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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 53 - The First Performance. 

As soon as the boys and I had cleaned up after our little excursion, I went out to the kitchen and set the temp on the oven.  When the boys came out to join me, I started putting them to work fixing dinner. 

"Gary, there's a large pot in the bottom cabinet to the left of the sink.  Take it out, fill it half full of water, put it on a burner, and set it on high.  Then, take the two packages of spaghetti out of the pantry and let me know when the water starts to boil.  Oh, and take the colander out too, so you can drain the spaghetti when it's cooked." 

"K, I can do that," Gary replied. 

"Nolan, I want you to get the large pan out of the drawer below the oven and make sure you get the lid that fits it as well.  Then get the large jar of spaghetti sauce out of the pantry and pour it into the pan, but I'll tell you when to put it on the burner."

"Ok, I understand," Nolan confirmed as I was setting the temp on the oven. 

"Will, I want you to get one of the cookie sheets out of the dishwasher, cover it with aluminum foil, take the large bag of meatballs out of the freezer, and spread them out on the cookie sheet.  Check the bag to see how long they need to cook, place them in the over, and set the timer." 

"Got it," Will replied. 

"Hunter, I want you to grab the other cookie sheet out of the dishwasher and cover it with aluminum foil too.  Then, take the two loaves of garlic bread out of the freezer and space them out on the cookie sheet.  Check to see how long they need to bake so you can set the other timer, and then put them in the oven." 

"Hunter and Braedon, there are two bags of salad mix in the crisper in the refrigerator, and I want each of you to take a bag and start filling four bowls each.  Once you've done that, take the bowls of salad into the dining room.  Once you've done that, take the bottles of Italian and Ranch dressing out of the fridge and place them on the table for us to use." 

"Ok," they both agreed. 

"Tucker and Jon, there are two containers of cherry tomatoes on the counter.  I want each of you to take one of the containers and rinse off the tomatoes for the salad.  When you've done that, take them into the dining room and place six tomatoes in each bowl of salad." 

"Mr. Roberson, there are bubbles rising in the water now," Gary told me.  

"But it's not boiling yet.  Check the packages to see how long the spaghetti should stay in the boiling water, and when the water comes to a boil, dump both pages into the pot." 


"Nolan put the spaghetti sauce on another burner and set the temp on medium.  When you see the sauce starts to burp, meaning you see the sauce starting to bubble a bit, then put the lid over the pan." 


"Whose timer just went off?" 

"It was mine," Hunter answered. 

"Then put on the oven mitts and take your cookie sheet out of the oven.  You can place it on the hot pads on the counter." 

"Ok, I will." 

"Will, that must have been your timer then.  Turn the oven off, and as soon as Hunter is through with the oven mitts, use them to take the meatballs out of the oven and place them on the other hot pads on the counter."

"Got it." 

"Gary how many more minutes before the spaghetti is done?"  

"Four more minutes." 

"Ok, set the colander in the sink."  After he'd done that I spoke again.  "The spaghetti must be getting close to being done now, so watch what I'm doing."  I used the pasta server to pull a stand of spaghetti out of the boiling water, and then I ran it under the cold water from the tap.  I split a strand and gave half to Gary.  "Taste it."  He did, and I did the same.

"It's kind of hard, isn't it?" I asked. 


"That means we need to give it another minute or so."  When the time was up, I pulled out another strand and we did the same thing.  "How's that one taste?" 

"Pretty good.  It's not hard." 

"Then turn off the burner and take the oven mitts so you can carry the pot over to the sink.  Dump it all into the colander, but do it slowly.  Be careful that the water doesn't splatter on you and that the spaghetti ends up in the colander." 


"Nolan, is the sauce bubbling?" 

"Yeah, it's splattering on the glass lid." 

"Then turn the burner off, because it's ready too."

"Gary, carefully pick up the sides of the colander and shake it gently, so the last of the water drains off.  When there's no more water dripping from it, dump it all in this big bowl." 

"Each of you get a plate and silverware, and then bring your plate over to me."  When they did, I scooped out some of the spaghetti and put it on their plates.  "Now go over and use your fork to take four to six meatballs off the cookie tray, then bring you plate back to me and I'll cover it all with a ladle of sauce.  Take your plate to the table and then get yourself a drink." 

