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As my mind takes me back in time to the place and time frame where all of this first took place, I can only lean my face to the left and see my sweet little angel as he is all balled up, sleeping soundly within the comforts of my bed. Who am I? In all honesty, I'm not really anyone special, though I do feel I am truly one of the luckiest people in the whole wide world. Why? Simply because of the sweet little angel who is lost in a dream world sleeping in my bed at this very moment. My name is Shawn and I am in my mid forties. There was a time in my life I could have said I was in excellent shape, but due to an unfortunate car accident, those days are long gone. My thinning brown hair now has streaks of gray, and my goatee is quickly becoming whiter than snow. I stand a good 6'2" and weigh close to the 260 pound mark. Though be it I admit to being slightly overweight, those many years in the gym still has somewhat of a visual impression remaining.

Not trying to sound like some kind of a narcissist, but I am the proud owner of 8 1/2 thick inches of pure man meat swinging from in between my legs. It's not the biggest cock on the planet, but it's big enough to fill most holes rather adequately. I'd really like to say that I have the looks of an Adonis, but that would be nothing more than a huge bald face lie. By no means do I consider myself to be good-looking, but I do feel my looks are somewhat easy on the eyes. In all honesty, I guess I am one of those you just might consider to be a man's man, bordering ruggedly handsome. Am I gay? Absolutely! Been gay as long as I could remember.

Up until when all of this first happened, I've never considered myself as being a boy lover. Yeah, I'd see some young kid who left a feverish impression with his looks, but not once ever gave it much thought about actually having sex with him. When I was growing up, I guess I was more of an adult molester of sorts. When I was 13 or so, guys my age did absolutely nothing for me. It was the affection of men I craved, not boys! Now, at the age of 45, or at least, up to when this first took place, I still preferred men, and not boys.

Here is the beginning of how all of this transpired. You see, I have one of the greatest jobs on earth. I am a talent scout for XXXXXXXXXXX. Sorry, but who I work for is not that relevant, just the talent I seek out on a daily basis is. In my profession, I do a lot of traveling, and I mean a lot. This was on a Sunday and I had stopped over in a small southern town to catch up on some sleep. This town was so small, I was kind of surprised that they even had a motel, but seeing the lights on at Motel 6, I stopped in and got myself a room.

Being that it was Sunday and I had no plans to be anywhere special until Wednesday, I decided to take a walk and look at all the old buildings that this backwoods southern town offered. Naturally, all the businesses were closed, but smelling that fresh clean southern air was performing some kind of magic deep within my lungs. This was spring so all the flowers were in full bloom, and in all honesty, this little town was just downright utterly beautiful.

As I walked, I approached a church that was already in session. I'm not all that religious by any means, but I was kind of bored so I stepped inside. So as to not disturb those already listening to the pastor, I took a seat on the back wooden bench. I'll have to admit, the pastor at this church was getting into his sermon with all the excitement and energy he could muster. After about an hour of him pounding on the table and screaming as if someone were shoving a traffic cone up his ass, he finally ended his sermon.

I was just about to get up and sneak out, when the pastor spoke, "Alright folks, just as we talked about last Sunday, we gonna put our hands together as David here expands our hearts with his singing! Praise be to glory!"

From where I was sitting, I saw a young boy who looked to be around 8 or 9 years old step to the right side of the pastor. I had to squint my eyes several times in awe and in total disbelief. Though I don't know him personally, but this kid looks just like David Archuleta from American Idol, though be it, a much younger version. His hair was jet black and he wore that same heart warming smile that David Archuleta stole a lot of hearts with. Not only did he look like him, but they shared the same first name as well. At this point, my interest level rocketed to an all time high, and now I was more than curious to see if he can sing like David Archuleta.

My curiosity about his singing sure as heck didn't take long. When the boy took hold of the microphone and started singing "The Old Rugged Cross," I damn near melted in my seat. Every hair on my body stood up and my heart began beating to the tune of a thousand drums. In my profession, my job is to sternly critique the performer, but in this boy's case, I couldn't find a single flaw. His angelic voice bellowed soundly within my ears, hitting high and low pitches flawlessly. I sat there in a daze as David sang that song, followed up with, "Amazing Grace," Why Me Lord," "One Day At A Time," and finished with a Dolly Parton hit, "Coat Of Many Colors."

I could probably write everything going on in my mind, sitting there, deeply entranced at hearing this young boy's powerful angelic voice set my inner soul on fire, but I wont. But, I will say that in all of my years scouting, never, not once, had I been so completely overwhelmed by a voice. This kid was truly blessed with a voice that could easily make him an overnight superstar. Oh yeah, tossing in his gorgeous looks helps things as well. Had David Archuleta been seated beside me, he would have admitted that this boy had a far more superior voice than he himself. He would have also confessed that this boy damn near was his mirrored reflection from years gone by too.

After David finished, and the pastor shouted some more, the whole thing was over and people began walking out of the church. I still was frozen on the bench, hearing that boy's voice sound off in my head, over and over again. I was completely blind to the people walking past me, staring at this new face occupying a space within their small southern church. Even with my eyes wide open, all I could see was that boy standing up their belting tunes ever so flawlessly. No, my cock wasn't hard either, or at least, not at that time!

It was the pastor's crisp voice that cracked within my eardrums, "Howdy friend, glad you could join us today. Name's Pastor Mike Aldridge."

I shook his hand and told him my name. I also told him my profession, then went on about talking about young David. The pastor was very energetic speaking about David, but when he told me that David resided in the orphanage, I was totally shocked. I did enquire about his parents, but the pastor became very elusive and quickly changed the subject. Our conversation lasted about 5 minutes, but the one thing I did find out was where the orphanage was located. From the directions the pastor provided me with, it was a good 10 minute walk from the church.

As I walked towards the orphanage, my mind was filled with ravenous thoughts, none of which were sexual in nature about David. All I could think about was how his voice could charm the world, bringing peace and prosperity to a world filled with hatred and violence. I was walking down a dirt road, lost in the peacefulness of this place, seeing all the beauty surrounding me, and listening to the birds sing their various love songs. This backwoods town was beyond perfect in all its untouched beauty. For some odd and strange reason, I felt totally free here, feeling that I had no worry in the world. To me, and to probably some of the town's people, this place was heaven!

My slow ambling feet finally brought me to a small wooden home with a sign out front indicating this was the orphanage. There were about 5 kids running around, swinging from a tire draped from a tree limb, varying from around the ages of 6 to 10 years of age, boys and girls alike. I stepped up onto the wrap around porch and knocked on the door.

A woman opened the door, smiling like she had just won the lottery, not knowing who I was, politely invited me in. The room I was now standing in isn't nothing to bother with mentioning. I told her who I was, what I did, and asked if I could possibly speak with David. She never once asked to see my ID, nor my credentials, as she walked down a hallway to go and get David. As I stood there, I was wondering if these southern people had ever heard about crimes. I could have been some sick serial killer, or some wanton pedophile on the prowl. Who knows? But, nobody in this town thought twice about anything like that. Everybody was just so freaking damn courteous and polite, not even offering a second thought as to some of the sick shit taking place in this world.

A couple of minutes later, the lady returned with David walking by her side, smiling from ear to ear. As I now faced him, I couldn't help not to take a more candid, intricate inspection of his overall gut wrenching beauty. He had shed out of his church attire and was now wearing a rather faded set of old cut-offs that were in the very stages of unraveling at the hem of the leg openings, and nothing else. Naturally, his hairless body sent shivers racing up and down my spine. He was well tanned from head to toe. Standing before me, those angelic dimples creased his hairless unblemished cheeks majestically. His eyes were a deep brown, almost to the point that they empowered me into a deep body locking trance. David's eyebrows were thick and just as jet black as his hair. The boy's long upturned eyelashes offered the impression that they had been glued on, and not real, though they were as real as life itself. His nose was small, button like if you will, and it too was completely unblemished.

I stared as if in a heart wrenching trance at the beauty breathing ever so peacefully before me. Those two tiny pink rosebuds of nipples surrounded by a summer tanned smooth chest sparkled gloriously within my venturing eyes. He was thin, but not skinny as a rail either. His ribcage expanded with his every breath, setting off his tight little stomach muscles to dance before my very eyes. In the significance of his pure glory, rested one of the cutest little belly buttons I had ever had the distinct honor in seeing. For whatever the reason, David's belly button was nothing more than a couple of tiny lines indicating where his belly button should be. It didn't poke inwards, nor did it protrude outwards, it nothing more than a couple of elegant tiny lines.

Hating to admit it, but for the sake of not telling a lie, I did briefly take a quick snap shot of his crotch. It was quick for one reason, and one reason only, and that was I couldn't see anything noticeable. I did manage to catch a sharp glimpse of his thin solid legs. They were completely void of any hair, including noticeable peach fuzz. From his legs up to his chest, it looked like David's flesh was created from the purest of satin, or possibly silk. From my point of view, the boy was totally flawless, blemish free, and utterly perfect by any sense of the word. With this up close and personal view, I predetermined him to be about 10 years old, standing about 4'10" and couldn't weigh no more than 80 pounds at the most.

Naturally, I towered over the boy and I must have looked like the hulk standing in front of him. My stomach let out a loud growl indicating my desire to get something to eat. Without ever mentioning it, the lady informed me of a barbecue place just up the road, and that David could join me if I wanted him to. Damn these people are so freaking trusting! Well, having David join me sounded great, and I was the one foolish to think that he would go and get changed, but he walked in front of me and stepped out onto the porch. I just nodded my head thinking who the hell am I to change these people way. This boy was going to go into a restaurant wearing damn near nothing and people are actually okay with it. What the fuck, over?

As we were walking, side by side, with David walking close to my left side, I looked down at him and asked, "So David, how old are you?"

