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21st December 2012
Andy Mann

The bitter winter wind blew across the garden as I tried desperately to fix up the laurel of holly to my front door. The cold had worked its way into my fingers that were exposed through my fingerless gloves as I had worked tireless as always decorating my house with lights, fake Santas and Snowmen and the ring of holly was the finishing touch.

Christmas time. I loved it! It allowed all sorts of opportunities when I wandered the shopping centres in the build-up, watching the excited young boys enthusiastically pointing out this toy or that toy to their haggard parents as they dragged them from one store to the next. This is why I spend so much effort on my house, as it attracts kids from all over the neighboured to come and see what I've has done this time.

Lee Anderson is my name by the way. Anyway, the second reason I like Christmas with all the decorations is that I moved to the UK from Australia two years ago and discovered the joy that the Brits have when it snows. That doesn't happen where I came from, so I also act like a big kid myself around this time of the year and that makes me even more approachable to the lads that play in the area. Admittedly at the age of 21, I can pull off the big kid role easily and with my job, it helps me keep in touch with my inner child!!

I'm a computer animator by trade, graduating from Deakin University near Melbourne when I was only 19 and found that coming to England had greatly increased my ability to find work in the movie industry, as the UK is second only to the US in terms of producing animated movies in quantity, but of course the quality is much higher. It also allows me the one thing I truly desire, the ability to work with the gorgeous young boys who are the voice over actors, and also as it's known around the block what I do for a living, I get a steady stream of boys, and unfortunately girls, through my studio workshop, hoping to see the next character that will be hitting the cinema or television screen.

Now if you haven't guessed, my greatest love of all things is boys. Young boys. Nice slim young boys with a bubble butt to die for. You must know the type of bum? The ones that hold up their loose fitting jeans from falling off their skinny little waists, whilst showing the round firmness of those hidden treasures of flesh. Hair colour, eye colour, even skin colour doesn't matter one iota to me. As long as the body is slim and the face is cute, that gets the boy past my front door. Once inside, he needs to be polite and respectful. I know, not many pre-teens are these days. Oh yeah, teenagers are a no-no. Once they hit puberty and start sprouting hair in all sorts of places, they also seem to sprout attitude problems. I can't be doing with a kid who thinks he knows more than the adult!

"Hey Lee!" a high pitched voice shouts across the street, startling me from my daydreams of candy assed boys.

I turned around to see little Jacob Waite and his brother Joshua. Both boys were regular visitors to my workshop and were developing competent model making skills for their ages.

"Hey Jake," I replied, high fiving the black haired boy. He had to jump to reach my hand, as he only came up to the middle of my chest. It was a game I played sometimes with the ten year old. He giggled loudly as he stretched to reach my offered hand, only to miss the first time before succeeding with the second jump.
"Hi Lee," the quieter Josh said, a small smile playing across his lips as he watched his more outgoing older brother. Joshua was unashamedly my favourite boy of all my little visitors. Standing at just less than four feet tall, he had his black hair cut in a short style, brushed forward but spiked up at the front. His dark brown eyes were framed by circular glasses ala Harry Potter style and his scarf was wrapped around his neck, hiding the delectably biteable neck that I have almost been caught staring at on the last couple of occasions that the brothers have been in my workshop.
"Hey Joshie," I responded, ruffling his hair, earning a frown which looks so cute on his button nosed face.
"Ggrr Lee, why you do that all the time?" he whined at me.
"Cos I know it annoys you mate," I laughed, poking a finger at him, but just hitting his thick coat.
"So what you been working on Lee?" Jacob asked, pushing his nine year old brother to one side, trying to get my attention back on him.

I cringed at his grammar, knowing that the older boy wasn't the best academic student, unlike his brother. However, both loved their films and cartoons, and I'd sort of taken them under my wing a little and showed them how to make the realistic models that I use as a basis for my animations. Their father had died a few years ago and their mother was a constantly harried single parent, trying to work three part time jobs as well as look after the boys. Of course, as soon as I had gleaned this information from the boys last year, I managed to get myself an invite for dinner one evening, charmed the pants of Mrs Waite, although not literally, and became a big brother figure to the boys. It had gotten to the point where they would come straight from school to mine as she worked until a couple of hours after their school finished, and after making the boys do their homework, much to Jacob's disgruntlement, we'd head down to my basement studio and mess around with the model making equipment and my computers.

"Well, I'm just putting the finishing touches to Harvey's final scenes," I told them, Harvey being a young male cartoon character who's new television series was due to be aired in the spring. I was most looking forward to the work in January and February which is when the production company would have the voice over actors in to record their parts. I always attended this so that I could tweak the animations to allow for any idiosyncrasies such as a lisp, a stutter or just making the character look more like the real life actor. This new role was to be voiced by a right little cutie called Ryan Halliday whose blonde hair and deep tan belied the fact that he came from Nottingham.
"Kewl, can we see?" Jacob shouted, already having declared himself a fan, even though the show hadn't been put together properly.
"Hold on, hold on guys," I started, realising it was barely past lunchtime. "What are you lads doing out of school?"
"Oh, well, we finished early as it's the last day of term so Mr Chorley said everyone could go home," Josh started. "Especially as some kids are getting worried about the date!"
"The date?" I asked, trying to sound bemused.
"Yeah, it's the end of the world today init!" Jacob announced with glee.
"That's stupid!" Joshua replied, although I could sense nervousness in him. "Nothing's gonna happen cos the Govermenent people would have said so."
"Not if they don't want to scare us," Jacob countered.

Of course! 21st December 2012, the day that the current Mayan calendar finishes. Some idiot somewhere decided it would great to add an apocalyptic overtone to it which had every gullible person panicking. Of course, this isn't what the Mayans had said, it was just the ending of one of their time periods and the start of a new one, just like December 31st every year ends our own calendar for it to restart on New Year's Day!

I had been thinking I could have a little fun with my two cuties here and scare them a little. It would be a good payback for them scaring the crap out of me on Halloween when they rattled my windows and doors dressed as zombies. It was my own fault for watching too many horror films that week but oh did they laugh at my scream when they jumped into my vision with all of their make up on.

"Well I did see a blog about a comet that had just been identified as coming close to Earth," I told them. "I'm sure I have it on my computer downstairs if you want to see it."
"Yeah! Can we?" Jacob bounced, though why he was so keen for the world to end I've no idea.
"It's gotta be fake," said Josh, still the unbeliever.

As they continued to argue amongst themselves, a gust of wind reminded us that we were stood on my front door step. I shivered as the cold air penetrated my thin jacket and I opened the door and ushered them inside.

"So you guys want a chocolate I suppose?" I asked, knowing full well that they would. I had discovered I had an addiction to it, one that I know would become even more so if I could kiss the chocolate stains off of their sweet red lips.
"Sure," came the joint reply.

After boiling up some milk and making the drinks, we headed downstairs through the basement door and into my workshop studio. One reason why I bought a house in this road was the fact that the basements ran virtually the full length of the property, basically adding an additional floor. With it being underground, once I had bricked up the skylight windows, it created the perfect darkroom for developing film footage, or simply for shutting the world out from around me for when I need to concentrate on a project.

Or for when my wicked mind starts to formulate plans on how I could finally get to see my little Joshie, and his older brother, in situations that I shouldn't really be allowed to. All I had to do was lay some foundation work, apt really due to our location, and I was sure I could get into their pants. I know it was wrong, but I couldn't help how I felt about boys, and these two in particular, so over the last year had really started being as much help as possible to their mother so that she would let them spend more and more time with me, earning the boys' approval as my house was far `cooler' than theirs. I allowed them to get away with things that I wouldn't normally stand for in a younger brother or cousin, allowing Jake to mutter the occasional swear word, the number of which he was expanding all the time from what he picked up on the playground. Josh on the other hand was perfect in almost every way. Whether I overlook any faults because of my feelings for him I'm sure is entirely possible, but I am convinced that if he farted and let me smell it, I would have the odour of sweet roses!

"So when's your Mum due home today?" I asked, wondering how long I could have the company of the boys.
"Um, late she said," Jacob replied.
"Yeah, she asked me to give you this," Josh added, pulling a letter out of his satchel.

I flicked on one of the large wide screen monitors and selected the three minute movie clip that I had compiled which, while I am sure that most adults with any brains wouldn't fall for it, I was positive my little angels, or devils, could be persuaded to believe. It showed images of a comet through high power telescopes and I'd mocked up fake Hubble images and with the serious overtones of one of my many friends from the acting world, the `newscaster' told of how it was believed the comet would come perilously close to hitting the Earth. Any slight deviation and it would be a disaster.

