"JOURNEY TO NEW ZEALAND" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on January 14, 2003
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Vin

I let myself go of him, panting, sweating but appeased. Graeme was now caressing me gently all over my body, his eyes closed, a blissed expression painted on his beautiful face.

I was still deeply embedded into him. At times, somebody is annoyed feeling the penis of the companion in him, after he reached his orgasm. I was therefore waiting for a sign that would make me understand if I had to pull out. But that sign didn't come but rather, when I did so, half-softened, as to withdraw, he blocked me with both hands.

He whispered, "No, stay in... I like it too much..."

I caressed his cheek and remained in him.

He took my face in his hands and whispered, "Thank you..."

"To you..." I answered back with a gentle smile.

"No, I thank you. It was so beautiful... After my first man, nobody ever took me so... so... so wonderfully."

I caressed again his cheek and he kissed my hand.

"Your first man?" I asked him.

"Yes, nine years ago. I was sixteen. He was my American football coach and the father of my closest friend. I was in love with him. I had already understood for a couple years that I like males, older than me. But besides masturbating at times with some mates, I never had the chance, or possibly the courage, to have real sex.

"I was feeling more and more in love with Nathan, the father of my friend Kevin... I would have liked to tell him, to make him understand, but I couldn't find the courage. But he should have understood, one way or another.

"So, after a training session he asked me to stay behind as he had to talk with me. Everybody went away, only he and I remained there.

"We can go and have a shower, while we talk, to save time." he told me.

"I had already showered with my mates, but I didn't tell him, as the thought of having a shower with him appealed to me too much. We went in the shower room. He asked me to wash him and he washed me. I got aroused and felt ashamed, but then I noticed that he had a hard-on, too, like me.

"Nathan beat around the bush about my sexuality, but he probed me in order to make sure he was right about what he'd guessed about me ... And he realized he was, in spite of my subtle hints and my fear of exposing myself too much... So, after we rinsed, he embraced me and asked me if I wanted to be his boy, to become his boyfriend.

"I nodded in silence, looking him in his eyes - I was unable to utter a word, so moved that I was. He then took a small bottle without label that I noticed he took with him when we went into the showers room, and I didn't know what it was... It was a vaginal lubricant, slightly anaesthetic, he explained to me later.

"He prepared me for a long time, then moved behind my back and took me there, standing in the showers room. That first time I felt a slight annoyance when his big rod penetrated me, but I loved it very much as I desired it for a long time, so I didn't complain. And afterwards I accepted with great pleasure to meet him again, to do it again with him.

"I became his boyfriend. We were meeting in secret about three times each week. We had to resort to loads and loads of incredible expedients in order to meet, and usually for all too short a time. You know how it is in a small province town... But I adored how he took me, how he made me his, how he fucked me with passion, pleasure, desire and devotion. I adored him and he too was very fond of me.

"I loved very much to feel his beautiful hard pole entering me, filling me... be it in my mouth or in my backside. I would have liked having him every day, or even better, be able to live with him, sleep with him, and eat with him... I was jealous of his wife, and even of his son, my friend Kevin, who was able to be with him every day.

"Our story of passion and love went on for a little more than two years. Until a day, when his wife caught us in bed; she not only wanted the divorce, but also reported him for corruption of a minor. I futilely bear witness that he did not at all corrupt me, that I wanted it, I had wanted it since long before he tried it with me... But he was sentenced. To me that was the tangible proof of how much the so-called justice was unjust.

"I am the son of the pastor of my village. Therefore the trial had some resonance. My family was furious with me because of my behaviour at the trial, and because I didn't play the part of the poor kid got cornered by a perverted man... But I could not, do you see, and not only because I was in love with him, but just because what I said was the sheer truth.

"When he made me understand he desired me, if only I just said no to him, I'm sure, he would not have done anything... I wanted it, so why punish him? At sixteen a boy is already more than able to know what he wants...

"Anyway my family kept me under a strict surveillance, so that I didn't fall any more in what they called, and they still do, a 'horrible vice'. About being a vice, it is so only as much as eating and breathing. And about being horrible... only those who've never experienced it, lived it, can call it that.

"The trial had done me some good though, as I got a reputation from it. Even though my folks were closely monitoring me, other boys who had my same feelings, who shared the same desires as mine, very discretely approached me... and so I could have several adventures, in spite of all. But I desired an adult man, like Nathan... or like you. Those boys my age could be all right for a temporary relief, to amuse myself, but nothing more.

