Santa & Tucker's Man-Card

This is a story featuring gay men, and gay sex, intended for Adults, not Minors.  It is fiction, and as such is not based on any actual people or events.  It is a fantasy intended purely as a catalyst for pleasure.  No attempts have been made to portray safe sex, but the author encourages you to practice it. 


If any of you are readers of my story, Snowplow, you will recognize the locale of this story. It may or may not be tied in with that series some day in the future. In the meantime, I suggest you enjoy my seasonal story.


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Santa & Tucker's Man-Card


"Hand over your Man-Card."

I know, I know. That's not the best thing to say to your Bear two days before Christmas, but he had Adele on repeat. Fucking Adele. After another twelve-hour day, I was trying to relax, and what does he do? He played Adele at least three times while I was worshipping his cock. I mean, I get that she's a good singer and all, but he might as well write FAG on his forehead. Oops sorry, no disrespect, I mean GAY. Something had to be said, so I said it.

"Hand over your Man-Card."

Hank's action was swift, he pulled his quickly shrinking dick from my mouth, and then got up on his elbows.

"What the fuck is your reason now for me to lose my man-card? Especially from a man who just had my dick in his mouth."

And this is how the fight started. We had fought before. Sometimes it got physical, but I knew my limits, or more to the point, Hank's limits. I am twenty-six, and only a poorly timed injury, keeps me from being in my top physical shape. Hank is thirty years my senior and hadn't seen the inside of a gym in ten years. I was glad his job was somewhat physical, because he was still in good shape, just not in my league.

Of course, I escalated the fight, that's my strong point. "Just because I suck dick doesn't mean I'm gay, and who the fuck needs labels anyway?" Yep, I couldn't help but poke the Bear, and once I started I couldn't stop. "It's your generation that sucked up to the labels. You and your CK undies and Polo shirts. You know you can't buy status, you gotta earn it."

"Look who's talking youngster, you aren't born with a Man-Card and lose it just because of taste in music, or what you wear, it is something earned, it's called being a man, not a kid.

I got in his face. "You're calling me a kid? Do I look like a kid?" I pumped my strong upper body giving him no doubt of my age. I waved my still hard seven-incher at him. "Bone hard buddy, and look at your limp dick."

I was out on my ass within ten minutes. I still remember his last words as the door closed, "Come back when you can fight like a man, or at least be a man." I really don't think I had any plans to return at all.

The snow and wind hit my neck as I walked to my truck. The Bear kicked me out into this bad weather. Fuck him, he's just lucky I didn't get all ragey on him. He calls it anger issues, I just feel ragey, that is the only way I can explain it. I coulda shown my guy just how much of a man I was, but instead, I left. Fuck him.

I rarely drink but there was a bar close, so I thought, what the hell. A bunch of straight working men were always there, and I needed eye candy. A quick beer while scoping out the straight daddies could calm the nerves. I would also pretend to be looking at the internet while taking pics of these bears for future use.

The daddy eye candy was prime beef. Within five minutes of nursing my beer, I had stolen two pics that would be on my Tumblr within the day. What these guys don't know won't hurt them, plus with my 2,500 plus followers, they should be proud to be on display.

Then he walked in. He was like my Bear, Hank, but taken to a new level. His strong legs looked thick in his firehose pants. A local company had been making a big splash nationally with these pants, and he looked like their spokesmodel. His Carhartt work jacket was worn, collar up, to shield him from the snow and cold. It barely contained the belly that filled the jacket to bursting.

He removed his simple black stocking cap, revealing a tangle of silver curls that lead down to a full white beard that left Hank's trimmed, salt and pepper goatee in the dust. The weather had left his cheeks wind-burned beneath his wire framed glasses. I found out the reason as he sat beside me at the bar.

"The usual Jimmy?" the bartender said as he automatically drew a Bent Paddle Ale from the tap. "It's a cold night having to spend it down at Bayfront playing Santa."

