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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 52 - A Long Weekend. 

"It's my turn to be with you this time," Jon reminded me before we left the living room.  "I can't believe we forgot to do this after lunch."

"That's because you boys wanted to play games instead." 

"Yeah, we screwed up," Braedon stated.  "Now we're gonna have to do it before we go to bed too, so I can have my turn." 

"Then we'd better get started so I'll have a little time to rest up in between," I urged.

They eagerly agreed, so we all headed back to the bedroom.  Jon quickly laid down on the mat and pulled his legs back so I could rim him, and then I prepared both of us.  As I was sliding into his very tight hole, he wrapped his arms and legs around my body and gave me a quick kiss, and then I picked him up, and stood with him impaled on my penis.  It took a lot less effort to lift him up and down on my joy stick, and his tight chute was bringing me off much faster than with the other boys. 

I was almost at the point of no return when his body shuddered and his penis exploded, sending his immature seed all over both of us.  His eyes nearly popped out his head when it happened, since he was so surprised, but eventually his head rolled back in an orgasmic fog as he enjoyed the feelings coursing through his body.  He recovered fairly quickly while I was enjoying my release, and then he spoke. 

"You made me cum this way.  It was fun," he announced, and then he began to kiss me with his tongue invading my mouth. 

I didn't hesitate and responded to his kiss, and we continued kissing as I knelt down and laid him on the floor again.  "Thank you.  That was really special," he sighed. 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, but now we have to shower." 

While we were in the shower stall, the other boys finished up and came into the bathroom to clean up too.  And then we headed to the living room to see what was on TV.

Once we got there, Jon wanted to sit on my lap again.  This was a little trickier, since we were still naked, but since I'd just fucked him, I agreed.  However, that led to some complaints from Hunter, Tucker, and Braedon. 

"Hey, he sat on your lap the last time," Hunter complained.  "I want to do it now." 

"Me too," Tucker added.

"And I want to do it too," Braedon concurred. 

"Since Jon was the first to let me know he wanted to do this again, I'll let him sit with me this time, but next time we'll find a way to decide which of you three will do this.  My only question is, don't you guys think you're a little old to be doing this?" 

"No, cuz we like being close to you," Hunter answered first. 

"And you make us all feel special," Tucker added. 

"And you've made it so I could see what it's like to be gay," Braedon followed.  "You've given us a chance to do stuff without havin' to be scared about bein' beaten up." 

"You mean your dad would beat you up if he knew you was gay?" Jon asked looking totally shocked. 

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure he would have tried to beat the gay part out of me," Braedon confirmed. 

"You can't beat the gay out of someone," Tucker stated doubtfully. 

"I don't think so either, but I think my dad thinks you can," Braedon replied, totally convinced his father would do that to him. 

"That's sick!" Hunter observed. 

"Yeah, but that's the way he thinks." 

"And there are some other guys at school that might try to beat us up if they knew we were gay too," Hunter added. 

"Yeah, I've heard some of those idiots makin' jokes about gays, so Hunter's right," Nolan agreed. 

We actually spent more time listening to the boys talk about these things, rather than spending the time watching TV, but I didn't get involved in their conversation.  I felt I could learn more from just listening, but this shook me up as well.  If that's the way Braedon's father thinks and feels, then what would he do if he found out what Braedon had been involved in while he was with us.  And now I'll start watching out for other students who might feel this way and be a threat to gay students as well. 

When the boys decided it was time to have sex again before we turned in for the night, I finally asked Braedon a question.  "Do you think your dad would go around trying to spy on what you were doing?" 

"He might, but he thinks all of these guys are all straight, so I doubt he'd do it while I was with them.  But if he thought I was hangin' out with guys who were gay, he might do it." 

I hoped he wasn't doing it now, because he might have seen the boys running around naked earlier, and he'd definitely have noticed that the boys weren't sleeping in the tents.  I was fairly certain he couldn't see inside the house, since I had blinds and curtains on all of the windows, but he might be able to hear something if he was right outside one of the windows.  Maybe I should get a dog after all. 

I put Braedon's father out of my mind once we got to the bedroom, even though it was his son's turn to be with me.  I certainly didn't want Braedon to think I had any doubts about doing this with him now, especially after what he'd just told us.  Therefore, I took a deep breath to calm myself down before I asked him a question. 

"So how do you want to do this?" 

"Like Jon did.  I want to see if you can make me cum that way too." 

After he told me this, he laid down on the mat and pulled his legs back so I could rim him, and he began to giggle as I did it.  "What's so funny?" I finally asked. 

