Hi, my name is Wayne Adams, and I am 43 years old, retired, and live in a rather large spread out subdivision, deep in the heart of the south. I will not bore you with my details, but I stand a good 6'2" and weigh around 220 pounds. I am not a gym buff by any sense of the word, but I do manage to keep myself in fairly good condition. I am not too overly hairy with hair on my chest and stomach, but I do prefer to keep my pubic bush closely trimmed and my balls cleanly shaven.

At this point in my life, I had already been married twice and divorced twice. So, marriage for me was now completely out of the question. It simply doesn't work for me, not to mention, if you are reading this story, I have other things on my agenda as well. I grew up being bisexual! Living deep in the south, if someone wants to suck your cock, regardless of gender or age, you think nothing about it and let them suck you off. Back then, it was NO big deal! By the time I was ten, I had become quite the cock sucker. Guys my age or grown men, for me, it didn't matter.

As time went on and I got older, my homosexual tendencies never diminished. When I was in my late teens, I messed around with a neighborhood boy who was about 13. It wasn't until I was in my mid thirties did I have the opportunity to mess around with another young boy. Just like the first one, he too, was 13. Bringing this story up to date, I am mainly gay. It's been a long time since I had encountered sex with a woman. Most of my gay escapades have varied in the age ranges of 22 to 57.

On with the story! My neighbors, Tom and Valerie moved in next to me about 5 years ago. They have one son named Reno. Reno was about 7 years old when they first moved in. Now, before I go on, I did not have any sexual tendencies for Reno in the least bit. He was a gorgeous kid, very well mannered, but there was just something about him that made your mind wonder. Quiet, almost too quiet for a kid his age. Every time I saw Reno out in the front yard, he seemed always to be yearning for the desire to play with other kids in the neighborhood, but never strayed from his yard. He would sit cross legged for hours watching the other kids play, but never made an attempt to join them.

It took me about two years to put it all together. Reno's parents were strict, a way bit too strict for a kid his age. They treated him as though he were an adult, and not the typical boy he really was. There wasn't a day that went by that Reno and I did not speak. In time, we had developed a very unique kind of friendship. As each day passed, I began paying closer attention as to his complete and overwhelming beauty. His parent's kept his hair long and the blackness of his hair was electrifying. The front bangs were cut just above his long and thick eyebrows and evenly cut just above the ears. The top was what one can consider spiked and the rest flowed freely resting between his shoulder blades.

The boy's eyes glistened in the sun, making your own eyes quiver in delight, as the brilliant brightness of emerald green sparkled luxuriously for all to gaze upon. His unblemished little face was slender and two perfectly placed dimples creased his ever so smooth cheeks. Reno's nose was nothing more than a tiny button, lightly tanned from the rays of the summer's sun. His lips always seemed to have lipstick on them, being a pale cherry color gracefully appealing to his thin lips, defiantly outlining his perfect tan.

At 7 years of age, he was a beauty. By 9, he was stunning, and 10, Reno had developed into be quite the head turner. Taking you back in time when Reno was ten, this is where our relationship thickened, so to speak. By now, both of his parent's were working and Reno was left at home to fend for himself until they got home sometime late in the evening. I knew their routine rather well and Reno and I always chatted out in the front yard whenever he saw me walk to the mailbox. Just by the way he came out of the house, I knew he must have been sitting at the front window watching the other kids play, dreaming upon all prayers that someday he might be able to join them.

I had just put the mail in the box and waited in my driveway for Reno to come racing up to me. The boy was so incredibly gorgeous with his hair flopping in the wind and his heart stopping smile spread across his angelic face. Wearing just his cut-off shorts, Reno stopped within a few feet from where I was standing. For whatever the reason, my eyes fell onto his heaving hairless tanned chest. His little nipples seemed almost invisible as just the very tip protruded out from his superior well defined chest. I couldn't help not to notice his rippling abdominal muscles as well. I couldn't detect any signs of baby fat whatsoever either!

My eyes traveled lower onto his bare legs, and though they were lightly tanned, there wasn't a shred of hair life to be seen anywhere. Standing there, in front of this gorgeous angel, my 7 " cut cock decided to stand at attention, pressing my pants into one heck of a noticeable tenting. Though Reno was wearing shorts, my mind began playing tricks on me, pretending that Reno was standing there as naked as the day he was born. To be quite honest, I could have talked with him for hours upon hours, listening to his charming voice sing out.

This ritual went on everyday. I always invited him over and he always seemed reluctant in saying he couldn't. I knew his parent's checked on him all the time, via the phone. As the days passed, my obsession over Reno grew. I found myself spending hours, with binoculars in my hand, watching Reno play by himself in his backyard. Sometimes, he would just lay on the concrete with only a towel separating the hard flooring from his mouth watering body, tanning while his mind ventured someplace happy.

I knew in order to get closer to Reno, I had to get closer to his parent's, and closer I did! To skip through the chase, his parent's let Reno start coming over to my house while they were at work. No sooner than his last parent left for work, Reno would be coming through my back door. I let him have full run of my house, which was apparent that was not something he could do in his own. It was during these daily ventures, that my bewildered eyes began detailing every intricate detail of this young beauty. Reno always wore cut-offs and nothing else. Not once could I ever make out a distinctive bulge in his crotch, but thanks to the tightness of the material, I certainly got an eyeful of his taunting little perfectly molded boy butt.

Maybe it was me just forcing my mind into believing something that really wasn't, but Reno's butt seemed perfectly fabricated from the heavens above. Though he was only about 5' even and couldn't have weighed no more than 70 or so pounds, his butt stuck out like a sore thumb. To me, his butt didn't look like a boy's butt, but more like two small tear drops firmly implanted, creating the delusion of pure perfection.

Reno gave me life, the feeling of being young again as we played daily, hours upon hours. Often times, his fresh minty breath would fire up my nostrils, sending waves of chills racing up and down my spine. Just the feeling of touching his silky satin flesh with my fingertips, gave me the desire to always yearn for more. Many times as we were playing around, not sexual I might add, I witnessed the divine pleasure of his sprawled out hairless arms, clear to his tongue hardening completely hairless armpits.

Regardless of how hard we played, the magnificent aroma spewing from his entrancing body always smelled as if I had been standing in a garden of roses. Be it many times I thought of doing so, not once did I try to cop a feel, but often times, my hands would accidentally brush up against his solid little butt, sending more chills hovering across my dazed body.

It was during one of his daily visits, after Reno felt very comfortable being around me, that he opened up and told me about his parents. I sat there and listened to his breathtaking voice tremble as he completely poured his heart out to me. According to Reno, he was the creation of an accident, and his parents kept reminding him of that all the time. Putting his words into mine, Reno was an unwanted child. He was nothing more than a burden, and a creation from the devil himself. He wasn't allowed to play with the other kids because his parents didn't want anyone to know he was the devil's child. Inside his home, he was nothing more than a servant. Reno had to do all the cooking, cleaning, and wash and iron the clothes.

The more he spoke, the more my eyes watered for this innocent boy. He wasn't allowed to watch television, nor was he allowed to even eat with his parents. If he didn't cook enough to eat, then he didn't eat. He was only allowed to wear those cut-offs and nothing else, not even underwear. That explained why he always was seen in cut-offs!

Though he told me his sad and bitter story, Reno didn't act like it was all that depressing. In his eyes, he had been raised to believe all that his parents had told him was actually true. On one side, I wanted to bust out crying, and on the other side, I wanted to take both of his parent's and beat the living shit out of both of them. I was torn between tears and anger, but I didn't want to say or do anything that might change or alter the way our friendship was going, so I just swallowed my pried, or at least, for the time being.

The days passed quickly and our friendship grew stronger. I found myself going over to house daily and helping him with all of his servant chores. Reno didn't have a bed at all, just a blanket spread out on the carpet for him to sleep on, but his parent's room was done in one heck of an elegant manner. I helped with the laundry, the cleaning, the clothes and the ironing, and even began doing some of the cooking.

Here is the part of the story that would probably change my life forever. I had been jacking-off nightly to the fantasy of Reno, but not once ever tried to entice him into actually doing anything remotely close to any sexual activity. I kept a clear head at all times, even when those times found my hands gracing his muscular little butt. We were at my house, after doing everything but the cooking at his, and we were watching a movie. We were both seated on the sofa, me at one end and Reno at the other. I was keeping one eye on the movie and the other eye was deliciously savoring his near naked body. At some point in the movie, a guy was giving another guy a full body massage. The guy on the receiving end of the massage only had a towel draped over his butt and he was laying on his stomach. Now, this wasn't a gay thing or a sexual thing, just part of the movie. As the masseuses hands slid along the other guy's lower back, the guy on the receiving end moaned loudly from pure pleasure. As this was being done, Reno turned his head to look at me, and captured my heart by softly saying,

"Gee, that sure must feel good! I wonder what that would feel like!"

This was an invitation of all invitations if I had to say so myself. Seizing the moment and golden opportunity, I quickly replied,

"Yeah, a massage feels pretty darn good, but as you can see, you have to be naked to get one just like that!"

Reno's smile lit up the room as he shot back,

"He's wearing a towel!"

I replied,

"That's true, but he's got nothing on but the towel! I'd give you one if you like, but that's a choice that is strictly up to you!"

Reno sat there pondering over my offer for a few short seconds, twisted his profound perfect body towards me and whispered,

"Wow, you'd really do that to me?"

I just nodded my head yes with a body that was nearly shaking right off the sofa. The word "okay" chimed from his cherry lips sending the rush of a lifetime coursing throughout my quivering body.

