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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 54 - Independence Day. 

Hunter came back later that evening, after we'd both had dinner.  "That was fun today.  I hope we do that good tomorrow." 

"Oh, I'm sure you will.  Is your mom coming?" 

"Yes, she's done working at 5:00, and then she's gonna run home to clean up first before she comes over to the park." 

"Good, I'm glad she'll be there." 

"Me too, cuz then both my mom and dad will both be there." 

"Just don't slip and say that in front of her.  She might not like it."

"I don't think she'd mind, cuz she's happy that I've got a man to teach me stuff now.  I think she already knows that I think of you like you're my dad." 

"It's alright if she thinks it, but I'm not sure you should be confirming it with words.  I wouldn't want to upset her." 

"I won't say nothin' about it if you don't want me too."

"I think that would probably be best.  So what's next, watching TV?" 

"Yeah, let's do that for a while and then you can make love to me before we go to sleep.  That's why I like staying here with you, so we can do that."

"Man, I can't believe you're the same kid who told me he was straight." 

"Yeah, I know.  I still like girls too, but I like doin' this with you more.  I just feel so good when you make love to me." 

"As long as you want to do it, I won't complain.  I enjoy doing it with you too." 

Hunter gave me a quick hug and a kiss after I said that, and then we went into the living room.  After he found something to watch on TV, he laid down on the sectional and put his head on my lap. 

"Are you sure you want to do this?  The last time you laid down like this you fell asleep."

"Yeah, I know, so if I fall asleep again, just wake me up when you're ready to go back to the bedroom."

He'd found a movie to watch that I'd never heard of before, and I lost interest in it from the start, so I spent my time thinking ahead to the next play I wanted to do.  I'd actually wanted to do it as the first play, but I wasn't sure we could pull it off as quickly as we did the other play.  This one has a flexible cast of between 21 to 48 actors, and I didn't feel I'd have time to get that many kids ready in time to put it on.  It's titled: "The Entire History of the American Revolution (in 40 Minutes or Less)", so hopefully we'll be able to put it on by the end of the month.  If we can, I'd like to do "Babes in Toyland" before the summer ends, and that cast includes 13 female and 13 male roles. 

I continued thinking about those things until Hunter broke my train of thought.  "Come on, Dad.  The movie's over, so let's go back to the bedroom." 

He'd already turned off the TV, so I merely got up, flicked off the lights, and made sure the door was locked as we made our way to the bedroom.  When we got there, he turned to me and spoke. 

"I want to do it like we did the last time I stayed over.  I like doin' it that way cuz I cum when you're makin' love to me too."

"I still think you have more to do with that than I do, because I think it happens due to you thrusting your penis against my belly and that is what gets you off." 

"Maybe, but I still like doin' it that way.  You can start undressin' me, just don't suck my dick."

"Yes, sir.  Whatever you say." 

I then began removing his clothing, starting with his shirt.  After it was off, I kissed him first and we made love with our tongues, and then I turned my attention to his ears and neck.  He was panting and groaning by the time I stopped and moved down to his chest, and this time it almost sounded as if he was purring as I toyed with his nipples and sucked on the tiny nubs. 

When I reached his navel, I lowered his shorts and underwear, and then I lifted him up and laid him on the mattress.  After totally removing those last two articles of clothing, along with his shoes and socks, I attacked his scrotum briefly, before lifting his legs and diving down to attack his pucker with my mouth and tongue.  I rimmed him for a few minutes, because I knew he really enjoyed having me do that as well, and then I stretched and lubed his hole, before I put on the condom and lubed it up. 

As my penis entered and slid down his chute, Hunter cooed and sighed, letting me know he enjoyed the feeling of it filling his bowels.  It also caused his penis to spring to life as he boned up, and then he reached up and grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled my head down so I could kiss him.  As soon as my lips touched his, his tongue snaked out of the opening and his hips started thrusting up against my body.  His trapped penis began sliding between our bellies, and fortunately he was providing enough pre-cum to keep the area lubricated so it didn't become painful for him.  He was timing his movements to mirror my thrusting into his tunnel of love, which increased the erotic feelings for both of us. 