Once the boys were all taken care of, I moved the garlic bread onto a platter, cut into pieces, carried it into the dining room, and set it on the table.  "Help yourself to this too, and use whichever salad dressing you prefer." 

Then, I went back and filled my plate with spaghetti and got a glass of water so I could sit down and eat with the boys.

"Hey, this is pretty good and we fixed it all ourselves," Jon stated looking amazed. 

"Yes, you did."

"How come the food always tastes better when we help to make it?" Tucker asked. 

"I think it has something to do with the pride of accomplishment," I answered.  "It wasn't that hard to do, but when you do it yourself, it always seems to taste better."

We finished eating, but not before some of the boys went back for seconds, and since they'd seen how I did it the first time, I let them do it themselves this time around.  As each one finished his meal, he took his dishes out to the kitchen and rinsed them off, but I had them leave them on the counter this time.  I wanted to load the dishwasher myself, because there was a lot to fit in. 

I washed the pot and pan by hand, but everything else went into the dishwasher.  Once I put the detergent in, I started it and I led the boys into the living room to watch TV for a while, because we were too stuffed to do anything else. 

During one of the commercials, Jon said something that got us all thinking.  "We probably should spend one night in the tents, in case our parents ask us what it was like." 

"Yeah, he's probably right," Will agreed.  "There's two big tents, so half of us could sleep in each one." 

"But do we really want to be out there alone?" Braedon wondered. 

"That's what you told your parents you were going to do," I pointed out. 

"Yeah, but let's have sex one more time before we go out there.  I just hope we'll have enough light so we can take our sleeping bags back out there." 

"Don't worry, there's a spot light attached to the house next to the sun room, and it lights up most of the backyard.  I'll turn it on long enough for you to find your way to the tents and put your things inside.  I also have two battery operated lanterns that you can use in the tents, so there will be one for each tent.  I bought them in case the power went out in the house, but they'll work for this too." 

"Great, then we're all set," Gary said looking pleased. 

"Are you gonna sleep with us, Mr. Roberson?" Braedon asked next. 

"Hunter's going to use my sleeping bag, but I can take out a blanket and a pillow and bunk in with one of the groups." 

Tucker, Jon, Braedon, and Hunter quickly let me know they wanted to be in with me.  "That's gonna make that tent crowded, cuz there will be five of you in that tent, and only Gary, Will, and me in the other tent," Nolan offered. 

"Yeah, you're right, so I'll sleep in with you guys," Hunter relented.  I think he offered to do that because he knew he'd be sleeping with me on other nights. 

"Ok, that will work then," I concurred, "but just give me a chance to run out and inspect the tents first.  Since you haven't been using them, I just want to make sure nothing else has moved in there since you put them up." 

"Good idea," they all agreed.

The tents had been zipped up and nothing unexpected was inside, so the boys were eager to go back to the bedroom and get it on first, before we went out there for the night.  "Ok, it's my turn to do it in the chair with you," Nolan reminded me. 

"I haven't forgotten, but lay down on the mat first and I'll get you ready." 

I rimmed and stretched him out first, as well as lubed him up.  After I was ready too, I sat down on the chair and Nolan sat down on my penis after I lined it up with his hole.  Once it was completely inside of him, he placed his feet on my knees, his hands on the arm rests, and he began lifting and lowering his body on my shaft. 

Just as I'd done with Will, I gauged the rhythm he was using for a short time first, and then I began thrusting up into him as he dropped downward.  We were totally in sync and really working well together, so after more than fifteen minutes of doing this, I felt the telltale signs building in my scrotum, which let me know I'd soon be experiencing my release.  I tried to hold off for as long as I could to give Nolan a chance to cum first, but it didn't happen and I grunted with each volley as I filled the condom with my thick, creamy seed. 

"Man, I wish I could figure out why I can cum sometimes when you fuck me, but not other times, while Will does it all the time," Nolan said dismayed. 

"It might be that his prostate is located slightly closer to where my penis is when I'm sliding in and out of him, or possibly his prostate is just more sensitive." 

"Yeah, I guess." 

"Do you want to fuck me now?" 

"Yeah, I want to get off too," he confessed. 

"Ok, I'll clean up while you're getting ready." 