I got up and went into my bathroom. Once inside, I rummaged through the cabinets to find something, anything I could use. I found a bottle of coconut butter and a bottle of baby oil and walked passed him in the living room and straight into the kitchen. I placed a large pot filled with water on the stove and cut it on. Placing both bottle into the pot, I went and retrieved the smallest towel I could fine. My perverted thoughts were taking full control of my mind as I would possibly be able to steal a view of Reno finally naked.

I had no clue as to what I was really doing, but I was going to do something in the form of a massage. While I was waiting for the bottle to heat up, I was fighting with my straining cock the entire time. I knew I couldn't do a whole lot of bending wearing my blue jeans, so I changed into shorts, but not until I put on my tightest jock strap to hopefully contain my erection.

With me in the kitchen preparing the bottles, Reno had already taken off his shorts and had the skimpy towel wrapped around his little hips. I didn't know this until I walked back into the living room to check on him. He was standing in front of the sofa, at an angle, and I could just barely make out the slight view of the opening on his right side. Even his jutting little tear drop shaped butt cheek offered signs of a tan. To say I was speechless would have been the understatement of a lifetime. I stood there gawking at the vision this young angel was gracing me with, embracing his beauty with overwhelming passion.

I placed a folded sheet onto my carpet in the living room and had Reno lay down on his stomach with his arms resting by his sides. His gorgeous face was turned to the right so he could continue watching the movie with the volume turned down to just barely an ear shot. I lit up ten incense burners and placed them all around the room. Once the two bottle were heated up, and after checking each of them so as not to burn his silky satin flesh, I quickly ran to where my little angel was patiently waiting.

I straddled his body, placing both of my knees behind his towel covered butt, licking my perverted lips in the process. Pouring the mixture into the palm of my left hand, I began to slowly caress and gently apply a little pressure, rubbing the concoction onto his upper back and neck area. Within seconds, Reno was purring like a kitten, and I was silently wishing my hands were really my tongue. Since it was early in the day and we had plenty of time before having to prepare his parents meal, I took my time.

My hands trembled, basking in the feel of his flesh, as they unskillfully massaged his entire back until my hands were just touching the free laying towel. I worked over each arm and milked the opportunity to caress his little hands and precious little outstretched fingers until he was unknowingly moaning louder while moving his body slightly, up and down. I could feel his every movement and my cock fought so vainly to reveal itself, but I still had a lot more loving work to do. From me stretching to caress his flesh, I knew he had to have felt my hard cock press up against his aromatic flesh, but at this point, I really didn't care. I was having way too much fun offering this angel a pleasure he had never known existed.

Rubbing the mixture of heated lotions onto his left thigh while kneading my fingertips into the solid flesh, Reno inadvertently inched his right leg further to his right, allowing me even more room to operate. I stayed a fairly safe distance from sliding my hands underneath the towel to touch his private parts, but I did get ever so near a time or two. But, by moving my hands under the towel, this caused the towel to ride further up his jutting little butt.

Reno was lost somewhere into space as I could see that his eyes were closed and his breathing was ever so soft and peaceful with little murmurs escaping his precious lips periodically. As I slid my body down passed his feet, I got the view of a lifetime. The towel had raised up towards his butt so much, that I got a clear view of his young balls laying on top of the sheet beneath him. They were absolutely breathtaking and completely hairless, not to mention, tanned just like the rest of his body. Judging by the size of each nugget, I would have to compare them with the size of a nickel. The hairless tanned sac seemed overly fit to contain such smaller jewels as it completely covered the nickel sized nuggets, leaving the excess to unfold onto the sheet.

I worked each leg and foot to absolute perfection, keeping a close eye on his uncovered and displayed young balls. As my hands began kneading into his right thigh, I intentionally pushed the towel a bit higher, exposing more of his jutting butt. Reno didn't offer any signs of reaction as the towel was now just resting on the very top of his muscular tear drop shaped butt. With his butt nearly fully exposed, I stole the opportunity to gaze upon his unbelievable little crack. Even with his legs spread outwards, his tight little cheeks remained glued closed, not allowing me to peer into its glorious depth.

Though I was prevented from seeing his most hidden and guarded treasure, like the true pervert I had quickly became, I found my head lowering to his little crack as if caught by some powerful magnet. As if I needed any more excitement this gorgeous young angel could offer, by placing my nose within a fraction of an inch of his crack, and inhaling as deep as ever, I was now completely past the point of no return. I had no clue as to what I was trying to accomplish by sniffing his butt, but I was doing some sniffing, like a dog standing guard over a grill with steaks being slowly cooked.

The rewarding fragrance exploding through my enraged nostrils was that only of an aphrodisiac still yet to be discovered. I did have enough brain cells left to turn my head to exhale before retuning my nose back to his crack just to continue torturing myself further. Not to sound gross or anything, but there wasn't the slightest hint of any indication as to what that part of the body would normally contain or offer, just divine spine tingling aroma.

After completely sniffing myself into a frenzy, I realized I needed to move on. Taking things one step further, I blurted out,

"Okay sport, now roll over so I can get your front!"

Reno never hesitated, but his little hands grabbed the towel to keep his crotch area covered as he rolled onto his back. No sooner than he had got himself into position, I straddled his body while being forced to keep my eyes on his entrancing emerald green eyes. Without a shadow of a doubt, this young wingless angel was truly gorgeous from head to sweet curling little toe.

I massaged his face and neck area thoroughly before letting my hands roam his chest freely. My fingertips grazed his perky nipples and I could feel his body shivering beneath me as my fingers sent electrical currents ripping through his beautiful young body. His arms were stretched out beyond his sides and his legs were slightly spread as my hands slipped down to his muscular stomach area. I was now basically resting my butt on his legs as my hands massaged his stomach until his heavy eyes lids fell shut. Reno's mouth was partially open and little moans were slipping into the still of the room's air.

Keeping my hands working on his lower stomach area, my eyes fell to his towel covered crotch area. Just like I had hoped, but the view was still partially blocked, I could just barely make out that my little angel was as hard as a rock. The head of his cock was aiming towards his face and just by the size, judging from the outline, I figured his young boy cock was a good three inches or so. I couldn't determine the width, but after straining my eyes so hard, I figured by the way that his helmet was tenting the towel, that he must have been circumcised. The towel was definitely tenting upwards a good inch to two inches from his perfectly tanned body.

Completing the massage of his stomach, my hands began working on his spread right thigh. Once again, taking a slight risk, I slipped my hands under the towel and began intentionally sliding the towel further upwards so I could grasp whatever view I may be so fortunate to witness. Reno didn't move as the back of my right hand accidentally touched his balls. Though it was only for a split second, the feeling the back of my hand sent my brain was ever so rewarding.

I massaged his right leg all the way down to his little foot. Holding his right foot slightly into the air gave me a birds eye view straight into his barely uncovered crotch. His young balls looked even more delicious from this angle and I could steal a glimpse of the base of his young boner. Judging from the size, and from the angle I was presented with, it looked like Reno's young rock hard cock was about as thick as a man's thumb.

The heat from his sizzling flesh and the breathtaking views he was providing me with, only intensified my perversion, driving me to want more and more of his mouth watering body. After releasing his right foot, I began working on his left foot and leg, keeping both eyes glued onto the scenery of his balls and the base of his erect cock.

Once I had completely massaged Reno from top to bottom, reluctantly avoiding his crotch, his eyes shook open and his soft voice crashed through my ears with words of pure bliss,

"Oh man, that was incredible! I hope we can do this again sometime."

Naturally, I said something like anytime, but my eyes were still fastened on his towel covered cock, which occasionally, teased my eyes with periodic twitching. He wanted to take a bath, so I went to my bathroom, not the guest bathroom, and activated the water in the large garden style tub. I poured some baby oil mixed with bath oil and bubbles and sat on the edge of the tub completely mind boggled as to what all had just happened. I already knew once he got into the tub, I had to go and jack myself off thinking of Reno and his cock raising body.

I had just cut the water off, adjusted my aching cock when Reno snuck inside and I saw him looking at me out of the corner of my left eye. The towel, which was only a hand towel, was being guarded by both of his hands so as not to slip free from his body. Once again, my perverted eyes fell onto his crotch area and noticed that his once rock hard cock had simmered back into a flaccid state.

He walked over to the edge of the tub with a look of pure excitement in his eyes and across his face. I stood up to give him some privacy when he let the towel fall to the floor. My cock almost exploded at the purity of his naked body. His back was facing me and I got a better look of his jutting little tear drop shaped butt, and oh what a juicy butt this boy most certainly has. It was as though my feet were cemented to the floor as I stood there gawking at his nude form as he picked his left foot up and sank it into the warm bubbly water, then his right foot. Reno just stood there getting adjusted to the heat of the water, turning so that he was now standing before me giving me the privilege of viewing his young perfect body from such a glorious angle.

His flaccid cock hung over his balls, resting graciously in between them, and I now know he is definitely circumcised. His young cock was just as tanned as the rest of his tongue hardening body and the crown of his prized helmet offered a pale pinkish color which only intensified things even more. While I was ogling over his naked body, Reno began the sweet task of lowering his body into the water.

After a few minutes of general chatting, I left Reno to himself so I could jack myself crazy, and that is precisely what I did. Sadly enough, it only took a few strokes to bring myself into one heck of a grunting explosion.

Reno soaked for a long, long time and upon his return back into the living room, he had slipped his cut-offs back on. To skip through a lot of detail, for the next year and a half, I had the most extreme honor in giving Reno a full massage nearly every day. Now, he was nearly halfway through his twelfth year and his daily visits no longer granted me the opportunity of caressing his precious skin. However, he enjoyed soaking in my large tub every single day. I didn't ask him why he stopped wanting me to massage him, but the question burned in my mind everyday he came to visit me. By now, this young gorgeous angel had blossomed into a eye popping specimen. He kept his hair cut the same way and he was just as slender weighing close to 110 pounds and only growing a few inches in height.

