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Category: Gay - Adult/Youth
"Adam's Quest"
*****This story is told from the mind of Adam, a 14 year old boy who understands who he is, and what he wants, but doesn't quite know all the details in order to achieve his life altering quest.
To begin with the story, you must first understand Adam, more so, know a little bit more about him. As stated earlier, Adam just recently celebrated his 14th birthday. Thanks to his hereditary genes, Adam feels somewhat self conscious about his overall looks and size. Standing as straight as humanly possible, Adam tips the height scale at 5'4", and on a really good day, probably weighs no more than a 100 pounds soaking wet and fully clothed. To Adam, he feels he is much shorter than most in his age bracket.
Like many of the young teenagers, Adam could not see the beauty of his own-self through his own eyes, so describing him as he sees himself would not do the boy any justice at all. So, now I will describe him the way he truly appears through all other eyes that peer upon his overwhelming beauty.
Adam has blond hair with light brown curls here and there. Some part of his hair is wavy while other parts are sort of curly. The back of his flowing golden hair dips just below his shoulder line while the sides are neatly shaped just above his tiny precious ears. Adam's eyebrows are of medium thickness and the exact same coloration as the hair on his head. Even his long upturned eyelashes are the same color, and both his eyebrows and eyelashes are equally magnified by his ocean blue metallic blue eyes. Just by peering into those bluer than blue glistening eyes can hold you locked into a heart thumping trance.
He has the cutest little button nose with 3 very tiny freckles bordering the bridge. On either side of his perfectly unblemished face rests twin flesh impaling dimples. Even when he's not flashing that heart stopping smile of his, those dimples magnetically draws your eyes to them. When he does smile, which is almost all of the time, those twin dimples can make your cock stir and your toes curl from sheer cock throbbing lust. Highlighting his breath taking facial features is Adam's naturally cherry colored awesomely kissable lips. They always appear wet and they are of medium thickness, not too thin, and not overly thick...Just perfect for licking and kissing!
Now, describing Adam as if he were standing in front of you bare ass naked, you would see what all other eyes would see. His chest is lightly tanned from the sun's rays and his constantly perky little pale pinkish nipples beckons to be graced by lavishing lips. With eyes trickling downwards, you simply cannot resist the urge to watch the waves of rippling stomach muscles dance before your very eyes. Be it from his breathing or performing some form of act, the boy's abdominal muscles strain themselves against his very flesh to be freed.
A short travel downwards is his belly button, and oh what a belly button to behold. Describing his belly button can only be explained this way. It doesn't impale his smooth flesh, nor does it protrude outwards. To the human eye, the little dot appears to be nothing more than two very miniscule little lines that barely touches one another. If your eyes were to witness Adam stretching both arms high up over his head, you couldn't help not to notice that under those precious armpits there was no evident hair life whatsoever. Both creamy colored armpits are totally void of hair, including peach fuzz. After scanning the front portion of his upper body, other than the hair on his head, Adam was hairless. Not even could your eyes detect any peach fuzz on his arms, and certainly not the barren space between his knuckles of his small hands either.
Now, onwards to the moment where your eyes feast on pure heavenly glory. Moving from his hairless armpits and now feasting your eyes on his excited youthful jutting boyhood, your eyes would reveal 4 1/2 inches of circumcised perfection arching itself upwards in a perfect 45 degree angle. The creamy non veiny shaft is rather slender and the pale pinkish flared mushroom head proudly shrouds itself over the stalk as if your eyes were studying a wild growing mushroom. The mushroom shaped head is just a tad thicker than the slender shaft, and as if you were seeing it live and in living color, your mouth would naturally fill with water at witnessing such magnificent perfection.
Just as your lips automatically pucker, your eyes strain to see just a few wisps of soft blondish brown curls gather around either side of the base of his erect boy meat. You cannot help but to ask yourself can he cum yet, but seeing those little pubic hairs now answers your own question. As his cock throbs with envy, your eyes zero back in on it, and that's when you take mental notes of the hairless twin nuggets that hold fast to his creamy colored scrotum. Each nugget is round and about the size of a small pea, and the stretched sac that contains both heavenly wonders looks as though it is made from pure satin.
You see his shapely muscular thighs, noticing once again no signs of hair life. Just by looking at his thighs, one can easily tell that Adam likes to run. With eyes gravitating to his shins, those too are void of hair life. Peering down to his small feet, we can see his little toes dig into the flooring as they curl with such grace that only an angel can duplicate such motion. Even the boy's feet looks absolutely delicious.
As if reading your mind, Adam turns completely around so your eyes can now study every intricate detail of his backside. His shoulder area is tight from running and the flesh itself looks silky smooth with not a freckle nor a blemish in sight. As if drawn by some powerful magnet, your eyes fall upon his small, yet extremely bubbly, creamy colored butt cheeks. One man sized hand could probably cover both cheeks, but those cheeks appear to have been sculptured without any signs of flabbiness to them at all. Pure rock solid mounds of glorified chiseled muscles is all that you can see.
That tiny sideways smiling little line better known as his crack seems so inviting. As if being able to read ones mind, Adam bends over while using both of his small hands to pry open those twin chiseled mounds of silky smooth flesh, revealing his most hidden prized possession of all...his virgin butt hole. Again, with straining eyes, no hair can be seen using just the human eye. However, trying to see hair in his crack is a mute point by now, cause you are now peering directly at his, if one could call it this, the most unbelievably cock hardening asshole ever to have been created.
There's not a hint of a brownish coloration to be seen, so calling this virtually microscopic speck a "brown eye" would truly be doing Adam's butt hole an injustice. In fact, calling it an "asshole" would almost be an understatement, cause seeing it with ones eyes would be equivalent to peering through the eye of a small needle. In all honesty, it was nothing more than a tiny indentation in a sea of tranquil creaminess.
The other well known fact concerning Adam that he didn't particularly care for was that he looked far younger than his true age. Just by looking at him, one would easily ascertain that Adam was more like 10 years of age, and not 14 as he so proudly corrects people when they guess incorrectly, which just happens to be all the time. Now, you have a better understanding how Adam really looks, and believe me, the boy can make you stop dead in your footsteps just to take a few more mental snapshots at his angelic natural beauty. One last thing about Adam is his voice. He has a natural soft voice that leaves an everlasting impression on all who hears him. If he were to speak with you over the telephone, and you did not know him, you would have no choice but to question whether or not you were speaking with a boy or a girl.
Adam's best friend, and only true friend, is Cody. They are both the same age. The major difference in the two is that Cody is taller and weighs more, not to mention that nobody really picks on Adam cause they know Cody will not hesitate to take up for him. Another thing that helps their lasting friendship is that they live across the street from one another. No, they are not sexually active together cause Adam knows that Cody is completely engrossed with girls. However, this story isn't about Adam and Cody, but more along the lines of Adam and Cody's uncle.
Adam has known Cody's uncle, Shawn, ever since he could remember. Cody refers to his uncle as the "cool uncle." When Adam and Cody are together, they always end up at Shawn's home which is less than a mile away from where they live. Both Adam and Cody thoroughly loved to go to Shawn's house cause he owned a lot of property and he let the boys get away with pretty much everything and anything just as long as nobody got hurt.
Here is where life's little changes began taking place with Adam. Adam was about 11 at the time when he and Cody where over at Shawn's swimming in his pool. Shawn joined them a little while later, but it was Adam who couldn't stop glaring at the man's body. To Adam, Shawn was everything what a real man should be. He stood about 6'2" and weighed a muscular 250 or so pounds. At that time, Shawn was 41 years of age with short brown hair, neatly trimmed goatee, and piercing emerald green eyes. His solid chest and stomach area was lightly layered in black curls that had some kind of strange effect on Adam. From the thighs down, the grown man didn't seem to have much hair at all, but for Adam, everything that seemed to matter started from the thighs on up.
Ever since that day at the pool, Adam became more and more enthralled with his best friend's uncle. Over time, Adam's secret crush on Shawn only managed to get intensified. Not once did he ever see Shawn naked, but on more than a few occasions over the last 3 years, Adam did everything he could think of to show Shawn his "goodies" except just coming right out and walk around naked.
Many, many times he tried his best to talk with Cody about Shawn, but the most rewarding thing Cody ever told Adam was that his side of the gene pool didn't get blessed in the cock department as in the case with his uncle. Other than that, Cody refused to indulge in any form of sexually related conversation about his uncle with Adam.
Adam's parents knew Shawn really well, and all Adam himself knew about Shawn was that he was once in Special Forces in the Marine Corps, and a former police officer. He had also been divorced twice and had no children of his own. Many times when the men would come over and they were outside talking, Adam heard countless stories when the men spoke about Shawn. In other words, the man was a real bad ass who didn't give no shit to anyone, but certainly didn't take no shit either. Even his own brother, who is older, and who just happens to be Cody's father, seems to have nothing but respect for Shawn.
A few years ago, Shawn won the lottery, and being a simple good old fashioned southern country boy, he purchased a ranch home on about 50 acres with the back of his home bordering the lake. When Adam and Cody played over at Shawn's, they were more like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Shawn has a bass boat at the dock and he always lets Adam and Cody take it out whenever they want to.
It's summer time and school's out and both boys are cutting through the woods to head on over to Cody's uncle's house. While they were walking, Cody whipped out a startling question, "Dude, what's up with you asking all those questions about Uncle Shawn? Are you gay or what?"
The question alone startled Adam, but he bravely replied, "Fuck you Cody, you know I'm not gay!"
Then, it was like nothing had ever been spoken cause Cody quickly started talking about trying to get some girl to suck his cock over the summer. While Cody was talking about his fantasy, Adam was doing some fantasizing on his own, and all about Cody's uncle. As they walked, Adam sneakily had to readjust his hard 4 1/2 throbbing inches.
This was on a Thursday and once the two boys arrived as Shawn's house, Shawn was already sitting on the dock looking over the water sipping on his coffee. Adam sat down on the bench across from Shawn while Cody sat down to his uncle's right. Cody opened things up, "Uncle Shawn, I need your help. We're leaving in the morning to spend two weeks with mom's fucked up mother. C'mon Uncle Shawn, pull some strings to get me out of this shit."
Like I already mentioned previously, Shawn let the boys get away with pretty much everything, including using profanity in front of him. His uncle cleared his throat, then with that cock hardening manly voice of his, spoke, "Yeah, I already know all about that. Your dad doesn't want to go either. Cody, sometimes in life you just have to suck things up and take things as they come. Your dad already has plans for the two of you to escape the madness at her place, so how about help your dad out and just play along. I know it sucks, but it's only for two short weeks, and besides, you know your mom and your grandmother never get along, so I doubt seriously that ya'll will be there for the entire two weeks."
Cody nodded his head in agreement, then spurted, "Well, what about Adam? He'll be bored shitless while I'm gone!"
Adam's ears perked up as he chimed in on Shawn's response. "Adam has an open invitation here anytime he wants, and he knows that cause I've told him that a million times. If he gets bored, he knows where I live, he knows how to get here, and I'll be happy for the company. So, don't go and worry your pretty little head over Adam cause I'm quite certain he and I can find something to do. Is that cool with you Adam?"
Adam had to catch himself from his own excitement, and did his best to slow his response down a tone or two, "Yes sir, that's fine with me!"
Later that afternoon when he got home, his stepdad, who had already been drinking asked Adam to sit down at the kitchen table cause they needed to talk. With slurred words, Adam's step-dad said, "We got some bad news a little while ago. Aunt Karen was in a car wreck and she's in the hospital. Your mom and I talked it over, and we just don't feel comfortable leaving you alone with all this crime on the uprise. I called Bill (Shawn's brother - Cody's dad) and they are leaving in the morning for two weeks. I already know you don't want to go but we just don't see how it can work any other way."
Adam eagerly piped in, "What about Mr. Shawn dad? I could stay with him until you guys come back. He won't mind at all, just give him a call, please!"
Adam's mom joined in, "Well, he'll be safe with Shawn, but I don't know if he'll want to have you around for at least a week, possibly two, depending on how my sister is and whether or not she's released from the hospital."
By that time, Steve, Adam's stepdad had already had his cell phone in his hand, speaker on, dialing a number.
After a couple of rings, Adam got all excited when he heard Shawn's masculine voice answer, "Hey Steve, what's up?"
Steve, slurred speech and all began talking, "Shawn, I hate to bug you but we got ourselves in a fix here. Dana's (Adam's mom) sister, Karen, was in a car wreck this afternoon and she's in the hospital. We were kind of hoping uh........"
Shawn interjected, "Say no more! I know Karen lives somewhere out in the boondocks in Utah, and Adam would be bored to death if he had to go. Tell you what, give me a call in the morning, and I'll take you and Dana to the airport and me and Adam will hang out until you guys get back. Oh, what time does the plane leave?"
Steve looked at Dana and she whispered the time, then Steve told Shawn, "9:15 in the morning."
Shawn replied, "No problem, I'll be over at 7:30 to get you guys."
After the phone was disconnected, Adam's stepdad looked directly into Adam's eyes then stated, "Shawn's a good man, and you'll be safe with him so don't give him a hard time, okay buddy?"
When his mom went to go pack things for Adam, Steve looked all around, leaned closer to the table and to Adam, then drunkenly whispered, "Here's the deal Sport, if Shawn has some woman over, you know, uh, doing the wild thing, and you hear her doing a butt load of screaming, don't worry none at all."
Adam inquisitively asked, "Why?"
Steve wiped his mouth with his left forearm, then took another large swig of his mixed drink, leaned even closer, then sluggishly whispered, "Well, from what I hear, and I'm sure you've heard the term "packing some beef" before, (Adam nodded his head as to say yes) well uh, it's my understanding that the man has one hell of a humongous ass cock. You know how it is when us guys get together and start talking about a bunch of shit, well women folk do the same damn thing, and Christ almighty, them bitches talk worse then us men folk do. You remember Melissa (Shawn's latest ex-wife) don't you? (Adam nodded again) Well, that bitch was over right before they separated and I overheard her talking with your mom and the rest of the gossip crew. She told the girls that Shawn's cock was so fucking big that she could hardly take it. I watched her hold up a 20 ounce soda can and told the girls that imagine how thick this can is, then add a few more inches to its girth and that's how thick Shawn's cock is. Then, holy shit, then the bitch went on to tell them gossiping bunch of mouthy bitches that the man's pecker is damn near 11 inches fucking long. Well, she said it's more like 10 1/4 inches, but fuck me, that's still a gosh darn whopper if you ask me. So, if he rams some pussy with that huge elephant cock of his, and the bitch starts screaming, well uh, now you know!"
For some folks, hearing all that Steve had just said, just might give them some sort of freakish nightmare, but Adam was thinking far better thoughts, especially since his young cock was brickyard hard and throbbing like crazy. All he could envision was Shawn and that massive cock as it pounded his virgin ass into a fuckfest of a frenzy.
After saying his goodnights, Adam could hardly wait to get to bed. Since he was the only child, he had the entire second floor to himself. Since both his mom and his stepdad never came upstairs, Adam had plenty of time to play on his computer and do research on the one topic he so utterly craved, and that was gay sex.
Though Adam was a true virgin, the only other person to have ever touched his private parts, other than himself, was his doctor. Even still, Adam recalled the last time he went to his doctor for a mandatory physical before wrestling season started. Although Adam never told anyone, he always thought that his doctor concocted some story as to linger longer than expected when it came to checking out his cock, his tiny balls, and his butt. In fact, and though he would never mention it to anyone, Adam pretty much felt the doctor's breath as it struck his crack when he was allegedly checking out his backside. In other words, Adam was pretty certain that the good old heavy set doctor was smelling his butt hole, and when it came to touching his flaccid cock, the doctor kept on manipulating it until it got hard, in which case, was never long at all.
