Jack Edwards


At the beginning of the summer when I was nine, my mom left my dad and the trailer we’d been living in, and we went to live with my grandmother; my mom’s mom. Grandpa had owned a car dealership, and he made a lot of money. Plus, he had good life insurance, so Grams lived in a nice house. It was much, much nicer than our trailer had been.

My first morning there, I saw two boys playing catch in the front yard, three houses down from us. I wanted to meet kids, but I was shy. Timidly, I walked toward them, trying to pretend like I wasn’t walking toward them.

The two boys were way older, like twelve or thirteen. As I got close, I saw another boy who looked a lot younger than me, like five or six. He was sitting in just a pair of loose shorts, cross-legged on a porch swing. I walk over, casually, and leaned against his porch railing.

“Hi!” I said.


“You live here?”


“My mom and I just moved in with my grandmother, down there.” I pointed to the house.

“What’s your name?”

“Jerermy. What’s yours?”

“Tyler. How old are you?”

“Nine. How old are you?”


I looked through the railing. “Oh, yeah. I thought you were like six.”

“I’m short.”

I walked to the steps and went up onto his porch, then walked over and stood beside his swing.

“You can get on,” he said.

I got onto the swing beside him. He was a little guy. I quickly learned that other guys called him ‘runt’. But I liked him; right off, I liked him. He had an interesting face; sort of oval with rounded cheekbones, and with a pointed little chin and nice lips. He had great eyes. They were calm eyes. He looked at you, and his eyes were just calm. And blue.

His hair was short and furry. It was sandy-blond, but pale blond down at the back of his neck and at his temples and on the top edges of his eyebrows.

“That’s my brother, Brandon,” he said, pointing to the chunkier of the two kids tossing the ball. Brandon looked like a much bigger, and, of course, chunkier version of Ty.

“How old’s he?” I asked.

“Almost thirteen. I have a sister who’s eleven. She’s Rachael.” He leaned closer. “You ever play army men?”

I shook my head.

“C’mon,” he said, getting up, and I followed him into the house.

I hit it off really well with Ty. It was a wealthy neighborhood, and there weren’t many other kids around, so I started hanging out with him around his house. I invited him to sleep over the first weekend, and we played in the bath together. I had some neat bath toys. He was sorta skinny, like me, but short. His willie sorta curved out and down like a waterfall. It was circumcised like mine, and it looked about as long as mine, though he was a shorter kid. I didn’t think much about it at the time.

Ty’s family quickly got used to me being at their house and I was comfortable over there. A few mornings later, Ty, Brandon, and I wound up alone in Ty’s room. Everyone else was out of the house.

Ty and I were lying on the floor on our stomachs playing checkers. I had started going barefoot and wearing only shorts the way Ty did, and their carpet was a little itchy on my belly so I kept shifting around. Brandon had been watching us and he came over to sit on the floor beside me. He laid his hand on my butt, but I didn’t think about it. When he started rubbing me there, I thought he was just being friendly.

But then he started rubbing the back of my leg and his fingers started going up inside my leg and into my shorts. I wore briefs back then, and I felt his fingers press between my legs, just behind my little balls. I didn’t know what to say, him being an older kid and all. Ty just frowned at his older brother.

Brandon bent down beside my ear. “Hey, Jere, you like having your legs rubbed?”

I glanced at Ty, who was still frowning. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to say, so I told the truth. “It’s nice.”

“Ty and I know other stuff that feels nice,” Brandon said. “You wanna know about it?”

Ty’s eyes met mine. He wasn’t frowning any more. It was like he was waiting for me to answer. So I nodded.

“Roll over,” Brandon said.

So I rolled over onto my back. He put his hand on my belly. His hand felt sorta warm and beefy. He rubbed it around on my belly, lightly. “You like this?” he asked.

I nodded again.

He ran his hand down inside my legs and up, and ran his fingers into the legs of my shorts. I felt them on the front of my underwear. He rubbed his fingers over my willie and sorta rolled it out to the side. It started feeling good, like sometimes when I woke up in the morning.

“You like it?” he asked.

I nodded.

“You’ll really like this,” he said, and he started tugging my pants down.

I grabbed at my waistband and tried to cross my legs, but Brandon was a strong twelve-almost-thirteen-year-old and he got my pants and underwear down to the tops of my thighs so that my willie was all exposed.

Brandon looked at my stiffy that was pointing up my belly, and his eyes got bigger and he smiled like a kid about to get ice cream. He put his palm on my stiffy and rubbed me. “Just relax,” he said. “I promise. You’re gonna like this.”

And then he bent over my middle and sucked up my willie. It took a moment to realize what he’d done and before I could react, I realized that it felt really good. He made my willie hard and stiff and he tickled my little ballsack.

“Oh!” I softly said.

Brandon lifted his head and took my stiffy between his thumb and a couple of fingers. He stroked it, looking it over. Then he tugged down on my pants again, and this time I let him. He spread my legs out and got between them. Then he leaned over and sucked on me some more.

When I started to squirm, he stopped sucking, and kneeling up, he pulled his shirt off. I looked back to see where Ty was. He was looking at my stiff willie, pointing straight up from between my legs.

“You gotta long one,” he said.

I looked down at it. “It gets long when it gets stiff,” I said.

“All Willies get long when they get stiff,” Brandon said. “Look.” He stood up and pulled off his shirt, shorts, and underwear. A stiffy, much thicker and slightly longer than mine, sprang up. Brandon had a small little pubic patch, not much more than a little mustache over the base of his dick.

My mouth dropped.

Brandon stood astride my hips and wagged his dick at me. “Wanna suck it?”

I was transfixed by it. My first other stiffy to see, and it sure wasn’t another boy’s stiffy like mind.

Actually, Brandon’s dick was probably pretty average for a twelve-year-old, but it looked huge to me.

“Here,” he said, moving his body to reverse position with mine, “I’ll suck yours and you suck mine. It’s called a sixty-nine.”

He laid down on his side, pointing his dick at my face and moving his face close to mine again.

I glanced at Ty.

“Ty does it, too,” Brandon said. “He does it all the time, don’t you Ty?”

Ty nodded. He rubbed between his legs and the fabric of his shorts moved over his stiffy. I could see it.

“Go ahead,” Brandon encouraged, shoving his dick towards my mouth.

Tentatively, I opened my mouth, expecting Brandon to put the end of his dick in it.

“Put it in your mouth,” Brandon said. “Suck on it like a sucker.”

My lips seemed suddenly dry. I licked them and then carefully leaned forward and closed my lips over the end of Brandon’s dick.

It was rubbery and pretty tasteless except at the slit. I sucked.

“Show him how, Ty,” Brandon encouraged. Then he swallowed my dick whole.

Ty scooted up beside me. “Hold it like this,” he said, taking hold of the base of his brother’s shaft. “Then you suck on the end. You get as much in your mouth as you can.”

I tried it, but it was difficult to concentrate. Brandon’s mouth on my dick was all sloppy wet and slippery, up and down as he sucked. I felt drool on my balls, and it felt incredible and he sounded like some kind of animal eating, especially when he started grunting. That noise going on between my legs gave me an additional, nervous thrill.

At the same time, I did my best sucking, and got into it pretty well. Ty sat watching over me. I glanced up at him.

“You’re doing it good,” he whispered.

I gasped, because suddenly, the wildest feelings were happing down in my nine-year-old loins. My breath caught and I shuddered and shuddered, and, I think, whimpered loudly.

Brandon finally stopped, and I lay, catching my breath, my belly heaving.

“You just ‘came’,” Ty whispered.

“You had a dry cum,” Brandon said, sitting up and stroking himself. “When I come, it’s wet. I shoot sperm.”

I glanced at Ty.

“You’ll see,” he said.

“Wanna try cornholing?” Brandon asked with an encouraging smile; the kind of smile an older boy gives a younger one when he wants the younger one to go along with something. I didn’t have an older brother, but I recognized the smile.

“What’s that?” I asked suspiciously.

“That’s when one guy sticks his dick in another guy’s bottom,” Brandon said. “It’s fucking and it’s awesome.”

I frowned and started to scoot back from him. “You wanna stick that,” I said, pointing at his lap, “in my butt?”

