"THE QUEST" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

THE QUEST by Andrej Koymasky © 2018
written on November 23, 1993
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by John

After he said goodbye to Leo and promised him he would keep him informed, Osvaldo set off to meet Giulio. They went to his home, where Giulio phoned some friends and his parents to warn them he would go to Rome for about a month, for work. He then went back to the living room, where Osvaldo was waiting, leafing through a magazine.

"Well, then, we can prepare our suitcases, then go to the station to get the train tickets." Giulio said.

"Yes. But first I want show you something..." Osvaldo answered and handed him his forged ID paper.

Giulio took it and looked at it, made curious by reading the name printed on the cover, "Who's he?" he then asked.

"Open it." Osvaldo suggested.

Giulio opened it, read the data on the left part, then looked at the photograph on the right and was dumbfounded.

"But... that's you... I don't understand... You're Osvaldo..."

"Yes, of course, don't doubt it. Here is my real ID paper..." he said giving him the real one, opened.

Giulio looked at the two documents, then at Osvaldo, "But... how come that you have two ID papers with different names?"

"I got the fake one today. I thought that I could not go there as Osvaldo Solaro, because if Letizia is really there they would at once connect me with her. Therefore I will show up there as Leopoldo Morassi and everything will go smoothly. I'm also three years younger, as you can see."

"Yes, that's a very good idea. But how did you manage to get a forged document, so perfect and just in one day, or rather in a few hours?"

"Well, it's somewhat a peculiar story... Let's say that a friend helped me..."

"I see, you don't feel like telling me."

"No offence, Giulio. Perhaps one day..."

"No, no, I understand. After all these are delicate matters. But if police checked your papers... it would be risky."

"I would show the real one to the police, of course. The fake one is just for the movie people and I really don't think they would involve the police in their business..."

"Yes, I agree. You're the man of a thousand resources!" Giulio said, giving him back the two documents.

"I hope you will not be annoyed if I don't explain how..."

"Of course not."

"Anyway, you'd better get used to calling me Leo... I'll use the fake one at the hotel too."

"But it would be a little more risky, using it also at the hotel."

"Not really, as we will pay the rooms in advance, therefore nothing will happen."

"Alright... Leo." Giulio answered, smiling.

Giulio prepared his suitcase, then went with Osvaldo to his sister's apartment where Osvaldo packed his, and also put in it the two photographs of Giulio, as well as the two porno magazines. Then they fixed some food. Osvaldo went upstairs to tell the neighbour that he was leaving for Rome, and would keep the apartment key with him. He went downstairs again and called his parents, telling them he was going to Rome, because he had possibly found a trace of his sister, even though he was not totally certain he really had.

In Letizia's mail-box there was a postcard. They took it. It was signed by one Mimma and coming from Cagliari. There were just greetings. Osvaldo put it in his bag and they went to the railway station. They bought tickets and were just in time to take the 9:14 pm train that would be in Rome at 11:15. They found an empty first-class compartment and installed themselves.

"Ciao, porno-star." Osvaldo joked as they sat down.

"Ciao... Leo..." Giulio answered with a smile.

"How are you feeling?"

"A little dazed."

"I wonder if we will really have to perform as porno actors..."

"They could quite possibly not even hire us."

"They would surely hire you, Giulio. You really are beautiful, sensual."

"Well, you are too. What is to be seen is if our sizes are good for them. They normally want super-sized men."

"They usually also want super-boobs women, and Letizia is not so. She's normal."

"Well, in fact it's not at all certain she really is working there. Just think if we have to perform as porno actors and then we discover she isn't there!"

"I really don't know which of the two things I would like better. Anyway... it could be an experience we will tell our grand-children, one day..." Osvaldo joked, but feeling a little tense. Then he added, "We can anyway step back at any moment."

"Of course we can. I wonder how much a porno actor earns?"

"Hey, what's that? Are you already considering it?"

"No way. I'm already earning good money with my job, without needing to perform unusual... services."

"We can possibly meet Cicciolina or Moana Pozzi..." Osvaldo said with an artful smile.

"I don't really care for such encounters." Giulio answered.

"Anyway... How many centimetres is yours?" Osvaldo asked in a provocative tone.

"I never measured it! It should be... this long?"

"Mmhh, about twenty centimetres?" Osvaldo commented, "They should be satisfied with it, I think."

"And yours?" then Giulio asked, with a slightly hesitant smile.

"Mine? I too think I have about twenty centimetres."

"So, then, we have the same possibilities, at least on that side. Have you ever watched a porno movie?"

"Yes, a couple, at a friend's home."

"I never have. What are they like?"

"Fucks, from start to finish. Without a plot, or almost so."

"Bah... we will see."

"Worried? Anxious?"

