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My New World Does Not Have a Closet


My name is Qwert.  I'm writing this history because my master has commanded me to do so.  He has told me to write in English (even though mine is bad) because he likes the way it sounds and also to tell you a bit about me first since there is so much mis-information about.  Most important is that I am an immigrant from a very distant place that would be within your grasp if you had the skills to reach it.  I'm very different from you as I'm not a human but an incubus.  Yes, we do exist.  I look a lot like you do and under the proper conditions you would not notice me if we passed on the public highway.  You probably would notice my beautiful tail if I was not covered.  And, no; it does not end in arrowhead any more than does a dog's.  As the Great Orb marks each cycle, my language gets better for I learn many new words.  Master has forbidden me to go back and change words.

I was not a happy camper back in my world as you say here.  The fact was that I was a pretty miserable incubus.  As incubi go I was undersized and under aggressive although compared with Homo Sapiens (an arrogant name if there ever was one) I was about average for your species.  But in my own group I was barely tolerated only if I was extremely deferential to my betters.  I considered myself fortunate that I was allowed even a small but poor territory.  In short, life was hard, lonely and without prospects of even a low ranking succubus for a mate.

The last few times I went out hunting were hardly worth the trouble.  The female Homo Sapiens I found yielded little sustenance.  Several had strong males protecting them; others were gravid or unclean.  The couple I did take were old and dry yielding little.

There was one female that I had several times before and I expected to continue to harvest regularly.  She was a rich source of sustenance and I never even hinted of her existence back home so that she would not be stolen from me.  It was almost dawn when I ventured to her den.  Her mate regularly left well before that hour leaving her unprotected.  I entered the den.  Her scent was strong and mixed (as usual) with that of her male.  I grew high on just the scent itself.  Over the last few months I actually had gotten to like the interesting flavor the male scent provided mixed with her sweet essence.  She was always happy with my visits for apparently her mate did not satisfy her needs.  Often I wished that I could find more like her.

I made my way to her sleeping chamber.  Just being there made me feel stronger as I drank in her lovely essence floating in the air.  It was a hot night so she was naked and without either night clothes nor a sleeping rug.  I could see little but her form contrasting with the sleeping platform by the starlight coming in through the windows.  I noted the pile of used clothes in the corner helping to fill the chamber with her delicious scent.  Even the male's scent was strong but that was to be expected in this weather as his clothes were also there and he had only recently departed the sleeping platform and the den.

I got on the sleeping platform with her and embraced her with my eyes closed and my mind overflowing with thoughts of our past encounters.  I started to caress her; sliding my forepaw down her abdomen to her pubis.  I was going to stroke her vulva as she loved and responded to promptly but I found a penis!  It was not my favorite female but a MALE!  And then all hell broke loose as the male reacted instantly and violently to my touch.  This stranger, this human male was an expert fighter, very strong and hard-hitting.  In only a few hundred heart beats, I heard the thoughts of this unusual human male -- telepathically.  The communication level was just a whisper but for a human it was strong and very clear.  It was in basic thought which is universal; translated into English:  «Sis was right that they needed a house sitter in this rotten neighborhood.  I'm sure glad that she was not attacked.»

The human male had not wasted any energy on normal vocal response.  Well, later I understood how that explained why he was here.  Since siblings have similar scents and I was expecting the male/female mix I failed to notice the substitution.  Also I was not as wary as I should have been in this familiar den.

But I was in pain as I had been overpowered almost immediately.  The male had managed to get both my forelimbs behind my back and then, adding insult to injury, had taken my tail for a rope.  Although it was my supple tail, he used it like a common piece of rope wrapping it about my wrists and then about my neck.  The human was holding the end in a crushing grip to the section between my wrists and neck.  I was helpless -- totally under the control of the human -- as I had been so many times before with my own kind.  I went limp in hopes that the human would relax his grip for as the human pulled on my tail I was choked, pained as my forelimbs twisted were and my tail almost yanked out by its very roots.