"Aye, the usual, as if you need to ask." Jimmy took his draft, swiveled his stool towards me, and while looking me in the eye said "Cheers, Tucker. Merry Christmas." He then clicked my glass with his.

"Cheers, Jimmy" I said in return, then hesitated. "Wait, how'd you know my name?" I was incredulous that he called me by name.

"Santa knows all Tucker. Remember he knows who is naughty and nice, and from recent developments you might be looking at a whole lot of coal, come Christmas Day."

I was still shaking my head in awe, until the bartender set me straight. "He saw your tattoo, Tucker."

I chuckled.  So much for my momentary belief in Santa. At least Jimmy was a great bar-mate as we drank one and then my limit of two beers. He would tell me stories from the Christmas lighting display, some too crazy to believe. He had me laughing, his belly shaking as he joined in. Any other time and place and I might have made a sly pass at him, he was so much my type, especially when he peered over his glasses.

He offered to buy me a third, I stopped him with my hand on the glass. "Gotta have my head in the right place if I am going to get a hotel room for the night. I got thrown out by my lover." I caught myself quickly, rarely did I ever identify myself as gay, or Hank as my man. This gender-neutral identity suited me fine, something that pissed off my Bear, Hank.

"Thrown out huh? So close to Christmas? That's cruel. You might be looking at coal for sure, if not your uh lover certainly is. Tell ya what, In the spirit of the season you can come stay at my place for a day or two.  I'd hate for you to be spending your hard-earned dough at a hotel when you can partake in my hospitality. Just be warned I work odd hours and have a busy Christmas Eve planned." His wink told me the last line was a joke.

"But first I need to stop down at the sauna.  This job chills me to the bones, and I need some steam to reenergize myself."

I know Jimmy caught the hesitation in my eyes. His quiet strong voice reassured me. "Nothing will happen there, if you don't want it to. We can even grab a room upstairs. C'mon, let's do it, it's my treat." His last wink sealed the deal. We were almost close enough to walk, but we took his red truck.

Jimmy paid the man while we collected our towels. Locker's 6 & 9 were available, so we strapped the keys around our wrists and went downstairs.  The place was a little more crowded than I expected. Now, I had been there before, but always with Hank. We'd go there, grab some steam, then find a room to play in. There were rare times when we'd invite someone to play, usually it was just the two of us.

When I played with another man it was usually solo, and never at the sauna. I'd see a daddy that fit my type, and we'd hook up. My type is specific. They had to be forty-five to sixty-five. I could bend that a year or two in either direction, but it was pretty much set in stone. They needed a belly, a true beer belly, and not one of those that spread around their waist. They needed fur of some type, and facial hair, salt and pepper fur was preferred. One of those could be forgiven, but not both.  Glasses were a plus, especially if they had to peer over them when looking at a menu, for example.

Most of all, they needed to be MEN. You could have all of them, but if you opened a mouth and a purse fell out, buh-bye. I was always drawn to men with these traits, but if I saw that their man-card wasn't in good standing, bleh, NEXT.

I met most of these men on Craig's list. Before you sit there and lecture me, I know what I am doing. I'm young, and full of cum, but I am not dumb. Married guys use CL it all the time. When they need their dick sucked into the next dimension, they go to it, and find my ad. I am quick to set them straight if they bend my rules. I have said NEXT more often than not. But then I meet up with a guy who has never had their dick sucked by a true pro, and it makes it all worthwhile.

They are often nervous. I put my hand on their shoulder and turn them to jelly. That's the job of a cubby. Soon their clothes are off, and their dick is down my throat. My hands, my mouth and my throat have earned me some damn fine regulars. Some I have really connected with. I have heard about their own kids, and the problems they can be. One guy, Rick, tells me he wished his boy was more like me. Then I think of how Rick just threw his son out of the house, and I realize he may have gotten his wish.

Enough of that sentimental crap, back to my story. Jimmy and I undress, and head for the sauna. Fuck, he is just my type, to a point that is. He has the furry bit down pat. His beard is white, just like I like them, but it's a bit fuller, than the trimmed goatees I prefer. I will admit he has a great butt, and nice dick, but neither of them matter to me.

