His Majesty the Brat

by Larkin

jet2Larkin (at) gmail (dot) com

Fictional Story, sexual content, youthful, female-female/youthful male Copyright Larkin 2006

His Majesty the Brat
I was still in my underpants.

My Mother stood in the door to my room and said, "Peter, I ran you a hot bath and I want you it in. You are filthy and you look like a damn scarecrow. Be reasonable and please let your sister trim your hair or I'll make sure you get a buzz cut as soon as I get back from the Mall."

I'm eight and my sister, Kelly is four years older than me and all of a sudden now she's the big adult. I looked out the window and watched my Mother's car roll out of the driveway. As soon as it did, I pulled down my underpants and kicked them away. I love being naked. I love how excited it makes me feel to be naked and I do whenever I can.

I can hear my Mother yell, "Peter, Please put some clothes on!"

Maybe I do it to test her patience.

Or she might say, "Peter honey, you can't go around naked like that. If the neighbors see you they will probably call the police and then they'll put me in jail. Not you, honey, me."
She would plead with me. "You don't want to see your Mother in jail now, do you?"

I would get a big smile on my face and then giggle at the thought of my Mother behind bars. Of course I didn't want to see anything bad happen to my Mother but the whole thing was so stupid.

I'd get a boner and make no effort to hide it. When my Mother saw it, she would hide her eyes and scream, "Peter, get upstairs this minute and get dressed!"

At that point I might get a smack on my behind and sent to my room where I could be naked as much as I wanted. For me it was just fun....., lots of fun. When I think about it, the whole thing is her fault because when I was much younger, she used to show me off to people naked because she thought pampers were so untidy.

I had no intention of taking a bath. Still naked, I headed out of my room and down the hall and downstairs to see what my sister, Kelly was up to.

Without looking at me she said, "I put a hot pocket in the microwave for you."

She didn't raise an eyebrow at seeing me naked but her friend, Patricia did. Her face turned red. Out of the two, my sister Kelly was definitely the prettiest. Patricia was a little overweight and never knew what was the right or wrong thing to say.

Kelly put a plate with the hot pocket in front of me. I don't think I ever ate a whole one. My Mother says I eat like a bird. I don't even have any baby fat. That is probably the reason I can never sit still and why I am so squirmy. Patricia is trying not to look at me but I can see when she sneaks peeks at my dickie. I spread my legs and turn a little more towards but act like I don't know. I have the habit of playing with it without thinking. Of course this kind of attention made my dickie stand right up.

Kelly said, "Peter, Mom says you are not supposed to be naked downstairs, so go upstairs and put some clothes on."

I ignored her.

Kelly didn't care, she was just covering her behind so when Mom gets home she can say, "I told him to get dressed."

Kelly was unfazed by my lack of interest. She went on. "You want your hair cut now or later?"

I said, "Never, never, never, never, never."

"What a dirty little pig you are, you didn't even wash your hair. Peter, you're smelly and disgusting."

I giggled.

They must have planned it out secretly before because I was caught by surprise. Kelly grabbed one of my arms and Patricia grabbed the other. Then they dragged me upstairs to my bath. I didn't want a bath and I didn't want my hair cut and I didn't want to cooperate. Kelly was all business but for some reason, Patricia was awkward and breathless.

Kelly said, "Peter, I can't cut your hair unless it's washed, ok?"

The two of them put me into the bath. Once in, it wasn't so bad. Kelly began shampooing and washing my hair. My hair had gotten to be 8 or 9 inches long and very ratty. Mom wanted it cut down to 2 or 3. I took the opportunity of peeing in the bath tub while they doted on me. Once my hair had been washed a few times and rinsed they got me out of the bath.

Kelly dried and combed out my hair. She tossed a towel at Patricia and said, "Dry him off while I do this."

Kelly sat me up in a chair and prepared to cut my hair. "Will you fuckin sit still!"

I couldn't help it, I had too much energy. Only Kelly knew how to deal with me. From behind, she reached down and began to pull my penis up and down. I immediately relaxed and let her do it. Patricia looked dumfounded at what my sister was doing. Soon my penis stood straight up.

Kelly looked at Patricia, "See how easy it is. Whenever I do this, Peter goes from being an impossible brat to a little lamb."

Witnessing this, put Patricia on the verge of discombobulation.

Kelly was getting impatient wanting to get on with my hair cut. "Okay, Patricia, you do it so's I can cut his hair."

Sitting on the floor in front of me, Patricia looked like she was petrified.

She looked up at Kelly, then at me, then at my boner and then back at Kelly.

Kelly barked, "Oh my God, you're such a goody goody! Play with his dick."

I spread my legs a bit just to let her know that it was okay. Cautiously she reached out to touch my dickie. When she did, she quickly pulled back as if she had touched a dead mouse.

Kelly looked exasperated. She put the scissors and comb on the side of the tub and said, "Patricia, you're an idiot!"

Kelly tugged and on my penis and went on to explain to Patricia. "Look, this is his dickie and down here are his balls. When his dickie is sticking up like this, it's called a boner. He likes it when you pull it up and down like this."

When she did, I gave out a high voiced little cry. Patricia moved in for a closer look.

"That's his foreskin but don't touch that red thing on top unless your fingers have spit on them."

The last statement left Patricia looking more puzzled than ever.

Kelly got Patricia to take hold of my little dickie. "Okay, you can hold it tighter than that and just keep doing it. If your arm gets tired, you can do what I do, switch hands."

While she was doing it, Patricia looked up at both of us as if she had no idea what she was doing. Kelly went back to cutting my hair and I just looked back at Patricia with a stupid, "tongue stuck out of my mouth" expression on my face.

I did enjoy someone new besides Kelly playing with my dickie. It was,....different,.....more fun.

Kelly said, "Try doing it faster."

I started moaning and whimpering. This was just the kind of attention I loved.

I felt Kelly tapping me on top of my head. When I looked up, she had her cell phone camera open.

I smiled.

Patricia must have looked up at the same time because Kelly's pic was perfect.

My smiling face was looking up from the bottom of the pic. My stiff dickie with Patricia's fingers all over it was dead center and Patricia's frighten and stunned face was at the top.

Just then Kelly pressed, send. "Mikey and Lee are really gonna love this."

Patricia had no idea what had just happened.

I did, but I didn't care at all.