Last Chapter


"That is your stage...that is where all the magic is going to happen."

I look over at the stage.  We are in another country.  I'm not sure where.  They won't let us know.  Lux, Everett and I are here and it looks like this place is some private manor distinct from anything else that I've seen.

The man talking to us isn't the Crowned Prince himself but one of the many guys who works for him.

"What if we don't want to?" Lux asks, "What if we don't want to perform?"

"What do you think?"

The implications in that moment causes all of us to get really quiet.  We didn't have a choice.  I notice the Crowned Prince does seem to have a lot of security around here.  I also notice how Everett and Lux are acting towards me since we've been caught.  Everett has been quiet and for Lux, well Lux is literally just ignoring me.

"How many people going to be in here?" Everett asks.

"Just you three and him.  Taking turns dancing for him.  It's his own personal private party."

The Crowned Prince was clearly sick and these people that worked for him were doing nothing more than enabling him.


"Sounds fun," Lux sarcastically whispers under his breath.


"I'll show you to your dressing room.  One at a time I'll come and get you."



The dressing room is luxurious.  We are taking off our clothes and changing into our underwear.  I look over at Lux.  He's wearing this blinged out jockstrap.  That is always like him.  Then there is Everett who is wearing some really fitted plain black underwear.  I look through my own bag wondering what the hell I actually hadTruthfully I didn't have a plan.  I was just here.  I was just hoping somehow I'd be able to have the element of surprise on my side.

That wasn't the case.  The Crowned Prince knew that Nasim had been working with us.  He knew that we were thinking about leaving and didn't want to be here.


"This is all your fault," he whispers to me as we go through the hallways.

I had a feeling this was what he was thinking this entire time.  He makes his way to the other side of the dressing room.  Him and Everett may have had some bonding time but it seems like Lux looks at me the same exact way.  I watch as he rips off his  clothes and starts digging in his bag.


"Leave him alone," Everett states.

"We wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for him," Lux responds, "He's stubborn.  His emotions have gotten the best of him and look at where we are now."

I know Lux is pissed.  I honestly don't blame him.  I get it.  I shouldn't have headed for the airplane.  I shouldn't have tried to do this.  But we were here now and I wasn't going to allow Lux  make me feel bad about the decision that I made.

"I'm here for Emory and Roxana," I tell them, "That's all..."

I look over at Everett when I say that.  I don't want to be rude about it.  I don't want to make him feel bad but I have to be honest.  I have to let him know that the priority here is getting Emory and Roxana back.  That was all that mattered.


I wish this was enough of an explanation for Lux but it isn't.  He is pissed off it seems, "If Nasim gets in trouble for this...I swear..."

"Enough Lux," Everett states.

Within a few minutes the escort comes into the dressing room.


"The first one..."

We all look at one another.  I'm not fully dressed.  Even if I were the nerves were getting the most of me.


It's Everett who gives Lux a nod, "Lux, you go first."

Lux rolls his eyes, "Whatever."

With that the escort leaves, taking Lux with him.  The moment he leaves it is just beyond awkward between Everett and I.  I look over at Everett.  He looks over at me.  I remember the feeling of us hugging when he was concerned about me.  Right now though the awkwardness comes from all the things we haven't been able to say to each other.


I take off my clothes, naked in front of him and pull up some plain white briefs, low cut and small enough that my cheeks come out of the side.  I can feel his eyes on me even the silence.  He doesn't say anything right away but I can tell by the way his lips keep smacking open and closed that he has something on his mind.

"Just go ahead and say it."

"Actually it's a question," Everett states.


I look over at him.  I have to admit he's cute when he's when he's nervous.  He gives himself away by how he looks at me.


"What kind of question?"

"How do you feel about me?"

"What kind of question is that?"

"The kind of question that matters," is his reply.


"Can we talk about this later?"


Everett lays a gun on the table.  I'm shocked he has it.

"How do you have that?"

"They didn't check my stuff.  I guess they don't think strippers are anything much to worry about."

"That's the problem then isn't it?" I ask, "You aren't a stripper.  You're a military man.  A sharpshooter.  You got metals and everything to prove for it."



"You didn't answer my question.  How do you feel about me?"

"I don't know who you are."

"You know me."

"I don't know you."

"You know me," he assures me, "Every word I spoke to you was my voice.  Everytime I touched you it was my touch.  When I danced with you those were my dances.  Everything I showed you was me.  Every last bit of it."