"It tickles, but it feels good too." 

I had just been running my tongue around his hole and toying with the wrinkled pucker, so that must have been what he thought had tickled.  Changing tactics slightly, I attempted to thrust my tongue inside the opening next, to see if he continued to giggle.  However, as my tongue pushed its way past the muscle guarding his inner sanctum, he began to sigh instead, so I felt I'd just discovered the answer to my question. 

After I'd worked on his bottom like that for a couple of minutes, I lubed and stretched his opening, and then I prepared myself to penetrate him.  "Thanks for doing this with me," he whispered as my penis began its journey into the depths of his bowels. 

He's also wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist as soon as my penis was completely inside him, and he kissed me on the cheek.  That's when I picked him up, worked my way into a standing position, and began lifting him up and down on my shaft. 

"This feels really good even if I don't cum from doin' it this way, and I can kiss you too," he said just before his lips came into contact with mine and his tongue shot out like a snake sniffing the air. 

We tongue dueled as I bounced him up and down on my erection and built up a very pleasurable rhythm.  He was not only kissing me, but he was also sighing into my mouth and making a slight grunting noise each time my penis skewered him completely.  I held out for as long as I could within the warm and tight confines of his intestinal tract, but eventually it just became too much for me to bear.  After fifteen minutes of this enjoyable coupling, I couldn't take it any longer and let nature take its course. 

As my semen shot up the tubes in my penis and blasted into the condom, I began to grunt with each spasm that catapulted my seed from the tip.  Braedon's body shook too, but he didn't cum, so he must have been merely reacting to my thrusting into him and the warmth of my ejaculate filling the condom's tip.  As soon as I regained my senses, I looked at Braedon and he seemed to be glowing, but there was also a sadness in his expression. 

"I didn't cum from doin' it this way, but I still liked it," he offered in explanation. 

"Then I imagine you'll want to fuck me too," I countered, and he began nodding his head.  "While you're getting ready, I'll go clean up quickly." 

"K," he replied, and after I laid him down on the floor again, he went to get a condom and the lube. 

When I got back, I laid down on the mat and pulled my legs back so he could fuck me.  Much to my surprise, he bent down and started to rim me first, something I wasn't expecting.  After he did that for a brief time, he put some lube on my hole and on the condom, and then he thrust into me.  He sighed again once he was all the way inside, and after a short pause, he began to thrust in and out of my backside. 

Braedon only lasted a few minutes, but I knew he really enjoyed it just from watching the expressions on his face while he was doing it.  After he filled the condom with his boy seed and his penis slipped out of my hole, we went to the bathroom to clean up.  The others had already finished and cleaned up, so Braedon and I did it quickly and then headed to the living room to join them. 

"I talked it over with Tucker and Jon, and they're gonna let me and Braedon sleep with you tonight," Hunter announced. 

"Is that what you want to do too, Braedon?" I asked. 

"Yeah, I do." 

"Are we going to bed now?" I followed, looking from face to face. 

"Yeah, and then we can get up early, eat breakfast, have sex, and then go to the pool before everyone else shows up again," Gary answered. 

"Ok, sounds like a plan to me," I agreed. 

I made sure the boys were settled down in the living room first, before I led Braedon and Hunter back to the bedroom.  They had me get in the middle and then they both cuddled against me.  "I'm so glad you let me sleep with you," Braedon stated as he was getting settled.  "My dad would never let me do nothin' like this with him." 

"I'm glad that you were able to stay over so you can do this with me too." 

"Yeah, me too," Hunter chimed in as both boys kissed me on the cheek. 

I was beginning to like being the center of these human sandwiches.  Not only could I show the boys my love, but I felt equally loved in return and slept extremely well for the entire night. 

When I woke up in the morning I tried to slip out of bed without waking the boys, but seeing they were entwined around my body like two vines, they woke up when I moved.  They both gave me a quick kiss on the cheek again, and then they leaped out of bed and raced to the bathroom with their morning wood leading the way.  As I followed them at a more leisurely pace, I could hear two streams hitting the water in the toilet bowl, and as soon as they finished, I took my turn next.  After we washed our hands, we headed out to the kitchen to fix breakfast. 

I decided to make pancakes this morning, so I got out the big box of Bisquick, milk, and eggs so I could whip up a large batch of pancake batter.  I then got out three frying pans, a can of Pam, but I must have been making too much noise, because the other boys soon came staggering out of the living room.  While they were emptying their bladders, I took a quarter-cup measuring cup and used it to dip the batter out of the bowl and into each of the frying pans.  As soon as I had everything set up, I began making pancakes as fast as I could. 