Yep, you heard that right. Dick and ass don't matter to me.

I got enough for both of us.

Oh, I know that you've already read that I have a seven-inch dick. That ain't big you may think. But you don't know how thick it is. And it's got a wicked curve. Every once in a while, the married men I like, need to be fucked. My thick, curved boner opens them up, let me tell ya. If I fuck a man, they come back.

So back to Jimmy. I could follow this man anywhere. His gut might be pushing the limit, and it's hard to tell if he fits within my age range, but he turns and smiles at me, looking over those glasses, and I turn to jelly. Wait, I am supposed to be the one doing this.

Jimmy opens the sauna door and nods for me to follow him. "I'll join you in a minute bud. I need to shower." I said this to buy me more time, but I did need to shower. I had Hank's pecker tracks all over me, not to mention a little of his ass juice on my dick.

My shower was quick, I wanted to be near Jimmy. There was something about him that made me feel comfortable. I toweled off, then opened the sauna door. There, on the top tier, smiled Jimmy. He waved to me as if I could miss him. He patted his knee. "C'mon Tucker, sit here and tell me your story. Tell me about the fool who threw you out."

I looked between his legs. His dick was showing a bit larger than before. Fuck, he was uncut. I like cut dicks. That was always one specific in my CL ads. Uncut, and you are out, and don't you dare lie to me fucker. Still, like a magnet, I was drawn to his thighs. I took the steps boldly. I sat on his offered knee, and I turned to jelly.

Fuck, me, I'm the one who makes men turn to jelly.

"Tell me about it," Jimmy said.

"He likes Adele, what else is there to tell?"

"I guess you are right. Do you know of a tree we can string him up from? I'll be glad to help you." Jimmy laughed. His belly shook against my bare back, his strong forearm bounced along.

"You laugh, but you wouldn't know what I have had to deal with. My Bear is a great guy, but don't even get me started about his friends."

"I don't always judge a man by the company he keeps, but it can be a warning sign."

"There's one." I shook my head thinking of Edmund. "He's so fucking in your face about being gay. I'll join the Bear at the restaurant, and he'll come along with his partner Patrick. I do it because I love my man, but this guy pushes my buttons EVERY FUCKIN TIME."

Jimmy put his hand on my thigh. "Calm down buddy."

"Sorry, Edmund makes me ragey. He keeps telling me that he's the reason that I can be somewhat out about being gay. If it wasn't for him, he keeps on saying, kids these days wouldn't have the freedom we have. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well, he can go fuck himself with that freedom. I'm not as out as he thinks I am, and every time he opens his mouth, I go further into the closet. It's embarrassing. First, he opens his mouth and a purse falls out. Then he says the most random shit, looking for a response."

"And you give him the response he expects, right?"

"I guess I do, Jimmy. But there are families at the next table for fuck sake."

"And if he does it when it is just gay men?"

"It's the same. He's still a fucking queen in bear drag."

Jimmy started to massage my shoulders. "It is what it is, Tucker. He is what he is, and you are who you are. The only thing you can control, is how you react to it."

Fuck. Jimmy was turning me to jelly again. He put his strong arms around me, and pulled me closer to his chest and belly. I felt his uncut dick slap up against my ass. Over the years, there were five guys I really connected with. I wasn't sure, but Jimmy was becoming the sixth. Each man could read me like a book. My Bear Hank, could do it like it's nobody's business. Mark, the straight dad with the fuck-up of a son, understood me like no other. My co-worker Drew, knew what made me tick, even though he was straight and my age, he was the third. Splooge and DDP, my two online Bears, helped me deal with my rage constantly. Jimmy had the makings of number six, without a doubt.

"We should get a room, and see what happens," Jimmy whispered in my ear. "Remember, you control what happens, I am only here to guide you."

Once again, I was jelly.

