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I Heart You
by: Kewl Dad

Valentine's Day, oh how I hated the hypocrisy of that day. Lovers, bah, humbug. The only true love in this world was the love of money, and maybe pizza. I know, I know I sound awfully cynical, but when you've been hurt as many times as I have love is just another four letter word. At least that's how I used to feel.

At 25 you'd think I wouldn't be quiet so ruined on love, but I guess when you're a gay man mostly in the closet you can't really expect your Prince Charming to come swooping you away in his BMW, or Jag. I wasn't celibate by any means, but sex is just sex and I'd always hoped for more.

At first the bar scene seemed pretty cool. There was a sea of hot guys and I seldom ever left the bar alone, but as soon as the sex was over there was this uneasy silence that said we were just two strangers scratching an itch. For a while that was enough. I had an awful lot of itches when I was younger and having just discovered the bar scene and that there were others like me I sort of overindulged for a while.

Then one morning I woke up in a strange bed and looking over at the sleeping form beside me I had an epiphany. What was I doing here? I didn't even know the guy's name. Was it Larry, Gary, Kerry...something like that. Oh sure he was hot enough, 7 inches of hard cock that felt good in all the right holes and an ass that just wouldn't quit, but what did I really know about him?

Studying his long dark lashes as he lay there breathing softly I wondered what kind of guy he was. Did he like the same music I did, the same movies, did he like dogs? You know that sort of thing, but I doubted I'd ever find out.

He was handsome I noticed, and had a single piercing on the gay ear, the right one, so I assumed he was out. I was too chicken to get a single piercing so I'd gotten both ears pieced and wore silver studs most of the time. His hair was long but neat and the color of honey. Was that his natural color, did he spend a lot on having his hair done? God, there was so much I wanted to know about him, but I knew once he woke up I'd be on my way and never see him again.

It was a little sad really and I decided right then and there that from now on I wasn't going to hop into bed with anyone until I got to know them. My bladder was urging me out of bed so I got up and padded to the bathroom still naked, my body stiff from our sexual antics, and my chest and stomach covered in our combined sperm. As I recalled his tasted rather good, sweet actually, but he hadn't swallowed any of mine. At least I knew that much about him, he didn't swallow, I laughed to myself.

I was draining my lizard when the guy appeared in the doorway rubbing sleep from his eyes. His seven inches of morning wood looked even fatter today and he didn't bother waiting for me to finish. Instead he sidled up to the toilet and started adding his foamy piss to the bowl.

"Good morning," he muttered giving me a sleepy smile. God he was cuter than I remembered.

"Good morning. As soon as I get through I'll get dressed and get out of your way," I said feeling him out.

"Oh, well...if you have to. I was going to suggest we go get some breakfast, but if you're in a hurry..."

"Uh, no...not really, it's just that most guys want me out the next morning," I laughed nervously.

"Yeah, some guys are jerks. I'm not like that. What happened last night was great," he said blushing and looking even cuter, "I mean for me..."

"Oh definitely, for me too. You're really hot in bed."

"Thanks so are you, but...God, this is so embarrassing...I don't remember your name."

I laughed, At least it wasn't just me. "Jordan, like the river and don't sweat it cause' I'm just as guilty. I don't remember yours either. I guess in the heat of the moment we sort of lost track of the formalities."

"Terry," he said offering the hand that wasn't holding his dick and we shook rather awkwardly.

"So Jordan, how about that breakfast?"

"I'd love to, but only if you let me buy,"

"How can I pass up a deal like that, you're on."

So that was my first experience with "Love". We dated for six months and had the most incredible sex every single time. We liked the same movies, the same music, the same food, and neither of us wanted to commit to a pet. We were perfect for each other. So with so much going on for us, how could we fail?

Simple, Terry met another guy and fell hard for him, harder I guess than he did for me and that was that. Oh, he was sorry. He cried and carried on, but in the end it made no difference. I kept my pride in tact and didn't beg him to give us another try or mope around once it was over. I gave him my blessings and gathered up the few things I'd left laying around his apartment over the last few months and went home.

To my credit I did not cry a single tear. I wasn't really sad, I was just numb. I blamed myself for getting so involved, and chalked it up to experience. I was 22 then and it would not be my last attempt at love. 

