Author’s Note: 

I have a problem writing erotica.  What should be basically porn without a plot turns into an epic story.  This piece is an attempt to simply take the characters from an epic story I’m writing and write a little old fashioned porn with them.  Of course it turned into a 35 page story, but there’s a lot of sex here, so don’t worry.  If you want to find out more about the world where they live, you can do so at Cadre 5.  This story takes place between Issue’s Eight and Nine. Feedback is alwys welcome, so you can contact me at Cobalt-Blue.
Please note that thirty-five pages or not of plot, this story contains several intense scenes of sexual contact between male, female, and intersexual minor neo-humans with powers and abilities far beyond those of us mere mortals.  If you are under the legal age to read this, or are offended by this kind of subject matter, please press your "BACK" browser key and go read something else.  You have been warned.




Kenna Draupnir aka Faerie

              For the first time in a while I was actually enjoying myself.  Fall break had begun and I and the rest of the team had a week off from school and training at Wyndgate Academy.  The whole mess with our camping trip through the Appalachians had finally been cleared by the Department of Neo Affairs and we were once again allowed to travel off school grounds.  Of course it seemed that every time we did make it off the sprawling three hundred acre facility, we managed to get into some kind of fight.

              But I hoped this time was going to be different.  This time, it wasn’t the whole team; it was just me, Sawyer, and Rowan.  Brian had gotten permission from the DNA to fly back to Connecticut- under his own power, but escorted by his mother- for fall break.  He said he just wanted to visit home, but I had seen glimpses in his mind of worrying about the kid he’d told us all about on our camping trip.  He really was starting to become his mother’s son.  Mr. Erikson and his daughter were visiting relatives in Chicago, and had offered to take Aiesha to visit her mother- getting a flight reserved in under two months for a neo was nigh impossible these days.  Lance was staying with his folks in Richmond. 

              Sawyer had elected to stay at school over the break.  Actually, it was pretty much understood that he was staying to be with Rowan.  Rowan of course, like Lance, lived just outside of DC.  The two were becoming rather close friends, possibly more.  I on the other hand couldn’t go home.  That was part of my agreement with the government to get them to release the kindred’s assets in West Virginia.  I stay away from what the government believed to be a negative influence on me; i.e. my family, and they leave my family alone.  It wasn’t the best agreement, but it was the best I could get right now.

              What the government didn’t know was that I was right where I wanted to be at this time. My twin brother Kenneth and our mother were safe on the Isle of Man where the government couldn’t touch them without causing an international incident.  I was here for Rowan and Sawyer; I was here because my Lord and Lady wanted it, and when the time came, the three of us would make the government pay for what it was doing to neohumans.

              Of course here and now was the mall at Pentagon City.  The last time I’d seen this mall, Rowan and the rest of our Cadre had just finished stopping a high-tech armored car robbery that still didn’t make any sense.  Too much high-tech equipment, and too raw of mercenaries, and way too much violence had been involved in that little heist to be a normal armored care robbery.   Headmaster Blaire was still fighting the news services that were trying to get the government to reveal all our real names instead of our code-names.  So far, that idiot in the White House was actually assisting us, because if they revealed Brian’s real name that would reveal his mother’s real name, and Lady Lightning, the world’s premier hero would be outed as well.   The President wasn‘t quite ready to do that yet.  He wasn’t quite that stupid.

              Anyway, we were at the mall again- shopping again, and Rowan and Sawyer were arguing about it- again.  “I can’t Rowan, it wouldn’t be right,” Sawyer was protesting in his soft southern drawl.

              “Why not?” Rowan demanded.

              “It’s your money, not mine,” he said.

              “You’re right, it’s my money, and if I want to spend it on my boyfriend, I damn well will,” the tall champagne blonde youth said with a feral grin.  The use of the word boyfriend took Sawyer by surprise as well as several in the crowd around them. I could see people look at the arguing couple with quick sidelong glances.

              Rowan was dressed as usual; jeans with a hole cut in the back to give the cat-like tail on the blonde’s butt freedom to move around, and Kenna knew there was enough room in the crotch to not give away the package it hid.  The sweatshirt was baggy enough to hide Rowan’s smallish b-cups, and the longish hair cut that was styled around cat like ears gave the young neohuman a very androgynous look.  People couldn’t tell whether Rowan was a girl or a boy- which was good since she was functionally both.

              “I still feel bad about it.  I can’t spend that kind of money on you, Rowan,” he said, blushing deeply.

              I watched as Rowan stepped closer to Sawyer and gently touched the side of his face.  “You also can’t bench press an Abram’s Tank, and I can’t walk through walls or make people too heavy to stand up.  We’re different, and that’s what I like about you.  I also like the fact that you’re arguing with me over this.  It’s not like the money means a whole lot to me, and there’s more than I can ever spend. “She smiled mischievously and said, “Besides, I’m going to win this argument. “

              “Really?” he asked.

              She nodded her head and turned to me, “Aren’t I Kenna?”

              “I’m staying out of this one.  I only came along to referee, and so far you two aren’t hitting below the belt, so for now work it out yourselves.”

              “You’re no help,” Rowan said.

              “I love you both dearly; you’re two of my best friends, but I’m not dating either one of you, so it’s not my fight,” I told them with a mischievous smile.  Of course I was doing my own hiding as well.  The long antenna that arced up from the sides of my eyebrows had been gently combed into my hair to help hide them, and a baggy sweater went a long way in hiding the markings on my arms. Those markings could detach themselves from my skin to become a rather durable set of butterfly-like wings.  I looked around at the crowd that was starting to stare. 

              I could sense their thoughts very easily.  It was a mixture of fear and pity, neither of which I nor my companions would appreciate.  Rowan had made a conscious decision not to hide her cat-like features.  It was just too difficult, and it wasn’t like she had much of a family to protect from any back-lash- only a cousin who had moved into the family estate outside the Beltway.  Many of the people around us had bought the administration’s fear mongering about the dangers of neos, and so far we’d been carded at least twice since entering the mall because of Rowan’s tail and ears.  Others had a strange mixture of admiration and pity for us, for having to live life openly as neos.  “But you two are starting to make a scene, so maybe we should move on to the store.”

              Sawyer looked around at the stares, and rolled his eyes at the sight of mall security approaching us, yet again.

              “Is there a problem here?” a tall black security guard asked carefully.

              “Just my two friends arguing about what to buy,” I told him sending a gentle pulse of calm and all’s well through my antennae.   I knew that an energy field would arc between them when I did, but hoped that my own hair would hide it.  Slipping into his mind was piece of cake. 

              He simply nodded and said, “Well, keep it down, and don’t disturb the other shoppers.”

              I smiled and said, “Yes, sir.”  I took Sawyer and Rowan by the arm, and guided them toward department store up ahead.  “Don’t make me have to do that again.  You have no idea how many laws I just broke,” I whispered.

              They both looked at me and nodded.  They knew how I felt about having to use my powers on baselines. Fortunately, the police officer hadn’t noticed the small Psi-Corps pin I wore on my lapel.  As a graduate of the program, I was required to wear it openly, but since I was only fifteen, most people didn’t think to look for it.

              “Now, let’s just do our shopping and have fun.  No more arguing,” I told them.

              I could feel Rowan relax as we entered the huge store.   Sawyer looked around and sighed.  “Okay, okay. But nothing too fancy,” he said.

              Rowan beamed at him.  “I promise.”  She grabbed both of us and started leading us toward the men’s section grinning like the Cheshire Cat.  There was a joy coming from her that I hadn’t really felt since I’d met her.  I knew that she was still mourning the loss of her parents when school started back, and it’s taken a while for her to crawl out of the funk she was in, but this was something new.  It was like when she decided not to hide her feral features.  It was a liberation of the soul.

              I pulled Sawyer aside and said, “Whatever she suggests, just go along with it.” He gave me a weird look, “I’ve never seen her happy.  Let’s not spoil it.”

              He just nodded and said, “For her, sure.”

              “Good, now that that’s settled,” Rowan said with a grin as she tilted both her ears toward me.  She must have seen the look of confusion on my face because she added, “What? You read minds, I can hear the heartbeat of a mouse in the next room.  These ears are useful for something other than attracting attention, you know.”

              Sawyer just smiled at me and said, “I think sometimes you get too caught up in your own schemes, that sometimes you catch yourself Kenna.”

              “I’ll catch you!” I told him. 

              “Sorry, that’s Rowan’s job,” he smiled back.  I could understand now why she was so attracted to him.  Lance was good looking, and Brian was the All-American jock who reminded you of a young Austin St. John on a good day.  But there was a playful innocence in Sawyer’s grey eyes, and golden blond hair.  He was smaller than the other boys.  Hell, with the exception of me, he was smaller than the other girls, but there was a fire in his eyes that let you know that he’d meet anything you threw at him head on.

              “I don’t know, I might share,” Rowan said with a wink.   Suddenly both Sawyer and I started blushing.

              “Rowan!” we said in unison.

              She just shrugged and said.  “Well, it’s true, I might; with a close friend. “  She was actually flirting with me!

              We all laughed at that, as she turned back around and started to look at the men’s fashions on display.  She grabbed a pair of dark gray linen slacks and a white and pink striped button-down and held them against her body.  “What do you think?”

              “Going for the preppy look?” I asked her.

              “It’s gender-neutral,” she said.

              I tuned to ask Sawyer what he thought, and was surprised at the look on his face.  It was one of pure adoration for Rowan.  I could feel the waves of attraction coming off him like freight train.  I grinned, “I think Sawyer likes it,” I said.

