Andrew J

(This story is not meant for anyone under the age of 18. If you are a minor, please leave immediately.
Also, this story and all characters in it are completely fiction )


It’s Friday night and I can barely wait for Doran to get here. I met Doran a few years ago at my gym. We were both instantly attracted to one another, and ended up going back to my place together for one of the greatest fuck sessions I’ve had. We’ve stayed in touch ever since. He doesn’t live in San Francisco, so I only see him every few months when he’s here from Los Angeles on business.

The doorbell finally rings. I open my apartment door to see Doran standing there, looking hot as ever. “Come on in!” I say, giving him a big hug.

“Andrew! You’re looking hot!” he says, lustily looking me over, “You’ve been working out!”

I get us some beers, and we kick back on my couch and catch up on what’s been going on in our lives and stuff.

“Hey so I brought you an Edger,” Doran says. A few weeks ago, he’d emailed me about a new cock stimulation device he’d just discovered called the Edger. He’d written that it was the most intense sex toy he’s ever had.

“Oh yeah?” I ask.

“Here it is,” he says, reaching into his backpack. He pulls out a device that looks like an unrolled condom with a few wires attached to it and a little control box. “Check it out. This here rolls onto your cock,” he says, running his finger over the sheath. “Feel it.”

The outside feels like a really thin, smooth condom, except much silkier. The inside is covered with tiny little nodules that look like they are made of some sort of metal.

“Gold,” Doran says. “And when I turn it on, they all start vibrating.”

“Wow.” My cock is getting hard just thinking about it.

“Here, try it on.” Doran unbuckles my jeans and pulls them down to my knees. My cock is pointing straight up out of my briefs. He grabs hold of it with one hand and rolls the sheath over it with the other. It feels smooth and cool. I can barely feel the little gold nodules. It looks like I am wearing a condom with wires attached to it.

“Fits nicely,” I say.

“Yeah, it comes in a bunch of sizes. I got the large one for you. I knew you’d need the extra room,” Doran says, giving my cock a squeeze. “Now, watch what happens when I turn it on.”

All of a sudden, I feel an intense rush of sensation. The nodules are hitting me in all the right spots, along my flared cock head, my shaft and the sensitive underside. My cock jumps up, and starts throbbing on its own accord. It suddenly feels like there are a hundred tongues licking my cock, catching all the right nerve endings.

“Whoa…” I say.

“Pretty neat, huh?” Doran says, smiling.

“Fuck….” My abdominal and groin muscles are all contracting and I’m barely able to take it. It feels like the most intense blowjob I’ve ever had. “Ughhh….”

“Here, let me turn it down a bit.” He does, and I’m able to relax. Now, it feels like there are hundreds of warm tongues slowly licking my shaft and head in a gentle, sensual rhythm.

“This is fucking amazing, man!” I pull him closer and start fumbling with his clothes. I kiss him deeply on the lips, all the while, my cock being stimulated by the Edger.

“I have mine with me too,” Doran says. “Let me put it on.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom and get more comfortable,” I say, getting up. I turn off the Edger, and remove it so I can get completely undressed. All of a sudden, my cock feels cold and empty.

In no time at all we’re sitting on my bed facing each other. I watch Doran, who’s now naked, pull the sheath of his edger on. Damn, Doran is incredibly sexy. He’s exactly my height, he’s well-proportioned – with a nice chest, sexy legs and an ass to die for, and has a great complexion. If I could have designed a guy to be my perfect, ideal physical type, he would look just like Doran.

Doran is fully erect, and reaches for the bottle of lube beside my bed. “I only need a little. Pretty soon the pre-cum will start flowing!” he says. He puts a small dollop of lube on the flared head of his cock, and then rolls the sheath of his Edger down over it. Then he reaches for mine. I thrust my hips out in anticipation.

“Let’s try it this way,” he says. He retracts my foreskin all the way down, and works a little lube into the sensitive folds of skin now bunched up near the base of my shaft. “I bet it’ll feel a lot nicer,” he continues, rolling my sheath down my rigid cock.

“Ummmmh…” I shudder. Rolling down my foreskin makes me a hundred times more sensitive. I can now make out, ever so slightly, the miniscule little golden nodules all over the inside of the sheath.

“That feel OK?” He jacks my shaft up and down a few times, adjusting it for a nice, comfortable fit. The lube has spread around a little underneath, and the sheath fits like a second skin.

“Fuuuck…” I’m practically shooting already. The massager part isn’t even on yet, but the combination of the little nodules and the lube against my bare cock head are already almost more than I can take.

“I knew you’d like this.” Doran says, laughing. He then lies down beside me, and we start making out. Our naked-ass bodies are perfectly aligned, and our cocks, encased in their respective sheaths, are pressed up against each other. As our kissing intensifies, we both start slowly humping each other. Damn, I didn’t realize just how much I missed this boy.

“Hey, we’d better stop doing this and turn on the sheaths or I’m gonna just shoot,” I say.

“OK,” Doran says. “So it has a couple of settings here. The first is regular.” He turns it on, and I feel that intense rush I felt back on the couch.

“Uhhh….” I say.

“I personally like the second one better,” he says, turning the dial on the control box. “It’s called EDGE.” Doran lies back and lets me enjoy EDGE.

All of a sudden, the stimulation lightens up a bit, and feels a bit more relaxed. I exhale deeply, welcoming the warm, tingling, licking sensations. It feels like a thousand hungry tongues are lapping at my cock, in just the right way. Very slowly, I sense the sensations getting stronger and stronger, and the rhythm of the stimulation picking up. Almost like the thousand tongues have started blowing me and are working on making me climax.
My cock lets go of a wad of precum, which I feel slosh around over my cockhead and shaft inside the sheath. I feel my groin muscles tense up, and soon, am on the verge of an explosive orgasm.