His parents were still treating him the same way and not allowing him to venture out and be the young boy he really was. I and I alone, was his only friend! Through this time, I had taken Reno shopping and bought him a whole new wardrobe which we kept at my house. No longer did he have to worry about his eating habits cause I made sure he always had plenty to eat. Though my hands were not granted the rewards of pleasing his tantalizing flesh, my eyes had been given the vast honor of gawking at his near naked form every single day. His once jutting tear drop shaped butt only got even more shapelier. Wearing his tight cut-offs always outlined his backside, leaving me with my hard cock in hand, pounding the living hell out of it once he left to go home.

Each day I still spoke to Reno's parents, never once revealing my knowledge of the way they treat him. It was during one of my conversations with his father, who had probably had one too many drinks, revealed to me his story about Reno. It seemed that they had some marriage difficulties and separated, and this was prior to Reno's existence. While they had been separated, Reno's mom offered her spread legs to any man who would bed her down. When the two of them got back together, Reno was just in the beginning stages of life form inside his future mom's belly.

They both wanted an abortion, but at that time, couldn't afford one. From reading in between the lines, it seemed as though they did everything humanly possible to have a miscarriage. After hearing his pathetic story, I knew then that Reno was indeed, a miracle blessed from the heavens above, but his father honestly believes that Reno is the curse straight from the bowels of hell. I couldn't believe his words of stupor as I stood there, fighting back the willing temptation to stomp his drunken ass into the ground. Then the words flowed out of his mouth as he turned to walk away from me, burning my ears to no end,

"I hate that fucking little puke!"

He was gone before I had a chance to say or do anything, but his words caused me to have one long sleepless night. I tossed and turned, and the longer I was awake, the more angrier I became. The next morning, Reno came over as usual, but this time his eyes were red, as if he had been crying. It was painfully obvious by the look on his face that something tragic was on his mind. I did all that I could do to console him and find out what was wrong, and finally, Reno opened up,

"I've done everything for them and they still hate me! This morning I made them breakfast like I always do and the edge of one of the toast was a little too crispy for my father's taste, so he slung his plate at me and told me to find away to kill myself before he got home today."

As he took a sulking breath, I hesitated but asked,

"Was your mother there too? What did she say when he said that?"

Reno looked into my eyes and my heart seemed to have slipped to the floor as his words banged inside my head ever so clearly,

"She don't care about me either. After dad said what he said, she just looked at me and shouted that if I died, it would be for the best!"

I had heard all that I could hear and I had took all that I was about to take. I said something to Reno like the house was his and I would be back shortly. I grabbed my car keys and tore out of the driveway, heading straight for his father's place of employment. As each long second ticked off the clock while I was driving, I grew angrier and angrier, thinking of ways on how I could make this son-of-a-bitch feel more pain than he could ever possibly inflict on Reno.

Just as I pulled into Tom's work area, I saw him as he was walking across the parking lot. I called out to him and he quickly turned and started walking towards me. I couldn't get my car in park fast enough as I jumped out and walked rather hurriedly to greet him. He must have seen the fire in my eyes as he asked,

"What's up?"

As our bodies came within inches, my hands clutched the top of his shirt as I slammed him onto the hood of an innocent vehicle and shouted,

"You, mother fucker!"

Being much larger than Tom, his eyes showed only the greatest of signs, being total fear! My left hand felt at home around his scrawny throat while my right fist greeted his left ribs several times. At some point, everything from then on was a total blur. Valerie, Tom's wife, and the mother of Reno, saw what transpired so she ran up to me yelling and screaming. Natural reaction, instinct, or the desire to just bitch slap her forced my right fist to greet her smack dab on her lipstick covered lips.

Both Valerie and Tom were sort of laying on the pavement, between two vehicles, and I was hovering over them like a vulture waiting for their meat to rot. Both were a bloody mess as a crowd of onlookers began gathering. Pointing my right finger at both of them, the words fumbled out of my mouth ever so angrily,

"No more! No more will you mistreat Reno! He is your son, not some damned servant for you to push around any fucking time you want! That boy is only 12 years old, and you two pieces of shit don't fucking deserve him! Because of you sorry asses, that boy has got no life, but I guarantee you one fucking thing, if either of you EVER give that boy another heartache, I'm going to fuck you up...permanently!"

I could hear the police sirens off in the distance, but at this point, I really didn't give a shit. Tom, in his pathetic bleeding state, yelled out,

"Here comes the cops, now you're going to jail mother fucker!"

My right foot freely struck the bottom of his chin, driving his head backwards, only being stopped by the hardness of the pavement. Looking down at the both of them, I shouted,

"Fuck jail! Today, the cops will know what kind of pathetic excuses of wasted sperm the both of you are, and hopefully, they will take Reno from you so we can share the same mother fucking cell!"

Valerie used a vehicle to climb back to her wobbly legs, and once up, she looked me dead in the eyes and shouted,

"He's the devil's son you son-of-a-bitch, if you want that piece of shit, you can have him...we don't want him!"

Tom reiterated Valerie's point,

"Take him, take him and get him the fuck out of my home and leave us the fuck alone!"

I felt like kicking him again, but the police cruisers, all four of them, just arrived.

Since neither Tom or Valerie wanted the truth to be revealed, they concocted a lie to protect me, as well as themselves. The cops weren't stupid, but they reluctantly sent me on my way.

As I pulled into my driveway, Reno came running up to me and his eyes fell on my shirt which was saturated with blood, not mine, his piss pore excuse of parent's blood. I walked into my home with Reno following closely in behind me. I sat down on the sofa and patted the cushion with my right hand for him to sit down. For the first time in his young life, he had the look of bewilderment creasing his precious face. I placed my right arm around his shoulders, took a deep breath while peering into his entrancing eyes, and stated,

"I spoke with your parent's today, but before I tell you what happened, there is something I need to know, and I will need you to be straight forth and honest, more honest than you have ever been. Reno, your life, the way things are right now, are you happy?"

Tears began rolling down the cheeks of his face as he looked down at his legs then back up to me, and fighting back the urge to cry, he whispered,

"No! I just wanted them to love me, that's all!"

I squeezed his right shoulder and continued,

"Like I said, I spoke with your parent's and we all sort of agreed that it would be best if you stayed with me. I know it hurts, but all I can do is ask you to give it a try and see if you like living with me better than the way you are living now."

Reno placed his left hand just above my shaking right knee, looked into my eyes, paused, then asked,

"They don't want me, isn't that right?"

My heart was breaking and my eyes began sweltering with tears as his own precious eyes rapidly began filling with water. Because of my delay in answering him, Reno repeated his question one more time. I brought him closer to me and held him tightly, then whispered,


We sat there holding one another and our tears fell like rain. Though his smooth back greeted my hands, the thought of any pleasurable feeling never once crossed my mind. The moment at hand was just too heartbreaking!

Before the month was out, Tom and Valerie moved out, placing their home up for sale. I took Reno to the zoo, the beach, and fun parks. I couldn't help not to notice that wherever we went, heads always turned to steal a peek at Reno, and to be honest, I certainly couldn't blame them.

As the days progressed, I had spent tons of money on Reno. Anything and everything I could come up with, I did. I bought him a bike, a computer, clothes, and a vast array of other things a 12 year old boy would love to have. Reno began playing with the other kids on a daily basis while still lending a helping hand to assist around the house.

Three months after all of this happened, Reno and I were enjoying a movie. Him laying on the carpet, on his stomach, in front of the television, and me sitting on the sofa admiring as always, his tantalizing juicy butt. Though he had plenty of clothes, and now underwear, Reno always chose to wear his cut-offs at night. His feet were waving in the air, shooting from side to side, and my eyes bulged as they zeroed in on his solid little muscular mounds, torturously rippling with his every innocent movement.

I have no clue what brought up the idea, but Reno wiggled his little body, leaning his head towards me, giggled, the teasingly said,

"How about a massage!"

I certainly didn't need to hear that twice as I quickly jumped up and darted off into the bathroom to gather the bottles. Reno got up and went into the bathroom while I was in the kitchen heating up the bottles of lotion. When I walked back out into the living room, Reno had already placed a sheet onto the carpet and was laying there with the hand towel lightly laying across his butt with his legs already spread.

The bottles wouldn't heat up fast enough as I tortured myself running back and forth from the kitchen into the living room. It was while I was entranced at his near naked body that I realized that Reno didn't really have to lay out in the sun for a tan, it just came natural. He was born already tanned from one of his mother's frolic in the sack during her wild sex episodes.

His legs still seemed hairless and the back of his thighs radiated the most luxurious appeal. Like a fool, and not expecting any of this to happen, I was just wearing one of my gym shorts and my cock was free to move about without feeling any restrictions of underwear whatsoever. Before I realized my actual state, Reno's young eyes fell onto the raging bulge tenting my shorts out considerably. When I saw what his eyes saw, embarrassingly, I quickly went back into the kitchen to check out the bottles.

Yep, my cock was definitely yearning to be seen as it pressed firmly outwards for his young eyes to witness. Not only had it been tenting my shorts, but my pre cum made sure that it offered signs of excitement as well, forming a huge wet spot where my cock head was pressing.

As if the Gods heard my prayer, the bottles finally heated up. Grabbing the bottles, I literally ran back into the living room where my young gorgeous angel patiently awaited. I straddled his body and began massaging the mixture onto his neck and upper back. Reno quickly let out a soft moan as my fingers gently dug into his smooth enriched flesh. My hard cock was pressing against the towel which barely covered his butt and I know that Reno would have to have felt my erection, but he offered no signs of unwillingness.