"During the seven years that followed I managed to do it only with two adult men. But none of them had been able to give me what I was looking for or what I needed. One was the barber of our borough... but he wanted just to amuse himself; he was not so different from the boys my age; he was just more skilled in bed. He was able to give me a great pleasure... but then there wasn't anything else. After a few months I stopped stealthily slippping into the back room of his shop after the closing time to have sex with him.

"The first time, while he was turning me around to cut my hair, at a certain point he leaned against me, as it often happened, but that time I clearly felt his erection insistently pushing against my shoulder. I blushed but at once felt excited. Soon after he repeated that same manoeuvre and this time he looked at me in the mirror and winked at me. I blushed again... but winked at him in return, feeling the blood rise to my temples, and my heart beat so strongly that I thought it could... burst out.

"When I was paying, before I went out he whispered to me to come to have my hair cut, next time, just before the closing time. I murmured to him that I understood, that it was all right.

"I must confess to you that I would've gone to have my hair cut already on the following day... but I had to wait. I was so excited at the thought of doing it with him, Bert! He was a man in his mid-40s, good-looking, his hair almost curled, coppery-red, and he had to have a well muscled body, as I knew for a fact that he did lots of gym.

"It finally came the day when I could tell my folks I needed a haircut - and they gave me the money. I told them I would go at the barbershop in the late afternoon, because I would go to study at Harry's home first - Harry was one of my cousins and a class-mate. And finally the time came...

"I went into Bert's shop. He welcomed me with a wide smile where I could read a lot of allusions that got me aroused at once. After he served his last customer, he dismissed his two assistants, closed the shop and signalled me to follow him into the back room. I reminded to him cut my hair anyway. He said, with a smile, that he would do it afterwards, so that I could go back home well combed... In the back room he pointed to me a little bed for the massages and told me to undress, as he would come soon.

"I was expecting him to... to embrace, caress, kiss and undress me... but I complied, undressed and lay on the small bed, waiting for him. He came soon. He was already totally naked and his tool, not big but long, was already erect, jutting out of the thick tuft of reddish hair of his groin, and under it the sack full of his big balls, that was not hanging down but was tight against the root of his pole.

"I was looking at it almost fascinated. He smiled and asked me if I liked it, I nodded. Bert came close to the small bed so that his pole was pointing towards my face which turned on the side to better admire it. 'Let him feel how much you like it, then. Give him a good blow-job', he said leaning a hand on the back of my head and pushing the purple head of his pole towards my lips.

"I opened them and closed them around the glans, like in a trance. 'No, not yet, first of all lick him all, bite him without hurting him, kiss him... let him feel how much you like him...' he said in a lustful tone.

"I complied, slightly surprised that he said 'let him feel' and not 'let me feel'. While I was liking, biting and kissing all its length as he ordered me, with a hand I kneaded his balls and with the other caressed his hairy groin. Once in a while I looked up to check his expression. He had closed his eyes, but his pleased smile told me I was doing in a good way what he wanted from me, as he liked it, and his shuddering pole sent me the same message. I could feel its strong manly and intoxicating scent. I wanted it inside me, all inside me to the root.

"He then said, 'Now take him all in your mouth, let him slip into your throat, suck him and move your tongue all around... yes, Graeme, it feels so good...' He caressed the nape of my neck while I was doing what he asked me. When I felt its tip to reach my throat I stopped and did as to move back. But he seized my head at the sides keeping it still and pushed it deeper inside my throat. I felt I was missing air and felt like coughing, but he kept me still for a few seconds, then finally he pulled it out almost totally so I could breathe again, deeply.

"He, always keeping about one third of his long pole inside my mouth, looked me in the eyes and smiled, amused, 'You have to trust me. I don't want to hurt you, believe me. I just want to fuck you in the mouth in a way that will give you the pleasure that you've never felt before, my word. You have to trust me though, Graeme, I know what I'm doing. While I'm pushing him inside you, you have to take a deep breath with your nose and when you feel his head in your throat you'll have to take it like you're swallowing it, several times. Do you understand?'

"I nodded. 'Do you trust me?' he asked again, in a persuasive tone. I nodded again. He resumed pushing it inside, keeping my head still with both hands. I did as he told and became aware that it was not difficult, that I really liked doing it, so I started to made it reach my throat on my will... He became aware of that change and let go of my head.