While I was doing that, I had Braedon take the butter and syrup out to the table, while Hunter started pouring eight glasses of orange juice.  I then had Braedon pull eight plates out of the cabinet, and I began putting two pancakes on each plate before I had one of the boys take it out and begin eating.  The other boys had all returned and were ready to chow down too, and it took about fifteen minutes to get them all their first plate of pancakes.  By the time I had given the last boy his pancakes and had started eating, I began making seconds for those who wanted more.  Once the boys were all full, I made some more pancakes for myself and sat down at the table with the boys. 

Now that everyone was full, the boys helped me clean up afterward and I asked if they were ready to go to the pool.  "No!  We want to have sex first, and then we'll go to the pool." 

"Ok, and we'll probably still get there before the crowd starts showing up," I agreed. 

"And Hunter, you can be with Mr. Roberson this time, cuz you haven't been getting a turn with him," Nolan added. 

"That's ok, cuz I don't want to mess things up for the rest of you." 

"No, Will can be with him after lunch, and then I'll be with Mr. Roberson after dinner, so we'll each have had a turn this weekend," Nolan replied. 

"Great!  That means I get to be with you now," Hunter stated cheerfully as he leaned against me. 

"So how do you want to do it?" I asked. 

"Like the other boys have been doin' it," he answered, so we headed to the bedroom to get started.  This was going to be Hunter's first time with me in front of the other boys, so for all they knew it was his first time with me period, except for rimming and sucking him off at lunchtime. 

Once he was on the mat, I rimmed him first, and then we started out just like I had with the others.  The same as Tucker had done, Hunter began to kiss me very passionately the second I was on my feet, and then I started hoisting him up and down on my erection.  Even though our lips were connected and our tongues were sparring, he was also moaning into my mouth at the same time.  I felt this meant he was really getting into this and enjoying what we were doing, and we'd been going at for quite a few minutes when he pulled his mouth off mine, his eyes slowly rolled back in his head, and then his penis went off like a high-pressure water pipe springing a leak. 

"Holy shit!  Hunter just cummed his first time with Mr. Roberson," Tucker gasped. 

"Maybe he's like Will and will cum every time Mr. Roberson fucks him," Nolan stated. 

"It's certainly possible," Gary agreed. 

"Then we've got to make sure he stays in the rotation from now on, even if it means we have to wait a little longer for our turn," Will insisted, with the others immediately agreeing.  "I want to see if it happens to him every time too."

I think the conversation impressed Hunter, even if he was mostly out of it at the moment, but it soon became apparent he'd still heard what the boys had said.  I think it made him feel good that he'd impressed them and they felt strongly enough that they'd agreed to wait a little longer for their turn with me from now on. 

Shortly after I laid him back on the mat and had extracted my penis from his butt, we went into the bathroom to shower.  The other boys had already finished up, so I told them to put on their swimsuits and grab a towel, and then Hunter and I finished our shower and followed suit.  On the walk over to the pool, Gary suddenly realized something. 

"Shit.  I forgot to bring the clothes that I'm gonna wear in the play tomorrow!" he stated, visibly shaken. 

"Fuck!  I did too!" Nolan confirmed. 

"What about the rest of you?" I asked. 

"I brought my stuff with me," Will answered, since he was the other boy playing an adult. 

The rest of the boys said they could wear what they brought with them, but Gary and Nolan had adult roles, so they needed a pair of slacks and a dress shirt.  "Ok, after we get back from the pool, I'll drive you home so you can get what you need," I offered. 

"Thank you, and I'm sorry that I screwed up," Nolan apologized. 

"Me too," Gary agreed.  "I guess I must have been thinking about camping out and just forgot that we'd still be here the first day we were doin' the play." 

"Hey, don't worry about it.  It's not a big deal.  I'm sure these guys will be ok here for the few minutes I'm gone to drive you home." 

"Yeah, we'll just play horseshoes and bean bag toss until you get back," Will suggested. 

Now that this minor crisis had been averted, we continued on to the pool and found fewer than a dozen people there, other than the lifeguards.  We dove into the water and played around for about an hour and a half, and then we decided to head back to the house.  When we got there, I quickly explained what we were going to do. 

"Nolan and Gary, change into your shorts and tee-shirt, and I will too.  Then, I'll take you home to get your things, and we'll have lunch after we get back." 

"And after that we'll have sex, cuz it your turn to fuck me again," Will offered enthusiastically. 

"Ok, and we shouldn't be gone long." 