“Hey, hey!” Brandon said, soothingly, grabbing me by the legs. “Ty and I do it all the time, don’t we, Ty?”

I glanced at Ty. He looked away.

“Let’s show him, Ty,” Brandon said. “Get your shorts off.”

Brandon got up from the floor and went to Ty’s closet, where he rummaged a moment. When he turned back to us, he had a very small plastic jar in his hand. “C’mon, Ty,” he said. “Get your shorts off.”

Ty sat back and lifted his butt, shucking off his pants. He didn’t have underwear on. His willie, like mine, had gone limp.

“Lie next to Jeremy,” Brandon said. “I’ll suck you both up hard again.”

Ty scooted over beside me without saying anything. I didn’t look at him either. Brandon lined us up, side by side, and opened out legs. Then he sucked up my willie like a string of spaghetti while he played with Ty’s willie with his hand. Then he switched.

He switched back and forth between us, getting us both hard. Ty’s stiffy wasn’t much smaller than mine. We didn’t know it then, of course, but we had good equipment for seven and nine year olds. In fact, Ty’s was particularly good. We kept looking back and forth between our laps.

Then Brandon leaned back on his haunches. “Okay Ty. Let’s show him. Get up doggy style.”

Ty got up on his hands and knees. Brandon opened the small plastic jar and got out something on his fingers that was white looked a little like my mom’s facial cream. He rubbed it in Ty’s butt crack, and then he knelt behind Ty.

Ty was a little guy, and Brandon looked like, twice as big. Brandon scooted forward and put his dick at Ty’s butthole and he grabbed his little brother’s small hips. I watched amazed as his thick dick slid into Ty’s bottom; the whole thing.

Then Brandon held Ty by the hips, and his own hips rocked forward and back. His dick kept coming back out and then going back in.

“It feels good,” Brandon said, watching me watch his dick. “It feels good for Ty, too.”

That, I wasn’t so sure about.

Brandon’s eyes grew heavy, and, holding Ty by the hips, he rocked forward and back and then ground into Ty.

“Umm,” Brandon said, as if something felt really good. He turned to me. “Here, you try it,” he said, and pulled his cock out of Ty’s butt.

I wasn’t sure. Ty hadn’t said much. His head was down and his butt was high. I wanted to try. So I scooted forward on my knees and lined my stiffy up with Ty’s hole. It had closed up again. Brandon helped guide me in and shoved my butt, pushing me forward.

My dick went all the way in. It was warm inside. I felt his shoot around my dick, and Ty’s bottom squeezed the base of my twig of a shaft. But what felt surprisingly good was Ty’s butt in my lap and our legs touching. I took hold of his hips like Brandon did, and I held Ty’s bottom tight in my lap. Looking down at him, he looked like a little kid, which I know he was; it’s just that he looked like a really little kid, and his white little butt was flat in my lap.

“Move your dick in and out like I did,” Brandon encouraged.

I tried, tentatively. It felt good, especially when I pushed back in. I did it again, and again.

Then I felt Brandon’s fingers in my butt crack. They felt cool and wet and he rubbed my pucker.

“You fuck Ty,” he said, “and I’ll fuck you.”

He knelt behind me. I was a thin kid, and he was solidly built, and taller. He felt so much bigger than me. He pushed on my back, doubling me over Ty so my butt stuck out. Then I felt the blunt end of his wet dick at my butthole a moment before he pushed in.

Taking it up the butt for the first time is sometimes easier for kids, especially if they don’t know it could hurt. Brandon had lubed me and his cock up well, and he had, after all, only a normal twelve-year-old-size dick. I felt it slide in me.

Brandon grabbed my hips and started moving in and out. I even felt his balls brushing under mine. I wrapped my arms under Ty and hung on as Brandon pumped faster.

He fell forward on me, which forced me onto Ty, and Ty onto his stomach. I lay on Ty, my dick still in his bottom, and Brandon lay on me, fucking my butt. There were a lot of sensations, all at once, but they were mainly good ones.

I liked the feel of Ty under me. The mound of his little butt felt really good under my lap. I wrapped my arms under him to try to keep some of our weight off him and on my elbows. He closed his hands over my hands.

At first my nose was in the back of his fury, soft hair. It smelled clean, like his mom had washed it the night before. Then he turned his face sideways and his soft cheek was under my lips. I liked the feel of my lips there. I liked his smell. Usually you don’t smell another boy so close.

What Brandon was doing in my bottom felt good, and all his moving around was moving me around inside Ty. I hugged Ty’s chest and moved my hips between the two brothers as much as I could.

Brandon ground and pumped and hung on to the back of my shoulders. He moaned and suddenly my butt felt more slippery. And then he stopped.

“Umm,” he said dreamily, and rolled off us to the side.

I didn’t move, though. I kept hugging Ty with my rock-hard stiffy inside his butt where sensations of warmth and pressure were so wonderful. My lips were still on his soft cheek and I moved them around there, like kissing, sort of. I rubbed my cheek on his.

Brandon watched for a while, but we weren’t doing much. He got up and dressed and left, and still, I held onto Ty.

I moved my hips. I ground gently with them. I drove in gently. Ty started wiggling his butt up firmly under me.

“Do you like this?” I whispered beside his ear.

He nodded.

I ground into him and rubbed my lips on the side of his cheek, and he held my hands tightly under his chest and wiggled his butt up under me. I could tell that he was rubbing his dick on the carpet, and I wasn’t sure that would feel good.

But then he squirmed and made almost silent little grunts, and his body went ridged and his butt tightened on my dick.

“Are you having a dry cum?” I asked in a whisper.

He nodded, and I pushed my dick all the way into him because somehow, knowing he was having a dry cum, and his butt squeezing my dick, gave me another dry cum, too.

We slowed down. I pushed up onto my hands and knees, then sat to one side.

Ty rolled up onto his side and looked at me with those calm eyes of his, so I scooted down on my side to face him. We didn’t say anything. I guess I felt a little guilty, and I wasn’t sure how he felt. But we looked at each other, and I looked at Ty’s eyes as well as into them. I liked his eyes.

He grinned.


Ty asked me to sleep over the next night. Brandon was out with buddies. I felt better without Brandon around. I think Ty did, too. That didn’t mean, though, that I didn’t like what we had all done together. I did, and I wanted Ty and me do it again sometime.

That night, Ty and I watched videos and played games. His mom sent us to bed fairly early because she had to get up early and didn’t want us making noise and keeping her awake. “Maria will be here in the morning,” she said. “She’ll make you breakfast when you wake up.” Maria was their housekeeper.

We changed to pajamas. When I saw that Ty didn’t wear underwear under his pajamas, I didn’t either.

His mother came in and tucked us into his bed. It was a twin bed, but we were only seven and nine. She turned out the light and closed the door. The only light, then, came through Ty’s window the streetlights.

We lay on our sides, facing each other, and Ty looked at me with his calm eyes. He smiled. I smiled back. Then his smile went away. He slowly moved his face closer to mine. His lips softly touched mine. We pressed our lips together.

We’d seen people kiss on TV of course, and heard jokes about kissing with tongue, but we barely had a clue what kissing was really about. Ty simply pressed his lips to mine and we breathed quietly, and his boy-smell filled my nostrils, and his breath tickled my upper lip.

Keeping his lips pressed to mine, he scooted closer and laid a hand on my side. I laid a hand on his. We moved our mouths against each other, sliding lips on lips. My bottom lip slid between his lips and he sucked it, gently. I sucked his top lip.

I scooted closer to him, and slipped my leg between his legs. We pulled our bodies together, sucking on one another’s lips. My willie got stiff without any sucking on it or fondling.

We kissed a long time, trying different things with our lips. We opened our mouths and slid our tongues in one another’s mouth without knowing how to lock in.

“Let’s take our PJs off,” I whispered.

Ty nodded and rolled away from me. We undressed under the covers and shoved our pajamas down toward the foot of the bed. When we came back together, we entwined legs and hugged and our stiffies poked each other. He grabbed mine and I grabbed his and we squeezed on them and moved the skin up and down. We pressed our lips and sucked lips again.

