Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, a TOTAL fantasy, based on a three-minute meeting of a casual acquaintance of one of my siblings, and no contact occurred between the man and myself, beyond a brief handshake, however, the man's body image sent me into orbit, immediately, as I imagined being with him. In the moment, his fireplug body, in either a security officer's uniform or a cop's uniform I honestly DON'T remember and his super-thick neck, a body that looked like his head was attached to his shoulders without a neck, as the neck was SO thick, I wondered if his upper body strength was as great as it appeared, and if his pectorals were as meaty and thick as they appeared through his shirt.

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"Mike the Cop"

---Bobby Joe


"Bobby Joe? You up here?"


"Yeah, bro...come on in. I'll be right out..."


Mike was a hunky, fire-plug of a bear, who had dated Sis a couple of times. Apparently, it didn't turn out well for him, yet for me, I was the unintended benefactor of a potential relationship for her and him, and at that time in my life I had no intention of letting her know he was hanging out with me, now. He took to me like the proverbial duck to water. I had no idea he was even interested in me until he showed up at my doorstep one summer day, about a month before.

"Hey bud, gotta take a mean piss. OK if I join you in there?"

"Sure, Mike, come on. I promise I won't attack you."

"HeeHee...well, I was kinda hoping you would."

"Really, man? Didn't think you played on my side of the street."

"I don't usually, but when I first met you, I knew even then I wanted to get to know you better, and that maybe you'd act on that obvious attraction you had to me. I dig my fellow bears, too, although I don't advertise it, buddy."

His piss finished, he left it hanging out of his shorts, obviously hoping for some movement from me. It didn't take me long to figure it out, so I reached out and grabbed his junk and slowly started jacking the nice, thick member hanging from his jock. His balls, bigger than mine even, foretold of a large load of cum just waiting to be blasted from those delicious looking orbs. The heat of the day had his testicles hanging low in the heavy ballsack, although the size of the man-meat and the twin golf-ball sized spheres were instantly mouth-watering. My desire to get them in my oral cavity was overwhelming. Kneeling before this most beautiful specimen of a big bear, his manhood was in my mouth in mere seconds, and I was instantaneously aroused to the point of wanting to keep his appendage and family jewels in my mouth, forever.


"Fuck, man! You're trying to live up to your initials, B.J.?"


"You betcha, hunkster. You're right up my alley," I replied, and immediately went back to pleasuring the man's ample meat. His thick shaft and huge mushroom head was surrounded by my tongue.

"Oooooh yeah, Bobby Joe! Take that cock man. Christ, boy, you've got a hot mouth, big guy!"

"I've got a hot mouth for the right kinda guy, Mike, and you're the ultimate, in my eyes, ya big hunk of hairy manhood..."


All too soon, Mike's balls drew up for the inevitable, and he held onto my shoulders for dear life.


"FUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!! Here it comes dude... Uggghhhhh! Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!"


Leaving his cock in my mouth but on my tongue only, his sweet cream load gave me a treat I hadn't had in a while, and put this bear in orbit, shooting my load into my shorts without even having so much as thinking about touching myself! My load was damn-near as big as Mike's, and our mutual orgasms held onto us for a while.


Mike sat on the toilet, and began to cry.


"Buddy, you OK? You're shaking!"


"Fuck man, that's the best head I've ever had. No man, or woman, has ever had me blast that much cum out in one load. You always give superior head like that? I couldn't stop the cum from happening, Bobby Joe."


"Only when the fireplug guy turns me on as much as you do, Mike. Your fur is one turn on for me, but that hot bod of yours pushes me over the edge. Is this your first load in a while?"


"Naw, man. I came buckets last night when I beat my meat at home. That's because of YOU, Bobby Joe. I was fantasizing about you, man. You're my ideal, Bobby Joe. Big bear, sweet, cuddly...what more can a guy ask for?"




"No, not buts, big fella. You had my eye before I had even seen you with your shirt off, that time at the city pool. And when I did see you, bare-chested, I knew you were going to be something I wanted to try for, with or without your sister in the picture! You're the kind of guy who gives me a rush, every time!"