We performed this sensual dance for several minutes before his body stiffened, he pushed his penis into my abdomen, and his cum spurted out of the tip and coated both of our torsos.  His internal muscles didn't clamp down enough to cause my orgasm as well, but it was enough to speed up the process.  I continued thrusting into him for a couple more minutes before I fired my load into the condom, and I think this helped to prolong the feelings that were still coursing through Hunter's frame at the same time.  I say this because his head was rolling from side to side on the pillow, his eyes were closed, and his mouth was hanging slightly open as he moaned in pleasure. 

Because he'd complained about me doing it the previous time, I didn't immediately pull out of him after I'd ejaculated, but eventually my penis lost its erection and slipped out of his hole nonetheless. 

"Man, I wish you could have stayed in me all night long," he sighed when he came out of his post orgasmic fog. 

"I'm not sure that would be possible, even if I was using Viagra.  It even comes with a warning that you should seek medical assistance if your erection lasts longer than four hours." 

"I know, but I'd love to feel you in me while we cuddled." 

"Let's go shower, and then we'll come back here to sleep." 

He adjusted the water while I discarded the condom, and then we washed each other, gently and lovingly as we cleaned the areas on each other's body that we were so familiar with.  When we finished, we dried off, and headed over to the bedroom.  After I got in bed, Hunter rolled over and placed his head on my chest, draped an arm over my belly, and a leg over mine, and he stayed that way the entire night. 

When I awoke in the morning, Hunter's morning wood was pressed firmly against my thigh and his gentle, steady breathing told me he was still asleep.  Since he appeared so comfortable I didn't want to move and wake him, so I merely remained where I was and glanced down at the top of his head.  A single thought crossed my mind as I was doing this -- out of all the boys, who would have ever thought that Hunter would have been the one who felt the closest to me? 

I knew I didn't have to hurry to get to work either.  It was a holiday so the other counselors and I didn't have to show up today.  Owen felt there would be too much going on to run the normal activities, and since many of the parents wouldn't have to work, he felt this would encourage them to spend the day with their children.  That was fine with me, although I'd have to show up later so the kids could put on the play. 

About this time I noticed that Hunter was beginning to stir, so I waited to give him time to shake the cobwebs from his brain and see what he wanted to do next.  He'll probably want to eat, but then again, who knows what else he may have on his mind? 

"What time is it?" he asked groggily as he tilted his head and saw that I was awake too. 

"It's nearly 8:00," I said after glancing over at the clock on the nightstand. 

"Then we'd better get up so you're not late for work." 

"I don't have to work today - well except for putting on the play later." 

"Really?  You've got today off?" 

"Most of it." 

"Great!  So what are we gonna do?" 

"I was just about to ask you that question.  Do you want to eat, or do you have something else in mind?" 

"Ummm, would you make love to me again?" 

"That's an option, but I think we'd better hit the toilet first," I suggested as I used my thigh to nudge his piss hard. 

He giggled.  "Yeah, we better do that first, but then will you make love to me?" 

"We can do that too, but wouldn't you like breakfast first?"

"Nah, we'll eat after we do it, cuz I'll be hungrier then." 

"Whatever you say.  So how do you want to do this?" 

"The same as we did it last night.  I like that way the best." 

"Ok, and since I don't have to undress you this time, we can get right to it.  Let's just go drain the lizards first." 

He giggled again as we got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.  I was going to let him use the toilet, but he stood there and looked at me.  "We can do it at the same time ya know," he stated while looking slightly hurt that I hadn't joined him automatically. 

"Yes, we can, but I didn't know you wanted to do it that way every time." 

"I like doin' all kinds of stuff with you, even this." 

Since it seemed so important, I stepped up beside him and we both aimed our penises at the bowl and let loose.  I wasn't sure why he was making this such a big deal, but since he was, I had no problem with making him happy.  After we finished up, we walked back to the bedroom to do what he wanted next. 

When he reached the bed, he stopped, turned toward me, and tilted his head so he was looking up at my face.  I knew this meant he was expecting a kiss, so I bent down, flicked my tongue out, and licked his lips.  He opened his mouth and his tongue darted out to meet mine, and we kissed for the next couple of minutes.  He sighed when I moved down to his neck and began working on that sensitive area next, and then I lifted him up and laid him on the mattress without stopping what I was doing or slowing down. 