I was shrieking -- telepathically -- as loud as I could in the hope that the human would hear and accept my surrender.  Even if I had breath I could not have risked a (sound) yell for it surely bring more humans.  I was in such pain that it was worth the risk of my own kind hearing me.  They would extract a heavy price should they come and rescue me.

By now I was prone with the human male on top of me.  My tail was still being used -- painfully -- to keep my forelimbs behind my back emphasizing my complete helplessness.  This made breathing even more difficult.  The human raised up and I thought, actually I hoped, that there might be some relief.  I was exhausted and even stopped shrieking; instead I was crying.  The pain continued and I felt the human pressing me down once again.  Worse, there was now direct pressure on my anus.  I tried to tighten it but I could not because of the strain on my tail; the muscles are very close.  Easily the human male drove his hard shaft into me.  The human was big and strong and his member was likewise.  He drove it deep into my bowels.

I felt ashamed for I had been taught that incubi were not suppose to be fucked by humans.  Even being fucked by another incubus was considered degrading but it had happened many times when I was a youth by my classmates when they wished to.  You have a word for it -- bullying.  Of course, we all yielded themselves to our mentors but that was not shameful but a sign of respect.

I was totally defeated.  I was totally passive as the human forcefully fucked me.  It was not rape for he had fairly overcome me in combat and, as such, it was his right to take me this way.  The vice-like grip on my tail was released and the human reared back on his knees.  He did not withdraw but pulled me up to my knees and continue to plow me vigorously.  I breathed freely again and moved my forelimbs to the side.  I did not dare to risk any move that could be taken as resistance.  Then I began to realize that I was no longer starving -- I was feasting on the great aura of the human male.  It was the richest and most scrumptious feeding I ever had.

Since I had begun adolescence I had been told that I should not yield to a human male (even more so than with my own kind) -- especially a powerful one such as was now possessing me.  One that was blasting his seed deep into my gut.  One that was saturating my empty empathy suckers with his great aura.  "You will be transformed." they taught, "You will never be the same."  But my teachers never explained exactly what that meant.  Now I would learn by experience.

The human's prong pounded away inside me and I was very aroused unlike when my own kind raped me.  Several things were different -- they were always in a hurry, they were not feeding me and they were laughing at me.  This was the first time that I released mine own seed without even touching my shaft.

The other thing that I noticed was that I was feeling stronger.  The massive feeding had renewed me.  And unlike when I fed on human females the male was also growing stronger rather than weaker.  Perhaps there was some sort of synergy.  What I would not notice for a while was the effect of the copious semen deposit in my intestines.  This change would take hours rather than seconds although I can only guess at much of this.

Later on our travels, we met another expatriate, an old and wise incubus, who explained that the human's ejaculate stuck to the wall of my gut and spread like oil on a still pond.  This was just a simple effect mechanical action.  Then biology took effect.  The human cells passed into my circulatory system.  But unlike ordinary food it passed in unchanged.  This mattered little to all but one small part of my brain.  There it made huge changes; permanent changes stimulated by the human male's aura.  Perhaps if I had escaped then, it would not have happened.

The human spoke (both telepathically and orally):  "I don't know what you are, but you're sure one great fuck."  Then he rolled on his side, still inside me, wrapped his arms about me and went to sleep.  It is one thing to pass through inert matter but an entirely different thing to do so with living and conscious matter.  The human would sleep for almost half a Great Orb cycle which more than sufficient time for me to be transformed.  Satiated, I would sleep also.

When the human awoke he again fucked me.  This time I felt different.  I did not view the human as from an inferior species but as my personal deity to which I owed total and unquestioned fidelity.  I had not felt this good since I was at my mother's knee.  I realized that I had been transformed and I hoped that my new life would be better.  At least I would not be hungry.  I knew with certainty that I could not return to my old life for the pack would sense the changes and drive me out or perhaps even kill me.

The human got up and dragged me to my feet.  I was afraid to look at him so I just stared at the floor and the human's ample sex in silence.  The human walked around me, examining me as one would do with chattel...or a slave.  I winced when the human pulled my tail and examined my genitals.  He was a bit disappointed at not finding horns or fangs.  Years of oppression by my mates had taught me to accept such humiliations passively as objections lead to worse.  Then the human spoke.  "Who are you?  What are you?"