              Rowan blushed slightly and looked down.   It gave her a boyish look as the black tips of her champagne colored hair fell across her face.  She seemed very pleased that Sawyer liked it.  I started to get an idea of what was going on here.  In her own way, Rowan was trying to seduce him, to take their relationship to the next level.  She was trying to dress the way Sawyer would find the most attractive; she just didn’t have the experience to know how to go about it.  “Good,” she replied and laid the outfit to the side to try on.

              This was a side of her, I’d never seen before.  She had always told us that she equally identifies with both genders, but at school she usually chose to wear a skirt.  She said it was because it made life with four and a half feet of tail sticking out of the base of her spine easier, and I had no reason to doubt her.  I’d just never seen much of her masculine side- that is except when she took 9mm automatic weapons fire to the chest and then twisted the machine pistols into so much scrap metal.  But that was in the fight with the armored car robbers. 

              We began going through the clothes and picking out several outfits that would make her look more like a boy, something we both knew would be more attractive to Sawyer.  At the same time we managed to put together a nice couple of outfits for him too.  When Rowan had said that she had more money than she could ever spend, she hadn’t been kidding.  At school, she’d made the comment to Lance that she had more money than God- not as a brag, but as a way of describing how her family had the resources to raise her in isolation.

              Her mother had been a successful television star before Rowan had been born.  Her grandfather had started a computer business in the early eighties, and her father and uncle had been extremely successful investment bankers who’d played the markets like a fine tuned violin for years.  Blake Enterprises was one of the top financial corporations in the world, and so far had been completely unscathed by the economic downturn that had played so much havoc with the rest of the world.  When she’d been born as a class 8 neo with a regeneration factor and durability, as well as her intersexuality, her parents had the resources to be able to raise her in a way where she could choose herself whichever gender she identified with.  Of course she’d never really been forced into one or the other, so she identified with each equally.

              That made her relationship with Sawyer all the more interesting.   Sawyer was self-identified as gay, but in the closet so as to not disappoint his parents at this time.   He’d also admitted to a keen mutual attraction to Rowan, so things were starting to get interesting.    Of course I was keeping my own attraction to both of them to myself.   If it was to be, then the Keeper of Cats and the Lord of the Alfs would make it so.  If not, then I wasn’t going to ruin a couple of good friendships.

              After choosing several outfits, I spent the next hour or so, watching the two of them trying them on.  It was actually kind of funny to watch because the two seemed to have very different tastes in what they would wear and what they liked to see.  Rowan’s taste in boys’ clothes tended to go heavily toward button-downs, and slacks or jeans.  The blousy effect of the shirts helped hide her b-cups and the black tips to her blonde hair- a natural coloring as opposed to any attempt to look Goth- offset the general prep look of the clothing to give her a look that was uniquely her own.

              On the other hand, Sawyer’s preference of jeans and tee-shirts, usually tight-fitting, accented his smaller frame.  To be honest, with his fair hair, skin and eyes, and the center parted hair cut he looked a lot younger than he really was.  Of course a lot of that had to do with the fact that at fifteen, he barely cleared five feet.    The tight shirts showed off a lean body with little to no baby fat, and a well defined musculature.  I got the feeling that he’d been spending quite a bit of his off time in the gym.

              About the time it looked like we were wrapping up with their clothes, Rowan gave me a strange look and said, “Now to the junior’s department.”

              “What for?” I asked.

              “Well, I need to pick up a few things for myself, and I thought we could do a little shopping for you too.  I mean, you’ve been good about putting up with me and Sawyer, maybe he should return the favor and put up with you and me trying on some things,” she told me with a little giggle.

              Sawyer just smiled at the idea and said, “I can sit and watch you two try on anything you want.”

              Rowan and I gave each other a quick look and smiled.  I told him, “Famous last words.”  We headed over to the women’s’ and girls’ departments.  With my size,- I’m only four foot six- I have a hard time finding things that will fit me outside of the girls’ department.  Luckily for me, a lot of girls’ styles were starting to be more sophisticated, so I wasn’t always dressing like a little girl.

              We spent about another hour shopping for both of us.  I wasn’t going to argue with Rowan about the purchases.  I got the feeling that something important was going on with her, and I wasn’t about to interfere with it.  We picked out several different outfits for both of us as well as underwear and lingerie.  Sawyer was actually pretty cool about the whole process, and waited patiently while we decided on what fit best.  He would even occasionally offer a suggestion on what looked good or not.

              All in all, it was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon.  We had dinner at Fyves again, and actually managed to make it to Rowan’s home without another incident from either mall security or some crazy trying to rob the place.  It was sort of an accomplishment for us.  It was an outing that didn’t end in a fight and thousands of dollars of property damage.

              As for Rowan’s house, it was located about fifteen miles outside the beltway in a very upscale neighborhood in Manassas.  The grounds were surrounded by a high brick wall, and the gate leading to the driveway was huge and made of black wrought iron.  The house itself reminded me of something out of the Flowers in the Attic novels- huge, sprawling and in the cool October air, somewhat foreboding.  Ghosts of happier times seem to flit through the atmosphere as the driver helped us unload the packages.

              “I have to go and wait for Miss Heather at the airport,” Martin said.  “Her flight was delayed due to the storm coming in.”  He indicated the gathering storm clouds in the west with his head.  "Mrs. Davis prepared rooms for Miss Draupnir, and Mister Grey before she left for the evening.  The pantry has been stocked, and the pool heated.”  He gave us all a look that spoke volumes about being careful around the pool.  “I hope to have Miss Heather home around midnight, but I suspect it will be much later.  Please be careful children.”

              “We will, Martin,” Rowan told him.  “And thanks for the help.”

              As we entered the huge home, I have to admit that both Sawyer and I were feeling a little out of place.  I know his folks are self-made, owning a chain of building supply stores in the Deep South, but I’m sure he was not used to anything like this.  As for me, Mom comes from money in England, but Dad is just a farmer, and most of what we own is usually tied up in the farm at home.  This place was huge!

              “C’mon, I’ll show you your rooms.  It's probably not a good idea to hit the pool with a storm coming in.  Getting fried by a lighting strike doesn't sound too fun to me,” Rowan said as she bounded up the stairs, her tail whipping behind her.  Sawyer and I turned and smiled at each other, shrugged and followed her.

              The room Rowan showed me was huge!  I'm not a big person as it is, but I could get lost going from one side of that bed to the next. It had its own sitting room, bathroom, and a walk-in closet the size of my whole bedroom back home.  It had a decidedly neutral decor that gave me the impression that it had been recently redone to remove old memories.  

    There was a large balcony that looked out over the back courtyard.  I could see a pool that had been covered over and sealed for the winter, and briefly wondered where we were supposed to go swimming.  On the other side of the courtyard was a large building with windows on the upper half.  I could see the reflection of water through them, and realized that they had two pools, one for winter and one for summer.    In the distance I could see dark pendulous clouds rolling in, and the occasional flash of lightning lighting them up.  It promised to be one doozy of a thunderstorm.  Maybe Rowan was right.  I didn't think swimming would be a good idea right now. Besides, we had all week.

    There was a knock at the door, and I saw Sawyer standing there with a smile on his face.  "Can I come in?"

    I smiled at him and said, "Sure.  What's up?"

    He just shrugged and said, "Just checking on you."  He crossed the room and stood next to me on the balcony.  Looking out to the west he said, "I guess swimming is out.  Don't think I'd want to set foot in a pool with that kind of storm coming in."

    I smiled at him and said, "We could always turn out the lights and tell ghost stories. After all, Halloween is coming up."

    He grinned at me and said, "I bet you know some good ones."

    "I know a few," I told him.  

    "So, what do you want to do this evening?" he asked.

    "I don't know.  Maybe watch some movies, and eat popcorn," I replied.  "You got any ideas?"

    He grinned and blushed.  "Not really," he lied to me.  The images he was giving off for his ideas included Rowan and weren't all that subtle. 

    "Yeah right," I said.  

    Before he could reply, Rowan stuck her head in the door.  She'd already changed into a loose pair of running shorts and a navy blue baggy tee-shirt.  She'd let her hair down and it fell into an almost page-boy haircut around her face, the black tips giving it a surreal look.  She was barefoot and grinning from ear to ear.  "I know you wanted to go swimming Sawyer, but with this storm, that's not a good idea.  However, we've got a hot tub in the basement that's both grounded and underground.  We could put some movies in grab some popcorn and soak."

    I gave Sawyer a quick glance and realized that he would love the idea.  With a little trepidation, I knew what kind of ground we were starting to encroach on, I said, "Why not?  I'm sure Sawyer would love it, and I've got a few kinks work out left from that fight with DNA Enforcers we had back last month."    

    Sawyer grinned hugely and said, "What can we do to help?"

    Rowan shook her head, and said, "I'll take care of everything.  Get into your swim suits and meet me downstairs."

    I nodded and said, "Sure."  

    "Be back in a flash," Sawyer said and headed out of the door.

    As Rowan started to follow him I said lowly, "You're playing with fire, girl."

    "What do you mean?" she turned and asked me.

    "You in a bathing suit, and a hot tub with Sawyer.  Things could go farther than you might mean them to," I warned her.

    She smiled at me and said, "Me , Sawyer, and you in a bathing suit and a hot tub.  How do you know how far I mean them to go?"

    She turned and left me standing there stunned.  That girl's going to be trouble.  It might be fun, but she's going to be trouble, I thought to myself as I turned back to my suitcase.  Opening it, I looked for the little blue and black number I'd bought back in the summer.  I'd bought it specifically to drive the principal up the wall at the Danville, New York Government school I'd been assigned to until they decided I was more trouble than I was worth.  It was little more than cotton balls than string, but if Rowan was going where her mind kept telling me she was going, cotton balls and string just might be the way I want to go.  I was just glad that Doctor Chapel had put me on birth control implants to try and even out my periods.  I got the feeling that they were going be used for their primary purposes this weekend.  

