"THE QUEST" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE QUEST by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on November 23, 1993
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by John

The two friends were waiting in front of the Aphrodite Films entrance. Both where rather nervous but tried not to show it.

"Do you think that Letizia is called by her name or has changed it?" Giulio asked at a certain point.

"Not amongst colleagues. On the movies' cover I think she will have, same as for us."

"Yes, but to our colleagues you're Leo..."

"I had a good reason not to use my real name. I don't think she had one."

"Assuming that she's really here."

"Well, there are too many coincidences. I'm afraid we really will find her here... and possibly even in a short while, on the set."

"Right. Give me a cigarette, come on!" Giulio said.

Osvaldo lit two of them together and gave one to his friend.

"It's already 4.35..." Giulio said, puffing out smoke.

"You know how seldom they are on time, here in Rome. Let's wait a bit longer, then we can go upstairs to ask why nobody shows up."

"Yes, let's smoke a cigarette in peace."

A few minutes later a black Fiat Uno stopped in front of them and sounded a couple of short klaxon calls. Stefano was in the driving seat. They got in.

"Hi boys. Papa told me I've to show you what they are shooting."

"Will you stay too?"

"No, no. I'll get bored."

"Then how can we get back?"

"One of them will give you a lift."

"Have you been an actor here at Aphrodite for very long?"

"Three years."

"Do you like it?"


"What's it like fucking on a set, in front of other people?" Giulio asked.

"A little exciting and a little boring. You have to stop to allow the cameraman to adjust the point of take, then start again, you keep your legs in odd positions so that everything can be visible... But one soon gets used to that. Anyway it's worth doing it, you'll see."

"Are you all steady actors?" Osvaldo asked.

"Well... some last longer, some not... There are people who give up after only one movie, and people who last longer like me and Olga. Olga has been playing in it for four years, she's the veteran."

"Are new actors like us often hired then?"

"Well, the average is a newcomer each month. Many more show up but Papa rejects most of them because they are not suitable. Either they're ugly or too full of complexes... You are handsome, especially you, Giulio. If you stay, you can have great success with your nice clean expression. How many centimetres?"


"Yes, your cock."

"Ah, about twenty."

"Not bad. I've got twenty-three. Cesare twenty-six, Vito twenty-one, just to name the ones you already met. Then Antonio with twenty-three like me. Cesare is the record-holder, anyway."

"Who's Antonio?"

"You'll meet him today. He's the porno-star par excellence. He started one year later than me. He has a mister muscles' body and a nice rod. And he does everything without any problem: straight, bisex and homo.... He has great success. He has a part in almost all the movies so he works full time. He had just to stop for a couple of months last year, when he was hospitalised."

"Hospitalised? What for?"

"An intestinal infection. He was in Florence where his sweet grand-mother lives, and they had to hurriedly take him to an hospital..."

Giulio, trying to give a normal tone to his voice, then asked, "Besides us two, is there anybody else from Florence amongst you?"

"Yes, a girl, Antonio's girlfriend. Just think that they met right in that hospital, where she was a nurse. A fine figure of a girl..."

"But... she's Antonio's girlfriend and she plays in porno movies?" Giulio asked with an odd voice.

"Yes, why not? She's wild, on the set. Even more than Marzia. And she's skilled, she's a born actress."

The two friends kept silent for a while.

Then Osvaldo asked, "Will we see her on the set, today?"

"Yes, I think so."

"And you fucked with her too, Stefano?"

"Not on the set, not yet. But once, ten days ago, for my birthday she came to see me at my place and said - my birthday present is me. That afternoon was a whale of a time..."

"Ah, but... what about Antonio?"

"Of course he knew about it. Amongst ourselves we never do it behind our backs. It was a really good birthday present, believe me!" Stefano said, laughing, "She does fantastic blow-jobs!"

"She's more skilled than Cesare?" Osvaldo sharply asked.

"Off the set, Cesare does that only with Vito. Anyway she's more skilled than the others, It's so obvious she adores cocks, in all kind of ways." Stefano answered, laughing again.

"What's the name of this... girl?" Giulio, tense, asked.

