Word of advice to the reader: this is a story featuring underaged anthropomorphic ("furry") characters engaging in various sex acts, including b/f, f/f, oral, vaginal, anal, incest (brother/sister), first time, mild watersports and slight crossdressing. Future parts will also include boy/boy sex. If you know you shouldn't read this or don't want to, then please back away now. Otherwise, hope you'll like it. Any thoughts or comments are most welcome to winterimage@hotmail.com.



Part 1: Campin' with the Girls
by Winter


Waiting was an almost painful experience. Benjamin had never been very good at patience, but this time it was worse than ever. At least, or so he told himself, he wasn't a little kid anymore, and he was able to keep from succumbing to cabin fever here in his own home. Just barely, though. A couple of years back, he would have been chewing up his clothes, or at least wearing the carpet thin by running around in circles. Well, maybe not years. He gritted his teeth as he thought about the tattered sleeves of his favourite shirt. And that had just been while waiting for his usual trip to summer soccer camp, three weeks ago.

This was different.

Benjamin had gone camping before, but always with mom and dad, or with the parents of some friend. This time, there would be no grown-ups. He got up from his bed, where he had been sitting while trying to force the clock to tick faster, and paced around his room a couple of times. At one point he paused in front of his mirror, eyeing his reflection carefully. He tried, knowing that it was in vain, to flatten his unruly hair, as pure white as the fur on his body, then sighed as it sprang right back up again. As he always did while staring into the mirror, he felt his tiny little goat horns, wondering if they would ever get bigger. He could barely wait to grow up to be like his dad, whose magnificent curved horns had always been a source of pride for both father and son. Growing tired of his reflection, he resumed his trotting. A giggle escaped his lips as he thought about how much fun he'd have this weekend. True, he and Mark wouldn't be completely alone; nobody in their right mind would let two twelve-year-old boys hike down into the canyon on their own. Benjamin understood that, and even accepted it, albeit slightly grudgingly.

So they would be going with their sisters. Benjamin smiled to himself as he sat back down on the bed. To any of his friends, except Mark, this would have been a disaster beyond all hopes of repair. But the two of them actually got along well with their sisters. It helped that Anna, Mark's sister, and Benjamin's sister Tora were also best friends, which meant that they would often cross paths and had come to know each other pretty well. And like he and Mark, the two girls were the same age. Sixteen to the boys' twelve. Having big sisters like that was great, he mused. Not only did they have lots of fun whenever Tora and Anna were babysitting their brothers, but Benjamin recalled one time about two years ago. A couple of boys in school had been bullying Mark because the mouse boy's small, lithe body made him a ready target. Benjamin had tried to interfere, but since he was also quite small he was easily pushed aside.

The bullies had, however, bit off more than they could chew. Because along came Tora and Anna. To make a long story short the bullies had run home bawling, with black eyes and burst lips and their tails between their legs. The two boys had never been bothered since. In a way it would feel nice to have them along for the camping trip. Benjamin would never admit it, even to himself, but being all alone out there in the wild would have been quite scary. As it was, they had decided to set up their tents at a distance from one another, to allow at least a sense of privacy. To allow skinnydipping in the river, Benjamin thought with a giggle.

The clock on his bedside table seemed to have stopped. Benjamin picked it up and shook it, then held it up to his ear and listened to its agonisingly slow tick-tick-tick. Mark and Anna, and the girls' friend Kessie who would also join their camping trip, were supposed to pick the goat siblings up at nine. Right now it seemed to have been a quarter past seven for at least six hours. Benjamin sighed with frustration and slumped back on top of his bed.

Usually on a summer holiday morning he would sleep in until ten or eleven, but today he had been up since seven, packing and repacking and slowly losing the wrestling match against his impatience. Not really knowing how it had happened, he found the sleeve of his light blue t-shirt in his mouth, and he was chewing it absentmindedly. With an annoying grunt, he spat it out, then got up to resume trotting around the room. He thought about checking his backpack again, but he knew that it already held everything he would need for two nights away from home. Clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, a book, a flashlight and some other stuff he might need, or that might be fun. Instead, he left his bedroom and walked quietly downstairs. His parents had just started their own summer holiday, and he wanted to let them sleep in. And Tora had sternly told him not to wake her up before eight, on pain of death. Well, he mused, maybe not death, but at least a serious tickling or a mock-spanking.

He rummaged through the kitchen as quietly as he could, then went into the living room with a bowl of Other Side grass-flavoured cereal and a big glass of orange juice. There wasn't much to see on TV this early, but he kept it on hoping that it might somehow speed up time. He watched an infomercial for a fur treatment kit; 'wallop in the luxury of a five star resort spa right in your own bathroom, call now!'. To Benjamin it looked like a bottle of regular shampoo and a bar of fur soap, but it cost more than two brand new videogames. He sniffed the freshly scrubbed white fur on his arm, then shook his head. What was wrong with people?

Soon the news came on, and he raised the volume just enough to hear. A strike among workers in a computer factory, a gang-related incident, a new album by some singer he'd never heard of. Nothing to catch his interest, and he kept eating until one of his ears suddenly flicked towards the screen, and he looked up. There were pictures from a space shuttle, and Benjamin put his bowl down. Space had always interested him, and while his friends had mellowed out and were aiming to more realistic goals in life, he still wanted to be an astronaut. He didn't really listen, he just watched as the shuttle docked with the newly re-opened Lunar Orbit Space Station, and felt his wishes come to life again. Some day he would go there, work there, or some place like it. Then the weather came on, and Benjamin's mind floated out into space for a while, until he remembered the camping trip and returned to Earth immediately. He checked his watch again.

Seven thirty-five.

What was wrong with time today?

He grabbed the remote control and flicked through the channels until he found some cartoons, and while he watched them he finished his breakfast. Then he promptly fell asleep.

* * * * * *

Benjamin's dream self was already out in the woods, walking slowly among tall pines and firs, watching the walls of the ravine climb towards the clear blue sky. Somewhere nearby, the river splashed its way down rapids and waterfalls, heading for the faraway sea. He was just crouching down, ready to bite off a mouthful of deliciously green grass when it was all snatched away from him. Someone was shaking his shoulder, and it took an effort of will to open his eyes. When his lids finally slid apart, he found himself staring into Tora's grinning face, just a couple of inches away from his. Her smile widened even more when he mumbled something inaudible, and her light brown eyes sparkled as she let out a giggle.

"Hey, sleepy-head!" she greeted him as she sank down onto the couch next to him, tucking into her own breakfast. "Been up long, Minty?"

"Think I nodded off." He rubbed sleep out of his eyes, too tired to even wince at hearing her pet name for him. "Wha' time is it?"

"Just after eight."

"Been asleep a while, then." Benjamin stretched and yawned, then chuckled as she gave him a brief hug. "We ready to go?"

"I am."

"Me too." He squealed happily, then got to his feet and started pacing the living room. "I can't believe we're really going, it's gonna be so much fun!"

"Yeah," Tora agreed between mouthfuls. "I wanna go fishing, and swim, and grill marshmallows..."

"And play frisbee. And watch the stars."

"And Kessie's gonna bring her badminton set." She fell silent, and they watched each other before cracking up into wide grins and speaking at the same time. "It's gonna be so much fun!"

* * * * * *

At last, time seemed to be working again. The two siblings kept on talking about what fun they would have, and before they knew it there was a soft knock at the door. Benjamin bounced up from the couch and started running around in circles, squealing happily. While Tora went to let their friends in, he dashed upstairs to get his backpack. After one last quick check that he had packed everything he would need, he hurried back down. To his surprise, he found the three girls looking at him with slightly sad faces. It took him a couple of seconds to realise that something, or rather someone, was missing. He walked over to the door and peered out, but no white-and-brown furred mouse boy was in sight.

"Where's Mark?" Benjamin asked in a thin voice. "Are we gonna pick him up later?"

"He's not coming," Anna said softly, placing her hands on Benjamin's shoulders. "He caught the summer flu, and he won't be up on his feet for a week or so."

"Poor thing." Kessie shook her head sadly. She was a skunk girl, with jet black fur all over, except for a white stripe running from her nose over her head, then down her back and her long, bushy tail. "He was really heartbroken."

"C-can we go see him?"

"o, Benji," Anna said. "He's being quarantined. I had the flu while you guys were away at camp, so I'll be fine, but nobody else is allowed in."

Benjamin tried his best to be stoic, but it wasn't easy. This changed everything! The games, the fun, camping almost all alone away from the girls, none of that would happen now. He swallowed the lump in his throat. After all, he was way to big to cry over something like this. Still, one small tear escaped the corner of his eye and rolled down his cheek, and of course the girls saw it. With a shared 'awww', they smothered him with hugs and told him not to worry, that Mark would be fine and that the four of them would have a great time. In the end Benjamin was forced to let out a giggle and a smile, but he still felt sad.

How could this turn into a fun weekend?

* * * * * *

The hike changed his mood before long. It was a beautiful summer morning, with a nice cool breeze that took away the worst of the heat. The path down into the canyon went through a forest made out of mostly pines and firs, which grew more and more dense the deeper in they got. Soon they sky was just flecks of blue that could be seen through the canopy, and it got almost duskily dark in there. To Benjamin it felt like an adventure, even though he was struck by a brief pang of sadness as he thought about Mark missing it all. The girls seemed to have their minds set on keeping him happy, though, and as soon as Tora noticed that he was sulking again she called out his nickname.

"Hey, Minty, look what I've got!"

He looked up, frowning, ready to tell her off for using that name, but changed his mind when he saw the handful of grass she was holding out to him. Mouth watering, he trotted up to her, but just as he was about to take a bite she snatched the morsel away from him. It turned into a chase, with the other two girls cheering them on. The goat siblings were evenly matched when it came to speed, but Tora had a knack for knowing just what tricks Benjamin would use in order to win. And she always remained one step too far away for him to reach. The game ended when they were both panting hard, and Tora decided to let her brother win. She stopped and let him catch her around the waist, and he cheered loudly as he lifted her up. It took all his strength to get her walking shoes off the ground, even though she weighed no more than he did, and after he let her go he sank to the ground, his heart beating rapidly.

