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This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.


Joshua moved to Goose Creek, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, due to some serious girl problems. Now he has met the twins, his next door neighbors, and is feeling confused about his feelings toward them. His first day of school was great until he got into a fight with the school bully. Now he has a new girlfriend, and some really strange feelings for her twin brother. Now he is a Tight-end for the Stratus Lighting Bolts.




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Soul Mates

The Big Game!



When I got back to my room from the bathroom I didn't feel like sleeping, so I just sat there and thought about, well everything. Carrie knows that something is wrong now. I'm not really sure what to do. I can't get rid of these feelings I have for Josh, but I don't want to hurt my sister and I really don't want to lose Josh as a friend. Part of me thought I should just tell him. However, the reality is that once I tell him we would never be the same friends that we are now and if Carrie found out, I'm sure she would hate me! I really don't want that.

So, the only decision left to me is to just grin and bare it. Josh had given me an out. I'll just drop it and try to act like nothing happened. I just need to push the whole thing to the back of my thoughts and try to act as normal as possible. I just hope Carrie can leave it alone. She is not used to me keeping secrets and this one is a whopper!

By the time I had started getting ready of school, I was feeling much better about myself. I realized that my mistake had been trying to push Josh away for my own sanity. I see now I can't do that, because it just makes me more miserable. When I went down for breakfast, Carrie was already down and eating. She looked up at me with concern.

"You ok Casey?"

"Yea, I think I just needed time to think. I'm sorry for losing it last night."

"You want to talk about it?"

"No, I'm fine now. Really!"

Ok, you look better this morning." She said smiling.

I could tell by the look on her face that she intended to bring it up again later. When we left the house we met up with Josh and his sisters. He looked at me like he didn't know if was going to snap his head off, or what. I just smiled at him. He got it! That was the last I got from him that anything had even happened. I was so relived!

On the bus it was like nothing had happened. We joked about the practice the day before. One of the linebackers had slipped on one of the hikes and busted his ass. The whole team thought it was quite funny. Someone had called him Tank-Ass and mentioned that it would "take more then a fall to damage that ass".

The school day was ok. Nothing eventful! That afternoon at practice however, we had a tough time at first and nothing seemed to go right. Leif had missed one pass early on and had become very frustrated with himself. He didn't catch another one the rest of the day. Coach was visibly upset that Leif couldn't get past his mistake. Then they started working Josh and he was brilliant. It brought Coach out of his bad mood.

Josh meshed with the team very well. He anticipated James and seemed to be in the right place every time. He was a good rusher too. They had run ten rushing plays with Josh and he had made at least 5 yards on each carry. On one, he had really turned on the moves and weaved through the entire defense, running for a touchdown. The whole team had been impressed with that one.

After practice, in the showers, things really seemed to be back to normal with Josh and me. He is still a stunning sight to behold though, especially with the water running all over him. Then, we all got to horsing around. The whole team was playing slap-ass with the wet hand towels. I got popped three times! The last one left a red spot!

I was catching a ride from Josh again and I was getting the distinct impression that Josh's sister was staring at me. However, every time I turned to her she was looking out the window. I'll have to ask Josh about it later. When we got to his house, Josh asked me I could wait a few minutes. His Dad and sister went in the house and I started to get a little scared.

"Look Casey, I just wanted to apologize for last night."

"No, I should be the one to apologize. I shouldn't have overreacted. You were just trying to be a real friend. I...I just... I have a lot of things I need to work through, that's all and I shouldn't have bitten your head off for caring about me."

"Well, I did mean what I said though, if you ever feel you need to talk to someone, I'm here for you and I won't judge you! However, we don't ever have to talk about it again unless you want to. You're the best friend I've ever had and I don't know what I'd do if I'd lost you. I just wanted you to know, no mater what! I'm here for you!"

"Thanks! You don't know how much that means to me." Then, I surprised myself by walking up to him and embracing him in a hug. He hugged me back. It felt wonderful to be in his arms. I could really feel that he did care for me.