"Her name's Lizzy." Stefano answered taking a remote control and using it. He slowed down in front of a gate that was starting to open slowly, then entered the garden of a villa.

"Lizzy? Is it short for Elisabetta?" Osvaldo asked.

"No, for Letizia." Stefano quietly answered stopping in front of the villa entrance. He got out the car, "This is the terminal, boys. Out you get."

The two friends looked at each other eyes, in silence. Stefano entered and they followed him.

"Here, boys. This is Rina. She'll take you where they are playing, right Rina?"

"Are they the new recruits?" the woman called Rina asked.

"Yes, the Adonis is Giulio and the handsome is Leo. Bye-bye boys, amuse yourselves!" Stefano said and went out.

The woman looked them from head to toe, "Welcome on board, boys. They are shooting upstairs, on the first floor. Follow me and don't raise any noise. Sit where I show you and keep still and quiet, don't breath until they stop the take. Is that clear?"

"Is the actress called Lizzy here too?"

"Lizzy? No, not yet, she'll arrive later. Antonio had a breakdown while they were coming here. He called to say they would be a little late. Do you know her?"

"Stefano talked to us about her..." Osvaldo answered quickly.

"Ah. She's great, our Lizzy. The innocent face of a convent girl and the sexuality of a nymphomaniac. The ideal for success... in spite of her having small boobs."

"Is she a nymphomaniac?" Giulio, tense, asked.

"No, I didn't say she is. I just say she is an avid man-eater like a nymphomaniac." Rita clarified, with matter-of-factness, then added, "Here we are. Now keep silent, boys."

She introduced them into a wide hall and pointed them to two chairs near a wall, behind some lit spot-lights. There were two cameramen, one with a camera on rails, and the other with a portable shoulder-camera. There were also two boys in charge of the lights and the director.

The set was in a corner furnished like a writing room, in front of a cold fire-place. A man with a monocle and a silk dressing gown was reading a newspaper, seated on an arm-chair. At his back was standing a young servant in livery with a tray in his hand, on which there were some letters. Behind the arm-chair an elegantly dressed girl was crouching, who had opened the servant's fly and was giving him a blow-job.

The director said, "Mario, make a more troubled expression! You are scared, as you fear the count can realize that his daughter is sucking you, is that clear? You're enjoying it but at the same time you're scared."

After a short time, the servant said, "I'm about to come..."

"Stop! Stop it Laura. We will resume as soon when Mario cools down. Rita... Rita some drinks! It's so hot here with those spot lights... Ah, you two, are the greenhorns?" the director said, noticing Osvaldo and Giulio.

"Yes..." Osvaldo answered.

"Good. Watch at your ease, but don't move from there. Fucking shit, Mario, is it possible that you last such a short time? Didn't I tell you to wank and come before the takes?"

"I did it, Marco, I already came!" the young man protested, "It's Laura's fault!"

The director went near the two friends, "You two will be on the set of 'Perverted Couples', won't you?"

"Yes, that's right." Giulio answered.

"One of you two possibly has the role of the thief?" he asked looking at them with badly concealed hope.

"No, Cesare will play it."

"Ah, I might have guessed. Anyway, is one of you two by chance a bisex?" he then asked, looking at Osvaldo.

"No, we aren't." Giulio answered.

"I see. A real pity. We should have more bisex men, I always tell Papa that." the director commented, moving away.

Giulio looked at Osvaldo with a twisted smile and said to him in a whisper, "That one hoped to have you in his bed."

Osvaldo answered, "I really think you're right. But he isn't my type!"

Giulio giggled, but he was clearly tense. His mind was evidently fixed on the imminent encounter with Letizia.

After a while he said to Osvaldo, "Don't you think we would have been better to wait for her on the stairways landing, or even better downstairs, in the hall?

"Possibly yes, though we are officially here to watch and not to meet her. They could find it odd if we go out to wait for her, don't you think?"

The director gave the "action!" and the filming resumed.

