This is a story that contains consensual interactions of a sexual nature between an ADULT male, and a MINOR male (Man-boy sex). If this is your thing, read on. If it's not and this offends you, then I ask: What are you doing here? You hardly arrived all the way here by accident. You probably had to click trough several menus. Which means you are at least curious. No judgements. Enjoy the story.

Everything that I have written is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, things, or events, are purely coincidental. You might know someone named like my characters, that's entirely possible. But trust me, they're made up.

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This is an interesting and fun little scenario that I developed in my head, and decided to write it. It's my first story.

It might be a little (or more than a little) long and drawn out, but that's just the way it came out, and then again, I wrote it mostly for my own amusement. Sharing it was not my original intention.

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I have no plans on writing anything else. But if there's any interest, maybe I will. There's definitely more to the story.

Last, I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. I don't apologize for anything else.

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It was a few months ago, when, after a long day at the office, I parked my car at my apartment building and closed my eyes for a moment. After an especially hectic day, I enjoy that moment when I turn off my car and listen to the silence.

I work in the downtown area of my city, a corporate job with meetings, phone calls, and constant chaos all day. Always with the roaring of cars, trains, and buses on the background. I like my job, and it pays well, but it's always a relief when I get to enjoy that first moment of silence after a long day. It's why I specifically chose this apartment building, it's located in a very quiet place.

I got off my car and walked to the building. It was already night, maybe about 8pm. Good, I thought, Maybe I'll get lucky. I sat on the building stairs for a while, enjoying the night sounds and killing time. It was 15 minutes before I heard a car approach from the street and head to the parking area. I recognized the car as it rounded the corner of the building and knew I was indeed lucky that day.

Out of sight, I heard the car being parked, shut off, and the sounds of 2 people getting out. I heard their footsteps as they neared the corner and grinned in anticipation. Soon enough I saw the two figures as they approached the entrance to the building.

The first one was a stunningly beautiful woman, with delicate features and long dirty blonde hair. She had clear colored eyes and a slim, athletic figure. I knew her to be about 45 years old, but fighting off age effortlessly. She was wearing her usual casual hippie style clothing. I always guessed she could be of some sort of European descent, but I'm not sure even she knows.

The second one was even more stunningly beautiful. A 12-year-old boy, very much his mother's son, with the same dirty blonde hair, worn a little longer than usual for boys his age, with smooth tanned skin and same delicate, slightly feminine features. Same large, beautiful clear colored eyes, although of a more bluish gray shade. He was wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt and skinny jeans that perfectly accentuated his lean body. It was him I was hoping to see.

"Hi, Mr. Diaz, what are you doing sitting here?" he asked as he flashed me a big warm smile. He seems to be always happy to see me, which makes ME happy, although I'm aware that it's just the way he greets people.

"Hi, Wilder. I've told you a million times, it's Mark. Hi, Mrs. Freeborn." I got up and greeted both of them, before turning my attention to the boy. "You know I like to sit here and enjoy the quiet if the night. How was your day? Where are you coming from?"

"Great! I was on my guitar class. I'm getting really good!" He smiled even wider.

"Awesome! You need to show me sometime. Maybe one day you'll even be better than me!" I joked. I play guitar but I'm not very good at it.

They both laughed as they headed in. "Sure thing Mr. ...Mark. See ya around!"

I smiled and sat down again, happy for the encounter. I was well aware that this is about the time they got home from Wilder's guitar lesson. It's not that I'm a stalker, but I can't help but be observant of patterns (which actually helps me at my job) and after a few months living in the building, I basically knew all the routines of the various tenants. It allowed me to slightly alter my routines so as to avoid who I want to avoid, and bump into who I'm interested in talking to.

I was always interested in bumping into and talking to Wilder Freeborn. I'm 35 years old and I identify as (mostly) straight. But I do have an attraction to young boys. Which I guess makes me bisexual? It's strictly boys, though, not men. Which have a more feminine type figure than men do, so make of that what you will. I'm not interested in labels or categories.

Wilder's mother is one of those vegan, everything organic and natural, gluten free hippie chick. She's actually a really nice person, if a little dry and mostly emotionless (something her son didn't inherit, thankfully). She seems to always live in her own world. I don't think she neglects Wilder, but she doesn't seem to pay that much attention to him. Which is kinda sad since Wilder's father seems to be out of the picture. I don't really know the story. The last name Freeborn fits her perfectly. I'm pretty sure she knows this, and I guess naming her kid Wilder was in keeping with that theme.

Wilder is truly a marvelous kid. Always happy, always brimming with energy, always flashing that happy, playful smile. It's impossible not to like him. He is also a very attractive, pretty boy. He's the only boy in the building, and actually the only boy that I saw on a regular basis. I was single and had been for a while, so I felt lonely at times. These short interactions with Wilder gave me short flashes of happiness. Ever since I first met him when I moved into the building, I had tried to time my daily routines to match with his as much as I could. Which is not as often I would have liked to, because I sometimes worked long hours, or stayed in the city until late at night, dining or drinking with friends and coworkers. Even with our limited contact, we had become quite friendly. I thought he was a somewhat lonely kid.

Feeling good about things, the stress of the day gone, I took the elevator to the third floor and went into my apartment. I Went into the living room and turned on the laptop. It was only after I turned it on that I realized it had felt warm. Maybe I imagined it, I thought. I picked out a movie and used my Google Chrome device to cast it to my TV. I have a nice 75-inch screen with good surround sound and enjoy watching movies. I got snack and a glass of wine and settled in to watch the movie.


Wilder closed the door to his apartment. As soon as he turned back, he saw his mother had already gone to her room. That made him a bit sad, but he was used to it. She was a good mother, just not very warm and loving. Or fun to be around. She never really played or did fun stuff with him. He was used to entertaining himself.

He though about Mr. Diaz. Mark. Nice guy. But he's home early tonight, so I can't do what I wanted to do tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning. Yeah.

He grabbed a book he was reading. A science fiction novel, his kind of thing. His mother, of course, did not own a TV, and would not allow him to have one, even if he was able to save money for one. The one in the building lobby had only network channels, and in any case was only available until 8pm, because of noise complaints, or some other dumb reason. His mother had a phone, but she wouldn't give him one. It didn't matter, he liked to read. And he had ways of getting access to TV and Netflix if he wanted to. At least most of the times. He was proud of being able to obtain most of the things he wanted, by his own resourcefulness.

He settled into the couch with the book, and was pretty soon lost on a different world.


I woke up and hastily looked at my phone. As it happens sometimes, I had fallen asleep on the couch, fully clothed, this time in the middle of the third movie. I had not set my phone alarm, and it was 7:30 am. A bit late for me to do my full morning routine, but I could still get to work on time. Relieved, I got up, showered, and dressed for work. Most companies downtown require employees to wear business suits, but fortunately we're allowed to dress business casual. Which makes it more comfortable, but also harder since I have no actual fashion sense, and no woman in my life to give me fashion advice.

It was a Tuesday, which meant I wasn't sure if I would get to see Wilder. Most days his mother takes him to her sister's house in the morning, who takes care of him and serves as a homeschool teacher, since the boy doesn't actually go to school. But Tuesdays is a wild card day, for some reason. I haven't been able to determine a pattern.

Once I finished my morning routine, I went out and was happy to see Wilder sitting in the building lobby couch. The building has a common area with pool table, a TV, and a small exercise room.

"Hey Wilder. What are you doing up so early?" I asked.

"Hi, Mr...Mark. Hey, I remembered!" He smiled proudly. "I'm not going to my aunt's today, my mom is in her room doing who knows what, and I got tired of reading in my room. There's better light here. I'm thinking of going to the park and ride my bike."

"Well, I know you like to exercise. What are you reading?"

His eyes lit up. "It's an amazing book! Science fiction! You wanna know what it's about?" he asked.

"Sure! I enjoy a good science fiction book. Maybe I'll read and we can discuss it together," I told him sincerely.

He smiled and then proceeded to give a rapid, breathless, disjointed explanation of the plot of the book, which sounded very complicated, but which he appeared to understand quite clearly, even if he seemed to be incapable of summarizing it coherently, perhaps due to his excitement in having someone with whom he could share it.

I asked him a few clarifying questions to try to understand the basic premise, and we spent a few minutes on the topic. While we were talking, I couldn't help but be marveled by his boyish energy, his beautiful face, his high-pitched voice, sweet and excited, his eyes wide open and so full of expression. He was talking in an excited way that suggested that he didn't usually have anyone to talk to about these things, which made me a little sad, but also happy that I was able to give him some happiness.

After a few minutes I promised to buy a copy of the book to read, and said goodbye to him. He seemed a little disappointed, as was I, that we couldn't continue the chat, but I didn't want to be late for work.

I had just hit the freeway which takes me downtown when I mentally slapped myself and let out a roar of frustration. I had forgotten my laptop. I have two, the one I use at home, and the one I use for work, which I usually carry to and from my office and my apartment, in case I have to work at home. I would love to be able to access my work files from my home computer, so that I don't have to keep carrying my work laptop with me, but my company has this strict IT setup that makes that impossible. Which means I have to go through this at least once a month, when I forget my laptop and have to return to my apartment to get it. Usually since I drive early to work, I can still make it in time. But on this occasion, I had already been late out of my apartment, and I had gotten distracted by Wilder.

I frustratedly got off the freeway, took the return, speeded back to my building and screeched into my parking spot. I was sure I'd get a complaint for that. People in the building are ridiculous. You can't even use the lobby TV after 8pm. I ran up the stairs, 3 at a time, which is faster than taking the elevator, and slammed open my apartment door. At this point I realized that I was already late for work, so there was no point hurrying. It's company policy that you're either late, or on time. Which means it's the same if you're 1 minute late, or 1 hour. The few minutes I would save by hurrying would not make much of a difference.