Looking up, killing me with that awesome heart stopping smile, his soft angelic voice exploded inside my head, "12 sir, well uh, I'll be 12 tomorrow sir."

Laughing at the way he said it, I responded, "Well, it seems my luck has changed. I made it just in time to get my birthday spankings."

David busted out with his priceless goose bump stirring laugh. In short, we walked the few unknown minutes to a building that seemed as though if you would sneeze, it would go crumbling to the ground. The sign out front was hand written, not to mention, misspelled. The word "BarbyQue" indicated that this was the place where we were going to eat. The insides were nothing to brag about either. The tables were homemade picnic tables and the buffet was served on paper plates. The silverware, well, there were none. We got plastic forks and knives, as well as paper cups to get our sweetened tea with.

Just glancing around, David wasn't the only one walking around damn near naked. In fact, what I was wearing made me stick out like a sore thumb. I was the one who was over dressed for this dining affair. Adults and children alike wore shorts, some were bare footed, and not one young boy had a shirt on. Heck, I even saw a young girl of about 8 walking around with no shirt on. In my mind, I was asking myself where in the fuck am I at. But, once seated and the eating began, I'll just say that my taste buds had never been treated to such incredible deliciousness. Everything that I put in my mouth tasted like nothing I had ever dined on before. Just like young David here, this place was exceptionally perfect!

While we ate, I was the one who had to ask the questions. On one hand, David seemed rather open, and then on the other hand, he appeared shy and ever so innocent. I shied away from asking too personal of questions, but I did find out that he loves to sing and he had been living in the orphanage for a long time, though the exact time was quickly evaded, not to mention, why. No pun intended, but I literally pigged out on the food until I felt like my belly was going to explode.

Once outside, David thanked me for the meal. One thing about this boy I couldn't help not to notice was his manners and overall politeness. I guess it was a southern thing, but to me, having come from a big city, I was a tad more than impressed. Hearing his angelic beautiful voice mixed in with his southern draw, definitely excited and intrigued me that much more.

I looked down at him, then cordially said, "You know David, with that blessing of a voice of yours, you could be a superstar, make millions of dollars, and have everything you've ever dreamed of at your fingertips."

His response sent tears dripping out of my eyes as he whispered, "Nah sir, being famous aint for me. What I want sir aint in no dream. Nah sir, no dream or money can gimme love. That's all I want, just someone to love me, you know sir, really love me."

Hearing what he had just said, almost made me bust out and cry. It was then that I realized just how fucking selfish I was. This boy is living life everyday hoping someone will walk through that door and take him home, showering him with all the love this world could possibly offer. He's living a life of pain while I am only thinking of the paycheck I'd get for signing him up. If I could have, I would have bent over and kicked my own ass with both of my feet.

David's soft voice sounded, "Mr. Shawn sir, you really like the way I sing?"

Regaining my composure a bit, I replied, "David, that voice of yours is one of a kind. You were blessed with a talent very few have. Your voice can soothe hearts, make people cry, and bring a standing ovation each and every time. Yes son, I love your voice, but I'm not going to pressure you into doing anything you don't ever want to do. I promise you that!"

He didn't say or make a comment to what I had just said, but with a voice of sheer excitement, David looked up at me, then his cherry colored kissable lips sang out, "Hey, I got an idea. Let's me and you go swimming!"

Firing back, I said, "Sounds good to me, but I didn't see a swimming pool, nor do I have any swimming trunks."

David smacked those succulent lips, flung his head backwards causing his jet black hair to dance against the wind, then blurted, "A swimming pool? Swimming trunks? Mr. Shawn sir, we don't have a need for no pool around these here parts, and besides, I know of a good watering hole that is private, really private. Shucks, I aint never worn no trunks to go swimming around here, and besides Mr. Shawn, it'll only be the two of us."

I guess I must have agreed, cause the next thing I knew, I was following David through the woods, and there wasn't no path of any sorts we were traveling on. However, with David just wearing those cut-offs, and me walking in behind him, I did manage to put myself in a trance just by ogling over his tiny, but rather bubbly, shapely butt. Every time he bent slightly over to avoid a tree limb, the material tightly outlined his mouth watering ass setting my cock into a full blown erection, throbbing by the second.

Eventually, we wound up at a small pond that looked like it would have been a perfect setting for a Tarzan movie. The sides of the pond had a heavy overgrowth and my eyes quickly roamed the area for the ever present alligator.

David saw me looking around, then politely asked, "Mr. Shawn sir, whatcha looking for?"

With a frog jumping in my throat, I quickly declared, "Alligators David, alligators!"

David simply replied, "Shucks sir, the ones I've seen in here were the baby gators. The biggest one was only 4 feet long from head to tail. Trust me sir, they wont bother you at all, not a bit sir. C'mon, let's get to swimming!"

My eyes roamed the banks for any tall tell signs of alligators when I heard a loud splash. Looking in that direction, just my freaking luck, the first thing I saw was David's shorts sitting on the grass. I had missed a golden opportunity to see this stunningly beautiful boy naked in all his pride and glory. Just about then, David surfaced, staring at me with dire intent.

David yelled, "C'mon Mr. Shawn sir, you got to get of them clothes and come swimming with me."

Now I was the bashful one. David's eyes stared at me as I began undressing. When I eased out of my t-shirt, David's angelic voice chimed in, "Good gracious Mr. Shawn, you sure do have a hairy chest on you, that's for sure!"

I was fighting an uphill battle to keep my semi flaccid cock from pumping life back into it as I kicked off my shoes and peeled off my socks. It was then that I noticed that David's clumped up shorts contained no underwear, non whatsoever. At least the boy likes going commando. I, on the other hand, was wearing white boxer briefs. As I slid out of my pants, David's beautiful eyes never once left me, or my slightly overweight body. Tossing caution into the wind, I yanked down my shorts and tried to hurriedly walk to the outer bank to dive in.

I was too slow, cause David pointed with his right index finger, smiling to hog heavens, then eagerly shouted, "Wow sir, you got yourself a mighty big one! Those are some pretty good sized hog eggs you got there dangling in between your legs too sir! Whew, now that's what I call a package!"

Hearing what he had just said sure didn't help my growing cock any. Just as I dove in, my damn fudge packer was standing at full attention, and this too didn't go unnoticed by David. As soon as I hit the water, it felt like I had just dove straight into a bucket of ice. This was my first time swimming in a pond, and to be totally honest, it would certainly be okay with me if this was my last.

I came up to take a breath, and to exhale the frost from my breath, just to see David staring at me with a more serious look dashing across his utterly gorgeous face. His lips cracked open, followed by his mesmerizing voice, "That pecker of yours was harder than a bucket load of bricks. I wonder what could have caused such a thing? Mine gets hard too at times, but it sure as heck aint nowhere close as to that hole plugger of yours! Heck, I get hard just looking at a leaf fall. Can't figure it out sometimes! Mr. Shawn sir, how big you reckon that pecker of yours is? I just caught a glimpse of it as you dove in, but it sure seemed like a whopper to me. Yes sir, a whopper!"

I don't know how deep this pond was, but both of us were treading water. In response to his rather on-going question, I spat out, "Well David, if you must know, it is 8 1/2 inches and I've never measured the girth before."

David, being ever so inquisitive, asked, "What's the girth thing?"

So, in my reply, I said, "The girth is how big around something is."

David nodded his head up and down, the fired, "Yep, that's a big in you got there! It looks like it's fatter than my fist, so I know you can get plenty of noises when you put that in someone, yes sir, it's plenty fat enough!"

The conversation about my dick kind of made me feel rather uncomfortable. Here I am, a 45 year old man, bare ass naked, swimming in the home of an alligator with a naked soon to be 12 year old beauty of a boy. How would this look if someone walked up on us. The side of the bank was littered by our clothes, more so, mine. If I got locked up in this town, nobody would ever be able to find me, and that rested heavily on my mind.

As I swam closer to the bank, I was able to touch the bottom with my feet. Standing in position, David swam right up to me and one of his hands brushed my throbbing cock, damn near setting off a massive cum explosion in the water. His hand not only brushed it, but it felt as though he actually tried to grip it. It was only a split second, but the time his hand spent on my erection was long enough for me to feel his electrifying fingers upon my shaft and top portion of my mushroom shaped cock head.

Looking at his beautiful smile and seeing as though he didn't actually realize what he had just done, I told myself it was simply a split second accident. Believe me, I tried to see his backside as he swam up to the bank, but the water was so dark, I could only see the top portion of his back where his shoulder blades met. David must have found a spot close to the bank where he was now sitting, facing me, just staring at me sporting that heart melting smile of his. I realized that some part of me wanted to see this young boy in all his profound dignifying splendor of nudity, but the other part truly didn't.

Slowly stepping towards him, more and more of my upper body came into his view. I saw how his eyes reflected on my black curly chest hair, following the hair just above my belly button. With my cock rock hard, I made sure it was concealed from the boy's wandering eyes.

David's lovely eyes trailed upwards from my body, finally resting upon my own eyes. As he smiled I could see the perfections of his straight white teeth and the very tip of his moist pink tongue. Seeing that only made my already hard cock get that much harder. This boy was a beauty alright, downright flat fucking gorgeous by anyones book! I could feel the ripple effect of the water each time my cock throbbed, hoping like hell the boy didn't notice.

David's voice broke the silence of the peaceful air, "Mr. Shawn sir, I reckon we ought to be getting out now so we can air dry ourselves off, that is, if in it's okay with you sir?"

Now, this was a hell of a predicament I found myself in. I already knew there would be no way, no way in hell I'd be able to just stand around naked, seeing David's nude body, and be able to will my cock not to get hard. For fucks sake, my pecker was as hard as a damned old brick already, and from the way it was throbbing, it sure as shit wasn't about to go down anytime soon.