Osvaldo looked furtively at Giulio. He was looking at one of the two cameramen, but with an absent-minded expression. They heard muffled voices coming from behind the door by which they entered. One of the two voices seemed to be of a woman. They both were tense, and were not able to be sure if it was Letizia's voice or not. The two voices stopped. The two friends looked at each other and Giulio shrugged his shoulders, as if to tell him that he too couldn't understand if it was her voice or not. The door opened. It was Rita who silently went near the director and whispered something at his ear. The director nodded and Rita stayed near him, in silence.

"Stop! Good, Lizzy is here and she's changing her clothes. We can prepare the scene of the letter. Give me a light here, Eugenio, and you, Ricky, give me a light on that door. Flavio, remember to take a close-up of the count's hand while he takes the anonymous letter from the tray ..."

The director gave the last orders and went to the door from where Letizia would appear, opened it and said, "Lizzy, darling, are you ready? You're wonderful. Remember to knock at the door before opening it, so that Renzo can frame you when you come in. Well, boys, ready... action!" the director said sitting in his place again.

A low knocking was heard, then the door opened and Letizia appeared. She was wearing a very short miniskirt, many fake jewels and a heavy make up... but it was she. Giulio became stiff, then was about to stand up, but Osvaldo held him back.

Letizia looked towards the count and the letter he had in his hand and entered the room, going towards him. She spoke her cue, the count answered while Laura was hurriedly buttoning the servant's fly. Letizia asked the count to give her the letter, but the man opened it and assumed an amazed expression... and the director shouted stop.

"No, no, no! Laura you don't have to stop yet, Lizzy didn't have time to realize that you were giving the servant a blowjob. We have to take this scene again. Be more careful, fucking goodness!"

Letizia smiled, "Come on, don't get upset, now. Let's try to do the letter scene quickly, so we can take the one where he becomes crazy and tears away my clothes and jewels. I get so bored with these scenes with no action, bored to die, you know it..."

Letizia turned to go back behind the door and start again, when her eyes caught sight of her brother and Giulio. She stopped with a dumbfounded expression, remaining still for a moment and the others, noticing her expression, looked in the direction where she was looking.

"Giulio! Osvaldo! What the fucking hell... What are you doing, here?" she asked with a shrill voice and a tone half way between furious and amazed.

Giulio and Osvaldo had stood up and were looking at her in silence.

"So, what the fucking hell have you come here for? Would one of you be so fucking kind to tell me?" Letizia asked again, in an aggressive voice.

"Letizia... you disappeared without warning to any of us, and..." Giulio said.

"Well? And so? Am I free or not to do what the fucking shit I like to do?"

"You could at least tell us, let us know..." Osvaldo said.

"And how the hell did you find me? And what the hell do you want, now?"

"But, who are they? Do you know them?" the director asked.

"Yes, darling, that one is my brother Osvaldo and the other one my former boy-friend."

"Former... boyfriend?" Giulio asked, disconcerted.

"But... they are two new actors..." the director said, in confusion.

"Actors them? Ha! If you need a faggot, my brother would be good. Rather, Osvaldo, as you're here, why don't you come to give a nice blowjob to our dear Marco? Or else, Marco, would you prefer to fuck his nice little ass? He likes it. Come here, Osvaldo, lower your trousers, we are amongst friends here!"

"Stop it, Letizia!" Giulio exclaimed.

"You tell me to stop it? You? And who do you presume to be, you, to give orders to me? Who the fucking shit do you think you are, eh?"

"Your boyfriend, your lover..." Giulio answered in a low voice.

"My lover! Bah! Look at him, he is an awkward guy, but he has a nice body... Isn't he nice? Undress, Giulio, come on, let them see the nice little hunk you are. The only passable thing you have... even though you're not even able to use it properly. Do you know that he fucks me only on a bed, and only in the missionary position? He's the most awkward male I ever met. And just think that before fucking me, he always asks me if I feel like..." Letizia said bursting in laughter and making all the others laugh.

"Letizia, can't we go to talk somewhere else, in private, calmly?" Giulio proposed, acutely embarrassed.

