This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.
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Bill is your average run-of-the-mill kind of guy. He has aged ever so gracefully over the years, and more than thankful to have spent 48 years frequenting various countries. Truly, Bill lives the kind of life many of us dreams about, but thanks to our finances, we will probably never be able to fulfill any of them. Bill stands a good 5'11" tall and weighs a fairly muscular 230 pounds. Without a doubt, Bill's chest can only be described as "barrel chested" and as hairy as they come, with curly black hairs stemming from his neck area flowing in a dark forest all the way down to his feet. One would guess Bill is overweight, but that is definitely far from the fact. The man is built like some rugged lumberjack, or a power lifter, and even now, at the tender age of 48, Bill still gets plenty of stares as he walks by.
He keeps his dark brown hair cut very short in a crew cut like fashion. Bill's eyes are hazel, and his beard is thick, yet neatly trimmed. Another fine feature about the man is his cock. No, he doesn't have 15 inches of horse meat, but he does have 7 extremely thick inches of raging uncut bull meat. When erect, Bill's manhood proudly juts from his body straight outwards, with a slight downwards angle. Skinning back his foreskin, his pale pinkish plumb shaped cock head flowers itself in a full circular motion, providing even more thickness to his already overly thickened shaft. Below his impressive butt ripping organ rests two large egg shaped nuggets contained in a sac that can barely be seen by the human eye due to the mass of hairs guarding them.
Saying what you already know, but Bill is a die-hard lover of boys. He travels the globe in search of young boys. In many countries, Bill is well known in the boy loving communities, so upon his arrival, there are always young boys willing to service his every command, and his every desire. Also, Bill himself used to be a porn star in his earlier days, and in fact, still makes an occasional appearance every now and then. That thick uncut cock of his has packed many a wiggling ass, making grown men scream as its thickness stretches their anal walls, testing their expanding limits to no end. But, no matter what, Bill's preference has always been that of young boys, especially those who have just entered into the pubescent period of their young inexperienced lives.
Here is where Bill's own story thickens quite a bit. His best friend, who is bisexual by the way, married a woman who at that time, brought with her a 3 year old son. Bill's best friend was really the only person on the planet that knew all about Bill, and I mean, being gay, having done gay porn, and being a dedicated boy lover. Many, many times, Bill's cock found his best friend's willing asshole, and pounded the living daylights out of it on a more than regular basis.
Over the years, Bill found himself being called something he had grown quite accustomed to, and that is "Uncle Bill." Oliver, his best friend's step son was so used to Bill that he, ever since he was very little, referred to Bill as his uncle. Here's Bill's problem. Having watched the boy grow, and being around him all the time, Bill fought back his natural boy loving desires. And now, now that Oliver was celebrating his 14th birthday, Bill was besides himself with sickening thoughts concerning Oliver. Many, many times, Bill jerked his thick beefy cock into a cum shooting frenzy while fantasizing about Oliver, and today, seeing the boy walking around in nothing but a sheer light blue speedo swim suit, only sent Bill's already soaring brain into a feverish lust filled high.
Bill mentally noted the boy's super fine features in intricate detail. Oliver stood about 5'5", and couldn't weigh no more than 120 pounds. His curly mop of dark brown mop styled hair shrouded his beautiful face like the jewels sparkling from a kings crown. The boy's eyebrows were dark in color with a medium thickness, and his big brown eyes looked just like a heart soothing puppy dog's eyes. Even his eyelashes were long, and perfectly upturned. His little button nose was breath taking in and of itself, providing a sparkling of a few freckles resting elegantly on the very bridge. Boarding each slender cheek were twin dimples that seemed to impale themselves into the boy's vibrant facial cheeks on a permanent basis. When he smiled, which was all the time, those twin dimples dove sharply into his cheeks, making any and all eyes water in sheer delight.
Oliver's forearms provided a light scattering of hard to see peach fuzz, and the boy's smooth chest, and tight little stomach had no hair life whatsoever. His bright pink nipples always appeared rock hard, and today certainly wasn't no different. Oops, Oliver's lips were of medium thickness, cherry in color, and simply offered the impression that those lips were meant to be kissed and licked forever and ever. His belly button was one that is kind of difficult to explain. It didn't poke in, nor did it rise outwards. It was nothing more than a couple of tiny squiggly lines running together.
From the point below his belly button, leading into those tight stretchy speedos, only tanned silk looking flesh could be seen. Again, no clear signs of hair life with the exception of a line of peach fuzz that would one day be a tasty "goody trail." The boy's legs were slender, and Bill could see a light spattering of darkening hair growing from the boy's shin areas. His feet matched his height, and they too were deliciously tanned, and smallish in size. It wasn't until Oliver raised his hands high into the air in preparation to dive off the diving board and into the pool was when Bill caught a perfect glimpse into the boy's mouth watering armpits. Directly in the center, inside both pits was a scrawny gathering of dark hairs. Just by looking, Bill figured had he wanted to, he could easily count each strand and probably wouldn't be able to get to 10 before he ran out of armpit hair to count.
Here's the description for the rest of Oliver, and these parts tormented every thought Bill could possibly think. Wearing those tight stretchy shorts didn't conceal all that much. From Bill's viewing vantage point, he could clearly see a good 3 1/2 inches of boy loving teen steak. Much to his liking, Bill guessed that Oliver was uncut as well, and that only made Bill savor over the boy that much more. The boy's tube steak was angled towards his right thigh, and in plain sight. Every time Oliver walked near Bill, Bill wanted to reach out, yank those tight shorts off, and start devouring the boy, but he always somehow managed to contain his lusting thoughts.
To make matters worse, or better, whichever way you view it, but Bill's mind raced with perverted thoughts as he studied Oliver's little butt. He knew that the skimpy cloth covered butt he was now drooling over belonged on a boy, but it was so devastatingly shapely that it should have belonged on a girl. Yes, those butt cheeks were small, but shaped into a perfect formation of a heavenly created tear drop. And, when Oliver stood still, and Bill peering at his backside, there was a delicious two inch gap between the boy's well tanned slender legs. Again, Bill wanted to drop to his knees, rip those trunks off, and greedily tongue the boy's most hidden cherished possession, and that being his butt hole.
If only Oliver knew what he was doing, walking around damn near naked in front of the man he called uncle, and the thoughts his "uncle" was having about him. One could search every square inch of this planet and find gorgeous young boys, but in Bill's mind, the most incredibly gorgeous boy in the world was now directly in front of him. And, for Bill, it wasn't just the boy's physical beauty that set his inner soul on fire, it was Oliver's charming personality, and that utterly angelic soft voice all coming together to form one hell of a highly magnified definition of gorgeousness.
As time progressed that day at the pool, every so often, Oliver would run up and plop down in Bill's lap. Bill had no problem with Oliver sitting on his lap, but his cock however throbbed profusely when the boy did so, and Bill knew that the boy must have felt his rock hard cock gracing those delicious mounds of heavenly butt meat. Bill felt the fire spewing from the boy's asshole as it graced his lap, causing his already hard cock to surge with an endless array of pre-cum spitting throbs.
Often times, when Oliver sat on Bill's lap, Bill would place one of his hands on top of the boy's silky smooth thighs while the other gently held onto Oliver's tight little stomach. The boy's mother and step father seemed to have no problem with the way Bill held onto their son, so Bill had no problem relishing in the feel of the boy's silky soft flesh, not to mention, breathe in Oliver's chlorine scent. After all, they were all like a close knit family, and Oliver's mother had no clue that Bill was gay, nor was he a true to life lover of young boys. Only the boy's step father knew, and every so often, when Oliver sat on his lap, Bill's best friend would flash him a quick wink.
Later that evening, when Oliver and his mom went into the house to take their showers, Bill and his best friend sat around the pool sipping on their cocktails. Oliver's step dad, and Bill's best friend, began to speak, "Bill, we've been friends for many years now, and fuck buddies too, but there's something I got to talk to you about, and I'm not all that sure how you're gonna take it. So, just bare with me while I spit it out, okay?"
Bill saw the seriousness in his friend's eye and facial features, and sipped his drink preparing himself for whatever his friend had to say. Then, his friend began to speak, "Bill, old Oliver there just turned 14 today, and he and I are really close, and I mean really, really close. No, and don't go and get the wrong idea either, cause we don't partake in any sexual things together, but I uh, I kind of sort of told Oliver all about you, and, me too. You see Bill, Oliver confided in me something he doesn't want his mother to know about just yet. Bill, the boy says he's gay, but still a virgin. I'm gonna skip through a lot of the talk, but Bill, I showed Oliver one of your porn movies, and he told me that he is not interested in boy's his age, no sir, not him. He says he likes men, older men, hairy men, men just like you. To skip through the chase Bill, when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he point blank told me he wanted you to take his virgin ass, and to film it cause he has high hopes of one day being a porn star, just like you."
There was a brief pause, then he continued, "Bill, don't worry, that boy can keep a secret with the best of them. He already knows how to clean himself, you know, his butt, and I've already told him what he can expect having his anal virginity taken. So, he already knows he's gonna feel some pain, and he bravely accepts that fact. Bill, the bottom line is that Oliver wants you to be his first, he wants to feel that fat cock of yours pound him into another world, uh, just like in the porn videos. Heck, if my wife wasn't here right now, I'd love to feel that cock pounding my ass, but I can't take the risk. Don't worry, as we speak, Oliver is in his bathroom getting himself ready. You see Bill, he and I have already had this all worked out. I'm gonna go talk with the wife, and knowing her as well as I do, and after having spent all day out at the pool, she's going to be horny. I'll persuade her to allow Oliver to go to your place to spend the weekend, giving us some "alone" time. (A slight chuckle from Oliver's step day) Don't worry, she'll be thinking with her pussy, not her head, and she'll have no problem going for it. I know her way too well! So Bill, are you interested in deflowering Oliver?"
Bill sat there motionless, and speechless, not having a clue if this was real or some weird chaotic fantasy. Then Oliver's step dad spoke once more, "C'mon Bill, the boy wants this to happen. You can't deprive him of his birthday wish, now can you? You've been staring at him all day prancing around, waving that hot little ass of his directly at you. Shit, the boy even intentionally rubbed his ass on your cock while he was sitting in your lap. If I wasn't married to his mother, and if I had a thing for young boys, you can take it to the bank that I'd fuck the starch out of him. You would have had to have been there when he looked into my eyes and pleaded with me his utmost desire to have you as his birthday present. I made a promise to him Bill, and now I'm gonna need you to help me out here. The boy wants you, and I mean badly. You travel to other countries to have sex with young boys all the time, and now here you are, a boy more than ready to be yours, and you don't have to hop on plane to get your rocks off. Just drive the easy 20 minutes to your house and make love to my step son. Just give me the word and I'll go inside and talk with my wife. So, what's it gonna be?"
Still speechless, Bill just nodded his head and his friend jumped up and disappeared inside the house to go talk with his wife. While he was alone, Bill couldn't help not to steadily squeeze his aching hard cock. With each squeeze, he felt more and more globs of pre-cum oozing out. His mind raced with the thought of finally seeing Oliver naked, more so, feeling his anal interior. Still, Bill couldn't help to feel that this was nothing more than a dream, a dream in which he would wake up and realize that all of this was nothing more than a concoction of his own pervertedness.
While the two men sat outside around the pool, Oliver wasted no time in giving himself a deep enema. A large water bag filled with luke warm water, and some minty fresh mouth wash dangled from the shower curtain's top bar with a long rubbery hose, and a 6 inch nozzle that was already lodged deep inside the boy's bowels. Oliver made sure that upon finishing up giving himself a proper enema, that the only thing coming from his ass was clean clear water with a hint of blue thanks to the minty mouth wash.
Oliver was more than thankful for his relationship with his step dad. Not only was he his step dad, but the man was his best friend also. Thanks to their numerous discussions, and open relationship, Oliver was extremely knowledgeable regarding the topic of sex. He remembered the first time his step dad allowed him to see his "uncle" in action. Oliver recalled swallowing hard as soon as he saw his beloved uncle's sex organ. When he saw that fat 7 inch beast dive into another man's ass, Oliver's own little asshole went straight into uncontrollable convulsions. It was then, right there at that very moment in time, when young Oliver viewed his uncle differently. Differently being more in a sexual manner. Oliver was only 12 years old when his step dad allowed him to watch the video. It was then that Oliver confessed to his step dad that he was gay.
The promise from his step dad on his 13th birthday to have his anal virginity taken by Bill was now at hand. Oliver's step dad told him that when he turned 14, he would arrange everything. Today was that day! Today, Oliver was celebrating his 14th birthday, and all he could think about was his beloved uncle, and his uncle's ungodly thick cock. While he showered, his mind replayed the many scenes in which his Uncle Bill made some poor man scream as his obese cock tore into their anal cavity. Now, sometime later on this evening, Oliver himself would encounter his long awaited sexual fantasy with none other than the one man he has always jerked off to, his Uncle Bill.
A few short minutes later, his friend slid open the sliding glass door, grinning from ear to ear, as he almost shouted while talking, "Yep, it's a done deal! All I had to do was finger her wet pussy while telling her about letting Oliver spend the next couple of days at your place. Shit, the horny little thing can hardly wait for the two of you to leave so we can get it on. Fuck, come to think of it, I can hardly wait myself, but I sure as shit wouldn't mind bending over and feeling that monstrous cock of yours fucking me into oblivion, but I guess that'll have to wait for another time."
The next thing Bill knew was that he was in his car and Oliver was fastening his seatbelt, and the two of them were now heading towards his house. Bill wanted to say something, but this entire thing was still in its utmost dreamy state. Oliver, wiggling around in his seat, looked over at Bill, then in that most precious angelic soft voice of his, said, "Uncle Bill, we sure are going to have lots of fun together. I know I can hardly wait!"
Bill glanced over at the breath taking 14 year old beauty, smiled, then replied, "Yeah, sure does sound like it, but I'm still a bit cloudy on some things though."
Oliver eagerly, and overly excited piped in, "You mean about you taking my virginity? That's my birthday wish Uncle Bill, and to be on film too, you know, just like you. When Dad told me you like young boys, and after seeing some of your porn movies, well I uh, I've wanted you ever since I was 12 years old. Dad made me wait until I was 14, and now, now Uncle Bill, I'm 14 years old."
Unlike Oliver and his parents, Bill elected to live out in the country. Every now and again, Bill would throw a party for either some of the old and present day porn stars, or parties for fellow boy lovers. His place was well secluded, resting on 35 wonderful acres. The dirt road leading to his house was bumpy, so slow driving was just a guarantee. The road was filled with trees on both sides, and the drive from the main road, down his dirt road, was a good and slow 10 minute drive.
Bill has a ranch style home that offers nothing but elegant privacy. With no need whatsoever for a fence, the large in-ground pool provided privacy so that anyone who visited could swim naked without being spied on from anyone for miles, and miles around. He lived alone in the 5 bedroom, 5 1/2 bathroom home. To Bill, this was his sanctuary away from the rest of the world. Here, he was at total piece with himself, not to mention, some of his frequent visitors.
