heritage 4


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Chapter four

Ina says I watch too much TV, that what I do is real life not a programme off the telly. But to me, I think me and my two cousins are so like the charmed ones. You know with the power of three and the witchy powers and stuff, it's almost like they took a page from our family and created a show out of it. Ina rolls her eyes, she says their powers were lame, and the action scenes a lot slower than what I have gone through in training, and they always hid their power from the public, our government knew about us and we were considered of national importance. Unlike many of the western mystical cultures, gran gran says ours was recognised as a culture, a power to be reckoned with, along with many of the eastern cultures, for they too have power. And unlike many of the TV series or programmes going on about governments or megalomaniac companies wanting to control us, our government has an agreement and some of the family are involved with the legislation in making sure that we who are the people of this land are not run over by greedy politicians and have a voice in government.
That's why I'm not sure why we are training, but gran gran has this fierce look in her eyes and keeps on at me until I give in and do what she tells me. So far, more of the family that live out in the country away from the big cities have been brought in as not only guards, but as an army. At times I get overwhelmed and have these bouts of dread, but gran gran is the Tohunga Karouwa, and when she says I gotta train, then I gotta train because it could mean life or death.

Part of training involves not only going into the forest and finding all these herbs alone, but by finding it just by gran grans verbal description, and then memorising the properties of each herb collected. Learning the history of our heritage and our people is cool and even though I fidget and occupy myself with things like peeling or stripping the plants I have gathered, I am able to retain what I have learnt, multitasking at its best. But the hardest part is the physical training and Maori martial arts with the wooden pole, baton, hand to hand combat, darts, bow and arrows, and guns that Cousin George made me do. Then there are the meditation sessions that used to bore me to tears when I first started, and if that don't suck, there is still school I have to attend and if my grades drop below a `b' average, then gran gran wants to know what for. So far gran gran hasn't allowed me to try any tohunga skills until I have mastered the meditation sessions.
Gran gran says that our line of the family have a unique ability in that we are the keepers of knowledge.
She explained to me, that the most highly trained tohungas in our family passed on their experiences and wisdom when their time of death came to the Tohunga Karouwa. So gran gran had all the learning's, insights and knowledge of many ancestors stored within her, and therefore I should be able to retain any information at school any time, any where. For some reason when it comes to school work, memorising it seems to evade me. I just don't know why that is? Ina and gran gran agree that it's because I am `too bloody lazy'. I look my nose down and up and sniff saying `the teachings at school can not compare to my own personal wisdom, for I am a tohunga man'. For that impertinence gran gran whacked a wooden spoon on my head and Ina snickered. Gran grans tart reply to me was this, `until you have hairs on your balls, your not a man, and as for tohunga? You a tohunga? Your more like a`t' and I am being polite in even calling you a`t' of a tohunga. Until you can open your mouth and not make a fool of yourself, keep it shut'.
Deeply chastened like only gran gran could make me I did just that, shut my mouth. Like I said, gran gran could be forthright and sometimes painfully so.
Here is the interesting thing though. Although all those who are tohungas' have the usual skills of empathy, telepathy, telekinesis, medium ship, prophesy and healing, five of the family lines have specialties, such as our line with the ability to retain all knowledge passed on from one generation to the next we are called the karouwa. William's family line held the power to manipulate the elements called the nga hau e wha; another could teleport anywhere in the world we called them hurihia, one family line could heal some physical and mental problems they were the awhi wairua, but now worked as facial cosmetic surgeons sought all around the world as they could make old people appear younger, and give them the vigour of their youth. They made big bucks and financed any ventures the family decided to do and it was this branch of our line that normally would have paid for mums college fees if she hadn't been so proud to make it on her own merits. The last line was the rarest and to those outside the family they had an aura that most found uncomfortable to be around. They were our death eaters or the patu wairua. They could suck the life out of anything and restore it to any thing of their choosing, be it spirits, trees, animals and yes even humans under the sway of our patu wairua. You westerners have a name also, called a necromancer. This was the line my cousin Robin was born into.
Like in the charmed ones, my cousins and I maintained our mothers' sir name. I was Jay Karouwa the first born of male tohungas in our generation. Then William Nga hau e wha, born a day after me, and Robin Patu Wairua, born on the third day. My father was the only one that hated this fact, William and Robins' dads were much more accepting as they had been chosen from other branches of our very large family, and for them it was traditional thing.