When I retuned, I got into position for Nolan to begin, and he wasted no time before entering me.  He took off like a race horse leaving the starting gate and attacked my butt like a man possessed.  After just a few minutes, I could tell by the scrunched up look on his face that he was trying to hold back his orgasm, but he soon gave in and filled the condom with his semen.  Once he was drained and he'd pulled out of me, he looked down and spoke.

"I cum so fast when I'm doing this, so why can't I cum while you're doing it to me, cuz you take a lot longer than I do?" 

"I wish I could answer that question for you, but I have no idea what to say." 

We went to clean up first, and then we all slipped on shorts and tee-shirts before the boys grabbed their sleeping bags and backpacks, while I took a blanket and pillow with me and we headed outside.  We left through the sun room and I flicked on the spotlight as we carried everything out to the tents.  Once it was all situated inside, they turned on the lanterns and I went back to the house to turn off the spotlight.  I had a flashlight with me so I could see my way back, and then we decided who would sleep where. 

The boys had me lay down in the center of the tent, and then Jon and Braedon placed their sleeping bags as close to me as possible, with the zippers facing me.  Once they were situated, Tucker placed his sleeping bag above our heads, so he was close to all of us too, with the zipper facing toward us as well.  Once we were all comfortable, the boys all reached an arm out of their sleeping bag so they could touch me, and then I had Tucker turn off the lantern and we fell asleep. 

I woke up when the sunlight filtered through the fabric of the tent, and I got up to go into the house to get ready for work.  I wasn't quite to the house yet when I heard a voice call my name.  "Mr. Roberson, where are ya goin'?" Braedon wanted to know as his head was poking out of the tent. 

"I'm heading to the bathroom to use the toilet and then I'll shower for work."  By the time I finished my answer, I could hear the other boys were getting up too, so I continued heading inside while they were hurrying to catch up with me. 

When I finished washing up, I dressed for work and went out to the kitchen and found the boys dressed and waiting for me.  "Seeing I have a lot to do today, I thought we could all just have cereal and toast this morning."

They nodded that it was ok with them, so I grabbed the boxes of cereal their parents had sent with them, the galloon of milk, a loaf of bread, the butter, and the orange juice and set it all on the counter. 

"Grab a bowl and take whatever cereal you want.  I'll put the bread in the toaster, but you'll have to get it when it pops up and butter it yourselves." 

I made a partial pot of coffee, filled a bowl with cereal, and added the milk .  The boys had already scarfed up the first four slices of toast, so I put four more slices of bread in the toaster and poured myself a small glass of orange juice.  I carried those things into the dining room to eat with the boys, but I went back out to the kitchen when I heard the toast pop up.  I buttered all four slices and put them on a small plate, and then I took two for myself and left the other two for whoever wanted them. 

As soon as the boys finished eating, I told them they could start heading over to the park and I'd meet them there shortly.  After they rinsed off their breakfast dishes, I told them to just set them on the counter because I hadn't emptied the dinner dishes yet.  When I finished eating, I went out to do that next, and then I loaded the dishwasher again. 

I rode my bike to the park alone today, since I told the boys we shouldn't be seen together quite so often.  While I was locking up my bike, I looked in the direction of the mobile stage and saw employees of the maintenance department setting it up and getting it ready for our first performance. 

One of the first things I did was to ask some of the kids to help me carry the set pieces that we'd made from the storage area in the building and out to the mobile stage.  Once they were stacked in an area that was easy to get to when needed, but out of the way at other times, I checked to make sure all of the actors were at the park.  I also made sure they were either wearing their costume or could change into it before the play was scheduled to begin. 

Even though there was a poster on the bulletin board and others taped to the walls with information about the play, I still went around to talk with various kids about it, in case they'd forgotten.  The posters had been made by the kids in the acting program to publicize the play, but I realized that kids sometimes ignore items such as this, even if they're prominently placed.  That's why I decided that word of mouth reminders would be appropriate as well. 

The boys went to my house at lunch time and we quickly made sandwiches and grabbed a drink, and then the boys decided to suck each other off.  I thought they might skip it today, since we had so much going on, but they thought it would help to calm them down before they went on stage.  I didn't have a problem with that either, seeing I had to suck one of them off as well. 