Jody was my next foray into the world of relationships. He was the bartender at a popular club I frequented and he'd been flirting with me for a few weeks before I finally caught on. He wasn't the sort of guy I'd ordinarily go for, but there was something about his sweet nature that attracted me once I figured out what he was about.

He was slender and tall, maybe 6'3" or 6'4" and I probably outweighed him by 20 lbs. I was 6'1" and 180, but mostly muscle thanks to working out and the strenuous job I held as a brick mason. I made good money and got a good work out and as long as I was physically able I'd keep stacking bricks.

Jody was only 21, but he looked 18 and the first time I saw him I thought he looked out of place behind the busy bar, but I soon learned he was a master at his craft. He was popular too, but I never really saw him giving any one guy as much attention as he did me. Maybe that was why I suddenly realized he was  hitting on me.

I was flattered, but at first reluctant to give it a try. Then one night fate brought us together. It was especially busy that night and besides Jody there were two other bartenders when the accident happened.

Tripping over a rubber mat Jody fell face first in the floor breaking the glass he'd been holding and cutting his arm rather badly. I rushed back to see if I could help and one of the bartenders wrapped a towel around his arm as we helped him up.

The cut needed stitches and I volunteered to take Jody to the ER. I'm not sure why I volunteered exactly. Maybe I was bored or maybe I just felt sorry for him when no one else came forward. Any way I did and the rest is history as they say.

On the ride to the ER Jody opened up to me on so many levels it was overwhelming. Kicked out of his home when he was 16 because he was gay, he moved in with an older friend and started sneaking into the bars and tricking for money or drugs until he finally turned 21 and got the job bar tending. He was a friend of the owner by then and he'd been willing to give him a chance and he'd worked out better than expected.

"So, that's me..what about you?" he asked grinning at me. He was cuter up close and his eyes were the deepest blue I'd ever seen.

Well, not much to tell. Pretty boring really. Still not out to my family, but a few guys I work with know. No really good friends. Oh...and I'm a brick mason and live alone. No pets, no commitments."

Jody laughed, "That explains the buff body. You know how hot you are....right?"

I blushed, "Yeah, a real God," I sniggered.

"No, I'm serious," he said then was quiet for a minute, "So hot a guy like me don't have a chance...right?"

"What? Why would you say that? You're the sweetest guy I know and cute too."


"What? Are you asking me if you have a chance with me?" I chuckled.

He blushed a little and nodded, "I thought I was being obvious all those times, but I guess you haven't noticed I've been flirting with you."

"OH, no..I noticed. Well, truthfully it took me a while to figure it out. Sometimes I'm a little dense."

"So.....any interest?" he said softly.

"What did you have in mind?"

"Whatever you want is fine with me. I mean we can just go to bed if you want, but what I'd really like is to be friends first."

"Really? That's so refreshing. I thought I was the only one who felt like that. Well, we're hanging out now," I chuckled, "Maybe after you get stitched up we could go for coffee or something."

So that's how that one began and six months later we were a big thing till...I caught Jody fucking one of his buddies from the bar. It was quite by accident, he'd given me a key to his apartment and I'd gotten off early from work because it rained and I wanted to surprise him. Needless to say we both got surprised.

His cute skinny ass was all I saw as I opened the door then I saw the kid beneath him with his knees against his chest as Jody pounded  him and I froze like a deer in the headlights.

"Uh...Jody," the guy said pointing toward me. 

Jody spun around and took one look at me and said, "Oh shit. It's not what you think."

Why do guys who get caught fucking someone else always say that? 

"Oh, okay...then what the fuck is it?" I said balling up my fists and ready to hit someone, both of them maybe.

"Okay, is what you think it is. I'm sorry, I don't love him...I just got horny..."

I nodded, "I see, well have fun. I thought we had something more than that, but I guess I was wrong."

I walked out and never returned to his apartment or the bar where he worked. I heard later that he moved to Dallas and only then did I start going back to the bar. Oh, he tried to call me a few times and once he even came to my apartment, but I turned him away and eventually he gave up. Maybe I was wrong, maybe we could have worked it out, but I was too devastated to give it a chance.

