by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. It depicts sexual acts between two consenting adult males. If reading such is illegal where you reside or offensive to you please leave now. This story is the property of the author Kewl Dad and should not be reposted or reprinted for financial gain. The author welcomes all comments. Please address all emails to

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Snow....just what I needed. Would the world never give me a break? It was two days till Christmas and all I had to look forward to was sitting around watching Christmas movies and getting drunk on cheap Champagne. And trust me I planned on drinking a lot of it to kill the pain. And now on top of everything else I had to deal with the snow.

The snow was really coming down now and as I started my car the cold seemed to creep into every joint of my body. I was 60 and alone. I had no one to go home to, no one to call on the phone and share my day with, no one to care if I lived or died, and sometimes neither did I. Sure I had a  job that I was good at, a nice apartment, a nearly new car and all the toys any man could want at home, but what good was all that when you had no one to share it with?

It was two days before Christmas and I had the next week off, but what good was it all when you had no one to go home to, no one to love and no one who loved you?

Parking in the covered space reserved for my apartment I climbed out and the first thing I noticed was the U-haul van parked in front of apartment 101, the apartment next  to mine. It had been vacant for almost a month now but it seemed that someone was moving in despite the bad weather. As I approached my front door I noticed the door of the van was open but there was very little left inside. A moment later the door to 101 opened and a young man stepped out into the snow wearing only a hoodie against the bitter cold.

He was young, in his early twenties I guessed and very handsome, but the thing I noticed first was his dazzling smile. It was obvious some orthodontist had made a small fortune off his dental work or he was just one of those people blessed with naturally perfect teeth.

"Hi," he said turning the smile up a notch when he saw me, "New neighbor. Duh, of course you can see that," he said laughing, "I'm Nick, just moved here from South Dakota so I'm used to the snow."

"Hi Nick, I'm Rob," I said smiling for the first time that day, "Well, we don't get snow like this often, but this one looks like a real killer. Hey you need some help moving the last of your stuff in?" I asked hoping for a chance to spend a few more minutes basking in his lovely aura.

"Hey, that would be great and when we're done the beer and pizza are on me, okay?"

Who was I to refuse a lovely invitation like that, especially since I had absolutely no other plans?

"I'd love to, not much on beer though. I have some wine chilling though, I'll grab it later and drink that. Be happy to share it too."

"Awesome, Rob. There isn't a lot left but some of it is kind of hard to handle by myself. I got all the small stuff already, not that I had all that much. I only brought what I absolutely couldn't live without, the rest I'll buy here. See I got a job offer here plus I'm going to be taking some classes at the Community College that relate to my job," he rattled on as if we were old friends.

I helped him move a bed, a couch, a chair, and a few odds and ends and it couldn't have taken us more than a half hour tops. When we were finished Nick ordered a pizza while I went next door to grab my wine. When I returned Nick had stripped off his hoodie and I almost fainted at the sight of his chiseled upper body. I noticed that his skin was a little darker than I had thought at first and I decided he was some kind of mix, but what a lovely mix he was. Instinctively the gay man in me took over and I glanced down to see if I could see what he was packing and even through his loose sweats I was not disappointed. From the bulge I guessed he was packing at least 7 and a half, maybe 8 but I had no hope of ever finding out for sure.

Stretched out on the couch with a glass of wine and a piece of pizza in our hand we got to know each other better and I was amazed at how quickly we formed a rapport. Nick was half black, half white, 23 and had just broken up with a girlfriend back home before moving here. In fact, he said that he had accepted the job mostly just to get away from her and the life he had led back home. I listened with rapt attention and when he was done he sighed and leaned back and flashed me a nervous smile.

"Sorry, I know that's a lot of stuff to drop on someone I just met, but...I don't know, you just seem like a good listener and I....I don't know, I guess I sort of just got carried away."

"Well, I'm glad you feel comfortable enough with me to confide in me. I am a good listener and you can trust me to keep a secret," I said winking.

"Well, I'll keep that in mind, cause I do have a few deep dark secrets," he chuckled.

"Don't we all," I said rolling my eyes, "especially when you've been around as long as I have."

" don't look that old," Nick said planting his big brown eyes on me, "what are you Rob, 40?"

I laughed, "I wish, add ten and you got it."

"No way, you don't look it Rob. You must take good care of yourself. My dad is like your age and he looks ancient."

"Well, sometimes I feel ancient, but most times I feel pretty young. I know it may sound boring and uncool, cut I've never done drugs or abused alcohol, sort of lived a quiet life I guess, but it's paying off in my old age."

"I bet your sex life has been wild though," Nick said grinning, "you ever been married Rob?"

"Actually, yes. I was married for a long time, even had two kids, twin boys. They live in California now, I see them like once a year."

"That sucks, I love kids, but I don't see me having any anytime soon," he said frowning.

"They're great when they're still young. You're their whole world and they think you know everything, then they get older and suddenly you don't know anything," I laughed.

"I bet you were a good dad," Nick said smiling. 

"I like to think so, and my kids grew up okay so I guess I did a good job."

"What do they do...out there in California?"

"Well, Paul is a real estate agent and Roger is an actor, actor. He actually had a reoccurring role on a sitcom last year, but the thing got canceled. Mostly he waits tables in a restaurant till something comes along."

"Is he as handsome as his dad?" Nick said causing me to blush.

"He got the best of both of his parents, he has his mom's blond hair and perfect skin and my hearty manly physique," I laughed.

Nick didn't laugh, instead he eyed me up and down and cocked his head, "Then  he must be a real fox," he said surprising the heck out of me.

"Well, yeah...he is. I have a picture if you'd like to see."