I was starting to get a bit hard in his arms, so broke quickly. We said good night, and I went home. I passed Carrie on her way out, she seemed very happy about something. She had some kind of package with her. I guess it was a gift for Josh or something.



I was a bit worried about Casey. I have never seen him so upset about something. I was sitting in my room finishing my homework, when an unbelievable wave of emotional pain swept over me. I realized immediately that something must be wrong with Casey. So I jumped up and ran outside. Casey ran past me at the door, tears flowing down his face. I ran outside to see what had hurt Casey and the only person out there was Josh.

I was really concerned, what had Josh done to upset Casey so much? When he told me it was him and that he had not meant to hurt Casey, he was only trying to help him. I could feel he was telling the truth. I went back inside, Mom had seen Casey running upstairs upset and she was worried about him, so was I. I told Mom I'd go up and check on him.

When I got to his room, I could hear his sobbing though the door. I opened the door quietly and closed it behind me. I didn't want mom and dad to see him like this. He was laying face down on his bed, just sobbing his eyes out. I really hate seeing him like this. I don't know if he heard me come in, but as I crept on to his bed, his weeping softened.

I crawled up and lay over his back, like we did when we were kids. I just ran my fingers though his hair and hung my head over his shoulder so it was nuzzled beside his. I hadn't seen him like this since the time Daniel Jenkins had stolen one of Casey's GI-Joes in the first grade. Whatever they had talked about must have really been something Casey was having a hard time with.

When his sobbing stopped I asked him, "Did you and Joshua have a fight?"

"I really don't want to talk about it." He managed to whine.

"Ok, just know that Josh was very concerned that he might have hurt you in some way. And he wanted me to tell you that you two never had to talk about it again. Whatever that means, I'm sure you understand. But he said he couldn't stand loosing you."

As soon as I said that, he started to bawl anew. I laid there with him for about a half-hour. His sobs had finally stopped and I heard the slow breathing of sleep from him. So I quietly rolled off him and left. I didn't sleep well that night, because I was so worried about Casey.

When I woke up the next morning it hit me. I had been so worried about Casey I had forgotten that I had a gift for Josh. I was a bit disappointed actually, so I decided that if Casey was feeling better today, I would give it to Josh after his practice.

After getting ready I went downstairs to the kitchen. By the time coffee was ready Casey had come down. He looked in a better mood than I had seen him in a while. He smiled at me.

"You ok Casey?"

"Yea, I think I just needed time to think. I'm sorry for losing it last night."

"You want to talk about it?" I wish he would tell me what is going on. I hate not knowing what is troubling him.

"No, I'm fine now. Really!" He broadened his smile, but I could tell it was forced.

"Ok, you look better this morning." I smiled back at him.

As the day progressed I saw my brother come back to me. He was truly smiling and laughing with Josh. Josh hadn't even let on that there had even been a problem last night. It just made me even more proud of my boyfriend. He is a very caring person and he really does like my brother, I can tell. They do seem to have a bond that is much stronger then mere friendship. It is nice when your boyfriend is best friends with your brother. I don't have to worry about Casey being overprotective of me with him.

I was a bundle of nerves that after noon when Casey and Josh got home. I had waited for three days to give Josh his present and I couldn't wait to see his face! The rest of him too!



Tuesday night had been almost unbearable. I went into the house and straight to my room. I didn't really feel hungry. In fact I felt very nauseous. I'm not sure why, but the fact that I had hurt Casey was tearing me apart, more than it should. It really brought the confused feelings I've had for him these past weeks home! I broke down and cried for a while. I had hurt someone who meant a lot more to me then I had realized.

I decided that I would let the whole thing drop and be there for him when he is ready. A part of me wishes that I were dating him instead of Carrie. In a perfect world, I think I would like that, but he likes someone else and I'm dating his twin sister. So dropping the whole thing is the best thing I can do right now and let him know I support him in whatever he wants!

The next day was a midsummer's day, in an open field, by a welcoming lake. In other words, perfect! Casey was back to his old self. It was like nothing had ever happened. We joked and laughed all day and he felt as close to me as we had ever been. The practice went well after a few early hiccups and the whole team seemed to be on the high cotton (It's a southern saying... I know crazy right). The excitement was so thick you could cut it with a knife. We even played slap-ass in the shower. I got Will really good on the ass with my wet hand towel.

