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This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.


Joshua moved to Goose Creek, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, due to some serious girl problems. Now he has met the twins, his next door neighbors, and is feeling confused about his feelings toward them. His first day of school was great until he got into a fight with the school bully. Now he has a new girlfriend, and some really strange feelings for her twin brother. Now he is a Tight-end for the Stratus Lighting Bolts. He has just won their fist game, and it is time to celebrate!




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Soul Mates





James opened the door with an evil grin. The sight before us was one of shock and awe! There at least eight members of the team were spread all across the room, in various states of undress. Outside of the locker room shower this was the largest group of flesh I've ever seen!

The moaning was incredibly loud. I then noticed Will in the middle of the room with a cock in his ass and two in his mouth. There was a group on the bed of the suite taking turns on "Tank Ass." I realized now where the name came from. He was taking two guys up his ass at once. It looked like most of them were on the giving end. I guess they justify not being gay by thinking as long as they're on the giving end and not the receiving they can remain straight.

James closed the door behind us and walked around us taking off his shirt in the process. "So, you guys up for a little fun?" I guess he took our silence for a yes, because he reached out and began fondling both of us; one in each hand. I was already hard as a rock. I was still too stunned by the whole thing, but the lust and pleasure radiating from the scene was intoxicating. The devil in me was coaxing me to go for it.

James seemed to like the feeling he was getting from me because he stopped fondling Casey and started taking off my shorts . He got my belt undone and in one motion slipped off my shorts and my boxers . He hungrily went for my raging cock. Oh God, it felt good! He really knew what he was doing!

I looked over to see if Casey had found a Jock to play with, and he was staring at me and James. I noticed a tear slide down his face. Before I could say anything to him he had spun and ran out the door. James pulled off as he heard the door slam shut.

"I'm sorry James! I need to go see what's wrong with Casey!" I grabbed my shorts and pulled them up and stuffed my now soft cock in quickly and walked out the door. I walked down the hall to our room.

When I entered I could hear the crying from door. Casey was face down on his bed sobbing.

"Casey! Are you ok?"

"Just go back to your party Josh!" He cried out.

"Casey I can't do that man. Not until you tell me what is wrong!"

"I have already told you I don't want to talk about it!"

What! The only thing Casey had told me he didn't want to talk about was his secret that he is struggling with. Then it hit me! "Oh God Casey! I'm so sorry! Its James isn't it, and he was... Oh God Casey I'm sorry I didn't know."

"No! Josh! You... just don't... IT'S YOU! OK! It is bad enough that you are dating my..." He must have just realized what he was saying because he turned a deep shade of red and tried to run past me to get out of the room. Everything made sense now! I grabbed him as he tried to run out the door. "Let me g..."

He didn't get another word out as I kissed him. He continued struggling a few seconds and then he just stopped, and began embracing me back. As we kissed for at least a good ten minutes, he began to cry. I knew it because I could feel the tears as they hit my cheek.

I released him, "Ok, let's go sit on my bed and talk."

He followed me to my bed and we both laid down on it. He was on the right side on his back, as he just stared at the ceiling. I was on my side just looking at him. We laid there for close to 10 minutes. Neither one of us said anything as we just quietly contemplated the implications of what had just happened between us. Casey finally broke the silence.

"Ok, Josh. What just happened there? I mean you just kissed me? Or did I start that?"

"Well I started it but I think you helped!"

"Ok, then did I miss something? Don't play with my emotions Josh I can't handle it!!"

"No Casey, I just wish I had known sooner. I thought that you liked someone else! I have been struggling with the same feelings about you!"

"You mean it! You are not just trying to make me feel better?"

I leaned in and kissed him again. It was amazing. He is one of the best kissers I have ever had the pleasure of kissing. "No Casey I don't know why, but you have been in my mind since the first day I saw you! I really don't have any kinds of feelings towards any other guys! Just you! I had been trying to figure out what I was supposed to do about it, but then you told me that you liked someone else from school, so I just never pursued it."

"Actually I never said it was someone else, just that it was someone at school, and that you knew him." He smiled at me. His clever use of words had thrown me off the trail.

"Well Casey, I can tell you that you are on my mind constantly, in my dreams almost every night!"

"Oh I dream about you all the time too. I remember the first one I had. I remember it was really strange because I very forward. I had snuck in to your bedroom through an open window. You were lying on your bed I think. You asked me why I was there, but I didn't give you much of a chance to say anything else because I was on your lips before you could say anymore..."

"Then you pulled my shorts off gave me a blow job, and fingered my ass! Yea I had the same dream!" We sat up and just stared at each other for few minutes. "Then a few nights later I had one where I threw you on the bed and..."

"...fucked the shit out of my ass as hard as you could? What about the..."

