This story is purely a work of fiction and not intended to depict any living, past or present, human being. Though I write stories about adult males having sex with minors, I personally do not condone such activity. Also, in my stories, safe sex is not practiced. These are just stories in which the subjects within the contents can never be hurt by any means. If reading this material is offensive, or illegal, then please do not go any further.
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Before I can go straight into the meat of the story, I must first lay the foundation in which this story is entirely based. My name is Shawn, and at the present moment, I am 44 years of age. I stand an even 6'2", and weigh a pretty solid 250 pounds, to which, in all truthfulness, I must admit to having a slight belly. I keep my brown hair cut short, my eyes are green, and my goatee is always neatly trimmed. However, this story isn't all about me and what I look like, and though I am by no means some muscled Adonis, I am certainly not all that hard on the eyes either.
This story takes place in the pathetic heart of the Bible Belt in South Carolina. I reside on the family property at which my mom lives in her home at the head of the road, my brother's wife and my two nephews live in the house in the middle, and I live in a house in the back. My brother and his wife are on the outs so my brother now lives with my mother. There is approximately 3/4 of an acre separating all three homes.
Both my brother and his wife were very, very strict in raising both of my nephews. In saying this, I was the uncle both of my nephews labeled "the cool uncle." I always let them be precisely what they were, and that is, boys. As they were growing up, I let them get away with a lot, and both boys knew I would never rat them out to their parents.
Before I go any further, I loved both of my nephews, and not in a sexual manner. To clarify things about me, yes, I am gay. I always admired the beauty in boys, but never once considered myself to be a boy lover. In fact, up until the basis of this story, I had never even contemplated being with a minor whatsoever. As far as me being gay, this is something the family never speaks about. I will say this though, and sounding a bit biased, both of my nephews are definitely good-looking! At the present time of this story, my oldest nephew had just turned 19, and the youngest, Cody, is 15.
It was summer, in fact, school had just let out for the summer vacation. Up until now, I never honestly paid much attention to many of Cody's friends who constantly came to visit him. Being that my house was in the far back, in most cases, I never saw any of them. However, I just had an in-ground swimming pool installed this past winter, and for the most part, had to wait patiently for the summer sun to heat it up enough to enjoy it. By no means can I say I am wealthy, but I am pretty much financially secure. My home is paid for and so is my car.
Thanks to the Marine Corps, I am an early waker. My early morning routine always consisted of me sitting on my front porch, wearing just my robe, sipping a hot cup of coffee, and gulping down a large glass of Pineapple juice. On various occasions, one of my nephew's would join me, but those times were very rare, especially for Cody, the youngest.
This was a Friday morning, later on in the morning hours, when Cody walked right in. He was wearing those God awful baggy shorts and no shirt, walked right up to the fridge and helped himself with some orange juice. After taking several swigs, he wiped his mouth, belched, then blurted out, "Hey Uncle Shawn, guess who's gonna spend the entire summer with me?"
Shrugging my shoulders, I teasingly replied, "I don't know. Pamela Anderson I guess."
Laughingly, Cody shot back, "Yeah right, only in my dreams. No, Adam is staying with us. His parents are going all over Europe and he didn't want to go, so we talked them into letting Adam stay with me for the summer."
At that time, I had no clue who Adam was, but seeing the excitement written all over his face, I acted as though it was something extra wonderful. Our conversation didn't last all that long, but Cody wanted to know if he and Adam could use the pool and play inside my house. Naturally, as always, I agreed to all of his wishes.
By early afternoon, Cody walked in and it was at that precise moment in time when my life began to take a wicked and wild turn. Like I already said, Cody is very good-looking. He's tall and slender, standing 5'8" and barely weighs 118 pounds with shaggy blonde hair and dashing hazel eyes. However, this is not about my nephew, instead, the gorgeous stunning beauty who walked in right after him.
It was then when Cody introduced me to Adam. As soon as our hands collided, my legs became rubbery and my heart leapt somewhere inside my throat. What my eyes were now envisioning was mere humanly heavenly perfection. Adam was shorter than Cody, standing about 5'4" and couldn't weigh 100 pounds if he wanted to. His hair was an amazing blonde with some light brown curls here and there. Some of his golden locks appeared curvy while the others offered more of a wavy appeal.
As our hands touched one another, I studied the boy's facial features with intricate detail. His mildly thick eyebrows were the same mesmerizing coloration overlooking the most intense deepest ocean blue eyes I had ever seen in my entire life. Even his long upwards curled eyelashes offered the same dazzling coloration, and at first glance, they appeared to be fake, but I knew in my heart, they were oh so real.
Adam's little button nose was perfectly molded and I could see three small freckles dancing peacefully on the very creamy colored bridge. The boy's lips were not thick, nor thin, but looked deliciously puffy. Being cherry in color, I knew just by first sight that Adam definitely had what anyone would consider, kissable lips by any and all definitions.
Twin indentations pierced Adam's flawless slender cheeks, only highlighting the boy's intoxicating beauty that much more. With his flowing hair cut above his ears, even they too made my mouth water to no end. Both were small and clung to the sides of his head as if sculptured in place. Yes, standing before me was a boy whose beauty no words can give the proper justice in describing. From my vantage point, the only thing missing on this eye popping beauty were wings of an angel.
If his breath taking beauty wasn't enough, his surging soft voice certainly rounded out his heavenly perfections. Even his hand, which I forced myself to let go, felt like pure silk. This boy had my heart thumping madly and my cock was already wanting to come out and say its own hello.
The angel standing before me was wearing baggy swimming trunks and a pull over t-shirt. At this point, I don't even recall what Cody was wearing since all my eyeing attention was focussed on Adam. Looking down his bare shins, I could see little wisps of blondish brown hair scantly scattering up and down. The boy's feet were definitely small, but even they looked intoxicatingly delicious, and I am not one to indulge myself in a foot fetish.
As they enjoyed the pool, I was milling around inside my house doing my very best to will Adam from my deliriously perverse mind. Even to my own-self, I couldn't explain what and why I was having such sexually explosive thoughts about Adam. It seemed that the harder I tried to block his mental image from my mind, the more his overpowering beauty took control.
While they were playing in the pool, I forced myself not to go outside and bare witness to his exposed parts, so I made myself stay close to the front, fighting against the odds to stay clear of the gorgeous young boy. In more ways than one I was successful, but that in and of itself changed when the boys walked in, tired of swimming, and wanted to play video games.
Now, all Adam was wearing was those God awful baggy swimming trunks that hung down just below his kneecaps. I was in the kitchen preparing them something to drink when Adam walked in. I almost dropped the glass as my eyes darted onto his exposed chest and tantalizing muscular stomach. Being so small, his chest had quite the muscular definition. Smooth in appearance, his chest heaved outwards with his every delicate breath. His pale pink nipple were just as small, but the nipple itself looked erect, mouth watering erect at that.
The boy's stomach muscles looked like a sea of pleasing muscles as he breathed in and out, feeding my eyes more fuel than before. Seeing his scrawny looking inward creamy colored belly button almost made me bust a nut right then and there. Though I stared in agonizing lust, my eyes did not detect any form of hair life whatsoever on his chest or stomach area. Not even a little goody trail stemmed from his belly button to his crotch. The more I stared, the hungrier over this boy I became.
Sitting down on the thickly carpeted floor, playing the video games, I intentionally walked back and forth, doing whatever my perverse mind was telling me to see more and more of this intoxicating young beauty. Even as he was wiggling around while playing the game, I studied his arms, noting not a shred of peach fuzz presented itself, anywhere on his arms. Even while standing behind him, the boy's back had quite the muscular definition and looked just as creamy as the rest of his overall deliciousness.
I studied every part visible to my eyes in intricate detail, leaving the rest for my mind to fill in the blanks. This young boy was absolutely stunning in every way humanly imaginable. The more I saw, the more I desired! To say the least, my cock had been hard for so long, it was way beyond the aching point. Had Adam touched me one more time, I would have blew a major load inside my pants. One thing I must add about Adam was his politeness. He thanked me for everything, including the use of the pool and allowing him and Cody to play the video games.
As they were fixing to leave, and both boys now standing, I strained my perverted eyes to bare claim to Adam's package, but thanks to those stupid baggy shorts, I was unable to detect anything, not even the slightest of images of his cloth covered crotch. Even as they were walking away, I did my best to see if I could get a clearer picture of his butt, but even that was obstructed by his shorts. Naturally, once they left, I had no choice but to haul out my 8 thick cut inches and quickly shot one hell of a load while thinking of the boy who had just left my home.
Like I said earlier, I am an early morning person. Come to find out, so is Adam. Cody on the other hand, can sleep all day if you let him. So, Adam must have looked out one of the windows and saw me sitting on my front porch, wearing my robe and sipping on some coffee. Without having to say anything, when I saw the boy walking my way, I had to use my right forearm to control my rapidly rising cock. Under my robe was just me, and no other article of clothing at all.
Adam was wearing a blue pull over t-shirt and another pair of baggy shorts and flip flops. Once he was on my porch, we went inside and I got him a cup of coffee and a large glass of Pineapple juice. Comes to find out, the boy loves Pineapple juice just as much as I do.
Back out on the porch, I had to ask, "So Adam, how old are you?"
Adam swallowed some coffee, then with pure southern politeness and his angelic soft voice, he stated, "I know I don't look like it, but I'm 14 sir."
The first time sitting with Adam, our conversation varied from a variety of topics. I did find out that he and Cody had been on the high school wresting team, he didn't have a girlfriend, and he is the only child. Though I truly wanted to, I intentionally strayed from asking any questions that would be sexually related. Had he not told me he was 14, I would have easily guessed him to be somewhere around 10 or 11 years old. In all evidence of the word, young Adam didn't look anywhere close to his age, however, the boy was far more intelligent than his true age.
As each day passed, Adam joined me in my morning routine. We talked about various things, still nothing closely related to anything of a sexual nature. However, as each day passed, Adam became more and more comfortable being around me. Finally, as he walked my way, I happily noted that he wasn't wearing a shirt, but still wore baggy shorts.
It was this day that I began pushing the conversation more into a sexual easy flowing conversational piece. Looking at the boy and inhaling as much of his passionate beauty as possible, I inquisitively asked, "Adam, why in God's name do you always wear baggy shorts?"
With his broad smile, the boy innocently enough stole my heart, then softly replied, "I don't know Mr. Shawn, I guess it's the in thing these days. They are rather comfortable though! Why would you ask that sir?"
Still looking lustfully into his entrancing eyes, I embarked on a speech, "Well, for one thing, they sure aren't pretty to look at, and besides Adam, you wont be getting much sun on those delicate little thighs of yours. And let us not forget about the eyes, yessssssssss, all those eyes who feast upon your overwhelming beauty. Wearing those things cover way too much, so why in heavens name would anyone like you want to cover up such vast beauty?"
Adam peered into my watery eyes, then softly spoke, "Wow, I never thought of it that way before, but you're right Mr. Shawn, I can't get a suntan on my thighs. But, uhhhhhhhhhh sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr, what do you mean by covering way too much, and the part about the eyes?"
Answering his questions, I said, "Well Adam, it's like this! You're at the young age where your hormones will be dictating your actions, and your emotions. Wearing those ridiculously baggy shorts doesn't offer room for the imagination to run wild. You see Adam, when you wear swimming trunks that kind of reveal your package, then you get more people looking at you. Not that they don't look at you now, cause believe me Adam, you are definitely getting plenty of stares thanks to your angelic beauty. But, when you start showing off what you were blessed with, you just might find yourself being swarmed by tons of folks who want to appreciate it, if you get the picture."
Adam sat there, absorbing all that I had just said. Gulping down his Pineapple juice, I asked one more question, "When did you get hooked on Pineapple juice?"
Answering, his voice chirped elegantly within my ears, "I guess it was about 2 or 3 years ago. One of my older cousins spent a couple of weeks with us and I saw him drinking it. When I asked him why, he told me that it makes his cum taste sweeter, so I started drinking the stuff myself, and now, now I love it."
Well, for one thing, his cousin was right about making the cum taste sweeter, and that much I already knew. Now, I found myself dreaming about gulping down Adam's teen creamy delicacy. This boy had no clue as to the effect he was having on me, and as we talked, the harder my cock throbbed.
A short while later, I pushed the envelope by saying and asking, "You know something Adam, I bet you get tons of girls asking you what color your pubic hair is. I mean, with your hair being blonde mixed with a few light brown streaks, that just kind of makes a person crazy with curiosity. So, what do you tell them when they ask?"
Adam kind of chuckled, slinging his head from one shoulder to the other, then fired back, "Uh uh, no sir, nobody has ever asked me something like that before. I didn't know that the color of pubic hair was such a big deal, but nobody has ever asked me something like that before."
In my head I was thinking damn, I'm still lost to my own wild fantasies not knowing precisely the color of his pubic hair. My mind searched frantically to ask another similar question when his arms flew up over his head, stretching towards the morning's rising sun, pleasing my eyes with a direct shot at his ball tightening armpits. In the smooth creamy realm of each pit nestled a few tiny wisps of blondish brown hairs. There were so few that if given the time, I probably could have counted each appetizing one.
A couple of days later, while resuming my ritual of sitting on my porch, Adam, as usual, came walking towards me. This time however was truly different. The only article of clothing the gorgeous young angel was wearing was a pale blue snug fitting nylon shorts. I swear, as he walked closer, I could see the head of his teen cock sway against the fabric, brushing from side to side, matching pace with his every delightful step.
As each little foot carried his perfect body up the steps, my eyes hadn't deceived me at all. As he stood within a few mere feet before me, I could just barely make out the outline of the crown of his royal cock. It was small, incredibly small by any standards, but caused my heart to roll nonetheless. Even his thin muscular thighs soothed my roaming eyes and I followed him into the ass, glaring at awe at the most incredibly shaped tiny ass no boy had ever owned.
Adam's butt was small, but had the most defiant elegantly shape known to mankind. Each cheek looked like it held a small football inside them, both equal in size, and both sculptured from the heavens above. As he placed one foot in front of another, the boy's butt cheeks danced before my very eyes in a teasing, tantalizing sort of manner. As I followed, my mouth dropped open and I had to wipe the drool away before we stopped in my kitchen.
Just as he was turning around to look at me, I had to quickly shove my arm onto my visible erection, and force it back into the concealment of my robe. God, in all of heavens greatness, this boy was created from a mold of breath taking glorified perfection! As he leaned over to retrieve the jug of Pineapple juice, the nylon shorts tightened, magnifying his jutting ass of gut twisting perfection. I wanted to drop to my knees and bury my face into his perfectly shaped ass, but thought better of it.