As I watched the boys sit transfixed, mouths open, hot chocolate held midway between table and mouth, I opened the envelope and scanned the letter. I recognised Mrs Waite's handwriting, I still call her that despite her admonishment to call her Mandy, and as I read it, I fought hard to keep the smile from my face.

`Dear Lee,
I am sorry to ask through a letter but I am out of credit on my phone until I get paid by the pub on Saturday. I have been offered an extra shift at the pub tonight and with it being Christmas, I have said yes so that I have some extra to buy the boys something. However, the pub isn't closing until 1am with it being the weekend before Christmas so I hope I can impose on your goodwill and take your offer to allow the boys to stay with you for the night.
If this is a problem, I know that Mrs Perkins will take the boys for the night, but I know the boys would much prefer to stay at yours.
Please come and stay for dinner tomorrow as a thank you.

Oh my, this was working out perfectly. A thought of what they were supposed to wear to bed crossed my mind, but then I remembered one summer day where the pair got caught in a mad rainstorm and I lent them each a t-shirt of mine that came down to their knees. That would be perfect for them as it allowed me to look at their slim, hairless legs. Maybe I'd even get a feel of them??

"Well guys, you're Mum is working late tonight so it looks like I've got a couple of houseguests tonight," I announced to them.
"YES!" Jacob shouted, jumping up from his chair and running over to me. "Can we do some more model making? I wanna finish my alien."
"Sure thing tiger," I said, hugging him into my body, allowing myself an extra-long cuddle with him so I could rub his side through his school shirt. I could almost hear him purred with the attention I was giving him, and for a moment I felt guilty that I was using the knowledge that the boys had no male influence in their lives so I could get close to them and maybe, just maybe, get really close to them.
"Um, Lee," I heard Josh pipe up from the sofa, where he was still watching the comet footage. "This doesn't look fake you know."
"It's not fake, kiddo," I told him. "I got this through one of my sources at the BBC. It's not supposed to exist as the Government told them to destroy it so it would get out and cause panic."
"So you mean there IS a comet heading for Earth?" Jacob asked, his eyes widening.
"Well, it should miss us," I told him, my little plan of making them scared without going over the top too early seemingly working.
"What should we do?" the older boy asked.
"There's nothing we can do but have a good time tonight and see what happens eh?" I smiled, grabbing Josh and tickling him, making him squeal like a little girl. I knew all of Josh's tickle points having had many opportunities in the past few months to hug and cuddle with him.

I heard Jacob's stomach growl and announced I would fix up some lunch, which would allow me to set up the speakers at the top of the basement steps and when I came back downstairs, laden with food, I saw Josh glued to the monitor, re-watching the fake news article while Jake was at one of the model desks, intent on completing his alien model, which I have to say was looking pretty gruesome. I was certainly going to use it in the next science fiction project I was given. Of course I would give him credit for it.

As I passed one of my computers, I hit the run command on the pre-set programme I had ready. I placed the food down on a table and silently was counting to twenty, waiting for the first sound effect to hit.

"Here we are guys, cheese and ham sandwiches, just as you like them," I announced.
"Does mine have red sauce?" Josh just about got out before a high pitched siren burst through the speakers.
"What's that?" Jake shouted, holding his ears.
"I dunno," I replied. "Sounds like a warning system."
"What? Is it yours?" Josh hollered back, his eyes wide with fright.
"Not mine," I shouted back, just as the noise cut out.

I made a show of wiggling a finger in each ear, causing the pair to laugh at me.

"I'm not sure what that.." was all I got out before a massive BOOM erupted from the speakers I had set up under the tables, around the ceiling and at the top of the stairs. The bass was so heavy that it caused the tables and the objects on top of them to shudder and shake. Frightened squeals came from the two boys as they ran to me and hugged me tightly. Pre-set bags of dust had opened, sifting down in the air to give the impression of an impact above ground.

"What the heck?" I shouted out, looking up in shock. Hey, I'd been around enough actors over the last three years that I had picked up some of their skills.

I grabbed the remote of the television and flicked onto a channel that I had pre-set with a feed from the computer running the programme. The boys looked on in horror as I "tried" changing channels on the UK channels, seeing nothing but static. Finally it flicked onto CNN who were announcing that the UK had been hit by the comet causing catastrophic damage. The Death toll expected in the millions, London and the surround area had been completely destroyed and the rest of the country was cut off from the outside world. Again, my friends within the industry had come through for me, accepting that my request was in fact to help the boys with a drama project.

"Lee, what are we going to do?" Josh whimpered out.
"Can we call anyone?" Jacob asked.

I picked up a phone I had set aside for this plan, one that was working but showing no service.

"Guess not guys," I said, showing them the screen. "Look, I think we should hunker down for the day and let things settle and see what we can do tomorrow."
"Um, ok," Jake said, always willing to take my lead in things.
"I want my Mum," Josh cried, tears beginning to fall from his beautiful eyes, and I felt guilt wash over me as my diabolical plan had obviously worked beyond my wildest ambition.
"Look Josh, I'm sure she's okay and as soon as it's safe we'll go and look for her, but with all the fallout I think we need to stay down here," I reassured him.

The boys took my reassurance and sat back on the sofa, slowly and robotically eating the sandwiches. I studied them, wondering if I had gone too far, but now thinking I could push things further. After all, if we were all alone, maybe there are things we could do.

"Hey guys, let's play a game to take our minds off things eh?" I said to them, sitting in between them.
"What game?" Jake asked, his sense of competition bringing his head up.
"Um, how about snakes and ladders?" I asked, knowing that the older boy hates snakes and anything to do with them.
"NO WAY!" he said, raising his voice.
"Well, what then?" I asked him. "Remember, we're gonna be down here a while so it needs to be something that can last."
"How about truth or dare?" he suggested.
"What's with you and that game?" Josh whined out, wiping his face with his sleeve. I was pleased to see his tears had stopped but a pout had replaced them.
"What you mean?" Jacob asked his younger sibling.
"You always want to play that, especially when Hayley Peters is round," Josh complained.

Uh oh! Jacob wanting to play that with a girl would suggest to me that he is already looking at girls. This could scupper my plans unless I play it right. I was more determined than ever to get the pair of them naked as my thoughts and fantasies had been running wild over the last ten minutes.

"Well, let's play anyway!" I enthused, hoping that they would stop their bickering and let us play.
"Yeah, come on Joshie," Jacob whinged at his younger brother.

I saw a look of resignation flash across the nine year old's face as he nodded an agreement to Jake. I poured some cola into three glasses and handed the boys one each. I motioned them to sit on the carpet in a triangle so that we were facing each other.

"Okay Jakey boy, you wanted to play so you get to answer first," I told him. "Truth or dare?"
"TRUTH!" he shouted.
"Okay," I said, and making a play of thinking something up. "Have you ever kissed a girl?"

A giggle from the both of them.

"Yeah, I kissed Hayley a couple of weeks ago," he said proudly.
"Okay, Joshie, your turn," I said, not really interested in hearing about Jake and a girl. My target was Josh. "Same question."

I saw a slow flush creep up his face as he shifted himself in his seated position.

"No," he replied softly. "No girl would want to kiss me."

That was a little too much for me and I reached over and pulled him into a hug.

"Course they will sweetie," I whispered in his ear. "You're a real little cutie and I'm sure you will have lots of people wanting to kiss you."

I let my hand roam over his stomach and gave him a little squeeze and hug. I let him go and he re-took his position with a small smile on his face.

"Okay Josh, your turn to ask," I said.
"K, Jake, did you wet the bed last week?" he asked, a broad grin on his face.
"Um, no, wot, no, course I didn't!" the elder sibling squeaked out, his face as red as scarlet.
"LIAR!" Josh shouted. "I saw Mum changing your sheets telling you it wasn't your fault!"
"SHUT UP!" Jake shouted back. "If you ever tell anyone, I'll deck you!"

I jumped in to calm the pair of them down and pulled Jacob into my lap, stroking his leg through his school greys.

"Hey Jakey, it doesn't matter if you did," I said to him. "I used to be a bed wetter till I was around your age."
"Really?" he asked, his face lighting up at my admission. It was a fake admission as I never had that problem, but if it settled him down, it was a good lie.
"Yeah really," I reassured him. "Now, did you?"
"Yeah, I guess," he said, his chin dropping to his chest again.
"Hey don't worry," I said putting my hand underneath his face to lift his head back up. "However, you didn't tell the truth therefore you have to do a forfeit."

