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This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.


Joshua's gifts have gotten him in trouble with a psycho stalker, so his family has moved to a new state to get away from the hassle. They are moving to Charleston, South Carolina, and his sisters are pissed at him for make them move away from all of there friends, after school has already started.





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Soul Mates

A New Start






I woke up Sunday morning around Twelve-Thirty. I had stayed up last night playing Halo two, finally finishing it. I awoke to noises outside my window. Looking out, I saw a new family was busy moving into the house next store. This spring was the last time anyone had lived there.


I saw two blond headed girls. One was pretty and looked to be about fifteen or sixteen. The other was much younger maybe nine. They were going through a large bin. A nice looking man was taking a box into the house, followed by a beautiful blond haired woman with a handful of blankets.


"Hey Mom! We got a new family is moving in next door!"


"Well, you would have known that hours ago if you had gotten up at a decent hour!" she yelled back. "I invited the Kingstons over for dinner tonight." About that time, a saw a boy walk out of the moving truck carrying a large cardboard box. He looked my age, with long light brown hair, and he must work out, not so much because he looked built, but the box looked very heavy. Then that I saw Carrie, my twin sister, running from the truck to open the front door for him. She seemed way too happy. "They have a boy your age. You should go over and see if you can help." Mom yelled again. "I think his name is Josh."


With that I put on some clothes quick and went out to see if I could help, and to meet the new kid. None of my friends live in this neighborhood. Most were at least a 10 minute drive away. So I was really looking forward to make a new friend hopefully.






Well the drive to Goose Creek was boooorrring! We arrive Saturday night late and stayed at a nice hotel. We had one day to move in, Sunday, because my sisters and I were expected at school and Dad at work Monday morning. Evidently, there are two high schools in this town. Funny, with a name like Goose Creek you wouldn't think it was that big. The town was divided down the middle by a highway, one school on each side. I was going to the one that had the highest academic records in the state, Stratus High. Kind of an oxymoron isn't it? Stratus as is the sky, I thought it was funny.


Anyway, we arrive at our new house Sunday morning around 7, and it was gorgeous. Two stories high, huge porch, two car garage, trees in the right places. It was the coolest house we have ever owned. Dad unhitched the car carrier from the truck in front of the house. Then, he backed the truck in to the front yard. Mom pulled the other car, our van, into the driveway. We all took a tour of the new house, it was the first time any of us had seen the house other than dad, when he had came down to set things up. I  L O V E D it! It had a master bedroom, three smaller bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, a huge living room, and a pool in the backyard with a hot tub. I was blown away.


Then, dad told me to follow him. He took me to the hallway that connected to the garage. There was a door to the left in the hallway that opened to a set of stairs, and up the stairs to very large room. Suddenly it dawned on me, the room had its own bathroom. This was another bedroom. Was he giving it to me?


"Dad, whose room is this?"


"Yours of course!"


"No...way! Dad I can't..."


"Yes, you can! You're a man now and you need a space of your own. But! There will be some rules, no parties in the wee hours of the morning!!" he chuckled, so did I.


After the tour we got right on the process of moving in. We had been working about Twenty minutes, when the neighbors from next door came over to welcome us to the neighborhood. A nice looking man, his lovely wife, and they had a daughter my age with them. She was hot, short black hair, blue eyes, wonderful face, and a nice body. I noticed Josh jr. was flexing slightly. Nice looking girl, huh son. Dad sent me smiling. I could feel heat on my face.


"Hi, my name is Herald Toma. This is my wife Trish and my daughter Carrie."


Dad took his hand, "Well, my name is James Kingston. This is my wife Amanda, my daughters Kim and Adria, my son Joshua, and the midget is Danny."


"I have a son as well, but he's being lazy this morning" Ms. Toma said. "I would love to invite you all over for diner tonight. I know the last thing you want to do after a hard days work is to cook!" she said all smiles.


Reluctantly, dad accepted. (Mainly because he got from Ms Toma that she would be offended if we refused.) So it was set, tonight at six o'clock we would have dinner at the Toma's. We started back up moving boxes and things. Carrie stayed behind to "help".