He scooted a little closer and I pulled out my wallet and showed him pictures of my sons. Both are handsome, but Roger the actor, has that quality that makes both men and women look up and take notice. Nick studied the pictures closely and kept looking up at me as if to compare their looks and mine.

"Yeah, I see the resemblance, they are good looking guys. You must be pretty proud of them."

"Yeah, I am. They are both good kids and never caused me a moments grief....well, not until recently," I chuckled.

"Oh, why's that?"

"Well, like I said Roger is struggling but it's Paul that I'm most worried about. He's going through a messy divorce and his kids are pretty messed up right now."

"That sucks, too bad you're not there to help him. I bet you could make a big difference in their lives."

"Well, thanks, but there's not much chance of that. See....Paul and I aren't exactly on speaking terms these days."

"Want to talk about it Rob?" Nick asked with genuine concern in his voice. I was beginning to realize just how special this young man was, how compassionate and genuine he was.

"Well, no offense, but some things are best left until we know each other better."

"I totally understand, I'm sorry to be so nosy, but I really like you Rob and I want to know everything about you," Nick said smiling. Was that a blush on his cute face?

"I like you too Nick and I hope we become good friends, but this is sort of personal and embarrassing and I'd rather not go into it right now."

"Oh, I totally understand. It's cool. I'm's just how I am,  I always move too fast," he chuckled.

"Well, let's just say that we had a disagreement a few months ago and he hasn't quite gotten over it."

"But you have?"

"God...oh yes, I love my son and nothing can ever change that. He...just isn't as accepting and understanding as I am I guess."

Nick nodded, "So he's holding a grudge about...about whatever it was that happened?"

I nodded, "Yes, in some ways he's a little prudish and unreasonable when it comes to....well, to certain things."

Nick studied me with curious appraisal as if trying to read my mind and find out all my secrets. But this was one secret I wasn't going to share anytime soon. The disagreement my son and I had was over my sexuality. After living in the closet for most of my life, six months ago I had decided to come out to the people I loved and cared about, and all of them had surprisingly supportive, that is all except my son Roger who had called me a "fucking faggot" and forbidden me to see him or his kids, my grandkids, ever again.

"It's bad, isn't it?"

"Huh?" I said coming out of my fog.

"What you and your son fought about, it's bad isn't it?"

I nodded, "But, let's not dwell on that, okay? I don't want to bring you down with my garbage."

"Okay, I won't ask anymore, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm your man. I'm as good a listener as I am a talker," he chuckled as he flashed his killer smile my way.

"So, you've never been married I suppose?"

"Naw...came close with this one, but....well, I'm just glad I came to my senses."

"Well, there are lots of hot young eligible women here, so when you're ready to climb back up on that horse again, there are plenty of mares to choose from," I laughed.

Nick sighed, "Won't be anytime soon, that's for sure," he said looking sad, "but, I'll be pretty busy with the new job and school so I won't miss it....much."

"Yeah, staying busy is the best way. It's what I try to do, but sometimes...well, like tonight I wasn't looking forward to spending the evening alone, but then you came along and suddenly it's turned into a great evening."

"Yeah, it's gonna be great having a friend next door. I was kind of bummed moving here to a strange place and not knowing anyone, but now....well, I mean I hope you feel the same way."

"Absolutely, I can't believe how comfortable I am with you and we only just met," I said grinning.

"Well, I feel the same way. Hey, I was wondering....would you like to watch a movie or something. I've already set up the TV and DVD player. I was planning on watching one later just to pass the time, but watching with someone is like ten times better," he said smiling warmly.

"Tell you what, let me go home and shower and change out of my work clothes and I'll be back in about 30 minutes."

"Okay, me too. I'll shower while you're gone and we'll meet back here on the couch," he chuckled, "just come on in, I'll leave the door unlocked," he said grinning.

I hurried home and took a long hot shower paying special attention to my naughty parts even though I had no special reason to. I shaved and flossed and brushed and put on talc and deodorant and just a dab of CK. I laughed at myself in the mirror, here I was primping as if I was going on a date instead of watching a movie with a new and obviously straight friend. Still it never hurt to make a good impression, did it?

I slipped on black jeans and a black tee and checked myself out in the mirror. I chose black cause it made me look slimmer and I thought I looked ten years younger in this particular outfit. I was in good shape for my age and at 6'1" I weighed 180 and had a 36 waist. I had joined a gym recently and had the makings of a six pack though I still had some work to do. 

I hurried back to Nick's apartment and found the door unlocked and went on inside locking it behind me just for safety's sake. Nick was nowhere to be seen but I could hear the shower running in the bathroom and I sat down on the couch to wait for him. Man he was sure taking a long time in there, I thought as the minutes burned away, maybe he's rubbing one out, I chuckled, then felt my cock stir at the thought of that young stud naked and pleasuring himself just a few feet away.

I heard the water stop and a few minutes later the door open and then Nick bumping around in his bedroom. A few minutes later he emerged with a towel around his slender waist still toweling off his hair and upper body.

"Man that felt good, I been on the road since four this morning and I needed that."

A bead of water ran down Nick's abs to his navel and my mouth absolutely watered at that sight. I watched with interest as the droplet made it's way down his flat smooth stomach to disappear into his belly button. He was hairless except for a fine patch of dark hair just below his navel that ran downward and disappeared inside the top of his towel. The path to paradise, I always called it, and never it never failed to arouse me.

"Movies are over there if you wanna pick one out," Nick said seemingly oblivious of my keen interest in his fine young body.

I pulled my eyes away and made my way across the room to  the box he had pointed to and got quite a shock when I dug into it and pulled out a few DVD's. The first was a straight porn movie called, College Booty Call, and featured two young hot guys and an equally hot blond bimbo on the cover. I dropped it as if it were hot and  looked at the other two in my hand and thankfully neither was porn. 