Every time I stretched forward, my cock would fall dead center onto his crack, giving me sensations that were out of this world. I massaged the top portions of each arm and worked my way down to his sides and lower back area. With each swipe of either hand, the little hand towel uncovered more and more of the top portion of his naturally tanned perfect butt. Within seconds, the little line of his crack was in clear view of my perverted eyes.

Taking a risk, I allowed my hands to course along the top edge of his butt cheeks, just barely grazing his crack. I watched his face as it was resting on the floor leaning to the right for some type of negative reaction, but there was none given. Reno just moaned as my fingertips kneaded their way into the top portion of his solid butt cheeks. And solid they were! His cheeks were soothingly soft, yet ever so muscular.

I began working on his left thigh, and being so foolish that I had been, the towel had slipped further down his butt, clearly covering his sheet resting balls. With each massaging touch of my hands, I intentionally forced them higher and higher under the towel, hoping that it would eventually just slide off. I was so focused on sliding my hands under the towel, that the knife edge of my right hand creased the crevice of his balls and thigh. Reno's body slightly twitched as my hand slid between his balls and his thigh, but he didn't act as if he wanted me to stop. Instead, I could feel and see his body move as if he was slowly humping his cock back and forth onto the sheet beneath him.

Not wanting to push my luck, I slid my hands out from under the towel, arching both thumbs upwards to see whether or not I could force the uncooperative towel to reveal the treasure it so desperately was guarding. As my hands slid down, so did the towel. Being the pervert I had become, I played as if I was massaging his upper thigh while steadily fighting the towel to reveal itself. Luck was definitely on my side as the towel had slid far enough down until inertia finally made the damn thing completely fall free from his body.

Naturally, I acted as if it were no big deal as I worked my fingertips just above the break of his left knee while being frozen in a trance peering straight into his now naked butt. Whether Reno cared or didn't care that his body was now completely naked, he made no attempt to cover himself up. I could see clearly how his young balls had developed. They were in the shape of a quarter and the sac was just as smooth and hairless as I remembered. Laying on the carpet, flat on his stomach, forced his young eye pleasing balls to bunch up towards his tantalizing crack.

His balls had definitely grown since the last time I had been rewarded this view. His hairless sac no longer seemed larger than his balls as it enclosed ever so deliciously around them. Keeping my eyes zeroed in on his mouth watering boy nuggets, I continued my massage, working each leg and foot to absolute moaning perfection.

I was unconscious, yet conscious as I worked my way back up to his fully exposed perfectly molded butt. Not knowing if I should, yet tempted beyond belief, I placed both hands onto his muscle twitching butt and began caressing my fingertips into his sensationally smooth cheeks. I forced my eyed to look at his gorgeous face, and all Reno was doing was laying there with his eyes closed, mouth partially opened, softly moaning.

Resting on my knees, I worked my way in between his legs and Reno helped me by spreading his legs a bit further. As my thumbs slid in between the safety and tight confinement of his crack, my head was being drawn forwards. Taking two hands full of his sweet silky butt cheeks, I carefully spread them until his most hidden treasure was revealed. Yeah, that's right, his butt hole! But, a hole could not be a description of what my eyes were now feasting on. His entire crack was lightly tanned and void of any hair life whatsoever. The so called hole was nothing more than peering into the eye of a needle.

I have never been really fascinated by anyone's butt hole, but Reno's sure did! I was so fascinated by the view, that my head had no brain cells operating as my nose inched itself directly over it and I began inhaling deeper than ever. My nose was so close, that it actually touched it a time or two. The smell shooting up my nostrils was nothing like it probably should have been. Nothing remotely close to vial, degrading, or better yet, smelly. The aroma shooting up my nostrils was a cross between freshly scented soap and non musky boy sweat.

I was breathing in so hard, I literally thought I was going to faint, but being the true pervert I was, I didn't care! While I was smelling his butt treasure, my hands toyed with his butt cheeks. Between his natural enticing aromatic fragrant butt and the purity of his tanned crack, I was quickly falling further head over heels in love with this gorgeous young breathtaking angel.

Reno's soft purrs ignited the animal within me, driving me to use my hands to caress his soothingly muscular, presently gyrating, little ass. The outer edges of my thumbs, every now and again, slid along his silky crack, striking his nearly invisible tiny butt hole. Even that little hole was perfectly camouflaged in agreement with his naturally enriched tan. I was drunk with desire and crazed like never before.

Knowing all too well I had to do something, I sat back onto my knees, admiring his still spread crack, and all the beauty it contained, then nervously spoke,

"Roll over so I can get your front!"

I honestly thought Reno would gab the towel before rolling over, but with me still on my knees between his legs, he just flipped over onto his back, spread his legs around my trembling body, keeping those emerald entrancing green eyes locked onto mine. The look on his gorgeous face told the story as this boy now lay naked before me with his mouth watering young cock dancing in slow rhythm inches from his rippling stomach.

Time had certainly rewarded Reno with a much larger cock than I had remembered. Now, it was at least five inches long and had some thickness to it. If I had to judge its girth, I would have to compare it to a large Magic Marker. My eyes burned from studying every precious and perfect detail of his throbbing boner. The head was still a pale pinkish color and not one vein could be noticed anywhere on the shaft. Just like the rest of his perfection, his cock too was tanned.

From my memory to now, Reno had grown just a tad. Just at the base of his cock, several small black hairs were in their developing stages of life. Had I taken the time, I probably could have easily counted each one, since there was only about 10 to 15 little hairs sprouting up. Glancing further down, his quarter sized balls lay flat against the sheet, leaving me the impression that this young angel was in the very beginning of possessing a set of quality low hangers. From the rear, I could tell his sac was still hairless, and now peering from the front, I could definitely see his sac had no hair whatsoever.

Breaking myself free from his trance, I stretched up his body, causing my devastated hard cock to slid upwards along his. Blasts of body tingling electricity shot through my body once my cock felt his. I was trying to massage his biceps, but his boy boner kept twitching, striking my man meat in the process. Somehow, I got through massaging his arms and was now working on his heavy breathing chest.

When my fingertips slid over his rather tiny erect nipples, Reno humped his body in the air while moaning ever so loudly. Taking this as a tremendous sign, I took my time tweaking and caressing each nipple thoroughly, bringing more body movement and moans from him.

I massaged his stomach and sides before moving further down. His little belly button seemed to be nothing more than a tiny line that neither poked inward, nor protruded outward. One thing was for sure and that was when my finger began drawing miniature circles on his belly button, Reno began wiggling his body while making wonderful hissing sounds.

As the massage went forth, his eye lids slowly began to close, but his sweet cherry lips were still slightly separated. He had folded his arms behind his head for a pillow, giving me a birds eye view of his tanned, but hairless, armpits. My hands worked over each soothing hip before concentrating on his right thigh. My eyes were glued to his twitching cock of pure perfection as my hands began kneading their way into his spine tingling flesh.

Each time my right hand dipped between his spread thighs, I made sure that the knife edge of my hand slid firmly onto the outer edge of his youthful nuggets. Each time my hand touched his balls, I watched as they literally bounced upwards, then slowly sank back into a more comfortable position.

In time, I had completely massaged each leg and foot and was now centering on his nearly hairless pubic region. His twitching cock was hovering over his pubic region as my left hand slid at the very base, touching his cock for the first time. As soon as my hand met his cock, Reno bucked his body and his angelic voice sang out a long heavenly groan. My fingers felt the tiny hairs which was making a half moon appearance around his cock. Just like the rest of him, they too, sent chills racing up and down my spine.

With his every breath, his cock arched from pointing at his face to spring upwards and back towards my face. The sight alone was priceless and I was certainly enjoying this heart stopping show. Tossing caution into the wind, I applied a handful of the mixture and slowly stuck my left hand directly under his sac, lifted his balls up, and began using both hands to caress the cream onto his ball sac and perfectly rounded boy nuggets.

There is no words imaginable to describe the feeling of having his balls rolling around in my hands. His young body was bucking wildly and I was fighting for oxygen, completely consumed with giving my angel the pleasure of a lifetime. Listening to his long audible moans sent goose bumps popping up all over my body and watching his perfect body gyrate from sheer pleasure, sent my every heartbeat pounding ever so heavily within my ankles.

I caressed the mixture onto his balls, taking the time to stretch my right index finger and strike his little pucker hole, timing his arching body. Reno was beyond moans as he was now grimacing in pleasure, grabbing a handful of the sheet and bringing it close to his open mouth. Without the will to think clearly, Reno raised his legs, arching his knees high into the air while thrusting his body upwards with his feet. Just as he did so, he forced his knees away from his body to the point that they were nearly touching the carpet.

My right index finger remained attached to his tiny speck of a bung hole while the rest of my fingers lovingly caressed his balls. I was taking my time, building up the nerve to take things one step further in grabbing his beloved throbbing cock, when Reno interrupted my train of concentration by hoarsely whispering,

"Bath, bath, I need to take a bath!"

I had to fight myself to remove my hands from his pleasing body and sat back onto my heels while foaming at the mouth looking at his pulsating hard cock.

Reno rolled to his left side, then fought with his legs to stand. All I could do was stare at his hard cock. Now that he was standing, I could clearly see that his boy beauty proudly jutted out from his body, slightly angling upwards. As he walked down the hall, I miserably followed with my cock creating the tent from hell. Inside the bathroom, Reno stood by my side as I cut the water on, pouring some bubble bath mixed with body oil into the filling water.

