the right hole now, huh Carrie?"

"MMMMMMMMM yes I do, all the way up your butt fuck hole baby" I moaned as I laid back on the pillows again and clutched at the girls waist and watched Evie start bouncing again this time with my cock pumping in and out of her asshole. She went harder and harder up and down with every passing bounce as I felt my pussy getting a good workout from the girl pounding down onto me now as my pussy started to spasm. The pleasure of the cock deep inside Evie's asshole was now becoming very evident from the pleasure soaked smile on her face as she threw her long brown hair to the side and clutched at my stomach and fucked harder up and down as her moaning grew louder and louder, her mouth hanging open just a bit as the sensations rang through her body. Evie's thighs spanking at my ass cheeks loudly as I shook from below. "MMMMMMM whoa hold up, hold up, it's time to go back in your pussy!"

"MMMMMMMMM oh wow" Evie moaned as she lifted up and my cock popped out of her asshole as I took hold of it and guided it back inside her sweet pussy now as she moaned and looked down and started bouncing on it again. She began to shake my body harder now as she bounced expertly on the cock as it made her pussy spasm even harder. "MMMMMMMMMM fuck my pussy is spasming so good, I really love switching holes likes this!"

"MMMMMMMMMMM harder baby, come on do it harder" I moaned aggressively as I moved both hands back to Evie's waist to hold her as she bounced up and down harder and harder now. Her moans became louder and louder with each passing thrust downward on the cock as she got ever closer to her orgasm. "MMMMMMMMM yeh so good now bounce your fucking titties for me, I said bounce them for me and I mean it, damn it."

"MMMMMMMMM OH god you just don't know how hot you're making me, fuck my pussy is gonna cum" Evie moaned as she tried to do it as I had demanded and bounced ever harder on my cock as she squealed. Sweat dripping off her nude young body down onto my now, and her titties bouncing harder up and down just like I wanted. Her long brown hair becoming stuck to her back as her moaning turned to squeals of joy, her face showing the pleasure she was in at the moment as she looked down at me. My moaning got louder as my own tanned body shook from the pounding she was giving me from above and I got closer to my own orgasm. "Like that? MMMMMMMMM so good so close, titties bouncing for you Carrie."

"MMMMMMMMMM hold up, baby hold up, switch holes one more time so I can do some more butt fucking" I moaned as Evie offered no resistance and slowed, then stopped as she lifted off my cock and guided it herself to her asshole and sunk down on it as I moaned from below her. Stroking my hands over the sweat covered skin of her back as she began to bounce on my cock once more and hard too. Squealing as my pussy and hers spasmed harder with every shot as my cock pistoned in and out of her asshole. "MMMMMMMM yeah make your pussy cum baby."

"MMMMMMMMMM yeah yeah yeah" Evie moaned as I bounced her aggressively one last time.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM my pussy is cumming sexy baby, yeah pretty titties look so good bouncing for me" I moaned as I laid back and shook harder from the bounce fucking she was giving me as my orgasm exploded inside my pussy. Evie bounced now furiously on the cock, her body covered in a thick dripping film of sweat as was mine. I arched my back as my pussy spasmed wildly in orgasmic bliss with the pounding of Evie down onto me. Evie squealed in pure pleasure as her pussy did much the same as mine as her hand shot to her asshole to make sure the cock stayed in place as her orgasm surged through in wave after wave of intense pleasure. Evie bounced as hard as she could a few more times as the orgasm faded into afterglow and she finally landed hard on my thighs one last time and slumped forward. My cock slipping out of her asshole. "MMMMMMMMM yeah baby that was good huh?"

"MMMMMMMM yeah" Evie said as she kissed me softly and grinned as she said, "Think you can handle me and Liz both?"

"I dunno you wear me out" I said as she smiled.

"I'll help you all I can" She said with a kiss as I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her deeply. "MMMMMMMMM and I know Liz has that Gymnast body that you just love!"

"And how do you know I love gymnasts bodies?" I asked as she slipped off me and undid the straps and slid off the harness. Laying it aside before she crawled back up beside me and laid down. Saying, "I've seen the pictures you've got on your laptop, Shawn Johnson?"

"Oh yeah" I said and blushed as she laughed. "She's hot!"

"She looks like a little girl" Evie demanded.

"Can we change the subject?"

"Nope" She said as she kissed me and let it linger for a long moment. "Because there's something you need to know about me!"


"I love young pussy" Evie said in a sultry voice. "And I know you do too!"

"Young pussy?"

"Firm young girls with tight little bodies and not a hair below the eye brows" Evie said. "Smooth pussy too, makes it so easy to lick and tastes so fresh it sends shivers down my body."

"MMMMMMMM yeah" I moaned as I kissed her and we traded tongues back and forth for a few long moments. "I so agree. You should see some of the pics I can find."

