September 10, 1998

This story is set in a fantasy world. So far there are two more stories from the same world "in the oven". Anyway -- this is the first. I really could use some input. If you have comments please e-mail me.

Roh Country 1: Kritt


Kritt turned to look where Vijla pointed. She sighed inwardly at the sight of the shrivelled tops, dark brown among the yellow-white stalks of last years grass. Really she should be happy. It was food. Fighting to overcome her own crankiness she pulled back her lips in an effort to smile at her friend.

They had been living on flour mixed with bark for most of the winter. That - and sweetroot, which Kritt had always had trouble swallowing. They had run out of sweetroot last week. And the bread in their packs had used up the last flour. That was why the two girls were far outside the usual haunts of the villagers. The girls were the only children of the two unmated and landless women in the village. Hence their houses were among the first to starve. The villagers shared their food. That was part of "the Obligation". But of course one did not "share away" the very best. Or most.

They helped each other wringing the fat roots out of the ground using their sharpened staffs. Worms had already been at the roots. Still, most of them were usable. They brushed off the soil and put the roots in the wickerbaskets on their backs. Then they continued through the forest. Kritt got out her sling again and continued looking for small game. There was not much small game to begin with, and the critters were wary. Once in a while she let a stone fly. So far without hitting anything.

"Least we bring back something." Vijle gazed after another stone diasppearing into the thicket as another dotted hen got safely away. She shrugged her back pack into a more comfortable position.

"Uh." Kritt was busy ignoring the hen and was watching a grey squirrel. "That one looks fat."

"Which? Oh, 'at squirrel. Ah. Too bad it not edible."

"Got a cache somewhere. Try follow it. If we are lucky it just moved into this cache. Quiet'a."


They lost the squirrel a while later. Looking around they saw a small pile of empty nut shells and stripped cones on the ground under a tree. Looking up they could see a hole in the trunk. Kritt let her wicker basket slide to the ground and banged her staff against the tree. Nothing moved up there.

She began her climb. Vijla never was much of a tree climber and she stayed on the ground watching Kritt anxiously.

"Watch it. They can bite."

"Ah. Me can too."

"Me know. Sorry bugger."

"Shoo. Wish this honey tree."

"True. Ye close now."

"Just next to that branch, ah." Kritt pulled her self up on the branch. Her arms shook with the effort. Winter weakness. Grasping the branch with her knees and finding a hold with her free hand she stuck her staff into the the hole and poked around. An angry chitter sounded from within. She pulled out the staff. The squirrel hung from it, like a furry fish on a hook, the long teeth burried deeply in the wood. Kritt flung it and the staff away. She stuck an arm inside and fumbled around. The hole was deep, she could barely reach the buttom.

She found luck. Several handfulls of nuts and shrunken, sour apples. Vijlas eyes shone at the sight of the apples disappearing into Kritts bulging pockets.

"Looking for honey too?"

"Greedy, greedy. Sticky stuff do'na smell like honey."


"Think take the acorns too?"

"Na. Leave 'at bugger some. Just get all the nuts."

"Me do, Me do. Hey!"


"Found an extra chamber--" Kritt fumbled around. "Some house -- sir Squirrel got two bedrooms. Could get stuck in there. The opening is narrow."

"Careful! Me did na bring an axe."

"Me did. Small one. Uh."

"Be a long while chopping tree with that. Find anything?"

"Mostly pine cones. The slim ones. Think he likes them. Ouch!"


"Funny nut. Big. Scraped me hand getting it out. What is this?"

"Me do'na know til a'show me."

"Uh. Coming down. Think me got what we can use."

Kritt climbed down, carefully, not wanting to upend her pockets.


Vijla gingerly took the huge acorn from Kritts grimy hand. She stroked the shimmery velvety surface with a finger. "Me come to think of them elvish trees in them stories."

"Ah. Me too. Think it takes eating?"

"Ask ye mum."

Kritts mother Mayh was the witch of the village. Vijla sometimes seemed to think her an oracle. Kritt knew "witch" and "bitch" did not rhyme by coincidence.

"Where did sir Squirrel find it?" Kritt looked around seeing nothing but the same mix of well known trees they had wandered through since crossing The Borderstream. "Them elves forests are not really here but somewhere else, sort of. In another place, like the dead. That what mum say."

