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Naked and Scared (Young Friends)

The Story:

Matt Gordan's Journal

May 6: Nobody was home, and I watched this really cool show where people (adults, but both men and women) were naked and had to survive for 21 days. It didn't show anything, a few butt shots and almost some tits, but still, they were naked! I don't know how they could do that. But it made me think what it would be like to be naked. Not trying to survive, just naked. But it would have to be outdoors. I mean, I'm naked in the shower, and that's not scary.

May 10: Happy Birthday to me! I'm finally a teenager! I tried being naked outside, and it was scary as hell. I was in the woods at the end of 5th avenue, and I took my clothes off and wandered around for almost 15 min. before I got scared and got dressed again. But it made me get an awesome boner. But it still wasn't like the TV show. I mean, it was fun and scary, but I knew I could get dressed whenever I wanted. What if I couldn't?

May 18: This time, I went down by the old barn. Not all the way, but into a group of trees just before reaching it. Only this time I did something a lot more scary. I had this rope with slip knots on each end. I put it on with my arms behind my back and pretended I couldn't get my arms free unless I made it to the barn. Only problem was, to get to the barn you have to walk a long way with no cover at all and only tall grass to hide in. I made it a quarter of the way before chickening out and I let my arms out of the slip knots and turned around. It was a good thing I did, because Stacy Shoemaker and Randy Kline were just at the edge of the woods and heading towards the barn. God, if Stacy had seen me naked, I would have died. Even being seen by Kline would be horrible. I had to hide in the tall grass until they passed and then I ran back to were I left my clothes. I learned two things from that: I needed to hide my clothes. What if they had found them? And I cut my foot on a twig. So, no more completely naked, from now on I need to wear shoes. But no socks.

May 30: I am determined to go all the way to the barn. And I have a new plan. I'm so scared I'm shaking, but I am not going to chicken out. This time I won't be able to untie my arms until I get back to where I will hide my clothes. I must be crazy, but it gives me so much fun after I can't stop.

June 1: I did it. It was absolutely terrifying. First, I used a rock to drive a knife blade into a tree. Then I took off my clothes. There's this hollow spot in the base of a tree and I hid them in there and pushed a rock over the hole. This is where it got really scary. I had a rope with loops on each end, but the loops weren't tied with slip knots. I looked up how to tie knots and found a cool one that pulls a loop tight but doesn't release it, it has to be untied. I put it on. There was enough slack for to allow me to touch my hips, but not my dick, which was already hard. Once I pulled them tight, the only way out was to cut the rope using the knife blade in the tree. The only downer was that I still knew I could chicken out and come back and get free. I was determined to reach the barn, but I chickened out about half way there. I ran back to the grove of trees (shouldn't do that, what if I fell?) and cut the rope. This time I took care of my needs right there in the woods instead of waiting until I got home. Then I did it again once I was home.

June 12: Enough of being a scaredy cat. I'm 13, time to stop acting like a little kid and be brave. My plan? Go to the barn first and hammer the knife blade into a beam. Then go back to the trees and strip. Put on the rope. Added bonus, I'm going to tie my ankles so I can't run or even take long steps. Once I put the ropes on, I will only have two choices; go all the way to the barn or call somebody. I'll have my cell phone in the pocket of my shorts. If I chicken out and don't go to the barn, who do I call? Rich Sizemore maybe. He's 11 and a half, and he'd laugh his head off, but I think I could trust him. Either that or Bev. It would really suck to have to explain to her what I was doing. She's my older sister and she would help, but man, it would really suck being naked in front of her. And what if she brought Julie? That girl scares me sometimes. For a sister, she sure can be crude. I'd never call her. I'd rather go home naked and have every girl from school see me than call my little sister.

"This is so funny," Julie said. "My stupid brother running around naked. He'd die if I saw him. Or any girls from school." She had figured out the four-digit code that unlocked the box her brother kept his diary in. Yeah, not a diary, a Journal. Blah, blah, blah.

