A short story


Here we have another short story although, from my overactive imagination, wishful thinking, perhaps both, it was originally inspired by a recent dream.

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All names but mine have been changed and any resemblance to anyone alive, deceased on in the houses of Parliament is purely coincidental. Places named have been used as we have had personal experiences of them, that does not mean they are involved in or have any specific connection with the gay community in anyway whatsoever.



An unexpected visitor.




It had been a hot sticky night, I had not had a good night, I don't when David is away working, as I came too I could see light coming through the blind so decided to get up. After a pee, I made my way downstairs for a coffee, got the usual greeting from the cat at the bottom of the stairs, it was far too early for any post so went straight to the kitchen, put some water in the kettle and switched it on.


While waiting for it to boil I looked out into the garden, it was then that I noticed him, a figure curled up on the top of the hot tub. I unlocked the back door, opened it and went out into the conservatory, the noise of the bolts had obviously woken him as he was sat up looking at me. "I wouldn't lay there if I were you, the top is cracked, you would get a hell of a shock if it breaks, the water is 40 degrees".


He looked a bit shocked and got himself off and stood beside the tub just looking at me, he was about twenty, a good six foot tall quite stocky but he was looking very shabby. After a couple of minutes, he looked down at his feet and said: "sorry, I was so tired, your back gate was unlocked, and this looked so inviting".


"Ok, when did you last eat"? I asked, "I had a couple of sandwiches two days ago"," would you like a coffee"? "yes please, I'm parched" "Ok, come into the kitchen, I've just put the kettle on", I turned, and he followed me into the kitchen and watched as I put a bit more water into the kettle and put coffee into two mugs, "sugar"? I asked, "yes please, just one".


We sat at the table while we both drank our drinks, I asked him "when did you last have a shower"? Oh, I managed to get into the local leisure centre two weeks ago, am I a bit ripe?" he asked with a sheepish smile. "Just a little" I replied, "when did you last wash your clothes"? "I did manage to wash my tee shirt in the pond down at the local recreation ground last week but it's not fresh water". Well, let's see what we can do about that shall we" he was looking at me trying to work out why I was not mad at him being in the garden in the first place, let alone being nice as well.


"Enjoy your coffee, I'll be back in a second", I stood up and turned to go upstairs, I noticed he was watching every move. I returned with a dressing gown. "Here you are, get out of those clothes, I'll put them in the wash", Oh, are you sure" "least I can do, when you've got those off you can go up and have a shower", Oh wow, thanks that would be great". He bent down and took off his trainers, he looked up and said "sorry, these will be grim can I put them outside to air a bit" having just had a whiff I replied "sounds a very good idea" he laughed a bit. When he came back he started to undo the buckle of his jeans I looked away and studied some paperwork on the table. I do have very good peripheral vision so could see what was happening without making it obvious I was watching.


The jeans came off then the tee shirt, he put the gown on before removing his underpants, the glimpse of the underlying equipment looked interesting, I then noticed how he casually closed the gown and sat down to remove his socks, he pilled them all up and looked over at me. "Thanks for all this," he said. "No problem, by the way, do you have a name"? I asked smiling, `yeh, sorry, Tony. Ok, Tony', `I'm Dave', `thanks for this Dave, it's very good of you'.


Right, let's get you cleaned up' he looked up looking a bit shocked, `Oh, don't worry I'm sure you're old enough to wash yourself by now' he laughed, sorry, sounded as though you were going to come and help', he grinned. I let the obvious response go for now, "I'll not put the washing on till you have finished with your shower, it affects the water flow a bit' `Ok, thanks', `follow me, I'll show you how the wet room works' we went upstairs. We have a full wet room with a large ceiling rose and a hand shower, I explained the heat and water controls and went to get him a fresh towel. By the time I got back he had turned the water on and was stood naked just out of the flow while it warmed up, he was stood at about 90 degrees to me, so it was not a full-on experience but enough to make it interesting. He did not seem too perturbed and thanked me for the towel, as I left I thought ill chance my luck and said If you need a wank let it go into the sink otherwise it clogs up in the matting on the floor. He turned his face towards me and looked shocked, I just said `oh, come on, we all do it and smiled, he then started to smile, `thanks Dave' ok, enjoy your shower, come back down when you have finished and left him to it shutting the door as I left.


I made my way back down to the kitchen and made myself another coffee, just as I was about to sit down I heard the post arrive, I went to retrieve it and sat down with my coffee to read the four letters, three of which were adverts which went into the recycle bin. Sitting back down I heard movement upstairs, Tony called down `can I use your loo?' I stood up and went to the bottom of the stairs and looked up, he was standing at the top of the stairs bollock naked with what looked like a semi showing. `Of course, you can' I replied, ` it's the door behind you, did you enjoy your shower'? Yes, thanks, it's a lovely room, then as almost as an afterthought, `enjoyed the wank even more, first for a month', he disappeared into the loo.