    I stripped, glad that I had taken the time to trim "down there" before we left from school.  Before tying on the swimsuit, I took a good look at myself in the mirror.  Blue eyes, stared back at me, and I smiled as my antennae slowly unfurled themselves from my bangs.  They ran along the ridge of my eyebrows, coming out at the outside curve of each and arcing up to form two little half circles about a foot above my eyes.  Whenever I used my psychic abilities they would spark between them. Long, straight, white-blonde hair reached almost to the top of my butt- which by the way was nice and firm.  My breasts were small, large-a cups, small b cups- and well-rounded, not those cone-shaped a-cups I'd seen on some girls.  Although fair, my skin was well toned; Mom called it an alabaster complexion.  Along the backs of my upper arms and thighs, and across my back I could barely see the darker markings where my wings merged with my skin.  

    That was my other power.  I could concentrate and separate them.  It was like peeling a second skin away, and they would harden into a blue and black butterfly wings in a matter of seconds.  Of course when I did that, I also shrank from my normal four feet six, to down to twenty four inches.  Not something I thought I would want to do in the hot tub.

    I smiled and pulled the bathing suit on.  I was also very careful to check my link with Kenneth, my twin who was currently with my mom on the Isle of Man.  I didn’t want him to get caught up in what I was hoping would happen tonight.  He at least would understand what was going on, and would be discrete, but I didn't want to distract him from whatever he might be doing.  Walking around with a spike in his pants might not be a good thing if he was on the soccer pitch or something. 

    Ten minutes later we were all downstairs.  Sawyer was wearing a cute little light blue set of trunks- not the Speedos but baggies that set off the gray in his eyes quite well.  His skin had a healthy ruddiness to it that bespoke of his Scots/Irish heritage.   I could see the effects from his recent trips to the gym with Lance and Brian in a firm toning of his body, but no real addition of any muscle mass.  I did notice an acute lack of a "pleasure trail", and not even hair under his arms.  I didn't think he shaved.

    Rowan on the other hand was wearing a black bikini top that accented her own breasts.  I'd called them a b-cup in the past, but they were on the small side of a b or the large side of an a.  Since her frame was larger than mine, her b cups looked much smaller than mine on me.  Her bottoms consisted of a matching Speedo style racing bottoms for a guy.  I caught both myself and Sawyer staring at the prominent bulge in the front.  Her tail was twisting lazily behind her, and she was carrying three robes.  "I thought you guys might want these," she said handing one to each of us.   I nodded and took it, even though nobody seemed inclined to put one on.  I could see her eyes darting back and forth between Sawyer and myself, and thought I saw a slight rise in the front of those Speedos.  

    I smiled at her and quoted the Bard, “Lay on, Macduff, and damned be him who first cries ‘Hold! Enough!’"



Saywer Jackson Grey aka Ghost


    Okay, I'll admit it.  I wasn't really paying attention.  First off Rowan and I had been sort of stepping out for a while.  We'd started off dancin' around each other.  To be honest she confused me at first.  I thought she was a girl, but I kept reactin' to her like I would a boy.  I've said it in the past; most girls just don't do anythin' for me.  I haven't come out to the parental units yet, because I know just how much sendin' me to Wyndgate was costin' them.  I didn't want to give them anything to be disappointed in me about, and the fact that I'd rather be datin' one of the baseball team than one of the cheerleaders was something I know they wouldn't take well.

    They literally mortgaged the house to keep me from having to attend one of the government run neohuman schools.  Schools that my dad described as "damnedable imperial federal government indoctrination camps".   I wonder if I should introduce my dad to Kenna's.  From what she had said, they'd probably get along well.

    Any way, I have to admit, the sight of Rowan in that outfit was gettin' my motor running.  Strangely enough, for someone who had a furry tail and ears, there didn't seem to be a whole lot of body hair on her- that is except when she extended her claws, and then the hair on her upper arms and feet grew out long and coarse, and black.  But now her skin was nice and smooth, and I found myself glad that I was wearing a pair of baggies, as I could feel myself start to react to her.

    Of course I was surprised at the bottoms.  I knew in my head that she had the same thing downstairs that I did- plus what Kenna had- but to be honest, our make-out sessions hadn't gotten quite that far yet.  Still, I caught myself glancing down and wondering, and that didn't help with the situation in my own shorts.  

    When Kenna quoted Macbeth, I was sort of shaken out of my observations and made to follow both of them through a door set in the main staircase we'd just descended.  Now the stairs leading down to the basement at my house were carpeted, and fairly well built- they led to a family room and the safe-room my parents had installed a few years ago- but these were like the ones we just came down from the second story. They were made of rich maple hardwood and were offset with white banister railings.  (Hey sue me, building supply and home improvement are the reason my parents could afford to mortgage the house to send me to Wyndgate.  I know my stuff.)

    We came out into a long hall running to either side. As we headed off to the left, I caught myself staring at both Rowan's and Kenna's butt.  I hadn't really paid much attention to the way the smaller girl was built, but for some reason it started to attract my attention now.  Now don't get me wrong.  I still like Rowan, maybe even love her, but having both of them on display had me wondering about what was on the other side of the nicely rounded ass.  

    She must of picked up on what I was thinking because she turned her head, and smiled at me, asking, "Is there something I can help you with?"

    I felt myself suddenly blush. "Uh..., uh..., maybe," I squeaked out and hurried around both of them.

    "Do you know where we're going?" she asked.

     I could feel both of them staring at my back when I stopped.  As Rowan passed me, she leaned over, kissed the top of my ear and whispered, "It's okay, I understand.  I looked too."

    I felt like I could have died.  I mean, my boyfriend slash girlfriend had just caught me looking at another girl, and I'm supposed to be gay, and she had this strange gleam in her eye.  I knew she identified equally with sexes, but this sort of caught me off guard.  Would she want a girlfriend as well as boyfriend?  How did I feel about that, and did someone who was totally a girl really interest me?  I turned and looked at Kenna again.  She was cute.  She had nice perky little breasts, and I have to admit that the valley between her legs got my attention.  And she could rip my arms off and beat me to death with them without ever even touching me.  And she was probably reading my mind right now.

    "Are we gonna' make it to the hot tub some time tonight, or are we going to stand and stare at the door while Sawyer tries to figure out if I'm going to kill him for ogling me, or just read his mind," Kenna said with a smile.

    "Now don't go and scare him, Kenna," Rowan said.  "I've got plans for him this evening."  She reached around me and opened the door I was standing against.  I could feel the heat off her body, and when her lycra covered breasts brushed against my nipples I sprang hard in my shorts.  Without pulling away from my body she looked over at Kenna and said, "And you too."

    Kenna shook her head and said, "Well, then lead on.” As she walked through the door, she slipped an arm through mine and said, "Don't worry Sugar, I only nibble and lick. She bites and purrs."  She then reached down and patted the front of my shorts and asked, "Popsicles or lollipops?"

    "Huh?" I asked her as my brain and body went into overload.

    Suddenly the images of a popsicle and a lollipop both shaped like a dick and being licked and sucked by a very sensuous mouth popped into my head.  :You suck on a popsicle, and you lick a lollipop,: her voice said in my head.  At that point, I was afraid to even think.  I just followed them to the large hot tub in the corner.

    "I'm sorry, Rowan.  I think I broke him," Kenna said.

    "Think we can fix him?" she asked.  "I really don't want to take him back. I've sort of gotten attached to him," Rowan said.

    "He still works, he's just off in his own little world," Kenna commented.

    "Good," Rowan replied.

    Rowan went over to a cabinet on the wall, and opened it to reveal a large flat screen television.  She powered it and what looked like a cable box up and asked, "Any requests for movies?"

    "No superhero movies," Kenna told her.  "I've had enough spandex for a while."

    "But we don't wear spandex," I said.

    "You know what I mean, Sawyer.  I've had enough work-related activities for a while.  We're on vacation."  She looked over at Rowan and then said, "And from what I'm getting from Rowan is accurate, I plan on enjoying myself a great deal this evening, and I don't want anything to remind me of exactly what awaits us upon our return to the Academy come Sunday next."

    I shrugged, and wondered how I suddenly ended up in this situation.  I wasn't complaining mind you, I was just suddenly out of my element.  I figured I'd go with the flow. But I wanted to get something clear. Call it the male in me, call it my conscious, call it stupidity if you want, but I was going to get some clarification.  I looked dead Rowan took a deep breath and asked, "Exactly what have you got planned.  I mean, I'll go along with whatever you two want."  I shook my head, "But not if it's going to come between you and me."

    "Relax, Sawyer," Kenna said.  "If anything is going to happen tonight it'll be harmless fun.  Out of our motley crew, if Rowan and I can't tease you, who can?  Look at this way, when we get back to campus, you can look at the other three, sigh and say "bikinis and hot tubs" and walk off."

    Rowan on the other hand came up to me, titled my head up and kissed me soundly.  It went straight to my dick which sprang hard again.  She stepped back and said, "I don't want anything to come between us either, Sawyer.  That's why I was up front with you about my condition.  But please understand, but just like I'm attracted to you, I'm also attracted to Kenna.  I would like to explore that side, but only if you're both willing."

    I thought about what she was saying.  Could I handle her and Kenna together?  I thought about it?  Could I handle her and Aiesha together?  I almost laughed at that one. No.   Not because Aiesha was girl, not because she was black. Because she was Aiesha, and royal pain in the ass.  Could I handle her with Brian or Lance.  HELL NO.  That set off a fightin' instinct.  Then I thought of her with Kenna.  Sproing!  That was weird.  That thought made me just about cum in my shorts.  I looked over at Kenna and she was doing her best to run through the list of movies on the screen, and appear to not be paying attention to Rowan and me.  Oddly enough, there was no arc of energy between her antennae.  That thought didn't come from her.  "Is this a mutual exploration?" I asked both of them.

