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The Boy Called Bunny

by Chance

I don't care what anyone says about me. 
They can talk all they want. I don't give a shit.
For all I know, they wished they could be me. 

I am all about getting fucked up my ass. 
I want a guy to mount me from behind and fuck me like a dog. 
I love having a big stiff cock going up my ass. 
It's the only time I am really happy.

It didn't start out that way.
When I was in school, I use to be a goody good boy. 
I was proud that I never did anything wrong. 
All the teachers loved me.

One day I met this kid.
He was much older than me. 
They said, don't talk to him cause he's bad. He'll get you into trouble. 
What could they be talking about?

When I did, he looked right into my eyes.
He made my face turned red. 
He told me how cute I was.
He said he'd let me be his friend.

He was nice to me until he got me alone.

Then, like an evil demon, he held me in place. 
I watched him take out his big cock. 
I couldn't look away from it.
He held me by the back of my neck with one hand and with the other; he stroked his cock up and down. 
He had a wicked smile and he cast a magic spell on me.
He pulled me closer and rubbed his big ole cock on my lips. 
Then he pushed it into my mouth. 
He made me do it and I became enthralled.
He made me suck on it until it was so stiff and stood straight up.
I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew it was so dirty. 

He took me over and I did everything he told me to do. 
That wasn't enough for him, he wanted more. 

He pulled down my pants and then told me what a sissy I was. 
Looking down at my own penis made me embarrassed and ashamed. 
He stuck his fore finger in his mouth and then, turning me around, he stuck it up my butt hole. 
He told me to relax while he wiggled first one then two fingers up my hole. 
Then wrapping both arms around me so I couldn't get away, he pushed his big hard cock up my ass. 

He whispered in my ear, "I'm going to fuck your ass good."

I never knew what those words meant before.
I couldn't believe that such a dirty and wicked thing was being done to me.
That didn't stop him, he just laughed. 
He held me tight and pushed his big stiff cock further up my ass. 

My resistance was short lived.

He did it over and over again.
It hurt and I saw stars.
When he was done, I was in ruins.

When I walked home alone, all his juice poured out of me and soaked my underwear. 
I didn't say anything to anyone. 
I was too ashamed. 

The next day, when I saw him, I let him drag me away and he did it to me again. 

I must be a sissy because I was afraid to run away.
After I sucked on his big cock, he pushed it up my ass again.
He must have enjoyed it because he did it much longer this time.
He experimented doing different positions. 
He told me my ass was tight and hot.
I didn't understand what he was talking about.
I let go and just gave myself to him. 
I wondered if he was going to do it to me tomorrow?

The next day he did it again. 
And the next day, and the next day and the next day.

I would lay in bed at night thinking about it.
What made him want to do it to me?
In my mind, I imagined his big stiff boner being stuck up my bottom.
I thought. "Maybe it belongs there?" 

He did it to me over and over and over until gradually I began to like it. 
With my pants and underpants down around my ankles, he fucked me until my little cock was so hard.
I began to fall in love with the sounds of his grunting, moaning and the smell of his sweat all around me.
His big stiff cock was going as far up my ass as he could push it.
I could tell when he was going to come.
He'd go faster and faster and harder and harder. 
He'd grab me so tight until it happened. 
He'd squirt and squirt and then his cock would get all slick and slippery.
When he came it made me so happy that I came spontaneously for the first time.

After that if he didn't find me, I would go looking for him. 
Suddenly, I wanted it bad. 
I wanted him to do it to me.
When I found him I told him how I felt and he laughed.

I asked him to take me somewhere. 
I wanted him to take off all my clothes so I would be naked when he fucked me. 
Just thinking about it made me want to pee my pants. 

He stuck his big stiff cock up my ass and made me cum. 
Now I even dream about it happening to me.
I don't care that he turned me into a girl because it's made me so happy. 

Now I love getting fucked up my ass. 
When a man gives me the eye, I make sure he sees my behind. 
I can be very friendly and so easy. 
I want him to know that my ass is available. 

If he is a tough guy and wants to fuck me, I'm going to let him.
I love it when he's stupid and cocky and fucking hot to get off.
If I like the guy who is doing it to me, I'll give him everything. 
It's so much fun to look behind me and see some big guy holding me down so he can fuck me just right. 
I want him to hold me tight and pump, pump, pump until he cums up my ass. 
I love all that warm cum squirting up there.
After it's all done, I just feel so fucking good. 

So what's the big deal? 

I like it and all's I have to do is find a guy that likes doing it to me. 

Is that such a big crime?

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