"So how old are you anyway?" Carrie asked.


"Just turned eighteen two months ago."


wow, cool..."Really, me too. I'm senior."


"Same here..."


We continued to small talk as I bought in the large boxes she got something small or nothing at all and opened the door for me. She was in the band, and JROTC and a few AP classes. She flipped when I told her all of my classes were AP. She told me the school was very big, but cool. She warned me to not be a loner, but she didn't think that was going to be a problem after "hanging" out with me today. After a few boxes I found one of mine and headed for the garage. She followed me up to my new room and about fell out. She couldn't believe how cool this room was. I was getting starting to get the sense that she liked me.


After a few hours a boy walked over from Carrie's house. Wow, a masculine version of Carrie!  He walked up to me with his hand out. He just as beautiful as she was! It was hard to explain, I don't think I'm gay, I mean have never been attracted to a guy before. This guy, however, was doing the same thing his sister was doing to me when I met her. It was something I couldn't explain about them.


"Hi, I'm Casey. Yea, we're twins!"




As soon as I took his hand I felt a strange feeling I've never felt before. The look on his face was strange too.  I broke our hand shake and we snapped out of our trance. He just looked me like he was trying to figure out what had just happened and not coming up with anything. Carrie knew some thing was up.


"What was that? You two kind of spaced out for a second." She said frowning


"I don't know."


"Me either. But that was weird!" I said. "Um, Carrie, would you mind shaking my hand?" I said as I offered my hand.


"Um, OK" as she took my hand the same strange feeling came over me. I've felt this before, but I'm not sure where. Her eyes bugged out as she looked into my eyes. Then I looked over at her brother and he had the same look.


This is too weird! I heard from Casey and Carrie at the same time.


"That felt funny... Not bad, just weird." Casey said.


"Yea, is that static or something?" Carrie asked.


I closed off my mind and the feeling went away. I must be sensing something from them that I don't recognize. I'll ask dad later. "I don't know, but it seems to be gone now." Until I figure this out I'll just have to keep my mind shut around them.


I looked around and realized we were in the middle of the yard, staring at one another. Just then, Dad came out of the house. "No time for breaks! What do you think this is a union!" we laughed at that.


"Hey dad, this is Casey, Carrie's twin brother."


"Twins huh?" Dad smiled, waved, and went back into the truck.


"Let's get back to work."


"OK" they both said in stereo.


We continued hauling things inside. Casey was a big help, with my bed and other heavy things, to carry them upstairs. I noticed that most of the boxes and the beds felt lighter than they should. My working out has really helped. We both helped dad do the same with their stuff. By three o'clock we were finally finished. We were so busy putting up stuff we didn't talk much until the truck was cleaned out.


"We're going up to my room to get me settled in." I said to mom and dad, after we had all had a break and a cold beverage.


They both just smiled at me making friends so soon. "OK, don't loose track of time. Dinner is at six."


"But, why does he get the room over the garage." Kim said upset. "It's his fault we had to move here in the first place!" She puffed out her bottom lip.


"Kim, go to your room and unpack we'll discuss this later!" from mom.


I got some looks from Casey and Carrie, but I just headed for my new room. They followed. After we got there...


"OK, Spill! What's up with you being the cause of the move?" Casey asked


"Well, lets just say, a girl at my old school started stalking me, thinking I was her boyfriend, and wouldn't take no for an answer. She turned violent and my dad didn't feel safe there, because she threatened my sisters."


"Oh, what's the matter was she butt ugly or something?" Casey again


"No actually she was one of the most beautiful girls at school. She had just broken up with the captain of the swim team. I had gone to try and comfort her, and she chose me as her new boyfriend, right there on the spot." I lied a bit, no sense in showing all my dirty laundry, especially in front of Carrie. "I just didn't want to be the rebound guy, especially that quickly. She wouldn't take no for an answer!"


We continued to set up my room and the small talk resumed. Casey was the older of the two by four minutes. They loved the area. Every thing was so laid back. After a bit the subject of school came up...