And then, our mouths locked. At seven and nine-years-old, we discovered what kissing with tongue was all about. We were awkward, but we began to get the idea. Breath blew from our nostrils over each other’s faces. Our mouths worked against each other.

We rolled and I was on top of Ty. He opened his legs and mine settled between them. Our stiffies were between our bellies and we rubbed them around while kissing. I was just enough taller than Ty that my stiffy settled down in the crease of his leg.

We held each other, catching our breath, my cheek pressed to his soft cheek while we rubbed our stiffies around and I felt over Ty’s little shoulders with my hands, and he felt over my back with his. I liked the feel of his hands. We kissed and wiggled some more. We rolled and Ty was on top.

It felt different to be on the bottom, my knees up and my legs apart and his hips wiggling between my thighs. We kissed and wiggled and amazingly, we eventually fell asleep.

We slept well, sleeping naked on each other in the night like puppies sleep on each other. When we woke in the morning, Tyler was on his stomach and I had a leg cocked over his butt. I had a morning stiffy, and I woke up rubbing it against the side of his butt.

“I gotta pee,” he said.

“Yeah, me, too,” I agreed, rolling off him. I started searching for my PJs down under the covers.

“We can go naked,” Ty said with a twinkle in his eye. “Maria never comes upstairs in the morning till everybody’s awake, and my sister Rachael always gets up really early and goes to her friend’s house.”

“Okay,” I agreed enthusiastically. The idea of running around naked in someone’s house was fun.

We padded down the hall to the bathroom and then tried angling down our morning stiffies so the pee would go into the toilet. It didn’t all make it, and we sword fought. We made the kind of mess that moms always complain that little boys make in the bathroom. Our stiffies didn’t entirely go away.

We threw open the bathroom door to run back to his bedroom, just as Ty’s eleven-year-old sister, Rachael, was about to open it from the hallway. The three of us froze, and her eyes dropped to our naked middles and semi-stiff willies. Her mouth dropped. Then Ty pushed past her, and I followed him.

We ran down the hall giggling, then slammed the door, and jumped under his covers, laughing. Our naked bodies jostled together and we rolled up onto our sides, facing each other, grinning.

Then smiling mischievously, Ty took my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine. I suppose we both had a little morning breath. I honestly don’t remember any. We’d had a good night’s sleep, and it was easy to get back into kissing again. Soon, I was on top of him and we were rubbing stiffies while we kissed.

“Wait,” Ty said.

He got up from under me and went to his closet. In a moment, he was back with the small plastic jar from where they kept it hidden in his rock collection. We threw back the covers and Ty lay on his back. He pulled his skinny legs up and out to the sides and reached down between then with stuff from the jar on his fingers. He rubbed it into his crack.

“Brandon did it to me once this way,” he said. “Kneel up so I can put some Crisco on you.

“That’s Crisco?” I asked, getting onto my knees beside Ty.

He giggled. “Yeah. We get it from the kitchen.” Ty spread shortening on my dick, and that felt good. Then he shoved his pillow under his butt. It was an old, flat pillow, but it lifted his bottom up a little. Then he grabbed his knees and pulled them up and out to the sides.

I got the idea and moved around to kneel at his bottom. I put the end of my dick at his opening, and then scooted forward, slipping it in. It was exciting to watch it disappear inside Ty, and, at the same time, feel his warm and tightness slide down my shaft. When I had it all the way in, and his hard little bottom bones pressed between my legs, Ty’s stiffy pointed straight up his belly. It looked nasty, in a fun way.

“We can kiss like this,” Ty said.

So, keeping my dick inside him, I lay down on him. Our bellies pressed and I could feel the hardness of his stiffy under my lower belly. Our lips met and he wrapped his arms around my back. I wrapped my arms under him. He hooked the backs of his heels under my bottom.

We started kissing, and I didn’t move my hips much. It just felt good to have my stiffy inside Ty, and us holding each other naked, and kissing with our mouths and tongues, and licking around inside each other’s mouths like kittens licking an empty bowl.

But we shifted and moved a little as we kissed, and then we shifted and moved a little more. Then we’d forget to move for a while, except for our tongues and mouths. We murmured as we kissed, almost like kittens purring.

We broke for breath, and when I placed my cheek against Ty’s, we held each other more tightly and I started pumping my hips. Ty started rubbing his stiffy up against my belly and his butt started meeting my little thrusts. It felt good. We got going more, and I slipped out. We put me back in, but when we got going, I slipped out again. We adjusted. I pulled my knees up under him more, and we moved more carefully. We got going again, and this time, it worked.

It worked so well that Tyler unwrapped his legs from around me and he planted his feet on the bed so he could rub his stiffy up against me better. I moved in and out, and it started to feel fantastic. I kept his mouth covered with mine, and we licked each other’s tongues. Our rubbing and pumping slowed down as we focused on our mouths.

We went back and forth between kissing and humping, and then, while I was holding him tight, my cheek against his, I felt a dry cum building. My little hips took on a life of their own, pounding jerkily, and Ty clung to me going, “Oh, oh… ” he murmured softly. He planted his feet and rubbed up against me hard with his stiffy.

Dry orgasms for little kids can last a while, and ours overlapped really well. But finally we slowed down, and I was still inside Ty, and we were holding each other, our cheeks together, and our bellies heaving together, and I felt a that surge of fondness a little boy sometimes feels for his buddy.

We had a lot of sleepovers that summer, and we always did the face-to-face thing. One morning, we discovered that we could do it with me sitting up with Ty straddling my lap, facing me while he rode my stiffy and we kissed. We also tried it with me laying on my side or stomach and Ty cornholing me from behind, but almost always, I did him, face-to-face. We didn’t get into sucking each other’s dicks much, but we liked kissing a lot. It was almost kissing, that we were most addicted to.

We did more stuff with Brandon, but he was becoming increasingly interested in trying to get their sister Rachael to do stuff with him. It wasn’t like he said anything, but whenever the adults were all gone except for the housekeeper, Brandon would try to get Rachael alone in her room or his room and close the door. We knew what he wanted to do.


Despite Ty being two years younger than me, he was my first best friend, and I was his. Of course, all the sexing we did wasn’t normal for seven and nine-year-old best friends. But we got hooked on sexing the way boys that age can get hooked a game or other things with their best friend. In our case with sex, Ty and I got hooked on the great feelings and the shuddering dry orgasms, as well as being together.

We also liked the kissing. It was incredibly fun and an intimate thing to do with another boy. It wasn’t like romantic or anything, but we were buddies and kissing and sex were the most fun things we did.

Ty was shorter than me, and we fit together perfectly for face to face cornholing, with me inside him. We liked feeling skin on skin and we liked hugging on to each other.

Our personalities fit as well as our bodies. We were both quiet boys. We liked kids’ cartoons and stories, and pretend.

We had other friends in school, of course, but we were in the same elementary school and we hung together every moment we could. We even became friends with two brothers who were in the same grades as ours. We hung out with them some, and Ty and I liked to pretend we were brothers as well.

We didn’t do any sex stuff with any of our other friends. Ty and I passionately pursued our hobbies of kissing and cornholing privately, whenever we could, which at times, was almost daily. We did do things with Brandon on a couple of Saturday mornings, early that fall, but soon Bran don and Rachael were spending a lot of time alone in their rooms. We figured they were playing, too.

At eleven, Rachael was almost as flat-chested as Ty or me. She actually looked a lot like Ty, except her light brown hair was really long and she was taller than us. She had the same blond hair at her temples and along the upper edges of her eyebrows as Ty, and she had the same big, blue eyes, though hers seemed animated and not calm like Ty’s.

Sometime in October, she and Brandon started trying to spy on us. We were only vaguely aware of it, and it irritated us. They finally caught Ty and me cornholing one Saturday morning when I was sitting on the floor with my legs straight out and my back against Ty’s bed. He was astride my lap, facing me with my dick up his butt. He had his hands on my shoulders, and he was rubbing his dick slowly up and down my belly, while I held his sides and we kissed.

Rachael and Brandon picked the lock on the bedroom door – it was one of those easy ones to unlock where all you needed was an ice pick.

“Go away,” Ty said angrily. We hugged each other more tightly.