After we got home, I felt I really needed to let Casey know how I felt about him and to apologize for pushing last night.

"Hey Casey, wait up a minute" He looked as though I had just shot him, he jumped so, "Look Casey, I just wanted to apologize for last night." I could tell even without feeling it, that he was a bit scared and regretful.

"No, I should be the one to apologize. I shouldn't have overreacted. You were just trying to be a real friend. I...I just... I have a lot of things I need to work though that's all and I shouldn't have bitten your head off for caring about me."

"Well I did mean what I said though, if you feel you need to talk to someone, I'm here for you and I won't judge you! However, we don't ever have to talk about it again unless you want to. You're the best friend I've ever had and I don't know what I'd do if I'd lost you. I just wanted you to know, no mater what! I'm here for you!"

"Thanks! You don't know how much that means to me." Then, he walked up to me and embraced me in a hug. I griped him back and poured love into him. I wanted to make sure he knew how much he meant to me. It felt good in his arms, like I belonged there. I was glad he broke the hug when he did, however as I was getting a stiffy and he would have known it soon. I still can't believe how this boy turns me on. The smile he gave me could melt ice. He waved and was off.

As I was heading back to my house I heard a commotion behind me. Carrie had burst through her door and was running at me. I just smiled. She looked gorgeous as always as she ran for me with a little box in her hand.

"Hi Baby, do you think I could come over for a few minutes?"

"Sure, I don't think Dad would mind. But not for too long, it is already close to six. What do you have there?" I asked pointing at the little black box she was carrying. It looked like the outside of the box was covered in black silk. It was about the size of a gift box you would put a watch or a bracelet in, but wider, about two and a half to three inches by about six inches and about a half inch thick.

"Oh! Well you'll just have to wait till we get to your room to find out, wont you." she just giggled with an evil grin.

We went in the house. I introduced her to Grandpa, and we said hello to everyone else. Then we headed for the garage and my room. I ran up the stairs, Carrie right behind me. I threw my books on my desk and went to sit on my futon. Carrie came and sat beside me and handed me my "gift."

"Ok so what is it? Feels expensive!" I really hope she didn't get some expensive jewelry! Although, I don't think it could be jewelry because it didn't feel like anything was in it.

"Just open it!" She had this really evil grin on her face.

So I pulled the top off and inside, wrapped in black velvet was the smallest piece of male underwear I have ever seen. It was a red g-string thong with one of those deep pouches that were designed to let your stuff hang low.

Well she had tried out hers in front of me, it was only fitting that I try them out and model them for her. So, I went into my bathroom to change. I was already semi-erect. I couldn't believe I was doing this. The g-string fit well. My package filled the material out nicely. It was a weird feeling with the string up my ass though. I had to check myself out in my full-length mirror on the back of my bathroom door. I looked hot! I would fuck me!

"Come on Josh it shouldn't take that long, it's not like it's a lot of clothes to put on."

"Ok, here I come!"

I opened the door and walked out. The look on her face must have matched my own at the moment. She had been a bad girl and slipped her clothes off. She was standing before me in her Victoria's Secret lingerie. She must have been planning this all afternoon. She looked stunning!

"Well you do fill them out nicely." She took the tree steps between her and I gracefully and wrapped her arm around my neck. I then leaned into her and began kissing her. Our tongues met and passionately explored each other's mouth. Our hands began roaming. She moved her hands slowly down my back to my ass and gave each bare cheek a gentle squeeze. My cock was pressing very hard between her legs as the silk fabric rubbed her crotch.

After only a few moments of this, I was sharply brought back to reality. Son, I think it is time for Carrie to go home now! It is a school night! Shit! With my mind closed to Carrie, I had not realized she was broadcasting.

I broke the kiss. "Carrie, I know you want to continue this as much as I do. But my folks are home and mom will have dinner ready very soon. The last thing we need is my mom or dad catching us."

She seemed very disappointed. "Your right! I didn't plan on taking it this far, anyway. God I love you!"