"A little, I've to admit. Up to now I only had sex with women who attract me. I don't know if... moreover in front of a camera, and of other people... I'm afraid I will never get a hard-on."

"Well, the main thing is being able to be admitted and to look around... Perhaps it will not even be necessary to perform..."

"I'm so pleased you decided to come too. At first, when I got the idea, everything seemed so easy, but now... If you weren't with me, I could possibly even go back."

"We can always go back anyway."

"No... We have put our hand to the plough, so there is no turning back. We will at least try. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, I do. And if it can cheer you up... I am feeling the same worries and problems as you."

"Perhaps we're mad, Osv... Leo."

"So much the better, don't you think?" Osvaldo answered with a smile.

The train ran non-stop to Rome, so the two friends remained undisturbed for all of the two hours. They talked about Letizia all the time.

At a certain point Giulio said, "It's funny, but you have in you all the things I looked for in your sister. Your character is strong but gentle, you have beautiful ideas about love, about a couple's relationship, about life's values... Beautiful ideas, or at least equal to mine. I've never had such a good communication with anybody as I have with you. We've got to know each other in just a few days, and yet I feel as if I've known you forever. And this is a really beautiful feeling."

Osvaldo felt his heart skip a beat, but simply answered, "And I feel very fine with you as well."

"I really hope we can become brothers-in-law one day."

"I hope that anyway we'll remain friends."

"I really think so."

"Even if, getting to better know each other, we could find in the other something we don't like..." Osvaldo, said thoughtfully.

"Well, two friends have to be able to accept each other as they are, don't they?"

"Of course, it should be so, Giulio."

"It has to be so!"

"But at times one gets great disappointments."

"Bah... in what way could you disappoint me, my friend?" Giulio asked him, gently smiling.

"I don't know. But I can try." Osvaldo jokingly asked, but he was asking, inside himself - what would you say if you knew I'm gay? Would you still accept me?

"In some respects, you are like Letizia, but in others you are so different..."

"Well, we are siblings, but she's a girl and I'm a boy..." Osvaldo answered with a smile.

"I wasn't referring to the physical aspect. It's obvious you are different. But I was thinking about your personality. You are the fair copy of your sister, regarding character and personality. Though she would have a lot to learn from you."

"She's my little sister. She'll grow up." Osvaldo answered.

"Yes, possibly. At least I hope so."

"Don't you like her as she is?" Osvaldo asked, curious.

"Yes, I liked her very much... before getting to know you. But I'm now becoming aware of all that I was, unconsciously, expecting from her, but haven't found, or not as much as I would have liked..."

"I'm sorry."


"I wouldn't like that because of me..."

"No, don't worry, I still love her very much. Or else I wouldn't be here embarking in this absurd adventure. You should produce a comic-strip about such a story!"

"Who knows... I can possibly do so."

"I haven't yet seen any of your drawings."

"Tomorrow we will go to a newsstand and I'll buy you a copy. So you can see my style."

"Without fail. I would like very much. And tomorrow morning we will also send the letters to the porno movies agency."

"Yes, we will. And as we will give the same address, that of the hotel, it will be enough to send just one letter, for both of us."

"Possibly passing ourselves off as cousins..."

"Why not! It will anyway appear we both are from Florence. Rather, to start I will be the only one to write the letter, introducing myself and writing about you, describing you... So I can use may fake name and family name, and if even she really was there and saw my letter, she couldn't guess it's from us."

"A very good idea."

They arrived at Rome. From the station, they took a taxi to the Boston hotel which Giulio already knew.

At the reception, Giulio asked his friend, "Would you prefer two singles, or a room with two beds?"

"A twin bed room, so that we can talk, and anyway it will be less expensive. If it's alright with you."

"Of course. I also prefer a twin bed room."

He went to the counter and asked for a twin. There weren't any vacant twins. Giulio then asked for two singles, but there was just one free. The receptionist said that they had some double bed rooms.

Giulio asked his friend, "What do you think? Is a double alright?"

"Bah... if it's alright with you..."

"No problem. We will take a double, then."

"How many nights?" the receptionist asked.

"I think for one week, but we aren't yet certain."

"Your documents, please..."

They gave the receptionist their ID papers, Osvaldo the forged one. The clerk after a quick glance put them away and gave them the key. A porter took their suitcases and with the lift took them to the third floor.

It was a small but very clean room, with toilet and shower, and a colour TV. They opened their suitcases, put the clothes in the closet and in the drawers, then decided it was time to sleep.

"Will you go first to shower?" Giulio asked.


Osvado undressed, keeping only his briefs on, and went to wash himself. He thought that in a short time he would see Giulio half naked for the first time ... and he would have him in bed near him. He was not happy with the situation of the double bed; he would have liked twin beds better. But anyway, he couldn't help it... He showered, dried his hair, put on his briefs and went back to the bedroom.