"While pretending to be someone else?" I ask, "You aren't a stripper.  You aren't Emory.  I don't know you..."

I'm getting emotional.  It's not getting in his mind.

How didn't he get it?  Looking at him I want to feel something for him.  Anything.  I want him to know how I felt but how could I?  How could I when he pretended in the way that he did over and over again.  Everett and I were living a lie.  I had fallen in love with Emory, not Everett.


"I never knew who I was. Not really.  When you're a twin you lose your own identity.   When he died I felt like I lost a part of me.   I'll admit that I went looking for my brother, but in the process I found myself."


"In the process of trying to find Emory, I found you."

He's close again.  Real close.


I stared deep into his green eyes.  He cupped my cheek that was slowly turning red. He smiled at me  before he slowly leaned in. My other hand was shaking slightly, my mind was repeating the same sentence over and over,"Don't do this... don't do this." But the sound of my heart was beating so loudly I couldn't concentrate. It felt like it was going to explode.


Finally my lips touched his. Sparks flew in every direction, and the world was slowly disappearing around us, along with all of our worries, our troubles and our problems. He made me feel like none of that mattered. It was a small yet warm kiss. I honestly never knew a kiss so innocent could be so intimate and electrifying. His lips were moving in perfect sync, my hands feeling his waist; I pulled him closer, the kiss deeper, more passionate. I felt his hands on the back of my neck play with the ends of my hair.


"Now's probably not the best time about this."

"It's the only time," he tells me, before smiling a bit louder, "Besides...I can be your fluffer...if you want one.  Make sure you are nice and ready."

I don't have a chance to object before I feel his fingers sneaking into the crack of my ass.  I exhale as I feel his hot lips constricting onto my neck.  I lean my entire head back and exhale a deep "Ahhhhh."  My mind is going crazy realizing what we were doing.  What we were finally doing.

We were making love.


He's fingering me slow and easy but soon his fingering gets harder, more aggressive and more passionate.  His wet tongue makes laps around my mouth.  He somehow circles behind me, pressing me in a way that makes my ass wet.  Yes...I'm dripping.  I feel him pull his dick out of his jockstrap and immediately shove it into my ass.  My ass is so wet it slides in.  The thickness of his big dick fills me as he circles both arms in front of me.

"Damn you're so tight," he whispers.


"Does it feel good?"

"So good.  Bend over..." he says, "Damn I want this.  I want this to be mine."

The way he says it when he grabs me feels real.  The way that he strokes me, moaning deeply, thrusting hard inside of me feels real.  The way that he keeps falling over my back just so that he can kiss me or jerk my dick feels real.  And then his heart feels real.  I can feel it on my back.  We're both sweating after a few minutes of hard, throbbing sex.  My asshole pulsates to the rhythms of his lunge.  He drives his dick deep inside of me and I can feel him about to cum.

"Wait," I state.


"We have to perform."

We both knew what that meant.  If he came now he wouldn't be able to perform for the Crowned Prince.  Not hard anyway.

"I rather do this..." he whispers.

That's when he cums inside of me.  I feel my asshole filling with his thick wet man mayo.  All those awkward moments between us come pouring out in this moment and I'm flooded with the stuff.  And that feels real too.


Him pretending to be Emory may have been fake but these moments that we shared together were real.


I may have lost Emory.

But I found Everett...


"You shouldn't have done that..."

"You didn't like it?"


I'm laying on his chest.  We're on the couch in the dressing room still waiting for Lux to finish what he had to do for the Crowned Prince.  It probably wouldn't be long now until he came in asking for another boy to come entertain him.



"I loved it," I stated, "But you need to be hard to dance for the Crowned Prince."

"Feel that..."

He grabs my hand and pulls it over his jockstrap.  Fuck.  Sure enough Everett was very much so hard.  His bulge was definitely still there.




"That's what you do to me," he responds, "As long as I'm around you I'm on constant hard.  Besides I don't plan on dancing for him."

"What do you mean?"

"I need you to keep him real distracted.  Me and Lux are going to break out of here and try to look around."

"Why you and Lux?  Why didn't we go with Lux keeping his distracted?"

"Lux isn't his type.  You know what his type is."

Green eyes.  I was his type.


I nod, "I'll do it.  I'll do it if you need me to."