We both said, "...Locker room!" We just looked at each other for a few minutes. Then we both started to kiss again. I started to run my hands all over his chest, it felt amazing. His chest was so toned. This was so different from anything I had ever done sexually. He rolled over and was now straddling my waist, we were still kissing. His tongue was much more aggressive than any girls. He leaned back and took his shirt off and helped me take mine off. He then pushed my back, so I was flat on the bed, moved up to straddle my crotch.

He looked down. "This feels so weird I never thought I'd have a hard cock pressing against my nuts!" he laughed. I laughed back. He was right, my hard-on was firmly sticking up his nuts almost touching the base of his cock. He leaned back down and our lips met again. His hands were all over my chest.

I then flipped us over and he was now on his back. I broke our kiss and began my way down his neck to his chest. My hands had now moved down as I began feeling up the front of his shorts. His cock was rock hard and straining to be released. His balls rolled around as my hand moved along the fabric. As I stopped to lick his now hard nipples, I reached for his buckle and began the process of removing his shorts. As I moved down his ripped abs, I pulled off his shorts leaving only his boxers on. They weren't holding anything back and his cock was standing straight up.

I pulled his boxers off and took a moment to look the masterpiece before me. He was about six and a half or so. He wasn't that big around, but the head was a good bit thicker than the rest of it. I remembered how I had done this in my dream and I slowly went down on him, taking the head into my mouth. Casey began to moan a bit. I was amazed at how much of him I was able to get in my mouth. I was rolling my tongue around the head when I would pull off.

He was enjoying it too, and I could feel the pleasure running though his body. I started experimenting to find the best sensations for him. It didn't take long to find ways to maximize the pleasure for him. I also realized when I would take it too far, and how to adjust to slow him down without stopping!

After few minutes of this, Casey pulled me off his cock and sat up, pulling me up to him. We kissed again for a few minutes then he guided me to lie down beside him, as he moved back on top of me. It was his turn to explore my body. He took his time inspecting every inch of me with his soft lips and his hot tongue. This boy was driving me wild! He stopped to pay more attention to my chest. I had never realized my nipples were so sensitive.

He began to remove my shorts. Once he had my belt undone, he took a moment to caress my rock hard member and roll my nuts around a bit before unzipping my zipper. He pulled both my shorts and underwear off in one motion and feasted his eyes on the prize he had opened. He looked at me with this really huge smile and the look of lust in his eyes.

He moved down and bypassed my dick entirely, going straight for my nuts. He sucked both of them into his mouth and began this rolling motion with his tongue. Oh God! It was wonderful! I had played with my balls before, but this was amazing. The suction and the tongue action felt so good it made me wonder what I had missed when I was on the other end of this.

As he pulled off my nuts, he kissed my inner thigh and came to a hover over my prick. He moved closer and took just the head in his mouth, and began the best blowjob of my life! He would alternate, for a while he would take the head and roll it around in his mouth like he did with my nuts. Then he would try and take more and more into his mouth. Then he would come completely off and lick me like a lollypop from tip to base. Then after he had done that a few times, he would take one great lick from under my balls, up to the head, and start all over.

I was just lying with my back arched, wiggling under his wonderful mouth, and playing with his spiky hair. It dawned on me that I was moaning a bit loudly, so I tried to bite my lip. Casey was gagging a bit but before he stopped he had taken over half of me down his throat. He pulled off of me and moved up to kiss me some more.

We kissed for a few more minutes, our cocks fighting with one another. I loved the feel of his naked body pressed up against mine. It was different from a girl. His hard chest against mine was a total turn-on, not that I wasn't already. Casey broke the kiss pulling my bottom lip as he pulled off.

"I want to feel you inside me!"

"Are you sure?" I asked a bit concerned. I loved what we were doing, but I hadn't thought about taking it that far tonight, but now I was harder than ever with the thought of making love to Casey!

"Absolutely!" Casey got up and went over to his suitcase. He came back with a small bottle of KY jelly. He had a sheepish smile on his face, "I got this to use to jerk off with recently, it is much better then lotion."

I had never used this stuff before. It was a bit sticky, but slick at the same time. Casey put a bunch in one hand, and then gave me the bottle to slick up my cock with. Casey was reaching back to his ass putting the lube there, while I was liberally applying it to my cock. Then he got up and straddled my waist.

He looked in my eyes as he lowered himself down on my rod. His hands wrapped around me at the base as he aimed for his target. I felt contact as my head pressed into his sphincter. I could feel the pressure build around the head of my cock. As I slipped in, I could tell the brief discomfort of the entrance changed quickly into a very pleasurable sensation. The look of love in his eyes told me how hungry he was for this.

He continued to lower himself onto me, savoring every moment of his first penetration, until he was sitting on my lap. Once he was all the way down, he leaned in to kiss me again. His hard cock on my stomach was electrifying. I could tell he was enjoying the fullness as we tong wrestled for at least five minutes.

He leaned back up, with both hands on my chest, and rose off me a bit. Then he started to get a rhythm, he would pull off slow and then slide back down quickly. His nut sack and cock were slapping my abs with each down trust. I reached back and pulled his ass cheeks as far apart as I could get them.