    Kenna smiled at me and said, "I'm willing to play.  I may not play nice, but I'm willing to play." She gave me long look up and down and then added, "And to be honest, every time I've seen you on with your head buried in a book, I've gotten wet between the legs.  Same for you Rowan."

    Rowan tilted an ear toward Kenna and cocked an eye toward me.  "You want play with, Kenna?"

    I shrugged and said, "I just want to know who's calling the shots, and if this cuts both ways?"

    She smiled, "Of course it cuts both or all three ways.  Otherwise I wouldn't have invited you both here.  I will admit, that the idea of you wanting to play with Kenna surprises me."

    "Not as much as it surprises me," I told both of them.

    "Okay, nobody has to do anything they don't want to do," Rowan said.  

    Kenna smirked and said, "You two can play and I'll watch."

    I gave looked at her and said, "I think that sort of defeats Rowan's purpose here."   I shrugged, "I'm cool with it.  Just if you don't want to do anything, tell the other person."

    "You okay with Kenna?" Rowan asked.

    Then I asked the question that I was really dreading, "Anyone bring any condoms?"  Kenna started laughing, and I asked, "What?"

    "Number one, Rowan can't get pregnant; not without a large infusion of testosterone inhibiting drugs just before having sex.  And, me?  Doctor Chapel put me on something that will take care of that."  She pointed to a small bump in her shoulder.

    "Why would she take care of that?" I asked.

    "Irregular periods," Kenna said.  "It's supposed to solve the problem. It will however, keep me from getting pregnant.  And since all three of us can't catch anything, because of our neo-gene, we're safe on that account.  Besides, I'm still a virgin, so I haven't done anything to contract anything."

    "Same for me, as you well know," Rowan said.  "And you told me you were too."

    I blushed.  "I am.  But I've read all the manuals."

    "Manuals?" Rowan asked.

    I grinned, "Nifty dot org, erotic website."

    "Oh, that," Kenna said.  "Me too. Plus the Kama Sutra"  She blushed deeply, "And I've been in my brother's head." She shuddered.  "Let's just say that Kenneth has huge a porn collection that my parents don't know about."

    "Oh yeah, I love Nifty," Rowan said.

    "So the three of us can stumble around together," Kenna said.  "Now back to Rowan's question."

    "Which question?"

    "What movie? Sherlock Holmes, Gamer, Surrogates, or if we want a historical, Young Victoria?"

    "How about Imperial Entanglements?" Rowan asked.

    "You've got that one?" Kenna asked.

    "Yeah, it should be under new releases," she said.

    "But it's just barely out of the theaters," I protested.  It was movie I wanted to see.  It was catching flak from every angle.  The left had their panties in a wad because it portrayed an futuristic socialist government as being oppressive and backwater.  The right was up in arms because one of the imperial starship captains in it was transgendered.  It was the kind of movie designed to piss everybody off. Oddly enough, my Dad liked it.

    "Heather has an account that lets us get movies right when they come out of theatrical circulation," she said.  "I've been wanting to see it because of Captain Atlyn, in it."

    "That's understandable," Kenna said.  "He was cute.  Ah, here it is." She punched up the commands on the screen and the movie began to play.

    We all stood around looking at each other, wondering who was going to make the first move about getting into the tub.  Finally, I sighed, looked at both of them and said, "Please don't laugh."  I concentrated for a second on my body, and made it insubstantial. Then I excluded my shorts and let them fall to the ground.  Okay, one of the side effects of my power seems to be a total lack of body hair.  I was sporting a five and half inch hard-on and was bald as a baby's bottom below the neck.

    "Alright, that's it," Kenna said.  "I officially hate you."

    "What?" I asked.  I guess the hurt in my voice came through.

    "It's not fair.  You don't have to trim or shave!" she said.

    "But it's nice," Rowan said.

    "It's nice, it's just not fair," Kenna replied.  

    "Unless they're on the swim team, porn stars, or just kinky, most guys don't trim or shave anyway.  I'm just glad that Brian and Lance don't laugh in the showers."

    "Oh please," Kenna said. "From some of what I've been reading from the research, being hairless below the neck is starting to crop in a lot of class tens or above.  It's just not one of those things that get reported a lot."

    "There's a lot about neos that doesn't get reported," Rowan said.

    "Tell me about it," I replied.  "Like the way the government twists neos arms and forces them into training facilities, even if they can afford the neo insurance."

    "And when they do stick you in here, they won't even give you a refund on the damn insurance," Kenna said.

    "Or they threaten you with fifteen years in prison," Rowan said.

    "My favorite is they decide that your own family is an undesirable, almost criminal influence on you," Kenna said bitterly.

    "Guys," I said.  "I'm starting to feel a little self conscious here."

    "There's nothing wrong," Kenna said. "We're just terribly jealous that we still have to shave and trim."

    "I wouldn't know that," I told them.  "I'm the only one here naked."

    "Oh that?" Kenna said. With a snap of her fingers, the ties on her bikini pulled themselves outward and the pieces fell to the floor.  I have to admit, she was gorgeous!  She had almost flawless skin, and her body although smaller than even mine was well toned.  She had cute little breasts and dark conical shaped nipples.  I don't know what she was complaining about with the shaving part. The small triangle shape between her legs was almost white blonde and barely visible. I could see the puffy lips of her sex below it. 

   Rowan chuckled and said, "I can't quite shuck my clothes that easily."  She reached up and untied the top of her bikini top and then the back.  As the garment fell away,  for the first time I could see her breasts. They were on the small side, actually probably no smaller than Kenna’s, just on her larger frame, the appeared smaller.  She had complexion just a little more on the peaches and cream side than Kenna.  Her nipples were a deep pink and looked hard in the cool air.  She then reached down and pushed the brief's she was wearing down her legs.

    When she stood back up I knew that both mine and Kenna's eyes were glued to the area between her legs.  A thin peppering of black hair surrounded the top of an uncircumcised erection that looked to be about the same length as mine, but somewhat thinner.  A very small ball sack hung just below it and further down and back I could see where it flowed into the opening of her female sex.  She was blushing deeply at our attention.  I realized just how much it took for her to expose herself to us.  After all, she wasn't exactly your average person- tail and ears notwithstanding.

    We all simply stood there staring at each other, and comparing our sexes; male, female, and intersexual.  It was kind of strange and exciting at the same time.  None of us were really normal. The neo-gene had altered us all in different ways. I was hairless below the neck, but fully functional otherwise- it's important that I put that part in.  Kenna was very small for her age, and of course there were the antennae coming from her eyebrows, and if she released her wings, she would shrink to less than half her size. Rowan was standing there, both male and female, both human and cat. 

    "Wow, just what my momma always wanted, one of each," Kenna said breaking the silence.

    We all chuckled.  Rowan looked over at us and asked, "Do you want to get into the hot tub, or do you want to explore?  I mean, I know both of you have questions about how I'm put together. I don't mind questions from friends. Or lovers."

    "Can't we do both in the tub?" Kenna asked.

    I smiled and said snarkily, "Yeah, but you know how cats are about water."

    "Yes, but she's big cat, some of them like water," Kenna said.

    "Okay, the tub it is," I said walking over and climbing down the marble steps into it. The water was warm, and felt soft and relaxing against my skin as it whirled through the tub.  I leaned back against one of the jets and looked over at the other two.  "Well?" I asked.  I know I had to have had a shit eating grin on my face.      

    "After you," Kenna said gesturing toward the tub.

    Rowan grinned and I could see her very sharp upper and lower canines glint in the soft light as the movie began to play on the screen.  I'd had some experience with those things, little love nips that had actually drawn blood on occasion.  Without a word, she came over to the tub and I got a good look at her up close as she started to descend the stairs.  I could see that what I thought was a thin peppering of black pubic hair was actually the tips of a moderately thick tangle of fine golden hairs with black tips.  I could also see where her foreskin was pushed back slightly and a rather large bead of pre-cum was standing in the slit.

    "Do you mind if I ask a question?" I asked.

    "Go ahead," she said as she snuggled in beside me, leaving room for Kenna on the other side of her.

    "Which organ do you pee out of?  I mean which one has the urethra?"

    She blushed slightly and said, "My penis," she said. The only thing really attached to my vagina are my uterus and ovaries."

    "So you can go behind a tree like a boy?" Kenna asked as she climbed in.  Again, I got a closer look at her as she descended the stairs.  I could see a little glistening of something wet at lips of her opening.  I felt my dick stir in the water.

    Rowan nodded and said, "Yeah. Can you imagine the backsplash if I had pee around my balls?"

    "Yech," I said.  

    "Of course that makes you're menstrual cycle easier," Kenna said.  "I mean you don't have to worry about changing every time you go to the bathroom."

    "Well, there is that.  But at the same time, it's a real bitch to fit a pad behind my balls.  In the summer I get heat rash from it."

    "Tampons, honey, tampons," Kenna said with a grin.

    "Uh, can we change the subject?" I asked. "It's not something a guy's supposed to know about."

    The both laughed at me, looked at each other and Rowan said, "Just for that, next month, he has to keep us supplied with chocolate."

    "Besides," Kenna said. "He did ask a question."

    I blushed. "You're right.  I did ask a question, and I should be grateful that you're willing to answer it.  If you have any questions, I'll reciprocate."

    "Okay," Kenna said. "I actually do have a question for you.  I mean I know how things work for a boy.  I have a twin brother, and sometimes we get into each other's heads when we don't mean to.  But I have a question that pertains to you."