When mum and grandpa Jones had that confrontation about her being pregnant and grandpa collapsed, gran gran said she felt that pull from the doors of knowledge and had assumed mum was to be the inheritor of knowledge, apparently even inside mums womb I was able to manipulate the doors of knowledge. But on the day that I stopped the ball; she had felt a pull from within her and the doors of knowledge that only she had ever been able to open, flew wide and connected with me once again. It was then that she knew I would be the heir to our family's prestigious heritage. When she told me this, I asked her why would I need to learn the names of herbs and their properties and why would I need to practice martial arts if I could draw it from out of the doors of knowledge. She told me that the difference between trying to remember something and doing it instinctually would be the life or death of either me or some one I had to heal or protect. Then with another whack with her ever handy spoon, she questioned me numerous times about how I felt on that day I caught the ball and confronted dad. And through my descriptions of my emotions and the sensations I went through she explained some of the things I had tapped into. Effectively cutting of my next question which was this... what could possibly be strong enough to hurt any of our family aside from normal run of the things like car accidents?
But I kept my mouth shut and my ears open as gran gran explained what part of the archive of knowledge I had tapped into. After all, that was just as interesting and I could always ask the other question later. Gran gran always liked the fact that I asked questions, as long as they were asked without my usual sass.
One of the most important questions that I asked gran gran was whether I would lose my identity by those who had gone before me when I took on the mantle of Tohunga Karouwa. She gave me the biggest smile of approval. It made my heart leap. `Far from it grandson, that is why there are doors to the hall of knowledge, it acts as a filter to help us maintain our identity and still feel and capture the experiences of a past tohunga'
`But gran gran, why do I need to understand the experience along with the knowledge gained?'
She gave me that great smile of approval.
`Two reasons, firstly, knowledge is gained by experience. Through the experience of gaining that knowledge, you understand the nuances of the knowledge that you have obtained, but the experience of knowledge also allows you to understand the moral implications involved and lets it stick in your head, and more importantly in your heart. Many of our ancestors learnt the hard way of abusing the knowledge gained and those experiences are there so you too are aware of the consequences. Secondly a person who has knowledge but no maturity or depth of understanding the knowledge they gain can become someone who could do a great deal of harm to themselves and those around them. It was a safety mechanism that the first Tohunga Karouwa set up when the halls of knowledge were first created'
Talk about huge relief, I mean it might be fun to draw on experiences from the past such as how they used to get their groove on and how it would feel to have sex as a female and I am sure there would be male tohunga experiences to draw on as well. But I didn't want gran gran to know that's what I was gonna do with some of the knowledge I was eager to get my hands on. But some of those words that gran gran used to explain things were way beyond me at that age, yet they sparked something in me, and as weird as this sounds, I knew what she meant by them. It was like each word she said was something that I was remembering from another time. I guess I was truly tapping into the hall of knowledge. That wasn't the only knowledge I was learning. The other part of my learning consisted of watching mum and dad screw each other at night. Although at the time I didn't feel lust in the same way I do now, it was still exciting and taboo enough back then to keep on doing it. This was how I became a lot more adept at meditation than gran gran gave me credit for.
Lying in my bed I used the breathing technique to allow my mind to remain quiet and to sink into my core and use it as a rope to fling me out of my body. The first night I attempted that I was only able to jump out of my body as far as an inch from my physical shell. Now I was able to roam the entire house. That was how I stumbled on mum and dad in the throes of fucking.
Mum was on her hands and knees completely nude and for a mother of two she had an amazingly smooth body, even her tummy was flat with no stretch marks. Dad was behind her pounding in and out groaning with eyes shut. He lay on top of her still hunching himself up behind her and slamming his hips forward into her. With one hand he played with her nipples and the other was between her legs tickling her clit. I got nervous for a second thinking mum might be able to detect me, but she never mentioned anything nor did her expression change while I stared avidly at what was going on. This became a nightly excursion and I watched the many different ways mum and dad made love. Some nights mum and dad were like beasts fucking hard and fast and not letting up, other nights they were tender and loving. But it was the way they held each other at the end, or stared into each others eyes, or the little smile of contentment on mums face and male satisfaction on dads that had me wishing that one day I would have the same thing they had with that one special guy.