"If anyone had told me this was even a REMOTE possibility, I would have surely thought them insane, Mike. A big burly cop, and a beautiful fireplug of a cuddly teddy bear type on top of it, of course, gave me an instant boner, Mike. That and a sweet, friendly banter with a killer smile? How do you keep the ladies off you, anyway? I'm surprised you're not having your door beaten down by throngs of man-hungry women!"


"Not really interested, B.J. Yeah, I liked your sister, yet......I guess I always knew it wasn't for me, like the old song goes. It probably wouldn't have worked out, anyway, Bobby Joe, as I've always known I'm more geared towards other guys. I think your sis sensed that, although I definitely can get aroused by women, I just cannot get off on their personalities. Most are too clingy, talk way too much, and just make me very uncomfortable, to where I would back out after a while of dating. I'm kinda glad your sister said "this isn't going to work out, Mike," long before I had the inkling it wasn't going to go anywhere. Maybe she sensed something she didn't like, or maybe she sensed some chemistry between you and I, I don't know."

"If she did, she never said anything to me, Mike, and probably wouldn't have. That's not her style."


"Yeah, I kinda sensed that. She has more class than that."


"Yeah, she's a great Christian gal, a real "Lady" in my book, and I wouldn't mind having had a romantic relationship with her, had she not been my sister, but when it comes down to it, I am not a woman's man, and I've known about it since high school, well, junior high, actually, as I even had a couple of girls I had to tell to back off, that I wasn't boyfriend material for them. Both were REALLY pissed, but got the message, loud and clear, and left me alone after that."

"Same here, Bobby Joe. Wish I had known you back then. Bet you were a cute fucker."

"What? I'm not still a cute fucker?"

"Yeah, more like a hunky fucker, now, boy. And damn hot, dude......a real, live teddy-bear."

"Well, thank you, Mike. That's QUITE the compliment!!!"

"You're welcome!"

Mike surprised the daylights out of me then, by planting a kiss on my mouth, and then forcing my mouth open with his dynamic tongue.

"Fuck it, Bobby Joe. Gotta have you, dude...I don't care if you're my former girlfriend's brother. You're one of the hottest men I've ever met, and I want you to fuck the daylights out of me, bro. I want that bear-cock of yours inside me, loading me up with bear-cum and ramming it home all the way, all year long, big fella!"

"You've got it, dude...bedroom, now, on your knees on the bed, and prepare to bed raped, dude..."

"Yeah, c'mon Bobby Joe...fuck me til the cows come home, Big Boy!!! Cum in my ass and send it shooting up into my mouth with your pocket-rocket, boy!"


"Oh yeah, you've got it, big fella...here it comes!"

"Yeah, Bobby Joe! Fuck the ever-livin' shit out of my hole, dude!"


I don't usually fuck anyone without lube, but Mike had apparently planned ahead enough to used spit as we were talking, and my cock went straight up his poop-chute at full-speed, and I bottomed out, landing on top of the man with a firm, loud thud.


"Yeah, man!!! Pound me! Hard, Bobby Joe! Land on me with all your weight and thrust up into me with all your might...make me know I'm being fucked by a real man, big guy!"

"You've got it, dude......now, hold fuckin'-still Mike!"


"Yeah, Big Boy!!! Give...me......that...cum!!! Yeah, boy! Fill my ass with your man cream!!!" Each word he uttered was accented by a solid thrust into his arse. I bottomed out each time, sending the man into wild, thrashing shudders as he too quickly approached his climax.


Despite just having blown a load in my shorts not more than ten minutes before, my cum was getting ready to shoot. I felt my balls draw up as I landed on top of Mike with all of my two hundred fifty furry pounds, and thrust all the way into his well-used arse.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Fucking cummmmmmmiiiiinnnnnngggggg!!!!!"

"Aaaaagggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! Fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!!!!!! I'm cumming too, B.J.!!!" Sure enough, Mike's cock began shooting cum well above his head and onto the pillow and his face. By the time he stopped shooting semen, his face was covered with his own load.