“They look like monkeys, holding each other like that,” Brandon said, chuckling.

Rachael smiled. “They look cute.”

“Ha!” Brandon said. “Let’s get naked, and you and me show ‘em how to do it.”

Rachael frowned and backed away. “No. I don’t want to.” She left the room and Brandon followed with a lump in his pants, leaving the door open.

Ty wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged the side of my face against his. We sat a moment, and I wondered if we were going to stop, but then Ty rocked his hips again, and I wrapped my arms behind his waist. I rubbed my cheek on his and enjoyed the feel of him.

Brandon called us monkeys after that, or, the monkeys; and we actually liked it. We called ourselves the monkeys; in private, the kissing monkeys.

After that time when Brandon and Rachael walked in on us, Rachael started giving me looks, like sly smiles and glances down at my pants.

I wasn’t into girls any more than most nine-year-old boys, so I didn’t pay much attention to her. But then, one Monday evening Brandon’s and Ty’s dad and uncle took them and their boy cousins to a Monday night pro football game. They left right after school. Only moments later, Rachael called me on the phone and told me to come over because she needed to show me something.

Without Ty around, I didn’t have anything better to do, so I walked on over. Rachael, wearing loose, summer shorts and a tank top, was waiting on the porch.

She put a finger over her lips. “You gotta be quiet,” she warned.

Immediately, I was intrigued. Were we going to do something sneaky? Even though she was a girl, Rachael was eleven, and doing something sneaky with an older kid could be exciting.

She opened the front door to her house and leaned inside, and then she motioned for me to follow. We quickly dashed down the hall. I figured her mom was in their kitchen or den because of how we avoided them. Once in her room, Rachael closed the door, locked it. She turned her back to the door and leaned back against it. Her eyes met mine.

“I want you to do to me what you do to Ty,” she said.

I frowned. I knew what she meant, but I couldn’t do with her what I did with Ty. She was a girl, and Ty was my best friend, it wouldn’t be the same.

She stepped up to me and reached between my legs. Eleven-year-old girls aren’t always subtle, especially when they’re horny and the other kid’s only a nine-year-old. Though she was thin, I was thin, too, and she was almost a head taller than me.

I backed away and the back of my heel caught on her throw rug. I fell onto my back, and Rachael was on me in a moment, straddling my shorts-covered hips. She planted her hands on either side of my head, leaning forward over me, and rubbed her cunny on my willie, trapping it up against my pubic bone.

“Don’t you wanna try?” she asked conspiratorially. “You can put your dick in my pussy.”

I was scared, actually. Her intensity and larger size frightened me. And sex was something Ty and I did. I felt like it might betray him, somehow, if I did something with Rachael.

She didn’t wait for an answer, though. She backed her butt down onto my thighs and pulled my shorts and underwear down bellow my privates, exposing them to the air. She paused, then, examining my little ballsack on her fingertips. She frowned, looking at my soft dick.

“It’s skinny,” she murmured, fondling it.

She backed some more, down my right leg, so that her cunny rubbed on my right shin as she bent over and sucked up my dick. She sucked my dick and rubbed her cunny on my shin, and I got hard. Then she sat up partway and smiled, satisfied.

“It gets a longer,” she said, as if that was a surprise somehow. “It’s about as long as Brandon’s,” she said. “Just skinnier.”

She knelt up and pulled my pants and underwear all the way off so that I was just lying there on my back, naked below my t-shirt, with a stiffy.

Then Rachael stood up and jerked off her pants and panties. She stepped astride my hips, and I got my first glimpse of a girl’s privates, other than my mom’s when my mom was changing or stepping from the shower. Rachael didn’t have any hair, though, and I could see her pussy real easy. The lips of it were puffy and pink.

She dropped to her knees, one on either side of me, and sat back on the tops of my thighs. She took my stiffy into her fingers, stroked it, and pointed it up at the ceiling. Holding it there, she scooted forward on her knees, bringing her pussy over it.

She stuck the end of my stiffy between the lips at the base of her pussy, and sat down slowly.

I expected it to feel like when I cornholed Ty; a little resistance and then slipping into a tight hole. It wasn’t like that at all. It was like slipping into a sleeve of warm butter. She tightened on me, and I felt her over the entire length of my stiffy.

Rachael rocked her hips forward and back, frowning. She pulled off her shirt so that she was completely naked, and then leaned forward onto her hands again so that she could grind harder.

“I don’t feel it, like I do with Brandon,” she said.

“He’s thicker,” I reminded her. “I feel him a lot more than Ty.”

She nodded slowly, then gave me a funny look as though she’d forgotten that Brandon had fucked me, too. Then her face tightened, as if her gut had tightened, too, and I felt her insides squeeze my stiffy. She closed her eyes in concentration and tried several different movements; rocking, grinding, pumping her hips. She seemed to decide she liked it best when the top of her pubic mound rubbed on the mound over my pubic bone, and she began grinding hard.

Reflexively, I grabbed the sides of her thin thighs. It felt good. It felt very good. I could feel her insides sliding on my dick and the way she drove my stiffy up inside her felt terrific.

Bending over me like she was, her nipples hovered over me. Her nipples were tight and pointy and rose-red. They were bigger than Ty’s or my nipple’s and it looked like she might have just the beginning of girl’s boobs. I took my right hand from the side of her thigh, and I felt over her left nipple with my fingertip. It was hard.

“Feel them both,” she said in a tense voice, her eyes open, looking down at me.

I reached up with my left hand as well.

“Rub them with your fingers,” she said.

I rubbed them, and Rachael closed her eyes again, banging harder back into my lap.

“Suck ‘em” she said, bending down onto me, but the angle wasn’t good. She pushed up. “Sit up like you do with Ty,” she instructed.

I tried pushing up on my elbows. I tried sitting up and holding on to her. She looked around her room impatiently.

“Wait,” she said, getting off me. She stood up and stepped toward the study desk she had in her room. “Sit here.” She pointed to her chair; a wooden chair with a padded bottom.

I got up and sat in the chair. She pulled my hips forward a little so that my butt was toward the front of the chair, and my stiffy pointed skyward. She came forward at me, straddling the chair and my lap. She put her hands on my shoulders and didn’t even try to aim my dick inside with her hand. Instead, we both watched as she lowered her cunny, found me, and sat.

“Umm,” she said, leaning her forehead on top of mine. “I like this better.”

“I liked the other way better,” I said.

She rocked her hips.

“But this is okay,” I said.

Rachael grabbed the back of my head and pulled my mouth toward her left nipple.

“Try sucking it now,” she whispered intensely.

I closed my mouth over it. There wasn’t much taste, and yet, it excited me, in a nasty, perverse way – sucking on a girl’s titty. I sucked and felt over its hardness with my tongue. I squeezed it with my lips, trying to stay latched on, and Rachael murmured as though she liked that, so I squeezed more with my lips.

She really got going then, and it would have been hard to stay latched on if she hadn’t been holding my head so firmly pressed to her chest.

She moved me to her other nipple, and she rocked her hips hard. She whimpered.

A moment later, we heard steps in the hall. Someone tried the door handle. Rachael froze.

“Rachael?” her mom called.

“I’m changing,” Rachael replied in a surprisingly thick voice.

“I’ve got to run to the store,” her mom said. “Do you want to go with me?”

“No, mom,” she said, and gave me a grin. “I’ve got homework.

“Okay, honey. I’ll be back in a little while. Stay inside!”


We heard her mom walk away down the hall.

Rachael looked down at me and her grin widened. “Stay inside!” she repeated and then laughed and ground herself down into my lap.

She ground and her eyelids drooped and her mouth went slack. “This feels really good,” she murmured. She pulled my face forward against her flat chest again, and held my mouth against her tit. She threw her head back, bouncing on me, and groaned louder than she did when her mom was in the house.

Rachael went a long time, and I think she had two dry cums. There were times I had trouble breathing because she held my face so tightly to her chest.

When she got tired and got up off me, I still had a stiffy because it had been feeling good. My stiffy pointed up all wet and shiny from my lap.

Rachael looked at it, and started to turn away. But then she turned back with a sigh, like she was about to do something she ‘had’ to do. She spread my knees apart and knelt between them. Then she bent over and swallowed my stiffy.

