Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional in that it never happened. Any likeness to real events is entirely coincidental. The characters are from my imagination.

Evening Surprise

She knew she had drunk way too much... but if someone was going to keep buying you drinks, you don't say no. At least she should have peed in the club! But she had to leave before her ex saw her. She really didn't want any drama tonight. As Betsy made her way to her apartment, she realized she was going to piss herself before she made it. Holding her thighs together she continued her trek down the quiet street. Betsy couldn't hold it any more. If she didn't pee now she would piss her panties and she was just drunk enough to do it.

As she passed a small ally, she figured this would be the best place if any. When she stepped into the ally, she couldn't believe her eyes. She had almost forgotten her own bladder, almost, as she watched a young man on his knees as another guy pissed in his mouth. The guy on his knees had his pants down to his ankles and held his own cock in his hand pointing toward his face as he pissed as well.

Betsy didn't know what to do, but should couldn't stop staring. All Betsy could hear was the sound of the hot piss splashing on the ground and the guy pissing in his friend's month say, "Take that piss. Yeah, I know you like it. Swallow it, bitch." Betsy had never seen something so hot in her life and she couldn't help the loud moan that left her mouth. This stopped both men as they turned their heads toward Betsy.

Ryan and Dave loved pissing in public. They never knew who would walk by or join them... and they loved when people joined. Ryan smirked as he looked at the new comer. They had been playing for awhile... drinking beer and taking turns pissing on one another. They were hoping for some company soon and they were lucky to get such a hot little bitch to join in.

"Look Dave, I think I see something dripping from under her skirt... since you already down there, why don't you crawl over to see what's leaking".

Betsy was so shocked; she hadn't realized she had started to pee a little, forgetting to hold it. She watched as Dave, she assumed, crawled toward her on the dirty ground. When he was close enough he lifted her tiny skit.

"Oh Ryan, come see! Her panties are soaked with piss and she is going strong. Can I have a taste?" Betsy was extra shocked for two reasons: One she found herself nodding her head yes and two Dave wasn't asking her for permeation but his friend Ryan.

"Yes please, but as long as I get to share." With that said, Dave turned his head and knelt directly under Betsy soaked panties and her continuous piss stream. He first let the piss hit it face and then he stuck his tongue out touching her soaked panties has piss continued to flow.

"Taste so damn good... Someone has been drink something sweet all not Ryan. Come have a taste." Ryan didn't waste any time getting on his knees with Dave.

All Betsy could do is squat and let them continue to taste her piss. God she had to pee so bad. She hadn't pissed since she started drinking 4 hours ago and she had had at least 7 cherry vodka and sprites. The stream was never ending! She looked down as she felt her panties moved to the side. Ryan's face was dripping wet as he licked her clit. The pee had finally stopped as she felt a wave of heat hit her body. All she could do was moan.

"Hey Ryan, let's take her up stairs. I need to piss again and I want her soaked with my piss and cum." "Good idea, lead the way and I will grab our shit." Betsy didn't even protest when her hand was grabbed and she was lead to a side door in the ally.

She had always been so good and never just letting things happen. She knew tonight would be different. She was going to let these two men take her to their apartment and piss and fuck her... She either was drunk or had lost her mind. But really this is what she needed. Not to over think what was happening and let it happen.

As the door was opened Dave looked back and gave her a sexy smile. "I'm Dave, do you have a name?" "Betsy and I can't believe this is happening to me."

"But it is... You can still turn back and we won't stop you. But once we get your sexy ass upstairs, we aren't stopping until you are full of our piss and hopefully a little cum."

Betsy shivered when she felt hot breath near her ear. "Well, will you turn back or are we going to get to know you better Betsy?" This was all said with Ryan's hand massaging her ass.

"Oh God...take me upstairs! I have never been this horny in my life and I'm ready for something new." Betsy said breathlessly as they continued their walk upstairs... What had she gotten herself into?


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