Adam lay in his bed, tossing and turning, and doing his best not to stroke his aching erection. Thanks to spending so much time with Cody, Adam didn't have the privacy needed to jerk off for two whole weeks, and he could tell it, more so, feel it. In his mind, his cock was pathetically little and his balls were smaller than a newborn baby's, but one fact that he prided himself on, and after having read so much on the topic, Adam was indeed a self proclaimed heavy cummer. When he jerked off in his bed, and when he shot his load, in most every case, the first three to five squirts were so powerful that they would shoot way over his head. Due to his ability to shoot far, and the capability to provide a lot of cum, to say the least, Adam would usually get a mouthful of his own warm gooey cream to taste.
When Adam sipped on his own nectar, in every case, he always had his eyes closed and pretended it was Shawn's manly goo he was dining on. Reiterating the fact that Adam was a true virgin in every aspect, he was fully aware of personal hygiene, including the proper cleansing of his bowel's. Just last year before wrestling, it was Shawn who told both Adam and Cody that back in his days when he wrestled, he would give himself an enema before every weigh-in. Per Shawn, he said that a person could hold up to seven or so pounds of fecal matter, and by giving himself a good enema, he never had to worry about making the weight.
With that being said, and some persuasion from Cody, Shawn purchased enema bags for both boys, but made sure to tell them to hide them from prying eyes. Never did Adam and Cody give themselves enemas in front of one another. Both were a little too shy for that, although they both had seen one another naked countless times.
As he sleeplessly tossed and turned, Adam kept on thinking about Shawn, and the man's enormous cock. He had read hundreds of stories concerning young boys offering their virgin asses to older men. He knew that if his dream were to come true, he would experience pain like never before. However, instead of being frightened, Adam became that much more dead set on Shawn being the one to pop his anal cherry. Big cock or not, Adam wanted Shawn to be his first, and that's all there was to it.
Somewhere in the darkness of the room, and his overly sexually charged thoughts, Adam fell into a deep, deep sleep. Early the next morning, four to be exact, Adam's alarm clock woke him up. Normally it takes a bit of rousing for him to force himself out of bed, but not this particular morning. Once the clock sounded, Adam rolled out of bed and headed for his bathroom. After his morning toilet routine was completed, Adam had already planned to give himself a thorough anal cleansing.
When he slid the six inch lubricated nozzle up his rectum, his sleepy soft cock responded and throbbed itself to hardness. The warm rush of water sent chills racing up and down his spine as he patiently waited for his stomach to bloat from the water gushing into his bowel's. Skipping right along, it wasn't until the third application was conducted when the water shooting out of his ass was just as clear coming out as it was prior to going in. Adam began filling the enema bag with warm water for his fourth and final application, but this time he added in some mint flavored mouth wash along with a generous amount of non sudsy coconut fragrance bath oil.
After having sat on the toilet for a long time, ensuring that he was now completely drained of any anal matter, Adam flushed the toilet, washed his hands and began brushing his teeth. After he finished up brushing his teeth, he decided to soak in the bathtub instead of taking his normal shower. Adam activated the water for the tub, and once it began filling the tub, he poured in a rather generous amount of the non sudsy coconut scented bath oil. Looking up at the clock, he could see that he had a good two hours to kill before it would be time for Shawn to come pick them up.
Adam submerged his entire body slowly into the hot water, resting his head on the very back edge of the tub. As he soaked in the sweet smelling soothing water, it took every ounce of his inner strength not to jerk on his throbbing erection. He wanted to cum so badly, but he forced himself to hold out just in case something would happen between him and Shawn. With his eyes closed, all he could see was himself rolled up into a ball, on his back, looking into Shawn's green eyes while his mammoth cock pounded his ass into another world.
One main reason why Adam was so determined and completely consumed over, and with, Shawn was something Cody had said a few months back. Out of the blue one day while they were over at Shawn's playing, Adam never forgot Cody saying something that his uncle might be gay or bi. To this day, Adam can't remember how that came up, but he never forgot that statement by Cody, and ever since then, Adam set his sexual sights on Shawn, hoping, just hoping!
His mom's voice startled him, and he must have fallen back to sleep, so he quickly popped the drain for the tub and toweled himself off. Adam put on some cut-off jeans, a yellow tank top, ankle socks, and his sneakers, grabbed his suitcase and literally ran down the stairs. Shawn was already standing there inside the foyer, and for a brief passionate second, their eyes felt like they were glued to one another.
After having dropped his parents off at the airport, Shawn looked over at Adam and politely asked, "So, what are we going to do today? If you want, we can stop off some place and get some breakfast."
Adam agreed to breakfast, but he did so kind of reluctantly. He knew if he ate, then sooner or later he would have to handle business on the toilet, but he was hungry. The decision was made to get some breakfast, and while they ate, they both chatted away about nothing in particular. Adam did enjoy the fact that Shawn never talked to him as though he was a kid like most adults do when they speak to a teenager.
After they ate, Shawn and Adam went straight back to Shawn's house. It had rained that night, and it was agreed that the two would go 4 wheeling. Before they did, Shawn looked right at Adam, then nervously said, "We can go 4 wheeling, but when we're done, I hope you don't have a problem taking your clothes off outside. I don't want all the mud in my house. It's up to you. Do you still want to go 4 wheeling?"
For one thing, Adam loved to go 4 wheeling, and secondly, having been asked by the man of his dreams if he had a problem taking his clothes off outside, only played into his seductive plans. Adam looked back at Shawn, then smiled as he softly replied, "I don't have a problem with that if you don't mind seeing me naked."
The words that followed from Shawn only caused Adam's rock hard cock to twitch and jerk uncontrollably as Shawn said, "Heck, I'll be looking forward to it."
The two raced around the homemade track cut through the woods for hours on end, only stopping to refuel, then going back at it again. When they were finally exhausted, both were covered from head to toe with layers of mud, not to mention both ATV's. They parked the ATV's and both just kind of stood there waiting for the other to start undressing. Adam's heart thumped feverishly as his eyes remained glued to the muddy hulking man standing just a few short feet in front of him.
Shawn shrugged things off and kicked out of his boots, then began peeling his mud covered shirt up over his head. Adam watched in excitement as his eyes cherished the black curls of chest and stomach hair as they came into his vision. The chest muscles rippled as Shawn placed his muddy shirt over the clothes line, securing it with two large metal clothespin, then as if it were no big deal, began struggling to remove his muddy and soaking wet pants. Adam stared in awe as he saw his fantasy lover securing his pants to the clothes line wearing his wet white boxer shorts that clung to his lower body like flesh. Then, Adam heard himself moan as he watched Shawn yank down his underwear and secure them to the clothes line. Now, the man of his dreams was standing there bare ass naked, allowing Adam to soak in his breath taking nude form.
Adam swiped both of his lips with his wet pink tongue as his eyes feasted on the man's twin muscular butt cheeks. When Shawn turned around to face him, Adam got his first look at what the man was packing between his legs. Though Shawn's manly cock was flaccid, it was still a good 3 times thicker than his own cock when fully hard. The lengthy beast was still impressive as it dangled downwards a good 4 or 5 inches. Adam swallowed hard noting that Shawn's flaccid cock was way bigger than his own even in its most softest sleeping state.
Another thing about Shawn's cock that Adam quickly noted was the mere fact that he too was circumcised, and the huge flowered pinkish mushroom shaped cock head was thicker than the already thick soft shaft. To match his impressive monster were twin egg shaped extra large balls to which Adam could clearly see that Shawn's sac was hairless, not to mention that his pubic hair was closely trimmed as well. The man's nuggets heavily hung between his legs, weighing themselves downwards a good six inches.
Adam gulped as Shawn walked in front of him, grabbing the garden hose, then began spraying the muddy clothes dangling from the clothes line. Adam's eyes met Shawn's as Shawn turned his head, smiling, then cordially asked, "You don't want me to wash all the mud off with you still wearing them do you?"
Hearing Shawn's voice somewhat brought Adam's mind back to reality as he responded, "Uh, no, um, I uh, I um, I'm gonna undress."
One by one, Adam pried the wet muddy clothes from his body, then carried them over to where Shawn was standing at the clothes line. Now, Adam was just as naked as his dream lover, but the only difference was his cock was now harder than ever, aiming itself upwards at a perfect 45 degree angle. Adam was placing the clothes pins on his dirty pants when Shawn walked directly in behind him. Adam almost fainted when he felt the man's soft cock lightly glide along the flesh of his back.
Shawn was hosing off the clothes while Adam stood to the man's right, forgetting all about his proudly jutting erection. Just as Shawn sprayed off the mud from the last article of clothing, he turned to face Adam, then with a heart warming smiling gesture, softly asked, "Would you like me to hose you off before we go take a shower?"
Adam's eyes never looked up due to the fact that he was mesmerized by the man's flaccid cock, but he did nod his head up and down while raising his arms up over his head. While Shawn was spraying Adam's front portion of his body, the man's words darted in both of Adam's ears like the gentle spray of a soft summer's wind, "Well, it should be a crime for you to cover your body with clothes. Damn, you're definitely perfection personified!"
Though his mind was spinning way out of control, Adam's mouth eased itself open as his eyes widened when the man's cock began pumping life into itself right before his very eyes. The water from the hose was spraying Adam's erection and hairless balls, but his only thought was that of the man's growing member.
Within a few short heart thumping seconds, Adam was privileged to now be staring at his dream lover's massive erection. It was just like his stepdad had said! Not even in all the porn he had watched did he see anything like the monster he was now glaring at. Shawn's cock was so enormously huge that it looked like it belonged on a full grown bull elephant. Adam couldn't measure its true length, but the damn thing looked to be well over the 10 inch mark, and then there was the thickness. The beast was thicker than Adam's arms as it had a slight downwards arch, and the flared mushroom cock head was even thicker than the already enormously thick cream colored shaft.
Adam spat out the words before he had time to think things through, "Fuck, that's the biggest cock I've ever seen!"
Shawn's voice seemed like it was coming from somewhere off in the distance, "Well, I'm kind of partial to it since I've known it all my life. To me, it's not all that big. I'm sorry that it got hard though, but seeing such angelic beauty forced it to come out and say hello."
Adam was pointing at Shawn's cock, stumbling with words, "Uh, it uh, um, it's fucking gigantic!"
Shawn simply replied, "Thank you, but you got yourself one hell of a pecker too. I'm sure you got plenty of people knocking on your door to suck such elegant chunk of teen pride."
Adam, still peering entrancingly at Shawn's monster replied, "Yeah right! The girls say I'm cute, and some of the older boys at school tell me they'd fuck me if I was a girl. That's about the extent of things with me."
Shawn then softly stated, "Okay, I hosed off your front, now it's time to hose off your backside."
Adam had to force himself to turn around, and as the water went from his upper back to his lower back, and began spraying his butt cheeks, Adam unconsciously bent down placing his hands around his ankles. It wasn't until he felt the cool water spray his butt crack when he finally realized exactly what he had just done, but by then, it was too late.
Shawn's voice sounded, "Don't take this the wrong way, but you sure do got yourself the tiniest asshole I've ever seen. I bet when you take a shit, your turds come out the size of M&M's. Yes sir, that sure is one hell of a scrawny little pooper you got there! I'll tell you right now, if anyone sees what I'm seeing, there aint no way in hell they're not going to want to eat that mighty fine sweet looking thing. Yeah, and I mean eat it good!"
Then the water stopped striking his legs as Shawn turned the hose on himself. By now, Adam had turned around to face Shawn, and once again, his eyes darted onto the huge monster swinging from side to side. Still, even after coming face to face with such enormous intimidating one eyed beast, all Adam could think of was how it would feel fucking him senseless.
Once Shawn was done hosing the mud off of his body, he and Adam took turns washing down the ATV's. With the hose in his hand, Adam still couldn't rip his eyes off of Shawn's blood engorged cock. Just by gawking at it, Adam already knew that if that chance presented itself to him, there would be no way for him to get that thickly flared mushroom cock head into his mouth, much less any of that creamy colored throbbing shaft.
After washing off the ATV's, both Adam and Shawn walked inside Shawn's home. It was already decided that Adam would shower first, and that he would be using Shawn's shower inside the master bedroom. This wasn't Adam's first time using Shawn's shower, but this was the first time he walked in and saw some strange looking contraption attached to the shower's head. Picking the thing up, the slender metallic nozzle looked like it was a good 8 inches long with small holes everywhere.
When Adam activated the water, the thing being held in his right hand began shooting water in all directions. About that time, Shawn's voice behind him almost caused Adam to jump out of his skin, "Sorry Adam, that thing is called a "shower shot" or "sure shot." It's used to give yourself a deep enema and I forgot to take it down. Here, just flip this switch and the shower will start working."
Once again, Adam's eyes immediately darted on Shawn's still rock hard cock. When the shower started, Shawn turned around and walked away from the shower area. Adam's eyes followed the man's dancing bubbly butt cheeks as they moved ever so poetically away from his vision. One thing to make mention of is that Shawn's shower area is French styled. You simply walk around a small corridor and it opens up so that there are three shower heads attached to the front wall, and two attached to the other sides. Both Cody and Adam loved to take showers in Shawn's master bathroom due to this fact.
***Author's Note*** What Adam wasn't aware of was Shawn's own thoughts concerning him. True, he had been married a couple of times, but neither marriage worked out. However, what Adam wasn't aware of was the mere fact that Shawn has a secret crush on him. In Shawn's eyes, Adam was the truest creation of heavenly perfection to have ever walked this planet. Many, many times while Adam and Cody were over, Shawn pervertedly groped Adam, and numerous times more, stole the opportunity to procure graceful sniffs of his butt. Not only did Shawn pleasure himself with smelling Adam's cloth covered butt, but when Adam and Cody spent the night, Shawn would always wash their clothes, just to perversely smell Adam's worn underwear while bringing himself to a cum shooting explosion. Then, after discovering Adam was just a hard sleeper as his nephew Cody, Shawn would sneak into the bedroom and continue his light groping of Adam's cock and balls, then would take his time smelling the most wonderful butt to have ever been sculptured by the heavens above. All of Shawn's assorted perverted actions went completely unnoticed by young Adam.
Adam showered and while brushing his pearly white straighter than straight teeth, Shawn was now in the process of taking a shower. Adam rifled through his suitcase to find the one article of clothing that he himself packed. Once seeing it, Adam removed it from the suitcase and started easing his legs through the openings. He already had planned to dress as sexy as he possibly could, so these pale yellow super tight stretchy bicycle shorts would do the trick. Intentionally leaving out the need to wear underwear, Adam quickly stepped in front of the large mirror hanging on the back of the door, and began modeling to make sure that every part of his lower body would be completely visible to Shawn.
After lunch, the two went into the living room and started watching a movie. Both were sitting on the large leather sofa, Shawn on one end, and Adam sitting complacently closer to the middle to Shawn's immediate right. Shawn was wearing a pair of old cut off jeans, and though the movie would have probably been interesting any other time, all Adam could focus on was the protruding lump bulging itself outwards from the man's crotch.