She bobbed on it and did things with her tongue that I didn’t know you could do. I grabbed her head, much like she had grabbed mine when I sucked her titties, and I held her face down into my lap.

My little dick had been hard so long, it was like Rachael began torturing a dry cum out of me. My knees came up on either side if her head and my feet came off the floor all on their own as my gut tightened and I pulled into myself. I slid down on the chair a little.

Rachael fingered herself, and I guess her pussy was wet, because the next thing I knew, I felt her wet finger at my butthole. She pushed it in, and my breath caught while I hung onto the back of her head with both hands, keeping it between my legs.

I shuddered and squirmed and had a dry cum that lasted forever.

When I let Rachael’s head go, she pulled her finger from inside me, and giving a final, soft suck to my dick, she lifted her head. I collapsed like a wet noodle.

Rachael grinned. “I really got you, didn’t I?”

I gave her a numb, heavy-lidded node.

She got up on her feet, straddling the chair, and she pushed her wet cunny at my face, grabbing the back of my head.

“You got me all excited again,” she said. “Just lick it a little.”

Next thing I knew, she had pulled my face between her legs and she was smothering me.

I pushed back. “Wait! Wait! I can’t breathe.”

Rachael stepped back.

“I gotta go home,” I said, my nine-year-old brain reeling from what was basically a real sex session. And I felt guilty because it wasn’t with Ty and it was so different from what he and I did.

I got up from the chair before Rachael could smother me again, and I grabbed up my pants. But before I could put them on, Rachael came up to me and pulled me into a tight embrace. I felt her wet cunny press just above my pubic bone and my dangling dick.

“You can be my secret boyfriend,” she said. “We can do this when nobody’s around or when you do sleepovers with Ty.”

The side of my mouth was pressed to her chest, just under her collarbone. I sounded funny when I said, “Only if Ty can, too. He’s my boyfriend.”

I had never thought of him as a ‘boyfriend’, and actually, I didn’t think that way then. It just seemed that Rachael wanted me to like her instead of Ty.

Rachael gave me a pouty look. “That’s gay!” she said.

“So?” I said, pulling on my underwear. “We’re gay. So what?”

Rachael shook her head the way an eleven-year-old does when a nine-year-old is being stupid. “Only older boys can be gay,” she said. “You don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

I pulled on my shorts. “Neither do you,” I said. I glanced back at her. She sat in her chair with her legs apart and idly ran a finger down between the lips of her cunny while frowning at me.

“I gotta go home,” I said, and, unlocking the door. I left.


I didn’t tell Ty about what happened with Rachael, and the next time he and I sexed, I pushed Rachael far from my mind. As exciting and sexual as it had been with her, being with Ty was right and comfortable. He really was my best friend.

Within a day or two, Ty and I were like, back to normal, only better. Sometimes, when no one was around, he and I would hug, even with all our clothes on, because it felt so good to hug onto each other.

Sometimes, even when other guys were around, Ty and I would just grin at each other like two boys who shared a happy secret. There were times when I just really, really liked Ty and I’d see in his eyes that he was really, really liking me.

We’d sneak off regularly to ‘play monkeys’ which was what we called it when we sexed. There wasn’t anything better than getting naked with Ty and rubbing stiffies while kissing. Sometimes, we’d leave our shirts on, but pull off our pants and shorts to cornhole, because being naked from the waist down was different.

We discovered that we could do stuff standing up with our pants down around our ankles. And we discovered at school, in the handicapped bathroom that no one went to on a back hallway, that I could sit on the toilet seat and Ty could straddle me, facing me, and rub his stiffy on my belly while my dick was up his butt and we held each other.

We did other things, too, of course; regular boy things. We played games and sports with other guys. This was before video games. We had the run of the neighborhood. We read stories. But the best game was sex, and we were getting as good at it as any kid at any game.

Rachael hadn’t forgotten about me, though. Though she was still doing stuff with Brian, she sometimes gave me looks. I wouldn’t go near her, alone, however, and she and I didn’t do anything else for awhile.

Then, one day in January, Ty and I heard Rachael and Brandon arguing through her bedroom wall.

“I can’t buy rubbers,” Brandon protested. “I’m not old enough. No one will sell ‘em to me. And I don’t want to. You haven’t started having periods. You can’t get pregnant. I asked about that. I know.”

“You can get rubbers,” Rachael told him. “The high school nurse gives them out if you ask.”

“No she doesn’t. Who told you that?”

“She does. Kimberly’s older sister said so.”

Kimberly was Rachael’s best friend.

“Well I’m not going to ask the school nurse for rubbers, shithead!”

“Then you aren’t putting your dick in me anymore, you dork!”

“That’s fine. I bet Kimberly will let me do her. You said she wants to.”

“Get out!” Rachael yelled. “Get outta my room! I’m gonna tell Kimberly you’re a prick and she won’t have anything to do with you!”

About three weeks later, I was sleeping over with Ty on a Friday night. Brandon was at a buddy’s that night, but Rachael was home, acting bored.

“Why don’t you go to Kimberly’s?” her mom asked.

“I’m not talking to Kim,” Rachael said, angrily.

Her mom shrugged, as if there was no figuring out kids.

Ty and I took a bath together that evening.

“You get on all-fours,” I told him once we were in the tub, “and I’ll wash you like you’re my puppy.”

“Then, I’ll do you,” Ty agreed. It was a game we enjoyed. We’d take turns. One of us would get down on all-fours and the other would soap us up with his hand and rub all over; especially up inside the thighs and gently over our balls and stiffy. We tried ‘cleaning’ inside one another’s buttholes with a soapy cock, but found out that irritated our butts. So we cleaned with just a wet cock. We sometimes pissed on each other, laughing out loud. We tried tasting each other’s urine. At seven and nine-years-old, you try all sorts of things.

After our bath, we watched a couple of DVDs until bedtime. Ty and I took bedtime pisses, and brushed our teeth. We had barely stripped and gotten under the covers before Rachael tapped on the bedroom door.

“Who is it?” Ty asked, as he and I scrambled from the bed to pull our PJ bottoms back on.

“It’s me,” Rachael said softly at the door.

Ty frowned, but went to the door. He turned on the light and unlocked and opened the door. Rachael stepped in wearing her nightshirt.

“I just wanna come in with you guys for a while,” she said.

“Why?” Ty asked suspiciously.

She shrugged and came to sit on the edge of Ty’s bed. I took a seat beside her. Ty came over to stand beside us.

She looked at me and then Ty and back to me.

“Can I stay in here with you guys tonight?” she asked.

“No,” Ty said.

“Please?” Rachael said, sounding surprisingly sweet to her four-years-younger brother. Without waiting for an answer, she told me to get under the covers, which I did, with a questioning glance at Ty. She crawled in under the covers beside me, on her back.

“I wanna just talk a second,” she said.

Ty stayed standing, and frowned. “My bed isn’t big enough for all three of us to sleep in it.”

“Brandon and I don’t sex anymore,” Rachael said bluntly, ignoring Ty and gazing up at the ceiling. “Kimberly took him.”

Ty kept frowning, but sat on the edge of the bed. “So? Get another boy. Brothers aren’t supposed to be boyfriends anyway.”

I was lying on my side with my back to the wall, facing both Rachael and Tyler. I felt her hand on my legs.

“Just tonight, okay?” she said, her head rolling toward me. “I’ll let both of you do me.”

“We don’t want to do you,” Ty said.

Rachael’s fingers reached through the fly of my PJs and found my dick. I swallowed. I actually felt sorry for her, in a way. And it wasn’t like I didn’t like her. And, at that moment, I thought I might want to put my dick inside her again.

“Maybe we could do something with her, Ty,” I suggested. My dick was getting stiff between her fingers.

Ty frowned at me.

“Well,” I said defensively. “She’s like, lonely and all. And she needs sexing.”

He fingers squeezed my stiffy. I slid my hand over to her thigh and reached up under her nightshirt. She wasn’t wearing panties and she jumped slightly when my fingers found her bare cunny.

Ty kept frowning. I glanced up at him while my fingers explored Rachael’s labia. “Just tonight we could,” I said.