I saw a happy then distraught expression cross his cute little face as I told Josh to name his punishment.

"You have to show us your dick!" he giggled out.
"No way!" Jake protested. "Lee, tell him I don't!"
"Sorry Jake," I apologised. "It was Josh's question so it's his punishment."

Of course, there was no way I was going to object to Josh's idea, wanting to see the little boy prick, hoping that it would lead to greater things without my having to push it.

Jake sighed and stood up. With a hopeful look of exoneration from me only to be denied by my motioning for him to continue, he undid his belt and the button of his trousers.

"Do I really gotta?" he asked, only to be answered by my nod.

With a groan, he pulled down his zip and let his trousers fall to the floor leaving him stood in his shirt and briefs that were almost hidden by the bottom of his white shirt. He grinned as he pulled down his pants, allowing us a very quick glimpse of his goodies before the shirt tails covered them up.

"Not fair!" Josh whinged. "I said you've gotta show us!"
"Yeah Jake," I added. "Fair's fair, now why don't you take off your shirt?"

I thought for a moment I had pushed too far too quickly but again his devilish expression spread across his face and he reached up and slowly undid the buttons to his shirt. He opened his shirt up, making me hold my breath as his slim body came into view. He pulled his shirt off, leaving himself naked in front of us, totally unabashed as his little prick was stood up at full attention.

"You've got a stiffy!" Josh laughed out.
"Yeah, and look how big it is LITTLE brother!" Jake sneered at Josh, causing the younger boy to look down and away, not meeting our eyes.

I took a long look and was surprised to see that little Jakey wasn't so little. Without getting a ruler out to measure it, it looked like it was about four inches or so, quite impressive for a kid his age. I could feel myself licking my lips, wondering what it would feel like to suck him into my mouth.

"Hey Josh, you've gotta ask Lee somefing now," Jake cheered.
"Ok, well I guess it's supposed to be the same question init?" Josh queried.
"Yeah it is," I said, "but let's change it slightly to when was the last time I wet the bed?"

Seeing nods of approval from the boys, my lying skills came forth once more as I told them that when I had gotten drunk on my birthday earlier that summer, I had woken up to find that I had messed myself, earning a round of giggles and name calling from the boys.

"Okay, okay, settle down," I chided them. "Remember that nothing we say or do in here gets told to anyone else okay?"
"Sure thing," Jacob agreed quickly. "I don't want no-one knowing I still wet the bed."
"Okay then," I said having garnered a nod from Josh as well. "Your question Jake."

The boy looked between us, and I could almost see cogs whirring inside his devious little mind as he tried to think of a question that would embarrass his brother and try to embarrass me.

"Have you jerked off yet?" he asked Josh, who's face showed that he didn't quite understand what was being asked. He looked at me questioningly.
"He means have you pulled your dick yet?" I told him.
"Well, when I go pee, I shake it," the nine year old cherub replied, much to his older sibling's laughter.
"Jake, that's not very fair," I admonished the ten year old. "If he doesn't know what it is, you shouldn't make fun. Have you told him how to do it?"
"NO!" Jake exclaimed. "I don't do stuff like that with boys!"
"Oh, you do it with girls?" I asked, raising an eyebrow as if I was Mr Spock.
"Um, no," he stuttered out.
"So who do you do it with?" I asked, wondering if he did do it with anyone, or if he was purely solo.
"Um, well, hey hold on, it's my question!" he yelled at me, mock anger in his voice.

Damn, so close. I could see his cock straining at full attention much to my pleasure as his pre-teen brain was processing sex talk.

"Okay, I'll let Josh off cos he doesn't know, but what about you?" Jake said.
"Well of course I wank off," I told them, hoping now that Josh would want to know, and if he knew that both his brother and I did it, maybe I could get him to do it in front of me! "All guys who know how to do it, do it. Those who say they don't are either liars or extremely frustrated!"

That brought a giggle from Jake and another look of confusion on Josh.

"Come on guys," the nine year old whined. "Tell me, pleeeeaassseee!" he said, drawing out the last word as only a child being deprived of a treat can.
"Well I dunno," I started. "What do you think Jakey?"
"Um, are you sure it would be like, not gay?" he asked.
"If you're teaching your brother, then no of course it isn't," I said, following with, "but is it so bad if it is?"
"Um, well, it's just that Mike Dilworth says that all gays are perverts and should be locked up," Jake replied. "He said they want to trap us boys and make us do stuff with them and then either keep us as slaves or kill us."

I need to have a serious word with this Dilworth boy! I have no intention of killing these sweet little boys, but as for the other part, hmmmm, maybe I am a pervert but I'm a nice pervert! I want my boy partner to enjoy it as much as I do, no pain, just fun.

"Not all gays are like that," I told both of them. "In fact some gays are the nicest people you would ever want to meet."
"You know some?" Josh asked incredulously.
"Well, the acting industry probably has more than most, and as I do a lot of work in it, yeah I've met a lot," I admitted to them.
"So would you show me how to jark off?" Josh queried, turning to his brother, who again smirked at his normally intelligent brother's mistake.
"It's jerk, not jark," Jake corrected him.
"Oh, well, um, would you?" my little cherub asked, a hopeful look of anticipation on his face.
"Jake, I think you should," I told the older boy. "You wouldn't want Josh getting picked on or made fun of for not knowing, would you?"

That nailed it on for me, as I know that Jake has waded into fights to protect his little brother, so by planting the idea that he was in fact pre-empting that need, he puffed his chest out slightly and took on the big brother role.

"Okay Josh, but you need to get naked," he told him.
"Really?" Josh squeaked out, looking at me. "Can't we do it without me doing that?"
"Joshie, you need to be able to get hold of your dick, so it's best that you lose at least your trousers and pants," I reassured him. "Look, how about I get naked as well so that we are all in the same boat?"
"Would you?" they both said simultaneously. Josh I think was pleased as it would put us on a level playing field, but the look I saw in Jake's expression led me to believe he was interested in seeing my naked body, or at least my cock.
"Okay, let's do it," I said.

I removed my fleecy shirt baring my upper body. Unfortunately I had lost most of my tan that I worked so hard on the beaches at Melbourne, but I still kept up my weights so I had a really well defined set of muscles. I paused for a few moments while the boys cooed and traced over the tattoos I had on my upper back and down my arm. Nothing horrendous, just the usual surfer stuff. I had cut my hair into a more manageable style now I was a so called adult, but during my younger teens, I was your typical surfer beach dude.

"Come on Joshie, I'm not supposed to be the only one taking my stuff off," I semi joked.
"K," the nine year old muttered and removed his tie and undid his shirt. He peeled it off allowing his upper torso to come into view. I had to stifle a moan so they didn't realise that I was fulfilling my desire of getting them naked. I looked the boy over, his pale chest showing the lack of exercise without being too skinny, and my eyes were drawn to the dark brown nubs of his nipples. Oh god how I wanted to feast on them. My cock was straining against my jeans and I had to quickly reach down to re-adjust myself.
"Okay, let's lose the trousers and pants," I said to him. "And remember, if you've got a stiffy that's good because it shows you're ready to try some of the fun stuff."
"Like mine?" Jake asked, proudly jutting his hips forward, almost shoving his four inches of hardness into my face.
"Yeah, just like yours," I congratulated, licking my lips, wanting to lean forward and take his cock into my mouth. I knew it was too early for that, but maybe, just maybe things are working nicely.

We undid our respective trousers and let them slip off, leaving Josh in a pair of red cotton y-fronts, and me in white jock strap. I don't know why, but I do feel more comfortable in one rather than normal underpants. I could see Josh was already tenting his pants so with a quick word of encouragement, we were both kicking them off. I made a joke by kicking mine at Josh's face, hitting him squarely in the nose.

"Eeww!!" the nine year old giggled out, as he pulled them off, but not before he had to take a breath in, smelling in my crotch odour.
"Okay then guys, here's what I think we should do," I announced. "Let's get the cushions off the sofa so we can make a comfy spot on the floor that we can lie on."