"Don't tease me" Evie said with a finger point as I smiled and slid off the bed and got my laptop from it's bag and slid back into bed as Evie sat down in front of me and I wrapped her in my arms as we waited for the computer to log onto the net. I brought up my browser and logged onto EZnews and surfed to the newsgroup I knew that was usually littered with naked little girlies. Evie's eyes glazed over with lust at the visions of naked teenies danced before us as we surfed through page after page of smooth tanned skin and bald little cunny slits. "OHMIGOD I'm in heaven!"

"You really like those huh?" I asked as she nodded without so much as a glance towards me. She took control of the touch pad and started to open pic after pic and pic and lay back against me and masturbate for a few moments before moving onto the next pic. After a few sessions of this I stopped her when she went back to rub her smooth pussy again. She looked back at me with confusion as I then started to slowly rub her clit myself as she closed her eyes and shook with pleasure and slowly clicked through image after image as I worked her clit faster and faster and took her closer to an orgasm. By now I was hot as hell but adored seeing her in so much pleasure as I worked her clit faster one last time as she clicked on one last image with a naked teeny on her back with her legs pulled up to her head and her cute little asshole open just a bit. "MMMMMM love to do something to that little hole of hers."

"MMMMMMMM my baby you fill it up with your cock and I'll lick her smooth pussy for you MMMMMMMM" Evie moaned as she shook gently with an orgasm storming her body. She tensed for a long moment and closed her thighs tightly around my hand before settling down with a dreamy satisfied look. "MMMMMMM wow that was the best cum ever."

"You like that huh?" I asked as she closed my laptop and turned as she kissed me. "MMMMMMM!"

"Love little girls!" Evie cooed. So did I after those few moments. Trust me this would only be the beginning of mine and Evie's obsession with younger (little) girls.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

A few days later, back home in 'Highwaytown', Evie rose from a rather restless nights sleep in a foul mood and wasn't shy about letting everyone know about it. Jeff, in a move he probably regretted, stopped by again on this sunny cloudless day and talked us into playing softball. Something that Evie apparently loves and a sport I've played most of my life. Which is why I thought I could basically teach my new girlfriend how to hit even though she didn't really wanna learn in the first place. LOL.

"How much fuckin shit do you need to play softball huh Jeffy?" Evie asked as I laughed and helped Jeff carry the last bag of stuff into the dugout along side the softball field. Evie being pissed already and having to carry in two heavy bags didn't make her any happier.

"You know as well as I do that I got practice with my team in a hour or so" Jeff said as he took his bucket of beat up softballs out to the mound and motioned for me and Evie to get up to the plate.

"Then why we gotta carry the shit for your whole team huh?" Evie asked pointedly as I pulled a bat out of the bag and tested it for weight and length. Evie picking up the heaviest bat she could find and walking out of the dugout. "ANSWER ME!"

"Look if you all gonna do is bitch Evil go the fuck home" Jeff finally said.

"I'll show you Evil" Evie said as she drew the bat back and looked ready to fire it at him before I got to her. Getting in front of her and saying, "Chill! Anyway that bat is to heavy for you."

"No, it's not" She said as I showed the weight and length. "I use it all the time."

"You need a smaller bat."

"No I don't" She demanded as she turned and walked to home plate and got in her stance as Jeff tossed one on a usual 10 foot arch and Evie swung and followed the miss by spinning all the way around in the batters box. I laughed and shook my head. She looked to me and said, "What the fuck is so funny?"

"You swinging the bat Princess Insomnia" I said as she flipped me off. "Good thing this wasn't a game, lord only knows what would happen if you made contact."

"I told you I royally sucked at it, leave me alone" Evie said as I waved to Jeff to stop for a minute. I stepped in front of her and handed her the lighter bat. "What?"

"Use this?"


"Because you love me and said you wanted to be with me" I said pointedly. "All you done today is bitch and moan. So how about lets try having some fun?"

"Being a cunt huh?" She asked as I grinned and nodded my agreement.

"Believe me Carrie it's not the first time" Jeff said as I laughed.

"Don't pay him any attention" I said as I put my hand on her bat and gently pulled it away from her fingers as she gave me a frustrated look. "For me? Use this new one and do what I say this once and I promise you I can teach you how to hit."

"OK, raise the bat a bit and before you swing clear your hips like this" I said and showing her exactly what I wanted her to do. She watched closely and copied what I did perfectly. I stepped back and watched Jeff toss another that came down perfectly as Evie did her old swing and missed it by 3 feet but didn't spin all the way around in the batters box this time. Progress. "Well, progress I suppose."

"This bat is like a stick it's too small" Evie complained as Jeff walked in from the mound and joined us.

