Acting Lesson by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Edited by : Richard J Boro
Words : 6,683 words
Scene : M/M, Asian, straight/gay, romance, first time, oral, anal
Setting : Apartment
Location : Malaysia
Time : Present day
Character #1 : Miza Kamal - 32yo - cut Malay man straight bottom
Character #2 : Abel Hamid - 33yo - cut Malay man gay - top

Miza is an attractive Malaysian actor. In his latest movie, he's supposed to be a straight man who finds his true love in another man. Yet, being a straight man in reality, Miza can't understand fully how to be passionate with another man. Abel is a new-comer in Malaysian acting world who gets the role as Miza's on-screen gay lover. In reality, Abel is a gay man and has had a crush on Miza. When Miza comes to Abel's apartment to rehearse their script, he finds himself being seduced by Abel.

Miza, feeling warmth touch his body, opened his eyelids slowly. 'Morning has come,' he thought. As he scratched his torso, he noticed that he had been lying naked on the bed. While that 32-year-old Malaysian man rolled his body to the side, he saw another man lying next to him. That man was naked, too. The sleeping man was Abel; they both were in Abel's comfortable bedroom. Lovingly, Miza brought his face closer to Abel's and gave it a passionate kiss. But the kiss failed to wake Abel up. 'My darling Abel is too sleepy, I guess,' Miza said to himself as he wrapped his arms around the sleeping man. Miza's flaccid cum-covered cock brushed against Abel's. 'I love Abel so much. Oh, I can't imagine my world without him,' he thought, closing his eyes. The love that Miza felt for Abel started on the day they did their first gay onscreen kiss. As Miza moved his naked body closer to Abel's, Miza's mind wandered to the time when he met Abel for the first time.


As an actor, Miza Kamal had to master all kinds of characters, including gay ones. In his latest movie, he got a role as a confused man who fell in love with a gay man. Supposedly, the movie was going to be the first gay romance movie in Malaysia. But in reality, Miza, a handsome Malay man, was straight. He could not imagine himself kissing another man passionately. As the movie director yelled "Action!" Miza found himself sitting in front of Abel Hamid. Closing his eyes, Miza forced himself to lean forward in order to kiss Abel. But before his lips touched Abel's, Miza felt that Abel had already lunged forward and kissed him passionately. As their lips connected, Miza sensed an overwhelming lust course down his entire body. Abel wrapped his hands around Miza's waist and brought Miza's body closer to him. The kiss was very real, as if two gay men really expressed their feelings through a kiss. As a straight man, Miza instinctively wanted to separate himself from that unnaturally lustful kiss. But as an actor, he had to be professional. Perforce, Miza stayed put and forced himself to reciprocate the kiss. Clumsily, he, too, pressed his lips against Abel's.

"And cut!" the director yelled. "Miza, you're not gay enough," he said as Miza quickly pulled away from Abel. Approaching Miza, the director blatantly revealed Miza's shortcomings. "Miza, I want you to practice with Abel. You need to work on your gay acting. I know you're straight, but try to look more like a gay man. I don't see any passion when Abel kissed you. Abel is straight, too, but he can do it much better than you." The director's words were echoing in Miza's ears. To him, that was a hard slap on the face. In order to boost his acting performance, he asked Abel to teach him. Abel agreed.


Thus, that night, Miza was in Abel's apartment, ready to deepen his acting as a gay man. Both of them were sitting on the edge of Abel's bed, practicing the romance scene. Holding the script in his hand, Miza did his best to absorb everything that Abel taught him. Everything went great, until they got to the sex scene. It was written that Abel would seduce Miza and both of them would end up naked on the bed. Miza gulped down his saliva as he imagined himself doing that controversial scene. Even though the movie was not pornographic, Miza felt that there was no way he could do that.

"Ok, the script says that I'll take off my clothes and seduce you. Then, we both will end up having sex. It sounds quite easy," Abel said, half laughing. His white teeth were flashing as that handsome actor smiled. Abel was only a year older than Miza. Unlike Miza who had previously starred in four movies, Abel was a new comer in the acting world. Physically, Abel was indeed a handsome man although he did not have athletic body. Like most men, Abel kept some love handles on the waist. But Abel was still proportionally sexy. Abel stood up and unbuttoned his shirt. As the buttons were undone, Abel's sexy body was revealed.