Adam was nervous like never before, and his sexual emotions began growing higher than he had ever encountered before. Taking the bull by the horns, so to speak, Adam cleared his throat, then softly asked, "Can I ask you something, uh, something personal just between us?"
Shawn picked up the remote and paused the movie, then turned his head to look into the eyes of the most beautiful boy alive and replied, "Of course Adam. You know you can ask me anything and I wont tell a soul. What's on your mind?"
Adam began fidgeting in his seat as his voice broke, "Well um, I uh wanted to thank you for earlier, uh, you know, after riding the 4 wheelers."
Shawn smiled and fired right back, "No problem Adam, you and Cody know you can ride them anytime, and I had fun too."
Adam took in a deep breath, exhaled, then nervously whispered, "Uh, yeah I had fun too, but um, that's not exactly what I was trying to say. I uh, um, had fun washing the mud off, if you know what I mean."
Shawn, still smiling, softly replied, "That's not the first time I've had to hose myself off outside before coming in the house, but it was my first time doing so with company."
Felling somewhat a bit frustrated, Adam's voice chirped, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, I meant with us being naked and all."
Shawn immediately responded, "Oh, I see! I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable getting naked outside, or in front of me, and I do apologize for my pecker getting hard. It just happened, like it's got a mind of its own."
Adam bellowed a light chuckle, then once finding his voice, he began allowing his words to flow, "No no, please don't get me wrong. I didn't have a problem getting naked, especially in front of you. It's that I uh, I have something, something like a secret, that I don't have anyone to talk to about it. Cody, my best friend, wouldn't understand, and if I told him, he'd probably disown me altogether. I can't talk to my parents about it either, with them being part-time Christians. So, I was kind of hoping I could talk to you about it, uh, you know, just between us."
Seeing the more serious look on Adam's face, Shawn perked up and quickly responded, "Adam, whatever you say to me will always stay with me. So, whatever is on your mind, let's go ahead and talk about it. I will never defy your trust by telling anyone, and that's my heart felt promise to you."
Adam slid off of the sofa and sat down on the edge of the coffee table, now sitting directly in front of Shawn. His elbows were resting on top of his thighs, closer to his knees as he leaned forwards and began talking, "Okay, here she goes! I'm 14 years old, but look more like I'm 10. I'm small for my age and I know that, so I have to make the best of everything. Cody is my only friend, other than you, but for a long time now, I've had these strange feelings taking over. I'm not like most guys my age, and I understand that, but as each day passes, I become more and more frustrated with life itself. When the other guys, including Cody, start talking sex talk about girls, I play along, but it's not the girls that I'm interested in. I used to get all pissed off when some of the older boys teased me and made their sexual comments. (Adam saw Shawn's eyebrows arch, so he went on to explain) Several of the older boys would say stuff like this; "I'd fuck you if you were a girl," "That plump little ass belongs on a girl," "You are way too pretty to be a boy," and a few of the older ones have asked me something like this; "I bet something as pretty as you don't even take a shit, and if you do, it can't smell like shit." Those are just a few that I hear all the time, but now I just let them roll in one ear and out the other. But, that's not the point I'm trying to make here Shawn, it's, it's, I think I'm gay. Fuck it! I know I'm gay!"
Shawn listened to every single word Adam spoke, and when the boy was done, and his crystal blue eyes were turning red, Shawn began talking, "Please don't cry, cause you have nothing to be ashamed of! Homophobes are part of this life, and they are everywhere, but the good part about them is that many of them are indeed gay themselves. Their just putting up a front for others to see. As far as those sexual comments goes, let me explain it this way. To me, it would seem as an extreme honor if someone thought I was so pretty that I couldn't take something so natural as a shit, and even more of an honor if they thought it didn't smell. So, instead of taking those comments personally, take them as compliments, because that is exactly what they truly are. Adam, nobody can help the way they look. Take you for example. You are utterly gorgeous in every sense of the word, and I simply can't imagine anyone not wanting to hold your beauty close to them. So, you are gay! Like you already said, fuck it! You are who you are and you only get in trouble in this life when you start pretending to be someone you aren't. Adam, the beauty I saw out in my backyard was everlasting. If anyone else were to ever see all of your beauty like I did, they would consider it an honor just being around you, much less making love to you. Right now in your life, you kind of have life by the balls. You have your beauty and you have your youth. As each day passes on by, we all are getting one day older. Somewhere down the road, we all will lose our youth and our exterior looks will fade. That too is part of life! When I was your age, I could have experienced so much, but I didn't, cause I was not smart enough to think I would ever get older and my exterior beauty would diminish, but it did. I got older and my looks faded, but my personality is stronger than ever. Adam, with your looks, your body, your youthfulness, and your charming personality, simply go for it and start enjoying life, and stop hiding from it."
For the first time in a long time, Adam felt elated by telling Shawn he was gay. It felt great to actually feel what being free felt like, even if it was only in front of Shawn. Adam glared into Shawn's eyes, then softly whispered, "There's more too! I see my classmates naked all the time in the gym's showers, but in all honesty, even though I do look, those guys don't do a thing for me. Although I haven't done anything sexually, I do have my preference as to whom I'd love to have sex with, but I don't know if the feeling is mutual, and I'm too chicken to ask cause I'm afraid of being turned down."
There was a brief silence, but it was Adam's soft angelic voice that careened through the stillness, "I want my first to be older than me."
Shawn piped in, "I don't see anything wrong with that. You have the right to be with whomever you so desire. Who knows, the person you are talking about just might be feeling the same way you do and he too is afraid to ask."
Adam arched his back placing both hands behind his head, then in a soft whispering manner asked, "You've heard my story Shawn, what's yours?"
Shawn was staring directly into the creamy bald hairless armpits trying his best to remain somewhat calm as he rested his left forearm on his crotch to try and hide his excitement. For a brief second or two, the blood from Shawn's body felt as if it was on the move to vacate his body. Could this be the moment of truth he had longed for? Would he be able to tell Adam the entire truth? If he did, how would Adam react knowing those truths? All those questions and several more ran through Shawn's mind as his body began shaking mildly.
With his voice cracking, Shawn began talking, "Fair is fair I guess. Adam, what I'm about to tell you is just between me and you and nobody else, including Cody. Just like you, I've got my own buried secrets. You see Adam, back in my day, I tried to be someone I wasn't, so I got married. I lived a life pretending to be someone I wasn't. Then, when that marriage failed, I continued my lie and married again. Just like my first marriage, that one failed too, and failed miserably. All of this misery was on account of me trying to live a lie, pretending to be someone I wasn't. This is why I don't want you to have to go through the same bull shit I went through. Because of my family, and their religious beliefs, I hurt two innocent people while singlehandedly managing to destroy their families. All on account of trying to live a lie the way others wanted me to live, and not live the life according to me, and how I felt. You see Adam, back when I was your age, probably way younger, I knew I was different. Back then, being a homosexual would more than likely get you killed. It was just something that was unheard of back in those days, especially here in the south. Oh, I had many opportunities to experiment with another guy, but I was simply close minded regarding their age. They were all adults, and I was just a dumb ass country boy, so instead of acting on my emotions, I pretended to be someone I truly wasn't. I was kind of big for my age, and very athletic, so fucking around with the girls was easy to do, but, I was only pretending. By the time I was 15, I was having pussy slung at me in all directions. Why? It wasn't because of me, but more out of having a reputation for having a big cock. When my second marriage ended, I slid into a shell so to speak. I don't want to be responsible for hurting another innocent person, you know, a woman. So, after having won the lottery, I decided to travel to other countries to feed my sexual hunger. Here in America, my preference is declared illegal, so that's why I have to travel to other countries where they are a bit more open minded and liberal. That's it, that's my story Adam."
Adam breathed in heavily, then whispered his question, "So, you are gay too?"
Shawn was nodding his head up and down as he spoke, "Yes Adam, I am gay, but like you, I do have my own personal preferences too when it comes to those who I prefer to have sexual relations with."
Adam seemed to become more excited, so he blurted, "Tell me, tell me Shawn all about your preferences. Maybe, they're like mine!"
Shawn leaned forward just a bit, chuckled, then responded, "No, I doubt if they are close at all, but let me say this and then tell me what you think. There's a man, let's say in his 40's, and then there is a young man, and for the record, let's pretend he is 13. The two are friends, but not in a sexual manner. Every time the 13 year old visits the man, and let's just say they play wrestle sometimes, the adult figure "accidentally" gropes the boy, feeling the boy's crotch area while pleasuring himself with the perverted opportunity. Taking things a bit further, the adult constantly smells the 13 year olds butt without the boy ever knowing it. All in the name of innocence! Imagine the boy spending the night at the older man's home, and while the boy lay sleeping, the man sneaks into his room and fondles the sleeping boy's cock and balls. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, the man deeply inhales the fresh scent from the sleeping boy's butt. To the man, this boy is the world! The man beats his meat constantly while thinking of this boy, hoping beyond any and all hopes of one day being able to live out his fantasies with this very same boy. Tell me Adam, what do you think of this?"
Adam's bright pink tongue lashed out, swiping over both of his lips, and upon returning back into his mouth, his soft voice chimed, "Personally, I don't have a problem with any of it. I'm not all that keen on all the butt smelling, but then again, that's what the man enjoyed. I've read a butt load of stories on the internet, so smelling a boys butt is not all that strange to me. The way I see it, as you told it, the two were pretty good friends. Maybe the man should have talked everything over with the boy and let him know how he feels. The boy might be feeling the same as the older man. I've read a bunch of stories, uh, with this kind of content, you know, an older man hooking up with um, a young boy. In the stories, there all pretty much consensual. The man has sexual feelings for the young boy, and the young boy has sexual feelings for the older man. The way I see it Shawn is like this. As long as their feelings towards one another are mutual, then fuck the age thing. Take me for example, I am fully aware that under the eyes of the law, I am a fucking minor. But, I'm smart enough to know what I want, and I'm smart enough to not be tricked into doing something I don't want to do. Heck, if I were lucky enough to have sex with a full grown man, I sure as hell wouldn't broadcast it to anyone. Fuck that! Talking is how people usually get themselves into trouble."
Shawn's heart pounded heavily within the confinements of his chest, and now it was time for the ultimate truth to be told, "Adam, that story I just told you wasn't exactly just a story. To be completely honest here, I have an infatuation with young boys, and that's why I travel the way I do. But, in that story I just told you, it was all about me and you. (Adam was fixing to interrupt, but Shawn caught him in time) Please, allow me to explain. I've watched you grow into a blossoming ray of beauty, and I wish I was sorry for all of my dastardly perversions, but every time you visited me, I always came up with a way to touch you, to smell you. Take today for example. It was my idea to ride the ATV's knowing full well it had rained the night before. I knew we were going to be muddy, but it was my way to finally see you naked. So, it was already pre-planned! There's a lot of things I shouldn't have done, with me being the adult, but Adam, when it comes to you, I simply don't have any control whatsoever, and that, I am deeply sorry for. To me Adam, in my eyes, God himself couldn't have created such powerful beauty as he did so in your creation."
With his last word being spoken, Shawn's head was lowered as if in a state of defeat. Adam's eyes began watering as he saw the hulking man's head arching itself downwards. Silently easing himself up off the coffee table, Adam stood then leaned over placing both small hands on the sides of Shawn's face, lifting the man's head upwards so their eyes could connect. It was Adam's soft angelic voice that rang heavily within Shawn's ears, "Now Shawn, it's your turn to not be ashamed! I've never done this, but I've always dreamed of it."
Adam's moist lips locked onto Shawn's lips as he drove his small tongue into Shawn's mouth. Being more experienced, Shawn quickly fired his tongue deeply into the sweet realm of Adam's saliva drenched mouth. With their tongues embarking on a passionate affair, Shawn placed his large hands on Adam's back and gently pulled Adam forwards, causing Adam to now be straddling Shawn's lower body with his knees on either side of Shawn. The silky sensation of running his hands along Adam's back sent shivers racing up and down all over Shawn's body.
Soft bellowing moans ventured from their sealed lips as their heads turned to suck harder on each others probing tongues. Shawn's right hand slid down Adam's back, then graciously cupped the tight solid little ass of his long lived dreams. The boy's butt was as hard as nails as Shawn's fingers tried digging themselves through the stretchy material and into the boy's vivacious flesh.
Adam could feel Shawn's hard enormous cock throb sensationally between the crack of his spread butt. Feeling the man's boner throb constantly, Adam began slowly rubbing his crack back and forth while his tongue wildly frolicked into his dream lover's super hot mouth. Adam's fingers soon found themselves running through Shawn's hair while he moaned loudly as to all that was now taking place. Adam could feel his own hard cock angrily throb against the stretchy material, doing everything it possibly could to free itself from the tight stretchy restraint.
The fingers of Shawn's right hand slid upwards and onto the silky soft flesh of the boy's lower back, then used his fingers to slide under the top portion of the hem, working his fingers inside, then his hand, so that they were all now caressing the most silky smooth texture Shawn had ever felt. Shawn's large right hand slid all over Adam's butt, basking in total pleasure as his fingers danced up and down the boy's tiny crack. Adam's moans grew louder as the hand and fingers on his butt sent shock waves exploding throughout every part of his now shaking body.
Adam's lips suddenly broke their seal as the boy slung his head backwards while voicing, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
The sudden action taken by Adam was due to Shawn's middle finger passionately caressing Adam's never before touched asshole, well, other than by his doctor. The finger rubbed and circled his hidden virgin hole, exciting Adam to a level of sexual high he never knew existed. Shawn was a bit surprised to find Adam's crack to be dry and not moist like most are. Feeling that little rosebud only fueled Shawn's lust with Adam that much more.
While Adam was busy slinging his head all over the place, Shawn took the opportunity to dip his left hand inside the front of Adam's shorts. Adam cried out harder once Shawn's fingers latched themselves onto his convulsing boner. Shawn too was doing some moaning, especially now since he held onto the boy's cock, relishing in its hardness, yet silk like texture. Shawn's fingers skillfully began softly manipulating Adam's cock while allowing another finger to explore Adam's hairless little balls. Even the few strands of pubic hair felt excitingly soft to Shawn.
Adam cried out, "No, no, no! It's ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh been two ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, weeks since I ummmmmmmmmmm shot a load. Close, close, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm really close!"
Shawn now knew the other question he had wondered about. He now knew Adam could cum, and now knowing it has been two weeks since his last cum episode, Shawn knew he would be dining on a quite a good load. In a teasing like manner, Shawn asked, "When you cum, do you shoot or does it kind of dribble out?"
Adam was panting like crazy, still flinging his head all over as he whimperingly cried out, "Shoot, shoot, I, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, shit, I shoot, I shoot, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck this feels soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooddddd!"
As one finger danced around Adam's miniscule anal entrance, Shawn's other fingers were groping and caressing Adam's throbbing boy boner and small cum filled balls, while Shawn's eyes passionately stared into the boy's gorgeous face, watching in a thrilling awe at the various facial expressions Adam was making.
Shawn's meaty left hand pulled backwards, drawing the stretchy material away from Adam's cock to the point that the mouth watering beauty came bolstering out of it's now freed restraint. Be it true Shawn was no stranger in the companionship of a young boy, however, none could come close as to Adam's heavenly beauty. Shawn could see, feel, Adam's body shutter and shake as his fingers toyed with their objective targets.