After having parked the car, the two walked inside the doorway leading directly into the large open spaced kitchen. This wasn't Oliver's first time at Bill's house, so to him, this was nothing out of the ordinary. However, this was his first time alone with Bill, and to further add to his already overly excited state, for two full days at that. Had Oliver had his way, he would have left his home bare ass naked, and would have had no problem licking all over Uncle Bill's manhood on the drive over.
Bill turned to face Oliver, then said, "Hey sport (that's the nickname Bill calls Oliver sometimes), I really need to go freshen up a bit. Go on and make yourself at home, okay?"
Oliver, feeling his teen meat throb with excitement, eagerly blurted, "Uncle Bill, I've got a better idea. Why don't I come with you so I can, um, uh, clean you up."
Hearing the boy say those words wasn't helping Bill's pre-cum spitting erection any, and still, somehow Bill couldn't get over the fact that all of this was real, and not some wild concocted fantasy. Facing the beautiful birthday boy, Bill smiled as he whispered, "If that is what my little birthday boy wishes, then let's get to it."
Both man and boy entered the master bedroom's large bathroom. When Bill had his home built, he made sure that his bathroom was just the way he wanted it. The shower area was created in a French style in which the flooring was tile and the actual shower space itself was large, large enough for two people to walk around freely without ever touching one another.
As Bill undressed, his eyes watched Oliver as the boy's eyes watched his every move. When Bill removed his final article of clothing, he stood straight up and stared passionately at the beautiful young angel who was still fully dressed. Bill cleared his throat, then softly spoke, "I thought you were going to join me."
Oliver, with his mouth slightly ajar, stuttered his reply, "It's, it's, it's bigger in uh, uh, person."
Oliver couldn't take his eyes off of Bill's thick erection, noting the flap of foreskin had completely envelope the massive cock head, leaving about a half an inch of skin dangling downwards. As if magnetically drawn, Oliver's eyes drifted on the two enormous eggs swinging well below Bill's legs, both being equally contained in one hair covered sac. Oliver was totally mesmerized at seeing first hand Bill's powerful cock and hairy bull balls.
Bill didn't want to push the boy in any way, so he politely excused himself and began walking down the short corridor that ended up into the actual shower area. He activated the water and was soaking his body when he felt Oliver press his young body against his from behind him. The boy's small hands ran their course up and down his chest and stomach fur. Bill relented to the fact that he was going to allow Oliver to do what he wanted to do.
With his body completely soaked with water, Bill slowly turned around to face the breath taking beauty. It was then that his eyes witnessed Oliver naked for the first time. Just above his erect teen cock bordered a fresh beginning of hair growth. The soft little black hairs that surrounded the base of Oliver's cock was sparse, and again, Bill knew if he took the time, he could easily count each delicate little hair. Sprouting from the boy's pubic region was a tube of hard boy flesh, proudly arching itself upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle, stretching itself to a respectful 5 glorious inches and was as thick as a regular sized carrot stalk. The foreskin had cleared the very beginning of the boy's mushroom shaped pink cock head, providing a clear birds eyes shot of those beloved little piss lips.
Oliver's shaft was pale compared to the remainder of his well tanned body, but nevertheless, Bill knew that seeing this boy's erect teenage beauty was by far the most beautiful cock his eyes had ever been honored in seeing. It made Bill's mouth water endlessly, and he had to fight back his natural urge not to sink to his knees and immediately taste such delicious looking treasure of a treat.
Oliver's purring, spine tingling, voice cracked through the water and the air, "Uncle Bill, is it uh, is my dick um, is it okay enough for you?"
Bill felt his own lips quiver as he replied, "My God Oliver, you are so incredibly beautiful, and that cock of yours, well uh, it's truly as perfect as they come."
That's when Bill's eyes trickled the short distance downwards to ogle over Oliver's mouth watering cum filled nuggets. Those twin shaped pecan sized pearls were equal in size, and both being lovingly contained in a creamy colored hairless satiny smooth sac. Just from the sight, Bill knew the boy's balls had dropped, but due to his sexual energy, the sac had withdrawn to the point that it looked like the flesh itself had been painted on each precious jewel. Again, Bill had to fight to control his animalistic instincts. The boy now in front of him was truly different from the rest of the boys he had ever been with. Not only was this little angel a virgin, but Bill had known him ever since he was around 3 years old. He had watched him develop into the stunning little beauty he now was.
As if Bill needed any more excitement at this stage in the game, but Oliver quickly turned completely around, jiggling his butt back and forth while teasingly asking, "Uncle Bill, is my butt too big?"
Bill had to lean against the wall as he began feeling dizzy. The distinct creaminess of those perfectly shaped mounds of heavenly perfection stood out in contrast to the rest of the boy's tanned body. Oliver's white butt cheeks bubbled from his backside with breath stealing pride. That little line separating the twin mounds of desirable flesh sent chills racing up and down Bill's spine. The boy's butt cheeks were small, but sculptured by the hands of flying angels sent from the heavens above. Once more, Bill found himself fighting an uphill battle against his own perverted demons. In his bewildered spinning mind, Bill had already spread those plump butt cheeks and was in the process of stuffing his face between those creamy valley's and dining on the boy's virgin anal orifice, but in all reality, all he could do was breathe in such exhilarating beauty.
Answering Oliver's question, Bill managed to stumble through his words, "Uh, uh, well I um, I'd say it's perfect in every way possible."
The next thing Bill knew was the boy's soapy hands began working their way through his mass of chest hairs, scrolling slowly on down to his heaving hairy belly. With each of the boy's soft touches, Bill felt volts of electrical currents shoot throughout his shaking body. His knees buckled as soon as Oliver's little soap covered fingers danced their way onto his throbbing thick organ. Back and forth and all around, the boy's soapy fingers covered his entire cock, even to the point of soaping up the interior of his foreskin.
When Oliver's inexperienced young eyes fell onto the skinned back bulbous plumb shaped cock head, he felt his heart leap into his throat. He was now holding and seeing the cock of so many of his wonderful fantasies. This was the same cock that had pleased so many viewers watching the porn movies that when he blew his load, the thick goo shot from his dick, traveling a solid 6 feet, followed by several more powerful jets of man seed flying sharply into the air.
Not only did Oliver fantasize about tasting Bill's globs of man juice, but as he steadily stared at the magnificently thick beast, he also wanted more than ever to feel it as it took his anal virginity forever more. Only in a small portion of his mind was Oliver even remotely concerned about the overall thickness of Bill's cock. He knew that feeling something so thick diving into his anal canal was going to hurt, and probably hurt like hell, but the conquering fact that this was something he so dreamily longed for, and he was soon going to make his fantasy into a reality.
Had the boy continued stroking his soapy hands on his cock, Bill knew he would soon be blowing his load. All Bill could do now was moan as the boy's hands caressed his hairy bull balls, making sure that every square inch was covered in soap. When the boy's small hands tucked themselves under his slightly spread legs, Bill's body exploded in uncontrollable convulsions as the tiny fingers lunged deep into his hairy butt crack, wedging themselves directly up against his unsuspecting asshole, and slowly began circling his anal region. Bill slung his arms outwards, forcing the palms of his hands to slap sharply against the shower walls. He began hissing as the boy's fingers performed a powerful emotionally charged magic trick on his rapidly puckering butt hole.
One, then two small slender fingers snuck inside his anal canal and began slowly twisting and turning, diving in and darting out. If Bill wasn't shaking furiously before, he sure as shit was now. The fingers soaping up his anal canal was sending his mind quickly into orbit, and thankfully enough, within a few short lived seconds, the boy removed his fingers and began lathering up Bill's hairy crack once again.
Front and back, Oliver took his sweet time making sure that every massive square inch of Bill's body was completely soaped up. The boy even had to guide Bill under the shower head so he could begin rinsing his severely shaking body. His mind fluctuated from the present moment to another world as the warm water sprayed his body, rinsing the soap into the drain.
Moments later, Bill's mind returned back to the present moment. Oliver had already exited the shower and was toweling off when Bill began drying off. Bill looked over at the gorgeous young beauty, then sheepishly asked, "Oliver, are you absolutely positive this is something you want to do?"
Oliver stood up, tossing the towel into the dirty hamper next to the sink, flaring his little nostrils as he sexily replied, "Ohhhhhhhhhh yes Uncle Bill. Believe me, this is what I've been dreaming about for a long time now."
Bill, still wiping his body down with the towel, looked into the boy's puppy dog brown eyes, then spoke, "Okay sport, so tell me what all you would like to do, I mean, some of your fantasies?"
Without having to take time to think about it, Oliver replied, "Well, I know I want to feel your cum as it shoots into my mouth, and taste it too! But, what I really, really want to feel is your dick up my ass!"
The two departed the shower area and had just entered the master bedroom. Oliver was in the process of sliding onto the king sized bed when Bill stopped him by saying, "Oh no young man, not in here. You want to be a porn star, so I have another "special" bedroom for that. Follow me!"
As they walked down the hallway, Oliver's eyes had no choice but to stare in awe at the tight bubbly butt in front of him. He could see tons of black hairs as they fought their way out of the curved crack line that separated themselves from the two muscular mounds. His own 5 inches of rock hard teenage pride was harder than ever, and it seemed as though it began throbbing triumphantly with every footstep.
Another little fact of the matter that Oliver failed to tell Bill was the fact that he hadn't jerked off in 31 days. Oh he wanted to, and many times at that, but hoping his birthday wish as promised when he turned 13 would come true, Oliver wanted to produce the kind of load he had seen Bill do many times in the porn movies. Today being his 14th birthday, Oliver's birthday wish one year ago to the day was going to come true. With each footstep, his feet seemed to grow heavier and his legs felt more like two rubber stalks. His heart beat harder than ever as they neared the last of the remaining bedrooms.
Finally, feeling more excited than ever before, Bill led them into the last bedroom. Upon entering, Oliver looked around, noting the cameras that were all over the place, including 4 that were mounted to the ceiling. The bed was a queen sized bed with long slender metal poles uprising themselves from each of the corners. Attached to each of the poles, resting on top of the bedding alongside each corner were some kind of padded restraints. Also attached to the ceiling, which Oliver recalled reading about, was a sling centered directly over the bed.
The room itself was very large and it had 3 large dressers in which the tops were filled with various forms of sex toys. Though Oliver was a virgin, he had watched his beloved uncle in porn movies use many of the toys in which his young eyes was now viewing. Seeing the entire setup only made Oliver's teen organ throb that much harder, and he himself could feel his own love juices as they began oozing from his piss lips.
At the head of the bed, the entire wall was nothing but a mirror, and as Oliver lay down, centering himself in the middle of the bed as instructed, he also saw that the entire ceiling was a mirror as well. Oliver rested his head on one of the extra fluffy pillows, tucking his arms behind his head with his legs going on autopilot as they already instinctively spread themselves. His young cock aimed itself directly at Oliver's face, and Oliver could see his own pre-cum steadily spewing outwards and was now forming a connection from his cock head to his pubic area.
Bill walked around the room, activating each camera and making sure the lighting was just right. As he prepared the cameras, Bill couldn't help not to take the time to stare at the naked teen boy laying so angelically in his bed. Saying what he was thinking, Bill accidently blurted, "Fuck! Damn boy, you are so fucking gorgeous! I'm gonna eat you from your fucking head all the way down to those sweet little curling toes!"
Hearing what his thought process was thinking, Bill momentarily froze, but it was Oliver's soft voice, and the words that he spoke, that took him by surprise, "Yeah, well thanks, but I'm gonna be doing some eaten of my own too. Oh God Uncle Bill, hurry up and come fuck me, please!"
Bill smiled as he spoke, "In due time, in due time! Just a couple of more cameras to go and then they will be ready. Oh by the way, in my home feel free to say anything you want. (Giving Oliver a teasing wink) Remember, nobody likes a dead lay, so don't be afraid to let your emotions run wild, okay?"
Oliver agreed as his eyes feasted upon the cock that he had seen so many times in the porn movies. Many, many times, Oliver heard the other man in his Uncle's movie scream as his uncle's cock dove deep into his anal canal. Soon, soon it would be his turn to feel that thick hooded beast dive into his own bowels. Oliver had already convinced himself that this was something like a right of passage. His step dad had already told him in intricate detail of the pain he would feel, but he also emphasized the vast pleasures once the initial pain vanished. Though he was a bit nervous, Oliver was more than ready to get this underway.
With the last camera and the lighting in place, Bill stepped to the side of the bed and looked from head to toe at the naked boy willingly offering his body for his own perverted thrills and desires. This was Bill's first time filming a sexual encounter with an underage boy, not to mention, his first time deflowering a young virgin as well. Not only was Oliver a virgin, but in more ways than one, he was kind of like family, and knowing all of this only made Bill's emotions soar that much higher. Higher than ever before!
Bill, still standing at the side of the bed to Oliver's right side, smiled, then hoarsely said, "Oliver, why don't you sit up, look directly into (pointing at a particular camera at the foot of the bed) the camera and tell all the folks who will be watching your movie a little bit about yourself and what you want to accomplish here today."
Oliver eagerly sat up, smiled that award winning smile of his, then began speaking, "Hi, my name's Oliver, and today I am celebrating my 14th birthday. When I turned 13, this is what my birthday wish was, but I was told by somebody very special that I would have to wait until I turned 14. Now, I'm 14 and my birthday wish is gonna come true. What's my birthday wish? Well, I'm still a virgin, and I'm gay, and my only wish was to have sex with my uncle, well uh, he's not my blood related uncle. So, um, I uh, I guess that pretty much sums it all up. I'm gonna get fucked!"
With his last word, Oliver turned his head to his right so that he could stare into Bill's eyes. For a split second, Bill was frozen in time, astonished by the pure innocence and illuminating perfections that this beautiful boy possessed. Bill turned sideways as he sat on the edge of the bed, still unable to focus on anything other than Oliver's precious smiling gorgeous face.
Bill was certainly no stranger in being in the company of a naked young boy, but this time, this time was different from any he had ever encountered before. As if caught in the powerful rays of a commercial magnet, Bill felt his face slowly being drawn closer and closer to Oliver's. Eventually, Bill felt his lips touch Oliver's lips, then his meaty tongue entered the boy's minty fresh, saliva coated, mouth.
Oliver had never kissed like this before, so mimicking Bill's tongue, Oliver slipped his own bright pink tongue into the older man's mouth. Soon, the nervousness of this type of kissing drifted from Oliver, and the sounds of tongue sucking and saliva slurping began darting off the walls. While the two were locked into a passionate kiss, their hands freely roamed the others body.
Oliver loved the feel of Bill's fur. Feeling all that man hair sent goose bumps popping up all over Oliver's body. Bill on the other hand began moaning as his fingers sensationalized the boy's silky smooth flesh. His young flesh was vibrant and full of life, and though he wanted to, Bill refused his fingers the delight in touching the boy's erect organ and those lovely pecan shaped hairless balls.
Bill vigorously sucked the saliva straight from Oliver's delicious little tongue, moaning in joy as to the actual moment in time, and the beloved overall deliciousness of the minty tasting saliva. The two took turns sucking the others probing tongue, both equally moaning and grunting as to the pleasures ravishing their entire bodies.
