by Brad Millar

(This story is oviously not true. Rather, it is a fantasy of how I would like to spend my last few hours on earth. I'd like your comments and can be contacted at

I have received notice to report to the Palace of Eternal Ecstasy. I accept this with both relief and foreboding. Though life has had its rough spots, it has generally been good. Still, I feel that the machine is running down and I know that I must make way for those who are younger and more adaptable. I am increasingly weary and find it ever more difficult to achieve real joy.

I take the slideway to the center of the acropolis where the palace is located in a beautiful park. Once in the park, curving brick walks lead me through exquisite gardens and manicured lawns to the marble steps of the Palace of Eternal Ecstasy. The palace itself is of alabaster, with a golden roof and gold trim on the doors and windows.

I am greeted by two fine specimens of our society's youth. They are a young man and woman wearing kirtles of sheer batiste, girdled with golden ropes that pass behind their necks to cross beneath their breasts and tie around their waists. I can just see the pink of her aureole and the darkness of their pubic mounds. Their kirtles come to mid-thigh, and his cock peaks from under the folds.

They greet me: "Welcome, Father. Please come with us to your chamber of pleasure. We are here to serve you." I am lead down a softly carpeted corridor and into a large comfortable room. There is a huge bed, a large shower chamber, and a bar with all my favorite liquors.

We sit at a table and they serve me a delicious fruit salad smothered with whipped cream. Later, I have a tot of my favorite rum while they give me an orientation. I am told that all of my favorite pleasures have been recorded from my purchases over the years, and they will use this knowledge to make my stay as joyous as possible, but that I should feel free to make any request.

I like to start any enterprise clean and refreshed, so my first request is for a shower. As we step into the chamber--it is about 8 foot square--a gentle rain of warm water drops from the ceiling. There is a couch to sit on, and hand-held showers as well as a bidet for cleansing. They saturate sponges with rose-scented soap and thoroughly wash my entire body, paying particular attention to my genitals and buttocks. I am somewhat embarrassed that I become aroused, but they seem unperturbed and rinse me off with hand-held showers.

Next, they gently dry me with huge soft towels and lay me on the bed to anoint my body with oil. As they rub the oil onto my body, fingers caress my nipples and anus. When I become erect, a hand gently strokes my penis until I am almost ready to come and then backs off so the moment will last longer. I feel a cock near my face, and in my excitement, I eagerly suck on it.

After a bit we rest, and I served a luxurious dinner. First, there is an appetizer of lamb riblets marinated in soy sauce and garlic with chili oil and then grilled over charcoal and served with a robust petite sihrah. This is followed by bowl of vichyssoise accompanied by an excellent Champagne. Next is a cold poached salmon fillet and a very dry chardonnay. The piece d' resistance is thick filet minion wrapped in bacon and grilled until it is crisp on the outside and still cool in the center. It is served with a large baked potato and a cabernet sauvignon. Dessert is a simple sorbet of fresh lime followed by a goblet of cognac.

We sit and talk for hours about where I have traveled and what I have done during my life. What did I had enjoyed the most? What would I do over, if I could? What did I regret never being able to do? We touched on things I had done and either didn't enjoy or had regretted, but we didn't dwell on them.

I mention that I missed an especially good malt whiskey for the island of Islay that I haven't found for years. A bottle of Laiphroagh miraculously appears and we share a generous tot. I am in a dream world, savoring the highlights and best times of my long life.

Finally we lie naked on the huge bed. They kiss me and caress me. There is a firm breast for me to nuzzle and suck, and I feel lips nipping at my cock. My nipples and toes are being sucked, and there is a finger gently caressing my anus. I feel the warmth of sexual flush through my whole body.

I feel the young man's penis enter me and a hand gently strokes my cock. The young woman's vulva is on my face with her hard clitoris for me to suck. I feel an ecstasy like I've experienced before. I reach an orgasm to end all. La petit mort c'est l'gran finale.

©1993 Brad Millar