Back out on the porch, Adam was seated in the chair almost directly in front of me. I couldn't stop my eyes from being glued to where I knew his precious teenage cock was hiding. As he sat there, I couldn't help thinking how fucking lucky that damn chair was to have such a mound of sculptured perfection seated on it. I'd have much rather Adam sitting on my face than that lucky old damn chair.
Yes, having already admitted to being gay, and I sure do love me some cock, but in all honesty, I am a die hard butt man, and this boy's butt is certainly one to die for! Without trying to make something out of nothing, but Adam's butt is so awesomely shapely that I haven't even see one closely matching or closely comparing to, not even on a woman. From the top of his golden head all the way down to his tiny little toes, and everything in between, this boy had it ALL, and then a hell of a lot more!
This morning, this very morning, it was Adam who started the conversation, (By now, at this point in the story, Adam had stopped using Mr., and just called me Shawn) "Shawn, I got to ask you something, and it's, it's kind of personal. Before I ask it, you can tell me it's none of my business and I'll understand. I asked Cody, but now I got to ask you, but are you gay?"
Swallowing some coffee, I stared the angelic boy in his eyes, then politely asked, "So, what did Cody tell you, you know, about me?"
Looking more serious than ever, Adam cleared his throat, then said, "He told me he thought you were gay, but he doesn't know for sure. He said you have never tried anything with him, so he's not sure, nor does he care either."
Returning the serious look, I began my explanation, "Well Adam, I guess I am what you can refer to as bisexual, but more gay than bisexual. You see, I've been married before, but in all honesty, I actually prefer the affection from other guys instead of women. It's kind of hard to explain, but I'll go for it, and hopefully, you'll have a better understanding of me. I certainly didn't ask to be this way, and I guess, those like me didn't ask for it either. You see Adam, I knew something about me was different from early on. I'm not sure how young I was, but instead of looking the other way when the boys took their pisses, I found that I was intrigued at looking at their cocks. As I got older, living here in the Bible Belt, I tried to do what everyone else here thought was the "correct" way to live my life. I fought back my gay tendencies and played the foolish game of dating girls. Now, keep in mind that I didn't have any problems with having sex with the women, I did have a problem with the mutual pleasure. It's like that old saying Adam, who better to please a woman than another woman. Well, the same thing applies to us guys as well. I found out the I could eat some girls pussy for a long time, but when it came to her returning the favor, she'd suck my cock for a few seconds, then wanted me to fuck her. Well sir, fair is fair, and I can't think of anyone who doesn't want to be treated special. Besides, you wont find to many girls willing to tongue your asshole, that's for sure!"
Adam's lips puckered, then the sound followed, "Ewwwwwwwwww, tongue in an asshole! Yuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!"
Once he finished, I resumed, "Yeah, you might say that now, but I'll assure you once you've felt a hot slithering tongue swabbing at your asshole, you'll definitely be thinking otherwise. There's more, a lot more, to that thing you call your asshole other than taking a crap. Adam, that little hole can deliver you sooooooooooooo much pleasure that words simply can't describe. Every guy has a little thing called a prostate that is located inside your anal walls. Whew, when that little love button is stimulated, your mind will explode with pleasures you've never knew existed. So, don't go and knock something you've never tried or ever felt, cause who knows, you just might find yourself addicted to it!"
Though he appeared to be thinking about it, his facial expression never changed. The boy still looked rather serious, so seeing that he was listening to my every word, I proceeded on, "Now this might come as a total and complete shock to you, but I'm going to say it regardless. You see yourself everyday, so to you, that's no big deal. I'm willing to bet you Adam that there are tons of people who have looked at you and swore up and down that you don't, or can't, take a shit. Why? Cause you were blessed with angelic beauty, a beauty that can steal ones very breath, a beauty that can melt hearts, a beauty that simply could never be duplicated, and Adam, just for the record, you are, simply speaking, downright flat fucking gorgeous! So for many, thanks to your overabundance of overwhelming beauty, their perverted minds convince themselves that someone so beautiful as you simply cannot produce anything as foul smelling as poop."
That award winning, heart stopping smile danced across his face as he softly retaliated, "Ahhhhhhhhhh Shawn, that's crazy! Everybody takes a shit, that's just part of life, and believe me, I'm no different than anybody else. I guess I can only accept that way of some people thinking about me in that sort of way as a compliment. That kind of explains why one of the older guys on the wrestling team told me if I was a girl, he'd fuck my brains out. I thought he was just kidding so I sort of laughed it off."
I was unable to see it, but from my view point, it looked as though Adam was using his left forearm to cover what just might possible be an erection. Seeing that only sparked my perverted way of thinking, and speaking, so I followed his last word up with, "Yeah, he was probably eyeing you naked and was thinking what some other just might be thinking, and that's why he said what he said. Who knows? C'mon Adam, I bet you've had a few girls walk right up to you and literally beg you to let them suck your dick, now isn't that true?"
Adam flung his head from side to side, flashing those amazingly white and naturally blessed straight teeth, then eagerly replied, "Yeah right! Only in my fucking dreams! (Pointing at his own kissable lips) Shucks, the only lips mine has ever touched was my mom's, and that's been a while now. Now, I just give her a peck on the cheek or she pecks me on my cheek, other than that, that's been it. Most of the girls at my school who are my age don't even pay me any attention. They say I'm cute and all, but that's it, nothing else to say."
About that time Cody came running up and both boys scurried off to plan their days activity. My mind replayed all that I had told Adam, and all that he confided in me. I had confessed my true sexual orientation to a young 14 year old boy who only in my wildest of dreams would ever want anyone as old as me. Who was I fooling to even consider the possibility that Adam would even be willing to open himself up sexually to me. After all, I still didn't know if the boy was an open participant to male to male sexual activity or not. I and I alone was the pervert foolishly praying on a minor boy who still showed no humanly interest in me, other than a budding friendship.
The very next morning, a Friday morning to be precise, my life either got a hell of a lot better, or would be getting a lot worse. My brother had already left with my mom to spend the weekend with her sister. One way, it was a good four hour drive. As I sat on my porch, my brother's future ex-wife came running over. I could see the panic in her eyes as she ran up to me.
With tears running down her eyes, she cried, "Shawn, my sister's been in a wreck and I got to go see her. I have to take Cody so he can watch over her three kids. I hate to ask you this, but can you watch Adam for me? We'll be gone for a couple of days and I'll call you and keep you abreast on everything. Please Shawn, please will you watch Adam for me?"
I was kind of hoping she didn't notice my eagerness in my response as I excitingly replied, "Yeah, yeah, no problem. Just send him over with a few things and I'll take care of him. Just drive safely!"
She ran back to her house while I sat there with a smile a hand-grenade couldn't take off. My brother and mom would be gone for the whole weekend, hours away, and now Cody and my sister-in-law would be gone for a few days as well. Her sister lives in the upper state, and on a good day, that's at least a solid 5 hour drive, one way. My cock throbbed profusely just thinking of being alone with Adam the entire weekend without any family overseeing anything on the property.
A few minutes later, Adam came walking up. Stepping up on the porch, he excitingly stated, "Well Shawn, it looks like it's just gonna be me and you for the next few days."
Wearing similar nylon clinging shorts and nothing else, it was hard to even pay any attention to anything he said. That little outline of his cock head was setting my soul on fire! If only this sweet little angel knew my thoughts about him, he'd probably be standing before me wearing about 20 articles of clothing. Damn, he sure looks all mighty flat fucking delicious!
A short while later, we went inside my air-conditioned home. Upon entering, I tossed out, "Adam, make yourself at home and do whatever you like. Go ahead and pretend this is your home, so don't you go and ask me if you can do this or do that. Just fucking do it, okay?"
I was placing the dishes in the sink when he yelled out, "Okay Shawn, but I don't think I can get away with doing what I do here that I can do at my home."
I was walking back into the living room when I fired back my question, "Adam, I don't know what you meant by that, but whatever it is, certainly can't be all that bad that you feel you can't do it here in my home. Sooooooooo, what is it that you can do at your house that you feel you can't do in mine?"
The devilish smirk crossing his face was one facial expression I hadn't seen before. He had just sat down in my recliner, flinging his left leg over the left side arm rest, then spat out, "Well, at home, or at least most of the time, both of my parents work, so that leaves me a lot of time home alone. When they're not home, I like to walk around naked. That's it! See, I told you I couldn't do that here, so now you know."
If my legs weren't already shaky enough, they sure as hell were now. I would have never guessed young Adam to be a nudist, but then again, hearing that was pure heavenly music to my perverted ears. Looking down at him, doing my utmost best not to beg, or reveal too much eager excitement, I fired back, "So, you like to walk around naked. Adam, that's not a big deal at all! I thought there was something super crazy you liked to do, but being naked certainly isn't one of them. A lot of people enjoy the freedom of being naked, I know I do. Shit, I walk around my house all the time bare ass naked. Like I said, it's no big deal. It's just me and you here so if you want to prance around naked, I sure as shit don't care."
Adam sat there and I was hoping beyond any and all dreams the boy would take me up on my offer and remove what little clothing he was wearing. The short few seconds felt like an eternity, and the longer he sat there perfectly still, the harder my heart thumped. Adam looked up at me, then softly said, "I just might do that in a little while. Thank you Shawn."
I went into the kitchen and began cleaning it up while Adam stayed in the living room watching television. As I cleaned, my hard 8 inches of butt packing meat was airing itself out from my robe. I did keep a close on the entrance to the kitchen, because I sure didn't want to do anything that might cause this heavenly young angel to be frightened of me, especially seeing me prance around the kitchen with a throbbing erection.
A short while later, I joined him in the living room. When I walked in, I purposely positioned myself on the sofa that gave me a direct shot at his crotch. Now, Adam had his right leg flung over the right armrest, allowing me to see a bit more of his obvious deliciousness. I could just barely make out the creamy smooth looking crevice in between his thigh and his still obstructed cock and balls. At least I was correct in assuming he wasn't wearing any underwear.
Neither of us spoke a word for a good fifteen minutes when Adam lowered the volume, turned his gorgeous face to meet my own boy ogling face, then softly spoke, "Shawn, uhhhhhhh, I was uh, uh, um, kind a curious to know something. What's it like when two guys do it, you know, have sex?"
I cracked a smile as I explained myself, "Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Adam, you will come to discover that sucking cock is something anyone can do, but to make love to it with a fiery passion using just a mouth, well uh, that's what makes it rather special. To be perfectly honest with you, fucking an ass is a whole lot tighter, and better, than fucking a pussy. Of course, the ass has to be cleaned, cause there's not a whole lot of people wanting to have their cocks covered in shit, let alone the smell that comes from an uncleaned ass. Adam, you're only 14 so you'll have plenty of time to come up with your own conclusions. Whatever you do, never let anyone do anything to you that you don't want to happen!"
As I was talking, I watched his left arm fall to his crotch, possibly concealing his growing erection to which my eyes never had the opportunity to bare witness to. This boy had no clue that I wanted to rush over and ravish his body from head to delicious toe, lapping and sucking every square inch of his heavenly created body.
Adam quickly shot back, "Well, I can see how a butt hole is tighter than a pussy, but how in the heck do you clean out a butt hole, not to mention, seems that would be excruciatingly painful too?"
Answering back, "You have to give yourself an enema. (I saw more of a puzzled look dancing across his stunning face regarding the enema, so I explained) There are several ways to give yourself an enema, but what it does is cleanse your bowel system. You don't have to have sex to do this. I cleanse my bowel system all the time cause I enjoy that special clean feeling. To answer your question about anal sex being painful, yes sir, it certainly can be, especially the first time. However, there's various ways to prep the ass so penetration is less painful."
I have to admit, hearing the boy asking questions about gay sex was definitely building my hopes up a bit. The rest of our conversation stemmed around the various ways to apply an enema, the process, and the importance of safe sex. Adam appeared to be rather interested than curious, and who was I not to answer any of his questions with all honesty?
A short while later, Adam wanted to go swimming. I had already changed into some old cut-off shorts and felt best to wear a jock strap to try and conceal my constant erection. Believe me, when we walked outside, I was besides myself hoping the boy would shed those shorts, but that just wasn't part of my fate. We swam around, frolicked, and played, but both keeping a safe distance from one another. Each time he got out of the water using the ladder, you can believe I was marveling over his awesomely sculptured perfectly shaped butt. As he stood frozen on the diving board, I had to force my mouth closed just seeing the tiny outline of his sleeping teen cock. By no means was it significant in size, more so, rather small. All I could make out was the outline of a very small cock head that I could easily tell was circumcised.
Nonetheless, I was definitely counting my blessings for any part of this boy beauty I could see, and the more I saw, the more I pervertedly craved. After playing around for about 30 or so minutes, while standing on the diving board getting ready to perform some dive, Adam looked down at me, smiled gleefully, then kind of shouted, "You know Shawn, since everybody is gone, we could actually be naked out here and nobody could see."
He dove into the water, and as he surfaced within a few feet from where I was standing, I energetically replied, "Yeah, your right Adam, nobody can see anything. I already told you that if you want to walk around naked, you can. My home is your home and don't ever forget that, okay?"
He smiled then dove under the water and began swimming to the opposite side of the pool. Damn, this gorgeous boy was outright fucking killing me! Just when I thought he was comfortable enough to shed his clothing, he'd go and do something completely different, leaving me with more infuriating perverse thoughts than ever before.
After a bit, we both grew tired of swimming. We both positioned ourselves on the lounge chairs, both on our backs, but my eyes were glued to his rippling stomach muscles and outlined flaccid teen meat. Still, I could only make out the very tip of his cock head, and nothing else, not even an outline of his young balls.
I watched him apply the suntan oil all over his front area thinking the entire time how lucky that fucking hand was to feel such heavenly flesh. I put some on myself as well and just lay back, eyes magnetically fixated on his mouth watering crotch area. After a good 30 minutes, Adam rolled over onto his stomach. I damn near shot a load just witnessing the muscles crunch on each jutting bubbly butt cheek. Holy mother of all pearls, this boy's ass is the center piece of a 5 star buffet if there ever was one!
As I was drooling, taking mental pictures, and fantasizing about his spectacularly perfect small tight ass, Adam's voice sounded, bringing me closer to reality, "Hey Shawn, how about putting some lotion on my back please."
I damn near broke the chair trying to get out of it. I was so excited about being able to touch him, that I squeezed the bottle too hard, and a large stream of lotion went flying into the air, landing somewhere on the patio's floor. I straddled the lovely beauty and began caressing the lotion on his shoulder area. His flesh felt so hot, yet so mind boggling satiny smooth. I took my sweet time smearing the lotion all over his back area, fighting against the perverted devil within me not to shove my hand under his shorts and latch onto his bare ass.