"That was the first, real blow-job of my life. I mean. The first done with full will, dedication, desire, without any hesitation. He spurred me, praised and gave me more advice on how to do it even better...

"I was going on at full speed, like a hungry calf sucking the milk of his mother - until he withdrew and slipped it out. I looked at him with surprise and somewhat with disappointment, but he smiled at me, 'Now I want to fuck your nice little arse. I want to come inside you, and I will make you come together with me, and you'll see it'd superb. Raise your legs, come on, and lean them on my shoulders... No, wait, turn around ninety degrees on the bed, so that your nice arse will jut out... Good...' he said.

"He spread something on my hole, wore a condom and without any preliminaries, without any gentleness and rather with some energy, he made it entirely inside with only one push. I had a jolt and was about to protest, it was not how I wanted to take it... but he began to move in such a way that I instantly started to see the fireworks of pleasure.

"He fucked me for a long time, giving me great pleasure, until he decided he wanted to come and, as he told me, he made me came together with him, too. And all was over. He told me to dress and he quickly dressed, then cut my hair and gave me a date for the following week...

"I went again. Sex with him was more than agreeable, really gratifying. But between Bert and I, there was nothing else. Instead, I felt the need to receive also something more. So, at a certain point, I stopped going with him. I mean, I went to have my haircut, but in a normal time slot and then went away. Bert tried to convince me to have sex with him again, but I didn't want do it with him any more at all; and even though he insisted, I didn't change my mind.

"My second man after Bert was Fillmore. I was then twenty years old and was attending the university. He was a forty-eight-year-old man and worked at the security service of the university campus. He understood I am gay and since he liked me, he started to court me.

"Yes, I mean - when we met at the bar of the university, he always offered me something, talked with me and was able to be fascinating... I felt attracted to him, he was... manly, self-confident, determined and also handsome. But I was unable to make him understand what I wanted. Possibly, what blocked me was that I came to know he was married with five children...

"Until an evening, while we were walking down a street going back towards our homes - he all of a sudden pushed me into a blind and dimly lit alley. I understood at once why and didn't try to resist or to escape at all. He pushed me against a closed door. He told me he wanted me, that he couldn't resist any more, that he couldn't wait longer...

"I felt confused, excited; I felt as if my head and body were on fire. I could feel his hands everywhere, under my clothes, on my skin. I could feel his warmth wrapped around me, melting me... He opened my trousers and lowered them to my ankles together with my underpants; he made me twirl and I let him do so, shuddering... He slipped his hard and hot tool entirely inside me with only one vigorous push and started to fuck me there, against the closed door, with manly vigour, panting and moaning at each stroke.

"I could feel his hands on my chest brush my nipples, his warm breath on my nape, his burning rod filling me up deep, massaging me inside, brushing against my prostate and giving me waves and waves of a growing pleasure. Fillmore's terrible excitment only increased mine.

"It was a fiery, incredible and wild intercourse... and he finally pushed inside me with all his might, hugged me and pulled me against himself arching back so that he almost raised me from the ground, and flooded the depths of my channel with his boiling lava and then I ejaculated, too, violently against the wing of that closed door.

"He withdrew from me, panting, made me turn around and with a satisfied smile asked me, 'So, then, how was it, boy?' 'Fantastic!' I panted, still shaken from the intensity of that orgasm. 'Good. I too liked you a lot. I want you to be my steady lover.' he then said.

"After that first time he didn't any more take me so, standing and in a public place. We met in his office after the closing time, as there was a sofa bed. He closed the door with the key, opened the sofa, undressed me and himself all naked, pushed me on the mattress, came on top of me and took me with the same impetuosity and wild joy with which he took me that first time.

"But now we did it with more time and more tranquillity, and Fillmore had with me also some agreeable preliminaries, and after orgasm nice attentions. So I gradually fell in love with him... and became jealous of his wife and children. In fact I soon became aware that to him I came after all of them. Do you know, something like 'No, this evening I can't stay with you, I promised my children I take them to the movies' or else 'No, I promised my wife to spend this week-end all with her'... or other similar things.

"When he was with me, to me it was just wonderful, but he was spending with me little time, much less than I would have liked... I became aware that to him I was just a spare tire, in short.