Using his brute strength, Shawn slid forwards, bringing Adam with him, then balanced himself as he stood, still holding the angelic young beauty. Shawn turned towards the sofa, and as he was gently placing Adam onto his back, Shawn managed to latch onto the boy's shorts and slide them downwards to the point that they were all the way down to Adam's knees. Just as Adam's back touched the cool leather sofa cushion, he felt his shorts glide down the remainder of his legs, then free itself from his feet and curling little toes.
Shawn placed Adam's left leg and foot on the top portion of the sofa while using his large left hand to guide Adam's right leg and foot high into the air, and outwards. Now, Shawn was kneeling on his left knee while angling his face directly in the middle of Adam's spread legs. Adam's mind was reeling with never before felt excitement, but he did hear Shawn whisper, "My God, you are so perfect, so gorgeous, and so delicious looking!"
Then, Adam's voice chirped loudly once he felt the thick tongue swipe at his balls. The feeling of Adam's balls as they danced with his tongue sent Shawn into his own orchestra of loud and audible moans. Not only did they feel great, but the boy's faint sweet bodily aroma was playing tricks on his mind as well. With effortless ease, Shawn sucked in both small nuggets while using his tongue to wildly roam all over each silky smooth small nugget. Adam placed the back of his right hand over his mouth and was using his own teeth to dig into his hand's flesh. His balls felt like they were being slowly baked in a commercial grade oven, and though he had always dreamed of something like this, he never knew just how great having his balls in a man's mouth really felt, or at least, up until now.
Adam continued his verbal onslaught of getting close, but Shawn's testicle slurping mouth refused to relinquish their vacuuming seal. Adam's lower body steadily gyrated while his angelic purrs grew louder and louder as each second ticked on by. Seconds turned into minutes, and several long nugget gnawing minutes later, Shawn released them, but only to quickly open his mouth and completely devour Adam's aching cock.
When the man's mouth dove onto his cock, Adam bolted his hips upwards while damn near screaming at the top of his lungs. With his mouth securely sucking on Adam's boyhood, Shawn allowed some of his own saliva to dribble onto his right middle finger. Using just his right thumb, Shawn started caressing Adam's tight hairless balls while gently using his right saliva lubricated middle finger to stimulate Adam's virgin anus.
Two long weeks of not being able to cum, feeling his dream lover's hot mouth slide up and down his cock, a finger massaging his tightly withdrawn cum bloated balls, and a finger performing some kind of magic act on his butt hole was all a bit much for Adam to take. Shawn heard Adam scream words that were not even in the English dictionary, but being a self proclaimed cock sucking pro, he already knew Adam was on the verge of a cum explosion by the way the boy's cock was expanding.
Within a beat of an excited heart, and faster than the speed of light, Shawn saw Adam stretch his face towards him while his precious little mouth opened as the words came singing outwards, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! I'm, I'm, fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkk, cu, cu, cum, I'm, oh shit, I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGG!"
When the first cum strand entered Shawn's mouth, he literally had to fight to keep his mouth on the boy's erupting cock. The force in which the boy's cum struck the roof of his mouth was more powerful than any he had ever had the honor of feeling before. A split second after the first warm splashdown of Adam's cum struck his mouth, Shawn experienced at least eight more long watery strands of cum juice. Then the boy's cum assault slowed down to a few spurts here and there, and Shawn, having been in this situation a few times, thought that the boy's orgasm was on the downside of subsiding, so when he felt several more hard exploding cum strands rocketing inside his mouth, he too was a bit surprised, but thankful nevertheless.
Shawn had dined on many young boy loads prior to this, and many a men too, but never had he feasted on such a huge load before. Just like in all the other cases, Shawn wanted to wait until the last of the boy's seed was in his mouth before tasting such delicacy. The boy's cock was still erupting and Shawn could feel the sea of watery boy honey swimming around inside his mouth. Eventually, Adam's cum began slowly trickling before ending altogether. Knowing that he now had all of the boy's offering safely contained inside his mouth, and still sucking away on his cock, Shawn moaned as he knew it was time to taste the boy's tasty treat.
One swallow was followed by two as Shawn's taste buds and brain fought to ascertain the boy's true taste. Three, four, and then five swallows later, Shawn came to the conclusion that Adam's cum was best described as being kind of watery, very warm, a very mild hint of salt, and nowhere close as to having a bitter taste whatsoever. Simply speaking, Shawn knew that Adam's cum was the best he had ever tasted by far. With his mouth empty of the boy's seed, all Shawn could do was groan from the precious sweet tasting after taste while sucking on the most elegant perfect cock to have ever been placed on a human.
Adam had to use his left hand to kind of push Shawn's mouth off and away from his highly sensitive cock. Shawn complied and eased himself up into a sitting position between Adam's legs. The boy was panting heavily while softly tossing his head from side to side. Seconds later, while still rotating his head from side to side, Adam softly whispered, "How, how'd I taste?"
Shawn made a smacking noise with his lips, then eagerly responded, "Delicious! Absofuckinglutely delicious!"
He saw the boy smile, melting his thumping heart in the process, and then Adam whispered, "God, that was way better than I imagined! Whew, I didn't think I'd ever stop cumming."
Shawn was rubbing Adam's rippling stomach with his right hand as he politely asked, "Glad you enjoyed it, but what all have you been thinking about? I mean sexually."
Adam's blue eyes met Shawn's green eyes as he smiled from ear to ear, then ever so sexily replied, "You know, everything! I want to suck, but mostly, I want to get fucked. I want to feel what it feels like when a hard cock is pounding my ass. I've read plenty of stories about it, and saw plenty of gay porn, but now I want to feel it for myself."
Shawn reached his left hand around his body and began gently caressing Adam's hairless balls as he spoke, "Well, reading about it and watching it isn't quite the same as actually feeling it. Anal sex is an art, and it can be quite painful. You have to be prepped, and from seeing the tiny little dot you refer to as your butt hole, you're gonna need a lot of prepping. Even with being prepped, you will more than likely still feel a lot of pain. Adam, I'd love for nothing more than to feel my cock buried balls deep up your hot little ass, but I'm smart enough to know that I have an above average sized cock. The last thing I'd ever want to do is hurt you in any sort of way, and I'm afraid that if I tried to get it in you, well uh, it just might leave a bad impression, especially since you've never done it before."
Adam pulled himself into a seated position, then with a more serious look on his face, he said, "I know it's gonna hurt, and hurt something awful, but Shawn you need to understand that this is something I want to do. And, I want you to be my first! I've already seen your pecker, so I already know it's fucking enormous, but I still don't care. I want you to take my virginity...All of it!"
Shawn sat there pondering the predicament he was now being faced with. While his mind ran wild, Adam's angelic voice sliced through the air, "Shawn, there's something I'd like to do. Well I uh, I've kind of been fantasizing about it. I read it one of the stories, and I would like to do it with you. Would you mind standing here (pointing at the far edge of the sofa, behind the armrest), and let me lick your balls while you jack-off and shoot your cum into my mouth?"
Since his cock was already throbbing like crazy, Shawn certainly didn't have a problem obliging the gorgeous boy. Standing up, Shawn yanked down his shorts and got into position. Adam had his neck resting on top of the padded armrest while Shawn stepped into position. Shawn was straddling Adam's face while moaning like a pissed off bear as to the electricity shooting throughout his entire body as the boy's tongue savagely attacked his large freshly shaven balls. Shawn was pounding his large chunk of meat with his right hand while basking in the pleasures of having his balls licked and sucked on.
Adam tried, but his mouth was just too small to suck even one of the man's large balls into his mouth. Instead, Adam pushed his face deeper into the man's sac while allowing his tongue and lips to freely roam all over the twin nuggets while inhaling his dream lover's intoxicating manly scent. Adam couldn't figure out the precise aroma, but the scent alone was driving him insane with flaring emotions.
Naturally, it didn't take Shawn long before his own orgasm shot through his hulking body. Stepping back just a few short inches, Shawn beat his meat while allowing the tip of his cock head to center itself directly into Adam's wide open mouth. Skinning his meat back and forth, Shawn was peering down straight into Adam's glistening blue eyes. Then, the boy whispered, "Give me your cum Shawn! Shoot it in my mouth!"
Hearing the boy's soft voice sent Shawn's cum valve into an immediate wide open position, and instantly, thick bolts of creamy man goo started firing one right after the other straight into Adam's whimpering mouth. The more cum Shawn shot, the louder Adam's whimpers and purrs grew. Feeling the man's thick cum as it crashed into his mouth was everything Adam dreamed it would be, and a hell of a lot more. Shawn pumped and pumped, until he had at last forced out the last cum remnants into the boy's waiting mouth. Squeezing his shaft, Shawn ran his bulbous cock head all over the boy's twitching kissable lips, freeing the last of his seed onto the boy's cherry colored, and now cum soaked, lips.
Shawn was looking down, directly into Adam's smiling face, and watched as Adam still held his mouth open, and Shawn could see the large puddle of his own cream, and then he watched in earnest as Adam began allowing his cum to slide down his gulping throat. Seeing the boy in this position, teasing him in such a manner while he sipped on his man goo, was the hottest scene Shawn had ever saw. The act itself was so hot that even Shawn's oversized cock refused to deflate. Shawn watched as Adam gulped down the last deposit, and as it was sliding down his throat, Adam reached up with both hands, finding Shawn's erection, then lowered it back to his lips where his tongue went wild as it slithered all over the highly sensitive cock head while his fingers traveled up and down his massive shaft.
It was then, while finally touching Shawn's cock that Adam truly discovered its actual thickness. Trying as hard and as best he could, even by stretching his fingers from both hands, Adam's fingertips were nowhere close to touching themselves. Instead of being terrorized into reality by the length and the harsh thickness of Shawn's mammoth cock, Adam became that much more excited. Now, more than ever, he wanted to feel the huge beast fill his ass, and judging by the size of Shawn's cock, his ass would be packed with man meat, and that's exactly what Adam desired.
The tongue and lips attacking his cock head was simply more than Shawn could stand at this time, so he quickly backed away. The fingers on his cock tightened their grip, but Shawn was able to free himself anyways. Before Shawn had a chance to say anything, Adam spun into a sitting position, then quickly whispered, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, your cum is the best Shawn, and I can hardly wait to taste some more!"
Shawn leaned down and sank his lips over Adam's, at which point their tongues became immediately intertwined as they kissed one another with the most intense fiery passion known to mankind. 10 long wonderful tongue sucking minutes later, they both were well overdue for some fresh air, so their lips broke their seal, and Shawn immediately said, "My God Adam, not even in a fantasy could I ever create such bountiful astonishing beauty!"
It was mutually agreed to take in some fresh air and go swimming, so the two of them spent the next two hours horsing around in the pool, touching, feeling, and kissing one another. By the time they were toweling themselves dry, both Shawn and Adam were sporting erections. To Adam, being naked outside felt refreshing, not to mention, felt kind of sexy too, especially since he was with the one man who had consumed his every fantasy for a few years now.
As they entered the house, Adam was in behind Shawn, but Shawn's ears captured the boy's words, "So Shawn, will you fuck me? Will you be the first to take my anal cherry?"
Shawn had just stepped inside, turned around to face Adam, then with a soothing smile, softly whispered, "We'll see, we'll see. Adam, you've seen the size of my dick! Are you positive, and I mean absolutely positive, that you want me to put it in you? No matter how much prepping I give your sweet little ass, you are definitely going to feel some pain, and probably a lot too."
Adam took one step closer to Shawn, cupping his right hand just under Shawn's large hanging balls while using the palm of his left hand to cup the satiny smooth underside of Shawn's throbbing shaft, looking up, angelically and ever so sexily replied, "Yeah, I'm positive! I know it's big...fucking huge is more like it, but feeling this inside me is what I've been dreaming about for a long, long time now. Like I already told you, I know it's going to hurt, and hurt big time, but everybody has to experience their first in order to know if it is something they truly like. That's why it's called the first, aint it?"
Shawn listened to the boy and the words flowing from those puffy delicious lips were about as true as true itself. Placing his large hands on either side of Adam's gorgeous face, Shawn replied, "Yeah, you're right! Once you do something one time, you can't call it your first anymore. Well, we have ourselves at least a week to make this happen, and there's no need to go and rush into anything."
Without having to ask, or to be told, Adam followed Shawn into Shawn's huge shower area. Once the two of them had rinsed their bodies off, it was Adam who picked up the bar of soap and began lathering the front of Shawn's hulking hairy body up with his hands. Shawn's massive cock twitched uncontrollably with excitement as the boy's soapy hands softly massaged his chest and stomach area. When the boy's soapy hands found his cock and balls, Shawn's knees damn near gave out causing Shawn to collapse against the side of the rear shower wall.
Standing in front of Shawn, Adam eased his right soapy hand under Shawn's balls, pressing forwards until his entire hand was creasing in between the man's super tight muscular butt cheeks. His small left hand was gently stroking Shawn's soapy shaft while the fingers of his right hand discovered the man's clean shaven hairless anus.
A bear like groan shot through the falling water, echoing heavily within the shower's walls as Shawn jolted his body upwards using just his toes as he felt one of the boy's small slender fingers dive deep into his anal cavity. The man's body shook violently and his head erupted into a volley of flashing lights and electrifying fire works.
Shawn slapped the sides of the walls with both palms as he felt his orgasm racing through his convulsing body like a torpedo being fired by a war ship's tube. Then, just as he was about to explode, Adam devilishly added a second finger, forcing Shawn to cry out as the cum shot out of his cock with angered vengeance. Though his eyes were tightly sealed, and the only thing that mattered at this point was releasing his cum, Shawn couldn't see Adam angling the man's cum firing cock so that each thick spurt of man juice would fire directly into the boy's gaping mouth.
Adam loved the way Shawn's cum pounded the interior of his mouth, but he was also enjoying the feeling of his two fingers fuck the man's ass with lightning speed. After the fourth long ropey strand of man goo splashed into his mouth, Adam could hardly wait to drink it on down. Three gulps later, Adam was whining, literally begging for more of Shawn's milky cream to fly into his welcoming mouth.
The boy squeezed the man's enormous cock, forcing out globs of thick cum to appear from Shawn's piss lips, and it was Adam's lips that attacked the man's piss lips, sucking with a gut wrenching fiery passion to vacuum any remaining cum the man had to offer. With his orgasm subsiding, Shawn had to reach behind him with his left hand to pull the boy's thrusting fingers from his aching butt.
With his ass now free of thrusting fingers, Shawn had to step to the side to free the tip of his cock from the boy's commercial grade vacuuming mouth. Leaning against the wall, fighting against all odds not to collapse onto his ass, Shawn was panting wildly as if he had just ran some kind of marathon. Adam made a loud smacking sound with his lips, then followed up by adding, "I love the taste of your cum Shawn! I wish I could suck your cock though, but it's just too big to go into my mouth."
Shawn tried in vain to respond, but his rapid breathing and spinning mind simply wouldn't allow it. Even now, with his eyes partially opened, the image of the naked boy beauty was a bit fuzzy, and out of focus. Adam stepped right up to Shawn and began soaping up the man's shaking legs, including his tightly curling toes.
At some point, Adam had Shawn turn around and began lathering the man's backside area. Shawn was softly moaning, but when the boy's hands once again drifted onto his quivering butt cheeks, then dipped into his crack, Shawn's moans sounded more like cannons going off. Once again, Shawn felt the boy's small slender fingers knocking on his backdoor, but this time, they snuck in just barely and began twisting and turning while darting in and out. If his body wasn't shaking before, it sure as hell was now.
