"JOURNEY TO NEW ZEALAND" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on January 14, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Vin

I got four weeks of vacation, from the 1st to the 29th of August, so I decided to travel to New Zealand. I decided so for several reasons. One is that, in August, it's winter in New Zealand. The thought of escaping the oppressing sultry weather of Tokyo for almost one month, appealed to me quite a lot.

The second reason goes back to my childhood. All the Italian children learned already in their primary schools that on the other side of the world, that is at the "antipodes", a difficult word for a child but not so much, there is a nation that is more or less the same shape as Italy, and that it is called New Zealand. I remember asking myself (I think I was between eight and eleven years old then) how it would be like living in that land, having to walk upside down - with one's feet up and the head down... Well, even though the explanation came rather soon and I was able to understand it, a faint desire to "verify it in person" always remained inside me.

Thus, with the hotel room booked and everthing else for the trip settled, I was ready for the departure. I arrived at Christchurch on August 2nd - a Sunday. By the shuttle bus, I reached the hotel, the Cotswold. It was a hotel built in Tudor style, in Merival borough, on Papanui Street. Through a big gate, you reach a wide central yard surrounded by two-story buildings where there were all the rooms. On the right, at the end of the yard, there was the reception, the only building with just one floor, and on the left, right beyond the gate, a little taller than the others, was a building with all the bars and restaurants.

My room was the 802, the second on the right just after the gate. There was a wide living room with a table and four chairs, a sofa and two armchairs, a writing desk, TV and mini-bar. There was then the bedroom with a nice double bed, two night tables, and a chest of drawers with another TV. The bathroom was wide, and there was a tub, a separated shower box, the lavabo and the WC. The windows of all the rooms had stained glasses in shapes of octagons and squares. All was very agreeable, clean and comfortable.

During those vacations I didn't intend to play "the tourist" but just to relax and have a good rest. I really needed it. The agreeable atmosphere of that hotel was already a first positive element that I liked very much and that made me feel at once at my ease and relaxed.

As I got there in the early afternoon, somewhat tired also because of the long flight, I decided to have a good sleep. Then at around 7:30 p.m. I got up, took a good and long shower, and decided to go and try out one of the restaurants of the hotel. In fact I was still feeling too lazy to go out and explore the city in search of a restaurant.

I ordered a dish of game meat (which is meat from hunted animals rather than from a farm) served with a sauce made from fruits found in woods, with a garniture of vegetables au gratin, a local red wine and a choice of bread baked by the house. The service was impeccable, friendly and respectful. The food was wonderful, the price reasonable. Back to my room I watched TV for a while in the living room; then later I hit the bed, satisfied with that first stretch of day.

My first impression had been positive. The town reminded me somewhat of the American cities - straight streets crossing at a right angle, open, the buildings well spaced and low, mainly mono-familiar houses, the commercial district with the Mall, the post office and so on. But the people were different from that of the States. They seemed, also for their accent, more Britannic, even though compared with English people, they seemed friendlier and less formal.

On the following morning I woke up at around ten o'clock, after a good restoring sleep. I got up, waiting for lunchtime. I watched again some TV while munching some hazelnuts I found in the mini-bas. When I am at home I watch very little TV, but when I am abroad I like watching it, as it gives me a particular vision of the place I am in.

Later, I dressed and went to the restaurant. To my surprise, it was closed. I read the sign near its door that said all the restaurant of my hotels were open for all the evening for supper but that they were open only on Fridays and weekends for lunch.

I therefore went to the reception to ask them where they would advise me to go to eat. They told me to go to the Merival centre as there I would find several restaurants. I went and after a walk of about ten minutes I was there. There were many shops, a few bars, but I couldn't see any restaurant. I was about to ask again some passers-by for information, when I saw a McDonald's. The idea didn't appeal to me very much, but on the other side I was feeling hungry and didn't feel like searching any longer.

So I, even though reluctantly, went in. I took my tray and paid for my food, looked around to choose a place to sit down. There were few customers. I went to a corner of the hall when I noticed a boy that had just sat down and was starting to eat. To say that the boy seemed to me beautiful would be an understatement. He was fascinating and extremely sensual.

He was dressed in that "casual" way characterized by the youths of his age, bright colours, wide and comfortable clothes, the unfailing gym shoes. He had beautiful waved hair, of a light brown colour, clear eyes and long hands with tapered fingers.

He was looking out of the hall's glasses with a serious, absorbed expression. I thought that he was possibly waiting for somebody. His lips looked soft and sensual... lips to be kissed, I thought with growing desire.