"You need a small bat you're not a guy" I said as she half-smiled at me. "Believe me you're not a guy."

"You could be though" Evie said as she put the bat up to her pussy and pretended it was a huge cock. "Hi, I'm Carrie."

"I'll show you Hi I'm Carrie, next time you in the mood" I said as Evie made a face at me.

"Knock off the floor play huh?" Jeff asked as I laughed. "And Evie she's right. I've been trying to tell you that the bat you're using is to big."

"Softball coach and he agrees with me" I said.

"Yeah of a last place team" Evie said as Jeff cleared his throat and looked at her pointedly.

"Third place and on a five game winning streak" Jeff said. "We got a couple of good players a few weeks ago and the team is much better."

"Sorry!" Evie said as Jeff shrugged, no doubt used to her by now.

"Now what Carrie was telling you is exactly right, clear your hips, head down, eye on the ball and drive it with your back foot" Jeff said as he demonstrated with me as his dummy, so-to-speak. "Understand?"

"I'm telling you I can't do this" Evie said as I rolled my eyes and moved back in front of her and kissed her as she gave me a smile of awe and kissed me back as she dropped the bat. "MMMMMMMM me like kissing Carrie on softball field. Evie get naughty thoughts."

"Shut up already!" Jeff groaned as we laughed. He handed her the bat before heading back to the mound. A few players in uniforms coming through the fence and stood quietly by as I said to Evie, "You can do this, pretend that ball is someone you hate and try and kill it. Shawna?"

"I don't hate Shawna anymore!"



"HMMMMMMM, just try and hit Jeff with the ball then" I said as she laughed and got into her stance as I backed away and Jeff, not hearing our convo tossed an easy one in to her. A small step, bat starts, clearing her hips, eye on ball, bat meets ball almost on the sweet spot, head down and just like that the ball went rocketing towards right field. Evie looked shocked as she watched it land harmlessly in the outfield grass. My heart beat faster as she dropped the bat and came running over to me and hugged me. "You did it, I knew you could."

"I love you so much" She said as she kissed me.

"AWWWWWWW" Came the sound of several of the players as we parted and blushed. The players taking the field as we settled in on the bleachers right behind home plate and watched.

"I love you too by the way" I said as she looked over at me.

"I know, thanks" She said softly as she took my hand and laced our fingers together. "No one else has ever been that patient with me."

"No problem Evil" I said as she grinned.

"Clumsylocks" She said as I laughed and she kissed me.

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah?" I asked as I looked down and saw a pretty red head with a hot blond attached to her arm as they smiled.

"You're Jeff's friends, Carrie and Evie?" She asked. We nodded as she smiled. "I'm Carla Kilgore, my girlfriend Beth Chapman."

"Nice to meet you" Evie said as they sat down on the bleacher below us and turned toward us.

"Jeff said you guys were dating and you might wanna hang out one night" Carla said.

"Yeah we're lots of fun and we're sluts" Beth said with a giggle. Carla almost fainting in embarrassment as Evie and I both laughed.

"Beth Chapman, I swear" Carla said.

"What? It was funny" Beth said as Carla smiled.

"Nice to meet you, we're sluts too" I said as Beth laughed out loud and Carla blushed and covered her face. Looking around a moment later to make sure no one was watching. "I think it'd be fun to hang out."

"Yeah why not" Evie said as she looked to me nervously. "Sooo what Mini-golf?"

"Cool beans" Beth said.

"Movie night?" Carla asked. "We like to do that!"

"Me and my Ex used to do that, sort of a tradition" I said as Evie nudged me. "What?"

"Do you think you could talk about me and you instead of you and her?" She asked as I rolled my eyes and kissed her.

"I'm here with you right?"


"Have I went home yet?"

"To kick Shawna's ass!"

"And who did I leave with?"


"OK then that means I wanna be with you,"

"Never said you didn't,"

"Well I do and I'm telling you that so stop being so jealous of my EX" I said flatly. Evie thought about it for a moment and simply smiled as she kissed me back softly. "OK?"

"It's just that...we don't have any traditions like that" Evie said nervously.

"Hon that takes time to develop" Carla said as we both looked to her and she placed her hand on Evie's. "And you guys have been together for what?"

"6 months or so!"

"It'll come in time" Carla said as she smiled at Beth. "Here we go on almost three years and we're just now doing that. Christmas and New Year's at her Mom's place in Idaho, Thanksgiving at my Dad's place in Campton and Valentine's in...well...just in."

"The bedroom" Beth said as her and Carla both giggled and kissed.

"EWWWWWWWW you guys have lesbian sex?" Evie asked as I fell over on the bleacher laughing. Carla rolling her eyes and again blushing as Beth and Evie enjoyed a laugh.

"I like you already" Beth said with a smile. Evie pulling me up and hugging my arm. "So movie night or mini-golf?"