"Yeah, blow that load, bro. Share it with me, dude...I want your cum, Big Man!!!! Give it to me!"


My cock was still leaking, as Mike reached up and onto his face, scooping up some of his own jizz to share with me.


"Gladly, Big Boy. Happy to share my load with my bro. You like my cum, don't you, Bobby Joe?"

"Fuck yeah, Mike! Having my buddy's cum is an awesome thing. Makes us a part of each other."


"Know what, B.J.? I want you to be a part of my life, on a permanent basis. You're too good to let get away, man. What are those other guys thinking, I wonder, and why aren't you already taken? They don't know what they're missing, Bobby Joe. Not only are you a great fucker, but also one helluva sweet, lovin' man. I could get addicted to you, very easily, with you fucking me like that, on a regular basis, lemme tell ya!!! Added to that, you're an ace cocksucker, and that's not meant to be in any manner of speaking derogatory! You are so good at giving head, I'm surprised the boys aren't lined up outside YOUR door!!! No shit, dude! You're the best, boy!"


Looking at the man, face to face in bed that afternoon, I realized his hole was calling me, once more. I could see the easy smile come to his face and gave Mike what he wanted, four more times that evening. When I finally popped out of his hole, at about Midnight, I was finally sated. Then thirty years old myself, Mike was easily five years my senior, yet he kept up with me, orgasm for orgasm. Our final cum was a screaming, back-arching experience for Mike, and a memorable load-emptying one for me, as the fifth load was not only as plentiful as the first, yet I felt I shot farther and harder on number five than I did with load number one. Mike's ass fully loaded with my bear-cum, he pinched his cheeks shut as he ran to the bathroom to unload. I heard a groan as he flushed.

"Fuck, Bobby Joe! Your loads filled me up, man! How you DO cum, Big Fella...you can fill me up, anytime!!! I love taking your cum-loads!!! And always will... Round two in eight hours, Big Man?!?"


"Oh you betcha, ya big lug! Get that ass ready for loads number seven through twelve, Mike. THIS bear is full of cum, just waiting for a willing hole. You ready for the onslaught? I'll be fully recharged by then."


"I love you, Bobby Joe, and I want you to fill me up, every night."


"You got it, Big Boy. But, don't you want to top me, too?"

"Nope. Got what I want, right here. Want you on top of me, and inside me, forever, Big Boy. You're my man, and I'm gonna make you so happy in bed you'll never so much as LOOK at another man and wonder what he would be like in bed."

"You've got me, Mike. Forever. You're the one who gets my motor running, Hot Stuff!"


"Take me, tame me, use me, make me feel like your slave, I don't care. I just want that wonderful bod of yours in bed beside me, forever, Big Boy!"

"You've got it, dude. Now get up here and service your man. I've got at least two maybe three loads yet to blast either up your ass or down your throat!"


"Take me, Bobby Joe. Mark me as your property. Make me your boy."


"You already are, son. And when we're through here this afternoon, your ass will be SOOOOOO sore, you won't be able to sit for a week!"


""Bring it on, Big Fella!!!"


We fucked through the afternoon and evening, another six times, total. My cock was so sore from fucking, I had to give it a rest of a few hours, in order to continue. Being a weekend, the next day was the same: non-stop sex. Mike was insatiable!!! I gave up yet another six rather large loads of cum, and the man still wanted more! At seven o'clock that evening, I told him, "that's it, dude. I don't know if I can get it up again, big bro. You want any more, you'll have to jerk off over my furry chest, `cause I don't know if Junior will rise to the occasion again, or not!" He took it in stride, and gave me two rather spectacular loads after that, the last one lasting well over a minute, and consisting of twelve shots of cum. At five years my senior, Mike's libido was still in teenager mode, apparently, and he could have gone more, if his body had held out. As it was, he was tired, as well, and we slept in each other's arms until about six o'clock that next morning, being a Monday holiday, so neither of us had to get up for work.


"Hey, stud, you wanna give me some more man-cream? I'm ready for your next load, big boy!"


"Jeez, Mike! Do you ever get tired?"