Oliver's small right hand slowly slid from Bill's heaving hairy chest, trickling downwards through all that wiry hair until his small hand deliberately latched itself onto Bill's swollen pole. Oliver felt the hardness of Bill's cock, and he also felt the softness of the flesh as his fingers traced up and down the full length of Bill's manhood. Turning his right hand upside down, Oliver palmed the huge bulbous flesh covered head, and began slowly inching the foreskin over the engorged knob until the man's slippery and gooey pre-cum sifted onto his fingers and palm.
Bill's body exploded with a vengeance, basking in the overwhelming pleasures shooting throughout his entire being as the boy's small hand and exploring fingers caressed his highly sensitive cock head. It was then when their lips unlocked themselves, and in doing so, Bill stabbed the boy's left facial cheek with his tongue, working it over until he was now probing the boy's left ear canal.
Oliver closed his eyes and began purring, moaning loudly as to the wetness and heat of Bill's tongue slithering in and out of his ear. His little mouth formed into a perfect "O" as his elegant soft moans whisked through the air as gentle as a soft summer's breeze.
Bill began taking turns working each ear, grunting vibrantly as to the wonderful texture of Oliver's ears. Each time the boy purred or moaned, Bill's tongue would lick that much harder. When he started nibbling, sucking, licking, and sucking all over the boy's tasty neck area, it was then that Bill had to forcefully remove Oliver's hand on his soon to be cum shooting cock. Still, even at this point, Bill had just enough self control to not touch Oliver's precious 5 inches of pure rock hard teenage muscle.
The emotions running through Oliver's mind and body were emotions he had never experienced before. By far, this was much better than he himself jacking on his own cock. Through it all, Oliver inwardly craved to feel Uncle Bill's thick man meat deprive his ass of his anal virginity. And yet, Oliver's mouth watered just thinking about feeling Uncle Bill's cum squirt into his mouth, and finally tasting somebody else's cum other than his own.
While Bill was working feverishly on Oliver's neck, the boy's passion was evident in his voice as he cried out, "Please Uncle Bill, please let me suck you cock! Please let me eat your asshole, please, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaawwwwwwdddddddd paaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllleeeeeeeezzzzzzeeee!"
Bill could hardly believe his ears as to what he had just heard. Sure, he knew the little angel wanted to suck his pecker, but he sure as hell didn't know the little devil wanted to eat his asshole. Bill gently forced Oliver backwards so that his head was once again resting on the large fluffy pillow. Straddling the boy's body, Bill shoved his ass packer directly onto Oliver's awesomely kissable cherry colored lips.
Oliver felt the slippery pre-cum as it oozed out onto his bottom lip. Using just his tongue, Oliver, just like a frog lashing its tongue out to latch onto a unsuspecting fly, scooped up the gooey substance and tasted Bill's pre-cum. The taste alone forced his body to shake uncontrollably as his tongue began slithering all over the skinned back bulbous knob.
Bill was holding his cock at the base with his right hand, squeezing steadily, feeding the boy globs upon globs of his pre-cum. Oliver moaned energetically with each tasty offering, and soon, his little tongue was in a panic stricken state as it began wildly swarming all over the thick head as if he were trying to frantically lick the sweetness from a gigantic lollipop.
Both man and boy knew that there was no way Bill's thick cock head would be able to dwell into the interior of the boy's mouth. Realistically, it was just too damn thick, but nevertheless, the boy's tongue was good enough to send Bill's mind racing into another sexually energized world. The way the boy's tongue lapped at his cock head, feeling the fiery heat expel onto his throbbing cock, and simply just knowing it was Oliver made this moment utterly perfect.
Within a very, very short time, Bill felt his orgasm closing in on him, so he held out as long as he possibly could before yanking his meaty butt buster from within the boy's cock licking tongue. Bill's cock was within a fraction of an inch away from Oliver's tongue, and the boy was doing all he could do to reattach his tongue back onto Bill's cock, but Bill was way too savvy for that.
Bill twisted his body around so that his backside was now facing Oliver's mystified onlooking face. Bill's husky voice sounded, "You say you want to eat a man's ass, so here's an ass just for you!"
As Bill lowered his butt close to Oliver's face, he used both hands to part his meaty butt cheeks. Oliver had a perfect shot into Bill's parted ass crack. The crack was thickly lined with black curly hairs, and right where his asshole was, was a concentrated gathering of hairs as if they were fortifying the man's hard to see butt hole.
As the mass of hairs began to enshroud his face, Oliver could smell a musky kind of odor mixed with a fresh soapy scent. He had read about eating assholes, and he had even jerked off while thinking about eating one out, and now, now here he was coming face to butt hole with one heck of a splendid hairy butt. Oliver couldn't explain his fascination with body hair, but seeing all that hair sent a warm soothing sensation coursing throughout his entire shaking body.
With his butt in the proper position, Oliver used his tongue to flatten itself out on Bill's hairy bung hole. To the best of Bill's knowledge, he had never had a young boy ask to eat his ass before, in fact, the only times he could recall such activity was when he was making the porn movies. Upon feeling the boy's stabbing tongue working diligently on his asshole, Bill's moans turned into more like some pissed off bear's grunts.
Bill yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Yeah baby, yeah, eat that ass, eat it goooooooooooooooodddddddd!"
While Oliver used his tongue to pry open Bill's tight asshole, then push into the man's anal realm, his small hands began caressing Bill's thighs. Bill was now gyrating his ass in perfect rhythm with the boy's ass probing tongue. Not only was it just Bill who was enjoying this moment, but from the sounds Oliver was making, he too was enjoying dining on Bill's butt hole.
Several minutes passed by, and Bill had been on the very edge ever since all of this first started. Now, he was nearing one hell of a cum shooting explosion and although the tongue exploring his anal canal felt like something from out of this world, he was smart enough to realize that he was nearing the point of no return. Forcing himself to stand up, Bill slid off the bed, then latched onto Oliver's arms and pulled the boy to where he was standing.
Bill had positioned Oliver so that the back of his head was now dangling downwards and resting on the side of the bed's mattress. Bill stepped forwards and dropped his hairy bull balls directly onto Oliver's mouth. Again, Oliver wasted no time in using his tongue to swirl around each huge hairy nugget. Oliver's nose was very close to Bill's asshole and while he slithered his tongue all around the man's big balls, Oliver breathed in Bill's anal scent.
With his voice cracking, Bill yelled out, "You sure you want this man juice boy?"
Oliver breathed in the anal scent, then replied, "Yes, yes, yessssssssssssss!"
Bill was jerking on his meaty pole with fierce intensity while grunting as to feeling the boy's tongue bathe his swinging cum bloated balls. Crying out, Bill screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk, fuck, shit, here, here, gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwddddddd, I'm uh, ahhhhhhhhhhh..."
Just as Bill's cum was entering the base of his cock, building up some awesome and devastating pressure, he felt one of Oliver's finger's dart straight up his ass. His mind went blank as he stepped slightly backwards, jerking his meat while forcing his piss lips between the boy's luscious lips. The first cum ball felt like it burst his piss lips wide open as his cock was now firing thick ropey strands of man cream directly into Oliver's wide open mouth. Oliver certainly felt it too as the first violent burst attacked the roof of his mouth with quite the power, followed up by numerous more jets of man goo.
Oliver could hear himself moan as he shivered in excitement feeling Bill's thick cream pound the interior of his open mouth. However, Oliver quickly realized he would either have to spit the thick juice out or start swallowing, cause it seemed that Bill's sperm wasn't letting up anytime too soon. Spitting it out wasn't even remotely close to a resolution, so Oliver moaned like crazy as he began tasting Bill's man seed. The taste and the texture sent Oliver's body into a rage of body bucking convulsions. It was kind of salty, but downright flat fucking delicious, or at least, that's the way Oliver was describing it.
After his first couple of tastes, Oliver began greedily drinking down the thick goo while whimpering like a dog begging for a tasty treat. When it was all said and done, Bill was squeezing the last of his thick cream while Oliver had locked his lips directly around the gaping piss lips, and was now doing all he could do to vacuum more man juice from Bill's deflating organ.
Though the boy's mouth couldn't get fully around his large cock head, Bill was more than thankful for the boy's willingness, and eagerness, to manipulate him in such a way that produced one hell of an intense orgasm. When Oliver retrieved his finger from the depths of Bill's anal interior, Bill grunted heavily as the tiny slender digit felt like it was yanking his heart out as it vacated his butt.
Bill looked down at the boy and listened as Oliver was still smacking his lips while humming a soft steady purr. Bill caught his breath, then asked, "You like my cum?"
Smacking his lips one more time then circling them with his tongue, Oliver replied while gracefully offering his precious smile, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!"
As Bill stared at the naked boy with his teen boner constantly swelling up, Bill knew he just had to taste such a treasurable delicacy. Bill tossed out another question, "Would you like to cum now?"
Rolling his eyes, Oliver eagerly responded, "Yes sir!"
Bill repositioned Oliver so that he was once again centered on the bed, laying flat on his back. This time, Bill grabbed onto Oliver's right wrist, then wasted no time in placing the boy's wrist inside the padded cuff attached to the corner post, then tightened it. Bill repeated this step with Oliver's left wrist as well. Now the boy's arms were outstretched and slightly restrained at a comfortable angle just above his head.
Oliver had no problems having his arms restrained, in fact, this only made him that much hornier. Oliver, using his most sexiest voice whispered, "Uncle Bill, are you going to pop my cherry now?"
Bill looked down at the boy, smiled, then whispered his own response, "No my little angel. Now, I'm gonna make love to you!"
Bill draped his hairy body over the front of Oliver's heavy panting body, placing his mouth directly onto Oliver's outstretched armpit. At first, Bill just breathed in the enchanting aroma, but with each inhaling breath, the demon inside Bill's soul grew that much more powerful. Within a few seconds, Bill began licking, nibbling, biting, kissing, and constantly sniffing Oliver's unprotected armpit. Initially, the activity taking place in his armpit made Oliver giggle, but that too was short lived as all kinds of varied emotions exploded inside his head.
Oliver was grunting while his feet and legs thrashed about while Bill dined passionately on each of his armpits. Bill made sure to spend equal amount of time on the boy's delicious armpits. Rotating from armpit to armpit, Bill simply couldn't get enough of smelling the boy's refreshing aroma and tasting the luxuries that each pit provided.
Eventually, Bill worked his mouth all the way from Oliver's armpit to the boy's heaving chest. With just the flicker of his tongue, the very tip began cordially striking Oliver's perky little pink nipple, sending the young boy into a whirlwind of convulsing pleasures. Oliver was slinging his head from side to side as his angelic purring voice shot through the air.
Oliver had no idea that his nipples could provide so much intense pleasure. When Bill's mouth enclosed over his left nipple, and when Oliver felt the gentle grazing of the man's teeth, Oliver began screaming his pleasures damn near at the top of his little lungs. Bill was making oral love to Oliver's left nipple, his right hand got in on the action as well and began tweaking and lightly pulling on the boy's right nipple.
The boy was thrashing around so wildly that Bill contemplated on restraining Oliver's legs too. He figured he'd give him a bit more time knowing that all of this was new and hoping that he would soon settle down just a bit. With the boy thrashing in such a manner, Bill was having a rather difficult time keeping the boy's hard little nipple contained in his mouth.
In time, Bill rotated from one nipple to the other. When his mouth was on one, his fingers were toying with the other.
A good little while later, Bill's meaty tongue ran its slithering course all over the boy's silky smooth chest, licking passionately all over the boy's tight little stomach, and soon was swirling around inside the boy's belly button. By now, Oliver was stricken with pleasures he never knew existed. Many, many times, he tried to test the strength of the restraining padded cuffs, but eventually realized he was no match for such a device.
Bill avoided touching Oliver's beautiful uncut cock with his tongue as he began licking, kissing, and nibbling on the crevice between each of his aromatic thighs. Oliver could feel his orgasm sneaking up, and the awesome pressure behind it was steadily building. He could feel his body buck and convulse, but he also knew he had no control over it whatsoever.
In time, Bill's lips, teeth, and devoted tongue had worked their way all the way down to Oliver's right foot. Oliver screamed loudly as Bill began licking and sucking each toe, making sure to swab the soft silky crevice in between each toe as well. Bill was growling like a bear as he switched from one tasty foot to the next, sucking feverishly while savoring the boy's taste with each swallow. While Bill worked on the boy's feet, his eyes never left the boy's beautiful face, watching in awe as to the many facial expressions the young boy was making.
Bill maneuvered his boy loving tongue up Oliver's shaking left leg, ending back up to the interior of the boy's silky smooth thigh crevice. Bill had enough sense remaining to know that once he started sucking Oliver's delicious cock, the boy would blow his load in no time at all, so with that thought process entertaining his mind, Bill had another idea.
Using his manly strength, Bill helped Oliver to twist his body so that he was in somewhat of a modified doggy style position. His arms were still restrained, but the limber boy's body managed to accept the new position. Bill had Oliver slide his knees outwards a bit more, extending themselves way beyond shoulder length apart, then sat on his knees directly in behind Oliver, eyeing the most incredibly perfect ass known to mankind. Not only were those creamy smooth cheeks perfectly shaped, but seeing the boy's virgin asshole literally set Bill's inner soul on fire.
With his mouth slightly ajar, Bill stared at what he considered was the most gorgeous of all boy butt hole's he had ever seen, and by this point in his adventurous wealthy life, he had seen plenty. In between those creamy white cheeks rested a breath taking centerpiece befitting only the most glorified of kings. By no means whatsoever could this boy's butt hole ever be considered a little brown eye, cause there wasn't a trace of brown tint anywhere. Untouched by the sun, nor by any man, Oliver's little hole was nothing more than a speck centered in a valley of pure creaminess.
The next thing Bill knew was that his nose was pressing up against Oliver's tiny asshole, and Bill was breathing in the most rewarding of all aromas. The fragrance filling his lungs was a mixture of pure boy scent, a soft soapy smell, and a refreshing minty aroma. The concoction Bill was now smelling was like some undiscovered aphrodisiac.
Bill's big hands opened the boy's bubbly butt cheeks even wider as his thick tongue feverishly began lapping at the aromatic orifice. As soon as Oliver felt the hot flickering tongue strike his butt hole, Oliver screamed at the top of his lungs, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, fuck, fuck, yes, yessssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssssss!"
And eating the boy's asshole Bill was most certainly doing right about now. Every animalistic instinct ravishing Bill's body was now expelling itself onto the boy's asshole as Bill's tongue hungrily attacked the sweet smelling and superlatively tasting mini treat. Whatever thought process Bill may have had leading up to this point was no longer prevalent. He had been in this very same position countless of times, but never, not ever, had he dined on such an addictive treasure.
The rage inside Bill's soul escaped as he felt his tongue ease passed the incredibly tight seal, twirling and twisting its slithering way inside the boy's never before penetrated anal canal. Feeling the thick tongue enter his anal canal caused Oliver to scream once more, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwwwddd! Yessssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk yessssssssssss, eat it, eat it, fuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk!"
Bill could feel the insanely hot heat scorching his tongue inside the boy's virgin canal, not to mention, Bill grunted in agony once his anal assaulting tongue was introduced to Oliver's enraged anal muscles. The raw power behind the boy's anal muscles were unlike anything Bill had ever encountered before. While Bill grunted and groaned profusely, Oliver was busy yelling further obscenities and constantly sucking in air through his clenched teeth.