"I think it sounds like fun" I said as Carla and Beth smiled at me. Evie simply nodding as we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses before Beth announced she had work and would call us as soon as she knew when she would have a day off. Speaking of work, I guess you might have been wondering exactly how Evie and I have been living with me no longer working at my Dad's store, well as it turns out Evie's Dad pays most of her bills as long as she stays out of trouble. He's got plenty of money I know that. That also explains why Shawna loved staying down here so much even though her and Evie didn't exactly get along very well.

"Something wrong?" I asked Evie a few minutes later as she had gotten very quiet after Beth and Carla left.

"You know I've never been out on a double date with another couple" Evie said as I smiled and kissed her shoulder as she half-smiled. "I don't know how to act."

"It's fun" I commented. "I've done it a few times EX and Shawna when she was dating my sister Lindsey."

"That's more like best friends hanging out" Evie said. "You and Shawna are sisters by different mothers and Jen was your third Musketeer. Not the same."

"We also went out with Britney and Chloe one night" I said. "Played mini-golf. Lots of fun."

"Chloe was the one who was in love with you, right?" Evie asked. Me being surprised that she knew that. "I read it in Shawna's chat log with that whore Melissa."

"Yeah I really liked her, Chloe I mean" I said. "And she did say she was in love with me, yeah."

"And she fell in love Brittney, Shawna's cousin?" Evie said. "The stupid one."

"Don't call her stupid again" I demanded as Evie laughed. "I'm not kidding."

"But she is..."

"No she is not" I said. "Britt is dyslexic not stupid and if you wanna fight you'll call her that again."

"Touchy much?"

"Don't call her that again" I said as I turned away. Evie obviously doesn't know the history I have with Shawna's cousin, whom I spent many hours with tutoring one summer a couple of years ago when she was trying desperately to pass her G.E.D. She did!

"I'm sorry I didn't know you liked her so much" Evie said with a sour look on her face. Jealousy much?

"Look, Britt has a piece of my heart because of the way she was treated by a lot of people and no one including you is gonna put her down while I'm around" I said as Evie remained quiet. "You remember the story of me spearing Shawna through the coffee table (that was mentioned in episode 3)?"

"Yeah she called you Clumsylocks" Evie said with a smile.

"And she called Britt a retard and made her cry" I said as Evie moved away a foot or so as I laughed and pulled her back. "Not saying I'm gonna hit you, I won't. But Shawna got what she deserved anyway."


"And I'm asking you not to push my buttons with Brittney" I said as Evie looked at me in confusion.

"Why would I bring her name up?"

"We're fighting, you wanna a way to piss me off, so you bring her name up?" I asked. "All couples do it."

"True" Evie said. "You should have heard the shit me and Shawna said to each other."

"Yeah I kinda did that night at the house back home" I said as she nodded and leaned in and kissed me. "Brittney is off limits? Just like you being raped is off-limits. OK?"

"This is really important to you isn't it?"

"Yeah it is" I said as Evie agreed with a nodding of the head.

"They live in Lexington right?" Evie asked.

"Uh huh on Man 'O' War near the airport" I said as she nodded toward the truck. "You wanna drive down now?"

"80 miles or so on 1-75 and we'd be there" She said as I smiled. "We going? I wanna meet them anyway."

"You've never met them?"

"Shawna never introduced me to any of her friends" Evie said as I leaned in and kissed her. "You will, right?"

"Bathroom break and we gone Evil" I said as she grinned and kissed me as we rose and she followed me down the bleachers as I disappeared into the bathroom and did my business and coming back out a few minutes later and seeing that Softball practice was over with Evie and Jeff standing out in right field chatting and playfully pushing each other. I got an almost evil idea as I came onto the field and saw Evie squeal as Jeff poked her ribs and made her jump away. I started marching like I was really pissed after he accidently tripped her and she smacked his arm. He grabbed her and tickled her again and again and Evie tried to fight him off as he tickled her some more.

"STOP!" She screamed as she pushed him away and as I got to within about twenty feet I saw Evie's eyes meet mine and she saw my 'pissed off' expression and watching me take off running and taking dead aim at Jeff. I saw Jeff look around as I lowered my shoulder as if to set up for the spear. "CARRIE NOOOOOO!"

I slowed at the last possible second and swerved away from Jeff as he jumped back a foot or so and rushed Evie as she screamed and I picked her up in one switch motion onto my shoulder and carried off her the field. "PUT ME DOWN! CARRIE I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"

"Why?" I asked as we reached the parking lot and I set down by the truck and kissed her softly before she could muster a reply.

"You scared me half to death!" She said as she pushed me away and I laughed. "I thought you were gonna kill him for picking on me."

