"Alex In The Park"
"Around The World With Alex"

Part 2



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WARNING: This story has a bit of piss play in it.

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I woke up to the sounds of my brother and the rest of the family getting ready for the day's activities. I turned my head to see two piercing green eyes staring at me. Memories of last night flooded my mind and I smiled. I asked, "How are you feeling today, buddy?"

"Wonderful! I've never felt like that before. It was the greatest experience of my life."

I reached down and stroked his dink. It was 3" and hard as a diamond. About that time, my brother knocked on the door to make sure we were all awake. I gave it a little flick on the head to get it down. "Ow! Fucker!"

"Language, young man."

"I'm horny!"

"Me too, but we'll have to wait till later."

We got up and dressed and went to the hotel lobby for breakfast. Clarissa and Alex were talking quietly to each other, which I found amusing and confusing. That day, we had decided on EPCOT. My brother wanted to drink around the world and took off on his own, and my sister-in-law just wanted a girl's day away from men. I found myself alone with Alex and decided to ride Spaceship Earth. There wasn't much of a line, so pretty quickly, we found ourselves in our time machine traveling up into the large sphere. Alex put his hand on my cock and squeezed. I had to remove it, to Alex's disappointment and mine. I whispered in his ear that there were cameras all over the parks, including in dark areas.

We left Spaceship Earth and started out way around the park. Test Track was next and Alex loved the fast and bumpy ride. Mexico, Norway, China all the way around. We had finished the entire park by lunch time. By the time we were in Canada, Alex was fidgeting. I asked him what was wrong.

"My dink hurts. It's been hard all day and won't go down. I had an idea and called my brother. I asked him where he was and told him Alex wasn't feeling well. I was going to come get the keys to the van and take him back to the hotel to rest. We trekked back to Germany and found him with a beer in one hand and a sausage in the other hand. He handed me the keys and asked me to make sure I was back by the time the fireworks started. I checked the time board and made a mental note to be back by 8 since Illuminations started at 9.

We got back to the hotel and before I had the Do Not Disturb sign out and the chain on the door, Alex was naked. He went straight to our room and was on the bed by the time I walked in. I was eyeing his body while I removed my clothes and I laid down next to him. He rolled over and kissed me gently on the mouth. We got into some hot and heavy making out and when he finally pulled up, he was flushed. I pushed him back onto the bed and kissed his neck. I moved down and licked his collar bone then to his nipples. He loved his nips being licked and sucked, but I had another path to take. Raising his hand above his head, I started licking under his arms. If you've never licked a boy's smooth underarms when they're slightly sweaty, you haven't lived. He squirmed and giggled the entire 10 minutes I attacked his pits. His belly button was equally as ticklish. I started moving down, intentionally missing his 3" dink, but licking just next to it. Down his left leg, making sure it was wet with saliva, down to his knee and this his creamy white calf until I got to his ankle. I then saw the objects of my desire. Five beautiful piggies on his left foot. I took a sniff of his foot and swooned. The mixture of boy and sweat was a perfect ratio. I licked from his heel to his big toe and his leg trembled. I sucked his big toe into my mouth and used my tongue to swab all around it. I looked up his body to see his eyes rolled back into his head. I worked every toe on his left foot till it was dripping with spit.

I told him to roll over and started my oral attack on his right foot. Laying on his belly, I could see his beautiful butt and moved my free hand to feel and massage it. I stuck my middle finger in my mouth to wet it and started rubbing all around his pretty pucker. He spread his legs, indicating he was open for more, so I slowly pushed my finger past the pucker into his hot hole. He moaned when I hit his prostate and started humping the bed. It was hard to keep his foot in my mouth while he was humping, but I kept at it as long as I could. Finally, after almost losing my teeth several times, I pulled his foot from my mouth and started licking up his right leg. When I got to his butt, I pulled my finger from it and started to chow down on his pucker, like I'd done the night before. He moaned, "OH, MY GAWD!" I ate his ass out for at least 30 minutes until he looked at me and said, "Fuck me!"

"Are you sure, Alex?"

"My Uncle fucks me all the time. I love it when he cums in my ass." Alex left the bed and went to his suitcase. He returned with a bottle of lube. The boy was ready for some kind of sexual activity. I need to thank his uncle someday.