Each leg, each silky smooth hairless leg, I caressed the lotion into his vibrant flesh with envious delight and cock throbbing lust. I even went so far as to smear the lotion in between the small crevice between each tiny toe, and at times, I thought I heard Adam moan, but it was so soft, so light, that I could have been dreaming and heard absolutely nothing at all.
As I was working the lotion on the back of his lower right thigh area, something wicked and uncontrollable came over me. Without a single thought, I found my face lowering itself closer and closer to the boy's exposed outlined ass crack. My heart was pounding furiously as my nose came within a fraction of an inch from where I thought his virgin asshole was tormentingly being concealed.
My nostrils flared as I began inhaling like a hyena sniffing out food. Inhale after inhale, I breathed in his aromatic fragrance, and there was absolutely no signs evident to anything closely resembling a foul odor whatsoever. Breathing in his intoxicating scent certainly didn't help my already perverted self, not in the least. In doing so, it only made things escalate, for me anyways!
As I was basking in the pleasures stemming from his pleasure filling ass, Adam's soft voice chirped, "Shawn, do you think I got a girly butt?"
My shaking voice responded without my brain placing the words together properly, "Hell no! You have an ass to die for... It's fucking perfect!"
No sooner had I said that when I thought to myself I am a freaking idiot. I just told this boy his ass was perfect, but then again, I wasn't telling him a lie either. When I saw him settle back down, asking no further questions, I returned to pleasing myself by smelling his ass repeatedly, not once growing tired of the tantalizing fragrance.
A while later, Adam, faster than a jet, jumped out of the lounge chair and walked inside my house. Naturally, I followed, more so, I followed that sweet teen ass of his. He went to the spare bathroom to shower, and I went to mine to shower. As I was showering, I was twisted with my own thoughts about what I had to do in order to see this gorgeous young boy naked. My cock was throbbing so badly and as I was lathering it up, the damn thing went a blew a huge load all over the shower wall. Damn, this boy had me all worked up, and in a torturing bad way at that.
Just as I was finishing up with my shower, I thought I saw Adam looking at me. I didn't close the bedroom door, nor did I shut the bathroom door. Upon taking another look, I figured my mind was playing tricks on me, so I discarded the thought completely. After toweling myself dry and just having brushed my teeth, I walked out of my bathroom and into my bedroom naked, just as I always do. As I broke the plane from my bathroom and into my bedroom, there was Adam, standing there wearing a white pair of stretchy bicycling shorts, and nothing else.
I left the towel in the bathroom, so covering up was something out of the question. The only thing I was somewhat thankful for now was that after just having busted a nut, my cock was momentarily flaccid. Even in a flaccid state, and if I must say so myself, the thing swings down a good four inches and still offers some impressive thickness. I keep my pubes trimmed and shave my balls and ass regularly. By me standing in front of Adam naked, I saw the boy's eyes glaring sharply at my meat area. He could clearly see my low hanging, freshly shaven medium egg sized balls. I watched as his mouth fell slightly open as his breath taking eyes took in all of my nude form.
As he stared at me, Adam placed both of his hands over his crotch in an obvious, yet successful, attempt to cover his own growing boy cock. Then, his soft elegant angelic voice sliced through the air, "Whoa Shawn, you sure do have a big one, and you don't have hair on your balls either! Woooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!"
Either he was teasing me, or he just confessed his boy balls had not yet been introduced to hair growth. However, I did reply in a perverted sort of way, "Yeah, but you ought to see it when it gets hard!"
His eyes were locked on my flaccid cock as his lips made a slight smacking sound, then his voice lashed out with the utmost of preciousness, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm sure!"
He turned, and began walking away, still covering his boy package with his hands, leaving me to get dressed. For the few quick seconds as he was walking away, all I could think about was how incredibly delicious his ass looked, barely concealed in those thin body clinging shorts. If only this young boy knew just how badly I wanted him, he sure wouldn't be prancing around wearing those sexy shorts.
As I fumbled through my drawers trying to find some article of clothing that would possibly offer some form of sex appeal, my perverted mind constantly focussed itself on Adam, and his ever so mouth watering perfect little body, especially that utterly perfect muscular tiny butt of his.
Giving up in trying to find a pair of shorts, I decided I would slip on my short silk robe. The robe fell about midway to my thighs and I already knew that by wearing such skimpy material, I would either show Adam my erect man meat, or scare the living shit out of him, but either way, he was going to come to realize that he himself was the cause for my rock hard hammering man muscle to be overly excited.
Upon entering the living room, Adam was sitting on the sofa, hands still covering his crotch. I sat down on the sofa, to his right, leaving the center cushion separating us. He was watching the television and I was admiring his breath taking beauty. There was a movie playing and I honestly couldn't tell you anything about it, but as the movie progressed, Adam altered his body in such a way that his left side was up against the armrest and both of his legs were in the sofa. His right foot was flat on the center cushion while his left leg was folded close to his crotch. But, in this seated position, the gorgeous boy now offered my perverted eyes to stare directly into his crotch without any further obstructions.
Now, I could barely make out the slightly bulging outline of his small cum makers. Be it in my mind or a fact in reality, but his small balls looked rounded, not egg shaped. I also could see the tubing of his cock and the mouth watering outline of his cock head. In all honesty, Adam's soft cock looked to be no more than an inch and half long, and very slender, but nonetheless, it made my mouth water with heart thumping lust.
A short while later, Adam hopped up off the sofa to go get us something to drink. Without having to go into vast detail, I stared at his sculptured little ass as he walked away, and drooled at his crotch when he came back in. Before he sat back down, he politely asked if he could put in the new Nightmare On Elm Street DVD. Naturally, I agreed. He inserted the movie, and this time when he sat down, he positioned himself a little closer to me. Now, he was sitting to my left on the center cushion.
As the movie played, his right thigh periodically kept on brushing up against my left thigh. I could feel the blistering heat from his body and each time his leg touched mine, it felt like electricity shooting passionately into me. Seeing how far Adam would let me go, I draped my left arm around his neck, resting my hand just over his left shoulder with my hand slightly touching his left chest area.
Adam didn't react in any way as to my bodily contact. His eyes were fixated on the movie, and I was overly infatuated with him. I could smell the soapy freshness expelling its fragrance from his body, sharply firing into my lungs with my every breath. His hair smelled just as delightful as the rest of him. I couldn't help not to think just how lucky my sofa cushion was to be lucky enough to have his virgin ass sitting on it. I'd much rather have preferred his hot little tight ass to be sitting on my face, and not my sofa's cushion.
Somewhere during the movie, my fingers of my left hand were subconsciously drawn to Adam's tiny left nipple. I felt Adam's body shiver as my fingers lightly touched the perky tiny pink nipple. Though his body shook slightly, he seemed not to have disliked the way my fingers graced his nipple at all. With that being said, and not trying to push the envelope so to speak, I intentionally, yet periodically, continued to tease his nipple every so often. From another gracing of my fingertips, I saw tiny goose bumps pop up all over his heavenly molded body.
As the movie played, Adam adjusted himself once again. This time, his head was resting into my left side, just under my armpit. His left leg was completely stretched out on the sofa and his right foot was flat on the cushion with his knee jutting straight to the ceiling. Now, my left hand had free grazing privileges all over his satiny smooth chest and muscularly chiseled stomach. Adam's right arm was resting upon my left thigh with his right hand now resting on my exposed lower thigh area.
His fingers began lightly gracing my exposed flesh, sending fireworks exploding within my devilish mind. Much to my dismay, Adam had draped his left arm directly over his beloved little crotch, offering me no view at the priceless package whatsoever. By now, my cock was throbbing and my skimpy robe just barely kept it hidden, but nowhere close to being concealed. Had Adam looked at my crotch, he would have easily seen my overall excitement.
Adam's hair was actually touching my chin and with each breath I took, I was offered the utmost fresh scent of his recently shampooed hair springing peacefully into my lungs. Damn, this little angel was driving me insane with perverted lust and it was all I could do to restrain myself from raping him, whether he wanted it or not. Here he was, pert near naked, allowing my hand to seduce his bare chest and stomach area while using his own little fingers to manipulate the flesh of my left leg. With each thumping heart beat, I was being that much closer to going over the edge of insanity.
At some point in the movie, I came to discover that Adam had drifted off into a deep, deep sleep. Not wanting to wake the little angel, I began inching my body off the sofa, holding him passionately until I had his precious head leaning up against the heavily cushioned armrest. His mouth was slightly open and his eyes were tightly closed. Even in his deep sleep, the boy looked so devastatingly delicious, not to mention, flat fucking gorgeous.
I started to walk away, then a gut wrenching devilish thought popped somewhere within the confinements of my perverted head. As he slept, Adam had both hands covering his crotch, so I knelt down, mind swarming with nothing but pure perversion, and slowly eased each hand away from the boy's precious package. His legs were lightly spread, leaving not much room to operate. Why, and with no explanation whatsoever, I leaned my face into his crotch, placing my nose within a micro meter away, and began breathing in Adam's overwhelming fragrance.
This boy smelled intoxicatingly sweet! I sniffed his crotch, never getting my fill of his sweetness, then progressed with my perverted desires. Keeping one eye on my little sleeping beauty and one on his appetizing crotch, I used my right index finger to lightly touch the outline of his slender soft shaft. No sooner had I touched his shaft, Adam's teen cock twitched, immediately forcing me to remove my finger in fear of being busted. I peered into his angelic face, trying my best to see if I had awoken him, but realized he was still fast asleep.
Again, I lightly touched his shaft, and again, the slender muscle twitched. This time, I paused briefly to reassure myself he was asleep, then continued pleasing myself by touching his young teen meat. With each touch of my finger, Adam's boy cock twitched, and with each little twitch, I could see the precious beauty as it began growing. Within a very short time, though still in a stage of being semi hard, I was graced with viewing a good three slender inches, and it was still growing.
Just from my perverted actions, I could see the flowering effect of his obvious mushroom shaped cock head. Also, I could see that Adam's cock head was a tad thicker than his slender shaft. My finger softly caressed the outline of his thickening cock head, watching in awe as the boy's cock twitched with growing life from my every touch.
Now, I was viewing a good three and half, possibly four inches of pure astonishing boy pride, and his cock seemed to be growing a bit more. Just as I was in the process of his coercing his cock to reveal its true hardened state, Adam rolled to his left. Now, the sleeping little angel was laying on his left side, and I could no longer see his cock at all. However, all was not lost either. With him being on his left side, Adam in his sleeping state, jutted that juicy mouth watering little ass of his directly at me.
He was balled up into a semi fetal position with both knees drawn up towards his upper body. That hot little ass of his was staring at me with the power of some commercial grade magnet. The thin white stretchy fabric barely concealing his little ass stretched with his body's movements, but left very little to the imagination. I could see his spread butt crack, but couldn't see into the creamy valley itself.
No longer being in control of my own actions, I quickly inched my nose directly over his spread little crack, centering my nose directly over where I thought his cloth concealed asshole was hidden, and breathed in. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind, I was kind of hoping that Adam would have provided me with some type of foul aroma, one of which that would have brought me back closer to reality, and not just some fantasy. However, that wasn't the case! The fragrance now shooting through my nose, expanding my lungs was nothing close to being foul. In fact, it smelled kind of like a faint baby powder fragrance.
Not wanting to believe my own-self about his asshole smelling like baby powder, I began sniffing some more, and after who knows how many deep inhales, I finally convinced myself that the boy's asshole did smell of a soft baby powder freshness. Unable to control myself any longer, I latched onto my pre-cum spitting cock and began jerking madly while gracefully smelling the boy's mind shattering, delightfully smelling, asshole.
It certainly didn't take long before I shot wad after thick wad of man juice into the palm of my hand. I probably was doing a bit of moaning as my cum rocketed out of my cock, and I had just squeezed the last droplet of cum on my hand when Adam quickly rolled over, now laying on his right side. Had his eyes opened, he would have saw me, cock in hand, and on my knees. Thankfully, the boy's eyes were closed and he was still in a deep sleep. Not wanting to push my luck any further, I forced myself up and went into the kitchen to wash the puddle of cum from my hand.
Later on, and Adam wide awake and totally refreshed from his nap, I was in the kitchen preparing us a meal. Adam politely excused himself to go and take a shower. Knowing he was fixing to take a shower, my mind no longer centered itself to preparing the meal, instead, more devilish thoughts began swarming.
I tip toed down the hall, finding myself standing at the bathroom door, cautiously listening to the shower running. My right hand trembled as I latched onto the knob and slowly turned it. Low and behold, the little angel didn't lock it. I slowly inched the door open, just wide enough for me to dip inside. There, on the floor in front of the toilet was his recently worn bicycle shorts. Ever quickly, I picked them up, turning them inside out, and stuffed his crotch area up to my already inhaling nostrils. The scent caused my body to convulse, damn near forcing my legs to buckle, and stealing my very breath in the process. Nope, not a shred of foulness to the aroma now exploding within my lungs. Just pure boy sweetness and that tantalizing mild scent of baby powder.
Turning Adam's shorts back into their proper position, I carefully placed them exactly where I had picked them up. I looked briefly all over the bathroom to see if I could find any baby powder that would explain the scent, but simply didn't see any at all. Stepping closer to the shower curtain, I arched my body upwards on my toes to see that Adam was facing the shower, so I stepped to the rear, grabbing a small section of the curtain with my fingertips, and carefully eased it to the side.
I had to catch myself from not moaning as I was now witnessing the boy's chiseled ass cheeks, unclothed for the first time. The mounds of unblemished flesh were a creamy colored white and the tiny orbs themselves was astonishingly and defiantly pronounced with sculptured perfection. His ass was small, but elegantly shaped! His little crack made my mouth water and as I saw the water running down its short length, I would have eagerly drank the water as it slid down his crack and into my over eager mouth.
Adam's ass cheeks were so muscular that even with his legs slightly spread, the taught muscles prevented his butt cheeks from opening, so I couldn't see any area that rested in between them. Believe me, I desperately wanted to see in between that creamy valley! As I stared at his breath taking perfectly shaped ass, I wondered if the boy had any butt hairs, and if so, what color were they. With that last question burning an everlasting impression within my sweltering mind, I decided to take a risk and see if I could catch a glimpse of his nude frontal area and see for myself whether or not he had pubic hair, and if so, find out what color it is.
Easing the curtain back into place, I now stepped closer to the front. Again, arching myself upwards, I saw Adam's hands as they lathered the shampoo into his beautiful hair. Hoping beyond any and all hopes he had his eyes closed, I pinched a small portion of the curtain and eased it to the side. Just as the curtain was opening up far enough for my eyes to get a clear shot, Adam turned, aiming his awesomely eatable ass back into my direction. Though I was more than thankful for another ass shot, I was completely devastated in not seeing the boy's front portion.