"I'm going to break out of this room and go looking around here for Emory and Roxana."


I'm nervous.

"You're scared?" he asks.



I nod, "Yeah.  Yeah I am."

"I'll find Emory."

"Not just for Emory.  For you."

This wasn't about just Emory for the first time in my life.  My crush on Emory was all but gone.  Now I had one thing and one thing only on my mind.  An idea that I thought was so beautiful.  An idea that could only be completed if he came back safe.


There is a knock on the door.  We struggle back to our feet just in time for the escort to come get us.  Lux lazily walks into the room.


The foreign escort has a strict fact, "Next one..."

I notice something.  Something I don't like.

Everett makes his way over to Lux clearly with a look of concern on his face, "What did he do?"

Lux is...limping.

"Next one," the escort repeats.


Everett realized what happened to Lux and Lux's face says it all.  He was fucked by the Crowned Prince.  I can see it in his eyes.  Lux had done it in the club, I'm sure.  He'd had sex for money.  But this was different.  He looked disgusted with himself as he sits on the couch and just sort of zooms out into nothingness.  Maybe it was because he was thinking about Nasim or maybe he felt bad about how far things had got.  There was no telling with Lux...not in this moment at least.


Everett grabs me, "Wait no I can't let you do this.  I can't let you..."

"It's fine," I whisper to Everett.


We had a plan.  I was the only one who could distract the Prince long enough for them to look for Emory and Roxana.  Lux was good but Lux wasn't his type.  Everett may have been his type but Everett had military training.  He was the one with the gun.  So it was up to me.  I knew that and Everett knew that as well.


"Well there's something that will make me feel better."

"We don't have time for this," the escort states.

Everett speeds up the conversation, "I want you to have this.  I want you to wear it tonight."

He reaches over and gives me this gaudy odd looking necklace.  I'm a little confused by it.  It wasn't the best looking thing in the world but I have to admit I find it cute that he's giving it to me in the first place.


"What is this?"

"It's for good luck," he states, "I'll come get you OK.  You'll know when I'm coming.'

"How will I know?"

He leans over and gives me a kiss of reassurance before adding, "You'll know."



Eyes were on me.  Naked eyes laying on my naked body.


Practice by Drake comes on and the light is on me.   I should be nervous.  This was the biggest performance of my life.  It was the only performance that mattered.  But I wasn't nervous.  I was ready.



I can tell that money's got you working
We've been talking for so long
Now we're finally here in person
I taste pain and regret, in your sweat
You've been waiting for me, oh ho
I can tell that you been practicing
I can tell that you been practicing
All those other men were practice, they were practice
Yeah, for me, for me, for me, for me



We are in a large auditorium.  Empty.


I come over to a chair I've set up as my stripping station. I gyrate my hips to the music, play with my dick.  Turn around fast and spread my cheeks.  I can see the Crowned Prince looking onto me.  I've caught his interest.  His chair is on the opposite side of the room.  Only one guard in the room.  Then offer a sexy smirk as I set my foot up on the chair.   In my mind I'm not dancing for the Crowned Prince though.

In my mind it's him sitting there.  Everett.  His green eyes looking at me.  His smile staring down on me.  All the moments that we had together we were sharing now.  It's just me and him.


Me and Everett and I was dancing for him.  Dancing for the one I love.


Girl you look good won't you back that *** up
You a fine ************ won't you back that *** up
Call me Big Daddy won't you back that *** up
Girl who is you playing with, back that *** up
You working with some *** yeah, you bad yeah
Girl you working with some *** yeah, you bad yeah


He throws money on the stage.  More bills than I can count.  I swim in them, sitting, squatting over the bills.  Flexing my ass muscles and picking up the dollar bills with my asscheeks before doing a flip and flinging them up in the air so that they could rain all over me.

"Fuck," I hear him say.


He likes it.  Good.


Let's see what else I can do.  While maintaining my sexy, dance-like rhythm, I  rock my hips until I've turned completely away from him and strip off my underwear.  I'm butt naked now.  My hard dick in my hands.  My asscheeks greased up with oil.  I can see him sweating as he looks over at me.  He's turned on.




I take out a little gift. A dildo.  I walk over to the Crowned Prince.

"What's this?" he asks.