"Nope! Always ready for my man!"


"Well, OK, but my body may say no."


"That's OK if it does. We can wait a while."


"You ever like doing the deed yourself, dude? Your insatiable desire for man-cream is amazing, but, don't you ever like being a top?"


"Not my style, bro. I like having my man inside me, all the time if I can get it. Besides that, you being such the stud, I thought you would want to fuck all weekend! Seems I was right!"

"Yep, I just don't want to cheat you out of mutually satisfying orgasms."


"Not a chance, bro. Haven't you noticed? I've matched you, one for one, each and every time you've left a deposit within me, my cum factory has given up another load! Besides that, bro, every man I know wants YOU, dude, to leave a few loads inside them...even the largest-hung men know YOU are The Man. We ALL want you to fuck us. And there's fifteen of us to service, if you want, Big Man, so I say, "Go for it!" Have fun and seed all the men you want. Even a man whose cock measures a full twelve inches that I know wants your load, deep inside him, so you know, there's more of us out there than you would have first imagined! You Da Man, dude...and everyone knows it, and everyone I know wants stud-service, man, so I encourage you to go to town, and be the man you are, and seed all the men you want, and all the men who ask for it!"

"Fuck, dude! Get the men to e-mail me or call me, will ya? Jeez, man! You've got me harder than a rock, Big Boy! Bring `em on, fella! And tell `em I am ready to fill their asses with some really wonderful-tasting man-cream!!!"

"Daddy-bear, I know a whole bunch of men who will be really ready to hear that!"


And so began the adventure of a lifetime. In the following thirty days, all fourteen remaining men visited me, one after the other, about two days apart, and were each seeded at least four times, many of them six and seven times. Of course, Mike stuck around, and we would often top off the evening by me topping him. On Day Thirty, he told me, "Well, bro, that's the last of them. Five men want repeats, however, most are going back to their partners, with demands that their partners straighten up their acts and fuck them on a regular basis, or they are leaving them. You've inadvertently created a monster, yet in a manner of speaking, it may be the best thing the community here has ever experienced, as the men all know there's a man out here who is willing to seed them, when they are not getting any at home."


Fortunately for me, Mike's hole is always open, and he is always willing to take my load. What Sis gave up she'll never know, but I bet that if the tables were turned, Mike's cock would always be ready for that hole, and rock-hard. Too bad guys can't get pregnant, or then again, maybe not, `cause we'd be surpassing the Duggars, by now!!!



Mike's cock was always ready for some action. One bright and cold winter Sunday morning, the thought of Mike fucking me got the better of me, and I allowed it.


"Fuck me, Big Man! I want your seed, this morning!"

"You sure about this, Babe? I know you've only been fucked once in your entire life, and you didn't necessarily like it."

"Yeah, just go slow at first. Your cock is a good size, but I don't think it will hurt me."


Mike was the perfect gentleman and took it easy until I was ready for some heavy-duty thrusting. His instinct took over then, and he hammered me until his man-cream flooded my insides. I couldn't speak, but my face did my speaking for me, as did my mouth, and kissed my man incessantly for the next fifteen minutes. The cum that covered my fur told the tale of an orgasm worth remembering, for me, as I had never cum so much while getting fucked, or afterward. His cock finally slipped out and I groaned out my sadness of being empty.


"I take it you liked that, eh, Babe?"

"Mike, that was WONDERFUL! You are the perfect, considerate lover, especially so when it comes to the uninitiated. And, you waited for me to tell you it was ok to begin the final assault, which showed me your heart is in the right place, and you are not just a prick, with a body attached."


"Good, Sweetheart. I am glad you liked that, `cause I did, too. It's been many months since I've fucked anyone, although I would MUCH rather take the bottom role, especially so as you are so good at fucking me."


