The Treehouse

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male/female Copyright Larkin 2006

The Treehouse

by Larkin

Under a tall shady Maple there stood two boys and a girl, all roughly the same age, I will say no more than that.

Danny was a dirty blond with warm brown eyes and a band-aid that crossed the bridge of his nose. Anyone could see that he was always into something. Ricky was Native American with black hair and blue eyes that were uncommon to his heritage. Finally there was Hannah. She was certainly cute with brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Even in her Catholic school girl's uniform, Hannah had no trouble handling herself in the company of two very bad boys.

She looked at them and said, "Wait a minute; I'm not so sure I want to go up there with you guys, especially you, Danny. I know how you are."

The three stood there looking up at Ricky's tree house. A knotted rope hung down from it and it was the only way to get up or down.

Hannah gave both boys a suspicious look. "Anyway, I'm not so sure I can climb up that stupid rope."

Danny and Ricky each blurted out, "We'll help you!"

Hannah took hold of the rope and stood on the lowest knot. She looked at the two boys for a sign of encouragement, then reaching up; she pulled herself to the second and repeated the motion until she was half way up the rope to the tree house. Ricky took hold of the rope to steady it. Both of them looked up and had a clear view of her panties. When she disappeared into the tree house, they looked at each other and then started laughing. Ricky and Danny effortlessly climbed the rope and joined Hannah in the tree house. Once inside, Ricky pulled up the rope so no one else could come up and surprise them.

A strange ticklish feeling washed over them. It was sort of a mixture of relief and excitement. It was the relief of being freed from the world of adult supervision and the excitement was of countless unknown possibilities.

The tree house was enclosed on all sides but open to the sky. No one could tell what was going on up there except maybe the birds flying over head. Ricky and Danny were very proud of their accomplishment. They all sat around on the floor. Hannah looked around and nodded.

She said, "Nice."

The expression on her face was vague and slightly condescending.

Danny said, "So what do you want to do?"

Hannah said, "I don't know, what you usually do?"

Ricky said, "Sometimes we play war and capture a prisoner and bring him here and pretend to torture him but we always obey the Geneva rules."

That idea immediately appealed to Danny. He looked wide eyed and innocent at Hannah, "Yeah, you could be our prisoner."

She frowned at him. "I don't think so, that is so totally a boy's game."

Danny was disappointed. He said, "Okay, what do YOU want to do?"

She suddenly got this kind angelic look on her face. "I don't know. I've always imagined that it would be fun to be a nurse in a big hospital help save lots of lives."

Danny looked discouraged. "That's so stupid!"

Ricky said, "No it's not."

Danny said, "Yeah it is, its lame!"

Ricky said, "Okay, suppose I go unconscious and you have to examine me and find out what's wrong so that you can cure me and save my life."

Ricky stretched out in the middle of the floor and with both hands at his side. He closed his eyes leaving both Danny and Hannah momentarily speechless.

Hannah said, "What's wrong with him?"

Danny looked astonished, "How am I suppose to know, I'm not a doctor?"

They both looked at the motionless Ricky.

Danny said, "You're the one that's supposed to be a nurse."

Hannah sat up and began to look genuinely concerned. She leaned over him and rested her ear against his chest to see if she could hear his heart.

"It's beating really really fast."

Together, Danny and Hannah knelt over Ricky not knowing exactly what to do next.

Hannah had accepted the challenge and was taking it seriously. "Well, he's not dead or else his heart wouldn't be beating."

Danny was more forthright. He pulled Ricky's tee shirt up to his neck and exposed his belly. Hannah rubbed her hands back and forth on his chest and down his belly. Ricky body was convulsing with strange tremors. His eyes were pinched shut and he looked like he was trying not to laugh. When Hannah pinched Ricky's nipples his whole body twisted and turned but still he did not regain consciousness.

She said, "This is even more serious that I thought."

Danny shared her concern and carefully slid Ricky's pants down to his knees.

His Sponge Bob briefs were a distraction so they too were lowered to his knees. Hannah stopped and stared at Ricky's penis.

Without turning away from it she asked Danny, "What's wrong with his penis?"

It was stiff as a twig and standing straight up with two little balls clutched at its base. Danny was desperately trying to keep a serious face.

In a solemn and reverent voice he said, "Ricky is very sick."

Hannah was still clueless. When she touched it, his penis twitched up and down all by its self. She looked at his face. His eyes were still close but his expression was peaceful and almost serene. Gathering more courage, she pulled his penis down and let it spring back up. Not being satisfied in doing it once, she did it again ....and again and again and again. It got to be a game that she couldn't seem to stop. Suddenly, Ricky miraculously regained consciousness.

All three laughed out loud as if the whole thing was the funniest joke. She regained her professionalism and encouraged Ricky to open his mouth. "Say ahhh."

