You know all the usual stuff, don't read if it's illegal or you don't like sex or sex between two males offends you. All characters are purely fictional, and any likeness is coincidence. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world they live in. Please send any feedback to or visit my yahoo group at


This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.


Joshua moved to Goose Creek, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, due to some serious girl problems. He met the twins next door, and was feeling confused about his feelings toward them. His first day of school was great until he got into a fight with the school bully. Now he has a new girlfriend, and some really strange feelings for her twin brother. He is a Tight-end for the Stratus Lighting Bolts. He just recently came to terms with the strange feelings he is having for the twins, now all he has to do is tell them both!




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Soul Mates

Cherry Pie!



I was at home. It was a typical, boring Friday night (because I was home alone.) I think this was the first time I had been home alone on a Friday night in several years. In the back of my mind I was a bit jealous of Josh and Casey. They were out having the time of there lives and I was stuck at home unable join in the fun. So I sat in my room reading a fantasy book I had been reading lately.

I must have fallen asleep, because I found myself walking around in a lush country side. I looked down and I was wearing this beautiful dress. It was white with blue lace trim, with a leather corset, that was tight but comfortable. The dress pushed my breasts just enough to really accentuate them. Not to mention make them look larger.

I saw a dust cloud in the distance as a rider was coming in my direction. I felt... expectant. As the rider got closer I noticed it was a man, with long hair flowing behind him. Once he arrived in front of me, I could see him properly. He was gorgeous... his smile, the long dark blond hair, those eyes, the hint of his physique behind the loose white drawstring shirt, the tight leather pants, he was HOT!

He landed on light feet on the ground and walked slowly towards me. He took me in his arms and kissed me powerfully on the lips. His hands began to roam all over my body. I had been waiting for his touch. He laid me on the ground, underneath this beautiful tree. His hands were fondling my wanting breasts... (Wanting? Did I just think that?)

This was strange! First, because I had never had any sex dreams like this, except with Josh, and second, because it didn't feel the same... I mean he was still fondling me, but I felt like it was not me... it was more like I was feeling him feeling up her, then him feeling up me. It is hard to explain. Not to mention that this was really feeling like a romance novel...

The scene progressed, and the girl, I realize this was not me, was getting her fair share of feeling up in. Then, they started to undress while continuing to feel every part of one another. The dream was really getting hot! All the ties to unbind, the corset to remove, it made the undressing even more erotic. I got to get me a corset!

Finally, they were both naked, and the guy, who was well endowed and well muscled, began to get the well beautiful maiden ready for sex. He went down between her legs and was giving her a real tongue lashing, then he moved down and began rimming her. It was very strange... where was this coming from in my dream? I have never even considered... Then he got up, moved into position, and... no way... he was about to fuck me/her up the ass!!!

This seemed like the strangest thing to me, I had never thought of having anal sex before. Then I really surprised myself when I pushed against him trying to impale myself on him! It was hot and weird all at the same time. I had always thought it would be gross and painful, but this felt really good! I'm not sure what that was inside me he was hitting but it really felt good.

We continued to build, and then something changed, because I became fully awake and fully aware! The images still lingered in my head for a few seconds, but the sensation continued. No more stunning blond hunk or buxom beauty, it was very strange. It felt as though I was having sex with someone, but no one was in the room with me.

I looked around trying to find an explanation for what was going on. I was very confused, because I was building to a big orgasm and it felt as though I was kissing someone, fondling them, and having sex with them. However, it was just me, writhing in my bed, griping the covers, and trying my best not to scream out!

As the massive waves of the third orgasm of my life began rolling over me, I became aware that it felt like Josh was with me! I felt a strong love pouring out of me for him. I wanted Josh to feel how much I loved him. As the absurdity of this began to hit me (because I knew Josh was over a hundred miles away) I could have sworn I heard brief parts of a conversation.

Ok, now... ...turn!

...Oh yea, you... happens, that I am... ...some reason! get your wish!

Now I'm really getting worried. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going crazy. I'm hearing voices, some ghost is molesting me, and I'm suddenly feeling devilish, like I'm about to do something naughty! This is the strangest feeling of my life, but just when I didn't think it could get any worse, the sensation of me having sex picked up again.

