"Alex In The Park"
"Someday My Prince Will Cum"

Part 5



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The stage darkens as Jungle sounds fill the theater. The leader of the traveling performers, Kiume has already introduced Nakawa, Kibibi and Zawadi. Kiume announces in a hushed tone, "Shhhhh, listen." followed by elephants trumpeting, monkeys screeching in the background. The sounds of tribal drums get louder and louder. Performers in skin tight animal suits start to fill the area as the drums get louder. "IT...IS...TIME!" The sounds of the animals and drums finally reach a climax and the music stops with a lion's roar. Silence! A glissando is heard and the following is sung, "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba, Sithi uhm ingonyama!" I look down at Alex and the tiny hairs on his arms raise up. The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie and the show at Animal Kingdom is one of my faves in the entire park. The floats enter in the arena and the other cast members are introduced from Timon to Pumba and, of course, King Simba himself. Alex's smile is from ear to kissable ear. I have a friend who works as one of the "camp counselors," So I called in a favor. I manipulated us to sit in a certain area where Nakawa would choose Alex to imitate a warthog to help start the pre show. Also, during "Hakuna Matata," he was chosen to choose an interment and dance around the stage singing. Timon even told him he was great. At the end of the show, he was allowed to sit on Simba's rock and have a picture taken with him. As we left the theater, Alex had to pee, so I took him to the restrooms. The only one available was the family room, so Alex and I went in to do our business.

"Those tumble monkeys were hot! You could see almost everything under those skin tight suites, but you couldn't see their dinks."

"They wear dance belts and tuck their dinks between their legs to hide them. It also protects their dinks in case they're hit during the show."

"I need one of those dance things at school for P.E. Getting hit there hurts."

"Tell me about it!"

We rode the Kilimanjaro Safari and Alex loved the animals he saw. Then to Asia for the bird show and Kali River Rapids. Alex couldn't wait to ride Expedition Everest. At one point it looks like the cars would run off a broken track and Alex screamed and grabbed my hand. We made it all around the park and ended in the new Pandora area. We did the rides and shows there and were amazed how the area looked just like Pandora in the movie. I asked Alex what he wanted to do and he looked up at me and asked if we could go back to the hotel.

We arrived at the Hotel around 4pm and ordered something to eat from Room Service. We showered together while waiting for the food. When someone knocked at the door, Alex opened it, wearing just his towel. The guy who brought in our food was a fucking knockout. I'd say about 20-21 years old, 5'7" tall, dark brown hair and eyes and his pants showed off a bubble butt I'd pay money to see. Alex noticed how I was looking at Mike (I finally read his nametag) and did something that, to this day, makes me angry, but also makes me laugh. He jumped up and down "excited" about his food, I guess, and lost his towel. When his towel fell down, he didn't stop jumping. The poor boy with the tray was looking at Alex and blushed 30 shades of red. He put the tray on the table and tried in vain to hide the fact he was getting a bit hard in front. I paid the bill and gave Mike a $40 tip. I had just opened up the door to let Mike out when Alex yelled, "Bye, Mike. See you soon!"

"What the hell was that about?"

"I saw you looking at his butt. I wanted to see his dink, so I did what I could to make his hard."

I chuckled, "You dirty, rotten boy."

We had just finished eating when I had to hit the bathroom. When I was in there, the phone rang and Alex, still naked, answered the phone.

"Mike is on the phone. He wanted to make sure you meant to leave him $40 for a tip."

"Tell him yes, the tip is for him."

When I came out, Alex was just hanging up the phone, giggling. When I asked him what was so funny, all he said was that Mike was funny.

My brother and the family came in a bit later. Luckily, Alex was dressed. Bro handed me a note that was left on the door. I opened it and it read, "You and Alex meet me in the lobby after my shift at 11pm. I'd like to have some fun. Mike."

Bro asked, "What's that all about?"

Collecting my thoughts I said, "I have a friend who works at Animal Kingdom. We saw him at the Lion King show and he invited Alex and I to his house this evening. We're probably going to spend the night."

"What park you hitting tomorrow?"

"We haven't decided yet. Tomorrow may be a lazy day for us."

Bro winked at us and said, "Yeah, sure."

A few hours later, making sure I had Mike's note with me, Alex and I walked out of the elevator into the lobby and saw Mike in street clothes waiting for us. He walked over and shook my hand and ruffled Alex's hair. He called me by my name, making it look like we knew each other in case his manager or co-workers asked. Mike told me to follow him. We went out into the night and walked together a couple of blocks. I finally stopped him and asked him what was up.

"Well," he started. "When I was Alex's age, I had an adult lover. So, I know the signs to look for. I can tell you aren't related, he called you by your first name. He's not shy of nudity and he was definitely showing himself to me when I delivered your food. Jamie and I were together for 10 years before his death last year. I miss the companion of an older man, and have been wondering about the allure of having a young boy in my bed. I hope I'm not being too forward, but Alex DID tell me you were looking at my ass when I was in your room."

I glared at Alex and he, for a moment, thought he was in real trouble.

"Here's the thing, Mike. Alex and I have just started our relationship. We're still exploring each other and we live four hours away. If you're thinking that this will be a long term thing with you..."

"Oh, no! I don't think I'm ready for something long term. In fact, I've only had sex twice since Jamie died. I'm just looking to have some fun. I have a nice place and live alone, so no one will interrupt us. And...I can get into just about anything, so I'm a willing partner to whatever you two decide on doing."



I looked up and Alex AND Mike were making puppy dog eyes at me.

"Okay, alright, I'll go!"

They cheered and we all walked to a parking garage. Mike pushed a button on his keys and we heard the horn of an alarm. There, in front of me, was the most beautiful Cadillac Escalade. Solid black, tinted windows, just off the show room shine. It had a vanity place that ready "PR1NCE." I pointed to the plate and Mike saw the confusion on my face.

"Yes, my lover was James Prince. Through an arrangement he made with my drunk ass mother, he adopted me. I'm Mike Prince and I own the hotel you're staying at now."

"Why were you acting like a room service waiter?"

"I was in the hotel the other day and saw you and Alex. I don't mean to be forward, but I kind of scoped you out and fell in...well, not love, but fell in lust with you. Older men are a turn on for me and bears are even better. I was hoping you'd order room service sometime when I was there so I could meet you."

"So...you're the son/lover of James Prince, you OWN the hotel I'm staying at, you drive a new Cadillac Escalade and you're worth $750 million?"

Mike answered, "Yes?"

"Damn, so give me back my $40 tip!"

We all laughed as we got into the Escalade. As Mike turned the engine over, I looked at him.

"DAMN!" I thought, "This is going to be an interesting evening!"


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