Vijla shivered and gave Kritt the acorn back. Kritt emptied her special pocket and put the acorn there, making sure the button was properly closed. They put the apples and nuts into their baskets and found Kritts staff. It bore fresh tooth marks, the squirrel was nowhere to be seen.

They continued east, keeping their eyes open, looking mostly for roots and small game. Especially fat squirrels. Finding no fat squirrels but yet another patch where sweet root had survived the winter. Their baskets were getting heavy.

Late in the afternoon they reached Whiteriver. A narrow, rushing river, not much broader than The Borderstream. Kritt climbed yet another tree, looking for the lake Mayh had told them about. She saw it a short distance to the North. They followed Whiteriver upstream, reaching the small lake as dark began to fall. The lake was just on the edge of the rocky area that, if one continued North for another moon or so, would change into the footthills of the Evermountains. They found the small cave just as Mayh had promised. In the last light Vijla gathered wood and got a small fire going while Kritt cut straw to soften their sleeping place.

They had mush of boiled apples and sweetroot to go with the bread. In Kritts opinion the apples made the world of a difference.

"Tomorrow we fish." Kritt poked the fire.

"Ah." Vijla yawned and hugged her legs, resting her chin on her knee. "Think it will be cold tonight?" Her dark brown hair was coming loose.

"Ah. Some."

Talking like usual, they were. Vijla probably trying to forget the stories about young people getting into all sorts of trouble sleeping in the woods. After all they were almost a full days travel away from home and about to be sleeping outside. It was a first for Vijla though not for Kritt who had accompanied her mother on a couple of hunts for herbs. She looked into the darkness. Faint rustle of night creatures. The call of an owl on the hunt.

They bedded down soon after they had eaten. Piling most of their clothes on top of the blankets and huddling close, dressed only in their underwear.

Breasts touching. Vijlas hips had developed a womanish curve during the last two years. Kritts hand moulded itself to the curve.

"Mm. We grow."

"Ah. Outwards. Ye gain height still?"

"Uh. Some, me think. Most outwards too. Nice curve here."

Vijla giggled as Kritt stroked her hip.

"It tiggles."

Kritt tiggled her friend some more but stopped before Vijla kicked of their warm blankets. They snuggled close again.

"We na slept in the same bed -- since, what -- five summers ago, when them boys got lost in the forest and everyone was out looking."

"Ah. Lots of room then, beds were bigger--"

A hand touched Kritts breast.

"Getting to be like ye mums. Big. Proud."

"Ah. All bones and top heavy from a cows utter."

"Na. Ye look good. Me like a'breasts." Gentle hand exploring, cupping her breast, fingertips stroking her nipples. A sensation that was not quite like tiggling set off warm sparks in Kritts body. Her nipples hardened as the odd feeling spread in her groin. "Ye like this, me think."

"Ah.", Kritt whispered -- all her attention was on Vijlas hands and the rushing heat in her body.

A leg moved and she spread her legs making room for Vijlas naked thigh between her own. Reached out, pulled Vijla closer, felt the excitement rise in both their bodies. Cunts rubbing against thighs. Pleasant pangs travelled through her body, taking away her breath.

Her own hands seeking under Vijlas blouse, finding soft flesh, breasts inviting touches.

Vilja pulled free and struggled out of her clothes. Eagerly Kritt followed suit.

Vijlas naked skin against her own. Sparks in their blood. Tongues and light fingers exploring, sometimes tiggling and they laughed. Softly. Then continued. Finding the soft, wet, hot folds between each others thighs - places that took some serious exploration. Apparently Vijla was not entirely new to the game.

"This a womans special place." She whispered. Using her tongue she rubbed a little knot. And Kritt was taken totally by surprise as her body was washed by hot waves of pleasure and release.

"Hoa. Me all shaking. That an orgasm?"

Soft laughter, hot breath on her thighs. "Ye know so."

"Giv'a one too?"

"Ah!" Vijlas body moved. Soon Kritt was absorbed by her friends throbbing mysteries.

Much later Vijla fell asleep. This time there was no way Kritt could wake her. She got up and went to relieve herself. On her way back to the warm blankets she felt an itch between her shoulders.

As if somebody was watching her.

Kneeling and feeding the fire she cast a glance around her. But she saw nothing. Heard nothing. The eye-itch was gone.

Shivering she crept back under the blankets. But not after she had taken care to put her small axe within easy reach. Eventually she fell asleep.