A round of nods of agreement and within a minute, the sofa was stripped bare and we were on top of the cushions, looking at each other's naked bodies. I couldn't help myself and I allowed my hands to run over the bodies of the two boys by the sides of me. I traced patterns on each of their chests and moved my hands to their tight stomachs, resting them there. I heard sighs from each of them and as I looked at each of their faces, I was pleased to see each had a smile on their lips.

"Okay guys, how do you want to do this?" I asked. "Jake, do you want to jerk yourself so Josh can see, or do you want to jerk each other?"
"Um, maybe, instead of me touching Josh's stuff," the ten year old stuttered, "maybe you could do both of us so he can see?"

Oh well! I wasn't going to see the boys jerk each other off! No, even better, I had been invited to do it for them! I reached downwards and took each of the boys' hard cocks in my hands. As a model maker, I had a good sense of how big things were in relation to my hands so when I encircled Jake, I was pleased that my initial guess of four inches was just a little bit on the small side. He was more like four and a half inches long and about two inches thick. My right hand trembled as it closed in on Josh's little pricklet. It was a little over two inches long and around the same thickness as Jake.

I gripped each of the boys' pricks between my first two fingers and thumb and began the sliding up and down of their skin over their little dickheads causing both to moan out loudly. Jake had obviously wanked before as he had a satisfied smile on his face, his eyes closed as he enjoyed the experience of someone else jerking him off. Josh however had his eyes wide open, his mouth in an `O' shape as new sensations coarsed through his young body.

"Oh god Lee, that's good," Jake groaned out as I let my thumb play over the top of their piss slits every three or four strokes.
"You okay Josh?" I asked, wondering, hoping he was enjoying the new experience.
"Uh huh," was the only reply I received.

I speeded up my motions on their naked boners, wanting to bring them the climax that I know they would both enjoy so I could take things further. I released Josh's cock, telling him I would be back as soon as I had brought his brother to a finish, and he leaned up onto an elbow to watch me. I brought my now free hand and cupped Jake's immature little ballsac and rubbed it, bring a fresh set of groans from the ten year old. Suddenly as his body convulsed as his orgasm hit him, he gasped out loudly and gripped the cushion beneath him as he rode his climax, his little cock throbbing between my fingers.

"Shitting hell that felt good," Jake whimpered out.
"Better than doing it yourself?" I asked him, my face down by the side of his neck, smelling the scent that he was giving off from his exertions.
"Fuck yeah," he giggled at the naughtiness of his swearing.
"Okay champ, your turn if you want," I said, turning to the even wider eyed Josh.
"It won't hurt?" he queried, looking down at his brother's naked and exhausted body in awe.
"No way bro," Jake reassured him. "You'll love it, I promise."
"Okay then," Josh said to me. "What do I do?"
"Just lie back down and let me do all the work for you," I told him. "Let me make you feel wonderful."

Showing an implicit trust in me that I certainly didn't deserve, the boy lay back down, his legs spread apart slightly and his arms raised up and hands tucked underneath his head, fingers interlocked, his eyes closed and his tongue poking slightly out of his red lips. I gazed at his body, trying to burn the image into my brain for future wank fantasies. Slowly I let my hands rest on his lower legs, revelling at the silky smoothness of the hairless limbs. I stroked them gently, each movement taking me further up towards the midsection, and the prize. I heard an almost cat-like purr emanate from the boy he enjoyed my hands before an almost growl of frustration as I bypassed his groin and let myself roam up to his chest and stomach.

I saw his eyes flicker open questioningly but a reassuring look from me was enough to put his mind at ease. I continued my exploration of his tight upper torso. As I noticed earlier, despite his lack of sporting prowess, there was a distinct lack of puppy fat on the boy, in fact on both. I guess that with the family struggling money wise, food wasn't as bountiful as I was used to when I was a kid, with my family being fairly wealthy and myself now earning an extremely comfortable salary.

I dragged my fingernails down the sides of his body, not hurting him, just allowing the itchy scratchy feel that made him squirm with pleasure. Finally I allowed myself to take hold of his two inch flagpole. Oh how I wanted to swallow it there and then, but I knew I would still need time to get them used to the idea that anything more than a wank wasn't "gay" as Jake had succinctly put it.

"Oh my," Josh squeaked as my fingers and thumb played with his foreskin, rubbing his exposed head and sliding his skin along his shaft.
"Just enjoy it Joshie," I whispered in his ear, as I laid myself down beside him, allowing my own naked body to press against his. The warmth coming off his skin was wonderful, and my own cock hardened even more as I felt it press against his lower thigh. I resisted the urge to hump his leg like a dog, just allowing myself to be stimulated by the boy's own movements as his body jerked under my manipulation.

While my right hand was pumping his dick, I let my left hand travelled around his body, tracing circles around his belly button, earning sweet little moans and whimpers from the young boy. I knew that I wanted him to cum and cum hard for his first ever dry orgasm so I traced my hand down the side of his groin, tickling his near non-existent testicles and settled my first two fingers underneath them on his perineum. I gave it a little rub, found the little hard spot that would be his prostate and pushed a little harder causing the boy to gasp as pleasure invaded his brain cells.

Knowing he was now putty in my hands, I speeded up my wanking and my cock ached for release as I watched every lustful expression that a sexually inexperienced boy could make.

"Stop it Lee!" he shouted suddenly. "I'm gonna pee myself!"
"Hush, it's okay," I cooed softly in his ear. "It's not pee, it's your cum!"

I couldn't resist his ear any longer and I stuck my tongue out and licked around his lobe, nibbling it slightly before pushing it inside. I probed around, shifting my body weight slightly so I was holding the now writing body in place as finally he yelped and shuddered and then flopped limply to the cushion.

"That was fucking awesome to watch!" Jake enthused, his hand back on his prick, stroking it as he watched his younger brother come down from his orgasmic high.
"You liked watching him cum, did you?" I asked, gently trying to lead him into an acceptance of joining in with another boy.
"It was sick!" he gushed. "Did you like it Josh? Wasn't it great?"

I guess `sick' was the latest in word at his school. I had heard him say it a couple of times before in a context that had nothing to do will illnesses, just the latest slang for cool.

"Well I don't think we should stop his learning here, do you?" I said to the pair of them. "Josh, have you ever kissed anyone?"
"I've already told you I ain't kissed no girl," the nine year mumbled out.
"Hey look Josh, I'm not making fun here okay," I told him, putting my arm around his shoulder, pulling him into my body. Oh the feel of skin on mine was wonderful! "I was thinking maybe Jake would want some more practise for next time he's with Hayley and maybe he can show you how it's done."
"REALLY?" Josh bubbled. "You'd do that for me Jake?"

We both looked at the ten year old, who was looking back at us with the `deer in headlight' look. I knew that I had managed to trap him with Josh's unknowing help.

"Well maybe I could," Jake stuttered out. "But no-one is to say I kissed Josh okay!"
"I won't tell a soul, you have my word," I announced, knowing that I would never tell as my plans for today would more than likely end up with me in prison if someone found out.

I shifted Josh to the other side of my body, allowing his bum to graze across my cock, so that the brothers were next to each other. Jake reached over to Josh's head to tilt it to the side and leaned in placed his lips on his siblings'. Much to my disappointment, he just held his mouth against Josh's for a moment before breaking away.

"Is that it?" Josh asked, a flash of disappointment on his face. "I thought you like moved your mouth around a bit. That's what I saw in that film Mum watched the other evening."
"Um, Jake, I have to agree with Joshie here," I said softly. "Maybe you need a little help as well."
"That's how Hayley told me to do it," Jake grumpily announced. "I thought that there was more than that but I didn't want to say anything cos I didn't want to look thick."
"How about I teach both of you then?" I quickly offered, my dick giving an extra little throb as opportunities were opening up in front of me all the time.
"Would you?" Jake gasped out. "I'd really like to kiss her proper next time."
"You don't mind kissing us?" Josh asked quietly, shifting around slightly, accidentally allowing me to see that his cock was beginning to get some life back into it.
"Well, if you guys want me to, I don't mind I suppose," I said, playing down my eagerness. "But no-one can know about it cos they may not think its right."
"We won't tell anyone," Jake burst out. "Will we Josh?"
"Uh uh, promise!" the little boy confirmed.
"Okay, well if you're sure then why don't I start with Jake?" I offered. I really wanted to lock lips with my cute nine year old but I wanted Jake almost as much. I figured if I could get the older brother moaning in pleasure and enjoying it, it would make Josh an easier and more willing participant.