"When I tried to tell him so, he burst out laughing, 'Graeme! I like you a lot, you are my boyfriend, but we aren't married, are we? You've no right to lay claims on me; you have to content yourself with what I can give you. You know that when I have some spare time I spend it with you, don't you?' 'Yes, but...' I tried to object. 'And you like how I fuck your nice little arse, don't you?' he insisted. 'Sure, but...' I complained. 'But, but... Come on, Graeme! Now, lower your trousers, come on, and you'll see how I'll make you forget all about your 'but' and 'but!' - he said.

"Yes, surely I liked being taken by him too much, so I surrendered to his requests every time... Our relationship dragged on for almost all the academic year. But I was feeling increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied. Anyway, it was enough that he embraced me, kissed me, and groped me with his contagious desire that melted me in his arms and make me consented to any of his desires and fantasies.

"But I was increasingly feeling like a toy in his hands. While we were having sex, he made me feel precious and happy, but then, when our fiery mating was over, I felt neglected and therefore dissatisfied... So finally a day I found the strength to put this relationship to an end as well.

"For months I didn't have any occasions to have sex; it was not easy in our little province town, both because my folks were still keeping an eye on me, and because there wasn't, at least to my knowledge, any place for gay people to meet.

"I managed a few rare times, with a pretext or another, to come here in Christchurch, where I'd found a gay club, the 'Buddies' in Lichefield Street. It was quite easy for me to find some adventures there. But unhappily it seldom happened... and anyway it was just a physical and temporary relief.

"So, as I got the university grades, I decided to move here in Christchurch in the hope of finding a job and to finally live my life in my dimension, my way..."

"Did you find a job?" I then asked him.

"No, not yet. But, Sergio... I want again do it with you... wouldn't you like to take me again?" Graeme asked me in a begging tone.

"Why don't you stay here tonight and sleep here with me, Graeme? I would really be happy..." I then said, hoping he accepted.

"If you really want it... to me there is no problem, on the contrary..." he answered looking at me with a smile.

I kissed him and my penis that was still immersed into him came back to life, hardened, and I felt again full of desire for that sweet and delightful boy.

I started to move inside him and the bright smile with which Graeme pushed himself against me to better enjoy my strokes, filled me with joyous pleasure.

"Oh, yes, Sergio... screw me!" he begged, happily.

I silenced him by kissing him again deeply and went on moving my rod, hard like steel, inside his eager velvety tunnel, while my tongue explored deeply all his hot mouth and he sucked it, elated.

"I like you too much, Graeme..." I panted pushing inside him as much as possible, and caressing all his beautiful, youthful and fresh body.

"Me too, Sergio. I like you too... You are wonderful, a wonderful male, a stallion in heat..."

God, I really liked that boy - a boy to die for. Not only was he beautiful and sweet, but he made me feel... welcome in him. It was a really agreeable sensation that I was feeling for the first time in my life. Other boys in the past made me feel they were pleased having sex with me. But Graeme made me really feel much more than just that. Being inside him, taking him, was something very beautiful, really special, and he made me feel so with his entire body - his wide and joyful smile, his bright or ever shining eyes, his hands so sweet on my skin, his kisses so intimate and sweet, his being never sated with me...

No, it was not just the fact that for a long time I didn't have any chance for sex. Graeme was really a special boy. Keeping him in my arms, being embedded inside him, kissing him, made me feel so alive, so... right, as I never felt this way before.

"Oh, Sergio... fill me up!" he panted.

"But if so... it will be over..." I gently protested.

"But we can do it again, if I stay here with you." he suggested. "We can do it again as much as we want, can't we?"

"Yes, Graeme." I panted restarting to move in him with renewed pleasure and relived desire.

He slipped just a little under me and I felt his lips suck one and then the other nipple... and this finally triggered in me a new orgasm, and I started to unload inside him with a set of powerful jets while he was gently gnashing one of my nipples, moaning for the pleasure with each of my jets, and finally he too unloaded between our tense, contracted bellies.

He parted a little from me and panted, "Oh, Sergio... it's so good! Oh... so... good..."

I abandoned myself on top of him; I was panting too. I caressed his cheek and he smiled me. I kissed him again.

"Now it will be better we sleep, Graeme."

"Will you... will you keep me embraced?"

"Certainly, my little one." I answered feeling filled with tenderness.