A little while later, Adam removed his fingers from Shawn's ass and finished up lathering the man's hulking backside area. Shawn was barely able to rinse off as he positioned his body so that all three shower heads struck his trembling body. He was still somewhat lightheaded from just recently enduring an orgasm, and having his asshole cleaned out by the boy's soapy fingers.
When Shawn was finally rinsed off, he turned around to face Adam, who was glowing passionately with a smile that had the power to stop a man's heart. Looking into the boy's entrancing blue eyes, Shawn hoarsely whispered, "Your turn now my little angel!"
Adam stepped under the shower heads to get wet once more, and once he was wet, he stepped to the side where Shawn immediately began lathering up his shoulders, chest, and stomach area. Periodically, Shawn would lightly pinch each of Adam's pink perky tiny nipples, and in each time, Shawn heard the boy moan while watching Adam's eyelids slowly drift over his precious eyes.
When Shawn's soapy hands reached the boy's arching cock and silky smooth balls, Adam's soft voice filled the room with a symphony of long winded moans and purrs. Shawn teasingly jerked the lather back and forth on the boy's teen erection while softly and just as teasingly toyed with Adam's tightly withdrawn small nuggets. It was only a couple of minutes, but Adam was panting words that suggested he was close, and when Shawn felt the boy's hard cock rapidly convulse, he removed his hand completely.
Adam's glistening eyes immediately darted to Shawn's as if saying, "What the fuck, over!" For a good 30 to 45 minutes, Shawn intentionally brought Adam right to the very tip of a welcoming orgasm, but would suddenly back off, preventing Adam from being pleasured by his built up orgasm. By now, Shawn could feel the boy's tender balls as they had swollen to a much larger appearance. Adam was way beyond being frustrated at this point, and his only thought process was relieving the aching cause from his pent up cum that were now bloating his little balls.
Shawn maneuvered Adam so that his back was now facing him as he began lathering the boy's shoulder area, working his way all the way down to his jutting little heavenly shaped ass. Shawn was using his right hand to lather Adam's body while his left hand reached around the boy and continued its tormenting jacking affair. Still, every time Adam got close, real close, Shawn would free his hand from the boy's throbbing erection. Shawn soaped the boy's backside area while intentionally skipping over Adam's mouth watering bubbly butt.
Adam was whining, cooing, whimpering, purring, grunting, and groaning, but all of those got louder, way louder, once Shawn's fingers soaped their way into the boy's tight little butt crack. It was Adam's turn to propel himself upwards upon his toes as he soothed in swarming pleasures once one of the man's soapy fingertips lodged itself directly onto his virgin butt hole. The fingertip wiggled and lightly prodded, but much to Adam's disliking, never tried to gain entry. Adam unconsciously started arching his butt backwards, doing all he could do to impale his ass onto the man's thick anal teasing finger. Shawn picked up on the boy's bucking gesture as well, but it was he who was not ready just yet for his finger to grace the boy's virgin anal realm, or at least, not at the present moment.
Time progressed forwards, and many more close orgasm encounters dashed on by, and Adam was actually shedding tears from the dire need to blow his load. His passionate pleads for mercy fell upon deaf ears as the agony of his prolonged orgasm had his entire body shaking from the anticipation as to the question "when." He wanted to cum so badly, more now than ever before. Even his balls felt like they were just about to explode from his hairless sac.
Sensing the time was about right, Shawn turned Adam back around so that the boy was now facing him, and made sure the soap was washed off of Adam's cock and balls completely before dropping to his knees, and quickly devouring Adam's aching cock in one stealth swoop. Shawn had both of his hands clutching tightly onto Adam's butt cheeks, with his right middle soapy finger lightly drawing miniature circles upon Adam's puckering little bung hole. It was Adam's turn to now be slapping the sides of the walls as his hips rocked back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of Shawn's mouth ever so frantically.
Shawn released Adam's butt cheek with his left hand, then eased his hand in front of the boy's body, using just his fingertips, latched themselves onto Adam's right tiny nipple. He didn't pinch the nipple just yet, more so, started to gingerly tug on it. Shawn sucked the boy's delicious cock while patiently waiting for the precise time to do something he had so longed to do.
Adam bucked his hip forwards harshly while screaming, "Cum, cum, I'm uhhhhhhhhhhhh, cum, cum, oh shit, fuck, fuck, I'm cuuuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!"
Just as the boy's flowered cock head swelled, and the hard shaft expanded, Shawn clamped down on the boy's nipple while shoving his right middle finger all the way up the boy's super tight, highly pressurized, hotter than fiery hot, anal highway. The sudden sharp pain caused Adam to scream, but feeling the pain was far too late, cause it felt like the head of his cock exploded as his cum came bursting out with more power than Adam had ever felt before.
Shawn was more than amazed when he felt the first power shot of watery boy honey strike the interior of his mouth. The power of the cum strand was way more than simply saying it was impressive. Shawn held his sucking mouth on the boy's cock as countless more power cum volleys slammed their way into his moaning cum loving mouth.
The crushing pressure created from the boy's anal interior was far superior than Shawn himself had ever felt before. With each and every cum blast, the boy's anal muscles aggressively converged all over his thrusting finger. Yet, it was the boy who was rocking his hips back and forth, using his cum firing cock to fuck his mouth, and, using his tight ass to fuck his anal loving finger.
Due to the quantity of boy juice gushing into his mouth, Shawn thought best to go ahead and make room for the obvious ample supply still flooding away inside his mouth. The taste of the boy's honey alone sent shivers racing up and down Shawn's spine. While he lavishly swallowed, he caught his own voice as it moaned loudly as to the overall deliciousness of Adam's teenage nectar.
Adam's right hand shot up and clutched onto Shawn's nipple pinching fingers, and per Shawn, the boy's fingers actually applied even more pressure on Shawn's fingertips in order to pinch even harder. Adam cried out louder than ever before as Shawn pinched his nipple sharply, and for a brief moment, the boy literally became more like an animal as he wildly thrust his hips back and forth, power slamming his cock in and out of Shawn's mouth with pure mystifying passion. When the last cum pellet was sliding down Shawn's throat, Shawn pried his numb finger from Adam's metal bending powerful ass.
Shawn savored the taste still sweltering inside his mouth as he held onto the wall in order to stand. Adam had been leaning against the wall, but Shawn watched in awe as the boy slowly slid down the wall until he was now sitting on the shower floor, panting wildly with his head angling downwards. Looking down at the gorgeous boy, Shawn could only smile and be more than thankful for the miracle at hand. Many men would kill to be where he was at this very moment, and many more would kill just to taste the boy's youthful delicious cream, not to mention, just how many would do whatever it took for the opportunity to dive into Adam's virgin ass. Yes, Shawn knew he was the luckiest man alive, and yet, their passion had only begun!
Once they both recovered from their shower activity, Shawn and Adam went outside where Shawn proceeded to fire up the grill so they could grill them a couple of large steaks. Shawn was doing the cookie while Adam breathed in the aroma from the steaks. Both decided to remain naked, and it was Adam who thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of moving about without the need to wear clothing. While they were outside, they talked and talked, basically about life in general. By now, both Shawn and Adam felt more comfortable in talking openly in front of one another, even about their most personal and darkest secrets.
Hearing the boy's soft voice always did something to Shawn, and being able to see his perfect body in all of its full blown nude glory, was truly a miracle to behold. Though Shawn's beefy cock was flaccid, that certainly didn't stop his eyes from studying every intricate detail of Adam and his naked perfect tight body.
While the steaks were cooking, Adam did ask Shawn about his first time with another guy. Flipping the steaks, Shawn closed his eyes and recalled his first time. By telling Adam, this would mark the first time he would have ever spoken about it. Back through the years, his mind took him back to where his life would forever change.
Shawn smiled as he spoke, "I think I was around 13 at the time, maybe 14. I knew I had a liking for guys, but I honestly didn't know just how much. I'd start off jacking, fantasizing about a girl, but eventually, she would leave and some guy would quickly take her place. Back then, when I was growing up, times were a bit tougher, so during the summer, I would mow lawns to try and help out as best I could. I met a man who was in his late 50's. At first, everything was fine. I would mow his lawn every other week. After sometime had passed, I began feeling more and more comfortable being around him. One day, just after having mowed his lawn, he and I went inside his home and talked. The next thing you know, I'm showered and standing in front of him bare ass naked. I remember him laying me down on his bed, and he just didn't suck my dick, no sir, the man made passionate oral love to my entire body. I knew what we were doing was wrong, but in my mind, I simply couldn't justify how something that felt so damn great could be wrong. Looking back, the first time I saw his cock, I thought he had the biggest cock ever, but in reality, it was probably somewhere around the 6 1/2 inch range and uncut. The man never rushed me, nor did he ever try to get me to do something I didn't feel comfortable doing. I was the one who asked him to fuck me, and it was he who took my anal cherry. Before we ever did it, he explained how he was going to prep my butt hole. It took a few days as I recall before he finally put his cock up my ass, and although I know it must have been rather painful, I simply don't remember anything but the joy of feeling his cock pumping my ass. By the start of the next school season, he had moved and I was in the very stages of having to live my life in a lie."
Adam's heart pounded after having just listened to every single word Shawn had just spoken. By the time Shawn had finished, and Adam stood patiently absorbing in everything Shawn had just said, the steaks were ready. The two went back inside the house where they sat down in the living room, ate their meal while watching a movie on the television.
When they were finished eating, and both cleaned the dirty dishes, Shawn saw Adam yawing, so he suggested that they go to his bedroom and watch television. Adam was a bit excited being able to lay down in Shawn's bed, with Shawn, and watch television. So, now they were laying in Shawn's large king sized bed with Shawn laying next to Adam's immediate right. There was a movie on, but Shawn couldn't take his eyes off of Adam's semi flaccid inviting teen chunk of prime beef.
With his eyes making direct contact with Adam's teenage perfection, Shawn's own one eyed beast instantly became rock solid hard. This too certainly didn't go unnoticed by Adam's young eyes, so he leaned his head to his left, glaring passionately at Shawn, then teasingly asked, "Whoa, what got him all excited?"
Shawn chuckled lightly, then softly replied, "You Adam! It was you and your angelic beauty that got him all stirred up."
Adam was fixing to respond, but Shawn's voice cut him off, "I'm still a bit hungry, and I know I wouldn't mind a snack right about now. How about you put that pretty little ass (pointing with his left index finger) right here into my mouth so I can get me something sweet to eat."
Adam stood up and carefully placed his left foot over Shawn's hulking chest with his face now aiming at Shawn's feet. Using the headboard for some form of support, Adam lowered his body, squatting directly over Shawn's face. Shawn draped his huge arms over each of Adam's silky smooth thighs as his tongue lashed out and immediately began slithering all over Adam's scrawny little hairless bung hole, making damn sure to issue long loving strokes up and down the boy's smooth little crack.
The television was on, but Adam's purring moans quickly rose higher than the sound level from whatever was playing on the television. Adam's elbows were resting on top of the headboard, but as the man's tongue swarmed all over his asshole, Adam's fingers began pinching, pulling, and tweaking his own small perky nipples. The boy's once flaccid cock quickly began announcing its joyous throbbing erection, twitching like crazy in unison with Adam's thumping heartbeat.
Shawn's tongue lapped, licked, drilled, and probed until the boy's superlative tight anal seal gave way, allowing his thrashing tongue to sneak into the opening and explore his most inner being. Shawn pushed his tongue as hard as he could, forcing the boy's tight anal walls to expand in order to accommodate his tongue's travel. The heat coming from within the boy's anal chamber was nothing short of scorching hot. The boy's inexperienced anal muscles defied Shawn's tongue by lashing out, placing a powerful chokehold as if his tongue were now in the angry clutches of one very hungry, and highly pissed off, anaconda.
Adam was far off in another world as he moaned, whined, whimpered, cooed, and purred with having Shawn's thick tongue up his ass. He did feel kind of a faint burning sensation, but the pleasures he was now feeling was simply rather overwhelming and overpowering.
The boy's mouth flung wide open as he cried, "Yessssssssssss, yessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaaaaaaawwwdddd yessssssssssss!"
Hearing the boy's voice, Shawn's ass eating tongue went straight into animalistic mode, slithering wildly while darting in and out. His strong fingers dug into the flesh of Adam's thighs as he greedily dined on the boy's ass for all he was worth, and would ever be worth for that matter.
Adam leaned forward just a bit, and in doing so, he felt the man's tongue dive deeper, sending him more rampaging pleasures. Within seconds, Adam had leaned over to the point that his upper body was now resting on top of Shawn's chest and stomach portion and his eyes came in direct contact with the man's massive cock. Again, Adam cried out as he felt Shawn's tongue travel deeper into his anal chamber, fueling his soaring emotions to an already never before felt sensation.
Gripping the humongous cock with both hands, Adam began using his tongue to swirl itself all over Shawn's gigantic cock head, sipping divinely on the pre-cum steadily pumping itself onto his scooping tongue. The more of the man's juices he tasted, the more Adam desired. Not only was Shawn loving the moment in dining on the most delicious ass to have ever been created by the heavens above, but now feeling the boy's hands on his cock, and the boy's tongue swarm all over his sensitive cock head, Shawn too was now quickly slipping into his own lust filled little world.
With their bodies locked to one another, Adam quickly picked up on the fact that every time he moved his body forwards or backwards, his aching cock was being stimulated too, so he began doing just that, fucking his cock in between their two bodies while hungrily working on the cock of his dreams. Several times, Adam tried to stuff the huge cock head inside his mouth, but he came to the factual conclusion that the fucking thing was just too big, so he continued to make love to Shawn's enormous manhood with his tongue and fingers.
When Adam lowered his upper body, Shawn's hands went immediately to the boy's hard chiseled butt cheeks. His fingers pried the boy's cheeks wider apart to allow his tongue to dive deeper. As Adam pushed his body backwards, Shawn would flick his tongue as far as he could into the boy's anal darkness. Shawn could also feel Adam's boyhood between their bodies, but he was torn between eating the boy's ass and being pleasured by Adam's swirling tongue and groping fingers.
Shawn could feel his own orgasm nearing, and by the way Adam's body was shaking violently and his teen cock began increasing its throbbing convulsions, Shawn figured Adam was getting close too. Adam cried out something, so Shawn used his brute strength to hoist the boy's ass from his face and quickly used his left hand to guide the boy's soon to be cum firing cock into his mouth.
The fiery sudden heat on his cock was all that it took to send Adam over the edge. Shawn placed both tips of his middle fingers on the very inside of Adam's asshole and held it open so his eyes could marvel in the vast priceless pinkness of the boy's anal walls. Adam felt that too as his cock exploded, firing watery cum ropes into Shawn's mouth as the boy began automatically bucking his hips up and down, now face fucking Shawn with gut tightening deliverance.
Shawn couldn't stop himself from moaning as he felt the power of each spurt as it splattered his mouth's interior. Feeling the first watery cum strand gush into his mouth sent Shawn over the edge too, and now his cock began spitting out large thick globs of pure white man cream directly into Adam's awaiting purring mouth.
Both lovingly accepted the others warm gooey offering, and both flooded the room with their moaning and grunting approval. Shawn counted seven long spurts before Adam's young cock eventually began a steady flow of oozing boy honey. Once again, Shawn didn't think of swallowing until his mouth had trapped every droplet of Adam's teenage love potion. Then, when the boy's cock began deflating, and still sucking away, then and only then did Shawn feed off the boy's offering. Adam's cum had a milt trace of salt, but other than that, it was divinely sweet!