So fast forward to the present. 23, single and still not bad looking. I get all the ass and cock I want, but I was convinced no one was ever going to get that close to me again. No one was ever going to hurt me like that again.

The bar I hang out in most is called The Closet, but trust me most of the guys who hang out there are far from being closeted. There's a drag show every Friday night and though I'm not a big fan of drag, I've learned to like it a little and have actually made friends with a few of the Queens.

One of those friends is Erika (born Erik). He's 25 and has the cutest ass I've ever seen on a man or a woman and the clearest skin. He makes a great woman and has the curves to go along with it. In fact when he's dressed as a guy he looks sort of out of place, but as a girl he's exquisite.

I'd known Erika about six months and usually tried to catch the show, especially if they had a male show afterwards. I love stuffing bills in the skimpy g-strings of those hot guys and had actually taken one of them home before.

There was a big Valentine's show that Friday and  Erika had convinced me to come and I'd gone just to pass the time. Erika and the others was in rare form that night, but it was after the drag show when the male dancers came on that the real fun began. There were the usual dancers, Scotty, Freddie, Juan, and George, and a few others, but my eyes were immediately attracted to a hot black dude in a red g-string dancing his buns off. I'd never seen before but, I definitely wanted to see more of him.

His caramel colored skin was unblemished and there was so much to see. His g-string left little to the imagination as it strained to keep his sizable bulge from escaping. When he turned to gyrate his shapely and muscular rear end I almost fainted. It was the ultimate bubble but with just enough fat to make it soft and round and alluring. 

When he spun around again I checked out his chiseled chest and noticed his nipples were erect and they looked so lickable. I was sporting a boner by then and when my face traveled upwards to his face I was in love.

He had eyes the color of chocolate and they were so intense and so warm that they pulled me in immediately. His nose was cute, not quite as pronounced as most black guys, and his lips were soft and looked oh so kissable.

Somehow I finally managed to find the strength to walk over to the dance floor and take my place in line with the others waiting to shove dollar bills into his g-string and cop a feel.

Suddenly I felt bad for him. He deserved more than this, to be a more than just a sex symbol, a piece of meat on display for our lustful pleasure. But that didn't stop me from wanting to touch him when my time came.

My hand was shaking as I approached him and when he saw me he smiled and danced closer. I reached out and grabbed the strin on his hip and carefully placed a dollar bill beneath it. I could fee the warmth and softness of his skin and though my fingers only grazed that flesh for a second it was the most amazing feeling of my life.

Motioning for him to turn around I placed a second bill in the other side feeling more of his wonderful warm flesh and hogging his attention for another moment. 

I had to have more, motioning to him once again I waited as he spun to face me and I took a deep breath and steeled myself for what came next.

His bulge was only inches from my hand as he stood swaying gently. I noticed a slight sheen of sweat on his torso and watched as a stray drop of perspiration ran down his chest and disappeared into his navel. I had never wanted anything so much as to lick that drop of sweat out of his navel, but instead I pulled back the elastic of his g-string and with a trembling hand carefully placed a five dollar bill half way inside it.

I could smell his strong manly aroma and when I pulled the elastic back the scent of his cock hit me and I almost lost it right then and there. My brain was screaming, drop to your knees and take that monster in your mouth, but fortunately my body didn't listen. 

Then as I was pulling my hand away the young Adonis grabbed it and brought it to his chest and gave me a feel of his abs and those little erect nipples.

"Thanks baby," he said in a voice that was so sexy it made my cock throb, "buy me a drink later?"

I nodded stupidly as I continued to feel up his chest then he pulled my hand to his lips, kissed it, then slowly released it from his strong warm hand. I pulled it back and stared at it then stumbled away as the next guy moved up to take his turn at feeding the dickie.

New dancers always got lots of attention and this one got even more attention than most. I felt bad for the other dancers, and since I didn't want to hog all of the new guy's attention I wound up feeding a few bills to the other dancers. Most of them were pretty darn cute too, but none of them rang my chimes like the black Adonis dancing just a few feet away.

When the show was over I waited anxiously at the bar not knowing what to expect. Had he actually meant it when he asked if I'd buy him a drink, or was that something he said to all the guys who stuffed his g-string? 