Miza watched with gaping mouth, amazed by Abel's dedication to his gay role. His eyes followed the movement of Abel's hands as they dropped the shirt down. Looking up at Abel, Miza saw Abel's bare pecs. They looked so full that they hung down. A pair of erect nipples greeted Miza, as if they challenged him to touch them. Miza was almost choked by his own saliva when Abel decided to drop the trousers, too. That handsome actor stood proudly in front of Miza, wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs. A bulge formed inside Abel's briefs, indicating that he had a hard-on. Perforce, Miza stood up and began undressing himself. Like a shy schoolboy, Miza turned his body around so that all Abel could see was Miza's back. As the shirt and trousers were dropped to the cold floor, Miza's body shivered with cold. Wearing only briefs, Miza felt so naked in front of Abel's watchful eyes.

"I can warm your body, Miza," Abel whispered from behind. Surprised, Miza turned his head around. Abel had already moved behind Miza without Miza's realizing it. Abel's hands wrapped Miza's warm naked waist and held it securely. "Follow the script, Miza. Just pretend that you enjoy it, too," Abel added, kissing Miza's neck. "Oh, I like smelling your body. Nice cologne that you have there." Sniffing at Miza's neck, Abel inhaled the cologne scent. Pressing his body against Miza's back, Abel seduced Miza just like what it was written in the script.

Miza's head was reeling with overwhelming feeling, the same one that he felt at the filming location. Lust slowly built in him, beyond his control. It was just an acting lesson, but it felt so real. His chest heaved as he tried to fill his lungs with more air. One of Abel's hands moved upward and brushed against Miza's chest. Miza flinched as his chest, especially the nipple, was very sensitive to the touch. But Abel did not want to let it go. Locked in Abel's embrace, Miza surrendered himself to the lust which he suddenly had. "Abel, I don't know what happens to me, but it feels so good. Oh, what are you doing to me? You make me horny. Yeah, Abel..."

"Are you horny, Miza? I can grope your shirtless body all night long. Damn! You're very sexy. I'm glad that you have no tattoos because I don't like them. Oh, you've made me so horny," Abel kept whispering, letting his hands grope Miza's body all over. For several minutes, Abel squeezed Miza's chest from behind. When his hands found Miza's erect nipples, mercilessly they pinched Miza's nipples. The fingers did their best to stimulate the brown protruding tips, pulling at them. "I'm playing with your nipple, Miza. You like it, don't you? Yes, let lust overpower your body and mind. Feel it burn inside you." Breathing against Miza's neck, that man ground his bare torso against Miza's naked back. A pair of Abel's hard nipples brushed up Miza's back, sending tingles down the spine. "Oh, I want you, Miza. I need you." Thrusting his hips, Abel wanted Miza to know how much he desired him. The obscene bulge sank between Miza's briefs-covered ass crack.

At that point, Miza could no longer distinguish reality from acting. All he felt was pure man-to-man lust, a kind of lust which he had never felt before. He could have pushed Abel off but he did not. Like a prisoner within Abel's lust embrace, Miza surrendered himself. The more Abel stimulated Miza's body, the hornier Miza became. Without needing to look down, Miza could clearly feel his own cock harden. The mighty cock was straining against the fabric of his white briefs, demanding to be freed. "Oh, Abel, I'm horny. My cock is hard. Abel, ah!" he gasped, his almost naked body squirming. When Abel's hands moved downward, Miza did nothing to stop them. Creeping down, those strong hands headed for Miza's briefs. It happened so fast. Within just a few seconds, Miza was naked. The yanked briefs were circling his ankles. A rock-hard cut cock jumped out, throbbing.

"You look much sexier when you have nothing on your body, Miza," Abel added, licking Miza's right ear lobe. "Oh, I want to worship your body. I'm so in love with you. At last, the golden opportunity presented itself. Now, I can have you in my arms." One arm was wrapped around Miza's torso, pressing Miza's back close to Abel's torso. The other hand encircled Miza's cock shaft, slowly stroking the hard meat. "Your cock is so hard. I bet that you want to shoot, huh? Let me help you, handsome." With that, Abel bent his body to tongue Miza's back. The wet tongue left a trail of saliva down Miza's broad back. Squatting down, Abel's face leveled with Miza's ass cheeks. Grabbing Miza's hips, Abel turned Miza's naked body around to face him. A hard cock presented itself to Abel, hitting his cheek.

"Oh!" Miza gasped when his sensitive dick head hit Abel's face. The hard man meat was throbbing excitedly, not producing any precum yet. "Abel," Miza gasped again when Abel suddenly swirled his hot tongue around Miza's exposed cock. Holding Abel's head, Miza let that man lap up his cock. Pleasure swept Miza's body whenever Abel's tongue touched Miza's cock. The warm yet wet sensation was very overwhelming. "Yeah, Abel, lick my cock. You're a great cocksucker. Ah! I wish my wife could suck as well as you suck me." Closing his eyes, Miza drowned himself in the oral ecstasy that Abel gave him. Miza's naked body shuddered involuntarily. "Oh, yeah, lick my dick, Abel. I love your tongue. Yes, please me. Abel!"