He said I was in control, but I followed him. We were naked, and laying on a bed in seconds flat. The light that filtered over the partition, and through the open door to the room, illuminated my furry man as he held me. Needing rest, I blacked out immediately.


"What a divine creature."

I looked towards the voice. He was silhouetted in the doorway. From his voice, I knew he was older. From his voice, I knew he was not my type. The body I saw in the silhouette wasn't my type either. It was too lean.

"Want company?"

I was ready to turn him down. "Fuck no," my mind said. As Jimmy held me, I heard the words "Why not?" escape my lips.

"My, aren't you the doll? Such a beautiful, full penis on you."

My mind raged. "Fuck off faggot." My lips said, "Do you want to taste it?"

As he got closer, I saw his dick. The thought of my thick seven-incher being down his throat, made his own cock fill out. This guy was not my type. He didn't tick any of my boxes, and yet, I was impossibly hard for him.

Jimmy held me as the man climbed onto the bed, and got between my legs. He held my dick up to the available light, appraising it. "This dick reminds me of an army sergeant I used to suck back in Nam." The former soldier continued inspection. "Look at that exquisite pearl-drop of pre-cum. You are an angel for letting this old queer suck you."

Damn, he even called himself queer. I should be kicking him out, but in Jimmy's arms, I responded differently. "Anything for a soldier."

The old soldier sucked me down. DAMN, he was as talented as I was. My mouth, tongue and throat were experienced enough to pull the cum out of you. I didn't need to use my hands, I was a dick sucking pro. My hands were there to turn my guy to jelly. I know I keep saying this, but I do that with a guy I am with. I put my hands on the old soldier's shoulders, but he didn't turn to jelly, he began to suck me more intensely.

GODDAMMIT. My body was tensing, my gut started shaking, and my ass was slamming into the bed. I was gonna give my load up to this guy and his talented tongue. I tried to hold back, but Jimmy's touch helped me release it. I held the soldier's head down as I fed him my cum. I didn't need to do it, but he was starving for it. Jimmy touched me again, and I found myself caressing this man.

He came up for air. "Oh, my dear lord, you pack quite a load." I wanted to push away as a whole handbag department fell out of his mouth. But Jimmy held me. In the light, I started to notice his tight body.

"It's the least I can do for a serviceman."

Who the fuck was inhabiting my body?

"Tell me about it, I serviced a whole platoon back in my day."

Jimmy and I laid there as the former soldier recounted his years overseas. "I had to be closeted, but believe me, when I got home, I blew the doors off that closet ASAP, Honey."

I was a captive audience as he related his post war and pre-Stonewall years. He also recounted the many friends he had lost to AIDs. Somewhere along the way, I grew less concerned about his voice and mannerisms, and started to see the man who had just sucked my cock into oblivion. He finally stood. "Listen dear, from the looks of your lover there, I am very aware I am not your type. But thanks doll for making this old man, feel like a soldier again."

He left as Jimmy held me. "That was beautiful Tucker. You always surprise me."

I didn't know what that meant, having only known Jimmy for a few hours. I fell back into his arms, and dozed off.


"Do you and your boy play?"

"Ask him."

I felt Jimmy's biceps flex as he held me.

"Well, son, do you play?"

My eyes adjusted to the light. If I wasn't mistaken, my man Splooge was standing in front of me. Nose to knees, he was Splooge.


I'd give my right nut to play with Splooge. Most people would miss their right nut, but I had enough to go around. Splooge had more than enough. I met Splooge on a camming website. He always showed, nose to knees, never more. His salt & pepper beard was right in my wheelhouse. His gut and fur, fit the bill. Then one day he went private with me, and I lost it when I saw his glasses. When I say lost it, I came all over my gut. It was a huge fucking load.

"Yeah, I'll play with you Splooge."

That is what I wanted to say. The "Fuck yeah!" that came out of my lips communicated my needs.

He stepped forward. Remember, I said that dicks and ass don't matter to me? Well I sometimes lie. This was Splooge's dick, I could pick that one out in a Police line-up. It had his heft and curve. It had his tight ball sac. And most of all, it had the most delicious drop of Splooge Juice hanging from the slit.