Once that had been taken care of, I made sure Gary, Nolan, and Will had all changed into the clothes they were going to wear for the play, because they each had an adult role.  Gary was playing the part of a teacher, Will was going to be the principal, and Nolan a detective, so I wanted to make sure they were all dressed appropriately.  One of the girls had an adult role too, and she had assured me earlier that she would change when she went home for lunch. 

Once they were ready, I had them ride back in groups of two or three, so we didn't draw attention to the fact that we always seemed to be together.  After the boys had all taken off, I rode back alone, locked my bike up at the bike rack, and then I went inside to chat with the other counselors.  I asked them to encourage the other kids to attend the play, and that's when Tom suggested he'd lock the building, except for the outside doors to the toilets. That way the kids that hung out mostly indoors would have nothing else to do and might come watch the play instead.  I thanked him for his suggestion and agreed that might work. 

I spent the rest of my time out at the mobile stage double-checking that we had everything we needed there, and the portable screens had been set up in front of both set of stairs.  I also checked to make sure the kids who had volunteered to change the set pieces and props were there, and all of the actors were ready to go.  When I peeked outside just before we were set to begin, I was pleased to see so many kids sitting on the grass in front of the stage, along with the other counselors. 

After giving the kids a final pep talk and sending them to their places, I stepped out on the stage to greet the crowd and tell them a bit about what to expect.  I was pleased to notice that everyone in the audience seemed to be excited about watching the play, and I noticed a few adults in the audience as well.  I took it that they were parents or other relatives of the girls in the cast, or possibly of the other kids in the program.  When I finished my little spiel, I stepped behind the screen and the kids in the first scene moved out to take their places. 

Just as I hoped, and exactly like they'd practiced the Friday before, with the kids hitting all of their cues, projecting their voices, facing the audience when speaking, and remembering each of their lines.  The play was going off without a hitch and the audience applauded loudly when the first scene came to an end. 

After a brief delay as the stage crew raced out to get the stage set up for the next scene, the actors went to work again.  This scene went off just as well, and then we repeated the process for scenes three through five.  As the actors said their final lines and came off stage, I quickly got them organized to go out for their final bow.  This time the audience was not only clapping, but they were cheering too and some were even whistling, which brought smiles to the faces of everyone in the cast.  The play had been a success.  

Once we left the mobile stage, we were approached by the people who'd been in the audience, along with the other counselors, and they all praised the kids for doing such a wonderful job. 

"I'm impressed, and the kids did a remarkable job," Patty told me.  "I was also impressed by the way you used minimal sets and limited props, but we still knew exactly where the action was taking place and what was going on." 

"Thanks, but it's what the play called for.  It was designed so it could be performed on a shoestring budget," I replied. 

"Well, you certainly pulled it off." 

When Patty was walking away, I noticed Owen standing beside me.  I hadn't noticed him in the audience, but then again, I hadn't check out who each of the adults were that I'd noticed earlier.  "Just as I expected, another excellent job.  I'm very impressed that the kids did so well in such a short period of time, and I know this will go over really well tomorrow night." 

"Thank you, Owen.  I'm glad you were here and that you enjoyed the play." 

"And I'll be here tomorrow night with my wife and kids, because we're coming to watch this before the fireworks display.  I'm confident my children will really enjoy this."

"I hope they do, and I also hope we have a good turnout." 

"By holding the play before the fireworks are set off, I think you've ensured yourself of a very large audience."

"As long as the kids don't get stage fright or cold feet when they see how many show up, then we should be fine." 

"I'm sure they'll do an excellent job." 

The boys all wanted to talk to me about the play too, since they were thrilled about how the audience had responded.  We talked about that for a while, and then I gave them the key to the house and sent them there to change, take the tents down, and pack things up before their fathers showed up.  I told them they could just stack it all on the grass next to the driveway, so it would save time when they were ready to put it into the different vehicles.  They agreed, and I said I'd be there in a little while, because I shouldn't leave early. 

I received a lot more attention when I went back into the building.  Sometimes it was about the play we'd just done, but at other times I was asked what other plays we were going to do next.  I told them a little, but not very much, because I wanted them to be as surprised as they were today.  Only the cast would know more, unless they came out to watch our rehearsals. 

When I was finally able to leave, I rode my bike home and saw that the boys had nearly everything taken care of already.  I got out the dishes and other items the first meal had been sent in and took them outside as well, and I had the cooler near the fridge so we could load it up with the left over food and drinks when their fathers arrived.  Since I didn't have anything available to keep the leftover cold, so I was going to wait until they showed up before I started loading it into the coolers. 