Before I could say anything, David turned around and slowly began walking up the bank, giving me a vision that would make any tongue stand erect, not to mention, a cock! I was now, mouth open and drooling, staring at the two most shapely tanned butt cheeks any eyes could have ever witnessed. To be so small, David's puffy muscular mounds of pure silk like flesh were shaped like two perfect tear drops, and that thin little line separating those mounds of heavenly flesh was defiantly mouth watering.

Once up on the bank, David turned around, now providing me with a full frontal view of his angelic nude brilliance. Naturally, my eyes immediately went straight to his boy treat. It was soft, poking from its smooth hairless pubic region about an inch or so. To be honest, David's soft cut cock looked like a small finger protruding from his perfect hot little body. Then, my eyes studied his balls. The sac itself appeared to hold those two perfectly rounded pea sized jewels tightly, though dropping down a good inch or so. From my view point, David's ball sac offered no visual signs of hair growth whatsoever.

Looking at me, David, waving his hands towards himself, said, "C'mon Mr. Shawn, you got to get out so you can dry before you get your clothes back on."

Taking in a deep breath, doing everything I could think of to make my cock soften, I began taking slow steps towards the bank. With each step, more and more of my body revealed itself to David, who was watching me like a hawk the entire time. As fate would have it, my one step closer to the bank raised my aching erection directly within David's view.

Pointing, David softly blurted out, "Holy Moses Mr. Shawn, that pecker of yours is stiffer than a slab of concrete! I wish mine was that big, but it aint nowheres close to yours, no sir, nowheres close at all. Shucks, I aint even got any hairs yet...See!"

And seeing I most certainly was. Heck, staring at his beauty of a dick and sheer silk like balls was all I could see. The world around me could have been crumbling, but I wouldn't have been able to see it. At that moment, all I could see was the most perfect little cock and a set of perfectly rounded pea sized nuggets belonging to a boy who was beyond any descriptions of being gorgeous.

As we stood in between some trees and bushes, air drying our nude bodies off, David and I began conversing. There wasn't any sex talk between us, just a casual conversation. However, my raging erection kept on proudly displaying itself for David's eyes to see, and believe me, he was doing a lot of looking at it. Knowing he was gawking at my cock kept my man meat rock hard. We talked about his singing and about his life. I didn't have to be told the inner pain he was feeling growing up in an orphanage. I did find out that he didn't have a girlfriend, nor at this stage in his young life, interested in girls at all.

After some time, we got dressed and began walking back to the orphanage. While we walked, David began singing "Green Green Grass of Home." I remembered the song very well, but knew that it was popular in my youth. David belted out the tunes ever so perfectly and it was all I could do to remember how to walk while listening to his incredible angelic voice. He sang all the way back to the orphanage, and I simply cannot remember the other songs he sang so elegantly perfectly. I just know I was starting to feel depressed knowing he was about to go inside the orphanage, and I would have to walk back to the motel.

The same lady greeted us on the porch, then without me saying a word, she stated, "You know sir, David's birthday is tomorrow. If you like, you can come by in the morning and the two of you can do whatever, you know, in celebration of his birthday."

David's voice rang out in pure excitement, "Please Mr. Shawn, can you come get me in the morning, please?"

I didn't have to think twice as I agreed to come get David in the morning. They walked inside and I started my walk back to the motel, cock still throbbing like crazy. All I could think about was his voice, sucking his boy meat, slurping on those tanned honey of jewels, and spreading those awesomely shaped butt cheeks of his and eating his, what would have to be, super sweet tasting butt hole. I had heard him sing, I had heard him speak, and now, now I was curious as to his angelic perfections of hearing him moan!

That night, just before taking a shower, I jacked my cock just a few strokes before showering my body with thick gooey wads of man juice. I don't think I have to mention what, or who, I was thinking about while jerking my boner. After showering, laying in bed naked, David and his breath taking perfect body was all my mind could think of. That night was probably the most restless night I've ever had. My hard cock continuously reminded me of David, forcing me to toss and turn the entire night.

Early the next morning, I drove up to the orphanage, and as soon as I parked, the same lady approached me. As soon as I stepped out of my car, she smiled, then softly began speaking, "Sir, we can't thank you enough for spending time with David, but let me provide you with some information you should know about. David's mother died at birth, and his father was raising him. When David was only four years old, the police intercepted a video on the internet. Uh, let's say it was very provocative at the least. His father was trying to sell it, and uh, um, David apparently was performing oral sex on his father. To my knowledge, there were more than just one video floating around the internet involving David. Anyways, the police arrested David's father and he received a lengthy prison sentence, and that's how David arrived here. He is up for adoption, but to be honest sir, once a child gets up in age, it becomes harder and harder for them to be adopted. Just be careful cause David has taking a strong liking to you. The only thing that boy wants from this life is to be loved. He's a good boy sir! But, we do have to keep an eye on him cause he has tried several times to uh, let's say, perform sex acts with some of the other boys. Just be careful and please keep a close eye on him."

Keeping an eye on him certainly wasn't a dilemma on my behalf, but my emotions kind of soared hearing everything she had just told me. I was angry for what his own father had done to him, and I was hurt knowing how badly David wanted someone to love. I am a single male, a gay male at that, and simply do not have any desires to be with a woman. Though I strongly prefer men, something inside my head was making me feel all sorts of sexual energy and sickening desires about young David. Just envisioning the boy's beauty in my mind caused my cock to grow to a throbbing erect like state.

David came bursting out of the door, eagerness and excitement written all across his precious smiling angelic face. He waved goodbye, then jumped into my car. I waved at the lady, then proceeded to get in as well. Once inside my car, I looked over at David, who was smiling back at me, then I softly whispered, "Happy Birthday David! Today is your day, whatever you want to do, we'll do it. So, what will it be?"

David shot back, "I'd kind of like to go to the zoo if that's okay with you sir."

It was an hour drive to the zoo, which was located in a much larger city than we had just departed. We talked and talked, mainly about his singing. I did find out that David loved country music. The boy was gifted alright. He could hear a song one time, then be able to re-sing it exactly as the original singer sang it. It got to the point that I cut the radio off and drove while lost in my own world listening to David sing a various array of songs. Each song, the boy sang with a pure heart sinking passion. Just listening to my own private performance, I now considered myself luckier than ever. As my ears captured his angelic magical voice, my cock was also listening, throbbing away like crazy.

We made it to the zoo, and this must have been the smallest one I'd ever been to. Seeing all the animals, the entire thing only took a couple of hours, then we were done. Departing the zoo's parking lot, David's eyes roamed everywhere. To him, this was the big city. A place he was not accustomed in being. There was a major Inn in which just by seeing the name, I knew it was one of those 5 Star rated Inn's. David became extremely excited at seeing this place, so I pulled in.

We briefly walked the outer portion, and David kept on with his overwhelming excitement. As we were just passing the main entrance, David stopped, then blurted, "I betcha these folks got cable television!"

I said something in agreeing with him, then David reached out with his left hand, grasping my right hand, looking up at me with those big brown beautiful eyes, then pleading whispered, "Mr. Shawn sir, since this is my birthday, can me and you get one of those rooms and just watch some cable please! We wont have to stay too long, but I just know they got plenty of channels to watch."

So, how could I resist this boy? The next thing I knew, I just paid $350.00 to get us a room so this little angel can watch some television. I took the last room they had available which offered a queen sized bed. Upon opening the door to the room, I now knew why it cost so much. This wasn't a regular room by any means, it was a suite with a large jacuzzi sitting off in the corner of the room, overlooking the sliding glass doors, offering the most charming elegant view of the mountain side.

David quickly shot in one room, then in another before finally leap frogging his perfect body high into the air, landing with a bouncy thud on top of the bed. As he was already thumbing through the channels using the remote control, I walked up next to him, and without thinking, began removing his shoes. With both of his little shoes off, I carried them around the corner to put them next to the door. Here is where I became totally perverse in my next action. Before setting them down on the floor, and for whatever unknown reason, I found myself sniffing the inner portion of his shoes, forcing my already aching hard cock to throb even that much more. The aroma invading my lungs was nothing close to being foul. It was absolutely sweet to no end!

After filling my lungs with his shoes aromatic fragrance, I walked back in and lay down on the bed, immediately to his left side. Although he was flicking from one channel to the other, my eyes could only entrance themselves at his little package slightly puffing up on his mouth watering crotch. As I had placed myself in a daze, David sat upright, peeling off his t-shirt in one stealth easy motion, than threw it into the chair to his right. Now, shirtless, David lay back down and placed his left arm behind his head while using the remote control with his right hand.

Straining my eyes, and slightly turning my head to my right, I now was blessed with peering into a well tanned, perfectly hairless armpit. From his hairless armpit, to those tiny pink rosebuds better known as nipples, this boy was going to cause my cock to pump out gallons of thick man cream without the need for any physical assistance whatsoever. Forcing my eyes to trickle downwards, I took intricate details as to his tight little body. His stomach muscles crinkled with his every breath and just as I peered onto the area just below his delicious looking belly button, I noticed the top of his cut-offs were slightly protruding upwards, allowing me a tiny glimpse of his tanned silky smooth flesh leading into his priceless treasure area.

The one thing I did notice was the fact that David obviously wasn't wearing any underwear. When he shifted his body, I almost fainted when I saw the very tip of his pinkish plum shaped cock head staring right at me. Damn, I wondered if this boy had any idea what he was doing to me. Heck, I couldn't even explain why I was so sexual charged over this boy. Had he been a man, I would have ravished his entire body faster than a single heartbeat. I tried to tell myself that he was only a boy, and I should be ashamed for thinking of such sexually related thoughts, but no matter how hard I tried to fight those sexual desertions, I found myself being overwhelmingly consumed!