Even then, my eyes could not resist the temptation at burning holes onto his still rock hard cock. All he had to do was tell me to suck it and I would have hungrily sucked the life right out of his delicious cock, but that didn't happen. Had he noticed, he would have definitely seen me drooling over his hard cock. Unashamedly, I had smelled his fragrant ass. Devilishly, I had groped his young balls. Sneakily, I had intentionally forced my fingers to scrape his most guarded of treasures, his bung hole. Now, I wanted to suck him until his creamy fluid trickled down my throat!

While I was lusting over his profound hardness, Reno stepped into the tub with me still on my knees staring feverishly at his jutting hard cock. My eyes stayed on his cock until it blinded my view by submerging under the water, concealing itself within the bubbles. It was then that I struggled to get to my feet and was about to leave the bathroom to go handle some well needed business when Reno spoke,

"You know, there's room for both of us in here!"

I spun around, almost falling in the process. My cock was still proudly displaying its tent and all I could do was just stand there, frozen dead in my tracks. Reno spoke again,

"Come on, you'll love it, I promise!"

The room was not what I was afraid of, nor loving the opportunity to share a bath with Reno...it was my throbbing man meat being harder than steel, leaking globs and globs of pre cum! He held me at bay with his miraculous eyes, but my hands were out of control as they began lowering my shorts until they slipped down to my ankles. My cock bounced up straight into his view, and he was certainly doing some viewing. I stepped out of my shorts and quickly stepped into the soothing warm water. Sitting on the opposite end, I stretched my legs until they were on either side of the most gorgeous boy known to any eyes of mankind.

Our legs were touching and my heart was acting as though it were going to pound right out of my chest. Reno kept his eyes locked onto mine and the smile that only he could offer, graced his precious face, sending my heart to beat even that much more harder. His legs were on the inside of mine and his little feet were just a few short inches from actually touching my rather aching erection. The water was just below his protruding nipples as Reno softly spoke,

"Wayne, I need to ask you something, but I don't want you to take it the wrong way. So, without dragging it on, I'm going to ask you this so that I can at least know. Are you gay?"

The frog that had immediately lodged somewhere into my throat prevented any words from leaving my mouth. Maybe that was a good thing, cause it gave me a short time to gather my thoughts and words. Finally, with our eyes still locked on the others, the words flowed freely,

"Yes and no. I've been married twice and I still like the affection of a woman from time to time, but mainly, I prefer guys."

I was expecting to see some look of discomfort on Reno's face, but instead, he began smiling even wider, causing his precious dimples to defiantly crease his smooth cheeks even more. He followed up my response by asking,

"In other words, you'd rather suck a guys cock than eat some girls pussy, is that right?"

I didn't have to offer a response other than nod my head yes.

Then, Reno pursued his line of questioning by asking,

"If you like guys so much, then why haven't you ever tried to do anything with me?"

My eyes were held into his trance as my response fluttered from my lips,

"To be honest with you Reno, I have, more times than you'll ever know, but only in my mind. For one thing, you are only twelve. To be so young, you have not had the opportunity to enjoy life like most boys your age should. I couldn't live with myself if I ever did anything that caused you any sort of pain whatsoever. Now that we're getting things out in the open, I have to tell you that in my eyes, you are the most gorgeous boy I have ever laid eyes on. Behind your back, I perversely did things that I should be ashamed of, and in some ways, I am, but in other ways, I'm not."

Reno just sat there allowing me to get it all out of my system, rolling the bubbly water up to his chest with his hands. I may have said more than I should have caused it only opened the door for more questions. Reno licked his lips with his pink tongue, then hesitatingly asked,

"When you said perversely, what sort of things did you do?"

With shame and remorse growing in my eyes, I blurted out,

"When I gave you the massages, I intentionally used the small hand towel so I could see more of your beautifully tanned body. I've even used the massages to feel your balls and grope your butt. Speaking of your butt, for whatever reason, I've sneakily smelled it. When you first moved in and we went out and got you some clothes, including underwear...well I, I used those underwear that you wore to sniff. Please don't ask me why I did it, cause I honestly have no answer."

Reno smacked his lips, rolled his eyes, smiled, then angelically stated,

"Wayne, is that it? I may be young, but I'm not stupid either. I've felt your breath on my butt many times, tonight especially. I don't know what it was you were hoping to smell, sniffing my butt hole, but I was the one who just laid there and let it all happen. Just think Wayne, tonight when you were giving me the massage, I knew the towel had help to fall off, but I was the one who rolled onto my back knowing all too well that I was naked. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe, just maybe, I wanted something to happen?"

I listened to his every word, with his words sounding much older than his actual 12 year old self. His inherent beauty was causing my eyes to dance in their socket as I was desperately seeking the right words to find. Before I could say anything, Reno spoke,

"I can't tell you how many nights I've watched my mom and dad have sex. She would suck his dick and he would eat her pussy, then my dad would pound his dick in her pussy for a long time. They never closed their door so it was easy for me to stand in the hallway and watch everything. I know for a fact that they were both anal freaks cause my dad always slammed his cock in her butt and my mom used her strap on to plow his butt as well. I've seen it all Wayne, but never done anything, but just watch. I already know how to jack-off, but I was kind of hoping that we could do something. Hearing my parents having sex, and all the fun it apparently has, I kind of want to experience that too!"

Our conversation progressed about anal sex and I explained to him that it was rather painful, especially the first time. To speed the story along, Reno seemed intrigued about anal sex, as well as giving and receiving blow-jobs. He did confess during our rather lengthy conversation that when he masturbated, he never thought of girls, just guys, including me. To say that I was honored having such a gorgeous boy think about me while jacking his meat is truly an understatement.

As the last of the words were spoken, I reached out with both hands as he leaned forward. Within a fraction of a second, Reno was laying on top of my chest and stomach and our tongues were slithering out to strike the other's tongue. My hands caressed his soapy wet back as our lips sealed their fate on the other's lips and our tongues passionately roamed inside the opposite mouth. His sweet breath was hotter than fire and the delicate taste of his saliva filled mouth tasted only of fresh mint. My left hand hovered through his silky hair while my right hand slid up and down, and from side to side, of every square inch of his back.

Reno's balls floated on my throbbing boner and his rock hard young cock stabbed along my lower stomach. Both of his small hands were holding the sides of my face as our kiss went from passionate to animalistic. We were both grunting and moaning as our tongues dove inside the others mouth, twisting and frolicking ever so freely. My right hand slid down his back until it rested on top of his marvelous muscular jutting butt cheeks. The muscles in his butt contorted with his every move, giving my hand the pleasure it so desperately sought. My middle finger slipped inside his tight crack, and upon doing so, Reno let out a loud moan, sending vibrations rifling down my throat.

Just the very tip of my middle finger pressed against his butt hole forcing Reno to shove his precious face harder into mine, causing his tongue to spasm inside my mouth. The harder I pressed, the more response Reno offered. I honestly wasn't trying to, but thanks to the bath oil mixture and Reno's slight humping movements, my middle finger shot up his rectum to the first knuckle. As soon as my finger ventured into this never before charted territory, Reno fired his hot breath straight down my throat, followed by a chorus of moans.

Our lips were still sealed and our tongues rapidly swirled around inside the others mouth as my middle finger felt like it was being crushed and slowly cooked inside his butt. I had no desire to push my finger deeper into his rectum, but Reno had other ideas as he impaled his own virgin ass onto my finger until it was completely buried as far as it could go up his muscle convulsing rectum. Slowly, ever so slowly, Reno started to use his mystical ass to ride up and down my anal impaling finger.

His hands holding the sides of my face tightened as his groans flowed with his every breath. Somewhere during all of this, both of our eyes were closed, but when mine finally opened, I was staring straight into his. The look in his eyes was something I had never seen before. So passionate, so willing, and yet, so at peace with himself! Though our eyes were looking straight into the others, our tongue bashing kiss never broke stride, and he never stopped humping his muscle choking ass onto my outstretched finger.

During our over heated kiss Reno began gliding his electrifying little fingers from my head, down my chest, until they rested on the shaft of my straining manhood. My groans of blissful intensity shot down his throat as his fingers and hands began sliding up and down my shaft with the slowest and torturous of speed. His humping up and down on my finger increased at a desperate pace as his little ass began crashing harder and harder onto my finger.

I didn't know about Reno, but I for one certainly couldn't take much more of this, so I forced my finger from his ass and literally picked him up so that he was now standing straight in front of me with his twitching boy boner waving right in front of my eyes. Like an animal thirsty for blood, I began licking his balls while rubbing his cock with the cheeks of my face. Reno's hands fell to my head as he lifted his left foot up and placed it along the top portion of the outer edge of the tub.

Ever so easily, both of his sweet young balls disappeared into my mouth as my tongue began slithering, confused as to which tasty treat to bathe first. Without a doubt, never had I feasted on such a glorious treasure. Straining my eyes to look upwards, I could see the numerous precious faces twisting and contorting all over his face as I slurped and milked his delicate delicacy.

I dined on his twitching balls for a long time before releasing them so that my tongue began gingerly playing all around the base of his jerking cock. Ensuring to get the most of his taste, I slowly began licking up the shaft of his cock until my tongue reached his tiny piss slit. Reno was bucking his hips feverishly, trying to stab my mouth with his cock, but it was I who wanted to relish every precious second tasting his entire young body. My tongue tickled his little pubic hair while admiring the feeling of his rock hard boner gliding along each of my facial cheeks.

Both of my hands cupped his little solid ass cheeks as my mouth engulfed his cock until my nose was doing its best to impale his pubic mound. Chills raced up and down my spine as the awesome pleasure of having his young heavenly created cock of sheer perfection safely tucked away within the confinements of my boiling hot mouth. Reno's loud moans and pleasing hisses told me all I needed to know as I timed his bucking motion with oral thrusts of my own.