"Here, baby bro," Tora said, holding out the grass to him. "You earned it."


He opened his mouth and let her feed him, to new rounds of 'awww' from the others. It turned into a lunch break, as Anna and Kessie brought out sandwiches to eat while the goats munched grass. They were in a semi-clearing, and the sunlight trickling down through the tree branches soon made Benjamin feel warm and drowsy. There was no time to go to sleep, though, because soon Anna was pulling them all to their feet and forcing them to march along. Though the mouse girl was smaller even than Benjamin, she made up for it with tenacity. There was no use trying to resist.

During the rest of their hike, Benjamin kept yawning now and then, wishing they could stop soon for a nap or at least a short rest. He knew that they would have to keep walking, though, or they wouldn't have their camp set for the night. So he kept trotting along, knowing better than to whine about it. Sleeping underneath a tree in full daylight was appealing; night falling without a cosy tent to crawl into was not.

After a couple of hours, both Tora and Anna were beginning to drag their feet, but Kessie seemed to have energy left for the four of them. She handed out drinks whenever someone's tongue was lolling out, and she had them singing songs that raised their spirits. And so, by the time they reached their destination, a place where the river made a bend and had created a beautiful sand beach, Benjamin was feeling invigorated. So were the others, apparently, because they raised their tents in record time. Benjamin did not want to sleep away from the girls all on his own, so they decided that he should camp with his sister in his and Mark's tent, while the other girls shared the one that all three had planned to sleep in. A bit away from the two tents, Kessie built a fire and started cooking them supper. They all filled their bellies with hot dogs, grilled corn and marshmallows for afters, then the goat siblings washed dishes while Anna and Kessie rolled out sleeping bags. With everything set for the night, the four of them sat around the fire and talked for a while, but Benjamin's eyelids soon began to feel too heavy to keep open. He excused himself, went down to the river to brush his teeth, then crawled into his and Tora's tent. He had barely even zipped up his sleeping bag before he was gone from the world.

* * * * * *

It was completely dark when Benjamin woke up, and at first he didn't know where he was. Then the typical tent smells made their way from his nose to his brain, and he remembered the hike and setting up camp. His heart, which had started beating faster at that initial outburst of panic, now slowed down to its normal pace as he heard the sound of his sister's rhythmical breathing. Benjamin was just about to go back to sleep when his bladder reminded him why it had awakened him in the first place. Staying as quiet as his emergency allowed, he opened his sleeping bag and then gently eased his way past Tora towards the tent flap. She stirred and muttered something, but didn't wake up.

There was a bit of light outside, coming both from the stars above and from somewhere off to Benjamin's left. The campfire? Had they forgot to put it out? It was one of the first things they taught the boys at soccer camp; never leave a fire unattended. For a second, Benjamin felt anger stir inside him, then something else took over and he dashed for one of the nearest bushes. Almost a whole minute passed while he gave the bush a thorough watering, and he wondered where it all came from. Surely he hadn't drunk that much during the day? In the end his stream abated, though, and he shook off and pulled up his briefs, which were his only sleepwear. He thought about going back to bed, but now he suddenly felt wide awake. Stargazing sprang to mind, before he recalled the still-lit fire.

"Should've saved my pee," he half giggled, half muttered. "Now I gotta get water from the river."

They had brought along a small bucket for just that purpose, but right now Benjamin couldn't recall which tent they had left it in. He closed his eyes and visualised his and Tora's tent, but there was no bucket in it. Maybe he could sneak in and get it before Anna or Kessie woke up, or maybe he should wake them up. After all, they had stayed up after him, so they were responsible for the fire. Any and all thoughts he had about fires or water died instantly when he reached the ring of light from the fire. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks, and all he could do was gape as he sank to his knees and just stared.

* * * * * *

Anna lay on her back, close enough to the fire so that Benjamin could see that she was totally naked. Among the white and brown patterns of her fur, he could clearly make out the small mounds of her breasts, and he even thought he could see a pert nipple on the white one. But his eyes were almost immediately torn from the mouse girl's upper body to down where he would have seen her bared sex, if Kessie hadn't been in the way. The skunk girl lay on her stomach between Anna's legs, face buried in the Anna's crotch. From the rhythmical motions of her head, Benjamin could easily figure out what she was doing. She was...

She was...

She was licking Anna's pussy!

The realisation made Benjamin's mind freeze, and he could not decide what to do. The decent thing would be to sneak away, to pretend that he had never seen what he was now staring at with wide eyes. He had always thought of himself as open-minded, and two girls loving each other shouldn't be such a shock to him. Only, it wasn't so much the sexuality issue that had stunned him so, but more the fact that the girls were right there. Right in front of his eyes! Having sex! Benjamin tried an effort of will to get to his feet, but it was a losing match. Another part of him was in charge now, and judging by the tightness in his briefs it was rising to the occasion. He reached down and ran a finger over the bulge in the white cotton, and shivered with pleasure. If he didn't stop now, he would make a mess of things.

To his luck, the scene in front of him changed, making all thoughts of jacking off vanish like morning dew on a hot day. Anna let out a gasp, then a muffled squeal as she covered her face with her arm. Her body spasmed and her back arched up from the ground. Benjamin had never before thought about how girls came, and now his eager eyes took in every detail. Anna shivered a couple of times more, then sank back to the ground and lay still. Giggling softly, Kessie moved up her friend's body until they could kiss, which they seemed to do with wild abandon. The skunk girl kept touching Anna's breasts, but Benjamin wasn't really looking. He was trying, now that Kessie wasn't blocking his view, to get a glimpse of what was between Anna's legs. Before he could move to get a better view, however, something happened that almost made his heart jump right through his rib cage with fear. A hand landed on his shoulder. He opened his mouth to scream, only to find it covered by another hand.

"Hush, Minty," Tora whispered into his ear, and the worst of his fright melted away. "Don't scare them."

"Don't scare them!?" he hissed back. "What about me? If I hadn't peed already I would've wet myself."

"Sorry, baby bro." She let out a soft giggle, and he joined in, keeping it as quiet as he could. "Have they been at it long?"

"Dunno. I just got here."

"Do you wanna keep watching, or should we join in?"

"What!?" Benjamin spun around to look at his sister. Had she gone mad? But all he could see was her usual friendly smile, and as she returned his gaze she licked her lips in a way that a more experienced boy would have called seductive. "Have you lost your head?"

"No, they won't mind. C'mon!"

"No, wait...!"

Benjamin watched, horror-struck, as his sister walked around him and into the light from the fire. She said something to the two naked girls, and they sat up to return the greeting. His ears were filled with the rapid beating of his own heart, and he couldn't hear what they were saying. Part of him wanted to run away, possibly screaming at the top of his voice, but fear kept him immobile. Not even when Tora waved for him to join them did he move, and in the end she had to come back and pull him towards the fire.

She took a seat, and he slumped down next to her, trying desperately to look anywhere but at the two naked girls in front of him. Girls who, he noticed as he failed to keep his eyes averted, did nothing to hide their nudity. He hadn't seen much of Kessie before, but now he could clearly see her big, round breasts. She was sitting cross-legged, however, so even when he glanced downwards he could see nothing more. Anna had laid down on her back again, and Benjamin could see a darker patch of fur below her navel. Her pubic fur, he realised as his cheeks burned so hot they were probably outblazing the fire. The girls kept talking as if nothing weird was going on, but he couldn't make out their words. Then they all fell silent, and when he looked up they were all staring at him.


"Are you asleep, Benji?" Kessie giggled at his dumbfounded response. "I was asking if you enjoyed the show?"

"Yeah!" he started, but changed his mind as he started blushing again. "I mean... you know... I mean... I didn't... didn't see much..."

"Liar," Tora said, smirking. "The view from back there was excellent. We could see just about everything."

"Really?" Anna laughed, then spread her legs ever so slightly. "Everything?"

"Uhm... well, not really. I wasn't really..."

"Liar," Tora said again, leaning over to hug him, to show that she didn't really mean it. "No 'wasn't really', he 'really was'."

"Don't be so upset, Benji," Kessie said, reaching out to touch his leg. He jumped, but still let her touch him. "There, that's better. We always do this when we're out camping."


"Well, for the last few years, at least. Tora's usually in on it, too."

"She is?" Benjamin's eyes widened as he turned to look at his sister. She didn't meet his eyes, and she blushed slightly. "You are?"

"Yeah. I was gonna join them, but I fell asleep. Then I woke up when you went outside to pee."

"The question is," Anna said, sitting up, "what do we do now? We said we'd wait until next time."

"Next time what?" Benjamin asked. "Wait for what?"

"We had this idea..." Kessie said, looking from Tora to Anna, then back at Benjamin. "We had this idea to see if you and Mark wanted to have some sexy fun, too. But then Mark got sick, and we thought we'd wait."

"Only you two decided you couldn't wait!" Tora scolded, and the other two girls tried their best to act ashamed, even though Benjamin could see their mischievous grins clearly. "So now you know, Minty. And now you know the question; what now?"

"I don't understand..."

"Why do you call him Minty, Tora?" Kessie asked. "I never knew."

"Well..." Tora started, ignoring Benjamin shaking his head. "You see, when he was really little, and learning to talk, he kept saying Benjaminty instead of Benjamin. I thought it was so cute I started calling him Minty, and it stuck."

"Did not!" Benjamin pouted. "You made it stick."

"Aww, don't be mad, Benji," Anna said. "I think it's cute."

To his dismay, Benjamin now found himself in the centre of a four-way hug, and he was getting close to panic when he realised that two of the girls hugging him were still naked. And Tora was only dressed in a thin nightgown. The overload of his mind made him all but forget what had just happened, and what had just been said. So when Kessie repeated the question 'what now?', he just stared at her, bewildered. The skunk girl smiled at him and shook her head.

"Get back to reality, you doofus! We wanna know what's gonna happen now. Are you gonna join in right away, do you want to wait for Mark, or don't you want it at all?"