The next morning the sun woke them and they got out of the warm blankets.

The fish were biting. When they set out on the return trip it was still early. Soon the straps of the baskets were gnawing into their shoulders. The baskets grew even heavier as they walked.

"Kritt -- think we should left them roots for the return trip."

"Ah. Thought that. Just -- maybe we not find them again."

"Ah." Vijla sighed. Kritt turned her head to look at her friend. Glad she had rearranged their packs without Vijla seeing it. Vijla would have her hide if she found out Kritt was carrying far the heaviest load.

"Aw, Vijla. We do heavy things before. Just a day more o'it. 'At's life. 'At and sweet things in the night. Sing a song for ye?"

Vijla grinned wryly. "Ah." Grinning still wider she continued. "Come think, them sweet things in night what got me all soft. Ye wild one, Kritt."

Kritt laughed and began a song. Soon Vijla joined in. The singing lifted the mood and the load somewhat.

At lunch they stopped by a small stream. Spreading the leftovers from breakfast and the night before between them.

Kritt eyed the bread, cold fish and apple smelling mush.

"They will be happy, me think. Mayh talk food in her sleep."

"Ah. Crack some nuts too?"


They did. As they were about to start their meal they heard a faint rustle of movement close by. Looking up they saw a young woman standing some ten feet away. Her clear blue eyes eyed them curiously. Kritt had never seen a woman like that before. It was not just that her shorn hair was fiery red. She was all dressed in leather and had plates of metal strapped to her body and limbs. Like a warrior, wearing knives, sword and bow too.

To Kritts eyes the deadly equipment seemed quite at odds with the girlish face and womanly curves.

"Hi." The woman sounded shy. "I am Zica. That fish certainly looks good. Could I swap some with a pie?"

Strange talk from strange places. Kritt took a moment to figure out what the woman said. Did she say pie?

"Ah. Me Kritt. And this Vijla. Guess we might share meal. Join with 'at pie o'yer and welcome."

Vijla sent Kritt a nervous glance but Kritt was too fascinated by the stranger to take much notice of her friends worry.

The soft face lit up in a startling smile showing two rows of white teeth. Judging by the strong teeth and soft skin that one had not seen many meager winters. "Thank you." She walked towards them, clearly at ease with her armor and weapons. She undid her heavy belt belt and let the back pack and bow slide from her shoulder before she sat down in front of Kritt and Vijla.

She pulled open her small backpack and pulled out a cloth wrapped thing. As she carefully peeled away the wrapping the smell of the pie hit Kritts nostrils and made her stomach churn in anticipation. There was meat in it, she was sure. And mushrooms.

Zica put the pie next to their food. She eyed the mush curiously. "What is that?"

"Sweetroot and apples."

"Smells like it goes well with the pie."

"Ah." Kritt said, the rich smell of the pie making her voice weak.

"I got some bread too." The Zica dug into her pack again. "Would you like some ale?"

"Ah." Kritt looked at the flat bread. The fresh smell of it made her mouth water.

Vijla eyed Zicas big knife suspiciously as she cut the pie into neat triangles.

"Do not worry." Zica handed Vijla a piece of pie. "It is my work knife. For food and wood only."

Vijla blushed. Seemingly Zica did not notice as she was busy handing Kritt a piece of pie. Hesitantly the girls fell to and the three ate and drank in silence. Curious and shy glances were exchanged. Quick at first then longer as smiles came with the glances.

"Ye new in these parts." Kritt had finished eating and sipped the last of the sweet-sour ale in her cup.

"Uhm. Yes. I am travelling through on my way to the North." Zica burped softly.

"Where do you come from?" Vijla gave in to her curiosity.

"The islands in the South. The Archipelago, I think you people call it."

"Islands? In the Big Sea?" Vijla stared. The Big Sea was something one heard about, not met people from.


"Why go North?"

"Ah. That I ask my self sometimes--" Zica sighed. "I had this partner. And he left. I want to find him and kick his arse a bit. He is somewhere in the North." She sipped her ale. "Say -- you haven't seen him? Tall guy, white hair, bronze skin, good looking and arrogant as hell, dresses like the prince -- which he is not. He is a punch inviting, vain trollop."

"Na." Kritt shook her head. "If we had -- or if anyone we know had, we would know. He not one to miss, sound like. Not many princes or trollops coming through here."