Rachael moaned softly and spread her legs. Her head rolled toward Ty.

“Please Ty,” she said plaintively. “How about if Jeremy does me and you do Jeremy?”

“Sucking?” he asked, still frowning.

“No,” she said, biting her lip. “I know how. I’ll show you.” She nodded toward the door. “Lock the door.”

Reluctantly, slowly, Ty went to the door to lock it.

Rachael was getting really damp between her cunny lips. She sat up enough to pull off her shirt, so I kicked off my PJ bottoms, and we were both naked. Rachael lay back down and I reached between her legs again. As Ty returned to the bed, I found her hole with my finger and I slid my finger inside. It was wet and warm and soft, like the inside of my cheek.

Ty looked us over, then pulled off his pajama bottoms and climbed over us to crawl under the covers behind me. He pressed his naked body to the back of mine and hugged on me. At the same time Rachael fondled my stiffy, and I felt really good.

But then Rachael threw back the covers and opened her legs. “Get on top of me,” she said, turning to me.

Obediently, I knelt up between her legs. For the first time in my life, I looked down onto a female opening her legs to me, and though she was only eleven and hairless, and I was only nine, I swear my stiffy got even stiffer.

Even at nine, your dick can feel hard and long, and in fact, proportionately, mine was long. It jutted up from between my legs like a long, flesh-covered twig.

I dove onto her.

I poked around with my dick and she moved her hips, and I actually found her without either of us having to use our hands. My stiffy slid inside her warm, wet sleeve and we hugged onto each other as I pumped my hips.

Rachael was taller than me, so my mouth was at her collarbone. It felt good that she was bigger.

“Now you can do Jeremy,” I heard her say to Ty.

I felt him leave the bed. Rachael started banging her cunny up to my thrusts. It felt good being on top. Ty returned, and I felt his fingers, with Crisco, slide between my butt cheeks.

I slowed my hips and Ty rubbed the Crisco in. And then I felt his knees between mine. A moment later, his stiffy was at my butthole. I spread my legs between Rachael’s to give Ty better access. He shoved all the way in, and lay down on me.

I hugged Rachael and ground tentatively with my hips. Ty’s little hard-on moved inside me, pure pleasure up my butt.

“Is this okay?” Rachael asked in a murmur.

“I like it!” I said.

“It’s okay,” Ty said, grabbing on to the backs of my shoulders.

Rachael grabbed the sides of my butt, where they flattened under Ty’s little hips. I ground into her, and in the process squeezed Ty’s stiffy with my tightening butt. We all ground together.

“You like this, Rachael?” I asked.

“Yeah, it feels okay.”

She slid down further onto the bed and off the pillow, taking us with her. She opened her legs wider, pulling her knees up to the sides, and I was like, all the way into her. She grabbed Ty’s butt, pulling us all hard together.

We did a lot of moving and squirming and adjusting. Ty’s stiffy up my butt provoked great sensations while Rachael’s insides seemed to caress and milk my stiffy. My movements were restricted because I was pressed between their naked bodies, front and back. But that felt good. Ty’s bare legs were between mine, and my stiffy felt really long and hard, pushing all the way inside Rachael. Sensations excited me everywhere at once.

At one point, Ty pounded my butt, and that felt really good to all of us, so he did that for a while. The I pounded and Ty rode, and his stiffy rubbed all over my good-feeling spots inside. I had such an amazing climax that they both struggled to cover my mouth to keep me quiet, and then, almost instantly, Rachael started groaning and pawing at both of our backs, and her hips rocked, and she gasped, arching under us. I felt her pussy clench repeatedly on my dick. Then she and I sorta rested while Ty pounded into me. He pushed up onto his hands on my back and on his knees between our legs, and he pounded hard till he had a dry orgasm, too.

He rolled off, and I rolled off so that I was between them. I liked being between them.

Ty snuggled up behind me. I laid my hand on Rachael’s chest and felt idly over a nipple with my fingertips.

“You gonna get another boyfriend?” I asked quietly.

Rachael nodded slowly. “I like Benjamin Davis,” she said. “He’s really cute and nice. I don’t think he knows about sex, though. He’s real shy.”

“You could teach him,” I suggested. “Like you’re teaching us.”

Rachael considered that. Then her face turned toward me. “I want him to like me, though.”

“Maybe he does already,” I suggested.

“He’ll probably like you a lot if you teach him how to fuck,” Ty said from behind me.

“I don’t know,” Rachael said, thoughtfully. “Kimberly’s older sister says that once a guy screws you, he starts looking for other girls to screw.”

“Really?” I asked.

“That’s what she says.”

“Maybe Benjamin is different,” I suggested.

“Jeremy and I aren’t gonna be like that,” Ty said.

We talked for a while. She told us about girls and what they thought about. We told her about boys; at least, boys our ages. I felt her nipples when they were soft, and I got them hard. She felt my belly and then handled my dick while it was soft, and she got it hard. I rubbed legs with Ty, and he got hard again, rubbing against my butt.

Rachael opened her legs, and I rubbed between them while she squeezed my stiffy.

“Wanna do it again?” she asked.

I nodded. “This time, Ty should be in the middle.” I looked back over my shoulder. “You’ll like it, Ty. Her pussy feels really good on your stiffy, and it feels good to be squashed in the middle.”

“I don’t know,” Ty said.

Rachael frowned skeptically.

“At least try it,” I encouraged them both. “Let him see what it’s like,” I said to Rachael.

“Wipe his dick off first,” she said. “He had it up your butt.”

I got off the bed and found my underwear. Then I came back beside the bed and reached over to wipe of Ty’s dick. While I did, Rachael milked my stiffy. Then I backed up, and Ty crawled over between Rachael’s legs.

A seven-year-old boy is smaller than an eleven-year-old girl, even when the girl is slight, like Rachael was. He looked like a little kid between her legs.

But then Rachael pulled her knees up and apart and reached down between her legs to guide Ty’s little pecker in. She grabbed his small bottom with both hand and pulled her knees up even higher to grind him around between her legs. That looked hot, and Ty got into it. He pushed up onto his hands, and arched his back. His little buns tightened up like a couple of little grapefruit, and with his body rigid, he rocked forward and back with all his weight centered on Rachael’s pussy.

She closed her eyes, head back, moving Ty’s butt around and moaning. Her grabbing pulled his little butt cheeks apart, and I saw his pucker clench.

I got the Crisco and spread it in his buttcrack while he kept moving. I greased up my own stiffy, and then planted my knees outside his. I fell forward onto one hand over them and guided my stiffy to Ty’s pucker. Ty paused and went all relaxed, resting on Rachael, while I eased my stiffy all the way in. Then I lay down on to him and felt the backs of Rachael’s fingers under my lower belly because she was still holding Ty by his buttocks. I hugged on to both of them and started pumping my hips.

Every time I drove in, they made little brother and sister grunts. I got up on my knees slightly and grabbed the tops of Rachael’s shoulders, flattening Ty between our bodies, and I drove into him while Rachael ground up against his stiffy with her pussy. Ty whimpered.

The bed rocked. I realized we were making rocking noises, and I wondered if we had ever done that before when it was just Ty and me. I wondered if his parents were gonna hear us. Ty buried his mouth at the top of Rachael’s sternum, and moaned and whimpered into it until with a gasp, he arched up and his body went all tense again, and I felt his butt squeeze my stiffy, hard.

“Augh!” he started to cry out, and Rachael and I both covered his mouth with our hands. His little butt spasmed around my stiffy, and it kept spasming until I buried my mouth in the side of his neck and I whimpered loudly, too, because his butt squeezing gave me a shuddering, dry cum. It felt like my little balls pulled right up through my body.

Rachael kept trying to rub Ty around between her legs, so I got off so she could do it better. But I didn’t get soft, so I wiped my stiffy off with my underwear, and I took a turn between her legs, until she came and I came again.

That next week, Rachael asked Benjamin to go to a movie with her, and he did. They held hands and kissed, and she even put his hand on her leg, under her skirt. That weekend, Ty and I screwed Rachael again, out back in the woods. The following week, we helped Rachael steal two condoms from where Brandon had started stashing them, and she gave them to Benjamin.