"I love you too!" we kissed again, but only briefly. "Ok, let's get dressed then. I guess you like your present on me?" I grabbed a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.

"Yea I do, I hope I get to unwrap it soon."

We both laughed about that. As we were going though the house to the back door, I got the funniest looks from both Grandpa and Dad. We said good-bye and she left. I might have to wear these things out some time, feels kind of nice with clothes on. Not to mention I have a full-on hard on, and I'm not tenting bad at all.

When I turned around Dad had a stern look on his face. My stiffy softened quickly. I hope you two weren't really taking it as far it seemed!

No Dad, we were just kissing.

Hmm well you two need to be more careful. I don't want a repeat of Jessica!

Dad! Jessica totally dominated me, Carrie is nothing like that!

Then why do you close yourself off around her? You should have seen what she was sending. She has a lot of pent up passion and it is aimed at you. That is why you close yourself off to her, right!

No Dad, there is a whole other reason I close myself off around her. Wait! How did you know I close myself around her? It doesn't matter. I really don't want to discuss it right now ok! I have a lot of home work and it will take me most of the rest of the night to finish. Please Dad!

Look Josh, your only 18, and your still in school I don't want you getting in a mess you can't get out of. The last thing you need right now is to get someone pregnant.

I know that! I don't want to have a kid now either, but if you must know, I think I'm falling in love with her dad!

Exactly my point! You have only known her a couple of weeks! I think you are moving way too fast Josh!

But Dad there's something different with her. It feels like I have known her all my life! When I'm around her it just feels right. I can't really explain it! Look Dad! It's getting late, can we continue this another night?

Alright Son, but I want you to think about what your doing. Don't rush into things, just let it come naturally.

I think that is the problem. The whole thing feels too natural. I really want to be with Carrie, because it feels like we have been dating for years. She seems so familiar to me. It is like I have known her and Casey all my life! Wait! Why am I including Casey in that? I do feel the same familiarity with him. Could it possibly be that, like it or not, truth be known I feel the same way about Casey as I do for Carrie?

I went to bed with that thought on my mind. I had a strange dream that night, but it had nothing to do with sex of any kind. I dreamed about a pie, a cherry pie. I wanted a slice so I cut a big slice, but I didn't lift it out of the pan. Instead I made another cut into the pie. Now I had three big slices of pie, each one a third of the over all pie, but I never pulled a slice out of the pie. Instead I just kept looking at the pie, examining it.

It was then that I realized something amazing about the pie! Unfortunately, I awoke to my alarm going off and I couldn't remember the end of the dream. That really pissed me off, because I never forget things, ever! I continued to think about it while I got ready for school.

Carrie was defiantly on cloud-nine all day! Everyone thought it was cute, the new couple being so flirty with each other. Even James was getting jealous or nauseous I'm not sure which. Other then noticing Mark was back in school, the rest of the day was fairly uneventful.

That afternoon the practice was a lot of fun. At the end, Coach congratulated Casey and me for all our hard work and impressed upon us the hard work ahead of us tomorrow. We would go to our first two classes, and then meet at the gym to prepare to leave at eleven o'clock. The whole team was in a state of excited happiness and anticipation.

After we got home, Casey stuck around for a few minutes.

"Well man, you ready for tomorrow?" Casey asked.

"Yea, I can't wait! I've never been this excited performing in something before!"

"Yea, but you'll do fine! You had a good teacher!" he laughed.

"Yea, thanks for that. Well, see you in the morning. I'm going straight to bed I think, so I can get plenty of rest."

"OK, Josh see you in the morning." then he walked up and hugged me again, like he did yesterday. I have to admit, it really feels good in his arms. We broke and he ran in his front door. Since Carrie hadn't come out side, I headed home myself.

Mom had dinner ready. So I stopped in and ate, then said good night and went to my room. Night Josh! Thanks for the help the other night. I can already tell the difference!

Any time Adria, goodnight. I was so proud of her. She had even learned how to broadcast when she wanted to. I just smiled at her and left for my room.