"Want what?"

"Sex, Minty," Tora whispered into his ear, and he felt his cheeks burn again. "But if it's too much for you..."

"No!" he suddenly cried out and turned to face his sister. "No, it's okay, it's just... I mean... so sudden. Why now?"

"We've been planning it for weeks," Anna said, but Benjamin was so caught up in Tora's beautiful light brown eyes that he barely heard her. "But we had really counted on Mark being here, too. Especially Kessie, she really wanted to see the two of you go at it."

"I... she... what?"

"Anna says she's pretty sure Mark has a crush on you, Minty," Tora said, not leaving his eyes for even a second, keeping him mesmerised. "And I've got a hunch that you've got one for him, too. And Kessie's just a perv, she loves to watch guys make out."

"Am not."

"Yes, you are," Anna chimed in. "You're such a perv!"

"Am not!"

"Me and... Mark?"

The thought struck Benjamin like a bolt of lightning. He had still not fully grasped the fact that the girls were inviting him for sex, and now they were talking about him and Mark? Doing sexy stuff? True, he had always loved Mark, but that was the kind of love he'd have for a brother. Right? Or...? What had Tora seen in him that he himself had failed to notice? In the end the confusion got to him so bad that he had to lie down. Tora let him rest his head in her lap, then laid her arms around his shoulders, giving him the stability he needed right then. The other two girls watched the goat siblings quietly.

"Don't think too much, Minty. Just... just let yourself feel. What do you feel?"

"A-about Mark?" He could feel more than see that she nodded. "I... I don't know. I mean... I love him, but..."

"What do you think about being sexy with him?"

"Kinda... confused. I guess..."


"I guess I wouldn't mind." He felt himself blush again. This was turning into a bad habit. "If he really wanted to, I mean."

"He does," Anna said softly. "I know he does. I'm sure he'd love to kiss you."

"And I'd love to see that."

"Shut up, Kessie, you perv!"

"I think..." Benjamin said, but he was forced to swallow the lump of fear in his throat before he could go on. "I think I'd like to kiss him."



"Am not!" Kessie aimed a lazy kick at Anna, who nimbly dodged it. Then she turned to Benjamin, and her eyes were so filled with lust that it almost scared him. "What about us, Benji?"


"Do you wanna do sexy stuff with us? Or are you a boy's boy through and through?"

"I... I don't know. I never thought about it much, I guess. But I like girls."

"And Mark."

"Yeah," he replied to his sister's whisper, leaning back against her. "I think I like both."

"Good for you. Bi is better." Kessie leaned in and kissed his nose, so suddenly he had no time to react, and all he did was giggle. "You're so cute. So, how's it gonna be?"

"Okay," Benjamin whispered hoarsely. "If you guys want to, I do too."


This time it was Anna who exclaimed, and just like Kessie she stole a quick kiss before Benjamin could react. He grinned sheepishly at the two naked girls, then he felt something he hadn't expected. Tora leaned over his head and kissed his forehead. It was nothing unusual; they had often shared hugs and little pecks on the cheek. But this time it was different. Her kiss lingered a little too long to be casual, and the way she blushed and smiled made him realise that there was more going on here than he had thought.

There was no time to ponder this, though, because the next second Anna and Kessie pulled him too his feet and started grabbing for his briefs. At first he fought back, shrieking and giggling as they tried to undress him, but then he remembered what they were about to do, so he finally let Anna snatch away his only garment. All three girls gasped and ooh'ed at his nudity, reactions he found both embarrassing and exaggerated. After all, he wasn't very special down there. Just a slim four-inch penis, pointing towards the night sky due to all the excitement. He knew from gym showers in school that several of the boys in his class were bigger than him. Yet, they seemed to like it, and he felt it throb with a mixture of pride and excitement. Kessie reached out with a finger to rub across the tip of his foreskin, making him shudder with delight, but Anna stopped her from going further.

"I think someone else deserves first honours, don't you?"

"What do you mean?" Kessie asked irritably, but then she followed Anna's gaze and fell silent. "Oh."

Benjamin turned around slowly and found himself facing his sister. Tora was smiling warmly at him, but she didn't meet his gaze. Instead, her eyes were on his crotch. The two of them had seen each other naked before, neither being very shy, but as far as Benjamin knew this was the first time she had seen him hard. He quelled an impulse to cover himself up. If she wanted to look, it was okay. The stalemate was broken after a minute or so, when Anna walked up behind Tora and untied her gown. Benjamin couldn't keep back a gasp as it fell away, revealing her naked body for him to see. She wasn't even wearing panties! His eyes roamed over her slim body, not much taller than he, over her small, round breasts and down to her patch of light brown pubic fur. The only thing deviating from her all-white colour. Well, that and her pert pink nipples, which were standing out proudly from her thin chest fur. He had seen it all before, but this was the first time he had really looked. As another minute ticked by, he felt his excitement reach boiling point. If nothing happened soon, he just might faint. This time it was Kessie who broke the ice, by pushing him in the back.

"This is taking way too long. Get on with it, guys."

Benjamin stumbled forwards, right into his sister's arms. For a second he froze there, but then he slipped a shivering hand behind her back and hugged her to him. This also broke the spell on Tora, because she now pressed herself against him, nuzzling him before kissing his cheek. He returned the gesture, holding her tight. It was an amazing sensation. He could feel her nipples poke his chest, could feel the roundness of her breasts against him. And to top things up, her coarse pubic fur rubbed his erection in a way that made him see stars, even though he wasn't looking up at the night sky. Ever so slowly, their lips moved closer and closer, until they finally touched. It was by far the greatest feeling of his life thus far, and he felt his love for his sister deepen even further. Benjamin's lips parted slightly to let a soft moan escape, and Tora used that moment to slide her tongue into his mouth. When it touched his own, it sent a surge of electricity through his entire body, culminating in his twitching cock. With a shudder and a groan, he came, squirting his few drops of seed onto her belly.

Anna and Kessie cheered loudly, but Benjamin barely heard them. His knees gave way, and he slid out of Tora's arms and sank to the ground. She followed him immediately, holding him as he returned, panting madly, from his visit into orbit. It wasn't his first orgasm, but it was the first one that had ever been induced by something other than his right hand, and the feeling was magical. He shivered a couple of times, then giggled nervously as he was finally able to return Tora's caresses. But before they could kiss again, she was pulled away from him by the other girls. Benjamin looked up, and for a moment he felt certain that he had died and gone to some afterlife paradise, as all he could see in the light from the slowly dying fire was three beautiful, naked girls.

"You should return the favour," Kessie said, smiling down at him. "Tora didn't come."

As if on cue, she and Anna hooked Tora's legs with their own and pulled them slightly apart. Benjamin gasped out loud as he, from his low angle, got a perfect view of what was between his sister's legs. He could clearly see her pink, wet slit, and the tiny nub in front which must be her clitoris. Things that, up until now, he had only seen in black-and-white drawings in his biology textbook. Here was the real thing, and he knew what they all wanted him to do. Even Tora, who was smiling shyly at his unspoken question as their eyes met. Slowly, he inched his way in between her legs, spreading them a little bit further with his hands. The scent of her pussy was intoxicating, and he couldn't wait any longer. He had to taste her.

Closing his eyes, he stretched his neck up until his forehead bumped into her stomach, then he reached out with his tongue. And found his goal. A shiver went through Tora's body, and she grabbed his tiny horns with her hands as he started licking. It tasted even better than he had hoped. Her juices has a flavour that he couldn't really describe; just as he thought they tasted salty, there was a sweetness to them, followed by a slightly tangy acidity. He gave up trying to think, and instead enjoyed what was going on.

Tora kept on shuddering and gasping as he licked up and down her slit, until he found her clitoris. With his tongue, he pushed its hood back, then closed his lips around it and suckled. He had no idea what he was doing, but it seemed right, and it would have made her fall over if the other girls hadn't held her up. Instead, she moaned out loud as he moved his lips, then parted them and gave the nub a lick. Soon he had a good rhythm going of sucking and licking, and he could hear his name among her moans, over and over again like a mantra. Then he opened his eyes for the first time since he had started going down on her - wasn't that what they called it? - and to his surprise he saw Anna's face just a few inches away from his own.

He blushed slightly as he realised that she was licking up his semen from Tora's belly fur. His first thought was that it was gross, but then he realised what he was doing at that very moment, and his idea of gross shifted. For a second, he found himself wondering what it tasted like, then the thought changed into wondering what Mark's would taste like. An impatient grunt from Tora brought him back to the present, and he went back to licking her. Then a new idea struck him, as he watched one of Kessie's hands rub his sister's breast. He reached out and found the other one, marvelling at its softness as he gently caressed it. The nipple fit well in his palm, and he quickly discovered that pressing against it brought fresh moans from Tora, who seemed lost for this world. With his free hand, he went to explore her slit, rubbing against the soft folds of her pussy, pushing one finger in to the first knuckle. The warmth, the wetness felt really nice, and he hoped, hoped, hoped that she would let him slide something else in there. Something that was pressed against his stomach right now, harder than ever despite his recent orgasm. His actions got a nice reaction from his sister. She immediately tightened her grip on his horns, and pressed herself against his muzzle. He lost contact with her clitoris, but instead ran his tongue back and forth over her pussy, getting more of that wonderful taste in his mouth. Then he found her button again, and started flicking it with his tongue. At the same time, he pinched her nipple lightly with his fingers, and that was what settled it.

She cried out, a wordless yell that echoed around the walls of the canyon, rubbing her crotch against his face while all but drenching him in her juices. He gladly took some into his mouth and tasted it, then let the rest run down his chest. The whole thing made him giggle; none of his biology books ever mentioned girls making such a mess. Apparently, it hadn't gone unnoticed.

"Wow, I've never seen her this wet," Anna said in a hushed tone, while she tousled Benjamin's hair. "You're a natural, kid."

"I wanna try him next," Kessie hurried to interject. "Dibs!"

"Not yet," Benjamin said as he freed himself from Tora's slackened grip. She was panting heavily. "Sis? Are you okay?"