"Calmly? You gave me too much calm, you son of a bitch! I was totally fed up with your fucking calm. When we fucked I just hoped you would come fast so I could to go back to watching the TV, which was a lot more exciting. What a deadly bore, you were! Just to think that I was more aroused looking at the weather forecast!"

Everybody laughed again.

"But... Letizia, it isn't true, and you know it very well. I love you, and I would do anything for you..." Giulio said sorrowfully.

"Oh, yes, love? Then fuck me here, in front of them all and let me see how much you do love me! Come on, pull out your cock!"

"I told you I love you, Letizia..."

"But I need a good cock, not words. Or rather, a lot of cocks. You are just a screwed up middle-class dummy, Giulio, all so nice and gentle. Just think that he never shoved it in my ass or in my mouth... Evidently his dear Mum told him that such things are a sin, isn't that so, little Mama's darling?"

"Letizia, can't we go to talk elsewhere?" Giulio insisted, more and more embarrassed.

"That's it, did you hear him? He wants to talk, just to talk..."

"Letizia, but I desire you also physically, you know it..." Giulio protested.

"Oh, yes, poor darling. Oh yes, I know it. That's why once in a while I let you get a load off. After all I've a tender heart. I was pitying you, you poor little piece of shit."

"Stop it Letizia! That's enough, now! What did Giulio do to you to treat him in such a way?" Osvaldo stood up.

"Oh, my faggot little brother woke up! What's that, darling, did you fall for the handsome Giulio? Well, I give him to you, dear brother. It's yours. Fuck together and stop pissing me off!"

"Don't be such a bastard, Letizia!" Osvaldo almost shouted.

"The bastard is you, little faggot ball breaker! You know, he came to cry on my shoulder because his little friend Marco decided to marry and jilted him. Oh, right, I didn't realize it before. His boyfriend was a Marco like you..." she said, addressing to the director, then said to her brother, "You see, after all you are lucky, Osvaldo. You lost a Marco, but look, here there is another one. Come on, Osvaldo, lower your trousers for Marco, don't bother about us."

"Stop it, Letizia!" Giulio yelled. "You have no reason to be offensive in such a way!"

"Ho, ho! My ex defends Osvaldine with such heat! Can there possibly be a secret love affair between them?"

"Letizia, please..." Giulio said.

"You hear him? How sweet... he almost makes me vomit," Letizia answered, "the plastic boy doll!"

"But why are you treating us like this? What we did to you?" Giulio asked, "We have been worrying about you, that's why we came to look for you, and this seemed to us the least two people caring for you and loving you could do!"

"I'm grown up, of age and vaccinated! I do with my life and with my pussy what the hell I want, is that clear?" the girl said, hysterically.

"I just wanted to understand... What were you missing, with me? What should I do to make you happy? Why are you insulting us in this way? Why are you inventing such absurd things?"

"I'm inventing nothing at all, little darling! You are a mortal bore, and he is a lost faggot. I'm not interested in either of you two. Get out of my balls, right now!"

"But why..." Giulio started to say.

Osvaldo interrupted him, "Yes, Letizia. Alright. I'm a faggot. But at least I respect people's feelings. At least I don't amuse myself to wound someone else, to shovel shit around as you are doing. I live my sexuality in my way, but honestly. I look for and offer love, at least, and not just fucks for money!"

"Oh, listen to him! What do you call love, dear brother, your ass or your cock? These are the only things that you like to look for and to offer, isn't it so? Have you already tasted Giulio's? I don't advise you to do it with him, brother darling, he's a mortal bore. Anyway, if you like fucking him... but as a cock, I would recommend that of my Antonio, it's bigger and twice as long as yours, Giulio. I could convince Antonio to give a good lunge in your ass too, he might even do it, to make me happy."

"You're just a bitch!" Osvaldo said, shuddering.

"Yes, dear brother, or rather... dear sister. And I'm proud of it!"

"Letizia, that's not possible... you weren't so..." Giulio shocked said.

"No, love? But what the hell do you know, about me? Eh, what do you know? What have you ever understood? If it was not me to come in your bed, you would not even have tried."

"Because I respect you, Letizia. Because I don't jump on the first girl I meet. Because you are a person, before being a female!"