Spooge Juice was so legendary, it had its own gif. Spooge would play on cam, showing from nose to knees, and his dick would drool pre-cum the entire time. He'd dip into the pre, and let it stretch out to an unbroken string of Splooge Juice, that extended up to a yard in length.

I was going to taste Splooge Juice, straight from the tap.

Splooge stood at the side of the bed and opened his arms as if to say "Come and get it." I understood his sign language, so I got it. I got it good. I was back in form, swinging on a bear's dick. Make that, one of THE BEARS.

I couldn't talk, but Splooge made up for it. I had heard his voice many times as he edged his dick on cam. He'd play to one guy at a time in the room, fulfill their fantasy, and the room would bate along. He felt he was doing a public service, being naked for horny men. He was now doing me a public service allowing me to suck his dick.

"That's it, keep your man satisfied. You know how to suck dick, son. Your friend here is one lucky guy, having a man like you around."

"You're not kidding," Jimmy added.

"I wish my cub would learn this lesson. He's got this at home, and he feels the need to go out and play. You know what they say. What's good for the goose..."

"Is good for the other goose, right?"

I took my mouth off Splooge's ample, tasty dick. "But you don't understand."

Jimmy touched me, so I went right back to sucking Splooge.

"Oh, I do understand. We play, we have always played. But we never took each other for granted. My guy started to do that. He even told me tonight I had to man up. Do I look like a guy who has to man up?"

My mouth was full, I couldn't answer him. Jimmy did it for me. "Not you, you look like plenty of man for anyone. So does my man here."

Jimmy maneuvered me so I was on my hands and knees, sucking away at Splooge's dick. Splooge looked down. "This is what you always wanted Tucker. My dick in your mouth, DDP's dick in your ass. Are you ready for it?"

It wasn't the first time he called me by my name. He usually would do it in a private message, never in the main chat room. But this time I was hearing it from his lips. I felt Jimmy's dick on my ass. It was flexing up and down my crack.

"Well, are you ready for it?"

I nodded, then felt Jimmy enter me. "Just what you always wanted Tuck. Merry Christmas boy. Just wait `til you find what is in Santa's sack."

My reality was surpassing my fantasy. Jimmy's uncut dick was a living flesh and blood replacement for DDP's cut boner.  I don't get fucked all that often, but my ass gave way to Jimmy's thickness.

With Splooge's hands on my shoulder, and Jimmy's on my ass, I was turning to jelly again.  That's the cubby's job, I wanted to protest. But the two men, the two MEN who were my fantasy, were working me over in ways I've never felt before.

They took turns giving me direction and encouragement. "Open that ass Tuck, then squeeze it tight on my pecker. Yep, that's it. I'll keep coming back to this ass if you keep it up."

"Oh, I like what you did with your tongue, cub. You're tasting the pre, you'll be tasting the splooge soon," he chuckled.

FUCK, it was Splooge. I'd know that chuckle anywhere.

"Uh-huh. You're in control Cubby.  You're gonna be tasting my juice before you know it. Go ahead Jimmy, since DDP is not around, breed the Cubby's ass. We'll own him now."

"No one own's the Cubby," I thought to myself.

"You know better than that my friend," Jimmy said, fucking away. "This Cubby can't be tamed or claimed, unless he wants it."

Jimmy was on my side.

"His loss though, if his man leaves him."

I stiffened up, hearing those words.

"It's the truth boy." Splooge was suddenly gentle as he caressed my head. "You can only push a man away so much. You have a lot to give cubby. You just have to learn to take it in return."

The two men who were owning my mouth and ass, leaned in to kiss each other. "Should we give him our gifts?" Jimmy asked.

I felt Splooge nod, as the two more became more urgent. Their masculine grip on my shoulders and ass returned as they unloaded in me.

I was bred at both ends by my fantasy man, and a guy I just met, yet they left me empty. "We'll be ready, when you are," they said as they left the room, closing the door.