    "Shoot?" I told her, not wanting to think about the idea of her brother knowing what was going on here.

    "Okay, one specific to you," she said. "Top or bottom?"

    It was my turn to blush.  "I don't know.  I've never done anything with anybody to find out. I was kind of hoping to find out this week."

    "Hear that, Rowan?" Kenna said. "He wants you to fuck him."

    "That's okay, I want him to fuck me too, and I want to fuck you," she replied.

    "Works for me," I said.

    "Me too," Kenna replied.

    "I have a question for you, now Rowan?" Kenna said.

    "What we don't get to ask you any?" Rowan replied.

    "Your turn is coming."

    "Go ahead," Rowan said with smile as she took her arm out from around me and snaked it down between us.  I felt her fingers begin to dance across the top of my thigh.

    "Barbs or not, and does the tail have a mind of its own?" Kenna asked.

    "Oh the tail definitely has a mind of its own.  But I don't think it’ll be an issue," she told us.  "As for the other, no barbed penis. Fortunately, that was one cat trait I didn't get.  Neither is my tongue barbed.  You can ask Sawyer about that."

    I shook my head, "No but her teeth are razor sharp."

    "So are mine," Kenna said smiling to reveal sharp upper fangs. They were considerably shorter than Rowans, but they looked just as sharp.

    "Oh wonderful, that's going to make oral sex dangerous," I said with a tease in my voice as Rowan wrapped a hand around my hard cock.  For the first time in my semi-adult life, someone other than a doctor or myself was touching it.  It felt wonderful.  I reached over and began to dance my hands across her lap to find the long hard pillar of flesh there.

    "No, it's not," Kenna said.  I'm sure I can keep them out of the way.  Besides, what makes you think I'm going to give you a blow job?"

    "I'm sorry.  I thought you said you wanted play with me too," I said neutrally.

    "Don't take it so seriously," Kenna said. "I'm just giving Rowan first shot.  When she's finished I'm going see if I can suck those balls right out of the end of your dick."

    "Ouch!" I said.  "That would hurt.  Anyway, Rowan's the one with enhanced strength."  I felt another hand join mine between Rowan's legs.

    Kenna smiled and said, "Yeah, but I'm the one with telekinesis."  She bent forward and began to lick along Rowan's right breast, nipping and teasing it.  

    Rowan moaned between us as Kenna started to tease the dark pink nub with her teeth.  She looked up at me and winked.  "There's another one over there."

    I leaned forward and began to lather around the orange sized mound.  I pulled gently at the nipple with my teeth, and felt her hand tighten on my dick.  She gasped lowly and behind her I felt the water become more turbulent as her tail began to lash back and forth.  I slowly stroked the long thin dick in my hand up and down, feeling the foreskin roll over the head and then back down.  Suddenly she stuck her legs straight out and I felt her dick pulse in my hand.  A large cloud of white rose to the surface of the water. There it swirled away and was dissipated by the tub's jets.

    Kenna and I held her as she slowly trembled with the force of her sudden orgasm.  "Wow," Kenna said.  That was intense.  "Now it’s your turn."

    "Me?" I asked.

    "Yeah, you," Let's get the first time over with so that you both will last longer when it comes time really get down to business.

    "I agree," Rowan said. "If you're anything like me, you're about to shoot now. You can shoot, can't you?"  She blushed at the question, still stroking my dick. "I mean, you are smooth down there."

    "Yes, I can shoot.  If you keep that up, you'll find out real quick."  Suddenly she let go of my dick and lifted me by the hips onto the side of the tub as easily as I would lift a doll.  I was sitting there with my bald dick sticking straight up in the air and Rowan smiling at it like it was piece of filet mignon.

    With a mischievous grin, she ducked her head in and began to lick along the length of it, and up to the crown.  Unlike her, I was circumcised, so I didn't have a foreskin to play with.  She kissed around the head where it flared out from the slit and then licked her way back down.  I lay my head back and moaned in pleasure as I heard Kenna get out of the tub.

    Rowan nibbled at my hairless balls, and began to suck on them gently.  I felt Kenna kneel next to me, and begin to lick at my right nipple as she ran her hand down the back of my thigh toward my ass. She licked and gently nipped at it as it became stiff in her mouth.  Suddenly she bit down, not hard, but enough to send a bolt of electricity right through my groin as her finger entered my ass.  I was in heaven.

    Rowan licked back up my dick and then I felt it engulfed in her hot moist mouth.  I was getting my first blow job as Kenna gently inserted a second finger in me.  She began to slowly pump in and out as she pulled at my nipple with her front teeth.  I felt my balls begin to churn.  "Uh, Rowan, if you don't want a mouth full of cum, you'd better let go."  I felt her bury her face in my groin at the exact moment that Kenna hit something in my ass between my balls and my sphincter.  With a loud grunt, I blasted spurt after spurt of cum in Rowan's mouth.  I could feel her literally purring around my dick.  It was unbelievable.  It was better than any jack-off session I'd ever had. And trust me, at fifteen, I'd had quite a few long slow jerks.

    Kenna smiled over at me like some kind of perverted faerie and asked, "Enjoy that?"

    "What do you think?" I asked.

    She looked down at where Rowan was slowly stretching herself along my body.  "I think that you are at least a switch hitter, if not a bottom."

    Without a word, Rowan pulled me to her and kissed me intensely. I felt her tongue press at my teeth and I opened my mouth to give her entrance.  She pushed her tongue into my mouth and the hot musky taste of my own cum filled me.  I grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her tight to me as we kissed deeply.  I could feel her dick begin to grow between 

    "My turn," Kenna said and pushed us apart.   She moved her head in and kissed Rowan just as deeply.  I found the scene to be both touching and highly erotic.  She pulled back and said, "I've wanted to do that since I first saw you half naked on that airship."  She turned to face me and suddenly kissed me. My mouth was already open, and I felt her tongue probe deep inside.  A fraction of a second later, I began to return the kiss. She pulled back and touched our noses together, "And I've wanted to do that ever since I saw you sitting forlornly at that table when Brian accidently outed you."

    "What you thought you could cure me?" I asked.

    "Hell no. There's nothing wrong with you.  I've just got a soft spot for cute blond guys with sweet Southern accents."

    I reached up and ran a finger along her brow to the base of her right antenna. It felt warm and stiff, not unlike a small dick.  Since she didn't resist, I ran a finger along its length. She groaned from the contact, and suddenly pulled back.  "I'm sorry," I said jerking back.  

    "Oh no, don't be sorry," she said.  "It's just if you do that again, Rowan won't be your first time."  She looked over at Rowan and said, "And I don't think I want to take that from you two."

    "What do you want then?" Rowan asked.

    "How about a three way," Kenna replied with a wicked smile.

    "How?" I asked.

    "Me on you, you on Rowan, Rowan on me," she said.

    "Daisy chain?"


    "Good," I said. "I get my first shot at sucking a dick."

    "Maybe we should get the mats out and get on them," Rowan said.

    "Mats?" Kenna asked.

    "Yeah, there are seating mats in the cabinet under the television," she said.

    "Okay," I told her and hopped up and grabbed a towel.  I didn't want to drip water on the rich thick white carpet.  As I looked over my shoulder, I could see Rowan and Kenna both drying each other off.  Again, I shook my head wondering how things got to this point.  I wasn't complaining mind you, but yesterday I was just hoping for a little necking, maybe a chance to swap blow jobs with Rowan.  Now I was about to be balls deep in both of them.

    I barely paid any attention to the starships blowing each other up on the screen as I opened the cabinet, and found the mats Rowan had mentioned.  I spread them out in an open area on the floor.  I looked back at the hot tub and thought, Kenna said she wanted to get some kinks out, but I don't think this was what she had in mind.  

    "You can say that again," she said to me.

    "Reading my mind?" I asked.

    "You just had your fingertips along my antenna.  I'll be reading your mind for the next hour or so," she said.

    I gestured to the floor where I'd laid out the mats.  "You wanna’ join me?"

    "Oh yeah," Kenna said. "I'm not finished getting  my kinks out, and I can't wait to taste that smooth dick of yours." She reached out and took Rowan's hand and the two came over and lay down on the mats at an angle to each other. 

    I watched as Rowan began to sniff around Kenna's slit and wondered just what she was actually smelling.  I know that she could smell her cousin coming down the hall to our wing of the dormitories at school, so that close to the source of Kenna's sex must be powerful indeed.  She gently separated the lips of the smaller girl's pussy with her finger tips and began to lick along the slit, from back to front.

    I looked down to see where Rowan's dick had returned to its full length and smiled to myself.  I'd been wanting to do this for a long time.  When we'd made out, I'd felt its length occasionally, but I'd never seen it. To be honest, when we'd been in the hot tub I really hadn't been able to see anything under the turbulent waters so this was my first chance to explore.  I lay down to complete the triangle between us and took its long thin length in hand. 

    Pushing back on the foreskin, I exposed the dark purple head- so different from my deep pink one.  I saw precum begin to bubble out of the end and flow down the length.  I realized if what all the sex experts constantly told kids about not getting a hard dick near a girl's pussy; how just contact with pre-cum could get her pregnant, it was a good thing that Rowan's hormones were balanced in such a way as to prevent pregnancy.  Just one good jerk off session created enough precum to completely cover her dick. I didn’t generate anywhere this much.

     Her dick itself was about as long as mine, but somewhat thinner.  It definitely felt different in my hand, and I enjoyed myself simply jacking it up and down.  I watched as the foreskin slowly rolled over the head and then bunched up at the end forming a sort of nipple like opening.  I leaned forward and gently nibbled on it, tasting the saltiness of her precum.  Pulling back, I rolled it back down to expose the head again, now shiny with its clear coating.  This time when I leaned forward and licked the rivulet that was running down the shaft from the split in the head, I felt my own dick being gently licked, and another set of hands playing with my balls.