Realizing my perverted actions were running out of time, I eased the curtain back and stealthily departed the bathroom. On one side, I was excited to have witnessed his hot little ass, and on the other side, I was infuriated with lust at not having seen Adam's nude frontal treasures. Now, I was more bound and determined to find a way to get Adam naked, after all, he did say that he likes to walk around naked inside his house when his parents aren't home.
Back in the kitchen, I did my best to prepare us a meal while steadily thinking about Adam and his utterly perfect body. I'm not sure what I was doing at the time, but when Adam walked in, I know I stopped immediately. Fresh from his shower, Adam stood there wearing nothing but a bright red skimpy thong. Whether he knew I was drooling over his cock or not, I simply didn't give a flat flying fuck. My eyes were glued to the slightly protruding bulge of his precious teenage cock. The front portion of the skimpy thonged underwear dipped down almost within a fraction of an inch from the base of his boy cock. From what I saw, either he had no pubic hair, or he kept it shaved, or possibly the little that he had, simply wasn't noticeable. Nonetheless, the bald creamy colored pubic section my eyes were now feasting upon made my mouth water with pure raw passion.
As if no big deal, Adam walked past me, opened the fridge, then bent over to grab a soft drink. In doing so, I damn near fainted as I saw the thin lucky fabric caress the center of his eye popping crack. The flesh area of his ass crack that I saw looked just as creamy as the rest of his magnificent glory. I didn't see any butt hairs at all, just smooth unblemished creamy mouth watering flesh.
When he stood up and took a swig of the soda, I hoarsely said, "Damn Adam! You may as well walk around naked cause those skimpy things don't cover much."
His body movement was that of a teasing model, swaying his hips back and forth, and spinning around, then he fired back, "You must like em cause I see you keep staring."
Before I had time to think things through, my mouth blurted, "Yeah, but it's not the underwear I like."
After hearing my own confessing words, I stood there hoping for the best. After a brief silence, I stated, "You know Adam, the offer still stands that if you want to walk around naked, you certainly don't have to ask me. Like I said earlier, my home is your home and you are free to do whatever you want within reason."
He hopped up onto the barstool, took another swig, then ever so angelically spoke, "Shawn, I was kind of wondering something. I know you are gay and all that, and that's no big deal, but I was wondering if you like to fuck or are you the guy who likes to get fucked. Just uhhhhhhhhhh, kind of curious you know."
I was standing across from where he was sitting, looking him square in the eyes, I answered his curiosity, "Well, it's like this Adam. There was a time in my life that I thoroughly enjoyed feeling a man's cock pile drive my ass senseless, but as in every case, as one gets older, he kind of loses that sex appeal. It's like this. Right now, take you for example, you have both youth and looks on your side. As time moves forward, so does your age and angelic beauty. Adam, you were blessed with devastating great looks, but in time, your looks will certainly fade, and then you start looking back on your life wishing you could go back and do all the things that were offered to you when you had your youth and your beauty. You see, a lot of people concentrate too much on a person's outer looks. When you start to see the person's inner beauty, then everything else seems to fall in place, because inner beauty never fades. Now, back to present day, and as for me, I still like to feel penetrated every now and again, but I also love the way my cock feels as it hammers away inside a hot tight ass. Like I told you before, that ass of yours can provide you with a lot of pleasure, and hopefully one day, you'll see I was telling you the truth. There's a lot for you to explore and experience, and right now, you have plenty enough time to take your time and do only those things you feel comfortable in doing. Believe me, with that body of yours and your great looks, you'll have plenty of people begging to get inside your pants."
Sounding innocently naive, Adam asked, "So, you think I am kind of good-looking huh?"
Firing right back, I replied, "C'mon Adam, you are absofuckinglutely, drop dead gorgeous, and if you don't believe me, then just go take a good look at yourself in the mirror, but this time, open both eyes!"
He simply flashed me that drop dead heart stopping smile of his, then asked me about my first time, so truthfully I replied, "I guess I was around 10 at the time and I had an older step cousin who was 15. I started off sucking his cock every chance I got. Over a short period of time, I not only got better, but I looked forward to feeling that warm gush of cum juice as it flew into my mouth."
Cutting me off, Adam asked, "So, he molested you? And did he force you to swallow his sperm?"
Firing right back, "No Adam, you have it turned all around. It was I who seduced him! It was I who molested him! And it was I who volunteered to suck his cock every chance I got and it was I who craved his cum!"
Looking inquisitively curious, Adam blurted, "What's his name and did he fuck you?"
I replied, "One never tells a name when a secret is promised, and no, he never fucked me. All I ever did was suck his cock on a regular basis and drank his cum like an addict."
Adam shook his head up and down, the shot back, "So, when was the first time you got fucked?"
In response, I said, "I was around 12 years old and was mowing lawns for some extra money. One of my regulars was an older man, and I guess back then, he was probably somewhere in his mid to late fifties. He wasn't much to look at and overweight as well, but over a short period of time, and I didn't realize it back then, but I found his inner beauty. I don't recall exactly how it happened, but it was he who took my virginity, and I offered it to him willingly. For 5 wonderful years, he taught me many things and I worshiped the ground he walked on."
Adam interjected, "Why just 5 years? Why did it end?"
Answering, I said, "He died of a heart attack one night while sleeping. I found him dead, and it was then when I first experienced how a heart feels once it is broken."
There was a brief moment of silence as I watched the young angel absorbing in the words I had just spoken. In his most softest voice, Adam, in an almost whispering manner asked, "Even back then, that was illegal wasn't it?"
I said, "Only in the eyes of the law, but not to us! That was our secret, and ours alone. We both knew and understood the risks, but our passion for one another soared higher than the law."
Adam curiously asked, "But wasn't his age somewhat of a factor? I mean, he was way, way older than you."
Replying, I said, "At first, like most of us, I simply saw his age and prejudged him based on his looks. Believe me, in the beginning I never once saw him in a sexual manner. However, once I was able to see past his age and his outer looks, and peer into his inner beauty, it was then my young friend that I fell in love with him. Yes, even at 12, I still had emotions, and they were all ever so real."
Adam took a brief second to think about what I had just said, and after a few seconds, I simply stated, "You know Adam, I've answered every question about myself you asked, and yet, I know nothing about you. Don't you think it's time you open up to me?"
Sipping on his soda, Adam slowly raised his entrancing eyes to greet mine, then exhaled as he began speaking, "Uhhhhhhhhh, well, there's really not a whole lot to know. I'm small for my age and as you already know, I look a lot younger too. Cody is my only friend and my life basically sucks! Sometimes, I think I like girls, but other times, I think I'm gay! I've never done anything with anyone, you know, on a sexual level. Cody is my best friend, and only friend at that, and I've tried to talk with him a couple of times, but I always chicken out because I don't want to ruin our friendship. Both of my parents are die hard Christians, so I don't have to tell you their philosophy on homosexuals. I dunno Shawn, I guess I'm just kind of fucked up in more ways than one."
I stepped behind him, and softly began caressing his shoulders while adding, "Believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel, but understand this Adam, you are not fucked up. Society as a whole is the one who is fucked up, not you! From this moment forth, don't you ever feel like you can't come to me with anything, okay?"
Though I was behind him, I could tell he was mustering up the courage to fight back the tears. Come to think of it, so was I. I basked in the pleasures of caressing his satiny smooth flesh while feeling every ounce of his inner pain. Nothing more was said as we ate our meal. After cleaning up the kitchen, Adam and I walked back into the living room, both sitting side by side on the three cushioned sofa.
As the darkness of the night progressed, our conversation began to dwindle. When the movie we were watching ended, Adam turned to look at me, then nervously asked, "Shawn, uhhhhhhhhh, I uh was um kind uhhhhhhh thinking about, uhhhhhhhhhh, thinking about that enema thing."
Picking up where he was trying to get to, I interjected, "Are you trying to say you are interested in having an enema?"
Instead of speaking, he nodded his head up and down, steadily melting my heart with those piercing blue eyes. I stood up, probably telling him I'll be right back, but now thinking more with my cock than my head. I went into my bathroom and opened up a new bottle of Fleet Aloe enema. Unscrewing the capped top, I poured in some minty flavored mouth wash, filling it completely to the top, then screwed the cap back on.
Upon returning back to the living room, standing between the sofa and coffee table, looking down at the young gorgeous angel, I eagerly stated, "Okay Adam, this is one type of an enema. What happens is that I'll slowly insert this nozzle up your rectum, then squeeze the contents into you. What you have to do is fight back the urge to relieve yourself for as long as you possibly can. Okay?"
Just before he could offer a response, I had enough sense to cut the over head light on. If this moment of fantasy were to become a breath taking moment of reality, I sure as heck didn't want dim lighting to be a factor. Taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, and without waiting, I said, "Alright then, peel off those shorts and get on up onto the coffee table in a doggy style position. Make sure you have your right facial cheek resting on top of the table."
My heart damn near thumped out of my chest when Adam nervously stood up, hooking his thumbs into the sides of those skimpy thongs, then in an almost torturing teasing manner, began slowly sliding them down his incredibly delicious body. Inch by heart pounding inch, the boy teased my eyes as the thin cloth began uncovering the most deliciously perfect body that had ever been sculptured.
When Adam's inch long slender cut boy cock came bouncing into view, I caught myself as a loud moan flew out of my mouth. Though slender and small, it too was just as perfect as the rest of his overly defiant perfections. The head was in the coloration of a medium pinkness and those kissable tiny piss lips looked passionately inviting. The creamy colored shaft looked as though it was created from pure silk, offering no signs of pulsating veins anywhere. Zooming my eyes closer to his cock, I now could see a few blondish light brown dusting of soft curls protecting both sides at the base of his juicy looking teen cock.
Lowering my eyes to see his boy jewels, and at first glance, it appeared that young Adam was only given one nugget, but further inspection revealed twin perfectly rounded dime sized balls, both protected in one very satiny smooth hairless mouth watering nut sac. One thing was for certain, is that Adam certainly did not have what one would consider low hangers. Both balls seemed glued to the base of his cock, and one hell of a cock at that, regardless if its size.
My mouth had to have been wide open when somewhere off in the far distance, I heard his voice, "See Shawn, there's not a whole lot to look at down there."
Wiping away a glob of drool, I somehow managed to say, "You got to be fucking kidding me Adam. My God boy, you are totally flat fucking flawless!"
As I stood there in a total loss of words, eyes transfixed on his priceless cock and balls, and now knowing that his light patch of pubic hairs is a beautiful blond with a slight hint of light brown added to the perfection. The boy was nothing less than stunning and as I was eyeing his overall deliciousness, he was placing himself onto the coffee table, into the doggy style position.
His words brought me back into present time, "Okay Shawn, I'm ready!"
When I positioned myself behind him, my eyes were immediately greeted with his now widely exposed virgin butt hole. There was a tiny thin scattering of blondish brown hair circling his breath taking creamy colored butt hole. Actually, calling that tiny speck of an indentation a hole is totally inaccurate. Had I not known I was now looking straight at his butt hole, I wouldn't have guessed it in a million years. What else can I say? It was just a scrawny little speck, and nothing more!
I wanted so badly just to shove my tongue straight up his ass and suck his insides out through his anal canal. Instead, I had him look straight ahead, allowing me the perverted opportunity to sniff his ass, directly from the source. Once he looked straight ahead, I shot my nose directly over that tiny speck and breathed in. Electricity surged throughout every microscopic inch of my body as the scent of Adam's asshole tore through me like a hurricane. The aroma was a mix of fresh soap and that faint scent of baby powder. Over and over, again and again, I found myself drunk from his anal scent, not once growing tired of the mind boggling fragrance.
I have no clue how long I pleasured myself in smelling his ass, but my overall actions certainly didn't go unnoticed cause the boy's angelic voice tore through my ears, "Are you gonna give me that enema, or are you gonna spend all night smelling my ass?"
Every hair on my body stood up knowing I had been busted. Why shouldn't I have been. I wasn't smart enough to breathe in, then back away to exhale. Adam had to have felt my breath splashing on his widely spread ass. Damn I'm so stupid cause I sure as heck wasn't ready to stop sniffing the most sexually addicting scent never known by mankind.
Using my left thumb and forefinger, I spread his asshole slightly open. In doing so, the bright pinkness of his anal canal stole my very breath. Slowly, I eased the nozzle all the way up his virgin rectum. Adam's body slightly bucked as the nozzle slid up his anal canal and I heard him as a light angelic moan spewed from his mouth. With the nozzle in place, I began slowly squeezing the contents of the enema bottle up his rectum until almost all of the liquid was inside of him.
With the nozzle now out of his butt, I simply couldn't resist the urge to give it a smell, and so I did. There were no visible signs of poop streaks whatsoever, and the nozzle itself smelled just as mind boggling as did his virgin asshole. Even still, the faint smell of baby powder was awesomely intoxicating as it showered my lungs with its breath taking scent.
Adam remained still, allowing the enema's contents to work its magic. Within a few minutes, Adam made a hissing sound as he breathed in, then spat, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh man, it's doing something inside me."
Leaning my face closer to his butt hole, I saw his little scrawny pucker steadily puckering. Damn, the way it was puckering made me want to dive right in and lavish it with deep tongue kisses. Within about five long groaning minutes, Adam cried, "Oh shit Shawn, ohhhhhhhhhhh shit, I uhhhhhhh, I feel it, ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!"
I placed my hands on both of those tiny muscular chiseled butt cheeks of his, and started squeezing them together while saying, "Try and hold it a bit longer. You can do it!"
Adam's body twisted and jerked, and he was hissing and grunting like crazy, doing all he possibly could do to fight the urge to relieve himself. His hands lashed out and began popping the coffee table and his tiny asshole looked as though it was now rapidly convulsing. When I saw a small stream of liquid ease itself out of his asshole, and knowing that he had fought the urge for well over ten minutes, I lightly swatted his right butt cheek, the stated, "Okay Adam, it's time. Go on and hit the bathroom!"
He scurried off of the table, holding his butt cheeks tightly with both hands, running crazily using small baby steps while moaning at the top of his lungs. Watching him run towards the bathroom using those small baby steps only made me appreciate the boy's awesome beauty that much more.
I didn't follow him into the bathroom cause I thought best he be left alone to empty his bowels without me overlooking. For quite some time, Adam stayed in the bathroom. Just making sure he was okay, I walked to the bathroom only to hear the shower being utilized once more. This time, I did not devilishly invade his privacy. As I walked back out to the living room, I couldn't help not to notice his recently worn thong underwear. Picking them up, and being more automatic than anything else, I began rubbing that thin line of fabric, that had once been glued to his butt crack and asshole, back and forth under my nose. As per the recent cases, this sniffing was no different from the rest. The heavenly scent stole my breath as I repeatedly inhaled the luxurious scent.