I dropped Gary off first and let him run inside to get what he needed.  He was inside longer than I thought necessary, and when he finally came outside, his parents were behind him.  They waved at me, while also shaking their heads at their son, and then he hopped back in the car. 

"My dad just told me I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached to my shoulders, cuz he was the one who made sure we brought all the other stuff when we came to your house.  He didn't know I needed this stuff too, and that's why I forgot it." 

"That's a typical parental reaction, but like I said, it's not a big deal, at least as far as I'm concerned." 

Nolan only lived a few houses down the street, but he waited for me to drive him there and then he went inside too.  His parents followed him outside and waved at us as well, but they didn't shake their heads like Gary's parents had done.  "My dad said next time he'd nail a reminder to my forehead so I wouldn't forget anything," Nolan stated as he got into the car. 

"Ouch, that's going to extremes," I quipped as we waved back and took off. 

When we returned to the house, the other boys came inside to fix their lunch, and we merely had sandwiches again, along with the last of the pickles, chips, pretzels, and cheese puffs.  We'd no sooner finished cleaning up when Will started encouraging me to go to the bedroom with him. 

"Come on.  We're wasting time," he whined. 

"You'd think you haven't had sex in weeks," I teased. 

"I haven't with you," he replied with a cheeky grin. 

"So how do you want to do it this time?" 

"Is there another way we can try?" 

"Yes, but I'll need to go get something first.  You can lay down on the mat and I'll get you ready when I get back. 

Since I hadn't undressed yet, I ran out the side door to the garage and came back carrying a metal lawn chair that had thick cushions on the seat and back.  "What's that for?" Will asked when he saw it. 

"Just hang on and you'll see," I told him. 

After I rimmed him and stretched his hole, I got myself ready and placed a towel on the floor at the foot of the chair so it stretched out in front of it.  Once that was taken care of, I sat down. 

"This is going to be similar to something we did before, although slightly different.  This time you're going to sit down on my penis, and once it's completely inside you I want you to put your feet on top of my knees and your hands on the arm rests.  Once you're ready, I want you to use your arms and legs to lift your body up and down as you fuck yourself on my penis." 

"I can do that and it sounds like fun," he quickly agreed. 

After he got into position, he experimented with lifting his body up and then dropping it back down on my erection.  As soon as he got the hang of impaling himself on my shaft, I took note of the rhythm he was using and began to thrust up to meet his body as it dropped down.  We soon fell into a nice steady cadence, just like two men hammering the same spike into a hard surface, as we continued this new form of coupling. 

The other boys were watching us closely, because I assumed they wanted to see if Will would have another hands-free ejaculation.  I was amazed that his penis was always as hard as granite whenever I was fucking him, and we'd been carrying on like this for quite a few minutes when his body began to jerk and spasm.   At that moment, the first thin rope of semen shot out of his penis and sailed past his outstretched legs, landing on the towel that I'd laid out on the floor.  I hadn't been sure it would be needed, but I placed it there just in case, and now a second and third blast of semen rocketed out of Will's penis and flew through the air.  Those stands didn't travel nearly as far as the first, but they both cleared the chair, and then the remaining few shots landed on our legs and groins. 

"I can't fuckin' believe it," Gary sighed.  "He does it every single time." 

"You're just jealous," Nolan challenged. 

"Damn right I am.  I wish I could do that too." Gary agreed. 

Will's head tilted backward and rested on top of my shoulder after he'd finished having his orgasm, so I wrapped my arms around his chest, gave him a quick hug.  I continued thrusting into him while he was recovering, so I had my orgasm before he came back to his senses.  When he did, he turned his head to the side and spoke to me.  "I really liked doin' it this way.  It felt incredible." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it.  So are you ready to hit the shower now?" 

"Yeah, just give me another minute first.  My insides are still tingling and I feel a little queasy, cuz that was a really strong cum." 

"Yes, I thought you shot quite a bit farther this time than you usually did." 

"Yeah, me too.  Like I said, it felt incredible, even more so than normal." 

"I'm not sure why that might be." 

"Me either, but it was fuckin' unbelievable." 

When he finally indicated he was ready to hit the shower, I let him lift himself off me first, and then we headed to the bathroom.  The other boys had just finished up as well, since they had stopped briefly to watch us, so we let them get cleaned up first.  As Nolan was leaving the bathroom, he stopped to say something to me as he passed by. 

"Leave the chair there, cuz I want to try that next." 