Her only response was to get down on her knees, then throw herself around his neck. Benjamin barely had time to open his lips before she pressed hers against them, kissing him deeply. It was even more intense than the first one, and he had to will himself to stay calm, to not explode again. Tora reached in between his legs and took hold of his cock, stroking it gently, and he felt the edge of his peak draw near. As if from a distance, he heard Anna and Kessie move away from them, Kessie muttering something about 'not getting any from that tap tonight'. He would have laughed, if he hadn't been so close to coming.

Just then, Tora shifted her grip so that she pulled his foreskin all the way back and started rubbing the exposed pink tip. Benjamin felt that rush of electricity again as he reached his second climax in just a few minutes, and he moaned into their kiss as he came. This time he didn't vanish from the face of the world as he had before, when it took him by surprise. Instead he enjoyed the feeling of being held by Tora as he groaned and panted his way through the orgasm. He could feel her move, and he could smell something new yet familiar as she held her hand up to her face. He leaned back and watched her lick his semen off her fingers, for the first time in his life wondering what it tasted like.

Once Tora's hand was relatively clean, the two siblings sank down to lie side-by-side, holding each other close as they talked in whispering voices about their experience. Tora admitted that she had been having these kinds of feelings for her brother for some time now, but that there had never been a right moment to bring it up. And after Anna had confessed to lusting after her own brother, they had come up with this plan. Kessie had come along because of their lifelong friendship, and recent erotic adventures together. There was just no way something like this could be kept a secret to the skunk girl. In turn, Benjamin confessed that he had never really had any sexy feelings at all. He had masturbated for some time, but only because it felt good, and with no real sexual fantasies. This made Tora worry that they had pushed him into something he wasn't ready for, but he silenced her with a kiss. A kiss that deepened, while they could hear the moans and cries from the other two girls, having fun on their own.

When they broke the kiss, Benjamin tried in vain to find the words he wanted, needed, to say. He opened and closed his mouth several times, but then it was as if no words were needed. Tora just smiled and nodded, then pushed him down so he lay on his back. At first he thought she had misunderstood his wishes, but then he realised what she wanted to do, and he felt his cock rise to the occasion once more. Tora straddled him, rubbing her sex against his so that he quickly returned to full erection. But as she was about to lower herself onto him, he stopped her.

"Wait, Tora, I don't..." He swallowed, desperate to find his voice before it was too late. "I should have a... you know... a condom."

"No worry, Benji," Anna said, looking up from Kessie's crotch with her muzzle all wet. "She's on the pill."

"We all are," Kessie added, winking to Benjamin in a way that made him blush. "Just so you know."

"We did plan ahead, honey," Tora whispered. She leaned down to give him a brief kiss, then she returned to what she had been doing. "Just relax, and enjoy it."

Benjamin's only reply was a loud groan, almost a growl, as he felt the tip of his cock touch her warmth. They stared into each other's eyes as Tora slid lower, but then something happened that made him gasp with fear. Suddenly, his sister's face twisted as if in pain, and he felt an increased pressure on his tip. Then the pressure vanished and he slid all the way in, while Tora cried out, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Are you all right?" he whispered, reaching up to caress her cheek, hoping to comfort her, to make right whatever was wrong. "Tora, please... please be okay."

"I'm fine," she whispered back, her voice slightly unsteady. "Just hold still for a little while. It was my first time, and it hurt a little bit."

"Your... first?"

"My first with a boy." She smiled at him warmly, then nodded towards the other girls, who had resumed their own action. "Those two sluts stick everything they can get their hands on up their holes, but I wanted to save it."

"For me?"

"Yes, Minty. For you."

Benjamin didn't really understand the significance of all this, but the thought of Tora saving her first time for him triggered his emotions big time, and he had to bite his lip to keep from crying. Instead he pulled her down to him so that they could kiss again. In the middle of their tongue duel, she started moving. At first round and round in little circles, then slowly up and down on his shaft. She was so wet, so warm, so tight that he was seeing stars, and all he could do was to lie back and give up all control. He let her lead him in both the kiss and the love-making, and his only conscious thought was that if he died right then and there, he wouldn't mind. Because he was happier than ever before in his life.

Then Tora picked up her pace, breaking the kiss and sitting straight up on top of him. She ran her fingers through his chest fur, pausing now and then to play with his nipples, sending a new kind of shivers through his body. All he could do was to turn his head left and right, while whimpering with pleasure. Soon Tora stopped going up and down, and returned to making those small circles while he was at his deepest. Benjamin understood what she was doing, as he felt the little nub that was her clitoris brush against the white belly fur that would one day grow the longer and darker hairs of his pubic fur. To help her out, he grabbed her hips loosely, then began making little pushes up against her. This brought out a grunting moan, but he wasn't sure which one of them had made it. Their pace quickened, and Benjamin knew that he was getting closer to the point of never, ever returning.

But Tora beat him there. She pressed herself down on top of him, hugging him so hard he could barely breath, while her entire body began shivering. Only their hips moved against each other, while she cried out her joy, her voice muffled because she had bitten him in the shoulder. Not hard enough to draw blood, but enough for a sting of pain. Curiously enough, or so Benjamin would have thought if his brain had still been his own, this was what set him off. He pushed himself upwards, inwards, trying to get as deep as possible, while he let go of his biggest load yet. He could feel at least five jets of sperm leave the tip of his straining cock, into his beloved sister. It was such a strong orgasm that he actually lost his voice as he was about to yell out Tora's name, and all he could manage was a high-pitched squeal. Then he sank back to the ground, totally spent, every muscle in his body limp, just as his penis which now slid out of Tora, bringing with it a flow of wetness to his already soaked crotch. He fell asleep feeling nothing but his sister's lips as she repeatedly kissed his face.

He woke up again what couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes later, when someone picked him up from the ground. His eyelids fluttered open, and he saw Kessie's friendly smile and large blue eyes as she held him. Without saying anything, the skunk girl carried him down to the river and walked right into it. Benjamin shuddered at the contact with the chilly water, but soon he realised just how much he needed it, overheated as he was. During the next quarter of an hour, he allowed himself to get thoroughly washed by Kessie, who didn't miss and inch of his body. Especially not four of his inches, which came back to rigidity as she washed underneath his foreskin.

"I can't believe there's still life left in it," he said chuckling as she tickled his tip. "By all rights it should be comatose."

"I almost thought you were, Benji," Kessie purred, nuzzling his cheek. "You wouldn't wake up no matter how much we shook you."

"Well, I'm up now."

"So I see." She got down on her knees and kissed his exposed tip, making him shudder. "May I?"

"Okay, but I don't think I can do anything else." He yawned. "I'm getting really sleepy. Where's Tora?"

"Anna's washing her. You guys really made a mess of each other."

"I know," Benjamin giggled. "But it was fun."

"I'm glad you think so. Because both Anna and I want our go before we head home."

"I'm gonna die."

"Of course not," she laughed. "You're a healthy lad, you'll manage. Now shut up and let me suck you."

* * * * * *

The sun was high in the sky when Benjamin woke up the next day. Tora was still asleep next to him, and he smiled warmly at the sight of her. After a yawn and a stretch, he leaned over and kissed her cheek, making her nose twitch. Still smiling to himself, Benjamin sat for a while and just watched his sister. It hadn't really occurred to him before just how beautiful she was. True, he had always thought she was pretty, but last night made him see her in a new light. She was adorably cute when she slept, taking quick shallow breaths with little snores now and then. They looked a lot alike, but their faces, he realised now, were quite different. Hers still had a roundness to the cheeks that he had lost with the last of his baby fat, and her muzzle was thinner. Prettier, he thought. He kissed her again, this time on the lips, and she opened her eyes.

"Good morning, beautiful," he said, his heart suddenly beating faster as she grinned at him. "How are you feeling?"


She yawned, and as she stretched her arms above her head Benjamin realised that she was still naked. So was he, now that he thought about it. After he had come for the fourth time last night, into Kessie's hungry mouth, he had more or less fainted, and the girls must have tucked him in. One thought made him giggle, and Tora raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"I just thought, I hope you guys didn't do anything else with me after I passed out last night."

"Why's that? We could've had lots of fun."

"Yeah, but I'd hate to miss it."

"I'm sure you would." They both laughed. "Honestly, though, I can't remember. Anna made me come while she washed me, and after that everything is kinda blurry. I just made it to the tent, then I fell asleep."

"I had fun last night," Benjamin said, scuffling closer so that he could give his sister a hug. "I loved every second of it, I really did."

"That makes me so happy," Tora said, leaning into the hug and almost purring with delight. "Does that mean we can do it again?"

"Anytime," he giggled. "But Kessie said I gotta do it with her and Anna as well."

"Honey, you don't have to do anything you don't want. Though I bet they'd like it."

"I wanna do it with them. Though..."

"Though, what?"

"It'll be fun, but..." He leaned in closer and whispered in her ear. "It won't be with the same love."

"Aww, you little charmer!" Tora threw her arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the lips, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. The kiss was brief, though, as they both pushed the other away and made gagging sounds. "Yuck! Morning breath!"

The two of them hurried to get dressed, as the call of nature began to make itself heard. Tora suggested that they should put on underwear and nothing else, which Benjamin agreed to. He had a feeling that he wouldn't need much clothes during this weekend. But when she insisted that they should wear each other's garments, he began to fidget. In the end it was only his full bladder that made him relent, and he blushed furiously while he slipped on a pair of pink lace panties. Tora threw on his white briefs, and then they dashed for the nearest bush.

Again, Benjamin couldn't recall drinking even half of what he let out, and by the time he was done Tora was waiting for him, sneaking the occasional glance. Grinning, he flashed his butt to her before he pulled the panties up, and was rewarded with a delighted squeal and a deep grope. They kept bickering and teasing each other on their way to the river, where they finished their morning business by brushing their teeth and washing their faces. Back at the campfire, they met the others, both of whom were all the way naked. Anna handed them sandwiches, smiling at their clothing, while Kessie let out a shrill scream at the sight of Benjamin.

