Dirty Laundry by Essfitcee

Hello readers and fellow writers. It's been a long while since I've submitted an erotica to Nifty, but here I am back again. My other posted works include; Two Rappers/One Studio, Team Work, and Homies Strip. There's also a few more on my Tumblr; Essfitee, under Gay Fiction. Enjoy. Questions, concerns or comments, shoot me an email: donn_mack@yahoo.com. Follow my Instagram if you wish see your author, CaddoHarris.



It was a quiet Wednesday evening, the sound of the local news echoed within the thin walls of the small home. O'Lan was home from college on a Christmas break. He sat relaxing in the cream decorated living room with Kendrick Lamar blasting in his ear, courtesy of his Beats by Dre, while texting. Knocks were heard rapping on the front door only by his mother, with him being off in his own little world he didn't hear not a damn thing. "O'LAN! O'LAN! Boy if you don't get that damn door! I know you are right in there!" O'Lan still sat nodding his head and smiling as he continues to reply to texts from his good "friend." He could not hear anything pass Lamar's "...niggaz that like to gossip like bitches, got me thinking you don't like bitches..." His mom came stomping from her bedroom. She quickly sticks her head in the living room. "Oh, of course his ass playing that damn music sky high. He can't hear shit." She said to herself as she gets the door.

"Hey, Mrs. Green. Is Lan home?"

"That is MS. FARRIS to you. I am not married to that damn man anymore so I damn sure don't wanna still be called by HIS name. But yeah, he's here...in the living room." She stated slightly irritated, but still jokingly. She took back her maiden name after being divorced from her ex-husband, O'Lan's dad, of 18 years, after their marriage started to fall apart 3 years ago. "Good luck trying to get his attention though...he got that music blaring in his ears. I been tellin' that boy he ain't gonna be able to hear soon."

"Okay, okay "Ms. FARRIS." Where you going?"

"Boy I'm GROWN, don't worry bout all that! Is your mama home?" She asked. "Yeah she is." He answered laughing, shaking his head at her. "This woman is a trip." He thought. "Good, I need her to do my hair...bye." As she begins to walk out the door, he speaks. "So you just gonna go over there...not even gon ask. What if my mama don't want to?" They both laugh. "Boy, BYE! You ain't ask me if you could wash yo dirty drawz, but I see you brought them. " She exits; he shakes his head as he walks towards the living with his laundry in hands.

He sneaks up from behind the couch as O'Lan is unknowingly sitting still texting. "AYE!" He laughs as a startled O'Lan nervously hides his phone out of view. "Ah...Vonte. Wha, what you doing here? Sup, man!" As he nervously scratches his head hoping Vonte did not notice his phone. "Aye, maine I just came over wondering if you wanna go play some ball." Thinking why was Lan hiding his phone, but brushing it off.

"Sure..." He obliged, but a little disappointed. "Just let me put on my shorts and shit." He was going invited his new special friend over, knowing that his mother was leaving. "And OH, when we get back I need to wash my clothes over here...our shit stop working." As Vonte dropped his laundry on the sofa O'Lan yelled back an "Okay."

When they arrived at their neighborhood's community gym they decided on a "best-out-of-4" one on one basketball tournament and agreed whoever lost had to do the other's laundry.

Half way into their friendly competition O'Lan needed a bathroom break and Von watched him walked off the court. "Damn that fucking ass, dude." He thought. He heard buzzing from the court bleachers, turning and looking he saw that it was Lan's phone. Thinking back to when O'Lan was trying to hide his phone from his view earlier had him curious, so he decided to be nosy. "Now let's see what you been up to my boi..." Von picks up Lan's phone is immediately puts it back down, his heart rate has sped up. "Naw, this can't be real" He said to himself as he picks back up the phone. What he sees is a dick pic from a guy named Ryan apparently. He reads through the previous texts;


Ryan: Damn I miss u...I miss dat ass 2. Im HARD thinkin bout it

O'Lan: lol & I miss dat dick 2 tbh. How bout u show me how hard u is

"UGH, whatever. My dick look better den his anyways and he don't need to see these texts...and he don't need this nigga's number no more either. I got this." Vonte stated to himself as he deletes the texts and Ryan's number from O'Lan's phone. He put his phone back down as he saw his friend coming back to the court. The friendly basketball game between two homeboys turns into a rough cliché standoff tainted with sexual tension as if it's straight from a gay erotica. Vonte throwing hints...literally, with each given opportunity he made sure his pelvis pressed against Lan's soft jiggling ass. Their sweaty bodies repeated rubbed against each other some involuntary while other touches were surely on purpose. This intense game even including a moment where there slipped and fell onto each other. Vonte fell while attempting a layup and Lan fell on top of him trying to block him. His head fell onto Von's chest. "Geesh, take me to dinner first before you try to rape me, haha" Vonte said jokingly as he grabbed O'Lan ass. "Ewww, get off me wit ya gay ass."