I got my answer a few minutes later when he suddenly appeared from the back dressed now in tight black jeans and a skin tight tee shirt. Even fully dressed he was as sexy and impressive a figure of a man as I'd ever seen and I waited with baited breath as he approached the bar.

"There you are," he said sliding in beside me and smiling. Even his smile was perfect and I'd never seen teeth so perfect or so white in all my life.

I motioned to the bartender, a guy named Greg. "Hi, you were amazing," I stuttered, "I'm Jordan," I said offering my hand.

"Davon," he said taking my hand in his strong soft grip and squeezing it gently.

Greg arrived then and I turned to Davon, "What would you like to drink?"

"Water is fine," he said surprising me, "With a slice of lime."

I ordered myself another beer and we talked. I learned that he had just turned 21 and had just moved here from Chicago and was currently attending school to become  an IT specialist.  Wow was I impressed.

"I only dance for the money's kind of fun and a good way to meet new guys," he said blushing.

"I bet, but most of them are jerks right?...not like me," I joked.

"Actually I don't think of them as jerks. I understand that they are attracted to me, and I appreciate the attention, but I don't sleep with all of them if that's what you think."

"No, I didn't mean that," I said blushing, "So...does that mean I'm special?" I said grinning.

"Maybe, we're gonna' see. What say we get out of here and go get something to eat, I'm starved."

"Only if you let me buy."

"How about this time we pay for our own, then we'll see how it goes."

I didn't know how to feel about that. Was this a date or not. If it was shouldn't I pay. I tried not to let that dampen my spirits though, I was almost sure I could win him over if I had the chance.

Wait, what was I thinking. Was I actually wanting to get to know Davon? Naw, no way...I just wanted to get in his pants, that was all....or was it?"

We wound up at Chili's and had the 2 or 20.00 special but he still insisted on paying his  half, including half of the tip when it came time to pay.

We talked over dinner and got to know each other better and I was not surprised to find he was as intelligent and personable as he was sexy. 

"So...where do you live?" I asked after a while, curious to know everything about him.

"In an apartment. I have a couple of roommates though. It's too expensive to live here alone. How bout' you, you live alone?"

"Yep, just me...not even a dog or a cat," I chuckled.

"Ever know a live in lover?"

"No, not really. I've had a couple of relationships before but we never moved in together."

"What happened? If it's not too pushy of me to ask."

"Sure you wanna know?"

"Yeah, I wanna' know everything about you," he said grinning.

Well, that was good news. If he wanted to know all about me then he must be interested in taking this further.

So I told him about Terry and Jordan and the heartbreak and found myself really opening up to him.

"That's why I don't believe in love and I hate Valentine's Day," I sighed at last.

"Oh well...don't let two bad experiences sour you on love. I've had my share of disappointments too. I once had a lover for two years and then I found out he had a girlfriend on the side. He only wanted to be with me because his girlfriend didn't do oral," he laughed.

"God, that's awful. What did you do?"

"I ratted him out to his girlfriend and he lost both of us. I felt kind of bad about it later though. I'm not usually a vindictive guy. I'm actually more of a push over when it comes to guys."

"Oh, I'll keep that in mind," I teased.

"Just don't hurt me," he said sounding sad and all I wanted to do was scoop him up and hug him and kiss him and tell him I never would.

Instead I said, "I'd never hurt you. I promise." And he smiled and nodded.

"Well, shall we go? The waitress is giving us that "will they never leave?" look," he chuckled.

We split the bill and headed out to my car. He's left his at the bar and now I was confronted with the dilemma of whether to ask him to go home with me or just take him back to his car.

"'s still early. Want to got back to the bar or what?"

"Or what." he said grinning.

"Well...we could go back to my place and talk some more."

"Just talk?"

"If that's all you want to do. I'm easy."

"Let's just see where it goes, okay?"

"Works for me."

We talked on the way to my place and when we got there Davon made a big deal of telling me how nice it looked.

"I'm a bit of a neat freak and well....I have an eye for decorating. I guess it's the gay in me," I laughed.

"I like that in a guy. I've been with a few guys that were real pigs, and needless to say it didn't last long."