Zica laughed. "True, eh. That's what the faun said too."

"Faun? Ye met a faun? Not many o'those either." Kritt eyed Zica with renewed curiousity. "Say -- ye'witch?"

"Some have called me that but I am not." Zica patted her sword. "Does not go well with iron or bumming around."

"Ah." Kritt nodded.

"But -- tell you something that faun said. It probably concerns you somewhat since you are living around here and I met him just a days travel south of here."

Zica had their full attention.

"He asked me questions I could not answer not coming from here. Then he told me that he just woke up and he was out looking for his brothers. Apparently him and his brothers have been asleep for a long time and they are waking up now." Zica grinned shyly. "You girls could have a lot of fun waiting in the forest once they get their bearings."

"Oh. Did you lay with him?" Vijla asked, red spots on her cheeks.

Kritt wondered about the eye-itch the night before.

"No. But he is bound to be looking around for distractions in his search for his brothers."

"Why not?"

"Eh -- oh, you mean why I did not have a go with him? It's kind of -- well, that arrogant shit I'm looking for. I have to clear some things with him before I -- well, before the spark might come back."

There was hurt underneath the humour in Zicas eyes.

"Nevermind. He said something else. The reason he was so busy finding his brothers was that he had to make sure they were awake and ready for the Springfeast. I guess there will be some wild springfeasts in the Borderlands this year. He said their leader was awake too."

"Leader?" Puzzling. Fauns were known to be absolutely unconcerned about authority.

"Yes, that's what I gathered. He called him 'Master of the River' and 'Rider of All'."

"Ah." Excitement made her stomach clench. If the fauns would recognize any authority it would be that of God of the River -- or rather The Lost God of the River... He had many names. Mayh called him Roh. The stories had that back in his time of power there had been no starving during winter. The forest and fields were fairly booming with food and there were more fish than water in the rivers and streams. And the women had been bow legged and happy - so had some of the men.

"Please! Zica -- tell 'xactly what he said 'bout 'at Master o'his."

"I can do better. You do that witch-thing and pick it from my brain. I can make things pretty sharp. He is worth seeing."


"Do not look so surprised. Didn't you think I could sense your power? How do you think I survive? It is alright. Go ahead, since it obviously is important."

"But -- me cannot do what a'think." Her power? What on earth did Zica mean?

Zica blinked. "Oh. I asked him why he was in such a hurry to find his brothers. And he said --" She paused to think. When she spoke her voice deepened in immitation. "'The Master of The River is awakening. We must all be ready when the seeds are planted and the land awakes once again. The Master, The Rider of All, needs the brothers of the bush when the humans raise the poles of the Springfeast and their women spread their legs.' He was pretty high spoken. And whenever he mentioned women or that Master he rubbed his thing, it was drooling and dripping all over his goats legs."

"Ah. Ye said he ask question a'could na answer. 'At was those?"

"About places. He was fairly confused. I gather, from just awakening. He had trouble remembering what lay in what direction. The only thing he had straight was the layout of a woman. He asked about a 'circle of stones', a 'cave by a lake' and a valley 'where berries grow'. He thought he could find his brothers in these places."

"His brothers -- brothers o'the bush?"

"Yes. That is what fauns call their own kind. I asked him."

"Ah." Kritts hands shook. This was too much. She was bubbling from excitement inside and had trouble keeping her wits together. Vijla had lost her wits a while ago - along with her jaw. "He said anything else?"

"Yes, but that was just -- well, he spent quite an effort trying to convince me to bare my rear end."

"Ah. So might I."

"Sorry. When ever I try -- then that trollop is in my head and I start wailing and the zing goes right out of me."

"Bad. Kick'im good when a'find him."

Zica nodded morosely. "I will." Her voice was soft. "He will not be able to sit down again -- not without thinking of me." Then she shook her shoulders and smiled. "But that is then. I better be going." She rose and stretched before she picked up her belt.

"Ye really been in a fight?" Vijlas gaze clung to the sword.

"Hm. Yes. It happens. Usually I get away before they see me, though." Zica grinned. "I am good at my trade so I do not get into that many fights."

"Ah. And what is that trade of yer?"

"I am a thief." It was said calmly as she strapped the pack to her back. As if it was just like any other trade.

"'At is not 'xactly a respectable trade around here. Ye better be careful, Zica."