I picked out a Transformers movie that I hadn't seen yet and popped it in the player and grabbed the remote. Meanwhile Nick had returned to the bedroom and a few minutes later returned wearing just a pair of baggy shorts and no shirt. Did he know what an effect he was having on me? Surely if he did he would have covered that hot smooth flesh up a bit better. I guessed that straight guys didn't think about things like that, especially when it comes to an old guy like me, or he wouldn't be flaunting his body so freely.

"Find one?" he asked as he sat down on the couch beside me, closer than he had been before.

"Transformers okay?"

"Yeah, I love all of em', need a beer or another glass of wine?"

Nick got us a beer and we started the movie and for a while we were quiet as we enjoyed each other's company and the movie. About half way through Nick paused the movie and made some microwave popcorn and grabbed us another beer. It was hard to believe we'd met only a few hours ago but I felt as if I'd known Nick forever. He was smart and funny, not to mention sexy, but most of all he treated me as an equal, and made me feel really comfortable. I glanced at him and our eyes met and he smiled and I smiled back and again I was taken by how handsome and sexy he was. 

"Enjoying the movie?"

"The movie is great, but most of all I'm enjoying your company. It's been a long time since I shared an evening with anyone, and it reminds me of what I've been missing."

"Well, we can do this anytime you want. I'll be home most nights. What kind of schedule do you work Rob?"

"Days, 6-3 and weekends off and nothing to do most nights so, yeah that would be great."

Nick sighed and leaned back and I couldn't help noticing the lump in his shorts seemed to have grown in the last few minutes. Was he getting an erection? It certainly wasn't from the movie, there was certainly nothing sexual going on there, so what was it? Was it just that he was young and horny and popped a boner when the wind blew, or was he aroused by my presence? I laughed to myself at the absurdity of that thought. Surely this young God could have any girl or boy he set his sights on. Of course I was available....God I had to stop thinking like that.

"What you thinking about?" Nick said suddenly and I realized he had been studying me while I was ogling his crotch.

"Huh, mmmm...just zoning," I said laughing, "Sorry."

"You know you got a pretty tight body Rob, do you work out?'

"Well....I joined a gym about six months ago and I'm working on it. I've lost about 15 pounds so far and gained some muscle mass. I feel so much better and I'm more comfortable with how I look, but I have a ways to go."

"Hey, maybe I can join your gym and we can be workout buddies," Nick said excitedly.

"That would be awesome, yeah...great....I'll give you a card and if you tell them I sent you we both get a free month."

"Yeah, I can do that," he said then fell quiet and we watched the movie for a while.

"Gotta go pee," Nick said standing up suddenly. He turned and for a brief moment I was at eye level with that magnificent bulge of his and my eyes were drawn to it like iron to a magnet. 

I blushed when I realized Nick was aware of my staring and I looked away pretending to be interested in the movie.

"It's cool," Nick mumbled and then he headed off to the bathroom leaving me to wonder what he meant by those words.  As I watched him go I decided his backside was just as lovely and sexy as the front side. He had a narrow waiste but  his ass was full and a true bubble butt and it made me drool with desire, desire that I knew was foolish, but it was nice to dream.

When he returned his shorts were riding low on his hips and it was hard to tell what condition of arousal he was in now. Had he rubbed one out in the bathroom or had his boner just gone down as he relieved the pressure with a long satisfying piss?

"Rob, Rob, Rob," he said sitting down even closer than he had before, "I have a big problem."

"What's that?" I asked curious to hear what  was on  his mind.

"Kind of personal, kind of embarrassing," he said softly blushing a little, "don't wanna scare you off the first night," he added laughing.

"It would take a lot to do that," I said seriously, "you're not a serial killer are you?" I joked.

"Naw, never killed anyone. But I'm pretty rough in bed,"  he teased.

"Nothing wrong with that as long as both agree," I said feeling my cock spring to attention.

"You're probably a freak in bed, aren't ya Rob," he said chuckling softly.

"I am all kinds of things in bed depending on what my partner wants," I said being careful not to imply anything too specific as far as the gender of my partners.

"I bet," he said then fell quiet again.

The movie ended before either of us spoke again and it was Nick who began, "Ever been with....with a guy, Rob?" he asked sounding nervous.

Was this a test?  I wondered, and if I answered wrong would I mess things up for our new found friendship? Surely not, I mean he had been throwing out little hints all night and he's a horny dude. Probably one of those straight guys who isn't afraid to get off in a dude's mouth as long as he doesn't have to do anything back. Well, I could live with that.

I nodded, "Yeah, I have," I said not going into detail.

He nodded and smiled looking relieved, "I thought so... God I was so nervous. So....ever been with a black dude, or.....or a mixed dude?"

I chuckled, " for sure, mixed...probably. What about you, you ever been with a guy?"

"Well...sort of," Nick said looking embarrassed.


"I.....let a guy suck me a few times. He was like someone I met older guy."

"Well, that's not that unusual. If you look on Craigslist you'll find married and bi guys by the dozens. Seems like no one is just gay anymore, I guess we're a dying breed," I said before I could stop myself, but he didn't seen to notice  my slip or maybe he just didn't care.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, today it seems like most boys..maybe even girls don't think in terms of straight or gay. They just know sex feels good and whatever sex their partner is doesn't matter as long as the ultimate goal of getting off is achieved."

"You sound like you've thought about this a lot."

I shrugged, "I guess I have. Goes to show how exciting my life is these days," I said chuckling.

"But that makes it good for the gay guys right? I mean now they have twice as many partners to mess with...I mean with the married and bi guys."