The rest of the weekend was spent in bed, curled up against each other, and I gave Mike four more loads deep inside him during the remaining hours of the day. True to his word, he kept up his cum-producing ways with the same number of loads. We finally gave up on trying to keep cleaned up after each load landing on his fur, and took a shower sometime after 1:00 a.m. If you are blessed with an abundant amount of fur like Mike and I, you probably already know, it's not easy getting dried cum out of your hair! Sure enough, three attempts later, we were certain all the cum had finally been washed and rinsed away, but boy, did we ever have fun doing it! Luckily, I was at the end of the row of apartments, and no one was in the apartment below mine. I knew the water bill would probably be outrageous that month, but well worth it!!!



Twenty-seven years later, we're still fucking like rabbits. Mike rarely fucks me, but when he does, he still cums like a damn volcano! Mine is more like a lava-flow these days, but I can still cum buckets, and seven orgasms in one day is not unheard of, although six is my usual. Saturdays are usually our day for sex, and we spend the entire day in bed. Last month, our twenty-seventh anniversary, was a day of monumental importance, as it was the first and only time I was able to fuck Mike pretty-much non-stop over twenty-five or so hours: I just stayed inside the man and whenever ol' Junior rose to the occasion again, Mike got another load out of me. I have no idea how many times I climaxed, and the last time was watery, yeah, but I lasted an hour and a half inside the man, and we each were soaked with sweat when we finished. I'm sixty now, and Mike is sixty-five, and we're still teenagers in love, no doubt. Our friends have all gone through multiple relationships, some several, yet Mike and I are still in there, breeding and screaming like banshees, every weekend. Since that first weekend, we moved into a duplex which I own. Our downstairs renters are another gay couple who are celebrating twelve years together, and seek us out, every time they want advice. Mike and I have had both of them in bed, and we never play alone. Mark and Stan are fifty-five and forty-five, and a cute couple. Mark is as insatiable as my guy Mike, and Stan is even worse! Mike and I fuck both of them together a lot. Two weekends ago, Mark and Stan spent the entire weekend in bed with us, with Mike and I fucking each man a minimum of twelve times [seeing it was their twelfth anniversary and all!]. The two of them are much like Mike insatiable, and screamers! I fucked Mark that Sunday afternoon, with him moaning the entire time, for one solid hour. He said when he was finished that he had never felt that anyone had understood his need to be deep-fucked before, but he was finally sated. Stan took umbrage at that, yet when I explained to Stan how to satisfy Mark that way, Mark reported back that last weekend, they spent the entire weekend in bed themselves, and Stan finally took Mark's suggestions and hammered the man to the fullest extent, and left him feeling like he had been fucked, once again, like I had the previous weekend. We celebrated Mark's satisfaction, and Mark was indeed satisfied, as he related he came five times to Stan's three, while Stan was plowing his posterior.


Satisfaction isn't always guaranteed, of course, even of lovers with twenty and thirty years together. Yet knowing how to fuck our partners, with the intensity and speed they need to get full benefits, goes a long way to bringing a partner up to the places they need to be, to feel fully satisfied. When I fuck Mike, it isn't usually a "wham-bam-thank-you-Sam" type fuck. Usually, ten or more hours in the bedroom are more like it, and I leave not only satisfied, but also and most importantly to my way of thinking I leave my partner satisfied, too. On those rare occasions we have an engagement we have to attend, we come home and fuck our brains out until dawn. I gave up a long time ago trying to count the times I have fucked Mike, or he has fucked me. Yet, all things taken for what they are, we satisfy each other, and always have, right from the very start! Ninety-eight percent of the time, it's me, fucking Mike, yeah, but we are satisfied with the other, and sated in the best possible meaning of the term. Having entered "The Zone" a few times a week for the last twenty-plus years, I can honestly say the ultimate fuck always satisfies me, and leaves me literally! "breathless," and coming down from that much of a sexual "high" plainly shows me that the alternate name of an orgasm "The Little Death" makes a GREAT deal of sense, as I am pretty much "out of it" for several minutes after that type of an orgasmic release.


When all is said and done, maybe the people who matter most to us will realize that it's not the sex, it's the love. Fucking our brains out is fun, yeah: don't get me wrong, but without relationship, it's nothing. Mike fell for me in a hurry, and I fell for him pretty quickly, too. Yet in all of that, the relationship we have is one of fun, and companionship.