I was so engrossed at smelling his boy scent that his voice caused every hair on my body to stand straight at attention, "Damn Shawn, what is it with you wanting to smell my butt and my underwear?"
Looking like the pervert I had quickly become, I nervously stared him in the face, then replied, "Sorry, but I just couldn't resist! You smell soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood!"
Standing before me was Adam, a buck naked young beauty wearing only a breath stealing smile. His eyes trailed down his body where my eyes were locked in on. Looking back up, and in an almost sexy like voice, Adam softly said, "Well, I figured you'd already seen me naked, so why bother putting any clothes on."
Firing right back, I said, "No problem! My home is your home!"
After a very brief pause, I asked, "So, how'd you like the enema?"
Smiling from ear to ear, Adam's voice sparked a higher note saying, "I feel very clean now, that's for sure, but I almost shit myself trying to get to the toilet. I thought I'd never get done using the bathroom. But, once everything came out, I thought best to take another shower, you know, just to make extra sure."
I simply couldn't take my eyes off the naked boy, marveling over his mind boggling perfections. Unlike my own, Adam's teen meat was soft, yet looked utterly mouth watering. Pointing at me, Adam blurted, "Hey Shawn, what's wrong with this picture? I'm butt naked and you're not! To me, that just don't seem right. To make things a bit equal, you need to get naked too or I'm gonna have to put my underwear back on. So, what's it gonna be?"
I certainly didn't want him to hide that sweet young cock of his again, and I had already been fantasizing about eating his tiny bung hole, so I did as requested, freeing my body to match his naked form. In doing so, all eight rock hard thick inches of cut ass packing man meat aimed itself directly at Adam, who by the way, was still standing in the same position, but now his mouth was partially open and both eyes were glaring upon my erect man muscle.
In his most softest and most angelic voice, Adam nervously whispered, "Holy fuck, that sure is a big one, and it's thicker than my forearm! You really fuck guys with that? I mean, holy shit, that monster would split me in two! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddddddddd!"
In response, I fired back, "Yeah, I do fuck guys with this, besides, it's really not all that big compared to some I've seen. Going back to what I said earlier, you have to prep that ass for penetration, and that can be a whole lot of fun."
Now, we were both standing in between the sofa and the coffee table. My eyes were locked onto his slowly inflating cock, and his eyes were glimmering upon my throbbing man meat. He sat down first, then I sat down, positioning myself to his right. God this boy was devastatingly beautiful beyond any imagination!
Unable to contain my thoughts any longer, I curiously asked, "Adam, you said earlier that sometimes you think about girls, but then you said you sometimes think you are gay. Do you mind explaining that?"
Adam took in a deep breath, forcing his eyes off of my cock and into my eyes, then with a voice of angelic passion, he began talking, "It's kind of hard to explain, but sometimes when I jack-off, I kind of want to think about some girl, but no matter how hard I try to concentrate on that one specific girl, my mind always switches channels, and she is replaced with some guy. So there I am, beating my meat, and the next thing I know is that I am either dreaming about sucking a cock, or having my cock sucked, and as of lately, finding myself being fucked. Shawn, I don't know what's going on inside my head, but for whatever the reason, I keep fantasizing about some guy fucking my ass really, really hard."
I piped in, "Seems kind of normal to me. That's exactly what happened to me early on. Started out thinking of a girl, but wound up with a guy. Don't worry about it! Thanks to all of those fantasies I had, I turned them around and made them a reality. I'll tell you this though, I too dreamed about some guy fucking my ass, but what I didn't dream about was the pain that I had to endure in order to make that fantasy a reality. Adam, please don't be frightened about the pain though, and depending on who it is, it can actually be one of the most memorable things you'll ever experience. And, if you don't mind, when you masturbate, who do you think about?"
Adam adjusted his body, tossing his beautiful face from side to side, then in a voice of sheer excitement, he stated, "That's a secret, and you know you can't share a secret and mention any names. I will say this though, he's got a big one, just like yours!"
After a short pause, Adam licked those cherry colored kissable lips, then spoke again, "Shawn, how old was the youngest guy you've ever been with?"
Answering, I replied, "Well, let's see here. I guess it was a few months back and I met this guy at work. He was all of 18 and I guess we just sort of clicked. To answer your question, 18 is the youngest."
Ever so eagerly, Adam asked, "Did you fuck him?"
I didn't say a word, instead, I nodded my head in a yes gesture. He was looking at me, smiling from ear to ear, then asked, "Did he have any problems, uhhhhhhhh, you know, taking your cock?"
Still not saying a word, I simply nodded my head no. Once I saw him notice my head movements, then mentally accepting it, I figured what the hell, it was now or never, so I nervously began speaking, "Adam, I'm not sure where any of this is going, but I have to be perfectly honest with you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you, I uhhhhhhhhh, well, I can't get you out of my mind. In fact, you've already busted me sniffing your butt and your underwear, and that alone should tell you something. I don't know why I feel the way I do about you, but I've never felt this so consumed in my life. Adam, you've got it going on, and in all the right places. If the opportunity were ever to arise, I'd............"
He cut me off, quickly interjecting, "Soooooooooo, you'd like to have sex with me?"
Looking into those heart melting blue eyes of his, my voice cracked, "Yes, I would Adam, and I am soooooooooo sorry I feel that way!"
Adam quickly fired back, "Hey Shawn, no need to be all apologetic, besides, I know I for one was kind of hoping this would happen. You see, I found this site on the internet called "Nifty Erotic Stories." It's a site with a bunch of stories, you know, sex stories. I've been reading a bunch lately under their Adult/Youth Gay Category. I got to admit, there sure are plenty of really good stories. Well, reading the stories under that section, there's a lot of guys, my age that is, having sex with guys who are older, much, much older. Just reading some of those stories, I can't help not to jack-off while thinking the young boy in the stories having so much fun is in all honesty, really me. I'm smart enough to know that having a cock up your ass, especially for the first time, well uhhhhhhhhh, it's just gotta hurt!"
As if we were both drawn closer to one another, our footsteps carried us both to the point that we were now standing within a few inches, and I was looking down into those flashy dazzling blue eyes, and he was looking up into mine. My hands reached down, gently cupping the sides of his slender gorgeous face while my lips were being automatically drawn to his. My heart was beating so wildly I thought I was going to faint. When my lips met his, my legs trembled feverishly, and as my tongue darted into his super hot and saliva drenched oral oven, it was then that I thought I was experiencing a near death encounter.
His small hands latched themselves onto my back, fingers softly digging into my flesh as his own small delicious pink tongue drifted into my mouth. The boy's saliva tasted just like fresh mint as I slurped and swabbed the interior of his mouth. Our moans vibrated down each of our throats as our passionate lip locking kiss rose to an all time sexually sparked high.
I felt his soft hands as they traveled from my upper back all the way to the point that both of his hands were gently caressing my butt cheeks. My own trembling hands slid down his shoulders, relishing in his satiny smooth flesh, working their way all the way down to where I was aggressively groping the tightest butt cheeks I had ever touched. I felt his butt cheek muscles dance with my every touch, sending more waves of rocketing excitement exploding sharply into my already spinning mind.
My legs buckled with shocking surprise when Adam caught me off guard by cupping my heavy swinging balls. The feel of his hand as it touched my balls shot electrical currents throughout every square inch of my already shaking body. As his hands performed magic on my body, I was quickly becoming lost as I constantly dined on the boy's minty fresh saliva, not once stopping to consider the legalities of my actions.
Still embraced in a tongue sucking lip lock, I forced my roaming fingers to dive into Adam's butt crack, working their way up and down until I felt that sweet tiny love maker that I so longed to make love to. When my fingertips touched his virgin asshole, I felt Adam's body roll into a series of breath taking convulsions while his vibrating moans shot down my throat, awakening the beast within me.
While my finger tenderly graced his virgin anal orifice, Adam let my balls go only to quickly latch onto my throbbing rock hard chunk of man meat. Again, my legs almost buckled just by his angelic soft touch. By the way his fingers were stretching themselves, I could tell the boy was testing the waters so to speak, doing his best to see if his small fingers could touch one another around the thick girth of my cock. He was using his right hand, palm gracing the underside of my pulsating cock and I could feel his fingers gently squeeze onto the sides, coming nowhere close to touching themselves.
***This is where I probably should mention just how thick, or fat, my cock is. Without trying to brag or anything because just like you, I grew up with it, so to me, it's not anything out of the ordinary, or at least, to me that is. When fully erect, it is right at the 8 1/4 inch mark, but to give you an idea just how thick it is, grab a 20 ounce soda can and that will give you a pretty good idea as to my thickness. Now, imagine a 14 year old boy who looks more like he's around 10 doing the same thing. So to young Adam, seeing and touching my cock must have felt pretty intimidating, especially for his first time at doing such a thing.
Adam forced his lips from mine, looking up into my eyes, then ever so softly whispered, "Shawn, I don't think I can take your cock! It's uhhhhhhh, it's fucking enormous! Shit, I don't even think I can get my mouth on it, much less see if it will fit inside my butt!"
As we stood there, I took a step backwards, witnessing first hand at the slender rock hard boy pole now presenting itself to me for the very first time. Adam's young boy cock proudly jutted from his perfect body a good 4 1/2 inches. The royal crown formerly know as his cock head flared itself allowing it to be a slight thicker than the carrot thick shaft, arching straight out and upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle. Even rock hard, the boy's tiny piss lips looked so incredibly kissable, and suckable too.
I grabbed his head and shot my lips over his once again, feeding his mouth with my crazed slithering tongue. His tongue returned back to my mouth as I scooped him up into my arms, carrying him the short distance to my bedroom, then gently placed him onto my bed. As our tongues drilled each others mouth, my left hand wildly began sweeping up and down his silky smooth body while my right hand pleasured itself by the satiny electrifying sensation of his soft hair.
Adam's hands roamed my back with fingertips occasionally digging passionately into my flesh. His minty tasting saliva was steadily being vacuumed into my mouth and worshiped as each precious drop trickled down my gulping throat. His soft and ever so elegant moans vibrated themselves all the way down my throat, forcing my entire body to shiver with heavenly sensations.
With somewhat of reluctance, I forced my mouth from his, but only to begin tongue bathing the boy's delicious left ear, then rotating to his right. His moans, those grunts, and the vast chorus of whimpering purrs exploded from his mouth as my tongue pleasured him in a way that he never knew even existed.
As my left hand slid up his right leg, it rested palm upwards, now cupping his tiny hairless balls. His body began convulsing as my fingers started erotically manipulating his tender, and highly sensitive, jewels. And these were the jewels befitting only the grandest of kings, and it was I, and I alone who was now afforded the luxury of touching such breath taking beauties.
While my fingers caressed his hairless balls, they also were afforded the honor of slightly touching the throbbing base of his boy cock. I could feel the shaft as it throbbed with his every breath, sending a vast array of electricity coursing through my every vein.
Once both ears were thoroughly loved, my tongue began slithering all over his face, breathing in his very breath, becoming love drunk with every intoxicating whiff of his fiery hot breath. Adam was panting and his body couldn't stop wiggling, occasionally thrusting his hips upwards in sheer overwhelming pleasurable delight. By now, at this point, I could easily sense that young Adam was delirious with pleasures that were all completely unknown to his virgin heavenly perfect body.
I had given his entire neck area a proper tongue bath, placing tender kisses here and there while using my teeth to nibble gently upon his silky smooth flesh. Everything I was now doing to Adam was sending the boy somewhere deep within his own lust filled world. The words often spewing from his mouth made no sense whatsoever, but to me, that was only a sign that I was pleasing the boy beyond any and all of his wildest dreams.
As my tongue trailed from his delicious neck, I ended up with his right nipple within the grasp of my teeth, using my tongue to swirl all around the tiny pink erect nipple. This sent Adam into a thrashing convulsion. His body really began flopping all over while his hands cupped his own face as his angelic whimpers got louder and louder. The harder my teeth clamped down on his tiny nipple, the more pleasure he seemed to be getting. I could hear the hissing sound as his teeth were biting down while taking in a breath of air. His left hand came crashing down on the back of my head, pressing my face hard onto his perky little nipple.
From one nipple to the next, I took turns biting, sucking, licking, and nibbling, sending the boy's body into an explosion of mind bending convulsions. He was steadily purring with every heavy breath while wiggling his little body all over the bed from the exhilarating pleasures feasting passionately within every square inch of his convulsing body.
Moving further down, I licked, sucked, bit, and nibbled all over his muscular smooth chest and made sure to make oral love to his rigid stomach muscles before taking the time to swab out his scrawny little belly button. Adam steadily hoisted his ass up from the bed, beckoning my mouth to his jutting erection. Once I dined on his belly button, I used both of my hands to latch onto each of his forearms, slinging them over his head. Now, my left hand held both of his wrists down as my face inched upwards until I shot my nose into the dense patch of blondish brown hair of his exposed left armpit.
The scent was just as tantalizing as the rest of his perfections. A clean soapy scent mixed with that familiar faint odor of baby powder. I breathed in the purity for sometime before finding myself dining like a meat craved crocodile. Initially, Adam giggled, but within a few seconds, those angelic giggles turned into a loud roar of panting purring pleasures. By the time I was done eating his delicious armpits, I made perfectly sure that each were given the same oral attention.
Standing up on my knees, now positioned in between Adam's vivacious smooth legs, my eyes began absorbing the most beautiful scenery any eyes could ever behold. As I feasted my eyes upon his incredibly perfect beauty and body, my left hand automatically reached down and latched onto Adam's right ankle. Without even thinking, I found the boy's right foot up to my nose, and with my every breath, I was inhaling his awesomely sweet fragrance.
Before long, I was working my tongue in between each toe and sucking each toe doing all I could do to suck the flesh right off the bone. My eyes were fixated on his gorgeous face as I made love to each of his little curling toes. Adam was rolling his head from side to side while his hands were constantly having to be brushed away from latching onto his throbbing boy cock.
After completely dining on his right foot, I gave his left foot equal loving treatment. Placing his left foot softly back onto the bed, I slowly inched my body downwards so that my mouth was within a few inches of his jutting cock and tightly withdrawn baby boy balls. Stuffing my nose just under his balls, I breathed in the most heavenly scent. Adam instinctively spread his legs further outwards, allowing more room for me to operate.
