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A few days later Alex had called me and gave me the directions to Alan's house and told me to be prepared to spend the night with them. I got to Alan's house on the other side of town and we all introduced ourselves. Alan had showed me his adorable younger cousin Lucas. He was nervous and shy and I was also nervous but Alex assured Lucas that I'm one of the coolest dudes that he'll ever meet. Alan and I shook hands and I shook Lucas' hand

Alan had affectionately pulled me into a headlock and gave me a noggie and told Alex “How could you have done all of those horrible things to him back then? This cool little dude is like a little brother, I'd know that he would never in a million years stab anyone in the back. If anything people have wronged him. Welcome to the bromance club our brotherhood group Zachary.” I thanked Alan.

We went into his basement Alan had suggested that we strip nude but leave our shoes and socks on. Alan's dick was 7” cut long and very thick and his cousin Lucas had a 6” long dick that was cut with a thick mushroom head but average thickness along the shaft like mines. Alan was 28 years old. He wanted to see me stick my dick into Lucas' hole.

Lucas had bent over and sucked on my dick to lube it up some and Alex had rimmed him, Lucas was going wild. I told Lucas that his wet and warm lips felt so good. I then got behind him and I aligned my cock with his boi hole. I massaged his lower back and I asked him “Are you ready bud?” He said yeah that he was ready. I had gently advanced the first two inches in and I asked him was he okay. He said “Yes!, Yes! I'm okay it feels so good! I can take it! Just slide it all the way in dude.” I went balls deep with him and his big cousin had sucked his dick and Lucas went insane feeling the intense pleasure. He held Alan's head in place and humped it. And I had bread with him but I didn't cum, I edged. Alan had told me to hang out with Lucas tonight, that we'll have fun together and you'll become one of his first real best friends'.

Lucas had spewed his load down his cousin's throat, and then it was my turn. Lucas had rimmed me and my cock sucking buddy Alex was sucking me off and I didn't last long before I flooded Alex's mouth with my seed. Then Alan had fucked Alex while Lucas sucked on Alex's dick until Alex spilled his seed. And I had sucked as much of Alan's monster cock as I could while Lucas humped him and Alan spilled his salty seed in my mouth. Afterwards we all French kissed each other.

We then got cleaned up a little and we all shared our stories of our first gay experiences. Alan had his with his cousin. They are very, very close and when Lucas came out to him 3 years ago Alan just embraced him and told him that he has some same-sex attractions as well but he was on the down-low. Almost every weekend those two cousins had very discrete down-low fun. Lucas is masculine but has the tenancy to be attracted to the same under certain circumstances. They all knew Alex's story and how I was his first one that was 'mutual' and I had told of my mutual story with a very close friend that I had when I was 15 years old.

Lucas had asked me if he could feel my dick, I told him to go ahead. And we had mutually stroked each other. Lucas had then took my member into his mouth for a few moments and said “This is so hot dude!” Then Alan said that he wanted to eat my ass, he said that he give rimjobs to cool dudes like me with no reciprocation. I got on to the couch on my knees with my ass in the air and he was eating my ass like a pro. I was bending my back upwards, arching my neck while moaning in intense pleasure. This went on for sometime, while Alan was lubing my ass, Alex was sucking and deepthroating Lucas' cock, coating Lucas' cock with his slobber and slime. Alex needed some more practice on deep thronging but then again he has a gag fetish.

Lucas had asked his cousin Alan could he be mutual, suck buddies with me on a regular basis and he wanted me to cum in his mouth, piss in his mouth and give me rimjobs. Alan said “Sure if Zach wants you to and this would be so hot! You let me piss in your mouth very frequently lil cuz and you always eat my asshole and you love it.

I'll be hot as hell to see Zach feed you.” I folded up my clothes and I took them with me upstairs to their 2nd floor bedroom. The four of us went into the back bedroom which was the largest room with two beds. We kept the lights on and we had started to hug and kiss each other and Lucas had said “That this is so fucking hot dude! Damn you're a cool dude and a very hot stud, I don't care what anybody else says or thinks. You're my new best friend, my new bro!”

I said thanks, and you're the same. We laid on the bed that had a thick leather covering on the mattress. We 69'ed each other and he took my member into his mouth and swirled his tongue on the head of my dick and this made me have that “tingly” feeling. I said that “Brace yourself, I'm getting ready to piss dude!” We both pulled out and emptied our bladders on each others chests.

I had got on my knees and he rimed me, damn this dude was hot with his tongue actions. Lucas had laid on his back and I got on my knees with each knee over him with my asshole right next to his mouth. Lucas was eating my ass and tongue fucking me. And I was giving Lucas a blowjob. Alan and Alex were both turned on by this and they both had pissed all over us and each other. And Lucas had started to moan and humped my mouth, I took his hot and sweet creamy jizz down my throat. Damn this was a huge turn on, we swapped positions and I was rimming Lucas and he was deepthroating me easily and I had shot my thick and creamy load down his throat.