When he came back down he had left the front of the dressing gown open, I turned towards him, noticed and just said `show off' he instantly blushed and covered himself up saying `sorry, I just needed to cool off a bit, that water is lovely and hot, nothing like the leisure centre'. Don't worry lad, I was only joking, I won't have seen anything I've not seen many times before in over sixty years', he visibly relaxed and let the gown slip back down his legs exposing the full monty.


`Would you like another coffee' I asked, as I started the washing machine, `yes please if its no trouble' `no trouble I replied, then we must get you something to eat, would you like a breakfast?' Wow, would you mind, sounds good' I would not have asked if I minded' I replied with a smile. "Eggs, Bacon, sausage, fried bread and toast sound Ok?' He spun around and stopped for a split second, ah yeh sounds great, guess you don't mind' `no not at all' I replied, one egg or two?' `could I have two, I'm starving' `OK, coming up' I busied my self with the preparation of his breakfast, he was watching from the table. ` You look like a good cook Dave' `no, not really, an English breakfast is easy', `I would not have a clue where to even start' he replied.


Tony was still sat at the table with the gown wide open when I put his breakfast plate in front of him, he looked at it then up at me, smiled and said `gosh, thanks Dave, how on earth am I going to repay you for this hospitality?' smiling I replied ` oh. I'm sure I can think of something' and sat down to my third coffee with a piece of toast.


He was obviously hungry, he had cleared his plate before I had finished my toast, `that was just what the doctor ordered he said as he put his knife and fork back onto his plate. `So, young man, before we sort out something for you to wear, what's the story'? He looked over at me quizzically, how and why were you sleeping on our hot tub, do you not have a home'?


`Ah', he replied with a sorry look on his face, `I was hoping you would not ask' `well, I have' `Ok, guess it's the least I can do. It all started a couple of months ago, I came out to my Mum, she was a bit upset but said it was my choice and it was OK with her as long as I was happy. Great I thought and left it at that and went out to do some shopping for her. When I came home my elder brother had come home from work, Mum had told him and he had hit the roof, he gave me a really bad time much to Mums displeasure, than Dad came home, Mark told him and the roof blow off the house, he basically said pack a bag and get out, I don't ever want to set eyes on you again you are no Son of mine you slag and he went off to the pub with Mark in toe. Mum was in tears, she helped me pack a rucksack with a few bits and raided the cupboards for some snacks for me to take, I left the house'.


He sat there just looking lost, he then noticed that I was crying, he stood up and came and stood real close, bent down and gave me a hug, he stayed close for a couple of minutes then stood up again still close and directly in front of me, the gown was still open all the way and it was obvious that something had enjoyed the close contact, which he noticed, `oh sorry Dave, things got a mind of its own' and he pulled the gown closed and sat back down. Good God lad don't worry about that on my part, we all have the same problem and its nice to see something as nice as that anyway'. He looked at me, `are you gay as well'? `Yes lad, so you needn't worry' `so, you have no issues with my loose gown' as he undid the tie and let it fall again, no lad it was a sight for an old pair of eyes,' I grinned, he smiled and stood up and came towards me. I very soon noticed that something was rising to the occasion, he just stood in front of me looking down and smiling while I watched this thing grow to full size.


Well, I ask you, what is an old pervert supposed to do? I reached out and took hold of this monster, it was a considerable size, with a nice set of low hanging balls below, as I gently stroked it he threw his head back and growned. I thought, well in for a penny in for a pound and bent forward and started to suck it. I just managed to get it all in when he announced he was coming, he wanted to pull away but I had hold of his ass.


When he had stopped shaking I let him pull away, `bloody hell Dave, I've never felt anything like that before, that was incredible, do you want me to maybe give you a wank or something, I'm not really into sucking' Thanks for the offer Tony, maybe later but it's going to be a bit complicated, ill explain later, lets get you some clothes to wear while yours are being washed and dried'. I led him up to the bedroom, he gasped as I opened the door, `wow, this is some room Dave, the size of that bed, what is it'? `Super King size' I replied `and it's a waterbed', `gosh never tried one of those, can I have a go'? as he sat on the edge before I had a chance to answer, he sat there and patted the bed beside him beckoning me to join him, `maybe later lad, first things first. Have a look in here as I opened a drawer, see if there is a tee shirt you can wear, I've got undies but there nothing special, here's a pair of socks and I think you'll fit into an old pair of my jeans'.


Tony ended up staying with us while he got back on his feet he paid for his keep in many ways other than cash...


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