Adam slowly gulped down Shawn's manly supply, grunting feverishly as to the overall deliciousness. With both cocks now completely spent and totally flaccid, Adam twirled his youthful body around so that his head was now laying on Shawn's shoulder area near the man's armpit with his boyish perfect body angled on his left side. Shawn used his tongue to lick all around his teeth, wanting more of Adam's delicious cum to grace his taste buds. Adam placed his right hand on Shawn chest and allowed his fingers to run their course through the man's dark colored chest hairs.
Both now exhausted, and both trying to regain their normal breathing, but somewhere in time, darkness overtook them both as they were now both lost in a deep, deep tranquil peaceful sleep. Thanks to his Marine Corps days and law enforcement career, Shawn was the first to awake. Upon opening up his eyes, Shawn discovered that they were both in the very same position as when they had drifted off to sleep. Carefully, and very stealthily, Shawn eased his arm from in behind the sleeping little beauty's lovely head, tenderly placing Adam's head onto one of the soft pillows.
Instead of just walking out of the room, Shawn sat on the bed, on Adam's left side, on both knees, and simply admired the most gorgeous breath taking sight his eyes had ever seen. Even sleeping, Adam looked like an angel! The boy was on his left side in a modified fetal position and Shawn could clearly see Adam's sleeping erection aiming its lovely head towards Adam's gorgeous face. Hours later, and just by looking at the boy's teen erection, Shawn's taste buds reminded him of the boy's delicious tasting treat that only Adam himself could provide.
Shawn eased himself off the bed and was just about to walk out of the bedroom when he decided to question his own self delusional thoughts regarding Adam's asshole. So, tip toeing to the other side of the bed, Shawn slowly slid his upper body onto the bed, intentionally placing his face directly centered on Adam's butt. The crack itself was slightly parted thanks to the position the little angel was sleeping in, and knowing this simple fact only persuaded Shawn to position his sniffing nose where he figured the boy's tiny butt hole was resting.
Inhale after deep inhale, Shawn sniffed like crazy, hoping to smell who knows what. Even Shawn had no idea why he was doing what he was now presently doing, but his sniffing continued. The smell, uh no, the fragrance spewing from Adam's butt was more like a never discovered aphrodisiac. By no sense of the word was the aroma anything like the area in which it was intended for. There wasn't a hint of anything foul smelling related! The scent was that of a mild soap, and had a light hint of possibly coconut. Whatever the fragrance truly was, it was certainly having an affect on Shawn. He spent a solid 10 minutes of smelling Adam's sleeping sweet smelling butt before finally deciding to vacate the bedroom.
Shawn dealt with his bathroom routine, then proceeded to make coffee. Once the coffee was done, and like he did every morning, Shawn took his cup of coffee and sat in one of the chairs outside. As he sipped on his coffee, all Shawn could think about was making love to Adam. By no means is Shawn a narcissist, but he knew he had a rather large and thick cock. The last thing he wanted to do was do anything that might hurt Adam, and persuade the boy to never want his affection ever again.
As the sun was just about to rise, Shawn walked back into his bedroom, glanced over at Adam, then walked into his large master bathroom. After shaving and brushing his teeth, Shawn used the "shower shot" on himself to make sure his butt would be squeaky clean. While he showered, he also shaved his balls and crack.
After completing his shower, Shawn was back outside sipping on a fresh cup of hot coffee when Adam came idly strolling out, yawning and stretching in the process. Damn, even first thing in the morning, this boy is just as gorgeous as ever, and so Shawn thought to himself. Adam pulled up a chair and poured himself a glass of pineapple juice that Shawn had already placed on the patio table a little while earlier.
While they enjoyed sipping on their drinks, they talked and talked about nothing in particular. Adam felt like an adult whenever he talked with Shawn because Shawn never spoke to him as a teenager, not ever! During their vast conversation, Adam did make mention several times that he'd like to try the "shower shot." Shawn did take the time to explain it to Adam, and Shawn noticed that the more he spoke about it, the more excited Adam seemed to get.
As they were finishing up their drinks, Shawn looked at Adam who was looking at him, then asked, "So gorgeous, what do you feel like doing today?"
Adam put his empty glass on the table, let out a very light belch, then softly replied, "Well uh, I'd love to have my anal cherry popped today!"
After a bit of pleading, Shawn gave in and now the two of them were heading to his bathroom to give Adam's bowels a proper cleansing with the "shower shot." Once inside the shower area, Adam did feel a bit embarrassed knowing all too well that Shawn would see his excrement's blow from his poop chute, but while he was contemplating his own emotions, Shawn already had the water luke warm and had just finished up greasing up the metallic 8 inch nozzle.
Shawn had Adam turn around so that his jutting chiseled butt was facing Shawn, then had the boy spread his legs, using the near wall to assist in balancing his body. Shawn placed the tip of the nozzle directly onto Adam's scrawny little butt hole and began slowly increasing the pressure. The nozzle itself was very slender, so with just a little more pressure, Shawn eased it all the way up Adam's ass while his eyes witnessed the boy's body shaking from sheer blinding excitement.
Adam couldn't stop himself from purring as the object sent chills racing up and down his spine. It did burn just a bit, but the pleasures quickly raced beyond any discomfort he initially felt. Adam grunted and grunted as Shawn activated the nozzle, firing jets of water all around the interior of Adam's anal cavity. Quickly, Adam could feel the jets of water begin to cause his stomach to bloat, then with no control whatsoever, he felt his asshole give way and start to shoot the contents out of his ass.
Shawn held onto the nozzle with his right hand while keeping a sharp eye peeled onto the boy's content shooting asshole. For the most part, the water was clear, but every now and then, it was slightly muddy. After a minute or so, Shawn pulled the nozzle out and watched as pure water began exploding from the boy's cock hardening lovely little butt hole.
When the boy's bung hole finally stopped spraying the boy's anal contents, Shawn eased the nozzle back up his ass, and this time, gave his anal canal a deep, deep cleansing by making the water shoot out of the nozzle full force. Adam started whimpering and rocking his ass back and forth as the power from the water sent his body into a mini series of bucking convulsions. In fact, the water spraying inside his body felt so good, Adam reached down with his left hand and squeezed his hard teenage boyhood. Shawn saw this too, and when he heard Adam mumble, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh shit, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, I'm cu, cu, fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkk, cuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg!"
Hearing the angelic boy cry out in such a manner, Shawn held tight onto the nozzle with his right hand while plopping his body directly in front of Adam, slamming his mouth on the soon to be erupting delicious meat just in time as the first creamy strands began to rock the interior of his mouth. Power shot after power shot, Adam's cum smacked Shawn's mouth with fierce force, and now both of their grunts and groans began echoing heavily within the shower area.
While Adam was enduring one hell of an intense orgasm, his body began exploding the contents of his ass out of his asshole a mile a minute. Shawn could feel the heat from the contents firing out of Adam's ass as it sprayed his hand that was tightly clutching onto the nozzle, making damn sure the nozzle itself didn't get forced out of the boy's asshole. Now, Adam was firing a succession of his boy juice while shooting contents out of his ass. The mixture of the two explosions was so intense that Adam didn't even realize he was crying like a newborn baby.
With more teen juice spraying his mouth, Shawn moaned feverishly as he began sipping down the gooey boy honey. The more of Adam's cum he tasted, the more he simply had to have. After a short intense few seconds, Adam's cock eventually began oozing out bubbles of cum to which Shawn greedily sucked into his mouth and happily gulped down. With his mouth still tightly locked over the boy's hard pole, Shawn felt it throb a few more times, then Adam screamed as another mind bending orgasm ripped through his body like a runaway locomotive.
Adam's hands aggressively and tightly clutched the back of Shawn's head as his body ignited with a series of uncontrollable convulsions. However, Adam thought he was providing Shawn with more of his boy juice, but it was Shawn he knew better. Shawn swallowed as fast as the juice gushed into his mouth, knowing precisely that what he was now tasting was Adam's bladder juice. It was a bit saltier than his cum, but much, much hotter. To Shawn, Adam's piss was nothing more than a delicacy in which he was happily gulping down.
When Adam's hot pee subsided into just a few droplets, Shawn eased the nozzle out of his ass and skillfully milked the last few drops of piss, and drank them down. At this point, Adam's cock was nothing more than a limp noodle, and it was only after swallowing the last delicious morsel did Shawn's mouth allow Adam's flaccid cock to slip free.
Shawn had his left hand on the small of Adam's back while zeroing in on the boy's appetizing asshole. Looking down, Shawn noticed that the shower floor leading up to the drain was clean and there were no signs of fecal matter anywhere. With one last burp of his asshole, a small jet of clear water flew out of his hole and onto the floor. Adam was so exhausted that he unconsciously sprawled out onto the shower floor, laying flat on his stomach with his head angled to his left, and both hands down to his sides.
With the exception of seeing his back rising and falling, and occasionally hearing a huffing sound, the boy in Shawn's eyes appeared to be completely lifeless. Shawn cut off the water and sat down in the corner of the shower, locking both eyes on the lifeless naked bundle of Godly beauty. Every so often, Shawn heard Adam mumble something, but never clearly understood exactly what the boy was trying to say.
Approximately five minutes later, Adam slowly regained consciousness and forced his body to position itself into a seated position. The boy's eyes were glossy as Shawn watched Adam try to speak, but even simple words would not vacate the gorgeous angel's mouth. Moments later, Adam's soft sexy voice purred, "Whew, that was uh, um, I um, uh, fuck! I can't explain it. Holy shit, that was uh, fucking amazing! Oh boy, wow, I busted two nuts back to back."
Shawn chuckled softly hearing Adam's words and soft voice, then simply whispered, "So, I take it you enjoyed what just happened!"
Adam struggled to lift his face upwards to see Shawn's face, and after doing so, smiled that award winning smile of his, then with an excited pitch in his voice, replied, "God yeah! I kind of didn't want you to see my poop at first, but once things got started, well uh, I sort of forgot all about it. Dang, that was the first time I've ever busted a nut back to back. That was uh, uh, fucking incredible."
Shawn fired right back, "Adam, worrying about me seeing your poop is no big deal. Yeah, it's true! You are definitely the image one sees when looking up the word "gorgeous." But, I've been around long enough to know that everybody, and I mean everybody, takes a shit, and regardless how pretty a person is, shit doesn't discriminate. If it looks like shit, and smells like shit, then it must be shit! Like I told you yesterday, to me, the ultimate compliment is for someone to think that I can't take a dump, and if I did, then it certainly wouldn't smell like it. When some people look at you, the first thing they see is your compelling beauty. Some, but not all, just might consider the possibility that your shit doesn't smell, and even some just might convince themselves that you simply can't do such a thing. All of this on account of your natural beauty, but no matter what people may think, you know you are as normal as everyone else, and don't ever forget that."
Adam listened carefully, absorbing every single word Shawn spoke. While his mind was recalling Shawn's words, Shawn spoke once more, "Oh, about busting two nuts back to back. Well, the first orgasm was right on, and damn Adam, your cum tastes soooooooooooooooo fucking delicious. I could never get tired of tasting you, and that's just a cold hearted fact! Now, onto the second orgasm, or what you thought was an orgasm. Dude, you filled my stomach up with your hot bladder juice."
Adam made a disgusting sort of face as he inquisitively asked, "Uh, you mean I pissed in your mouth? And you drank it?"
Shawn smiled, then fired his response, "Yes, you pissed in my mouth, and hell yeah I drank it, every last fucking drop! Hell, even your piss tastes great!"
A few discussions later, the two began sharing the shower, but this time, each lathered up his own body. While they were soaping themselves up, Adam began speaking, "Shawn, there's something I got to say, you know to um, just get it off my chest. I read a story, actually it's my favorite, where a young boy, about my age, was head over heels in love with an older man. The boy was a virgin and he wanted the older man to be his first. The man wanted to take his time and stretch the boy's butt hole out first before actually penetrating him with his cock. The boy didn't really want that at all. He wanted to feel the man's cock without any toys being used whatsoever. The man did his best to persuade the boy to understand that if that were the case, then the pain would be excruciating. The boy would hear none of it, and told the older man over and over again that he had to have his anal cherry popped this way. Although the man did his best to try and talk the boy into stretching out his virgin asshole, the boy was bound and determined to feel the man's cock take his cherry, and not some toy."
Shawn let Adam finish, then questioned, "That's an interesting story, but it's just that, a story. I can't imagine any story being able to express the true feelings as to someone having their anal virginity taken. Adam, I know you want to experience having anal sex, but believe me, and especially with the size of my meat, you'd be better off letting me prep your ass first, cause if you didn't, there's no way in hell I could explain just how painful it would be. And, I honestly don't want to do anything that could possibly hurt you."
Adam grunted, then fired right back, "Shawn, I know it's gonna hurt something awful, and I need for you to understand that I wont blame you for whatever amount of pain I feel. This is what I want...this is what I've wanted for a long, long time now. Feeling that monstrous cock of yours up my ass is something I've been dreaming about for a long time. I promise you, and I give you my word, that no matter what happens, I wont blame you for anything."
Stepping closer to Adam, Shawn placed his large hands on the sides of Adam's face, then guided his already puckered lips to seal themselves on Adam's moist lips. Immediately, both of their tongues went to work as their moaning sounds sounded like jolting thunder. Adam quickly reached both of his small hands down and began caressing the massive shaft of Shawn's hard twitching cock. Shawn's hands gripped Adam's taught butt cheeks, probing his fingertips inside the tightly sealed orifice of the boy's appetizing butt crack.
Their kiss, their fondling of the other, went on for a long 30 minutes, and by the time they unlocked their lips, both were now in a highly overheated sexual frenzy. Adam grabbed Shawn's right hand with his left, then led the man towards his own bedroom. Once inside, Adam gently pushed Shawn backwards so that the hulking man was now laying flat on his back. Adam knelt in between Shawn's legs where he held the man's massive cock with both hands and began using his lips and tongue to make fiery hot oral love to Shawn's pre-cum spitting cock.
Shawn's trembling voice weighed heavily within the slurping stillness of the room as he cringed steadily, writhing from the overbearing pleasurable sensations the boy's tongue was doing to his pulsating cock. Then, Adam's fingers began hoisting up his heavy balls while stuffing one of his slender fingers into his crack, slowly crawling deeper until it found the man's freshly shaven asshole. Shawn was now whimpering like a little puppy as the finger pressing against his puckering asshole started circling over his hole, sending waves after waves of shocking thrills exploding throughout his entire quivering body.
In no time, no time at all, Shawn's husky voice shot through the air as Adam loudly groaned as the man's cock unleashed a torrent of thick manly cream into Adam's cum hungry little mouth. The more of the man's cum Adam tasted, the louder his angelic moans grew. Blast after thick gooey blast, Shawn's cock fired its semen assault until it had no more cream to offer, and still, the boy savagely continued his oral love making to Shawn's still rock hard beast. Shawn fought and fought as he felt the boy's lips tightly seal themselves directly over his sensitive piss lips where the boy was sucking with the kind of pressure that could only be described as a commercial grade vacuum.
Shawn's large body was wiggling all over, and Adam got the hint that the man's cock was too sensitive to continue, so he stepped up onto the bed, and quickly walked towards Shawn's head where he placed his right foot over the man's body, holding onto the headboard, then lowered himself down until he felt Shawn's nose inside his spread crack. Adam began gyrating his hips, rubbing his crack and asshole all over Shawn's nose and mouth while sexily saying, "C'mon, eat my ass! Tongue fuck my asshole Shawn!"