Then, just as quickly as the orgasm built up, the vibrations abruptly stop, and I’m brought back from the edge. The massager continues to vibrate, but very slowly, like in the beginning, and I feel the sensation of the slow licking tongues again.

“What the fuck was that!” I’m still panting heavily, and look over at Doran.

“It’s edging you. It brings you close to orgasm, then, when it senses you’re ready to shoot, it automatically slows down, and starts all over again.” His eyes are twinkling as he watches my reaction.

“Fuck!” is all I can say. I’m having a vocabulary problem at the moment. Meanwhile, I feel the sensations building up again, edging me towards another orgasm. “How long can this go on?” I ask.

“How ever long you want it to!” Doran replies. Then, turning his sheath on to EDGE, reaches over to me and starts kissing me again.

Doran climbs on top of me, careful to not get our wires tangled, and we start making out intensely as our sheaths edge us. My hands roam all over his smooth, muscular back, down to his bubble butt. I love Doran’s ass. It is firm, round and smooth, and has a deep, luscious crack. My fingers explore it, finding his warm, smooth asshole. He lets out a moan as I play with it. Meanwhile his hands are roaming all over my chest and my abs. He avoids my ticklish spots, which he knows well from the several times we’ve had sex together over the past couple of years. Some things you just don’t forget.

As we’re playing with each other, the stimulation on our cocks continues. The sheaths are doing their thing, edging us to orgasm and back, over and over again. And the best part, our hands (and mouths) are completely free to do whatever else they choose, while our cocks are getting worked over even more intensely than we could do on our own.

“Fucking amazing,” I say out loud.

Doran isn’t with me at the moment. “Uhhh…..” he moans, completely frozen. His hands are grasping my pecs and his head is on my shoulder. His legs are spread, and I feel his butt muscles clenching together in my hands. “Fuuuuuuck……….” Just when I think he’s about to shoot, he starts relaxing again, and he lifts his head. His mouth finds mine and we start kissing.

As I feel his tongue plunge deep inside me, I suddenly feel my own body tensing up and getting ready to shoot a thick, hot load. I’m almost desperate at this point. I want to see my cum gush all over Doran and me.

“I’m… gonna shoot…. this time, man…. I……..” I’m bracing for a powerful load of cum shoot… but then the sheath calms down again.

The sheaths have a mind of their own and bring us to orgasm, repeatedly, while leaving us to do what we please, hands-free. We eventually realize that it’s much less effort, and even more intense, to let the sheaths do their thing and just relax into it. So our own movements – our thrusting, our groping, our muscles clenching, slowly come to a standstill as we let our sheaths take charge of our sexual stimulation.

We lay side by side, pressed up against each other, mouth to mouth, and our hands eventually come to rest on our favorite spots on each others bodies. Mine are on his beautiful bubble butt, my middle finger grazing the entrance of his asshole. His legs are spread wide apart. He had one hand between my legs, grazing my balls, and the other on my chest.

We’re lost in the sensations, but very aware of each other’s presence, our feel, our smell, and the warmth of our bodies. This is easily the most intense sexual experience I’ve ever had. We just lay there, for what feels like hours, enjoying the intense sexual charge coursing through us.

“Hey, so let me show you the third setting,” Doran says, eventually. “It’s called SHOOT.” We pull apart for a second, and Doran turns the dial on my sheath control to SHOOT.

I feel the crescendo of the sheath vibrations, and know exactly where the sheath massager is leading me. I feel the heat in my groin rising, and know this is going to be the very last time. I can feel the semen rising in me, and realize I am close to the point of no return.

“Dor, I have a better idea,” I say. Then, with one quick movement, I pull my sheath off, pull Doran’s sheath off and turn him onto his back. My cock, erect as a cruise missle, is literally soaked and dripping with my precum.

I get on top of him, and with one, single thrust, enter his waiting, willing asshole.

“Uhhh…” he moans as he draws me closer. His eyes are closed and his head is arched back. I feel his baseball-bat hard prick up against my abs, and he spreads his legs as wide as he can as he grabs my ass and pulls me into him.

It takes precisely three thrusts, and I shoot like I’ve never shot before.

“Uuuuummmmmmmmmmpph..” Squirt after squirt of hot, thick cum spews out of my cock into Doran’s ass. My cock is thrust deep, right to the hilt, into him, and my groin and abs are constricted against him. At the same instant, amid Doran’s moans and deep breathing, I feel his hot jizz splash all over my torso, leaving a warm, silky sheen between us.

Exhausted, we collapse into each other’s arms. We lay together, holding one another while we slowly returned back to normal. My cock feels raw from the intensity of the fuck session I’d just had. We’re both covered in sweat and cum, and are reluctant to separate.

“Wow, that was better than I ever imagined!” Doran finally says.

“I’m still seeing stars!” I say, laughing. We lay together, enjoying the post-orgasmic rush of happiness we’re both feeling. Eventually we get up.

“So, uh, I can’t wait to see you again. When are you going to be back in San Francisco?” I ask, as we wipe the cum off of our bodies and head to the shower.

“In a couple of months,” Doran replies. “Hey, is it OK if I leave your sheath massager here with you?”

“Fuck, yeah!” I say, hopping into the shower with him.

I was hoping he’d ask.

The End

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