When their fathers drove down the driveway later, we went out to greet them.  "Well, I see everyone survived," Gary's father teased. 

"And they have all their toes, fingers, and other parts too," I joked back. 

"So did you have a good time camping?" Nolan's father asked. 

"Yes!" came the shout from the boys. 

"We had the best time ever," Will added. 

"It was fantastic," Braedon confirmed. 

"We played games and went swimmin' over at Memorial Pool," Jon offered. 

"And Mr. Roberson taught me how to make scrambled eggs, home fries, and spaghetti," Gary announced. 

"Not for the same meal, I hope," his father quipped. 

"Nah, but it was pretty fun doin' it." 

"Wow!  Not even your mother has gotten you to do anything like that before, but I'm sure she'll be pleased."

"So how was it sleeping in the tents?" Jon's father asked next. 

"Kinda scary, so I'm glad Mr. Roberson had lanterns we could use in the tents," Tucker replied. 

"And the ground was pretty hard, so it wasn't like sleepin' in my bed," Jon added.  I think we were all glad they had spent one night in the tents so they could answer honestly. 

"It sounds like you boys had a great time, everyone's in one piece, and Marshall still seems to have his sanity, so we'll declare it a complete success," Nolan's father confirmed. 

"And we all hope we can do this again," his son responded. 

"We'll have to talk about that, because we don't want to keep imposing on Marshall." 

"No imposition at all.  In fact, I think I had as much fun as the boys did." 

"You are remarkable," Jon's father stated as he shook his head in disbelief that I'd enjoyed spending so much time with the boys.

"And I've got everything ready so we can pack up the remaining food and drinks and put them in the cooler," I announced. 

"No, you keep that stuff.  I'll just take the empty cooler, because we'll need it for tomorrow," Gary's father countered.  "We've all agreed to spend the day at the park tomorrow and will use the cooler to pack a picnic lunch." 

"And the rest of us will bring our coolers too, and you and Hunter are invited to join us, unless he has plans with his mother," Jon's father offered. 

"I think my mom has to work most of the day," Hunter replied, "but she said she'll be there to see the play and the fireworks." 

"Then we'll save her something to eat too," Nolan's dad stated. 

"Can I chip in this time?" I asked, since I didn't want to be a freeloader. 

"Nope, we've got it covered," Gary's dad confessed.  "You've done more than your share already." 

"Then I'll bring the playground ball so we can play kickball on the softball field," I offered. 

"Sounds good, and I think we might even be able to get our wives to do that as well," Nolan's father stated. 

"Then it sounds like it will be a fun filled day," I concurred.  "Gary, Nolan, and Will, I see you've changed, but where did you put your clothes for the play?" 

"They're on top of our backpacks in the house." 

"Why don't you just leave those things here, and then you boys can come over and shower and change before the play, since I'm sure you'll get dirty before then." 

"Yeah, we'll bring other clothes with us too, because we'll probably get dirty as well," Braedon stated.    

"Good idea," I concluded.  "We'll come over here around 6:00 and it should give you boys plenty of time to clean up and change." 

"I guess this place is working out really well for you then," Gary's dad acknowledged. 

"Yes, it's working out great.  I'm glad your son brought it to my attention." 

"I'm glad it's working out for both you and the current owner," he agreed. 

"Just out of curiosity, do you know how much of land goes with the house?" I wondered. 

"The previous owner bought all of the land between River Street and the lot on Cedar Street, and it's bounded by the cemetery on one side and the park and pool on the other," he responded. 

"That's great, because I wasn't sure." 

Now that this had been cleared up, the boys went inside to get the cooler and they loaded up the cars.  Hunter and I watch as they turned around in front of the garage, and we waved at them as they drove off.  Once they were gone, Hunter looked at me and spoke. 

"Can I stay with you again tonight?" 

"Shouldn't you spend it with your mother?" 

"I'll go home and have dinner with her, but if she doesn't mind, can I come back and spend the night with you?" 

"Only if she doesn't mind," I answered. 

That caused him to give me a hug and a kiss before he hopped on his bike and headed home.  He waved as he rode off, so I waved at him until he disappeared from sight.

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