After that, Rachael started screwing with Benjamin, and though I liked sexing with her, I was just as glad that it was back to me and Ty for a while.

I turned ten and he turned eight. We sexed less for a while, not that we ever stopped. We even sexed with Rachael a few times, and a couple of times with Brandon.

I turned eleven and Ty turned nine, and we started sexing more again. We discovered that it was taking me two or three times coming before my dick would go soft, and sex started feeling even better.

We’d lay at night on sleepovers, after sexing, me spooned behind him, and I’d hold him and he’d hold my hands in front of his chest. He was like my little brother and my best friend, all rolled into one. And one night, I whispered behind his ear that he was always going to be my best friend, forever. He squeezed my hands tighter.

Brandon was fifteen by then, and he came home stoned out of his mind one Friday night just after his parents had gone to bed. Ty and I got him quieted down and got him back to his room. We stripped him for bed, and he got a hard-on, so Ty and I took turns screwing his mouth and butt, one from each end. It was sorta like payback for the two years he screwed us. We even took turns at his butt after he passed out.

My mom had become lovers with Jason, a guy who did construction work, and when he got a job in Florida, Mom decided that we needed to move there with him. It happened quickly. Ty cried when we said goodbye, and when he did, I did.

I cried at night for weeks after that. Ty and I wrote each other (this was before email and online chatting), and our moms let us talk by phone a few times. We talked about school and other things because it wasn’t safe to talk about sexing in the mail or where our moms might hear. We hinted, though. We talked about ‘monkeys’.

Time passed. The emails became less frequent. It would be four years before I moved back with my grandmother. I didn’t like Mom’s boyfriend, Jason, and he didn’t like me. It got to be hell. So finally, just after I turned fifteen, Mom let me move back home to Grams’.


I was fifteen the summer I moved back in with Grams. It was August; we timed it so that I’d be there in time for school.

I was nervous as hell. I didn’t know how Ty would feel about me now. We hadn’t talked by phone for a year and we hadn’t talked about playing monkeys for a much longer time than that. I figured that he at least had sex with Brandon, and who knew who else. I had sexed with three different girls and a couple of boys. But I still missed Ty. Ty and me had always been different. We had always been best friends.

Grams sent money for me to fly home. The flight seemed to take forever. But then, at the airport, Ty was with her. We grinned at each other, and though I was nervous, at least I knew he was happy to see me.

Ty looked different. He was thirteen now, and taller, though still shorter than me. His shoulders were wider. There was a noticeable bulge between his legs. And he was cute. He was achingly cute.

I knew I looked different, too. I hoped he still liked me.

Grams fixed us supper. Afterward, Ty and I went out on her porch. We sat beside each other on the top step. At first we talked about school and friends, and my mom’s lousy boyfriend, Jason. Ty told me about Rachael’s boyfriend and how Brandon was going to be a running back for the varsity team.

“You look good,” he said. “Being on the swim team made you stronger, right.”

I nodded. “You look good, too,” I said. “Swimming’s been good for you, too.”

He smiled. “I never told you, but I joined the swim team,” he said, “because you wrote about how much you liked it, and I wanted to be able to write about being on the swim team, too. It was like I was doing the same thing with you.”

It was dark. He reached between us and took my hand.

We sat silently a moment.

“You know what I keep wondering about?” Ty asked quietly.


“I keep wondering what you look like naked.”

I laughed. “Me, too! About you.” I glanced at him. “Let’s go inside,” I said.

He nodded, grinning.

Ty followed me, single file though the living room. “We’re gonna go on up to my room Grams,” I said, pausing to kiss her cheek. “We may talk all night. You go on to bed whenever you want.”

She nodded and smiled. “It’s good to have you home, Jere.” She looked past me to Ty. “Don’t you think so, Ty?”

“Oh, yes ma’am,” he agreed, laying a hand on my back. My back had firm muscles now, and Ty’s hand was bigger than it used to be. For a moment, I stayed bent over Grams and he simply rested his hand there.

Then we went on up to my room, and I locked the door behind us. I turned. We faced each other, smiling uncertainly.

“Well,” Ty said, “you gonna let me see what you look like?”

“If I get to see what you look like,” I said.

With a grin, Ty pulled off his shirt.

He had thirteen-year-old muscles. He had always been a lean kid like me, but now he had a muscle seam up his belly and high, flat pecs. He had a narrow waist and high, angular shoulders.

I pulled off my shirt, and he smiled. I was a little meatier than him, but still lean enough to show a six pack.

“Oh,” he said. “I see your abs.”

“Weights,” I told him. “I’ve done a little with weights.”

He came to me, feeling lightly over my shoulders and chest with his fingertips, and then down onto my belly. I felt over his shoulders. His skin was smooth and tight.

Smiling, Ty backed up and kicked off his shoes and socks. I did the same. We both dropped our pants, and then our underwear, and then we stood, looking at each other with erections which were massive compared to the sticks we had when we’d last been together.

Ty had a tight black patch of pubes just above his cock, and his cock, which curved upward from between his legs, was much thicker and longer than Brandon’s had been at thirteen.

“Your pubes are shaved,” Ty said in surprise, pointing to my middle.

“One of the guys on the swim team did it,” I said. “I wanted to do it before seeing you. I didn’t want to look too different from when you last saw me.”

Ty laughed out loud. “You are so different! You look better! You look really good!” He pointed a finger downward and circled it. “Turn around.”

I turned slowly around and when I turned back, his eyes were big and happy, and anything but their usual calm, and his grin was wide.

“Now you,” I said.

Ty turned slowly. He had muscles in his lean thighs. His butt was still little, but nicely-muscled for a thirteen-year-old. He faced me and we looked each other up and down.

In the next instance, we were in each other’s arms, laughing, holding one another tightly.

“You’re still my best friend,” I said, squeezing him hard. “You’re always going to be my best friend.”

“I missed you! I missed you so much!” Ty said.

And then our mouths met and our tongues plunged between one another’s lips. I wanted him. I wanted him every way I could have him. I wanted us glued together, front to front, hard and happy forever. We kissed feverishly.

I grabbed him up under the butt and he wrapped his legs around my waist. I carried him to my bed and dropped him down onto it, lying down on top of him.

Our hands roamed everywhere, we sucked and wrestled tongues. Our bodies had grown harder, leaner, stronger. We weren’t kids anymore; we were youths, teenagers. We rubbed cocks together and he opened his legs wide for me to grind my hips between. We had cocks, real cocks.

When we came, we shot real cum between our bellies.

Our kissing slowed. We rubbed cheeks. Ty reached up to lift and cradle my face in his hands. His eyes filled with tears.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” he said softly, happily.

Suddenly, my eyes filled up with tears, too, and I laid the side of my face against his. We held each other, and he felt so good under me. I kissed his neck. He kissed mine. Our mouths met again… not so hot, this time, but with a deeper, happier intensity.

He pulled his legs up and rubbed the backs of his heels on the backs of my thighs. “I hid a little jar of Crisco in your desk drawer, earlier,” he whispered.

I’d brought a tube of KY in my suitcase, but I didn’t mention it. Crisco was perfect at that moment. I got up from the bed and found it. When I returned, Ty had a hand clasped on each knee, holding his knees up and apart.

I knelt at his bottom and rubbed Crisco into his crack, while gazing down at him and his cum-wet belly. I was so happy to be with him. I was so happy to be home. Mom and her boy friend weren’t home. Grams and her house were home, but especially, Ty was home. I greased my dick. It was long and thick now and Ty watched me lube it with wide, pleased eyes.

I guided my dick to his hole and then slid it slowly, all the way in; watching until my bald pubic mound press into the bottom of his butt. I lay down onto him and we wrapped each other up in our arms. I hugged him, hard, cheek-to-cheek. “Hey, Monkey,” I said, softly, rubbing the side of my lips against his cheek.

“Hey, Monkey,” he said softly back.

I lifted my head and covered his mouth with mine. He planted his feet on the bed and lifted his pelvis under me to rub his dick up against my belly. I pumped my own hips and felt his tightness slide up and down my shaft.