"I certainly will." She shook her shoulders. Apparently the pack was where she wanted it. "There. Thanks for the company." She smiled and raised her hand. "Bye -- and watch your behinds girls."

"Ah. Thanks Zica. Good Luck."

"Ah. Good Luck."

They watched the young woman disappear between the trees.

Kritt eyed the jug Zica had left behind. Then she poured the last of the ale into their wooden cups.

"Me think she a witch na matter she say." Vijla was thoughtful.

"Sort of one me think. Liked her."

"Ah. Ye itch for her."

"Ah. If them fauns come itches be scratched."

Vijla grinned and nodded. "What a'make o'that?"

"That Mayh need telling." Kritt was not going to tell Vijla of her rather far fetched conclusions.

"Ah. She left the pie."

"We eat more we get sick."

"Know. Ye mum and mine might like stolen pie with the telling."

"Ah. Drink. Want home before dark."

They got on their way.

Late in the afternoon they reached The Borderstream. Kritt sighed to herself as she recognized the old oak on the other side, the one that had been split by lightning. She had not been sure they were on the right track. The way had seemed so long. The feeling of something-watching had returned shortly after they set out after lunching with Zica. But it had stopped a while back. She had seen no fauns. Vijla was breathing heavily behind her, leaning on her staff as she walked.

"Look -- there The Split Oak." Not sure Vijla had seen it Kritt pointed to the tree. "Stepping stones ahead."

"Ah." The little gasp was full of relief.

They managed to cross the stream without slipping and Kritt stopped, letting her basket slide to the ground. Then she helped Vijla with hers.

"We can rest a bit and still be back before sundown. Sit on them stones."

Vijla sat heavily. Kritt got them both fresh water to drink and they sat in silence for a while.



"Dead on me feet. Still. Me 'joyed this. Good we found so much. And 'at Zica."

"Ah. Zica." Kritt wondered how it would be to hold a naked Zica. Was the hair on her body red too? If she had any hair on her body at all. "Enough foods for more than a quartermoon, I think. Maybe trade for flour with'em nuts."

"Ah. Then we might go again."

"Ah. Less me get a sight better with 'at sling. Or Zica come visiting with a load o'pies."

Vijla smiled. "Ye do'na really wan'a hit a-thing."


"Saw a'hitting them sticks a'hung in a tree. How come - shot hitting a swinging stick but not 'at hen? And 'at fasan? Or -"

"Aw, stop. Me selfrespect crumble." Kritt pointed to the ground. "Look 'at a'done! All dust!"

Vijla laughed and put an arm around her friend. Kritt turned her head and stole a kiss from the laughing mouth. Vijla pulled her closer and kept her mouth on Kritts. Soft lips opening, tongues seeking, touching.

Despite the sweetness something made Kritt look over Vijlas shoulder. She thought she saw a couple of eyes. Then not. The feeling of being watched was back. And strongly.

"What is it? A faun?" Vijla pulled back and turned her head.

"Do'na know." Kritt squinted. There! Someone was standing next to a tree not twenty feet away. She could barely make him out, seemingly he flickered in the shadows. "Hi there! Ye. Get out where we can see ye." Tired of her own fear she got to her feet.

Still there was no reaction. The faint figure seemed to melt into the shadows and disappear. She still very much felt its presence.

"Sneaking like 'at is not fair. Scarring us ye are. Now, get out and show a'face."

The very shadows seemed to take form. Slowly. It was a he. Looking very much like a slender young man. Except for the skin - it flickered with the brown colours of the surroundings. He had tumb sized horns poking through the dark wiry curls that almost covered his eyes. He was quite naked and clearly he was not a faun - the legs were shaped like a humans and not a goats. He was sporting a huge, hard cock.

The sight of it hit Kritt in the groin.

Vijla gasped. Wether it was from fear or lust was difficult to say. Probably both.

Then cold bloomed in Kritts gut. Could this be--? He was supposed to have horns -- was he not? It being too late she pushed back a realisation that it probably would have been smarter not calling him out.

"Well. 'Bout time. Good day, Sir." Cheek it out?

He bobbed his head in answer while eying them shyly. Kritt tried not to stare at his enormous member.

"Ye stop a'sneaking around like a goblin witch gon'raiding, hear?" If this was who she thought it was it probably was not smart making demands like that. She could feel the power radiating of him. Anger boiled in her gut as she became more and more certain she knew who this was.