I got the boys to change seats again, and with the expectant look on Jake's face, I leaned forward and placed my lips against his. I moved my hands up and around his back, one caressing his bare skin, the other guiding his head and holding it in place. I opened my mouth, forming an oval shape and encouraged the boy to do the same. We kissed like that for a few moments before I slipped my tongue into his open mouth. I felt him recoil slightly but held him tightly against me. I invaded his mouth, my oral muscle probing around, finding his own tongue and give it a lick. I felt Jake relax as he started to enjoy the feeling and I started my massaging of his body again. I heard and felt him start to moan. My own body was reacting to the kiss as well and I knew that I would soon have to take care of my straining dick before I shot over one of the boys. We broke our kiss and I was delighted to see a big grin on Jake's face.

"Now that's what I thought it was supposed to be like!" he babbled.
"Was it nice?" Josh asked, his hand having unconsciously gone to his stiffness, pulling it slightly and slowly.
"It was sick, totally sick!" his brother grinned.
"Can I try now please Lee?" Josh pleaded with me.
"Sure thing champ," I told him, and smiled to myself as the boys jumped up and changed position.

I looked at the little frame of the nine year old and was desperate to get more contact with him so quickly stretched myself so I was a little more upright than I had been with Jake. As I bent forward to the waiting face of Josh, I made a show of not being able to reach properly.

"Um, Josh, with you being a little smaller than Jake, this isn't going to work like this," I told him, seeing his smile fade quickly. "How about we try it like this?"

I picked him up and moved him over my body so that he was facing me. I positioned him directly about my lap and lowered him onto me. I got him to bend his knees and placed them each side of my legs and sat him down. My cock jerked underneath me as it slid along his crack.

"I can feel your dick!" he laughed.
"And I can feel yours," I grinned back as I pulled him into my chest, his own prick poking me in the stomach, pleased that he wasn't upset with how I had sat him. "Okay, that's better."

I looked into his brown eyes, holding his gaze, and I let my hands run up along his sides and back, caressing his body gently but firmly. He took the hint and tentatively placed his hands on my sides and tried to mimic my actions.

"Ready?" I asked.
"Uh huh," came his reply, the toothy smile back on his face.

I pulled him towards me and tilted my head and there was contact. My mind exploded with pleasure as my dream of kissing this sweet boy's lips came to fulfilment. I moaned in delight as he opened his mouth to match mine and we kissed. I touched his lips with my tongue and not receiving any negative reaction, slipped it inside. He accepted it with a slight moan of his own and I felt his tongue rise to meet my own. We kissed for what seemed an eternity, our hands roaming over our bodies. In the background, I could hear a faint slapping noise, and wondered if Jake was enjoying the show as much as I was delighting in taking part.

I felt the little bum on my lap start to squirm around and felt Josh's breath begin to speed up. I knew that if he kept it up, I would shoot all over his backside and didn't want to freak the boys out so I rolled myself onto my back, taking the boy with me so that he was on top of me. I had pulled him upwards so that our lips were still locked and his dick was now poking into my chest just above my belly button. I grasped his bum cheeks and pulled them apart, pushed them back together and pulled and pushed him up and down along my body causing friction on his dick.

Josh was proving to be a very enthusiastic kisser as he kept kissing me all the way up to the point where his body shuddered and shook, only then releasing my mouth to let out a high pitched gasp as I felt his climax throb throughout the whole of his dick, and the rest of his body. He flopped down on top of my body, panting heavily. I slowly traced my hands around his bum and lower back, basking in the knowledge that I had just given the boy the most incredible feeling of his young life.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," was heard from where Jake was sat and I looked over to him and wasn't surprised to see him start his own dry orgasm as he finished wanking off having watched the two of us.

My dick was screaming for attention and I knew I had to take care of it now otherwise I was going to end up with some very blue balls. I picked Josh's chin up to see a satisfied smile on his sleepy face. I pecked him on the lips and nose and rolled him off me.

"Boys, I need to have a wank now myself cos this has all got me excited as well," I told them, preparing to see them scarper. Josh just dreamily gazed up at me and Jake picked himself up and sat down next to my prone body.
"Um maybe we could help you as you've helped us," he suggested.

My cock strained even harder as with my nod of approval, the ten year old grasped my privates and began to slowly jerk me off. I could feel drool start to leak from my mouth as I felt his hands feel around my seven inches of meat. I nearly came on the spot as smaller hands joined in and I looked up to see Josh now sat by the side of his brother joining in.

"Josh, why don't you feel his balls up," Jake suggested. "I liked it when he did that to me."
"I dunno what to do with them," Josh countered. "How bout you do that and I'll do his dick."
"Oh, okay then" Jake agreed and I found myself in heaven as boy hands gently cupped and squeezed my ballsac, all the time while nine year old hands stroked my cock. I felt my balls begin to rise and I knew I was going to shoot.
"Guys, I'm gonna cum!" I announced, giving them time to move out of the way, but they kept on with their actions and I threw my head back as I felt my spunk fire from my cock. Five good, heavy spurts flew out followed by a couple of weaker ones and I groan as my climax hit me. I had experiences some great orgasms in the past, normally when I've got my cock up the ass of a partner, but somehow this was far better. Having two young boys bring me off to a climax far eclipsed any of my sex that I have had with guys around my age.

"Eeww, it's gone all over me!" I heard Josh whine. I looked up and saw the boy's hand and arm were covered in my white slime. Grinning, I passed him a cloth to wipe up with, but not before I saw Jake scrape a finger full of my cum off his brother's arm.
"So this is cum?" he asked me.
"Yeah lil dude," I said. "That's my spunk."
"Freddie Prince says he can shoot, but I don't believe him," the ten year old told me.
"Well, it isn't impossible," I replied. "Boys normally start shooting at around twelve to thirteen, but some start as early as ten."
"Really?" he asked. "God I hope I do soon then cos he said he's gonna tell Hayley he can and that means he can screw her properly and then she won't want to go out with me!"

The pitiful look on his face pulled at my heart and I dragged him down to lie next to me.

"Hey Jakey, it's not all who can shoot you know," I told him. "In fact, it means that he won't be able to last as long as you!"
"Whatcha mean?" he asked.
"Well, now I've shot, it takes time for me to reload the gun whereas you've dry cummed twice now and look," I pointed at his dick, "you're back hard again and ready for another round."

I let my hand wander back onto his cock and gave it a couple of pulls, much to the boy's pleasure.

"So you think I can screw her then, even if I can't shoot?" he asked.
"Well, I'm not sure that you should be asking her just yet," I told him. "For a start, do you know how to screw?"

A giggle from both of them.

"Um, you put your dick in her slit and waggle it around?" he asked, naively.

Oh boy! Could I really push it? Could I get the boys to willing screw each other, all in the name of learning? Well, what's the worst that could happen? They say no and it's all forgotten.

"Well, that's not quite right, and it's a bit like wanking," I started. "The more you practice, the better it is."
"Can we practice then?" Jake asked.
"Wow, hold on tiger," I said, holding my hands up. "Who are you going to screw? There's no girls down here?"

I saw the disappointment on his face but could see Josh squirming on his cushion. I looked over to him.

"Josh? You want to say something?" I asked.
"Well, maybe," he started. "No, it's stupid and you'll laugh at me."
"No we won't Joshie," I reassured him, slipping an arm around him. "Look, we've all agreed that we're learning here, and no-one's gonna say anything outside of here. The studio is like a safe place, where we can ask each other anything, we can do anything and no-one will tell. Right guys?"
"Yeah Josh, it's safe here!" Jake replied.
"Well, okay, but you promised remember!" the nine year old said. "Kevin Anderson said that his neighbour is a butt fucker. I asked him what he meant and he said that he screws another guy in the bum hole."

Hello my waking cock!! Josh knows about anal! At least, the idea of it!! I could see a look of incredibility cross his older brother's face.

"You mean instead of fucking a girl's hole, he fucks a man's bum hole?" he gasped out. He turned to me and asked, "Would that work?"
"It does indeed," I confirmed. "In fact, some say it is even better as the bum hole is normally tighter than a girl's hole so it feels better for the guy doing the screwing."
"Can I try it?" Jake scrambled out. "Pleeeaassseee!"
"If you guys want we can, but who is going to let you screw his hole?" I asked him, so dearly wanting Josh to say yes.
"Joshie, please let me try," Jake begged.
"Does it hurt?" he asked. "I mean, Mum had to take my temperature up my bum in the summer when I was throwing up all the time. It kinda hurt when she put the thermo thingy up me."