When I got in my room, I put my stuff down, took all of my clothes off. I put on my sleep shorts and a t-shirt, went and washed my face and finished up the rest of my nighttime ritual. Then, I lay down on my bed for the night to go to sleep.

I had another dream that night, but it was the most realistic of all. It was like the first one I had again. I woke up from bed to a noise that startled me. I looked over to the window where the noise had come from and saw someone creeping in the window. It was dark, but I could tell it was Carrie as she walked toward me.

"Hi baby, what are you doing up here toni..." I didn't get to finish as she placed her lips to mine.

As she broke, "Josh, I've wanted you since I first laid eyes on you and I can't wait any longer" she whispered and then replaced her lips to my eager mouth. I felt her hand messaging me through my t-shirt. She was feeling every inch of my chest. I was so hard I thought my sleep-shorts were going to rip. Soon, I felt one of her hands caress my erection through the thin cloth.

I felt her fingers loop under my waistband as she pulled my shorts down around my ankles and she began to move down my body, pausing to kiss here and there. Her head was moving closer and closer to my aching member. I leaned my head back, arching my back, as she began to devour my manhood. `Oh God, that feels good!' I thought. I reached down to grab her short black hair. She was doing a very good job and as I was massaging her hair, she had move off my cock and was taking both of my nuts and sucking them into her mouth.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled her off, pulling her up in to a kiss. I rolled her over so I could return the favor. She was wearing a very sexy pink cotton sweater. I ran my hand underneath it until I found her ample breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra. After caressing them in both hands a few minutes, I pulled it up and eased it over her head, relieving her of her sweater. Her breasts were the most perfect things I have ever seen on a woman. I took one breast in my mouth, running my tongue around her nipple and started working on opening her pants. I reached in through the top, slid my way through her light bush and dipped my finger in her sweet spot.

She moaned and whispered my name as I freed her from her pants and pulled her thong panties off, I started moving down her body kissing everything I could find. She was moaning softly. Then, I found the treasure I was looking for. I took in the aroma of her, and dove in. She tasted amazing, it was the first time I had tried to have oral with a girl and I liked it!

It was then that I realized I hadn't closed my mind to her and the vibration wasn't there. Instead I was feeling her pleasure, the way I had with Jessica. It felt much different this time though! It felt natural! I then realized that somehow I mush have instinctively put a block around Carrie so that she wouldn't bleed over to my dad and grandpa when this thing started.

Oh, God! He really knows what he's doing! If he keeps this up...

I could feel the pleasure I was giving her and focused on the areas I could feel were the strongest. It was intoxicating, to feel her pleasure and react to it.

After a few minutes of this, she pulled my head up from her sweet pussy and panted, "I need you now!" I got the hint. I got up and went over to my dresser and got out a condom from my underwear drawer. I slapped my hat on and moved back over to the bed and in between her legs, lifting them slowly. She wrapped them around my waist.

I bent in and kissed her again as I slowly entered her and let her get used to me. I know I'm kinda big, and I didn't want to hurt her. However, I could feel that pain was the farthest thing from her feelings right now. She just moaned even louder. Oh God! He is wonderful! after I hit bottom I started to pull out. I could feel myself rubbing the right spots. I began shifting my thrusts to hit as many of those spots as I could. I wanted her to feel how much she meant to me. I had to keep kissing her to keep her quiet. Her moaning was getting louder and louder.

I could feel her orgasm building. It was weird however, because I could feel my pleasure reflecting back on me. It was as if she could feel the way I felt and I was feeling my pleasure, though her. I could defiantly make out the sensation my cock was getting at that moment, although it didn't feel quite the same. Almost like it wasn't my cock!

I decided to open my mind to her like I had done with Jessica. It was amazing! It was like we were a big ball of pleasure! We were one being, I was her and she was me. I could feel myself in full now and it was almost as if that wasn't me I was feeling. Her eyes shot open as the new sensations poured through her. We just stared in each other's eyes as the pleasure bounced back and fourth inside us. We were building to a giant massive orgasm!

Oh God Josh! This is better then I ever dreamed!