Calmer now, I took a few breaths and went to the living room. My work laptop was besides my home laptop, which I keep on my desk besides the window. I looked out the window and saw that I didn't park correctly and was invading another parking spot. Another complain? I couldn't give less of a shit.

I grabbed my laptop, but first mistakenly grabbed the wrong one, my home laptop. Did it feel warm again? I couldn't be sure. Maybe the sunlight coming through the window heated it, I thought. I grabbed the correct one and stopped. I realized that I was already late, so I might as well finish my usual morning routine, which I had not finished earlier.

I fired up my home laptop, and thought for a few seconds, before making my decision. I selected the appropriate folder, which contained some carefully selected images. I clicked on the slide show function, unzipped my pants, and sat down.

It's part of my morning routine to jerk off before going out. I do it twice a day, in the mornings before going out to work, and at nights before going to bed. I find it helps to keep me calm and relaxed. I hadn't done it last night because I fell asleep, and hadn't done it that morning since I was late. Missing a double jerking off session was unusual, so I thought I'd better take the opportunity.

I usually chose either one of my attractions. Either I jerk off to regular straight porn (usually featuring younger, slimmer girls. Preferable short and with small breasts), or to boys. Which again, share similar physical characteristics. On that second option, I have no intention of seeking out pornographic material, so I'm quite satisfied with web images of boys in speedos and/or shirtless. Of particular interest to me are images that show their legs and bare feet or socks, and their armpits. Don't ask me why, I don't think most people can explain their particular fetish.

I did my thing, this time using my web-sourced curated images of attractive boys, presented as a random slideshow. As usual, it didn't take me more than a few minutes. I cleaned up and made sure to grab my work computer before heading back to work. Hopefully this day would turn out better than it had started.


Wilder's heart was pounding. For more than one reason. He stood still for what seemed like a million hours, holding his breath, before finally letting it out slowly. It took him a few more minutes for him to be able to hear above the pounding of his heart.

He had almost been caught. He had known that what he was doing was risky, and might get him in a lot of trouble. But he had been doing it for a couple of weeks now, without ever being close to getting caught. Mark was usually very predictable when it came to his schedule. It actually seemed like they had pretty similar schedules, they bumped into each other so frequently. He had never seen Mark return so quickly to his apartment once he drove off to work.

The first time he had sneaked into his apartment, he had been scared. He had found a stack of old keys in the building manager's office, while snooping around. They were in the bottom drawer of an old cabinet. They weren't labeled or organized in any way, so he was pretty sure the manager wouldn't miss them if he stole a few. He had then spent the better part of a day trying them out all over the building. One of them opened a supply closet, one of them opened an apartment that was vacant, and for one of them he was never able to find the right door. The fourth one open Mark's apartment.

That one being the most interesting one, and he being naturally curious, he had gone into the room. He had been surprised by how nice it was. A lot nicer than his mother's, even though they were basically the same layout. His had been specially interested in the living room, just off the main hallway. It had a huge TV, a comfortable couch, and a desk by the window with a laptop.

It was a couple of days after his first "visit" that he had decided to do it again, and then again and again. At first, he had just marveled at how nice it looked and felt, imagining that he lived in it. Then he had gotten bolder.

He had figured that since the window saw directly to the parking lot, where he could clearly see Mark's parking spot, he had sufficient time to get out of the apartment if he saw or heard Mark returning. Also, the building's elevator was absurdly slow (it was faster to take the stairs!), so there was little chance of getting caught.

He had started using the laptop and the TV

He had applied all his considerable intelligence and street smarts to avoid getting caught. He made sure Mark had driven away. He made sure not to move anything. He had been quick to figure out how the laptop, TV, and sound system connected to each other, and made sure it all stayed the same. He made sure not to touch any files and erase any history of his computer use. He made sure to keep the volume low and the window slightly open so he could hear if mark drove up. At any time, he was ready to clean up every evidence of his presence and be out of the apartment quickly. He had even timed Mark, secretly watching him from behind the lobby couch, timing how long it took between parking his car and getting to his door. He had then practiced and timed his escape routine, and was sure he would make it out on time.

He had lately been spending a significant amount of his free time (which he had a lot of) in Mark's apartment, watching movies, playing video games, and surfing the internet. Mark was gone most of the day, and even late at night sometimes, so there were plenty of opportunities. At one point, he had heard Mark pull up earlier than expected, and had applied his escape routine successfully.

But something had gone wrong this time. Mark had returned almost immediately, so he had had his guard down. He had panicked momentarily, losing precious seconds. Mark usually took his time and walked slowly, but this time he ran. He had then heard the distant thump of someone running up the stairs! He had just finished cleaning up all the evidence when he had seen Mark slam open the apartment door. For a second, he had thought the reason Mark was acting so strangely was that he had found out he was here, and was mad as hell. He had frozen in the middle of the living room.

But then he had heard Mark slow down, as if he had calmed down. He had snapped out and had dove behind the couch just as Mark entered the living room. Heart pounding, he had stayed down. As long as Mark didn't circle the couch, which he had no reason to do, he wouldn't be seen. He had then tried to stay as quiet as possible to avoid being heard.

He had felt a sneeze coming and had groaned inwardly at the timing and the cliché, but then had mentally cursed the sneeze away. He had sighed a little too loudly and had frozen again, but Mark hadn't appeared to hear.

He had stayed there for a few minutes, but had only heard Mark clicking at the computer. Wondering why exactly Mark had returned after just a few minutes, in an apparent hurry, just to calmly sit at the computer, he had decided to raise his head a little to sneak a peak. If Mark was sitting at the computer, his back would be to him, so he had hoped to be safe.

He had raised his head just above the couch where he could see in the desk's direction. He had been a little surprised at what he had seen. There was a picture on the computer. A boy about his age, siting on the beach, wearing speedos, his hands behind his head. The image then changed to a boy in white briefs, raising his feet to the camera. After a few seconds, the image shifted to 2 boys wrestling shirtless. He had continued to watch, curious, as similar images of boys circulated on the screen. He had realized with curiosity that some of those boys looked very much like him.

He had also noticed that Mark was shaking. At first he had thought he was having a seizure or something. He didn't know exactly what that was, but he had once seen a guy shake violently, and he heard someone called that a seizure. He had wondered if he should try to get help. But then he would be caught, so he had stayed put. Then he had realized what was happening.

He might have been twelve, and kind of a loner, but he knew things. He had heard about jerking off. Masturbating, he thought he heard someone call it once. He didn't know exactly what it was and how it was done, but he knew it involved doing things with your dick. Or to your dick. He had tried it a couple of times, where he made his dick hard by touching it and then sort of...messed around with it. He had tried pressing it to his pillow a couple of times. It felt good, and he had continued doing it a couple of times.

There was this pretty girl, about 13 or 14, that he had seen at the park a couple of times and once had seen her sitting on a bench when he walked past. Her legs had been open, and he had seen a flash of her underwear for a fraction of a second. His dick had gotten super hard and he couldn't get it down, so he had to go hide behind some trees. He had then found out that when he thought about that moment when he played with his dick, it felt good.

Was that what Mark was doing? Jerking off? He could only see his back, but his pants were on his ankles, and his hand had appeared to be doing that motion that Wilder was starting to get familiar with. But what about the images on the computer? Was that similar to him thinking of the girl in the park? But the boys were a lot younger than Mark!

Wilder had heard about boys that like boys, but on his limited worldview, people liked each other around their same age range. Thinking about it, he was smart enough to realize at that moment that that may have been stupid of him. He certainly knew older women that were attractive. He was not sure if he was attracted to them in THAT way, but it could be. He had found the girl in the park attractive. Why couldn't a man as old as Mark be attracted to that same girl? Or a boy that age, for that matter? Mark wasn't really that old anyway (maybe 25? He had never asked). Certainly younger than his mother.

He had heard a shift in Mark's actions and realized he was no longer doing what he was doing and was in the process of pulling up his pants and turning off his computer. Wilder had dove back behind the couch. He had heard shuffling sounds, and had then heard the door open and close as Mark left the apartment.

He had stayed there for a while until he had been sure Mark had left and was not coming back. He had slowly calmed down and his heartbeat had returned to normal. Now he was thinking more clearly. He got up and half collapsed on Mark's couch.

His mind was racing. One thing was obvious. Mark like boys. And like as in "like". And what's more, he seemed to be attracted to boys of a similar type to Wilder himself. It wasn't a big leap of logic to conclude that Mark was also attracted to Wilder. The thought made him feel strange. He had never thought about someone being attracted to him. Girls his age, the few he knew, didn't seem to have any interest in him that way. Strange that an interest in him came from a totally unexpected source.

Is that why he's always so nice to me? Is he trying to get close to me? What are his intentions? Am I in any danger of being harmed? He dismissed that last thought. Mark had always been very polite, never gave any indication that he was trying to do something to (or with) him that was inappropriate. In his young innocent mind, that was sufficient to convince him that Mark was harmless.

Wilder was not a bad kid. He was a sweet, sensitive, innocent kid, untouched by malice, perhaps because he had had little contact with other kids, or with technology. He would never intentionally hurt anyone. This was something innate in him, since his mother really didn't bother to guide him in any sort of moral path. But because of this same reason, he had always had to rely on his intelligence to get what he wanted. He had no problem bending the rules, and lying and manipulating to obtain something. He even stole some small items a few times. As long as he didn't hurt anyone.

Which is why his next though was: How can I use this knowledge to my advantage? He thought about for a minute. Mark certainly had interesting toys. Just the computer and TV were enough. But he also had cool guitars in his bedroom, which Wilder had never had the courage to touch. He thought that if he befriended Mark, maybe Mark would let him use his stuff. Isn't that what friends do? He thought about it for a moment, and decided that we would do just that. He would make friends with Mark, and in that way get access to his apartment without having to sneak in. He knew what Mark liked. Even down to specific body parts that he seemed to focus on. He HAD what Mark liked. It wouldn't be hard.