Alan had told me “Damn you're one hot raunchy, kinky dude! YO DUDE, do that to all of those faggots at the bukkake party in two weeks from now. They know the deal, they take whatever us masters give to them and they will take all that we give them. I want you to shit in their mouths with me towards the end of the party. You'll get your dick sucked and your ass ate and under no circumstances are to return the favors. You're very special and all of the other guys know this, I've told them already.”

We weren't done for the night by a long shot. Alan had asked Alex “Why was he so violent towards me after everything that I had done for him and after I've tried to be his friend when Alex 'knew' in his heart after a few months that I was telling the truth? Don't you see that he wouldn't hurt a fly and I can tell that by participating in these demented activities is taking him a lot of courage. If I was him I wouldn't have accepted your apology and I would have kept my distance away from you. There would have been no way of making that up to me if I was him. He has a way bigger heart than I do!”

Alex had then answered “That was what I feared, that I may have took advantage of his kindness one too many times and that he may have not forgiven me. I know that I was worst than a monster to him. Although I didn't tell him completely everything but now is the time. I still cry to myself every night thinking about how close I came to dying without apologizing to Zach. And how harshly I treated him, and when he makes love to me it brings my guilt out even more. He's very warm hearted and tender, and he licks my tears dry and hugs and kisses me and tells me that 'It's okay little bro, we're making things better now.'

Even when I had tried to force him to suck my dick back then with the intention of me holding his head in place and pissing in his mouth and making him swallow it and then cum in his mouth. When we were the only ones in the bathroom at the end of the school year of 2001. Even though he tried to fight me back, I still beat him up and then pissed all over his clothes and shoes. But he had told me what saved him that day was the steady rain fall and it was laundry day. He left the school out of the side doors and he had walked home getting soaked by the rain so nobody could tell. I had felt rotten about that a few months later and even worst while doing those 3 years in jail from 2004 to 2007 and I was raped relentlessly. When I met back up with him then I had not to long ago had gotten out and I had done some serious reflecting upon my actions towards him.

And when he told me the stuff that he was going through at home back at that time made me feel even worst. When I was alone I had cried to myself even more. And when I crossed paths with him again a few weeks ago, I couldn't withhold nor suppress my true feelings for him anymore. I had hugged him and told him how I had felt and that I truly wanted to make things right. This is why I don't want him sucking me too often, after a good while when I feel as though that I had repaid all of my debts after all of these years then we can really make love to each other without me feeling the guilt of my past wrong doings.

I already drank his piss and I let him make me gag on his big dick, I had even puked once while he was face fucking me and he can do that to me all of the time for a number of years until I feel as though that the huge debt that I owe Zachary is paid in full. I had licked his asshole clean after he had taken a shit. I'm saying it now that I don't care how he uses me during sex. He can use me in whatever way he wants. I am HIS BITCH AND SLUT! He can brutally fuck me in the ass if I bleed or shit myself, I'll suck and lick his dick clean. And if he happen to have any friends or relatives who are into this 'down-low fun' they can do the same to me. I joined the group of people back in school to humiliate him and he can bring a group of 3 to 5 people or more and they can piss in my mouth, you and them can sit on my face and fart in my face and I'll sniff it all up. I'll eat their jizz, and lick their shitty asshole. And I had also promised Zachary some hot guys that will suck his dick and eat his ass with no reciprocation. I was a such a damn fool! An asshole and a degenerate and selfish bastard! But that was no excuse for me to treat him that way but yet he still forgave me and treats me like a brother and he doesn't harbor any hatred nor animosity towards me. I don't care if I have to suck his dick and eat his ass for the rest of my life. I owe him that much.

I had told him not to be so hard on himself! I forgave him when he first apologized and hugged me.

I had given him a hug and french kissed him. And I had told him “Don't worry about that now little bro, with enough love, kindness and patience I will help him transcend all of that pain. But now comes the time where he must forgive himself”

Alan had said “See what I mean? Lucas never had any friends neither, this is why Lucas and Zachary will perfectly bond together. Lucas has this self esteem issue but the other guys thinks he's hot! And the other guys said that Zachary is hot, sexy and he seems like a cool guy to be around. And if anybody gives them any trouble, they'll have to answer to them!”

Lucas said that I am hot and he loves having my dick in his mouth and his tongue in my ass. Lucas had said that he wanted to suck my cock and he wanted me to piss in his mouth and Alan had said that he wanted some of my piss as well. A few moments later I pissed with my cock aimed at Lucas' and Alan's mouth. They eagerly drank it all. Alan said that he wanted to see me take a shit and all 3 of them was going to fill my ass with piss and I'll squat over a bucket while they take turns sucking my cock.