     There was a musky taste to it, not unlike the taste of my own.  I licked around the head and then took it into my mouth.  I was actually giving my first blowjob!  I loved it!  I pulled it forward just a little and began to work my mouth down it.  Really, there wasn’t much of a taste except for the pre-cum, and I liked that.  It was hard and soft at the same time.  As far as size was concerned, it wasn’t too difficult to take- it was about like a soft dinner candle with a slightly bulbous head.

     Suddenly I felt Kenna choke around my dick, and start to cough slightly. : A soft dinner candle?  When did you suck on a soft dinner candle?: I heard Kenna’s voice in my head.

     :Let’s just say that I thought I might need some practice at this someday,: I thought back.

     :Did you practice other things with it?: she asked.  I felt myself blush deeply.  :Never mind, I got that image already.  I’m just glad you threw the candle away when you were finished.:

     :Kenna, shut up and let me suck Rowan’s dick,: I thought back at her and returned to enjoying finally having Rowan right where I wanted her: buried in my mouth.

     As I slowly went up and down the length of Rowan’s dick, I ran my hand down its length, and gently cupped her balls.  I felt her hand push mind further south to the wet opening of her pussy.  This was something I had no experience with whatsoever.  I felt where the line running down the front of her scrotum disappeared into a hard nub at the top of her opening.  When I ran my finger along that, her hips exploded upward and bucked so hard that she literally lifted me out off the floor.  I felt hot lances of pain down the sides and across the head of my cock as it slid along the razor sharp edges of Kenna’s fangs.   I tried to pull back, but suddenly Rowan’s hands were forcing my head down on her dick, as I screamed silently into her pubes.  I felt her cock jerk in my mouth and something hot splashed in huge globs against the back of my throat.  Not only was I curling up in a ball from the pain in my dick, but I was choking on Rowan’s cum.

     “Rowan! Let go of him,” Kenna screamed.

     For long seconds, she held my head against her in a vice like grip.  Instinctively I threw my body out phase and began to sink through her body as I curled into a ball.

     “What?” Rowan asked suddenly.

     “Be careful!” Kenna said grabbing for my shoulder but her hand passing through me.

     I felt Rowan sit up through my body and sniff the air. “Blood?”

     “Yeah, blood,” Kenna said gently.  When you bucked like that, you tossed him into the air.  I bit down. Then you came and it started to choke him.  I think we need to talk a little bit about our needs and our reactions, especially with our powers.”

     The pain in my dick was horrific. It felt like it had been nearly slice in half!    “Sawyer,” Kenna said gently.  “I need you to become solid again,”

     I barely heard her through the blinding pain.  I concentrated and felt my body become solid.  Since two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time, I was pushed upward out of concrete floor, through the carpet and then the mats.  It was hard, the pain kept distracting me, but I managed to make myself solid again.  Kenna gently pried my hands away from my now completely soft dick and started making low clucking noise.  I felt her fingers gently probe it, and the pain started to go away.  I opened my eyes to see her sitting holding me in her hands, energy arcing between the tips of her antennae.

     “Oh my god!” Rowan said horrified.  “I’m sorry Sawyer.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

     The pain slowly faded away, and I looked down to see my dick covered in blood, but the hot lances of pain were gone.  Kenna smiled at me and said, “Go and wash, Sawyer.  Everything should be fine now.”

     Without thinking I nodded and moved over to the door through which I could see the toilet.  Going to the sink, I poured warm water over my dick and balls. As the blood sluiced away, I couldn’t find any sign of injury whatsoever, just unblemished skin.  “What the fuck?” I asked.

     Coming out of the bathroom, I saw Kenna sitting and holding Rowan who appeared to be crying.  I never could stand to see someone else cry and since we’d started seeing each other, especially Rowan.  “See, he’s okay now,” Kenna told her.

     In a flash she was on me.  I had no idea she could move that fast.  One second she was sitting there with Kenna, the next she had me by the shoulders and was looking me up and down.  She reached down and gently took my soft dick and turned it over in her hand, examining it closely.    I couldn’t help myself.  I started getting hard in her hand again.  She dropped to her knees in front of me and gently kissed along its length.  Looking up she said, “I’m so sorry, Sawyer.”

     I smiled down at her.   “It’s okay, Rowan.  Please get up.”

     She nodded to me and stood.  “I’m so sorry.  I just lost control.  You made me come so hard.”

     “I understand.  Luckily, Kenna’s psionic abilities include healing.”  I looked over to where she was looking a little distraught herself. “I think you may be right.  Maybe we need to talk about how we react to certain things.”

     I went back to the bathroom and got some paper towels and started cleaning up the blood on the mats.  Then wadding them into a ball, I tossed them to the side and patted the mats.  “I don’t want this to cause us any problems.  Why don’t you come over and sit down and we can talk about what happened.”

     She nodded again and came and sat down next to me. I looked over at Kenna and said, “You too, Kenna.  We started this together, and we’re damned well going to finish it together.”

     “Is that the same mouth you kiss your mama with?” she asked with a weak smile.

     “Yeah, and it’s the same mouth I kiss Rowan with and I’ll kiss you with, if you’ll let me,” I told her.

     She cocked her head at me and then Rowan. “How do you feel about this Rowan?”

     “Come and sit down, Kenna,” she said.  “I feel bad enough about what happened.”

     Kenna nodded her head and came and sat cross-legged with the two of us.  I looked at Rowan and said, “Okay, first.  Rowan, you’re strong enough to toss an Abram’s battle tank.  You have to be careful with that strength,” I told her trying not to be too harsh.

     She nodded.  “I know that now.”

     I leaned over and gently kissed her.  Pulling back I said, “Good, because I do want to pick up where we left off.  I just didn’t know that you would come so soon.”

     She smiled at me weakly, “I have two sets of genitals, Sawyer.  When you were sucking me, and then touched my clitoris, it sent me off like a bottle rocket.”

     Kenna chuckled, “I noticed.  You tossed him a good four feet in the air.”  She looked at me and added, “And she tends to clamp down when she comes. “

     “And she comes in bucket loads,” I said, realizing that I barely got to taste it through all the pain.

     “I’m right here guys,” Rowan said with a hint of mock hurt.

     “We know,” Kenna said. “We also know that Sawyer likes to practice on candles.”

     “What?” Rowan asked.

     “Evidently, when he was younger, Sawyer practiced giving blow jobs to candles, as well as trying to figure out whether or not he was a top or a bottom” she said playfully.  I understand what she was trying to do.  If she could make Rowan a little more comfortable with what had happened, maybe we could pick up where we left off without any lasting damage to any of our self-esteems. 

     She leaned over and gently kissed Rowan on the lips.  When she pulled back, she said, “And you’ve got a very talent tongue, girl.  You had me coming within minutes.”

     Rowan blushed and said, “I’ve had some practice with that.”

     “Huh?” I asked.  “I thought you said you were a virgin?”

     Rowan smiled, blushed even deeper and stretched out on her side.  “I’m part cat remember?  The one thing you didn’t ask was whether or not I had the extra spaces in my spinal column.  With a wicked grin, she literally folded herself in half, and began to lick at her own genitals.

     “No wonder you knew what you were doing!” Kenna said.  “You can lap your own pussy!”

     She pulled back slightly and licked the head of her dick, and then straightened up. “And a half-way decent cock sucker too.”

     I smiled at her, “More than half way decent.”  I leaned in and kissed her again before saying, “I’m not hurt anymore, and I’m not angry.  Do you want to pick up where we left off?”

     She gave me another peck and looked over at Kenna and asked, “How about you, are you up for round two?”

     Kenna smiled and said, “Okay, but wouldn’t this be more like Act one Scene two?”

     “Okay, ready for Act one Scene two?” I asked.

     “With just one rule,” she said.

     “And that would be?”

     “Any time you’re giving Rowan a blowjob, you don’t get one at the same time,” she told me.

     I thought about it and said, “Okay for now.  We can eventually figure out if we want to change things.  Where do we want to start now?”

     Rowan grinned, “I’ve wanted to feel your cock in me since that first night you kissed me before we went to Denny’s”


Rowan Croften-Blake aka Shadow Claw


     To say I felt bad about what happened to Sawyer was an understatement.  I felt miserable about it, and I wanted to make it up to him as soon as possible.  He really was about the cutest boy I knew.  Yeah, Lance and Brian were the All-American boys; basically good guys, but they were both so straight it made my hair hurt.  And considering my condition, straight was not something that would ever be interested in me.

There was something about Sawyer that was completely different.  I felt an instant attraction to him ever since he wormed his way past Brian to sit next to me on the van on our first day at Wyndgate.   I think it was because he seemed to sense my sadness over the loss of my parents and genuinely wanted to make me feel better.  And cute!  Did I say that already?  I loved the way his blond hair was parted in the middle and framed the sides of his face.  It was so much nicer than that whole slanted emo look so many boys I’d seen on television had- although that one guy from Any Dream Will Do was cute too. 

     I pulled him to me and began to run my hands down his sides.  I loved the way his skin felt; so soft, and smooth.  I kissed him gently on the neck as I climbed into his lap and stretched my legs out behind him.  I felt his hands go to my breasts and gently start to knead them , twisting and pinching my nipples at the same time as he nibbled at the nape of my neck.  I leaned down and kissed him.  This time I felt his tongue enter my mouth.  I could taste my own cum in his mouth and felt myself begin to get hard and wet at the same time.  “How do you want to do this?” he asked me.  “You want on top or bottom?”  I could feel his hard cock pressing up between my balls and the entrance to my pussy.