Reaching that conclusion made him strangely satisfied. If he had dug a little deeper into his feelings, he would have realized that the idea of making a friend, even under these unusual circumstances, made him happy. He didn't really have any close friends, even if he was friendly by nature. He liked Mark, but because of the age difference, he always sort of thought that Mark was just being polite to him, and had no real interest in a friendship.

A plan forming in his head, he left Mark's apartment and went home.


I got back from work again at around 7pm, earlier than usual. I had arrived about 30 minutes late to work in the morning. We don't punch a clock, but people notice and stare when you don't show up on time, and things like that may come in an evaluation down the line. Then the day went downhill. That's just the way it is some days.

I was glad to be able to finally rip myself off from the office and head home. I enjoyed, as usual, the night silence as I got off the car, but I didn't linger this time. This day of the week, Wilder is usually inside his apartment by this hour.

I went inside and was surprised to find Wilder sitting on the lobby couch, reading his book. He glanced up when he heard me come in and his eyes lit up, almost as he was expecting me. He smiled widely, which made my stomach flutter.

"Hi Mark!" He beamed at me.

"Hi, Wilder. What are you doing here at this hour?" I asked.

"Welll.." He hesitated and looked down. "I was actually hoping to see you."

"Really? Why?"

"I wanted to ask you a big favor."

Anything, I thought. Out loud I asked, "Sure, what can I do for you?"

"Well you see, my book, it has maps." He opened it to the last page and showed me. "They're useful to understanding the plot of the story. But it's difficult to be constantly going back and forth between the story and the map. So I was thinking I could print out a map and it would be easier to read. But I don't have a computer or printer."

"Ah, well I do. I can certainly help you with that," I offered.

"Really?! That'd be awesome! If you want, I can pay you, I have some money saved up." His excited smile made me happy that I could do something for him.

"No, don't worry about it. Come on up with me." He followed me to the elevator and to my apartment. All the time I couldn't stop glancing sideways at him. He was a beautiful boy, and just being this close to him and talking to him made me feel good. You're ridiculous, I told myself. It sounds like you're in love with him. Maybe I was, a little.

I opened the door to my apartment and hesitated for a moment, deciding whether to invite him in or not. I decided not to, since I didn't think it would be appropriate to have a young boy in my apartment, however much I wanted to. "Wait here, I'll look it up and print it out for you, OK?"

I saw him frown, almost as if he didn't like what I had said, which was strange. "Yeah...sure...I'll wait." He seemed to be thinking about something. I left him there and went into the apartment when I heard him call me. "Wait! How are you going to know which is the correct map?"

Hmmm...He had me there. I went back to the door. "OK, come on in, you can look it up and tell me which one it is so I can print it," I said. He seemed happy about that and bounded in after me. I went to the living room and fired up the computer. I turned back to signal him that he could sit at the desk and look for the map.

He was staring at the living room as if he were in shock. "Duuuuuude...this place is so awesome!" he said, his eyes open wide.

I laughed. "Yeah, I like to watch movies, so I have a good setup here. The computer's on, you can look for what you need, and I'll print I up for you."

He shook his head, still in disbelief at what he was seeing. "I would love to have a place like this. My mom doesn't even have a TV!" He kept muttering about this as he sat down and started clicking. I watched him, acutely aware of the fact that this amazing beautiful boy, who I enjoyed "accidentally" bumping into, was not sitting on my apartment. I shook my head just as he had previously, and went to the kitchen to get a beer.

I was opening the bottle when I heard him call out. "I got it!"

I returned to the living room and he had a few images on the screen. "Can you print all these out for me? Please?" He gave me a hopeful smile that made me want to kiss him, but I restrained myself.

"Sure. Here, let me do it." I leaned over him to reach for the computer mouse and started printing the images. My face was almost right over his head as I was doing this. For a moment, I caught the scent of his hair. My heart started beating faster and I discreetly took a couple of deep breaths while I continued printing, taking as much time as I could.

A little lightheaded, I printed the last one, took the sheets from the printer and handed them to him. "Here you go! Don't close the images, I'm going to use them as well, remember? I plan on reading the book." I was being sincere. Anything to get me an excuse to talk to him.

"Aright, thanks!" He smiled and started to head back out, but not before stopping to stare again at the TV. He hesitated for a moment. "You know, you should invite me to watch a movie sometime," he said. His voice was quieter than usual.

I choked a little on my beer but hid it well. I hadn't really expected that question, and it took me by surprise. I thought that it had never occurred to me that Wilder would be interested in being in my apartment. But his mother being the way she was, well, why wouldn't he be? It had also never occurred to me to use what I had in my apartment as a way to befriend him. That sounded suspiciously close to creepy "luring boys into my apartment" behavior. Which is not what I'm about.

But the question came from HIM. It's not like I offered. I wanted to say yes, but I'm very careful about not doing things that appear to be inappropriate. I'm pretty sure his mother would not be happy about it.

That last thought solved it for me. But I guess I had been thinking too long, so he spoke before I could. "Hey, it's ok, I was kidding. Just kidding," he said. He looked like he was worried that he had said the wrong thing.

"Hey, no, don't worry, it's fine," I said. "Look, actually I wouldn't mind if you watched a movie with me. I'm alone most of the time and always like company. But I'm sure your mother wouldn't like you being in a strange man's house, even if it's on the same building." That sounded reasonable, and very likely to be true.

He rolled his eyes. "Have you met my mother?" he asked.

Good point. "She's a lovely woman," I said, neutrally.

"Yeah well, I'm sure won't mind. Hey, if you aren't busy, I can ask her right now and we can watch a movie!" he said excitedly, but then backed off a little, perhaps thinking he was being too forward. "I mean, if that's OK with you. But you said you didn't mind? Or maybe you have other plans?"

hmmmm, I thought. This kid is a step ahead of me. He had backed me into a corner. And I was indeed planning on watching a movie. I thought for a moment and realized it really couldn't hurt. I was sure her mother wouldn't let him, anyway. And if she did, well it would make my day.

"Aright, listen, if your mother says its OK, then yes, we can watch a movie," I conceded.

His smiled hugely and, without any other word, he ran out of my apartment. I sat down, my head spinning a little bit.

After a few minutes I heard a knock on the door. It was Wilder. he was excited. "She said it's OK!" he exclaimed happily. I saw that for some reason he had changed from his jeans and polo shirt to shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt.

I was having mixed feelings. I didn't really expect that, but then again, it was true what he had said about his mother. But I was still worried about having a boy in my apartment. It wasn't that I was worried about me DOING something inappropriate, I have good control of myself. I was worried that it wouldn't LOOK appropriate. But if her mother gave her consent, then what was the problem?

Still, I wanted to be sure all was in order. "Let me talk to your mother, aright?" I asked.

"Sure," he said, pouting a little. He led me to his apartment and knocked on the door. After a few minutes, his mother came out.

"Hi Mom, Mark just wanted to make sure that it was OK for me to watch a movie in his apartment with him."

She looked up from him to me, a little reproachfully. "Well, I don't believe in having a TV in the house, but I know he finds a way to watch it anyway, so if that's what he wants to do that's fine with me, I guess." She looked at him suspiciously, "You didn't intrude on him, did you?"

I intervened. "No, Mrs. Freeborn, he asked very politely and I was planning on watching a movie anyway."

"Ok, Good. Off you go, then," She glanced back insider her room. She seemed distracted now, as if she was thinking about whatever it is she had been doing.

"One more thing, Mrs. Freeborn, at what time do you want him back at your apartment?" I felt a little ridiculous asking that, it sounded like I was taking him out on a date. But I had to know, I didn't want to cross any boundaries.

"Huh?" She got a confused look and didn't seem to understand the question. "Oh! Well, I go to sleep at 11 pm, so Wilder, whenever you get back, make sure to keep quiet." Which both did and didn't answer the question.

She closed the door and Wilder smirked at me. "I told you she wouldn't care!"


Back at the apartment, I closed the door as Wilder practically ran to the living room. I stayed for a few moments in thought, realizing that I was about the spend the evening with a young beautiful boy, alone in my apartment. Behave yourself! I though. I knew I would, since I had never done anything inappropriate with boys. On the other hand, once I outgrew that age, I hadn't really had much contact with boys. Wilder was probably already the boy I had had most contact with for the last 20 years. The was just the circumstances of my life.

I had been aware of my attraction to boys since a young age. At first I thought I was just gay, or maybe bisexual, but then I grew up and my age of attraction, when it came to boys, didn't. The fact that I also happened to like girls, on the younger side but within a socially acceptable age range, well, I guess that helped me get over any frustration I could have for having limited contact with boys, and I never did anything to pursue more opportunities to meet boys.

I went into the living room, and Wilder has lying on the couch, his hands behind his head. Because his shirt was sleeveless, I could see his smooth hairless armpits, paler than his tanned face. I gulped. I saw that he had his shoes on. Half because of my need for order and cleanliness and half because of...well I've mentioned my fetish, I asked him to remove his shoes.

He did, which left me with a young, beautiful, incredibly sexy 12-year-old boy, sitting on my couch, showing me his socks and armpits. I felt short of breath, and I felt my dick twitch.

The couch is not very long, so even with his short stature, he still covered almost all the length of the couch, leaving me very little space to sit. He even appeared to be purposefully stretching as much as possible.

"Where are you going to sit?" he asked. "You don't fit here!"

"Yeah, well that is MY spot." I pointed to his feet. "So, either move, or your feet will be crushed." I saw down without waiting for him and he removed his feet just in time.

"Well, you should get a bigger couch! I can't stretch all the way with you taking so much of the space!" He pouted playfully.

As he was starting to shift to change to a sitting position, I had a lightning-fast inner debate. "Listen, if you want, stay there and place your feet on my lap," I said, traying to sound casual even though my heart was pounding.

"Aright, cool." He placed his feet on my lap, resting them on my thigh, thankfully well away from my dick, which had started to get interested in what was going on.