First Alex filled me up, then Lucas had unloaded a huge bladder full of piss followed by Alan. He had gently stuck the head of his huge cock in me and gently advanced about 2 inches and he unloaded his bladder. My guts, my insides felt like they were going to explode. I squatted over the 25 gallon bucket and I cut loose. Alex went first, deepthroating my cock as it throbbed and pulsated as I shitted, then Alan went for a while, followed by Lucas. They kept on rotating until I had emptied out completely.

Here was my big surprise, Alex had started to vigoriously lick my shitty, pissy asshole clean. They had then asked me “Who are your greatest best friends now?” Of course I've said you bro's are. After Alex had licked my asshole clean they had cleaned up the mess and then the 4 of us took a shower, it was over crowded and we made sure that we were all squeaky clean.

Alan and Alex had told me especially Alan, that “If they ever catch anybody in regards to these mother fucking bastard-ass street and hood niggas messing with me that they'll be their worst fucking nightmare literally. Alan said that he'd bust their asshole wide open and not give a fuck about a rape or sexual assault charge. They're the real bitches. They said that they'd take a bullet for me and Lucas.”

And I had told them that I highly appreciate their love for me. They had told me that “I was one of them! And to never ever second guess it nor forget that!” I had told them I won't and I love them too.

They had also told me that I'll have my dick sucked and ass ate more often and way longer than I did in that time frame of late 2001 to early 2003 and the summer of 2004 with my first bromantic friend.

They had cleaned up the mess and sanitized the room and opened the window.

Alan and Alex cuddled together and Lucas and I had cuddled together in the nude and we fell asleep.

Alan had woke me up a few hours afterwards and asked me to go into the basement with him. After we got into the basement, Alan had just hugged me and held me very tightly, he had then whispered “Zach, just between us, I have something to show you. Only Lucas and the bros that I bottom for only know about this. This secret shall be kept hidden from Alex.” Alan had got on all fours on the floor and he had asked me to gently stick my fingers in his ass. I did it and to my surprise, I was able to eventually fist Alan.

He told me that he's a 90% top but he'll bottom for certain people and that he loves having sex toys in his ass stimulating his G-spot while jacking off and receiving oral because it gives him an explosive orgasm. I had told Alan that I'm a 95% top but I'll bottom for special people.

Alan had then proceeded to rim me and I had sucked Alans's dick in a 69 position, and Alan had loosened me up some with his fingers and then he had started slowly making love to my ass and after I was nice and loose Alan had gently slid his dick deep inside me. We both wanted this in our own way, Alan was very tender and gentle with me. And I had told Alan that he can shoot his cum in my mouth. Alan had told me that “I was hoping that I could get some of your ass at least once. You're one cool little dude.” Just as Alan was tensing up, we swiftly got into position and he shot his load in my mouth. Now it's your turn to fuck me bro!” And just before you cum, pull out and shoot it in my mouth.”

While I was fucking Alan he was enjoying it. He was saying “Fuck yeah little bro! This shit is so fucking hot!” I had felt the urge to cum and I shot my load into my big bro's mouth. After my orgasm had subsided we had French kissed. Then Alan had said that he just wanted to rim me non-stop until he got tired, the couch in the basement folded out and doubled as a bed. I laid on my stomach and Alan laid behind me with his face buried in my ass and licking the crack of my ass and tonguing my hole. I was enjoying the sensations and I heard Alan moaning, he was getting turned on by this, I rolled on to my back and I lifted my legs up, and he was deriving so much pleasure out of rimming me that he shot his cum load all over my dick and stomach. He licked my stomach clean and sucked my dick and I shot another cum load into his mouth again.

After that, Alan fell asleep spooning me and cuddling me and he had said “Welcome to the brotherhood, bro.” I had told him thanks. That was the most fun that I've ever had that night since my first 'bromantic experience' back in late 2001. Alan had whispered to me: “It's okay now bro, you will have 'more friends' than you know what to do with. I love you, Lucas loves you too, we're bros for life, we'll always be there for you. Too bad that I haven't meet you a lot sooner but I'm here now, just relax and sleep well bro.”

Who would have thought that Alan had a gentle and tender side to him and also a very malicious dominate 'alpha male' side as well? He is very tender and gentle towards me and Lucas at least.

The next morning after we all showered and ate breakfast, Alex had left first he had some things to take care of. Alan had asked me to stay longer because our 'other bros' was coming over to meet me. And just before lunch time they had arrived. Five very tall and muscular guys and they greeted and introduced themselves to me and I introduced myself to them.

Within seconds, my pants was at my ankles and all 5 of them had licked my ass for a few seconds and sucked my dick and balls. Alan had asked them "He tastes nice and sweet with a slight hint of saltiness doesn't he?" They had answered hell yeah, and that they'll protect me no matter what. They pulled out their cocks and I gave them hand jobs and their cocks were 7 to 9 inches long and very thick. And they couldn't wait to watch the fags eat shit from me and Alan.