With his clothes still in disarray, he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue way out then wiggled it all around. Hannah thought he looked so cute and mischievous. It was as if she was noticing how loveable Ricky was for the very first time. She looked at his black hair, blue eyes and warm overall tan. To her surprise Ricky wasn't getting dressed. Instead, he was taking off the rest of his clothes and his shoes and socks. He appeared to be much more comfortable being completely naked than he was clothed. He lifted his legs up in the air and showed Hannah and Danny his brown butt hole. He had the most adorable smile on his face.

He started behaving differently too. He became like an unruly dog wrestling and climbing all over her periodically doing the doggy hump. Far from being angry or irritated, Hannah was incredibly excited have a cute naked boy all over her. It prompted a series of uncontrollable laughing fits. Danny watched them play. Hannah reached out and pulled Ricky's dick down and let it spring back up again.

She said, "Why does it get like that?"

Ricky was proud, "That's my boner. I get it whenever I'm naked and I like how it feels."

He spread his legs presenting his penis to her and said, "Go ahead, do it as much as you want, I like it."

Danny was sitting opposite them. He said, "Mine's a boner too, do it to me too."

With that he opened his pants and showed Hannah and Ricky.

Hannah suddenly moaned, "Oh no!"

The boys looked at her.

She said, "Oh no, how did I do that? I think I peed my panties and I didn't even know it was happening."

She lifted her skirt and both boys looked. They were indeed wet.

In an effort to be helpful Danny suggested, "Why don't you just take them off?"

Hannah lifted her legs and slid the wet panties off over her shoes. Both boys looked again hopping to see a girl's pussy.

Ricky was quick to suggest. "Here, you could wear mine."

He held up his pair of Sponge Bob briefs. But just as suddenly, he pulled them back.

"Wait a minute, I got an idea. Let's shoot for it and the looser has to wear the wet panties."

Danny didn't wait for a vote. He was pulling off his shoes and socks and pulling down his pants. His underwear was boring, white, Mom bought underpants. When he pulled them down his stiff boner popped out. Hannah became doubly fascinated. She reached out and pulled Danny's penis down and let it spring back. He moved in close and let her do it again. Ricky and Danny now both naked looked at Hannah expecting her to get undressed too.

She looked from one to the other and said, "I'm not getting naked with you guys, you two are totally bad. You'll have to be satisfied with this."

She lifted her school skirt and exposed her pussy. The boys moved in for a closer look. It was probably the first girl pussy either had ever seen.

Ricky's curiosity got the best of him. "Hannah, show us your pussy, we want to know how it works."

The two boys got down on their stomachs between her legs so that they could see. Hannah spread her pussy open so they could see.

"Ok, I pee out of here and this is where the baby comes out."

Danny started laughing. "It would have to be an awfully small baby!"

Ricky joined in the laughter.

Ricky pointed. "What's that little round thing there?" He reached out and touched it and said, "Ding dong!" Hannah slapped his hand away.

He looked hurt, "Why'd you do that, I didn't say anything when you flipping my dick up and down?"

They turned their attention to the redistribution of the Sponge Bob and Mom bought white underpants and Hannah's wet panties. All three pair of underpants lay on the floor in front of them.

Ricky said, "Okay, scissors, paper, rock. One two three go."

Danny and Hannah did scissors and Ricky did rock that broke scissors.

Ricky said "I win!"

He looked at the pile of underpants. "I pick my Sponge Bob's"

He picked them up but was less enthusiastic about putting them on. He preferred being naked so he put them on his head like a hat with Sponge Bob eyes.

Danny and Hannah sat opposing each other and said, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!"

Danny made a fist for rock and Hannah held her hand out flat. Excitedly she said, "Paper covers rock, you lose!"

She quickly grabbed Danny's white underpants and lifting her feet in the air, she pulled them on over her shoes. Again both boys looked down to see her pussy before it was hidden from view. Danny picked up Hannah's wet panties and looked as if he wasn't sure if he wanted to put them on.

Ricky was giggling, "Come on, you have to put on Hannah's peed panties and we want to see."

Danny stepped into them and slowly pulled them up. His boner was still standing straight up but the panties were too small for him. When he pulled them all the way up, you could see his cock through the wet panties and the top stuck up out of the panties. Danny did a silly dance pulling Hannah's panties up and down over his boner. The excitement prompted even more laughter.

Ricky and Hannah sat face to face with his legs over hers. Ricky took her hand and showed her how he liked his cock stroked. Hannah couldn't believe how warm and adorable he was. She thought, "I never knew that boys could smell so good". He kept getting closer and she looked into his eyes. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue in her mouth.
It was then that she fell in love for the first time.