While I was basking in the most intense aroma, Adam began pinching his little nipples with both hands as his little body writhed and wiggled up and down and from side to side. In one quick motion, I now had both of his little beauties safely tucked away within the realm of my mouth, slashing about with my tongue while grunting like a bear on patrol for some honey. The silkiness, the satiny smoothness, the overall delicate texture of his hairless sac, and knowing that I was now feasting upon Adam's dime sized nuggets made everything in life seem that much more perfect.
With his balls stuffed inside my mouth and my tongue wildly caressing each one, Adam's bucking body went into overdrive. Adam cried out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shaaaaaaaaaaa, Shaaaaaaaaaaa, Shaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn! That feels soooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooodddddddd!"
For quite sometime, I sucked on his balls, loving each one with hot oral passion before releasing them from the confinement of my mouth. Using my right index finger, I touched the top portion of the base of his hard cock, and pulled it closer to my face. In doing so, I bore witness to a clear glob of pre-cum oozing itself out of those tiny piss lips. Unable to contain myself, my tongue lashed out and scooped up the clear fluid and quickly withdrew my tongue back into my mouth. If my mind wasn't already spinning way out of control, it went into total shock as I tasted Adam's pre-cum. As if I were savoring one of the world's finest of wines, I swirled the boy's delicacy all around inside my mouth, savoring the texture and doing my best to describe the flavor that had stunned my taste buds.
I knew it was pre-cum, but it sure as heck didn't taste like any other that I had tasted before, and I have tasted quite a lot in my time. By no means could it be declared bitter, nor even salty. It was just slick and gooey and downright soothing, better yet, toss in a glorified sweetness to it and that's precisely just how Adam's pre-cum tasted.
Once I regained some aspect of mental reality after tasting his pre-cum, my tongue began swabbing the sides of his cock, tenderly gracing the few wisps of small blondish brown hair. Working upwards, I managed to slither my tongue all over the electrifyingly satiny smooth shaft before ending up at the very tip of his flared mushroom shaped cock head.
I couldn't resist the temptation to plant my lips directly on those puffy little irresistibly kissable piss lips of his. As my lips touched Adam's piss lips, I was instantly rewarded with another glob of his delicious pre-cum. My body shivered as I relished the great taste, then began using my tongue to gently lap in between the twin tiny lips. As my tongue was lapping at his piss lips, Adam was besides himself with shocking pleasures.
Moving on, I grunted feverishly as my flesh sealing lips slid the full length down his 4 1/2 inch cock, burying my nose gently into his bald upper pubic region, inhaling the most enriching fragrance known to mankind. Up and down ever so slowly, my mouth worshiped his cock and my tongue frolicked freely.
Adam screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwdddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddddddd Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn, yesssssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, shit, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hell yessssssssssssssssssssss, suck it, suck it Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnn!"
I had only been working on his cock for about a minute, if not less, when I felt his cock expand in throbbing convulsions. Wanting passionately to prolong the inevitable, I forced my mouth off of his cock. As soon as my mouth left his cock, Adam, in the most elegant, softest, angelic pleading voice cried out, "Noooooooooooooooo, noooooooooooooo, please don't stop Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn. I was almost there! C'mon, please suck my cock, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeee!"
After a few heart thumping seconds, I did return to sucking his cock, but only after a minute or so, once again I sensed he was close, so again I backed off, much to his displeasure. This time, I immediately began sucking on his little boy nuggets while caressing his legs with both of my hands. A short while later, I again began orally worshiping his slender boy cock while basking in the endless pleasures of sipping on his awesomely sweet young pre-cum. This time, while I was making love to his cock, my fingers began caressing his hairless jewels, periodically pulling and tugging on them.
To skip through a lot of heart thumping drama, I had rotated from Adam's delicious cock to his appetizing little balls for over a good 30 or so minutes, still not allowing him to blow what would have to be a rather copious, yet soothingly delicious young load. Once again, while worshiping his cock with my mouth, Adam became dangerously close to unleashing his pent-up load. I could see the tears of agonizing torturous pleasures as they elegantly dripped from the corners of each entrancing blue eye.
The entire time, Adam begged and pleaded with me to allow him to cum, yet for whatever the reason, I wouldn't allow that to happen, or at least, not just yet! His young angelic perfect body bucked and thrashed wildly about as I removed my mouth, then quickly flinging his little legs high up over his head, wasting no time at all in slamming my tongue to that spectacularly sweet smelling tiny speck better known as his asshole.
Adam was already in a sexually heightened feverish state, but once my tongue began drilling away at his little chute, the boy went totally ballistic, slinging his arms all over the place, crying out in pure bliss, and slinging his precious head to and fro. I too was doing some purring and moaning, basking in the reality of the silk like texture of his delicious little anal orifice. Not only was it delicious to the taste, but the sweet aromatic fragrance spewing heavily into my lungs was simply breath taking.
The boy's tiny anal ring finally gave way to my persistent tongue. Almost immediately, my tongue was greeted with nothing short of fiery flames and the crushing affect of his anal muscles. It felt as though my tongue was caught in a trap, and now being crushed while being cooked all at the same time. My tongue pushed forwards up the boy's virgin anal highway, doing its utmost best to resist the awesome heat and tongue crushing attack. As my tongue dove to its deepest depth, it felt as though it was being drawn in even further by the boy's commercial grade vacuuming anal muscles.
Fighting against the devilish perverted odds, I began to force my tongue in and out of the boy's miraculous anal oven. Adam screamed, pretty much at the top of his lungs, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Yesssssssssssssssssss, yessssssssssssssssssss, shit, fuck, fuck, damn, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddddd yesssssssssssssssssssss Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn! Eat, eat, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssssssssssssss, eat myyyyyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!"
While enjoying dining away at the most incredibly tasty ass on the planet, I constantly had to keep brushing away Adam's hands from latching onto his boy pole. In time, his anal muscles began welcoming my probing tongue, allowing me the opportunity to lap at his bright pink anal walls. As my tongue slithered to its depth, the boy's anal muscles converged around my tongue, using its anaconda like strength to yank my tongue straight out of my ass eating mouth.
I have no earthly idea how long I ate the boy's virgin ass out, but all I knew was that my tongue was now extremely sore. Now, I began rotating from sucking the boy's mouth watering cock, to working on his balls, and eating his absofuckinglutely delicious ass until he got close, then simply backed away. Adam's small balls were now fully bloated, seemingly expanding the sac beyond its stretchy limits.
Nearly two or more hours had passed since I kept Adam on the very edge, but never once allowing him to explode his young teen cream. Just like in some of my many fantasies about Adam, and knowing he was way beyond the point in needing to unleash his load, I had Adam stand on the floor near the side of the bed. I positioned myself so that I was on my back and my head was off the side of the bed, dangling downwards. Reaching out, my hands latched onto his muscular butt cheeks and brought him to me.
Once in this position, I hoarsely whispered, "Fuck my mouth! Fuck it hard Adam!"
He pushed his cock into my already open mouth and began fucking his first face. His small hands reached out and clutched onto the upper portion of my chest as he drove his sweet hard cock in and out of my mouth like a runaway pile driver. His swollen jewels felt incredible as they lovingly rolled along the bridge of my nose as his cock fired away rapidly in and out of my slurping mouth.
I eased the fingers of both hands into his muscle crushing ass crack, and worked them quickly to reach my desired treasure. Adam was fucking my mouth while cursing all sorts of wicked onslaughts of some unknown verbiage. It certainly didn't take long, but I felt his cock throb wildly and timing it just right, I shoved my right middle finger all the way up his unsuspecting virgin anal cavity.
Adam cried out as to the shock of my finger invading his anal chamber, but for him, it was far too late. His cock popped into my mouth as the first thick mighty glob exploded from his cock with a vengeance, followed by countless others. Thick cum strands jetted from his cock with quite the force causing Adam to continue screaming words of an unknown origin.
My finger wedged inside his anal canal was being triumphantly crushed as the boy's cock continued to delivering large gooey hot cum globs into my mouth. Round after round, shot after shot, Adam's cock eventually slowed down to the point that thick globs was now dripping into my mouth, joining the pool of cum formed within my mouth. I already knew I wanted to prevent tasting the boy until I had all of his cum completely drained, then and only then would I allow myself to be pleasured tasting his glorious purity.
Adam's thrusting motions literally ceased, yet he made sure his still hard cock was inside my mouth. It was then that I decided to sample the boy's teen cream. The first taste offered me nothing to distinguish, so I greedily swallowed a bit more. The more I swallowed the more I came to realize that Adam's cum had no taste whatsoever. Had I not known I was swallowing his fresh cum, I would've never had guessed it.
I had just gulped the last of the boy's tasteless cream down my throat when I felt his anal muscles savagely attack my finger, then I felt his cock expand three of four times, then Adam cried, "Fuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkk! I'm, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwdddddd!"
Much to my surprise, though more than thankful for, Adam's cock began sputtering out watery jets of boy juice. It was about five good spurts of boy honey ending up with a steady trickle of love juice. When his cock was finally milked, I could feel it as it began to deflate, so I eagerly began tasting his second helping of teen cream. Still, and shockingly enough, there simply wasn't any taste at all.
Once I had swallowed the last tasteless drop of his young juice, Adam backed away, pulling his now limp cock from my mouth, and easing his awesomely tight ass off of my anal probing finger. He fought to get up on the bed, then rolled onto his back, and started exhaling a long deep breath. As he lay there lost in his own peaceful little world, I stole the moment to sniff the finger that had just been up his ass. Taking in several long breaths I came to the conclusion that my finger was simply minty fresh, yet the faint fragrance of baby powder was still prevalent.
I got up and lay down to his right, keeping both of my Adam loving eyes on the most gorgeous specimen that the heavens above has ever created. His once hard boy cock now lay limp, drifting to his left side, still looking just as mouth watering delicious as ever. His balls, though completely drained, still looked bloated. So, I lay there watching his every movement while relishing in the boy's overwhelming defiant beauty.
Moments later, the boy's soft elegant voice whipped through the air, "Holy crap Shawn, that was uh, uh freaking awesome. I've never busted a nut like that before. Wow, wow, back to back too!"
I said nothing, still dreaming about having tasted the boy's most precious of offerings. My cock was just as rock hard as before all this had started, and Adam must have his eyes on my boner.
His voice chimed in, "Shawn, I'm gonna suck that huge pecker of yours, but I don't think I can do it near as good as you did mine. I hope that will be okay."
Before I could utter a single word, Adam flipped his body, and within seconds, the little beauty had both of his small hands on my throbbing shaft and his tongue was swirling around all over my blood engorged cock head. I knew he was getting his fair share of manly pre-cum cause it was literally pouring out. My entire body began shivering as I felt the soothing electricity shooting from his soft hands onto my shaft, let alone the sensations his slithering tongue was feeding me from lapping all over my sensitive cock head. I felt him try to shove my large cock head into his mouth a few times, but when he realized it was just too thick, his tongue began performing a magic trick of a lifetime.
To say the least, knowing that the tongue pleasuring my cock belonged to Adam, and the fingers softly digging into the throbbing flesh of my shaft was his, I could feel my cum valve as it began opening, so with all due respect, I did warn the boy of the oncoming onslaught of man juice. Instead of Adam backing away as I anticipated, the boy placed his mouth directly over my piss slit and began using that precious tongue of his to swab that area with wild and reckless abandonment.
I know I probably screamed something, but for the most part, I was too the point of no return. My cock throbbed profusely, and then I felt my cum as it exploded with a throat drowning vengeance. Off in the distance, I could hear the young boy as he choked and gagged, gulped and slurped on the huge amount of man juice firing away inside his fiery hot little mouth. My orgasm was so intense, I literally went blind. As my cum began to subside, much to my surprise, Adam was still slurping away, doing his very best to suck the last morsel of man cream from my cock.
When I had no more cum to offer, and still holding my cock with both hands, Adam looked at me, smiling from ear to ear, then eagerly whispered, "Damn Shawn, you sure do shoot a shit load of cum! I didn't think I would be able to get it all, but I did, and I swallowed it all too!"
I was in the process of fighting for air while struggling to focus my eyes on the little beauty still kneeling in between my spread legs holding my cock. My mind was reeling from my orgasm, and as I was trying to search for the words to say something, Adam piped right in, "You know Shawn, I was kind of thinking. I doubt it very seriously if this enormous cock of yours will fit inside my butt, but, you did say that you have to prep a butt first so that it will make for easier penetration. Your finger sure did feel really good, so I was kind of hoping that you would want to prep my butt, even if this big cock wont fit."
By now, I had regained most of my senses, and after hearing him want me to prep his tight ass, well uh, that was music to my ears so to speak. I rolled off of the bed and went straight to my walk-in closet. Knowing both of my nephews are equally nosey, I had my little toy bag tucked away in a special hiding place. I retrieved my bag and got back up onto the bed, now seated across from the gorgeous beauty.
I positioned Adam in a doggy style position with his face aiming towards the foot of the bed. Why? Cause I have a large mirror on top of a dresser that is located along the wall near the foot of the bed, so this way, not only could I play with his breath defying muscularly shaped ass, but I now would be able to see his gorgeous face as I was doing so.
Adam had the left side of his face resting on a pillow, and both of his knees spread outwards and close to his upper body. I couldn't resist the temptation of slapping his sweet smelling, super extra tight, delicious little speck of an asshole with my tongue. Adam whimpered as my tongue went wild licking, sucking, and kissing his exposed little bung hole.
A short while later, I sat up on my knees and opened the bottle of lubricant. I had already had a towel on the bed as I poured the slippery substance on my right index finger. Taking my time, I slowly inserted my finger all the way up his bone crushing anal oven. Adam's perfect body bucked and shivered and he flung his head up from the pillow, looking directly into the mirror, and his small mouth formed a perfect circle while the angelic soft moans graced the stillness of the room.
With each inward probe of my finger, the boy's anal muscles retaliated with awesome power. In short, I waited for the moment that was now at hand. Adam, completely unaware of his own actions, began driving his ass backwards onto my thrusting finger. It was then that I slowly inserted my right middle finger that had already been slick with the lubricant. It was tight, awesomely tight, and at first, I didn't think that the addition of a second finger would work out. There just didn't seem to be enough room, but being ever so persistent, I managed to make it work. While I fought to add my middle finger, I watched the reflection in the mirror as Adam's gorgeous face was making a wide variety of facial expressions.
From his facial expressions to his pantings and grunts, I knew the boy was experiencing a mixture of mild pain and mind wrecking pleasures. In time, though his anal canal was still extremely tight, I watched as he began drilling his ass onto my anal dwelling fingers. The grimacing facial expressions he once made no longer became a factor. The soft moans of pure ecstasy were the only sounds streaming out of his gaping mouth.