"Oh my!" she squealed. "Look at you, you're the cutest thing I've ever seen!"

"Calm down, Kessie," Tora laughed as the skunk girl took a mildly protesting Benjamin into a crunching hug. "It's just a pair of panties."

"So cute!" She turned to the other girls, an almost wild look on her face. "I gotta have him, right now. Please, may I?"

"I wanna have breakfast first," Benjamin laughed from where his face was squashed in between Kessie's breasts. "Please?"

"Fine." Kessie pouted, but still let him go. "Be a bore."

"Don't be so sad," Benjamin whispered, lifting her chin up with his hand so he could wink at her. "After that, I'm yours."

Kessie was unusually quiet during breakfast. But every now and then she glanced over at Benjamin, or at his pink panties, and there was hunger in her eyes. It made the boy blush, and he felt a lump form in the lace fabric. Kessie noticed this, and winked at him. A sudden idea made him rub up and down the front of the panties, while he licked his lips. Kessie almost dropped her sandwich as she hurried to cross her legs, and a moan escaped her lips.

"Don't tease her so, the poor girl," Anna said, trying but failing to give her voice a stern tone. "She's about to burst with hormones."

"You're just jealous," Kessie muttered, her voice trembling slightly. "But I'll try to leave some of him for you."

"Why don't Anna and I take care of the dishes," Tora suggested, "so you kids can go play?"

"Great idea!"

Kessie hurried to finish her sandwich and her juice carton, then waited with mounting impatience while Benjamin took his time. In some way it made him feel giddy to see her so eager, so hungry. For him. It was, he thought as he sucked on the straw to his own juice carton, a kind of power, to make someone wait for him like this. But when her look started turning desperate, he gave in and finished his breakfast quickly, making sure that he got in one last tease. When drinking the last of his juice, he moved his lips up and down the straw, just like Kessie had on his cock last night. This was too much for the girl, though, and as soon as he was done she scooped him up and took off towards the girls' tent.


* * * * * *

Benjamin laughed as Kessie tossed him unceremoniously onto her air mattress, then shrieked as she landed on top of him and started smothering him with kisses. It was like an assault on his senses; the feeling of her hands all over his near-naked body, the smell or her arousal, the taste of her tongue that pressed its way into his mouth and the sight of her bouncing breasts as she wrestled with him. In the end he gave up the mock-fight and allowed himself to get pinned down. Not that he would have had any real chance to fight her off; she was the largest and the strongest of them all. For a little while he lay there, trapped underneath her, still giggling slightly, but then she moved to the side and her bright blue eyes looked right into his brown ones.

"Have you any idea just how cute you are, Benji?" His only response was more laughter. "Really, you're such a hottie."

"Kessie, please..."

"It's true. Let me show you how true it is." They kissed again, deeper and more passionately this time, and when they finally broke off to breathe, both of them were panting hard. "I've been dreaming about this ever since we started talking about doing stuff with you guys."

"Oh, wow. Kessie, really...?"

"Really." She took his hands and placed them on her breasts, and he happily fondled them, enjoying the feeling of her stiffened nipples against his palms. "Do you like that?"

"Oh yeah!" He gasped as she stroked the bulging front of his panties. "Ah! I l-like that, too."

"Do you need to come?"

"I think you need it more than I do," he replied, letting one of his hands leave her chest and travel slowly down to her sex. It felt just as warm and wet as Tora's had, and he quickly located her clitoris. She gasped at the touch. "Am I right?"

"Y-yeah..." she panted as he started masturbating her gently. "Oh yeah."

"I think you really need to come, Kessie."

"Yes, please, Benji. Hurry up before I fuck you right here and now."

Giggling, he got up on all four and crawled down the bed until the musky scent of her arousal became almost unbearable. She spread her legs wide, giving him a full view of her pussy. He paused for a moment to take in the view, feeling his cock strain even harder against the fabric of his panties, but then she let out a whimper that made him take pity. Closing his eyes, he stuck out his tongue and found her folds, pausing for a moment to lick her labia before he slid inside her as far as he could reach. A gasp and a hushed 'ooh' told him that she was enjoying herself, and so was he. Kessie's flavour was different from Tora's, stronger and somehow more... wild. That was the only word he could find that fit. Kessie was like tasting wilderness itself, and he loved every second of it. After lapping at her entrance for a while, Benjamin moved up a little bit, so that every other lick touched the tip of her clitoris. Her quiet moans grew louder, and she began moving her hips in the same little circles Tora had used while making love to him. Soon she would grab his horns and press herself against him, he mused, remembering last night. Knowing what his sister had liked, he drew back his tongue and instead latched onto her nub, using his lips to pull the hood back so that he could suck and lick at the thing itself. He almost laughed out loud when she actually did grab his horns and tried to, it seemed, push him inside her.

"Oh fuck!" she cried, her voice higher in pitch than before. "Benji, you're... Mmm, fuck! That's good."

The expletives made him giggle, and the sound of his laughter seemed to have an increased effect. Kessie jumped, then resumed rubbing herself against his muzzle with even greater vigour. On a whim, Benjamin began to hum, in as low a pitch as his unbroken voice could manage, to see if he could create more good vibrations. Judging by the new stream of 'Fuck!' coming his way, it was a success. He kept on licking, suckling and humming, and it wasn't long until Kessie clamped her thighs around his head and the muscles inside and around her pussy started to contract. Her orgasm was nowhere as messy as Tora's had been, but it was way louder. She screamed as her peak hit her; no words at first, then more naughty ones with his name in between now and then. When she began to calm down she said more, but with her thighs clutching his ears he couldn't hear what. It took a few seconds after she had fallen still before she released him, and he crawled up to lie next to her.

"I think you liked it," he whispered, giggling at her flustered look and her dishevelled hair. His hand found one of her large breasts and teased the nipple, making her moan again. "I think you really liked it."

"Fuck, yeah," she panted. "Damn, you're good. And you want me to believe that Tora was your first?"

"Yes, please, 'cause that's true."

"Then I must have been hornier than I thought, or else you're a real talent," she mused, hugging him closer to her and nuzzling his face. "Mmm, or maybe it was both."

"You tasted nice," Benjamin muttered while he tried to catch her lips for a kiss. "So nice."

They finally found each other, and their tongues met once more. Benjamin found that he enjoyed the kissing every bit as much as the sex itself. Maybe even more. Coming made him feel good, and making Tora or Kessie come made him feel proud of himself, but kissing was a different thing. It made him warm inside, and made his heart swell with love for the one who was kissing him. Was it always this way? Or had he just been fortunate enough to be with two girls he really did love? The latter, he thought, or rather wanted to think, as he ran the tip of his tongue over Kessie's sharp canines, while she moaned against his lips. His fingers were still toying with her nipple, and she seemed to enjoy it greatly. Yes, he did love Kessie. Not in the get-down-on-your-knees-and-propose way, and not as much as he loved Tora, but still as one of his dearest friends, and maybe even more. His lover? His fuck-buddy? The naughty word made him giggle, and that in turn made Kessie press herself against him even harder. She pushed him over so he lay on his back, then got on top of him, kissing him even deeper. When they finally broke apart she looked right into his eyes, and she smiled.

"You cute little thing. You could easily become a bad habit."

"A good habit," he corrected her with a lopsided grin. "What now?"

"Do you have to ask?"

She rolled off of him to lie on her back, then pulled her knees up and apart. The sight of her wide open pussy and the longing look on her face made his heart beat faster, and he hurried to slip out of his panties, then take his place between her legs. But as he lowered his rigid cock towards her opening, he hesitated.

"Will it hurt you? Like when Tora...?"

"No, baby." She shook her head, her smile growing warmer. "That's so sweet of you to think of, but no. That's just the first time a girl's fucked, and my first time was years ago."


"Really. But no details, sorry. He was way older than me, and I don't want to get him into trouble."

"Older?" He frowned, tilting his head quizzically as more questions passed by in his mind. "You mean he...?"

"No, Benji, he did nothing wrong. I was the one who wanted it. Now forget about that and just fuck me, okay?" She giggled. "Sorry you can't have a new virgin every day, but that's life for ya."

Benjamin joined in with her laughter, and the sudden tension broke quickly. Instead he pushed up at her entrance and rubbed his tip up and down for a while, making it slick with her juices. Then he pressed it in between her lips, and sank down to the hilt in one stroke. Kessie sighed happily as he lay down on top of her, letting go of her knees so that her legs could rest on the mattress outside of his. He pulled back slowly, rotating his hips in that way Tora had liked, making sure his shaft rubbed against the skunk girl's clitoris, then went deep again. Once, twice, three times until he had a nice rhythm going. After a little while, Kessie began to match his movements, lifting her hips and meeting him on every 'down' thrust and grinding herself into him. It wasn't long before the tingling in his cock became unbearable, and even though he tried to fight his orgasm back it was a losing battle. With a loud grunt, he pushed deep into her and let go with whatever he might have left in him.

Kessie said something, but he didn't hear what. Instead he sank down on her chest, his face coming to rest between her breasts. When his eyes could focus again, the first thing he saw was a stiff, pink nipple just inches from his mouth. He stretched his tongue out and gave it a lick, then closed his lips around it. As he gave it a suckle, he was almost startled when this rewarded him with a thin trickle of sweet, warm milk. The flavour of it filled his mouth, and he closed his eyes, moaning happily. It only lasted for a couple of swallows, but after it had abated Kessie gently moved him over to her other breast, where it all happened again. Once he was done drinking, he looked up at her, but he didn't have to speak the question that was on his mind.

"They've done that since I was thirteen," she said, cupping his chin and kissing his nose. "Mom says it's a family thing, it's the same with her and with all my aunts and girl cousins. We all give milk."

"All the time?"

"Not really, but usually if my nips are pinched. Or sucked. But never very much."

"It tasted great." Benjamin felt his cheeks burn, and got slightly irritated at himself. Would he never stop blushing? "Really sweet and... just great."

"Thanks. So, did you have fun?" He began to move, but she held onto his shoulders and pushed him back down on top of her. "No, please don't pull out yet. I like having it in there."