O'Lan raced to get off of Vonte and trying his best to keep his composer. O'Lan hated when "straight" guys did that...don't play gay if you really ain't BOUT DAT LIFE. Of course it turns on Lan never the less. What he didn't know is...after the information Von just stumbled on, he was being hell of observant and trying to see O'Lan's reaction to his blunt but "playful" affection. Von swears he felt O'Lan shiver while laying on him. O'Lan had no idea of the plan in his homeboy's mind. Vonte was scheming. "You have no idea how much I wanna fuck you on this court right now. I know you fair game now...shit it's on nigga. Just watch." He thought as he continued to beat Lan at basketball, he hoped to be beating him in others ways.


They finished their game that Von won then they proceeded to return back to Lan's home.


"Okay, okay you can wash this, wash this and this, HAHA LOSER..." As they made their way back in the house Vonte threw a few sweaty T-shirts at O'Lan who still had a look of defeat on his face. Lan shakes his head waving "Whatever" to him as he made his way into the laundry room carrying Von's dirty laundry with him. Von decided it was really good time to make his move. He began to slowly walk behind Lan as he walk through the entrance of the laundry room. He took off his sweaty wife beater as he quietly and stealthy stood behind O'Lan; Vonte stood 3 inches taller than him. "Aye while you at it...might as well wash these too..." As he puts his tank top in the washer by extending his right arm near the side of Lan's face as he takes in Von's sweet manly scent that's a direct result of their hot and heavy basketball game. "...and these." He takes off his underwear and b-ball shorts all together as his fat dick slings like a springing door stopper from its release.

Vonte got closer behind him as O'Lan still stood facing the washer in shock. Vonte front was directly touching the back of O'Lan. The wetness of Lan's sweaty t-shirt sent a little cold chill through Von's bare naked body. Lan could feel his homie's bare chiseled abs at the back of him. His dick, growing harder, poking right between Lan's ass cheeks, he could feel that shit too. "Vo—shhh..." Lan interrupted by Von as he began to try to speak. "Just, mmmm...I mean, shit you know what... you might as well wash your clothes too...so it can be one big LOAD."

Vonte slowly pushed Lan's shorts down as a breeze immediately hit the bare skin of his ass. The lower part of his wife beater began to seep down and cover his ass perfectly fitting and outlining the booty. Von lifts it up and off of his friend. Von told him to spread his legs wider, he obeyed as his fat ass jiggled, but still in awe in what was happening at the moment. "Why are you doing this?" The question that was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't get it out. He was feeling too good and he didn't want to question it. He turned Lan's head half way facing him to kiss him from behind. Lan involuntary opened his mouth inviting his tongue without even thinking about it. Vonte had invaded his mouth before he even realized what's going on.


"Oh my God, we're kissing." Lan thought. As they both stood in front of the washer naked, their tongues battling. Von pulled O'Lan closer and closer as close as they could be without Vonte being inside of him. Inside. "Damn I wanna be inside him; I wanted this for so long." Von thought. With Lan's bare ass caressing Von's exposed dick, O'Lan was expertly twerking his ass on him and they kissed. They both couldn't help but think...let's go all the way. "Fuck me Vonte...just fuck me." Upon hearing those words sent electricity through Vonte's body and turned him the fuck on. "What was that, ahmm? I didn't hear you boi?" Vonte heard him just fine, but wanting to hear it again...taunting him. Von kissed the back of Lan's neck, sweet butterfly kisses. From the back of his ear, to his neck, and back to his lips. Lan moaned and moaned, "I said fuck... meeeee..." He said in a low sweet whimper. "So you want this dick...huh, nigga. You. Want. It?" Vonte starts to nibble on his ears then begins to apply his attention to the lower parts of his friend wet and sweaty body. Licking up each bead of sweat on his way to Lan's booty. His friend stood shivering and shivering more as his legs were getting weaker by the second. He was fully giving his body to Vonte. Oh, how he had longed for this, he'd had desires for this. Settling for other guys because he had no idea he could be touched like this by his best friend, by his homeboy, by his nigga.

He made it, Vonte's lips made it to O'Lan's ass. He kissed the right chocolate cheek, smacked it. He kissed the left chocolate cheek, smacked it. He spreads it as a bead of sweat begins to seep from Lan's lower back to the crack and Von's lick it up just before it could dip in his hole. "Ooooofu..." O'Lan moaned with short volume, but internally screaming because he knew what was coming. His best friend, a sexy ass nigga that he had long fancied, was about to bury his face in his ass. Sure they just had a very lengthy basketball game, but Vonte didn't care. He sniffed his asshole and loved it. He didn't like to eat straight-out-the-shower ass, he liked to eat it raw...when has a little tang, when it's a little sweaty from the heat of being held captive in undergarments all day. He could definitely feel the heat coming from his hole. He could feel it on his tongue. His ass was hot and ready for him and he was gonna make his tongue cozy inside him. Luckily O'Lan was already prepared...down there, as he was planning to invite Ryan over to have this very kind of moment. The hell with him though, he would choose Vonte over Ryan any day.