As time slowly ticked on, Bill was now completely engrossed on dining on the most delicious ass his tongue had ever had the honor of feasting on. Oliver was besides himself with explosive pleasures. He had read about the way it felt to have your asshole licked, and he had even seen it a few times while viewing some of Bill's porn movies, but never in a million years would he have guessed it to feel like this. In fact, if Oliver had to write all the pleasures the tongue inside his ass was now providing him with, there simply would be no way he could even begin to describe it.
After a good hour of doing nothing but eating out the boy's mind boggling ass, and though he truly didn't want to, but Bill's tongue was literally killing him, Bill had no choice but to stop. Sitting back on his knees, Bill blurted, "Fuck, your ass tastes gooooooooooooooodddd! I could eat that beauty forever and a day! Damn Oliver, damn you for tasting so fucking good!"
The voice and the words sounded as though they were coming from miles away. Oliver was so lost in having his asshole dined on that he had slipped far away into another world. He could hear himself mumble something, but he had no idea what he was mumbling about.
Bill stared at the tiny dot while stroking his thick erection. He also knew he would have to prepare the boy's ass if he was ever to feel his aching cock inside that hot anal oven. Slipping off the bed, Bill grabbed a small tote bag off one of the dresser drawers, then quickly repositioned himself back in behind the boy's upturned butt.
Opening the bag, Bill retrieved a bottle of lubrication, then poured some on his right index finger. He had already placed a clean towel by his side as he positioned his finger against Oliver's saliva glistening closed anal ring. Using steady pressure, Bill's thick index finger snuck inside the tight seal. Oliver, feeling a burning sensation as the object entered his canal let out a loud squeal, followed by repetitious hissing sounds.
Bill took his time and eventually had his entire finger up the boy's gyrating butt. The sight in watching Oliver's creamy butt wiggle was nothing short of priceless! Bill could also see Oliver's hairless cum filled balls as they tightened even more, drawing those twin pecans closer and closer to the socket openings. Thankfully for Bill, Oliver's little nuggets were a bit too large to dive into the sockets.
Again, Bill felt the scorching heat of the boy's anal canal, and the impressive power of Oliver's anal muscles as they clamped down on his finger, steadily yanking his finger further into the uncharted depths. In a very short time, Oliver, feeling a vast array of unexplainable pleasures, cried out, "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck myyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssss!"
Bill's finger began darting in and out while gently twisting and stretching Oliver's butt. When Bill saw, and felt, Oliver begin to jam his wiggling little ass onto his thrusting finger, Bill added his right middle finger to the anal excitement. Oliver immediately screamed once his anal walls were forced to expand to accommodate the sudden intruder. His ass was on fire and his mind raced with agonizing pain. Oliver sucked his own saliva through his closed teeth while unknowingly bucking his ass from side to side and up and down. In doing so, the boy was using his pain riddled ass to fuck Bill's exploring fingers.
Out of nowhere, Oliver heard Bill's voice, "Damn Oliver, you sure got yourself one hell of a tight little ass. I got to stretch this beauty out a bit if you ever want to feel my cock inside you. Have you changed your mind? Do you still want me to take your cherry? Do you want to feel my cock deep inside you?"
Oliver regained his courage as he screamed, "No, no, uhhhhhhhhhh, hell fucking nooooooooooooooo! I ummmmmmmm, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, shit, I want you to uhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!"
A little while later, Bill now had three thick anal probing fingers up Oliver's ass and the boy appeared to be loving them. He kept on shoving his ass backwards onto Bill's thrusting fingers while steadily pleading Bill to fuck him. In time, Bill included the mid portion of his pinky. Just looking at the boy's anal ring seal itself tightly around his fingers was a sight that could never wear a price tag.
Bill eased his fingers from the boy's humping hot ass as he began to pour the slippery lubricant all over his cock. This time, he had Oliver get back into his original position, flat on his back so that he could stare into the boy's face as he took his virginity. It was then that Bill realized he was missing out on something. He had not yet sucked Oliver's cock, nor dined on the boy's beloved hairless balls, and further more, he had not pleasured himself in tasting Oliver's, what would have to be, sweeter than sweet teen wonder cream.
With that in mind, Bill lowered his face so that his tongue lashed out and jabbed the boy's tightly withdrawn hairless jewels. Oliver groaned loudly as the man's tongue savagely swarmed all over his aching cum filled balls. In one stealth move, Bill sucked in both of Oliver's twin nuggets, then grunted and groaned as his tongue licked each of the delicate beauties. Again, Oliver couldn't control his body's motions as his butt propelled itself high into the air as the concentrated heat baking his balls, and the slithering tongue, ignited his emotions into a feverish high.
Bill knew he wanted more, and although the boy's twin delicacies felt superbly wonderful inside his mouth, his eyes, and his attention, focussed themselves on Oliver's throbbing uncut 5 inches of pure heavenly rock hard perfection. Just as his mouth released the boy's nuggets, Bill shot his mouth over the boy's cock, sliding his lips along the silky smooth shaft, burying his flaring nostrils into the soft dark curls within the boy's aromatic pubic region.
Oliver cried out feeling the man's hot mouth quickly engulf his entire cock. To Oliver, this was his first time feeling a blow-job, and although his mind was spinning rapidly, he sure as hell hoped this wouldn't be the last. As his ass constantly humped up and down, Oliver absentmindedly was fucking his cock in and out of Bill's cock loving mouth. Bill was using the underside of his right thumb to stimulate the boy's tender jewels while his lips made sure to lock tightly onto the thrashing boy stick wedged inside his vacuuming mouth.
Timing things just right, just as Oliver's hot little butt was in the process of slamming itself back onto the bedding, Bill quickly jammed his right index and right middle fingers all the way up the boy's fiery anal chute. Oliver screamed at the top of his lungs at the sudden anal invasion, but the mixture of pain crossing pleasure was way too much for the young inexperienced boy to handle. Shooting his butt upwards one more time, Oliver's little toes dug into the bedding as his mind began to see trillions of bright stars explode in his head as he felt the force and the vengeance of his cum explode from his teenaged cock.
Oliver was screaming for his life as it felt like his piss lips had just ripped themselves from his cock head as the endless firing of cum exploded from his thrashing body. Bill was a bit shocked at the force of the boy's cum as it smacked the back of his throat with unbelievable power. Being the natural cum lover he had grown to be, Bill shoved his mouth harder onto the boy's thrusting member, and greedily accepted the welcoming teen cream while whimpering like never before. Without having tasted such treat, Bill could feel the purity, the thickness, and the distinct texture of Oliver's young boy honey.
Rope of creamy richness fired repeatedly into Bill's mouth, and even Bill was surprised to discover just how much boy juice Oliver's hairless balls and perfect cock could produce. Bill had no idea it had been 31 days, 31 long days, since Oliver relieved himself of his own cream. Now, at this very present moment in time, Bill was on the receiving end of the largest load of boy juice he had ever had the distinct honor of receiving.
Without hesitation, and certainly not issuing any form of complaint, but Bill realized he had to start swallowing the soothing substance in order to make room for more gushing honey that was still firing away into his cum addicted mouth. As if he was one of the world's leading wine connoisseurs, Bill swished the thick nectar before sampling such pure offering. Upon contact with his taste buds, every hair on Bill's body stood at attention. Another sampling and Bill knew that the boy honey he was now savoring was like no other he had ever tasted before.
Bill grunted and moaned as he forced himself to dine slowly on the boy's teenage protein. There wasn't even a formidable trace of salt to be tasted anywhere as he slowly gulped down the thick gooey nectar. With each taste, Bill's grunts and moans grew louder and louder and his own hairy body began to shake uncontrollably. Oliver's young cock was now doing nothing more than pumping out glob after glob of savoring sweetness while his ass constantly humped up and down, clamping down on the two fingers pile driving in and out of his pleasure filled asshole.
Only Oliver's screams could be heard over Bill's rather boisterous emotions as he welcomed each and every sampling of Oliver's thick cum. The boy's cum was so delicious that if Bill didn't know the substance he was eagerly swallowing was in fact cum, he would have guessed it to be nothing more than melted vanilla ice-cream. To Bill, Oliver's teen juice tasted that good! Being no stranger in swallowing cum, especially that of young boys, Bill had never tasted anything as special as the cum he was now tasting.
As in the cliche, "All good things must end," Oliver's creamy load was running its course as it slowly dribbled a drop here and there. Bill's vacuuming mouth steadily sucked out every precious drop the boy could muster until the only thing inside Bill's mouth was Oliver's limp noodle and the rewarding aftertaste of his virtually tasteless youth.
Bill slowly eased his two fingers out of Oliver's butt as his mouth allowed the boy's flaccid member to slide from his lips clutches, plopping softly onto his pubic mound. For whatever the reason, Bill placed the two fingers that had just been up Oliver's butt up to his nose and began sniffing. No matter how hard he sniffed, the fragrance filling his lungs was nothing close as to the area they had just been in.
Oliver's head slowly rolled itself from side to side while his precious soft moans sliced through the air. His young mind was torn between a world of reality and a world filled with virtuous space, a space filled with bright flashing stars. Bill was more than ready to take things to the next level, and seeing the young angel lost in a world of pure pleasure, Bill decided to do something he had thought of from the very beginning.
Sliding off of the bed, Bill removed the restraints from the foot of the bed, then repositioned them to the corner posts at the head of the bed. Once the restraints were in place, Bill grabbed Oliver's right ankle, hoisting it way beyond the boy's head, and outwards, then secured the cuff around the boy's ankle. Bill repeated this step with Oliver's left ankle, noting the boy was damn near lifeless as he restrained both ankles.
Now, with both of Oliver's wrists and ankles secured, Bill slid in between the boy's widely spread legs and peered onto Oliver's gorgeous naked body. The boy's virgin ass was aiming itself almost straight up towards the ceiling, offering a sign that signaled "Open for Business." In this position, Bill already knew that Oliver would certainly feel his cock, all of his cock, deep inside his body. Overseeing his handy-work, noting how the boy's knees were bent, and the kneecaps were pointing directly at the head board, Bill could sit back no longer without feeling his overly thick cock take the boy's anal virginity once and forever more.
Once more, Bill began smearing the slippery lubrication all over his cock while steadily eyeing the restrained lifeless angel. It was around this point that Oliver was coming down from his powerful orgasm, blinking his eyes constantly to try and get them to focus. It was then that he realized his legs were now restrained, and now he could clearly see Bill stroking his erect meat in preparation for what next was to come.
Seeing the boy come back to the present moment, once again Bill asked, "Are you sure you want my cock inside of you?"
Oliver rolled his head as if he was eyeing his arm and leg restraints, then stared directly into Bill's onlooking eyes as he whispered, "Oh God yes, yes! My ass is yours Uncle Bill to do with as you want."
Bill inched his way in between the boy's hoisted legs, aligning his meaty foreskin covered knob so that it was now introducing itself to the boy's speck of a poop chute, and began applying a slow, but steady, pressure. Oliver began wincing as he felt the giant knob increase its pressure, knowing that he has now surpassed the point of no return.
Holding his thick beast at the very base, squeezing while pushing, Bill knew that this was truly the tightest asshole his cock had ever graced. More and more pressure was directed at his tightly sealed asshole, and as the pressure increased, so did the dullish pain. In more ways than one, Oliver felt as if someone was trying to stuff a bowling ball up his ass, and his tiny hole was not about to open the gate leading into his internal fortress.
When Bill tried to force his cock into the boy's anal cavity, his cock would either ride up, or drive down the boy's creamy smooth hairless crack, but not once coming close to an actual penetration. By now, Bill was somewhat frustrated at his futile attempts, but knowing the boy was a virgin, and he willingly offered his virgin ass to him, Bill was bound and determined to enter the boy's ass using any means necessary. From all the attempts to gain entry, Oliver's little butt hole was providing him with a series of dull pains. It hurt, but not too awfully bad. Even Oliver started to realize that maybe Bill's cock was simply too big to fit into his butt.
Bill was trying his best to shove the head of his meaty organ into the boy's ass when Oliver's soft voice rang into his ears, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry Uncle Bill. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how I wanted to feel you inside me. I um, uh, I just wish it would...... Ow, ow, ow, owwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEEE, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Bill slung his head backwards as he screamed, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, holy shit!"
The head of his thick cock snuck inside the boy's anal ring, and Bill's cock head was immediately greeted with scorching heat and crushing anal muscles. It felt like his cock head was caught in a steel vice and it was clamping down using pressure that he felt would certainly crush it. Pain shot through Bill's body like a bolt of lightning, forcing him to push his cock head passed that powerful anal ring, lodging a good inch and half of thick shaft deep into the boy's convulsing bowels.
Oliver was screaming at the top of his lungs as it felt like his asshole was being torn in half. He knew he would have to feel some pain, but there was no amount of preparation for the insurmountable pain he was now feeling. To Oliver, the pain couldn't hurt no worse even if someone was trying to saw off both of his legs using a dull butter knife.
Both man and boy were wildly screaming, and both doing so at the top of their lungs. Oliver was feeling the pain of his ass being penetrated, and Bill was feeling the pain of the boy's scorching anal oven along with his attacking anal muscles. The raw power of the boy's anal canal damn near persuaded Bill to retreat, but in his delirious perverted mind, retreating certainly wasn't an option.
Oliver tried to kick his legs free, but that struggle was definitely futile. Even his retrained arms could do nothing but move themselves less than an inch. With each of his thumping heartbeats, Oliver felt pain, a pain in which no words could possibly explain in proper form.
Needing to relieve the part of his cock that was being crushed inside the boy's ass, Bill pushed forwards, sending a solid thick inch shooting into the fiery, bone crushing, realm of pain. Bill had never felt anything like this before, and believe you me, his cock has ran its course inside many of butts, boy butts at that. This was truly the most unique experience Bill had ever had the privilege of undergoing.
Oliver had much different thoughts than Bill. The torturous pain was beyond words, and now, now he was second guessing whether or not he wanted to go through with this. By far, this was more pain than he had ever imagined. It sort of felt like a telephone pole was being forcefully shoved up his ass, and to make matters even worse, it was on fire.
Inch by throbbing inch, Bill worked his meaty ass packer deep into the boy's churning bowels until he had no more cock to offer. His heavy hairy balls squashed themselves up against Oliver's tightly withdrawn jewels as he kept himself literally motionless. Bill could feel the searing heat and the crushing power as the boy's convulsing anal muscles constantly try to yank his cock even deeper into the boy's anal bliss.
Oliver was crying profusely, and still screaming as loud as he could. The object bloating his ass felt like it was shooting holes into his stomach. The pain, the gut wrenching, mind tormenting pain, that he was told would go away, at this point in time, only seemed to have been grotesquely magnified and severely intensified.
Unable to keep himself steady any longer, Bill slowly withdrew his cock, stopping just short from allowing it to plop out of the boy's asshole. Just seeing the way the boy's anal ring snugly fit, forming a tight seal, around his thick cock head, sent shivers racing up and down Bill's spine. Using a slow and steady pressure, Bill pushed his cock all the way back up Oliver's convulsing anal canal.