This time it felt like I was instigating it, like I was on top. However, it was more then that! I felt like I was a guy, like I had cock in hand inserting it... inserting it into another guy!! This was really getting creepy, but at the same time it was one of the most erotic feelings I have ever had! I could feel my cock as it slid ever so gently into his... no, into Josh's nether regions. Then I heard Josh's voice whisper, I want it hard!

Suddenly everything became clear. I was Casey, and I was making love to Josh! I could clearly see the darkened room. The covers on the bed had been rumpled or thrown off completely. Josh was lying underneath me, with the sweetest expression on his face. I had seen it before! It was the same face he had last night. At the same time I also felt like I was Josh, looking up at Casey. It was very strange, how could I be two, no three people!

I was showing no mercy and slamming into Josh like a jackhammer. I was constantly hitting something in Josh, the feeling echoed between us like a shockwave. Also, something else seemed curious, my... Casey's balls were slapping Josh's ass causing the slightest pain with every thrust. Surprisingly however, that just intensified the whole thing rather then taking away! I had never thought that a small amount of pain could create such pleasure.

Then, Casey slowed down a bit, and begun to pull all the way out, just to slam back in with a pause at the bottom to punctuate the feel! I couldn't help it at this point and I reached down and started rubbing my clit. This whole thing was driving me over the edge. I was surprised at myself though, because even though I felt I should be repulsed by the two of them having sex, I found myself getting more turned on by it! The strangest thing was, that I'm sure it had nothing to do with feeling them in the act, it was that I could see them both, through their own eyes, like I was in the room watching them. What I'm trying to say is that seeing them going at it was as much of a turn on as the fact that I could feel them both!

Finally, I heard Casey say Hold on! and he sped up, pounding Josh with quick, long strokes. They were both moaning loudly, and I imagine that I was doing a bit of moaning too. I had grabbed a pillow and pulled it over my face to muffle the sound.

The waves of the orgasm started to roll over me. It was even move intense then last night, or the one I had a few minutes ago. I could do nothing but cry and squirm in the blissful agony of it! I realized that I was also feeling Casey's orgasm, and Josh's! It was as if we had been one big orgasm! The aftershocks continued for several minutes after. All I could do was lay there and recover my breath and strength.

After at least ten minutes of heavy breathing and letting my heart calm down, I heard Casey say something to Josh.

Wow, I never dreamed you would be so good.

Me either, you were fantastic!, Josh responded.

Thank you! You really don't know what it means to... Wait a minute! How are we doing this? I could feel the confusion building in Casey.

Oh Shit! We must still be... Fuck! What the hell! ...Damn it? ...Why can't I... Josh seemed very confused too.

Um Josh! What the hell is going on! Casey was getting worried now, so was I. I couldn't stay silent any longer.

Yea! I'd like to know what is going on too! What the hell did you two just do! And why can I hear everything that is going on!

Josh and Casey both froze like they had just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Carrie! that you?

Yes, it is me and I want to know what the hell is going on!



I was floored. What had happened? Why was Carrie linked with us? And most importantly, why can't I break contact?

Um, well shit, um I'm not sure what happened... um Carrie how long...

The whole time!

WHAT!!! Oh fuck! You mean you saw the whole thing?

Saw it! Hell I felt the whole thing! Both times! Carrie was angry and getting more pissed off by the minute.

Wait a minute, Felt it? this was nuts, what the hell was going on. Is this because of my opening a link? If so I was stupid! Why had I ever thought it would be cool to link up while having sex?

Casey spoke up, I'm sorry Josh I should have told you about this before we started, but I wasn't thinking about consequences at the time.

Carrie and I both sounded perplexed as we asked together, What?

Come on Carrie, you know we have a bond. Josh, me and Carrie have a bond that we can feel each others feeling through, but I had never realized that we could send such physical feelings through, until last night.

Carrie piped in, Wait, so Casey are you saying... she was going form pissed to afraid, and concerned.

That I felt everything you two did last night? Yes I did! I felt every stroke, every caress, and the love you had for each other was so thick I could have cut through it with a knife! I wasn't sure I could even look at the two of you this morning... but everything seemed... ok. I'm not sure why! So, I acted like nothing had happened. This is because of our link I know it Carrie!

Oh Casey... I didn't know you could feel... I should have known something was up the next morning when you didn't speak to me at breakfast. That doesn't explain why we are able to talk to each other now, or why Josh is in our heads too! Carrie had calmed down now and was contemplating the ramifications of this. I wasn't sure they were going to like what I'm about to tell them.