     I lay back and stretched out smiling at him.  “How about you on top?” I asked.   As I stretched backwards I could feel the head of his dick slide higher until it was pressing at the base of my own cock which was now rock hard as well.

     He nodded and climbed over me and started kissing me seriously.  I heard Kenna moving to our side and felt her hand slip between us and grasp the length of my dick and start stroking me.  When Sawyer rose up, she leaned in and kissed first him and then me.  “I think I’ll sit this one out and just play a little on the side,” she said.  “Watching you two together is so damn hot.  When you’re finished with each other, I want both of you to fuck me.”  She gently bit at Sawyer’s ear and heard him groan as she released my dick.

     “Ready?” he asked looking down at me.

     I nodded and reached for his dick.  He slipped backwards a little and I guided the head below my balls and to the entrance of my pussy.  The feeling as his cockhead slid along the line that merged my clit with my scrotum was exquisite!   I could feel the bulbous head part first my outer lips and then the inner ones.  I thought I was going to cum again right then.  When I got him lined up, he moved his hips forward and I could feel his dick begin to stretch my virgin hole wider.  Okay, okay, he’s only five and a half inches long and probably about six inches around, but it was five and half inches more than had ever been inside of before.

     I was expecting some pain, but it wasn’t there. I guess that was one thing I was lucky to be without- a hymen.  He slid into me with a great deal of ease.  I looked up and saw the look of bliss on his face.  He simply sat there for a few moments, and I was enjoying the sense of being full; of having him buried balls-deep in me.  We were virgins no more.

     He began to move back and forth and I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist.  Kenna leaned and whispered into my ear, “Remember, don’t squeeze too hard with your legs.”  Then she kissed my breast and began to gently suckle on them.  That sent a shot of pleasure to both my full pussy and my cock.  I almost fainted from the overload when Sawyer reached down and began to stroke my dick.

     I reached out to where I knew she was, and ran a hand down Kenna’s side as Sawyer rocked back and forth in me.  I dropped the hand and found her moist opening and began to gently probe between the lips of her sex, reveling in the feeling of the slick wetness, contrasting the roughness of her pubic hair.  She groaned into my breast.  I couldn’t believe the sensations that were washing over me.   My dick was being jacked up and down, Sawyer’s cock was filling my pussy, and rubbing against the very sensitive nerves where my clit and ball-sack merged, Kenna was nursing at my nipple, and I had three fingers buried in her cunt. 

     With each thrust inside me, I could feel Sawyer’s cock fill me, and then vacate.  It was a fantastic feeling, and a huge amount of lubrication was rolling down my dick, around my balls and into my pussy making Sawyer that much slicker.  Kenna was thrusting against my hand, as she nipped and sucked on first one nipple and then another.   My skin felt like it was on fire, as I began to slowly build toward what I knew was going to be mind-blowing orgasm.

     After about five minutes of simply rocking back and forth against each other, I felt the pleasure build to an almost intolerable level.  Suddenly Sawyer picked up speed and started thrusting harder and harder into me.  From the look on his face, I could tell he was about to blast his second load of the evening deep into my cunt.  I was close too.  There was a slow buzz beginning at the back of my pussy that was starting to resonate with Sawyer’s thrusts, and I could feel a churning in my balls to what was going to be a double-sexed orgasm.    Suddenly Kenna thrust herself hard against my hand and started to tremble all over.  A half second later, Sawyer grunted and thrust deep inside of me to the point his balls spasmed against the base of my tail. He pushed down hard against my cock, pulling the foreskin down and taught.

     That was the final push. I could feel his smooth pubes pressed against my body.  The base of his cock was jerking against where my balls and clit joined, and I knew he was filling me with his cum. That jerking was the last little bit I needed to push me over the edge.   I slammed my feet flat against the floor, grabbed a handful of Sawyer’s butt with my free hand, and bucked my hips high in the air as my body started trembling all over.  The buzz at the back of my pussy suddenly swelled out into wave after wave of pleasure, my balls contracted up high in my sack and cum jetted out of the end of my dick.  For long seconds I lay there, my hips suspended in the air, my cock spurting jet after jet of hot cum onto my tits and face as I held Sawyer off his feet and he emptied his balls deep into my hot pussy.  Kenna groaned beside me, my hand still buried deep in her pussy, as her body continued to tremble. 

Finally when I came back to myself, I looked up to find Sawyer leaning forward, his feet sticking strait out behind him as he stretched out flat along my body and was licking my cum off my face.  He was still buried inside me, and I could feel my cock slick between our stomachs. As I lowered my knees and Sawyer came back to the ground, I managed to extricate my hand from between Kenna’s legs.  “That was unbelievable,” I said softly.
            “For me too,” Sawyer said.  “I never thought I’d get that much pleasure inside a pussy.”

“Face it Sugar, you never thought you’d be inside a pussy,” Kenna said with a grin. “Let alone a pussy attached to a pussy.”

“You’re turn is next,” I warned her.

“No, no, no, no” Kenna said.  As soon as you recover, we get to find out if Sawyer likes being a bottom.” She grinned.  “In other words, whether or not your dick is better than a candlestick.”

“Would you drop the candle thing?” Sawyer protested.

Kenna smiled and said “Maaaay-be.  At least I won’t tease you about it when anyone else is around.  It’ll just be our little secret.”

Sawyer groaned. “You know, one of these days, I’ll get something to tease you about.  Like maybe about being in your brother’s head while he jerks off to porn.”

“That’s not something you can tease me about Sawyer,” she said seriously.

“Oh, why not?”

“Because if the powers that be found out I was in telepathic communication with my brother, they’d try to use it against us.  You remember that interview I went to in Doctor Blair’s office?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

“I have an interview like that once every six weeks; always different agents, but always the same question. The gist of that interview is that I really need to convince my brother and my mother that they need to come back to the US before the government takes physical and legal action against my family and myself,” she said dead serious.  “You see.  You, Rowan, Aisha, Brian, and Lance; you all get to go home.  I don’t.”

“I’m sorry,” Sawyer said.  “I would never put you in that kind of situation.  I won’t say anything.”

“You can tease me about my antennae, you can tease me about the fact that I’ll never be tall enough to qualify for the armed forces, hell you can even tease me about being a blonde, but don’t tease me about Kenneth.”

Sawyer nodded, “I understand.  I didn’t mean to offend.”

“You didn’t,” she said. “I was just making things clear.  And maybe I should drop the whole candle thing.  It wasn’t information you volunteered.”  She smiled wickedly and added, “But, you turned such a pretty shade of pink.”

We sat there talking and basically recovering.  One of the advantages of being a class ten neohuman was better than average endurance.  Okay, in my case, extreme endurance.  I sleep about eight hours a week, and can expend energy very efficiently.  To be honest, I was already starting to get hard again. 

Kenna looked down at my growing cock and said, “You ready for Act one Scene three already?”

I shrugged, and looked over at Sawyer.  He was sitting grinning, but his cock wasn’t hard yet.  “The question is, are you or Sawyer?”

“Me? I haven’t done anything?  So far I’ve gotten any cock to cunt action,” she said.

I looked over at Sawyer.  He smiled and said, “Go ahead.  I think I’d like to watch for once.”

I shrugged and leaned in to Kenna.  “You sure you want this?”

     Kenna crawled over and sat in my lap and whispered, “Here kitty, kitty, kitty.”

     “Same question Sawyer asked me,” I asked, “you want on top or bottom?”  I began to gently play with nipples.

     She smiled at me and pushed at my shoulders.  “Considering our size difference, and your strength, I think I want on top. “

     I lay back and she stretched out against me, kissing my throat between my collar bones.  I felt her wiggle down my body until her cunt was sliding along the outside of my hard cock.  It felt strange to feel the lips of her sex spread out along the shaft as she moved up and down.  It was a completely new feeling for me.

     Sawyer leaned against her from behind and whispered into her ear, “Sit up a second.”

     She did as he said, and I felt him grab the length of my cock and guide it toward her opening.  He pushed my foreskin back slightly and placed the head of my dick right at her hole.  Then kissing her on the top of the ear, he sat back out of sight again.  Kenna smiled down at me and I reached up to play with her breasts.  They really weren’t any smaller than mine, but on her frame, they looked bigger. 

     The edge of her hole was the only thing that was keeping my dick from slapping forward to my stomach as she slowly lowered herself onto me.  I felt my dick wrapped in the hot moist tightness that was her depths as she impaled herself.  It was like my dick was being squeezed by rings of hot velvet steel as she settled down until her pubic hair was ground against mine.  I looked down between my breasts to where our bodies were joined and found the sight of my dick disappearing into her small body to be hugely erotic.  I briefly wondered if she’d felt any pain.  I mean girls are supposed to feel pain their first time.  I didn’t, but then again, I’m not only a girl though.

     “Rowan, I was raised on a farm. I’ve spent half my life on horseback.  I haven’t had a hymen since I was ten,” she said.

     “You reading my mind now?” I asked.

     “What do you think?  You’ve got your dick buried in me.  That’s a pretty damn intense connection.  Reading your mind isn’t the hard part- not reading is.” She began rock back and forth on me.  “Oooh, that’s nice” she said.  “I like the feeling of your hard cock buried in me.   That’s intense Rowan.  Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”  Damn who knew she liked to talk dirty.

     I could get to like this.  It was hot, it was sexy, and the feeling of her hot sex sliding up and down my dick was absolutely fantastic.  As she rocked back and forth, her tits began to bounce, the nipples pointing up at a forty-five degree angle.   I reached up and ran the palm of my hands against them as she bounced.  “That’s it! Play with my nipples.   Fuck me, Rowan. Fuck me hard,” she hissed between clenched teeth.