The bed rocked, and I didn’t care; hell, I loved the sound of it rocking!

Ty was thirteen and I was fifteen, and this was a hell of a lot hotter than when we were just kids. We had young bodies and fire in our loins. Our mouths were hot. We rolled and strained. I pounded Ty, and he writhed under me, grinding his cock hard up into my belly.

We came over and over and finally fell asleep with me spooned behind him, holding him, and him holding my hands to his chest.

There are times when I’m sad that Ty and I were apart those four years. We missed each other’s first pubes and first sperm. I missed giving him his first real orgasm, and he missed giving me mine. I missed having him to talk to when Jason was such an asshole. I hated being so far away; Florida was never my home.

And yet, missing each other those four years, made us that much stronger when we got back together. I think those four missing years were what set us up for staying together so long now.

This wouldn’t be complete, though, if I didn’t tell about one thing that happened with Rachael that first year I was back. It was on a warm day in October, when Ty’s dad and uncle took him and Brandon and their boy cousins fishing. Ty tried to take me, too, but his dad said ‘no’ since it was their uncle taking them.

So I was by myself, sitting in my shorts and a t-shirt on Grams porch, reading, when Rachael came over.

She was seventeen, and she’d gotten super hot. She knew it, too, and she took pleasure in teasing me since I’d be back. She’d grin at me and give me look over more and a teasing glance at my crotch, and then laugh and walk away.

“Can you help me,” she said, exasperatedly that morning. She was in denim shorts and a t-shirt, with what looked like no bra underneath. Her hands looked washed, but still a little dirty, and she was sweaty.

“What do you need help with?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. “I told my mom I’d do some weeding out back while everyone was away, and nobody’s ever pulled this one weed that’s become like, a tree, and I can’t pull it up.” Her eyes dropped to my torso. “You’re strong,” she said with a smile.

I got up, and she smiled, turning to lead the way back to their house. She walked with her butt swaying like girls do when they want you to look at their butt. I started to get hard.

“So where’s your mom?” I asked.

“She’s at my aunt’s. They decided since the men had gone fishing, they’d have a girl’s day out.”

I followed her through the fence and into the back yard.

“You’ve sure grown up,” she said, leading me to some beds of ground cover toward the back of their property.

“So have you,” I said, watching her butt.

She grinned back over her shoulder at me, then stopped at a sapling that was maybe four feet tall.

“Here it is,” she said.

“That’s a weed?” I asked skeptically. “Are you sure this isn’t supposed to be here? ‘Cause this really looks like a tree.”

“A wild tree,” she said, walking over to a nearby hose. She picked it up and loosened the nozzle.

“I thought getting the ground wet all around it might make it easier to pull up, but it hasn’t so far.” She came up alongside me, and began to water around the base of the tree.

She glanced at me, and smiled. I was maybe an inch taller than her now. She looked down at my body. “You look so different now,” she said, shaking her head. She looked back up at me and grinned. “You remember that first time I almost raped you when we were kids?”

“You did rape me,” I said. “No ‘almost’ about it.” My eyes dropped to her chest.

She noticed. “Whoa, cool down, boy,” she said, giggling and turning the hose on me.

The water was cold. I hollered, and then wrestled her for the hose. We soaked each other, and the outline of my cock was clearly visible as it lengthened down my leg.

“Oh, fuck!” she said, pausing, looking down at it. “Are you sure you’re only fifteen?”

I tried jerking the hose away. She held on, though. Both of us went down, rolling, and still she held on, even as I rolled on top and my hardness press between her legs. I freed a hand long enough to straighten my cock upward inside my shorts, and then grabbed at the nozzle with both hands again, pressing my upturned cock against her pussy. I got hard as hell.

I got on top of her on her lap, trying to pull the hose away. My eyes dropped to her breasts. Her t-shirt had molded to them.

“Oh, shit!” I murmured, ogling them.

Rachael jerked the hose, trying to surprise me.

I jerked hard back and the hose came out of her hands. I tossed it aside. Her chest was heaving. My eyes rose to hers. “Remember how you raped me when we were kids?” I asked softly, grabbing two handfuls of her shirt, right between her breasts. “One good rape deserves another.”

She gasped, and I ripped her shirt open. Her nipples were hard, I squeezed them.

She rocked and struggled under me. She reached up for my t-shirt with both hands at my collar, and she tugged hard. It didn’t tare, so she clawed at the material of my shirt, shredding it while I pinched her nipples. She pulled my shirt pretty much off, except for my collar, and then she slowed. She felt my pecs the way I felt her breasts, and then she pinched my nipples, too.

I took her wrists and pinned them above her head, and pinned her legs with the weight of my own, pressing the underside of my cock down onto her pussy. I held both her wrists under one hand, and she let me, while with my other hand, I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and tugged them down. I grabbed the front of her panties and tore away the fabric. I grabbed a handful of pussy, and her eyes rolled.

I tugged and tore away almost everything, pushing and kicking her shorts down to her ankles and off; then pushing and kicking down my own shorts and underwear, quickly. I spread her legs with my knees and then I lay on her pinning both wrists down with my hands. And I watched her eyes as I probed her pussy with my cock, found her opening, and shoved in.

It felt so damn good to push in with a long, thick cock, and not the little twig I had as a kid.

“Oh, shit!” she murmured, her eyes rolling up. “You’re fucking big!”

I drove in hard, grinding.

She moaned and her hips circled.

“Rachael,” I said quietly, grinding into her.

Her eyes opened, and she looked up at me.

“There’s something we never did when we were kids.”

“What?” she asked, her breasts heaving against my bare chest.

“This,” I said, and covered her mouth with mine.

Rachael moaned loudly into my mouth.

I started this story about Ty and me, and that’s how I need to finish it. New Year’s Eve that year, his parents threw a party, like they always did. Ty and I hadn’t been invited to the same parties our different friends were having, so we went to his parent’s party. There, Ty and I snuck sips of his mom’s drinks and we hung around for a while, but it was mostly adults. Rachael and Brandon were at other parties with their friends. So Ty and I left.

We walked slowly in the dark toward Gram’s house, holding hands, being quiet. I let go of his hand and wrapped my arm behind his shoulders. We rested the sides of our heads together as we walked.

Out in the cold air, under the stars, we were two gay boys in a mostly-straight, teenage world. But it was okay, because we had each other.

We paused in the dark between houses, and I pulled him to me, belly to belly through our jackets. We embraced. We kissed. He was almost fourteen and I would be sixteen, and his body felt so good in my arms. I pressed my cheek to his.

“I love you,” I told him, for the first time saying it out loud. I squeezed him hard. “I love you so much it hurts sometimes.”

He ran his fingers up into my hair and pulled the side of my face firmly against his. “I’ve loved you,” he said, “from the beginning, and I always knew we’re supposed to be together.”

We kissed and grew hard against each other.

We went on to Gram’s and took off our jackets. We both kissed her cheek and wished her a happy new year. I think Grams knew, even back then, about Ty and me. I’m sure that she was the first one to know, but in a couple of years, Ty’s parents knew, too, without our having to tell them.

Ty and I climbed the stairs to my room, and he took my hand again as we walked down the hall. That night was different somehow. Somehow, we were really home… together.

I closed and locked the door. We undressed each other, slowly, with all the lights on, delighting in one another’s body; me delighting because Ty’s body was mine to own and to have, and mine was his.

He backed to the bed, drawing me by my hand. He pulled back the covers and scooted back onto the sheets. I followed, and lay down on him when he opened his legs to me. I rested my cock beside his, and we wrapped our arms around each other. We kissed and lazily circled our hips.

When we felt the dampness of precum between our bellies, Ty pulled up his knees and I added spit, and I slid my dick up inside him. I was almost sixteen, and he was almost fourteen, and we were meant to always be like this.

I held him, looking down into his calm eyes and gentle smile, feeling the press of our naked bodies, the hardness of his cock under my belly, and his warmth and tightness around my cock; and I ached to hold him like this forever.

“Hey, Monkey,” I said softly. “You’re my best friend. You’re always going to be my best friend.”

He smiled and stroked hair across my forehead. “Hey, Monkey,” he whispered. “Always.”

I lowered my lips to his.


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