Yea! Feels like we were meant to be together! Like you were made for me and I was made for you!

Oh...I LOVE...Uhh!

We were overtaken by the strongest orgasm I have ever felt. Amplified, I think, by the love we shared for each other. However, with all the sensations coursing through our body, I still couldn't help feeling something was missing.

I awoke from the dream and looked to my right to my bedside table. It was three AM. I felt...wonderful, better then I had ever felt in my life. Then I rolled over to go back to sleep, when three things struck me. First, I didn't wake up from the wet dream, still feeling the last of the orgasm, like I normally do. Second, I was completely naked in the bed and I distinctly remember going to bed in shorts and a t-shirt! And finally, that Carrie was asleep on my left, also completely naked!

Oh God! That wasn't a dream! What did we do? Looking around, I felt the wet sticky cum filled condom that had fallen off near the edge of the bed. We had done actually it. That was no dream.

I shook Carrie to wake her. "Um...Carrie. Wake up."

She moaned a bit and looked up at me smiling. "Mmmm... Wow! That was better then I could have ever dreamed! I Love you so much Josh."

I leaned in and kissed her. I couldn't be mad, last night was fantastic! "Well I didn't exactly plan on us doing that so soon, but it was the most erotic experience of my life." I smiled at her, "But right now you have to get home. It's after three!"

"Oh shit! We fell asleep?" she reached up and kissed me. "Ok then, I've got to get back. I wish I could just stay here all night."

"Yea but I think both your dad and mine would flip out!" I giggled.

"Are you going to be ok getting back? Let me take you out the back door, so you don't have to climb down."

We got dressed and I took her down to the back garage exit. We kissed one more time. I went back upstairs and fell asleep fairly quickly. When I got up later that morning to get ready for school, I couldn't help thinking of Carrie. Last night was wonderful. I'm so happy I have found someone that I am so compatible with.

As I was in the shower a thought hit me! I had communicated with Carrie through her mind. I don't think she realized it, but it felt so natural, like I had been communicating with her that way for a long time. I'll have to be more careful.

Casey seemed a bit out of it this morning. He didn't really talk much the whole trip to school. I started to wonder if he had been thinking about the guy that had him so worked up the past few weeks. When we bumped into James on the way into the building, Casey seemed to snap out of it. The rest of the morning he was joking and cutting up with us.

Carrie was absolutely glowing! I guess I was too, James had asked me why I seemed so happy. Casey thought that was funny for some reason. Carrie was even more of a leach then usual, but I loved every minute of it. When it was time for Casey and me to go to the locker room to get ready, Carrie had to give me a long kiss in the hallway. A teacher had to clear his throat to break us up. Carrie was really bummed that she would miss our first game, but she was happy for us all the same.

The bus we went in was a school charter bus, designed for the team. The cheerleaders and the band had their own busses. The ride took almost five hours. The whole team was having a blast though. We played some different games and generally cut up. James had brought the new Star Wars film on DVD to play over the TVs they had running all over the bus. Every three rows had a seven in. flat-panel on the ceiling. James is such a geek! The rest of the team puts up with it though because James is the star quarterback for a reason.

We stopped around four o'clock for dinner at The Sizzler. Just about everyone got a steak. Coach said a good hearty meal is what every player needs before a big game!

At five-forty we got to our destination and disembarked to head to the locker rooms. We changed into our gear and Coach had some words of encouragement for us. Then we went out to the practice field to stretch and get ready for the game. By six-forty-five it was time to go to the main field. They had us go around to the visitor's side and we waited behind a big huge paper sign, being held up by our cheerleaders. I could see this bigheaded Zeus, the school mascot, running around with his lightning bolts waving in the air.

We "stormed" (pun very intended) onto the field to the roar of the fans. I can't explain the feeling of all those people screaming for you. The band was playing our fight song and the fans and the adrenalin all just "jacked you up" into frenzy.

So here I am on the field for my first real game. I was so pumped. We won the toss and were receiving. Special teams got us up to the twenty-six yard line. It was offence's turn to take the field. As I was setting up for the first play, I started to get impressions and random thoughts from the other team. They were going to blitz! And they were going to make a hole for number eighty.