"Ye the Roh -- right?"

Kritt hardly felt Vijlas hand tugging at her as she desperately tried to make her friend calm down. Vijla knew very well that when Kritt got angry she usually got stupid too.

He was staring at her. Eyes large and confused. He bobbed his head slowly.

"Come here thinking a'could get a good ride of a woman, have'a?"

He blinked. Then he nodded eagerly.

"Well, a'slept late. Very late! Come back at the Springfeast next moon. Tell'a, it is the whole deal or nothing. We be waiting - as usual. If a'can stay awake."


She ignored Vijla, concentrating on the power in front of her. He was still looking slightly confused.

"It might be pure fun for'a, fucking and sleeping. But here we starve and some get sick from'at. Ye get na juicy cunt till ye re-seal the deal ye broke. And this time doing them rituals to the letter and keep awake. Hear?"

Comprehension dawned on him. He slowly moved closer.

"Tell me about this deal." His voice seemed part of the breeze.

It was Kritts turn to be confused. "Ye do'na know?"

He shook his head. The dark curls bounced.

"Forgot in a'sleep?"

"No. I haven't exactly been asleep."

Kritt calmed down somewhat. "Seems wrong somehow I explain this t'a. Should be the old people. I am not wise. Sir." How could she squirm out of this one?


She swallowed as second thoughts came tumbling into her head. Should definately have kept her mouth shut right from the beginning. Desperately she tried to remember what Mayh had told her about The Deal and deals in general. Mostly it was: do not! Still, she had brought her self and maybe all of the Village into this. Mayh would have her hide.

"There more to it, do'na know them rituals. But in short -- a'see to a plentiful harvest and hunt. At the springfeast and the harvest a'spend the night with a woman of the Village of a'choosing. Eh, - and return her in good shape on the morning after." She was not sure this last was part of the deal. But it seemed a reasonable precaution judging by that trunk of his.

"I see." He eyed her. "Why not now? I want you very much." Hot pangs in her cunt. He was so powerful and innocent looking. Was he tricking her?

"Oh." Her face probably flushed bright red. Thoughts scattered as remembered sensations of her night with Vilja flashed in her body. "Eh. It has to wait till the time is right. And me do'na know them rituals proper." She wanted him. Wanted that huge thing in her. And feared it at the same time.

"You want to wait until next moon? Is the time 'right' by then?"

"--Ah." She really did not know.

He smiled. "I think you want me too. Now."

"Ah. Still." If he continued looking at her like that her knees would give out.

"I think you are afraid that if I ride you here and now I will not be back for the Springfeast."

"Ah." He had it just about right.

"I promise to be back at the Springfeast next moon. Now -- let us put a seal on that promise. Let the seal be my entering you." He slowly stroked his huge member. Liquid seeped from the broad head and ran glistening down the shaft. His hand could barely reach all the way around it. Veins stood out. Kritt stared tranfixedly at his slow moving hand. Heat washed through her body as the smell of him reached her nostrils. Her mind fought.

Other hands -- shaking hands -- undid her belt and the drawstring of her pants.

"Do 'at he says, fool." Vijla whispered. And pulled down Kritts pants.

Kritt looked down at her kneeling friend.

"See'im. He so big--"

"Spread, let me make ye ready. He might enjoy looking."

For emphasis Vijla pushed at her thighs. Kritt spread her legs, making room for Vijlas face, her darting tongue... Kritt put a hand on Vijlas shoulder to steady her self. She threw The Roh a quick glance. He was watching the proceedings with intrigued excitement evident on his face. Hands still moving up and down his shaft.

Closing her eyes she gave herself up to Vijlas quick tongue and moaned softly as a finger slipped up her cunt. Once again she caught herself against Vijlas shoulder.

Dry hands cupped her shoulders and steadied her from behind. A warm, huge, hard thing throbbed against her. Hard chest against her back. Velvet skin. Wiry curls tickling her ear. Strong arms snaked around her, hands pushed up her blouses and sweater, touched her belly, her breasts. Pulled a nipple, gently, exploring with tangible joy. Spring, soil and salt -- the smell of him dissolved in her blood, made it run madly through body.

Vijla found the good spot. The world swung. White lights on the inner side of her eyelids, a pulsating rush in her body. She reached behind and grapped him by the buttocks and pulled him close as she came. Her knees gave out but he held her upright. The rush subsided and Vijla pulled back.