If it were even possible, but each time Bill withdrew his cock, Oliver would scream words that wasn't even in the English dictionary, louder than ever before. Oliver felt every massive throbbing inch of Bill's meaty cock and each time it started to depart his ass, the suctioning pressure it created felt like his brain was being sucked out of his ass as well. When it shot back up his ass, the man's cock seemed to be accompanied with a fiery flesh burning pain.
Between feeling his cock slide in and out of the boy's once virgin canal, and being totally devastated by the boy's priceless beauty, it was all Bill could do to stop himself from royally pounding the boy's ass into oblivion. Somewhere in his mind, Bill knew that if he ever wanted to have a sexual relationship with Oliver, he would have to use patience, extreme patience at that. Even now, as his cock slowly slid balls deep back into the boy's rectum, Bill could clearly see the pain sweltering across Oliver's gorgeous angelic face.
Oliver had felt so much tumultuous pain that at this point in time in his young life, death would be a welcoming venture. Then, Oliver felt something inside his body snap, and the unspeakable pain that once reeked all hell and havoc upon his entire body, suddenly evaporated. Now, something different, far different at that, slowly began to fill his body, sending a warm flooding sensation shooting throughout every vein and artery.
The boy's mouth that once filled the room with screaming cries, now lay there, all restrained, and now began to moan a constant chorus of soothing purrs. The cock slowly pumping in and out of his ass now felt right at home, and the pleasures rapidly flooding Oliver's body sent the boy way over the edge.
Oliver, not even realizing it, cried out, "Fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeee! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck myyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssssssssss!"
Bill reared back and slammed his thick cock as hard as he could into the boy's ass, watching intently as to the boy's reaction. When Oliver's breath struck his face, and the faint moan followed, Bill knew right then and there that this boy was his! Knowing that, Bill went blind with animalistic rage and began power slamming his cock in and out of the boy's ass with maniacal vengeance.
The harder Bill fucked his cock into the boy's ass, the better it felt for Oliver. Flashing those puppy dog eyes of his at Bill, Oliver sexily blurted, "Yeah, yessssssssssss, fuck yessssssssssss! That's it, that's it, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, give it to me, gimme your fucking cock, haaaaarrrrddddeeeerrrrrr, fucking haaaaarrrrrrDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!"
As if it were even possible, but Bill began violently pile driving his cock in and out of Oliver's ass while staring in awe at the boy's twisting and contorting mouth. Bill could now see nothing but pure pleasure as he peered into the boy's half shut glossy eyes.
Bill lowered his lips to cover Oliver's lips, and quickly shoved his tongue deep into Oliver's mouth. The boy instantly retaliated as Bill's thrusting cock never missed a beat, violently slamming itself into the boy's convulsing hot canal. Over and over again, in and out, Bill force fed his cock into the boy's anal oven like he had never done before.
Their tongue sucking kiss only lasted a minute or so when Bill forced his mouth from the boy's mouth. Oliver felt his body slip into an uncontrollable rage, then his mind seemed to go totally blank as his orgasm ripped through his body like a double edged sword. Bill also knew something was different because the boy's anal muscles began to violently attack his thrusting cock like never before.
Bill was looking down and witnessed a long ropey strand of boy honey fly out of Oliver's untouched hard cock, smacking the boy across Oliver's face with some boy goo covering both lips. Before the next cum rope rocketed out of Oliver's cock, Bill placed the palm of his left hand over the boy's erupting cock head to ensure himself another tasty helping.
Rope strand after rope strand shot into Bill's hand, and Bill never let up on his powerful thrusting motions either. The next thing Bill knew was that his own body exploded, and now he was the one crying out as his thick gooey man juice began firing deep into the boy's convulsing rectum. Now, both man and boy were screaming, both equally blind to the world around them as their perspective orgasms exploded suddenly throughout their bodies.
Bill was no stranger by far from blowing his load into someone's ass, but this orgasm was truly the most intense he had ever encountered. Just when he thought he was coming down, another series of body shaking convulsions ripped through him, and more man seed came flying from his cock. Even now, a short while later, Bill was still pounding the boy's cum filled ass even though he was doing so with nothing more than one very flaccid organ.
At this point, Oliver was far off in another world. His body, more so his ass, had fed his mind pleasures he never knew even existed. Yes, he could feel Bill's cock dive in and dart out of his ass, but all that did was add to his overabundance of pure sexually charged pleasures.
Sometime later, and somewhere in total darkness, something startled Oliver to the point he had to open his eyes. No longer was he restrained, and when he rolled his head to his left, he saw Bill sleeping next to him. Once he realized he was in Bill's bed, Oliver realized what had woken him up. Sliding out of bed, he had to use both hands to latch onto his butt cheeks while scampering quickly into the bathroom.
His butt cheeks had just touched the toilet's lid when his asshole exploded Bill's thick cum from his butt. The thick spunk slammed into the water making a loud splashing noise. Splash after splash, the man's cum flew from his asshole. To say the least, Oliver was a bit thankful to be alone, cause now his asshole was singing a chorus of exerts as it discarded the remainder of the contents of his butt. With each sound his hole was making, Oliver was reminded of the harsh pounding it had taken a few hours earlier. His asshole hurt, but it was also hungry, hungry for some more man cock.
After flushing the toilet and washing his hands, Oliver climbed back into bed. As he raised the covers, he noticed Bill, laying on his left side with his back facing Oliver, was as naked as the day he was born. The next thing Oliver knew was that his cock became rigidly erect. He forced himself to close his eyes, but he also set a mental reminder to wake up long before Bill did so he could make sure his anal canal was squeaky clean.
Sometime early the following morning, Oliver's eyes opened. Again, he rolled his head to the left and saw Bill still sleeping, and the roaring sound of a heavy snore flooded the room. Easing himself out of the bed, with his erect teen pole leading the way, Oliver retrieved his overnight bag and proceeded to go to one of the bathrooms further down the hall, clear away from where Bill lay sleeping.
Running the hot water until it became luke warm, Oliver began filling up the hot water bag while pouring in some mint flavored mouth wash. While he was doing that, he saw a bottle of baby oil, and after giving it a quick smell, decided to go ahead and add some of that as well.
When the enema bag was ready, Oliver placed the bag's hook over the shower rod, then filled his mouth with some mouth wash while he inserted the 6 inch nozzle all the way up his butt. His mouth burned with the mint flavored mouth wash, and after having flipped the activation switch to open, Oliver sat on the toilet fighting for all he was worth to hold as much of the concoction bloating his bowels as he possibly could.
Thankfully enough, the contents of the enema bag was now up his rectum. Oliver removed the nozzle while forcing his anal muscles to trap the contents for as long as possible. Moments later, the contents inside his bowels came gushing out. As the mixture exploded from his butt, his asshole burned, but all Oliver could think about was feeling Uncle Bill's cock ravish his asshole some more.
When it was all said and done, Oliver inspected the toilet's water, ensuring himself that it was just as clean as before. As usual, after giving himself an enema, Oliver felt better about himself. He prided the fact that his anal canal was free from any possible fecal matter. He also knew that it would certainly smell a lot better too.
Oliver decided to soak in the bathtub instead of taking a shower, so he did just that. During his bath time, all he could think about was Bill's cock, the taste of the man's sperm, the way it felt for his own cock to be sucked, and topping it all off, the pleasures he felt having Bill's cock fuck him senseless. If Oliver had things his way, the two of them would spend the entire day doing nothing but having sex. With these thoughts running through his head, his own 5 inches of uncut boy pride throbbed endlessly.
When Oliver was done soaking in the tub, he got out and dried himself, then spent a little extra time brushing his teeth and scrubbing his tongue. Once he was finished with his bathroom duties, he went down the hall and entered Bill's bedroom. By now, Bill was awake and laying on his back. As soon as he saw the naked young beautiful boy, Bill smiled from ear to ear. The two exchanged their good mornings, and once Bill politely asked Oliver what he wanted to do today, Oliver sat on the bed, stared directly at Bill's semi flaccid cock for a few seconds, then smiled one hell of a devilish looking smile.
Oliver forced his eyes off of Bill's manhood, only to stare Bill square in the eyes, then sexily whispered, "Oh, I don't know. How about me and you spend the whole entire day just having sex. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea to me. How about you Uncle Bill?"
Bill returned the boy's smile as he replied, "I took your virginity and now you are a cock hound, huh?"
Oliver immediately retaliated, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, you betcha I am!"
Bill smacked his lips, then fired back, "I don't see anything wrong with that. My God Oliver, do you have any idea just how beautiful you truly are? Wait, don't even take the time to answer that. But, speaking about today, there's something I got to tell you. You see, I wasn't prepared for you spending the weekend with me, and I have a friend who is coming over a little later who wants to use my swimming pool. I don't know how you feel about that, but I can't call him and tell him to make some other kind of plans. I can only hope you understand, okay?"
Oliver was a bit disappointed over hearing the news, but while Bill was talking, Oliver was busy caressing Bill's now rock hard cock with his right hand. Taking a deep breath, Oliver, trying not to look as though he was pouting, softly said, "I understand Uncle Bill."
Bill then replied, "If you keep on stroking it, sooner or later, it will spit at you."
Bill reached over, opened the drawer to his nightstand, then handed Oliver a bottle of lubricant, then stated, "Here, use this!"
Oliver poured the slick substance all over Bill's twitching cock, then began caressing the meaty organ with pure elegance and devoted passion. Bill had folded his arms behind his head and was moaning joyously, relishing in the way the young boy caressed his manhood.
It was Oliver who had other intentions as he quickly slung his right leg over Bill's hairy stomach, and straddled the man's hairy body with both feet sinking into the mattress while his eyes gleamed into Bill's curious eyes. Reaching back with his right hand, Oliver positioned Bill's thick cock head up against his asshole, and began inching downwards to force the bulbous head into his cock starved rectum.
The fierce pain returned as Oliver's asshole accepted Bill's cock head, and the boy forced himself to sit further down on the meaty ass impaling thick rod. Inch by impressively thick inch, Oliver worked his pain riddled ass all the way down on Bill's cock. Bill just laid there and allowed the boy to do all the work. In no time, Oliver began bouncing up and down while screaming various obscenities. The thick cock inside his ass was literally killing him, but Oliver knew the pleasures he sought couldn't be too awfully far away.
Up and down, and back and forth, the boy worked his ass on the meaty beast with a conquering quest. Within a few pain stricken minutes, Oliver felt that familiar warm rush swarm his body. Now, just as he knew, the pleasures he thrived for was nor flourishing throughout every square inch of his bouncing body.
To help things along, Bill began to thrust his cock upwards while Oliver was slamming his ass downwards. Bill unfolded his hands from behind his head, and using just his fingertips, began tweaking and pulling on both of Oliver's pink erect nipples. Oliver's fingers were digging holes into Bill's chest as the boy was relentless riding his cock, thrashing his ass up and down, and from side to side while screaming at the top of his lungs.
Several minutes of hard cock riding resulted in Oliver's body exploding in wave after wave of convulsions as his 5 inch joy stick shot out several strands of creamy white boy juice all over Bill's chin and chest area. Bill scooped up some of Oliver's cum from his chin, then eagerly stuffed it inside his mouth. Still, damn near flavorless as Bill scooped up as much as he could, wasting no time in eating every last delicious drop. That's when Bill's excitement got the best of him as he cried out that he was about to cum. This time around, Oliver jumped off the ass impaling beast and sank his lips directly over Bill's soon to be erupting piss lips just in time as thick gooey wads of man goo came blasting out.
Oliver was actually whimpering as his throat opened and the thick enriched protein filled cream slid down with each gulp. Gulp after gulp, Oliver didn't spill a single drop as he swallowed every last drop of Bill's manly seed, and continued sucking long after Bill's cock went completely flaccid until Bill simply couldn't stand anymore attention.
The boy's angelic voice sounded, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, now that's some goooooooooooooooooooddddddd stuff!"
Oliver had sat down on his butt, facing Bill, adjacent to Bill's right side. The boy's right hand fondled Bill's heavy hairy balls as he politely asked, "Uncle Bill, your friend who is coming over a bit later, what's he like, I mean uh, what kind of guy is he?"
Bill, still spinning from his recent orgasm tried to gather his thoughts. A few seconds later, Bill answered the boy's question, "Well uh, he's got to be in his mid 50's I guess. His name's Stan, and he's a really nice fellow, or at least to me he is. And uh, uh, well Oliver, Stan is um, uh, like me I guess. He enjoys the companionship of young boys too."
Hearing that only excited Oliver that much more, so he eagerly and ever so excitingly shouted, "Really, really Uncle Bill? He likes young boys? That's awesome!"
Bill didn't quite understand where Oliver was going with all of this, so he just point blank came out with it, "So, you don't have a problem with him being a boy lover? You know Oliver, being that he is a boy lover, seeing you is going to knock his socks off. Oh, before I forget, when he comes over, and like I always do, we lounge around the pool naked. Is that something you might have a problem with?"
Oliver smiled, then quickly fired, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hell no I won't have a problem with that. Do you think I'm the kind of boy this guy Stan goes after?"
Bill chuckled, then announced, "My dear boy, there's not a boy lover walking God's green earth that wouldn't fall head over heels in love with you. Believe me, you've got it all and in all the right places too! Without sounding gross, but there's plenty of people who see you, and the first thing that pops into their mind is your beauty, and with that being said, some of them would lay odds that your poop can't stink. Heck, I know some guys who would bet the farm that someone as gorgeous as you can't even do such a normal act, and if you did, then it certainly couldn't smell. Now, how's that for some compliments?"
Oliver absorbed every word, but in all honesty, he couldn't figure out why anyone would think that somebody doesn't poop. Heck, he's only 14 and knows that everybody does that, and since it is poop, regardless of their looks, it's going to smell, and not good either. He knows his smells, and that's why he likes giving himself enemas so nobody else can smell it.
The two slid out of bed, Oliver brushing the cum taste out of his mouth once again while Bill went and took a shower. Initially, Oliver didn't know if he should wear some form of clothing, or simply remain naked. He had to admit, walking around naked made him feel sexy, and by feeling sexy, his 5 inches of teen pride stayed rigidly erect. The two met up in the kitchen, and it was Oliver who broached the subject, "Uncle Bill, when your friend comes over, should I put some clothes on?"
Bill was standing in front of the refrigerator, spun around, then in a low bear like tone, replied, "Oh no little man, uh huh, not in this lifetime. You know Oliver, as delicious as you look, it should be downright illegal for someone as pretty as you to cover up such a perfect body. Yes sir, it should be a law! Besides, when Stan gets here, I just got to see the look on his face once he sees you. I bet that old fart will probably bust a nut just by looking at you."
Oliver slid up on a bar stool, smiling from ear to ear, mentally visualizing him sucking a man's cock while feeling a man fuck his ass straight to hell, then eagerly spoke, "What's Stan like, I mean, what does he look like?"
Bill sat down beside the little beauty, to the boy's right, then proceeded to answer Oliver's inquisitive question, "Well, he's probably somewhere in his mid 50's I guess with silver hair and deep green eyes. Unlike me, he's a bit more on the slender side of things, weighing about 165 pounds, and stands an even 6 feet. The last time I saw him, which was a week ago, he always keeps his face shaven, and for the rest of his body, I'd say he has a thick forest of silvery hair covering his chest and stomach area. I do know he keeps his pubic area free of hair. And before you ask, I'd say Stan has about 6 inches of meat between his legs. Unlike me and you, Stan has been circumcised. Oh yeah, he has some of the lengthiest low hanging set of balls I've ever seen on any man. When he fucks, shit, you can hear those low hangers slap the living hell out of some flesh. I'd say that pretty much answers your question, don't you agree?"