I stroked the side of his face and hair. "Don't worry honey, if you want to do it, we will use some lube to make it easier for you," I told him.
"Lube?" he asked.
"Yeah, its stuff you put around your hole and on the cock and it makes it all nice and slippery," I explained.
"You've got some down here?" Jake asked, his excitement rising as much as his dick as the thought of screwing someone sank into his mind.
"Yeah I have," I admitted. "Sometimes I use it when I'm having a wank when I need a break from work."
"Great! Where is it?" he asked, jumping up.
"Hold on, hold on," I said. "Josh, would you get it please while I tell Jake what he will need to do."
"Course I will," the little angel agreed, getting up. "Where is it?"
"Over by workstation three," I replied, pointing towards my many pcs.
"What you want to tell me?" Jake asked.
"I need you to listen to me while you do this, cos if you go too fast or too hard you could hurt Josh," I told him quietly.
"No way! I don't wanna hurt him," he said a little loudly before I shushed him.
"Look, if you do as I say you won't," I replied. "That's why we're going to use lube and I'll help get him ready so you don't hurt him."

Oh yeah! I'm going to be the one to push my finger inside my little Joshie boy bum! I figured it was the next best thing to sinking my cock inside him. At least some part of my body would be inside him, and by doing it to get him ready for Jake's cock, his hole was still virgin territory. Josh came back over and handed me the tube of KY. He had a funny look on his face that I couldn't quite read, but put it down to possible nerves about the next step we were taking.

"Okay Josh, the best thing is for me to get you ready for Jake, and then I'll show you the best way to lay for him," I explained to the boy.
"You sound like you've done this before?" he asked.
"Um, well, yes I have," I confessed. "Back home in Oz, my mate and me used to help each other out."

Well, a little white lie never hurts does it?

"You mean you've screwed a guy's bum hole?" Jake queried, looking at me with a look of anticipation.
"Well, we were a bit older than you guys, but not quite men," I told him. "Now Josh, lie across my lap and let's get you ready."

The boy did as requested and I was presented with a wonderful view of his bum cheeks. They weren't flabby in the slightest. In fact in my mind's eye, they were perfect little round globes of flesh. I ran a hand over them, tracing a finger along the length of his crack before pushing downwards so it touched the base of the hollow. I allowed my finger to scrape against his tight pucker, earning a gasp from the boy. Already I could feel his hard little prick pushing against my leg. I opened the tube and squeezed a generous amount onto my finger. I pulled his cheeks apart but was struggling with just one hand so asked Jake to do it for me.

I gazed down at the now fully exposed boy hole and nearly creamed myself. I know that Josh could feel my cock grow back to full strength because I felt it poking him in his belly. I wanted to lean forward and rim his arse until my tongue fell off but that could be left for another day. All I was now interested in was getting my finger inside him and then watch his brother screw his ass.

"Okay Josh, I'm going to start now," I told him as I placed my finger on his hole. I felt his body shiver in anticipation as I smothered his hole with lube. I made sure that I had coated all around the outside before squeezing some more from the tube. I returned my finger to the edge of his hole.

"Deep breath in Josh and then squeeze as is you're having a poop," I said to him. "That will help me get in."
"K," he giggled, before letting out his breath in a huge gasp as my finger pushed in and slipped straight to the knuckle.

The warmth, the tightness, the feeling was indescribable. Sorry! I slid my finger back and forth, revelling in how Josh's sphincter muscle clamped around my digit. I saw Jake watching wide eyed as he saw my flesh sinking inside his brother's bum.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Josh moaned.
"You okay kiddo?" I asked, worried he was hurting.
"It feels really weird," he gasped out.
"Good weird though?" Jake asked, hope in his voice that Josh was enjoying it so that he could sink his own flesh into the hole.
"Yeah, it feels okay," Josh replied before squealing loudly as my finger found his little nub of prostate. "What's that?"
"Humm, I think I've just found you're little love spot sweetie," I told him. "That little bit inside you is why some guys like it when they let other guys screw their bums."
"Oh gosh," he groaned as I attacked it over and over.
"Jake, put some lube on your dick and make sure you're fully hard," I said to the older boy who was stroking himself. I could see that he was going to cum again on his own if I didn't stop him and get him inside his brother.
"Okay," he replied and quickly applied the gel, coating his cock.

I moved Josh off my lap and turned him so he was on his back, his legs hanging off the edge of the cushions, his pretty bum right on the side of them. I leant forward and took hold of the boy's legs behind his knees. He giggled as my balls mashed his face and I fought hard to resist the temptation to leave them on him. I pulled his legs up and over, leaving his hole clearly visible to Jake. I spread his legs and leaned forwards once again so that this time I was in a position over the boy. With the difference in size of our bodies, my own goodies weren't over him unfortunately as it would have been wonderful to have him suck on me while his brother screwed him, but maybe another time if they both liked this?

"Okay Jake, kneel in position and put your cock so it's touching against Josh's hole," I instructed.
"Alright Lee," he said and shuffled up, holding his two and half inches that seemed to have grown a little more but I'm sure it was my imagination.
"Now Josh, if you hurt at any time, just let me know and we'll stop and adjust, ok?" I told the boy whose breath I could feel on my belly.
"K," came the squeak from below me.

I watched as Jake guided himself into position and watched in delight as I saw him push gently inside his brother's bum. This was it! As much as I had dreamed since becoming an adult of watching boy on boy sex, I was too scared to try to find any online due to the recent arrests and scandals. I had limited myself to making my own computer animations which whilst realistic looking, obviously wasn't real life. Here I was now, watching Jake buggering his little brother, my little cherubic angel Josh.

"Shit this feels great!" Jake's voice trembled as he spoke.
"Remember to go gently," I told him as he tried to pick up speed, only to pop out. He quickly lined himself back up and pushed back inside, earning a small grunt from the little boy beneath me.

I crouched in position, over the nine year old's body watching Jake pump himself in and out. Josh's body shifted slightly with each thrust and I looked down at his little prick and balls and gazed at them as they flopped around under the motion. I couldn't resist no longer, and if it went tits up, then so be it. I moved my head down and swallowed his cock into my mouth.

The taste of boy flesh was wonderful. He had obviously sweated a little while he had been wrapped up warm against the cold weather as there was a slight tangy taste to him but I didn't care. I heard both boys make noises as I did. Jake was sort of a shocked gasp whereas Josh was a moan of pleasure. I slowly let my tongue circle around his shaft before pursing my lips and started a slow bobbing motion. I let my eyes wander back to the now up close sight of Jake's thin cock sliding in and out of his brother's bum hole.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Jake whimpered, speeding his thrusting up as he obviously approached his orgasm. He gripped the sides of his brother's hips and with a loud sigh, pushed in hard one last time causing Josh to grunt out. He stepped backwards, pulling his deflating cock from his brother's bum and sat down heavily, breathing hard.

"That -- was -- a -- fuckin -- mazing!" he panted out.

I released Josh's legs and pulled my mouth off his stiffness and moved off the top of the young boy. I could see from the smile on his face that not only had his brother not hurt his bum hole, but with the added sensation of my blow job, Josh had more than enjoyed the fuck. I did see a look of disapproval spread onto his face as I looked at him.

"You okay Josh?" I asked, concerned.
"Yeah, but you stopped sucking me when I was getting the feeling again!" he whined.
"Well I didn't want you to cum again yet," I told him, relief spreading through me. "I figured you would want to try screwing as well."
"Really? Me?" he exclaimed, a smile spreading across his mouth, the room lighting up under the power of his joy.
"Um, no offence but I don't want nothing up my bum," Jake announced suddenly.
"Hey that's not fair!" Josh whinged. "I let you do it to me!"
"Well, that's cos you know your gay anyway," Jake bit back.
"SHUT UP!" Josh shouted at his brother, a tear beginning to roll down his cheek.

I needed to stop this before it erupted into a fight. I went to put an arm round Josh but he pulled away and wouldn't look at me.

"Hey guys, come on!" I said loudly.
"Well he is!" Jake shouted, pushing Josh over back on to the cushions.
"Hey, it doesn't matter if he is or isn't," I shouted at the ten year old, who had just gone way down in my estimation. "Some guys are gay, some are straight, some are bisexual, but if they are good people that's all that should matter!"

Jake looked shocked that I had actually raised my voice to him, the first time I ever had done so. I heard Josh sniffling behind me. I turned back to the older boy.