As in all cases with jealousy, each of my fingers fought for the territorial rights of his tiny pucker hole, for each finger was now gripping inside the tight restraints of his butt cheeks. Reno's fingers dug into my hair and scalp as he was now flinging his head back and forth and from side to side. I knew he would not be able to last long, but I was now more hungrier than ever to taste whatever cream he could produce.

With the greatest of ease, my mouth was increasing its pressure while basking in the pleasure of feeling his silky satin boy boner glide in and out of my drooling mouth. To say the least, I had sucked plenty of cocks in my lifetime, and granted, most were a lot larger than Reno's, but none could come close to his youth nor his glamorous beauty.

Reno cried out words I could not clearly understand, but once I felt his cock expand, I knew exactly what was about to happen, so I sucked harder and let my fingers increase their pressure onto his majestic butt hole. His upper body collapsed over my head while I had the most extreme pleasure of feeling several hot jets of watery hot cum torpedo its way onto the roof of my mouth. I didn't count how many sperm pellets shot out, but I would guess there must have been 7 to 9 powerful streams of boy cum coating the roof of my mouth. When his jets of cream subsided, Reno's watery cum slowed to a slow, but steady, trickle. I could feel his legs as they trembled, causing the water to form waves inside the tub.

I sucked his cock until he had no more watery cum to offer. Though his orgasm had ended, his beauty of a cock remained rock hard, still lodged inside my sucking mouth. His cream had built up inside my mouth and I just passionately waited for the right time to savor his youthful offering. Within a few seconds, the moment I had so longed for had arrived. Reno's cock became too sensitive inside my mouth, so he backed up forcing it to leave my more than greedy mouth.

He had forced himself back into the standing position and our eyes were looking into the other as I allowed my first taste of his young sperm to trickle down my throat. If his beauty wasn't gratifying enough, the taste of his young sperm absolutely was! Never had I tasted such quality ever! It was watery, hot, and heart stopping delicious. Not even a trace of salt could be detected. Just pure honey straight from the source! I caught myself moaning as I hungrily savored his watery sperm until only a deep permanent memory remained.

While we were still caught in each others eye embrace, I guided him to turn around so that his jutting tempting little butt was facing my perverted face. I leaned back against the tub wall and guided Reno backwards. He was so willing, but definitely had no clue what I had in mind. Once he was standing in position, I softly whispered,

"Bend over as far as you can!"

I watched with heavenly intensity as he did precisely what I asked. His hands rested on each of my knees as his taunting butt was now within an outstretched tongue reach. Using both hands, placing my thumbs on the inside of his tightly sealed crack, I slowly began spreading them. As if time had completely stopped, so did I, once his young camouflaged bung hole sprang into view.

Unable to prolong this any longer, I stuck my tongue out and pressed heavily, directly onto his tiny love chute opening. Reno giggled at first, but within a fraction of a second, his giggles ceased and only long and consistent moans shot out of his mouth. My tongue was literally licking the tasty flesh from around his sensitive, never before dined on, hole. To be totally accurate and honest, there wasn't a taste whatsoever, just the knowledge of having my tongue drilling away at Reno's virgin bung hole made it taste sweeter than humanly possible!

Reno was grunting and whimpering while shoving his gyrating little butt harder and harder onto my ass eating face. His hands holding the outer portion of my knees clutched harder, digging his fingertips into my shivering flesh with kneading caresses. His noises mixed with my echoing moans filled the bathroom walls with bellowing sounds of pure bliss. The tip of my roaming tongue pressed firmly at his eye of a needle opening until I could feel just the smooth surface while relishing in its soft and gentle puckering affect. It felt almost as if his tiny hole was trying to suck my tongue into its depth, and into his anal depth was certainly where I was trying to venture.

His tanned butt crack rode up and down my nostril as my tongue slithered and struck his cherry rosebud like a snake in search of its prey. His entire body was shaking as he pressed backwards while my tongue rolled onto its tiny opening. Reno cried out and I almost fainted as the tip of my tongue slipped past the outer ring and quickly felt the tightness and overbearing heat of his muscle crunching anal canal. I now had my tongue rooting inside his rectum and my ears captured every delicate sounds this precious gorgeous angel was now making, and he sure was making a ton of noise. All to which was nothing but pure pleasure.

With my tongue diving to its farthest depth, as greedy as I could be, I fought to release the flap holding my tongue in my mouth in order to shove more and more up his chute, but that wasn't about to happen. I held his smooth hips with both hands and began helping him to drive his tongue filled ass harder into my face, lapping and slurping at the sweetness filling my mouth. Keeping my hand clutched to his left hip, I reached around his right side and grabbed his 5 inches of pure perfection with my right hand and began jerking it like crazy. His hard cock throbbed in my hand as my tongue fucked his mind boggling tasty chute with an animalistic passion.

The position we were both in was kind of awkward, but I know I could have stayed there forever dining on his breathtaking ass and holding his boyhood, savoring every precious second. But, with my tongue shooting in and out of his rectum and my hand jacking his boy pride, Reno couldn't take it much more. When he cried out words unknown to my ears and quickly stepped forwards, causing my tongue to flicker in midair, I knew he was close to spewing another mouth water delicious load. I had to help him turn around cause his legs were just too weak. Reno inched his beautiful body all the way around so that now his jutting hard cock was within an inch of my already wide open mouth.

He reached down with both hands and clutched onto my head while bucking his hips forward, shoving his masterfully created prefect cock all the way into my mouth. No sooner than the royal crown of his majestic cock struck my mouth, my lips sealed a perfect air tight seal around his shaft and I began bobbing my head back and forth while timing his thrusting motion. I hadn't even sucked his young cock for ten seconds when my right hand instinctively returned to his butt and my middle finger fought its way inside his saliva slick rectum.

Once my middle finger gained entry, Reno screamed a loud moan of sorts, then began slamming his boy meat fast and furiously in and out of my mouth. He didn't know whether to fuck his cock in my mouth or fuck my finger with his ass. One second he would pound his cock hard into my mouth, then the other second, he would ride his ass up and down on my stretched finger. Either way, I was milking his cock for all I was worth while relishing the fact that my finger was being choked to death while up his rectum.

Reno's fingers dug into my head harshly and he was whimpering like crazy and I knew he was ever so close to popping another sweet load, so I began finger fucking his ass like a mad man while increasing the suction of my mouth on his throbbing young cock. I didn't even feel his cock expand, but when he shoved it into my mouth with a violent force and began groaning, my tongue soon felt the hot watery sperm as it just sort of dribbled onto it.

By no means could his second load be considered by the quantity, but it was the quality that made life itself seem so perfect. I sucked and sucked until his cock quickly deflated and I let it plop out of my mouth so as not to create any discomfort. Once his flaccid cock was out of my mouth, my eyes could not take themselves from it. While peering straight at his sleeping cock, I began sampling more of his tasty cream, and tasty is all I can use to describe it. Almost like the first load, not having much of a taste at all, his second one had no trace of salt, but it did have a favorable flavor.

While I was totally absorbed in tasting his sweet sperm, Reno backed up and sat back down into the water, gasping for air. When his right foot softly struck my raging erection, I almost jumped right out of the tub. He was panting, but grinning as I closed my eyes as his foot began sliding up and down the full length of my meat. Then, he added his left foot to the equation and both of them started massaging my erection with a torturing slow motion movement. My head was still spinning from knowing I had dined on his sweet ass and had just had the honor of swallowing his second load of the evening, now having his feet massage my cock sent my mind racing somewhere into orbit.

His voice sounded as though it was coming from miles away as I could barely make out the angelic words,

"Sit on the edge of the tub!"

I struggled to do just that, but my quivering body acted as though it were not going to cooperate anytime soon. Fighting against my own will, I finally managed to sit on the edge, resting my back against the wall. Naturally, my man meat was standing straight up, throbbing for attention. My vision was still a bit blurred, but I could see Reno smile a smile of a lifetime as he began inching through the bath water until he was kneeling directly in between my spread legs.

He placed both hands on each of my thighs while lowering his head to where my low hanging cum filled balls were dangling. The air from my lungs evaded my body as I felt his snake like tongue flicker out and swipe my balls. His nose pressed against my erection as his tongue licked all over my nuts before I felt his mouth suck in one nut. It was I who was now screaming as my left ball was being slowly cooked inside his mouth. His tongue roamed the circumference of my ball ever so delicately before releasing that one and sucking in the other one.

Reno took his time swallowing one ball at a time, not once trying to force both of them into his little mouth. As the time progressed, so did my urgent need to spew my load. Finally, and thankfully, Reno released my balls and started licking at the base of my cock, working his way up to my pre cum spitting cock head. Looking down, I could see his tongue scoop up large amounts of my pre cum, then he would graciously slip his tongue back into his mouth, moan, then lick my cock head some more.

Not once did his hands leave my thighs, but his tongue steadily licked the full length of my cock while placing tender little kisses along the way. He was driving me absolutely crazy with his soft kisses on my cock and his slithering licking little tongue. My hands gently slid along his hair, caressing his scalp while my mind retaliated by leaving my shaking body completely.

Out of the blue, and totally blindsiding me, Reno swallowed about four inches of my meat. My heart almost pounded out of my chest as the fiery heat and vacuum like suction of his mouth, totally consumed my already bewildered cock. I was gasping for air, whimpering, moaning, and saying some pretty strange stuff as he slowly rode his mouth up and down my shaft while taking the time to use his tongue to massage my piss slit and crown.