"Want me too?" I asked as she grabbed onto my jacket and pulled me into her arms and kissed me. "Think I was gonna hit you?"

"Nooo" She said.

"I won't, remember I promised you that?"

"Yeah you did and you won't unless I call Brittney a name again."

"No, I'd probably just be really hurt that you wanted to hurt me so bad you had to go there" I said. Evie simply nodded and kissed me. "I do love you."

"I love you too" She said. "You ready?"

"Bye guys?" Jeff said as he came out to meet us. I laughed, so did he as we said our goodbyes and left for Lexington a few moments later.

* ~ ! ~ /\ ~ ! ~ *

I saw Britney sitting in a bean bag chair in the yard, reading, as we drove up some two hours or so later. She looked up briefly and quickly went back to her book as we parked and I got out along with Evie. "Hey!"

"What?" Brittney asked as she looked up and seemed to be in shock as she saw me. I smiled as she stood and after a moment ran across the yard and met me by the front of the truck. Hugging me around the neck and me hugging her back as she smiled.

"What are you doing here?" She asked with the brightest smile I'd ever seen her have as we touched foreheads and I smiled back.


"You come to see me?" She asked as I nodded and she hugged me again. Chloe coming out of the front door of the trailer and grinning as she saw me and Brittney hugging.

"AHEM!" Evie said as Chloe stopped in front of us.

"Oh, yeah, UMMMM this is Evie" I said as Brittney smiled and laid her head on my shoulder. "My new girlfriend."

"Jen told us" Chloe said. "You're Shawna's ex?"

"Yeah" Evie said quietly as I reached out my hand to her and she took it. Lacing our fingers together. "We ended pretty badly."

"Shawna is seriously retarded" Brittney said as she slipped both arms around me. "I'm glad you and Evie hooked up."

"Me too" Evie said as her and Brittney smiled at each other. Me getting the most erotic thought of my life as they now hugged me in tandem. Ohmigod I wouldn't be able to handle both of them. "Nice to meet you?"

"Yeah it is" Brittney said as she touched Evie's hand. "Shawna Lynn said you hated me and called me stupid."


"Shawna lied" I said as Brittney looked at me. "And even if she did now you two can be friends and she can see how special you are."

"I still love Shawna" Chloe announced and bringing the attention back to her. "She's still my friend."

"You make her leave and I'll go with her" Brittney said as she moved back in front of her girlfriend. "You hear me?"

"What? You love her more than you do me?"

"They drove a long way to visit and you don't need to ruin it by being hard headed" Brittney said. "And yes I love you. I want peace and you don't need to start a fight."

"Not trying to" Chloe said. "Making it known how I feel."

"You've always had a big mouth" I said to Chloe as she grinned. "You still in love with me?"

"Ohmigod you're dead" Chloe said as she pointed at me and Brittney laughed as she hugged her girlfriend to stop her.

"In love with you, huh?" Evie asked as I explained about the situation (in more detail) that developed a couple of years ago when Chloe was renting the apartment next to Jen's and things got kinda crazy and she ended up admitting she was in love with me (a story for a later episode). We settled in a few moments later around a small fire in the yard, bean bags being the chosen seating. Evie and Brittney had gotten off to a great start as they were already acting like old friends and Chloe was even warming to her.

"Hey!" Brittney said as she met me coming out of the bathroom inside. Evie and Chloe chatting outside. "Talk in private?"


"You ain't told Evie about us have you?" She asked with a nervous smile.

"Just that you were important to me" I said as Brittney smiled. "But nothing else."

"No one else knows?" She asked as I nodded my head no.


"I don't want Chloe to know cause it would really hurt her" Brittney said. "Even if it did happen before we hooked up."

"I ain't told no one and never will unless you want to" I said as Brittney grinned. "You feel better?"

"MMMMMM you could make me feel better" Brittney said as I grinned in return. "I'm still so smooth and tanned from head to toe, you'd love it."

"MMMMMM" I cooed as I raised her shirt a bit and saw that dark gorgeous tan that she was known for. "Me, you and Evie?"

"MMMMMMMM me like, me like" Brittney said quickly as she slid closer. Both of us giggling as we hugged. "Should I dump Chloe for the weekend?"

"You're bad" I said as she gave me a sexy giggle and an innocent horny smile that only she could possibly pull off. "You gonna let me have your butt?"

"Best feeling in the world so MMMMMMMM" She said as she slid closer and pressed her stomach to mine and grinned. "Did it feel good the first time you got it?"

"I'm going back outside before we get in trouble" I said as she shrugged but knew she'd gotten me horny. She had too. OHMIGOD it was insane how much I wanted that girl in the next few moments.