I didn't have a problem doing what he wanted, and once the other boys were done in the bathroom, Will and I hit the shower together.  "I really like it when you fuck me," he said as we were washing up.  "I don't know why it happens, but feeling you inside me makes me cum every time." 

"I've noticed that too," I teased.  "And I'm glad I can make you feel so good." 

"Not just good, but special.  It's like I was meant to meet you so you could make me feel this way, cuz I was kinda down before we started doin' this." 

"Why were you feeling down?" I asked, although I was fairly confident that I already knew the answer to my question. 

He hemmed and hawed for a few seconds, and then he finally spoke.  "It was because I felt that I wasn't good enough for my dad and that's why he didn't want to be around me." 

"Why?  He didn't divorce you, he divorced your mother." 

"Yeah, but when I was older he just stopped comin' around to see me.  It was like he was ashamed of me or somethin'." 

"Maybe he was just ashamed of himself, for leaving you and your mother like that." 

"Maybe, but nobody else ever made me feel this special until I started doing this with you.  I really want to thank you for this and I hope you will let me hang out with you even when I'm older." 

"Of course I will.  I'll never abandon you like your father did." 

"Thanks.  That means a lot to me." 

We finished cleaning up and then went out to join the other boys.  "What do you guys want to do now?" I asked. 

"How about we just go for a walk," Tucker suggested.  "I've been wonderin' how far back your property goes and what's at the other end." 

"Actually, I've been wondering that myself, so if you boys want to get dressed we can go check it out. 

We walked for quite a while, and I wasn't sure we were still on the property that went with the house, or if we were on someone else's land.  We kept going, though, until we ran into the back of someone else's yard.  The house obviously faced the next street down that ran parallel to River Street, but I wasn't sure how much of the land belonged to them and how much went with the house I was living in.   

"I know that place," Hunter said.  It's just behind the other end of the cemetery, on Cedar Street."

"I've never really paid attention to it before, but that would mean the cemetery must run along the entire block," I mused. 

"And it covers about half the distance between Elm and Maple Streets too," Gary added. 

"So is there anything on the other side of Memorial Pool?" I asked, since I'd never driven that far down Maple Street. 

"Yeah, there's a gas station on the corner," Gary offered. 

"So do you have any idea how much of this land goes with the house?" I followed. 

"I'll ask my dad, but I'd say it probably runs all the way down to the back of this other guy's yard." 

"That would mean you own all the land behind the pool and the park," Nolan surmised.  "I don't think the other guy's property goes any farther than the end of the gas station, so you must own all the land behind those two other areas."

"So when they have fireworks displays, what area do they use to set the rockets off?" 

"The top of the small hill at the back corner of the park, next to the pool," Hunter replied.  "I've come to watch the fireworks before and I've seen them do it."

"I guess I'll have to ask the guy who owns the house if I can look at the deed when I'm ready to buy it, after I get tenure.  If I own all of this land, I might have to clear a spot so I can put in a pool." 

"Yeah, that would be great, but you'd have to deal with a lot of crap getting into it," Gary stated.  "The best place for a pool is in an open area, but this place is surrounded by trees and bushes."

"I'll have to check into it.  Maybe I could have a pavilion roof built over the pool, and then have the sides screened in to prevent that from happening.  I'd also make sure there was a screen door at either end too." 

"Yeah, but make sure you can lock them so no one else can get inside," Nolan suggested. 

"Then we could swim in here by ourselves," Hunter said dreamily. 

"But then you'd never see any other naked boys in the shower at the Y," I pointed out. 

"Maybe not, but we could swim whenever we wanted and just ride our bikes over here to do it," Jon stated. 

"But only in good weather.  You can't use an outdoor pool when it starts getting cold outside." 

"Yeah, that's true," Braedon agreed, "but then we'd still get to see other naked boys at the Y." 

On the way back to the house we walked along the property line that ran next to the pool and park, so I could also inspect those areas from this perspective.  I even got a glimpse of the flat spot at the top of the hill that Hunter indicated was where they set the fireworks off.  I wouldn't be able to see much if I tried to watch them from in here, because of all the trees, so I'd have to go into the park if I wanted to have a good view, but at least I could walk there.  I wouldn't ride the bike because it would be after dark and my bike didn't have a light, but I would also want to avoid traffic.  Seeing it would be a holiday, there might be some drunk drivers out and about who wouldn't be paying much attention to pedestrians or cyclists, so I'd be better off staying on the sidewalk. 

We eventually made our way back to the house, and as soon as we got there I realized I should work with the boys to make dinner next.  I told them to wash up first, and then we'd get things out to start fixing something to eat.

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