With his feet on my lap, I reached the remote and we spent a few minutes deciding on a movie. We finally settled on an action/drama flick, and I clicked play. When the movie started, I set the remote on the table, and realized I didn't know where to put my hands, since their usual place was now occupied by Wilder's feet. I stayed with my elbows raised in an awkward position for a few seconds before carefully placing my hands over his feet.

"Are you sure you're comfortable with my feet there?" he asked after a few minutes.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'm pretty conformable," I said truthfully.

"Are you sure my feet don't smell?" he laughed.

I laughed as well and sniffed the air a couple times. "Nope, all good!"

"Well, maybe because you're not up close. How about now?" He raised his right foot suddenly and placed it directly on my face, right under my nose.

My stomach jumped a little when I felt the fabric of his sock pressing my nose. I did a couple of exaggerated sniffs and made a face. "Ewww..."

"So? Do they smell?" he asked, giggling and wiggling his toes.

"Nah, they smell good, like fresh laundry!" This was true. I had actually inhaled pretty deeply. I detected maybe a tiny hint of a damp, musty smell. Very pleasant. He laughed and lowered his foot back on my lap. My hands resumed their position over his feet.

We watched the movie in silence for a while. I wasn't paying attention. I was very conscious of the position of my hands, which were frozen in place, and were lightly touching both his sock and the skin of his ankle. It felt good. After a while I started slowly moving my thumbs around, in what I hoped came off as an absentminded way, but wasn't absentminded at all. I was fully aware of every single movement and sensation. His skin felt smooth and warm. The fabric of his sock light and soft. Then I got bolder, little by little, to the point where I was giving him a very light foot and ankle massage.

I glanced at him. He was absorbed in the movie and hadn't seemed to notice anything. So I continued with what I was doing.

After a few minutes he spoke, startling me. "Hey, you mind if I have something to drink? I'm kinda thirsty."

"Yeah sure, what do you want?" I asked.

"Whatever you have. Water, soda, juice. But just tell me where it is, and I'll get it." I appreciated him being helpful.

"No, don't worry, I'll get it for you. I have soda. Is Coke ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, perfect!" He smiled warmly, which made my heart melt again. Such a beautiful smile.

I got up and went to the kitchen to pour a Coke.



Well, everything was going perfectly. He was inside Mark's apartment, which was a good first step. Mark had so far been very friendly and appeared to be comfortable with him. He had massaged his feet, which Wilder was sure Mark had enjoyed more than a little. Wilder found that he actually liked Mark a lot, and was glad that they were starting to become friends. Or were they? Wasn't he just using Mark? Confused thoughts raced to his head, conflicting thoughts about him befriending Mark because he was a cool guy, or because of what he could get from him. It was too much for him to fully process, but whatever the case, he felt that he was on the right track.

Time to up my game, Wilder thought. But he knew he had to be careful. He wanted Mark to like being with him, without accidently making Mark think that Wilder was attracted to him. Because he wasn't. I mean, it's not like he found Mark repulsive or anything. He was actually a very good-looking guy. But well, Wilder liked girls, didn't he? That's just the way it was.



I poured a glass coke and replaced my beer. Back in the living room, Wilder was splayed on the couch. I marveled once more at his slim form and the exposed skin his of his arms, legs and armpits. His shirt had ridden up, giving me a nice view of his stomach. He had an innie.

He stretched his hand to me and I gave him the glass of Coke. I swatted his feet ("Ow!") out of the way and sat down.

I was expecting him to sit up to drink from the glass, but of course, being a 12 year old boy, he attempted to do it while still lying down. I saw him try to slowly tip the glass to his mouth, which he had puckered out to try to reduce the angle of the glass as much as he could. I've tried that maneuver enough times to know that it doesn't end well. Which of course it didn't. He spilled the soda all over his shirt.

He gave a short yell and quickly got up. I'm a bit paranoid of having stains on the couch, but fortunately he recovered quickly and was able to keep the spill contained within his shirt, but now that he was standing it was slowly dripping into his shorts and all the way to the floor. In a swift move, he removed his shirt and pressed it again his shorts to try to absorb everything. But it kept dripping to his legs and puddling around his socks. In 2 more swift moves, he quickly removed his shirts and socks and pressed all his clothes to the floor.

This, of course, also meant that I now had a beautiful, hot young boy, standing 2 feet from me in my living room, in his underwear.

"I'm sorry! It was an accident! He looked mortified, either because of the spill, being in his underwear, or perhaps both. "I know my mother would kill me if I got soda on the couch!"

In a few seconds, my brain took it all in. His smooth white body with a slight tan. His flat chest and belly, abs clearly visible. Tiny, soft looking light brown nipples. Thin arms, but strong looking. Smooth legs. Even his feet looked incredible sexy. Small and narrow, with cute small toes and perfectly trimmed nails. All over, he looked lean, yet healthy, strong and athletic. No excess fat, but not excessively thin or waifish. A perfect specimen of a boy. In all his moves, he radiated energy, as if he was ready to explode in action at any second. His moves were fluid, strong, confident, precise. It was like watching a work of art.

He was wearing only boxer shorts of what looked like very thin fabric. They looked small on him. They were low on his hips, which exposed his v-shape, and ended well above his knees, showing a good portion of his legs. And I could clearly see the outline of his dick and balls, pressed against the thin fabric. I'm not sure if he was well endowed or not (I'm not sure what the average is on a 12 years old), but the package looked of an interesting size. Definitely not small.

My heart skipped and my stomach fluttered like crazy. I was in awe and had to actually snap my mouth shut, which I hoped he hadn't noticed.

He kept blustering apologies, and I snapped out of my trance, "Hey don't worry, it's fine, it's fine. No damage done. That was a great save. You have good moves, like a gymnast." I laughed to clear the tension from the air and did a quick exaggerated imitation of his moves.

He laughed and relaxed. "I'm sorry, trying to drink like that was a bad idea."

"Like I said don't worry about it. Go get cleaned and get a change of clothes while I finish cleaning up." The floor was still a little sticky.

"Yeah, OK, I'll be right back. Uhmmmmm..." he hesitated.

"What?" I asked, sensing his hesitation.

"Well, I don't want to go all the way to my apartment in my underwear. It's on the other side of the building! I don't want everyone to see me!"

"What's the big deal? I'M seeing you in your underwear." Oh, yes, I was. And I was enjoying it!

"Yeah, well that's embarrassing enough! At this hour, I'll run into half the building!"

"Well, I don't know. Maybe you can borrow some of my clothes?" I offered.

"Hmm I don't know which one will make me look more ridiculous."

I had to laugh. "OK, then I don't know what to do."

"Can we just finish watching the movie? I'll go get changed a little later, by then everybody will be in their apartments and hopefully no one will see me."

"You're sure? You just said you're embarrassed by me seeing you like this." Why was I arguing?

"A little bit, but this is how I'm usually dressed when I'm home anyway." He shrugged.

I was out of arguments. And more than a little distracted by his body. I liked how his chest expanded when he breathed.

"Hmmm, aright. Let me just clean up." I said. I went to the kitchen and dampened two towels. I gave one to Wilder so he could wipe himself and got down on my knees to wipe the floor.

I expected Wilder to move out of the way so he could better clean himself without being in the way. But he didn't. He stayed right were he was and started dabbing his exposed skin all over where it was now sticky with dried soda. This meant that I was now on my knees, on the floor, my face inches away from his dick. Which, after a quick peek that I couldn't resist sneaking, I now knew for certain that it was circumcised. I could clearly see the head outlined on his boxers.

I took a little longer than I should have cleaning the floor, but finally got up just as Wilder finished cleaning himself. I took both towels to the kitchen. When I returned to the loving room, Wilder had resumed his usual position lying on the couch, arms behind his head, feet occupying my spot. Only this time with far less clothes on. I gulped.

This time I didn't have to swat his feet away, he lifted them straight up, allowing me to sit down. This caused the legs of his shorts, which were already very short, to ride almost all the way up, exposing almost all of his upper leg. My breath failed for a moment, then he lowered his legs again to my lap.

I resumed the movie, but at this point I had no hope of paying any attention. Mi mind was elsewhere. My hands had almost immediately resumed their previous massaging and soft stroking of his feet, but a little less subtle now. I was a worried that he could hear the pounding of my heart, or maybe feel it somehow through his legs or feet. Wilder didn't seem to notice anything as he was back into watching the movie.

I kept glancing at him in what I hoped was a discreet way. I followed with my eyes his thin arms, from behind his head all the way to his smooth armpits and to his chest, rising and falling as he breathed. His tiny nipples, almost lost against his tanned skin. I followed his legs from his feet to his boxers, which were still almost all the way up. The bunching of his boxers was now hiding his dick, but the view of his leg was breathtaking. I could see all the way up to within a few inches of his balls.

I was admiring his upper thigh, a shade whiter than the rest of his leg, when he suddenly raised his knee to his chest and stretched his hand to scratch his foot. He appeared to do it absent-mindedly, but the move allowed me for a split second to catch a glimpse of what I was pretty sure was his scrotum, before he returned his foot to my lap. I felt a big jolt on my stomach.

This was almost too much for me now. I felt flushed, my heart was trying to escape my chest, and I was starting to sweat. My dick was rock hard, but fortunately safely contained from his nearby feet by my jeans. Thank god for that tough fabric. I felt like I had to remove myself from the situation, it was too much for me to handle. I started to panic a little. Maybe if I...

"Holy SHIT!" I was startled from my thoughts by his yell.

"What!? What?!" I asked, a little too shrilly. For a moment I thought he had caught me staring, but I saw that he was staring at the TV.

"Aren't you seeing this!?" No, no I wasn't.

I turned my head to the TV and had to laugh when I saw that it was a strip club scene. A couple of strippers were dancing on stage and one of them, a young brunette, had apparently just taken her bra off, which was still in her hand. She was clearly uncomfortable, but she jiggled her small breast to the raucous customers sitting on the tables. Shit I thought. What kind of movie is this?.