"Have a seat, bathroom's down the hall if you need it. I'll grab us a drink, water or beer?"

"I'll have a beer. I just don't like to drink too much. One of two is fine though."

While I went to get the drinks Davon used the bathroom and when I returned he was just returning. 

"I like the signs in your bathroom. They're funny and remind of some of those retro restaurants."

The signs were vintage advertisement signs and a few funny saying. I liked to decorate with a sense of  humor.

"Thanks, I collect them. Every time I find a new one I like, I buy it and add it to the mix."

We sipped our beer for a moment then I got up and put on some music. I didn't know what kind of music Davon liked, but I liked a wide variety and had a good mix on a flash drive which included some popular music, alternative and even a little hip hop.

"I like that song," Davon said as DJ Snake came on.

"Yeah, me to. So easy to listen too. Almost romantic," I said without thinking.

He smiled at me, "Can I tell you something really personal?"

Uh, oh here it comes. What could it be? I don't find you attractive, you're too needy, I'm just looking for sex? What could it be?

"Absolutely, I'd like to hear anything  you'd like to share."

He sighed, "This is all moving way too fast. I mean I really like  you, but I don't want to do anything until I'm sure. Is that too much to ask?"

God, no...I breathed a sigh of relief. "I feel exactly the same way. I mean you're absolutely amazing, but I barely know you and  yet...well, yeah it's moving pretty fast. But...I'm open to more. To find out if we...well, you know click and just see where it goes. No promises, no expectations."

"I'm so relieved to hear you say that. So we're agreed, we can have sex and not worry about the rest...for now?"

God, that wasn't what I expected, but how could I turn down a night of bliss with this god-like man?

"Are..are you sure?"

He nodded, "I may not want to marry you, but I'm sure I want to get in those tight pants of yours," he giggled.

"I guess I can live with that," I teased, "but I have a feeling I'll be getting the best end of he deal."

"Do you like to kiss?" he asked almost shyly.

"God yes, I love kissing."

"Me too," he said excitedly, "a lot of guys don't and that's cool, but kissing is so sexy."

I moved a bit closer and leaned in and without a word I brought my lips to his. I was right, his lips were kissable, maybe the most kissable lips I'd ever met. The kiss progressed to tongue and then we were pawing each other and eventually the clothes began to come off.

"I showered after the show," he said between kisses.

"I must smell like cigarettes," I said nuzzling his neck, "Wanna take a shower with me?"

"O...okay," he shivered.

I broke the kiss and offered him a hand up and pulled him into a hug then kissed him again before leading him off to the bathroom. As I adjusted the water Davon undressed and I watched with unbridled lust. 

Of course I'd seen most of his body but the part that made him male was still a mystery to me. Then with a flick of his wrist the tiny bikini underwear that had contained his manhood fell to the floor and I was confronted with the most lovely cock and balls I had ever seen in my life.

Soft he was probably five inches long, but I would find out later that he was a shower not a grower and hard he was just over 7 inches. He was completely smooth down there including his sizable balls and I couldn't wait to run my tongue across that golden skin and gobble down his manhood.

"OMG," I said staring open-mouthed, "you are so perfect," I gasped.

"Well, do I get to see you or not?"

"Oh, yeah...sorry." I undressed quickly without fanfare as he watched patiently but I thought I saw his eyes light up when I pushed my boxer briefs on down exposing my 7 inches of fat uncut cock.

"Mmmmm..." he growled, "I love uncut cock," he said reaching over and grabbing my cock and working the skin experimentally.

"Oh, God...careful..."

"Sorry, first the shower then the workout. I hope you can come more than once...."

"With you, I'd say the odds are good I could come six times, but yeah, two or three times is normal."

We washed each other in the shower letting our hand roam and getting to know each other's bodies. He was as solid as I'd guessed him to be and his ass felt so good in my hands and pressed against me.

He seemed to be pleased with me as well, and as he ran his strong warm hands over me I was in Heaven. We were both sporting raging hardons by the time we finished up and after drying off a bit I led him to my bedroom and pushed him down on my bed.

I was on top of him in a heartbeat, kissing his face, his lips, his neck, and then moving down to his chest to suckle on his hard little nipples. 