Instead of attempting to invade his tight ass with a third finger, I decided it would be best to remove my fingers altogether and replace them with one of my prostate pleasing toys. As my fingers drifted from Adam's clutching anus, I watched in sheer awe at the brilliant pinkness of his anal walls, and the quickness of his asshole sealing itself shut right before my very eyes.
I had to keep telling myself to take my time because I didn't want to rush into anything and perhaps destroy another delightful encounter with the little angel. I knew I had to make this encounter one that he would never forget, but in a good way, and not one that would result in nightmares.
After lubricating the Aeros Prostate Stimulator, I wiped my hands clean before slowly inserting the thin toy up Adam's butt. No sooner had I got about an inch of the toy inside his ass, Adam shot his ass backwards, completely burying his butt on the toy. I hadn't even activated the toy yet when he started humping his perfect hot ass back and forth while moaning joyously.
Adam cried, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnnn, yessssssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddd yessssssssssssssssss! This feels soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddd in meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Just as he finished crying out his last long word, I flipped the switch and watched him through the mirror. Not only does this special toy vibrate, but 3 inches of it twirls around, constantly striking his little anal love button we all know as his prostate. If he thought he was feeling pleasure before, just by the way his body was bucking and his head was slinging, Adam was now experiencing pleasures he'd never ever felt before. The words flying out of his mouth were loud and not one single sentence made any sense at all. The boy was now enduring a type of pleasure that he will never forget!
I began fucking his humping ass with the toy, working it in and out, but never leaving his anal bliss, while using my left hand to cup his tender balls and grope his rock hard boy cock. Both of Adam's small hands latched onto a handful of the bedding, drawing it to his face where he stuffed a mouthful into his mouth in a defeated attempt to stifle his angelic chorus of mind boggling whimpers and purrs.
A little while later, still using the toy to fuck his ass and stimulate his prostate, Adam cried out that he was about to cum. Keeping the toy in place, I quickly flipped onto my back and worked my body under his spread legs so that I could push his soon to be erupting cock into my more than eager cum devouring mouth.
My mouth hadn't been on Adam's boy cock no more than 10 short seconds before I was granted several watery streams of his throat soothing boy juice. All I had to do was put his cock in my mouth because he was fucking his ass onto the toy, and in the process, fucking my mouth like tomorrow would never come.
The small watery squirts wasn't a whole lot, but once I began tasting the juice, this time I detected a taste. It wasn't salty, and it was far from being close to bitter, but this time I tasted a smidgeon of salt which only fed me more insane cum swallowing pleasure. To say the least, the watery juice was nothing less than down right delicious!
I milked his cock free from his deliciousness until his boy pole drifted off into a semi erect state. Easing myself back out from under him, I returned to sitting on my knees behind his gorgeously shaped ass. I eased the toy from his ass just to see his anal ring rapidly seal itself shut once again.
The boy's breathing was frantic and although nothing was inside his butt, he was still using his ass to hump backwards as if indicating he wasn't anywhere close to being done. I lubricated another toy, this one being a slender 6 inches long and the sides contained numerous rubbery hairs that once is activated has a tendency to send you straight into orbit. I know, I use this on myself all the time.
I eased the slender toy into his butt, only to find him driving his butt backwards, impaling his own-self onto the toy. This time, I didn't wait. I flipped the switch and watched as the toy did its job. Adam's body went buck wild while he was screaming for dear life as to the sensations shooting straight up his ass, crashing sharply into his already wildly spinning mind. With six very slender inches inside the boy, I was fully aware that so far up to now, that was the deepest anything had ever been inside his virgin uncharted territory.
Adam screamed, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssssssssssss Shaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn!"
I didn't take what he said for face value, cause I knew he was nowhere close to being able to take my cock up his ass, or at least, not just yet. So far, my two fingers that once invaded his ass were thicker than both of the toys, so I knew he wanted me to use the toy to feed him further pleasures. While he was slamming his butt backwards, I was repeatedly shoving the toy in and out of his butt.
After some time, I pulled the toy out of his butt. Adam's body was shaking and his continual spray of purring filled the room. While his asshole was briefly gaping open, I darted my nose right up to it and breathed in. The hairs on my body stood straight up to the blissful aroma of a minty freshness enhanced by the mind boggling fragrance of baby powder.
I had Adam lay on his left side with his right leg tucked up close to his upper body. From being in the doggy style position for so long, I didn't want him to experience any cramping, so I thought best to change positions. Once he was in the proper position, I fumbled through my toy bag searching for one of my toys that wasn't too big for him.
The only other toy I had that wasn't too thick was my beaded anal wand. It wasn't the smallest, but it sure wasn't the thickest either. It was a good 10 inches long and the very top ball was small, and as each ball progressed downwards, each one got thicker. There were only eight balls to the anal wand, and then the handle, but the bottom two balls were by far thicker than anything else that had been inside the boy's virgin ass.
After lubricating the wand, ensuring each ball had sufficient lubricant, I slowly inserted the wand up Adam's butt. Again, he began humping his little ass backwards, and I must say he was doing a pretty good job, up until he shoved his ass back on the second to the last ball. That ball was considerably thicker than both of my fingers, and once he realized, and felt, the sharp pain of his anal walls being stretched, his bucking motion temporarily ceased. His right arm slapped his right butt cheek while he was whimpering like never before.
However, it was far too late. He had already swallowed the second to the last ball inside his ass, and I held the handle firmly, keeping it wedged in place. Adam cried, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk, owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwwwwEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
I knew from experience he was feeling the fiery pain of having his anal walls stretched wider than he had ever felt before. I also knew that it would only be a matter of time before his virgin anal walls accepted the ball's girth. As predicted, within a minute or so, Adam began hunching his ass back and forth, fucking himself onto the wand.
A solid five minutes had passed when I thought he was somewhat ready to take the final ball. Pouring more lubricant on it, I kind of forced it into his anal kingdom. Again, Adam screamed! His body was shaking wildly as if going into a full blown seizure. Again, he started smacking his ass cheek with his right hand while profusely slinging out words never before heard in the English language.
Holding the wand in place, I leaned across his body and sank my lips over his and immediately began using my tongue to drain his mouth free of his drooling saliva. The boy's pain stricken moans shot down my throat as if I was gulping down a large glass of water. Eventually, he fired his tongue into my mouth, swirling it around while steadily sending his vibrating grunts and groans down my throat.
While we were locked into a long loving tongue sucking embrace, Adam began rocking his ass back and forth, fucking himself all the way down to the handle. It was then that I began shoving the wand in and out of his butt, starting off slowly at first, but then ended up slamming the thing fast and furiously. His ass was doing all that it could possibly do to match my thrusting pace.
Now that he was rather used to it, I guided him onto his back, keeping the anal wand deeply implanted up his ass, then pushed his legs over his head so that both of his knees were above his ears. The good thing about being so young is that his body folded in such a way that if his cock had been a few inches longer, he probably could have sucked it himself.
Now, I could stare into his eyes as the anal wand went crazy slamming in and out of his ass like a homicidal maniac. I could see it in his eyes the lusting pleasures exploding throughout his entire body as I plowed his butt royally with the wand. With his every expelling of breath, I was rewarded a face full of his sweetness while eyeing his angelic beauty.
By now, Adam's cock was fully hard and was aiming itself within a few inches of his open and panting mouth. While my right hand was busy holding onto the wand's handle, fucking his ass with a fiery passion, my left hand began cupping and squeezing his little hairless marbles.
Adam screamed, "Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkk myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssssssssssss Sh, Sh, Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn! Gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm, I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt!"
My eyes widened as I saw the first watery jet of boy juice fly from his cock, landing directly into Adam's screaming open mouth. Shockingly enough, the boy must have realized he was blowing a load into his own mouth, but much to my liking, Adam held his mouth open for several more watery jets to shoot into. When the cum jets ceased, I could only watch as cum ball after cum ball dripped into Adam's mouth. Initially, I wanted to sink my mouth on his cock to taste it some more, but after seeing what I just saw, I simply couldn't make myself move. Instead, I just watched and tore his ass up with the hammering of the wand.
Adam latched onto his boy stick and squeezed out the last few drops of his boy juice, making sure that each drop of watery cream dribbled into his mouth, joining the small puddle of cum swimming around inside his little mouth. The boy locked those piercing blue eyes onto mine, then stole my very breath as he smiled a smile no man had ever seen before. It was more of a sexy kind of smile, but breath taking and priceless!
I watched him swallow a portion of his own boy honey, then with his left hand, he placed it around the back of my neck, and forced my face to his. Not only were we embarking on a tongue sucking journey, but now we were sharing his cum, both taking turns tasting the divine sweetness. Our echoing moans collided with one another as we both seemed to be enjoying his heavenly nectar.
When our kiss unlocked itself, I saw him wince as I had just slammed the anal wand up his ass. Seeing that, I slowly began withdrawing it until it departed his voluptuous little butt. I slid out from between his legs so that he could unfold his folded body and allow his legs to stretch out on the bed. I had just put the anal wand bag in my toy bag when Adam's elegant soft voice sounded gracefully into my ears, "All this time I just thought my ass was only good for one thing, but whew, hot damn that felt good."
I had just positioned myself on his left side, sitting on my butt cross legged as he fired right back, "Shawn, one part of me wants to feel your pecker in me, but the other side says it just wont fit. (pointing with his left index finger) Look at how fat that thing is! Fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkk, it'll split me in half!"
Smiling down at him, I simply stated, "You know something Adam, your butt is one part of your body that can stretch wider than you ever thought possible. Is it going to hurt? Probably so! I just want you to understand that I will never do anything to hurt you. Would I love to feel my cock inside your ass? All I can say is hell yeah, but it's your ass, not mine. You my young gorgeous friend has to be the one who wants it, cause if it is something you don't want to try, then don't even consider it, regardless of who the other person is, including me."
Adam leaned up placing his left hand on the top portion of my jutting cock, then as he looked down at it, softly whispered, "It's really, really big Shawn, but I've got to try it. I got to see if I can at least get that huge fucking cock head of yours inside me. I can't explain it, but I just got to try it."
By now, he was up on his knees guiding me to lay on my back. I could only look at his awesome beauty as he crawled over me to retrieve the bottle of lubricant. My body shivered as he poured the cold liquid on my cock then began using both hands to smear the slick substance all over every throbbing inch. As he was doing this, Adam said, "In a few of the stories I read on "Nifty" I read where the guy my age sat on the man's cock. This way, the boy could control just how much of the man's cock went inside of him. I can't make any promises Shawn, but I'm gonna give it my best shot!"
Once he had smothered my cock with the lubricant, Adam poured some more lubricant on the fingers of his left hand. I smiled as I watched him shove his slippery fingers up his butt. How many fingers? I honestly don't know cause I couldn't see, but I could tell from his motions that he was adding some more slickness to his butt hole and canal.
Adam stood up and straddled my body, his face facing mine. I grabbed the towel and handed it to him so he could dab his hands free of the slippery lubricant. He dropped to his knees and I could feel his satiny smooth little nuggets as they slid across my lower stomach. His boy pole was totally flaccid and he had the most concentrated look I had ever witnessed on him before. It was more of a determined look than anything else.
He reached back with his right hand and held my cock towards his butt. Adam slid his body backwards until I could feel the tip of my cock center itself on the boy's miraculously tiny butt hole. Adam pushed back wile holding my cock steady numerous times, but all that would happen was either my cock slid up his ass crack or down it, but not ever coming close to actually penetrating.
I said nothing, nor did I do anything. I just laid there watching as he fought with his own-self to impale his ass onto my beefy butt packer. He lifted his body up by keeping his left knee onto the mattress while placing his right foot where his right knee once was. More determined than ever, Adam fought and fought, but nothing happened. His eyes met mine and they looked as if he had just been defeated.
In an almost crying like manner, Adam softly whispered, "I'm trying Shawn, I really am!"
He leaned his upper body closer to mine while shoving back. His face was peering into mine when we both felt it. Adam's mouth flung wide open but no words came out as the head of my cock pried its way inside his muscle clamping, scorchingly hot, anal kingdom. It was as if he was frozen in time, unable to move, incapable of speaking. Come to think of it, I was pretty much in the same condition as Adam was.
The head of my cock felt like it was literally being crushed. This wasn't by far a pleasurable feeling for me nor Adam. The longer the head of my cock was inside his anal clutches, the more pain shot through my body. I didn't want to pull out, nor did I want to slam a few more thick inches inside of him, but the longer we remained in that same position, the more pain I was reeling from. By now, I was desperately hoping he would sink his ass further down my cock, or at least, allow an inch or so of my shaft to join my cock head.
I was clinching down on my teeth, fighting off the crushing pain as best I could while still trying to maintain an erection. At this point, Adam had lowered his upper body all the way to the point that he had the left side of his face resting on my chest. Both of my hands instinctively latched onto his muscularly chiseled butt cheeks, yanking them as far outwards as they possibly could go. Adam was making hissing sounds like crazy, and sensing I couldn't take the crushing pressure any longer, I hoisted my ass upwards just a bit, feeding his anal canal a solid thick inch of my shaft.
Adam's teeth found the flesh of my chest and he bit down sharply. I sucked in a long breath once I felt his teeth clamp down on my flesh. I kind of thought once I had my entire cock head in his anal canal, accompanied by an inch of so of my shaft, that things would be somewhat better for me, but I was sadly mistaken. The pressure of the boy's anal muscles coiling around the portion of my cock inside his ass was something I had never experienced before. The heat, that searing scorching sweltering fire, swarmed my cock as if someone had poured gasoline on it, then set it on fire.
Finally, Adam unhooked his teeth from my chest, shot his head straight up, then screamed, "Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh shit, ohhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwddd, shit, shit, fuck it huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrttttttttssssssssss!"
Mustering up the will to speak, I pantingly asked, "Do you want to pull off?"
Adam was slinging his head from shoulder to shoulder, screaming, "No, noooooooooooooo, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssssss, I uh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck noooooooooooooooo, noooooooooooooo, fuck, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt nooooooooooooooo!"
Then, the unspeakable happened! Adam stopped flinging his head, glaring both eyes directly into mine, clinching his teeth together, anger building in his eyes, then yelled, "Fuck this! It's now or never!"
Holding his body upwards while reaching back with both hands to join mine on his butt cheeks, Adam shoved his little ass all the way down to the very hilt of my cock in one motion. His satiny smooth balls crashed down on mine as his upper body collapsed onto my chest. His body was convulsing wildly and I could hear the sounds he was making as he was crying. Also, I could feel the teardrops as they fell from his eyes, splashing down on my chest.
