Team Work


by Essfitcee. My email & twitter is: @CaddoHarris

Hello readers! It's me again; if you haven't checked on my "Two Rappers" [in the celebrity section] and "Homies Strip" [in college section] I suggest you do so to experience what my other readers have. This story is a gay erotica with consenting fictional college athletes. No romance in this one, but a hot fantasy.


As the team entered into the locker room, the sounds of the band and the roaring of the fans could still be heard. It was an incredible night of football. They pulled off their hardest win of the season against their bitter rival, 45 to 48.



"EVERYBODY GET YOUR ASSES IN SHOWERS AND I'M TREATING YOU ALL TO DINNER TONIGHT!" The coach loud voice echoed around the locker room. Odell was already headed to the showers as he always was the first one in the showers after every game. He wanted to be showered and be done first to keep him from being tempted by his fellow teammates...which he had a extremely "hard" time keeping that from happening. The whole team was hot. It's like you can't be on the team unless you were sexy, as if the coach purposely cut the ugly ones.


[Let me take this shower before more come in here. Focus, focus, focus...don't look at them. Focus, focus...on THEM. DAMN look at him, fuuuuck...that DICK! Them abs. Look at the suds dripping down his ass, his fat ass. NO ODELL! Stop it man! Don't get hard! Think about pussy...okay I'm not hard anymore.]


Trying to ignore the naked bodies entering the shower after him, he finally exited the showers with a towel wrapped around his own tight caramel body. He tried focusing on his locker ahead of him only. That was always hard to do with half and whole naked guys walking back and forth around you so casually not caring to hide any "special" parts. Probably not having any idea that 1 of their teammates is lowkey trying hard not to be turned on by them. This how it goes down in the Men's Locker room. Muscles flexing, dicks swanging, asses jiggling so freely...some hot and wet from sweat, some hot and wet from their shower. But it's all there...out in the open, the bare skin of the sexiest guys you could imagine.


Dell made it to his locker, opened it to retreive his bag with his clothes. He wanted to quicky gets clothes on and get out of there, as usual. As he was bending down trying to put on his Aeropostale underwear a teammate came quicky and slapped him on the ass as hard as he could. "GOOD GAME, DELL!" And he walked away so he did not know of the sexual electricity he just sent through him by touching his bare ass. Odell closed his eyes and took a breather and started to trail off...


He proceed to bend down again trying to get his underwear on...again, before he could...another teammate came by so smoothy that he wasn't notice by Odell. He came by and place his finger at the bottom of O's ass and moved his finger up the crack...touching his hole in the process and then walking away. Everybody in the locker room saw, they all laughing...this was just horseplay to them all and nothing more. Or was it more? Odell didn't want to take it as anything more than horseplay so he shrugged it off. "Man y'all fuckin' gay man." Odell said as he laughed along with them all.


He again would TRY to finish putting on his underwear with his ass poked out with each try. Why wouldn't his teammates want to "play" with it? It's all in fun, right? They wouldn't be too outragious with it. So he bent down lifting his underwear upward on the thighs, he was almost there until...a different teammate came swiftly and pushed him forward onto the lockers, took both his hands and spreaded O's cheeks, he bent down and gave his hole 2 swift licks and walked away. They all laughed. Dell was in awe and stopped himself from releasing a moan. [Okay NOW it's really getting crazy.] he thought, he decided he would just play along now.


"I don't know why y'all gettin all riled if y'all could even handle all this ass...especially YOU Ty, you got that big ass dick for NOTHIN!" Dell stated as if he knew it was fact, he was challenging his teammate and he knows what happens when you challenge this particular guy. This was the very one that has his hole wet from licks right now. He is the one Odell always wanted anyways. Now it was time to see how far this "horseplay" will go. He had his legs spread and ass out with his back arched, making it clap...all the while he was taunting his other teammate.


"Aye man, you don't wanna go dere...Don't talk bout my dick 'less you really want me to show yo ASS, literally." The rest of the locker room laughed, entertained by the "showdown" between their 2 teammates. As Odell has his head turned towards Tyrann, the stare off. His looked so fucking sexy in just a towel, his redbone body still dripping from his shower. "Show me then nigga! Don't just talk shit!"


"Nigga looka here, don't test me." Tyrann said forcefully as he walked towards a naked body Odell that shill had only his underwear just below his thighs. When Ty finally was right behind Dell, pressing his pelvic area right against his ass pushing him closer to the locker in front of him. Tyrann dick was already hard, the only thing standing in the way of his dick directly meeting Odell's tight and still wet hole was the towel. "Whaaat just gonna look at me! What you gon do?!" Odell's tone was raise a tad bit. "What you WANT me to do nigga!" Tyrann yelled as he slammed his hands onto locker and both sides of Odell. The rest of the locker room had already begun to rub on their hard dicks. Loving the live sex scene that they knew was about to go down.


"I want you finish the...*Odell sticks his tongue out and moves up and down seductively, giving Ty a hint* "JOB" you started, that's what I want you to do." As Dell twerked his ass even higher. Tyrann smiled and bent down. Look right into his teammate's puckerd hole, it winked at him...then he dived face first in it. Odell moaned and the rest of the team cheered them both on.


He slobbed and slobbed, flipped, tossed, twisted, and turned in his tongue up in that ass so deep. The wet oral noises echoed in the locker room. The team watch adamantly. The ones that were already dressed have took there clothes back off...being so turned on, some were drooling, some were feeling on their own bodies in horniness, some have full-fledged begun to jack off. There was 1 that didn't want to just stand by and watch the action, he wanted to be apart of it.