Saying nothing, Abel focused on Miza's erect pole. Gingerly, he swept his tongue like a paint brush, up and down. Miza's dick head was coated with Abel's saliva, glistening. Holding the balls, Abel sank his mouth, enveloping the engorged cock. His wet lips encased the head, warming it. As Abel ran his tongue over the meat, he exerted his strength to suck out Miza's cum. Carefully, Abel massaged the knob with his O-shaped lips. One of his hands was fondling Miza's balls. It gently pulled the ball sack down, away from the cock. While doing that, Abel carefully kneaded the balls. The effect was immediate as Miza's cock throbbed more violently. A pearly bead of precum dripped out of Miza's cock slit. Thirstily, Abel's tongue wiped off the liquid as soon as it detected the oozing.

"Suck my cock, Abel. Yeah, you like my cock, don't you? Suck it. Come on," Miza breathed, heaving heavily. He did realize that the acting practice had just turned into uncontrollable sex, but he had no intention to stop it. What he wanted was an immediate sexual release, for he had already been horny. Moaning, he ran his fingers through Abel's damp hair. "Oh, you're so good at sucking cock, Abel. Yeah, keep sucking it. Don't stop. Oh yeah, Abel." Throwing his head back, Miza thrust his love pole into Abel's mouth. "Yeah, suck it deeper. Suck my cock, Abel. Oh, baby. Suck it."

Abel accepted the challenge by deep-throating the eager rod. After relaxing his throat, Abel let the throbbing meat sink in the throat. As the dick head slowly slid in, it brushed against fleshy walls of the throat. Abel sensed no gagging reflex. Skillfully, he manipulated Miza's cock using his throat and lips. Precum flowed down Abel's throat, given as his reward. The slippery liquid just kept flowing in, oozing steadily from Miza's dick slit. After releasing the balls, Abel aimed his hand at Miza's ass. Teasingly, he rubbed the ass cheeks, squeezing them for a while. Groans escaped Miza's lips, wanting Abel to know that he loved it. Miza's cock throbbed again as it slid in and out of Abel's throat.

"Ah, I love your mouth, Abel. You're so good. Yeah, keep sucking my cock. I'm so horny," Miza slurred, taken over by lust. Sweat started to pour down his naked body, seeping out from the pores. Miza's sexy body glistened with overflowing sweat. Manly aroma gradually emanated from his body, filling the room. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum in your mouth, Abel. Make me cum. Suck my dick, Abel. Come on. Oh!" Squirming, Miza let lust caress his body. At that point, he began to like the idea of receiving a blowjob from a man. Grabbing Abel's ears, Miza fucked Abel's mouth powerfully. His dick sank in deep, nearly rip Abel's mouth apart. Burning with passion, he wanted to cum immediately in Abel's mouth. "I'm close! Fuck! Suck my cock. Come on, baby. Abel!"

Obediently, Abel remained still and received each thrust that Miza's cock delivered. He took them all like a man. Precum coated Abel's inner mouth as Miza's fuck rod ravaged his mouth. Abel still adeptly utilized both lips and tongue to coax the cum out of Miza's dick. Down below, Abel's cock had already soaked the briefs that confined it. Using his other hand, Abel slipped into the briefs and gave his cock several hard strokes. Precum oozed out again, coating Abel's hand and staining the briefs. The slippery liquid went through the fabric and dripped onto the floor. Being able to suck Miza's cock was a dream coming true to Abel since he was Miza's biggest fan. One thing that Miza did not know about Abel was that Abel was a true homosexual guy. That's why Abel's acting as a gay was very good.

Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through Miza's body. It radiated from the ass, burning like fire. Something blunt was trying to drill its way in. Looking down, he saw Abel's arm reach under the crotch. Abel was fingering Miza's ass! "Oh! It hurts! Abel! Stop it! Ah damn! Take your finger out! Oh!" But despite Miza's protest, Abel was still doing it. As the finger dug in deeper, the pain grew worse. Miza's tender ass lips were pushed inward to accommodate the invading finger. The friction between Abel's thick finger and Miza's ass lips created minor cuts around the tender ass ring. Miza could only groan painfully, his naked body tensing. To his surprise, the anal pain heightened his sexual pleasure. For some strange reasons which he himself could not understand, the finger-fucking caused his erection to get harder. Confused, Miza continued to moan like a helpless rape victim. Bucking like a bronco, he tried to distract himself from the pain. "Ah! It hurts but... damn! It feels good. Why?" Miza still slid his cock in and out, filling Abel's oral cavity. Despite the pain, Miza spread his legs wide so that Abel could get access to Miza's ass more easily. Yet, the anal pain had racked his body, making his legs shudder. "Oh, Abel! Yes! I'm almost there. I am ready to cum!"