She headed back to the giggle fest with Chloe and Evie as I dipped into the bathroom and turned the water in the sink on and took a seat on the toilet and rubbed one off that was awe inspiring. My pussy spasmed so hard it was insane and I made a small mess on the seat as it dripped out of me, but it worked as the tension wasnoticeably less as I cleaned up and rejoined the party a few minutes later. Evie leaning forward and giving me the seat behind her on the bean bag as I plopped down and pulled her back into my arms. She sniffed my collar for a moment as Chloe and Brittney got up to check on the steaks that were now on the grill.


"You rubbed one off you smell like girl cum" Evie whispered as I rolled my eyes as if that were crazy. "Don't lie to me Carrie."

"OK, I did, now get mad at me but Brittney was hitting on me can get mad now..."

"She offered you some?" Evie asked as I grinned and knew she was interested in all of the details.

"Me and you both" I said as Evie's mouth dropped open and I spied Brittney giving me a certain look before looking away. "But nothing will happen I promise."

"I get her pussy first" Evie said with a horny smile. "By first I mean you watch."

"Holy shit!" I said as Evie laughed. "Too bad she has a girlfriend?"

"Touche" Evie said as I rolled my eyes at her playful answer. I wrapped her in my arms as she kissed my cheek. Never thinking it would happen honestly because of the relationship that Chloe and Brittney shared (a great story for a later time). And that's (of course) when my view of reality was altered when a stunning new arrival to the party appeared on the horizon. Her name was Kennedy Mercer, a well to-do (lots of money) resident at thedevelopment not to far down the road.

She walked up to be greeted by Chloe with an adoring smile and a rather cold shoulder from Brittney. Chloe sure didn't seem to notice her girlfriend didn't like this Kennedy as the two soon disappeared inside the trailer and stayed gone for quite a while. Brittney sat back down on her bean bag and seemed really pissed.

"Who the hell was that?" Evie asked as she moved over and sat by Brittney.

"Chloe's new friend" Brittney said with air quotes on the word friends. "Whore is what I call her."

"Then if you don't like her why is she here?" I asked and joining Evie.

"Chloe's job pays the rent and I have no say so what so ever" Brittney said. "She's over here all the time too, day and night."

"What does Chloe say?"

"We're only friends Brit" Brittney said and doing a perfect imitation of her girlfriend. "She's fuckin that whore as sure as I'm sitting here."

"Wouldn't mind watching" Evie said as Brittney gave her a shocked look and I laughed. "Kidding!"

"Nooo you weren't" I said as Evie gave me a dirty look. I looked back at Brittney and said in dead pan, "Evie's a pretty big butt slut you know?"

"Ohmigod I am not" Evie said as Brittney started laughing and Evie tackled me to the grass. "Take it back Carrie."

"Noooo" I growled as she wrestled with me on the grass. Chloe and Kennedy coming back outside and giving us a weird look as she saw Evie across my thighs.

"You two look fun" Kennedy said as I gave her a grin and nodded my head. She wiggled her tongue at me and walked off with Chloe a few moments later. Chloe stopping and saying to her girlfriend. "Hey Britt, gonna walk Kennedy home. Be back in a few, k?"

"Don't bother coming back" I said as I gave Evie a look and she knew just by that to play along. So while Chloe watched I crawled over and started pawing Brittney playfully. Going so far as kissing her shoulder just as Evie joined me and Brittney smiled at us with a dreamy expression. "We'll take Britt home with us for a few days, weeks or months?"

"MMMMMMM yeah I like that idea" Evie said.

"Me too! OHMIGOD me too" Brittney cooed as she moved a hand to mine and Evie's cheek and caressed them gently. Chloe flipped us off as she literally stomped off with her friend. "Might as well leave now, let me get my stuff."

"Shut up" I said as I pushed Brittney back down onto the bean bag when she attempted to get up. Evie falling back on the grass laughing.

"But you said Evie was a butt slut and we both know what kind of an effect you have on me" Brittney said as my whole body went flush with excitement. "With me and her around you could have ass anytime you wanted it."

"HMMMMMMM Carrie she has a valid point" Evie said as she got back on her knees and I saw the way her and Brittney smile at each other and the chemistry was electric. "You always wear me out I wonder how you'd do with two girls?"

"MMMMMMM would so love to find out" Brittney said as she pulled me closer and sat up in the bean bag. Saying to my girlfriend, "If you would share her with me!"

"Be a first" Evie said as she shocked me when she leaned forward and Eskimo kissed Brittney as both giggled. "You like pussy?"

"MMMMMM I adore pussy" Brittney said. "And cock. You?"

"Maybe we should stop before this gets out of hand and someone gets jealous."

"Why?" Evie asked pointedly. "We're all adults here and we know what we're doing."

"Yeah but you have a history."

"I was raped" Evie said to Brittney. "I dealt with it in therapy and now that I'm with Carrie I like sex again."