"What if we did?" Kim Davies was Julie's best friend, and she had a great interest in boys. Seeing her next-door neighbor naked would be the wildest thing she could imagine. "I mean, he wrote out his plan. We know where he'll be, where the knife will be, and where he will hide his clothes. He wants to be naked? We could keep him naked all day. All we have to know is when he's going to do it."

The idea was also very appealing to Julie, except for if she got caught. Her parents had been telling her for months now to stop picking on her brother. Still, he'd be so embarrassed that he might not tell. If he did, he'd have to explain why he was running around naked to start with.

"I think I know when," she said. "He goes when my parents are going to be gone for a while and he knows I won't be home. Next Tuesday is when he'll do it, because we're sleeping over at Trish's house, and that's several blocks away."

"Several blocks towards the barn," Kim said with a smile. "And Trish would never pass up an opportunity like this. Let's call her."

Three days later the three girls were hiding in the tall grass close to the barn. They were well off the direct path, and just sitting and waiting.

"This is it," Matt said to himself. "I am not going to allow myself to chicken out this time." He already had a boner, and was using his left hand to hid the tent in his shorts. Not that there was anybody to see it, but still, you never know.

He approached very cautiously, listening to every noise. When he got to the barn, he didn't go straight in; he circled around the outside. Once he was sure there was nobody around, he entered through the opening where a door had once stood. Inside, it smelled of old hay and he suppressed a sneeze. Now he had to find the perfect spot.

His first idea was right next to the door. But that was too easy. He wanted this to be the full adventure. Well, not full. He didn't want anyone to see him. But if he was going to be like the people on the TV show he had to be brave. So he moved into the barn. Near the center was a big beam holding up the center of the loft.

Then he stopped. He needed to check out the loft and make sure nobody was up there.

"God, did you see how scared he looked?" Julie said.

"No, I was looking at the lump in his shorts he was rubbing with his hand," Kim said.

"I just want to know, are you guys pulling my leg? He's not really going to be naked, is he?"

Trish Dodgson was no fool. Boys were modest, shy, and very scared of a girl seeing them naked. She should know, she had two brothers, one the same age as Julie's brother and one a year younger than her. Plus, she babysat for a couple of nine- and ten-year-old boys who didn't even want her to see them in pajamas or underpants. Which was unfortunate because she had only seen pictures of boys. And some little kids she sat for, but kids three and under didn't make her wet.

"I told you, we read my brother's diary," Julie said. "Why do you think he's being so careful?"

"Listen," Kim said. "I think he's pounding in the knife."

The loft had been empty. Not just of people, but of everything. From the top of the ladder he could see all of it. There was nothing for anyone to hide behind or under. He climbed back down and used the rock to hammer the broken knife blade into the beam. The handle had broken off when he tried to pull it from the tree. If he hadn't gotten it loose before it broke he would have had to abandon his dream, and he wasn't sure if he would ever again get up the courage to do it.

Once it was firmly embedded into the beam (he had to make sure it would not fall out or he'd be totally screwed!) he tossed the rock into a corner. Time to head back. His dick was begging him to play with it, but he knew if he did it now he'd chicken out. It would just have to wait until it was over.

Taking one last trip around the barn, he moved quickly back to the trees at the end of what used to be a hay field.

"Let's go," Julie said. Her brother was out of site, back in the trees a quarter of a mile away. The three girls ran to the barn. It took them a few minutes to find the blade. But she had messed up. She thought they would be able to pull it free, but they couldn't. They would need pliers or something to get it out.

"I've got an idea," Trish said. "Find the rock he used to drive it in."

"How will that pull it out?" Kim asked.

"It won't. But it will break it off, and that's just as good as pulling it out."

They split up, moments later Julie yelled out that she had it. They all hurried back to the beam, and in three strikes from the side the blade split right where it went into the beam and the end flew off to the side.

"We'll need that to cut him free," Julie said as she ran for the broken end.

"Why? He wanted to be naked. It's his problem," Trish said.

"We will have fun, and embarrass him, but he's not going home naked," Julie said. "He's a dork, but he's my brother." She picked up the broken blade and they hurried out into the grass, watching closely at the trees for Matt to appear.