As an experienced cocksucker, Abel could tell that Miza was indeed at the verge of shattering orgasm. Thus, he increased the strength of his suction. Tightening his lips around Miza's cock, Abel did his best to suck out the delicious nectar. Loud slurping sounds resounded as Abel bobbed up and down the cock. At the same time, the probing finger increased its fucking rhythm, too. Like a piston, it pumped in and out Miza's tight narrow fuck hole. Wiggling the finger, Abel tried to reach the deepest part of Miza's hole. The finger successfully touched areas which had never been touched before. After exploring for a while, Abel managed to find Miza's prostate. When Abel's finger brushed that tiny organ, orgasmic-like sensation emanated from the prostate. In seconds, it triggered Miza's orgasm.

"Ah! Shit! I'm cumming, Abel! Oh!" Miza yelled. Entire muscles in his body suddenly tensed up, stiffening all over. His heart beat much faster, like a war drum. Almost simultaneously, shot after shot of thick cream squirted out of Miza's throbbing cock and headed straight for Abel's throat. "Oh! I'm fucking cumming! Take my cum, Abel! Ah, yes! Take it all! Shit! Ah!" The semen burst out and flooded Abel's mouth, almost overflowing it. The bitter taste was ingrained in Abel's taste buds as Abel drank all the liquid down. Groaning audibly, Miza shuddered violently. His rod was still lodged inside Abel's throat until no more cum spurted out. "Ah, damn! It's so good," Miza sighed as his body underwent one final orgasmic shudder. The softening cock gradually slipped out of Abel's mouth, coated with a mixture of cum and saliva.

"Your cum tasted very good," Abel commented, standing up. Sensually, he groped Miza's sweaty torso. His eyes were fixed to Miza's erect brown nipples. Bending his body over, Abel brought his tongue to them. With much relish, he twirled the tongue around each nipple. Miza could do nothing but flinching and whimpering. Saliva heavily coated each nipple as Abel's tongue roamed the torso. "You have the sexiest nipples that I've ever seen. Ah, I like you so much, Miza." Both of his hands slipped under Miza's armpits, wrapping Miza's body. Their eyes met one another and, for a minute, silence hung in the air. "I've loved you ever since you starred in your first movie. Man, you're so handsome that my cock can't stop throbbing. I want you, Miza. Be my boyfriend, please." Without giving Miza a chance to respond, Abel pushed him down onto the bed. "Make love to me, Miza. I'm very horny."

Miza did not know what to do upon hearing Abel's request. Despite his previous ejaculation, Miza was aroused again. Lying on the bed, he watched Abel crawl up to him. As their faces met, he felt his cum-covered cock throb hard against Abel's drenched briefs. With one hard yank, Abel slid the briefs down and took them off. Miza's eyes were wide with amazement as he noticed how big Abel's ramrod was. Involuntarily, Miza's body shivered when Abel's cock brushed against it. A drop of snot-like precum dripped onto Miza's crotch, coming from Abel's dick. Like a captive, Miza gave no resistance when Abel pinned Miza's naked body. The man used his own body weight to keep Miza immobile. A different kind of pleasure ran through Miza's veins, pumping him with lust, as Abel got ready to dominate him. Heaving, Miza remembered the ecstasy that he felt when Abel shoved a finger up his ass. Miza wanted to feel it again.

"Oh Miza, I want to fuck you," Abel whispered, burying his face on Miza's shoulder. Sniffing it, Abel inhaled the masculine scent. Abel's hard cock was pulsating against Miza's. Rubbing his naked body against Miza's, Abel tried to arouse him. "Yeah, feel my naked body, Miza. Ah, do you feel it?" he gasped when his erect nipples came in contact with Miza's. Thrusting his hips, Abel shoved his drooling hard cock towards Miza's crotch. "I want to fuck you. I'm gonna make you feel so good. Yeah, I want you so much, baby." Abel's sweat flowed down Miza's body as their naked bodies were pressed together. He licked Miza's neck repeatedly, giving Miza pleasurable tingles. Beads of sweat on Miza's neck were lapped up clean as Abel's tongue did it work.