"You go sit down over there!" I said sternly to him, pointing to a chair by a wall.
"I'm sorry," Jake mumbled out.
"Too late," I said. "You've upset your brother so go sit down over there."

I watched the naked boy slouch away and sit down on one of my office chairs. He turned away from us and faced the wall, as if to make a point that he wasn't part of us.

I sat back down next to Josh and hugged him to me. I kissed his cheek and turned his face so that I could look at his lovely eyes, even if they had tears still welling up in them.

"Look Josh, forget what Jakey said," I told him. "Let's still have some fun eh?"
"What do you mean?" he sniffled out.
"Well, I mean if you still want to try screwing, then Jake isn't the only one with a bum hole," I whispered to him
"You mean you'd let me screw you?" he asked, his tears drying up instantly.
"Of course I would angel," I told him. Let's face it, if you could let the pre-teen boy of your dreams shove his dick into your arse, you would, wouldn't you??

I grabbed the lube and slipped a little inside me, not too much as I wanted to feel Josh's cock sliding into me, and I rubbed a little onto his cock, bringing it back to full hardness. I laid back on the cushions and pulled my cheeks apart, allowing the boy to see my hole.

"Okay Josh, go easy on me okay," I asked him. "Don't hurt me too much with your meat!"
"Okay, I promise I won't," he reassured me, missing out completely that I was building his ego up.

He followed his brother's example from earlier, and knelt by my upturned bottom and with an impatience of a young boy, he shoved himself into me with a single push. Now I've had a couple of guys shag me since I had moved to the UK and they were obviously bigger than what Josh is, but having a nine year old cock push into my bum hole felt better than anything I had ever experienced before.

"Okay Josh, now take your time and enjoy yourself," I told him.

He started pushing in and out of me, slipping out every now and then, but eventually getting the hang of it. I felt his stiff little member sliding past my pucker and although he wasn't hitting any special spot inside me, my cock was rock hard as I finally had my cherub in a sexual position with me.

Josh kept this up for a few minutes before I heard him gasp out and I felt his body push right against me as he obviously climaxed and felt his need to breed me, although he had no seed to put inside me.

I pulled him up and across my body and I locked my lips on his. My hands roamed his back and I pushed my tongue inside his mouth. I rolled over, trapping his body beneath mine as I allowed my full boy lover emotions to spill over.

"Um, Lee, I'm really sorry!" I heard Jake announce from his chair, breaking my affectionate attention of Josh.
"What do you think bud?" I whispered into Josh's ear.
"He's always sticking up for me so we should look after him as well," Josh told me, cutting his brother some slack.
"Okay Jake, come and sit back down here," I said, patting the cushion to the side of us.

A bounce announced his arrival and Josh's giggle told me that he had already forgiven his brother.

"So you are like, gay as well?" Jake asked me.
"What?" I countered, not wanting them to know the real truth.
"Well, you kissed Josh a lot just then and it wasn't showing him stuff," Jake said.
"If he is gay, does it matter?" Josh shot back. "I liked it!"
"Um, I know, but, um, cos we've done stuff it don't mean I am!" he stated. "Does it?"
"No Jake, it doesn't," I reassured him. "When you were doing stuff, it was just us guys messing around."
"Cool," he said, settling down again.

My cock was still wanting attention, despite the talk and the wait and I let my hand drop to it and start to pull on it. I saw Josh's eyes glance down to my dick and I don't know if he knew that he licked his lips.

"Um, Lee, don't you want to screw as well?" the nine year old precocious cherub asked.
"Of course I would honey, but I haven't got anyone to screw so it's best I just have a wank," I told him.
"Well, if you wanted to," Josh stuttered out, "you could maybe like screw me, but only if you want to."

SHIT! I nearly came on the spot!

"Josh, that's very sweet of you but I may hurt you if I did cos I'm a lot bigger than Jake," I told him.
"Don't care," came his reply. "You've been great to us, not just today, and you've taught us loads so it's only fair you get to screw as well!"
"No Josh," I replied, wondering why I was trying so hard to reject him. "If we are going to screw, it will be because you want me to, not because you think you owe me something."

Satisfied I had resisted the ultimate betrayal of his trust, I laid back down and shut my eyes. I felt a small body move on top of me, crawling its way until the head was level with mine. Lips touched mine. I responded automatically before pulling back away, opening my eyes to see Josh's face and smile.

"Lee, I know what I want to do and I know you want to screw me," he said. "I saw the computer screen when I fetched the lube stuff and it was really hot."

Crap! I hadn't turned it off! I had made a lovely little short animated film of a man shagging a young boy, both characters looked a lot like me and Josh.

"Lee, I love you and want to do this with you," he whispered into my ear.

My cock throbbed and I pulled him into a kiss once more. I so wanted the boy.

"Are you sure Josh?" I asked him. "I am bigger than Jake and I'd hate to hurt you."
"Lee, I've wanted you to do stuff with me for a while and I'm not gonna let you not do it now!" he told me.
"Huh?" I replied, flabbergasted at his forwardness.
"I've been trying to get you to do stuff with me for ages but I didn't know if you really wanted to," the cherub confided in me.
"Oh god Josh," I said. "Josh I love you to high heaven. You are the most perfect boy that I have ever met."
"So would you make me yours?" he asked.
"Forever if you want me to," I replied.
"Please," he whimpered into my ear.

I pulled him back to my face and kissed him hard on his lips, holding his head in place while I probed his mouth. My spare hand slipped down his back and pushed between his bum cheeks. I felt him stiffen slightly against me as I let my finger push against his hole again.

"Josh, if you don't want to, we won't," I told him.
"I want to," he said stubbornly. I felt my finger slide into him for the second time as he pushed himself down onto my digit.
"Oh jeez," Josh moaned. "I can't wait for it proper Lee."

That was too much for me so I flipped him off of me and placed him onto the cushion. I grabbed the lube and quickly greased up my seven inches of dick and pushed Josh's legs up and backwards, spreading his cheeks apart with the movement. I allowed myself to submit to the desire from before and leaned down and licked my tongue up and along his hole. I pushed my tongue into his pucker, not really getting inside, but making enough of a penetration that I heard Josh purr with pleasure. I moved myself and lined up my stiffness with his hole.

"You ready sweetie?" I asked for the last time.
"Uh huh," he replied.
"Okay, but please tell me if it hurts," I begged him. As much as I would rape him if I had no feelings for him, I really did love the little guy and wanted to make this as pleasurable for him as possible.
"K," he told me.

I gritted my teeth and with a final discarding of my morals, I eased myself forwards, my cock head pressing against his tight pucker hole. I held my breath and gripped the sides of Josh's hips and pushed myself forward. I felt his hole stretch as my flesh penetrated his anus. Josh whimpered underneath me but I continued anyway and I felt a rush as my cock suddenly slid a few inches inside him.

"Oh fuck Josh, you feel fucking hot," I said to him.
"Hurts!" Josh whined. "You're bigger than Jake!"
"I said I was," I told him. "You said it was going to be okay. You want me to stop?"
"NO!" he yelled at me. "I want you to love me!"
"Joshie I do love you, no matter what," I reminded him.
"I know, just make love to me," he begged. "I can take it, I want to take it."
"I know you do sweetie, but I don't want to hurt you by doing it before you're big enough to take me," I told him. I had paused where I was, with about three inches of my cock buried inside his anal passage. The tightness of his innards was squeezing my dick like a vice, any move forwards or backwards was sheer delight to my senses. I fought hard with the animal instinct inside me that was begging me to plow ahead and fuck his little boy cunt with disregard for his feelings, but I loved him too much.

As the thought wormed its way up into my brain, I realised that I did. Love him. I was totally and utterly in love with a nine year old boy. Guilt spread through my body and I actually felt myself start to lose my hard on, but then Josh shifted slightly beneath me sending a whole new set of eroticness through my sensory organs. I looked down and into his face, seeing the grimace turning into a congratulatory smile as he adjusted his body to get used to having my cock inside him.

"Okay Lee," he said in a pant. "Carry on, please."

I pulled myself out slightly, easing back maybe a couple of inches before sliding forward once more, travelling those two inches and adding a further inch of my dick inside him. I felt his bum open up inside as my flesh invaded further inside him. The nine year old trembled underneath the strain and again I gave thought to pulling out and leaving it for another time but the pleading look he threw me stopped me. I eased back again before pushing forwards and after a few more motions, I felt his squirm uncomfortably and let out a little yelp. My dick felt like it was trying to push through a locked door and as I looked down at where our lovemaking bodies were joined, I saw I still had about two inches of my cock not yet imbedded in my cherub's bum.