"Me too. And yeah, I had lots of fun. You?"

"Sure." She looked away for a second, and when her eyes met his again that lustful longing was back. "But I didn't... you know... all the way."

"Oh." At first Benjamin felt a sting of failure, as if he hadn't been good enough, but then he felt a grin creep onto his muzzle. "I think I can go again. Just give me a minute or two."

"Yay!" She kissed him hard on the lips. "I hoped you would!"

The second time lasted longer, and ended up being more satisfying to both of them. As soon as Benjamin was fully hard again, after some more kissing and mutual fondling, he picked up where he had left off, but slower this time and paying more attention to Kessie. Every time he felt his orgasm approach, he would stay deep and just circle his hips until the tingling backed off. It wasn't until Kessie pulled him close and whispered into his ear that she was getting close, that he broke this routine and went for deep hard thrusts. As deep as his four inches would get him, anyway. She beat him to the finish line, but only by a narrow margin. While the skunk girl was still calling out her climax for the world to hear, Benjamin buried his face between her breasts and all but sobbed as his strained cock managed to pump out yet another load. Afterwards, the two of them lay side by side, Kessie purring happily while Benjamin's breathing slowly returned to normal. Every now and then someone would lick a nose, kiss a cheek or just nuzzle the other, while they slowly drifted off into a well-deserved nap.

* * * * * *

Benjamin woke up alone inside Kessie's and Anna's tent, but he could hear giggles and laughter coming from outside. As he thought about all the fun he'd had with the skunk girl, a grin crept onto his muzzle. Wow. That had been really wild. And he still had Anna left. If she wanted to, that was. Maybe she would rather wait until Mark was with them. Thinking about Mark brought a twitch to his flaccid member, and he poked at it with a fingertip.

"Shouldn't you be dead or something?" he muttered to it, but the only answer he got was a slight swelling as it rose a little bit from its resting place on top of his sac. "You like Mark, huh? Do you think the girls were right, then? That we fancy him?"

A second twitch and another swelling made him giggle. So maybe that answered that. He vowed to himself to at least have a go at being sexy with Mark, as long as the other boy wanted it, too. Kissing would definitely be involved, he thought as he grabbed his now almost fully erect cock and gave it a couple of lazy strokes. Hugging and kissing, and... probably sucking each other. Then what? At that point, Benjamin's fantasies began to get vague. While he kept pulling his foreskin back and forth, he pictured himself lying on top of his best friend, moving his hips just as when he had fucked Kessie, but after that his imaginations failed him. Maybe they would just rub their dicks together. Whatever, his daydream self did seem to be enjoying himself, and he could all but hear Mark's boyish voice cry out with joy. Just then, he came. It was no more that a thin dribble leaking out the tip of his cock and down his fingers. As soon as it stopped he held his hand up to his mouth and gave it a lick. Might as well get used to it, if he were going to suck Mark off at some point. The flavour wasn't too bad, kind of salty and sweet at the same time. He didn't really like the texture, though, it was way too slimy for his tastes. But he did lick himself all clean, even scooped up what had landed in his stomach fur, and then he got out of bed.

At first he thought he would go out there naked, but then he remembered how much the girls had loved seeing him wear Tora's pink panties, so he slipped them on. The lace fabric tickled his now sensitive cock, even more so when he wiggled his butt and wagged his stubby little tail. It was a good feeling, much smoother and lighter than cotton. Maybe he should keep them? He wondered if Mark would like seeing him with panties on, and felt yet another in the endless row of blushes that seemed to haunt him on this camping trip. And what if he could make Mark wear them, too? They would look like girlfriends, he thought with a giggle. Maybe it would happen; Anna's panties would be a loose fit on Mark's tiny butt, but it would still be a sexy sight.

Before he started getting hard again, Benjamin broke that line of thought, and left the tent. The girls, still all naked, had set up the badminton net and were playing a weird kind of three-way game, where they kept running underneath the net to join the other side after each hit. Tora missed the ball when she turned to wave at him. The game came to a halt, and they came up to him, each kissing his cheek. But when Tora hugged him and started running her fingers through his chest fur, his stomach gave a loud growl. She jumped back, squealing with mock-fright, and they all burst into laughter.

"Better feed the beast before he eats you," Kessie laughed. "And I don't mean in the good way."

They hurried to make lunch, heating up tinned vegetables and topping them with corned beef. Up until he started eating, Benjamin hadn't really known just how hungry he was. he ended up gulping down two full plates of food, along with three ham and cheese sandwiches and lots of soda. Then he sank back with a happy sigh, and let out a loud burp that made the girls almost fall over with laughter. After helping each other clear the dishes, they grilled marshmallows for a while, chatting away about anything and everything.

After the food had settled down in their bellies, they returned to the badminton net, this time in a doubles game. Anna and Kessie versus the goat siblings. Benjamin had great problems focusing on playing, because everywhere he looked he saw a bare butt, a pair of bouncing boobs or worse, the alluring sight of spread legs and what he now knew was between them. He had wanted to get naked, too, but Kessie insisted that he keep the panties on, and the other girls were no help. Still, it worked out to even up the game, because whenever he thought Kessie was getting too good he would wiggle his butt towards her, or rub the bulging front of the panties. Each time, she would miss the ball and accuse him of cheating.

The four of them had a great afternoon of fun and playing. Once the badminton game had worn them out, they went down to the river for some lazy swimming or just floating in the water. This time they did let Benjamin take off his panties, and the cool water helped his erection wilt. They had some swim races, and nobody was surprised when Anna beat them all. She and Mark were both excellent swimmers, and Benjamin had often admired their shared prize collection. He was better at schoolwork, himself, but he did have a few chess prizes that his mom had put on proud display in the living room back home. When they finally left the water, and Kessie all but forced Benjamin back into his panties, the sun had began to set. This deep in the canyon, it would get dark quickly, so Tora and Anna hurried to relight the fire.

Dinner was hot dogs again, along with a some beers that Anna had brought. Benjamin didn't have more than a few sips, because he didn't care much for the taste, but soon he was just as giggly and high-spirited as the girls, who had all had at least one whole bottle. They started up a game of sucking their hot dogs before eating them, just as if they had been sucking cocks, and Benjamin cheerfully joined in. He made the girls scream with laughter when he took one all the way in, then sucked so hard he broke it off on the way back.

"You'd better be more careful with Mark," Kessie managed through tears of laughter, "or he might decide he doesn't like you."

By this time Benjamin had had a few more sips of beer, noticing that it didn't taste so bad anymore, and he wouldn't have been able to form a comeback even if his mouth hadn't been filled with half a hot dog. He felt strangely dizzy, and most things seemed to make him giggle. After a while he was forced to lean against Tora to keep from falling over, and by the time they had started grilling marshmallows and singing campfire songs he was sitting in her lap, not trusting his own butt to keep him upright. To top things up his belly was beginning to feel grouchy, so he told the others, with some difficulty, that he was not going to drink more beer. The girls did, however. By the time it was dark outside the fire's ring of light, they were all quite drunk. Benjamin had no idea what songs they were singing, but he joined in as best he could, even though some songs had rude parts that made him giggle even more than usual.

The beer had another side effect that he noticed, apart from making him giddy; it seemed to fill his bladder with alarming speed. Several times during the evening and the early night, Tora had to lead her baby brother over to the bushes and pull his panties down for him, then hold him upright while she helped him aim to make sure he didn't wet them both. It would have been a difficult task even if Tora herself hadn't been intoxicated, and now it was beginning to prove impossible. The third time she helped him pee, she lost balance and they both disappeared into the bushes. When they finally emerged they had leaves in their fur, and were wet as if they had been swimming. Both were laughing so hard they fell over several times on their way to the river to clean off. They were joined there by Anna and Kessie.

"What happened?" Anna laughed, clenching her stomach. "You look like drenched rats."

"We fell... fell over while... while I was... peeing," Benjamin hiccoughed. "And then she... and then she... and then she started, too!"

"I couldn't help it!" Tora shrieked, rolling around in the shallow river water and laughing so hard she could barely breathe. "It just happened!"

"Wow," Kessie said, grinning. "You guys are kinkier than I thought. I had no idea you were into piss play, Tora."

"Stop, please!" the goat girl cried, tears running down her cheeks. "I can't... I can't take it any longer!"

"Does that mean I can't be next to pee on you? Aww, you break my heart."

"Did they really drink that much?" Anna asked Kessie while they both started washing a goat. "I just saw Benji sip a little now and then."

"Booze virgins. You know Tora almost never drinks. And you, you little pipsquirt..." She dipped Benjamin's head, and he spluttered as he re-emerged. "You're not a drinker either, are you?"

"No," he coughed. "I never touched the stuff before."

He then burped loudly, setting them all off laughing. As soon as they were all clean, they returned to the fire and settled down. Anna and Kessie took turns singing songs that were a bit less rude, and more appropriate for campfires. Tora and Benjamin joined in occasionally, but they mostly lay cuddling each other. The bath had sobered them up somewhat, and with the worst of the giddiness gone they found that they most of all wanted to enjoy each other's company. As the fire burned down and their eyes got used to the darkness, they began watching the night sky. This far from town it was riddled with stars, and they spent almost an hour picking out constellations, or just enjoying the sight. Benjamin especially loved watching the dim band that was the Milky Way, spread out across the heavens as if, quite literally, someone had spilled it there. To his hazed mind, it seemed so close, as if he could just reach out and stir the milk. Without really realising what he was doing, he stretched his hand towards the sky.

"Are you gonna take down a star for me, love," Tora whispered into his ear, and the last of her words set his heart fluttering. "I don't really need one, as long as I have you."

"I love you, Tora," he whispered back, and tears started running down his cheeks even though he wasn't sad. "I love you so much."

* * * * * *

The next morning, on their last day in the canyon, Benjamin woke up feeling like something scraped off from underneath a shoe. His head hurt, his stomach felt as if it were about to give up on him, and when he opened his eyes he was not surprised to find out that they hurt, too. The sound of the river lazily floating by was too bright, and the sunlight coming in from the open tent flap was too loud. He couldn't get his thoughts to form an orderly line, no matter how much he tried. Beer, he decided as he felt a foul taste in his mouth, was not his thing. Not ever, ever again.