David looked at me, then softly whispered, "Did you forget about my birthday spankings? It aint a birthday without em you know!"

Before I had a chance to speak, David arched himself up onto his knees, staring down at me. The next thing I knew, David began laying across my lap, positioning his crotch area directly over my throbbing erection, gyrating that sweet shapely ass as an open invitation. With all the natural of gestures, I place the palm of my left hand on his back and began softly caressing that area. Using my right hand, I placed a light swat on his butt, but as soon as my hand made contact, my fingers slightly gripped the mounds of the boy's taunting butt cheeks.

Upon delivering the second light swat, David rolled his gorgeous face towards me, then angelically whispered, "You know I'm not made out of glass. You can hit my butt harder than that if in you want to!"

This time, being a little more harder, my hand fell on his butt, fingers still clutching at the tightness of his juicier than juicy butt cheeks. The denim material of his shorts protected his butt a lot, and somewhere in the back of my mind, I would have rather been swatting his butt without those shorts covering such delicate beauty. The harder my hand struck his butt, David's gyrating motions increased. I knew the boy had to feel my cock throb, and each time he made his butt gyrate, he was grinding his own cock against mine.

I made it to 12, then dug my fingers into his denim covered crack, grabbing a finger full, then gave it a loving pinch for good luck. By now, I had a little sweat trickling from my forehead. David pushed himself off of me, flopping back down on the bed, then blurted, "C'mon Mr. Shawn sir, you can take off your shirt if in you want to."

My fingers damn near tore the buttons off getting out of it. Now, bare chested laying next to David, I could see from the corner of my right eye as his own eyes peered heavily onto my hairy chest. Looking directly into my eyes, David's cherry colored succulent lips shivered as he spoke, "Sometimes when I'm alone, back at the orphanage, I shuck out of my clothes and just go for a walk. I only do this when I'm outside, and far away from everybody else. I can't do anything like that inside the orphanage. We have to be dressed at all times. I like being naked, don't you Mr. Shawn?"

Come to think of it, when I'm inside the comfort and safety of my own home, I always go naked. So, answering the boy, I replied, "Yeah, there's nothing like being naked. At home, I never wear any clothes. I just don't see the point of it, besides, where I live, nobody can see me."

That statement went on to me explaining where I live. I told David of my home, and without sounding as though I'm bragging, is more like a miniature mansion. David seemed very excited of hearing about my home and all its pleasing extremities. When I got done telling him about my home, and answering all of his questions concerning it, the conversation went straight back to being nude.

David arched his upper body up with his left arm, looking ever so sexy, asked, "Mr. Shawn sir, I was kind of wondering, if I uh, we uh, being that it's my birthday and all, if we could uh, if I um, could shuck out of these shorts. I mean, we've already seen each other naked back at the swimming hole and all, and I was kind of um, wanting to go uh, would you mind if I um........."

I cut him off knowing precisely what he was trying to ask, "David, if you feel comfortable being naked in front of me, then you go ahead and do whatever you want to do. You're right, it's your birthday, so enjoy it!"

Without getting off the bed, he propelled his body upwards using his tiny feet while pushing his shorts clear off his body, then slung them onto the chair joining his shirt. Once his shorts were off, David yanked each sock off then tossed them into the same chair. Now, he lay back giving me a full frontal shot of his breath taking nude body. His one inch boy dick was aiming itself towards David's face, giving me a birds eyes view of that tiny little pink piss lips that I already knew I could kiss forever and ever.

A slight body shaking convulsion tore through my body, causing David to look straight at me to see if everything was alright. I was totally blind with envious lust! It was all I could do to refrain from leaning over and sucking the boy's perfect boy meat into my mouth. From this perfect angle, I could clearly see his pubic area. It was evenly tanned and not a shred of hair life presented itself.

David's voice blasted into my ears, "If in you want to, you can go ahead and get naked too Mr. Shawn. It's okay with me! It wont hurt my feeling nary bit sir!"

Like a fool, and thinking with just my throbbing butt plugger, I did exactly what he just had said. Bare ass naked, and now laying in bed with the most gorgeous 12 year old boy, who is just as naked, was truly heaven on earth. My cock went straight to being on proud display, throbbing with each and every single heartbeat, knowing full well that the boy's young innocent eyes were baring down on it as if being pasted with super glue.

David spoke, "Whew Mr. Shawn, that sure is a big pecker! I betcha when you shoot, you shoot a biiiiiiiiggggggg load sir!"

Whether he was trying to seduce me, or simply being innocent, I was now feeding off of his questions, so I replied, "Yeah, I do cum a lot! How about you? Can you cum yet?"

David's voice raised up another notch in excitement as he responded, "Yes sir, I can shoot now. I found that out sitting at the watering hole about two months ago. It wasn't a lot now mind you, but it sure as heck felt real good sir. I got to be careful at the orphanage though, there's not a lot of privacy and our bathroom time is watched. But, when I'm at my swimming pond, I can do it without anyone seeing me."

After a brief pause, David inquisitively asked, "Mr. Shawn sir, when you do it, I mean, when you jack-off, what do you think about?"

In response, I said, "All sorts of things I guess. Depends on my mood mainly."

Nearly 5 heart pounding minutes went by without any further questions. David seemed somewhat interested with the movie playing on the television. In the meantime, I was too busy glaring upon his soft morsel of sleeping boy meat. I could have easily spent all eternity glaring at his boy stick and adorable perfect little body. David raised his legs upwards, propelling his knees towards the ceiling while keeping both feet planted on the mattress. Oh how I would have given anything to have been so lucky as to be in between those silky smooth legs, lapping like a thirst craved camel at the boy's delicious butt hole. The more I thought these types of sexual perverse thoughts, the more my cock continued throbbing like crazy, producing globs of pre-cum oozing from my now gaping piss lips.

This too certainly didn't go unnoticed by David's straying eyes. Pointing at my stand of pre-cum that was attached to my pubic region, the boy softly whispered, "Your pecker sure does leak a lot, and it's always stiff. What do you reckon keeps it all stiff for Mr. Shawn?"

Like a full blown fool, thinking only with my little head and not my big one, I savagely confessed, "It's not what, David, causing my cock to stay hard, it's who! I can't control myself! You are so blindingly gorgeous and that voice of yours rips through my soul like a runaway locomotive. Everything, and I mean everything, about you is so irresistibly perfect! David, I know this is going to sound sick and somewhat twisted, but there are some people out there who will look at you and convince themselves that you are completely incapable of taking a dump, and if you do, it sure as hell wont smell like crap. Sorry, but that's just the way it is! There will come a time when someone will do whatever it takes to fill your entire perfect little body to the brim with raw passionate love. That person will greedily slurp on that perfect cock of yours until your sweeter than honey cum floods their throat. Believe me, that day will come! I don't have a clue what all you are interested in, but David, trust me on this one, you are everything a person could ever want, and then some. You, my young friend, are why people have fantasies, and it is you, and you alone, who they are fantasizing about."

With a mild look of bitter disgust, David's angelic voice broke, "You mean to tell me that some people think I don't poop? Well, I do, everybody goes poop, and as far as I can tell, it sure smells like poop."

After we briefly discussed the "poop" thing, David resumed his questioning, "Mr. Shawn, you think I'm good-looking. That's why your pecker is so stiff? Ummmmmm, that's okay with me sir. Look, mine is fixing to grow stiff too!"

And sure as shit, it was. Right before my very eyes, I watched in awe as his boy pole began to inflate, rising upwards and away from his satiny smooth pubic region. Fully hard, David's boy stick projected itself upwards, forcing a good three inch gap away from his steamy hot flesh. Rock hard, I judged his precious perfect meat to be a good 3 1/2 inches of pure cut boy meat. It was about as thick as a good sized thumb, seemingly straighter than arrow with his plum shaped cock head being evenly proportionate as to the girth of his shaft. To say the least, David's boyhood was flawlessly perfect in every way known to mankind!

David's elegant voice shattered through my head, "It's way littler than yours, that's for sure! I'm kind of hoping it'll grow to be a nice sized one when I get a little bit older, and get some hair too. You got a lot of hair, all on your chest, stomach, and a really nice bush right there at your pecker sir! I keep checking myself, but I just aint got no hair except on my head."

I had no clue what I was hoping for. If that boy would have just invited me to suck his cock, then the party would have been on! To further add to my already mind numbing state, David went and got on all fours, facing the television, allowing my already strained eyes full access to the most breath taking scenery any eyes could ever possibly hope to witness. I was now staring straight into his spread crack, glaring onto his hairless speck of a boy butt hole. Even the insides of his crack were tanned, and that tiny speck of a pucker hole was doing its utmost best to smile back at me. I wanted to shove my entire nose up that hot little ass, but thought best to remain in my position. He provided me with his anal view for about 30 or so cock throbbing seconds before laying back down.

If I hadn't been totally consumed over his perfect body before, now, after seeing his tongue hardening dot of an asshole, I sure as fuck was now! What in the fiery fuck was this boy trying to do to me? Did he have any clue that I wanted to suck his cock, eat his ass, and fuck that shapely ass into obliteration? Could this boy possibly be this naive? Here I am, bare ass naked, cock harder than steel, oozing pre-cum a mile a minute, so how in the fuck could he possibly not know what I was thinking, more so, needing? By any means, this was fucking inhumane torture! No man should have to endure this type of torture! What was he waiting for? What do I need to do to try and expedite ravishing this boy's perfect angelic body?

No longer caring about anything, I openly spoke, "David, the lady back at the orphanage briefly informed me about what happened when you were 4. She also told me about some other things you were trying to do with some of the other kids at the orphanage. I don't have a problem with it, none at all, but with the truth being known, I am gay! I don't agree with your father doing what he did, but as for you, it is perfectly normal for a young man to want to experiment with those within his same gender."