Eventually, I moved lower and began working on one of his nipples.  I used my tongue to toy with it until the tiny nub was standing out from his body, and then I lightly nipped at it with my teeth.  When I placed my mouth over the miniature protrusion and began to suck on it, I reached over and tweaked the other one with my fingers.  After doing that for a brief time, I switched and suckled on the other side, while tweaking the one I'd just left. 

After doing that for a couple of minutes, I began working my way down his chest.  When I reached his navel, I used my tongue to toy with the area quickly, before moving lower.  I bypassed his penis, since I knew he wanted to wait and see if he would cum while we were making love, so I got up and moved between his legs.  I bent down and attacked his scrotum just as soon as I was in position and gently tugged on the sack with my fingers and teeth, before taking both testicles into my mouth.  As I moved them around with my oral muscle and sucked on them gently, I also began to hum.  This caused Hunter to squirm and moan as the sound waves reverberated through the watery orbs and radiated throughout his body. 

When I finally let his testicles fall from my mouth, I lifted his legs so I could rim him next, and I used my tongue to explore and stimulate the area first, before penetrating the opening.  Hunter began to squirm and mildly thrashed about on the mattress while I was doing this, which indicated to me that he was enjoying the new set of sensations I was eliciting from his body.  Eventually, I knew he was primed and ready for the main event, so I slipped on a condom and lubed it up before I stretched and lubed his hole.  When I felt he was ready, I placed the bulbous head of my penis at his entrance and began to push. 

Hunter was used to me easing into him by now, so this was no longer a struggle, and he began to moan and purr as my penis slowly slid deeper into his intestines.  Once I was all the way inside, he lifted his head, placed his hands on my cheeks, and gently pulled my face toward him so he could kiss me.  He was extremely aggressive as his tongue shot out and flicked across my lips, so I opened my mouth to allow him entrance. 

While he was kissing me, I started to thrust in and out of his backside, and he began to push back with his butt to meet my thrusts.  At the same time, he lifted his hips upward so his penis would rub between our bellies.  We got into a steady rhythm and continued this erotic dance for quite a few minutes, because we were both enjoying it so much. 

Unfortunately, Hunter hadn't learned to delay his gratification for as long as I would have preferred, and before long he gave into the sensations building in his groin.  As his body stiffened, I heard him grunt, and then felt his warm semen hitting my body as his penis exploded between us.  After releasing several spurts of his boy seed, he began to relax and enjoyed the results of his orgasm. 

As Hunter was lost in his post-orgasmic haze, I continued to pound away at his butt as I sought my release as well.  A couple of minutes later I reached the point of no return and my semen blasted out of my penis and filled the condom.  As soon as I was completely drained, I collapsed on top of him, although I used my forearms to support most of my weight. 

"Man, I love doing this with you, cuz you make me feel so good," Hunter enthused just before his mouth attacked mine again. 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, because I certainly did, but you've gone and done it again."  He looked up at me and wondered what he'd done wrong. 

"Why?  What did I do?" 

"You've made another mess, so now we've got to go shower before we can eat."  He giggled. 

"Yeah, I know, but it was worth it." 

"Yes, it was," I agreed. 

While we were washing each other, I asked Hunter what he wanted for breakfast this morning.  "Can we have French toast?  I liked when we had that before, but it was a long time ago." 

"Yes, it was, and I'm sure I have what I'll need to make it, if you boys didn't use up all of the syrup when we had pancakes during the campout." 

"Nah, I know there was still some in the bottle, cuz I put it away when we were done." 

"Good, then let's go out to the kitchen." 

I made a small pot of coffee first, and then Hunter helped me make the French toast.  Once there was enough for both of us, we carried our plates into the dining room to eat.  "Man, this is really good," Hunter said after taking a couple of bites. 

"I'm glad you're enjoying it.  I'm glad you suggested this too, because I'm enjoying it as well." 

"So what are we gonna do today?" Hunter asked after we'd rinsed off our dishes and placed them in the dishwasher. 

"We're meeting the others at the park at 2:00, and I think we're going to play some games first.  They said we'd eat around 5:30 so we'll be done in time for you boys to clean up and change for the play." 