I shove it in his mouth.  At first he looks offended by it but then he looks in my eyes.  He's in a daze.  He sucks on the dildo that I have.  He gets it real wet with all his saliva.

"You ready for this?"

"For what?"

"You'll just have to see..."

After you back it up then stop

After you back it up then stop

Baby girl, after you back it up then stop

After you back it up then stop

I can tell that money's got you working

Got your body so wet

Now we're finally here in person

I taste pain and regret, In your sweat

You've been waiting for me, oh ho

I can tell that you been practicing

I can tell that you been practicing

All those other men were practice, they were practice

Yeah, for me, for me, for me, for me



I position the dildo below the pole that I'm working on.  Then I climb.  I climb all the way up to the top of the stripper pole.

I do a split in mid-air.  My legs completely separate.


And I slide down.  It's harsh.  It's fast.

And it takes complete perfect precision. Luckily I had Everett loosen me up a little when I slide right onto the dildo.  The entire dildo goes in my ass pushing my man juices all over the stage.



He's on his feet.  If he could empty his entire bank account for me right now I think he would do it.  I really do.  He has no more cash on it.  It's all on the ground.

There's something else on the ground too by now.  His pants.  His dick has probably been throbbing no doubt wanting to feel inside of me.  Wanting to fuck me.  I didn't think he could move so fast until I see the Crowned Prince on top of me.  If he had cum with Lux it wasn't much of an orgasm because here he was fully hard and ready to fuck me as well.


"Wait..." I state.


This can't be happening.

"I'm going to fuck the hell out of you," he tells me.


I am struggling trying to push him off and that's when I hear it.  Music.  Tina Turner.


I'm your private dancer, a dancer for money

I'll do what you want me to do

I'm your private dancer, a dancer for money

And any old music will do


I knew what that meant.  I knew that he was close.  He was here.  Everett was close.  He had me.  All of a sudden I stop panicking.  I knew that he was going to come and help me out.

"Get off of him!"


I turn and see Everett.  It wasn't smart for him to run out like that.  I knew why he did it though.  It was all emotion.  He was trying to stop me from getting taken advantage of.   He saw what this man was doing to me and he wanted to stop it before it happened.

I wish he hadn't.  I wish he had been smarter.



He runs into the room wearing all black.  He looks over at me and probably sees what's about to happen.  The auditorium is dark though.  Does he realize that there is a guard on the other side of the room.  Has he seen them?  He's so distracted by what's happening that he doesn't see the guard.

I try to warn him, "EVERETT!"

It's too late.

Way to late.

The shot goes off and I see Everett hit the ground.  Just at that moment the Prince's bodyguards are running into the room to protect him.  The shot that the first bodyguard took has caused the rest of them to come pouring into the room.

I don't care at this point.  All I know is that Everett has been shot.  I'm on his side.  I don't care if I'm surrounded by both the Crowned Prince and someone else.

"Get rid of him, too," the Crowned Prince states.


I know he's talking about me.  I wonder if it's malice in his tone especially when he sees how I'm holding Everett.  Maybe even jealousy.  He doesn't like this moment.  Honestly I don't care.  Nothing matters but me and Everett.  We're the only two people that exist.

I hold Everett close.

"Baby," I state, "Please don't die.  Please.  I need to let you know so many things.  Taking off my clothes has meant so much to me.  It's not just stripping off my clothes.  It's stripping off my barriers when it comes to you.  It's stripping off my pride.  It's stripping off my expectations.  I know it sounds dumb..."


"No let me finish.  I want to strip it all away for you," I explain to Everett, "I want to have the chance for us to both drop the disguises we have.  Be our unique selves together.  You can't die."

"Barry---that's sweet," he coughs a little, bringing my head down.

I'm about to kiss him but he stops, "Why are you stopping me?"

"I'm not Everett..."

He motions to his shirt.  I open it up and realize something.  It's a metal.  It's a military medal. It looks like the medal deflected the gun shot wound.  He isn't even bleeding.  He's coughing maybe because of the impact but luckily the medal somehow saved him.  It was a the right place at the right time.


This was the same exact medal Everett was going to give Emory.  That's when I notice the body.  The slimmer frame.  The all black clothing.


Gunshots ring out.  Precise gunshots.  Within a matter of seconds the room was cleared.  All around us I can see the Crowned Prince's men dropping like flies.


Shots that were precise.  Precise in only a way that a sharp shooter could.