After his third attempt at putting on his panties had succeeded, he slowly and with squinting eyes meandered his way over to a bush, where he relieved himself of what seemed like a gallon of beer leftovers. Just as he was pondering whether or not to throw up, he felt a familiar pair of hands slip around his waist. Tora helped him shake off and tuck away, then turned him around to face her. He tried to smile at her, but it felt as if all he managed was a surly grimace.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?"


"Can't talk yet?" He shook his head, then grimaced again because it hurt. "You're just a little under the weather, we all are. Come on."

She led him over to the unlit campfire, where the other girls were sitting, or rather leaning against each other. Despite his squinting eyes, he noticed that Anna had put on a pair of panties, while Kessie was still naked. Tora, he realised as the two of them sat down, was wearing his briefs again. It would have made him smile, if he hadn't been so afraid that the effort would have killed him.

"He's worse off than we are," Tora explained. "Poor thing was just about to fall into a bush again when I found him."

"I've got just what you need, Benji," Anna said, handing him a bottle of water. He looked at it with distaste. "No, really, drink it. Alcohol dehydrates, that's why you feel bad. You need water."

"I can't," he croaked. "I can't drink it, I'll puke my guts out."

"Maybe, but that'll help, too."


He let Tora take the bottle, open it and give him a couple of sips. The water seemed to roll around and crash against his insides, and he jumped to his feet, running as far from camp as he could before he exploded. When he returned he was feeling worse than ever, and he was sweating as if he had been running all morning. Tora used some of the water to wet a piece of cloth, then wiped his forehead as he lay with his head in her lap. He gave her as much of a smile as he could muster, but he flatly refused as she tried to make him drink some more water.

"Hey, Benji," Kessie said, making him look up. "Come on over, and I'll give you something better."

She cupped her boobs, and as the memories of yesterday began seeping back into Benjamin's mind, he licked his lips. With a little help from Tora and Anna, he managed to move over to the skunk girl's lap, where she presented him with a pink nipple that already had a drop of milk hanging from it. He closed his eyes and gratefully accepted her treat, and the warm, sweet milk went down smoothly and easily. Soon he was feeling a lot better, and as she switched him over to her other breast he was starting to really enjoy himself. It was a lot better than water, and by the time the trickle of milk had abated he was purring like a kitten. Kessie leaned down and kissed his nose, then made him sit up, still leaning against her.

"Thanks, Kessie."

"Feeling better?"

"Much better."

"You should still drink some water, too."

"I'll try."

He accepted the bottle from Tora, who moved up to the side of him that wasn't leaning against Kessie. As if feeling left out, Anna got up and walked over to sit behind him. When she started massaging his shoulders, Benjamin closed his eyes and began purring again. Three pretty girls, naked or near-naked, all focusing their attention on him. Could life get any better? He drank some water, and it seemed to sit well with him this time. Before long, he was getting back to his normal self.

Not wanting to take any chances with his returned peace of stomach, Benjamin decided to skip breakfast. He did drink a juice carton, though, while the girls ate sandwiches. Afterwards, they went down to the river to clean up, and so that Benjamin could brush his neglected teeth. Even though he wanted to sit out at first when the girls started playing in the morning cold water, the pull of having fun won out. He tossed off his panties and splashed in, joining a game of wrestling.

As the sun rose higher, their water frolics soon began to die down. It wouldn't be long until they had to start breaking camp if they were to make it home before it got too dark, and Benjamin could feel some tension growing. He had a feeling he knew what it was about, and true enough, soon Anna came up to him and gave him a hug from behind, nuzzling his cheek. He turned to face the mouse girl, and was amazed, as he so often was when he really looked at her, over how much she looked like Mark. A little bit taller, a little bit less skinny, and slightly different white-and-brown patterns in her fur. Their faces looked a lot alike, too, even though Mark's was slightly less rounded and soft, and instead looked more boyish. They held hands for a little while, looking each other up and down, both of them blushing a little. Then Benjamin pulled her to him, and she melted into his arms.

"I was hoping we'd get some time together before we packed up," she said, rubbing his chest while she pressed up against him. "Especially after how you made Kessie scream yesterday."

"Yeah, that was fun," he giggled. "So, your tent or mine?"

"Rascal..." she muttered, but then she took his hand and dragged him ashore. "How about up here, on the grass?"

"Fine with me." They sat down opposite one another, but neither seemed able to make the first move. After a minute or so, the silence was starting to get awkward. "So...?"

"So...?" she agreed. "Should we... I mean..."

Once more, it was Kessie who managed to break the ice. As she walked by she pushed Anna in the back so that she fell into Benjamin's lap, her face just inches away from his growing erection. The skunk girl laughed at their surprised gasps.

"Just fuck, guys. Just fuck."

Benjamin and Anna looked at each other sheepishly, then broke into laughter. She gave his cock a lick, then another, and he leaned back with a dreamy look in his eyes. After a few more licks up and down his penis, the mouse girl took him into her mouth and sucked hard. The purring returned to his voice as she bobbed up and down, her warm tongue caressing his tip while her lips worked on his shaft. But just as he was getting close to his release, her mouth vanished from him. When he looked down to see what was going on, she grinned at him, then started tonguing his sac. This was a new kind of sensation for Benjamin. He had played a little with his balls a couple of times, but never really paid them much attention. Anna's ministrations made him appreciate them all the more, as she first licked his sac all over, then took each testicle in turn into her mouth, sucking it lightly while she licked it. Not even now did he get to reach his peak, though, because Anna soon went lower still.

Benjamin was almost ready to object when she lifted his legs up and started licking towards his butt crack. Surely this was too disgusting for words? But when she reached his hole all thoughts of protesting disappeared. She dragged her tongue a couple of times around it, then started licking across his anus, and feelings like electricity shot through his body. That was yet another part of himself that he'd had no idea could give him so much pleasure. He moaned out loudly, but the sound changed into a whimper when Anna licked one of her fingers wet, then slid it into him. At first there was a bit of discomfort, but that passed quickly and gave way to a strange kind of fullness that he found quite agreeable. It was all just a new kind of fun, until she touched something inside him that made him cry out with pleasure.

"Never played with your prostate before, Benji?" she asked grinning up at him while she kept on rubbing that magical spot, bringing him rapidly towards orgasm. "Do you like it?"

"It... it feels... feels great," he hissed through clenched teeth. "Wow, it's like... it's... too late!"

Anna just had time to close her mouth around his cock, before it went off. Benjamin thought he shot at least as much as when he made love to Tora, but the force of this different kind of release made it hard to think clearly. As it began to abate he could feel the muscles in Anna's throat, as she swallowed his load, and he let out a groan as he sank to the ground. After a few moments Anna cuddled up to him, and she talked for a little while about what the prostate was. He didn't hear it all, as the pounding of his heart and the rasp of his rapid breaths drowned much of it out. As soon as he was able to move again, he pulled her close for a kiss. Their tongues met, and for the first time Benjamin felt as if he were the one who led, who moved his lips and licked at her while she followed in this dance. He cupped one of her small breasts and caressed it gently, making her hum into the kiss, while he moaned back as he tasted his own semen for the second time. It was better this time, maybe because the slimy part of it was already gone.

"Great kisser, isn't he?" Kessie asked as she and Tora sat down next to the kissing couple. "You should let him lick you, that little guy can teach all of us a trick or two."

"Go for it, Minty," Tora agreed. "Make her feel as good as you did us."

Benjamin broke the kiss and grinned back at the other girls, then he started kissing his way down Anna. First her neck, then her collar bone, which made her squirm. He paused at her breasts, taking his time to lick and suck both nipples. There was no milk, but he still enjoyed the feeling of them between his lips. He remembered that he hadn't done this with Tora yet, but decided that there would be time for that in the future. After all, she had promised him that they could do sexy stuff again. Or had he promised her? He couldn't quite recall. Casting those thoughts aside, he returned to Anna. His main focus for the time being. He reluctantly left her breasts and kissed his way down through her soft belly fur, until he reached her coarser pubic strands. There, he paused to look at her inviting, pink sex, and to smell it. Anna didn't smell as strong or look as wet as the other two, but instead she had a mild, almost subtle scent that he really liked, and he caught himself wondering if Mark smelled the same. No more thinking about the future, he scolded himself as he leaned down for the first taste.

Her flavour, too, was milder than any of the others', and Benjamin licked her up and down her slit. She squirmed at the touch, but he put his arms around her hips and held her still. Even now she seemed to prefer letting him be in charge, and it was a completely different feeling than with Tora gently leading him along or with Kessie's more aggressive love-making. He found that he kind of liked it, though he wasn't really sure what he wanted to do. Well, apart from the obvious, he thought with a tiny giggle as he focused his lickings to her clitoris. Her breathing became faster, more shallow, as he pushed her up towards her peak, but apart from a twitch now and then, and her slim white-furred tail which she kept rubbing against his back, she stayed still in his arms. And quiet, too, he noticed. She would gasp or moan quietly from time to time, but she was nowhere near as loud as the other two had been. When she came, it was with a shudder going through her body and a whimper that sounded more like a sob than anything else. Benjamin got in a couple more licks while she relaxed, then he moved up to hold her, kissing her cheek.

"Told you he was good," Kessie said. "Did you like it?"

"Yes," both Anna and Benjamin answered, then they both laughed. Anna was first to find her voice. "He's really good. Thanks, Benji."


Only now did Benjamin see that Kessie's muzzle was all wet and sticky, and he found the reason for that immediately. Tora lay in front of her, her legs spread wide and her pussy glistening with juices. He licked his lips at the sight, but then Anna nudged him in the side.

"Hey, you're supposed to be with me now:" He looked at her, and found her pout one of the cutest things he had ever seen. "I mean it, Benji, you can drool over your sister some other time."