I had moved my back against the headboard, so he got up on the bed, straddled my chest and presented me with his butt. He started sucking my cock while I feasted on his pucker some more. I heard the bottle cap open and felt the coolness of the lube while he slathered it all over my cock. I took the bottle and started to grease up his hole. He slid further down the bed, laying on his right side with his left leg pulled up to his chest. I straddled his right leg and lined my cock up for entry. I asked him, "How do you want this? Fast or slow, rough or gentle?"

"However you want it. I like it anyway, just as long as you cum in my ass."

I pushed in slowly, his tight chute enveloping my cock in the hottest, softest, most intense feeling I'd had in a very long time. He moaned softly as my cock filled his innards. I held on to his hip as I moved in and out. I looked all over his body. His eyes, closed in pleasure, his mouth, slightly open emitting sounds of pleasure, his nipples, hard enough to cut glass, his dink, stone hard and vibrating like crazy, down his leg to his foot where his toes were curling and uncurling with each thrust of my cock. I reached down and grabbed his ankle and pulled his leg up to his foot was even with my mouth. I sucked every toe, licked the entire food and then took over half his little foot in his mouth. All of a sudden, his eyes flew open and rolled back into his head and his body started shaking. He grabbed the sheets on the bed and started moaning, "OH GAWD, OH GAWD," over and over again. The feeling of his ass clamping down on my cock sent me over the edge and I started my own orgasm, cumming again and again into the boy's hot throbbing chute.

As our orgasm subsided, I lowered Alex's leg and leaned over to kiss my cute boy lover. My cock slowly softened and left Alex's hole with a pop. I dismounted his leg and raised both of them to his ears, his hole directly to the ceiling. I feasted, again, on his hole and my own cum as it leaked from his used ass. I collected it in my mouth and, when I thought he was cleaned out, leaned over and fed it to Alex. He swabbed my mouth with his tongue until he had all my cum in his mouth. He showed it to me, smiled and swallowed in one gulp. I collected my boy and we put our heads on the pillows for a hard earned nap.

My alarm rang on my phone at 5:00. That gave us enough time to get a bite to eat and head out to the park for an hour or so before the fireworks began. He was laying on top of me, arms wrapped around my torso. I tried to move him off so I could go to the bathroom and he held tighter.

"You have to let go, buddy. I really need to pee."


"If you don't let me go, we're both going to have a wet bed to sleep in tonight."

He let go, but moved down to take my piss hard cock into his mouth and started sucking. I reminded him I had to pee real bad. He looked up at me and pulled off long enough to say, "Then pee. What's stopping you?"

By that time, I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to. My urine left my bladder and exited my dick into the willing mouth of my little Alex. He gulped down every drop like a champ. He even shook my cock in his mouth to make sure he had every bit of my piss. He kept sucking until I filled his mouth with another helping of protein and made sure it was completely clean.

"Alex, who taught you to drink piss?"

"No on taught me. I've seen it on PornHub and wanted to try it. So I did the same to my brother one day. I wouldn't let him up to pee, so he had no choice but to pee in my mouth. I loved it, so I decided to do it for you."

"So, let me get this straight. Your 16 year old brother, uncle and your 2 older cousins have sex with you, and you drink your brother's piss. What else do you know?"

His eye actually caught a glimmer of light as he smirked and said, "That's for me to know and for you to find out."

I shook my head and laughed, "So, does you dad know about all this."

"Yes, but he won't play with me. He only likes girls. But he's okay with it. He'd rather I get my sex from people he knows and trusts than someone in the park. He even bought me my lube and other sex toys."


We got dressed and grabbed a bit to eat in the hotel's restaurant before headed to the park. We got to ride a few rides before we met my brother and his bunch in-between Italy and The American Adventure, which I'd been told is the best place to view the fireworks.

When it was over, we all trooped back to the hotel. Alex was in much better spirits than he was last night and Clarissa was even nice to him. She explained that she had a girlfriend and wasn't mad at him, but just missing her fuck buddy.

Alex and I showered together and we fondled each other and kissed, a lot. In bed, Alex sucked my cock while I ate out his ass. I felt a finger against my hole and Alex looked at me. He wanted to know if I liked to be fucked also. I nodded my head and he reached for the lube. When I looked up my from feast, he had lubed his ENTIRE FIST AND FOREARM. I then felt my sphincter open up with a pop and his fist had disappeared in my ass.


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