"You okay honey?" I asked him, concern on my face.
"I don't think I can take anymore," he panted, disappointment in his voice that he couldn't take all of me.
"Sweetie, you've done brilliant," I told him. "You've taken about five inches of me. That's real good on the first go."
"Cool," he sighed. "Will you screw me proper now?"
"Sure thing," I replied. "Just tell me if it gets uncomfortable."

And with a nod of agreement from Josh, I started my rocking back and forth, pushing myself in and out of his little bum hole. Having previously found his prostate with my finger, I tried to angle myself so that I would graze it with my thrusts, but wasn't getting my joy. As much as I was enjoying the fantastic tightness of his anal muscles around my cock, and I could see he was also starting to like the feel of my cock probing his innards, I wanted to be able to make him cum while I fucked him.

"I'm gonna change positions Josh to see if I can make you feel even better," I told him as I slid out from inside him.
"Ohhhh put it back in please Lee," Josh moaned, the emptiness obviously discomforting to him.
"Just a sec sweetness," I cooed to him as I leaned forwards, kissed his cheek and turned him over.

This needed a little more positioning.

"Jake buddy," I started. "Chuck me that cushion please."

I pointed to one of the smaller cushions on a chair and having been passed it, I slipped it underneath the nine year old's belly, lifting his bum up at an angle. I added a little more lube to my cock and with a deft motion, pushed it back inside Josh, much to his delight. This time, as the angle of his body allowed better access, I felt my balls rest on his bum cheeks.

"I'm all the way in Joshie," I whimpered as I felt his hot tunnel completely envelop my dick.
"That's so sick! It's great!" Jake gushed, having stayed by the side of us so he could see better.

I only got a grunt from my boy lover and so wanting to fully experience my wonderful little angel, I gently lowered myself on top of him. I snuck my arms underneath his, pulling his arms upwards, taking his hands in mine. I kissed his neck, his cheek and managed to manoeuvre myself so that I could kiss him on the lips. I started to hump him, sliding my cock in and out of his tight hole, never quite coming all the way out, but far enough that my cock head stretched his pucker before planting it firmly back deep inside him.

I knew that I had achieved my target of finding his little love nub inside him as he started to groan with each of my thrusts, and his own body started to buck in counter motion to my own. I desperately needed him to cum soon as I could already feel my own climax approaching and I wanted him to experience an anal fuck induced orgasm. I released his mouth as I started to make my own grunting noises and the animal inside me took over. All thoughts of being gentle the whole way through vanished out of the window as my dick insisted on long, hard, penetrating thrusts. Josh began to squeak and yelp as my cock drove deep inside him, rubbing his insides with each motion.

"OH F F F F FUCK!" He yelled out suddenly and his whole body quivered and trembled and as his arse spasmed with his dry cum, I thrust hard and deep another couple of times as his insides played havoc with my dick, sending me over the edge.
"Oh sweet Jesus, I'm cumming!" I screamed out. My cock spurted my spunk as I grabbed the boy's slim frame and held him tightly, basking in the feelings of my cum flowing into the boy. I gave a couple of weak thrusts into him as the last dribbles leaked out.

"That looked hot!" Jake squeaked from the side as he pumped his own little prick.

I turned Josh and myself so that we could watch his brother experience his umpteenth climax of the day. I held the boy to my chest, my cock still imbedded firmly inside his bum. I gently stroked his chest and stomach, placing soft kisses on any part of him that I could.

"Oh Josh, I love you so much," I said softly.
"I love you too Lee," he replied, turning his head so that he could look at me. "Am I yours now?"
"Forever," I said, kissing him on the lips.
"What are we gonna do with telling Mum?" he asked.
"Mum?" Jake yelled out. "Can we try to ring her and make sure she's safe?"
"Why wouldn't she be?" Josh asked, confused.
"Well, the comet strike and all that!" Jake said, a tear trickling down his cheek. "We've been having all this fun and we don't even know if she's alive!"
"Um, Jake, there wasn't no comet strike!" Josh giggled out.
"What you mean? We heard it!" the older boy explained.
"Lee made it up," Josh said, shocking me. "Didn't you!"
"Okay, caught red handed!" I confessed.
"WHAT?" Jake cried. "What about the blog?"
"That was made up," the little boy in my arms told him.
"How did you know?" I asked.
"I recognised the guy's voice and then I remembered you doing that hedgehog film and he did the voice for it," Josh explained to us.
"Damn!" I swore. "I thought I'd set it up perfectly as well."
"Well what about the noise and the dust?" Jake argued, still not believing his brother that it was indeed fake, or not wanting to believe I had tricked him.
"Speakers under the tables! I hit my leg on one and looked to see what it was," Josh giggled out. "And if you look up there, you can see the empty bags and string where Lee put the dust."

This boy was for too observant! Maybe he would end up being a detective. I kissed the top of his head to congratulate him, but as I looked over to Jake, instead of an amused look I saw his expression darkening.

"You lied to us?" he asked. "You tricked us to be here so you could do sex stuff with us?"

Oh crap! I certainly didn't mean for it to have gone as wonderfully far as it had, but my initial plan was just a payback.

"Look Jake, I certainly didn't plan this as it has happened," I tried to explain. "I just wanted a little revenge for the Halloween stunt you guys pulled on me."
"That was funny!" Josh laughed out. "You nearly crapped yourself!"
"Yeah I remember," I said, tickling his side. "I thought I would just scare you a little, especially when your Mum asked for you to stay over tonight."
"So you didn't want to do sex with us?" Jake queried, calming down slightly.
"Well, I can't and won't lie to you guys now," I said. Taking a deep breath and trusting that they would accept my explanation I continued. "I am very attracted to you both, but more so Josh. Jake, I think you are a sweet, cute guy and Hayley whatshername would be silly if she let you escape. Josh, I don't know how, why, when or what it all means, but I have fallen completely and utterly for you. Now we have experience what we have today, I would die for you. You have made me the happiest guy alive and if you even return a tenth of the love I have for you, I will be the luckiest guy on Earth as well."
"Okay Lee, I'm sorry I jumped to the wrong thought," Jake apologised.
"That's okay Jake, I can see why you may have thought that," I said. "Come here and give me a hug."

The ten year old ran over and jumped on to the pair of us, giggling as we took turns tickling each other, before settling back down. We lay there for some time, silently enjoying the closeness with each other. Jake suddenly let out a loud yawn, causing me to jump slightly. I glanced at the clock and was shocked to see that it was gone nine in the evening. Christ, where had the time gone?

"Okay guys, I think it's about time for you to get to bed," I told them, the adult side of me coming to the fore.
"Ggrrr, we normally stay up later," Josh started to whine but his own yawn cut him off.
"Look, it's been a big day for all of us," I explained. "Even I'm gonna hit the hay."

We headed upstairs and I opened the door to my spare rooms. One was a double, the other had a small single bed in it. It was also littered with clothing that was washed but still waiting the dreaded iron. I hated ironing and normally did it as I needed things.

Jake headed into the double and pulled the duvet back and slipped into bed. I kissed him on the forehead and rubbed his shoulder as a goodnight. I looked at Josh who was stood in the doorway.

"You gonna jump in with Jake or risking the single?" I asked him.
"Uh uh," he replied, shaking his head, his hair waving slightly as he did. "Neither."
"Well unless you fancy sleep buck naked outdoors, where you gonna sleep?" I questioned with a smile on my face.
"With you," he said simply and turned towards my bedroom.

I followed him into my room, watching his naked bum as he walked. He slipped underneath my duvet and looked up at me expectantly. I shrugged to myself and got in beside him. He immediately scooted over and his lips found mine. I could easily spend the rest of my life kissing his sweet lips. He shifted down slightly so that he was resting his head on my chest, just below my shoulder. I snuck an arm around him and he curled his body around mine, a leg interwoven between mine.

"You were wrong earlier you know," he whispered to me.
"I was? About what?" I asked, confused.
"When you said you were the luckiest and happiest guy on Earth," he replied. "Because I'm the luckiest and happiest guy cos I have you to love me. And I love you so much too."

My heart expanded with joy as I had been given the best Christmas present that anyone could ever give me. The love of my life.

Hope you enjoyed it. Andy.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.

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