Oliver was more excited than ever, flying out one more question faster than ever, "So, Uncle Bill, have the two of you got it on before?"
Bill placed his huge left paw on Oliver's back and began caressing it as he provided a response to Oliver, "Uh, not really. Since he and I both share the same affection for young boys, he and I have been involved in a couple of threesomes before. Before you ask, one of the boy's was 15, but he looked much older, and the other boy was 17, and he looked his age. He and I are pretty good friends, but neither one of us has a desire to be sexually intimate with one another. He enjoys coming here and laying out at the pool naked from time to time. Other than that, that pretty much sums it up."
As Bill spoke, he couldn't help not to stare at Oliver's young throbbing boner. Popping up from his bar stool, Bill blurted, "I've got a hankering for some milk. It's not everyday I can get my milk straight from the source."
Oliver thought Bill was going to get a glass of milk, but when he felt the man's mouth slide down his boner, all Oliver could do was moan and hold onto the counter with his left hand as his slender hairless legs automatically began spreading, allowing more room for Bill to operate. Bill had no problem get all 5 delicious silky smooth inches into his mouth, and while he was sucking furiously, the fingers of his left hand began cupping and fondling Oliver's hairless balls.
It only took around 3 minutes when Oliver screamed, "Oh shit, oh shit, I'm, I'm, oh fuck, here, here, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Bill felt the first cum ball splash sharply, striking the roof of his mouth, followed by a creamy succession of thick ropey strands. Though unlike the very first time, the cum firing into his mouth ended rather abruptly. However, Bill was doing some grunting, sucking even harder now, and whimpering as he vacuumed out the last tasty remnants of boy honey.
Bill's bear like growls filled the room as he sampled the boy's teenaged nectar. And, just like those of prior, the boy's cum was still virtually taste free. Bill sucked as he swallowed until Oliver's once rock hard cock deflated itself into a lifeless, highly sensitive, limp noodle. Allowing the boy's deflated cock to slip free from his mouth, Bill held onto the top of the counter as he stood upright. Looking down at the gorgeous teenaged beauty, Bill hoarsely whispered, "My God Oliver, your cum, it's, it's, um, it's so fucking delicious!"
Oliver, gasping for his very breath, issued his thanks for the compliment while his body still shook from his most recent orgasms. When he settled down, back into his normal state of being, Oliver was kind of hungry, but he didn't want to eat anything because he had already cleaned out his bowel system. Bill did offer, but Oliver politely rejected partaking in eating anything.
Bill was walking around in the kitchen, and he did have something on his mind, but he didn't know how to open up the subject with Oliver, without possibly offending the boy. He knew all too well once Stan arrived, and once seeing the gorgeous wingless angel, Stan would certainly want to mess around, so to speak. Bill was thinking of ways to explain to young Oliver the importance of douching his butt, but he didn't exactly know how to talk about it. What Bill didn't know was that Oliver was well experienced in making sure his anal track was void of any and all fecal matter. He knew he himself was a dedicated lover of boy butts, but he also knew Stan was well over the edge of being totally infatuated with some young boy's butt. After all, Bill had seen the man in action, eating out some boy's ass, and speaking about some young beauty. Bill knew that Stan was one of those guys he had spoken to Oliver about. Stan could see some young beauty and swear up and down that the boy was just too fucking gorgeous to even take a shit, and if he did, there's no way in hell it could stink.
Knowing so much about his friend, Bill was well aware that once Stan laid eyes on Oliver, Stan would certainly declare Oliver to be incapable of having a bowel movement. That wasn't just a thought, that was a downright perverted fact! After all, Oliver is the kind of boy that many dream about, and even in their most intimate dreams, no mind could concoct such breath taking, awesomely natural, beauty.
Oliver had just poured himself a glass of pineapple juice, and with the boy's back to him, Bill began drooling as his eyes became magnetically glued onto the boy's tear drop shaped, unblemished, butt. It was then, while glaring deeply on the boy's jutting butt, that Bill spoke, "Damn, damn, (Oliver turned around after hearing that to face Bill) it sure is an almighty shame that something so beautiful, such as that perfect little ass of yours, to even be capable of doing something so natural as taking a crap."
Before Bill could continue, Oliver spoke his thoughts, "Yeah, well everyone does it, but it all depends on how clean a person keeps that area. I know I keep mine clean all the time by giving myself an enema. God, that would be soooooooooooooooo embarrassing to have a stinky butt. I know if I (pointing at his butt) wasn't clean back there, I wouldn't even consider messing around. That's just me I guess, but I don't want anyone smelling my butt if it aint properly clean. Shucks, I've already gave myself a deep cleaning earlier this morning, long before you even woke up."
Now Bill knew the boy had been properly educated by his friend regarding anal cleansing. The two sat around for a short time before Bill told Oliver he could go swimming if he wanted to. The thought of walking outside bare ass naked intrigued Oliver to no end, and knowing he could walk around the pool, go swimming, all in the nude, made him feel that much more sexy.
While Oliver was enjoying the pool's refreshing water, Bill was dialing Stan's number on his cell phone. Bill was standing at the sliding glass door entrance when Stan answered the phone.
Bill spoke, "Hey buddy, what time do you think you'll be over? (pause) Oh okay, but there's something I got to warn you about. (pause) You wouldn't believe this in a million years, but my best friend literally begged me to take his 14 year old step son's cherry. (pause) Yeah, he' still here, but Stan, I'll warn you, this boy is the fucking definition of Godly beauty. (pause) Uh huh, you'll just have to see him for yourself. (pause) Heck, the boy rode my cock first thing this morning, and Stan, I guarantee you that you've never seen a boy with such a well defined and shapely ass as this little angel. (pause) Yes, he can cum, but you'll just have to taste it for yourself. Shit, I just got done getting myself another helping, and I still can't figure out if it has a taste or not. (pause) No, I'm not fucking with you. I'm telling you that this boy's cum hasn't got a fucking taste at all. (pause) Okay, okay, just hurry up and get your ass on over here. (pause) He's in the swimming pool now and I'm standing here stroking my cock, keeping both eyes on the gorgeous little beauty as we speak. (pause) No, I'm not telling you what he looks like cause I want to see the reaction on your face when you lay eyes on him. (pause) Look Stan, I'm done talking about this. I fucking give you my word that you are going to stop dead in your tracks when you see him. I'm telling you that no matter how hard, or how much you fantasize, that mind of yours can't dream up such a beauty as the beauty my eyes are now watching. So, I'm going to hang up the phone now, so just get your boy loving ass on over here, and oh yeah, you'll owe me big time for this one. Bye!"
Hearing the news about Bill's guest, Stan damn near ran into his bathroom to prepare to give himself an enema. He had already shaven his balls, ass, and pubic area, but he certainly wasn't expecting any sexual activity. Hearing all that Bill had said, Stan's six inches of throbbing man meat was already at attention. While he applied the enema, Stan knew that if Bill had already fucked the boy with that fat ass cock of his, then his six inches of banana shaped butt packing meat would go in without any problems whatsoever.
After having successfully given himself an enema, Stan hurried around inside his apartment, gathering a few items in preparation for the 30 minute journey to Bill's secluded home. Stan's mind ran wild with the thought of a 14 year old boy, willing and ready to partake in some sexual activities. Just like Bill, Stan was accustomed to traveling to another country to feed his thirst for young boys. Unlike Bill, who liked the boys to be from the ages of 13 to around 17, Stan's preference for boys was closer to 10 to the 13 age bracket. However, he sure as hell wasn't going to pass up a golden opportunity to be affectionate with a 14 year old boy, and per his friend Bill, a breath taking beauty at that.
While Stan was driving to Bill's, Bill was already in the pool with Oliver. Oliver was diving off the diving board, and when he swam up the ladder to get out, Bill was in behind him. Bill barked, "Hold on Oliver, stop right there."
Bill was looking up and in between the boy's slightly parted butt cheeks, peering passionately at Oliver's creamy colored speck of a butt hole. Oliver, not knowing what was wrong, curiously asked, "What's wrong Uncle Bill?"
Bill breathed in, then out as he replied, "Oh, there's nothing wrong. I just wanted to stare at your perfect little butt hole, that's it!"
Oliver teasingly began wiggling his butt from side to side, taunting Bill with a gut wrenching madness before jumping up onto the pool's patio area, then proceeded to bounce up and down on the diving board, feeding Bill's onlooking eyes with his semi flaccid cock dancing in all directions just before diving into the water.
Later, Stan was rubbing his erect manhood as he pulled down the lengthy road leading to Bill's home. Going faster, much faster, then normal, Stan could hardly wait to see the boy his friend had spoken to him about. Stan's heart thumped heavily as he exited his vehicle, then walked around back, already knowing that Bill and his guest would more than likely be at the pool.
Bill saw Stan first and got out of the pool to greet him. Oliver had to pee, so he was in the house when Stan arrived. Stan had no choice but to bare witness to Bill's overly thick erection as they shook hands, saying, "I see, I see, does that thick monster come with a leash?"
The two laughed while Stan walked over to one of the patio tables and began getting undressed. He had just removed his bikini underwear as Bill told him that Oliver was inside using the bathroom. Stan immediately stated, "I hope he's just peeing!"
Bill reassured Stan that Oliver was just taking a piss. Stan was standing in front of Bill when the sound of the sliding glass door sounded, and out stepped naked young Oliver. Bill was watching Stan's face intently, noticing the way the man's mouth dribbled open as his peering eyes saw Oliver for the first time, not to mention, seeing the little angel naked as well.
Peering slightly down, Bill watched as Stan's manhood immediately became brickyard hard, pointing upwards at a 45 degree angle. Bill wasn't the only one who spotted Stan's cock, because Oliver watched it become rapidly erect too. Walking right up, Oliver held out his right hand, saying, "Hi sir, my name's Oliver, and you must be Mr. Stan."
The boy's soft angelic voice made Stan's cock lurch and throb repeatedly. It was the voice of an angel, and it was just like Bill had said, the boy was truly the most gorgeous young boy his perverted eyes had ever witnessed. Stan was so lost in admiring the naked young boy that he didn't even realize he was shaking the boy's soft little hands. All Stan could do was gravitate his peering eyes to the boy's angelic facial beauty, all the way down to the most beautiful creamy colored uncut cock ever to have been created on a human being.
When their hands finally released themselves, Stan's mouth was now wide open and a line of drool was dripping out of the left side of his mouth. Bill had his large right hand on Oliver's left shoulder, looking down at the heavenly beauty, whispered, "Oliver, would you mind if Stan here got a birds eye view of that sweet little butt of yours?"
Oliver looked up and smiled at Bill, then turned around and stood upright. Stan's cracking voice broke as he blurted, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Sweet mother of Mary, I uh, I uh, oh my God!"
While Stan was stumbling with his words, OLiver took things to the next level by spreading his legs and bending over, locking both ankles with each of his hands. Stan literally stumbled, and thanks to Bill being on the alert side of things, quickly grabbed him. Bill, pointing directly at Oliver's speck of a butt hole, and looking straight at Stan, eagerly asked, "Well, have you ever seen such a beauty before?"
Stan was fading fast into another world, but did manage to say, "No, no, absolutely not. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwddddd Bill, this boy is beyond perfection!"
The next statement from Stan was something Bill had already knew the man would say long before this moment in time had ever presented itself. Stan mumbled, "There's no way, no fucking way in hell, that this beautiful young angel can take a shit. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwwdddddd, there's just no way in hell this object of heavenly perfection can do such an act. Nope, no fucking way at all!"
Teasing Stan a bit further, Bill jokingly asked, "Uh Stan, you think you'd eat Oliver's scrawny little asshole?"
Bill had a pretty good idea what Stan would say, but Stan immediately responded by saying, "You must be fucking crazy, cause I'd suck this boy's heart out through his asshole. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee! There aint anything about this boy that can possibly produce anything but sweetness, and pure mother fucking sweetness at that, and that sir, I fucking guarantee you!"
Oliver wanted to say, "Hey guys, I'm right here," but he kept his mouth shut and continued to listen to the two naked men talk about him as if he wasn't even there. As they spoke, seeing the two naked men was turning Oliver on big time. It wasn't so much their erect cocks that was having an effect on Oliver, but more so, it was their body hair. Oliver loved hair, and the more he saw, the hornier he became. However, he wasn't all that fond of Stan having a bald pubic region, nor having shaved balls either, but still, the man's thick silver colored fur covering his chest and stomach area was truly a major turn on.
Eventually, Oliver stood up and turned to face both men. Bill smiled once they saw Oliver's erection, but Stan was the one who spoke, "Whoa, now that's what I call a mouth watering chunk of prime real estate. Hum, I see he's getting a bit of pubic hair too. Man-oh-man alive, I bet his piss tastes just like melted candy! Oh yeah, yes indeed, I'm gonna have to taste all this little beauty can offer."
Oliver thought to himself, it was one thing to talk about someone being able to poop or not, but drinking piss, his piss, now that was something he had never heard of, or at least, up until now that is. Oliver could hardly believe his ears hearing Stan proudly talk about wanting to gulp down his bladder juice. To Oliver, drinking piss sounded weird, and bordered being downright nasty.
After a short while, the three of them entered the pool in the shallow end. Bill was standing in the 3 foot section, along with Oliver, who was standing next to Bill's right side. Stan was seated on the submerged steps of the pool, eyeing Oliver as if he was his last meal. Seeing the way Stan eyed him, Olive did feel a bit uncomfortable. Stan's erect meat was clearly out of the water, aiming itself directly towards Stan's face, and this too, was in clear view of Oliver's venturing eyes.
After having Bill's enormously thick cock pop his cherry, Oliver had no questions whether or not Stan's 6 inch erection would have any difficulties pounding his hungry little bottom. The longer Oliver stared at Stan's man meat, the more his mouth began to water. Oliver could even feel his butt muscles constrict as if pleading to be fed. Bill watched Stan eye the boy, staring seemingly through the boy as if he were a bald eagle and Oliver was a healthy jack rabbit. Bill also detected the way Oliver was looking, more so, glaring with devilish intent, locking both eyes on Stan's visible manhood.
Bill broke the silence by tossing out, "Hey Stan, when's the last time you busted a nut?"
Stan heard his friend, but his voice was almost transparent due to the fact that he couldn't rip his eyes off of the most gorgeous boy he had ever laid eyes on. Swallowing profusely, and after having cleared his throat, Stan hoarsely responded, "Uh, uh, well I um, it's uh, 6 days, I um, I think."
Bill looked down at Oliver, smiled, then cordially whispered, "You can help him out if you want to."
Hearing those words of encouragement from Bill was Oliver's green light. Stan's eyes widened as Oliver made his way through the shallow water, exposing his beautiful body more and more with every loving footstep. Stan's cock throbbed, jerking wildly in anticipation as he watched the boy kneel down in between his already spread legs, resting both small hands on the top of his thighs.