Immediately I dropped to the floor and kissed the human's feet begging him to be kind.  I could only say the truth for one does not lie to one's personal deity.  The human pulled me up onto my knees by my hair so that I was starting directly at his sex as I told him all I knew.

"Clean your master's cock, slave." was the order.  So for the first time in his life I sucked a human cock and even tasted male human cum.  It certainly was different from incubi cum.  Then I noticed that his hardness waned.  I expected that would be the end but the master took hold of my head with both hands.  I sensed what was about to happen and wished it wouldn't.  But wishes are not often granted and soon a powerful stream came from the master into my mouth and flowed down my throat.  "Good boy." said the master and I felt good.  Pleasing one's own deity is the nicest feeling.

We went into the bathroom.  I watched as he looked for something in the wall cabinet.  "Ah, here it is.  I knew sis would have one."  I did not know what the little pink thing with a metal edge was when my master connected to the wall power source.  As I stood in the large washing basin, the master grabbed me by my organ and then brought the pink device close.  It hummed when it was activated.  I braced myself for I was sure some awful thing was about to happen.  Maybe I should have fled -- but to where.  My own kind would not be any more merciful.  At least here I was not starving.

But the master did not sever or injure my penis or gonads as I had feared.  The pink tool just slid over my skin and clipped the hairs.  Horrid memories of my late development were recalled in the washing-room after sports classes when I was the only one without adult hair.  Master returned the thing to the cabinet and we washed in the artificial rain.  I was honored being allowed to wash the master and watched as he donned his clothes.

Where are your clothes, boy?" demanded the master.

"I have none, master.  The night cloaks me from human eyes."

"And by day?"

"By the light of the Great Golden Orb, I can be seen, master, but by then I'm back in my own world or hiding."

"Well, you can not go out naked now.  Let's see what I can find.  You're about the same size as sis."  Almost like magic he extracted things from the cabinet drawers.  A top covering similar to the T-shirt the master was wearing but a pale green like my skin.  I slipped into it as directed.  It was, however, lose and I recall how the female had those lovely breasts to fill the shirt.  The under garment  is made of a different material than the master's -- smooth and lacking the vent that is obviously for access to his penis.  Loose pants to hide my tail completed my garments.

We ate and shopped.  The master was most particular as to how the clothes he selected for me fit.  Back home, the master showed me how to use the clothes cleaning machines and soon I was dressed in my own unfamiliar clothes.  Except for my skin color I can almost pass as human.  My tail is a major problem requiring baggy pants which the master does not like.

"Come here, boy" the master commanded and I obeyed kneeling as instructed.  "I shall call you Fidelis.  It means faithful.  If you betray me, you shall die -- slowly and painfully."

"Fidelis will never betray master." I promised.  "Fidelis can not for I am but an extension of you."  I'm not sure how I knew that but I felt that way.

Master took a chain from the table and looped it about my neck.  As he reached for the fastener he held the two ends together and I howled in unspeakable agony.  Master pulled the chain back and I rolled on the floor in pain.  Master picked me up and held me close for a long time until I recovered.  It was hard to talk for some time because of the pain of the burn.  Eventually I remembered something I had been taught a long time ago -- being ringed by a certain base metal is deadly.  Later (after a painful experiment) we learnt that it is the one you call it iron.  Master got me a strip of animal skin to wrap about my neck a couple of days later.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was just a week latter when we moved to his country estate.  The day that we met, Master received a great gift from the state lottery so that now he is rich in the human society without working but likes to live alone in the forest.  For just the fun of it he grows some plants to eat although he buys most of his, er, our food.  Out here, he allows me to go without the clothes which is most comfortable.  But I always wear the beautiful collar that he got for me.

The collar means a lot to me.  It is off my neck only when I bath and then I long for him to put it back on me.  I kneel and kiss his feet.  Getting up on my haunches, I kiss his sex and suck it.  Then he wraps the collar about my neck and fastens it.  I am always overjoyed that he still wants me.  Of course, we have sex frequently because he is so wonderfully potent.  I am always full of his aura and it is wonderful.