"You'll like it. There are like twenty or so cliqs in the school though. Not that big a deal just hang with any of them and you'll be ok. It's kinda weird actually, the only kids really looked down at, are the loners that don't hang with anyone. Even the geeks are cool at our school." Carrie said


"Yea, James Carlson, the coolest kid, in school hangs out with all the right cliqs, is the captain of the chess team, head quarter back, and throws the best party's at school. There are a lot of cliqs to choose from; The Cowboys, Dog town, the dragons, the gutter sluts, the Joes, the actors, the band, the chorus, the crusaders, the preps, the jocks. Most of the students are members of various cliqs. Me I hang with about five of them myself, but I like the knights the best, that's the chess club. We have about twenty-five members"


"Wow, ok so let me get this straight, almost the entire school is members of one club or another and if you're not a member you looked down on?"


"That's about the jest of it, but don't worry, we'll introduce you to lots of people, it'll be cool!" Casey said.


Great, I hate molding myself into someone else's idea of what's cool, and this new school is brimming with it. At least I had already made some new friends. Hopefully this wouldn't be all that bad.


We unpacked most of my stuff and set my room up in about one hour flat, even with all the talking. I really liked these two! I was just happy to have friends already. Less then one day, had to be a record! They continued to fill me in on the new school, and I must say I liked it the more I heard about it. It sounded cool, the way the power structure was split evenly among the various cliqs. No one, mean, dominating, cliq that ruled it all, that was the norm at most schools, and popular geeks, what's the world coming to (Geeks of the world unite! LOL).


It was going on five o'clock, and I wanted to get a shower and change clothes before dinner.  I thanked my guests and told them I'd see them in an hour. I was grateful for the help. This could have taken a week or more. As it was I only had about two hours of one person work left.


At dinner, the mood was light, until...


"Mom, could you pass the gravy?" Kim asked sweetly, not looking at me, or the fact that the gravy was on the other side of me and Mom would have to reach over me to get it.


"Ask, Josh for it dear, it is by him, I can't reach it." Mom


So, my sister sits there, looking at her plate, and begins to eat her mash potatoes without any gravy. "Josh, would you mind..." I picked up the gravy bowl and set it next to her plate. She continued to eat the dry potatoes. Miss Toma noticed the sibling rivalry and said something about it being only natural at that age. Well that just made Kim more upset. She hated being thought of as a little kid, even though she is only eight.


Well the rest of the night was quite uncomfortable. Good thing my mind was else were, I kept thinking of the twins. There is something about them... I can't shake them from my mind. They took turns looking at me and smiling the rest of the night. I think they liked me back. Well they must have, they stayed an entire day to help me clean my new room.


That night mom sent Kim to her room as soon as we got home. I excused myself as I wanted to get things ready for my first day at the new school. I walked in my room, and lay on my bed thinking of the day's events. I don't know how long I stared at the ceiling... A noise came from by the window. Startled I looked over and saw Carrie climbing through the window.


"Um, Carrie, um what are you doing her...?" I didn't get to say much as she placed her lips to mine.


As she broke, "Josh, I've wanted you since I first laid eyes on you" she replaced her lips to my egger mouth. I felt her hand messaging me through my shorts, making me very hard, very quickly. The next thing I know my shorts are around my ankles and her head was moving down to my aching member. I lean my head back arching my back as she begins to devour my manhood. Oh God that feels good! I reach down to grab her short black hair, but something feels different about her hair. It is much too short, and spiked at the top...


Spiked at the top! I looked down at her as she rose off my cock with a smile, but it's not Carrie.  Casey is looking back at me with a wicked grin and I feel something pressing against my ass. Oh my God!


I sat bolt up in bed. The lights are still on. What the Fuck!!


It was only a dream, and what a dream. It had only been about two hours since I came upstairs. And, UGGG! Damn it! I got to go change my shorts. The smell of sex hits my nostrils and my mind wanders back to the wet dream I'd just had. I can understand Carrie being there, but why was Casey. I had never felt this way towards another guy before.


I lay back in bed and sat restless for quite a while as I lay there pondering the dream. I realize I am attracted to him, but why. This is all very confusing. After another hour and a half of tossing and turning and thinking, sleep finally overtook me.



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