I sat in a position from where I could look at him at ease, but without being too conspicuous. Between him and me there was a low partition full of green plants on top, and another row of seats, totally empty. I was near enough to admire him at full ease, but not too close.

I started to eat, but didn't lose sight of him for a single moment. My god, wasn't he beautiful! I really enjoyed looking at his thoughtful but serene and perfect face. I admired his ears, the line of his jaws, his lips, the straight nose and his eyes so clear and yet so deep, the almost straight and well-separated eyebrows... as well as his hands. All the rest of him was clad in a way that didn't let me guess anything about his body.

I would have liked to find a pretext to buttonhole him, to talk with him, to... sound him. It was possibly because it had been a long time since I had any sexual encounters, after Naomitsu went to study abroad; or possibly because I was alone, in fact I didn't know anybody in New Zealand, but I would have loved getting acquainted to that magnificent boy.

I could understand very well that I could have just the chance of a hundredth, or even only a thousandth, to get to have an adventure with him, but I thought that even if getting to know him was all I got, it would be something agreeable.

But that boy finished eating before me; he stood up, put away his tray on the proper shelf and went out. On an impulse, I would have liked to follow him... but I told myself it would have been silly, so I finished my meal, remaining quietly in my seat. But once in a while I looked where that magnificent boy was sitting just before... and now the hall seemed to me even emptier than before.

That boy had deeply hit me, had lit up my fantasy, had aroused my desire. I didn't go to New Zealand with the purpose of finding some adventures, but I would have had one with that boy more than willingly!

That day was not too cold; and even though the sky was clouded, it wasn't raining, so when I finished my meal I went out and decided to have a long walk towards the town centre.

I went back to the hotel at evening. After a good reinvigorating shower, I went again at the same restaurant where I ate the evening before. The waiter recognised me and welcomed me with a wide smile, and this pleased me. A waiter or a shop assistant who only sees a customer a second time and already makes them feel like an habitué is competent for their job.

I dined again very well. I paid and left a tip to the waiter. I went to my room, watched again some TV then hit the bed, like I did the previous night.

On the following morning, which was Tuesday 4th, when I got up I saw that it was raining. I decided therefore to stay in my room to watch some TV until lunchtime, and then to go again to eat at that McDonald's. Honestly, I wasn't in the hope of seeing again the beautiful young man that had hit me so much the other day.

When I started to feel somewhat hungry, I dressed and went out. It had stopped raining, and therefore I left my folding umbrella inside my backpack that I had with me.

I walked quietly and reached the McDonald's; I went in, gave my order, took the tray and went to sit in the same place as the day before. The beautiful boy was not there.

I was starting to eat, when he came in... and he sat exactly at the same place like he did the previous day. I therefore restarted to have a look at him. I really liked him too much. He was so sexy! We ate, each at his own table, and I again was not loosing sight of him for a single moment. The young man, looking around, shortly crossed my glance a couple of times. But he usually looked out of the wide glass walls, towards the street.

We finished eating almost at the same time. He was going on looking outside. He started to rummage with a hand in the left pocket of his trousers and took out of it a packet of Marlboro Red that he kept in his hand, leaning it at the side of his thigh, under the table, turning it over and over in his hand.

In that restaurant there was the "no smoking" sign... could that boy not have seen it? It could be a good pretext to buttonhole him...

The boy rummaged in the right pocket of his trousers and took out the lighter, that he kept in his hand leaning it on his right thigh, under the table. From my position I could clearly see both his hands.

He didn't light a cigarette therefore he possibly knew that smoking was forbidden there. But he evidently wanted to smoke. He looked around almost as to check if somebody had noticed his maneuver, almost as if he hoped he could smoke stealthily. His eyes crossed again mine. I smiled at him.

Lowering my eyes on his hands, then looking again in his eyes, I said him, "I like a good cigarette after a meal, too. But here... we have to go out first."

He nodded, then said, "Yes... if it wasn't raining..."

I looked outside and saw that it had started to rain again. I had been so absorbed in looking at him that I didn't notice.

"I have a folding umbrella in my sack..." I then said, hoping he caught my implicit invitation.

"Better than nothing... And... may I come and share it with you for a stretch of the street - so that we can have time to smoke a cigarette together?"

"More than willingly." I answered feeling my heart accelerate in my chest.

He nodded with a smile. We stood up and put the trays on the rack. On the door, while I was opening my sack and taking out the umbrella, he offered me his hand.

"Graeme. My name is Graeme Lynn."

"How do you do?" I answered shaking his hand and I liked his hold, or rather it thrilled me. "My name is Sergio Bacchelli."

"Ah, so I'm right to think you are a foreigner. Spanish?"

"No, an Italian."