He moved on top of the mouse girl and kissed her deeply, pushing his tongue in between her lips in a way that was almost aggressive. It surprised even him, and Anna let out a gasp before she became still in his arms again. What a weird feeling. They kept kissing for a while, then Benjamin slowly began to push her legs apart. Once he could feel the ground under his knees, he shifted positions slightly and started rubbing his once more rigid cock against her slit. But before he could enter her, she grabbed his hips and stopped him.

"Not like that, Benji, please."

"Wh-why not?" he asked, feeling both puzzled and concerned. Had he done something wrong? "I thought..."

"I heard what Tora told you the other night, about Kessie and me stuffing ourselves all the time, but that's not true." She looked into his eyes and blushed a little bit. "I'm... I'm still a virgin, just like Tora was."

"I promise to be careful."

"No, I didn't mean it like that. I want... I want Mark to be my first."

"Oh." He rolled off her, feeling sheepish. "Sorry, I just thought..."

"That doesn't mean we can't do it," she said, rolling after him and ending up on top this time. "Just... another way."


"Remember how I licked you, and stuck my finger in?"

Benjamin frowned, thinking for a while before he realised what she meant. The way she had played with his butt... He still didn't fully understand, but he watched her curiously as she moved up to straddle his face.

"Lick me, Benji. Please? Back there."

His first thought was that she was asking him to do something gross, but then he remembered how nice it had felt. Almost shivering with a mixture of fear and excitement, he stuck his tongue out and touched her ring. It twitched as he licked it, and he found that the taste wasn't like anything he had imagined. It tasted like skin, freshly washed skin. Feeling braver, he started pressing his tongue against her, alternating between circling her hole and licking across it. She squirmed on top of him, gasping and moaning. After a little while he felt someone else move beside him, and soon Tora's beautiful brown eyes met his.

"You have to make her really wet," she whispered. "I'll help."

She pushed his muzzle aside and touched Anna's hole with a finger that was slick with wetness. Benjamin recognised the scent of her juices, and stole a quick lick before she pushed it in. The groan he could hear from the mouse girl was her loudest yet. He watch with fascination as his sister went to work, and by the time she withdrew her finger the hole in front of him looked nicely slippery. Just one more lick, he thought, and he reached out with his tongue to taste the combined flavour of the two girls. Then someone touched his cock, and he jumped.

"Relax, Benji," Kessie said as she slickened him up in pretty much the same way. "Just getting you ready."

He had to stop the skunk girl before long, because he was getting too close. Grinning at him, she held out her hand for him to lick clean, and once again he tasted a combination, this time of Kessie's pussy and his own cock. Not bad, he decided. Then he felt something else touch him down there, and when he looked away from Kessie he saw that Anna had got herself in position. Her anal ring pressed down on his tip, and for a second he got the feeling that it would never fit. Then it slipped in, and they both gasped as Anna slowly lowered herself until her buttocks were resting on his crotch.

It was a lot different than fucking a pussy. Benjamin closed his eyes and just moaned at the sensations that were flowing through him. The same heat was there, but the lack of wetness combined with the incredible tightness gave a lot more friction. He was thankful that she sat still for a while, or he would have lost it right away.

Anna leaned down and kissed him, while she started moving her hips to ride up and down on his erection. By this time, Benjamin had lost count on how many times he had been tongue-kissed, something he hadn't even experienced up until the night before yesterday. Back then he had been a virgin, too, and now he was lying here with his cock up his best friend's sister's butt. The thought would have made him giggle, if he hadn't been to busy enjoying himself. After a little while he started making thrusts of his own to match Anna's movements, and he felt more than heard how she groaned into their kiss. Then he thought of something else; could she really get off on this? He remembered what she had told him about the prostate, how it was a thing boys had that made the liquid for the sperms, but girls had nothing like that. And even though Anna was pressing herself against him there was no way his shaft could get in contact with her clitoris. Determined to make her feel every bit as good as she did him, he reached in between their bellies and started rubbing her pussy with his fingers.

"He's such a little gentleman," he heard Kessie whisper from somewhere off to the side. "Always thinks of the lady."

"Yeah," Tora answered. "He's a wonder."

His touches had the desired effect. Anna broke the kiss and half sat up, gasping. For a second Benjamin thought he had done something wrong, but the blissful look on her face told him otherwise. Gaining courage, he started to focus on her clitoris, tickling it with the tips of his fingers. The tightness was beginning to get to him, and the tingles inside him were growing faster towards orgasm. She seemed to have forgotten what she was doing, and was sitting still on top of him, so he started thrusting harder and deeper. They were both panting hard now, and Benjamin was hoping that he could make her come soon. He did not have the stamina to go again, as he had with Kessie. But just as he was getting ready for his own release, she tightened up, squeezing him almost painfully hard. She groaned loudly, then sank back down to his chest, burying her face in the nape of his neck while her body shook. Once she was done with her climax, his began. He pushed as deep into her as he could get, and then let out what was just a dribble. The feeling was strong as ever, though, and he cried out as the peak of it hit him.

After that, his mind was blurry for a little while. He remembered kissing Anna again before she rolled off him, then he recalled turning to watch just as Tora and Kessie finished each other in what he would later learn was called a sixty-nine position. Someone carried him down to the river and helped him wash up, but after that he pretty much passed out.

No more than a few minutes could have passed when Benjamin opened his eyes. He was lying on the grass again, with Anna peacefully sleeping in his arms. A smile crept onto his lips, and he leaned over to kiss her cheek. She muttered something in her sleep but did not wake up. The sound of moaning made him sit up and look around, and he grinned at the sight of Tora and Kessie. Again? Well, at least they could play with each other, so he didn't have to be ready for service at all times. This thought made him giggle, and when she heard it Tora looked up from Kessie's crotch and waved for him to join them. He eased his arms away from Anna and crawled over to the others, but when Kessie offered Tora's pussy to him he just shook his head.

"I'm too tired," he said, his voice low in order to let Anna sleep. "I'll just watch."

Shrugging, Kessie went back to her business, licking up and down Tora's slit before focusing on her clitoris. The girls were sighing and gasping and moaning as they licked each other, and Benjamin noticed that their hands were constantly moving. Fondling breasts, caressing butts, playing with holes or when something felt extra good, grabbing the other's head and pressing them closer. I should take notes, he thought, and he had to bite back a chuckle. His cock was stirring again, and he felt sure that he would not be able to resist another invitation. He really was tired, and he wasn't sure that he would survive more sex. As Tora started thrusting her hips up from the ground to meet Kessie's tongue he started jacking off slowly, though. He moved around them to where his sister was busying herself with her tongue deep inside the skunk girl's pussy, and he lay down beside her, stroking her cheek gently. Her eyes opened, and she winked at him, forcing that held-back giggle out of him.

Despite his intentions to just watch, he moved closer to Tora and started caressing her. First just touching her face, but then moving down her neck to her breasts. He hadn't tasted them, he realised, and he hurried to do just that. Tora groaned as he closed his lips around the closest nipple and sucked it hard, while he let the tip of his tongue flick across it. Though she had no milk, he loved the taste of her. That Tora flavour that was also in her kiss and in the juices flowing from her pussy. It got to his head almost like the beer had done, and he let out a whimper as he came without warning. He pressed his squirting cock against Tora's hips, and just then she let out a yell as her own orgasm wracked her body. Kessie wasn't far behind, and the two goat siblings helped each other make her come. Tora kept on licking her pussy, while Benjamin got up to lick at her butt hole. She tasted stronger back there than Anna had, but it wasn't an unpleasant flavour. As Benjamin had learned by now, the skunk girl's orgasm was a loud one, and he giggled at Tora once it was over. She laughed back at him, and they shared a brief kiss before all three of them got up and walked slowly towards the river.

* * * * * *

After a thorough clean-up, which Anna joined after a couple of minutes, the four of them reluctantly got dressed and started breaking camp. As it were, they had lingered longer than planned, and they would be hard pressed to be back home before dark. It didn't take long to clean up and pack, though, because they hadn't unpacked much. After all, not much clothing had been needed, and the only playthings they had bothered with were the badminton set. The real fun on this camping trip had been each other.

The hike home was fun, too. They kept chatting and joking, kept horsing around by chasing each other now and then or by quick gropes. By the time they reached the outskirts of town, Benjamin's cheeks hurt more from laughing and smiling than his feet did from walking. Outside their house Anna and Kessie said goodbye with hugs and kisses, and they all promised each other to get together to play again.

"And the next time," Anna said with a wink. "I promise that I will have Mark broken in and ready. I'm gonna tell him everything as soon as he's well enough."

"Even..." Benjamin tried, but his voice failed and he had to swallow before he could start over. "Even about me? About how I..."

"Want to play with him?" He nodded. "You bet! He's gonna flip!"

After one last round of goodbyes, the goat siblings went inside. It felt strange, Benjamin thought, to be home again. So much had changed since they started their trip, and yet everything was the same. Same old house, same old parents who had stayed up to welcome them home, same old him and same old Tora. And still not. There was a new kind of connection between them, one that went above and beyond that of brother and sister. They had shared their bodies, and also their hearts.

There was still time for a snack after they had said good night to their parents, so the two of them went into the kitchen. They hadn't eaten much during the day, just a couple of sandwiches and some fruit while walking, and they were both hungry. Benjamin made himself a bowl of cereal, while Tora found a slice of watermelon that she happily bit into. Neither said much while they ate, but it was a comfortable silence. From time to time, one of them would smile, or wink, and the other one would have to fight back giggles in case their parents were already asleep. By the time they had cleared away the dishes, it was already midnight. They walked upstairs towards their rooms, leaving their backpacks for tomorrow, and took turns using the bathroom. But when Benjamin was about to go to his room, Tora stopped him.

"You had a bad dream, and you needed to be comforted by your big sister." She winked as his tired features broke into a grin. "But between you and me, I really need to taste your cock."

Benjamin chuckled as quietly as he could when she started dragging him towards her bedroom, and Tora joined in as he put up a mock-struggle all the way to her door. But as soon as she had locked it behind them, he willingly let himself be first undressed, then seduced.