"I didn't like sex until Carrie let me feel it" Brittney said. "She's addictive."

"So are you" I said as I leaned forward and kissed her as Evie watched.

"I knew you two sluts had fucked" Evie said with a horny grin. "Now I'm going to."

"I love that idea" Brittney said as she kissed my girlfriend which sent my hormones into meltdown. "Please tell me you got your strap-on with you?"

"In the truck..." Evie said as my bottom lip dropped open and the stage was set.

Chloe called a few minutes later (still pissed) and said she was gonna eat dinner with Kennedy's family and would be home late. So with Brittney and Evie agreed we got down to the planned events now with a clear night. We all three stripped each other and made out on the couch (and yes this really happened!) I slipped into the strap-on and came back into the living room naked. Kissing each of the girls a few moments later as they pawed each other and we disappeared back into the bedroom. Hormones surging as all previous plans went out the window and simply did what we all loved most...butt fucking.

"MMMMMMMM you look so fuckin hot" Brittney said as she joined me by the bed and then kissing me as she grinned. Evie doing the same a moment later, "You're amazing with that thing too. You ready for my asshole?"

"Mine too?" Evie asked.

"My butt fucking cock is just about ready" I said as both smiled as I moved my hands to their tight little asses and squeezed them as both grinned. "But first my butt fucking cock needs to be sucked!"

"MMMMMMMM so much fun" Brittney moaned as I smiled and took that as a compliment as she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth and started to suck my cock right on the head and soon taking it deeper into her mouth. I moaned as one of my handssqueezed into Evie's ass cheeks as she watched my thighs began to quiver a little as the sensations of the strap working my clit took over. Brittney sucking harder and taking me deep in her mouth as her fingers began trailing up and down the side of my thighs, her feather lite touch on my thighs made the sensations that much more pleasurable. "MMMMMMM god baby you sure know how to suck a butt fucking cock good!"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM glad you love it so much" Brittney moaned before she took me back in her mouth and began to deep throat my cock over and over. Moving her hands to my ass and feeling it clench in her fingers as she took my cock in her mouth all the way and actually pressed her lips to the bare skin just above my pussy as I moaned and shook in pleasure. Brittney finally slowing and pulling off my cock as I relaxed and guided her back to her feet and kissed her. "MMMMMM did I get you ready to do some butt fucking?"

"MMMMMMMM oh fuck yeah" I moaned as Evie squeezed my ass in her hand and kissed me a moment later, then asking, "You two getting to know each other again?"

"MMMMMMM oh yeah and I'm about to get to know her again, real good too" I moaned as Brittney smiled and let me guide her over to beside the dresser and had her turn her back to me as she grinned and lifted one leg on to the chair. Evie stroking my ass as she moved behind me and watched as I got in behind Brittney and had her lean forward onto the dresser as I lined my cock up with her asshole and moaned as I slid inside and started pumping in and out. Brittney moaned out loud as she clutched at the edges of the dresser and shook from the shots I was already giving her as my cock slid deeper and deeper. I slid my hands up the smooth skin on her back and around to the front and over her titties as I began to squeeze them as my thighs began to smack at her ass cheeks. "MMMMMMM Brittney you feel so good to butt fuck."

"MMMMMMM you OHMIGOD you still love butt fucking" Brittney moaned as Evie moved to beside of me and watched for a moment as I pumped deep into Brittney's  asshole a bit harder. Evie leaning in and kissing me as she asked, "MMMMMM baby that feels good huh?"

"MMMMMM oh yeah she feels so good" I moaned as I pumped a few more times into Brittney's back door and felt my pussy begin to spasm. Evie kissing me again as I squeezed Brittney's titties in my hands and began to stiffen up as I pounded harder at her asshole. I rolled my tongue with Evie's as we frenched deeply and my pussy began to spasm harder and harder and I finally slowed in Brittney's  asshole and broke my kiss with Evie as my orgasm neared. I slowed a bit more as both Brittney and I settled down from our near orgasm and I pulled out of her asshole as she grunted. "MMMMMMM I'm so horny now, ohmigod baby you feel so good."

"MMMMMMMMMM you just made that my favorite feeling" Brittney moaned as she kissed me softly. Evie got on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth as she began to suck it. I moaned out loud as Brittney and I started to again kiss. Tongue massaging against tongue as I moaned into her mouth and squeezed her hot little ass in my hand and felt my pussy spasm gently with Evie's continued cock sucking. I broke with Brittney just as Evie began to deep throat me herself as my ass clenched some more and she bobbed her head up and down as I moaned. My thighs quivering as I stopped her and she smiled as she pulled off and got back to her feet. Brittney moaning to Evie, "MMMMMMMM baby you did such a good job!"