"You speak very good English. Are you here for work?"

"No, on vacations."

We went out, I opened my umbrella and we were about to light our cigarettes when I... flung myself.

"Listen, my hotel his close to here. If you have time, we can smoke in peace there, sitting in the warmth and possibly having a drink. Are you game?"

"If it's not a trouble for you... But don't you have anything to do, any programs?"

"Not I, and you?"

"Me neither."

So I took him to the hotel, in my room.

"Wow! It's wide here. Unlike the small room I rent..."

"Ah, don't you live with your family?"

"No, my folks live in the south. I've just graduated from the university. I came to Christchurch to look for a job. But also to get away from my family, from my ambience. In a small town you are always under the sight of everybody... But you, what's your job, in Italy?"

"I? It's been nine years now since I left Italy. I flew here from Tokyo, I am a teacher of Italian Language and Literature at the University there."

"Ah; do you like it?"

"I like teaching; somewhat less living in Tokyo."

"Do you live there with your family?"

"No, alone. I am divorced and my daughter, who is more or less your age, married. Therefore, I am again... a free man." I said with a smile. Then I asked him, "And you?"

"Me? Me what?"

"Are you single... or are you planning to marry soon?"

"If I have a girlfriend? No. Nothing serious, at least. And I don't intend to think about it, at least for the moment."

We were sitting on the sofa, side by side, but our bodies were not touching. We were slowly smoking. Once in a while one of us bent forwards toward the low table to put off the ash. We were chatting. And I was increasingly feeling desire towards him.

While talking, from time to time he smiled and his smile brightened his beautiful face, making it seem even more fascinating.

I felt several times tempted to stretch out an arm, to lean it on his shoulders, or to put it around his waist, to pull him towards me and glide closer to him, to kiss him... But I didn't do it, in spite of my gradually growing desire.

We talked, drank and smoked again. We were talking about everthing, about him, about New Zealand, about me, about Japan, about him, about Italy, about me...

To me it was evident that we were exploring each other, at least on an intellectual level. I was clearly interested in him, but he also seemed interested in me. And he was smiling to me more and more often.

Inside me something was changing. If at first what pushed me towards him had been the desire to be able to have a good fuck with him, I was now starting to hope for something better and something more - I hoped I could make love with him. The more we talked and the more I liked that boy, besides the sheer physical attraction.

And yet I was all but sure if he could be interested in me also on a sexual level. I say "also" because it was anyway clear he liked spending his time with me, talking with me.

Time flew so fast that only the need to turn on the lamp to see each other made us aware of what time it was.

"Oh, it got really late... I stole lots of your time. It would be better I leave you in peace, now."

"No, Graeme, you stole nothing; on the contrary, you made me spend a really agreeable time."

"Thank you."

"Do you really have to go? Do you have an engagement?"

"No, I've got no plans..." he answered, hesitating.

"So, then... why don't you stay for supper with me? It is on me. Here at the hotel's restaurant they have a really good kitchen..."

"You're too kind..."

"To me it would be a real pleasure being able to spend some more time with you..."

"The same for me... Well... Okay, thank you."

"Are you already feeling hungry, or would you like to eat later?"

"It's fine with me. When you feel like it..."

Graeme had now a more relaxed air, he was evidently feeling at ease with me. At time he laughed for one of my witticisms or for one of his own... and I desired him with increasing intensity.

We went to have supper. We chatted more, about Italian, Japanese, New Zealand's kitchen, about the tips to give or not to give (Italy and New Zealand are quite similar about this point - tippping is not a must like it is in the United States, but just a way to express appreciation for a service better than usual), and about other trivialities.

But now, possibly because we were sitting in front of each other, we could look more frequently in each other eyes. A kind of... intimacy had started between us, and I was feeling even more attracted to him.

After the supper, I invited him to spend some more time with me, in my suite. He accepted at once, with simplicity. I was determined to let him understand my desire before he leaved me. It's now or never, I told myself.

"Let's see if there's a good movie on TV "

"Why not." he answered.

We were again sitting side by side in front of the TV set, on the sofa. Again our bodies were not touching.

"Do you want a cigarette?" I asked him.

"What do you smoke?"

"Japanese tobacco. The Mild Seven."

"I've never tasted them. Are they strong?"

"Medium taste."

"Well, yes, thank you." he said.

But I, instead of giving him a cigarette, took two of them, put them between my lips, lighted both and then put the filter of one near his lips. He had a slightly surprised expression at my gesture, but then smiled and took the cigarette filter between his lips.

He then asked me, "Is this an Italian - or a Japanese usage?"

I smiled and answered, "Neither of them, just a friendly gesture."