Being more up close and personal, Oliver took a couple of seconds to study Stan's erection. It was about 6 inches long, a lot thinner than Bill's super fat cock, and the mushroom shaped head was equally as thick as the creamy colored shaft. Oliver lowered his face so that his tongue swirled all around the base of Stan's man meat, slowly slithering upwards until his tongue managed to trace the under portion of the crown itself.
Stan was doing some moaning as the boy's tongue set his inner soul on fire. He could feel his cock twitch and jerk wildly, but seemed to have no control over it whatsoever. Just seeing the most beautiful boy in the world tongue his love organ was awe inspiring within itself, but now feeling it was definitely something extra. Oliver tasted a large glob of pre-cum, detecting a mild saltiness, but nevertheless, he eagerly stuffed the man's cock head and a good 4 inches of throbbing shaft into his mouth.
Unlike Bill's cock, which no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn't get the fat beast inside his mouth, Oliver found some sort of self conquering pride knowing he was truly now giving a proper blow-job. His precious little head bobbed up and down, feeding Stan's shaking body pleasure like he's never known before while using his left hand to cup the low hanging hairless large egg shaped balls, and using his fingers to gracefully manipulate each one in an equal manner.
Bill, standing behind Oliver, could hear the slurping sounds as he watched his little angel suck his friend's cock. In doing so, Bill had no choice but to stare at Oliver's shapely little ass as it wiggled while the boy sucked Stan's love organ. Bill couldn't stand it any longer, so he walked in behind Oliver, kneeling down in the process, placing both large paws on each smooth cheek, spreading them widely, then wasted no time in slinging his meaty tongue onto the boy's creamy little speck of a hole.
Stan was moaning, Bill was grunting, and now Oliver was whimpering as the tongue lovingly attacked his hungry cock loving butt hole. Stan rested on his elbows as his hips automatically began arching upwards, aiding the beautiful boy by fucking his mouth. Stan was slinging his head all over the place, fighting against all odds to postpone the inevitable. He was doing a pretty good job but when he felt one of the boy's fingers suddenly introduce itself to his unsuspecting asshole, sneaking in a good 3 inches, the fight was over.
Stan screamed loudly as he bucked his hips up and down, using his left hand to hold the boy's head steady just as the first creamy tidal wave of thick man nectar exploded from his cock. Oliver felt the raw force of the cum explosion as it smacked the back of his throat rather suddenly, and very sharply. While Oliver was trying not to gag, more and more powerful streams of man juice rocketed just as sharply, some striking the back of his throat, while others coated the roof of his mouth.
Overcoming the urge to gag, Oliver felt it was best to start swallowing. Stan's cum tasted much different than Bill's, being that it tasted a bit more saltier, and it rested on the border of being somewhat on the bitter side. Though it was a different taste, Oliver sucked down the man's thick butter as eagerly as it was offered.
By the time Oliver had completely drained Stan's cock, Oliver felt a tongue and a thick finger probing the interior of his butt. Although Stan's organ was totally flaccid at this point, Oliver continued sucking away. Stan tried to let the boy keep on sucking, but once his cock became overly sensitive, he literally had to pry the boy's mouth off his soft meat.
Stan held the sides of Oliver's face, gently lifting it upwards so he could stare into the boy's priceless beauty. Stan couldn't see, but from the sounds Bill was making, Stan knew Bill was dining on the boy's ass. Knowing that, Stan wanted to look into the boy's puppy dog eyes, and see the pleasures exploding into the boy's body. With that being said, Stan did just that. He saw Oliver's mouth twist in various shapes, and his eyes were glassy and partially opened.
Sitting up in more of an upright position, Stan placed his lips over Oliver's, and jabbed his boy loving tongue deep into Oliver's heavy breathing mouth. Immediately, Stan tasted his own cum along with the boy's minty fresh saliva. To Stan, slurping down the boy's saliva was like drinking straight from the undiscovered fountain of sweetness.
The finger working inside his ass felt so good, and while battling Stan's mouth exploring tongue, Oliver instinctively placed his right foot onto the edge of the pool's patio area, allowing more room for his beloved Uncle Bill to maneuver around a bit more freely. When Bill saw the boy's foot shoot upwards, slapping the patio flooring, Bill went ahead and fed the boy's ass another finger. Now, Bill had his right index finger and right middle finger dancing proudly inside the boy's super heated anal highway. Stan and Oliver's lips unlocked themselves, and it was all Stan could do to not suck the boy's tasty tongue back into his mouth.
With his mind reeling from so many vast pleasures, Oliver screamed, "Yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, yeah, that's it, yessssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww gaaaaaaawwwwdddddd yessssssssssssss!"
Stan spread his legs even wider as he began inching his butt down onto the steps. The object of his inner desires kept on calling him as he saw the boy's uncut beauty throb endlessly. Seeing that only made Stan's greedy mouth flood with water, and now, now he must taste this boy's delicacy.
Leaning his head forwards, Stan moaned a long joyous chorus as his lips locked onto the boy's cock, slowly sliding all the way to the base, and using his tongue to wildly slither all over the satiny feeling muscle of pure love and mind boggling ecstasy. Stan was by far no stranger in sucking a boy's cock, but the beloved 5 inches gracing the interior of his mouth was nothing less than a perfect fit. Stan worked his mouth on Oliver's teen meat while aggressively fondling Oliver's hairless jewels, pulling and occasionally tugging down on them.
Within a few heart thumping seconds, Oliver was blind with lust, and began rocking his ass backwards onto Bill's anal thrusting fingers, and in doing so, began face fucking Stan's vacuuming hot mouth, slamming his 5 inch boy wonder in and out of the man's mouth ever so wildly, and with uncontrollable reckless abandonment. To say the least, Oliver was now basking in even more pleasures than his young mind had ever thought possible.
Three fiery hot minutes later, Oliver slung his face up towards the sky, then screamed, "Ow, ow, ow, oh God, oh God, I'm, I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!"
Stan's grunts sounded more like a bears growl as he felt the first cum pearl saturate the roof of his mouth, followed with a series of thick jetting boy juice. Whatever Bill was doing to his ass, sent his mind racing off into space while his teen pole erupted into an intense orgasmic cum exploding rage. Bill, being the anal devil he had grown to love, knew precisely what he was doing. He easily located Oliver's prostate, and was now using his anal diving fingers to skillfully apply just enough pressure to force Oliver to rise up on his toes, and doing what he was now doing, and that is screaming while being lost in the midst of a precious orgasm.
Cum ropes fired into Stan's mouth, one right after the other, and he was growling ferociously as his tongue savored the silk like texture of the boy's freshly provided cream. It wasn't until his vacuuming pressure sucked the last of Oliver's cum drops straight from his rapidly shriveling cock was when Stand could take it no longer, and was now eagerly anticipating what the true taste of Oliver's cum tasted like.
First one small gulp, then another, and Stan found himself with the very same predicament as Bill, with that being exactly what this boy's cum tasted like. Another gulp, then another, and then one more, and Stan came to the conclusion that Oliver's thick honey simply had no taste whatsoever. He knew it was definitely cum, but in all his years of gulping down some young boys cream, Stan had never ran across one that tasted quite like Oliver's. One that was inspiringly tasteless!
Stan had to force his mouth off of Oliver's flaccid boy meat, and Bill had just removed his two fingers out of Oliver's bone crushing canal. Bill draped his left arm around Oliver's stomach, basically holding the lifeless boy up, cherishing the way the boy's body shook from his most recent orgasm. Bill looked at Stan, then teasingly asked, "Well Stan, how was it? Did his cum have any taste, huh?"
Licking both lips with his tongue, Stan eased his butt back onto one of the submerged steps, looked up at Bill, then with a shaky voice replied, "Uh, well I uh, no, hell fucking no. If I didn't know it was boy juice, I'd have sworn up and down that what I just tasted wasn't cum at all. Whatever this little beauty's diet is, don't change a damn thing!"
Bill smiled a devilish sort of grin, then blurted, "That's what I thought! Glad to see I aint fucking crazy, but just wait and see what his ass tastes like. I'll tell you right here and now that this boy's ass is mother fucking delicious in every way imaginable. And, wait to you feel inside it. Oh my God, I'm telling you Stan, it's simply heaven and all it's wonderful glory."
The two men agreed to let Oliver rest a bit before anything else took place. It took a few minutes, but Oliver came back to present day reality. This time around, instead of swimming around or diving off the diving board, Oliver simply rested in the shallow end, and every now and then, he would submerge his entire body under water.
The two men sat in adjacent lounge chairs while Oliver relaxed in the pool's water. Bill looked over at his friend, then asked, "So, did I lie to you? Isn't Oliver the most gorgeous boy you've ever seen, well, aint he?"
Stan's eagle eyes were focussed on Oliver as he replied, "No my friend, you were totally honest. That boy is beyond stunning! I could probably sit here and bust a fucking nut just taking in his divine angelic beauty, and, and, without jerking my dick. It's kind of hard to believe that until yesterday, that little angel was a virgin, but I guess after breaking him in with that fat fucking ass shredder of yours, you done went and made the boy a cockaholick! For me, that's a good thing, and a mighty damn good thing at that!"
The two men continued their conversation, mainly regarding Oliver. And during their conversation, Stan made a comment that Bill already knew he would make at some point in time, and it was just a matter of when, as Stan stated, "Bill, I'm willing to lay odds that young Oliver there in no way, shape, fashion, or form is even capable of taking a shit. No sir, aint no fucking way! If he does, as drop dead gorgeous as he is, the little turds must come out like little Hershey's Chocolate Kisses, and without a fucking doubt, smell like them too. Yes sir, and can't anyone tell me any fucking different either!"
All Bill could do was smile, knowing that nothing he could ever say would ever change Stan's way of thinking. Though he himself has been balls deep in Oliver's ass, and when it was all said and done, his cock looked just as clean as before he ever entered such heavenly canal. Bill was smart enough to know that Oliver was a very clean boy, and prided himself in keeping his sweet butt extra clean, just in case. That much, Oliver had already confided in him, so Bill was fully aware of that.
The two men agreed to go inside and take a shower. Bill went into his master bathroom while Stan went into one of the other guest bathrooms. Oliver was temporarily left alone, and after a couple of minutes, he too decided to go and take a shower. He retrieved his overnight bag and went into one of the other vacant bathrooms. All Oliver could think about was that soon he would be in the middle of two men, completely ravished by man cocks, and his cock starved ass would be fed.
Oliver had already dried off, brushed his teeth and scrubbed his tongue once more, and walked towards the living room where he thought he could hear the men talking. Still, showing no signs of shyness, Oliver paraded into the living room bare ass naked, making sure both seated men saw his arrival. Bill, sitting on one end of the sofa said, "My, my, my, now aint he the most beautiful boy you've ever seen? C'mon over and sit right here cause I've got something to show you, and it's something you probably have forgotten all about already."
Oliver sat down in the middle with Bill to his left and Stan to his immediate right. All three sat in front of the large flat screen television as Bill picked up the remote and cut it on. Oliver turned his head slightly to the right, then slightly to his left, noting both men were sitting there with soft cocks, and he alone was the lone wolf sporting one heck of a throbbing erection.
Bill, looking at the television, began speaking, "Stan, you've got to watch this! It's not every day you get to see a video of a real life virgin being deflowered. This is why I slept late this morning, cause I was up late making it."
Oliver could hardly believe his eyes when he saw himself, and Bill, on the television. He had completely forgotten all about the porn movie he wanted, not to mention, all the cameras all over the room. While his own porn movie was playing, he could hear Stan make numerous comments throughout. By now, Oliver could not help to notice both men were sporting erections.
All three watched as Bill's jumbo thick cock entered Oliver's scrawny little asshole for the first time. The camera shot was a close up, and all eyes could see the distinct bright pinkness of Oliver's anal canal. A close up of Oliver's screaming mouth, along with the mumbled words spewing outwards, sent chills racing up and down Oliver's spine.
Scene after scene, Oliver had to keep reminding himself that it was he who was the main star in the porn movie he was now watching. He saw his own dick, and compared to Bill's monstrously thick man cock, it looked like a tiny little twig, and so out of place. As the movie continued, Bill draped his thick right arm over Oliver's shoulders and his huge right hand dangled downwards to a point that Oliver could barely sit still as Bill's fingers toyed with his super sensitive right nipple.
Taking this as a mild cue, or a subtle hint, Oliver reached over with his left hand and began caressing Bill's twitching cock while extending his right hand over to Stan, and lightly grasp onto the man's pre-cum spitting manhood. Stan draped his left arm onto the back of the sofa, using his long fingers to run their course through Oliver's hair, periodically gingerly pulling handfuls at a time. Both men could hear Oliver's soft vibrant purrs as their eyes were glued to the television screen, and both basking in the pleasures that the boy's tiny hands were giving their manly erections.
Bill had skillfully edited the movie so that it was approximately an hour and a half long, but made especially sure that he captured every angelic facial expression and plenty of close ups. When the movie ended, Stan hoarsely blurted, "Wow Bill, that was by far the best fucking movie I've ever seen. Oliver, you are a natural! Holy mother of all pearls, that was absofuckinglutely, genuinely, puuuuuurrrrrrrrrfffffffffeeeeeecccccccctttttttttttttt, bravo, bravo, now that's the movie of all times!"
Bill looked at Oliver, who was staring right back at him, mouth partially open and in total disbelief that it was his own-self he had just watched, then Bill whispered, "Stan's right you know. You are a natural at this! Oliver, you have no idea just how many men would pay dearly to watch your movie. But, that's another subject we can talk about later, but, for right now, would you like to star in another movie, you know, with just the three of us?"
Oliver was so freaking horny by this point that sex was his only thought processing obligation. With that priceless soft angelic voice of his, Oliver whispered his reply, "Sounds great to me Uncle Bill!"
After a very short period of conversation, mainly between Bill and Stan, all three proceeded to walk into one of the guest bedrooms. It was large, very spacious, and the bed was king sized. Once again, Oliver peered all around the room noticing the various cameras. Some were on tripods while others were mounted to the walls and ceiling.
Upon prior agreement, it was already prearranged that Bill would be laying on his back and Oliver would be on top of him in a 69 position. Once Bill and Oliver were in position, the boy didn't hesitate to start licking all over Bill's pre-cum dripping cock. Bill moaned as Oliver began whimpering as the boy lapped up all the dribbling pre-cum. Bill draped his arms under Oliver's legs, using his long thick fingers to pry open Oliver's tight little butt cheeks, providing a close up view of his hairless tightly sealed asshole.
Stan was standing behind the cameras that were overlooking the activity at the foot of the bed, steadily stroking his erect man meat while his eyes magnetically locked onto the boy's exposed butt hole. While Bill stretched Oliver's butt cheeks, Bill was slurping madly on Oliver's teen pride and joy. Having been in porn for many years, Bill was not only a participant, but more so, he was the director. Stan eagerly awaited Bill's signal to join in on the activity.
Within a couple of minutes, both of Bill's thumbs jutted into the air, and that was the signal Stan had been waiting for. Without any hesitation, Stan slid onto the foot of the bed, and directed his inhaling nostrils directly over Oliver's inviting edible bung hole. The smell alone sent goose bumps popping up everywhere on Stan's body as he continued breathing in the scent that was consuming every square inch of his body.