"Oh God, Josh! It's better than I could have ever dreamed!"

"Fuck Yea!"

We were both moaning pretty loud. Then, he leaned down, grabbed me by the shoulders, and leaned over, turning us over and pulling me on top. I got the message loud and clear, and started long stroking him. I leaned in and kissing him, while I picked up the pace. I was starting to build up, and I could feel he was too. So I decided to open up to Casey like I had to his sister. I felt a low vibration but it was barely noticeable, so went ahead and connected us.

Now I could fully feel how it felt to have my dick moving through his ass. I really have to let him do me later! That feeling of fullness, that magic spot I kept hitting just as I thrust in, and the sensation of his sphincter being moved in and out with each thrust. I could feel his awareness to the new sensation moving though his body, as he felt what I was feeling. Our passions were reverberating off of each other, and the orgasms that were building began to sync up with each other. We had become one being, and our emotions were spilling over into one another.

Oh God Josh, I love you!

I Love you too Casey, I have always loved you!

With that, the waves of our orgasm washed over us. It seemed to go on for several minutes, bouncing back and forth between us. The sensation of my cum pumping into Casey's ass was outstanding, especially feeling it from both sides of the experience, His cum splashed on our chests and stomachs. I completely collapsed on top of Casey, our sweaty, hot bodies slick with the cum, sweat combination. We were both breathing heavily as we started to cool down.

"Ok, now it is my turn!" I told Casey after a few moments to cool off.

He grinned at me evilly, "Oh yea, you want it! Well it just so happens, that I am still rock hard for some reason! I guess that means you get your wish!"

I rolled off of him and my cock slid out with a pop. I leaned over and licked some of his cum off of his chest. The taste of it was reawakening my cock. I had never realized how good cum tasted before, maybe it was just his? I lapped up a big glob of cum and then leaned up and shared it with Casey. I could feel the spark in his taste buds, as we were still connected.

Casey got up and got a hand towel from the bathroom and wiped down his chest and mine. Then he got out the lube and started to run his finger over my anus in a circle. He was smiling at me as he pushed a finger in and worked it around. Then he got more lube and inserted another finger, then a third. Once he was satisfied he had opened me up a bit, he applied a generous amount of lube to his prick, and moved in-between my legs.

He grabbed both of my legs and pulled them up to his shoulders. I could feel his cock at my entrance. He slowly pushed, and I relaxed and was surprised when it didn't hurt at all! Once he got his head in the rest slid in easy. Casey leaned down to kiss me and bent me in half in the process. There was something about the way my legs were bent that really made him feel good in me.

As he broke the kiss I whispered to him, I want it hard! He wasted no time and began to plow my ass quick and hard! I loved the feeling of his nuts slapping my ass and I could feel he loved it too. It was causing just enough pain to his nuts that it felt good and made his cock even harder. He was also hitting that spot that I had been hitting in him. Every time he hit it my cock jumped.

He looked gorgeous with the sweat pouring off of him. He slowed down then and pulled all the way out. He lined up and then slammed into my ass in one thrust. It felt so good, that he pulled out and did it again. I could feel how it felt to his cock, as he made one thrust all the way balls deep. Our feelings were reflecting back and forth between us again, and we were both building again.

Then I noticed something. It was faint but very much there. It felt foreign but at the same time familiar. It just added to the building orgasm we were feeling. Casey went back to a steady pace. He looked at me, winked, and said, "Hold on!" he began to speed up. He was like a jackhammer.

The sounds of us moaning and grunting, and Casey slapping my ass with his hips could be heard from the hall way. James had come to the door to check on me and Casey, and heard us. I could tell he was a bit disappointed that we hadn't stayed, but he stood outside our door for almost five minutes just listening to us. He really wished he could be in here with us, just to watch if nothing else! He got so hard he had to go back to the party to relive himself. I almost laughed at it.

We were going into a sensory overload! The massive orgasm building was bouncing back and forth between us getting bigger and bigger. This was going to be much harder than the last one. Finally, Casey slammed into me as hard as he could, and the earthquake that was our orgasm struck, both of our cocks releasing at the same time in sync with one another.

As the Waves and tremors ran over us all we could do was lay there and let it happen. My legs slid around and rested around Casey ass. We lay there for at least ten minutes before either of us moved.

Wow, I never dreamed you would be so good.

Me either, you were fantastic!

Thank you! You really don't know what it means to... Wait a minute! How are we doing this?

Oh Shit! We must still be... "Fuck!" What the hell! "Damn it?" Why can't I...

"Um Josh! What the..." hell is going on!

Yea! I'd like to know what is going on too! What the hell did you two just do! And why can I hear everything that is going on!

The realization of who that other voice was floored me! Carrie! that you?

Yes it is me and I want to know what the hell is going on!


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