David was looking straight up towards the ceiling, and I watched this gorgeous young breath taking beauty speak, "I don't remember everything that happened back then, you know, with my dad. I remembered we were poor and he was needing to get some money, so I remember tasting his pecker a few times, and him sticking a finger up my butt. The police asked me a lot of questions about it, but I guess I was too young to really know what all was going on. To me, it was no big deal, but they took my dad away and I got stuck at that orphanage, and I've been there ever since. A year ago, maybe sooner, I got busted trying to get one of the other boy's to show me his pecker. He flipped out and told on me, and that's pretty much it. Now here lately, and I can't explain it, but it seems that all I can think about is guys peckers. When I do, my pecker, like I said about 2 months ago, starts shooting my junk. It feels really good too! I guess I am gay too Mr. Shawn!"

I was just about to place my hand on his body when he slid out of the bed. David scurried over to the jacuzzi, the eagerly asked, "Hey, you reckon we can get in this big bathtub?"

He did say we, which hearing the "we" part, I got off the bed and met him at the jacuzzi. His boy dick was still rock hard, protruding from his silky body straight out with no noticeable arch whatsoever. His smooth hairless nut sac contained his pea sized nuggets ever so deliciously tightly. I bent over to activate the water, and just as I did, I felt the lightest, most electrifying touches of all time strike the crevice of my crack.

David's voice chimed, "You got you some butt hair too Mr. Shawn. It aint much, but I can see em!"

I almost shot my load right then and there. My heart had already lodged itself somewhere inside my throat. This boy was slowly killing me! Once the water was half full, I poured in the coconut/lavender bath oil provided by the Inn. David had already stepped in and was enjoying the warm water. When it was nearly filled, I cut it off, then joined him, seated directly across from the little breath taking beauty. David was cooing like a mad cow, but nearly jumped out when I activated the jets.

It was plainly obvious that David had never experienced a jacuzzi before. Once he realized everything was okay, he settled back down and began thoroughly enjoying the powerful relaxing jets. While the water swarmed around us, David shocked me with his question, "Mr. Shawn sir, what do you reckon two guys do when it comes to sex? I know a guy and a girl kiss, and girls don't have a pecker, cause they got themselves a coochy. That's where the guys pecker goes in. But guys don't have a coochy, so what all can two guys do with each other, you know, like a boy and a girl can do?"

I almost laughed out load hearing his question, but he deserves an honest answer, so I diligently explained, "Well David, it's like this. Two guys can kiss, caress, fondle one another just like a boy and girl can. You see, with two guys, they both can be the recipient of some wonderful oral sex. Let me explain this one. A guy can suck the other guy's cock better than a woman can cause he knows how guys likes to be pleased. This is true in a woman's case as well. Who better to please a woman than another woman? Same goes for a man! Now this is from my understanding cause I have never been with a woman, but have been told this. Most gay men, bisexuals too for that matter, enjoy eating out another man's butt. (Hearing this, David contorted his mouth in a mild disgust like manner) Most women would never do this to a man. However, what you don't realize is that your butt hole can provide you with an awesome amount of pleasure. Just think about it, sometimes when you are doing #2, your cock becomes erect. This happens cause your prostate is being stimulated. David, all guys have a prostate located on the inner portion of our anal canal. Women have what's called a prostrate. Same thing, but just named differently. You are 100% correct in acknowledging a guy putting his, as you say, pecker inside a girls, uh, in your own words, coochy. Since guys don't have a coochy so to speak, guys can be penetrated via their butt holes. (David was shaking his head from side to side) Before you go and dismiss this notion all together, just know that not all men enjoy being penetrated. Some guys absolutely love it. Not only is another man's pecker going up their butt, but his prostate is being caressed in the process, sending mounds of pleasure straight to his brain. David, this is how two guys make love. It's a wonderful experience if it's done properly."

David's multiple questioning began, "Have you ever put your tongue up some guys butt? Didn't that stink? Have you ever had a guy put his pecker up your butt? I know that had to hurt something awful! Have you ever put your pecker in a guys butt? What did it feel like?"

I answered him the best I could, "Yes David, I have had the luxurious honors of dining on numerous clean butts, and if it smelled, I simply didn't do it. When I was younger, much younger, I was the willing recipient of peckers filling up my anal chamber. Yes, it did hurt the first couple of times, but the pain of the initial entry was well worth the cost of the overall pleasures filling my body. Now, present day, I am what is known as a "top." In other words, I no longer desire to feel a pecker penetrate my butt. I prefer to be the one doing the penetration. What does it feel like? Incredible, absofuckinglutely incredible. There's nothing like slowly shoving my cock up some guys butt, hearing him moan from the knowing pleasures he will soon be flooded with. David my boy, that feeling is one of pure sexual ecstasy."

David, with a more whimsical look now greeting his spine tingling smile, stated, "I didn't know a butt hole could do all that. I just figured all it was good for was pooping. I aint too sure I'd be ready to lick me some butt hole, but if in it smells alright, I might be willing to give it a go. I aint all that sure about a pecker going in my but thought. Seems to me it's kind of too small to be able to take on such a notion. Something like that would probably kill me, especially if in it's the size of that pecker you got there. That thing is as thick, if not thicker, than my arm. Noway something like that would fit, nah sir, it's too big and I'm too little."

Standing straight up out of the water, pointing down at my erect fudge packer, I stated, "David, just take a good look. You have probably pooped bigger logs than what you are now seeing, isn't that right?"

David, looking up at me, eyes darting from my jutting man meat to my eyes, then whispered, "I aint for sure on that sir. I don't really take a look at it once I'm done, and if in I did, I must not have paid it any attention sir."

I sat back down, somewhat frustrated at how this was going, thoughts running wildly in my head. I wanted this boy so badly I could actually taste him. I would have gladly climbed uphill through a sea of broken glass just for the opportunity to suck his cock dry and eat his tiny speck of a butt hole. Our eyes met, though not a single word was being spoken. Staring into this heavenly boy's eyes was totally magical. I was completely held in place, magnetically entranced at his sheer glorious beauty.

Finally, David broke the silence, "Mr. Shawn sir, I was kind of wondering if you um, if we uh, if me and you could kind of do some of this uh, you know, do some sex stuff. I aint really done a whole lot, but I'd be thankful for whatever we did. I'm kind of itching to stop dreaming about it and start doing it, if in you know what I mean sir?"

Smiling at this little young beauty, my response was rather simple, "Sounds great to me, but is there something special you would like to start off with?"

David took in a deep breath, exhaled, then softly said, "You know sir, I wouldn't mind trying that butt eating thing if in you want to give it a whirl on me sir."

His words were like an explosion going off inside my head. Without the need for thought, I had David stand up, turn around, and placed his right foot on the edge of the tub while placing both hands on the back edge of the jacuzzi. His left foot was as far spread as it could possibly go and all I could do was sit there, staring in utter awe at the boy's mouth watering juicer than juicy sweet little butt hole.

Working my body up to his spread legs, I shoved my inhaling nose in between those silky smooth luscious butt cheeks, wedging it directly upon his tiny speck of an asshole. The fragrance alone was driving me absolutely crazy. Using both thumbs, I spread the boy's butt cheeks even wider while slowly flickering my tongue up and down his tiny hairless crack.

David cried out, "Ahhhhhhh, that kind of tickles Mr. Shawn sir!"

His attitude change for the better once I began swirling my tongue all around his scrawny little asshole. His angelic moans rang out as I aggressively stabbed, and licked, the most mind boggling boy hole to have ever graced the planet. Keeping a steady constant pressure on his speck of a poop chute exit, somehow my meaty tongue pried those sweet sealed lips open, allowing my tongue to journey where no man had ever gone before.

David's body began shaking something wonderful and his sweet elegant moans ripped through my ears like a silver bullet. The louder his moans grew, the more assertive I dined on his virgin treasure. Several times, while lapping at his sweet anal canal, David's smooth silky legs buckled. With nearly all of my tongue now lapping at the inner portion of his super tight, and fiery hot, anal canal, David's grunts and groans were evident enough of his liking to having his ass eaten out.

I must have spent a wonderful 20 or so minutes slurping, licking, kissing, nibbling, and tongue fucking his ass until he stood up, forcing my tongue's immediate withdrawal from his vacuuming bung hole. David spun around and quickly sank his body into the warm water. I was looking into his star glazed eyes and the expression written all across his gorgeous face was truly astonishingly priceless.

David's voice chirped, "Whew, that was something I tell you! Wow Mr. Shawn, I can't believe you ate my butt hole. How'd it taste sir?"

My response was honest and truthful, "Absolutely fucking delicious!"

Since we were both hot from the water, we decided to towel off and take things to the bed. David was the first to finish drying off, and in doing so, he lay down on the bed and watched my every move with those big brown mesmerizing eyes of his. As I finished drying off, I walked over to the bed and this time no longer asked what he would like to do. I already knew precisely what I had to do!

I slithered my body in between his legs, nuzzling my cheeks softly against his silky thighs, and began flickering my tongue all over his tightly withdrawn hairless boy balls. Once again, the aroma spewing sharply into my lungs unleashed a formidable animal somewhere locked away within my soul. Opening my mouth, I sucked both tender nuggets inside my mouth and began gingerly running my tongue around each precious gem.

David cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, this feels ummmmmmmm, feels sooooooooooooooo uhhhhhhhhhhh, feels soooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood siiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

The base of his hard boy cock pressed firmly up against my nose as I hungrily dined on David's smooth hairless nuggets. His body began writhing with my increasing pressure. Soon, the boy was flinging his ass up off the bed, causing my mouth to pull down on his delicate jewels. His hands began slapping the bed, fingers lashing out at the bedding while his teeth blew air from his cherry lips, creating the most precious hissing sound any ears could ever capture.