     I smiled and decided to up the ante slightly. Suddenly she looked down at me and asked, “Is that your tail?”  I had twisted the tip of my tail around began to brush it along the back of her butt and down the crack, eventually working it along to where our sexes met.  “Oh Gods!  That feels good.  I think I’m going to cum!”  Suddenly energy arced between her antennae and I felt an echo of our lovemaking reverberate between us.  I could feel the sensation of my dick buried deep in her echoed in my own pussy. 

     As she clamped her thighs down against my hips and ground her pussy against my crotch I felt the muscles inside her begin to spasm.  Between that feeling and her own orgasm echoed in my own pussy, I lifted my hips and blasted my fourth load of the night deep inside her.  I could feel it pour out of her cunt and down my cock and balls.  Suddenly there was another sensation; Sawyer’s tongue gently lapped up the length of my cunt, and to the juncture of where Kenna’s and my body were joined.  “Oooh, yeah, feels  good,” Kenna said, as I felt another wave of orgasm hit her body.  Mistri Freyja! !!!“ she screamed into the room in Old Norse and began to tremble as she fell forward against me.  “I can’t believe that!  Oh gods Sawyer, that feels awesome!  Here I go again!”  Another wave hit her and she shook so hard that Sawyer had to grab her hips and hold her in place so he could finish what he’d started.

I felt her mind brush against mine, and could literally feel the waves of pleasure wash over her as they set off a sympathetic orgasm deep in my own pussy.  That set my balls to churning again, and I blasted a second load into her.  I think somewhere in the midst of it all, Sawyer got tossed away a second time.

     When we finally came down from the orgasmic high, I looked up to where she was panting hard, her little breasts heaving high and low on her chest.  She looked down at me and then over at Sawyer.  “You are one evil little shit.  Did you know that?  Both of you,” she accused.

     “What, you didn’t like my tongue there?” Sawyer asked.

     “I didn’t say that,” she replied.  “I just wasn’t expecting it, and it was just plain awesome!”

     “Do you always talk like a porno when you’re making love?” I asked her?

     “I don’t know. That’s the first time I’ve made love.”

     Sawyer looked a little sheepish and said, “That set the bar pretty high, Kenna.  I don’t know if I can make you cum like that, by myself.”

     “You little twit,” Kenna said.  “You’re the one that set me off like a fire cracker.  When you started licking up all that cum, and brushed against my ass, I thought I was going shift right there.  It was the most erotic thing I’ve ever felt.   If anybody set the bar high, it was you.“

     She leaned forward and I felt my dick pull out of her with a soft sucking sound and then a wet plop followed by the hot feeling of all that cum pouring out of her cunt onto my pubes.  “I can’t believe how much you cum,” Sawyer said. 

     I shook my head and said, “If I have a double orgasm it’s always that much.  Plus you managed to set off a second set of those when you set of Kenna, so this is a double load of a double orgasm.  If anything it’s your fault.”

     He smiled at the praise and said, “Then let me clean up my mess.”  He then leaned in and began licking my lower body.  I think he was becoming a real cum-hound.  Oh well, everyone had to have a hobby, and as long as it was mine and Kenna’s he was after, I was happy.  The problem was that after he’d licked it all up, he kept licking, which tickled like hell.  Before I knew it was curling in a ball for protection when Kenna dove in and started to help.

     Suddenly I felt his tongue dive under my tail and lick me from the top of my clit all the way to the base of my tail.  I was suddenly hard as a rock again.  I stretched out and grinned at him and said.  “That’s it buster.  You’re really going to get it now.”

     He reached down and stroked my dick and said, “If I can get it from this, I certainly hope so.”

     “Well, I was sort of hoping to get a little of this too, tonight,” Kenna said as she grabbed his dick.  I suddenly got an image of a three-way in my head.  Me fucking Sawyer, while he fucked Kenna.

     “The last time we tried something three-way, Sawyer got hurt,” I warned, not wanting a repeat performance.

     “We can always be careful.  Put Sawyer on his back and I can ride his dick while you fuck him,” Kenna said.

     I looked at Sawyer seriously and asked, “How do you feel about that?”

     He grinned and said, “I’ll try anything once.”

     “Oh Gods, we’ve created a monster,” Kenna said dramatically.

     I shrugged and said, “I don’t want to hurt you again, Saw.”

     “I promise, if it starts hurting, I’ll go out of phase,” he said.

     “Okay,” I replied.  “But let’s stack some of these mats to make it a little easier.”  I began to fold them up into one long mat about five feet long, three feet wide, and about two feet off the floor.    I then pulled Sawyer to me and kissed him solidly. When I pulled back, I put his hand on my dick and said, “Are you sure you want this inside you?”

     He swallowed and said, “Yeah.  I’ve wanted to try this for a long time.”

     “What are we going to use for lube?” I asked.

     He just smiled and dropped to his knees and took my dick into his mouth, while stroking my cunt below.  I suddenly felt my own juices begin to flow both out of my dick and from pussy.  I watched as he collected some of my own lubricant and spread it to his backside.  After a few moments, of this, he lay down on the mats and lifted his legs into the air.  “I’m ready whenever you are,” she said with a smile.

     I looked down at his bare pubes and his rock hard dick sticking out from them.  I stroked myself a couple of times, peeling the foreskin back and the forward to build up a good head of precum and then smeared it down my shaft.  Leaning into him, I placed the head of my cock at the opening of his ass and gently pushed forward.  There was a bit of resistance at first and then I slid past the ring of muscle into the hot depths beyond.

     He winced slightly and a I started to pull out when he grabbed me by the ass and pulled me on in.  “Don’t you dare,” he hissed.  “It just takes a second to get used to it.”

     It felt different from being inside Kenna.  There was a tightness around the base of my cock where his ass gripped me, but beyond that, it was just a pleasant warmth, not the tight gripping all along the shaft from being in her pussy.  It still felt fantastic, just different.  “Start moving in and out slowly,” he said.

     I pulled back until just the head of my dick was just inside him and the eased forward again.  I could see the look of pain on his face slowly shift to one of pleasure.  “You okay?” I asked.

     He nodded, and said, “A little faster now.”

     I pulled back again and went back in adding a little speed to my tempo.  In a few strokes I was fucking him at a nice leisurely pace.  “Are you ready for Kenna?” I asked.

     He looked over to where she was standing, one hand buried in her cunt, and nodded.  “Just stop for a minute and let her climb up.”

     She smiled hugely and came over and climbed up onto the mats. Throwing a leg over his waist, she grabbed his dick and lowered herself onto it.  “Ooooh, that’s thicker than yours,” she said.  “It feels different but good.”

     “You ready for me to start back?” I asked Sawyer.

     “Yeah, plow away,” he said with a shit eating grin on his face.

     It took several tries to get a rhythm started.  If I went too fast or too hard, it would throw Kenna off, and if I went too slow, her bucking would knock me out of Sawyer’s ass.  We were just about ready to give up when we finally found the right stroke for me and the right bounce for Kenna.  We also figured out that Sawyer had to have his knees over my shoulders, and Kenna had to be leaning forward until she was lying flat against him, both of them at a downward angle for it to work.  That meant that I got a damn good view of not only my dick going in and out of his bald little ass, but of his balls slapping against the opening of her pussy. 

     This time, there was none of the frantic intensity of our lovemaking.  Instead it was nice long slow strokes that built to a slow crescendo of pleasure.  It was strange really.  Kenna was the first to reach a long plateau of pleasure, that wasn’t quite an orgasm, but was more than just the pleasure of the stroke.  As tiny little shudders started to run through her body, I felt Sawyer begin to tremble beneath me.  Suddenly his ass clamped down around my dick in one spasm after another.  That was enough to push both Kenna and me over the edge.  As she started to come stronger, I suddenly felt my balls pull up and I spurted a load deep in Sawyer’s ass. 

     Finally, we all collapsed on top of each other, one body, one mind, and one spirit.   After lying there for a while, we realized that Sawyer had gone to sleep, still buried inside of Kenna, and with me still in his ass.  I guess what they say about boys is true.

     We rolled off him and looked around the room.  Even through the smell of water softener from the now abandoned hot tub, the place smelled like sex.  “Think we should get the place cleaned up and aired out before Heather gets here?” Kenna asked.

     I nodded, and began to pick up the clothing strewn around the room.   Kenna bent and picked up the wad of paper towels that Sawyer used to clean up the blood from his dick with.  “Better dispose of this ourselves.  Wouldn’t do for someone think we were into blood play,” she said.

     “I think you’re right,” I told her.  Then stopping I asked, “How do you feel about this?”

     “About what happened tonight?  I nodded.  “I think it was one of the best nights I’ve had since the government came and took me away to the Psi-Corps Academy.   I think that I would like for it to happen again, and to be honest, I’ve been falling in love with you two since I met you.”

     I raised an eyebrow. “Really? I’m glad because I think I’d like to take this further between the three of us.”

     “How much further can we go?” she asked.  “I mean we’ve sort of all three become lovers.”

     “There’s a difference between being lovers and being in love,” I told her.

     “I know, and I know the difference.  I think Sawyer does too.  I think he’ll be cool with it,” she said.

     I nodded and said. “This should prove to be a really interesting week.  All we’ve got to do is ditch Heather every night.”

     On the screen behind her, I heard Commander Seizemore tell her cousin, “Remember, Daniel. What Mom and Dad have always said:  That's what love is about. It's about who's beside you, not who's on top."

     Kenna turned and smiled to where the credits began to roll and said, “I guess we can try and watch it again later.” Then turning back to me, “But this is definitely going to change the team dynamics when we get back to school.”

     Kenna didn’t know just how prophetic her words were, nor did she know that tragedy that awaiting us in the near future.