I turned back to Wilder who had his eyes wide open, staring transfixed at the TV. He even appeared to be holding his breath, since I couldn't see his chest moving.

The stripper moved on to the guy's lap, and pressed her breasts to his face. She was clearly not enjoying it, but started grinding into him anyway. "Holy SHIT!" repeated Wilder more loudly.

"Shhh! Someone will hear you!" I said, although it wasn't likely.

"Are you seeing this?!" He repeated.

"Yeah, yeah. I don't know... this seems inappropriate for your age. I think we better change it." I reached for the remote.

"What? No! Don't change it! Come on, pleeease," he pleaded.

"Why do you want to watch that?" I asked, stupidly.

He didn't explain. "Come on, don't change it! Pleeeeease." His eyes had a desperate look and he held his hands together.

Ah, shit. Figuring that seeing a couple of breasts on the screen wouldn't hurt him, I conceded. "Alright, alright. Just don't tell your mother."

He scoffed. "Yeah, don't worry about that."

He continued to stare as the guy started sucking on the stripper's breast. Other guys were groping and making out with other strippers around him. Jesus, I thought, a little uncomfortable. This wasn't the best choice.

I glanced again at him as I had been doing before, but this time I noticed a movement around the bunching of his shorts. The fabric started to rise. Oh god, he's getting an erection! I thought in a slight panic. I froze in place. I couldn't have averted my eyes if a bomb had exploded outside.

He didn't appear to notice what was happening, but he must have felt something uncomfortable because he moved his hand to quickly adjust himself over his boxers. The move almost gave me a heart attack. But all it caused was to position his dick so that it was more obvious. His dick rose slowly but surely, until it was sticking straight up, straining valiantly against the fabric.

It stayed up. I examined it closely, forgetting all about subtlety and caution. It looked small for an adult, but perfectly proportioned for a boy his age and size. Maybe 4-4.5 inches? It was to me the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

I had no idea what to do. Wilder seemed to not have noticed anything. He was still glued to the TV. The strippers were gone, 2 guys were having a heated argument at the bar. But Wilder's dick stayed up. I remember at that age, any random erection could last for hours. I was pretty sure I had to get myself out of this situation, but how? I couldn't even get up from the couch, because my own dick was hurting against my jeans. Shit, what have I gotten myself into? What am I supped to do now?



Well, things had gotten out of his control. Wilder had successfully done the whole spill/remove clothes thing, just as he had planned on doing. He had managed to allow Mark to let him stay in his underwear, which he knew wasn't going to be hard.

Then he had been lying, almost naked, on the couch, his feet comfortably on Mark's lap. He was very comfortable, in fact. He liked Mark, he felt good being with him. At least better than he felt being with his mother.

Any doubt Wilder had about whether Mark was attracted to him or not dissipated as he saw him unsuccessfully try to hide his constant glances. Mark's face was somber, his eyes wide even though he clearly wasn't watching the movie. Wilder had found that he was enjoying the attention. He was enjoying the effect his body was clearly having on Mark. This was a new thing for him, something he had never experienced. It gave him a thrill.

It was at this point that he had considered his efforts successful. He had clearly had an effect on Mark, who now would surely be happy to have him around every day. Specially if Wilder kept accidentally showing off his body some way or another. Yeah, Wilder was enjoying himself more than he had expected, and he was starting to like Mike more than he had expected (as a friend, of course), which made him feel a little guilty, but still, mission accomplished.

Wilder had never intended to be more than just casually suggestive. All his moves he considered mostly innocent. His feet on Mark's lap, letting him play with them, him being shirtless and in his boxers, (which fully covered all the important bits), letting him stare all he wanted...no big deal, really. Just enough to keep Mark interested in having him around.

But then the stripper had come on screen.

Wilder had never seen a pair of naked breasts. He was actually pretty innocent regarding sexuality, his attempts to entice Mark notwithstanding. He had never seen any sort of pornographic material. In fact, other than the occasional picture of a women in a bikini or underwear in magazines at the store, his brief glimpse at that girl's panties in the park was the extent of his exposure to something that was sexually exciting. But this was something else entirely.

He had forgotten momentarily about his intentions with Mark, and focused on the screen. At first he hadn't really felt his dick's reaction, and he had moved to adjust it as a reflex. But that move had alerted him to what was going on. His first instinct had been to reposition himself to hide his boner, but then he just...hadn't. He had stayed there, allowing his dick to grow in full view of Mark. He wasn't sure why.

He had been so far been enjoying Mark's attention, which was not something he had expected. Maybe he had known he would enjoy seeing how Mark would react to seeing his boner. Well, it was worth it. Mark was clearly in bad shape. He had now stopped pretending to watch the movie and had his gaze locked at Wilder's penis, breathing heavily. It made Wilder feel like he was in control, that he had power over Mark. It made him feel...sexy? It was more the concept than the word that entered his thoughts.

He even realized that he was slightly raising his hip to make his boner more prominent. Jesus, he though, what am I doing?

He thought the problem would resolve on its own, but the stripper was gone, and his dick remained stubbornly hard. He remembered the time with the girl in the park. His boner had lasted for hours. He didn't have hours. The movie should be close to finishing.

He grinned. Oh, well. He decided to just keep ignoring it until Mark mentioned something, if he even did. Then he would just pretend he hadn't noticed and act embarrassed. Mark was probably too polite to say anything anyway. He focused again on the movie, until the...



...credits started rolling. I barely noticed. I realized with a start that I had been staring at Wilder's dick for at least 10 minutes straight. I quickly glanced at him. He was still watching the screen.

I tried speaking but no sound came out. I cleared my throat. "Ummmm.. good movie huh?" I said lamely. I couldn't have explained the basic plot to save my life.

Wilder stretched himself, which made his dick quiver slightly. It was still hard. My dick also hadn't gone down. I gulped.

"Yeah, it was good. Thanks for letting me watch it with you!" he said happily. He seemed genuinely grateful, and his warm smile made me happy. I forgot about the problem for a moment.

"No problem. It's better than watching it alone. You're good company." No shit.

"Well...I could head home, but you think maybe we can watch another one? It's still early..." His eyes were pleading.

That wasn't a bad idea. I liked being with him, I was enjoying watching his semi-naked body, and it would give me more time to figure out what to do about his erection.

"What kind of movie do you wanna watch? "I asked.

"Well...I actually had a favorite part of that movie. Maybe we can watch one that has that kind of stuff?" his eyes looked even more pleading.

In retrospect, I should have known what he was talking about, but at the time I totally missed it. "What part was it?"

"Well...the stripper... you know...when she showed her..umm...br..boobs?" he stammered. It was actually quite funny.

"Oh...yeah...well, I don't know, I actually thought I shouldn't have let you see that one. I still think you're too young. I'm not sure if watching another one like that is...you know...appropriate." Besides, I thought, I'm trying to get RID of his boner. Then I thought again, Am I?

"Mmmm... yeah, OK. It's just that I really liked that. I've never seen boobs before!" He looked disappointed.

"Yeah, well, I can see that you really liked it." Oh, shit. That had slipped past me.

He looked puzzled. "What do you mean?" he asked.

Well, I was in it now. No going back. I did a little gesturing glance at his dick, still hard.

He followed my gaze. His reaction was immediate. His eyes opened wide. In a swift motion, he brought his knees to his chest

"SHIT! Oh my god! I didn't notice! I'm so sorry!" He covered his face with both his hands and knees. Even in the middle of this, I couldn't help noticing how this caused his boxers to ride all the way up his leg again, exposing his smooth hamstrings almost all the way up to his butt.

"Hey, hey, don't worry about it! It's OK! It's OK!" I tried to soothe him, but I could understand that he was feeling pretty mortified.

"What do you mean it's OK?! You just saw my DICK! Oh man, this is so embarrassing!"

"Hey, listen, it's really OK. It's actually quite normal, you know." I thought maybe that would calm him down.

He narrowed his eyes from behind his hands. "How is it normal that I just showed you my boner?" he asked.

I laughed. "I mean that it's normal to get a boner when you see something you like. You know, like a naked girl." I shrugged, as if to show that it wasn't a big deal. "Besides, we're both boys. All boys have penises. It's not like I have never seen one."

"Yeah, but it's different because mine is hard." He wasn't convinced.

"True, but it's not like I've never seen another dick with a boner before. When I was younger and stayed at my friends' houses, sometimes one of us would get hard for some reason, we didn't care." This wasn't exactly true, at least in my experience, but I was trying to downplay the whole thing, and I'd heard from other people stories like this, so maybe it WAS true... for someone.

"Hmmm...OK...I guess," he said. Then his eyes narrowed even more. "If it's so normal to get a boner, how come YOU didn't get one?"

Who said I didn't? I thought. "I did, actually. So like I said, don't worry about it" I said, still trying to minimize his embarrassment.

"Really?" he asked. He peeked over his knees and glanced at my crotch, making me jump slightly. "I don't see it."

"Well, I'm sitting down wearing jeans. With the position and the type of fabric fabric, it's easier to hide," I explained.

He thought about it, but looked skeptical. "Are you still hard?"

"Yeah. I am," I answered after thinking quickly. I didn't really want to admit that, but maybe it was better to to admit it if that made him feel better about this whole thing.

"I don't know, I don't believe you. I think you're just trying to make me feel better." He looked like he was starting to get anxious again.

Oh, boy. I was trying to fix the situation by trying to convince him that it was all normal and not a big deal. I guess I had backed myself into a corner now. Aright. Here we go.

I stood up and lifted my shirt slightly. A bulge was visible on the front of my jeans. My dick was throbbing and hurting from the uncomfortable tightness.

Wilder's eyes were wide.