"K, that sounds good, but what are we gonna do until then?" 

"That's up to you." 

"Would you watch cartoons with me?" 

"Why don't you go watch them while I'm doing a few other things, and then I'll join you in a little while." 

"Can I help you with that stuff?" 

"No, go be a kid for a while and I'll take care of these things." 

He did as I asked, and I went to put in a load of laundry, since I hadn't done it over the weekend when the boys were here.  Once that was going, I swept the floors next, before heading back to the laundry room to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer and put the next load into the washing machine.  Then, I went in to join Hunter for a little while. 

The cartoons he was watching weren't the same type I enjoyed when I was a kid, but he seemed to like them, so I sat down beside him and he snuggled against me.  I merely watched him instead of the TV, and I got a kick out of seeing how he was reacting to the action on the screen, while also relishing the melodious quality of his giggles.  I got up when I heard the buzzer go off on the dryer, and after putting those items in the laundry basket and moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I then put another load in the washing machine. 

I carried the laundry basket to the living room and began folding the clothes as Hunter continued watching his shows.  He glanced over to see what I was doing and even offered to help, but I told him I could take care of this and he should continue what he was doing.  He did as I'd asked, and when I finished, I put the folded clothes back in the laundry basket, since I was planning on taking those things to my bedroom when the next load was dry. 

We continued on like that until lunchtime, and then I fixed something so we could eat together.  I finished the last of the laundry before it was time to go to the park, and then I told Hunter what we were going to do. 

"Why don't we ride our bikes there?" he asked when I finished. 

"Because eventually the other boys will be coming back with us to wash up and change for the play, and they won't have their bikes.  Besides, it will be hard to carry the things on the bikes that we'll be taking with us." 

"Oh, ok," he mumbled.  I knew he understood my reasoning, but he still wasn't happy about having to walk there. 

I grabbed the playground ball and handed it to Hunter to carry, and then I grabbed the cooler that I'd filled with drinks before we headed outside and began to walk down the driveway.  When we got to the park, I spotted the boys before I noticed their parents, because the boys were tossing Frisbees back and forth, so I pointed them out to Hunter and we walked over to join them. 

"Hi, Marshall," Gary's mother greeted me.  "I'm glad to see you could make it." 

"Of course I'm here.  I have to be, seeing I'm in charge of the entertainment later." 

"Ah, that's right," she replied looking slightly embarrassed. 

I was still chatting with her and the other parents when the boys came over to pull me away to play Frisbee with them.  I was explaining that I would do it later, when Nolan's mother spoke up. 

"Go ahead and join them if you want," she urged.  "They'll just keep pestering us if you don't, and I have a feeling you'd prefer to do that anyway." 

"I enjoy chatting with you too..." I replied, but she cut me off. 

"I know, but you're still young enough to enjoy doing that stuff with them as well, so go ahead." 

Since she seemed to be encouraging me to do this, I joined the boys and we began tossing the Frisbees around.  They had three of them, so they were flying all over the place as the boys randomly tossed the flying disks from one person to another.  After we'd done that for a while, I asked a question.  "Anyone up for a kickball game?" 

"Yeah," they all chimed in response. 

"And I think our parents will play too," Tucker offered. 

While we were talking about this, I made another observation.  "Braedon, where are your parents?" 

"I rode here with Tucker's parents, cuz my mom and dad aren't comin' until later.  My mom's bringing something for us to eat and then they're gonna watch the play." 

"Your dad is going to watch the play too?" 

"Maybe, but I'm not sure.  He might leave early, if he thinks me and mom can get a ride home." 

All of the parents were going to play too, except for Tucker's mother.  She said she had a mild headache and didn't feel that running around would help, so she offered to keep our place on the grass near the stage.  The rest of us said we understood and thanked her, as we headed over to the softball field to play our game. 

We split the teams up as fairly as we could, with an equal amount of men, women, and boys on each side, and it turned out to be a fairly competitive and entertaining game.  When we finished playing, the boys helped their parents get the food out of their vehicles so we could enjoy a picnic on the grass.  The women had worked out who was bringing which items, and they fixed more than enough food for all of us to share.  We'd already polished off the drinks I'd brought when we rehydrated after the kickball game, but they told me not to worry because they'd brought more than enough for all of us. 