While Reno was slowly sucking my cock, his left hand slid from my shaking thigh and latched onto my aching cum filled balls and began to pull and knead them ever so lightly. As if I already didn't think I was in Heaven, Reno slid his right hand from my thigh and began using his fingers to toy with my puckering asshole. I was shaking so bad that I thought I was slipping into some type of convulsion as everything he was doing to me was beyond any experience I had ever experienced.

I could feel my cum start to boil and shouted out some form of warning, but Reno refused to stop any of his antics, instead, sucked harder and faster while increasing his pulling pressure on my nuts. I was gasping for air and breathing harshly and could feel my cum about to explode when Reno stuck a finger all the way up my ass. My heels dug into the tub's floor bottom as my toes curled rather painfully. My eyes went totally blind as my cum exploded from my cock giving me the painful impression I had just ripped open my piss slit.

I felt every painful shot of sperm as the finger inside my ass fucked me at a blistering speed. I don't know how many powerful jets of thick man juice fired from my cock, but it certainly seemed endless. I was dazed, confused, and still shooting, but Reno kept his mouth sucking on my sperm shooting cock the entire time. What felt like hours, many hours of constant orgasm, finally subsided, leaving my cock now flaccid still inside his vacuum like mouth.

The finger slipped from my ass and Reno pulled his mouth from my cock. My thick sperm was dribbling out of each corner of his mouth, forming a thick sperm line running down to his chin. I watched as Reno took his left index finger and politely scooped up the falling sperm and slip it back into his mouth. The grin on his face was priceless as he slid the other sperm line back into his mouth, then smacked his lips while using his tongue to lick each cherry lip as if he had just eaten a bowl of ice cream.

I didn't have enough energy to submerge myself back into the water, instead, Reno pressed his angelic body between mine and our lips and tongues met one more time. This time, the kiss didn't last as long as the one prior, but I did manage to taste my own seed still reminiscing inside his sweeter than sweet mouth. Using the tub and walls for support, both Reno and I tip toed out of the water and began toweling our shaking bodies off.

Not a single word was muttered, just our eyes trailing the others body. My cock was flaccid, but Reno's was in the very beginning of getting hard. I finished drying off first and quickly left the bathroom, walking straight into my over sized master bedroom, keeping one eye on his magnificent body and the other eye was searching inside my bedside table for my trusty lube. I placed the bottle of lube on the counter of the nightstand and unhooked my towel, and laid it on the very edge of the table. I then yanked the bed spreading down to the footboard of the bed and quickly lay on my back, patiently awaiting my young angel to accompany me.

While I was looking at Reno, he was looking at me. I watched his now rock hard cock sway into the freedom of the air as he walked right up to the edge of the bed and softly whispered,

"What do we do now?"

My reply was simple and short,

"Anything your gorgeous heart desires!"

A devilish sort of grin shot across his face as he climbed up on the bed, the front of his body facing the headboard, straddled my body, placing both feet near my shoulders, then grabbed the top of the headboard with both hands, and began lowering himself ever so graciously. My eyes locked onto his lowering butt and knew precisely what Reno wanted. My tongue arched out and struck his crack, slithering around until his virgin bung hole graced my exploring tongue. Reno cried out as soon as my tongue his little hole and he began pumping his ass, up and down, causing my tongue to lovingly lick his entire crack.

His balls rode along my nose and forehead while his splendidly delicious crack engulfed my tongue. Looking up, I could see his perfectly crafted rock hard cock jutting straight out and his eyes were lowered to the point that he was looking at me. Feeling his cock and balls slide up and down my nose and forehead, sent goose bumps racing up and down my spine. He was humping his little motion until my hands locked his hips in place and my tongue wasted no time in drilling past his outer orifice, deeply rooting inside his anal canal.

Reno was gasping and whimpering as my tongue began twirling and fucking his muscle gripping rectum. When enough room would allow, I slipped my tongue free from his vacuum like ass and licked his balls before returning to his love highway for some more tongue fucking delight. This went on for some time until Reno stood up and turned completely around, shoving his sweet ass into my face for some more tongue action. Nobody had to tell me what to do, cause as soon as his ass was within tongue reach, I began stabbing and licking like a maniac.

Each of my adult fingers were now on the very inside of his juvenile tasty ass cheeks, spreading them gently wide to allow better tongue access. While I was busy eating his ass, Reno's gentle hands began playing with my balls, and now, my rock hard man meat. I could feel my pre cum oozing out thanks to the softness of his youthful and spirited hands, but I could also feel his fiery hot breath beat down on my throbbing cock head as well. As if things couldn't get any better, or at least for me, I almost shot out of the bed when Reno began using his tongue to trace every square inch of my convulsing cock head.

The sounds inside my bedroom were a mixture of me slurping away on his ass, my moans from hell, along with his kitten like purrs and deep howling occasional grunts. With his every soothing breath, I could feel the muscles inside his smooth stomach dance along my own heavy breathing stomach. Without a question or doubt, I could easily spend forever eating this gorgeous young angel's ass to perfect and total completion.

Reno's mouth swallowed the head of my cock and he began milking my erection by bobbing his head up and down on a good four or five inches, using his tongue in the process to swirl around and lather the meat sliding in and out of his widely stretched mouth. I lavished the feeling of watching and tasting his ass as it humped up and down, impaling himself on my erect snake like tongue with every downward thrust.

Everything was going fine until Reno pulled his mouth off of my cock, steadily licking my piss slit with his tongue, fighting for the words to say,

"Ummmmmmmmmm, put, put it in meeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ummmmmmmmmm, pleeeeeease!"

Blindly, I reached out with my right hand and found my towel. I placed it next to me, then stretched my arm back towards the direction of the nightstand and fumbled around until I found the bottle of lube, placing it next to me as well. Knowing I had to remove my tongue from his milking anal canal, I reluctantly did so, keeping my eyes on that little speck of a hole which was giving me the most breathtaking view no words could possibly ever explain.

I reached around his body and placed my left hand on his rigid cock and pulled it slightly under him until it fell into the safety of my hungry mouth. My fingers on my right hand fumbled around until I managed to flip up the top on the lube and maneuvered it in such a way that I could now pour some of the slick substance onto my hand without missing a beat on sucking his silky hard cock.

With my right hand coated with lube, I began sliding my fingers all around to ensure that every square inch of all fingers were completely slick with the slippery lube. Once that was done to my satisfaction, I pressed my index finger up to his anus and watched it disappear. My cock was bobbing in and out of Reno's mouth, but that didn't stop the moans piping from his lips as my finger worked itself all the way up his muscle convulsing rectum.

Reno was moaning madly as my finger twisted, turned, and pivoted all around, and in and out, of his magically convulsing canal. The scorching heat felt as though it was burning the flesh off of my finger straight to the bone, not to mention the way his angry anal muscles attacked and restricted around my darting finger. As my finger wiggled inside his butt, my mouth worshiped his humping cock, relishing in the feeling of his tightened balls slapping the bridge of my nose with each of his downward thrusts.

One finger had already greased up his canal, but when I added the second, Reno literally came unglued. His precious sounds were like a wind chime caught in a storm as he began grunting, whimpering, moaning, and purring. The one finger felt his mystical tightness, but when the second finger joined in, the tightness became more like a metal bending vice. I did my best to slow things down because I certainly did not want to hurt him no more than was absolutely necessary. I worked his butt with just two fingers for a little while before adding a third. No sooner than the third finger fought its way up his churning and choking canal, Reno's delicious cock spewed one glob of pure boy seed into my mouth.

Though his orgasm only offered just one watery super hot glob of cum, it tasted ever so heavenly. Just feeling his body as he was going through his orgasm was reward enough, or at least, for the moment. His body shook violently and his anal canal filled with my three fingers angrily coiled over the invaders and did its best to strangle the living life right out of them. As his ass muscles converged around my fingers, they also acted like a vacuum, attempting to suck them even further into his scorching hot oven.

Reno tried in vain to suck my cock, but his body was still shaking from his long lasting orgasm. I continued sucking his still hard cock like tomorrow would never come as I applied the fourth finger up his constricting canal. Reno's mouth slipped from my cock and I could feel his left cheek resting along my upper thigh. His fiery hot breath struck my throbbing cock and balls, sending more chills racing all over my body. It took some doing, but I began fucking his virginal hole with four fingers, drawing them almost all the way out, then shoving them all the way home. With each thrust, Reno cried out, but not in pain, but more so, sheer bliss!

To get a better view, I released his cock from my mouth and sucked in both of his hairless smooth balls in one gulp. Reno began timing my upward thrusts, shoving his little ass onto my anal diving fingers. The harder I pumped my fingers into his butt, the harder Reno slammed his ass onto my fingers. This went on for some time until I simply couldn't resist the temptation of having my cock inside his ass. I pulled my fingers from his tight ass and fought to get to a kneeling position. Reno had crawled into a doggy style position, burying his gorgeous face into the mattress.

His legs were already spread wide and I couldn't believe the view I was now witnessing as his once four finger filled asshole rapidly sealed itself shut as if nothing had ever happened. I was kneeling directly in behind Reno, in between his legs, and applied more of the lube onto my left hand to grease up my throbbing cock. I made sure that every inch of my cock was slick from the lube and even squirted some onto his asshole and shoved it inside with two fingers. Reno groaned madly as my two fingers applied the lube to his anal canal rather swiftly. Keeping the two fingers wiggling around inside his butt, I leaned forward a bit and politely asked,

"Reno, are you sure you want this?"