Vonte dove into his hole and O'Lan back arched simultaneously. "Yes, eat dat ASS nigga. Damn!" Lan felt him, he felt the sensation, his tongue had his hole feeling like he sat in water. Von had him so wet...leaking, his thick spit seeping from his hole like cum. His spit came gushing out whenever he would stop eating for a second to breathe. It would quickly leak down to Lan's balls and splashing onto the laundry room floor. His mouth, planted on his wet hole like a flower to the soil and his tongue was the roots. O'Lan was squirming with each lick. "Mmmmphaaahm" Slurps and O'Lan's moans echoed with his dick now being stroked from behind by his friend. He took a break from his eatery to suck his dick from the back and fingered Lan. "Aw, aw, aw. Shit, damn dude!" Von spit was already seeping down to Lan's dick from his hole again. His mission was to get that dick as wet as that ass. He sucked his dick viciously as he fingered the same. "FUCK, Ahhhh...shh..." Lan whimpered falling forward on the washer, arching his back more and more. Vonte had completely pulled Lan's dick to the back of him and sucking him like there was no tomorrow, yesterday or today. All that exist is RIGHT NOW and right now this was about fulfilling both of their fantasies and desires.

Through all the spitting, sucking, slurping and slobber...O'Lan was now dripping of pre-cum, Vonte rose from bended knees and turned him around. "Now get MY dick wet nigga." His friend was indeed eager return the favor, fully engulfing his fat caramel tone meat in whole with no problems. "Daaaaaaaamn, you done this shit befo', huh?" After a few mintues O'Lan had Vonte going crazy as his mouth did the job of getting his dick so wet dripping of salvia and pre-cum. Von pulled him up from his knees, picked him up placing him on top of the vibrating washer and kissed him wildly. There they were with Von between his legs. Lan didn't even notice when he put it in, oh but he FELT it. "FUCK! AaaH—Yeah nigga, damn. Take it." The strokes came slowly but surely then quicker and swiftly. "Ah, aah. Damn, oh sheeeit. Vo...n...taaaaaaaay." Vonte was giving the deepest and fastest fuck of his life. "Fuck me! Fuck me. fuck me." "Umph oh I'm fucking you baby, fucking ba...by. AHHH. You feel it. You..." He pulled out and BACK in as quick and as hard as physics would allow him. "...Feel. {Pull out, back in} It. {FUCK HARDER}" O'Lan just moaned, but it wasn't a rhetorical question...naw, not at all. He really wanted a fucking ANSWER. Vonte pulled out with a wet *plop* out of O'Lan's pulsating hole. "MMMmm, wha...what you doing?" "You want me to put it back in, huh..." "Yessssssss." "Then you ANSWER ME!" "Okay baby just put it back in." O'Lan ask, voice breaking.

Vonte went back to steadily pumping like an oil well as the sex was threating to make them both explode like the BP oil spill. "OOOh fah, fah...fuuuck. I'm bout to—Naw, you ain't." Vonte carefully ceases his stroke as of course Lan face looked a mixture of pleasure and bewilderment. "You wanna cum. Want me to make you cum?" He asks deeply into his friend's ear while still buried deep into him. "Yessss, make me cum Tay. Make me cum. " "Say it again..." "TAYYYYY!! Stawp it. Make. Me. Cummmmmmmm, please." He smile tainted with cockiness as he went on to do was he was told...making his nigga cum. They both were so close; it was only going to take a few strokes in finish him off. With Vonte rocking him in missionary and the vibrating washer that they have purposely kept on, they both was about to blow. Vonte beat it up as he jacked off O'Lan...they were quickly approaching. Here it..."Fuuuuuuuuuck." They nutted.

Vonte emptied inside him and O'Lan dick spazzed and wobbled back and forth shooting and splattering cum everywhere and all in between both he and Von. "Ahm, ahmmm...fuck Tay." "Shhheit. Damm boy." Vonte exhausted grabbed his buddy and held him tightly with his eyes close as his head was buried on O'Lan's neck, not believing he just shared an orgasm with his best friend. If someone told him a week ago he would end up cumming inside and hearing his friend moaned his name as he made him cum, HA...he would have said, "Nigga stop lying." Von pulled out finally and went down, lofted Lan's legs and proceeded to slurp out all of his deposited cum from his ass. "Daaa..." O'Lan could even finish he vocal moan as he was still out of breath. Vonte came up and they kissed again, swapping cum.

With their panting finally started to cease and they were finally gaining back stability in their breathing. Vonte looked into the eyes of his friend, "You know this means you ain't gotta fuck wit that bitch ass Ryan nigga no mo' right..." O'Lan's eyes bucked so quick. "How you kno—He sent you a text while you was in the bathroom, I deleted his number. You don't need it no more, got it BABY?" Lan smiled and happily laid his head on his best friend shoulder, he couldn't even mad. "I got it nigga." He glowed, they both glowed knowing that after this very moment there is NO way they could go back to being just friends now...this goes to show that airing out `dirty laundry' isn't always bad, ha.

"So ah...you still gonna finish washing right clothes right? Haha"

"Ha, nigga after that nut I'll wash your clothes AND yo car."



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