Though he was still reeling from just having shot one hell of a load, Shawn instinctively flicked his tongue out and began lapping at the boy's crack, especially Adam's miraculously tiny butt hole. Shawn couldn't stop grunting as he lapped at the boy's underside while feeling Adam's small hairless marbles gracefully caress the bridge of his nose. Adam was doing a bit of whimpering and grunting himself, especially whenever he felt the man's thick tongue attack his asshole.
Adam cried out, "God yessssssssssss, yessssssssssssss Shawn, eat it, lick it, suck it, eat my ass baby, yesssssssssssssss!"
Releasing the headboard with his right hand, Adam's hand slammed onto his cock where he proceeded to pound his meat fast and furiously. The boy's golden hair flew in all sorts of directions as Adam slung his head to and fro, crying loudly as to the swarming sensations shooting through every vein, and ever artery, throughout his body. Adam flung his head backwards as he felt Shawn's tongue dart inside his asshole. The sudden intrusion hurt slightly, but by now, Adam was too far gone to care. Now, with the man's tongue gracing his anal interior, Adam began humping up and down, back and forth, doing any motion he possibly could to feel more of the man's tongue up his crazed ass.
This time around, it was Adam who prevented his own-self from blowing a load. Each time his hand brought him close, he would remove his hand until the urge subsided, then go back to work jerking away on his hard throbbing teen meat. Over and over again, Adam brought himself to the very edge of a cum explosion, but fucking his ass onto Shawn's tongue felt too damn good to end things just yet.
On the other side of things, Shawn was slipping into a world of aching misery. Adam's anal muscles had attacked his tongue for so long that he was now almost in tears from the pain. He loved eating Adam's ass, but having done it for such an extended amount of time, he could feel his tongue was way beyond needing a time-out. Thankfully enough, it was almost as if Adam had read Shawn's mind cause he had jerked on his precious meat one time too many, and now felt his orgasm racing through his body.
Just as he was about to blow his load, Adam slung his butt backwards, freeing his milking anus from Shawn's aching tongue, just in time to shove his cock into Shawn's open mouth as the current of cum volleys flew freely into the man's mouth. Adam pumped his cum shooting cock with blazing speed while constantly grunting and whimpering. Shawn also moaned as he felt each luxurious spurt splash into his mouth, rolling his tongue around so that he could further pleasure himself in the soothing texture of Adam's freshly made teenage cream.
Adam forced the last tiny droplet of his boy honey onto Shawn's upper lip, and before Shawn had time to sip on the boy's cum, Adam planted his mouth over Shawn's and began flickering his tongue all around inside Shawn's cum puddled mouth. Naturally, Shawn followed suit and began allowing his own tongue to grace the interior of Adam's mouth. Now, the two began sharing Adam's cum as they both started swallowing a mixture of saliva, and Adam's freshly brewed boy juice. Both were moaning like crazy as they tongued each others hot mouths and tasted the sweet mixture.
A good little while later, Adam pushed his mouth away from Shawn's, and while glaring passionately into the man's watery eyes, ever so softly whispered, "Fuck me Shawn! I want you to fuck me! Make my dream come true, please! Pllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!"
Shawn, after hearing the gorgeous angel pleading, eased his hulking body out of bed, wobbled on two very shaky legs into the bathroom to retrieve a towel, then walked back up to the bed, opened up the nightstand and pulled out a bottle labeled, "WET." Sliding back onto the bed, Shawn looked directly at Adam, then hoarsely whispered, "Okay, and believe me, I honestly have been dreaming of this very moment, but you have to give me your word that if at any time you want me to pull out, you'll tell me. All you have to say is "Pull Out" and I will. So, give me your word."
Adam, with a look of pure excitement, and a voice filled with just as much excitement, almost yelled, "Yes, yessssssssssssss! I give you my word Shawn, I will!"
Shawn had just flipped open the top of the lubricant when Adam whispered, "God, I'm so excited! I want to look into your eyes as you pop my cherry!"
The next thing Shawn knew was that Adam plopped onto his back, hiked up his sexy legs hooking both of his ankles behind his head as if they were now going to be treated as though they were pillows. Shawn remarked, "Damn, must be nice to be so fucking limber!"
As he spoke, Shawn was trying to smear the lubricant all over his rock solid cock while eyeing the boy's asshole as it jutted itself towards the ceiling. Adam was smiling from ear to ear, but Shawn knew that it would only be a matter of time before that very same smile would definitely be erased from the boy's face. While Shawn's right hand greased up his man meat, he carefully slid a well lubricated left middle finger up Adam's butt.
Adam's eyes partially closed once Shawn's finger snuck up his ass and began to slowly slide in and out. His soft spewing angelic purrs graciously vacated his panting mouth. Then, Shawn added a second finger, causing Adam to grunt feverishly and now forced his eyelids to hide his entrancing blue eyes. Shawn felt the tightness, the unexplainable surge of roasting heat, and the dynamic power of Adam's gripping anal muscles as they surged upon his exploring slippery fingers. He could only imagine how his cock would feel inside the boy's ass, but if all goes well, he would soon find out.
Each time Shawn slid his fingers into the boy's overheated anal oven, he felt Adam's anal muscles converge on them with bone crushing brute force. Shawn's eyes went from Adam's two finger stuffed butt hole to the boy's gorgeous face, watching in awe as both pleasured his eyes beyond his wildest beliefs.
Shawn was just about to introduce Adam's slippery, yet awesomely tight, asshole to a third finger when the boy panted, "Now, now Shawn, fuck me, fuck me!"
His super sized cock glistened from all the lubricant as he pulled his two fingers from Adam's butt, wiping the excess lube from his fingers. Planting his hulking body on both knees, Shawn stepped forwards, stopping just as the bulbous head of his massive beast touched Adam's shiny sealed anal orifice. Grabbing his cock with both hands, Shawn pressed forwards, causing his cock to slip upwards, gliding up the boy's creamy smooth hairless butt crack. Several more attempts revealed that Shawn's overly thick cock would either slide up, or dip down Adam's crack, but not ever coming close to actually penetrating the miniscule dot of Adam's asshole.
Instead of being frustrated, Shawn's emotions raced to an all time high. Now, he was more determined than ever to feel his massive cock inside the angelic boy's virgin anal region. Inching a bit closer, Shawn reared back and forcefully shoved his enormous cock head directly onto Adam's tightly sealed butt hole. Alas, the top of Shawn's meaty cock head was immediately greeted with the fiery blasts of raging heat as Adam himself was greeted with the kind of pain no words could ever begin to explain.
Adam screamed, "Owwwwwwwwww, owwwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, owwwwwwwwwwwWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
Shawn did ask Adam if he wanted him to pull out, but the boy was writhing in agonizing pain, yet he did manage to fling his head from side to side as if saying no. Shawn tried to hold himself steady, but since he only had about 1/4 of his cock head inside the boy's asshole, he too was being provided with torturous pain. The tip of his cock head felt like it was being rapidly cooked from the overbearing fiery heat coming from within Adam's anal realm, not to mention, it also felt like his cock head was stuck in the powerful vice of a commercial grade vice, a vice that was desperately clamping down with gut twisting power.
Wanting to remain still for Adam's sake, yet experiencing pain himself, Shawn simply couldn't take it any longer as he pushed his meaty cock head deeper into the boy's anus, forcing the entire cock head itself to disappear from Shawn's eyesight as it plunged into the virgin darkness. Adam felt that too as he was screaming for all he was worth, and then some. He knew he was going to feel some pain, but none of the stories he had ever read prepared him for the kind of pain he was now feeling.
To Adam, it felt like his virgin ass had just been impaled by a telephone pole, and the damn thing was on fire too. With each of his rapid breaths, the gut wrenching pain only seemed to intensify itself. He tried to look into Shawn's eyes, but even with his eyes wide open, all Adam could see was millions of bright flashing stars. Also, he could feel his tears dribble down the sides of his face. Feeling as if his butt was going to burst open, Adam contemplated telling Shawn to pull it out, but the more controlling part of his mind persuaded him to endure more.
By the time Shawn had about 5 massive inches up Adam's butt, Shawn was growing more and more impatient. With each fraction of an inch drifting up Adam's anal canal, Shawn felt nothing but mind searing pain. The boy's anal canal was hotter than he'd ever experienced before, and those incredible anal muscles were more powerful than he himself ever thought humanly possible. Shawn was blowing air in and out of his clinched teeth while glaring into Adam's flickering eyes.
With six thick inches stuffing the boy's anal canal, Shawn began to slowly rock his hips back and forth, doing his utmost best not to drive more of his beefy manhood up the boy's virgin ass. As the man's cock slowly descended from his ass, Adam could feel the vacuuming pressure as it felt like the motion itself was sucking out his inner parts, then just as slowly shove them back into place upon each and every inwards plunge.
By now, Adam had both arms extended straight out from his body, both hands clutching onto the bedding, both equally straining from the gripping fists his hands were now making. The pain ripping through his body was unlike anything Adam had ever imagined. Even his heart felt like it was blocking his wind as it loudly pounded somewhere deep within his throat. His ass was on blazing fire and his entire body was riddled by unexplainable nightmarish pain.
Within minutes, Shawn's slow thrusts started inching deeper and deeper up Adam's butt, until finally, Shawn had managed to work his entire enormous cock all the way up Adam's no longer virgin ass. Adam was crying, whimpering, and screaming as he prayed for the mind altering pain to free itself from his body. In all of the stories he had read, he did read the part about the pain, but then in every case, the pain evaporated and nothing but pure pleasure replaced it. And, it was that very same pleasure that Adam wanted to hurry up and feel. He could feel the man's hairless bull balls pressing themselves into his crack, and he could feel every pulsating inch of Shawn's cock as it throbbed. With each throb of Shawn's ass packing cock, Adam felt even more pain.
Shawn was slinging his head backwards as he fought to keep himself still, but the crushing force and scorching heat was beginning to be unbearable. He knew Adam was in a lot of pain, but every time Shawn asked Adam if he wanted him to pull out, Adam would fling his head from side to side, and again, indicating a heartfelt no.
By now, with Shawn's entire cock now all the way up Adam's ass, Adam felt as though the man's cock had cleared his anal highway and was now stretching the lining of his bloated stomach. The combination of periodic sharp pains mixed with mind boggling pleasures sent Adam drifting off to another world, one in which he never knew existed.
Thinking to himself the time was right, Shawn backed his virgin shredder all the way out of Adam's gripping ass to the point that Shawn could feel the boy's anal lips clutch around the rim of his bulbous cock head, then proceeded to push every massive inch all the way back up Adam's superlatively tight ass. In and out, in and out, Shawn slowly began working his cock in and out of Adam's butt.
Then, within a fraction of a split second, Adam yanked his mouth away from Shawn's as he screamed, "God yessssssssssss, yesssssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, fuck, Shaaaaaaaa, Shaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Shawn raised his upper body away from the boy, placing his large hands around Adam's thighs, then began doing what the boy had just commanded. With long powerful thrusts, Shawn began pounding the boy's ass like a runaway pile diver. Every time he power slammed his huge meat into the boy, Adam would scream at the top of his lungs. Shawn watched as Adam flung his head from side to side while making all sorts of angelic facial expressions.
After a short while, Shawn released the boy's thighs as he now positioned his hands around the boy's upper ankle area and really began power stroking his cock in and out of Adam's gyrating ass. Adam was screaming words that Shawn heard, but none of them many any sense at all, but he could tell just by the way Adam was moaning and grunting, the boy was now being pleasured beyond any of his wildest dreams.
Whatever agonizing torturous pain he had once felt, Adam was now enduring a pleasure no words could ever begin to describe. He could feel his own body shaking ever so crazily, and he could feel trillions of goose bumps popping up all over, all of which, he had no control over whatsoever. No story he had ever read came close to describing the emotions he was now experiencing, nor could they have prepared him for such a sensational thrilling ride.
Adam tried to get his eyes focussed on the man who was sending him to another world, but no matter how hard he tried, Shawn's masculine image was nothing but a quivering blur. Then, before Shawn's onlooking eyes, Adam took in a deep breath, holding it in for whatever reason, then Shawn witnessed Adam's teen pole begin to spurt long strands of watery honey all over Adam's face, chin, throat, chest, and stomach area. Though Shawn was infatuated watching the boy's cock erupt, Shawn never skipped a beat as he slammed and crammed his meaty cock in and out of Adam's wildly convulsing ass.
As his teen cock spat out it's watery honey, it was then that Adam released his breath, opening his mouth in the process, and Shawn was able to see three long watery strands of pure boy honey fire directly into the boy's gasping mouth. Shawn eyed the boy as he swallowed his own love honey, making his own mouth water at what the boy was now tasting. Still, like a wild cantankerous animal, Shawn pounded the boy's ass harder than he had ever fucked anyone before him.
By the time Adam's cock stopped spurting out boy cream, Adam's chest and stomach area had numerous cum puddles, and some was in the process of dripping down his sides, and onto the bedding. Yet, the boy's twitching cock was harder than a slab of steel. As his cock power slammed itself in and out of Adam's ass, Shawn's wandering eyes could only see the boy's breath taking beauty as Adam's facial expressions went absolutely wild with an assortment of angelic gestures.
In and out, in and out, one powerful thrust right after another, Shawn slammed his meaty cock into the boy's ass with animalistic ferociousness. The man was literally blind with lust as he could feel his mighty orgasm begin to boil. Still, the sound of flesh assaulting flesh ever so violently whisked through the air, echoing like jolting thunder.
As his powerful thrusts pounded the boy's ass, Shawn felt his body begin to convulse, knowing he was on the very edge of unleashing the mother load from hell deep into the boy's anal cavity. Adam screamed words from an unknown origin, and Shawn's eyes peered down just in time to see Adam's rigid teen boner fire hot streams of boy piss all over Adam's throat and chest area. Adam was blind to the fact that he was pissing all over the place, in fact, in his young spinning mind, Adam was now in the process of experiencing one hell of a long orgasm.
Seeing the piss flow from the boy's beautiful young cock, and feeling Adam's anal muscles convulse wildly, that was all the extra push Shawn needed for his own cum spewing cock to explode, sending wave after wave of man goo shooting deep into Adam's anal corridor. Now, both man and boy were equally screaming obscenities as their bodies violently erupted with wild and passionate emotions.
Shawn jack hammered his cum shooting cock in and out of Adam's ass until his once hard boner was now nothing more than a limp chunk of sausage. With his body shaking fiercely, and his mind a spinning mess, Shawn felt his limp cock plop out of Adam's still milking hot little ass. Unable to muster enough strength, Shawn shifted his shaking body so that he collapsed onto the bed, falling on his back, landing to Adam's left.
Adam unhooked his legs and both legs plopped onto the bedding as he desperately gasped for some well needed oxygen. His butt hurt, and hurt like hell, yet Adam felt a gut twisting void inside his ass. While both lay in their perspective positions, somewhere in time, exhaustion overcame them both as they fell into a deep, deep sleep.
Early the next morning, and still being dark outside, Adam awoke first. As he was sliding out of bed, he couldn't help not to feel how sore his asshole truly was. His hands felt the mess he had been sleeping in, a mess that was a mixture of cum, piss, and sweat. Adam, for whatever reason, feeling the mixture on the palm of his left hand, raised his palm up to his nose and breathed in. The odor was strong, yet somehow overpowering as to its sexual excitement.