"Or an... intimate gesture?" he asked me with another smile.

"Or an intimate gesture." I then confirmed.

Graeme didn't say anything more and for some time he seemed engrossed in watching the movie. To break the silence, I offered him a drink and he accepted. I stood up, went to the mini-bar and filled two glasses. I put one of them on the low table in front of him and sat again near him... but this time so that my shoulder brushed against his, and my leg touched his leg.

"To our health!" I proposed a toast.

He took his glass, touched mine with it, and looked in my eyes.

"Cheerio!" he almost whispered.

"I am glad having met you, having got to know you." I said and felt that my voice was almost quivering.

"I'm glad too..." he said in a low voice.

"And I'm happy that you are still here with me." I added.

"Yes..." he said without moving his eyes from mine.

I then put my glass on the table, took his glass from his hands and put it down as well.

I gently took his face between my hands and, moving my face closer to his, murmured, with emotion, "I would like to kiss you, Graeme."

"Yes..." he said closing his eyes and stretching his face towards me.

Our lips met, brushed lightly, opened a little, united... Our tongues searched each other and played for some time, then we both were lost in a long, hot, deep and tasty kiss.

I was trembling for the emotion. He came close to me, his hands glided on my back. We stood up, turning to face each other, and tightly hugged, our legs intertwined and finally we felt the warmth and the erection of each other.

"Graeme, I want you..." I murmured, my voice full of passion.

"Yes..." he answered in a whisper, kissed me again and pressed more strongly against me.

We glided again on the sofa, but I on top of him. He caressed my nape and back. I caressed his sides and hips. He shuddered and I too shuddered in reponse.

His eyes were clear and shining like stars on a winter's sky; his lips were sweet and warm; his body searched for mine.

"Do you really want me?" he asked me in a whisper.

"From the first time I saw you."

"Yesterday at the McDonald's?"

"Did you notice me?"

"Yes. And I felt desire for you, too, yesterday at lunch. But I really didn't think that... that we could meet again, that it would be possible to meet."

"Would you come in the other room, Graeme?"


"And... will you spend all the night with me?"

"Yes, absolutely."

"Come..." I said standing up, interrupting that sweet contact between our bodies almost regretfully, but foretasting the night that awaited us.

I switched off the TV set and led him inato the bedroom. Standing at the side of the wide bed, I embraced him keeping him tight against me and kissed him again. I then started to undress him. He was all a quiver in my arms, and at once he too started to undress me.

It felt good to have his skin under my hands; it felt good to have his hands on my skin, while our clothes were falling in disorder on the floor. It felt good to look into his shining eyes, accentuated by his smile.

When I finally opened the buckle of his belt and opened the fly of his trousers, I lowered one hand and slipped it under his underpants to test his shuddering erection, to finger it, to enjoy the strong heat emanating from it, while my other hand caressed the two small and firm mounds of his buttocks. Graeme trembled.

His legs seemed to yield and he went down to suck my nipples, first one and then the other, while his hands were exploring my body. He then lowered some more and through the cloth of my trousers he gently squeezed with his teeth my fully erected hose. I moaned.

His feverish hands opened my trousers and pulled them down, together with my underpants, to my knees. His lips seized my now-naked rod, passing on it, up and down, on its side, then up until they leaned on the shuddering glans, still covered by the prepuce skin.

"Goodness do I like you!" he exclaimed in a whisper; then his lips went again to seize my virile member.

His lips parted, and let all my pole slip inside his mouth squeezed by his lips so to maked it glide down the orifice, until my glans, so freed, tickled his throat and the tip of his nose was pressed against the tuft of hairs of my groin.

I moaned aloud, seized by a strong pleasure, and looked downwards. His head started bobbing back and forth and I could see my rod slipping in and out of his mouth - it was an extremely erotic sight.

I caressed his hair and gently scratched the nape of his neck as one does with a kitten; he moaned and went on to move his head back and forth, moving his tongue against the lower side of my hard hose.

After some of these delightful attentions, I bent a little and seized him by under his armpits, forcing him to stand up and to abandon my virile member. He looked at me with a questioning expression. I pushed him on the bed, freed him of his shoes, socks, then of his trousers and underpants, and I too hurriedly freed myself of mine.

I then went on the bed, lying on top of him. I embraced and deeply kissed him while brushing my totally naked body against his, my hard rod against his own.

He girdled my waist with his legs adhering against me and moving so that his hot and hard pole brushed against my belly, while my rod as hard as marble slipped between his thighs, insinuated between his small sinewy buttocks.

"Screw me, Sergio..." he whispered with a low and sensual voice.