Using both of my hands to shove his legs over his head, I released his balls from my mouth and resumed tongue fucking his hotter than hot asshole once again. David was blurting out various moans and grunts as my tongue dove deeper and deeper into the most miraculous depth my tongue could go. I was doing some moaning myself as my tongue felt the awesome strength of his anal muscles as they vehemently attacked my probing tongue, drawing my ass dwelling tongue deeper into its bone crushing, oven like chamber.

Several ass eating minutes later, I withdrew my soar tongue, allowing his legs to fall back down onto the bed, then proceeded to use my tongue to bath every square inch of his delicious boy stalk. Each time my tongue flickered directly upon his cock head, David screamed a weird, but spine tingling, screech. Unable to contain my delusional self any longer, I locked my lips around the head of his tasty cock, then slowly swallowed the slender missile shaped beauty all the way down until my nose was gracing his hairless pubic region.

David began bucking like crazy, fucking my mouth with his boy stick as my hands began caressing his smooth stomach and chest, taking the time to lightly pinch each tiny pert nipple. When I tweaked each nipple at the same time, David screamed, "I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm cummmmmmmmmMMMMMIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!"

True to his word, I felt his slender boy dick swell, then a gush of warm watery strands began firing rapidly, striking the roof of my mouth. I wasn't counting the spurts, but I was a bit surprised as to how much watery boy honey he was now producing. When the last of his seed shot into my mouth, David's cock continued pumping wads of sperm balls into my boy milking vacuuming mouth.

He was thrashing his body up and down, wildly flinging his head to and fro, grasping with all fingers at the bedding as his cock pumped out round after round of pure boy milk. Sensing his cock had no more honey to produce, and being the cock sucker I have grown to become, I forced just a small tid bit into my throat. My bear like growl must have sounded like a bull horn as the sweetest taste exploded onto my taste buds. I had to swallow again just to see if I could actually detect some kind of taste. After the third gulp, I came to realize that David's watery cum had no taste whatsoever. There wasn't even a slight trace of salt, and there certainly wasn't any hint of bitterness. In all reality, the boy's cum was like drinking a glass of warm water.

Releasing the boy's now deflated cock from my mouth, I stood up onto my knees, and stared at this breath taking angelic beauty. David was gasping for air and his tiny perfect body jerked and twitched with his every pounding heartbeat. His eyes were half shut, allowing me to see the hazed over glassy look I had grown to admire just after having munched down a load of creamy cum.

I sat there looking at him for just a couple of precious minutes, and when his eyes opened fully, David smiled, then softly whispered, "Whew Mr. Shawn, that was goooooooooooood! Oh my, ohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyy, that felt great, much better than when I do it myself, that's for sure. You think you'd let me take a spin on yours sir?"

I didn't say a word as I flopped down next to him, on my back, spreading my legs widely to give the boy easier access. I already knew that it wasn't going to take me long at all to blow my load. Once I was in position, David jumped over my stomach, positioning himself on my right side, almost in a 69 position. My body bucked as soon as I felt his electrifying hand latch onto the shaft of my pre-cum spitting cock.

David slung his head to his left, straining to look me squarely in the eyes, then pleadingly whispered, "If in you want to, you can finger my butt. I do it sometimes and it really makes me feel good sir."

He didn't have to ask twice and I probably already had my right middle finger greased up with my own saliva before he finished his last word. As I was aligning my finger up to his tiny asshole, I moaned loudly as I felt the boy's tongue swirl all around my thick mushroom shaped cock head. I knew he was getting a mouthful of my pre-cum and every now and then, a slight low toned moan evaded his sweet succulent lips.

With a little bit of extra pressure, my finger worked itself into his beloved tight anal canal. As soon as his outer ring gave way, David slung his head backwards and a long elegant chime like moan filled the room, then he went back to work tonguing my cock. Oh, the boy's anal canal was awesomely tight, not to mention, hotter than the fiery gates of hell too. As my finger relished probingly inside his anal canal, David began gyrating his ass onto my finger, moaning louder and louder as his little mouth managed to engulf my entire cock head.

Just when I got really close to blowing my load, David stopped and began licking and kissing each of my swollen balls. As he was doing so, I took the liberty to withdraw my ass loving finger, giving it a few good whiffs, detecting nothing but pure sexual sweetness, then applied more saliva to my right index finger. Once my middle finger crawled up his magical ass, and seeing the boy grind his ass onto my finger, I pushed the other finger up his ass. With the addition of the second finger, David's body exploded with wild fanatical humping motions. His tongue was slithering all around my balls as the heat from his moaning and grunting breath scorched my balls protective sac.

The immense pressure created from the boy's choking anal muscles felt like nothing I had ever felt before. It felt as though his young anal muscles were literally attacking my fingers in a pliable effort to crush them, not to mention, suck them deeper up his magical anal kingdom. His slithering tongue once again began attacking my cock head while his lips planted gentle loving kisses all around it.

With the head of my cock wedged into his little mouth, I did my very best to warn him, but he was bound and determined not to release my cock. My mind exploded with fireworks as the force of my first cum blast bolted out of my cock, followed by countless others. The boy gagged several times, but not once did his precious mouth vacate my cum erupting cock. Not only was he gulping down my thick load, but he began slamming his perfect hot ass onto my anal thrusting fingers with quite the velocity, moaning, whimpering, and grunting the entire time.

David slurped down every drop of man seed I provided, and once my cock began to deflate, I felt his lips kiss the lips of my piss slit before arching himself forwards, pulling his body forwards to the point that my ass pounding fingers departed his award winning ass. Blind to my surroundings, I lay there heavily panting and found myself gloriously smelling the fingers that so graciously invaded his butt.

His voice cracked the still of the air, "Ewwwwwwwwwww Mr. Shawn, you're smelling my butt! Does it smell okay?"

My lips quivered as I responded, "Like heaven my boy, like heaven!"

David piped in, "You sure do shoot a big one sir! I almost couldn't get it all, but I did. Tasted pretty good too!"

The rest of whatever he was saying seemed to be coming a lifetime away. He was chattering up a storm and I was fighting against all odds to catch my breath. My vision was blurry, but the next thing I knew, I heard David say, "Go on sir, you can eat my butt some more! That sure does feel really good when you do it!"

Forcing my eyes open, I came in direct contact with David's asshole. The boy had stepped over my upper body and was now squatting directly over my face, his pretty little asshole a mere fraction of an inch away from my mouth. Not having to think, I pushed out my tongue and began rapidly licking, slashing my tongue up and down his speck of a butt hole. The taste, and the sweet aroma, sent shivers racing up and down my spine as I frantically stabbed at the honey sweet entrance.

In short, David began bouncing up and down, gyrating his hips to one side, then the next, as my tongue darted upwards, lashing out at his delicious anal walls. David's hands rested on my upper stomach as he began driving his butt harder and harder onto my ass eating face.

David's angelic voice bellowed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssss!"

Hearing his angelic tune unlocked another hidden beast within my own body. I was grunting, growling, moaning, and whimpering as I greedily, and ever so hungrily, tongue fucked the boy's ass with fearsome reckless abandonment. Some point during my anal eating frenzy, my once very limp cock grew back into its steel like hardness. Nearly 15 minutes, if not longer, passed by before my tongue simply gave out. I was nowhere close in being full of this boy's mystifying ass, but my tongue was just too sore to continue. Using my hands, I had to guide David's shapely and wonderfully tasting ass away from my face.

David flopped down to my right side, staring at me with those big brown eyes, then excitingly asked, "So, how does my butt taste Mr. Shawn? I know it feels really good when you do it, but it is a butt, if in you know what I mean!"

Once again, fighting to breathe, I flung out, "Delicious David, absofucking delicious! If my damn tongue wouldn't have gave out, I'd still be eating that sweet ass of yours!"

Once again, David asked, "You saying my butt is delicious? (Making a slight disgust written on his face) You sure about that sir? That's where I poop out of you know."

Reaching up with my right hand, latching my fingers behind his head, forcing his face closer to mine, I whispered, "Here, taste for yourself!"

Our lips met and my tongue made haste straight into his hot little moist mouth. I could tell that this was the first time anyone had ever stuck their tongue inside his mouth and he had no clue what to do from that point. I held his face close to mine, passionately flickering my tongue inside his juicy mouth. Within a brief time, David's tongue entered my mouth and began mimicking what I was doing. In less than a minute, my hands no longer had to use their strength to hold his lips onto mine.

As we kissed, both of my hands found his backside. My left hand ran its course up and down his silky back while my right hand cupped, squeezed, and fondled his muscular butt, naturally dipping my fingers inside his tight little crack, gently caressing his well eaten, saliva coated, asshole. David's left hand cupped the top of my head while his right hand began softly caressing the left side of my face. Our sexually charged moans began discharging into the other's mouth, sending variable shock waves crashing down our throats.

While we were kissing, I felt David's left hand grab onto the shaft of my cock. My fingers were toying with his asshole, but when I felt him guide my cock up to his butt hole, I eased my fingers away. I didn't want to rush him into doing anything he didn't want to do, and at this point, I just thought he was sort of playing around a bit. I could feel him guide my cock head onto his asshole, then I felt a steady pressure as if he were actually going to try and feed my thick 8 1/2 inches into his super tight virgin butt.

His tongue frolicked away inside my mouth, and mine in his. The boy's body tensed as I felt my cock head dart inside his anal oven. His whimpering sounds shot down my throat, spider webbing straight into my heart. His courage was tremendous as he forced a good three inches of thick bull meat into his anal canal. David was grunting, groaning, and whimpering like crazy, but was relentless in his pursuit to feed his ass my entire cock.