I'm afraid that this is my fault guys!

Carrie thought, Look Josh let's figure out why we are linked like this and then when you get back we can talk about what happened between you and Casey!

No Carrie, that is what I'm trying to tell you! You guys are not doing this... I am!

What? together.

I have always had this ability, although I'm not sure how I have linked us like this, and I can't break the link now. I've been trying.

Wait, what do you mean? You have always been able to do this? Casey asked. Carrie was just as perplexed by my confession.

Think about Casey! I know what the other team is going to do before they come at us on the field. I made night and day transformations in the way I play ball, with a tiny bit of training you gave me before the football tryouts. I make straight A's at school without studying. What I'm trying to say is, I can read minds! The men in my family have always been able to do It.

So you mean you have been reading our minds this whole time! Carrie asked a bit frightened.

No no! The only thing I hear without trying is when someone broadcasts their thoughts, and that only happens in times of strong emotion. I don't make a habit of diving in peoples heads. It is not something we want to advertise, and we don't invade anyone's privacy if we can help it. Also you guys are a bit different, I have kept my mind closed around you two the whole time.

Casey piped in, So then how did this happen?

I found that if I link with someone while having sex, it ties our emotions, feelings and the sensations together into one massive orgasm. I was only trying to heighten the experience for both of us.

So that is what happened? I knew I felt something else something stronger... Casey asked.

Yea, you were feeling what I was feeling and I was feeling what you were feeling, however I think that last time we felt Carrie too. Were you...

Yes... Carrie said sheepishly.

I knew I felt something different. The problem here is that I have no idea why my link included Carrie, or why I can't disconnect.

Ok, so let me get this straight. You can read minds, but you don't, because it would be morally wrong. You connected with me last night and it somehow connected to Casey anyway because he felt everything, but you were able to disconnect us. Now tonight you and Casey have sex, and you do the same and this it connected me as well, but now you can't disconnect?

That is about it I guess...

But wait a minute Josh, we have been connecting before tonight!

Oh Yea, your right Casey, but... um well I have with Carrie too. Carrie, have you had any dreams about us having sex?

Um yea, but I don't think I want to...

One where you came in my bedroom window one night, just like you did the last night?

Yea I did.

Casey popped in with Hey, but that was my dream the first night I meet...

Yea, I know guys. From my point of view when I had that dream, Carrie was the one that entered my room, and kissed me and started the blowjob. Then, suddenly it was like you and Casey switched bodies and Casey finished the blowjob and started fingering my ass.

But that is not the way I remember it. Casey piped in.

Me either.

So I showed them all of the dreams I had had with them over the past few weeks. We came to realized that except for a few dreams, where one of the twins was not asleep for whatever reason, we had shared all of the dreams among us. It seemed that the only real constant in the dreams had been me.

We had been up for several hours trying to process what had happened between the three of us. One thing was for sure, that Casey, until tonight had really gotten the short end of this whole experience. I was just glad that Carrie wasn't upset with me and Casey over what had happened tonight.

We realized that it was after four in the morning and we should all try and get some sleep. We figured we could more easily figure this mess out once we all got together and we could talk to my dad or grandpa about it, at least about the connection part of it.

We were so tired that I don't think either of us dreamt last night, because the next thing I remember was waking up the next morning and opening my eyes just as Casey opened his. He smiled at me. I smiled back.

Morning boys. Carrie said with a yawn.

Morning Carrie! we said together.

Well the link was defiantly still there. I had a thought of something that maybe I should try. Hey guys I want to try something. I tried to put a barrier around my mind like I did when I didn't want Dad to get something from me. Ok guys can you hear me? I thought I heard a slight hum but that was it. I lowered the shield. Ok guys did you hear anything from me?

I heard like a whisper or a hum... but I couldn't tell what you said though Casey thought.

I didn't hear anything. Carrie added.

Ok, I can teach you this, it is a way to barrier your mind so that we can't hear each others thoughts.

I spent the remainder of the trip home teaching the twins how to put the barrier up. By the time Casey and I had arrived home they could throw up a fairly good barrier. I also showed them how to be at least partly selective with it, so they could hear what was going on, but could keep there presence hidden.