"Yeah, I guess...but I draw the line at married guys. I won't help them cheat on their wives....girlfriends are a different story. In fact I think most know or suspect their men are messing around on the side and they don't care. Most girls don't like giving head and most guys really want that so....they find a nice safe fag and get off down their throat."

"Stop Rob, you're getting me excited," Nick laughed pulling at his shorts to adjust his obvious hardon.

I laughed, "So you're one of those guys huh?"

He shrugged, "My girl was too much of a prude to suck cock or to jack it for that matter. With her it was straight sex and nothing else."

"Is that why you broke up with her?"

"Naw, I'm not the shallow. It was a lot of other things," Nick said looking thoughtful, "for one thing she was cheatin' on me with my best friend. I only found out because he told me. He felt bad about it cause we were so tight, like brothers actually, but we don't even talk man," Nick finished looking sad.

"I understand how you feel but, I believe in that old saying "bros before hos," I said grinning.

Nick laughed, "Yeah, I used to think that way too, but this hit me pretty hard. I was thinking about marrying her. The good thing is he broke up with her too so now she got no one to fuck around with."

"So you moved and you're going to make a fresh start? I think that's great, especially since you moved next door to me," I said grinning. 

Nick winked, "You hoping to be more than friends Rob?"

I shrugged, "I don't expect any more than you're willing to give," I said as my  heart beat almost out of my chest.

"It's been a while Rob, don't temp me....I might not be strong enough to resist," he said grinning.

"So why resist? I'm as safe as they get."

"What you mean?"

"Well, I'm clean, disease free and I'm certainly not going to tell anyone," I said simply.

He was quiet for a long time then he turned to me and when our eyes met I knew he had already made up his mind, and my heart skipped a beat.

"I....don't have a lot of experience," Nick said sounding frightened.

I laughed, "Sorry, how much experience do you need to sit back and enjoy the best beejay of your life?"

He smiled, "I aint like that, I believe in giving as much as I take, but like I said...I aint got a whole lot of experience with guys."

I sighed, "Well, anything you feel comfortable doing is fine with me, but I don't mind just taking care of you with no strings attached."

He laughed nervously, "How about we go back to the bedroom and get naked and see what happens?"

"Sounds good to me, I've been wanting to see what's under those shorts all evening."

"I aint as big as my pops was or my brother Leroy, but I aint puny either," he said grinning.

In his bedroom we began to undress slowly, our eyes on each other the whole time, and when he finally removed his shorts and revealed his junk I smiled and said, "Oh certainly don't have anything to be ashamed of. Your cock is absolutely amazing and perfect."

He blushed, "Thanks Rob, you're not so bad yourself," he said casting his eyes down at my now naked body.

"I'm not puny, but I wouldn't mind having another inch or so, but hey...I do okay with what I got."

We laid down on the bed and Nick surprised me by leaning in and kissing me. His lips were soft and he offered his tongue which I happily accepted then countered with my own. I reached up and touched his face and was delighted to feel how smooth it was. Except for a little soul patch on his bottom lip he was clean shaven and there wasn't a hint of stubble that I could feel or see. 

We kissed for a long time and both of us were rock hard by the time we broke the kiss to catch our breath. I pulled back and I looked into his eyes, warm pools of chocolate, and smiled, "Wow, one thing you have some experience at is kissing. I haven't been kissed like that in forever," I said softly.

"Well....I do like kissing...a lot. It's just so sexy. Hey, you're a good kisser too. I mean a lot of women and guys aren't that good at it, but you're awesome man."

"Thanks, it's easy with a stud like  you," I said placing my hand on his chest and tracing a path down his abs to his washboard stomach causing him to shiver.

"Gawd, I am so turned on," he gasped, "I could come just from kissing you."

"Well, we don't want to waste it," I said sliding down on the bed till I was eye level with his magnificent manhood. 

His cock was about 7 and a half inches long and not especially fat, but it was perfectly shaped and unlike a lot of cut cocks, it didn't have the discoloration where it was cut. It was a perfect caramel tan with a bright pink head that probably attracted women and men to it like a bee to a flower. His balls were nicely sized and at the moment pulled up tightly against his body and as hairless a a newborn baby. In fact his whole pubic area was smooth and like his face I couldn't see or feel any stubble there. I made a mental note to ask him how he stayed so smooth.

Pushing him onto his back I went down between his legs and began sucking and licking his beautiful nuts and he moaned lowly, "Gawd...that feels so good. Most guys don't want to mess with  the nuts or the gooch, and I love it when I find one that does."

"Well, there isn't any part of you that I won't mess with," I said lustily, "but if I do anything you don't like just tap me on the head and I'll stop."

"Nothin I can think of," he said dreamily, "I'm yours Rob. Go for it."

And go for it I did. I slobbered up his nuts for a while then pushed his legs up and found his gooch and when I had him squirming and moaning like a cheap ho, I pushed them up higher and attacked his pucker. I thought the man was going to go crazy when my tongue hit his love button and before long he was pushing back trying to get more and more of my talented tongue in his poop chute. I was mad with lust for him and his smell and taste were driving me crazy but eventually I had to have that perfect cock in my mouth.

When I gave up his ass and went for his cock he whimpered a little but when I wrapped my lips around it and deep throated it he moaned his approval, "Oh gawd.....yes....feels so good. That's amazing."

I didn't answer since I had seven plus inches of cock in my mouth but it was nice to hear that I still had the ability to make a man feel so good. My cock sucking skills had been developed over a long and sex filled lifetime beginning at about age 12 and my gag reflex was basically non existent. As long as I could sneak a breath of air occasionally I was fine.