Oliver was so lost in making oral love to Bill's cock, and being pleasured with the man's mouth on his cock, that he began unconsciously thrusting his ass up and down. Stan breathed in deeply, moaning ecstatically as to the fragrance exploding into his lungs. Before long, the sweet smelling fragrance sent Stan reeling into more of an enraged beast, forcing his tongue to lash out and begin to hungrily dine on the boy's festive hole with nothing but pure greed as his instinctive motive.
Stan's perverted boy loving tongue has had the fortunate task of dining on many of young boys butts, but the tiny sweet smelling anal dot he was now dining on was truly a one-of-a-kind that simply could never be duplicated, even by the heavens above. The texture, the fragrance, and the overall excitement knowing that this was Oliver's butt hole only seemed to magnify itself a trillion times.
Now, all three were grunting, moaning, purring, and whimpering. When Oliver felt Stan's tongue glide into his anal canal, the boy shot his head upwards while screaming, "Yessssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, eat my ass, eat it gooooooooooooooddddddd!"
Stan's tongue was now feeling exactly what Bill's tongue had felt as it twirled around inside the boy's scorchingly hot, and muscle clamping, yet tongue crushing, anal canal. The deeper Stan's tongue traveled, the more vacuuming pressure he felt. It was as though the boy's ass was trying to suck it in even deeper while crushing the life right out of his anal probing tongue.
Bill, knowing the boy was being sexually stimulated to no end, began taking turns sucking Oliver's delicious cock and gnawing on the boy's hairless precious little nuggets. All three were now blind by their own inner rage as they each feasted upon a special part of someone else. Nearly 30 minutes of constant ass eating went by when Oliver cried out, "Now, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaawwwwwdddddd noooooooooowwwwwwwwww! Fuck meeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssss nooooooooowwwwwwwwww!"
Using just his own spit, Stan smeared his saliva on his overly excited cock while keeping eye contact on the boy's saliva glistening speck of a butt hole. His heart raced into his throat as Stan stood upright on his knees, walking directly in between Oliver's widely spread legs. Taking aim with his cock head, Stan pushed his hips forwards, forcing a good 3 inches of butt packing man meat deep into the boy's oven like anal chamber.
The initial sharp burning pain from the sudden intrusion hurt, but not bad enough to the point that Oliver wanted the man to stop. In fact, thanks to Oliver's hunger to feel Stan's cock all the way up his ass, it was Oliver who rocked his ass backwards, impaling himself with the remainder of the man's fleshy organ. Oliver immediately cried out from the fiery pain, but somewhere through it all, it was the boy who began humping his hungry little ass back and forth, fucking his cock addicted ass onto Stan's boy loving anal router.
It was Stan's turn to sling his head all the way back while screaming a vast array of verbal obscenities. Bill moaned loudly as he watched his friend's banana shaped cock get completely devoured by Oliver's humping hot ass. Watching the way the boy's anal ring sealed itself around his friend's cock as it appeared, then disappeared, was nothing less than perfection at best, and one that could never carry a price tag, regardless of the price being offered. Simply by watching this take place before his very eyes, and feeling the boy's thin tongue make love to his beefy pole, and tasting the boy's cock and utterly delicious little balls, sent Bill into an orgasmic rage.
Even Bill was shocked as his orgasm provided no warning whatsoever as his cock began firing cum bullets directly into Oliver's purring hot little mouth. Oliver eagerly drank down the thick juice, basking in the way it felt when each firing shot blasted into his mouth, one thick ropey cum strand followed by several more. The boy started whimpering as he gulped and gulped, savoring each and every drop of Bill's thick man honey.
Stan had already grabbed onto the boy's hips and was now thrusting his cock in and out of the boy's ass with blinding speed and furious rage. However, it was the boy who was timing the man's every thrust, and never hesitated to sling his butt backwards onto the thrusting tube of ass pounding flesh. Though Bill was just coming down from his thunderous orgasm, he not only could see the power of the thrusts, but he could hear them as well. His friend's cock hammered Oliver's ass with violent force, but even Bill at this point wasn't all that certain on just who was fucking who. He watched Stan rear back and power slam his pole up the boy's ass, but he also saw Oliver's ass explode with force, backwards, greeting power with raw highly energetic power.
Oliver, wanting to feel even more pleasure, began clamping down with his anal muscles. In doing so, the boy's angelic voice screamed constantly. And, it wasn't just Oliver doing the screaming either, cause with the addition of the boy's anal muscles violently retaliating, Stan was steadily screaming too. Never, and I mean not ever had Stan felt what he was now feeling. He had traveled the globe and fucked many young boys, but never had he felt the sensations now ravishing every square inch of his shaking body. The pleasures exploding inside his head was way beyond any proper explanation. No words could ever describe, not in accurate details that is, the mind boggling pleasures his cock was feeding his entire body with.
Tightening his anal muscles not only increased his own pleasures, but it also forced Oliver's orgasm to dip into a cum shooting frenzy. Bill certainly wasn't complaining as he felt the boy's cum juice rocket into his mouth. It wasn't much, but nevertheless, Bill savored the tasteless cream, and inwardly craved for some more. Stan was already doing a bit of yelling, but when the boy started his orgasm, his anal muscles seized up and began coiling around his thrusting cock, squeezing harder than ever. That action alone was sufficient for Stan's orgasm to tear through him like a runaway locomotive. Grunt after loud grunt, Stan fucked his man seed up the boy's ass with pure harsh thrusts.
In time, a very short time that is, Stan had no more energy left, and forced his flaccid cock out of the boy's vice gripping anal corridor. It was now time for a position change. Bill was still on his back with his head facing the foot of the bed, and Stan got in between Bill's legs with his head facing the headboard. Stan hiked up his legs and rolled backwards, forcing his freshly shaved asshole to jut upwards, and now facing the ceiling.
Oliver straddled Bill, kneeling on both knees with his own face now facing the headboard. Without having to be coached, Oliver knew what Bill wanted him to do, and that was sit on the man's enormously thick cock. Bill had already applied some lubrication on his cock and prepared himself to watch the boy's ass sink onto his ass shredder. To help matters, Bill used his right hand to push his cock forwards, towards the bed's headboard, closer to the boy's asshole.
Oliver reached behind him, grabbed Bill's thick cock as he was positioning it onto his asshole. Taking a deep breath, and still spinning from his most recent orgasm, Oliver sat backwards, screaming out loudly as his anal canal expanded to welcome the thick one eyed hooded beast. Oliver whimpered and grunted, but for whatever the reason, impaling his ass onto Bill's cock hurt more than ever. Bill's eyes widened as he saw the boy's anal orifice tightly entrap his thick cock head, and growled like a pissed off bear when he saw the entire cock head disappear inside the boy's loving rectum.
Eventually, Oliver managed to lower his butt all the way onto Bill's thick member. Once it was all the way in, and without having to be told, Oliver leaned forwards just a bit and began slithering his tongue all over Stan's upturned freshly shaved butt hole. While lapping at Stan's bung hole, Oliver began riding Bill's cock, slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace to more of a rapid bouncing up and down.
Stan's body shivered as he watched the gorgeous boy eating away at his asshole. As for Oliver, he had now found his rhythm, so now he could really eat out Stan's asshole while using his ass to fuck Bill's meaty cock. And again, to further add to his overall pleasures, Oliver began using his anal muscles with every flesh smacking thrust. While his tongue probed Stan's butt hole, Oliver shoved both of his inner thumbs into the man's hole, forcing them to open, allowing his tongue to dive deeper than ever before.
As time progressed, all three were completely dripping from each others sweat. Though the ass riding his cock felt like something out of this world, Bill knew it would take some time to work himself into another orgasm. He lay back and watched that magnificent perfect ass work his cock knowing that the boy was being fed with an endless array of mind bending pleasures.
Stan was no stranger to having his ass dined on, but the way this little beauty was eating his ass was something he himself had never experienced. The boy's tongue dove like a bullet deep into his canal, then slithered all over the place while applying a sucking pressure as if trying to suck his inner organs out through his asshole.
Bill soon realized he wanted to feel more in control, fucking his cock in and out of the boy's mystifying, muscle clamping, asshole, and ordered a position change. Bill had Oliver get on all fours while Stan crawled under the boy, in a 69 position. Bill looked down and watched his friend completely devour Oliver's cock while Stan's hands already latched onto the boy's unblemished butt cheeks, and held them wide open. Oliver sucked on Stan's semi flaccid meat, slurping crazily while steadily delighting all ears with his soft angelic purrs.
Taking a brief second or two to inspect his cock, all Bill could do was smile as he noticed that his cock was just as clean prior to just having his cock ridden by the most astonishing ass on the planet. Aligning his cock up to the boy's already tightly sealed butt hole once more, Bill pushed his hips forwards, drawing a loud whimpering grunt to evade Oliver's cock stuffed little mouth, as he pushed his meaty anal weapon all the way up Oliver's awesomely tight anal canal.
With his butt stuffer buried balls deep, Bill reached out and grabbed Oliver by his hips, then began to literally sling the boy backwards onto his pile driving cock. Stan not only enjoyed feeling the boy's perfect boy meat fuck his mouth, but he stared in total awe as he watched Bill's ungodly thick anal destroyer slam ever so violently in and out of the boy's butt.
Feeling the boy's hot mouth slurp on his pole, Stan's cock resumed its hardened erection. The boy's fingers were performing some kind of explosive magic trick on his bills, constantly kneading them, caressing them, and lightly rolling them around. With his mouth filled with thrusting delicious boy meat, Stan's audible grunts and groans joined the chorus along with the boy's precious whimpers and soft flowing purrs.
Bill began singing along as he once again felt the triumphant power of Oliver's retaliating, coiling, crushing, vacuuming, anal muscles surge all over his cock. Again Bill questioned just who was fucking who, but only to himself. The blistering pleasures exploding throughout his entire little body sent Oliver into a screaming cum shooting orgasmic frenzy. Stan moaned loudly as he felt the creamy spurts of boy honey strike the back of his throat, one long stringy strand followed by numerous more. With the boy's intense orgasm, his anal muscles went on a violent rampage, convulsing with ever more power than ever before.
Oliver was crying out although his mouth was stuffed with Stan's cock, completely forgetting about life itself. By far, this was the absolute most powerful orgasm Oliver had ever experienced. To him, it felt as though he would never stop firing cum, but in all reality, the boy only had shot about 3 or 4 good squirts before his throbbing cock pumped out just a few small globs. However, Stan certainly was more than thankful for the boy juice he was now swishing around inside his mouth. Unfortunately for Stan, it only took two small gulps to clean his mouth from the boy's still tasteless teen cream.
Though Oliver's teen meat was completely soft at this point, Stan refused to allow the boy's cock to free itself from his worshipping mouth. Oliver's body was shaking in an uncontrollable rage when Oliver's muffled cries screeched through the air. He felt another orgasm shoot through his body, more intense than ever before.
Bill was thrusting and thrashing his cock in and out of the boy's perfect little ass like a runaway freight train. The harsh smacking of flesh assaulting flesh bounced off the bedroom's walls as Oliver exploded with another orgasmic rage. It felt like the head of his boy cock departed the shaft like a rocket heading to the moon being launched from the pad.
It certainly didn't take Stan long to realize that his perverted fantasy was now a fact finding reality. Oliver only thought he was blowing another load, but in all reality, the boy was draining his bladder juice, and Stan was moaning to high heavens as the hot nectar gushed down his gulping throat. Yes, pure boy piss shot into Stan's moaning mouth like a machine gun set on fully automatic. The taste alone was nothing less than overwhelming for Stan. It was hotter than hell, but in his warped mind, tasted like pure melted candy.
Gulping down the boy's piss while having his cock sucked on by Oliver sent Stan into his own orgasmic bliss. Soon, Oliver began swallowing the salty goo as fast as it shot into his mouth. Bill wasn't left out of the picture either. With the boy's anal muscles performing a magic trick of their own on his hammering cock, Bill's own orgasm followed suit, and now he was screaming as his cock burst into a full blown cum shooting rampage.
When it was all said and done with, Bill literally collapsed on his back on Oliver's left side. Oliver too rolled over, free falling onto his back, breathing heavily to Bill's immediate left. Stan stayed on his back, head facing the footboard with his left foot slightly touching Oliver's left facial cheek. Only their heavy breathing could be heard as all three were now totally exhausted and dripping with sweat.
A few moments later, Oliver's eyes flung wide open as he felt the pressure inside his ass build to an insurmountable pressure. He knew if he didn't soon hit the toilet, he'd be shitting out cum right there on the bed. With that burning thought in mind, Oliver rolled to his right, and once he was on top of Bill, Oliver whispered, "I love you!" Before Bill could reply, the boy slid from his body and scampered out of the bedroom while clutching both shapely butt cheeks with both hands.
With Oliver out of the room, and still staring at the ceiling, Stan hoarsely whispered, "Damn Bill, that boy is something extra special. Remember the last orgasm he was going through? Well it wasn't cum he was shooting, no sir, uh uh. He was pissing, and let me tell you this, and I aint telling no lie either, but Bill, that boy's piss tasted sweeter than anything I've ever tasted before. Yes sir, fucking sweet I tell you!"
Bill wanted to say something, but he was still reeling from his last ball busting orgasm. Oliver in the mean time, was sitting on the toilet in one of the bedrooms far away from Bill and Stan, and thankfully enough, far away from earshot cause his butt was volcanically exploding the mens cream in a very boisterous manner. Every time Oliver thought his ass was done, another loud burst of man juice came rocketing out.
By now, both men had regained somewhat of a normalcy and was now seated in the living room, anxiously awaiting Oliver's arrival. Upon Oliver's arrival, Bill had him sit next to him on the sofa while Stan was sitting on one of the leather recliners, still, all three were naked.
Stan looked at Oliver and politely asked, "Oliver, was that exciting enough for you?"
With a voice filled with happiness, Oliver fired right back, "Oh yes sir, absolutely sir. That was fun!"
After a lengthy discussion, Stan got dressed and had to go home, leaving Bill and Oliver alone one more time. In short, Bill showed Oliver how he splices the film in order to reveal one very exciting home movie, but in a more professional sort of way. When it was all done, Bill put the disk in and the two sat on the sofa, side by side, and watched the movie featuring Oliver, Bill, and Stan.
Seeing himself on the television sent a delightful unexplainable warm chill rush throughout his entire body. Looking over at Bill, Oliver whispered, "Uncle Bill, isn't there something you can do with my voice? I sound like a little baby with all that whimpering and stuff."
Bill smiled, then softly replied, "You may think you sound like that, but I can assure you that your voice heard by others is a voice of an angel. Nobody can change perfection Oliver, and you my little angel, simply are the unwritten definition defining perfection."
***Over time, and through the years, Oliver and Bill's love for one another grew. After that one time sharing Oliver with Stan, Bill couldn't find it in his heart to share the gorgeous boy with anyone else. Sure, he loved watching Oliver parade around naked at his "boy lovers" pool parties, but everyone knew that young Oliver was Bill's, and was considered "hands-off." Even as Oliver grew older, Bill to this very day can only see perfection that can only be created by the hands of flying angels.***
*****This story is dedicated to Bill, and to Oliver. I can only hope I did your story the true justice it so rightfully deserves.*****