Wilder wasn't sure what he was doing, and wasn't sure exactly what was going on. As he had planned, he had finished the movie with his tent in full view. He was enjoying himself immensely. He had felt a thrill of excitement knowing that he was being watched.

When the movie finished, he had been genuinely interested in watching another movie where he could see more naked girls. That much hadn't been an act. Why had he insisted on this? Maybe because he knew that there wasn't any other way to watch that kind of stuff, except at Mark's apartment, and he really wanted to see more of it.

When Mark had finally said something about his boner, well, he was pretty happy with the way he had reacted. I'm a good actor, he thought. But when Mark had started talking about how it was all normal, and that HE had a boner too, he was, for some reason, curious.

Knowing what he knew about Mark, he did not doubt that he had a boner, but had pretended to be skeptical, expecting Mark to try to prove it. He had found that he was actually interested in seeing Mark's dick. That made him a little confused.

When Mark had gotten up, he had felt a thrill as he saw his dick straining in his jeans. Once again, he felt strange as he realized that he wanted to see more of it.



I sat back down. Mark still had his eye wide open. Oh, shit I panicked a little, Maybe this was out of line.

Wilder turned his eyes to me. "Well, OK. But that wasn't very impressive, you know. I think mine is bigger!"

I had to laugh. "Like I said, it doesn't show that much through my jeans."

Wilder appeared to be thinking. After a few seconds of silence, I said, "So...another movie then?"

"Ok...but I still want to see a movie with boobs!" his face lit up in an expectant smile.

We had already gone deep into the conversation about dicks, so I conceded. "Ok, but I don't know which movie has nude scenes. You really can't know beforehand. Unless it's a porno." I winced as that last part slipped out. I knew where this was headed.

"A porno?" He asked.

He was not going to let that go, so I answered truthfully. "Yeah. It's movies specifically made with naked people doing stuff together."

He grinned ever more. "Cool! So let's watch a porno movie."

I was too spent to argue. A bit nervously, I switched to the cable TV and the payperview channels. I looked for something with young teens, which I assumed was probably of his interest. I clicked on the movie and settle down to watch.

As the opening scenes unfolded, Wilder asked, "Hey, so if it's normal and all that, do you mind if I put my feet back down? I mean...I'm still hard."

I nodded. What else could I do? "Yeah, OK." I nodded towards the TV. "And even if you weren't, you'll probably be soon enough."

He laughed. All tensions seemed to be forgotten. He started to bring his legs down and stopped. "You know...it's easy for you to say that it's OK, and that it's normal and all that, when your dick is well hidden inside your pants." He looked accusingly at me.

"I guess that's true. But so what? I mean, I can't do anything about it."

"Well...you can take off your pants so that we're both the same, and either we're both comfortable, or both uncomfortable!"

That stunned me. My voice failed for a minute. I though that I should never have gone down that road of trying to make him feel that his boner was normal and not a big deal. If I refused, he would think I had been lying. Maybe he would start to feel embarrassed again. I realized I had to stick to what I had said. "You know what? Aright. That's fair."

Nervously, my heart once again pounding, I stood up, and slowly removed my jeans. My dick, which had been hurting and straining against my jeans, bounced out, sticking straight out of my boxers. I'm not very big, 6-6.5 inches, but definitely bigger than Wilder. I felt relieved of the pressure .

What I didn't feel any relief about, was that I was now extremely nervous, knowing that this beautiful boy, almost naked next to me, his prominent boner sticking out under his boxers, was now probably watching my dick, also sticking from under my boxers. I felt overwhelmed.

Without looking at Wilder, I sat back down, which did little to hide my boner, which was now sticking straight up. My first instinct was to find a cushion, but that would have defeated the purpose.

I turned to Wilder and had to laugh at his expression. His eyes were wild, he appeared to be stunned. Why should he? I thought, It's not that big.

He shook his head as if coming back from somewhere. "Aright, then. We're equal!" He gave me a playful grin, "Or maybe not all equal. Yours is bigger than mine!"'

I laughed. "Yeah, well, I'm older! And yours is not that small." I couldn't believe I had said that.

He smiled cutely and blushed a little. Satisfied, he started lowering his legs. I froze, realizing that with my dick now free, if he placed his feet in the same position as before, there would likely be contact. Probably in anticipation, my dick gave a little jerk, that I hoped Wilder didn't notice.

Fortunately (Unfortunately?), he stopped, his heel 2 inches from the tip of my dick. "Wait," he said. "I don't want to touch that!"

Relieved (Was I? I was confused at this point) that another crisis was averted, I said, "Don't worry, just put them in another position. Here." I grabbed his ankles and guided his feet a little lower, to rest on my leg, closer to my knees and safely away from the tent in my boxers.

All in position now, Wilder returned his attention to the TV, where things were starting to get frisky between a slightly muscular guy and 2 young girls, a blonde haired one and a black girl, both stunningly beautiful, with slender bodies and good-sized natural looking breasts. I returned my attention to Wilder's body, his still raging hard-on, and resumed my massage on his feet. In the little empty space formed by my body, my forearms, and Wilder's feet, my dick stood straight up, throbbing. I couldn't control the occasional twitch, and just hoped it wouldn't twitch into contact with Wilder's feet. I discretely positioned it closer to my body. The slight touch made me realize how much I needed release.

"Hey, you mind if I get another coke? I spilled most of my last one," he asked after a few minutes. He was looking at me. I flushed as I realized I had just been roaming my eyes over his body. If he noticed, he gave no indication.

"Sure, I'll get it." I prepared to get up, but Wilder pushed me back with his heels.

"No, don't worry, I'll get it. I promise not to spill this time!" I thought about the chain of events that the previous spill had caused. He was forgiven.

"Aright, the bottle is in the counter, the glasses are by the sink."

He repositioned himself to a sitting position. In the process, which didn't make sense since his feet should have rotated away from it and down to the floor, he brushed my dick with the side of his foot. It even lingered in contact for a fraction of a second. I jumped visibly. Wilder then stood up, and walked in front of me to the kitchen, his dick straight in front of him as if it was leading the way. He chose the exact moment when his dick was in my direct line of sight to stick his hand down his boxers and adjust himself. I thought his hand stayed there for a moment longer than usual, almost as if he were casually played with his dick. Or maybe I was seeing things.

All this happened within the space of a couple of seconds, but it left my head spinning. Oh God, this kid was going to give me a heart attack. It's your fault for saying all of this was normal, I thought, Now he has no problem with walking around with a full boner. I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or bad.


Tee-hee! Wilder giggled inwardly. He had not only convinced Mark to put on a porno, but had also convinced him to strip down to his boxers, so that he could now see his dick more clearly. He's not hard to manipulate, Wilder thought. Once again he felt a little bad that this is what he was doing. But he told himself that he wasn't causing Mark any harm.

Besides, Wilder himself was enjoying what was happening. He wasn't sure what excited him more, the movie, or Mark's visible erection. He found that his eyes shifted more and more towards Mark. His dick was big. At least compared to his own. He tried to only glance at it only occasionally, so as not to cross gazes with Mark, who once again appeared to have forgotten to be discreet and was not bothering to look at the screen.

It was almost a reflex that had made him shift his foot slightly to brush Mark's dick before getting up from the couch. But it had definitely been on purpose. Once again, Wilder wondered what it is he was doing. He was unsure at this point of exactly what would happen, or even what he WANTED to happen. He felt like he was entering some unknown dimension. All he knew was, he was enjoying it.

He headed back to the living room.


Wilder returned, still looking like he was being guided by his dick. He sat down and repositioned himself, doing the same movements as before but in reverse, once again slightly brushing my dick, this time for a fraction of a second longer. I was more prepared this time, and while I still felt a jolt on contact, I knew he had done it accidentally.

The movie continued. I tried to watch it and not be as obvious in staring at Wilder, thinking he would eventually notice if I kept doing it.

The scene had progressed further. The girls were topless now, and while the guy fondled the blonde's breasts, the black girl started working on removing the guy's pants. I looked at Wilder. His eyes were wide, his mouth hanging open.

The guy's dick came out. I thought briefly about how uninterested I was about it, mostly because I'm not into adult men, but I also couldn't really be interested in anything when I had Wilder's erect dick within arm's reach. I had a brief impulse to reach out and grab it, but shook my head and restrained myself. That would be suicide. He would probably go running screaming back to his mother, running across the building in his boxers and with a hard-on. That would not look good for me.

"Wooaaah," Wilder said softly. The guy was now sucking on the blonde's tits, while the black girl was stroking his cock, now hard. I had a bizarre thought that I was glad this actor wasn't particularly well hung, as per the usual porn actor standards, which would have made Wilder think my dick was small in comparison. Don't be ridiculous, I thought.

Wilder looked to be really into it. The black girl shifted her position and brought her head slowly down. She then aggressively took the guy's dick into her mouth, and started furiously sucking on it, using her mouth and hands.

"WOOOAH!" Wilder said again, louder this time. What he was seeing seemed to cause him such a shock that his feet jerked, his right one jumping over my dick and landing on the other side, over my pubic area. Gravity did his job and his foot slid down, reaching the base of my dick and pushing it down. It twitched and jerk to the point where I was sure he felt it.

I froze and almost panicked. I took a few seconds to calm down and, my heart pounding, I grabbed his ankle and guided his foot back, over my penis, to its safe position, resisting the urge to drag it all over my dick on the way. I took a couple of deep breaths.

Wilder was too fascinated with that he was seeing to notice what had happened. "Duude...What is she doing? She put his DICK in her MOUTH!" he was practically yelling, his eyes wide open.

Even in the middle of everything, I had to laugh. "Yeah. That's called a blowjob. It's when a girl puts your dick in her mouth and sucks it."

Wilder thought about that for a moment. "Woow...that must feel awesome!"

"Yeah, it kinda does," I acknowledged.

He turned to me swiftly with a stunned expression "What? You mean you've done it? Or I mean, that you've had it done? Like, have you gotten a...what did you call it? Blowjob?"