Not having sex with any man before, Miza was both scared and excited. He had seen the size of Abel's cock; it scared him. But on the other hand, he longed to feel the pleasure that Abel gave him earlier. Wrapping his hands around Abel's torso, Miza whispered to him, "I'm so horny, too, Abel. I want you to fuck my ass. Give me that pleasure. Make me cum again." All of a sudden, Miza had the urge to have sex with Abel. At that point, he had forgotten that he's married and had a wife. All he knew was that he wanted to be one with Abel and to enjoy every second of ecstasy which Abel was going to give him. "Ah, Abel. Fuck my ass. I'm ready for your big cock. Shove it in and give me that pleasure. Hit me with your cock. Abel, please. Oh, I can't wait anymore. I'm horny for you. Ah!" he squirmed under Abel's body. His engorged cock played sword fight with Abel's as they hit each other.

"Yeah, sure, my love. I'm gonna fuck your sweet tight straight ass, now that you're mine,' Abel answered, kissing Miza's lips passionately. As their lips were locked in a deep wet kiss, Abel wiggled his hips and aimed his cock at Miza's ass crack. Both Miza's legs were lifted and placed on top of Abel's strong broad shoulders. Thus, Miza's ass hole was exposed for Abel's viewing pleasure. "Damn! Your ass is so sexy. I can't wait to fuck it. I'm gonna fill it with my hard cock. Oh, just wait, my love. You'll groan with pleasure. I love you." Abel landed another kiss on Miza's slightly parted wet lips. His tongue was drilling in, exchanging saliva with Miza's mouth.

Moving closer, Abel's dripping dick head was searching for a hole to fuck. After poking around for some time, it finally found what it was looking for; a twitching ass hole which was ready to be fucked. The precum coating Abel's cock head smeared the ass crack. Miza's ass lips were somewhat puffy owing to the previous finger-fucking. As Abel's cock rubbed its head over that hole, Miza whimpered lustfully. He could imagine the pain and the pleasure that he was about to receive. Tightening his embrace, Miza persuaded Abel to fuck him right away because he could no longer wait.

"Hold on tight, baby, coz I'm gonna drill your love hole," Abel warned beforehand, preparing his pecker. Thick layerS of precum covered the head, serving as lube. As the head was pressed against the hole, the hole immediately gave in. Sliding forward, the meat pushed Miza's ass lips inwards. Despite its large size, Abel's cock managed to inch forward. "Oh! Your hole is so tight, ah! I love it! Yeah, I'm very horny, Miza. I want to fuck your ass till I cum. Yeah, oh!" Shoving harder, the cock wormed its way in. Contorting, Abel's face showed expression as if he was in pain. But on the contrary, he was experiencing the most pleasurable sensation as his dick was being squeezed by Miza's tight hole. "Yes! I'm pushing my cock in, Miza," he breathed, panting. "I'm gonna pop it in. Oh, take my cock, Miza. Yes!"

Wincing in pain, Miza braced himself to receive Abel's huge cock. Yet, it was far more painful than he previously thought. Holding onto Abel's body, Miza dug his fingers into the flesh as he endured the anal pain. "Ah! It hurts like hell!" he yelled out, finning like a fish out of water. Sharp pain stabbed through Miza's body and he had no way to avoid it. Lying helplessly, he groaned again as he felt as if he was being cut in two. Both his legs stiffened, shaking hard. "Oh! I can't take your cock! Oh! It's fucking big! Take it out! Oh!" The pain grew more excruciating as seconds passed by. Tears dripped from Miza's eyes as a part of him regretted letting Abel fuck him.

Using his body weight, Abel managed to stabilize Miza's convulsing body by pinning it down. Abel's cock head was only half way in, but the pleasure that he received had already been so overwhelming. Panting, he kept encouraging Miza to bear the pain. "Hold on, Miza. I'm almost in. Ah! Bear it for awhile. Take my dick like a man. Oh, what a tight ass!" Rotating his hips, he tried to squeeze in deeper. Abel's precum, oozing from the piss slit, spread more evenly around Miza's stuffed hole. Throbbing constantly, Abel's cock head dripped more precum to lube the inner side of the tight asshole. "Oh! Bear with me, Miza. You've gotta be strong. Let me in, please. Relax your hole. Come on, you can do it. Let me make love to you. I want to fuck your ass. I love you so much, Miza. I'm gonna fill up your ass with my love juice." Having said those things, Abel kept on pushing determinedly. With a lot of effort, the fat dick head gained entrance inch by inch. Miza, of course, still groaned with pain. And suddenly, Abel's cock head was in. The ass lips quickly clenched up, gripping Abel's dick. "I'm in, baby!" Abel proclaimed victoriously. Leaning forward, he rewarded Miza with a big slobbering kiss.