James looked a bit disappointed with us the next morning at breakfast. I decided to go and talk to him.

"Hey James, sorry about last night, but after talking about it... for now anyway, me and Casey are going to be monogamous." I figured there was no reason to be secretive about it to James I had felt him last night outside our door.

"It's ok Josh. I am really happy for you two, and I have to say you guys sounded hot last night!"

"You perv! Listing to hot boys having sex though hotel room doors..." we both laughed about that.

When we arrived back in town, my dad was waiting for us at school to take us home. We had planed to barrier ourselves until we could talk, because we didn't want Dad picking up on anything. But I think Dad knew something was up.

Um Josh, I notice that you have a barrier up against Casey, something wrong?

Um maybe Dad, Can we talk about later this after noon. I promise I want to talk about it.

OK Son. this was going to be an interesting day.

After getting home I told Dad I wanted to go and talk with Carrie a few minutes and that I would be back in about a half hour. Dad didn't seem to mind and we were off. We went to Casey's house and Carrie was waiting for us at the front door. Their parents were out so we sat in the living room and talked for a good twenty minutes.

It was decided that our best bet was Grandpa. He generally would keep things from Dad for me if he felt Dad didn't need to know about it. Grandpa was cool like that. I called grandpa and asked if I could meet him in the back yard. He said he would be happy to talk with his favorite grandson. I showed the twins how I wanted them to put up their Barriers because I wanted to be able to talk to them if I need to, and I thought they needed to hear what grandpa had to say.

I left and went to my back yard and sat in one of the lounge chairs. Grandpa came out a few minutes later with fresh lemonade. He always knew what would pick me up. I just smiled at him.

"So Josh what seems to be the problem?"

"Is it that obvious?"

He laughed. I was not sure where to start, but then it came to me how to start the conversation.

"Gramps, have you ever met anyone that you felt a vibration from when you touched them?"

"Oh you have felt a vibration with someone? Hmm... well I guess you need to know about this."

"What do you mean?"

"Well... hmm... where do I begin? Ah it is like a cherry pie!"


"Well take a cherry pie. Cut it down the middle and what do you have?"

"Um two really big pieces of pie!"

"No, you still have one pie! Sure there is has separation on the surface, but what about in the middle?"

"Well the filling just blends back together."

"Right! So you just have one pie!"

"So how does that explain the vibration?"

"I'm getting to that! Soul mates!"

"Soul mates?"

"The person you are feeling the vibration with is your soul mate. One benefit of our gift is that we can feel the person that most resonates with our soul, the person that is in fact the other half of our soul. They are the person you are meant to spend your life with... the other half of you. Not all of our family has found their soul mates in their life, your mom and dad where not soul mates and that is why your mother can't read you unless you initiate the conversation."

"You mean grandma had power like yours?"

"Oh yes. Once I made contact with her she could do most of the things we can do, although to a lesser extent. So who have you felt it with? Let me guess... Carrie from next door?"

"Um yea, you got it on the first try."

"I knew you felt something strong for her, and I got that she feels the same way about you. She seems like she would be a great catch. However, I am..."

His cherry pie analogy had just hit me like a ton of bricks, because in my dream, the apple pie had been cut into three slices. "But... Granddad that is not all."

"What do you mean Josh?"

"Um... I know that you have always been there for me, and I have always felt I can tell you anything, but this is hard!"

"Well it can't be all that bad."

"Look Grandpa, has any of our family ever found more then one Soul Mate?"

"More then one? Well the only time I can remember was a special circumstance. In the eighteenth century one of our descendants found identical twin soul mates, but... Oh Josh!"

"Yep, mine are Carrie and Casey!"

"Yes, well that is strange. I have never heard of fraternal twins being... but why not? I guess the process is the same."

"But Grandpa, Casey is a guy!"

"Yes, well that happens sometimes."

"So you would be ok with a gay grandson?"

"My boy, have you learned nothing from our time together? I would never love you any less! Neither would your father! In fact, your sexuality means nothing more to me then weather or not you had our gifts. I would have loved you the same, just as I love your brother and your sisters. However, I feel I must give you a warning! It is your choice as to if you want to pursue your soul mates. There have been times, in the case of your father for example, that one has rejected their soul mate. Be careful with this choice! For, once you establish a link with your soul mates, it is a permanent one!"


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