One minute his little body tensed up, then it felt almost lifeless. With his every heart beat, I could feel his anal muscles converge over my cock, placing it in a kind of painful choke hold, squeezing the very life out of it in the process. The unexplainable tightness, the scorching searing heat, and knowing that all of this was being provided by David and his gorgeous perfections caused me to buck my butt upwards, sending a good two inches straight up his rectum.

David's body really tensed when I did that, but I grabbed a hold of each butt cheek with my hands, spreading them widely, and aggressively used my tongue to lap the inside of his sweet little mouth. When his body relaxed a bit, the boy forced more of his ass onto my steel like erection. Soon, I felt his beloved little ass cheeks sitting squarely onto my balls.

Though his body felt lifeless, his ass muscles certainly were not. As if caught in the clutches of a hungry Anaconda, my cock felt like it was being crushed to death. It was more than just a tad painful. I fought against my own desire to start lifting the boy up and fucking his brain's out, something, anything, just to pull my cock away from his vengeance riddled anal muscles.

David must have read my mind, cause he soon began inching upwards, stopping just short of my cock head departing his mind boggling ass, then slowly descended all the way back down, humping his butt cheeks upon my rolling balls. Each time the boy rose himself upwards, he began softly whimpering. When he sat down, burying my cock all the way up his butt, he began grunting and groaning.

I let him go at his own pace, and it was slow and beautifully wonderful. Then, our lips departed and David sat all the way back, locking his eyes upon mine. His lips quivered as his tongue slithered all around them while making a soft elegant whimpering noise. David worked his feet to either side of my body, supporting his weight with both feet, then began slowly humping up and down while glaring me in the eyes. God, this boy is so amazingly gorgeous and I am the one in total disbelief of now having my cock inside his ass.

With his teeth cinched tightly together, David hissed, "Yessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss! It hurts, but hurts soooooooooooooooooo goooooooooood Mr. Shawn! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd yesssssssssssssssss!"

My hands still held firmly onto his butt cheeks, but I could now see his boyish looking hairless cock as it jutted from his body harder than a brick. His hands planted themselves onto my stomach as he propelled himself upwards, then began sharply plowing his ass downwards. I was torn from looking at his perfect cock as it throbbed and his angelic gorgeous face making all sorts of precious faces. The only thing that this boy was missing was wings. Everything else about him was simply angelic by heavenly perfection.

It took several long minutes, but David was now royally pounding his ass onto my manly boy ass buster. I was helping out a bit by using his butt cheeks to aide in slamming his ass hard onto my now thrusting cock. David slung his head all over while moaning ever so loudly as he rode my cock with all the pride of a cowboy conquering the lengthy 8 seconds on a human hating bull.

Thrust after violent thrust, my cock shot up his ass while his butt cheeks crashed on top of my balls. By now, David's little body was beginning to glisten from his own sweat. Shortly there after, I rolled the boy over, placing him on his left side, then wasted no time in slamming my pile driving meat in and out of his miraculous sweet ass. My right arm hooked his right leg, drawing it up towards our face as my cock plowed his tight little ass as if tomorrow would never come.

David was steadily cooing, whimpering, grunting, and groaning as I power slammed my thick meat into his butt. Soon, I felt David's ass thrust backwards onto my thrusting butt packer. I was kissing the side of his neck, rotating my exploring tongue from his neck to his right ear. Everything about this boy tasted awesomely delicious, even his ear canal.

A short while later, I had David get on all fours, angling his face towards the end of the bed so that I could stare at him through the mirror that was on top of a dresser at the end of the bed. Aiming precisely and watching his face via the mirror, I pushed my meaty ass plugger all the way up his delightful ass. Just as I predicted, the faces the boy was now making could never carry a price tag. Once I had my entire cock up his butt, I grabbed a firm hold of his hips and began yanking him backwards while violently thrusting forwards. The gut wrenching sound of flesh hammering flesh bounced off the room's walls as I savagely pounded my cock in and out of David's cock choking ass.

The pace of my cock cramming his ass was fast, deliberate, and furious. When I felt I was getting somewhat close, I started working my pace at variable speeds, wanting to prolong the inevitable for as long as humanly possible. Holding a fistful of bedding, it was David who was doing all he could do to smash his ass onto my cock.

Looking at me through the mirror, David screamed, "Yesssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssss Mr. Shawn sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwdddddddddddd sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gooooooooooooooooood!"

This was the first time I'd heard the boy use any type of profanity whatsoever, but his angelic words were nothing more than music to my ears. With each thrust, be it from my cock, or his slamming ass onto my cock, I could feel my cum boiling. Holding tightly onto the boy, I rolled him onto his back, keeping my cock buried deep inside of him. Using both of my hands, I pushed his legs over his head, wedging his knees beyond his head, and began force feeding my cock into his ass. Just from the look in his eyes, and the chirps coming from his mouth, I knew he was now feeling a lot more of my cock as it pile drove in and out of his anal treasure of sheer magical bliss, deeper than ever before.

Just as I was about to plant my lips over his, David's mouth flung open, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, I uh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Looking down his crunched up body, I saw his tiny piss slit open and pure boy honey began spurting out onto his chest and stomach area. I stole the opportunity to lock his lips with mine and once again dined on the moistness of his sweet mouth as his orgasm ripped through him like the force of a hurricane. I continued my anal assault, driving my cock as hard as I could up his rectum. Since the boy was having one of the most intense orgasms of his young life, his anal muscles retaliated with a coiling pressure of their own, clamping down on my cock with sheer pure crushing power.

That was it, that was all it took for my own orgasm to explode in my body, sending volleys of sperm wads firing deeply into unchartered territory up the boy's incredible ass. I actually felt as though my sperm shooting frenzy would never stop. With each inwards thrust, more thick man juice shot up the boy's ass. I pounded his ass until my cock became nothing more than a limp noodle, ensuring every ounce of man nectar was planted up his anal kingdom.

When my cock plopped free from his anal clutches, instinctively, I began slurping up his warm watery juice from his chest and stomach area, making sure to get every delicious drop of this boy's tasteless honey. When his body was clean of his cum, I took a brief pause to ensure his semi flaccid cock had no more to offer as well. When my mouth struck his boy stick, David let out a loud squeak like noise as his body violently bucked. I knew his boy meat was super sensitive, so I didn't suck on it long, but did manage to retrieve the final remnants of his wonder juice.

I then lay down, placing my body close to his, resting myself on my back on his right side. Even now, I couldn't take my eyes away from his perfect body, and now softer than limp boyhood. Every eight or so seconds, David's body would go into a seizure like mini convulsion. His breathing was sporadic and his taut stomach muscles rippled gloriously with his every panting breath. I guess I was doing some heavy breathing as well, but through it all, my eyes never strayed from the boy's utterly perfect body.

It was looking at him, this angelic gorgeous beauty, that I stole a peek at my own shriveled up noodle. For whatever the reason, I gave it a slight inspection and was pleased to see that it looked just as clean as before all of this started. He had either given himself an enema this morning, or simply just didn't have any poop in the chamber. I honestly don't know why I was thinking such thick thoughts, but I knew I had just plowed his ass with 8 1/2 thick inches and there wasn't any signs of any dirty aftermath.

Somewhere thinking of this, I drifted off to sleep. About two hours later, David woke me up, sitting on his butt to my left, legs folded. I blinked my eyes open to see him staring down at me. Seeing that I was awake now, David whispered, "That was awesome Mr. Shawn, but it's getting kind of late so we best be getting a move on! You sure shot another big one. I didn't think I'd ever stop pooping it out."

I had to laugh at his last sentence, but I knew he was right. We had best be heading back. David had already cleaned himself up, and while I was taking a shower, he sat on the toilet watching my every move. When I was done showering, and was now drying off, seeing him watching me caused my cock to get rock hard once more. David pointed at my cock, then softly said, "You done went and got hard again Mr. Shawn. If in we had more time, I'd love to make it go down for you!"

The drive back towards the orphanage was something like a saddened heartache waiting to happen. I knew once I dropped him off, chances are, I'd never see him again, and young David knew it as well. Our conversation was ongoing, but then David kind of shocked me when he stated, "That big pecker of yours sure did hurt a lot going in, but once I got kind of used to it, whew, something weird happened, and it started to feel really good. Wish we could do that all the time, don't you Mr. Shawn?"

In my mind, I was already fucking the boy again, endlessly, and for all eternity. Teardrops began forming, slowly trickling down my face, as I did my best to come up with something to say. Glancing over at him, seeing that utterly precious smile, I replied, "David, I wish there was a way I could make you all mine, but I already know that with me being a gay man, the state would never allow that to happen. I know you want to be loved, and believe me, I do love you, I love you with all my heart. If there was a way in God's name to make this happen, I'd do so at the drop of a hat."

It looked as though I had just ripped the boy's heart out of his chest. I didn't know what else to say, and I sure as shit didn't know what else to say. David slid over closer to me and placed his right hand upon my hard cock. The nest thing I knew, the boy had already unfastened my belt and top button, and had slid the zipper all the way down. He fiddled with my cock to expose itself, and once exposed, he leaned down and began performing his oral magic on it.

Trying to drive while getting your cock sucked on by the most gorgeous boy the heavens above could have ever possibly produced was extremely difficult. 5 minutes later, my cock erupted and David slurped my gooey man cream down with astonishing perfection. I must have been swerving all over the road as my cock unleashed its fury, holding the back of the boy's head with my right hand and my left hand crushing the steering wheel.

When the boy slurped up the last of my thick man seed, he slipped back over into the passenger seat, buckled up, smiled, then angelically whispered, "Ummmmmmm, that was good Mr. Shawn sir!"