Braedon's parents showed up while we were setting everything up, and his mother brought a dish with her to share as well.  Once the food was set out, we were each given a heavy duty paper plate, plastic utensils, and encouraged to help ourselves to whatever we wanted.  There were several kinds of sandwiches, fried chicken, potato, macaroni, and pasta salads, baked beans, and containers with cantaloupe and honeydew pieces. 

We were in the middle of chowing down when Hunter saw his mother looking for him, so he waved at her and called her over.  She was carrying a small cooler with her as well.  "I made some sandwiches for us, since I thought you might be hungry, but it seems as if you've already eaten." 

"Yeah, we just got done." 

"But there's plenty more if you'd like to join us.  Just grab a plate and plastic fork, and then help yourself," Nolan's mother offered.  "We've got plenty of desserts too." 

"Thank you, and I might have a piece of that chicken to go along with what I brought," she replied, with a smile.  "I want to thank you for taking care of my son like this." 

"It's our pleasure and he's just another one of our boys, since they're all such good friends," Jon's father answered. 

When she finished eating, we were ready to devour the desserts next, and there was a lot to choose from.  There were chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, brownies, and chocolate cake squares for dessert.   There was more than enough food to go around and we were all stuffed by the time we finished.  While we were cleaning up and I was taking a small bag of garbage to toss it into the trash barrel, I heard a voice. 

"Marshall Roberson, is it really you?" 

I thought I'd recognized the voice, but I couldn't immediately pinpoint who was speaking to me.  When I turned around to see who it was, I spotted someone I hadn't seen in over a year. 

"Colton, what the heck are you doing here?"  It was a guy I'd met and spent some time with in college. 

Let me explain a few things about Colton.  He wasn't exactly the stereotypical gay, but he was gay and it was hard not to notice that fact.  We'd even hooked up in college, but it never became serious.  It was more of a friends with benefits situation, but I always thought he was a good guy and I enjoyed the time we'd spent together. 

"I just moved here after getting a job with Link Manufacturing." 

He then went on to tell me about his new position, and I filled him in about what I was doing as well.  Neither of us grew up in this area, in fact we hadn't grown up with each other either, but now it appeared as if we'd be living and working in the same community.  It truly was a small world. 

We talked for a short time, but then I had to excuse myself so I could take the boys to my place to clean up for the play.  After saying goodbye to Colton, I made my way back to the others, ready to tell the boys it was time to head over to the house.  Before I could do that, however, Braedon's father confronted me. 

"Why were you talking to that fag?" 

"I know him from college and he just moved here." 

"So you're friends with that pervert?" 

"Colton's a good guy and wants to hang out once in a while, since he just got a job with Link Manufacturing." 

"That's impossible!  That's where I work and it's a really tough job.  There's no way they'd hire a pansy like that to work in the shop." 

"He won't be working in the shop.  He's been hired to work in Human Resources.  He said he'd be in charge of coordinating performance reviews and raises." 

"You mean that fucking queer will be handling my grievance over my last evaluation?" 

"I can't be sure, but it would seem that way." 

He walked away pissed and muttering to himself, but I couldn't deal with that right now.  Although I was worried that he was going to be a problem for Colton, I had to make sure the boys got ready for the play.  After I rounded them up, we headed over to the house to clean up and change.  Some of them had left their clothes at my place the previous day, while the others grabbed their backpacks out of their family's vehicles so they could go with me.  As we were leaving the park, I saw a couple of maintenance department employees arrive and they started setting up the stage. 

"Can we shower first, since we got all hot and sweaty at the park?" Gary asked. 

"Yes, that will be fine, but you'll have to hurry." 

"Then we'll take showers together," Nolan suggested, as he and Gary headed to the bathroom first. 

After the various groups had cleaned up and changed, including myself, we walked back to the park and headed to the stage.  Some of the other kids were already there, so I had a few of them help me move the screens out in front of the stairs at either end, and then I made sure the kids were set to go. 

When I looked out at the grassy area in front of the stage, I saw there were a lot of people already sitting on the grass and even more were heading this way.  It was fairly obvious that we were going to have a large audience, so I just hoped the kids could handle it when they got out on the stage.

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