With the voice of an angel mixed with the heat of the moment, he softly replied,

"God yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"

Removing my fingers, I used the towel to wipe some of the stuff from my hands and inched my knees directly in behind him so that my warlike helmet of my cock pressed firmly against his glistening anus. Taking matters into his own hands, Reno reached behind him and grabbed onto both of his blemish free butt cheeks and yanked them wide apart. I placed my right thumb directly over his shiny butt hole while using my left hand to latch onto the base of my cock for added support. The harder I pressed, the more my cock wanted to slide upwards, but thanks to my thumb over his delicious little hole, it stopped it.

I was pressing forwards and Reno was pushing backwards. I was almost ready to give up when I felt the ring of his ass clamp down onto my cock head and heard Reno scream heavily into the mattress. Though it was a muffled sound, just by the screech in his voice and the clamp crushing my cock head, I knew I had made penetration. Both of us were feeling the pain, him being penetrated, and me, having the tip of my cock crushed. In a mad attempt to relieve my cock of some of the pain, I shoved my cock head past his ring to the point that I had about two inches of man meat impaling his pain riddled ass.

Reno was biting the mattress while tossing his head from side to side. I knew he was in pain and I honestly didn't want to hurt him, so I asked,

"Do you want me to pull it out?"

Keeping his teeth clutched onto the mattress, Reno grunted out,


With each inch of my cock digging deeper and wider, Reno fought back the urge to stop things. I asked him numerous times if he wanted me to pull it out and each time he yelled, more like screamed, no!

What felt like several bone crushing hours, but in reality, only minutes, I had my entire cock buried to the hilt up his muscle crushing, fiery hot, ass. When I had all of my cock in his ass, all I could do was lean my head all the way back and take in some deep breaths, basking in the pleasure of knowing my cock was lodged in a place no man had ever traveled before.

Holding my position without daring to move, I began feeling Reno's ass muscles slowly milk my cock. It felt like he had a caterpillar up his ass with a million tiny legs massaging the skin of my cock with his every breath. As if those tiny legs were not magical enough in their own right, his anal muscles clamped down, sucking my cock further into his boiling hot oven. Reno's hands fell from his butt cheeks and I watched in anticipation as he worked both of his arms to his sides and start to inch himself upwards.

His teeth no longer clamped down on the mattress, but were replaced by his hands which were in front of him, clutching to the mattress ever so firmly. I remained perfectly still as Reno began to slowly ride his ass forwards until my cock was nearly out of his ass, then he slowly impaled his ass all the way back down onto my cock. Taking this as a sign, I placed both of my hands on his hips and began to follow his movements with motions of my own. When he went forwards, I went backwards, and as he shoved his butt backwards, I slowly pushed my cock forwards.

When my cock came into my vision, I looked down at it and was marveled to see that my cock was shiny from the lube and there wasn't anything else on it that would indicate where it actually was. I let Reno take control, full control. In a very short time, it was Reno who was using his hands on the mattress to shove his ass onto my man meat ever so harshly. He was moaning and whimpering as the sound of my heavily swinging balls slapped against his, creating a gut sickening sound as flesh was striking flesh.

Like the animal I had quickly become, I held onto his hips for dear life and began using them as a weapon against Reno, driving him backwards while I slammed my cock into his ass like a maniac. Round after round of heavy heart pounding thrusts, I slammed my man meat into his canal faster than a piston working overtime on a Corvette. Without a doubt, I was in an ass fucking frenzy like I had never been before.

Reno had his right hand on his cock, pounding the starch out of it while I was royally pounding his once virginal ass. I was in the midst of a downward thrust when Reno's ass muscles convulsed, clamping tightly onto my cock. His body began violently shaking and his precious sounds told my ears he was having one hell of an orgasm. I watched as his left hand disappeared under him and I could see his jacking movements increase to a feverish high.

He was screaming loudly and I was grunting madly as his anal muscles coiled around my cock like a hungry anaconda. His right arm jacking motion slowed, but the way he was greeting my thrusts certainly didn't. When his left arm appeared, I could see a small amount of his watery cream forming a puddle into the palm of his hand. Reno returned his right hand back in front of him and began using his hand to increase his thrusting motion onto my pounding cock. Reno turned his beautiful head to the left, straining to stare at me, then placed the palm of his hand up to his mouth and I almost died when he flickered his tongue out to lap up his own heavenly seed.

Like a dog lapping at a bowl of water, Reno teasingly stabbed his tongue into his sperm, than dipped it into his mouth, leaving a strand of sperm forming a line from his mouth to the palm of his hand. The sight alone almost caused me to unload my man seed into his ass, but for whatever the excuse, I was close, but not close enough to fire my thick load. Reno slowly licked his own cream from his hand while never missing a chance to slam his ass onto my thrusting cock.

Feeling the need to shoot my load, I pulled all the way out and helped Reno onto his back. I placed several of the pillows underneath his lower back for support and it was Reno who already knew just how I wanted him. He easily placed both of his knees beyond his head, and like a contortionist, he somehow managed to hook both of his legs with his elbows. His arms were on top of the underside of his thighs and his little hands were playing with the cheeks of his ass, spreading them for my return to impale his ass with my cock once more.

Seeing this gorgeous angel in this position was definitely a vision I could have only created in my mind, but now, I wasn't fantasizing no more. This was real, all too real! I was doing my best to kill a little time to work my juice back to which it came from. As if life would end tomorrow, I wanted desperately to prolong this night for as long as possible. My cock twitched in the air seeking the heat and muscular restraints of his asshole, but all I could do was kneel in front of this angel and admire his pure and innocent beauty. Breathtaking beauty at that!

Having felt that my urge to bust a nut somewhat diminished, I inched myself forward until I felt the sides of his hands touch my cock as it pressed against his sealed love chute. As the head of my cock pressed against his luxurious sealed hole, Reno's mouth opened and he teasingly licked his lips with his brilliant pink tongue. In one motion, my cock gained entry and I began the loving task of feeding his cock hungry asshole every inch of my adult cock.

Reno cried out as I inserted my cock all the way deep inside of him. His sweet hot breath fired up my inhaling nostrils as I had plunged my meat to the utmost depth of his anal highway. With my entire cock up his ass, I placed both of my hands under his head and began to slowly hump my meat in and out of his muscle churning butt. His soft delicate hands stroked my sides as I hastened my ass pounding pace. The look on his face as I was making passionate love to him said it all.

His grunts were steady, but then again, so was his purrs. Our faces were a mere few inches apart as I began to wildly slam my cock in and out of his asshole. My hands held his head in place as his little mouth formed a perfect circle as his precious sounds blistered my face while I was cramming my cock into his hole at a blazing speed. I could feel his young cock twitch upwards, striking my stomach with each and every forceful downward thrust. All I could do was stare into his glassy eyes and absorb as much of his beauty as humanly allowed.

Reno's hands hooked the back of my head and yanked me forwards, causing our lips to lock. His tongue immediately shot into my mouth, and mine, his. Our tongues roamed freely inside the others mouth as my powerful thrusting never broke stride. I was totally consumed by the way his ass sucked on my cock and the way his tongue frolicked inside my mouth, not to mention, the sweet taste of his saliva I do willingly savored. Somewhere though it all, Reno's entire body tightened and from the look in his eyes, I knew he was having another orgasm. His hands were on my head, pressing heavier down, and he was convulsing from head to toe.

His cock slapped up against my stomach and I felt the warmth of his sperm as it shot out and glued to our stomachs. That was all I needed to feel the rush of my own sperm as it traveled from deep within my toes and rocketed out of my cock like torpedoes up his ass. His hands held my face to his and I was on the verge of passing out as my sperm continued its freedom assault shooting deeper and deeper up his canal. From the sounds Reno was making, and by his body movements, he too, was still experiencing one long mind boggling orgasm.

I pumped and pumped as my sperm seemed to spew out a constant stream of man seed while my mind traveled somewhere far away from my body. Time didn't seem to matter as my body shuttered from the most intense orgasm of my entire life. My sperm ended leaving my once hard cock to go flaccid, but my out of control body was still on cruise control, fucking his ass for all I was worth, and then some. Our tongue swapping kiss managed to unlock itself as I fought to raise my body up using my weak arms. My body was too weak to do anymore humping, so I just rolled to my left, causing my flaccid cock to slip out of his asshole.

We were both laying on our backs, and though my eyes were watery, I stared at his now flaccid cock along with his boy cream shining ever so brightly from his smooth pubic region. Before I had a chance to react, Reno rolled over and began licking his spilt cream from my stomach. His tongue felt so good as it licked and his lips slurped his cream from my shaking body. When the last of his cream was down his throat, I pushed him back onto his back and happily licked his spilt juice from his lower stomach and pubic area.

Just as my tongue swiped up the last remnant of his boy seed, Reno looked at me, smiled, then whispered,

"Waste not, want not!"

I had just rolled onto my back when Reno hopped out of bed, holding the cheeks of his ass, and scurried off towards the bathroom. Naturally, I followed. When I walked into the bathroom, he was already on the toiled and I could hear my thick man seed as it splashed into the water below. His elbows were on his knees as his eyes met mine, then he whispered,

"Would it be wrong if I said I never want us to stop this?"

My response was simple, but from the heart,

"Indeed not! Reno, I love you more than life itself and if we ever do this again, it will have to be because you want it to happen. I've always loved you, but after tonight, believe me, I love you more, now than ever!"

More sperm slipped from his well fucked ass, striking the water with a thud as he whispered,

"I love you too, always have, and always will!"

Tears began forming in my eyes as I peered down into his entrancing eyes, lowering myself onto my knees before him. My hands trembled as they stroked his shoulders, taking in a deep breath, I whispered,

"These hands will never hurt you! They will always be here to help you!"

Our lips met one more time and out tongues did what came ever so natural. They entwined into a long lasting loving embrace!