And then my new big bros took turns French kissing me and making out with me as a way of bonding with me. And then Alan and those 5 guys had rotated with each other rimming, sucking, kissing each other to get used to everyone's taste. Lucas and I had made out for a few minutes before we were all completely nude. Lucas and I were 69-ing each other and then Omar the guy that they invited over had finally arrived. He was an older man in his mid 50's. He loved being used by teen guys and guys in their 20's.

Alan and the bros Edward, Rex, Jordan, Jimmy, and Tristan. They had all wanted to see if I actually had the courage to shit on somebody and shit in their mouth while they forced the guy to eat it. And they'll give them lots of piss to wash it down with.

And when all 8 of us guys had told Omar what we were going to that do to him, we all went into the basement. And that good breakfast that I had that morning made me had to shit. Omar laid down on the floor and I squatted over him and I had started shitting, he ate some of it and smeared the rest all over his body. And the bro's all high five-ed me and then Alan took a shit on him. Alan had told me “Good! So you can be sadistic with enough encouragement.” We made Omar lick our dirty holes clean and we then inundated him with piss.

Then the 6 guys Alan and his friends had proceeded to brutally skull fuck Omar, showing him no mercy. They said things like “Take that big black cock bitch! Just relax your throat, take it all, throat it you fucking cock sucking whore!” This was a huge turn on for me, Omar took turns rimming us, deeptroating our cocks and drinking our piss. We lost interest in him after 2-3 hours, we all cleaned up the mess, Omar got cleaned up and he left and us 8 guys thoroughly cleaned ourselves up.

Tristian couldn't help but hug and french kiss me and he said that I'm cute and sexy. He had a 7” cock with average thickness like mine. He took my cock into his mouth and teased it a little bit. “You're our bro!” He said to me. And Tristian had hugged me and whispered to me and he told me “You and I should meet up for one on one sessions. And you're my bro, I'll pleasure you whenever I want. I want to deepthroat your cock whenever I want, and swallow that sweet and hot piss along with that brotein shake of yours, eat that sweet, hairy and tasty ass of yours and have you shit fuck me. You can fuck me deep in the ass while I'm taking a shit and then you shit at the same time, with no recip. I'll be the lucky guy in the middle and you and Lucas can have y'all way with me. We're going to have so much fun bro!”

Tristian had then started going to town rimming me, man it felt so good, Alan had told them about last night and how my nuts were completely drained. And how I got a piss enema, and they took turns sucking my dick while everything flowed back out and how Alex had licked me clean. The bros' were getting turned on by that story, they thought that it was hot to watch me and Lucas take a shit. Tristian was getting ready to cum and Alan had swallowed his jizz.

Lucas had then face fucked Tristian and I had fucked Tristian in the ass until my dry orgasm, Lucas had gave Tristian his last few droplets of his jizz as his nuts ran dry. We had then both pissed in Tristian's mouth and he had drank it all. All of the bros' were turned on by this and said that I've passed my training for the bukkake party.

Alan, Lucas, Rex, Edward, Jimmy, Tristian and Jordan all wanted to take my piss load, I gave all 7 of them some of my piss but I gave Lucas the bulk of it. The 7 of them was going to take turns swapping piss loads, Lucas and I was the feeders only. Lucas loved my hot and salty piss in his mouth. He said that he could take it all day and all night.

Then Jimmy wanted my full bladder load, I gave it to him as Rex ate my ass and tongue fucked me and all of the other guys took turns eating my ass, the feeling was very electrifying. Lucas just loved having my cock in his mouth. Alan had wanted to piss in my ass and then suck my dick as it all flowed back out. I let all of the bros very carefully one by one fill my colon with piss, I held it all in and then I cut loose and I had let Lucas fuck me as we made a huge mess. I had burred my cock deep down Rex's throat until he gagged. And the other bros' took turns being my throat toy including Lucas. This was so fucking hot, we pissed all over each other we loved giving each other golden showers. And to my surprise Jimmy had licked my asshole clean. About 30 minutes later we filled Lucas colon with our piss, and I was fucking Lucas as everything ran out of him. All of the bros' rotated sucking him off and Rex had sucked my cock clean and licked Lucas ass clean.

All of the bros had scrubbed me clean and put some excellent smelling cologne and deodorant on me and they gave me adult diapers to wear just in case there's some residual drainage.

They had told me that there's going to be plenty of food to eat such as pizza, chicken wings, junk food and plenty of refreshments at the party. And of course plenty of cum and piss dumpsters to feed. I got dressed in a way where I could discreetly hide the diaper and I headed home.

When I got home I had washed the crack of my ass clean again and I ate dinner and I went to bed thinking about that awesome time that I just had.