He tasted so good and his skin was so soft and supple beneath my hands and tongue. Even through the soap I could smell his musky man odor and it was driving me crazy with desire.

"What about you, can you come more than once, cause' I sure want to taste this and drink it all down," I said grabbing his cock and causing him to moan softly.

"Uh huh, as many times as you want."

"Good cause I love sucking cock and yours is perfect and I bet you taste so good."

But I didn't start sucking right away, instead I nuzzled his nuts and licked them and took them into my mouth one at a time as he moaned and thrashed about on the bed. He tasted so good and I couldn't help form going lower, down to his taint and taking the cue he raised his legs and I found his moist brown pucker and worked it over with my tongue and lips.

"Awww man you eat ass good," he panted, "later I'll let you have that. I'm real tight, but you'll like it."

My dick jumped at the thought of being buried in his hot tight ass but I wasn't about to hurry just to get my own jollies. I wanted this to be so good for him that he'd have to come back, hopefully again and again.

When my tongue and lips threatened to go numb I finally moved back up to his balls and then his gorgeous cock. Licking up and down the length of it I marveled at it's perfection. Hot and hard as steel, yet soft and pliable beneath my tongue. 

When I finally took him into my hot hungry mouth he cried out and raised his head to stare down at me with glazed eyes, "Oh shit man, that's so fucking good."

To say Davon was verbal was an understatement. I was glad I lived upstairs and in the end apartment. I would hate to think that my neighbors were witness to his moaning and cries of ecstasy.

I worked his cock for a good ten minutes, deep throating him every other stroke of so and the last time he cried out, thrust up and began unloading the tastiest creamiest cum I had ever had the pleasure to swallow.

He came buckets but I didn't miss a drop and when he was spent I licked off the last few drops and moved up to kiss him. He tasted his jizz on my tongue and in my mouth and sucked in his own essence before finally collapsing, panting as if he'd just run a marathon.

"Wow, you make love as well as you kiss," he said sighing, "Well, now it's my turn."

Let's just say that Davon was as good at giving as he was at getting and when my cum was resting safely in his tummy he kissed me and we rested as we lay cuddling and cooling off.

We got up to pee and I grabbed us a beer and we talked some more until we were ready to start again. This time would be the real test, I supposed. Anal sex was serious stuff as far as I was concerned and much more personal than a simple blow job. 

We hadn't really discussed it too much, but fortunately we were both versatile and I was as anxious to have him stuff that big cock of his up my ass as I was to return the favor.

I like most positions, but I always let my partner choose when they're fucking me. Not surprisingly Davon chose face to face and did a lot of kissing as he stuffed me full of his hot hard cock.

His cock felt so good inside me sliding across my boy nut with each thrust and it was obvious after a few minutes where my next orgasm was coming from. I'd came from being fucked  a couple of times before, but never had I come as hard as I did that night and the most amazing thing was that we came at the same time.

Well, technically I came first causing my butthole to tighten up and that pushed him over the edge but it was close enough to make it amazing just the same.

He stayed in me a long time, kissing me and nuzzling my neck while we both cooled down before he finally slipped out of my slick hole and laid down beside me.

"I don't usually top, but I'm glad I did. That was amazing."

"Mmmm...for me too. You fit just right, hit the joy button on every stroke..." I moaned.

"When you rest I'd like to feel you inside me."

"Oh, don't worry, that is going to happen....and soon."

But it didn't happen that night. In fact it was early morning after we'd cuddled and slept in perfect harmony. But when it did happen it was just as amazing as I'd hoped. It was the day after Valentine's Day now, but the love was still there, or at least the promise of it.

I didn't know where all this would lead, but I had to admit love had begun to look a whole lot more real to me and I didn't hate Valentine's Day so much anymore. But with a guy like Davon in my life, it was hard to be cynical. Maybe I'd give love one more try, it couldn't hurt..right?

The End

 Something a little different for me. It's an adult love story of sorts  just in time for V-day. I was inspired to write it when a writer friend of mine sent me a short story he wrote about Valentine's day. Mine's a bit different and a little longer, but I'm pretty hapy with it. Please let me know what you think.

Kewl Dad


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