"Fuck my face," I said coming up off his cock and falling down on the bed on my back, "climb up here and straddle my chest and fuck my throat."

Nick was trembling with excitement when he straddled me but he knew exactly what to do. Maybe this was a fantasy of his or maybe he had done it before, but whichever he went at it like he was born to do it. He slammed that big cock of his down my throat and then began to move back and forth, in and out, with such speed and ferocity that the whole bed was moving.

Looking down at me he must've become worried that I was going to pass out because he pulled out suddenly and said, "Sorry are you okay. I just got carried away Rob."

"Don't stop you big stud. Fuck me as hard as you want. I want your cum in my mouth and stomach."

He shrugged but went back at it and this time he didn't stop until he was filling my mouth with his hot delicious man juice. I savored it before letting it run down my throat and into my waiting stomach and when he was finished I licked him clean. He smiled and leaned down and kissed me then slowly crawled off me and laid down beside me.

"That was crazy good," he said breathlessly, "Thanks. Let me rest a minute and I'll get you off."

"No hurry, I'm still coming down from my high. Your cock is amazing and you taste soooo good."

Nick blushed, "Thanks Rob, I've never come that hard before. It was like my nut sack turned inside out."

I laughed, "I have a confession to make, this was the first time I ever let a guy face fuck me."

"What? No way, you were like so good at it."

"Only because you turned me on so much. I would have let you do anything to me. I have to admit toward the end I thought I was going to black out. I was seeing black around the edges then you came and pulled back a little and I came alive as your tasty spunk shot into my hungry mouth."

"I'm sorry, I won't do that again. I didn't know...."

"Yes you will....I loved it and I want you to do it again. Not every time...sometimes I like to be in charge, but that was awesome."

I was still rock hard and suddenly Nick reached down and began to jack the loose skin on my uncut 6 and half inch cock. My cock is sort of fat and has a big flaring head unlike Nick's which was slender and more tapered and he seemed to be mesmerized by it.

"I like your cock. It's cool how the skin works. Don't need any lube, do ya?"

"Uh uh," I said dreamily, "and you are doing a great job on it."

"Then let's see if I can do this right too," he said as he leaned down and engulfed my cock in one gulp. I raised up to stare down at him in disbelief that someone as new to this as he said was giving such an excellent beejay.

"Uhhhhhhh," I moaned, "Gawd, that feels so good." His mouth was warm and wet and smooth as silk and not once did he let his teeth come into contact with my cock.

Nick grunted and that felt good too and soon I was nearing orgasm. When I tried to warn him he only sped up and before I knew what was happening I was unloading in Nick's hot wet mouth. He gagged at first then swallowed my cum on down and licked me clean.

"You cum a lot, I didn't expect that," he said licking his lips.

"I've been saving it for a while," I confessed, "but I had no idea for who or what but I sure am glad I did."

Nick moved up and kissed me again and we lay there embracing and making out like teenagers till we were erect again. This time I was hell bent on getting Nick up my ass but when I approached the subject he seemed unsure.

"I've never done that, not even with a girl. I mean it seems....dirty or something," he said shrugging.

"It doesn't have to be. I mean I keep myself clean at all times and most guys who bottom do too. If that's what you're worried about I have condoms too, but I personally don't care for them. I love feeling a cock in me and the feeling when the guy unloads and a condom sort of kills that fun."

"I'm clean...I mean I was tested a few months ago for.....well, everything pretty much. She insisted on it. Ha, then she fucked my best friend. Luckily I never got with her after she cheated on me."

"So see, it's perfect. What do you say, give it a try. If you don't like it, which is unlikely," I chuckled, "you can stop."

He sighed, "I have always wondered about that stuff, but I never had anyone offer to let, well...I guess we can try it," he said with just a tinge of excitement in his voice.

"You will be addicted for life once you do, trust me, it's awesome."

For his first time I decided doggy style was best and I positioned myself on the corner of the bed so he could stand behind me and get all of his cock in me.  He produced a bottle of lube from the night stand and lubed up his cock and when he moved up behind me and stuck the head of his cock against my slick hole I reached back and guided him inside. 

He grunted as he bottomed out and I knew he was hooked. His legs were shaking as he began to move in and out and when he grabbed my ass and began to pound me hard I turned to smile at him.

" pound my ass...yeah, that's it, spank that ass," I moaned.

Nick seemed reluctant at first and he barely made contact with my butt cheeks but as he got more and more into the fucking and with my encouragement he finally started giving me the spanking I craved. Moaning like a cheap whore as he spanked me and fucked me relentlessly I was in Heaven.

I could tell he was close when he started to shiver and shake and when he unloaded I could feel his cock expand and spray my insides with his hot sticky cum. It was hard to believe he had come so recently from the volume of spunk he produced but when he was finally finished I could feel his cum running down my leg. He leaned down and rested with his cock still deep inside me and it seemed to be in no danger of going soft anytime soon.

"Ummmm...that was awesome," I cooed, "you did good for your first time. Did you like it as much as I did?"

"Gawd, it was amazing. I can't believe I was afraid to try this. You're right I am addicted now."

"Well, maybe later we can give it another go. There's another position I'd like to try," I said grinning.

He finally pulled out and I watched as he examined his cock and smiled when he discovered it was clean except for his own cum. I was an expert at keeping myself clean and even though I didn't get much action these days I was always ready in case the opportunity arose and I was glad I hadn't slacked off that day.

We lay in each other's arms kissing and snuggling for a long time and suddenly I was aware of Nick's soft even breathing and I smiled. He was sleeping soundly and in sleep he was even more beautiful. I cradled him in my arms and held him while he slept as he mumbled  softly. I wondered what he was dreaming about, hoping I was at least a small part of his dreams, but I knew that was probably just wishful thinking. He was an amazing young man and I considered myself blessed to have gotten as much from him as I had, but I had no right to expect more. Maybe come tomorrow he would regret what we had done and the friendship I had hoped for would dissolve, but for now I was enjoying this wonderful feeling.