I slipped out of him, cleaned him and me using my vest. I switched off the light, then wrapped him in my arms and legs, and kissed him.

"Have a good rest, Graeme." I whispered.

"You too, Sergio." he answered with a sweet smile while I was pulling the quilt over our naked and tightly intertwined bodies.

During the night I woke up a couple times and looked at him. His face was faintly lit by the street lamps of Papanui Road that filtered inside through the stained glass of the windows. My god, how beautiful and tender was he! I would have liked to keep him with me forever, I would have liked him to become my lover, but unfortunately, even if all went well, I was reminded that I had just a little more than three weeks to enjoy his precious company.

I anyway decided that the following morning I would ask him to stay there in my suite with me, for what remained of that month. I really hoped there would be no difficulties.

The following morning I woke up feeling delighted. Graeme was crouching between my legs and was sucking my hard-on with sweet passion.

Goodness, how good was it feeling his silky lips gliding up and own all along my rod on which he pushed down to his throat, feeling his tongue moving against the back side of my virile member then turn around the tense glans, imprisoned in his sweet lips!

For a while I let him do what he was doing, without giving him a hint that I'd waken up. Then I caressed his hair. He looked upwards and his eyes smiled at me, bright and joyful, while his mouth was going on moving up and down on my hard rod, and his hands caressed my groin and gently kneaded my testicles.

I smiled back at him, then slowly turned around until my face was in front of his beautiful, hard and palpitating pole. I started kissing and licking it, and then finally let it slip entirely inside my mouth, down to my throat, with extreme and yet growing pleasure.

He moaned and tossed, and devoted himself to my pleasure with renewed energy and passion that I at once returned. It was a wonderful sixty-nine where each of us was competing to give the other the utmost pleasure.

Outside there was a pale sun that lightened the room. I parted from him and looked at him, and a wave of emotion seized me - he was really beautiful! I embraced and kissed him. He looked into my eyes with a sweet smile.

"Isn't it true that you'll take me again?" he asked me in a whisper.

I nodded. He lay down and spread his legs, offering himself to me. I kneeled in front of him, put a pillow under his pelvis to raise it to the right level. I went closer to him, and put the tip of my rod between his small and firm buttocks spread in waiting. He smiled at me, inviting. I brushed his small nipples, already hardened, and his smile accentuated. I glided forward and my glans started to push on his rosebud of flesh.

He kept it in position with a hand while I was starting to push. I felt him open under me, receive me, and I slipped inside him slowly but determinedly. Graeme, feeling it enter him, let out a low sigh.

"Yes... so..." he murmured.

I pushed until I was entirely inside him. The intense warmth of his love channel wrapped around me. When I was totally inside him, I leaned on him and deeply kissed him on his mouth, while I was slowly moving back my pelvis to then push it again forward with energy. Back and forth, back and forth. His eyes, close to mine, were shining.

"Oh, Sergio... oohh, it feels so good... go on... go on..." he beseeched, radiant.

Yes, it was really good, and I was once again astounded for how much I liked making love with that boy I met by pure chance, that the rain and the desire to smoke gave me the opportunity to get to know him...

"Graeme... I like you too much!"

"Too much?" he asked in a whisper.

I didn't answer him - I could feel he understood what I meant, and I think that he too was sharing my same feeling - the joy of being with him, mixed with the regret of knowing that soon, too soon, we would have to be separated. Mine was just a vacation... I, coming from Italy and working in Japan, thousands of kilometres would soon separate us.

I chased away that sad thought from my mind - for the moment I wanted to enjoy that miracle of a boy that I had the chance to have met, and made him enjoy all my desire and all my passion.

I deeply kissed him again, going on moving inside him. But that thought was coming back inexorable, "I did just meet him and I have to soon lose him... I don't want to! Why life has to be so cruel, so difficult? I want Graeme for me, all for me, forever. I want to belong to Graeme, to be entirely his, forever!"

I kissed and caressed him with yearning tenderness, while going on taking him. Graeme, under me, was going on smiling at me and caressed my chest, belly, sides, thighs and back making me feel with all his body how happy he was being again united with me.

I wanted to whisper to him, "Graeme, I love you!" I really wanted to tell him so. But I knew I could not, I should not... But how difficult it was! Yes, I was not wrong, I had fallen in love with that wonderful boy that so readily gave himself to me and who seemed to be never sated of me.