"I've done. I feel better, now. It's your turn. Which side of the bed do you prefer to sleep on?"

"I don't care. Make your choice." Giulio answered, starting to undress.

Osvaldo slipped into the bed, on the left side. He looked at Giulio's body gradually revealed to his eyes. Wonderful! Terribly sexy, he thought, starting to feel aroused. Giulio went to the bathroom. Osvaldo, on the bed, heard the water pelting down. He imagined how good it could be being inside the shower with Giulio, and got a strong hard-on. He noticed the light bed cover and saw that his state was clearly visible so he turned onto his side. After some minutes Giulio came out, wearing just his briefs. Osvaldo caught a glimpse of the nice curve in their front but immediately looked somewhere else. His friend slipped under the covers.

"I'll switch off the light?" Giulio asked.

"Yes, do."

"You know, this is the first time I've slept in the same bed with a man ..." Giulio said after a while.

"Not for me. This isn't my first time." Osvaldo simply answered, smiling in the darkness.

"Well, have a good night."

"Night. Have sweet dreams."

Osvaldo felt him moving, turning. Their bodies were not touching, there was enough space between them, and yet Osvaldo was continuing to feel aroused. After some time he understood, by the regular breathing of his friend, that he was already asleep. He then turned on the other side, careful not to touch him, and tried to sleep.

The following morning he felt himself being shaken. Giulio, sitting on the bed, his chest naked, was calling him.

"It's eight thirty, Leo... I feel funny calling you Leo..."

"Better get used to it! Did you sleep well?"

"Like a log. Let's get up and go to have breakfast. You will then write the letter, we'll go and send it, then look for the comic strips with your drawings. Alright?"

"Yes, alright. You go first to shave?"

"Yes, thank you."

As soon as Giulio was in the bathroom, Osvaldo got up. He told his friend to go first to shave, not to let him see the hard-on that he had still, or perhaps had again. He put on his trousers - so it was no longer visible. He switched on the TV, then looked in the porno magazine for the address of the movies agency and copied it into his notebook and put the magazine back in his suitcase. He looked at Giulio's picture, the one with the Speedo and emitted a light sigh. Giulio was much more beautiful in person. And he was really so desirable. He quickly put the suitcase away.

When Giulio came out, well shaved and combed, he went to the bathroom. When he too was ready, they went downstairs, asked at the counter for paper and envelope, and went to the bar to have the breakfast. Then remaining at their table, Osvaldo started to write the letter.

"My name is Leopoldo Massari, I am twenty-two years old university student from Florence. I'm 175 cm tall and my weight is 70 kg. I've light brown hair and green eyes, I think I am handsome, but you would judge this. I would like becoming an actor, and as I read your ad I resolved to write you. I don't have any experience as an actor, but I think I can perform in a good way in any role you might give me.

"At present I'm in Rome for a few day, I'm staying at Boston hotel, room 311, phone number 47.39.51. With me there is also my cousin. He is twenty-seven, 180 cm tall and his weight is 75 kg. He has dark brown hair and dark eyes, and he is even more handsome than me, and he too would like to become an actor.

"If you want us for a film-test or an interview, you can call here at out hotel to fix a meeting. We really would like to become actors and demonstrate our bodies and skills, as we have a good success with girls. We hope to hear from you soon.


They put it in the envelope, wrote the address on it, went to buy a postage stamp and then sent it.

"It's done. Let's hope they will answer soon and that Letizia is really there." Osvaldo said.

They then went to look for a newsstand. At the first one, Osvaldo's comic book was sold out, but they found a copy in the second one. Osvaldo opened it at the page where his story started.

Giulio looked at it with great interest. "The drawings are beautiful! I like your style. You are able to stylise the human body very well and the faces are really expressive... Do you write the stories as well?"

"No, that's someone else. He sketches the plot, then we decide together the framing and I prepare a set of fast sketches. After we have decided the sequence and fixed the texts, we both discuss the physical aspects of the characters, about their personalities, then I start to do some preparatory drawings of each character. We discuss them again, and I sometimes modify them, then I start to draw one scene after the other, in A4 size. After I've drawn all the scenes in black and white, I do some copies and start to colour them, adding the light and shade effects and the colour nuances... I finally give everything to the publisher and if he gives us the okay, he passes it all to the printer and my work is done. If the story goes on in instalments, it is much easier, because the main characters are already well defined, therefore it's enough to define any new characters for that instalment."

"Really beautiful! I would like seeing you while you're drawing."

"Well, I don't have my equipment with me, but I can just buy a good pencil and a drawing album and show you something. Just to kill time."

"Yes, please. Let's ask where we can find what you need."

They asked for information, took a bus and went downtown to a fine arts shop where Osvaldo chose what he needed. Then they went to look for a coffee shop having a free table inside. They ordered a coffee and sat down.