His clothes were hidden. He gave his dick one quick rub, and it almost shot just from that. He had two dog collars that he put on each ankle and then tied a rope to the connectors on the leashes. He had practiced with it in his bedroom, and he found that fifteen inches was the perfect length. It allowed him to walk, but slower than normal, and it kept him from running or even taking normal steps. Now there was just one thing left to do.

"I am not going to be a chicken," he said out loud. "I will do this!"

He swallowed, wishing he had brought some water. It was now or never. He slipped one end of the shorter rope over his left wrist. Using all the courage he had, he reached his right arm behind his back and grabbed the other end. It was harder than he thought it would be to get it over his fist, but once he did he pulled his hands hard to the side to secure the knot. It was done. He could not chicken out now. He had to go to the barn. Naked and Scared.

Wondering if he had made a mistake, he took his first steps. He couldn't undo it now.

The girls saw him the moment he was clear of the trees and dropped down into the tall grass.

Julie got on her knees and raised her head so it was just barely above the grass. She lifted the camera Matt had gotten for his birthday. It was a good one, with a long zoom. She found him in the view finder, waited for it to focus, and took the picture. Then she dropped back down.

Without the rope around his ankle it took twenty-two minutes to walk from the edge of the trees to the barn. He guessed this trip would take closer to thirty. A half an hour, naked, and with no cover. He figured he must be out of his mind. But his dick was jerking up and down, begging for contact. He kept his eyes on the target and listened for any noise. If someone came now, he wasn't sure what he would do.

Julie took two more pictures of her brother as he got closer, then they squatted down and waited for him to pass. As soon as he was well past them, they got up and walked backwards so they would see if he looked behind him. Julie took a few more pictures of him with the barn in front of him.

He did turn and look behind him, twice, but they had plenty of time to duck and weren't spotted. The moment he entered the barn they hurried to the trees.

It only took a few seconds to find the rock that covered the hollow in the tree, and then they had all of his clothing. They moved them to another spot and hid them under some fallen branches and leaves. Then they found a hiding spot behind trees and waited.

"I did it," he said to himself. "All the way to the barn naked." He decided he would give in to the need as soon as he cut his wrist free. He figured he'd be hard again before he got back to the trees where his clothes were. He went to the beam, but the blade wasn't there.

He looked around. There was only one beam that supported the loft, and this one was it. He looked around, all four side, and only on the third look did he see a tiny sliver of blade sticking out from the wood. The broken edge was jagged. Someone had broken the blade off!

With his heart beating double its normal rate, he searched for the broken piece. He had to have it or he had no way to put his clothes back on. As he searched, he started imagining that someone was watching him. He looked around, but the barn was empty. But someone had been here, that was for sure.

His clothes! If the person who broke the knife had seen him drive it in and then return naked, they would know the direction his clothes were in. He gave himself another minute to find the broken end of the blade. When he thought it was up, he had to head back to the trees. Naked and scared no longer covered it. No, he was naked and terrified.

The girls were just feet away when Matt reached the tree with the hollow spot and saw it was empty. He was scared beyond belief, but that didn't seem to bother his dick, which had a long trail of precum dripping down and was still jerking up and down, expecting him to do something about it. He looked all around. This couldn't happen. He'd even thought about what he would do if he chickened out and brought the cell phone, but now even that was gone.

"Having a good time Matt?" Julie asked as she stepped out from behind a tree and took a picture of her brother.

"Julie! No, what are you doing here?" He heard a noise and saw Trish Dodgson and Kim Davies were there too. "SHIT," he said. "Please, did you break the knife? I have to get free. Where are my clothes?"

The girls were laughing and staring at his groin. Julie took another picture.

"Wait, is that my camera?" he asked. He saw it was, the new one he got for his birthday. "Please tell me you turned off auto upload."

"What's that?" Julie asked.

"No, shit, no," he said. "How many pictures did you take?"

"Seven," she said, and took another. "Eight now."

"Stop," he said. "The pictures are uploaded to my drop box account. Some of my friends have access to it, and they get a notification when I upload something."