Teammate Jalen came up behind Tyrann who was still kneeled down behind a standing Odell still eating him out viciously. He took the towel off of Tyrann's waist and without missing a beat Jalen bent even lower beneath Ty and pulled his dick behind him and started sucking Ty's dick from the back.


"Fmahhmmmm.." Tyrann mumbled something that might have been FUCK while his tongue was buried in his teammate's tight end. Ty started boucing his dick in and out of Jay's mouth. "Ahhh damn, nigga eat that, that asssss, SHIT!" Odell moaned now twirling his ass in circular and pushing his ass more on Tyrann's face whose cheeks were getting reddish from the work his own tongue was putting was also because he haven't stopped for a breather yet, DAMN! Honeybager really don't give a shit! "EAT IT, EAT IT, EAT IT!" As the team begin to cheer on. "SUCK IT, SUCK IT!" As the team begin to cheer Jaylen on.


Wet slurp noises were now heard back and forth one right after another. You heard a *slurp* from Ty's tonguing Dell's hole and another *slurp* right after from Jay's gobbling Ty's dick down his deep throat. "Ummammodomm" Was the only sounds you could hear from Jaylen.Tyrann's head finally rose from deep in Odell fat ass. He stood up which stopped Jalen from sucking dick. Saliva dripped and dripped from his hole...Dell's hole glistened so bright the whole locker room was in awe,


"DAMNNNNNN TY!" Tyrann smiled proudly. Odell legs were weak so he just sat bare and wet assed on the bench. "Naww nigga! I ain't done with was talkin that shit bout my dick, you bout to LEARN!" He forcefully positions Odell in an 'all 4s' position on the bench. His dick was just spit shined, it was dripping, Dell's hole was dripping, they were ready to go. Tyrann slipped in inch by inch until he hit the bottom.


"Ahhhh shiiiiiit, nig-nigga mmmm." Dell moaned. "You ready nigga...fuck it, it don't matta if you ready...*pulls his hips back quick and slams into him* YOU GON GET IT ANYWAY! TAKE THAT DICK!" Ty yelled agressive, the rest of team were really entertained now. "SHITTTT! GAAAWD DAMN! AH! FUC--...ME!" Dell couldn' t do anything but moan from there on out. "AYE JALEN! PUT THAT DICK UP OFF IN HIS MOUTH SO HE CAN SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Tyrann demanded as he viciously fucked down his teammate in front of the whole rest of the team. "AHHHHH, AH, AH, SH--- DAAAAMN TYYYYY! DAM---ahhmmmmuhhhmmm..." Jaylen's dick was now in Odell's mouth.


Each time Tyrann would shove into Dell giving that deep dicking, it caused Dell to move closer to Jaylen and pushed Jaylen's dick deeper into Dell's mouth. Jaylen was feeling real good because Odell was moaning on his dick...the vibration from that, amazing. His dick was hella wet. Tyrann turned O over on his back, his dick stayed inside him and O made sure Jay's dick stayed in his mouth. With each hard but smooth stroke from Ty, Dell's chest would ripple like the ocean from the vibration of his dick down.


"Ammmm, ahmmmmm ohgouffmm!" Odell was filled in both holes and he was loving this...the team was loving it, they all have gotten closer, now feeling on Jaylen, Odell, and Tyrann all together. One teammate started kissing Ty, another starting licking on Jaylen nipples, then another got some lube out of his locker getting prepared to fuck Jaylen from behind while he was getting his front taken care of.


From there it turned into a full out orgy in the locker room. Nothing but moans, moans, and more moans echoed all around the locker room and it ain't no telling who moaned what. There was 3 guys fucking on the left of the locker room, they were piled up, 1 on bottom, 1 in the middle, 1 on the very top...there 2 guys sucking the same guy off right by the other 3 ...there were 2 guys fucking missionary while the top had another guy bent in front of his face, eating him out while he was still fucking the other guy. It seemed so unrealistic how they ALL was about to cum at the same time.


Jaylen pulled out of Odell's mouth a busted on his face, Ty pulled out and was about to do the same. Odell wasn't having it, he wanted to swallow him..Ty was special to him. Odell took him his mouth, he felt the warm cum burst inside his mouth, colliding with the walls of his cheeks. He still sucked and sucked making sure he got all that cum. He----


"GOOD TEAM WORK OUT THERE GUYS!" The coach loudly praised his team like coachs do. It knocked Odell out of his daydream. "#3! Why the HELL are you the Only one not dressed?" Coach asked. "Ahhh...I, I don't know coach..." Odell answered embrassed know noticing that he was in fact the only 1 still buttass naked. The coach noticing his player's hard dick, he smiled in a non sexual, but understanding way, "Oh I know...YOU was thinking about that celebration pussy you going to get tonight from the looks of it, haha." Coach and the rest of the team laughed as the coach came to his own very wrong conclusion and of course Odell was gonna let him and the team think that.


"#8 great pass to Odell in that 3rd quater...Odell you the best wide reciever I ever had on the team." The team claps in agreement and they all break up to leave the locker room. "Yeah man! You always catch that ball and take it ALL the way in the in zone." Tyrann added on padding him on the back giving his teammate props.


[Yeah I'll sho'll take ALL of YOU in MY "in zone." ...I gotta stop letting these daydreams take control of me before I really get caught up some day. One things for certain, I love playing for the purple and gold...*he looks in the direction of Tyrann hugging on his girfriend* Why does it have to be like this though...]


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