"Oh! Yeah, I feel it. It's in," Miza moaned, clenching up his sphincter. The minor cuts around the ass lips radiated pain but Miza was not bothered. "Ah!" Miza groaned again when Abel pushed the rest of the length in. Heaving for breath, he braced himself to receive the entire length. "Oh, it still hurts! Abel, oh! It hurts. Ah!" His head thrashing, the handsome actor squirmed away from the invading cock. But Abel held Miza's body securely, not letting him go anywhere. There was no other way for Miza but to accept the hard prick. "Oh! Ah!" Miza kept yelling. The pain had reached a new level where Miza thought that he was about to pass out. He could feel Abel's cock drill in inch by inch, until finally it stopped. Inhaling, Miza looked up and saw Abel's happy smile. Miza's body worked against the foreign object, trying to expel it. It resulted in an uncomfortable sensation, but Miza could bear it. "Is it in? All of it?" His question was answered by Abel's enthusiastic nod.

"Yes, baby, you've taken all of it. My cock is in your ass now. I'm so proud of you," Abel paused a while to kiss Miza's lips. "Now, let me fuck you deep. Just hold on. It's gonna hurt a bit. But soon, the pain will fade away and you'll groan for more. But for now, brace yourself, baby." With that, Abel withdrew his cock slowly. As it slid backward, it brushed against Miza's fuck canal. The withdrawal pulled out the clenching ass lips. The tight ring did not want to let Abel's cock go, still grasping it. "Oh, baby! Your ass feels so damn good! Oh!" And when the dick head almost popped out, Abel quickly shoved it back. "Feel my cock pump your ass, Miza. Oh, feel it, my love." The shove was rather hefty, sending the cock back into the depth of Miza's asshole.

"Ah!" Miza groaned, his naked body shuddering. Abel's cock slammed in and hit something in Miza's body. To Miza's surprise, there was no pain at all, except the burning sensation around the ass lips. But the sudden shove was so powerful that Miza could hardly breathe. "Abel, your cock is so big," he whimpered, panting breathlessly. But seconds later, Miza began to feel the familiar pleasure which he had been longing for. "Oh, I felt it. The pleasure, it's coming back. Ah!" A slight tingle ran down his spine just as soon as Abel's cock hit his prostate. Miza wanted more. "Fuck me again, Abel. I want it. Please, fuck me again." Looking into Abel's eyes, he finally realized how deep the love that Abel had for him.

"Anything for you, baby," Abel replied, still heaving. The mighty cock was withdrawn again. As the cock made its way out, Miza whimpered painfully. Again, the dick was pushed in, slamming into Miza's prostate. "Yeah, feel my love pole, Miza. I'm fucking your ass. I'm making love to you. And it feels so good!" The steady fucking rhythm was established soon. Abel rhythmically slammed Miza's deflowered ass repeatedly. Each time he did that, he slammed his thighs against Miza's ass cheeks, creating echoing thud. "Oh, fuck you! I'm fucking your tight sexy ass. Ah! Your ass is milking my cock. Oh, I love fucking you! Oh! Miza!" Abel's cock was pulsating hard inside Miza's ass, dripping precum occasionally.

Miza's naked body rocked back and forth, pushed by Abel's thrust. Holding onto Abel, he moaned out his lust. The pleasure of getting fucked took over him, drowning the anal pain. "Abel, oh! Fuck my ass, oh! It feels so good! Oh, keep fucking my ass!" Miza did not care about anything else; he simply wanted pleasure. Involuntarily, Miza's body was shaking, following the fucking rhythm. Sweat poured out of the pores, drenching his entire body. The sweat had also wetted the bed sheet. "Ah, shove your cock deeper, Abel. Yeah, screw my ass harder. Fuck my ass! Abel, fuck me!" When Abel bent down to tongue Miza's mouth, Miza happily parted his mouth and let it in. Both men were kissing passionately, exchanging saliva in the process. As the intimacy took place, Miza's hard cock rubbed Abel's stomach. The remnants of Miza's previous ejaculation smeared Abel's stomach all over, giving off distinct cum smell. As the slimy head was being massaged, Miza could not help moaning with much pleasure.

Abel continued to shove forward, burying his cock up to the hilt. "Yeah, I love your ass, baby. I can bang it for days. Oh, you make my cock so happy. Yeah, feel my love for you. I'm fucking you. I want you! Ah!" His heavy balls banged against Miza's ass with each hard poke. Letting his head fall backward, Abel groaned as his cock was clamped by the twitching sphincter. He joyously shouted, "I'm fucking your hot ass, baby. I love it! Oh! I'm fucking you! It's so fucking good. It's better than any ass that I've ever fucked. Oh, yes!" He pushed his throbbing member deep into Miza's fuck chute with increasing intensity. Furiously, he kept fucking Miza as if he hadn't fucked for years. "Fuck! I'm fucking you, baby! Fuck yes! Oh!"