I conked out immediately, then started to dream. My Bear, Hank was unwrapping presents, and looking for receipts. "Fuck the cubby. He's gotta learn someday."

I was helpless, watching him unwrap. The tree, stood in the corner, unlit. I rolled over in bed, hoping to shake the dream.

I felt someone's hand covering my mouth. "Be quiet, I know you need this."

Seven inches of thick dick, entered my freshly fucked ass.

"I used to be like you buddy. I had something at home, but I ignored him. There was always something better out there. I wanted the perfect man and I thought I could find him."

My mystery man started to grind into me. It felt wrong, but I made no attempt to stop him.

"That's right Cubby. Take it like a man, earn that Man-Card."

He was speaking my language.

"I'm everyone you ever wanted, boy. I'm the man you want to be, and the man you want to have."

I felt his gut as he laid on me. His glasses dug into my shoulders as he fucked me. I felt his beard on my back as he began licking me.

"You taste like a man, Cubby. Men can go it alone. Men don't need other men."

Again, he was speaking my language, but it was something about me I didn't want to hear.

"He'll only leave you Cubby. Every one leaves you in the end. You might as well find it out now when you're young Tucker."

He placed his hands on either side of my head, and started to slam away at my ass. That is when I saw it. There, on his wrist, was my Tucker tattoo.

"Yeah, I feel good, don't I Cubby. I own your ass, I own your future."

My ass clenched on the dick invading me. It was my dick, fucking my ass.

A torrent of cum filled my hole. Just as quickly as the dick came, it exited my hole.

I felt a slap. "It's your lot in life. Get used to it."

I was empty, and cold. I stayed in the room a few minutes, hoping Jimmy would return. When he didn't, I searched for the heat of the sauna. I was alone, and the room was tepid, the shower was too. I got dressed, went upstairs, and finding no attendant, I left my key on the desk and threw my towels into the basket.

I walked the two blocks to my truck, as snow blasted my neck. I started the ignition, and waited for the engine to warm.  I took a chance and drove to the Bear's place, but huddled in the truck avoiding seeing him.

I woke the next morning. "The Ghost in You" by Psychedelic Furs was playing on our wireless speaker. I knew about the P-Furs from a song I heard in one of my games. The Bear helped me discover more of their music. I heard Hank humming along as he entered the room. "Merry Christmas Cubby" he said, beaming. "It's about time you slept, you've been working too much lately."

"It's not Christmas yet Bear," I said, hiding my confusion.

"Look at your phone. You've been out for so long you've missed two whole days."

I pulled up my phone. There were messages from friends and the few family who were still in my life.  Even Splooge and DDP had texted me.

"What the hell happened Bear?"

"We had a fight, and you went out to your truck. I thought you were just gonna blow off some steam by blowing one of your regulars. But I found you behind the wheel of your truck just minutes later. You were dead to the world, so I carried your sorry ass, back into bed. Like I said, you've been dead to the world for two days."

As I looked over my texts, I was amazed by how many friends reached out to me. Their concern at my silence, touched my heart. I looked at Hank. "Why do you take me back after I've been such an asshole?"

"Because I know you are capable of so much love. When you realize this one day, you will be an even better lover. Oh by the way, this came for you. Frankly I don't know how it was delivered. Mail isn't delivered on Christmas Day."

Hank threw an envelope my way. It was addressed "To Tucker" the return address said simply "The North Pole." I opened it and there was a simple card with a Bear that was dressed like Santa. "Merry Christmas Cubby" was the greeting on the inside. A plastic card fell out of the envelope. I picked it up and saw it was my ID, but instead of MN Driver's license, it said "Man-Card."

"C'mon Cubby, time to open presents, then later I'm taking you to the Bentleyville lighting display downtown.  I heard they have a Santa there who is very realistic, and very much your type. Maybe you can sit on his knee and ask for your perfect man."

"Why do I need to, when he is right here?" I said, pulling him into my arms.


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