Naturally, I was literally breathless, trying to work the gas pedal with my shaking right foot. My body quivered and shook as I tried my best to focus my attention on my driving. Once catching my breath, I looked over at the priceless beauty, smiled, then silently prayed for a miracle. I already knew I didn't want to spend another day of my life without this boy being in my life.

Not knowing what all to say, I simply asked, "How's that sweet butt of yours?"

David flashed those long upwards curled eyelashes while smiling ever so widely, then eagerly spat, "Kind of soar, but it's okay I guess. You know something Mr. Shawn, I sure wouldn't mind you giving it to me again, that is of course, if in you are up to it. It hurt like the dickens going in, but wheeeeeeeew, once it was in me, it sure enough felt pretty darn good. I aint never felt anything like that before neither!"

He had just sucked me off and just by hearing his sweet elegant soft voice, my cock quickly pumped itself back into a throbbing harder than steel erection. As I drove, my eyes frantically roamed the sides of the highway, looking for anything that might offer us some type of privacy. A half a mile down the road, just on my right, there was an unused dirt road. I slowed down and cautiously began driving my car as best I could on the dirt path. David needed no words of encouragement as he hurriedly shucked off his clothes, then curled up next to me as naked as the day the heavens placed him here on earth.

I had just rounded a make shift bend in the road where a thick tree had fallen down, blocking off access to the rest of the dirt road. As soon as I placed the gear lever in park, David had already jumped out of the passenger side door and stood there, in front of my car, eagerly waiting for me to join him. I got out and began ripping out of my clothes, locking both eyes on the buck naked beauty with his perfect cock aiming itself directly at me.

Once naked, I quickly walked up to David, knelt down and immediately began making oral love to his beauty of a boy cock while fiddling with his silk like balls and my right hand cupped and groped his sweet little butt. David held both hands on the back of my head as I feverishly manipulated his cock to the point that I could feel it throb in unison with my cock sucking vacuuming technique.

3 minutes later, David grunted and groaned as his boyhood began spurting several watery strands into my cum loving mouth. I held his butt firmly as his cock stopped spurting and began its oozing of precious boy honey. With all the fiery intensity I could muster, I milked the last sweet drop from the boy's preteen meat and lavished as I basked in the unexplainable pleasure of slowly sampling the sweetest boy cream anyone could ever hope to taste.

After swallowing the last of his future life giving seed, I spun the boy around so that his hands rested on the fallen tree. Without me providing any instructions, David hiked up his right leg and placed his right foot on the tree while angling his left foot outwards. I spat in my right hand and began lubricating my cock staring intently at his little boy honey hole that was already sealed tightly shut.

Just as I was aligning my cock up to his tiny speck of an asshole, David turned his head to his right, then softly said, "If in you don't mind sir, please don't shoot inside me cause of the mess afterwards. When you shoot, you can put it in my mouth so I can swallow it................Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

My cock pushed into his anal canal and made its lengthy journey into the most formidable anal canal man has ever known. Inch by thick inch, I pushed forwards while David was slinging his head all over the place. His little body began convulsing, making it easier for maximum penetration. When I had buried my cock to the hilt up his scorching hot ass, I locked onto his slender hips and began thrusting in and out at a variable pace.

Within a moment or so, my thrusting was nothing more than mind boggling rage. I was too lost in the feeling my pile driving cock was feeding me with, relishing in the fact that the ass I was savagely fucking belonged to none other than David, who just for the record, looked just like a younger version of David Archuleta from American Idol.

David screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt Mr. Shawn, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

David's body went into a full blown uncontrollable tidal wave of convulsions as I saw his cock begin to explode piss all over the tree and onto the ground. In his delirious spinning mind, he must have thought he was having some type of never before felt orgasm just by the way he was cursing against the wind. His already vengeful anal muscles tightened, clamping down on my thrusting cock like never before. I joined the little angel n cursing against the wind as my cock had never felt anything like this before.

With that feeling came my orgasm. I almost unleashed my load up his ass, but just before I began to shoot, I yanked my cock from his suctioning ass, spun him around so that his butt fell onto the log itself, cupping his lower jaw with my left hand, began jerking away with my right, watching with glassy eyes as my man cream began erupting into his wide open mouth. Glob after thick glob spewed into the boy's mouth. Just seeing those big entrancing brown eyes glaring up at me while my sperm shot straight into his mouth was a vision I could never ever forget.

Squeezing out the last tid bit, I began caressing his lips with my sensitive cock head. Looking down, I could see the ocean of my man juice swimming around inside his mouth. I saw the boy take a gulp, followed by another, ending with a third, then he stuck out his tongue and moaned, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, all gone sir!"

He slid his mouth over my cock head and began tenderly milking it just to make sure I had nothing left to offer. A minute or so later, we got dressed and I began the tedious task of baking out of the dirt road. Once back on the highway, I was torn from looking at the road, and the young beauty seated to my right.

David smacked his lips, slinging his head backwards, turned to look at me, then softly spoke, "Ummmmmmmmmm, that was awesome! It hurt going in again, but not as bad as the first time. You know Mr. Shawn, I sure could get used to that big pecker up my butt. Yes sir alright, I could definitely get used to that!"

Once again, my heart sank farther than ever before. We were now only two miles away from the orphanage. I wanted to say something, but the words running through my head were are gargled. I could feel my eyes swell up with tears as I slowly pulled up in front of the orphanage. As soon as I pulled into a space, David exhaled, then whispered, "It's alright Mr. Shawn. This was my best birthday ever. If in you are ever up this way again, and if in you want to, come on in. Chances are, I'll still be here, or at least, until I turn 18, then I got to go."

I wanted to hold him so tightly and never let him go, but in a flash, he opened the door and walked up the porch, then went inside. I put my car in reverse, then proceeded back to the motel. Once inside my room, I curled up on the bed and cried like a newborn baby. It felt like someone, or something, had ripped my heart out of my chest. I couldn't get David out of my head, nor the heart I had remaining.

Two hours later, a knock sounded on the door. Upon opening it, it was Pastor Aldridge and the lady from the orphanage. The pastor asked, "May we come in?"

We sat in the one room and it was then that I was expecting the police to bolt through the door. I had sex with a 12 year old young boy and had sodomized him like a pussy crazed horny bull. I was already anticipating the absolute worst, rotating my eyes to the pastor, then the woman, back and forth, waiting nervously for some words to be spoken.

The pastor looked at me with the most gut wrenching stern look I had ever gazed upon. In my mind, they knew! The pastor cleared his throat, then stated, "Mister, I aint never been no good when it comes with words in something like this. You see, this here is a small town, and we kind of like it like that. Marie here tells me you got kind of a fancy on David. That boy aint never gonna get adopted! He's too old for something like that. Mister, we aint about pushing nobody in these here parts, but we kind uh, we were sort of thinking um, well if you aint against it uh...."

Marie chimed in, "Sir, since David has been around you, I have seen a glow in his face that has never been there before. I see the same glow in your face when you see David. Like the pastor here said, David's too old to be adopted out. What we are trying to ask you is if you would be inclined to adopt David?"

I looked at each one of them and tried my best not to show my excitement. Regaining my composure a bit, I replied, "First and foremost, I am not certain I would be able to meet the requirements to adopt David. You see, I am single!"

The pastor chimed in, "Partner, we only got one requirement here, and that's love. I can see you make a pretty good living and could provide for him, but it's love that we seek. Could you love that boy as if in he was your own? I already spoke to David earlier, and I can tell you this, you sir is all he is able to talk about. Once again, would you be able to shower that boy with all the love in your body?"

Without any hesitation, I replied, "Yes sir, I'd love that boy with every ounce of love I could muster, and then some!"

They didn't ask and I wasn't about to tell them I was gay. The pastor handed me one sheet of paper which was the adoption form. Before them, I filled it out and handed it back to the pastor. Both the pastor and Marie took turns reading the application, then Marie broke the silence, "Sir, we will process this immediately for you!"

I had to ask, "And how long will this process take?"

The pastor was the one who replied, "Heck, like I already said, we just small town folks, so we'll take it to Ernie's (judge) to get him to sign off on it and you can pick up your newly adopted son first thing in the morning. We can hold off on it if in you like."

I almost yelled, "No, no sir, first thing in the morning will do just fine sir."

As the night fell onto this sleepy little town, I was too excited for morning to hurry up and get the fuck here so I could take full custody of David. Sleeping was the last thing on my mind as I lay there, tossing and turning, unable to keep my excited eyes closed for no more than a minute.

Finally, the morning came and I was standing tall at the orphanage. My new son came bursting down the hall carrying a small overnight bag. I signed one last form, then the two of us drove away. Just as I pulled onto the main highway, David brushed back his tears, staring at me, then whispered, "I can't believe this is real, this is really happening. You really adopted me Mr. Shawn. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaawwwwwwwdddddddddddd, I'm finally adopted!"

We drove the 12 hours, stopping for bathroom breaks and food to my, I mean our, home. Seeing our home, David was filled with pure excitement as he ran around from room to room, exploring everything, including the outside pool area. We took a shower together, and it was I who found myself sucking his boy cock once more, groaning in luxurious delight to his virtually tasteless watery cum.

I fucked David's ass at the pool, on the kitchen table, in the garage, on the stairs, in the bed, and in the tub nearly all night long. He couldn't get enough of my cock up his magical ass, and I certainly couldn't get enough of it either. I ate his delicious ass like a bear devouring fresh honey, over and over again, time after time. Just when I thought I was totally exhausted, David would do something to make my cock get hard, then we'd go at it some more.

Now, as I sit here typing this story, glancing over to my left, I see my little star born angel lost in a sleep world, and his prized perfect cock is beckoning me like some powerful magnet, drawing me to it. So, pardon me if I must go, but my mouth is watering severely at looking at his rock hard breath taking perfect chunk of pure boy heaven. What would you be doing if you were me at this present moment?