Sometimes we go hunting.  He is more successful than ever because of my sensitive sense of smell which lead us to the prey.  Being out when the Great Orb, er, the sun is has changed me.  My skin color has significantly changed.  The green has faded and I have developed a more human shade.  I would not fool a doctor however.

Master has decided that I should be treated as a boy; a slave boy.  My natural state is that I have hair only on the top of my head and since puberty on my pubis.  Since that first night, that wonderful transforming first night, Master has removed what he calls mine "unbecoming growth" regularly.  Unlike back in school where my classmates razzed me about being late in growing them, I look forward to him removing them for he does so with loving kindness.  We always sleep with his wonderful cock deep in my butthole.  As we drift off I love how he caresses my smooth skin knowing that I am his and terribly wanted.

Of course, there a downside to being a boy when I displease him for I get punished like a boy.  I must stand before him and listen to a long lecture about my misdeeds.  Then he takes me over his lap and spanks me long and hard.  I always cry like a little boy and he turns my bottom purple (remember I'm not human).  When I look in the mirror afterwards I think that it glowing from the heat inside and I am reminded of the delicious Y'ujik fruit back in my world.  (Master says that properly spanked human boys' bottoms' look little shinny red apples.)

I remember how my father use to punish me when I was really a boy.  He did spank me but then he switched to other methods as I became a teen.  I was confined to my room and forbidden to leave the house except for school or to do errands for mother and my allowance was withheld.  My cruel schoolmates always invited me to parties when I was not allowed to go and then told me how great they were.  Father always made sure that they knew when I was confined.  But master is fair and after he spanks me and I do the corner time I am repentant.  He then hugs me and forgives me.

Once, just once, I made Master very angry and he said I was being willful so he punished me more severely with a stick called a cane.  That hurts a lot more.  I had to bend over and he struck my bottom six times very hard.  I thought that I had been struck with a red hot metal rod as it slashed into my skin.  I yelled with every stroke yet I still had to ask and thank him for each and everyone.  He put the first five cuts nice and straight and then made the sixth one diagonally and called it a "gate".  The crossings took two weeks to heal and I know I best not ever be willful again.  But he forgave me and we slept together that very night.  I find it hard to believe that it is used on young children.

But there are spankings that I really like.  They are for play.  Master pretends that I have been naughty and lectures me very briefly.  When I am over his lap he grips my penis between his big thighs.  Only his spanks are not very hard and I bounce up and down a lot.  My penis gets hard as he caresses my bottom and mixes up soft and medium hard spanks.  It is a great joy to shoot my own seed both this way and when he fucks me.

When we go into town or to the great cities, I must use clothes.  After much experimentation, I have learnt to pull my tail between my legs and then wrap it about my waist.  It is not comfortable but necessary as an incubus would be kept by the authorities.  I might escape but not if they got me into iron restraints or a death cell made of iron.  Master has decided that he wants to travel and that my tail is too great a problem.  I will miss it but he knows best.

He took me to a human surgeon and was disappointed by the answer.  "Sure it can be done but it is very risky because we have not any experience with his body. The only way would be to return to his own world."  That too would have its risks.  I don't like the idea but understand that it would be best to lose my tail.  I have accepted that as I know that Master wants it removed.

Master convinced the doctor to do it, but he would only agreed if he could leave a stump.  The doctor is afraid of using any sort of anesthetics.  Master promises to hold me through the entire ordeal.  They scrub me with antiseptics and then pull the skin back.  One quick blow severs my tail.  A few additional cuts allow a bone to be removed and the skin brought forward to cover the end.  It is very like clipping off part of a human digit.  Being held so tightly by Master made me brave and I did not scream even once.

"Fidelis Qwert I so proud of you." he said when the doctor finished while still holding me.

A few weeks later I am healed.  Now I wish that I did not have even that short stump.

We are going around the world to see it all.  There are so many places and so different.  But it would not matter if I was not with master -- the nova of my universe.

The End

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