That wasn't the direction I had intended the conversation to go. But I didn't see the harm. "Well, yes. A couple of times. A girlfriend and a few other girls."

He looked at me like one who had just seen Clark Kent remove his glasses. A regular man turned superhero. "Oh, man!" He did a half moan. "I'm so jealous! I would love it if someone did that to me."

I felt something snap in my head. Up until that point, I had been trying to restrain myself from doing anything inappropriate. I had certainly been enjoying the, apparently coincidental, chain of events that had led to Wilder being in my apartment, besides me on the couch, in his underwear, fully erect, my own dick fully erect and visible to him over my boxers, and him apparently comfortable with all that. But I hadn't been intentionally been pushing things to get to this point. In fact, they seemed to have happened against my will.

But now, hearing Wilder express his wish of receiving a blowjob, something changed. I felt my strength weaken. I felt my resolve failing. I could no longer restrain myself.

I was not prepared to actually offer him a blowjob. I had no indication that this is what he wanted. I had no indication that any of what was happening meant that Wilder had any interest in me in that way. I was sure, in fact, that he didn't. And acting towards him as if he did, was very dangerous.

But I could try to see how far I could take the idea that I had already inadvertently planted in his head.



Wilder was no longer acting. The blowjob scene had caught him completely by surprise. He didn't notice how his foot had jumped over Mark's dick, or how Mark had handled that situation.

In the space of a second, unfiltered and confusing thoughts raced through his brain. He thought about Mark getting a blowjob from a girl. He really WAS jealous of him. Was he? Of HIM? That wasn't quite right. I mean he WAS Jealous, but there was something else. He pictured the scenario. It made him feel funny. He wasn't sure exactly how, and why.

His last remark had been sincere.


"Well, why don't you?" I asked, casually.

"What do you mean?" he turned to me with a puzzled look.

"Why don't you get someone to give you a blowjob? Trust me, it's worth it!"

He frowned. "I wish I could! But I don't have a girlfriend!"

I shook my head. "I know, but you don't really need a girlfriend. Just a regular friend. You can ask a friend to do it," I said in a tone of voice that suggested it was obvious.

"A friend?" he laughed. Then he looked sad for a moment, "I don't really have many friends that are girls. And even if I did, how would I get them to do it? I don't think they would want to. I would be scared to even ask!"

"Well of course, if you asked a girl, she would probably freak out. What I meant is, another boy. Like, a guy friend of yours, you can ask him to do it. Or do it to each other. It's an easy way to get a blowjob, because finding a girl that wants to do it, trust me, is not an easy thing."

He recoiled slightly. "What?! But wouldn't that be...gay? I'm not gay!"

I laughed. It sounded fake. "I know you're not. Didn't I just see you get a massive boner from watching a girl's tits?" I heard Wilder laugh about that. "But you don't have to be gay. I mean, like I said before, dicks are a pretty normal thing. All of us boys have one," I crudely grabbed my dick, still very much hard, as if to prove the point. "Besides, a dick is just skin. And a mouth is the same in a girl and in a boy. So you just get together with a friend, close your eyes, imagine he's a girl, and that's it."

He thought about that for a moment. "Hmmm.. I guess you're right. But then how about the other way around? I mean you're talking about doing it to each other, aren't you? Nobody's going to want to just do it one way. I wouldn't want to have a dick in my mouth!" he said, for some reason looking more puzzled than disgusted.

"Yeah, well that's the downside. But think about it like this, it's just skin. It's like putting someone's finger in your mouth. Gross, yeah. But you'll live. And in this case, believe me, it's totally worth it for what you get in return!"

He seemed to be considering things. "I guess that's true. But still, I don't know. Have you ever done something like that? "

I nodded. "Sure. When I was younger, like I said, I got together with friends, and nobody cared if we got boners. Sometimes we would give each other blowjobs. It just felt good. When you're doing it, you just close your eyes, pretend it's someone, or something, else." This was completely false.

He looked impressed. "Wow...I guess that IS a good a idea. I would have never thought about that." He continued thinking in silence, and his face turned a little sad. "But still, I mean even if I wanted to do that, I don't really have any friends. Certainly no one close enough to ask something like that." He looked crestfallen.

I gave him a sympathetic look. "Oh, I see. I'm sorry about that. Well, you're a nice kid, and fun to be around. I'm sure you'll make friends soon enough, and you'll find someone that you can feel comfortable enough with to talk to about something like that."

He nodded a little glumly. "Yeah, you're right, I guess."

I could not take things further than that. The idea was planted in his head.


Wilder was fully aware of what Mark was doing. He realized that Mark had lost his internal battle with whatever it was that had kept him from acting inappropriately. Not that he was acting inappropriately. But now he was being as manipulative as Wilder had been before. This amused Wilder immensely.

He was also immensely interested in what Mark had said. He really would have never thought about asking a guy for a blowjob. But now he found that he couldn't get over the idea of finding someone that would be willing to do it. Now that his dick had been hard for a long time, and didn't seem to be going down, he kept imagining how amazing it would feel.

Mark obviously wanted to do it, but was still too in control to offer it outright. Which was fine, since Wilder wasn't sure how he would react if Mark offered. He thought about it and couldn't find himself saying no, but who knows? But what Mark had done, successfully, was to place the idea that he was the one Wilder could ask. Clever, dude, he thought. Wilder was almost proud of Mark.

Should he ask? Did he want to? Did it mean anything? On one hand, Mark had made a pretty good argument about how it wasn't really a big deal, it would just be something that feels good, and it didn't mean he was gay. On the other hand, Mark might not be entirely sincere about any of that.

But Wilder was very much into the idea of getting a blowjob. And Mark had left the door open and would do it if Wilder asked. The question was, did he want a blowjob from Mark? And would that mean that Mark would be expecting one? Would he be willing to do it back to him?

Mark's argument, unreliable as it was, finally convinced him. Deep down, his own recent feelings, the thrill he felt of being the object of Mark's attention, of holding some sort of strange power over him, and the strange feeling he experienced when he saw Mark's boner, which was the same feeling that had driven him to curiously brush Mark's dick with his feet, all things that he was not fully aware of and did not fully understand, played a part in him deciding that, well, you only live once.



We kept watching the movie for a few more minutes. The scene got more intense, to the point of actual sex. I expected more questions from Wilder, but while he was looking at the TV, his eyes appeared unfocused and he didn't seem to be watching the movie.

I kept watching him, curious about what was going on in his head. Hoping, almost against hope, that maybe the seed would grow and give fruit.

And it worked. Holy shit, it worked.

Wilder's eyes refocused, as he came out from within his thoughts. "Hey...um...Mark?"

My heart pounded. My dick jerked as if with a mind of its own. "What's up?"

"Ummm... I was thinking... you know... about what you said about doing that with friends?"

"Yeah, what about it?" I tried and failed to act casual.

"Well, like I said...I don't really have many friends...but you're my friend, aren't you? And you say you've done that before? Umm...well... what if WE do it?"

There it was. A gorgeous, sexy, 12 year old boy, lying with a boner on my couch, was asking me to blow him.

Before I had a chance to respond, he answered the question that I would not have dared to ask, "I mean.. if you want...if not that's OK. And like...I could also do it to you. So?...."

There was only one possible answer.


I pretended to think it through. "Hmmm, I guess that's not a bad idea. I mean, if you're totally sure about it, and if that's what you want, I'm willing to do it." I felt very nervous.

He smiled happily and nodded excitedly. "If you want to, then yeah! Let's do it!" How much I wanted to, he had no idea.

My stomach felt like I had swallowed a bowling ball. I could hear my heart pounding. "Aright, then. Let's do it I, guess." I pretended to be casual about it, as if we were getting ready for a tennis match. I paused the movie. The screen froze on a very graphic scene.

"OK, well, how does it work? Who does it first? Do I have to do something?" He looked excited. It made me wonder, but I reminded myself that he was thinking about all of this in the terms I had suggested, as friends helping each other, and any excitement was just about him being about to get a blowjob.

"Well, how about I do it to you first? Since this would be the first time, it will relax you, and you can see and feel how it's done," I suggested.


"Ok. So. Then you just need to, you know... take off your boxers. I think lying on the couch will work fine, I'll just, uhmm... position myself. So... whenever you're ready." I stammered a little.

He hesitated only for a second. Then he raised his hips, his feet straight up, hooked his thumbs on the waistband of his boxers, and a second later he was back in the same position, only this time completely naked.

I stared, without shame. He had a beautiful dick. Maybe 4 inches long, narrow, same color as his white skin. Not pale, but naturally tanned. Little blue veins were barely visible. His dick was straight all the way to the head, which was a light pink color. He was circumcised. His balls looked a decent size, perfectly well proportioned to his dick, hanging slight low in his ball sack.

He stretched and placed his hands behind his head, a happy smile on his face, and he twitched his dick a little in anticipation. I lifted his legs to get out from under them and once he was laying on the whole length of the couch, I positioned my knees outside on either side of his legs, placing my hands by his sides to support my weight. I was fully aware that my dick was very close to his feet, but I was careful to raise my butt to avoid contact. I lowered my head until my face was within an inch of his dick. I took a few seconds to examine it fully. It was really a beautiful penis. Young, boyish, smooth, no pubic hair. Perfect.

With my right hand, I first placed an index finger on the head. He twitched. I ran my finger the whole length of the incredibly smooth skin, and I heard Wilder have a soft moan. Using the same hand, I cupped his balls and started to fondle them. He moaned again. Then I grabbed his dick delicately with my thumb and index finger and started slowly jerking him off.

He moaned loudly and started rocking his hips against my hand. I looked at him. He had his eyes closed, apparently following my advice. Fair enough.

I placed the tip of my tongue on the base of his dick, and flicked a few times, enjoying the smoothness. Then I ran it the entire length all the way to the head, where I flicked my tongue around it a few times. Wilder was moaning even more loudly, his breathing heavy, causing his chest to rise up and down in a very sexy way.