So I positioned myself. The ball was snapped and sure enough, the defense began pushing us to open a hole and eighty was already on his way to James. James had not seen him yet, because he was reaching back to throw deep to one of our receivers that had broken away. I took off toward number eighty. Just as he was about to take James down I slammed into his side. He didn't even see me coming, as he was too focused on James. I took him down as James was throwing. The play was good. We advanced to our forty-second yard line before our receiver was stopped. I had hit eighty a lot harder than he probably thought I could, for a smaller guy. Needless to say he was pissed at me.

James looked at me and smiled. "How did you know they were going to blitz, you were supposed to go out on the right?"

"I saw how they were postured. They were leaning slightly to the direction of the hole they were going to make and I could see it in Eighty's eyes." I thought that one up quickly.

I realized now what my dad must have meant about me being good at sports. I have an edge that no one else on the field has. I can anticipate the other team. So I used it. The next couple of plays got to where I knew what they were going to do seconds before each play. It was third down and we were about five feet from the first down. They were planning another blitz, but this time it was seventy-four and eighty-two trying to come around the sides.

I ran behind James and said, "blitz seventy-four and eighty-two" as I ran past to take up position on the left for the next play. James must have heard me, because he gave an audible and moved into a shotgun. The other team was going to be livid. The play went off without a hitch. I was the only one open. So James threw me the ball. I caught it at their forty-five and took off. By that time the other team had realized we had figured them out and they were coming after me. I poured on my speed a bit. Only one guy got to me, real close to the goal line, but he could not stop me. I jumped over his tackle and rolled over the line for a touch down. The crowd went wild.

"It looks like the new tight end, Joshua Kingston, is a real find. Touch down Lightning!" blared over the field.

The rest of the game went like that. Our defense was able to shut the other team down. Also Casey was happy because he scored one of our touchdowns as well. I picked up another one as well. The final score was thirty-five to ten. I got lifted over a lot of heads as the team carried me around the field. That was the most exhilarating thing I've ever done.

The rest of that night was a blur of congratulations, and James saying over and over that he couldn't have done it without me. Casey was just beaming. He had given me a congratulatory hug that froze time for a few seconds and took me out of the madness.

By time the world started moving again, we had made it to the hotel. Casey and I were sharing a room. We had been in the room for about a half hour, getting ready for the after party. Coach had a conference room set up for us, with all the drinks and finger food we could eat.

Most of the team was there, but there were some obvious people missing, including James. I asked Casey about it and he told me that there are always a few private parties going on. He had never been invited to any of them last year, but they were said to be wild. There were several cheerleaders in the party and a few band members. There was dancing going on and I heard someone spiked the two liter cokes, but coach didn't seem to mind. I saw him get several refills from the Coke bottles.

After about a half hour, James came walking in. He looked around the room a second and settled on Me and Casey.

"Ok, you guys want to come to the real party? Some of the guys have already gotten started, but you won't miss out on too much fun."

We looked at each other and happily nodded our heads yes, with a grin splitting our faces. Casey had heard that these private parties were very wild, with beer, booze, and all other kinds of debauchery.

As we are walking down the hall, "Now I have to give you guys the speech!"

"What's that James?"

"What speech?"

"Well, on these away games the team likes to cut loose a bit and we have only one rule! `What happens with the team stays with the team!' To participate or not is your choice. We won't force anything on you, but that means if you are going to join us for the party you must first swear that you will never tell anyone what goes on. The Coach turns a blind eye to us, and he could get in a lot of trouble for letting us do some of the things we do. So what is it going to be? You want in, or would you rather remain ignorant."

"Is it illegal?"

"Aside from the Beer, no not really!"

Ok, I'm not sure that I'll participate but I wont tell the teams business." I said proudly

"Yea, me too! I'm no snitch!"

"Good! Then follow me!"

We followed James down the hall and the closer that I got to the end of the hall, the more I knew what was going on. I could feel the raw sexual emotions coming from the room! I could hear the lude thoughts going between the players. They were having a massive sex party on the other side of that door!


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