Osvaldo then asked him, "What do you want me to draw?"

"I don't know... one of the characters of the story you are working on."

"This story? Who? Bruno the tennis champion?"

"Yes, alright."

Osvaldo started and on the sheet of paper appeared the figure of a tennis player doing a backhand stroke. Giulio was looking at the drawing taking shape. Osvaldo had a sure hand, fast but precise.

"You never use an eraser?"

"No. I would rather re-do the drawing. When one erases and modifies, it never comes out as a clean line. Not to me, at least. Here it is. This is just a fast sketch, a preparatory drawing. Now I'll draw Bruno after a match, at the bar, having a drink..." Osvaldo said and, turning the album page, started a second drawing.

Giulio was fascinated. "You're so fast and precise!"

"But this is a character I know very well. I already drew him plenty of times. To create a new character I need much more time. I've to study his anatomy, features, expressions... At times that requires several days."

"But do you draw your inspiration from real people, someone you know?"

"At times, just in part, for some of my characters. But I just create the most of them."

"You must have a wonderful imagination..."

"I can't complain. Well, when I'm going around, I always carefully observe people anyway, to capture the types, the expressions. After all it is like an unending exercise."

"Could I be a character for your comics?"

"Oh, yes, you would be a wonderful character. A hero."


"Yes, sure. And who knows that one day you will find yourself in one of my stories?"

"From now on, I will always buy them."

"No. If you're really interested in them, I can almost surely get a complimentary subscription for you."

"That would be great."

"Consider it done. The next time I call Milan, I'll tell them to send you the comics regularly."

"A really personal gift. You know... I was thinking... with your skill in drawing and with my computer, we could make very beautiful animated cartoons."

"It could be interesting. All summed up, I would have liked to make animation movies, but I was scared by the huge amount of work to do all the drawings needed for an animation. Is your computer able to animate a character in a natural way?"

"Well, the one I use now, not very well, but the one I intend to buy will do so. Moreover, there are some excellent Japanese programs. They are expensive, but really perfect. We could think about it seriously..."

They spent the rest of the day making plans, drawing, and talking about several subjects, so that time passed quickly and pleasantly, and for a while they could forget the reason why they were in Rome.

When that night they went to sleep, after he switched off the light, Giulio said, "I spent a splendid time with you today. And after all I needed it, thinking of what might be expected of us in the next few days, if the agency answers our letter."

"Don't think too much about it. Let's live from day to day; it's the best thing to do. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

"Yes, but I really don't think I could face all this if I didn't have you here with me."

"It's quite possible that I wouldn't have managed to face all this either. And I don't mean just now, here in Rome, but also during the past few days."

"Yes, two is better, we can support each other."

"Do you know Rome?"


"I never came here before. Giulio, will you take me site-seeing, tomorrow or the day after? Assuming we receive a reply, it will be a few days before we get it."

"Yes, with pleasure. At least the wait will be less exhausting."

They were silent for some time, then Osvaldo asked, "How were the girls you had before Letizia?"

"When I met Serena, I was eighteen and she was twenty. She did... well... she taught me to make love. She was blond, had long hair, and was agile, tall, and elegant... and I found her fascinating. So very self-confident. She jilted me after about a year, because she found me immature."

"What could she demand, from a teenager?"

"I don't know. Then, when I was twenty-one, I met Paola. This time it was she who was nineteen. She had light brown hair, curly, she was also spry but not tall, and somewhat introverted. She always wanted make love and afterwards she always regretted doing so. In the long run I became fed up with her continuous shilly-shallying so I managed to gradually part from her. Then when I was twenty-four, that is when I moved to Florence, I met Gloria. She was twenty-two, was a brunette, plump but not fat, of medium height, lively... In bed she was... unrestrained. She did everything without problems. She was pretty but was full of complexes because she thought she was ugly. Once we quarrelled because I told her to stop her continuous talk about plastic surgery. And this time it was she who jilted me, because she said I was glad she was ugly, so that I could seem more handsome! Just think of that!"

"From your description of these girls and thinking of Letizia, I should say that you don't seem to have a physical type interest you in any particular way. Am I right?"

"Yes, you're right. What attracts me in a girl above all is her personality, her character. The physical aspect is rather secondary. Well, I don't like the girls with big boobs, that's true. But the first thing to me is how she smiles, how she reasons, what she thinks and says... When I meet a girl I never look for a bed-female, but above all for a person."

"To me that seems to be right. Yes, very right."

"And you? Your girls?"

"I'll tell you tomorrow, I'm feeling a little tired now... let's have a good sleep."

"Maybe you have too many to tell me about?" Giulio asked with a giggle.

"Oh, sure, dozens..." Osvaldo answered, turning his back to Guilio. "Goodnight, Giulio, sleep well."

"Night. And thank you for today..."


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