Releasing Abel's body, Miza ran his hands on Abel's sweaty torso. It was quite a new experience for Miza considering that he had never groped another man's chest before. Abel's fleshy pecs were rather hanging down. As Miza squeezed them, he could feel their soft yet solid texture. And when he pinched the nipples lightly, he heard Abel's ecstatic groans. Miza did not know what happened to him, but he started to feel something more than mere lust towards Abel. It was love, and Miza knew that. "Abel," he groaned, rocking back and forth on the bed. "I like your thick cock. Ah! I love you, too. Oh! I love you, Abel." For the first time in his life, Miza felt complete. Apparently, deep inside him, he had a gay side which he never realized until then. "Oh, keep fucking my ass, Abel! Oh, fuck me! Screw my ass!"

Upon hearing that Miza loved him, Abel increased his fucking rhythm. "Oh baby, I'm so happy to hear that. I love you so much! Ah, I'm gonna show you how much I love you. Yes! I'm gonna fuck you till you cum. Yeah, then I'm filling your ass with my love juice. Oh! I love fucking your ass, baby! Ah yes!" The room reeked of sex as both of them raced to orgasm. Sweat dripped down Abel's naked body. Some droplets even hung onto the nipples, swaying for several seconds before dripping down. "Ah yeah, I can feel it, honey. I'm so close," Abel suddenly heaved. His massive chest was lifted as the air flowed into the lungs. "I'm ready to paint your asshole with my love seed. Oh! You'll be filled up with my cum. Ah, Miza! I'm gonna make you mine. Get ready, baby. Take my cum! Oh!" The cock resumed its penetration, hitting more spots inside Miza's rectum.

Miza panted, as he kept receiving stimulation from Abel's hot abs. Miza's cock was pulsating more violently, dripping lots of precum onto his own stomach. The pressure in his balls was too great. He knew for sure that he was going to ejaculate soon. "Abel, I'm gonna cum, too! Oh, I'm cumming! Your cock makes me feel so good. Yeah, keep fucking me, darling! Shove it in! Ah!" Wrapping his arms around Abel's neck, Miza wanted to be close to that man as he shot his cum. "Fuck me, Abel! Oh, do fuck my ass, please! Fuck! I love you, Abel! Give it to me, Abel. Give me your cum! Shoot it up my ass, baby! And make me cum, too! Oh fuck! I'm ready to cum with you! Abel!"

"Yeah, baby, Cum for me. Let me see how much you can cum," Abel responded, panting heavily. His nose snorted as he violently slammed his cock in and out of the swollen hole. Precum had coated the whole length of his cock, thus the penetration was much easier. "Let's cum together, baby. Shit! I'm gonna shoot in your ass. Ah!" I'm so fucking close!" Clutching Miza's pecs, Abel frantically drove his hard prick into Miza several times. "Oh! I love you, Miza! Cum for me! Let me see you shoot your cock juice! Oh!"

Miza's guts were roiled as orgasm approached. "Ah! I'm cumming now, Abel! Oh! I'm cumming! Ah!" He writhed as Abel's body rocked against his. And then the climax which Miza longed for finally came. Uncontrollably, Miza's cock spewed out ropes of thick cum. The cock erupted on its own, after being rubbed constantly by Abel's abdomen during the anal penetration. "Oh! Fuck yeah! Oh yes! Oh!" As the cock convulsed, a stream of gooey cock juice ran down the left side of Miza's body, after previously pooling up on his belly. The liquid just continued to shoot out, as if it would never end. Bucking beyond control, Miza pulled himself up so that his lips would touch Abel's. Moaning into Abel's mouth, Miza surrendered himself to the power of orgasm. Almost all muscles within his body contracted, flexing hard. Abel had to exert his strength to hold Miza's body down. Abel's cock was still plunged deep into Miza's ass, ravaging it.