"How passionate!" Laura exclaimed ironically, laughing.

Letizia laughed too and said, "Really so! And I, on the contrary, am above all a female, you piece of shit!"

"Yes, sure, you're just a pussy surrounded by some flesh!" Osvaldo sarcastically said.

"Yes, little sister. And you, unhappily don't have a pussy!"

"Go fuck yourself!" Osvaldo answered.

"Sure, Osvaldine, with a real cock!"

"Stop it!" Giulio yelled. "I didn't come here to talk about pussies and asses! Letizia, it's not possible that one year together, one year of love have no more meaning for you... We can't throw away all that we have lived together. Come away from here and lets talk calmly, as civilised people. I ask nothing else from you. You life belongs to you, alright, and your choice... I respect your choice. But I would just like to understand them, to accept the inevitable, in any case. But not here and not now..."

"Go fuck yourself, you too, Giulio! I don't want see you any more, understood? For me you are now just an accident of my past."

"I desire you, Letizia, I do..."

"And then, wank yourself, Giulio, Or ask Osvaldo to suck it so at least the two of you will be happy! But now stop breaking my balls. Go away, go away!" Letizia said. Then she turned towards Antonio, who had arrived meanwhile, and screamed "Send them away, I don't want to see them any more!"

"Don't worry, I'll take care of them." Antonio said going to Giulio and seizing his arm.

Then Osvaldo landed a strong knee blow between his legs and Antonio let go of Giulio and bent double in pain, grimacing and moaning.

"Fuck your ass with your twenty-three centimetres of cock, bastard!" Osvaldo yelled, his face red, and taking Giulio's arm, said, "Let's get out of here!"

"But I..." his friend weakly protested.

"Let's go, let's leave this dung-heap!"

"Go, go, love birds!" Letizia yelled behind them while they were leaving.

Then, while they were hurriedly going downstairs, they heard Antonio's voice screaming, "Where is he? Where is he, I'll kill him!"

They were on the ground floor when Rita reached them. "But... now... where are you going?"

"To fuck ourselves!" Osvaldo answered, his face dark, going out into the garden, towards the gate.

"It's closed!" Rita yelled behind them.

Osvaldo turned back, "Then open it, shit!"

The woman went inside and pushed the gate button, opening it, and then rushed to call Papa.

The two friends went out onto the road.

"Where the fucking hell can we find a taxi, now?" Osvaldo said, furious.

"Here we are isolated. We can try to hitchhike..." Giulio answered, pale and tense.

About ten cars passed before one stopped. They asked for a lift to a phone box or to a taxi station. The driver had them get in and drove them to the outskirts of Rome. There they entered a bar and called a taxi and then waited for it outside the bar.

They had not exchanged a word, both dejected, each shut in with his own dark thoughts.

The taxi came and they asked to be driven to the Boston hotel. They were about to go up to their room when the receptionist called, "There is a message here from a doctor Papa. He asks you to call him immediately."

"Alright, thank you." Osvaldo answered and entered the lift.

When they were in their room, Osvaldo asked, "What can we do, now?"

"Let's go back to Florence. Straightaway. We have nothing more to do here."

"Alright. I don't intend to call Papa."

"Of course not."

They packed their suitcases, went downstairs, checked out and asked the receptionist to call a taxi for them. When the car came, they asked to be taken to the Termini station where they bought tickets to Florence. The first train would leave at 7:45 and get to Florence at 9:24. Just twelve minutes were left before their departure.

They didn't find an empty compartment so they sat in one with two men already occupying it. Neither of them said a word, for a long time.

Then Osvaldo asked Giulio, "How are you feeling?"

"Forgive me, but for the moment I don't feel like talking about it. In Florence... will you stop at my place, or will you go to her home?"

"As you like... But I don't want to go to her place, I'd rather stay at a hotel."

"Then, stop at my place."

"Alright, but..."

"But what?"

"Even after what you... you now know?"

Giulio looked straight into his eyes, "I only know that you are my fiend, the same friend as before!"

"Thank you."

Then they remained silent, until they got to Florence.


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