Not hesitating any more, I took his whole dick into my mouth, still running my tongue all over it. I felt Wilder raise his hips as an "Ohhhh shit..." escaped his lips, an exclamation of pure pleasure. A moment later, I felt with surprise his bare foot explore upward, and it started fondling my dick trough my boxers.

That was unexpected, I thought on the back on my mind. But I was too far gone to think about what it meant, and continued sucking Wilder, while his foot continued to fondle my dick. Feeling that he wouldn't mind, or even probably notice, I shifted slightly to support my weight with my right hand only, and with my left hand started to caress his side, going slowly to his stomach, his chest, lightly caressing his nipples. His skin felt silky smooth and surprisingly warm. It was not a very comfortable position, but I was certainly enjoying it.

I continued sucking his dick and exploring his body, alternating between slow and quick. I would tease him for a bit with my tongue, then take his whole dick in. Then I would pay some attention to his balls, licking them and taking them into my mouth, before returning to his dick. I continued like this for a while.

Wilder was breathing very heavily now, his chest heaving, his moaning incoherent. I felt, again with surprise, him place his hands on my head, caressing my hair and lightly pushing me down as he rocked his hips faster. I felt somehow that he was close to orgasm. I kept caressing his side, going all the way to his hairless armpit, smooth and a little damp. I felt his body stiffen, and he clenched his arm, trapping my hand under his armpit, his other hand pushing my head harder down.

I stayed like that as he came, moaning, his body shaking. I felt inside my mouth a small amount of thin watery cum, which I quickly swallowed. His body was still probably not quite mature in that way. It lasted a few seconds and then I felt his whole body relax back down to the couch. I sat back up, looking at him. I kept fondling his balls for a little bit while his eyes remained closed, a goofy grin on his face. His body was covered in little beads of sweat, which sparkled. He looks incredibly sexy and beautiful.

He opened his eyes and I quickly removed my hands from his balls. "Duudeeee...that was awesome!" he said breathlessly.

"I told you it was worth it."

"You were right...shit...I can't believe it." He shuddered a little. He seemed relaxed now. I wasn't. My dick was harder than it had ever seen before.

He glanced at my dick. Seemed to hesitate. Then he grinned. "It's your turn now, isn't it?



Oh, yeah, totally worth it. Wilder wouldn't have found words to describe the experience. So much better than when he himself had played with his dick. So much better than what he had expected. Shit. That was amazing.

He thought about something else, now that his mind was clearer. Fondling Mark with his foot, that hadn't been an accident. Wilder had been aware of how close his dick was to his feet, but had known Mark would avoid contact. Once he was in the middle of having his dick sucked, he had just...done it. He had vaguely noticed through his racing thoughts that touching Mark's dick intensified his own pleasure. The same with pushing his head down.

He didn't reach any conclusion, but whatever that meant, he realized he was very interested in doing to Mark what Mark had just done to him.


"How should I do it?" Wilder asked. He seemed unsure of how to begin.

"Hmmm... Whichever way you're more comfortable with." Wilder shrugged, so I suggested, "Maybe the same way but the other way around. I can lay on the couch. Is that OK?"

"Yeah, sure," he grinned again. I stood up and self-consciously removed my boxers. My dick stood there, very attentive. Wilder stared at it, his eyes open. "Its big," he said softly.

"Hmm, yeah I guess." It wasn't really, but it was bigger than his. I didn't say anything so as not to insult him. "Let's see if this works."

I laid down on the couch, my dick straight up. I looked at Wilder, afraid that I would see a worried expression, which would have made me stop and give him the option of backing out. Maybe. I was so horny at this point, that maybe I would have pressured him to keep his promise, and then felt like shit afterwards. But I saw on his face an eager expression, a mischievous grin that made him look incredibly beautiful.

Wilder tried to place his knees outside my legs as I had done, but he didn't appear to be comfortable. He tried to open my legs, his soft warm hands on my thighs sending a chill up my spine, and I obeyed. I spread my legs, allowing him to lay down on his stomach and elbows, his feet in the air, his face right in front of my pulsating dick.

Wilder studied it for a moment, still sporting an eager grin. He hesitated for a moment, then grabbed my dick in his hand. I felt a jolt of electricity go through my whole body.

He kept moving it around like he was trying to study it from all angles. Then he took out his tongue and took a few tentative licks on the shaft. I heard myself moan softly. He ran his tongue from top to bottom. I moaned again, and I heard him giggle. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

He started to lick and suck on my balls, which I found odd since I hadn't really asked for that and he didn't have to do it, but it felt amazing. I guess he was just copying what I had done to him. After a few seconds, he opened his mouth and started to take my dick in. But with just the head in his mouth, he suddenly stopped and took it out.

"Uhmm...you like it?"

I could hardly speak. "God, yes!" I stammered, "But don't stop! Why'd you stop?!"

He hesitated. "Uhmmm...Isn't... you know...stuff...supposed to come out?"

Hmmm.. I hadn't thought of that. I collected my thoughts. "Yeah, that's true. It's called cum. When you finish, it comes out."

"Did I do that?"

"Yeah, but because of your age, very little comes out, and then it's not a thick as it is when you're fully grown."

"Oh. But I mean, something DID come out. Did you swallow it?"

"Yeah, I did." I realized why he was asking, "But I don't really mind. If you don't want to that's fine. I'll just tell you when I'm close and I'll shoot it somewhere else."

He thought about it for a few seconds, then shrugged. "I guess if you didn't mind, I don't mind either." I wasn't about to argue or point out the difference between his and my cum.

He resumed from where he was, and took my dick again in his mouth. Being a young boy, I didn't know how much he could take in, but my dick's not very big, so he was able to get in most of it. He copied my move of moving his tongue around.

I was in ecstasy, groaning and writhing as he continued sucking it. My eyes were closed, but I opened them to see the incredible visual of a 12 year old laying in front of me, enthusiastically sucking my dick. His face had a pleased expression, and he seemed to be enjoying himself, which made me feel even more excited.

I continued watching the whole thing as he started fondling my balls with his hands, while still sucking on my dick. On instinct, I hugged him with my legs, and placed my feet in his ass. Smooth and round, I started massaging it with my feet, thinking for a moment that I might be crossing a line, but I no longer cared. Wilder gave no indication that he noticed. I also started caressing his hair, restraining myself from pushing his head down too hard.

It didn't last very long. I'm sure I was moaning, but I was no longer in control. Soon, I felt an orgasm coming, and gripped Wilder tightly with my legs. Maybe a little too tight, because I heard him grunt a little. "I'm...about to come..." I said, almost incoherently and gritting my teeth.

I half expected Wilder to try to back out, but he doubled down and took my dick in as much as he could, using one hand to fondle my balls and the other to jerk me off from the base, where he couldn't reach with his mouth. A few seconds later, I came in his mouth.

I heard Wilder gag a little, then a little more, but he stayed there, and bravely swallowed what felt to me like a gallon of cum. I gripped Wilder's sides tighter with my legs and his head with my hands. My toes curled as I experienced the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. Then I relaxed back to the couch, spent and covered in sweat, my closed my eyes. Then I felt self a little self-conscious and opened my eyes to see Wilder looking at me, a big happy smile on his face.

He smirked, "You liked it?"

"A little...it was OK," I joked.

"Maybe I need more practice," he said, grinning mischievously.

I totally missed it. "I don't think you do, you were amazing! That was awesome!"

He frowned a little then smiled. "Thanks! That was fun!"

"Yeah...it was."

We were both silent for a moment. I was unsure what to say. The movie, still paused, now made me uncomfortable. I gestured to the TV "You still wanna watch that?"

"Not really, I mean, what we did was better than watching the movie."

I laughed. "Yeah, that's true. Well, maybe you want to watch something else."

"What time is it?" he asked.

I told him.

"I think I better head home," he said. "I have to be up early tomorrow. But this was fun! Can we do it again?" Even after just having my dick sucked, I still jumped at that, but he then clarified, "I mean watching a movie. A regular movie. Can we do that again?" He seemed to be asking an innocent question, but I saw something mischievous in his eyes and grin.

"Sure, Wilder. Anytime you want, you can come to my apartment. We'll hang out, watch movies, play guitar, whatever you want," I said sincerely.

"Aright! Cool! Thanks, Mark, you're a really cool guy!" He jumped suddenly from the couch and hugged me. I was a little surprised, especially since I realized we were both naked, but I hugged him back, my hands running down his back. We were both covered in sweat, so my hands slipped a little over his body. He still had a fresh smell to him, which I inhaled deeply. I started to get hard again so I broke the hug, afraid Wilder would feel it. What we had done, it was done supposedly just as friends. I did not want Wilder to realize that I really did feel attracted to him physically.

My head clearer, I thought that I might have been somewhat obvious about my attraction at some points. I felt a little anxious about this, but Wilder, innocent and naïve young boy that he was, had not noticed, thankfully. So I was pretty sure I was safe. He had even done a few things himself that felt like there could be something else, but he was probably just copying me.

I thought about the possibility that Wilder was interested in doing it again. It was at this point that I realized what I had missed previously in his words. I smiled. If Wilder was interested, I was interested. But I knew it probably would have to be up to him. I wouldn't dare suggest anything. Or maybe I would. If Wilder came again to my apartment, I was curious to see how things would go.

We both got dressed in silence, comfortable now with each other. Wilder quickly drank the last of his Coke and I walked him to the door. Before heading out, he hugged me tightly, and surprised me again by giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks again, Mark. I had a lot of fun. I'll come by again, for sure!"

"Anytime, Wilder. Good night."

He smiled warmly again, and I followed with my eyes until he turned the hallway corner.

Well, I thought with a sigh, the day definitely got better.

I closed the door, wondering what the future held.



Oh, he was definitely doing that again!



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