"MMMMM did I?" Evie asked as her and Brittney kissed softly. I moved back as Brittney smiled and knew what was happening as she moved aside and Evie took her former place by the dresser and brought her leg up and propped it on the chair as I moved back in behind her and lined my cock up with her asshole and slid inside my girlfriend's asshole this time. Brittney stroking my body as I began to pump fast in and out of Evie's tight little asshole and smacking my thighs at her ass cheeks as both of us began moaning. "MMMMMMMMMM oh yeah my baby you feel even better."

"MMMMMMMM yeah harder Carrie, give it to her harder" Brittney moaned to me as she leaned in and kissed me softly with sweat beginning to form on my naked body as I did as she encouraged me and started shaking Evie's body with ever harder shots. Taking hold of her shoulders now and pounding in a steady rhythm as my pussy began to spasm again in a wonderful way. I moaned as Brittney slid her hand down to my ass and squeezed it in her hand as she placed her other hand on my stomach and kissed my shoulder as I pounded my cock in and out of my girlfriend faster and faster. "MMMMM Carrie working so hard huh baby? You're doing such a wonderful job of butt fucking her she's never gonna forget that."

"MMMMMMMM I love it, you feel so good on my cock to butt fuck" I moaned and started stiffening up as I felt my orgasm coming on quickly. My ass clenching as I fought it as hard as I could. Evie moaning intensely as she did the same and with only a few strokes to go before both of us would have cum Evie groaned as she felt me slow and pull out of her asshole. Brittney smiling as she got back on her knees and opened her mouth as I immediately slid inside her mouth and led her start to deep throat me. Evie turned with hands now shaking from hormones, as was I, surging through our bodies and we kissed deeply with her tongue and mine dancing slowly like lovers. I moaned into my babies mouth as my ass clenched and Brittney started trailing her fingers so lightly up and down my thighs again and with her continued deep throating I was now holding back on my orgasm. I pulled away from Evie and stopped Brittney as she looked up at me with a devilish grin. "You are not gonna make me cum that way, I'm gonna cum while I'm butt fucking that tight little asshole of yours."

"MMMMMM most wonderful thing in life" Brittney said as she got back to her feet and moved in between us and got back in position for another round as Evie kissed me again before I moved back in behind Brittney and slid back inside her asshole. I immediately began to slap my thighs off her plump little ass cheeks as I started to pound in and out. "Time to be butt fucked to pure heaven Britt."

"MMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMM yeah butt fuck me so good" Brittney moaned as I stroked the smooth skin on her back and began to stiffen up as the sensations returned and my pussy began to spasm in such a satisfying way. Brittney moaned as Evie moved up beside her and the two kissed like long lost lovers as I pounded my cock in and out and heard her moan into my girlfriends mouth over and over. I dropped one arm to my side when I saw Evie was now watching. She now had a clear view I noted as I watched Brittney's ass cheeks jiggle each time my thighs slapped at them and I drove my cock into her asshole. Now holding her by the shoulder and watching her kiss Evie until the very moment her orgasm took over and the two parted as Brittney hugged her and moaned intensely as she shook. That brought on my own orgasm as I felt itblossom in my body and make me moan as loud as Britt. I delivered a few last butt fucking shots to her asshole as we both settled down and I pulled out. "MMMMMMM god she's so good at butt fucking, felt so good I'm shaking."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM yeah and I got to come butt fucking just like I said" I moaned as I kissed her softly.

"Come here baby, let me finish" I moaned as Brittney moved aside and Evie took her place and once again propped her leg up on the chair and let me slide into her asshole. I moaned as did Evie and started poundingfrantically in and out. Hard pounding shots deep inside her tight little asshole and a loud slapping sound as my thighs spanked at her ass cheeks, only drowned out by her and my moaning as the sensations returned immediately. I couldn't believe it but I was already stiffening up as my pussy was starting to spasm like it had just moments before in a very satisfying way as it filtered out to every pore in my body. Evie was shaking and moaning as she reached for Brittney and the girl joined her as they once again began to kiss deeply. "MMMMMMMMM is my baby ready to be butt fucked to pure heaven too?"

"MMMMMMM god you're shaking her so good, do her the same way" Brittney moaned in reply for Evie as my girlfriend was lost in the pleasure as she was moaning now like she was being hurt. I pounded a bit harder as the sweat began dripping off my body and succeeded in doing as Brittney had suggested and butt fucking Evie to pure heaven. Hearing her passionate moaning sent me over the edge too as my pussy began spasming wildly. Both of us moaning in pure pleasure as the sensations peaked and slowly began to subside into a wonderful after glow. I pulled out of Evie's asshole as Brittney helped her stand and the two joined me as they kissed softly. Each then kissing me as they settled down and my hands slid down to their asses and squeezed them as they grinned. "MMMMMMMM I don't think I've ever cum that hard before."