"Mmmmm," Nick mumbled as he came up out of sleep, "sorry I guess I was more tired than I thought."

"No problem, sleep some more if you need to. I love watching you sleep."

He smiled, "You're sweet," he said as he stretched, "but I'm hungry again. How about you?"

"A little, hey why don't we go to my place? I can make us some sandwiches and I have chips and sodas."

"Huh, okay. I guess that makes sense. It's either that or call another pizza in."

"I'm afraid all the pizza places are closed, so it's my place or nothing at all."

"Then lead the way," Nick said jumping up and finding his shorts.

"Better put on some long pants, it's snowing out there," I warned.

"Oh, yeah," he said as he rummaged around for some sweats. He pulled them on over the shorts and added a sweatshirt. Then sitting on the bed he pulled on his shoes without socks. I was dressed by then and when we hit that cold air I wished I had taken time to pee first. We hurried into my apartment and I did hit the bathroom before fixing our snack.

We sat at the small dinette off the kitchen and I watched Nick eat with a smile. In some ways he was more like a big kid than a man. He was young enough to still see the world with the wonder and excitement kids usually have, but old enough to have seen some of the bad in it and it had seasoned him quite nicely. I can't say I actually loved him at that moment, but I did feel something for him and it wasn't just lust. I had a funny feeling in my tummy and I realized that more than anything I wanted to get to know him better.

"S' good," Nick said around a bite of sandwich, "thanks,"

"You're welcome. You burned up a bunch of calories earlier," I laughed.

He blushed but smiled, "That was incredible, especially the last part. I can't believe how good that feels."

"Hey, I have an idea. Since we're here, why don't you just spend the night here tonight. Then if you decide you want to knock off another piece....." I chuckled.

"Yeah, sure. I preciate' that. You're an amazing guy, you know that?" Nick said endearing me to him even more.

"Well, you're pretty amazing yourself. We...seem to be good bed I mean."

He laughed, "Yeah, we are. Well, I don't know about you but I'm ready for bed."

I swallowed the last of my sandwich and quickly cleared the mess away. I gave Nick one of my extra toothbrushes and we brushed our teeth side by side and headed off to bed. We undressed unceremoniously and crawled under the covers. The sheets were cold at first but with Nick's warm body next to mine I was soon comfy and content. He was such a sweetheart and so passionate. He loved kissing as much as I did and we snoggered for a long time before we finally got around to the heavy stuff.

What happened next was not only amazing but a total surprise.

"Rob," Nick said softly as he broke our kiss and looked into my eyes.

"Uh huh."

"I want you to fuck me," he said in a shaky voice.

"What? Are you sure?" I said trembling with excitement. Sure he had liked my tongue up there, but was he ready for a cock?

"I think so, I want to try it anyway and I trust you so.....will you do it?"

"I would be crazy not to. You have the cutest ass I have ever seen on a guy and I'm not just a bottom, I top too."

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes, but we'll have to take it slow. First let me rim you and get you loosened up."

So I spent about thirty minutes eating that beautiful ass and pushing my tongue in that tight pucker of his and by the time I finished I was pretty sure he was going to be able to handle my cock eventually. I grabbed the lube and worked my finger into his tight ass and he moaned softly. I smiled, he was so unpredictable and I wondered what else he'd want to try before the night was over.

From one finger to two and then to three and finally the real thing. I was patient but he was not and as I tried to work it in slowly he was pushing back and grunting and before I knew it I was buried inside his hot tight guts. I moaned lowly and grabbed him around the waist and began to move slowly in and out.

"Faster, harder," he moaned.

I smiled, Damn this dude is hot, and if he wants it hard then that's what he's gonna get. I began to pump him harder and faster as he pushed back and whimpered like a little bitch. I did not expect that and I was so turned on that I blew almost immediately. He whined as I quit moving but a couple of more thrusts were all I was good for as my knees went weak and I filled him up with my hot spunk.

"I felt it, sooo good," he muttered softly, "now I I know."

I stayed in him until I got soft and slipped out and then ate his ass clean. I hadn't tasted my own spunk in a while and was delighted to find it wasn't bitter or acrid like some older guys and was actually quiet tasty. Afterwards I shared my taste with Nick as we kissed once more. I could feel his hard wet cock against my thigh and I rolled onto my back and raised my legs and coaxed him into position. Using spit and my cum I lubed him up and then guided him inside me. 

He sighed as he sank in until his balls touched my butt then he began to slowly make love to me. I say make love as opposed to fucking because this time he was gentle, leaning down to kiss me occasionally and taking his time. I was in Heaven as we shared our bodies in what I can only describe as pure bliss. He was so wonderful, so sexy and to think he was laying with me was a huge ego boost. 

I tried not to make more of it than it was, and not to worry about what tomorrow would bring, but deep in the back of my mind I wondered what he was thinking. It was hard to tell from the hungry lusty look on his face, but I wanted to believe there was more than sex involved in what was happening between us.

"Oh Rob.....feels so hot..gonna come soon daddy."

My ears perked up at the word daddy and something clicked in my head. I had found plenty of guys over the years with daddy complexes and had reaped the benefits of their need to be with an older daddy figure. If that was Nick's thing then damn it I'd be the best daddy he could ever hope for. Hell, I'd spoil him rotten and be there for him whenever he wanted me and do almost anything for him if that was what he wanted.

"Coming....soon...uh, uh, uh.......awwww.....shhhhiiiiiittttt," he said and then he began to unload in me for the second time.