I draped my arms around his back, caressing the soothing flesh with my fingertips. Now, with my entire cock fully implanted inside his ass, the pressure of his crushing anal muscles never once let up. Instead, they squeezed my cock with his every panting breath. The sweltering heat now swarmed every throbbing inch of my cock. Though the heat was extremely hot and the pressure felt as though it was increasing with his every breath, I was in a total daze as to Adam doing what he had just done. I was prepared to take things a bit slower, so when he just went ahead and jammed my entire thick cock up his ass, well, that certainly was a bit of a shocker.
Nearly two minutes had eluded when Adam rolled his face towards mine, leaving his chin resting on my chest. His eyes were red from his tears and he was still making all kinds of facial gestures. Still, the boy was mind shattering gorgeous! His mouth constantly twisted as if he were trying to speak, yet no words came out. After a brief pause, his shaking voice became audible, "Fuck, it uh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, it feels like uhhhhhhhh, like it's in my fucking stomach Shaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn! Mother fucker, it huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrtttttttttssssssssss sooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd! (Clamping down on his teeth) Ohhhhhhhhh gaaaaaawwwwwwwwddddddd, ohhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwwwwddd, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!"
Hearing the boy cry out his gut wrenching pain, made me remember the first time I felt a cock take my virgin ass. It felt more like a telephone pole going inside me, and to further add to my misery, the fucking thing was on fire too. So, I can only imagine the intense pain shooting throughout Adam's delightfully perfect body.
What seemed like a long time, and I honestly don't have any recollections of it at all, but I know I started moaning when Adam began slowly inching his ass upwards, then just as slowly, sank his ass back downwards. His fingers now tore into the flesh of my chest as his pace began increasing over a period of a few short seconds. The look of defeat no longer reflected in his eyes, but now was replaced by a look of a well deserved victory.
Adam began bouncing on my ass packer while slinging his head all over, hissing, whimpering, grunting, groaning, and purring all at the same time. As he jammed his ass up and down my cock, his angelic voice growled, "Yessssssssssssss, fucking yesssssssssss, yesssssssssssss Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaarrrrrrddddd!"
To be perfectly honest, I was just laying there enjoying watching him ride my cock, but after hearing his pleads, I began timing his thrusts and started propelling my hips upwards, slamming my meat into his downwards gliding ass. Every so often, Adam would stop, then use his anal muscles to coil and restrict around my cock while teasingly gyrate his hips. Then, without warning, he would ride my cock, bouncing his ass up and down onto the full thickness of my man meat.
I have had countless encounters with fucking a guys ass, but I can assure you that I have never felt the way anyone could use their anal muscles the way Adam was now doing. I could see the pleasure in his eyes each time he clamped down on his anal muscles. Not only could I see it, but I sure as shit could feel it as well. The vacuuming pressure felt like my cock was being crushed at times while being sucked by a commercial grade vacuum.
Like any true bottom, Adam's once limp noodle was straining itself harder than ever. The harder the boy bounced on my cock, the harder his cock seemed to throb. I reached up with my left hand and began pinching, pulling, and tweaking his right nipple. While my left hand was busy, I used my right hand to grasp his slender boy pole and start jerking on it, timing my jerking motions to his ass impaling thrusts.
Adam began screaming those unknown origin words again as he jammed his tight ass up and down my cock with amazing blistering speed. The only word that I could make out was the word "fuck," to which he was steadily spitting out profusely. As he rode my cock, his fingers dug into my chest as if they were trying to dig a hole.
In less than a couple of minutes, I jerked his cock into another cum shooting orgasm. As his cock spat out a couple of streams of watery juice, Adam's cock bouncing frenzy went straight into overdrive. I tried to catch as much of his watery cum as I could with my left hand, but it was so watery that it was running down my palm, dripping onto my chest. However, all was not lost cause I hungrily lapped at the divine watery cream, moaning as the fresh reward soothed my inner soul.
Adam never once let up on his cock riding assault, slamming his tight muscle clamping ass up and down as he rode my cock better than any pro. Gritting his teeth, Adam hissed, "Cum Shaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn, cum, cum for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Holding onto him, I rolled the both of us. Keeping my cock buried balls deep, Adam was on his back and I now had both of his knees tucked far above his head. Pushing down on the break of each knee with both hands, I began fucking his ass. The moment I shoved my cock all the way home, I knew by the reaction crashing through his face, this was by far deeper than ever before. Not letting up, I started off kind of slow, but in no time, no time at all, the sounds of flesh slapping flesh echoed heavily within the room.
My cock was pounding his magical ass severely hard and fast, seemingly getting harder and faster with every violent thrust. Adam, with a heavy panting voice, sprung forwards, "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee, fuck myyyyyyyyyy asssssssssssssss, fuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddddd, haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrddddddeeeeeeerrrrrr Shaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn, fuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkk myyyyyyyyyyyyy assssssssssssssssss haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrdddddddddd!"
Obeying his wish, I began savagely fucking his hot little ass without a concern in the world. One massive thrust after another, I rammed my thick cock in and out of his overly stuffed asshole a mile a minute. Both of his arms were pinned by his own outstretched legs, and I could see his fingers curling into a fist while he was constantly blowing his hot breath into my face.
Adam, now at the top of his lungs, screamed, "Shit, ohhhhhhh shit Shaaaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, I'm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuCCCCCKKKKK!"
I could only watch as his boy honey came spurting out of his cock, shooting a series of cum jets into his screaming mouth. The first two rapid shots must have caught him completely off-guard because he made a gagging noise, but he quickly regained his composure and held his mouth open so the rest of his jetting juice shot directly into his own precious little mouth.
As Adam was lost in his own intense orgasm, his anal muscles clamped around my cock tighter than ever before. Seeing his cum shoot from his cock enhanced by his powerful anal muscles, my own cock began dumping load after load deep into Adam's breath defying rectum. Looking into his utterly gorgeous face, watching all the facial expressions he was making opened my cum valve wide open, powering my cock to propel into his ass with incredible jack hammering force.
If I wasn't already fucking my man seed up his ass hard enough, I went absofuckinglutely crazy with animal lust once I saw the pool of his own cum puddled inside his mouth as he began to teasingly swallow the heavenly created liquid before my very own eyes. Gulp after gulp, Adam held his mouth open so I could clearly see him as he drank his own delicious boy juice.
I torpedoed my cock in and out of his incredibly superior tight ass until my once hard cock became defiantly soft. With one last withdrawal, my flaccid cock plopped out of his butt. I stared at his majestic pink hole and moaned as I witnessed the little beauty rapidly seal itself shut as if nothing had ever penetrated its awesome fortress.
Crawling on my knees, I positioned myself to Adam's right and collapsed on the bed on my back, breathing as if I had just ran in some kind of marathon. Adam had already unfolded himself and now was laying on his back and breathing in the same manner I was now doing.
Not a single word was spoken except for an occasional long winded pant for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Adam rolled on his right side, looking at me with those crystal blue eyes, smiling from ear to ear, then ever so softly whispered, "It's hard to believe that your big pecker actually fit inside me. I doubt if I'll be able to shit right for a couple of weeks."
Still panting, I shot back, "But, did you enjoy it?"
Adam smacked those kissable lips together while nodding his head up and down, then replied, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah! I got to admit, it hurt like hell at first, but once I got used to it, then I uh, well shit, I loved it!"
I simply nodded my head in agreement still doing all I could do to catch my breath. Adam politely excused himself to the bathroom. I already knew all the man cream I had just recently deposited up his ass was probably beckoning to be released. He spent a short while in the bathroom before he returned and we both agreed that we should take a shower before going to bed.
Without asking, nor without an invitation, Adam followed me into my bathroom. Seeing the boy standing there bare ass naked was like seeing an angel for the first time and being totally mesmerized by the sight alone. He was in fact, stunningly gorgeous!
Being the larger of the two, I let Adam stand under the shower head first. As the water graced his perfect body, I stood still taking mental pictures of the most dignified, most profound, the most perfect wingless angel that the heavens above had ever created. As the water ran its course down his little butt crack, I couldn't resist the urge to reach out and fondle those chiseled perfectly unblemished cheeks.
I grabbed the bar of soap and began lathering his entire backside, including dipping a soapy finger inside his recently well fucked tight little butt hole. Adam stood up on his toes once my soapy finger danced its way into his anal heaven, hands slapping the sides of the shower walls while his angelic soft voice purred a melody of spine tingling purrs.
Reaching around his body with my left hand, I found his rock hard boy pole and began teasingly lathering the silky smooth hard teen meat ever so gently. My lips began running their own course all over his neck while my teeth placed tender loving nibbles here and there. Adam was doing some moaning and a whole lot of purring as now his asshole, cock, and neck were all being pleased at the same time.
His young smooth body began to tremble and I could feel him dance from side to side on his feet as the sensations crashing throughout his body sent a wide variety of sexually heightened emotions rocketing straight to his head. Adam's body bucked and went into a mild seizure like convulsing state. I knew he was getting close to having another orgasm, but I wasn't about to send his beloved boy honey anywhere other than my mouth, so I turned him around so that he was now facing me, keeping my finger darting in and out of his grippingly tight anal cavity.
His eyes were closed and his breathing became erratic so I knew he was very, very close. I let the water rinse the soap off of his cock, knelt down and swallowed the tasty treat all the way to the slender base. It only took a few strokes from my mouth before Adam yelled something, then I felt the soothing warm rush of several watery cum jets as they blasted away inside my cum hungry mouth. As his cock began firing away, Adam began humping his cock in and out of my mouth, and my flesh sealing lips refused to unlock its vacuuming embrace on the boy's rifling teen meat.
There was a good 5 hair raising jets of boy honey before Adam pleasured my mouth with a constant supply of steady cum juice. Naturally, I sucked every ounce of boy juice from his cock, and even now, now with his teen meat completely soft, I continued my vacuuming pressure while savoring the watery cream as if drinking from the fountain of youth. Adam's boy juice had a milt trace of salt, but other than that, there wasn't much taste at all.
I helped Adam to the rear of the shower stall and I began washing myself off. With my back turned to him, I was devastatingly startled when I felt one of his soapy fingers shoot straight up my own unsuspecting ass. If things couldn't get any better for me, I arched myself up on my toes as his right hand slid around the front of my body and began torturously pleasing my growing erection.
Adam's voice rose above the showering water, "So, you think you can tease me huh? Uh uh big boy, that's not how it works! Now, you got to fuck me Shawn! I want you to shove this big fucking cock straight up my ass and blister me good!"
I yanked back the shower curtain, and still with his probing finger locked inside my ass, stepped out. We were both soaking wet as I pushed his hand away, removing his finger from inside me. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed the lubricant and smeared it all over my cock while running back into the bathroom.
When I returned back into the bathroom, Adam was already in position. His midsection was leaning over the side of the bathtub, feet widely spread. His tight ass cheeks were spread open and Adam pointed while forcing his face to the side so he could see me out of the corner of his right eye.
In a sexually teasing manner, Adam was pointing at his little poop chute, then teasingly whispered, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Shaaaaaaawwwwnnn, is this what you want? Do you want myyyyyyyyy asshole? Do you want to fuck meeeeeeeeee? Do yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
As he was talking, I had already dropped to my knees and had my cock lined up to his amazingly beautiful little asshole. Without thinking, I fed the boy's asshole my cock, burying it balls deep inside him, and still without thinking, began hammering away. Adam's crying soft purrs echoed from one side of the shower stall to the other as my cock plowed his muscle gripping anal canal while holding onto his thin silky smooth hips, slinging his ass backwards onto my thrusting cock.
Adam's right hand slapped the side of the shower wall while his left hand fought to maintain some type of suctioning grip on the flooring. His head was flinging all over as I jack hammered my cock in and out of the boy's mystifying, breath taking, butt hole. With each violent thrust, I could feel his anal muscles latch onto my cock, squeezing tightly while trying to suck it in even further.
As time slipped completely away from me, my oncoming orgasm was building. I could feel my balls twitch with each heavy thrust. Hearing all the precious sounds angelically flying from his mouth only added to my already soaring lust. Then it happened! As my cock dove in and out of his butt, my brain began spinning and the blood in my body felt as though it was slowly being drained. With one mighty squeeze from his anal muscles, my cock exploded, firing rockets of man cream deep into his sweltering hot anal oven.
My body was humping on remote control for I was almost lifeless from my orgasm. With each thrust, Adam's relentless anal muscles clamped down on my cock, heavily squeezing the cum right from my cock. I held my cock deep inside his ass and allowed him to milk the juice from my cock without any assistance from me whatsoever. No words could even begin to explain what I was feeling now. Though my ass packer was still somewhat hard, my body shook feverishly as the boy's heart stopping anal muscles squeezed every last drop of man seed from my cock.
Unable to take the violent crushing of his anal muscles any longer, I used both of my hands to grasp his sculptured muscular butt cheeks, and pushed myself away from him, literally yanking my flaccid man meat from his anal clutches. Once freed, I had just enough energy to sit on the floor, resting my back up against the wall facing the toilet. My head was reeling and my body was convulsing feverishly.
Adam worked his body into a standing position, then I watched as he slowly sat on the toilet, and the sounds of my cum became audible as it struck the water, making a loud plopping noise. I was looking at him and he was smiling back at me. His soft, gentle voice sliced through the air, "Damn Shawn, you sure do cum a lot! My asshole is definitely soar, but in a good way I guess."
I could see him straining to void his bowels of my recently deposited man cream. Mustering up the strength, I fought to stand. The short walk from my bathroom to my bedroom seemed like a rather long journey. My legs were rubbery and shaking something awful but when I got close enough to the side of my bed, I just flung myself onto it, landing flat on my back. I was doing all I could do to regain some kind of regular breathing as my mind began flashing all the mental pictures I had taken of the young gorgeous angelic beauty.
After taking another shower, Adam joined me in my bed, laying to my right, but leaning on his right side facing me. As I rolled my head to face his, his cherry colored kissable lips shown brightly as he whispered, "Shawn, I know we are both tired, but do you think we can do this again tomorrow.... Paaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzeeeeeee?"
I reached the back of his head with my left hand, smiling, then replied, "You bet we can, and will!"
This time, it was Adam who locked his lips over mine and began probing my mouth with his minty fresh tongue. Naturally, I shot mine into his mouth as well as we both lay there, kissing passionately, and both moaning and groaning ever so vibrantly. Adam's soft little left hand reached down and began taking turns caressing my semi flaccid cock and twitching balls.
***25 years later, this is how we went to bed last night. Adam and my nephew are still best friends, although Adam and I are now life long lovers. To me, he is still as stunningly gorgeous as the day I first laid eyes on him, and for whatever the unknown reason, his butt hole still offers that same tantalizing sweet faint fragrance of mild baby powder!