"You mean other kids are seeing the pictures of you?" Trish asked. "Oh, damn, that is just too funny. How many friends? Are any of them girls?"

"It isn't funny," he said. "Yeah, three girls, and a bunch of boys. Damn, damn, what have you done? You've got to give me my phone so I can delete them."

"Please release me, I'll do anything. I've got to destroy those pictures before..."

"Too late Matt." Randy Klein and Stacy Shoemaker were standing behind him. He turned around. "This is just too cool," Randy said.

Stacy was laughing. "Pete and Diane are on their way too," she said. "We saw the picture of the barn and knew where you were. I think they are telling other kids."

"Did you girls do this to him?" Randy asked. "How the hell did you talk him into doing it?"

"We didn't. He wanted to be like the people on some TV show where they have to be naked and survive. He did it all himself."

"Shut up!" Matt said. "Don't tell them that."

"Why not? It's true, we read it in your diary," his sister said. "He was too scared at first, but he wrote about how it gave him boners and how much he enjoyed it after he was done. Today was to be his biggest thrill yet, we just made it more interesting. He never wanted anyone to see him naked."

"That is just too funny," Stacy said. "And you are so cute Matt. If I wasn't with Randy, I might even kiss you."

"Go ahead, under the circumstances I won't mind. Just don't stand in front of his dick when you do. The slightest touch will send it off."

"You mean like this?" Stacy asked. She stepped forward and grabbed it around the shaft and then ran a fingernail across the purple head. That was all it took. She held on to it as he shot burst after burst of cum onto the ground.

"It is too bad school is out for the summer," she said. "It would be so funny to see you in school after seeing you out here naked."

"I guess I should cut him loose," Julie said, starting to feel just a bit sorry for her brother.

"No, not yet, give him just a little while longer," Randy said. "There are more kids on the way."

"Please, Julie," Matt said. "Please free me before any more kids see me."

"Oh, that doesn't matter," Stacy said. "Pete Richter printed out the pictures and he was going to staple them to trees on the way here. I'll bet before the day is done everyone at school will know what you look like naked."

"No, shit, this can't be happening," Matt said.

Moments later, a dozen kids, an even mix of boys and girls, showed up and circled around the helpless boy. After a lot of laughter and some tickling, one of Matt's best friends used a knife to cut his arms loose and his sister gave him back his clothes.

One of the boys wanted to play keep-away with his shorts, but the other kids told him to give them up. "He's had enough embarrassment for one day," his friend said.

"Did you really print out pictures and staple them to trees?" Matt asked Pete once he was dressed.

"No. It seemed like a good idea, but actually Diane talked me out of it. She thought it was too risky. She didn't mind seeing you naked, but she wanted it to be limited to kids you know at school. And if you think about it, not one of us took a picture of you even though we all have our phones."

Matt was not happy, but there was nothing he could do about it. But it wasn't over yet.

"You know, from what your sister is telling us, you enjoy this," Diane said. "Well, not having us see you, but otherwise. The pictures are still on your dropbox account."

"Shit," he said and grabbed for his phone.

"Don't worry, you have plenty of time to delete them. We all have a complete set anyway since you gave a couple of us editing rights to your account. And we want you to have fun. I think once a week will keep you and us entertained. Just tell your sister and let her take care of the rest. We'll help her pick out places for you to go and things to do. And we will ensure that nobody sees you except us. You will need us to be there in order to get dressed, but that is our price for helping you. So, next Tuesday?" she asked with a smile.

What choice did he have? It was blackmail, pure and simple. But it would also be fun and probably a lot safer.

Over the summer, he went on more than a dozen adventures in six or seven different places. Each time, a group of his friends and some of their friends saw him naked; it averaged about a dozen kids each time, plus his sister and her friends. And he managed to get used to it. In fact, it was becoming less interesting, knowing that other than his friends he was safe. By the time school started in the fall, he was able to convince the other kids that it just wasn't as much fun anymore, and it ended. But his summer of Naked and Scared would be one he would remember for the rest of his life.