We were both trembling with excitement and happiness as he continued to fill my body with his hot wonderful spunk and when he was done he leaned down and kissed me before pulling out and falling down beside me.

"So good, so good.....but I am wiped out...gonna sleep a little...that okay daddy?" He mumbled.

"Yes baby, daddy will hold you till you sleep," I cooed and we both fell asleep spooned up in my warm soft bed.


The rest of the night was amazing. I awoke several times to find my little lover snuggled up against me and I smiled and went back to sleep. Once I got up to pee and soon Nick padded in on bare feet and took his turn at the toilet. He looked sleepy but oh so cute and he smiled at me as he took my hand and led me back to bed. Something about hand holding seems more intimate to me than anything two people can do and I was in Heaven as we lay down  still hand in hand and began to kiss. 

We didn't have sex again that night, but we didn't need to for me to know that this wasn't just a one night stand. I somehow knew that come morning he'd still be as interested as he had when he was deep inside me. I can't remember when I had spent such a wonderful and restful night despite being almost constantly aroused by this young Adonis laying next to me. Every time I woke up and saw his beautiful face and perfect body next to me I thanked God for bringing Nick into my life.

I woke early and began breakfast while Nick slept a bit longer but soon the smell of frying bacon lured him out of bed and when he peeked in and smiled, he looked like a little kid at Christmas.

"Good morning sleepy head," I teased, "Are you hungry?"

"Starved, man sex burns a lot of calories don't it?"

I chuckled, "Yeah, it's great exercise and one I heartily approve of. Do you like scrambled eggs?"

"I like any kind of eggs. Mmmmm....smells so good daddy," he said grinning and I smiled at his term of endearment.

"Well, get dressed and I'll have breakfast on the table in about ten minutes."

"Okay, be back in a minute," Nick said happily as he bounced off leaving me to stare after him. He had the cutest ass I had ever seen and to think I had been inside it the night before was like some wonderful dream.

When Nick returned dressed in the sweats from the night before I had everything on the table and I quickly loaded our plates and we began to eat. Nick was a hearty eater and I liked that. I loved to cook but didn't do much of it these days since I lived alone. When I had been married, I had loved to cook for the family and sometimes for my sons' friends who seemed to find our house more fun than their own. Those were wonderful days, but now was pretty wonderful that I'd found Nick and a whole new reason to go on living.

"Mmmm....good, you're a good cook Rob. I'm a terrible cook, so maybe I should just buy groceries and let you cook," he teased.

"No reason why you can't just eat over here, I cook every night and it's hard to cook for one, but two...well, that's perfect."

Nick looked up and smiled, "Are we....are we gonna do this?" he asked looking small and unsure of himself.

I didn't have to ask what he meant,  we were already on the same wave length, "I'd like to give it a try if you would. I've been alone for a long time, but I won't hold you down or anything. You're free to do...well, whatever you want and I'll still be here for you."

He shook his head, "Rob, I'm not like that. If we do this I gotta know that we're like...well...serious and that there's not gonna be anyone else. Just like with my girl. I guess I'm old fashioned in that way. If I'm with someone, I'm with them and I don't fool around."

I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, "Thank God, I'd die if I had to share you with someone else. But...if you ever get tired of...of this, of me...then just tell me and I won't make a fuss."

"Come here," he said flashing those big brown eyes at me once more.

I rose and nervously and stood beside him. He stared up at me for a moment then pushed his chair back and stood up . He was about an inch shorter than me and I'd guessed 125 pounds, but at the moment it was obvious who was in charge. He pulled me into him and began to kiss me roughly. I tasted eggs and jelly on his tongue and I kissed back with equal ferocity. 

You hear about those kisses that curl your toes, well this one not only curled my toes, but straightened out my penis at the same time. And from the feel of that rock hard lump pushing against me, he was equally as hard.

"I don't know if I love you yet, but I'm close," he said breaking the kiss and resting his face against mine. Love is something that happens or doesn't. We'll see, but for right now I'm happy to try this if you are."

"Oh, God yes. Even if it only lasts a week, I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to be with you," I said as my heart beat out of my chest.

He smiled, "You like that dick, don't ya?"

"I like all of you, but yes....I do love the wang," I chuckled.

"Yeah.....cause I'm a ladies' man," he said in a humorous voice, "but I don't mind being a man's man sometimes too," he finished up in his own voice.

"Finish your breakfast," I said pulling away, "you're gonna need your strength," I teased.

He winked, "Only if you're dessert," he said grinning lustily.

"Dessert with breakfast? Man, you are my kind of guy. Yeah, I'm dessert, but so are you. And this time since we already know what we like, it will be a lot more fun."


So that's how it began, two days before Christmas I found my love for the New Year. I didn't have any unreasonable expectations. It was what it was and for however long it lasted I would treasure it. The sex was hot and steamy and  very satisfying for both of us, but I knew it took more than that to keep a relationship going. I knew I would do anything he wanted, but ultimately it was up to him as to how long it lasted or what direction the relationship took off in. But when you're my age and alone and lonely, anything is better than nothing.

That day after having hot and steamy sex for a couple of hours Nick got dressed and went back to his apartment to finish unpacking and to make a few phone calls. I didn't beg to go with him and he didn't ask. One thing I knew that would kill a relationship faster than anything was not giving the other person their space. I didn't mind because actually I enjoyed my own space as much as the next guy. Sure I wanted to spend as much time with my dreamy new lover as possible, but not every waking moment and I was sure he felt the same way too. 

