By Erik Maskot

The black creature moved slowly down the wall. This was just crazy. Only moments earlier I had seen the dark shape, of something that looked like a human being, on the roof of an office building. Then it had jump down on all four on the wall, just like Spiderman in the comic books.

I was scared, and regretted not taking the cab with my friend Steve home. I lived only ten blocks away and had decided to walk home instead. The creature moved incredibly fast, and it didn't take many seconds before it landed in front of me on its hind legs. I then noticed it had a human shape. Actually it turned out to be a beautiful woman. Her eyes were glowing, and they didn't exactly make me calm down. She pushed me up against the wall. I tried to calm her down, told her she could have my money if that's what she was after.

She had one of the prettiest faces I ever saw, but she looked mean, like she was going to kill me. She hissed at me, and then opened her mouth. She had fangs. She was a vampire. But I didn't want to die, and I begged her for my life.

She pulled her cape aside, and I noticed she was completely naked underneath. She was slim and hot, but still so dangerous. Her eyes hypnotized me, so I couldn't move.

Then she bent down, and opened my jeans. She pulled my cock out, and put it in her mouth. She sucked me hard, so hard it hurt. She had no plans of pleasing me, she was way too rough on me, and I came right away. She kept sucking me hard, and swallowed every drop of my cum till was dry.

Just as quick as she had appeared, she was gone. I could move again. I was standing in the middle of the street with my pants down to my knees. And I was alive. I looked up the walls to see if I could spot her, but she was gone.

I heard a voice say "Pervert!" and noticed the couple walking by. I remembered that I'd forgotten to pull my pants up, so I did that. I felt embarrassed, and I hurried home. All the way home I had this feeling I was being watched.

I locked the door behind me when I walked in. I still had this feeling somebody was watching me. I went into the kitchen to get a cola. I noticed that my hands were shaking. Something was not right. Somebody was watching me. I had the feeling I was not alone in the house.

I had always thought vampires only existed in books and movies, but now I wasn't so sure anymore. Now, what have I heard about vampires? I started looking for something that resembled a cross, but didn't find anything. Okay, what else? Garlic. I knew I had that, and got some and held it in my hand.

Carefully I started walking towards my bedroom, clenching my fist around the garlic. Nothing happened. I found nobody or nothing in the house. Then I remembered from the books that a vampire couldn't enter a house without being invited. So I tried to calm down, undressed, and went to bed. Still I couldn't sleep, but I must have dozed off, because all of a sudden somebody jumped into my bed and sat down on top of me. Whatever it was, she had strong legs. Very strong legs. She held me down so hard I couldn't move an inch. She was naked. In the light I could see her fangs.

With a weird foreign accent she said "I need sperm from you!" and she ripped my briefs off me. Ouch! It hurt. When she sat down on my hard cock, I thought she was gonna crunch every bone in my body with her legs, because her thighs were squeezing me so hard. Her cunt was squeezing my cock so hard I thought she would rip it off when she started moving up and down. She bent down. Her tits were touching my chest, and she started licking my face with her long tongue. I thought she was gonna bite me, and when I realized I had my hands free, I lifted up my hand with the garlic. She made a funny little laugh, then took a bite off of it, and ate it. The other half she put in my mouth, and forced me to eat it. So much for the books, that obviously were wrong about vampires. She fucked me till I was dry. When she finally let me go, my cock was a miserable view. But the vampire, who didn't say much, smiled at me. She never did bite me.

She lied down right next to me and fell asleep, at least that's what it seemed like. Eventually I felt asleep too.

The next morning she wasn't there anymore. I got up and looked around in the house, but didn't find her anywhere. I felt sore in my entire body, so I didn't go to work that day.

When it turned dark again that night, I was watching TV. All of a sudden I jumped. She was standing right in front of me, completely naked. Now I finally had the chance to take a good look at her, and realized she was extremely beautiful. She had a nice and slim body, a little pale maybe, but still beautiful. I could tell she was pretty muscular for being a woman. Her breasts were firm and nicely shaped, not too big. In spite of her catlike eyes and fangs she had a pretty face, not as mean looking as I thought the first time I met her. I was actually falling in love with her.

In a hoarse sounding voice she whispered to me, still with that accent "I need sperm!"

I pulled my pants down, and she sat down on my lap in the chair. She fucked me slowly, and she licked my face, and played with my earlobes with her tongue. Even if she wasn't so rough with me this time, my cock was red and sore when she had drained it. That night she also went to sleep by my side. I was getting comfortable with her, and all my fear was gone.

This was going on for a whole week, and then I decided I was gonna ask her some questions. I found out that her name was Andrina. Then I learned that vampires didn't drink blood, and they could be out in the daylight, but their eyes were very sensitive to the light, so they would need to wear sunglasses. When I asked her how vampires became vampires, she didn't answer me. Whether it was because she didn't want to tell me, or if it was because her English wasn't very good, I didn't know.

That night after she had drained my cock again, she put her tits in front of my face. She wanted me to suck on her nipples. I played with them with my tongue, and carefully I started sucking on them. She told me to suck harder and harder. Milk was coming out of them, and she wanted me to drink it. I drank till she was dry. She seemed satisfied when we went to bed that night.

The next morning she was gone. I didn't see her all day, and when the evening came, she still didn't show up. Two days later I noticed that the daylight was too bright for me, and I felt hungry. However, food didn't seem to satisfy my hunger. So as soon as the sun set, I walked out.

When I saw this young guy in his late teens in a dark alleyway, I walked over to him. He seemed scared, and wanted to hand me his wallet. I told him I didn't need his wallet. He then tried to run away, but I held him in a firm grip. I pulled his pants down, and said to him calmly, "I need to eat your cum!" and sucked him dry. I felt better afterwards.

I noticed Andrina on the wall after the guy had left. She was laughing. I headed for a gay bar.