Yet roughly at the same time, Abel's cock unleashed its load inside Miza's ass. It happened as soon as the dick hit Miza's prostate. "Shit! I'm cumming, too! Ah, take my love juice! Fucking take it! Yeah, fuck you! Miza!" The mighty fuck rod was buried deep, reaching the deepest parts. Spurting its heavy loads, the fat dick flooded Miza's bowels with warm syrupy liquid. "Ah, Miza! Take my cum! My sperm is for you! I'm cumming in you! Ah yes! Oh! I love you, Miza! Ah!" Love and lust were mixed into one as both of them emptied their loads. Their naked bodies were grinding against each other, hot and sweaty. Cum spurted every where: onto their bodies and on the bed. The loud moans of ecstasy resounded through the room. Abel kissed Miza's lips for the umpteenth time as Abel's cock convulsed in Miza's rectum. The sensation of being able to cum inside his loved one was merely indescribable. Again and again, both cocks milked out their juicy loads until nothing came out of their sore piss slits. "Oh, darling," Abel sighed, carefully pulling out his cock. The cum-covered dick popped out, leaving Miza's ass slightly gaping open.

Throwing his sweaty body down next to Miza, Abel showed his affection by embracing him. Miza, still heaving, did not offer any resistance. Gladly, he let Abel embrace his body. For some minutes, nothing was said as both of them were too tired to say anything. Like most men, Abel fell asleep right after the love-making. But Miza was still awake, finding it hard to believe that he had just got fucked by a man. Hours went by and Miza just lay there, in Abel's loving arms.


Miza started to get bored, doing nothing on the bed. The morning sunlight had shone in but Abel was still asleep. Gingerly, Miza rolled Abel's body over until Abel was lying on his back with his exposed cock. Abel's dick was semi-erect, covered in crusty crack of dry cum. Carefully, Miza repositioned himself so that his face was inches away from Abel's glistening cock. Abel's meat was still flaccid, emanating strong smell of dried cum. Lovingly, Miza wrapped his hand around the prick and slowly masturbated it. As Miza did it, he kept his eyes fixed on that dick. Gradually, Abel's cock gained length and throbbed. It kept growing until it reached full erection, pulsating in Miza's hand.

Holding the cock shaft securely, Miza leaned over and parted his lips. Like a snake, his tongue slid out. Teasingly, it swirled over the dick head. Acrid aroma of dry cum hit Miza's nostrils, but it only heightened his lust. The smell of cum was a strong aphrodisiac to him. Miza's tongue was dabbing the knob with saliva. Slowly, the cum crack around Abel's knob was dampened. It was such a sexy sight and Miza obviously failed to restrain his desire. That man finally encased Abel's meat in the mouth. As Miza's lips clamped down around the dick, Miza began sucking it. Loud slurping sounds echoed in the room, but it did not wake Abel up.

But after a few minutes, Abel started sighing and squirming a little. He must have had a nice sexual dream, owing to Miza's suction. Incoherent groans escaped his lips, "Ah yeah... Oh... Ah..." Abel's fuck pole finally responded to the constant suction by oozing its precum. Miza licked the liquid off, not leaving any precum behind. After being Abel's lover unofficially for almost half a day, Miza had managed to master the art of fellatio. Adeptly, his tongue tickled the underside of the cock. It then continued to explore the ridge of the cock head. The half-dry crust of cum turned into liquid again and was soon lapped up. Miza's head was bobbing up and down as he used his best technique to bring Abel off. The sleeping man started to get restless, his head thrashing to the left and to the right. Abel's bare chest heaved up and down, supplying the lungs with more air.

Out of the blue, Abel was groaning loudly, waking up from his sleep. "Ah! I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! Miza!" Simultaneously, the inevitable ejaculation took place. Grabbing Miza's head, Abel pushed his lover's head down so that more of his cock would enter Miza's mouth. "Ah! Take my cum! Oh!" Thick milky liquid squirted out from the piss slit and ran down the shaft like lava. Miza quickly sucked the cum off, trying to lap it all up. The syrupy liquid changed its course and ran down Miza's throat. Abel was still ejaculating as he thrust his hips upward into Miza's mouth. For several minutes, he pumped Miza's mouth, fucking it without mercy. "Fuck! Yes, Miza! Suck my cock, ah!" The orgasm lasted for a few seconds before it died down. "Oh, baby. Yeah..." Abel sighed as he finished ejaculating. Panting, he rewarded Miza with a big kiss as Miza greeted him with his lips. Both men were locked in a loving embrace, groping each other's body. Longingly, Abel embraced his lover and kept his body close to Miza's. "I love you, Miza," he whispered softly in Miza's ear.


A year had indeed passed since their man-to-man sex took place. Many things had happened since then. Both Miza Kamal and Abel Hamid became renowned actors and starred in many movies, idolized by both male and female fans. So that he could be close to Abel all the time, Miza divorced his wife. Both Miza and Abel knew that they might never be able to come out proudly as gay couples, owing to the religious norms in Malaysia. But they never stopped hoping that, one day, they could walk hand in hand in public and show the world how much they loved each other.


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