"Are you ready for me now?" Warm breath in her ear, voice oddly meek. Her sluggish blood quickened again. She looked over her shoulder meeting his hot gaze. Sensing the hard thing pushing her buttocks apart, throbbing, the heavy sack pressing agains the sensitive skin just beneath her buttocks, the head salivating against the small of her back. He wriggled his hips a little.

Speachless she pushed at his hands. He let her go, hesitantly. The question hung unanswered in his eyes.

She pulled of her blouses and sweater and kicked out of her pants before she sank to her hands and knees. Arched her back, offering her bloodswollen cunt. Looking over her shoulder. He shivered. Then he was kneeling behind her. Spreading her lips, bringing his cock to bear on her opening. She whimpered as the hard-soft head was pushed against her. His hands grasped her hips and he pressed against her -- a steady pressure forcing her slick flesh to give.

And give.

She was suspended between pain and lust as the huge cock slowly and unstoppable made its way in, expanding her, the swollen veins rubbing agains the tender sides of her slippery cave.

Then the movement stopped. She could feel his body against her buttocks, the sack touching her clitoris. Her body ran hot with mad hunger by then. The pain was no longer pain but a part of that hunger. His pulse sang in her body as he began moving.

Sliding out.

In. Filling her again, forcing her to expand. Speared. Surrounded by his pulsating trunk of life.

Out. Pulling her with him upwards and outwards.


She knew no longer who was who. There were no directions - nothing but the pulse of intense pleasure enveloping her. The puls beating faster and faster. She felt herself expanding. Outwards. Outwards. Then the white lights exploded in front of her eyes.

Kept on exploding.

Until she no longer knew she was.


She came to. Slowly.

Vijla was shaking her shoulder.

"Wake up, Kritt. Kritt!"

"Ngh!" What she meant to say was 'leave me alone'. Vijla understood her perfectly.

"No. It late. Look -- almost dark. Think me hear search parties."

"Ng. Tell'o home." Gods, she was unable to move. Her body was left without a muscle and it felt just perfect. Except for a sore throat. Floating free. Except for Vijlas shaking of her shoulder. Well - almost perfect.

"Least get some clothes on. Should be freezing 'cept ye not." The tone shifted. "Gods, what has he done t'a?"

"Ugged me. Good."

Vijla stood. Kritt sighed, then almost jumped as Vijla yelled.

"We here!"

"Ut up." But Vijla did not listen.

She heard movement, the snapping of twigs as several somebodies hurried towards them. Kritt sighed. The world was unstoppable. Moving closer and closer. There was no helping it. Soon she would have to respond.

"Vijla! What happened? What wrong with'er?" A mans voice, moving closer.

"Wrong? Nothing -- 'cept she ran bottom first into the fore side o'The Roh."

A long silence. Kritt was almost convinced Vijla had managed to magic them all away.

"The Roh?" Mayhs voice. Damn. Kritt did not want to face her right now. She closed her eyes firmly. Tried to look very unconcious.

Try to cheat Mayh? And the sun would shine at midnight while the moon came down for a dance.

Rough hands turned her over on her back. Not wanting to -- yet, Kritt opened her eyes and looked up. There was no escaping Mayhs black eyes.

"Ye sure it was The Roh?"

Apparently Mayh found the answer in Kritts face. Or maybe she found it in the smell, the Roh-smell surrounding her like a cloud of maddening spring air.

"She had to. To make him come to the Springfeast."

Vijla you shit!

"I see." Mayh looked up at Vijla, then she turned her head an spoke to the people behind her.

"She allright. Give me a blanket. Wicker -- ye carry her." Mayh got to her feet. "And Vijla, walk by me and tell everything, exactly as it happened."

Kritt floated as she was handled. Light. Feeling just fine. Wicker could have carried her on his little finger. Somehow he did not notice she could float. But then Wicker never had been overly bright. Better Vijla than Kritt in front of Mayhs piercing eyes. Mayh had always gone much easier on Vijla. If she just had held her mouth about the deal.

Faintly amused she listened to the voices.

"'At smell o'her -- me itch."

"Ah. Wicker -- a'move 'at blanket-"

"A'nothing!" Mayhs voice. "Stay away from her. 'Sides Vijla got it all, me think."


"Ah. Sucked her clean."

And she had not even been awake to notice.