Adam got out of bed and began walking towards the bathroom. His legs were still a bit wobbly as he sat down on the toilet. After finishing his bathroom routine, Adam thought best to go ahead and take a well needed shower. Once inside the shower, Adam became intrigued by looking at the dangling "shower shot." Wanting to be exceptionally clean just in case he and Shawn continued their sexual venture, Adam winced as he eased the nozzle up his aching anal highway, then activated the water, sending multiple jets of warm water gushing into his rectum.
Though his butt was kind of aching a bit, the feel of the warm water shooting inside his body forced Adam's cock to immediately grow to its hardest state. Over and over again, Adam eased out the nozzle to see the water as it landed on the floor that was firing out of his butt. He repeated the deep cleansing enema until the only thing firing out of his butt was clear water. The last thing Adam wanted was for Shawn to see, or smell, any of his fecal matter while they were having sex.
After brushing his teeth and scrubbing his tongue with the minty flavored toothpaste, Adam tip toed out of the bathroom and silently walked down the hall and into the kitchen, still just as naked as the day he was born. Adam poured himself a glass of pineapple juice then stepped out onto the back patio and sat down while glaring upwards to the sparkling stars. For the first time in his young life, Adam felt free. No longer could he claim the title of virgin, and no longer did he have to fantasize about the one man he had been dreaming of for such a long time. Sitting in the lounge chair was a tad bit painful, but Adam had already made up his mind that no matter what, he would gladly do whatever Shawn wanted to do, including offering his ass up to the man.
A little while later, Shawn's eyes started to flicker open. After stretching and yawning, Shawn got a good whiff of himself. He smelled of raw sex, so he stumbled out of bed, handled his bathroom ritual, then took a shower, but only after cleaning out his rectum as well. Shawn walked into the kitchen and as he passed a window, he could see Adam sitting out on the patio. Pouring himself a cup of coffee, Shawn walked outside, walking in front of Adam, then sat down to Adam's right.
Adam's eyes followed the naked hulking man's 5 inches of fat sausage swaying as he walked, and just by seeing Shawn's thick cock, Adam's asshole began a series of steady puckering. After exchanging their good-mornings, Shawn politely asked, "How's your butt this morning?"
Adam's eyes lit up as he energetically replied, "Fine, just fine thank you, but it's kind of hungry this morning!"
They chatted away for the next 10 minutes about everything that had happened yesterday, everything sexual that is. At one point during their conversation, Shawn stood up and walked over to the clothesline and retrieved two of the wooden clothespins, then returned back to his chair. As they continued their sexually charged conversation, Shawn was playing with one of the clothespin's with his left hand while sipping on his hot coffee. Moments later, he excused himself and disappeared into his home. When he reappeared a few seconds later, Adam saw Shawn holding a long leather thin strap, obviously belonging to one of the man's boots. He was also carrying a "Crown Royal" velvety looking bag, placing it on top of the table as he sat down.
By now, seeing the man naked, especially eyeing the man's beefy cock, Adam's own boyhood charm was fully erect. Softly speaking, using a sexy devilish kind of tone, Adam whispered, "Want some cream for your coffee?"
Shawn smiled, then peered into the boy's elegant eyes, as he replied, "Absolutely! Stand in front of me and let me watch you jerk on that sweet piece of meat, and when you are close, just shoot your cream straight into my mouth."
Adam stood and centered himself between Shawn's spread legs and began skinning his mouth watering cock with blinding speed. Shawn tucked his left hand under the boy's hairless smooth balls and started caressing the boy's taint area while using his left middle finger to circle directly over Adam's puckering little butt hole. Adam flung his head back and began moaning passionately as his body shuttered from pure delight.
Shawn picked up one of the clothespin's with his right hand and slowly slid the back of his hand up the boy's smooth body until his fingers reached Adam's tiny erect left nipple. Shawn opened the clothespin and carefully placed the tip end directly over Adam's unsuspecting left nipple, then slowly allowed the wooden pinchers to enclose over the little pink rosebud. Once fully clamped down, Adam's voice shrieked from the sudden outcry of sharp pain mixed with a weird sort of menacing pleasure.
The next thing Adam knew, and felt, was now his right nipple was feeding him with the same twisted emotions. His right hand jerked feverishly on his cock while his mind raced with renowned energy. Adam was grunting, moaning, whimpering, and purring like crazy, all in which, very, very loud. Shawn watched the boy as he jerked frantically on his cock, noting all of Adam's precious facial gestures as his young body was swarming with vast pleasures.
In less than 3 minutes, Adam grunted out his cry of his upcoming onslaught of boy honey. Shawn leaned forwards and placed his open mouth over Adam's cock head just as the first long ropey wave of boy juice came gushing out, followed by a rapid succession of 6 more powerful explosions. Shawn was moaning loudly as to the sensation of feeling the boy's mouth watering honey rocket sharply into his mouth, and while Adam continued to pump more and more sweetness into Shawn's mouth, Shawn reached up with his right hand and quickly pulled the clothespins off of Adam's nipples.
The rush of pain only added to Adam's orgasmic explosion as he started screaming profanities in which none of them made any sense whatsoever. Adam's right hand clamped down on his cock's shaft, squeezing the last few droplets into Shawn's cum puddled mouth. With the last remnants now inside the man's mouth, Adam stopped jerking on his highly sensitive boy stick, angled his body to the side and quickly flopped down on Shawn's lap. Both of their heads turned to look at one another and Adam could see the sea of his own cum as it gathered inside Shawn's mouth.
Admiring the boy's angelic beauty, Shawn held his mouth open as Adam watched the man start to slowly swallow his most recent deposit. With nearly half of his cum swallowed, something inside Adam took over and he suddenly sank his lips over Shawn's and shot his tongue inside the man's mouth where he now could feel his own cum coat his slithering tongue.
While they greedily sucked each others probing tongues, both now began sharing Adam's creamy delight. Tasting his own cum while kissing Shawn sent shivers racing up and down Adam's spine. As they pleasured themselves in their lip locking, tongue sucking, cum eating, embrace, Adam's left hand dove downwards until his fingers, and his palm, embraced Shawn's steel like massive cock.
Shawn's massive cock pulsed repeatedly inside Adam's left hand, sending a flutter of spine tingling goose bumps to raise themselves off of his young boyish body. Adam didn't have to give it a second thought because he already knew he wanted Shawn's manly cock deep inside of his bowels. However, Shawn wanted the same thing as Adam, but in his mind, he already knew exactly where this anal encounter would take place.
Scooting out of the chair, Shawn hoisted himself to his feet, cradling Adam like a new born baby, glaring enchantingly into the boy's mystifying angelic eyes. Walking to the other side of the pool, closer to the large barn, Shawn stepped to the very edge of two wooden saw horses. Gently, Shawn lowered Adam so that the boy now had both arms hooking over the saw horses, and each calf area of his hairless legs flopped over them as well.
Shawn opened up the "Crown Royal" bag and retrieved a bottle of lubricant, applying a light portion all over his harder than steel cock. While Shawn stepped in between Adam's spread legs, Adam's soft voice purred, "Fuck me Shawn! Fuck my ass hard!"
Shawn smiled, and just as the tip of his angry cock touched Adam's hairless butt hole, Shawn devilishly remarked, "Nope, nu uh, this is my ass now!"
Adam screamed louder than ever as the thick monstrous beast dove into his butt hole, forcing his anal walls to expand violently. Adam had to fight to keep his arms locked around the saw horses while slinging his face all over as the intense agony of the man's cock dove deeper and deeper up his anal highway. Soon, Shawn buried the length of his cock all the way up Adam's pain riddled ass, and he began to slowly fuck Adam with a steady rhythm.
The entire time, Adam constantly screamed and shouted a vast array of obscenities, all in all, waiting patiently for the pleasures to whisk away the fiery torturous pain. With each and every slow inwards thrust, Shawn's eyes glued themselves to Adam's gorgeous face, steadily watching all the various facial gestures the boy was making as his cock plunged in and out of the boy's magical ass.
Somewhere in time, that magical moment happened, and all the pain fled from his body faster than a single heartbeat. Now, it was Adam pleading with Shawn to fuck his ass harder and harder. Hearing the boy's words of passion, Shawn set his soul free and began to violently assault the boy's ass with his pile driving cock. In doing so, Shawn witnessed Adam's lifeless boy cock flare itself back into its rigid state. As his manly cock pounded Adam's ass, Shawn passionately watched Adam's erect cock swirl wildly all over the place.
Adam cried out as he flung his head backwards, and Shawn felt the boy's anal muscles dip into a sporadic array of bone crushing convulsing seizures as the boy's cock began firing streams of hot piss all over the place. In Adam's young mind, this was the absolute most intense orgasm to date, but it was Shawn who knew that Adam was actually pissing. However, feeling the boy's anal muscles attack his cock in the manner that they were now doing, sent Shawn way past the point of no return.
It was Shawn who was now screaming as his piss lips tore open as his thick creamy cum came rocketing out. Shawn was shooting so much cum up the boy's ass, he himself was shocked. While his cock was firing cum, Shawn never skipped a beat and power slammed his cum shooting cock in and out of Adam's ass as hard and as fast as he possibly could. Adam's piss ended, but just by the sound of his constant grunts and whimpers, he was still enjoying whatever emotions were running throughout his shaking body.
Shawn's limp cock plopped out of Adam's asshole and Shawn witnessed a large glob of his own cum bubble itself to freedom out of the boy's well fucked butt hole. Adam's head was still dangling backwards when Shawn's eyes traveled over the boy's body, staring in awe at all the piss streaks running off of Adam's shaking body. It was then that Shawn questioned his own idea of what Adam's boy piss might taste like. Up to now, tasting piss was something that never interested Shawn, but knowing it was Adam's piss seemed to intrigue him quite a bit.
Stepping to Adam's left side, Shawn leaned forwards and lapped at a small pool of Adam's piss that was puddled on Adam's chiseled stomach area. Before he stuck his tongue out, Shawn did give the small puddle a good sniff, but since he didn't really smell anything, he went ahead and lapped at the puddle of piss. As if Adam's piss was going to bite him, Shawn gingerly tasted the boy's bladder juice. One sample led to a second taste, then onto a third before Shawn got a good taste as to what Adam's piss tasted like. It was a bit salty, but not overbearing at all.
Letting his inhibitions run wild, Shawn's tongue began lapping all over Adam's stomach and chest area, moaning loudly as to the taste of Adam's piss. While Shawn's piss shoveling tongue was busy, his left hand began caressing Adam's twin hairless nuggets while his left middle finger darted inside Adam's recently well fucked cum filled asshole.
About 3 minutes later, Adam was begging Shawn to stop because he had to piss. By now, after lapping up the remnants of Adam's piss, Shawn wondered how it would feel having Adam emptying his bladder straight into his mouth. Shawn whispered, "Go ahead Adam, go on and piss!"
Shawn angled his right hand to latch onto Adam's limp lifeless cock, positioning the boy's teen meat so that the very tip was centered on Shawn's open mouth. Adam was panting, grunting, and cursing as the finger inside his ass danced wildly and his bladder juice was building for a major explosion. It was then, at that very moment in time, when Shawn second guessed his own ability to drink Adam's boy piss.
But, while Shawn's brain tried to put things in some sort of common perspective, it was too late. Shawn felt the boiling hot stream of piss as it lashed out with lightning speed and hurricane force, striking the roof of his mouth as it fell into the opening of his throat. Within a matter of a few split seconds, Shawn realized his mouth was soon going to overflow with Adam's boiling hot bladder juice. Tossing caution, and anything else into the wind, Shawn opened his throat and tasted Adam's hot boy piss straight from the source. It was unexplainably hot, a bit on the salty side, and simply speaking, watery. And, Shawn found that this was turning him on to no end.
Shawn shot his mouth on Adam's cock and began gulping down the hot fluid as fast as Adam's pissing cock could serve it up. Feeling Shawn's mouth on his cock forced Adam to sling his head upwards so he could see for himself what he was feeling. Adam could barely contain himself as he watched Shawn gulp down his piss, not to mention, moaning and grunting like a bear dining on some freshly made honey.
By the time Adam was done pissing, Shawn prided himself on not spilling a single drop. When there was no more piss to drink, Shawn sucked on Adam's cock head to milk the last droplet of boy pee. Shawn stood up, withdrawing his finger from Adam's ass in the process, when Adam blurted, "Holy shit Shawn, you just drank my piss! What did it taste like?"
Shawn smiled, smacked his lips, then softly replied, "I never done that before, but I'll tell you this. Your piss tastes great! Hell, everything about you tastes fucking great for that matter!"
With Shawn's assistance, Adam got off of the two saw horses and had a very difficult time standing. Shawn offered a polite "excuse me" as he walked to his right. Adam quickly fired, "What are you fixing to do Shawn?" Shawn turned his face towards Adam, then replied, "I got to take a piss now."
The next thing Shawn knew was that Adam was kneeling in front of him, looking straight up with his mouth wide open. Before Shawn could ask Adam if he was sure, his bladder gate opened and his piss stream was in full force. Adam's body shook violently as he felt the hot pee gush into his mouth. Now it was his turn to taste Shawn's piss as he began gulping down the hot pee. It was salty, but Adam didn't care in the least little bit. He drank down Shawn's piss while making all sorts of cooing noises.
Looking down into the boy's utterly gorgeous face, Shawn could only smile as his ears captured the faint gulping sounds as Adam did his best to swallow every ounce of piss Shawn was firing into his precious little mouth. Although Adam put up a resilient effort, some of Shawn's piss coated the boy's chin, free falling down his throat, chest, stomach, crotch, before splattering onto the ground.
When there was just a few droplets of Shawn's hot piss remaining, Adam arched his face higher and sank his lips onto the man's enormous cock head, and began vacuuming out the remainder of hot pee. Shawn's legs buckled as he felt the boy's darting tongue slash across the sensitive head of his cock. Within seconds, it was Shawn who couldn't take any more of the boy's oral action, so he quickly stepped back a couple of feet, literally yanking his cock from the boy's vacuuming mouth.
After their piss drinking session was over, Shawn and Adam took a shower and they spent the entire day in each others arms, each sucking the others cock while Shawn plugged the boy's asshole with his tongue, fingers, and enormous cock throughout the day. From morning till night, or until they both passed out from sheer exhaustion, their days were filled with utter raw hardcore sex. By the end of the 3rd day, Adam was able to take Shawn's pounding cock a bit easier.
When things got back to normal, speaking of Adam's parents returning and Shawn's nephew, Cody, coming back home, the time spent with Adam became a lot less frequent. However, Adam always managed to free himself at least twice a week so he could spend some "quality" time with the man he loved so dearly. It wasn't until the last two weeks of summer vacation when Shawn's nephew, Cody, managed to hook up with some girl. With Cody being completely submerged in his new girlfriend, that offered Adam plenty of free time, in which, all of it was spent over at Shawn's.
As the new school year proceeded, Adam and Cody's friendship began to slowly dwindle. Cody was focussed on some girls pussy, while Adam was dead-set on being with Shawn. Adam's religious parents never had a clue that their son was in love with a grown man, much less serving his hot little ass up for the man's taking at will. Unlike Adam and Cody's dwindling friendship, Shawn and Adam's relationship kept on growing. Even now, some two years later, Shawn still considers Adam to be the most breathtaking boy his eyes had ever seen. As for Adam, his quest for Shawn was way more successful than he had ever dreamed about.