When all the bodies fall a shadow stands up.  I look up and I see him.  Everett.  He was alive and he was hiding out in the bleachers.  He takes out all the security guards.


I look down at Emory.  He looks still out of it but he's OK enough to say, "Go to him."

I don't know how much Everett has been able to tell Emory about our relationship in what little time they had for Everett to go rescue him.  But he had to tell him something because Emory gives me a smile and a supportive nod.


That's all I need before I run over to him.  The hug is real.  Tears dripping down my eyes because in a moment I honestly thought I had lost him.  I thought I wasn't going to be able to tell him all the things I'd been meaning to say.

"I heard every word you said," he tells me.


Before I can answer he kisses me.  He kisses me deeply.  So deep I can feel it in my soul.  This was real.  This was the realest moment of my life.


I feel swept off my feet but I notice Everett doesn't seem at ease, "We have one more thing to take care of."

He looks down at the stage.  The Crowned Prince was still there. For such a powerful man he looked pretty fucking sad.  He almost looked afraid.



"You going to kill me?"  the Crowned Prince asks, "You know what sort of complicated diplomatic incident that would cause?"

He is trying to seem like the same person but he's not.  The piss stain in his pants gives him away.  It doesn't matter because there are footsteps.  Footsteps that the Crowned Prince welcomes thinking maybe he had more security.  I knew he didn't.  Our talented sharpshooter had taken all of them out before for us.


"No he's not going to kill you," Nasim states.


Nasim is standing with Lux.  The two of them look relatively cozy.  I may not be a fan of Lux.  He may not be a fan of me either but at least he has someone to keep him busy.  Someone to keep him out of my hair, for a while at least.



"If he doesn't you think I'll let this go?" the Crowned Prince asks.


"You won't have a choice," Nasim states, "Barry can you come here for a second?"


Everett nods a little bit.  A nod that tells me he knows something that I don't know.  I'm a little confused but I walk forward.   When I get close Nasim takes my necklace off of me.

He opens the locket on the necklace and reveals a small camera.

Nasim looks at the camera, "Said, I'm going to send this camera to the entire family.  You will be removed from your position as Crowned Prince when they see the so-called perversions you get into..."

Shit.  I watch the Crowned Prince's face drop.  He doesn't say anything.  He doesn't beg.  He doesn't do anything.  I wondered how long he would have lasted in Saudi Arabia having been recorded sucking a dildo.  I knew enough to know they weren't going to play that.

And by the Crowned Prince's face...


His days were numbered.






"What happens now?"  I ask.


We're walking out of the private estate.


Lux shrugs, "Me and Nasim talked about opening up a new strip club."

"After I handle Said that is," Nasim adds in, making sure that everyone was well aware of the fact that he was going to make sure Said was punished for all this.



Lux smiles, "You guys are all welcome to be our first dancers..."

"Think I'm done with stripping," Emory adds in, "Besides, I'm about to be a dad.   When we head back to Vegas I'm going to get a regular job.  A dad job.  Roxana is waiting for us in the lobby.  What about you two?"

"Us?" I ask.

I look over at Everett.  What was next for us.  I never thought of it.  I look in his eyes and he looks in mine.   I don't know how to answer.


"I'm going to take him on a first date," Everett states, "And start this off the right way."

With that he holds my hand.  There were so many things I knew about this man.  So many things I didn't know.  I didn't know if I would like all the things I learned about the REAL Everett but there were so many things I loved about him already.  Those things would pull us over the finishing line.  I had faith in that.


And maybe that's why I squeeze his hand a little tighter.  Maybe that's why I let him linger on.  I wanted to know everything there was to know about Everett.


We get into the lobby and that's when we see her.




"I think we may be staying around here a little longer..." she states, "My water just broke..."

"Baby?" Emory states, "It's happening.


She nods, "It's happening..."

I watch as she reaches for Emory.  She grabs him.

"It's going to be OK babe...we'll get some medical help...we'll..." he starts.


"Wait..." she responds, "I want my brother with me too."

"Me?" I ask.



Roxana gives me a look, "You're the only brother I have right, unless you have some sort of identical twin that I don't know about too..."

She reaches for my hand.  I realize in this moment a new life was coming into this world.  He would be introduced to a strange new family...but that's what we were.  We were family.  And when I grab Roxana's hand I know I'm exactly where I need to be.




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