And finally, unable and not wanting to control myself any more, I gave him all my seeds in a frenzy of pleasure and enjoyment. He too, soon after, reached an intense orgasm, and with each jet of his seeds between our bodies, he vigorously jolted and his lips opened in a silent ecstastatic yell.

We then lied down, with I still on top of him, tightly embraced, kissing now with tenderness, both panting, both happy. I caressed his cheek.

"How are you?" I asked him in a low voice.

"Wonderful. In heaven..." he sweetly whispered. "Never been better. Are you happy to have me here, with you?"

"More than happy, Graeme, more than happy."

"Good..." he murmured.

I slowly withdrew from him, then embraced him tightly, turning on our sides, our legs intertwined. We were giving each other small kisses all over our faces, and we smiled to each other. My god, how good was I feeling!

"Today is a fine day... do you feel like going out? I can be your guide downtown then we can have lunch together... Do you feel like it?" Graeme asked me, caressing my hair.

"Of course I feel like doing it. I would like to eat in a typical restaurant, the real New Zealand's kitchen. It will be on me. Do you know such a restaurant?"

"Yes, I do."

"Can we spend all the day together?"


"Then... will you come again to sleep here?"

"I would be glad." he answered with a wide smile.

"Good, then it's settled!" I said. "What do you think of going now to have a nice shower?"

"Together?" he asked me with a light of hope in his eyes.

"Yes... even though I'm afraid if we take it together... it ends that we make again love..." I said to him with a smile that wanted to tell him this possibility was far from displeasing me.

"Well... we can run that risk, can't we? I really like running such risks, don't you know?" he answered me with a mischievous expression.

So we got up and went into the shower box - we barely entered it, in two. Under the water pelt, we brushed against each other, kissing. We soon got another beautiful erection. Closing the water, we first poured some shampoo on each other's head, making it foam, then we started to spread the bathing gel on our bodies, again each to the other. It was something of a combination of soaping, caressing, massaging and teasing and it was unbelievably sensual.

It was really agreeable when he soaped my genitals, then between my buttocks, and as much exciting when I did it to him. Then we started to rinse each other and the combined action of the water jet and the hands of the other all over the body was increasingly sensual, and the pleasure was becoming almost unbearable.

I kneeled in front of him and started to greedily suck his beautiful erected pole. He leaned with his shoulders against the tiled wall, and emitted a long pleasant moan. He moved his pelvis back and forth, so to fuck my mouth and meanwhile caressed my head. The pelt of water hit his belly and streamed on my face. It was a really agreeable sensation.

Then Graeme stiffened and I understood he was close to coming. With a hand I kneaded his testicles and with a finger of the other I teased his hidden hole. Graeme emitted a long and low moaning and started to give me jets of his seeds. It was sweet and tasty. While I was gulping it down, I savoured it. I then pushed my face against his pubes, lightly shaking my head, while I sucked out the last drops of his elixir of life...

He bent over to me, made me raise my head and kissed me in the mouth, taking me at my sides and making me stand up. When I was up, he caressed my rod still hard like granite strutting straight out, and without a word turned his back to me, leaned his hands wide on the tiles and pushed out his cute butt, towards me.

With a hand I directed my rod on its goal and penetrated him again. I then embraced him at his waist, pushing it entirely inside him, and started again to take him, standing there under the water jet and caressed and massaged our bodies.

"Yes, Sergio... So..." he moaned pushing back his pelvis at rhythm with each of my strokes.

Even though I had an orgasm a little earlier, the excitement was so strong and huge, and so sharpened by the strong jet of water on our bodies, that I soon came again, letting out a loud moan with each stroke I was giving, spurting all my seeds inside him.

We parted, panting. Graeme turned around again and we kissed once more.

"Now it will be better we dry ourselves, wear our clothes and go out..." he said with a smile, his voice low and hot for the pleasure we reached once more, "or else it ends up that we do nothing but make love today... Do you know, I still don't really get enough of you..."

I nodded and smiled - I was thinking exactly the same of him, I was still not feeling sated of him either.

Out of the shower box, we dried each other; and hand in hand like two high school kids in love, we went back to the bedroom and wore our clothes. I took him to the hotel's restaurant for breakfast. And finally we left the hotel and went to visit Christchurch's town centre.


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