I went out for a while and seeing all the Christmas decorations and people shopping got me to thinking. Now that I had something to be thankful for and a reason to be jolly, why not get with the program and bring Christmas into our lives. I had a blast buying gifts for Nick and decorations for the apartment and when I got home I put up a little tree and decorated it with lights and ornaments then strung garland and lights around the apartment. I wrapped Nick's gifts and placed them under the tree and had just sat down to take a much needed breather when I heard a light tap at my door.

"Come in, Nick," I said as I opened the door to find him standing there looking cold and anxious.

"Wow, someone's been busy. I love it. I'm glad you decorated. I really wanted to but there really wasn't much point in it since Christmas is tomorrow."

"Never too late," I said smiling, "but truthfully I hadn't planned on it....not until I met you."

He pulled me against him and kissed me sweetly, "For me? You are so sweet daddy. I have to go out for a while, but when I get back I'm going to take you out for dinner. How does that sound?"

"Great baby, I might take a little nap while you're gone. For some reason I'm a little tired," I chuckled.

He winked, "Yeah, get some rest cause tonight I'm gonna wear you out lover."

"I can handle it, but can you?" I teased.

"Well, my butt is still sore, but I'm ready to go again. I like how it feels when you're inside me daddy."

"Gawd, you better get out of here or I'm gonna drag you to the bedroom and you'll never get your errands ran."

"Okay, okay, I'm going. I need to get this done or I'd stay and take you up on that offer. But when I get back...well, we'll see how much time we have," he said leaning in to kiss me good bye and squeezing my butt in the process, "That's all mine okay?"

"Uh huh, all yours. And this is all mine," I said fondling his cock through his pants. 

"I'll be back in a couple of hours," he said pulling away.

I walked him to the door and watched him drive away in the little Honda he had towed all the way from North Dakota behind the U-haul truck and suddenly I felt such a wonderful feeling wash over me that I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I went in and laid down on my bed and soon I was sleeping soundly. 

A knock on the door brought me up out of a sound sleep and when I glanced at the clock I saw it was a little after 4pm. I hopped up and went to the door and a grinning Nick stood there with several brightly wrapped packages in his arms.

"Well, let me in, I brought you some goodies," he said grinning.

"Oh my, for me? Well just put them under the tree with the ones Santa left here for you," I said winking.

He grinned, "Yeah, I was pretty sure he'd do that so I saw him at the mall and he said to bring these to you."

I hugged him once his arms were empty and he swarmed into my arms and kissed me, "We have time," he said softly as he nuzzled my ear.

I didn't have to be asked twice and grabbing him by the hand I let him off to the bedroom and we undressed each other and fell into bed kissing the whole time. As good as last night had been I think that afternoon was even better. Like I said we both knew what we liked and what we could expect of each other and our sex was like magic. We both came twice, once in each other's mouth and once in each other's ass then took a shower and went out to eat.

We were back at my apartment by eight thirty and without discussing it at all Nick wound up spending the night again. But first we watched TV and snuggled on the couch and exchanged one gift which was a tradition in my family and I found out his as well. My gift was a nice ski sweater and the one I got for him was a DVD holder for his collection so he wouldn't have to store them in a box anymore.

"Thank you so much," Nick said hugging me, "now I won't have to dig through that box to find my porn," he laughed.

I laughed and told him about finding that one porn video when I was searching through them and he chuckled, "Maybe if we'd watched that one we wouldn't have wasted so much time getting to the sex part."

"Oh, so you had that in mind all along?"

He shrugged, "I got some vibes from you and I was willing. But you never made the move so I had to," he giggled.

I smiled, "Well, as far as I was concerned, the ball was definitely in your court since I was so out classed."

He frowned, "Why do you say that? I think you're great....definitely sexy and as far as I'm concerned we're on equal footing."

"I believe you," I said leaning in to kiss him on the cheek, "you make me feel really good and that's something I haven't felt in a long time."

I splurged on a better wine that night and as we sat watching the snow fall and the lights twinkle we toasted our new found relationship. I hadn't planned on being this happy or finding anyone as wonderful as Nick and it was amazing how easily I accepted it. We talked for hours snuggled up holding hands and kissing and petting but saving the best part for later in bed. 

I learned a lot about Nick that night, but I also learned a lot about myself. I had always been the kind of person who adjusted quickly to any situation, first to marriage and then divorce, so learning to live with Nick in my life would be easy. I quickly got over the self defeating attitude of being unworthy and realized that even at my age I had plenty to offer Nick. It would be a challenge to keep up with a man that young, but I was willing to give it all I had. In short I couldn't think of any negatives, where as the list of positives was almost overwhelming.

"Whatcha thinkin about?" Nick asked noticing my thoughtful look.

"You mostly," I said smiling and kissing him on the cheek, "and what's ahead."

"Good though, right?" he asked sounding unsure of himself.

"Oh, very good," I said enthusiastically, "It's still hard to believe though, like a Christmas miracle," I chuckled.

"It's pretty nice for me too you know. Here I am, new city and no friends and now.....I got a friend with benefits," he chuckled.

"Well FWB, are you ready for bed?" I said hugging him.

"Yes daddy, let's go."

I left the Christmas lights on that night and as we headed off to bed hand in hand I looked back at the shiny star atop the tree. It seemed to be twinkling brighter than before and I took that as a sign that our future was bright. I was a romantic and sentimental guy and it seemed that Nick had those same qualities. We made a good pair, Nick and I , Spring and Autumn, as they say, and for however long it lasted I knew I would give it my best.

There is much to be said for taking chances and trying new things. And if you ever find yourself seduced by a younger man, I highly recommend that you go for it. After all you never know where it might lead. All I had wanted for Christmas was someone to share it with and I had gotten that and a whole lot more in the bargain.

The End

Kewl Dad


Happy Holidays

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