"Yes, later..." I answered, determined not to let end too soon that delightful contact.

"You are so strong... I need to feel you inside me..." he insisted.

"You are a wonderful boy, I really want to take you..." I answered and kissed him again.

He answered to my kiss like a thirsty man, and started to suck my tongue that was sinking and retracting from his mouth almost as if I was tongue-fucking him. Graeme moved his pelvis so to brush the furrow between his spread buttocks and the hidden small hole against my rod which was hard as steel and palpitating because of the desire to sink inside him.

Graeme gently twisted my nipples and smiled radiantly at my pleasure moan. I went down to suck his small and flat nipples, and he darted for the pleasure. I went further down, licking his firm and hollow belly, lingering for some moments on his navel; then I went further down and did another stop on his beautiful pole from which came the agreeable scent of a male in rut, then gently sucked his firm testicles, one at a time, kneading them in my mouth between the tongue and the palate.

The beautiful boy was tossing on my bed, seized by an intense pleasure. I opened my way between his thighs making him spread them well, and licked them on the inner side, and I finally reached my goal - the warm, small palpitating hole hidden in the folds of his hairless and smooth buttocks. He panted and spread his small mounds with both hands, to give me better access.

I started to lick his anus, at times rimming it, at times pushing with the tongue tip at its centre so to make him gradually relax. Graeme was panting strongly and all his body was trembling.

"Screw me..." he begged me again.

"Soon..." I murmured in answer and resumed to work his anus, preparing him to the forthcoming invasion.

"Oh... Screw me, please... I can't take it any more..." the wonderful boy moaned again, caressing my hair.

"Yes... sure..." I answered going on to prepare him and to open him with the tip of my tongue and with my fingers.

He pulled his knees against his chest, pushing them at his sides and well steady, his legs pointing upwards. Now that he was folded and his bottom was stretched out and ready, his small, palpitating and well-exposed hole was fully offered to my cares.

I then slipped a condom on my incredibly hard and impatient rod, and went again on top of him, embracing and keeping him tight, while the tip of my rod found his hot flesh rose-bud in waiting, and our lips united again.

I pushed. The hole seemed to resist. I pushed harder but my rod slipped away. He then took it with a hand and aimed it again on the target. His eyes were begging me to penetrate him. I pushed again and this time; I felt his sphincter slowly dilate, open and widen while I was finally sinking inside him and started to invade him. While he was opening for me, a radiant smile was blooming on his beautiful face.

Graeme started to push against me almost to accelerate my penetration, to make it become deeper, and only when he felt my pubes pressed against his small buttocks did he stop and exhale a satisfied sigh. I looked into his eyes and he smiled at me.

"It's so good..." he murmured.

"Yes..." I agreed.

I lowered to kiss him again and while my tongue was fucking his mouth, my pelvis started to move back and forth in a slow and deep rhythm. I could feel my pole slip in and out of his tight and warm channel. Each time I moved back, his sphincter tightened on my tool and each time I sank again inside him, it relaxed and he slightly tossed his pelvis, so giving me the most agreeable sensations. When my rod brushed against and massaged his prostate, Graeme emitted a pleasant moan.

His fingers were tirelessly playing with my nipples, underlined my sides, glided along my spine, and caressed my neck and my shoulders in a dance of blazing passion.

I gradually increased my rhythm and the vigour of my pushes and he moaned louder, seized by a pleasure certainly not less than mine.

When I parted my lips from his, and straightened up a little to impress more vigour to my pushes, I starting to brush his nipples, erect and hard like two small chickpeas.

He underlined each of my lunges with a "yes..." murmured in a very low voice, but loaded with passion.

His eyes were luminous, shone, and it seemed to me that Graeme had such a beauty as I never saw before, so much that it moved me and make me feel a knot in my throat - that wonderful young man was giving himself entirely, completely to me. Just a few hours ago we were two strangers, and yet we were now so intimately united!

"Oh, Sergio... go on... go on... yes... so..." he moaned tossing his head left and right on the pillow, his face reddened for the pleasure.

His body was covered by a light veil of tiny and thick droplets of sweat, his hands were clawing with a sweet vigour my back, tense in taking him, his pelvis moved synchronously as mine in order to make my pushes even more vigorous and deeper.

"Oh, Sergio... I am... I am almost... I... oh... oh... here I come..." he panted all of a sudden in a kind of passionate wailing.

I felt his pole palpitate between our bellies, spurt, and then I too abandoned myself, ceasing to control myself, and with a set of strong pushes, I unloaded inside him, in his warm depth, moaning in my turn almost in a counterpoint to his pleasure moans.


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